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Olympic Gold

Hidilyn Diaz wins in Tokyo

12 10 Dominic Roque & Bea Alonzo

Hidilyn Diaz made history on July 26, winning the firstever Olympic gold medal for the Philippines since entering the games in 1924. The 4-foot-11-inch Zamboanga City native also set an Olympic record in the women’s 55kg weightlifting class by hefting a total of 224 kilograms in the Tokyo games. In a dramatic finish, Diaz defeated the world record holder, Liao Qiuyun of China, who had lifted a total of 223 kg – 97 kg in the snatch and 126 kg in the clean and jerk. Diaz also recorded 97 kg in the snatch after failing in her 99 kg attempt. To win gold she had to lift at least one more kilogram than Liao in the clean and jerk. For her final attempt Diaz declared 127 kilograms – a weight she had never lifted before. Diaz staggered for a moment after lifting the barbell to her shoulders, then thrust the weight above her head and held it there for the required length of time. The gold medal win, along with her silver in Rio de Janeiro in See HIDILYN p19

Hidilyn Diaz holds aloft a record 127 kg to win first-ever Olympic gold medal for the Philippines. (Screen grab from One Sports+)

IRCC to accept up to 30,000 additional applications Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will accept up to 30,000 additional applications, giving more Canadians and permanent residents the opportunity to bring their loved ones to Canada. “The importance of family has never been clearer than during the pandemic... by strengthening the Parents and Grandparents Program, inviting a record number of sponsors to apply, and by adjusting our requirements to adapt to the current times, we are once again proving our See IRRC p4



AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021





AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021

Tips for daily rest and relaxation With August here and another eight weeks of summer to go, we have weeks of warm weather to look forward to! Time outdoors and more visits with loved ones are exactly what we need to unwind after a tough spring of pandemic restrictions. With ongoing challenges and tragedies happening around the world, it is normal to feel low and anxious sometimes. We want to be able to: 1. Honour these emotions; 2. Manage them well, and then; 3. Work towards making positive change. It can be difficult to navigate step 2. – how to manage difficult feelings. So, to be proactive, relaxation should be a priority for all of us all year round! Even 15 minutes a day to put responsibilities aside and have a mental “time out” can go a long way towards long-term health and wellness. Why not start that daily practice now? Here are a few ways to incorporate relaxation into your daily life, no matter what the weather! A regular sleep routine An astounding amount of research emphasizes the importance of adequate sleep for children and adults. A sound sleep increases our ability to concentrate, improves memory, reduces the risk of heart disease and other serious illnesses. Adequate sleep also lowers the incidence of depression and helps the body to repair itself. So, during these next couple of months, make it a goal to have healthy sleep habits. Wake up and go to

IRRC... From page 1 commitment to helping Canadian families stay together, and thrive together,” said IRCC Minister Marco E. L. Mendicino. Canada’s Parents and Grandparents (PGP) Program is unique in the world. It gives families the chance to reunite, providing them the opportunity

bed at the same time every day, limit technology in the evening, and engage in soothing activities such as baths and quiet reading. A wise friend told me that her secret to a good night’s sleep is to “treat yourself like a baby!” The 4-7-8 breathing method This strategy is a relaxation tool that is easy to remember and can be done at any time. Dr. Andrew Weil developed this strategy with the aim to decrease stress and anxiety. It can also help you to fall asleep at bedtime if your worries and thoughts are keeping you awake. This is because it forces you to focus on your breathing instead. The basic steps are to: 1. Exhale fully by parting your lips to make a whooshing sound until your lungs are empty 2. Close your mouth and inhale slowly for four counts 3. Hold for seven counts 4. Exhale for eight counts, making another whooshing sound 5. Repeat for at least four cycles Mindfulness meditation Research supports that the daily practice of mindfulness meditation reduces stress, depression, and anxiety levels. It focuses on being in the present moment, and not replaying the past or worrying about the future. Meditation allows us to explore how our mind works without any kind of self-criticism or judgment. The result is that we have more compassion for ourselves and for others. Below is a simple beginner’s script to mindful meditation: to thrive in this country. Family reunification plays a significant role in attracting, retaining and integrating immigrants who contribute to Canada’s progress. Using the same random selection process as used in previous years, IRCC will send invitations to potential sponsors who have already submitted an interest to sponsor in 2020. This will give additional interested

YOUR lasting legacy

will give Canadians more time to laugh, to love and to live. Please remember us with a gift in your Will and help plant seeds for tomorrow, today. 204.949.2032 Toll free at 1.888.473.4636

• Start by getting into a comfortable position that will not allow you to fall asleep. Try sitting in a comfortable chair or sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. • Close your eyes or allow your gaze to centre on one spot, unfocused. • Gently lean your head to one side and then the other. Roll your shoulders slowly in one direction, and then the other. Allow your whole body to relax. • Bring your attention to your breathing. Without trying to change your breathing, notice how it feels to inhale and exhale. Notice the flow of the air as it enters your body, and then leaves it. • If you find that your attention wanders to something else, or if random thoughts come up, notice them, but do not dwell on them. Let the thoughts pass. • Bring your focus back to breath and notice how you inhale and exhale repeatedly. • Feel the air enter through your nose, into your body, filling your lungs. • Notice the pause right before the air exits your lungs and out through the nostrils. • Pay attention to the sounds that your breath makes. • Picture the air as it enters your body, nourishes it, and then leaves again. Feel your chest and stomach expand and contract as breath occupies and leaves your body. • Now as you inhale, meditate on the word “calm” • As you exhale, the breath will leave on the word “calm” • On the next breath… inhale…. Calm…. • And exhale…. Calm… • Continue to pair each

inhalation and exhalation with “calm.” • Be aware of how your body feels. • Embrace what this sensation feels like to you. • See how your breath is calm and flowing, and how relaxed your body feels. • Now it is time to gently return to the room and reawaken mind and body. • As you keep your eyes closed, pay attention to how your feet feel, your hands, and how your head feels. Feel the chair or the floor underneath you and how it feels to be supported. • Take note of any sounds around you. • Start to wiggle your toes and fingers. • Stretch out your legs and arms gently and slowly. • Shrug your shoulders slightly and tilt your head from side to side gently. • Feel your consciousness come back to the room that you are in and open your eyes slowly. • Stay in position for a few moments longer and notice the serenity that is in your body right now. • Slowly start to move your body and bring your mind back to full awareness of the room that you are in. Come to a standing position, do some light stretches, and return to your daily tasks, feeling a new sense of energy within you. Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone and take good care of yourselves! Cheryl Dizon-Reynante is a licensed therapist with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

sponsors the opportunity to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada. Invitations to apply will be sent over the course of two weeks, starting the week of September 20, 2021. Those who are invited to apply will have 60 days to submit the application. For the 2020 tax year, the income requirement will continue to be the minimum necessary income, instead of the minimum necessary income plus 30%, and will allow regular Employment Insurance benefits and temporary COVID-19 benefits, such as the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, to be included towards the sponsor’s income. This measure will ensure that applicants are not penalized for losing income during the pandemic. With this new development, IRCC aims to receive up to 40,000 complete applications in 2021 - 10,000 from the 2020 intake process and 30,000 from 2021. It will also invite more people to apply than the number

of applications expected because not all sponsors who are invited to apply continue to apply. Those not invited to apply may consider applying for a super visa, which would allow a parent or grandparent to visit them in Canada for up to two years at a time, without the need to renew their status. A super visa allows multiple entries for up to 10 years. In order to confirm whether they’ve been selected, potential sponsors should check the email account they used to submit their 2020 interest to sponsor form. They will also be able to check their status online using their 2020 confirmation number. Further details will be posted on the IRCC website in the coming weeks for those who no longer have access to their email account. Selected potential sponsors will have their income assessed for tax years 2020, 2019 and 2018. This is the same as those who applied as part of the 2020 intake.

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AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021



Invitations to Apply to PGP will be issued in September 2021 For those who have been waiting for the reopening of the Parent Grandparent (PGP) Sponsorship program 2021 there is good news for some and not so good news for others. No, the PGP is not reopening for 2021 to new online expressions of interest. Yes, invitations to apply are being made from the existing 2020 inventory. The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Marco Mendicino, announced that further invitations to apply would be coming by September 20, 2021. The selection will be made from the existing inventory of expressions of interest that were submitted last year, between October 13, 2020, and November 3, 2020. The PGP is in process of attending to existing inventory. Those who submitted online interest in 2020 and were not selected to apply have a second chance for selections. IRCC has expanded its processing far beyond the 10,000 potential sponsors randomly selected in January 2021. The minister spoke about the selection of a further 30,000 applicants to be selected by September 2021 from the existing expression of

interest pool. If you submitted your expression of interest within the time specified above, you have a chance of being invited. Those who submitted the online expression of interest need to access the confirmation numbers they received last year. The numbers are still valid and active. You should have received an email from IRCC advising you. You can check this number, especially after the September 2021 closing of invitations to apply, to ensure that you know if you were lucky this time. It is not just enough just to check your confirmation number, but also to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements to sponsor parents or grandparents under the PGP. You need to meet IRCC’s Minimum Necessary Income Level for 2020, 2019 and 2018 (see the chart on this page), and continue to meet other eligibility requirements. You should also ensure that your information is up to date and ensure that you are able to meet your sponsorship responsibilities for 20 years. At a press conference in Surrey British Columbia, Mendicino announced the reopening of the

Parent Grandparent Sponsorship (PGP) for 2021. This is the announcement many have been waiting for and it is time to compose yourself and take stock of the details of the reopening. Sponsors residing outside Quebec will have to provide copies of their CRA Notice of Assessment(s) for the past three taxation years – 2020, 2019 and 2018. There is no flexibility. If you fail to meet the number based on family size (including the applicant(s) and your family), you do not qualify. The first thing to do is to ensure

that the contact information on your 2020 Expression of Interest is current. Second, ensure that you have access to your registration number and check the current and changing status, up to and beyond the September 2021 selection date. The announcement about 30,000 more invitations is good news for many potential sponsors who have met with failure repeatedly in the past. It is not over and IRCC is trying to inject some fairness into the selection process and work towards the reunification of families in Canada. It is a novel

approach to address the high demand for the PGP programme. Hopefully this approach proves to be successful. Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Immigration Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with Immigration Connexion International Ltd. Contact him at 204-691-1166 or 204-227-0292. E-mail:

Minimum Necessary Income level for PGP sponsorship

* Due to the pandemic IRCC will not assess 2020 as usual MNI with 30% addition.

