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Winnipeg celebrates 150 years “Our shared stories, our shared future”

Winnipeg commemorated its 150th anniversary as a city on January 19, 2024. January 19, 1874, was the day when the first meeting of the Winnipeg City Council was held. To launch this momentous event, the city unveiled on January 15, 2024, a new graphic, a beautiful piece of art acknowledging the importance of Winnipeg’s Indigenous roots designed by local artist Jordan Stranger. “What we wanted was an image that is truly iconic for this unique moment of reflection and celebration … embodying the Winnipeg 150 theme, Our shared stories, our shared future. The graphic is rich in symbolic details and meaning,” said Mayor Scott Gillingham during the official unveiling at City Hall. See WINNIPEG p4

Mayor Scott Gillingham with local artist, Jordan Stranger of Totem Doodem who designed the Winnipeg 150 logo. Photo credit: Mayor Scott Gillingham’s FB page

The wait is over!

Young’s Market – new branch now open

Young’s Market’s third location is now open at 2188 McPhillips. See story p8



We have the largest inventory of new and used vehicles in Manitoba. Visit us at 1501 Dugald Road or call (204) 515-0757.



Jason Rajpoot Lease Sales Manager



FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024

FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024





FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024

Six ways to make sure that love is always in the air! The month of February naturally brings with it thoughts of romantic love. Valentine’s Day is the time of year when we set aside time to make our loved one feel special. Classic ways to show love during this day are to buy flowers, chocolate, cards, jewellery, or a fancy dinner. As much as this special day gets a lot of attention, celebrating your relationship once a year is not enough for long-term happiness. Efforts must be made all year round by both partners! The main characteristic of a successful romantic relationship is that it feels secure and safe. This means that both partners feel that the other is committed and faithful, and that they can go to their spouse with any concerns or questions without there being a negative effect. A sign that there is trouble in a marriage is when one person is scared to tell their partner about something for fear that they will get overly angry. Another sign of trouble is when one feels that they are “walking on eggshells;” trying not to upset their partner. When one of you feels uncomfortable in your own home or feels that you are putting on an act on most days, it is time to do things differently. It is never too late to change the tone of your relationship, but it takes effort from both partners. So how do you create a stronger bond with each other?

These tips are small things that have a big impact. These actions do not cost any money and just take a bit of time and effort every day. Don’t automatically try to fix it A stereotype of men is that they tend to be problem solvers. They hear about a situation and automatically look for ways to solve the dilemma. However, women often just want to vent about a situation that is troubling them. Sometimes, frustration and misunderstanding happen when the goal is not clear. For instance, one might want to talk about the cost of an unexpected car repair. This can lead to an argument if they are not on the same page. It will help to clarify the intention of the speaker right at the beginning of the conversation, such as, “I just need you to listen because I’m pretty upset about this,” or “We need to talk about our options of what we can do to solve this problem.” Put down the devices At some point during couples therapy, I will ask a couple what their evenings at home look like. Often, it will be described as both people sitting in the same room, but each is on their phone, laptop, iPad, or watching TV. The whole evening can go by without any meaningful conversation. Furthermore, pictures and comments made on Facebook or other social media

WINNIPEG... From page 1

The Winnipeg 150 logo Winnipeg artist Jordan Stranger of Totem Doodem designed the logo for the Winnipeg 150 celebration. Stranger’s work is deeply

He also added that the city will hold a variety of other events and celebrations throughout the year.

Winnipeg 150 logo banner inside City Hall. The logo will appear in prominent locations around the city, including on banners outside City Hall. Winnipeg 150 merchandise will also be available for purchase in the near future. Photo credit: Ley Navarro

can be misinterpreted and create feelings of jealousy. Social media can be fairly harmless as long as there is regular communication between partners because that sense of safety and security is there. And if one feels threatened by a picture or a comment, this needs to be addressed right away. It is important to validate their feelings (e.g. “I understand that you feel worried about that picture, but it means nothing to me,” rather than, “You’re just making a big deal out of it. You’re crazy.” Go on a date – at home Sometimes, it is not possible to go for a night out due to finances, childcare, or work schedules. This shouldn’t stop you from having a romantic evening at home. After the kids are asleep, you can cook a meal together, have a picnic on the living room floor, or just cuddle on the couch and talk. It doesn’t cost anything to put on a romantic song and slow dance. Making your spouse feel special does not have to be complicated. Compliment your partner when they least expect it Telling your spouse that they look awesome is a great way to make them feel attractive, especially if it is during an unexpected moment such as first thing in the morning, or after a rough day at work. Your partner will feel more confident that the physical attraction is still there. This has the overall benefit of assuring your spouse that you are committed and faithful. To

