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Worldwide Walk breaks records

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Top: 1.5 million Filipinos gather on Roxas Blvd for the INC Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty, May 6; at the same time, 1500 simultaneously walk in Winnipeg, May 5 at the MB Legislature. See INC p16




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MAY 16 - 31, 2018

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MAY 16 - 31, 2018

On the rice A few weeks ago the big news in the Philippines was the dwindling supply of rice in the market and the resulting increase in prices. While rice is one of the main agricultural products in the country, the reality is that we have to import a big portion of our supply because our production cannot match the demand. Needless to say, the problem became a looming crisis that government had to address immediately. Rice, after all, is our staple food, and its availability is a sensitive matter. Now I don’t want to delve into the economic and political reasons for the shortage, but I want to point out some other factors that seem to have caused it. Data from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) show that Filipinos are consuming more rice per person than ever before: in 1995, each of us ate an average of 93.2 kilos per year. By 2009 this had increased to 123.3 kilos, representing 20 per cent of a person’s budget for food. For many Filipinos, rice is food, and indeed we often say that we do

not get full if we do not eat rice. We love it so much that we have been eating more and more of it per person than ever before – resulting in periodic shortages. Not only are we eating more of it, we are also wasting lots of it. Again according to the IRRI, the average Filipino wastes two tablespoons of cooked rice every day. If you think that’s not significant, multiply that by 100,000,000 Filipinos and you get 12 per cent of the country’s annual rice imports. The cost? – more than seven billion pesos a year. That’s equivalent to the food of 2.5 million Filipinos a year. So that’s one of the most obvious answers to the periodic rice shortages: don’t waste rice. But if you were to ask Dr. Eufemio Rasco, former head of the IRRI, the answer is simply not to eat rice – at least not so much of it. He actually has a presentation titled, Why Rice Is Not Good For You, and he delivers this in various fora all over the country. His premise is that rice production contributes to the maldistribution of wealth and other societal problems. The

primary sufferers are the farmers themselves, who earn little from rice farming and sacrifice their own health for it. In reality, Dr. Rasco says, rice production benefits mainly the traders and input producers, leaving farmers poor and in bad health from the backbreaking work they have to do. The environment also suffers because it takes 5,000 litres of water to produce one kilo of rice. That’s not a typo: it really does take five thousand litres of water to produce just one kilo of rice. That’s water that could have been used for other purposes. Compare that with 1,500 litres to produce a kilo of corn, 2,800 litres to produce a kilo of beef or pork, and 1,500 kilos to produce one kilo of chicken. Most people I talk to about this counter that rice is a different kind of food and that it is necessary for a well-balanced diet. Even that, however, is debunked by science. Dr. Rasco points out that white rice is essentially starch, and it turns into glucose when it hits the blood stream. Glucose spikes cause diabetes, obesity, hypertension, stroke, and more. “Humans don’t need to eat rice,” Dr. Rasco says. “The energy we get from rice can be produced by the body by eating

fatty and protein-rich foods such as meat and fish. That is the reason our hunter-gatherer ancestors survived before the advent of grains.” That can sound counterintuitive because we’ve always been taught that fat is bad, but new studies have shown that this is not the case. In fact, diabetes cases worldwide only started to increase in the 1980s just after the US government introduced its “food pyramid” that prescribed a diet based on carbohydrates. But is it possible to wean Filipinos from rice? I’d like to think so. In Davao City, a new law directs restaurants to serve half a serving of rice (called “half rice”) both to prevent wastage and to give diners the option to eat less of the staple. That may be difficult to replicate in a country where “unli-rice” (unlimited rice) is a regular restaurant come-on, but there is at least hope that if one city can do it, then perhaps others can. The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the original author, and do not necessarily represent those of the Pilipino Express publishers. Jon Joaquin is the Chief Editor of www.mindanation. com. E-mail Jon at jonjoaquin@

Cool kids count their coins by Tim St Vincent When I was a child I remember accompanying my mom to the grocery store and watching her spend literally hours comparison shopping, price matching, and bargain hunting… Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, not hours but it felt like that to my 10-yearold self. It wasn’t until I was living on my own that I came to realize she was trying to stretch her dollar. Our children see us making purchasing decisions, whether they are the significant ones of purchasing a vehicle or the more ordinary ones of choosing which vegetables to buy based on price and season. We often neglect to use these teachable moments to help prepare our children for the real world of managing our budgets. This leads to kids growing into adults that face financial challenges. Not because they’re a bad people, but rather because they were never taught these skills. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather have my children make their money mistakes and learn difficult lessons sooner rather than later. How exactly do we open up the discussion about the big bad “F word?” I’m talking about finances. Oh yeah, that F word!