How a Canadian divorce is recognized in the Philippines There is still no general divorce law in the Philippines, but a Canadian divorce can be legally recognized there if either spouse was not a Filipino at the time of the divorce. Citizenship at the time of the divorce is what matters. Even if the couple were both Filipinos when they married, the divorce can be recognized in the Philippines if at least one of them was not a Filipino citizen when it was granted. The divorce can be recognized regardless of who filed for it. So long as one of them was not a Filipino when it occurred, it does not matter if the divorce was

initiated by either the Canadian or the Filipino spouse. How can it be recognized? A case to recognize the Canadian divorce is filed with a court in the Philippines. What will the court require? The case is not going to relitigate the divorce that already became final in Canada. Rather, this is simply a case to prove to the Philippine court that a valid divorce took place in Canada. This is done by presenting sworn and authenticated documents to the Philippine court. Aside from the divorce documents themselves, the applicant should sign documents prepared for the

recognition case. These include the Petition for the recognition of the divorce and an Affidavit to be submitted to the Philippine court. The authenticated Canadian Divorce Act also will also have to be presented. Since they will be used in a Philippine court, the documents from Canada must first be authenticated by the Philippine Consulate. These documents can then be shipped to the Philippines. With these, your lawyer can file the case in court even while you are in Canada. It is preferable that the applicant testify to these documents at the trial. Since the

onset of the pandemic, Philippine courts have adopted video conference court hearings that allow testimony to be received remotely. (At the time of this writing, the rules for remote video testimony from abroad are being worked out between the courts and the Department of Foreign Affairs.) The court process usually takes about a year or a year and half until a court decision is issued, although the pandemic also affects this timeline. How is recognition granted? Once the Canadian divorce is proven, the court will issue a decision recognizing it under

Philippine law. The court will order the local and national civil registrar to annotate the Philippine marriage record to reflect the Canadian divorce. Recognition of the divorce will allow the Filipino to remarry under Philippine law. It also clarifies property and inheritance rights between ex-spouses and allows a Filipina to revert to her maiden name on her Philippine passport. Atty. Francesco Britanico is a lawyer in the Philippines. His law firm’s website is www. and he can also be reached at francesco. britanico@lawyerphilippines. org.



AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021

Is a fourth wave likely or preventable? Three waves of the COVID-19 pandemic have come and flattened, but Homo sapiens and SARSCoV-2 have remained at war for more than a year and a half now. The community battlefields are scattered at the local, national, and international levels. Most national economies have been stretched. Many, many households have been stressed physically, emotionally, and financially. Children have suffered enormously in their education and emotional growth. Cumulative counts of ill health and deaths in Canada stand at over 1.43 million cases and 26,000 deaths. Globally, this week’s number compared to the previous week showed an 8 per cent increase in new cases and a 21 per cent increase in deaths. The cumulative number of cases and deaths is almost 196 million and over four million, respectively. “If these trends continue, it is expected that the cumulative number of cases reported globally could exceed 200 million in the next two weeks,” says the World Health Organization (WHO Weekly Epidemiologic Report. July 27, 2021). The world was not prepared The world, it seemed, was not prepared when the virus arrived in December 2019. Worse, some political leaders actively worked against scientists and scientific data. Some citizens got entangled in myths and misinformation about the disease and its scope of calamity. Hopelessness deepened. Then, science triumphed. Safe and efficacious vaccines were developed with speed and due diligence. The ensuing mass vaccination campaigns that started a little over half a year ago, in December 2020, have significantly reduced the acquisition of new cases, the need for hospitalization and intensive care units, and the magnitude of deaths. Vaccinations helped to control the gravity of the pandemic in Canada and around the developed world. Mixed developments in the metrics of progress However, the last half month, has shown mixed developments in the metrics of progress globally and in certain areas with our southern neighbour where “nearly two-thirds of US counties have high or substantial transmission of COVID-19. ” This is due in large part to the Delta variants – so much so that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has urged vaccinated people in those areas of the country to resume wearing masks indoors in public areas. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said, “This weighs heavily on me… It is not a welcome piece of news that masking is going to be a part of

people’s lives who have already been vaccinated.” (CNN News, July 27, 2021). Meanwhile, provinces like Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and New Brunswick have essentially lifted all public-health measures, travel restrictions, and mask mandates before the virus is completely under control. The country and its provinces and territories have yet to articulate clear guidance regarding vaccine certificates and mandatory vaccination for special designated settings, such as: health care and educational institutions. Characteristics of Delta variants Eleven versions of the original SARSCoV-2 virus have since emerged, four of which are of concern, with the Delta variant being most threatening. Why? Because it is a super spreader. That is to say, an infected person infects more than one person (R-value is 1.48). This has been the most recent observation in Alberta where the disease is once more on the rise (CBC News, July 26, 2021). Dr. Angela Rasmussen of the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization at the University of Saskatchewan observed, “If people are shedding 1,000 times more virus, the probability that a close contact will be exposed to an infectious dose is much higher. If people become contagious more quickly after exposure, they can have more opportunity to infect others.” These define the characteristics of this variant – greater viral shedding from an infected person, a faster replication rate, and a reduced incubation period in the infected. These translate to Delta’s increased infectiousness and transmissibility. In fact, it has spread to more than 90 countries and has become the most dominant variant, especially where vaccination rates are low. In the US, less than half of the residents in a geographic area had been vaccinated where case rates of patients were the highest. Moreover, 99.5 per cent of people who died from the disease were unvaccinated. Thus, deaths are preventable with a vaccine. But only a complete series of the dose-regimen can protect against this variant. Full vaccination is effective at preventing serious illness from the Delta. Vaccination status in Canada As of July 27, 56.25 per cent of the total Canadian population have been fully vaccinated, that is 21,377,946 residents. Conversely, 16,627,292 have yet to be fully vaccinated. If we look at the proportion of fully vaccinated among the eligible population only – those 12 years old and over for whom

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits Pfizer Manufacturing facility in Brussels, (Photo by Adam Scotti – PMO June 15, 2021)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits a vaccine clinic at Lansdowne Park, Ottawa on July 2, 2021. (Photo by Adam Scotti – PMO) vaccines are approved for use – the figure rises to 63.99 per cent. This means 24,319,552 Canadians are protected, but 13,685,686 remain unprotected. Add back to the latter figure, the number of children for whom no vaccine is yet available (approximately six million), and the non-vaccinated group increases in numbers close to 20 million. This swath of the population is a fertile ground for infection and transmission. When we look at age subgroups within the overall vaccinated group, we observe disparities in vaccination rates. Complicating the current situation is the extremely low vaccine coverage – less than two per cent – among the populations of the poor and middle-income countries of the world. These must be considered when we ascertain Canada’s vulnerability due to jet travel. In my home province of Manitoba, vaccine uptake across is uneven with first-dose rates up to 66 per cent in some districts

and as low as 20.7 per cent in others. In short, the vaccine coverage in Canada and around the world to date makes our country still very much vulnerable to the Delta variant. Dr. Joss Reimer, medical lead of Manitoba’s vaccine task force, observed, “We haven’t yet hit the point of that textbook herd immunity, where we have so much protection that the virus can’t circulate. The province must reach a minimum of vaccinating 80 per cent of eligible people to achieve herd immunity, although that number might be higher, as the effectiveness of the vaccines against more contagious variants of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 remains to be determined. When the fourth wave of the pandemic arrives – likely to happen in the fall – it will hit hardest in areas with low vaccine uptake.” (CBC Manitoba Information Radio, July 27, 2021). Makings of a fourth wave

Indeed, the makings for a fourth pandemic wave this fall and winter has been raised and may become inevitable in Canada and around the world. The following scenarios could spark another resurgence: 1. the Delta variants continue their virulent spread; 2. the vaccination rates plateau much below 90 per cent of the total population in segments of the country; 3. re-opening of national borders to international travel; and 4. low and middle-income countries continue to struggle to receive their vaccine supply. Compounding scenarios could include: 1. reopening of schools and colleges without requiring full vaccination for all; 2. unavailability of approved vaccines for children under 12 years old; 3. public health measures failing to reckon with the See FOURTH WAVE p7

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021



Going green As many of you already know, I’ve developed a green thumb over the course of six years living in B.C. The house we purchased had a plethora of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Elizabeth and I got rid of quite of bit, but we added so much more to give it the ol’ Burgos touch. Now that summer is upon us, we’re now getting to enjoy the fruits of our labour – literally and figuratively. Early spring our roses, petunias, poppies, orchids, and tulips bloom. Early summer the rhododendrons, hydrangeas and lilacs pop up. Hard to imagine? Ever been to Butchart Gardens in Victoria? Think that, but much smaller. As beautiful as the spring months are, my favourite time is July and August when we start to pick our blueberries, strawberries, wild blackberries, plums, peaches, and figs. When I retire, I think I’ll open my garden for tours and U-Pick! That should help alleviate some of the gardening and watering costs. The “green” theme has extended into my work and personal life as well. My employer has put an emphasis on environmental stewardship and sustainability. Printer paper, for example: we’ve used up to 50 million sheets in one year. How many trees is that? In my department, we are now focused on creating everything digital. No more will our brochures, annual reports or board meeting agendas be printed. That is just one example of how we plan to lessen our use of paper products. Recently, our school district was