further increase closeness, don’t just focus your compliments on looks. Comments on physical appearance are nice, but make sure that you also make note of their intelligence, kindness, and accomplishments. Walk down memory lane It is always nice to reminisce about what it was like when you first began dating. For instance, talking about when you first met, how you talked on the phone for hours, when you met the other’s family, your first kiss, that time when you walked in the rain together. Whatever it is, recalling these moments has the powerful effect of rekindling the spark right now. You remember what attracted you to your partner, long before the bills, the kids, and the pressures of work came along. Together, you remind yourselves why you decided to make a commitment to each other. This will help carry you through the tough times.

Be silly The expression “nice guys finish last” may not be as accurate as “boring guys finish last.” Being boring in a relationship means that you do not try to share common interests with your partner, that you are not willing to try new things, admit that you’re wrong, or be vulnerable and share your feelings. You might also be reluctant to laugh at yourself. Being silly and fun together is a way to keep the spark alive, and it is also an outlet for all life’s stressors. When you laugh together, you feel safe and secure with one another. At first, it might feel unnatural to try to connect with your loved one in these ways, especially if you haven’t before. However, over time it will get easier and not feel like such an effort. The payout will be worth it. Cheryl Dizon-Reynante is a licensed therapist with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

rooted in the traditions within contemporary Indigenous culture, and he uses his life experiences and spiritual practice learned through Ojibwe teachings to drive his artistic passions. “Creating a graphic for the city that I grew up in was a huge

honour,” said Stranger. “I hope this graphic can be a symbol for growth and a reflection on what Winnipeg has to offer and what we wish to accomplish.” The graphic features the current footprint of the City of Winnipeg over top a turtle shell

to represent Turtle Island. The Red and Assiniboine Rivers are displayed, within which one sees the image of a woman, meant to represent Mother Earth. Small leaves can be seen throughout the graphic, See WINNIPEG p5

Winnipeg 150 graphic with description of design elements. Jordan Stranger’s artwork will be the centrepiece for Winnipeg’s 150th anniversary commemoration throughout the year. Photo credit: City of Winnipeg

FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024



Cap of 360,000 study permits announced for 2024 The worm has turned for international students in Canada. It is now common news to say that Canada has too many international students and they have become the cause of all problems that ail the country. We have a housing crisis, a health care crisis, and whatever else you can imagine and the blame rests with international students. The logic of blaming international students and Designated Learning Institutions (DLI’s) escapes me. The consequences of this generalized attitude are immediate on international student recruitment and settlement. How many have read about the greedy DLI’s recruiting students from abroad because they pay higher enrolment fees? The opposition Conservatives blame the Liberal government, the government blames the DLI’s, and the popular sentiment appears to be against the international students. It is always too easy to blame the “other.” Just yesterday the government praised the attraction of the foreign students as a positive for Canada’s reputation as a

preferred target for immigration and the source of much needed human resources. We still need immigration and student immigration but perhaps the ratios are not right. If we have a housing crisis then cut the number of students for one or two years to adjust the supply. The problem is that the adjustments are too abrupt, and the impression is that there was little or no serious planning. Rather, there is an attitude that we hold the cards and can just limit the flow. This cavalier and irresponsible approach does little to keep Canada’s high reputation. It takes years to create a good impression and a few thoughtless changes to undermine all the good will we have accumulated. I shall not get into the blame game where the Liberals are the ones wholly responsible or in the targeted complaint of Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre who says that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau alone is responsible for the influx of too many students. This critic has an anti-immigration outlook and is desperate to become the next PM. His opinion on the issue appears

little more than an opportunity to make points with his supporters. His position reflects the attitude of many Canadians. The response of the Liberals appears at best a knee jerk decision to change their political fortunes and falling popularity with the electorate. Politicians we should never forget are always focused on the next election and gaining power or maintaining power. The political reality is what it is, and we should thank the Lord that we are not the US where political theatre has replaced policy positions and platforms. What is the immediate consequence of the assault on international students in Canada? The first was the government announcement to “stabilize growth and decrease the number of new international student permits to approximately 360,000 in 2024. This change represents a decrease of 35 per cent from 2023. The Minister said that the decrease would be distributed fairly with provincial and territorial caps established, weighed by population. Study permit renewals will not be impacted and those pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees, and elementary and secondary education are not included. Current study permit holders will