First, we want to examine our own money history and our current relationship with money. That means getting real with ourselves. What are our money values? What’s our current relationship with money? Do we like how we feel about money? And what money mistakes have we made? This might be uncomfortable at first and that’s okay. The thing is, unless we’re aware of our own relationship with money we won’t be aware of what we’re subconsciously teaching our children. For example, I grew up in a household where I often received the money message that money equals power. I grew up to be independent, but I also found that I would often find myself paying for date nights to demonstrate my power. Here I had to be real with myself, I work for a charity, I can’t be a sugar mama – yet. So I had to change the belief that “money is power” into a different one; “Money is powerful when budgeted and spent wisely.” There isn’t a one-size-fitsall approach when it comes to teaching our children about money. We all have different values and ideals of how we want to raise our children. That’s OK. We can choose which approach appeals to our parenting

techniques. I’ll walk you through an example that my cousin uses to teach her 10-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son. She gives her kids a weekly allowance. The kids are then taught a simpler version of budgeting by dividing up their money into three different jars: Spend, Save, and Give. They can spend the money in their spend jar on anything they please (as long as it’s safe and moral). The money set aside for giving is to give to a charity or a cause that is dear to them. When they put money into their savings, her kids can “invest their money.” Based on their investments they generate interest. As children determine how they want to spend their money we have the opportunity to help guide them in determining values, priorities, and goals. This equips them with essential money management skills they can utilize for future decisions. For example, my cousin decided to have a conversation with her 10-yearold daughter about purchasing a car in the future. They spoke about the cost of a used car. Her daughter walked away and thought about the trade-offs of a used car in terms of savings and spending. A few days later she came back to her mom and said, “if I decide to buy your car off of you, I’d be able to save a lot more money.” It’s these teachable moments that allow our children

to think of delayed gratification for long-term gain. It allows our kids to take a thoughtful approach to future financial decisions. These habits and this thoughtful approach to finances can begin early in life. Now you might ask me, Manraj, where’s the scientific backing for such a claim? Well, there was a research experiment completed in the 1960s and 1970s known as the famous “Marshmallow experiment.” Preschool children were given one marshmallow, which they could eat right away or if they waited just 15 minutes, which for a preschooler can feel like an eternity, they would be given a second marshmallow. About 30 per cent were able to wait the full 15 minutes. A follow up study of these children, when they were in their 40s and 50s, showed they grew up to face a number of advantages in terms of doing better in school, having greater self-worth, and managing stress levels better. If we’re not in the position to give our kids an allowance, or we would prefer not to give them an allowance, there are still plenty of teachable moments available. It can be as simple as explaining why we’re comparing unit price for packaged goods instead of buying a bigger package. We can include them in weekly meal planning, grocery shopping, and See COOL KIDS p5

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What is Pride? Dear Ate Anna: I see a lot of colourful advertisements for Winnipeg Pride. What is that? Signed, Interested in Pride Dear Interested: Thank you for your question. Pride is a festival that celebrates gender and sexual diversity, including members of the LGBT2SQ+ community. Pride festivals are hosted around the world, and there are a number of communities in Manitoba that will have Pride Festivals this summer. Steinbach, Portage La Prairie, Flin Flon, Thompson, Brandon and Winnipeg will host Pride festivals this year. Winnipeg Pride is hosting a number of activities starting on May 25th, and will continue to the weekend festival held on June 2nd and 3rd at the Forks. Pride is an important time for people of the LGBT2SQ+ community, their friends and their families. LGBT2SQ+ is an acronym that describes different gender and sexual identities. Some words that may sound familiar are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit and queer. These are identities that people have based on their understanding of their own gender and sexuality. For many of us, these words and these ideas might be new and unfamiliar, and this is okay. The important thing to remember is that people are allowed to decide for themselves who they are and how they identify. If you have more questions about LGBT2SQ+ you can access our website at for resources on this topic. Pride is an important time for people of the LGBT2SQ+ community, their friends and their families. In many ways