FOURTH WAVE... From page 6 intermingling of non-vaccinated and vaccinated populations in designated settings prone to crowding and large gatherings; and 4. clear protocols for safety in healthcare and related settings. What would prevent a possible fourth wave? The following considerations have been advocated: 1. Raise the vaccination rate with speed. We cannot risk having a third or fourth of nonvaccinated college and university students join their peers in every classroom and lecture hall. 2. Make vaccination mandatory in certain designated settings. It has been accepted practice in Canada to have mandatory vaccination against a list of infectious diseases for school-age children. Healthcare, long-term care homes for seniors, and childcare centres can reasonably demand staff and visitors to provide proof of vaccination to protect them and

chosen to pilot an electric school bus program. We’ve got two in our fleet with more on the way. I have to say, it is a weird feeling to not hear the typical school bus sounds as one approaches. Closer to home, my focus has been to use less gasoline and carbon emissions. In July, I shared on social media that the cost of premium gas in Nanaimo hit $1.88 per litre. For my American friends, that is $7.12 per gallon! Back in May of 2012, I wrote a two-part series for Pilipino Express on what was required in Manitoba to get your motorcycle license. Out of that experience, I’ve grown very fond of the twowheeled machines. It is freeing to be on the road on two wheels with the wind blowing in my hair (if I had any). While motorcycles are great, I’ve learned that they can be expensive to maintain and insure. I turned my attention to 49cc scooters, which are much more economical as you don’t need to get a motorcycle license, produces less emissions, and it is a lot cheaper to insure. To fill up? Less than 10 Canadian dollars, even with these astronomical gas prices. Back in June, Elizabeth and I went to the local bike shop to look at a Vespa, an Italian made scooter that is very popular in Europe. I’m not keen on the looks of these but we went to check them out anyways. As suspected, none of them set my heart aflutter. As I was ready to leave, I saw it tucked away in a corner, a rad looking motorcycle, one I’ve never seen before. To our surprise, it was electric. This time

the people entrusted to their care. 3. Issue vaccination certificates. Proof of vaccination status would be reasonable to ask if we are to prevent serious outbreaks in settings that anticipate large crowds and longer togetherness. 4. Keep using the face mask. At least when indoors and gathering closely. 5. Enhance specific communication messages to persuade the vaccine hesitant, including counteracting disinformation. Steps to mitigating a fourth pandemic wave seem to have begun with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement on July 27, “Canada has now received more than 66 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines – enough to fully vaccinate every eligible person in Canada – two months ahead of the original goal of September.” A milestone, indeed! The Prime Minister said, “The best way to end this pandemic is for everyone to get their shots as soon as they can. Today’s milestone is a clear sign that we

my heart skipped a beat! I took it out for a test drive and by the time I got back, Elizabeth was already wheeling and dealing – she knew I’d want it. The benefits to the electric motorcycle are many. No gas, no emissions, no motorcycle license needed to drive, it costs the same price to insure as a scooter and best of all, I received a government rebate of $1,500! My commute to work has been very enjoyable and very clean. Our journey to going green didn’t stop there. Back in July, I started researching electric bicycles as I have had a heck of a time biking up the monstrous hills found here on the west coast. The electrically assisted bikes have grown in popularity over the years. In the Netherlands, where biking is already popular, almost half of bikes sold are electric. According to a report by Allied Market Research, it is expected that global ebike sales will hit $65.83 billion by 2030. Our dependency on fossil fuels and our current climate crisis has led

Gavin with our electric motorcycle me to reflect on what I can do for future generations. I hope you do the same. You can fully expect future Bit of Burgos articles chronicling

Blueberries from our garden

are getting closer to this goal.” Anita Anand, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, added, “This milestone was made possible by a true Team Canada effort across government, working closely with a broad range of vaccine suppliers and the immense efforts of dedicated public servants.” Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health said, “If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, please make a plan to do so. Our families, communities and small businesses are relying on us to take care of each other and stop the spread. We are regaining so many of the things we enjoy – seeing our families, visiting with friends, and going out to eat. Let’s keep going together. Be safe, be sure. Get vaccinated today.” In closing We as a nation should agree to agree to accept the common good. Get vaccinated as soon as possible. Time is of the essence. The Delta variants continue to circulate and will successfully infect a less than fully vaccinated person. And it will continue to be

our many “green” adventures. Stay tuned! Dale manages the communications department for a school district in B.C.

Peaches from our garden

super spreader. For the sake of the common good, let us accept reasonable limits to absolute freedom to protect ourselves, our families, and our community. Please get fully vaccinated. We have made great progress. Ending the pandemic is within sight, but the work is not finished. If we let down our guard, it could quickly return. We have learned our lessons; let’s use them. There is no freedom when once more we fear being confined to bed ill and hoping to recover; being hospitalized for oxygen therapy while gasping for breath; and being admitted to ICU for

intubation and attachment to a mechanical respirator to breathe and remain alive. There is no freedom in death except absence of human life. A fourth pandemic wave is preventable! Dr. Rey D. Pagtakhan, P.C., O.M., LL.D., Sc.D., M.D. M.Sc. is a retired lung specialist, professor of child health, author of articles and chapters in medical journals and textbooks, and a former health critic, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, and cabinet minister, including Secretary of State for Science, Research and Development.


It seems like for far too long the world has suffered one tragedy after another, and now there’s a pandemic. The news is filled with death, senseless violence, and destruction…and more arrives every day. The question turns to how to keep your home and life peaceful when the world outside your door feels like it’s turned upside down. No matter what’s happening, peace begins with you, where you live, how you live, and how you choose to respond. Using feng shui in your home is a powerful way to create a respite from the difficulties outside your four walls to help you create a peaceful home environment no matter what’s happening in the outside world. Your safe place in the world is your feng shui home. You look to your home to provide a sensory reprieve, allowing you to unplug from the stresses of the outside, and the over-stimulating, often violent and troubled world. A home such as this will nurture and refresh you. However, your home shouldn’t be so “Zen” that it calms you to a point that you’re ready to fall asleep because a house that’s too quiet and still isn’t alive. Your home needs to be restful but not stagnant. It should provide you the elements that enable you to regroup so that you can take on each new day and function effectively in the outside world rather than simply withdraw from it. But creating a calming, relaxing home isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s because the elements of a serene space aren’t always obvious. Here are six elements that create a calm, peaceful, and refreshing environment that will help you create a feng shui home — a peaceful yet energizing sanctuary. 1. Make your home mentally restful. A home must be a line in the sand between you and troubling world events, stress-filled work, and — this is important here — electronic demands. Here are some important tips for getting mental rest from your home. Rein in the television. If your home is like many, the television is centrally located and turned on regardless of whether anyone is watching it or not. This gives the TV superior status over the occupants in many homes. Cover it up, move it to a less-central or less-important location. Then, turn it on only when you’re sitting in front of it. Get organized. Build in as many systems of organization you can. When your home is organized, it’s mentally and visually restful. Be neat. After all the


disturbing images we see online and from media, we need visual calm. Being tidy, putting away dishes and making your bed daily looks neat and helps relieve worry and stress. Add plenty of light. Natural light is wonderful feng shui, but so are lamps and chandeliers. Keep your home bright to lift your energy. Use the off button. Many computers, phones, and tablets are never turned off. The constant beeping and buzzing means that you’re always on demand. Silence your phone or tablet when you’re at home and check it only occasionally or turn them off entirely when you’re with your family or dining together. 2. Make your home visually relaxing. Create views. You must be able to see out and beyond in order to rest our eyes and spirit. This is what makes mountains and beaches so appealing for a vacation – we crave the kind of rest that only long, open distances can provide. In your home, open shades and curtains or remove them altogether to view the garden or open spaces beyond. Even better, create near and far vignettes in the garden. Planters and garden statuary make for a beautiful view from indoors. If that’s not possible, select artwork that offers perspective and depth, such as those found in landscapes. Use calming colours. One of the reasons people enjoy going to spas so much is because they not only provide sensory rest (massage, facials, etc.), they also provide visual rest by using muted colours in the decor. Trim, walls, and ceilings may all be painted the same colour and the monochromatic palette is relaxing. Or they may be only a shade or two different from one another. Both are excellent calming decorative techniques. Look at colours found in nature for inspiration. Make your home attractive. If you enjoy looking at decorating magazines with beautiful interiors, or enjoy being in beautiful spaces, you should try decorating your space so that it’s appealing to you. Beautiful spaces are always more enjoyable to be in than those that aren’t, and they impact us positively. 3. Make your home audibly soothing. Keep TV sounds low or turned off. Do the same for beeps and buzzes from your electronics, and instead, add sounds that soothe your mind and quiet your spirit. These tips will help. Just add water. Use a tabletop fountain or place a water feature in your home to add a soft sound. The gurgling, peaceful sound of water is extremely relaxing and enjoyable. More importantly, it creates a natural sound like that

