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Folklorama is back!

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2022 Ambassadors’ General - the faces of Folklorama for 2022. The 2022 Adult Ambassadors’ General are Sarahdelle Galera (Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion) and Karman Sidhu (Punjab Pavilion). The Youth Ambassadors’ General representatives are Sudan Parke (Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion) and Nicolas Tamayo (Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion). Story on p7

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Aljur Abrenica & AJ Raval

After being postponed for almost two and a half years, the Pinoy Pop Star Grand Final is August 26. Buy your tickets online at Ticketmaster or in person at the casino Gift Store. Ticket price is $25+GST = $26.25 + TM fee. Old tickets will be accommodated. For details see p15.



AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022

AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022





AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022

Premiers meet to discuss immigration On July 7, 2022, British Columbia hosted a meeting between the Canadian premiers. The conference covered a broad range of topics from health care, Pharmacare, interprovincial trade barriers, energy and immigration. Provincial premiers such as Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe and newly re-elected Doug Ford spoke about “historic labour shortages.” Canada’s unemployment rate stands at a historically low 4.9 per cent. The country is facing a serious labour shortage. Canada has an aging population and low birth rate, so immigration becomes a viable option for all provincial and territorial leaders. All recognize that immigration is a shared responsibility with the federal government and every province and territory, except Nunavut, has a bilateral agreement with IRCC on responsibilities they share with the federal government. All have some input, and if they work together their voices are even stronger.

The premiers are in favour of having more say in selecting immigrants for their provinces. Ontario’s Doug Ford spoke openly about having a system like Quebec’s, which selects 90 per cent of its economic class immigrants. The premiers regularly meet at least once a year to go over issues that affect them all. There is strength in the 10 provinces and three territories meeting as a group to make representation to their federal counterparts. Some of the issues covered this year under immigration included increasing support for the retention of international students. The students are a valuable resource to combat the labour shortage and bring Canada the best and brightest applicants from around the world. It is one thing to attract such applicants, but it is equally important to have a system in place to retain them. The provincial leaders urged the federal government to remove barriers that hinder international

students from accessing federal employment support programs and obtaining their permanent residence status. The provincial leaders support an extension of the Post-Graduate Work Permit. Their goal is to help foreign students to meet local workforce needs and offer a more efficient transition to permanent residency. The provinces also want to rework existing agreements with the federal government in the selection of skilled foreign workers. This is done through the provincial nominee programs (PNPs), which allow the provinces to have a say in the selection of skilled workers who they feel are best suited to the economic needs of the province. The provinces want the IRCC Immigration Levels Plan to increase the allocation of spaces for skilled immigrant applicants with potential for nomination. One suggestion is to have more collaboration between federal and provincial authorities to ensure that multi-year plans are in place to ensure they include provincial

labour needs and priorities. The provinces are all concerned with existing backlogs and processing delays. They argue that processing delays remain a significant hurtle to attracting and retaining global talent. As a group they want the federal immigration authorities to improve existing processes and reduce the backlogs. The federal authorities are aware of this problem and last month the prime minister announced the creation of a new task force to identify processing system problems and create short term and long-term plans to rectify processing delays. An additional area of general concern for the provinces was to improve credential recognition to ensure that new arrivals to Canada can transition to their professional areas with a minimum of delays. The provinces see the solution in working collaboratively with their federal counterparts and regulatory bodies to streamline the system. The solution is to improve the efficiency of the transition, not to abandon standards.

In all areas the provincial leaders see the need for collaboration and open communication with federal authorities. The provinces play and important role in the selection of skilled worker applicants and their settlement in Canada. The country, as a whole, can benefit from the working collaboration between all partners to ensure that the country gas the skilled workers it requires to move ahead in the twenty first century. It is best to work together with the federal authorities rather than to see immigration as a conflict between a centralized or de-centralized system. Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Immigration Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with Immigration Connexion International Ltd. Contact him at 204-691-1166 or 204-227-0292. E-mail: mscott.ici@gmail.com.

Healthy practices to start now! Summer weather in Manitoba this year certainly had a later start. In June, we found ourselves wondering when summer would arrive, and we reminisced about the hot weather the previous year. The consensus when I talk to people is to, “Enjoy each good day when we get it!” This certainly applies to discussion of our summer weather, but also to how we ought to approach each and every day – with gratitude and appreciation for what we’ve got. Although summer weather always makes it easier to engage in fun and calming activities, I have realized that time for relaxation should be a priority all year round. Even 15 minutes a day to put responsibilities aside and have a mental “time out” can go a long way towards long-term health and wellness. Why not start that daily practice now? Here are a few ways to incorporate relaxation into your daily life, no matter what the weather and no matter what is going on in your life: A regular sleep routine An astounding amount of research emphasizes the importance of adequate sleep for children and adults. A sound sleep increases our ability to concentrate, improves memory, reduces the risk of heart disease and other serious illnesses, lowers the incidence of depression, and

helps the body to repair itself. So, during these next couple of months, make it a goal to have healthy sleep habits. Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, limit technology in the evening, and engage in soothing activities such as baths and quiet reading. A wise friend told me that her secret to a good night’s sleep is to, “Treat yourself like a baby!” Write down your thoughts and feelings Research has shown that journaling reduces stress and can improve physical health and well-being. Writing worries down allows our thoughts to slow down and our emotions to be processed. It can be a tool for self-discovery or a way to problem-solve and figure out what the next step should be. Many people have shared with me that it is helpful to journal and then physically close the notebook and put it away. The 4-7-8 breathing method This strategy is a relaxation tool that is easy to remember and can be done at any time. Dr. Andrew Weil developed this strategy with the aim to decrease stress and anxiety. It can also help you to fall asleep at bedtime if your worries and thoughts are keeping you awake. This is because it forces you to focus on your breathing instead. The basic steps are to: 1. Exhale fully by parting your

lips to make a whooshing sound until your lungs are empty 2. Close your mouth and inhale slowly for four counts 3. Hold for seven counts 4. Exhale for eight counts, making another whooshing sound 5. Repeat for at least four cycles Mindfulness meditation Research supports that the daily practice of mindfulness meditation reduces stress, depression, and anxiety levels. It focuses on being in the present moment, and not replaying the past or worrying about the future. Meditation allows us to explore how our mind works without any kind of self-criticism or judgment. The result is that we have more compassion for ourselves and for others. Below is a simple beginner’s script to mindful meditation: • Start by getting into a comfortable position that will not allow you to fall asleep. Try sitting in a comfortable chair or sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. • Close your eyes or allow your gaze to centre on one spot, unfocused. • Gently lean your head to one side and then the other. Roll your shoulders slowly in one direction, and then the other. Allow your whole body to relax. • Bring your attention to your breathing. Without trying to change your breathing, notice how it feels to inhale and exhale. Notice

the flow of the air as it enters your body, and then leaves it. • If you find that your attention wanders to something else, or if random thoughts come up, notice them, but do not dwell on them. Let the thoughts pass. • Bring your focus back to breath and notice how you inhale and exhale repeatedly. • Feel the air enter through your nose, into your body, filling your lungs. • Notice the pause right before the air exits your lungs and out through the nostrils. • Pay attention to the sounds that your breath makes. • Picture the air as it enters your body, nourishes it, and then leaves again. Feel your chest and stomach expand and contract as breath occupies and leaves your body. • Now as you inhale, meditate on the word “calm” • As you exhale, the breath will leave on the word “calm” • On the next breath… inhale…. Calm…. • And exhale…. Calm… • Continue to pair each inhalation and exhalation with “calm.” • Be aware of how your body feels. • Embrace what this sensation feels like to you. • See how your breath is calm and flowing, and how relaxed your body feels. • Now it is time to gently

return to the room and reawaken mind and body. • As you keep your eyes closed, pay attention to how your feet feel, your hands, and how your head feels. Feel the chair or the floor underneath you and how it feels to be supported. • Take note of any sounds around you. • Start to wiggle your toes and fingers. • Stretch out your legs and arms gently and slowly. • Shrug your shoulders slightly and tilt your head from side to side gently. • Feel your consciousness come back to the room that you are in and open your eyes slowly. • Stay in position for a few moments longer and notice the serenity that is in your body right now. • Slowly start to move your body and bring your mind back to full awareness of the room that you are in. Come to a standing position, do some light stretches, and return to your daily tasks, feeling a new sense of energy within you. Starting these simple wellness practices today while we have more relaxing weather can be a good way to ensure that these healthy habits continue when fall and the busy season arrives! Cheryl Dizon-Reynante is a licensed therapist with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022