COOL KIDS... From page 4 household purchase decisions. Ultimately, it’s up to us as the parents to start that conversation about the “F word” – Finances! https://www.cnn. com/2014/12/22/us/ marshmallow-test/index.html Tim St Vincent is a retired CFP and is a Certified Educator

people who are LGBT2SQ+ are discriminated against because of who they love and how they express their gender. For example, a transgender worker might be bullied at their workplace, or a lesbian woman might not be accepted by her family. There are a lot of misunderstandings and wrong ideas about the LGBT2SQ+ community. There is nothing wrong with being LGBT2SQ+, these identities are normal and healthy. LGBT2SQ+ individuals are just like any other individual, who wants to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. The Manitoba Pride festivals allow time and space for the LGBT2SQ+ community to get together, celebrate their uniqueness, and build understanding about gender and sexual identity around the province. Everyone is welcome to attend these events, and there is an expectation that everyone who attends acts respectfully and supportively to the people around them. More information on Winnipeg Pride can be found online at www.pridewinnipeg. com, or in the Pride Guides, which can be found at the Rainbow Resource Centre, or in many libraries around the city. We hope you have a good time celebrating Pride this year, and celebrating those of the LGBT2SQ+ community. Have a fun Pride! Ate Anna Ate Anna welcomes your questions and comments. Please write to: Ate Anna, Suite 200-226 Osborne St. N., Winnipeg, MB R3C 1V4 or e-mail: Visit us at for reliable information and links on the subject of sexuality.

in Personal Finance with the Credit Counselling Society, a Non-Profit organization. Tim is away right now, and Manraj Waraich, the CCS Educator in Edmonton is filling in for him. If you wish to contact the Society for further information, assistance or to attend a webinar, please call 1-888-527-8999 or visit or




MAY 16 - 31, 2018

Dependent children pay for the sins of the parent The challenges facing the socalled “Dreamers” in the United States is something that has attracted the attention of many around the world. The term itself is from the acronym “DREAM” for the Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, which was never passed through congress. It covers persons who were brought into the United States illegally as children, as long as they meet certain requirements. President Obama created DACA through an executive action in 2013 and included a subset of Dreamers who had been in the United States since 2007, arrived in the country before turning 16, and were under the age of 31 on the day the order was signed. The Trump administration, however, announced their intention to phase out the program by no longer accepting new DACA applications or renewals in September 2017. The numbers affected by his action is considerable – around 800,000. Canadians are divided about the actions of the Trump government with a majority in a recent Angus Reid poll supporting the rights of

the DACA children. However, we should not be so quick to judge our American neighbours: “judge not, lest ye be judged.” Consider the recent high profile Canadian example of a child who obtained status as a dependent child on his father’s application for permanent residence. The father was implicated in an alleged “honour” killing of a Canadian woman from Maple Ridge B.C. in 2000 in India. The father was convicted and given a life sentence. He applied for Canadian permanent residence in 2007 and declared “no” to the question of whether or not he had been the subject of any criminal proceedings. The father, who was granted a temporary parole while appealing his conviction, returned to Canada with his wife and then-25-year-old son. The father later returned to India to serve his sentence accompanied by his wife. However, the son remained in Canada and started his own family. In 2014 the son, who was visiting his family abroad, applied to the Canadian consulate abroad to obtain a travel document because his permanent

resident card had expired. It was at this time that Canadian officials became aware of the mistake the department made in issuing permanent resident visa to a convicted murderer and his family. They let the son return to Canada but filed an inadmissibility report on the grounds that he had withheld information about his father’s conviction. In 2015 the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) ruled that the son could remain in Canada because he was not responsible for the misrepresentation of his father. The government challenged this decision to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) but once again the son was excused. However, IRCC did not relent and appealed to the Federal Court of Canada in 2017. The government successfully argued that the son had a “duty of candour” to disclose his father’s criminal record even though he had not been asked this specific question. The Federal Court judge agreed that the son was not bound by duty to disclose this information. The judge ruled that the son was inadmissible because of the inadmissibility of the principal applicant, in this case, the father. “There is