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021

Feng shui creates a peaceful home in turbulent times heard in nature. Hang a beautiful wind chime outdoors. The large wind chimes that have low soothing tones are very relaxing and add to a peaceful atmosphere while clearing stale energies. Listen to calming music. Classical or new age music is very soothing. Listen to this when you come home, while relaxing in the house, or before bed. Or play it on a whole house stereo system. Use your TV for beauty. Try playing a beautiful DVD of an ocean reef or calming nature scenes to stimulate your environment with positive, uplifting images. Look for DVDs of an ocean reef, ocean waves, fish, or even a fireplace. They’re really beautiful and enjoyable. 4. Make your home truly restful. A restful home helps prepare us for the day ahead and the world outside our door. When your home rejuvenates your mind and spirit, you feel more relaxed and centered. Make some clear space. Clear off the tops of counters, tabletops, and bedside tables to make rooms look and feel more serene. Add a quiet space. Move a comfortable chair near a window with a small table where you can read, meditate, or reflect. Place emphasis on the bedroom. Bedrooms are an especially important part of creating a restful home. Too many bedrooms are over-functional and overstimulating. Remove computers, exercise equipment, desks, or stacks of books, that divert attention from the two things that are most important in a bedroom, rest, and romance. Bedrooms designated for rest, relaxation, and romance are the ones that refresh and rejuvenate the best. Although many people think of the entire home as a “cocoon” away from the whole world, the bedroom should truly be the cocoon. Creating a tranquil space is key for being able to fully rest. What’s more, these spaces are also more romantically inspiring. Make your bedroom a comfortable and enjoyable room to be in. •Select restful, earthy colours in the bedroom. •Take mirrors off the wall if they reflect the bed. Mirrors are stimulating and can disrupt rest and sleep. •Take the TV out of the bedroom if you tend to watch news or programs with violence before going to bed. •Use textures such as chenille, satin, or silk in the bedroom to give tactile comfort and enjoyment. 5. Make sure to incorporate natural elements. Use natural elements liberally

Window boxes are great feng shui, adding a vibrant touch of nature at your window

Clean, clear countertops and tabletops create visual calm and mental rest to create a relaxing, harmonious atmosphere, effectively bringing the outside in. Add a vase of fresh flowers in a single colour to add impact. Or use an orchid plant, or a pretty cluster of gems or a geode to add a natural touch to your space. Place a mirror opposite a window to repeat a view of the outdoors. Another overlooked area in creating a calming home is your garden. It doesn’t matter if you live in a studio apartment or a grand estate. Focus on adding windows boxes to hold some cheerful flowers, or adding to your garden or landscape, such as improving your curb appeal or adding new flowers or an herb or vegetable garden. Create an outdoor living area where you can relax or entertain and enjoy a fire, a barbecue or simply watching fireflies. 6. Make your home clean and comfortable. Cleanliness is so important in feng shui, and not often talked about. Unfortunately, most cleaning is done is a large chunk of time on a weekend and can

take several hours. It’s better to keep cleaning items in a bucket or basket close to the location (such as a bathroom) and take one minute each day to wipe off counters, or to do small, quick cleaning projects and picking up frequently. A clean, sparkling home that feels good and smells good lifts your mood and makes you feel centered and grounded. Add natural or clean smelling scents rather than ones that are artificial or overly sweet. Try natural cleaners that use essential oils to create a relaxing, natural fragrance while you clean. Kathryn Weber has over 20+ years of feng shui study, practice, and professional consultation. Her witty, no-nonsense style appeals to audiences, making her a popular speaker and radio show guest. She is often called on by media to explain feng shui in down-to-earth terms, and has been featured in Seventeen, First for Women, Faces, Conceive, Martial Arts Professional, and Natural Health magazines, and on websites around the world.

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021






Parang lupa na ilampung taong tigang na tigang ang diniligan ni Hidilyn Diaz sa pagkopo ng gintong medalya sa Olympics. Isang matinding pangarap na natupad pagkatapos nang siyamnapu’t pitong taon. Nagbubunyi ang buong bayan sa kaniyang tagumpay, isang Pinoy na naman ang nagsulat ng pangalan ng ating bayan sa mapa ng mundo, mabuhay si Hidilyn Diaz! Noong pinarangalan na ang ating kinatawan bilang gold medalist sa weightlifintg ay tumatawid sa atin ang matindi niyang kailgayahan. Hindi pala imposible kapag ibinigay ng Diyos ang karangalan at kapag pinagbuwisan ng sakripisyo ng may katawan ang inaasinta niyang pangarap. Noong tugtugin na ang Lupang Hinirang habang napakaibabaw ang ating bandila sa dalawa nitong katabi ay wala na, nakiiyak na ang buong bayan kay Hidilyn, napakasarap nga namang maging

Pilipino sa pagbubunyi para sa ating kababayan. Nagtagumpay si Hidilyn Diaz, nagkaroon ng saysay ang kaniyang mga sakripisyo, itinuturing siyang bayani ng ating bayan ngayon lalo pa’t panahon ng pandemya na puro kahirapan ang ating pinagdadaanan. Ang nakakalungkot lang ay umandar agad ang huwad na makinarya ng mga pulitikong dating nangmamaliit kay Hidilyn. ‘Yun ang mga taong sa halip na tumulong noong mga panahong ni walang panggastos ang nageensayo nating atleta ay nagdikdik pa nga sa kaniya sa isang kontrobersiyang napakalayo sa katotohanan. Kakabugin ng mga mukha ng mga taong ‘yun kahit ang mga ibinebentang makakapal na sangkalan sa kanilang pagbati ng mabuhay kay Hidilyn Diaz. Ang kakapal! Nasaan ba sila noong mga panahong kahit galon ng tubig ay See CRISTY p14

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021

• Mabuhay ka, Hidilyn Diaz! • Beth Tamayo – Malapit nang manganak • Bea Alonzo at Dominic Roque – Aamin na ba? • Johnny Manahan – GMA Artist Center consultant na • Piolo Pascual – Lilipat na nga ba sa GMA-7? • Wilma Doesnt – Engaged na! • Angel Locsin – “Hindi bale nang chubby, kesa sa ugly” • Coco Martin at Julia Montes – Nagpakatotoo na • Jinkee Pacquiao – Binabash pa rin sa social media • Julia at Dani Barretto – Di kasundo ang mga ama • Direk Andoy Ranay – May kayabangan ang dating

Direk Johnny Manahan

Hidilyn Diaz (screen grab)

Piolo Pascual

Beth Tamayo & Sharon Cuneta

Julia Montes & Coco Martin

Wilma Doesnt Dominic Roque & Bea Alonzo

Julia & Dani Barretto

Angel Locsin

Jinkee Pacquiao

Direk Andoy Ranay

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021





AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021

Legal Wives – GMA Network’s breakthrough family drama series GMA Network takes pride in its boldest and grandest offering - the family drama series Legal Wives - that will not only explore the many facets of love but will also leave viewers in awe for its stunning production and engrossingly unique story. The revolutionary series features a casting coup top-billed by no less than Dennis Trillo as Ismael Makadatu, an honourable man from a well-off Maranaw family who will equally love three women out of obligation, dedication, and compassion; See LEGAL p13

Dennis Trillo

Jane De Leon prepares for Darna – exits FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano Jane De Leon is finally flying as the iconic Filipino superhero Darna as she begins taping for Mars Ravelo’s Darna: The TV Series this September. Because of this, Jane is currently wrapping up her remaining scenes in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano,” where she plays Capt. Lia Mante. Viewers can expect more action-packed scenes in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as Lia and Cardo embark on an important mission together.

Alice Dixson

Andrea Torres

Bianca Umali

Pepito Manaloto: Ang Unang Kuwento Travel back to the ‘80s and discover where and how it all began in the much-awaited prequel of GMA Network’s award-winning and well-loved family sitcom, Pepito Manaloto: Ang Unang Kuwento, now on

GMA Pinoy TV. The prequel introduces the fresh team-up of two of the Network’s highly-talented stars - Sef Cadayona as Pepito Manaloto, a shy but smart boy from Bulacan who always finds

ways to earn money for his family and is always ready to lend a helping hand to those who are in need; and Mikee Quintos as Elsa dela Cruz, a book-smart and extremely competitive See PEPITO p13

L-r: Sef Cadayona, Mikee Quintos, Kokoy De Santos, Pokwang, EA Guzman, Gladys Reyes, Kristoffer Martin and Jay Arcilla

Kapuso stars share Filipino tales in Pinoy A+ Season 2 Kapuso viewers who are young and young at heart are in for more special Pinoy literary treats on the second season of GMA Pinoy TV’s original

content Pinoy A+: Filipino Stories for Kids abroad on GMA Pinoy TV. Taking off from the successful first season of Pinoy A+, viewers

can once again take part in an adventure through the stories narrated by their favorite Kapuso stars airing every See KAPUSO p14

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021



ABS-CBN News online and TV Patrol expand global news coverage With 2020 turning out to be one of the biggest dumpster fires in history as humanity tried to navigate through almost 365 days of various crises while confined in lockdowns or quarantines, the hunger of people around the world for news and information that are factual and accurate, timely, relevant, accessible, and understandable couldn’t be more emphasized. It is within this context that ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs, the news and current programming affairs division of leading Filipino media and entertainment company ABSCBN Corporation and its global flagship channel, TFC, decided to strategize and redesign news programming and news delivery. The result: since last July 19, TFC News shows in U.S. and Canada, Europe, Middle

LEGAL... From page 12 Alice Dixson as Amirah Alonte, the virtuous and pious daughter of a sultan and Ismael’s first wife; Andrea Torres as Diane San Luis, Ismael’s second wife who is a feisty modern Catholic woman who will go to great lengths to fight for herself and Ismael’s love; Bianca Umali as Farrah Valeandong, a smart and innocent lady who becomes Ismael’s third wife in hopes of saving her family’s reputation. Dennis, who considers this series as his primetime comeback, expresses his enthusiasm for what’s in store for the Kapuso viewers, “Napakalaki ng project na ito para palampasin. Maganda ang latag ng kuwento, magagaling din ang lahat ng kasama ko na artista. Manghihinayang ako kung hindi ito napunta sa akin. Gusto kong ibahagi at iparating sa mga manonood na bukod sa makulay na kultura ng mga Maranaw, kagigiliwan nila ang bawat characters na siguradong kapupulutan nila ng aral.” Alice, in turn, hopes that their series would bridge Filipinos and shed some light on the culture of Muslim people, “They’re actually very loving, God-fearing people. They have the same goals and desires. They have strong family bonds. Magandang paraan itong TV show na ito para ipakita kung ano ‘yung differences at kung ano din ‘yung likenesses natin as Filipinos.” Andrea, on the other hand, reveals how different and challenging her role is in the series and how she works her way into channeling her, “I think ang pinaka-challenge is to find that balance kasi there are so many layers to her character, napakadami niyang pagdadaanan dito. So binantayan po namin ni Direk Zig na you’ll always understand where she’s coming from and why she’s doing those things. Love is her weakness but that’s also where she’ll get strength to fight back.”