Food and culture I like to keep the readers of this column updated with what I’m working on, whether it’s starting something new or bringing a project to an end. I recently had a short booklet on Filipinos in Canada published by the Canadian Historical Association, which is now available for free to download on the Association’s website. In addition to this project, I have been working on my first book on the history of the Winnipeg Filipino community. I like to share my work with the community as a means of giving back. I have received many blessings from Winnipeg Filipinos over the years and have made many lasting friendships as a result of my work. Far from being a “parachute researcher,” one who comes into a community, gathers data, publishes their work, and then leaves, I find myself an adopted son of the community, for which I am very grateful and by which I am humbled. I like to contribute what I can, not just through my research but also through community service, such as with the Manitoba Association of Filipino Teachers, Inc. That is why I am happy to talk about my next research project on Filipino food, history, and identity. In my work on the history of the Philippines and Filipino immigration, food has frequently been present. A lot of my work explores how Filipinos discuss their culture and identity. Food, almost as much as the Filipino language, is often held up as a key marker of that identity. Food is integral to cultural identity. Because food is such an essential part of one’s life – banal in its everyday nature yet key to some of life’s most important events

such as birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations – it becomes intertwined with culture and heritage. Personally, my relationship to Filipino food has been long and ongoing. When I was first introduced to the cuisine almost twenty years ago, I was living in gastronomic isolation. I ate within a Western palate, shying away from non-Western foods and only venturing to Chinese buffets. But exposure to Filipino cuisine was a source of excitement for me. I was eager to try new dishes, not only because they were so delicious, but because they opened up so many ways to learn about Filipino culture and the Philippines. The cuisine is of course tied to Filipino history, bearing influences from China (pancit, siomai, lugaw), Spain (lechon, flan, empanada), the United States (fried chicken, spaghetti, hamburgers) and other counties (Japan, influencing the dessert halo-halo) on top of the rich indigenous food of the Philippines. In many ways, Filipino food was familiar to me because it resembled that to which I was accustomed, such as Filipino spaghetti, pork barbeque, or fried chicken. Of course, lumpia and pancit, ever popular dishes at Filipino parties, were familiar to me because of eating in Chinese restaurants here in Winnipeg. But, as with all Filipino foods, despite any outside influences, the flavours and ingredients were distinctly Filipino. I was also eager to try other dishes such as kare-kare, menudo, sinigang, and of course adobo. As a young adult learning to cook myself, I was keen on asking how dishes were prepared, what sort of ingredients were used, and

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eventually I began cooking the dishes myself. I am not a natural and am often teased for how devoted I am to using measuring spoons for my ingredients (“Filipinos don’t measure,” as I’m told), but there is a great joy in creating bulalo, Bicol express, linutik, lomi, laing. The day my wife told me I was now responsible for cooking adobo at home was the day I knew she truly enjoyed my cooking. As I learn new recipes from others, the questions I ask about how a dish is prepared often lead to stories and memories of the Philippines. On one occasion I showed my wife a container of safflower I had just bought, and it ignited a childhood memory of her grandfather in the Philippines. The many stories of life in the Philippines that I have heard share something in common: how intimate one was with the food they prepared. In Winnipeg, if one wants to cook munggo, for example, one must spend a lot of money to get malunggay leaves – and only a very little bit at that – while in the Philippines, one could conceivably pluck them fresh from the yard. Same, too, with sampaloc. I insisted recently on making sinigang without using the broth package and spent quite a bit of money for only a few pods of Sampaloc. It was delicious, though, and more rewarding than the powdered sampaloc. The process of food preparation is different in many parts of the Philippines than it is here in Canada. So much of food in North America has been industrialized. It is canned, preserved, processed, packaged, frozen and refrozen, and more and more frequently pre-prepared for convenience. Even if we buy produce, we are not really sure how fresh it is or exactly where it is from. Fruit, for example, can be stored for months in cold storage before being shipped to market. And this doesn’t even begin to consider the


Lumpiang Shanghai

Pancit Bihon ethical considerations of how food is produced. There has been a push in recent years to “buy local,” something which never disappeared in much of the Philippines. Vegetables, a key ingredient in nearly all Filipino dishes, are often collected from one’s garden or backyard. Filipino food, as I’ve come to see it, is naturally adaptive to what is locally available. But, one of my research questions in my new project is how does moving to a place like Winnipeg affect the way Filipinos engage with their culinary heritage? Does not having such ready access to fresh, locally sourced ingredients affect how dishes are made or experienced? The growth of groceries stores in Winnipeg catering to Filipino and other Asian cuisines is a testament to how important the community has become in the city, but from the early days of


the 1970s when the community was young, Filipino groceries were popular businesses in the community, especially in the socalled “Filipino Town” just east of the Health Sciences Centre. This topic of food, history, and culture may become more common in this column. Currently, I am collecting oral histories and talking with community members about their memories of food, both here and in the Philippines. If you are interested or would like to hear more about the project, please email me at jo.malek@uwinnipeg. ca. And if you have a family recipe for Adobo you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it! Jon Malek received his PhD from Western University and currently teaches history at the University of Manitoba. He is working on a book manuscript on the history of the Winnipeg Filipino community.

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AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022

COVID-19 and Monkeypox: A tale of two global viral emergencies The overlapping presence of two public health emergencies of international concern (PHEIC) is a medical rarity. Regrettably, a reality now. Monkeypox is the global viral outbreak recently added to the yet unfinished COVID-19 pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared monkeypox a PHEIC on Saturday July 23, 2022, even as COVID-19 – declared a PHEIC two-and-half-years ago on January 30, 2020 – continues to circulate around the world and, therefore, remains a PHEIC. COVID-19 update In the three months since my preceding commentary last May where I summarized some of the lessons learned, insights gained, and developments anticipated, this update validates the following: 1. The COVID-19 virus mutates continually into variants that can escape infection-induced and vaccine-induced immunity; and infection or vaccination does not induce prolonged protection against the virus in most people (lessons learned). Indeed, hospitalizations for COVID-19 have increased in Canada, Australia, USA, and Europe. A recent warning from the WHO, “The virus is running freely.” 2. Controlling the virus and its cycles of new variants is a formidable challenge; and any level of community protection against the virus can be overcome by the evolution of viral variants (insights gained). Indeed, the virus is still evolving. The more infectious BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron subvariants now make up the majority pathogen.