no dispute between the parties that, but for (father by name)’s misrepresentation, (his son) would not have been admitted to Canada as an accompanying family member,” the judge ruled. “The visas would have been denied and the family denied landing at the port of entry. His permanent resident status is therefore predicated upon a lie, albeit a lie by his father when they applied for and gained entry to Canada,” (see “A Son Can Be Bound By The Lies Of His Father …, written by Douglas Quan, National Review). The judge sent the case back to the IAD for reconsideration in 2018. The lawyer for the son is now considering an appeal to the Federal Court decision and the applicant still has a chance to argue the humanitarian and compassionate aspects of the case once it is back at the IRB. Like the DACA children in the United States, the son in this case has strong attachments to Canada with Canadian born children. The applicant’s lawyer was correct to point out the apparent unfairness in the treatment of the son. “Unlike his parents, my client has actually lived here since 2009. He’s employed, has two children

here who are Canadian citizens, a wife who is now a Canadian citizen, a sister here,” the lawyer said. “There are strong factors in his favour. And he has no record here.” We like to think that this could not happen in Canada, that we are compassionate and fair minded. It is an image that the current Trudeau government promotes with the emphasis on the reunification of families. But cases such as the one above still occur and serve as a warning to all concerned. Immigration lawyer David Cohen concludes: “It’s now up to Canada’s courts to employ this precedent widely, and ensure DACA remains something we only read about in Canada, not live,” (See blog on CANADA VISA). Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Canada Immigration and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd. 204-691-1166 or 204-227-0292. E-mail: mscott.

Mga anak at mga ina On Saturday, May 5th, Aksyon Ng Ating Kabataan hosted a fun afternoon of canvas acrylic painting in honour of Mother’s Day. The “ANAK presents Ina” event featured a piece by local Filipino-Canadian artist Jogin Tamayo, who is known for his use of various forms of paints in depictions of people within their native environments. The event was presented in collaboration with Lyn and Lou Alarkon of Alark Co. and their Pinta! Paint Series, which pairs rising Manitoba artists with local not-for-profits like ANAK to fundraise for a good cause. About 40 painters were guided through two hours of creative expression, with Jogin going through each step, providing tips, and explaining the various methods of how to work with the tools. The abstract-style scene featured a mother and child in the foreground, set in the late evening

by the water, with an island in the distance under swirling clouds in violet haze. Those in attendance were free to personalize their art as much as they wanted – from adding a cityscape on the island rather than a palm tree, some

mountains and a nipa hut – to changing the embroidery pattern on the cloth. The goal of the event was to raise funds for the ANAK Liwayway Scholarship for Leadership Excellence, given to deserving graduating grade 12 students of Filipino-Canadian descent for their post-secondary studies who demonstrate a commitment to preserving and promoting Philippine heritage.

Photos by Andrew Aviso and Alark Co.

MAY 16 - 31, 2018



Vacations could make you live longer We all know as early as May, a lot of employees start getting anxious to take advantage of the warmer weather. Some go camping with their families, some start planning road trips with friends, or for some, the Winnipeg Whiteout Street Party has been a regular hangout. However, not all employees have an easy time getting away from work. Did you know that the average Canadian works some 1,750 hours per year, 300 hours more per year than the average French or German worker? This is the third-longest working year of any advanced democracy after the United States and Australia. In a recent Carleton University survey, researchers found that people now spend one-third of their time at the office and half of the time they work at home reading and answering emails. And 30 per cent of that time, the e-mails are neither urgent nor important. They found that 11.7 hours are spent at work and 5.3

hours at home every week. The study surveyed 1,500 people across six organizations, most of whom were highly educated Gen-Xers and baby boomers. Almost all were in professional and management positions, had been in their current jobs for a substantial amount of time and had an average work week of 47.2 hours. Sixty per cent were women. They also found that the participants acknowledged missing three days of work in a six-month period because of emotional fatigue, four days because of issues with caregiving obligations and almost five sick days. On top of that, one in five had thought about leaving their jobs. For a healthier and more productive workforce, people need to be able to take care of themselves and take advantage of holidays when they can. Scientific studies show that men and women who take vacations

live longer than those who do not. In fact, the journal Psychosomatic Medicine published a study where researchers found that among middle-aged men who were at high risk for coronary heart disease, those who went on a regular vacation of at least once a year were 21 per cent less likely to die of any cause other than old age. The study also found that they are 32 per cent less likely to die of heart disease. There is increasing evidence that vacations are really necessary for good health. Using the Framingham Heart Study, the longest-running study of cardiovascular disease, found that women who took a vacation once every six years or less were eight times more likely to develop

coronary heart disease or have a heart attack compared to those women who took a vacation at least twice a year. Although vacations are a time to relax and reduce stress, many workers have a hard time leaving their work behind. This is especially true for small business owners, sales professionals and individuals in managerial positions who have few resources to help carry the workload in their absence. Sources: • news/3395457/this-is-howmuch-time-you-spend-on-workemails-every-day-according-to-acanadian-survey/ • news/3520970/how-taking-avacation-can-save-your-life/