East, and Asia-Pacific have been incorporated as segments within TV Patrol, the longest-running Filipino news program in the world. These regional news segments are also available on ABS-CBN News online. This programming redesign gives overseas Filipinos and international viewers not only news relevant to their localities, but a more comprehensive global picture that helps them connect the dots on events that directly and indirectly impact their lives. For overseas Filipino communities who used to watch Balitang America (later BA), Balitang Canada, Balitang AsiaPacific, Balitang Europe and Balitang Middle East as highly local and separate news programs for years, they will continue to receive news from award-winning news bureaus that they have come Meanwhile, Bianca shares her gratitude for landing the role of Farrah and looks forward to learning more as an actress through the show, “I am very honoured na ako po ay pinagkatiwalaan na mapasama sa cast ng proyektong ito. Nakakakaba po ang makipagsabayan sa mga beteranong aktor but at the same time, natutuwa po ako na makatrabaho silang lahat.” Making this series even grander is the stellar roster of cast headlined by internationallyacclaimed actress Cherie Gil, Al Tantay, Juan Rodrigo, Irma Adlawan, Tommy Abuel, Maricar De Mesa, and Bernard Palanca. The original series also features the special participation of Derrick Monasterio, Alfred Vargas, and Mon Confiado. Legal Wives introduces two of the Network’s rising artists Shayne Sava and Abdul Rahman. All scenes, creative processes, and executions for the series are with the guidance of reliable Muslim Consultants Sohaimen Agal, Imam Mohammad Miphantao, Imam Abu amen Abdullah, and Ustadh Alinor Pansar; Islamic Script Editor Salem Guimba; and Costume and Muslim Language Consultant Princess Nurfathma Egypa Balindong. Witness the enthralling tale of Legal Wives - under the helm of esteemed director Zig Dulay on GMA Network.

PEPITO... From page 12 student transferee from Cebu who loves to cook and whose charm easily captures the hearts of her classmates. Sef, who is no stranger to comedic roles and has proven his caliber as a comedian in his many years as a mainstay in Bubble Gang, admits feeling pressured having been entrusted with the lead role in the prequel, “ U n a

to trust for reliable news and information. The following distinguished veteran journalists will still head the Global Bureau: TJ Manotoc for North America (U.S. and Canada); Maxxy Santiago for Middle East; Rose Eclarinal for Europe; and Israel Malasa for Asia-Pacific. For North America, San Francisco-based Manotoc’s Emmy-winning team includes

Canada - From Ontario, Christine Santos (Toronto) and Vanessa Merjudio-David (Ottawa); from Alberta, Quay Evano (Calgary) and Marjorie Carmona-Newton (Edmonton); from Manitoba, Rhia Alcantara (Winnipeg); and from British Columbia, Rowena Papasin, Cecile Docto, and Elizabeth Raymundo (Vancouver). “Ultimately, news is public

service,” said Cerrado. “Access to trustworthy news and information is essential to effective governance, civic engagement and participatory democracy. ABSCBN is steadfastly committed to doing its part as a responsible media company.” TV Patrol with TFC News can be seen on cable, satellite, online, on mobile platforms and on ABSCBN News YouTube channel.

sa lahat ang gagampanang role natin dito ay si Pepito Manaloto na more than 10 years na at talaga namang matibay. Tapos ipoportray mo pa ‘yung batang Pepito, si Kuya Bitoy, siyempre nandoon ‘yung pressure. Ang pressure naman kasi hindi mawawala lalo na kung gustong-gusto mong ibigay ‘yung kaya mo. Personally, I can say na masuwerte ako na ang dami kong pwedeng hingan ng advice at guide kasi wiling na willing ang buong team na

tulungan kami kung ano ‘yung kailangan namin maipakita sa Ang Unang Kuwento.” Mikee, in turn, expresses her admiration for seasoned actress Manilyn Reynes whose character in the sitcom she will be portraying in the prequel, “Si Ms. Manilyn, I really admire her off-cam. Nakasama ko na siya before sa The Lost Recipe. ‘Yung guidance niya, how she is and how she talks - sobrang malumanay, very welcoming, and very mommy.

Ganoon ‘yung vibe niya. It’s very distinct, her character. As Elsa, nage-enjoy akong gayahin siya kasi ang layo noon sa personality ko. Challenge siya but nae-enjoy ko siyang gawin.” Set in the ‘80s in a small and close-knit barangay in Caniogan, Bulacan, the show brings back the kilig and sentimentality of the period along with its sociocultural nuances - all before the age of modern-day technology See PEPITO p14


AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021


PEPITO... From page 13 - that will surely revive nostalgic memories for all audiences. Making Pepito and Elsa’s lives even more colorful and fun are Pokwang as Aling Tarsing Batumbakal, Mang Benny’s sweetheart who owns a cafeteria in the barangay and who treats Pepito as her own son; Gladys Reyes as Aling Rosa Generoso, Patrick’s mother who washes clothes for a living and is a certified gossipmonger in the barangay; Archie Alemania as Mang Benny Manaloto, Pepito’s widowed father who works as a truck assistant and loves moneymaking bets; Kokoy de Santos as Patrick Generoso, Pepito’s goodfor-nothing and clumsy best friend who usually gets the two of them in trouble; EA Guzman as Nando, Patrick’s obnoxious brother and Aling Rosa’s favorite son who excels in sports and brings pride to their family; Kristoffer Martin as Wendell, the closeted classmate of Pepito and Patrick who hides his sexuality by bullying others; Denise Barbacena as Elma, Pepito’s unattractive neighbor who is always teased by his friends and has a secret crush on Pepito; Jay Arcilla as Eric, the haughty best friend of Wendell; Angel Guardian as Beth, Pepito’s classmate who has a crush on Patrick and is also Elsa’s friend.

Meanwhile, original cast members Manilyn Reynes and Michael V. will also be present in the prequel as narrators to tell the love story of young Pepito and Elsa. Michael V., apart from being the lead actor, Concept Creator, and Creative Director of the sitcom for years, is also behind the catchy theme song of Ang Unang Kuwento.

KAPUSO... From page 12 Sunday. The featured storytellers for this season are Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes with Si Rizal at ang Gamu-gamo; Carla Abellana narrates Ang Alamat ni Mariang Makiling; Susan Enriquez for Ang Alamat ng Ampalaya; Ken Chan reads the Alamat ng Bulkang Mayon; and Aicelle Santos with Ang Alamat ng Pinya. Viewers should also watch out for Ang Alamat ng Araw, Buwan at mga Bituin narrated by Mariz Umali; Sandra Aguinaldo for Ang Alamat ng Lanzones; Christian Bautista with Si Malakas at si Maganda; Mike Tan reads Bi-ag ni Lam-ang; and Ang Alamat ng Tsokolateng Burol (Chocolate Hills) with Rocco Nacino. “As a parent and actor,

BCBP Canada’s 1st virtual breakfast The BCBP Canada – Winnipeg Mission hosted its 1st Virtual Breakfast last June 5th with the theme, From fear and anxiety to the hopeful comfort of the Lord’s presence. Their homegrown couple sharer Bro. Peter and Sis. Twinky Lluisma from Mandaue City, Cebu, shared their life’s journey and how God touched their lives The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) is a not-for-profit organization registered as a charitable institution with Canada Revenue Agency with the aim of bringing Christ into the

marketplace. It is a Catholic lay organization recognized by the Archdiocese of Winnipeg and other archdioceses where it operates across Philippines, Southeast Asia, and North America. Here in Canada, BCBP Breakfasts takes place in Greater Toronto East and West, Hamilton, Durham, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. BCBP Canada – Winnipeg Mission celebrated its 2nd year this July 27, 2021. For inquiries, please contact the BCBP Secretariat at bcbpwinnipeg@gmail. com or the Breakfast Head, Bro. Loy Salvador at (204) 9621535.