3. Developing “universal” coronavirus vaccines – or at least universal vaccines that elicit durable and broadly protective immunity against multiple SARSCoV-2 variants – is an important goal for the immediate future (anticipated development). Indeed, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already advised source vaccine makers to update their COVID-19 vaccines to include a component that targets the spike proteins of the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants. Although there is no guarantee that BA.4/5 variants will still be circulating by the time the reformulated boosters are available in the fall, it is still the best bet to have this updated vaccine since it is highly likely the circulating dominant variant is going to be some version of Omicron. 4. Living with COVID is best considered not as reaching a numerical threshold of immunity, but as optimizing population protection without prohibitive restrictions on our daily lives (anticipated development). Indeed, there is emerging consensus that: 1. there is no need for masking unless in a crowd, hospitals and long-term care and retirement homes; and 2. choosing to bring back restrictions and vaccine mandates is less likely with more provincial governments. Simple steps At the same time, there is a predisposition to: 1. getting up-to-date on vaccines, including three doses (or even the fourth for those whose immune system is compromised,

which help prevent more severe illness; 2. wearing a high-quality mask indoors where COVID-19 is most likely to transmit; and 3. doing activities outdoors whenever feasible. Monkeypox Burden of Disease Until this year, most cases were seen in Central and West Africa where the known fatalities – approximately 70 – have been experienced with young children, older people, and those with low immunity at higher risk of developing severe disease. Presently, the rise in caseload has been phenomenal – doubling every two weeks – in Europe and North America. At the time monkeypox was declared a PHEIC on July 23, a little over 18,000 cases from 75 countries had been reported to the WHO. Compare that figure to 3,000 in 50 countries six weeks earlier. In Canada alone, the Public Health Agency has confirmed 745 cases (58 in British Columbia, one in Yukon, 12 in Alberta, two in Saskatchewan, 326 in Ontario and 346 cases in Quebec). The window to stop the spread appears to be closing. The mode of spread is close person-to-person contact with a symptomatic patient in these ways: 1. Contact with lesions or scabs found on the skin or mucosal surfaces such as eyes, mouth, genitalia, and anus; 2. Contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, and semen; and 3. Contact with contaminated objects or shared personal items such as bedding, towels, toothbrushes, and utensils. Spreading via respiratory particles during close contact (talking, breathing, coughing or sneezing) is under scientific investigation. While anyone is vulnerable to the infection, the spread is “predominant among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men – with 99 per cent of cases reported to date occurring in people who identify as male, and the majority having reported samesex sexual contact.” Women and children account for less than one percent of the caseload. The period of incubation can be longer than the usual three weeks for most. Thus, a contagious case can transmit the virus for that long period of time. To reduce transmission, the WHO and Canadian health

authorities have recommended: 1. practicing safer sex, 2. having fewer sexual partners, and 3. staying home when sick In addition, the Canadian government has pledged to spend one million dollars to fund community groups affected and to raise awareness and fight the stigma around the disease. The National Advisory Committee on Immunization has advised vaccination with Imvamune as a pre-exposure prevention. The government has distributed more than 70,000 doses of the vaccine nationwide; about 27,000 doses have been administered. The PHAC has assured Canadians that the vaccine supply is sufficient. Implications of a PHEIC declaration A PHEIC declaration underscores the situation requires urgent global attention and hopes to galvanize international action to prevent a pandemic, including: 1. nations committing to ramp up the manufacture and supply of diagnostic testing, medicines and vaccines; 2. research getting a boost from governments, universities and industry, as happened with COVID-19; 3. response is coordinated globally with donors collaborating with health officials and researchers; and 4. nations working together to ensure sufficient resources are provided to low and middleincome countries where the disease has historically been most prevalent. The challenge “Sleepwalking into the next pandemic” is the title of the Nature Medicine’s editorial of July 21, 2022. The journal’s central message is for “governments and funders… (to) prioritize research on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases such as monkeypox to prevent another pandemic.” It made the observation that even if the amount of research carried out on coronavirus between the time SARS ended in mid2003 and COVID-19 began in December 2019 was only “little,” it allowed the rapid development of life-saving vaccines and drugs effective against COVID-19. But the medical and public health community still had to wait for a year and the supply has not been sufficient for the world community. We still remember the long wait

for vaccines that Canada had to endure. The observation was made to emphasize the point that the monkeypox virus has already been known since the 1970s to jump “from animals to humans.” In fact, an outbreak occurred in 2017 in Nigeria. Yet, no funding for research on the virus was made available. The editorial has made its case persuasively: “investment in the public health workforce not only improves population health but also boosts the economy.” Summary Our experience with the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that competition for vaccines during an emergency was a major problem in many countries’ COVID-19 responses. The PHEIC declaration on monkeypox “presents an opportunity to right this wrong,” observed the World Health Organization. It says: “In an emergency it is senseless to compete for vaccine doses and treatments. Instead, diagnostics and vaccines should be shared and targeted to where they are most needed. There is little doubt that the world’s poorest and most vulnerable were failed during the response to COVID-19. Vaccines that offer protection against monkeypox exist and they need to be used for the benefit of all. Wealthy countries must not make the same mistake.” The simultaneous presence of two global viral emergencies presents us with two goals: let everyone be aware about this PHEIC on monkeypox and hopefully we can prevent its establishment in Canada; and let us hope that the unfinished COVID-19 pandemic eventually ends with no more than optimizing population protection without prohibitive restrictions on our daily lives. Dr. Rey D. Pagtakhan, P.C., O.M., LL.D., Sc.D., M.D. M.Sc. is a retired lung specialist, professor of pediatrics and child health, author of articles and chapters in medical journals and textbooks, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, and cabinet minister, including Secretary of State for Science, Research and Development. An alumnus of the University of the Philippines and the University of Manitoba (UM) Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, he did postgraduate training at the Children’s Hospitals of Washington University in St. Louis and the UM Faculty of Medicine in Winnipeg and spent a sabbatical year as Visiting Professor at the University of Arizona. In June 2003, he spoke on “The Global Threat of Infectious Diseases” at the G-8 Science Ministers/ Advisors Carnegie Group Meeting in Berlin.

AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022


Folklorama is back! The world’s largest and longest-running multicultural festival, Folklorama, is back till August 13th! Twenty-four Pavilions across Winnipeg are open to the public, showcasing some of Manitoba’s finest ethno-cultural arts and cuisine. Week One Pavilions: Belgian Pavilion, Casa do Minho Portuguese Pavilion, German Pavilion, Irish Pavilion, Japanese Pavilion, Métis Pavilion, Pavilion of Scotland, Polish Pavilion, Romanian Pavilion, Scandinavian Pavilion, South Sudanese Pavilion, and Ukraine-Kyiv Pavilion. Week Two Pavilions: Africa Pavilion, Celtic Ireland Pavilion, Egyptian Pavilion, HungaryPanonnia Pavilion, Israel Pavilion - Shalom Square, Italian Pavilion, Pavilion canadien-français, Punjab Pavilion, Slovenija Pavilion, Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion, and Tamil Pavilion. “Folklorama is thrilled to be back to celebrate its 51st Festival,” states Richard Reif, President, Folklorama Board of Directors. “It’s been a long two

years and our Folklorama family is looking forward to welcoming guests home again.” Along with the Festival, the VIP Tour experience returns as well. There are 37 unique tours where one can either cycle, walk, or take a luxury motorcoach for an evening of food, fun, reserved seating, VIP entrance and a Volunteer Tour Guide. “The Folklorama Festival serves as a major annual fundraiser for most of our communities,” says Teresa Cotroneo, Executive Director, Folklorama. “Funds that are made in a Pavilion during the Festival remain in that community and support year-round programming initiatives such as language classes, traditional dance, immigration transition support, and most importantly, community connections. Being back in person promotes a special energy where culture can be celebrated and shared with pride.” 2022 Ambassadors’ General – the faces of Folklorama for 2022 Not all pavilions are back this year. Folklorama enthusiasts will miss the very popular

and well-attended Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion of Magdaragat Philippines. However, despite the pavilion’s absence, the Filipino community is very well represented because three of the four 2022 Governors General are from the Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion. The Youth Ambassadors’ General representatives are Sudan Parke (Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion) and Nicolas

PAGE 7 Tamayo (Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion). The 2022 Adult Ambassadors General are Sarahdelle Galera (Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion) and Karman Sidhu (Punjab Pavilion). Folklorama began in 1970 as a one-time celebration of Manitoba’s centennial but has since grown to be the largest and longestrunning multicultural festival of its kind in the world. Currently, the organization offers year-round programs: Folklorama at Home, Folklorama at Work, Folklorama at School, Folklorama at Play. All the programs bring to life Folklorama’s mission of celebrating diversity

and promoting cultural understanding. Masks are encouraged, not required The health and safety of guests, volunteers and staff is top priority. Considering the high vaccination rate of Manitobans, feedback from Pavilion representatives, and consultation with public health authorities, Folklorama will proceed with the policy that masks are encouraged, not required. Proof of vaccination will also not be required. For more information, visit: Folklorama.ca.