• https://pilipino-express. com/features-sp-1157189368/ career-connexion/501-time-fortime-off-.html This article is intended for information purposes only and not to be considered as professional advice. Michele Majul-Ibarra, IPMA-ACP holds an Advanced Certified HR Professional Designation with the International Personnel Management Association. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Certificate in Human Resource Management. She also holds the C.I.M. professional designation (Certified in Management). E-mail her at



MAY 16 - 31, 2018

Feng shui of your front door sidewalk or path Feng shui focuses a lot of thought and energy on the front door. The size, direction, colour and condition of the door all influence the occupants of the house or business and how successful or unsuccessful they are. But what delivers you to that front door? It’s the home’s sidewalk or garden path. When that pathway is missing or afflicted, so is the quality and type of energy from that home. The pathway is another way of looking at water because water brings opportunity and income, and roads and pathways in front of a home are considered water pathways. When water is running smoothly and easily, this promotes the wealth and health of the home and its occupants. This is what makes curb appeal such an important part of building your home’s feng shui. The appearance of your front door and the front walkway instantly set the tone for the kind of energy you have in the house and the type and quality of opportunities and good fortune you experience. It’s what makes the type of walkway you have

coming to the front of the house such an important part of creating the kind of feng shui that creates the kind of life you enjoy the most. Look at these sidewalk and pathway points for improving your home’s pathways, and your home’s chi and your good fortune. The poison arrow path This is one of the most common problems with the front sidewalk. This sidewalk is usually at the street and runs straight to the front door. This type of sidewalk can cause rushing chi and is often described as a poison arrow. When looked at it as a waterway, this type of path is akin to a fire hose – it delivers so much water so quickly as to be destructive. The poison arrow path delivers energy too quickly and can cause problems with the sector it is associated with, in addition to creating hostility aimed at the occupants of the house. This is compounded further if you can see from the front door out the back of the door. It will often cause the

occupants to have severe health and financial difficulties, possibly even bankruptcy. To correct, be sure to add some plantings next to the sidewalk to help soften it. You can also take out a centre section of the sidewalk and add a circular area with an urn or a planting area that makes visitors go around. You can also add planting beds that run alongside the walkway to help slow down the chi. The starving house Often older homes did not have a path or walkway from the driveway or street to the front

door. When there is no waterway, the home is starved or dying or thirst. If the house is quite old, this would have been fine years ago when the house was built but as the house ages, anyone who lives in the house will see depleting finances as well as health problems. To correct, a new front walk must be added. The more permanent the walk, like poured concrete, the better as this type of walkway will help bring more water chi to the front door more quickly.

The afflicted house pathway This house may have a walkway that is too small, old, cracked, crumbling or deteriorating. This means the quality of the energy is deteriorating too. This disrupts the walkway’s ability to deliver the water or chi to the front door, cutting off income, opportunity or making the quality of the opportunity and income decline over time. Make sure the walkway to your front door is in good condition and that it delivers chi to the door See FENG SHUI p9

MAY 16 - 31, 2018



Winnipegger runs marathons barefoot for a cause With a fit body and a big heart for helping others, barefoot runner Norman Garcia gears up to once again run for a cause in a series of marathons scheduled this year. Norman is a triathlete and the first Filipino known to finish the Manitoba Marathon barefooted. In 2017, he successfully raised more than Php180,000

while running barefoot for the World Vision charity. The proceeds went toward building a community learning hub for children in Antique, Philippines. This year, Norman is competing in four different races in Canada: the Winnipeg Police Service’s Half-marathon (21K) this past May 6, the Manitoba Marathon (42K) on June 17, the