not be affected. The proposed changes are not yet in place. To implement the cap as of January 24, 2024, each study permit application submitted to IRCC will require an attestation from a province or territory. The provinces and territories are expected to establish their own processes of issuing attestations or support letters to students no later than March 31, 2024. These temporary measures are expected to be in place for the next two years. Some of the more notable changes will be: • Starting September 1, 2024, international students who begin a study program that is part of a curriculum licensing arrangement will no longer be eligible for a post graduate work permit (PGWP). This change is intended to restrict private colleges that deliver a curriculum of an associated college. These institutions have less oversight than public colleges and have provided a loophole with regard to PGWP eligibility; • Graduates of master’s and other graduate-level programs will soon be eligible to apply for three-year work permits; • Open work permits for spouses and partners will only be available to international students in master’s and

doctoral programs. The spouses of international students in other levels of study, including undergraduate and college programs, will no longer be eligible. The Minister’s announcement speaks of the genuineness of the recruitment and maintenance of international students but is still restrictive in terms of number and options. Our hope is that reason will prevail and the longterm intensions will be clarified. Stay tuned for the upcoming changes because the federal and provincial and territorial counterparts will be meeting to clarify things. Hopefully reason will prevail, and balance restored to the system. As a country we must continue to be open to foreign student recruitment but ensure that housing, health etc. are in place to support them. Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Immigration Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with Immigration Connexion International Ltd. Contact him at 204-691-1166 or 204-2270292. E-mail: mscott.ici@gmail. com.

bright north star. WINNIPEG... The City says the logo will From page 4 signifying crops including sage and tobacco. It also includes an image of a crocus, which is part of the City crest. Seven trees represent the seven sacred teachings. The graphic also includes a tribute to the varied seasons including sun and snow, and a

appear in prominent locations around the city, including on banners outside City Hall. Winnipeg 150 merchandise will also be available for purchase in the near future. Source: Winnipeg.ca/ Photos courtesy of Mayor Scott Gillingham, Ley Navarro, and City of Winnipeg

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FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024

Big changes & big hearts

First off, I haven’t had a chance to wish you all a Happy New Year! 2024 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for the Burgos bunch. The biggest news so far is that I have accepted a new job! As most of you know, I have been managing the communications department for a school district here in B.C. I started that job back in November of 2014 and it was the job that relocated the family from Winnipeg to Nanaimo, B.C. Moving to a smaller city situated on the south-central edge of Vancouver Island was a big move for us. The biggest change we noticed back then was the fact that there was much less traffic to deal with. Along with less traffic, were fewer potholes! The climate is also very different where we will get the occasional

“atmospheric river,” a fancy name for a lot of rain. This is typical in the winter months as we don’t often get snow. I have really enjoyed our time here, but the job prospects are limited. To move up, I would have had to work in a bigger city, with Vancouver being the closest “big city.” I was not prepared to move or travel on a ferry every day. With that said, I was quite happy working for the school district. However, when given an opportunity to try something new and further a career, we have to take a hard look at the options, right? So, that’s what I did. I’ve always told myself that the only job I would be 100 per cent comfortable moving to would be with local government. This would allow me to stay in Nanaimo and work in an

environment similar to my time at Winnipeg’s City Hall. You are looking at the new Manager of Corporate Communications and Community Relations for the City of Nanaimo! My cousin, Dennis Jr., always said I would be Mayor of a city one day. I guess it’s what I’ve always talked about. While I am not the Mayor, I am still working closely in the daily operations of running a city and I must tell you, the job can be overwhelming at times, but that’s where I have always felt the most comfortable. This could very well be the reason why I have no hair. It wasn’t because of genetics; it was because of five kids and a challenging career path! Most likely not the case, but it’s easy to blame my kalbo-ness to something tangible. I spent the better part of 10 years at the school district, which was the longest I had stayed at one job. I hope to spend the same amount of time here at the City, which will bring me to retirement age. Is it too soon to talk about retirement? Maybe I’ll save that

for a future article. Spending that amount of time anywhere is a long time, and with that came all the friendships and acquaintances I had made. I had a very nice send-off, which was timed perfectly with our staff Christmas lunch. Since then, people have been sending me thoughtful messages and well wishes. I will miss those people I saw and spoke to on a daily basis –

my work family if you will. Lot’s of love going around, just in time for Valentine’s Day. At the time of writing this article, I’ve only been at the City of Nanaimo for a week and a half. There was no time for easing into the role, I’m already running at top speed and it’s just the way I like it. Dale manages the corporate communications department for a city in B.C.