Twinky & Peter

reading for Pinoy A+ was really a fun experience for me,” shared Dingdong. “It felt like I was reading it for my own kids and I’m glad that GMA Pinoy TV has this kind of show that children and their parents can both enjoy.” Carla Abellana, another storyteller for season 2, likewise expressed her appreciation to Pinoy A+. “Having the chance to share the beauty of our Filipino literature and impart lessons to our young viewers here and abroad is something I truly cherish. As one of the storytellers, I also got to relive the classic Filipino stories that we’ve also heard of when we were young.” Broadcast journalist Kara David, on the other hand, shared that she took a trip down memory lane while taking part of the first season of Pinoy A+. “My parents instilled in us a love for reading. Reading not only widens your vocabulary; it also enhances one’s imagination. It has the power to make you travel and experience new worlds through imagination. For this reason, I’ve always been fascinated with storytelling — something that I still enjoy till now when I write my documentaries. Kaya when the invitation for Pinoy A+ came, I was so excited to be a part of it. Not only does this project impart knowledge to young kids... it is also a good opportunity to highlight the Filipino language and our beautiful Filipino values.” The Kapuso abroad also praised GMA Pinoy TV for bringing an effective program that helps educate and entertain the audience. Some of them also mentioned that such content makes them and their kids rediscover their roots as Filipinos. Meanwhile, GMA Pinoy TV also offers a limited-edition Pinoy A+ merchandise where parents and their kids can get Twinning Face Masks or kiddie shirts featuring cute designs based on well-loved Filipino folklores. All Kapuso in the Philippines can order online via the GMA Store or send a message on the GMA Store Facebook page or email

CRISTY... From page 10 ginagawang pabigat ni Hidilyn sa kaniyang pag-eensayo? May nakaisip man lang bang mag-abot ng tulong sa kaniya? At ngayong hawak na niya ang medalyang ginto ay parang naging bahagi sila ng pangangarap at pagsasakripisyo ng ating bayani? Ang kakapal talaga! Napakahirap ng ating sitwasyon ngayong pandemya. May bulkang pumuputok, laganap ang pagbaha sa maraming probinsiya dahil sa walang tigil na pag-ulan, milyun-milyon ang nagugutom sa kawalan ng trabaho. Ang unang gintong medalyang iniuwi ni Hidilyn Diaz mula sa Tokyo, Olympics ay literal na biyaya para sa ating lahat. Mula sa halos isandaang taon ng tagtuyot ay isang napakalakas na buhos ng ulan ang kaniyang hatid. Wala ngang imposible. Mabuhay ka, Hidilyn Diaz! *** Malapit nang manganak si Beth Tamayo. Nagkita sila sa Las Vegas ni Sharon Cuneta para sa isang masayang dinner at kuwentuhan. Kasama ng magandang aktres ang mister niyang puti. Hindi makakalimutan ni Beth ang Megastar. Noong mga panahong wala pang direksiyon ang buhay niya sa Amerika ay malaking suportang pampinansiyal ang kusang-loob na ipinadala sa kaniya ni Sharon. Ganoon naman si Mega, hindi nito ipinagmamalaki at ikinukuwento ang magagandang bagay na kaniyang nagagawa, ang mismong mga taong tinutulungan na lang nito ang nagkukuwento. Nagkaroon ng baby shower para kay Beth Tamayo sa kanilang bahay sa San Francisco, California. Maraming kaibigan niyang artistang sa Amerika na rin naninirahan ang dumalo. Special guest niya ang kaniyang pamangking si Dominic Roque na dumating na kasama ang napapabalita nitong karelasyong si Bea Alonzo. Wala nang nagawa ang dalawa. Kung dati’y mga kamay lang nila

PAGE 14 ang nakikita sa mga larawang ipino-post nila, sa baby shower ay kitang-kita na ang kanilang mga mukha, lantaran na silang nakikita. Nakakatuwa ang magkarelasyong ito. Para silang mga pako na nakatago ang katawan pero kita naman ang kanilang ulo. Buking na buking naman na silang dalawa ang magkasama sa Amerika pero kung bakit pilit pa nilang itinatago ‘yun. Nandoong makita ang kamay ni Dom na ipinaghihimay ng seafood si Bea, minsan naman ay kamay ni Bea lang ang nakikita sa picture, pero katabi naman ang aktor. Ngayon ay wala na silang maidedenay, sa mga retrato sa baby shower para kay Beth Tamayo ay palagi silang magkatabi, wala na silang maitatago. *** Maraming kababayan na natin sa Amerika ang lantarang nakakakita ngayon kina Bea Alonzo at Dominic Roque na magkasama. Kahit sa mga larawang ipino-post nila ay nagkaroon na ng mukha ang mga kamay at paa na dati nilang ipinopost. Napakaligaya siguro ngayon ni Dominic dahil hindi na siya itinatago ni Bea, hindi tulad noon na magkasama nga sila, pero hindi siya nakikita sa retrato. Maraming nagtatanong kung bakit natagalan bago inamin ni Bea na si Dominic nga ang kaniyang karelasyon ngayon. May mga nagkokomento na hindi raw kasi sila magka-level sa estado ng pagiging artista nila. Maaaring may mga sariling dahilan si Bea, pero napakahirap noon para sa binata, dahil parang anino lang siya para sa aktres. Idinedenay siya ni Bea, itinatago, samantalang matagal na silang magkarelasyon. Pero may mga nagsasabi ring ginagamit lang daw kasi ni Dom si Bea. Gusto lang niyang sumikat kaya nagsusumiksik siya kay Bea. At nadagdagan pa ‘yun ng kuwentong may hindi raw kagandahang imahe si Dominic. Kung totoong nagmamahalan ang dalawang tao ay walang See CRISTY p15

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021

CRISTY... From page 14 level-level na kasali sa relasyon. Kahit sikat na artista ay puwedeng magmahal sa isang extra kapag tinamaan sila ng pana ni Kupido. Walang ganoon, walang pinaguusapang gamitan, pagmamahalan lang ang barometro. Ano naman ngayon kung mas kilala si Gerald Anderson na dating karelasyon ni Bea kaysa kay Dominic? Wala dapat pagkukumpara. Mas popular nga si Gerald, pero niloko naman nito ang dalaga, mas panalo pa rin si Dominic Roque na ramdam nating walang gagawing anuman na ikakasakit ng damdamin ni Bea. *** Gaano katotoo ang nakarating na impormasyon sa amin na maraming Kapamilya stars ang nagtatawagan ngayon kay Direk Johnny Manahan para sa kagustuhan nilang lumipat sa GMA-7? Consultant na ngayon ng GMA Artists Center ang mahusay na direktor at si Ms. Mariole Alberto, mayroon na silang karapatang salain ang mga personalidad na gustong kumabilang-bakod sa Siyete, kaya ang nirerespeto nilang si Mr. M ang nilalapitan nila ngayon. Pinangalanan pa ng aming source kung sinu-sinong Kapamilya stars ang nagpaplanong lumipat, nakagugulat ang listahan, puro may pangalan ang mga artistang nagpaplanong iwanan na ang ABS-CBN. Sabi ng aming impormante, “May mga Kapamilya stars na madalas magsabing hindi nila iiwanan ang network nila. Nababasa natin ‘yun sa mga posts nila. “Pero kapag naiisip nila ang sitwasyon nila na wala naman silang trabaho, natural lang na mag-isip na sila. May pamilya silang binubuhay, sila lang ang inaasahan, kaya ano ang papasok sa isip nila? “Meron ngang isang personality doon sa ABS-CBN na panay-panay ang pagsasabing forever siyang magiging Kapamilya dahil doon siya nagsimula, pero ang lumabas na kuwento, e, nagpapalako rin naman siya sa GMA-7? “Lagi nating iisipin na walang kinikilalang batas ang bitukang gutom,” makabuluhan pang mensahe ng aming source. Man of few words si Direk Johnny Manahan, hindi natin maaasahan ang magaling na director na magsasalita tungkol sa kuwento, pero sumusumpa ang aming source na maraming Kapamilya stars ang nagtatawagan ngayon sa kaniya para kumabilangbakod na. *** Mas maraming naniniwala sa kuwentong umiikot ngayon na isang araw ay Kapuso na rin si Piolo Pascual. Malakas ang kanilang kutob na lilipat na rin sa GMA-7 ang guwapong aktor. Ang kanilang barometro – kung nasaan si Direk Johnny Manahan ay siguradong nandoon din si Piolo. Hindi sila puwedeng maghiwalay. Minsan na nilang pinatunayan


‘yun nang buuin ni Mr. M ang konsepto ng Sunday noontime show ng Brightlight Productions na ipinalabas sa TV5, ang SNL, na sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon ay naging SLN ang kapalaran. Poste si Piolo ng musical variety show kasama sina Maja Salvador at Catriona Gray at marami pang ibang artista ng ABS-CBN. Sayang nga lang dahil naka-one season lang ang programa. Sabi ng aming source na hindi nanununog at nangunguryente, “Maghintay lang kayo. One day, nasa GMA-7 na rin si Piolo. Kung nasaan si Mr. M, nandoon din siya. Parang tatay na kasi niya si Mr. M. “Hindi pa lang nila pinalulutang ang paglipat ni Piolo, paisa-isa lang muna, pero huwag na kayong magugulat kapag lumabas ang totoo,” sabi ng aming impormante. Kung bakit naman may nakausap din kaming source na artista na ganoon din ang sabi, inaayos na raw ang nalalapit na paglipat ni Piolo sa GMA-7, sina Mr. M at Ms Mariole Alberto ang nag-aasikaso sa pagkabilangbakod ni PJ. Parang copy paste lang ang sinabi ng aming kausap na personalidad, “Nasa Amerika pa si Piolo ngayon, may ginagawa siyang movie doon, pero hindi ba puwedeng umandar ang transaction kahit wala siya dito? “Ano naman ang ginagawa ng mga virtual communication ngayon? May mga kontratang niluluto nang malayuan. Kung nasaan si Direk Johnny Manahan, siguradong nandoon din si Piolo,” plakado sa una naming source na pahayag ng kausap naming kilalang personalidad. Wala pang kukumpirma ng istoryang ito, wala pang magsasalita, hintayin na lang natin ang mismong araw na Kapuso na rin si Papa P. *** Hindi lang pangalawang

glorya ang dumating sa buhay ng magaling na modelokomedyanang si Wilma Doesnt. Pinagpatung-patong na glorya ‘yun dahil noong kaniyang kaarawan mismo ay nag-propose na ang labing-apat na taong karelasyon niyang si Gerick Livelo Parin. Sabi ni Wilma, “Hindi kasi ako sumuko. Hindi ako naging duwag sa pakikipagrelasyon. Sabihin na nating nagkaroon ako ng mga maling decision, pero hindi ko pa rin masasabing pagkakamali ‘yun dahil may iniwang mga anak sa

akin.” Kinuntsaba ni Gerick ang kaniyang mga anak at kaibigan, pinapunta siya sa bar para kunwari’y kausapin ang kliyenteng magpapa-cater sa isang okasyon, pero proposal pala ang magaganap. Mahusay sa buhay si Wilma. Maaga pa lang, basta wala siyang taping at shooting, ay nasa palengke na siya para mamili ng mga kakailanganin sa kanilang karinderya. Ang kaniyang mga anak ang serbidora, siya ang humahawak ng budget at