Sa altar hahantong ang tatlong taon nang relasyon nina Congressman Arjo Atayde at Maine Mendoza. May kompromiso na sila sa isa’ isa. Kung kailan magaganap ang kasalan ay wala pang eksaktong petsa at kung saan. Ang mahalaga ay nakatali na ang kanilang mga puso sa isang pangako na manunumpa sila sa harap ng Diyos at ng mga tao na mamahalin nila ang isa’t isa habambuhay. Matindi ang pinagdaanan ng relasyon nina Arjo at Maine. Matitindi ang mga paghusgang ipinakain sa kanila ng mga hanggang ngayo’y naniniwala na si Maine ay para lamang kay Alden Richards. Pinagdudahan ang pagmamahal ni Arjo, sinaktan pati ang kaniyang buong pamilya, pinagbintangan ang mga Atayde na kayamanan lang ni Maine ang habol ng aktor. Para namang mula sa pamilyang naghihikahos si Arjo na salapi lang ang hangad kay Maine. Pigil na pigil ang kaniyang ina,

napakatapang ni Sylvia Sanchez pero ayaw nitong manghimasok sa relasyon ng kaniyang anak, kaya tiniis lang nilang mag-anak ang lahat. Pero ang tunay na pagmamahalan ay walang inuurungan, kinalaban nina Arjo at Maine ang mundo, pero hindi sila bumitiw sa isa’t isa. Ganoon ang tunay na pagmamahalan, kayang kalabanin ang kahit ano at kahit sino, maging ang buong mundo. Ang mahalaga ay ang pagmamahal nila at respeto sa bawat isa, ang pagtupad sa kanilang mga pangarap, ang pagbubuo ng pamilya. Maligayang bati kina Congressman Arjo at Maine, minsan pa nilang pinatunayan na sa larangan ng pag-iibigan, harangan man sila ng sibat ay mananatiling tapat. *** Lalong naging malinaw sa amin kung bakit malapit ang puso ng ating mga kababayan sa napakaseksing si Ivana Alawi. Sa kabila ng kaniyang estado sa buhay bilang tagapagmana ng kaniyang amang banyaga ay milyones ang kinikita niya sa pagba-vlog. Pero sa kabila noon ay hindi siya nagbabago, parang balewala lang kay Ivana ang mga nagaganap sa kaniyang buhay, gagawin niya ang gusto niya kung saan siya masaya. Nagbakasyon silang mag-iina See CRISTY p9

AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022

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AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022


CRISTY... From page 8 sa Spain. Kumpleto sila. Si Ivana ang sumagot sa lahat ng gastos na kayang-kaya niya naman dahil buwan-buwan ay milyones ang kinikita niya sa pagba-blog. Masang-masa ang sexy star, hindi siya kumakain sa mga lugar na sosyal, sa palengke sila kumakain ng kaniyang ina at mga kapatid. “Ewan ko ba, pero mas nasasarapan akong kumain sa mga ganitong lugar. Sarap na sarap ako sa mga food na masang-masa talaga,” sabi ni Ivana. Makikita rin siyang kumakain ng mga street food, maraming Pinoy na nakakakilala sa kaniya at nagpapa-picture, may mga nagtataka nga kung bakit hindi sila kumakain sa mga kilalang restaurant sa Barcelona. Naisip namin, iyon ang lubid na nagtatali kay Ivana Alawi sa ating mga kababayan, hindi siya humihiwalay sa masa samantalang kayang-kaya niya namang gawin iyon dahil milyonarya na siya. “Masayang-masaya ako dahil kumpleto kami, kasama namin si mama, sa ibang biyahe kasi, e, hindi naman siya nakakasama,” sabi pa ni Ivana Alawi. *** Marami kaming tinatanggap na mensahe ng pasasalamat mula sa kampo ni Andrea Brillantes dahil sa pagkukuwento namin tungkol sa kaniyang pinagmulan sa Cristy Ferminute at Showbiz, Now Na! Salamat daw, dahil sa pagtalakay namin sa nakaraang buhay ni Blythe ay gumanda ang kaniyang imahe, nabalanse raw noon ang dating pagkabuwisit sa kaniya ng ating mga kababayan noong panahon ng kampa niya at eleksiyon. Tanggapin natin ang katotohanan na nagpakalalim sa usaping-pulitika si Andrea noong nakaraang halalan bilang Kakampink. Milyon ang nagalit sa kaniya dahil nagmalabis din naman kasi siya noon sa pagpopost ng kaniyang mga komento. Negang-nega ang kaniyang dating, talagang bina-bash siya nang todo, iyon ang kaniyang kinakain sa agahan, tanghalian at hapunan. Lahat ng kaniyang kilos ay sinusundan ng mga bashers niya, hindi siya nakaliligtas, pinagpistahan siya sa negatibong See CRISTY p11

Lydia De Vega




AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022

GMA Network launches variety show TiktoClock Enjoy this unique entertainment with a chance to win exciting prizes – watch the countdown variety show TiktoClock on GMA Pinoy TV. The program is hosted by the newest TikTropa – comedienne Pokwang, Sparkle artist and Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo, and versatile host and everyone’s favourite trivia man Kuya Kim Atienza. Kuya Kim guarantees the Kapuso fans that they will love the program, “Kakaiba ang show na ito dahil time-based. Hindi kayo mabo-bore. Mabibitin kayo pagkatapos ng bawat episode! Ang goal namin is tumagal ang show for ten years kaya gagalingan talaga namin at laging 101% ang

energy.” Pokwang shares that they are excited to have a live audience on the show, “Na-miss namin na muling makita sa personal ang ngiti at saya ng mga tao! Excited akong mapanood at ma-enjoy ng lahat ang mga masasayang laro at ang pamimigay namin ng papremyo.” Rabiya admits that she feels pressured but is also grateful for the opportunity to work with her co-hosts, “Grabe ‘yung kaba at takot ko dahil haligi na sila sa industriya, pero pina-feel nilang part ako ng family. Gina-guide nila ako sa hosting pati sa personal na buhay. Tinutulungan nila ako to be better every day.” Aside from this competition, the TikTropa will play amusing

studio games with celebrity guests for Hale Hale Hoy. The audience will team up with the Kapuso stars and if their bet wins, they take home the jackpot! TiktoClock viewers can also be part of the Dance Raffle. Every episode, the TikTropa will teach short and easy trending dance moves to the studio audience. A dance camera will highlight everyone while enjoying the dance craze. Once the music stops, the person in front of the camera will win instant prizes. But the TikTropang Bahay or the home viewers must not fret because they can also post their versions on their social media pages with the hashtag #TiktoClockDanceRaffle.

Pokwang, Kuya Kim Atienza & Rabiya Mateo

MFSF Prinsesa ng Festival and Queen Bulilit winners




Photo 1: Prinsesa ng Festival winners, l-r: 1st Prinsesa, Ria Sarsaba; Prinsesa ng Festival, Lourdes Lynn Igne (Best Costume), 2nd Prinsesa - Irish Kimberly Adina (Best Costume) Photo 2: Queen Bulilit Winners, l-r: 1st Queen Bulilit Princess, Lesceia Fajardo (Miss Photogenic); Queen Bulilit 2022, Maxene Jahnella Yap Ferrer (Best in Gown); 2nd Queen Bulilit Princess, Myrielle Althea Aco (Best in Talent) Photo 3: Thatiana Dela Cruz, Miss Talent Photo 4: Prinsesa ng Festival & Queen Bulilit judges Photos courtesy of Manitoba Filipino Street Festival


AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022

CRISTY... From page 9 paraan. Pero sabi nga, kapag hindi natin maintindihan ang isang tao ay kailangan nating balikan ang kaniyang nakaraang buhay, mula doon ay makakakita tayo ng mga dahilan para unawain natin siya. Sa panayan sa kaniya ni Karen Davila na binigyan namin nang mas mahabang pagtutok sa Showbiz, Now Na! ay nalantad ang kaniyang pinagdaanang buhay. Lumaki si Andrea sa iskuwater sa pagkandili ng kaniyang lolo at lola,. Mahirap ang kanilang pamilya kaya batambata pa lang siya ay kung saan-saan siya nakararating para mag-audition. Sa dami ng kaniyang audition ay natanggap naman siya, ipinanganak ang isang child actress, malaking-malaking tulong sa pamilya nila ang hindi naman kalakihan niyang kinikita. Hanggang sa nakilala siya nang husto sa seryeng Kadenang Ginto, nagkaroon na rin siya ng mga endorsement at mga shows sa probinsiya, iyon ang inipon niya para matupad ang kaniyang pangarap na magkaroon ng sariling bahay ang kaniyang pamilya. “Wala po kaming sariling bahay, palipat-lipat lang po kami, kaya sabi ko, kapag nakaipon na ako, bahay ang unang-una kong ipupundar para sa family ko,” pag-alala pa ni Andrea. Malaking rebelasyon din ang kawalan niya ng panlasa at pangamoy, meron siyang disorder, ang tawag doon ay anosmia. Inututan na siya ng kaniyang kapatid sa mismong tapat ng ilong niya pero wala siyang naamoy na mabaho. Hindi rin niya alam ang lasa ng masarap na pagkain, pati ang panis, wala siyang pagkukumpara na maaaring sabihin sa kawalan niya ng panlasa. Maayos na ang kaniyang buhay ngayon, nabibigyan na niya ng katuparan ang mga pangarap niya sa kaniyang pamilya, masayang-masaya na siya ngayon. *** Hindi namin nasusundan ang mga aktibidad ni Heart Evangelista. Ang alam lang namin ay isa siya sa mga deprimerang personalidad na nabiyayaan ng lahat ng mga gusto niya sa buhay dahil ipinanganak siyang mayaman. Pero maraming kababayan nating dekada nang naninirahan sa iba-ibang bansa ang nagkukuwento sa amin kung gaano kadaling pakiusapan ang aktres para sa pakikipag-selfie. Kuwento ng sorority sister naming si Vangie Caperal Aleemi na nagkaroon ng pagkakataong makita si Heart sa New York, “She’s so approachable, hindi siya nagdalawang-isip noong magrequest kami ng picture with her. She was smiling all the time at talagang pinagbibigyan niya ang mga Pinoy na nagpapa-picture sa kaniya. “Akala nga namin, e, suplada siya dahil sosyal na sosyal ang dating niya, di ba? But no, mabait siya, samantalang nagsi-shopping siya that time, ha? “Bago siya umalis, tinanong


pa niya ang iba naming kasamahan kung okey na kami, very approachable pala si Heart, mahal na namin siya!” kuwento sa amin ni Bangge. Napakagandang anekdota. Kakalat nang kakalat iyon, pagkukuwentuhan ng mga kababayan antin, na mas magpapaganda pa sa imahe ng magandang si Heart Evangelista. *** Nagbitiw na pala sa Lunch Out Loud si Alex Gonzaga, apat na dahilan ang ibinigay ng kaniyang kampo kung bakit. Ang kaniyang inang si Mommy Pinty ang naglatag ng mga dahilan ng pagalis niya sa programa. Una, ang LOL daw ay isang lunch time show nang tanggapin niya, pero ngayon ay preprogramming na lang ng It’s Showtime. Ikalawa, dati raw ay dalawang oras ang LOL pero ngayon ay isang oras at kuwarenta’y singko minutos na lang, binawasan na. Ikatlo, dahil ang ABS-CBN daw ang magpapatakbo ng It’s Showtime ay natural lang na mas paboran ang pangtanghaling programa, kumpara sa LOL na blocktime lang ng Brightlight Production sa TV5. At ikaapat, gustung-gusto na raw magkaanak ni Alex at ng kaniyang mister na konsehal, pinayuhan daw siya ng kaniyang doktor na magbawas ng trabaho at maghinay-hinay. Natural, sa kaniyang pagbabawas ng work load ay hindi pipiliing itigil ni Alex ang kaniyang vlog, milyon ang kinikita niya sa YouTube, samantalang sa LOL ay barya-barya lang ng kaniyang kinikita sa vlogging ang tinatanggap niyang talent fee, solong-solo pa niya ang panahon at wala siyang boss. Pero sabi nga ng produksiyon ay hindi naman si Alex lang ang pinanonood sa programa, tatayo ang LOL kahit wala siya, kaya tuloy ang ligaya. *** Sa pinakahuling sultada ng Showbiz, Now Na! ay kinumpirma naming nagdadalantao nga si AJ Raval. Walang ibang lalaking isinasangkot sa kaniyang pagdadalantao kundi si Aljur Abrenica. Hindi pa sila umaamin sa kanilang relasyon, papunta na raw doon sa inaasahan ng marami ang pagiging close nila, pero wala pa silang binibitiwang pahayag na sila na nga. Pero isang source na hindi nanununog at nangunguryente ang nagbulong sa amin ng katotohanan na nagdadalantao na nga ang baguhang sexy star. Ilang proyekto pala ni AJ Raval ang iginarahe muna dahil sa kaniyang pagbubuntis. Maraming nanghihinayang, pataas na raw sana ang takbo ng karera nito, pero nagkaroon pa ng pagpreno. Puwedeng isipin na kaya wala pa silang inaamin ni Aljur ay dahil hindi pa napapawalang-bisa ang kasal ng aktor kay Kylie Padilla. May kaselanan ang sitwasyon. Paano kung may magbulong at magtulak kay Kylie na kasuhan sina Aljur at AJ, magiging magulo ang senaryo, abangan na lang natin kung ano ang mangyayari.

Kung paninindigan ang paguusapan ay hindi nakapagdududa ang pagiging lalaki ni Aljur Abrenica, tatayuan niya ang kasalukuyang sitwasyon ni AJ Raval, may balls ang guwapong aktor. *** Naghamon ang ina ni AJ Raval. Sa kaniyang post ay sinabi ni Mrs. Alyssa Alvarez, “Mabuhay po tayo nang mapayapa na walang pakialam sa buhay ng iba. Lilinisin ko muna itong FB ko, mukhang bibisitahin na naman ako ng mga Marites! “Kelangan, maganda ako. Tapos, lilinisin ko na ang mga post ko. Wait nga. Open ko na rin ang Messenger ko para maaway n’yo ako, kasi, baka hindi na naman makatulog ang mga ito.” Sarkastiko ang mga mensahe ng ina ni AJ Raval. Hindi bastabasta ang mga pinakawalan niyang pahayag, hinahamon ni Aling Alyssa ang mga Marites, lalo na ang mga bashers. Natural, anak niya si AJ Raval na kung bakit naman kasi mula nang pumasok sa pag-aartista ay hindi na tinatantanan ng mga intriga, ayaw niya siyempreng bina-bash ang kaniyang anak. Pero dapat ay buhay sa kamalayan ni Aling Alyssa na nag-aartista na ang kaniyang anak, iba na ang buhay ni AJ noong wala pa ito sa showbiz, public figure na ang anak niya ngayon. Bilang pampublikong pigura ay natural lang na ma-bash si AJ Raval, nakasalang kasi ang sexy star sa mata ng buong bayan, kaya hindi tama ang ginagawang paghahamon ni Aling Alyssa. Paalisin nila sa showbiz si AJ at magkakaroon na ito ng tahimik na buhay, wala nang manghihimasok sa kaniyang mga pinaggagagawa, hindi tulad ngayon na kung anuanong kuwento ang lumalabas tungkol sa kaniya. Sa halip na maghamon ay pangaralan na lang sana ni Aling Alyssa ang kaniyang anak. Payuhan niya ito na magpakatotoo. Huwag masyadong nagbibilad ng kaniyang katawan kaya kadalasan ay nababastos ito. Naghamon si Aling Alyssa? Ngayon ay malaya na niyang tinatanggap, maging ni AJ, ang resulta ng kaniyang paghahamon. Mapapagod siya sa kasasagot ngayon. *** Malapit nang lumipad ang pinakabagong Darna na si Jane de Leon. Kumpirmado na ang kaniyang paglipad dahil magpapaalam na sa himpapawid ang seryeng Ang Probinsyano na pitong nang nakikipagbakbakan sa pamumuno ni Coco Martin. Pero may mga nagpapa-cancel sa Darna ni Jane de Leon, hindi raw dapat payagang mamayagpag sa paglipad ang Kakampink na bumibida sa palabas, cancel ang sigaw ng kaniyang mga kalaban. Nakakalungkot lang isipin na ginanap na ang SONA ni Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., pero hanggang ngayon pala ay marami pa ring hindi bumibitiw sa mga naganap noong nakaraang kampanya-eleksiyon. Kalimutan na sana ang mga naganap, uwian na, may nanalo na! Pabayaan na lang sana