The view at my first city council meeting

FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024



Julia Barretto bibida sa KDrama Secret Ingredient Excited si Julia Barretto dahil makakatrabaho niya ang Korean actor na si Lee Sang-heon at Indonesian actor na si Nicholas Saputra sa KDrama series na Secret Ingredient na ipalalabas sa Viu. Si Nicholas Saputra raw ang Piolo Pascual sa Indonesia kaya may ideya na ang mga fans kung gaano kasikat ito. Ang Secret Ingredient ay

handog ng Viu in partnership with Unilever Nutrition base kanilang announcement na ginanap sa Edsa Shangri-la. Gagampanan ni Julia ang karakter na Maya bilang chef at si Lee Sang-heon ang kaniyang leading man na gaganap bilang si Hajoon. Si Saputra naman ang head chef ng aktres. Base sa panayam ni Anna Cerezo ng TV Patrol kay Julia,

“It’s is a really refreshing love story. It was really touching. The concept itself, busog na busog na ako. Then I read the script, I was 100 percent on board.” Hindi lang tungkol sa love story ang kuwento ng Secret Ingredient kundi tungkol din ito sa mga pagkain ng iba’t ibang kultura. “I am so excited. We have See JULIA p11

Julia Barretto bibida sa KDrama kasama sina Lee Sang-heon at Nicholas Saputra

Bimby plans to enter showbiz for mom’s medical bills Queen of All Media Kris Aquino revealed in a comment that her son, Bimby, might be entering the showbiz industry soon. This comes after she shared that her medical bills for the treatment of her autoimmune diseases have been skyrocketing. Kris is now based in the US to focus on her treatment plan. She has been living in the US for more than a year already while her sons, Josh and Bimby, have been in and out of the country for her. In her Instagram post earlier this week, Kris shared her recent health update with everyone. She revealed that she has lost weight, has Lupus, and her CREST syndrome is “now in full active mode.” According to Stanford Healthcare, CREST syndrome is a less severe form of Scleroderma. It is a rare disease in which a person’s immune system starts to destroy the normal, healthy tissues which will lead to more damage in one’s body. Various celebrities and talent managers all commented on her post for her healing and offered prayers for the host-actress. One of the commenters was Cristine Calawod, Cornerstone Entertainment’s artist handler. “Love you madam! be well we are all praying for you,” she wrote. Kris then replied that her youngest son might be going home after her birthday and has to “work.” “Bimb might go home after my birthday. He needs to work because my medical bills are already getting higher and higher,” she shared. Even though her situation is challenging, Kris made sure to lighten the mood in the comment section as she expressed her requests for Bimby’s showbiz career. “But Tin, the stage mom is already saying NO to a name change. He’ll stay as Bimb. No last name, like Drake,” she quipped. Meanwhile, Kris continues to push through her treatments despite the difficulties she faces. She shared that she is moving forward for her children who aren’t ready to be without her. – ABS-CBN News

Bimby & Kris Aquino



The wait is over! Young’s Market – new branch now open

The much-awaited new branch of Young’s Market is now open at 2188 McPhillips in Winnipeg. This new addition widens the service that the other two branches at 397 William Avenue and 1000 McPhillips are now providing to the community. According to Linda Eng, one of the major owners of Young’s Market, this third branch is larger than the other two stores, not only in terms of the store’s shopping space and parking lot, but also in the ethnic products that it carries. “We offer more variety and assortment of items from around the world – Philippines, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China. Absolutely more amazing finds and amazing deals! “We are sincerely grateful for the many years of support from our loyal customers. As we look to the future, we promise to uphold the standards our customers have come to expect from us, which is to surprise them with amazing finds and amazing deals at Young’s, your ethnic food store!” added Linda Eng. She also confirms that all three Young’s Markets together will continue to serve their loyal customers. Pilipino Express asked three Young’s Market’s customers about the opening of the new branch. “Young’s new branch is so comfy for us kasi isang kembot lang we’re there na. We will also be able to walk to the store especially during summer. And I like that the parking (lot) is huge!” said Carmelita G. who lives on Watson St. “I can go to Young’s easily (on my own) because it is now in my neighbourhood. And I don’t have to ask or wait for my husband to drive me (to go there),” said another customer who lives in the Garden City area. “I like the new location of Young’s Market because I can