PAGE 15 marketing, si Gerick naman ang nagluluto. “Kailangang marunong taro sa buhay lalo na ngayong pandemic. Nagrarasyon din ako ng packed food, nagke-catering, basta marangal at legal, pinapasok ko ‘yun!” mapagkumbabang sabi ng komedyana. Pinaghahandaan na nila ngayon ni Gerick ang kanilang pagpapakasal sa March 22, 2022. ‘Yun din ang petsa ng anibersaryo ng kanilang pagkikilala labingapat na taon na ang nakararaan. See CRISTY p16


CRISTY... From page 15 Nadiskubre si Wilma ng isang fashion designer habang nagwawalis sa kanilang bakuran nang nakapayong. Ayaw niyang mapaso sa init ng araw, ayaw niyang umitim ang kaniyang kutis, kaya siya nakapayong habang nagwawalis. *** Parang pabiro pero totoo naman ang sinabi ni Angel Locsin na “Hindi bale nang chubby kesa sa ugly.” Nagsasabi lang siya ng katotohanan dahil sa kabila ng kaniyang timbang ay napakaganda niya naman talaga. Sa hirap ng buhay ngayong pandemya na walang trabahong pagkukunan ng ikabubuhay ang milyon nating mga kababayan ay kung bakit naman kasi ang katawan ni Angel ang pinagtutuunan ng mga bashers niya. Napakaraming bagay na dapat nilang pahalagahan para sa ikauunlad ng estado ng kanilang buhay pero kung bakit ang pambubusisi sa malaking timbang ng katawan ng aktres ang parang prayoridad nila. Mabuti na lang at kalmado lang si Angel, hindi siya sumasagot nang pabastos ang dating, tanggap niya ang katotohanan na totoo namang mataba siya. Ano nga naman ang laban niya sa mga taong walang magawa sa buhay kundi ang mang-bash lang nang mang-bash ng mga artista? Mapapagod lang siya sa pagsagot at magsasayang ng panahon pero patuloy pa rin siyang lalaitin. Sa ngayon ay tinututukan na ni Angel ang kaniyang kalusugan, ang kaniyang pangangatawan, hindi dahil sa nasasaktan siya sa mga umuupak sa kaniya kundi para sa sarili niyang interes. Hindi na nga naman siya bumabata, kailangan na niyang gumawa ng paraan para tamang timbang lang ang dapat na meron siya, dahil malakas na kaway sa pagkakasakit ang anumang sobra. Pero balik tayo sa pabiro


niyang sinabi na hindi bale nang chubby kaysa naman ugly. Totoo naman ‘yun, sa kabila ng kaniyang timbang ay hindi pa rin maitatago ang kaniyang kagandahan, isa pa rin siya sa pinakamagandang artistang Pinoy. Sabi nga ng kaibigan naming propesor, “Oo nga naman. Masaklap naman ‘yung ang tabataba mo na nga, e, hindi ka pa kagandahan. At least, si Angel, masyuba man siya, e, beautiful pa rin!” Kung may malasakit ang mga bashers sa timbang ni Angel, siyempre’y mas mayroon naman ang aktres dahil katawan niya ‘yun, siya ang nakakaramdam ng hirap gumalaw dahil sa sobra niyang bigat. May problema ba doon? Mas sila pa ba ang nakakaalam ng kung ano ang dapat gawin ni Angel para bumagsak ang kaniyang timbang? *** Tama ang mga obserbasyon ng mga nakausap namin tungkol sa paglantad nina Coco Martin at Julia Montes. Sa pinakamatagal na panahon ay itinago nila ang kanilang relasyon. Makita man silang magkasama sa labas ay para naman silang mga holdaper na nakatakip ang mga mukha, ayaw nilang makita ng mga miron na magkasama sila, nagpapanggap silang ibang tao. Pero ngayon ay lantaran na silang nakikita, magkaangkas sa motor, pati bubong ng bahay ay inakyat na nilang magkasama. Ganoon na sila ngayon, wala na silang maskarang suot, hindi na pahulaan kung sino sila. Ginutom nila ang publiko tungkol sa kanilang relasyon, nagtago sila nang mahabang panahon para maging interesado ang publiko tungkol sa kanila, dahil meron silang pagtatambalang pelikula. Kapag para sa kanilang interes ay puwede naman pala silang magpakita, para sa kanilang career ay puwede naman pala silang magpakatotoo, ganoon ang suma sa kanilang ginawa.

Harinawang magtagumpay ang pelikulang ginagawa ngayon nina Coco at Julia. Sana nga ay mabuhay ang interes ng manonood sa kanilang pinagbibidahang proyekto. Paano kung baliktad ang mangyari? Sabi ng kaibigan naming propesor, “Paano kung nainis pala sa kanila ang mga kababayan natin? Paano kung naumay pala ang marami sa kadedenay nila? “Paano kung maisip ng publiko na kaya lang sila lumabas nang lantaran, e, dahil pagkakakitaan pala nila ang paglabas nila? Defeated ang purpose nila. “May mga artista talagang pinaninindigan ang pagsisinungaling nila nang mahabang panahon, pero kapag ang interest na nila ang nakataya, bumibitiw rin naman sila!” napakadiing komento ni prop. May punto ang obserbasyon ng aming kaibigan. Puwedeng mangyari ang ganoon. pero marami rin namang tagasuporta sina Coco at Julia. Piyesta ang pelikulang ito para sa kanila. Sa wakas! Nagpakatotoo na ang kanilang mga idolo! Dahil may ibinebenta silang produkto! *** Kapag napapasadahan namin ang mga bira at pamimintas kay Jinkee Pacquiao ay nakakaramdam kami ng pagkaawa sa kaniya. Punumpuno kasi ang social media ng mga pangmemenos sa misis ni Pacman. Pero kapag ninamnam naman nating mabuti ang dahilan ng pamba-bash kay Jinkee ay makakakita tayo ng punto kung bakit. May katwiran ang mga bashers. Mayroon silang pinanggagalingan. Ang buod lang naman ng pagpansin-pangba-bash kay Jinkee ay ang ginagawa niyang pagpapalutang ng kaniyang mga branded na kagamitan. Kaniya naman ‘yun, siya ang bumili, wala namang bulsang nalaslas sa pagsunod niya sa kaniyang mga kapritso. Pero pandemya nga naman

ngayon. Panahon ng kahirapan hindi lang ng Pilipinas kundi maging sa buong mundo. Isang malaking insulto ang tingin ng mga kababayan natin sa kaniyang mga ginagawang pagmamayabang sa kung anumang mamahaling branded stuff na meron siya. Minsan ay may nagtanong sa amin, hindi raw ba kayang supilin ni Senador Manny Pacquiao ang kaniyang misis? Naturingan nga naman siyang Pambansang Kamao na pinatataob ang kaniyang mga kalaban sa lona pero bakit hindi man lang niya mapagpayuhan ang kaniyang misis na tigilan na ang pagpo-post ng mga bagay-bagay na may himig ng pagyayabang? Siguro naman ay ginagawa rin ‘yun ni Pacman, pero ang tanong, sinusunod ba naman ni Jinkee ang kaniyang asawa? Pero parang nang-iinis na lang din siguro si Jinkee ngayon. “Mamatay kayo sa inggit!” ‘yun lang siguro ang naglalaro sa kaniyang utak ngayong inuulaol siya ng bashing. *** Nag-one-plus-one ang ating mga kababayan. Oo nga naman. Nakanino nga kaya ang problema, nasa nanay ba o sa mga anak, bakit ganoon ang sitwasyon? Anak sa una ni Marjorie Barretto si Daniella, si Kier Legaspi ang ama nito, anak naman niya si Julia kay Dennis Padilla. Hindi man magkamukha ang magkapatid kahit isa lang ang kanilang nanay ay meron silang pagkakapareho. Hindi kasundo nina Dani at Julia ang kanilang mga tatay. Kung lalaliman natin ang pagiisip ay si Marjorie ang babagsakan ng sisi bakit ganoon ang kaniyang mga anak sa kani-kanilang ama. Siya kasi ang kasama nina Dani at Julia, siya ang gumagabay sa magkapatid, pero bakit pareho ang damdamin nina Dani at Julia sa kani-kanilang ama? Naniniwala kami na may independenteng pag-iisip na sina Dani at Julia, nasa wastong gulang na sila, pero mas naniniwala kami sa malaking partisipasyon ng ina sa pagpapalaki sa kaniyang mga anak. Sabi nga, kung ano ang naririnig-nakikita ng mga bata sa matatanda ay ‘yun din ang kanilang ginagawa, ‘yun ang kanilang ginagaya. Ayaw naming husgahan si Marjorie bilang ina na kulang na kulang sa paggabay sa kaniyang mga anak, pero ‘yun ang lumalabas ngayon, dahil hindi maganda ang relasyon ng kaniyang mga anak sa mga tatay nila. Dapat ay kay Marjorie nagmumula ang pagpapaunawa sa kaniyang mga anak na anuman ang kakapusan at kalabisan ng kaniyang mga dating karelasyon ay hindi pa rin natin maitatanggi ang katotohanan na ama pa rin nina Dani at Julia sina Kier at Dennis. Hindi magandang ehemplong lumalabas ang lantarang matabang na relasyon ng magkapatid sa kanilang mga tatay, kawalan ‘yun ng pasasalamat, dahil kung wala ang kanilang mga ama ay wala rin sila ngayon sa mundong ibabaw. Kumbaga sa boksing ay si Marjorie ang inaasahan ng ating