nilang makalipad ang Darna ng Kakampink na si Jane, tutal naman ay hindi siya kumontra sa desisyon ng taumbayan, nirerespeto naman niya ang pangulo at tinanggap na ang pagkatalo ng kaniyang minanok sa panguluhan. Tigilan na sana ang canel culture, tutal naman ay iisang lahi lang tayo, hindi naman tayo mga banyaga na nagtatrabaho sa sarili nating bansa. “Ding, ang bato… Darna!” *** Nagdadabog ang ibang Sharonians. Bakit daw kailangan pang ipakita ang eksenang nagtatalik sina Sharon Cuneta at Rowell Santiago sa Ang Probinsyano? Sana raw ay ginawan na lang ng paraan na hindi masyadong kitang-kita ang dalawa na naghahalikan at magkasamang lumilipad sa alapaap ng kaligayahan. Nakakahiya raw iyon para sa asawa ni Sharon na si Senador Kiko Pangilinan. May pamilya na raw ang Megastar at siguradong ikahihiya iyon ng kaniyang mister at mga anak. May karamutan ang ganoong obserbasyon. Sa una pa lang ay alam na ng senador na artista ang kaniyang misis. Hindi maiiwasan ang mga eksenang mainit kapag kailangan iyon sa istorya. Kailangang gawin ni Sharon ang mga eksenang hinihingi sa papel na ginagampanan niya, pero hanggang sa harap lang naman iyon ng camera, walang personalan. Totoo, naging magkarelasyon sina Sharon at Rowell nang mahaba-haba ring panahon pero naghiwalay sila bilang magkaibigan, ilang dekada na ang nakararaan at pareho na silang nakahulagpos mula sa nasabing relasyon. Tapos na iyon, pareho na silang nakapag-move-on, kaya hindi na dapat pang haluan ng kakaibang ideya ang mainit na eksenang pinagsaluhan nila sa magtatapos nang serye. Ang mas magandang isipin ay propesyonal ang Megastar. Kaya niyang ihiwalay ang kaniyang

PAGE 11 personal na buhay sa mga tinatanggap niyang papel sa mga proyektong tinatanggap niya. Ganoon kapropesyonal si Sharon Cuneta. *** Parang nakalibro ang maanghang na salita ng patutsada ni Vice Ganda laban sa kung kani-kanino noong mga nakaraang panahon. Hindi iyon makalimutan ng mga kababayan natin. Sa mga naglalabasang vlogs, kapag hinihingan ng vlogger ng komento ang tumututok sa kanilang channel, ay nagsasalimbayan ang masasakit na salita patungkol kay Vice Ganda. Hindi sila nakalilimot, may petsa pa at kung saan naganap ang pagpapatutsada ng sikat na komedyante, kaya wala siyang kalusot-lusot. Sa pagpapalabas ng It’s Showtime sa TV5 ay muling sumagana ang mga upak kay Vice Ganda, mayroon pang naglalabas ng mga video kung paano niya pinaringgan ang nilipatan nilang network, kasama na ang panayam niya kay Alex Gonzaga sa GGV kung saan napakadiretso niyang sinabi na wala namang nanonood sa TV5 kaya okey lang kung paulit-ulit man ang isinusuot na damit ng komedyana-vlogger. Ibang magbiro ang tadhana. Parang pusa si Vice ngayon na kailangang kainin uli ang isinuka na niya, dahil sa TV5 na pinalalabas ang pinagrereynahan niyang noontime show. Tanong ng isang kaibigan namin, wala raw bang nagpapayo kay Vice Ganda na tantanan na ang paninira at panlalait para wala siyang binabawi, wala raw bang pinakikinggan ang komedyante? Ipinasa namin sa isa ring kaibigan ang tanong, wala nga ba, ito ang kaniyang sagot. “Kahit naman bawalin si Vice Ganda sa kabastusan ng dila niya, e, iyon na talaga siya! Hindi iyon dahil sa sumikat siya, kahit noong wala pa siyang name, bastos na talaga siya!” Sabi nga, ang kanaturalan ay napipino lang paminsan-minsan, See CRISTY p13



AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022

Digestive upset, stomach complaints, hemorrhoids? Check your feng shui Today, we understand that good gut health is essential to our overall health. In feng shui, this area is represented by the southwest and when the gut sector of your home is challenged or your home is constipated with clutter, the flow of your body and life can make you feel stopped up. One of the most wildly popular feng shui books is Karen Kingston’s Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. And one of the topics she covers in the book – that few others have dared to touch – is the subject of the elimination system and its tie to your personal feng shui. While it’s not a pretty subject to talk about, Karen deftly connects clutter in the house with the symbol of the internal clutter we all deal with daily: our colon. She writes that your home is connected to every part of your body, and your colon is too. The idea is that by looking at both your home’s clutter and removal of what’s unnecessary, used up, and needs to be purged, as well as the health of your colon, you’ll create greater health and well-being in all parts of your life. What’s interesting is that she contends by clearing up your colon, you can help rid yourself of emotional issues that may have been buried for years. Heal Your Body health guru, Louise Hay, says that stomach problems are based on dread and fear of new situations and circumstances. Even bad breath can be a symptom of stomach issues, and one that Hay says is a fixation on thoughts of revenge or personal experiences “backing up” on you and the inability to let go. Either way, both are about the past. And that’s true of clutter. It’s about holding on to what’s no

longer useful. Being able to clear out old, unused items in your home is as essential as being able to eliminate waste. Both processes clear our homes and body for new energy that revitalizes our lives. When we, or our homes, get backed up, life is more uncomfortable, our life flow is stopped up. We feel it both physically and symbolically. I’ve seen clients finally be able to move past emotional blockages in their lives, marriages, and careers after a thorough decluttering and cleaning. I’ve also seen resistant clients who love their thrift store and eBay buys and who can never seem to move forward in their lives, staying forever stuck in problems from their past as they live through other people’s castoffs. If you’ve had stomach or elimination system complaints, take a look at these feng shui tips for helping you clear clutter – both at home and in your colon – and see if your life and elimination system improve. Back door constipation. In the house, hemorrhoids and fissures can often show up as clutter and mess at the back door. Yes, the backdoor of your home symbolizes your body’s back door too! Clear out clutter and mess by the door, keep it swept and clear to help if you’ve got hemorrhoid problems. Constipation equals clutter. Clutter equals constipation. Whether it’s inside you or surrounding you, clutter and excess represent matter (or matters?) that you haven’t been gotten rid of or handled. Work on clearing out excess clutter, particularly at the back of the house (the less public side), and

at the back door. Work on emotional matters too. Lay problems to rest – or handle them once and for all. Many stomach complaints can be symbols of denial and refusal to address matters and problems and resolve them. Quite literally, stomach problems can symbolically show up as problems in relationships. That’s because relationships are represented by the stomach in feng shui. If you’ve let someone run over you or you fail to stand up for yourself, that emotion may turn inward, creating stomach problems that could indicate you can no longer stomach a situation. Hidden clutter symbolizes stomach issues. Because constipation represents what’s hidden, look for hidden clutter such as the kind found in drawers (like those infamous junk drawers), desks, and closets as a source of constipation. Constipation is a perfect metaphor for hoarding and the inability to let go of items and wanting more and releasing too little. It can also represent stinginess. Work on ways to streamline drawers or closets and add organizers to make these areas more orderly. Another common indicator of constipation? A messy desk. Little sticky notes, random papers, and ancient or non-working pens and pencils are a good sign that there’s a stoppage in your colon or stomach problems. Emotions in the stomach. When there are difficulties with the stomach, there are often problems with the area representing the abdominal area