now save time, there’s less traffic to encounter. I can save money, too, on gasoline expenses. I have been their loyal customer for many years. Thank you, Young’s Market, for being here in my area,” said Rose B. who lives in the Amber Trail neighbourhood. The business hours of the new branch are Mondays to Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. And Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Young’s Market – Your Ethnic Food Store A Winnipeg tradition since 1983 For over 40 years, the Young family who owns Young’s Market has served the immigrant community in Winnipeg by providing a wide variety of affordable ethnic foods and products. The first location of the popular ethnic food store was established in 1983 on Notre Dame Avenue. In 1986, it relocated to 397 William Avenue where it became one of the immigrant community’s major sources of multicultural foods, ingredients, grocery items, and dry goods. In the late 90s and early 2000s, as the immigrant population significantly grew in Manitoba, particularly in the greater Winnipeg area, the need to expand to serve the community better became apparent. In 2004, Young’s Market’s second branch became operational at 1000 McPhillips St. The Young family’s stated company vision and mission: “Back in the day, shopping for ethnic ingredients was both hard to find and rarely affordable. Being an immigrant, raising a family on a tight budget was quite the challenge. A problem that needed a pragmatic solution. Our founder had the vision to supply ethnic ingredients at affordable pricing. To provide high value and low prices by being a low-cost operator.” – Pilipino Express

FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024

FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024





FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024

Rewind is the highest grossing Filipino film of all time The 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival entry Rewind has become the highest grossing Filipino film of all time. Star Cinema announced on January 26, that the movie has already earned ₱889 million in gross sales globally as of January 26, 2024. “Damang dama namin ang greatest love niyo all over the world! SalamatLods!” the film outfit posted on social media. Rewind stars real life couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. The film is directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar. Fans online were quick to extend their congratulatory messages to the cast and the team

Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera behind the film. Back on January 17, Star Cinema held a thanksgiving event with the cast and crew of the movie

following its success at the MMFF and as it became the highest grossing Filipino film at the local box office that time.

“Noong binasa namin ‘to, isa lang gusto namin mangayari, bonus na lang figure, alam namin maraming pinagdaanan tao ng

pandemic. Kaya sabi namin sana gawin kami instrumento ng Panginoon na ma-touch puso See REWIND p11

Dolly De Leon nakasama sa 50 over 50: Asia 2024 Napabilang ang awardwinning actress na si Dolly De Leon sa 50 over 50: Asia 2024 list ng American magazine na Forbes. Para sa kaalaman ng marami, taon-taon nagkakaroon ng ganitong listahan ang Forbes kung saan pumipili sila ng 50 CEOs, founders, and innovators mula sa 14 countries ng Asia-Pacific. Puro mga kababaihan ang kinukuha nila na may malaking impluwensya pagdating sa fashion, pharmaceuticals, finance, at marami pang iba. Ayon sa American magazine, kinilala nila si Dolly dahil sa mahusay niyang pagganap sa 2022 film na Triangle of Sadness na nakakuha ng mga nominasyon sa ilang prestisyosong awarding events mula sa iba’t-ibang bansa.

Maliban sa batikang aktres, tampok rin sa nasabing listahan ang apat na negosyanteng Pilipino. Isa na riyan ang Ayala Land CEO na si Anna Margarita Dy, ang first female owner ng isa sa largest property developer ng Pilipinas. Si Anna ang kaisa-isang Pinay sa 20 outstanding female business leaders in Asia in 2023 ng Forbes magazine. Nakasama rin ang Puregold co-owner na si Susan Co na ayon sa magazine, patuloy na lumalaki at sumisikat ang supermarket chain na mayroon nang 300 stores nationwide. Si Susan din ang vice-chair ng Cosco Capital, isang retail holding company na may mga stake sa See DOLLY p11