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021 mga kababayan na tatayong referee, siya ang tagaawat kapag nagkakasakitan na ang magkabilang panig, dahil nasa kaniyang pagkandili nga sina Dani at Julia. One-plus-one lang. *** Marami palang ginawang proyekto sa GMA-7 si Direk Andoy Ranay. Pinagtrabahuhan niya naman ang mga programang ‘yun pero hindi pa rin natin maiaalis ang katotohanang hindi natin binabasag ang pinggan na pinagkainan natin. Pinagbuksan siya ng pintuan ng GMA-7, binigyan ng mga oportunidad, kahit pa nagsimula siya sa ABS-CBN. ‘Yun ang nagdidiin ngayon sa direktor sa pinakawalan niyang matalim na pahayag kailan lang na sinagot ng mga artista ng GMA-7. Ang kaniyang opinyon, aanhin daw ang prangkisa, kung basura naman ang mga ginagawang trabaho? Doble ang talim ng kaniyang post, puwede niyang sabihin na hindi naman ang GMA-7 ang kaniyang tinutukoy, puwedeng TV5 ang kaniyang pinariringgan. Pero alinmang network ang kaniyang pinatatamaan ay hindi pa rin hinihingi ang ganoong pahayag mula sa isang tulad ni Direk Andoy Ranay na nakasukob din sa isang malaking payong ng industriya ng telebisyon. May kayabangan ang dating. Mapagmarunong. Namimintas. Nangmemenos. Siya lang ang magaling sa lahat ng magaling at wala nang mas gagaling pa sa kaniyang panlasa. Si Jaclyn Jose ang unang sumagot sa direktor. Sumang-ayon naman si Ai-Ai delas Alas. Hindi man nagpo-post ang iba pang mga artista ng GMA-7 ay sobrang umaray sa padaskul-daskol na pagbibitiw ng mga salita ni Andoy. Pinaliit ng direktor na ito ang kaniyang mundo nang dahil lang sa kawalan ng kontrol sa kaniyang emosyon. Napakaraming naibabato pabalik sa kaniya, kinukunsensiya siya ng mga personalidad na nakatrabaho niya sa Siyete, ano raw ba ang gusto niyang palabasin? Sabi ng kaibigan naming propesor, “Nakalimutan na yata ng hambog na direktor na ‘yun na may pera sa basura? Kung basura ang panukat niya sa mga proyektong ginagawa ng pinatatamaan niyang network, at least, may basura pa rin silang ibinebenta! “Mas nakakalungkot ang magagaling ngang gumawa ng project, pero hindi naman nila maayos na maibenta, dahil tinanggalan sila ng prangkisa!” madiing komento ni prop. Sabi ni Jaclyn Jose, “I don’t fear the enemy who may attack me, I fear the fake friend who will still hug me.” May isa pang kasabihan, “It’s better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face than a friend who stabs you in the back.” Dahil basura na rin lang ang ginawang puhunan ng direktor sa kaniyang panglalatigo, idagdag na rin natin na ang kaibigan ay parang basura, kailangang ihinihiwalay natin ang nabubulok sa hindi. – CSF

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021







NO. 374

Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 1. Natisod 8. Uri ng kahoy 11. Ikuwento 14. Mortal 16. Diskarga 17. Kasal 18. Pang-abay 19. Patalin 20. Sabaw ng sinaing 21. Panghalip 23. Bilad 25. Nakakapagpalaya 28. Inagrabyado 29. Kabiyak 30. Kakadenahan

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021

El Shaddai DWXI-PPFI

Annual Thanksgiving Celebration

9. Saliwan 10. Naayos 12. Sasama 13. Bibisita 15. Binangi 22. Parti 24. Kilala 26. Tagos 27. Tarok


PABABA 2. Wari 3. Libak 4. Blusang ____ 5. Puting kasuotan 6. Kusang paggawa 7. Ang kalusugan

What to do if you have any Covid-19 symptoms Anyone who develops symptoms of Covid-19 should self-isolate and visit www. to use the online screening tool, or call Health Links–Info Santé at 204788-8200 or toll-free at 1-888315-9257 for health guidance on how to seek testing. Symptoms may include: • Cough • Headache • Fever/ chills • Muscle aches • Sore throat/ hoarse voice • Shortness of breath/ breathing difficulties • Loss of taste or smell • Vomiting, or diarrhea for more than 24 hours • Poor feeding if an infant • Runny nose • Fatigue

• Nausea or loss of appetite • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) • Skin rash of unknown cause While many people will develop only mild symptoms, some groups appear to be more vulnerable to COVID-19. Those at higher risk typically develop more serious, even fatal, symptoms such as pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome and kidney failure. High risk groups include those: • 60 years of age and older • living with chronic health conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart, renal or chronic lung conditions) • with weakened immune systems (e.g. cancer) Symptoms of COVID-19 or other coronaviruses may take up to 14 days to appear after exposure to the virus.

Members and guests of El Shaddai celebrate annual thanksgiving, Assiniboine Park, July 25, 2021

AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021



(Screen grab from INQ Sports)

2016, makes Diaz only the second Filipino two-time Olympic medallist, after swimmer Teofilo Yldefonso, in 1928. Rewards and vindication The fifth of six children, young Hidilyn learned the basics of weightlifting from her cousin Allen Jayfrus Diaz, starting with barbells they made from plastic pipes and concrete weights cast in tin cans. Now she is reaping the accolades of her nation. On July 27, the Senate adopted Resolution No. 793 to commend Diaz for “uplifting the nation to great heights of joy.” “Years ago, a small girl in Zamboanga carried boxes of fish to market to help feed her family. That woman last night with one mighty lift ended her people’s hunger for Olympic gold,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto. And the honours are coming in more than just words. Diaz is set to receive at least P35.5 million (almost $900,000 CAD) in awards from various public and private sources. Republic Act No. 10699 or the National Athletes and Coaches Benefits and Incentives Act, signed into law by the Aquino administration in 2015, rewards Olympic gold medallists with a P10 million prize. The country’s ultra-rich have also promised large rewards. Manny Pangilinan and Ramon Ang have pledged P10 million each while Deputy Speaker of the House, Mikee Romero, has committed P3 million. Diaz’s hometown, Zamboanga City, will also award her an additional P2.5 million. Philippine Olympic Committee president Abraham Tolentino pledged a house and a lot in Tagaytay City, and tycoon Andrew Tan announced that Megaworld will give Diaz a residential condominium unit in Eastwood City. The Office of the President had previously mentioned adding cash bonuses on top of what is already mandated by law, which would come as somewhat of a vindication for Diaz who was red tagged by the Duterte government in 2019. Diaz, who is also an active sergeant in the Philippines Air Force, was one of several people listed in then-presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo’s “matrix” of alleged plotters aiming to oust President Duterte. Panelo later admitted that he couldn’t explain why Diaz and fellow athlete Gretchen Ho were included in his own diagram of plotters, and he blamed the media for its “wrongful assessment” of the matrix. Nevertheless, Diaz and her family were subjected to death threats from Duterte supporters. Panelo and current presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque, have repeated denials that Diaz was considered an antigovernment plotter and have now congratulated her for her Olympic triumph.

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HIDILYN... From page 1

Hidilyn with boyfriend, coach & team manager, Julius Naranjo



AUGUST 1 - 15 , 2021

In our family, we make our plans together. Sa aming pamilya, sama-sama kaming nagpaplano. For all your important family events, it’s only natural that you plan ahead. It makes sense. And the same holds true for your funeral and cemetery arrangements. Take the time now to discuss your final wishes with loved ones - and with a trusted representative from Arbor Memorial. Call your local Filipino professional at Glen Eden Funeral Home & Cemetery and ask about our FREE customized planning kit. Para sa mga mahahalagang family events, natural lang ang magplano ng maaga. Totoo rin ito para sa iyong funeral at cemetery arrangements. Maglaan ng oras upang makausap ang iyong mga mahal sa buhay tungkol sa iyong mga huling kahilingan—kasama ang isang trusted representative mula sa Arbor Memorial. Tawagan ang Filipino representative sa Glen Eden Funeral Home & Cemetery at magtanong tungkol sa aming FREE customized planning kit.

Ruben Vila Family Services Director

Joseph/Macy De Guzman Family Services Director

Liza Cordoviz Family Services Director

Charito de Borja Family Services Director




204- 998-1494

Glen Eden Funeral Home & Cemetery by Arbor Memorial

4477 Main Street, West St. Paul, MB •

Arbor Memorial Inc.


Arbor Memorial


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Glen Eden Filipino Family Plan Ad - Update COLOUR:


10”w x 11”h

4 Colour

Profile for Pilipino Express News Magazine

Pilipino Express • Aug 1 2021  

Olympic Gold - Hidilyn Diaz wins in Tokyo • IRCC to accept up to 30,000 additional applications

Pilipino Express • Aug 1 2021  

Olympic Gold - Hidilyn Diaz wins in Tokyo • IRCC to accept up to 30,000 additional applications


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