in our home, the southwest. When the stomach is out of balance, so are the emotions because this is where we process many negative emotions (spleen, pancreas, liver, colon, kidney, stomach – fear, anger, worry, depression). Stomach problems can range from stomach rumbling, gas, diarrhea, or constipation. When emotions are out of balance, we often feel it in our gut. Work on the southwest corner of your home, living room, the bedroom, your home office, the kitchen, and the dining room. Keeping these corners clear and clean will help your stomach and your emotional health and help relieve you of negative emotions. And while you’re at it, consider working on your mental and emotional clutter and the ways your emotions may keep you trapped in life and cut off your flow. Kick digestive problems. Foot problems give lots of clues about problems in the body. Problems with the big toes, such as callouses, and toenail issues can point to problems with the neck. Soreness on the inside ankles or arches can indicate

kidney or bladder issues. And the heel? The bottom of the foot shows the health of your bottom. When the heels are cracked it can indicate anal fissures or hemorrhoids. Get a pedicure and keep your feet in good condition for better overall health. Get regular pedicures to keep feet and stomach health in good condition. If you have severe foot problems such as fungus, be sure to see a podiatrist or your physician as severe foot problems can create a myriad of digestive and bodily complaints. Regular reflexology treatments are also a good idea for keeping the whole body in tip-top shape. Kathryn Weber has over 20+ years of feng shui study, practice and professional consultation. Her witty, no-nonsense style appeals to audiences, making her a popular speaker and radio show guest. She is often called on by media to explain feng shui in down-to-earth terms, and has been featured in Seventeen, First for Women, Faces, Conceive, Martial Arts Professional, and Natural Health magazines, and on websites around the world.


AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022



Manitoba Home Builders Association honours George Kwan The Manitoba Home Builders Association recognized George Kwan of Fortune Homes for 15 years of continuous membership in the organization during its 85th anniversary event at The Gates on Roblin Boulevard. Kwan is the first Filipino with the Certified Master Builder designation to receive this honour. George Kwan grew up in a business-oriented family in the Philippines. He immigrated in 1974 to join his siblings here in Canada. His business partner for life, Luvinia, a medical doctor by profession, followed him in 1978 and together they established Fortune Homes in 1989. Fortune Homes first joined the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association in 1991 but had a brief three-year hiatus starting in 2000 when the building industry fell on hard times. When the company resumed operations in 2003, they re-joined the MHBA and George obtained certification as a Master Builder. George’s youngest son, Mark, recently joined the family business. After completing the Production Arts and CAD Technician courses at the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology. Mark is now in charge of designing in-home house plans. For kababayans who are thinking of building or renovating, George can answer your questions. Contact Fortune Homes at 204-275-2682 or email homesbygeorge@fortunehomes.ca

CRISTY... From page 11 pero hindi na talaga matatanggal. *** Napakabalat-sibuyas naman ni Vice Ganda! Napakasimple lang naman ng sinabi ni Bayani Agbayani na hindi sila nag-oovertime sa Lunch Out Loud pero umaray na agad ang bida-bidahan sa It’s Showtime. Sumagot na agad si Vice sa paraang sarkastiko, totoo raw na hindi maganda ang pag-oovertime, lalo na sa tulad niya na masyadong makuda sa programa. Kung sana’y may ginawang pagpaparinig si Bayani, kung sana’y pinersonal siya ng komedyante, pero napakakaswal lang naman ng sinabi nito. Ano ba naman iyon? Lahat na lang ba ng sabihin ng ibang tao, kahit ng mga kasamahan niyang artista, ay papatulan na ni Vice Ganda? Sa kaniyang estado ngayon na naabot na niya ang pinapangarap niyang popularidad, dapat ay sinusuklian na niya iyon ng pagpapakumbaba, hindi na siya bumibili ng away. Si Bayani Agbayani pa? Peacemaker nga ito, marunong makisama at wala kang anumang maririnig na pamimintas sa kaniyang kapwa, si Bayani pa ang kaniyang pinagtripan? Ipinaglihi talaga sa patola si Vice Ganda! *** Opinyon ng nakausap namin tungkol sa pagba-back to-back ng Lunch Out Loud at It’s Showtime, “Kahit tatlong shows pa ang pagsunod-sunurin nila, hindi pa rin nila kakayaning talunin ang Eat… Bulaga!” Mula Aparri hanggang Jolo na raw kasi ang mga tagasuporta ng EB, napakalawak na, hindinghindi na kayang kabugin ng kahit anong programa pang ipangtatapat sa kanila.

Habang nagkakagulo raw ang dalawang noontime shows ay napaka-relax lang ng mga hosts ng Eat… Bulaga. Parang wala lang, parang normal na normal lang ang kanilang galawan. Parang wala naman silang pinaghahandaan. Sa nagaganap na labanan ngayon ng mga noontime shows ay isa lang ang nabibiyayaan, ang ating mga kababayan, nasa kanila ang desisyon kung alin ang kanilang tututukan na hindi magsasayang ng pambayad nila sa kuryente. “Ibang umatake sina Vic Sotto at Joey de Leon, chillax lang sila, parang wala lang, pero rock na rock!” dagdag pa ng aming source. Maraming bashers ang naging aktibo sa paninita kay Vice Ganda na dati’y napakadulas ng dila sa paninira at pangmamaliit sa TV5 pero ngayon ay nakikisukob na lang siya sa payong ng istasyon. Sabi ng isang basher, “Para kang pusa ngayon! Kakainin mo uli ang isinuka mo na! Napakayabang mo kasi!” *** Napakaliit nga ng mundo. Sa isang hindi sinasadyang pagkakataon ay may natalisod na impormasyon ang kasamahang manunulat na si Morly Alinio na co-host din namin sa Showbiz, Now Na! sa YouTube. May nagpadala sa kaniya ng resibo ng gamot na inireseta kay Joshua Aquino nang magkaroon ito ng COVID. Dahil malakas ang ibinigay na gamot ay kailangang ilagay ang address ng gagamit, ganoon ang patakaran sa Amerika, mahigpit bago makabili ng gamot. At hindi pa doon nagkasya ang source ni Morly, hinanap nito sa Google ang eksaktong address ng bahay, isang malaking bahay iyon na puro halaman ang nakapalibot. Di ba naman? Napakatagal nang hinahanap ng mga kababayan natin sa Houston, Texas kung saang ospital nakaconfine si Kris Aquino pero wala

Mark Kwan accepts the MHBA award on behalf of Fortune Homes Ltd.

silang makuhang impormasyon. Isang resibo at reseta lang pala ang magiging dahilan para malaman kung nasaan ngayon ang mag-iina. Ayon sa isang impormanteng nakausap namin ay kumuha raw si Kris ng bahay na matitirhan nina Josh at Bimby. Hindi nga naman tama na habang ilang araw na nasa ospital siya ay nandoon din ang magkapatid. Pero nilinaw ng aming source na hindi pa dire-diretsong nagpapaospital si Kris, papuntapunta lang siya para sa kaniyang mga tests, tinututukan ng mga doktor ang mga laboratory tests niya dahil sa dugo nag-uugat ang kaniyang sakit. *** Sobra kaming apektado sa kasalukuyang pakikipaglaban ni Lydia de Vega-Mercado sa stage four breast cancer. Noong nasa high school kami ay nagkaroon kami ng personal na engkuwentro kay Diay. Atleta kami ng track and field ng Nueva Ecija, siya naman ang pambatong sprinter ng Bulacan, naglalaban kami sa CLAA (Central Luzon Athletic Association). Milya-milya kaming pinagiiwanan ni Lydia, napakabilis niyang tumakbo, para lang siyang isang malakas na hangin na dumaan sa harapan mo dahil sa kaniyang bilis. Hanggang sa naging star player na siya ng Palarong Pambansa. Mula doon ay hinugot siyang pambato ng Pilipinas sa Asian Games. Hanggang sa hinawakan na ni Lydia ang titulong Asia’s Fastest Woman nang maraming taon. Kinatatakutan si Lydia ng mga atleta ng iba’t ibang bansa, nagtala siya ng record sa 11:20 seconds sa 100 meter dash, ganoon katinding tumakbo ang ating mahal na kababayan. Ginawa pa ni Diay ang pelikulang Medalyang Ginto, punumpuno ng pag-asa ang