Dolly De Leon

FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024

JULIA... From page 7 amazing food, kaya pa niya ma-introduce internationally. We have good food back home. Maipagmamalaki natin to. I am really looking forward to introducing it. So far in our shoot, I saw that they really are showcasing that,” sabi pa ng dalaga. Dagdag pa, “It has been really exciting. Really refreshing. I love that I am able to have this opportunity and it gives you new experiences. I am really enjoying this moment because it is new. It is light on set. “There is so much I am learning from a Korean director and co-actors. I was excited to see and work with SH, Nicholas, the DOP, everybody behind this project really worked hard para lang ma-mount. For all of this to come to life, I’m so grateful I was chosen to play Maya.” Ang Secret Ingredient ang unang regional drama na mapapanood sa Viu. Sabi naman ni Corinna Vistan-Takahashi, show runner ng series, “What makes this even more special is the cross-cultural collaboration. It is not everyday we have 4 different languages spoken in the script. Our goal isn’t just to create a beautiful poignant story how food and love can connect us all but highlight the culture and food of each country.” Ang direktor ng Secret Ingredient ay si Cho Young Kwang. – Reggee Bonoan/Bandera

REWIND... From page 10 nila na magbago at mas mahalin mga tao sa paligid nila,” Marian remarked at the event. She continued: “‘Yung message na ito lang makalat sa mga tao.. Ang pinaka importante sa amin


ay ang message ng film na ito, na talagang tumatak sa puso nila.” Dingdong said that he is thankful that the film made big impact among the viewers. “Iba ‘pag nakakausap mo mga tao at nagkuwento paano naging impact sa buhay nila. ‘Yun priceless.. Itong figure says ganito kadami nanood. We are so grateful we were able to tell the story,” he added. Meanwhile, ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak described the film a “true classic.” He said: “This is a very special film. Not just because it is the biggest box office title in Philippine history, but because it has touched so many in a very deep way, myself included.” “Rewind will surely go down in history as one of the movie greats, a true classic.” – ABS-CBN News

DOLLY... From page 10 commercial real estate at mga negosyo sa pamamahagi ng alak. Kinilala rin si Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, ang kaunaunahang babae na nanguna sa peace panel ng ating gobyerno. Si Miriam ay dating political science professor sa University of the Philippines na namuno sa peace negotiations kasama ang Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Hindi nagpahuli sa listahan si Esther Go ng electronic health-tech firm Medilink na kumokonekta sa mahigit 200,000 physicians sa mahigit dalawang milyong pasyente ng Pilipinas. Si Esther din ang nagsisilbing director ng ilang malalaking korporasyon sa bansa, kabilang na ang Equicom Health Services, Equicom Savings Bank, at Security Bank. – Pauline del Rosario/ Bandera





KROSWORD NO. 434 Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 1. Pakalatin 6. Hudyat sa taguan 7. Unlapi 8. ___ Vegas 11. Lagayan ng gamit 14. Bugtong 15. Una sa oras 16. Biyaya mula sa Diyos 18. Ginulo 19. Notang musikal 21. Ligalig 22. Hulapi 23. Mailap na hayop 25. Ganda 26. Titulo ng bayani 27. Baluktot 29. Halaga 30. Pagsasatono 32. Bansa 33. Klase ng gamut PABABA 1. Pinasabugan 2. Pati 3. Sabaw ng sinaing 4. Huni ng daga 5. Namangha 8. Angkan

9. Uri ng kahoy 10. Musa 11. Patalastas 12. Simbolo ng Amerika 13. Torpe 17. Sikap 20. Sentido 22. Magtitiwala 24. Sonata 26. Patnubay 28. Lola ni Jesus 29. Pamalo 31. Tipo ng dugo 32. ____ buti nga


FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024

FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024



ASWE basketball league returns! The Association of Sambat Winnipeg Eh’ (ASWE), formerly called GUSI of Winnipeg, brought back their basketball action to the Red River College South Gym on January 20, 2024. The mighty committee, which includes Ace Abrenica, Teody Castillo, Poncing Santoyo, Commissioner Edwin Catipon, Chairman Doming Ilagan, and Consultant Florante Contreras, are leading the charge. They are an excellent squad committed to forming this most awaited league. After a seven-year break, ASWE put much effort into making this a spectacular event to be remembered. Huskies representing Banda 14 (Contreras Clan), Centro from Central Sambat, San Pascual, Batangas, Philippines, Lightning Link associated with the Agbay Clan, and Wellington Drive comprising players from the Ilagan Clan. The skills and determination on the court that these four teams showed off will be remembered for a long time. To start the event and set the court for an amazing matchup, these teams and their beautiful muses marched in a parade. A motivational speech was given

by Hon. Adrien Sala, MLA for St. James and Minister of Finance. He emphasized the importance of this league to the community, especially to the youth in the sense of competitiveness, camaraderie,

and sportsmanship. The first two teams to play were Wellington Drive and Lightning Link, heightening the excitement. This initial matchup set the tone for the

entire competition, providing an exciting demonstration of skill and determination instantly. They were followed by a match between Team Huskies and Team Centro, in which fans enjoyed the

incredible crossovers, thunderous dribbles, and exciting plays. It was indeed an amazing show, and cheers echoed in the arena. It was a basketball fan’s delight. – Edwin Catipon




FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024

Marcos Jr. urges Filipinos to join “Bagong Pilipinas”

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. led the ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ kick-off rally at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on Sunday, January 28, 2024, with close to 400,000 supporters and government workers participating in the oneday event. The Marcos administration launched Bagong Pilipinas (New Philippines) as a movement to mobilize citizens to engage in different government-led initiatives. According to the Presidential Communication Office, Bagong Pilipinas advocates for governance characterized by a principled, accountable, and dependable government reinforced by unified institutions of society, whose common objective is to realize the goals and aspirations of every Filipino. During his speech, Marcos encouraged Filipinos to actively participate and contribute to a better Philippines. “Ang layunin ng Bagong Pilipinas ay maglatag ng mga mithiin na dapat nating makamtan para sa kinabukasan ng ating bayan. Tapos na ang patsi-patsi na plano na naiibaiba na ang nangyayari lang ay nagkakawatak-watak tayo,” Marcos said. “It is the time for bold thinking, accompanied by the strong will to execute it. As I have said many times, the mandate of the people should be devoted to achieving the grand, not wasted on the petty,” he said. Marcos added that the ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ is not a political game plan that caters to a privileged few, but a ‘master plan’ for genuine development. “Bagong Pilipinas is not a new partisan coalition in disguise. It is a set of ideals that all us Filipinos, regardless of political creed or

religion or wealth, can coalesce around. Bagong Pilipinas is addressed to all government officials and employees, and citizens of this country,” he declared. “It is an invitation to all of us to think about being a Filipino and view the nation from a renewed perspective. It is a call for transformation. The transformation of our idea of being a Filipino, and the transformation of our economy, of governance, of society.. Bagong Pilipinas transcends this administration,” he added. He also reminded the public about the importance of an honest government, urging government leaders not to be corrupt and to avoid squandering the country’s resources. The rally is said to be a “call to action” for Filipinos to participate in the government’s efforts to improve the country. – ABS-CBN News. Photo credit: PCO

FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024



Kung Hei Fat Choi! (Gong Xi Fa Cai) The Chinese New Year begins February 10, 2024, marking the end of the Year of the Rabbit, and the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. Also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year is celebrated in several East Asian countries and in many other parts of the world with feasts, fireworks and parades. The festivities include colourful parades, lion and dragon dances, family reunions, exchanges of red envelopes (with money inside as a symbol of good fortune), banquets with traditional dishes and a display of fireworks. Each Chinese New Year is marked by one of 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese New Year animal for 2024 is the Dragon – this foretells a year of intense energy and significant change. According to traditional beliefs from the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is not perceived as a fearsome creature, but as a divine being that bestows power and good fortune. It is associated with positive characteristics such as wisdom, vitality, nobility and benevolence. He represents primordial strength, prosperity, courage, and renewal. This legendary mythological being is much more than just a creature in Chinese folklore. It is believed that the emperors were descendants of the dragon, thus symbolizing imperial power. In addition, the dragon is considered to have control over natural

phenomena such as rain, essential for agriculture, and is credited with the power to generate abundance and fertility in the land. People born in the Year of the Dragon are often considered to be “gifted with innate courage, tenacity, and intelligence” and are “enthusiastic and confident.” Dragons are “not afraid of challenges, and willing to take risks.” For many, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with various rituals and traditions that are meant to usher in good luck for the coming year. Those who celebrate wear red because it is seen as a lucky colour in China year-round, especially during the Lunar New Year. Other bright colours such as gold or yellow, which symbolize power and prosperity, are also popular choices. They would generally avoid wearing white during Chinese New Year celebrations, as white represents death and is worn at funerals. Black is also sometimes considered an unlucky colour thanks to its associations with darkness. Oranges are often given as gifts during Chinese New Year. They are seen to resemble the sun and are associated with the positive yang principle. As such, oranges are thought to bring good fortune and good blessings. The Year of the Dragon runs from February 10, 2024, through January 28, 2025. Source: China Highlights



FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2024

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