proyekto, doon ipinakita ng isang Lydia de Vega na ang kahirapan ay hindi hadlang sa tagumpay. Napakaganda niyang pagmasdan habang nakatirintas ang mahaba niyang buhok at nakasuot nang maigsing shorts at jersey kung saan nakatatak ang bandila ng Pilipinas. Ibang-iba na ang itsura ngayon ni Diay. Bukod sa nagkaedad na siya ay sumusuko na ang kaniyang katawan sa matinding pagsasakripisyo sa cancer. Nangangailangan siya ng panalangin ngayon at malaking tulong na pinansiyal para sa kaniyang gamutan. Hindi niya na kayang tustusan ang malaking halagang kailangan para kahit paano’y madugtungan pa ang kaniyang buhay. Noong isang araw ay narinig namin na kumilos na agad ang pamunuan ni Pangulong Bongbong Marcos para alamin kung ano ang maitutulong ng ating pamahalaan kay Diay. Maraming salamat. Ngayon dapat kumilos ang mga tagagobyerno para ibalik ang pasasalamat sa isang tulad ni Lydia de Vega na nagbigay ng karangalan para sa ating bayan. Gutom na gutom noon ang Pilipinas sa mga medalya, lalo na sa gintong karangalan, at nagsikap, nagpunyagi at pinagtrabahuhan ni Diay ang mga medalyang ginto na iginawad niya sa ating bayan. Mga doktor na ang nagsasabi, kapag ang cancer ay kumalat na at umabot na sa sukdulan nang stage four ay bilang na ang kaniyang mga araw sa mundo, kailangan na niyang paghandaan ang pamamaalam. Mas gusto naming sabihin na may mga nagaganap na milagro sa ating buhay sa iba’t ibang hugis at paraan. Tanging Diyos lamang ang nakakaalam kung hanggang kailan tayo mabubuhay at kung kailangan na nating isuko ang pakikipaglaban.

Ipagdasal po natin ang paghaba pa ng buhay ni Diay. Samahan po natin siya sa pinakahuling takbo ng kaniyang pakikipaglaban, gabayan po natin si Lydia de Vega hanggang sa makaabot siya sa finish line na punumpuno pa rin ng pag-asa, dahil maraming nagmamahal sa kaniya. *** Pandemya na ay napakarami pa nating ikinalulungkot na pangyayari ngayon. Ang pagkakaroon ng stage four cancer ni Lydia de Vega. Ang hindi matunton na matinding pagkakasakit ni Kris Aquino. Ang kasalukuyang dinaramdam na sakit ni Pen Medina. Ang dami-dami pang iba. Sa mga ganitong pagkakataon ay damay ang ating emosyon, nakapagpababa iyon ng tiwala sa ating sarili, dahil bahagi sila ng ating buhay. Nasa ospital din ngayon si Manay Lolit Solis at nagsimula na siyang sumailalim sa dialysis. Nagkakaedad na siya at natural lang ang pagkakaroon ng mga sakit pero hindi ospital ang kaniyang mundo. Sama-sama natin silang ipanalangin na sana’y bigyan pa ng akstensiyon ang kanilang pakikipaglaban. Mas maraming dasal, sabi nga natin, ay mas mabilis na nagkakaroon ng positibong resulta. –CFM




AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Safety tips for summer activities DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I love to be outdoors. I enjoy running, hiking and swimming. Often in the summer, I take my family camping, and we go kayaking, canoeing and do other activities. With the temperatures anticipated to be above average this summer, what advice do you have for making sure we avoid issues while being active outside? ANSWER: It is great that you are dedicated to staying healthy through exercise and being outdoors certainly is a bonus. Being active at all ages is recommended for all patients to improve overall health. While some people lose the motivation to exercise when it is hot outside, others enjoy activities that only warm weather can bring. Hot weather, however, can put extra stress on your body. If you are not careful, you can risk serious illness because of the air temperature, humidity and often lack of hydration. It is important to take extra precautions regardless

of the outdoor activities you choose. You should: • Watch the temperature. Pay attention to weather forecasts and heat alerts. Know what the temperature is expected to be for the duration of your planned outdoor activity. In running events, there are flag warnings that correspond to the degree of heat and humidity. For example, a yellow flag requires careful monitoring, and races are canceled in black flag conditions. • Get acclimated to the weather. If you are used to exercising indoors or in cooler weather, take it easy at first when you exercise in the heat. It can take at least one to two weeks to adapt to the heat. As your body adapts to the heat over time, gradually increase the length and intensity of your workouts. • Know your fitness level. If you are not as fit as you would like or are new to exercise,


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Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 1. Tinangka 8. Unlapi 10. Tuwirin 12. Inihaw 14. Keso, halimbawa 15. Ibalik 17. Uri ng suka 19. Nara 21. Alagang nangingitlog 23. Tanaw 26. Hinaharap 27. Asar 28. Tagapag-alaga 29. Tunog ng sampal 31. Nakatunggali PABABA 2. Angkan 3. Lumisan 4. Tiyo 5. Libakin 6. Tabako 7. Mahiyain 9. Klase ng panimpla

11. Masigla 13. Lusob 16. Uri ng tela 18. Lapa 20. Pampatamis 21. Rolyo 22. Binago 24. Ipinid 25. Peste sa bahay 29. Dagdag 30. Panghalip


be extra cautious when working out in the heat. Your body may have a lower tolerance to the heat. Reduce your exercise intensity and take frequent breaks. • Drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration is a key factor in heat illness. Help your body sweat and cool down by staying well-hydrated with water. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink fluids. If you plan to exercise intensely, consider a sports drink and water. Sports drinks can replace the sodium, chloride and potassium you lose through sweating. Avoid drinks with excessive sugar and alcoholic drinks because they can promote fluid loss. • Dress appropriately. Lightweight, loose-fitting clothing helps sweat evaporate and keeps you cooler. Avoid dark colors that can absorb heat. If possible, wear a light-colored, wide-brimmed hat. • Avoid midday sun. In warmer weather months, it is best to exercise in the morning or evening, when it’s likely to be a bit cooler. If possible, exercise in shady areas or do a water workout in a pool. • Wear sunscreen. A sunburn decreases your body’s ability to cool itself and increases the risk of skin cancer. Use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 50 and reapply often if you are in water, sweating or doing vigorous activity for more than two hours. • Have a backup plan. If you’re concerned about the heat or humidity, stay indoors. Work out at the gym, walk laps inside the mall or climb

stairs inside an air-conditioned building. • Understand your medical risks. Certain medical conditions or medications can increase your risk of a heat-related illness. If you plan to exercise in the heat, talk to your health care professional about precautions. • Pay attention to your body and its temperature. You want to be mindful of your body to reduce the risk of serious heat-related conditions, including heatstroke — when your body temperature is greater than 104 F. Signs and symptoms of heat-related illness vary but may include muscle cramps, nausea or vomiting, fainting, dizziness or headache, excessive sweating, low blood pressure, and vision problems.

Heat-related illnesses are largely preventable. If you begin to experience any issues, stop exercising immediately and get out of the heat. It is imperative to lower your body temperature and hydrate right away. You may place cool, wet towels or ice packs on your neck, forehead and under your arms; spray yourself with water from a hose or shower; or sit in a tub filled with cold water. Drink fluids, such as water or a sports drink. If you do not feel better within about 20 minutes, seek emergency medical care. Lastly, if you have any other health issues, it is advisable to talk with your primary health provider before returning to vigorous activity. — Compiled by Mayo Clinic staff. Courtesy: Mayo Clinic News Network

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AUGUST 1 - 15, 2022