Hecla Long Distance Triathlon (2K swim, 90K bike, 21K run) on July 21, and the Winnipeg 10&10 (30K) on September 9. His goal is to provide 160 children with new school supplies. “I run barefoot so they don’t have to,” explained Norman, who started to run barefoot after being inspired by minimalism or

the “art of living with less.” In turn, Norman’s unique way of running and lending a hand inspired people to support his fundraising endeavours. As a runner, he does not focus on the pain caused by running barefoot but on the joy of the children who will treasure his contributions to their education, and the children who will receive the school

supplies just in time for the school year in the Philippines. Fellow Filipinos are looking forward to Norman’s run, showing their support by sharing his advocacy to their friends and sending him the best of luck. To support Norman’s advocacy, visit www. ormangarciaforworldvision2018

In 2017, the proceeds of Norman’s fundraiser run were used to build a community learning hub in Antique, Philippines.

FENG SHUI... From page 8 smoothly and auspiciously. Pathway and sidewalk pointers Always try to make the walkways auspicious looking and attractive with plants and other landscaping elements. Endeavour to create smooth winding or curving pathways. These deliver beneficial chi. Add lighting to pathways to encourage excellent yang energy. Add plantings such as beautiful flowers to add good fortune chi. Promote excellent energy by adding other features such as water fountains to bring benevolent energy to your home. FENG SHUI Q&A Question: I moved to a house that has the door on the side of the house. You can’t see it from

the front. I have stepping stones that lead from the driveway to the front door. Money has been a problem and I am wondering if it’s my front door causing the problems. Answer: There are a couple of things going on here. The first is a smooth and uninterrupted path to your front door. Stepping-stones are not a smooth, uninterrupted path. I’ve seen homes with financial difficulties and they’ve lacked a path to the front door or a way for chi to enter the house. Here are some suggestions for you: 1. Have a poured concrete path to the front door. This would be best. At the very least, having a smooth path will help. 2. Use the front door frequently. Side doors are sometimes overlooked and the entry is made through the garage only. Do make sure the front door

is activated with entry and exiting through it. 3. Encourage chi to your front door. You can do this by adding landscaping and lighting along the walkway that leads to the front door. Make sure there is plenty of attention paid to the side of the house that leads to the front door – this encourages chi to enter your home. Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in authentic Chinese feng shui. She has over 20+ years of feng shui study, practice and professional consultation. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more visit www. and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!



MAY 16 - 31, 2018

The Future is Electric:

Talking Vehicle Technology with Christopher Basilio By guest writer Matthew Brett Look no further than Christopher Basilio to get a sense of where the vehicle technology industry is headed. Chris is the Research Coordinator for the Vehicle Technology & Energy Centre (VTEC) at Red River College. He works on applied research and development projects in partnership with industry, with an emphasis on vehicle development and performance improvement. This includes research on vehicle weight reduction, emissions reductions, vehicle electrification and sensor applications on vehicles. A recent project highlight for Chris was working with New Flyer and Winnipeg Transit, installing data loggers on an electric bus to study battery performance in a climate that undergoes significant change between winter and summer. “It’s an eye-opener for students to work hand-in-hand with industry and have a glimpse into what industry is doing and to work with experts,” Chris said of the project. “It’s a great opportunity to showcase what the College can bring to industry, and what we can do with industry in the future.” Adapting to the climate in work & life A newcomer to Canada, Chris arrived with his wife and two daughters from the Philippines in August 2016. The key to a big move like this is to embrace change, Chris said. “It’s really totally different in Canada,” he said. “In the Philippines, 35 degrees is the normal. The key on that is embracing the culture, weather, and people. That’s what I find

unique in Canada because it really has been very welcoming, unlike some other countries. We really appreciated that. We chose wisely.” The college chose wisely too. Chis has over 10 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, and joined the VTEC team in March 2017. He has a Chemical Engineering Degree from University of the City of Manila and a Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Semiconductor Packaging from Arizona State University. He’s also a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and member of Engineers Geoscientist Manitoba as an Engineer in Training. Chris is guided by VTEC Research Manager Jojo Delos Reyes, and works alongside a growing team of student research assistants, recent graduates, faculty, and staff. “It really is an honour to work at the college and to impart the knowledge that I’ve gained in industry, and to help students understand what it’s like to work in industry and in research settings,” Chris said. “It’s really a privilege to work in this setting, and to get the kind of input that we get from students, faculty and industry. It’s really a great model.” The future of vehicle technology VTEC have drafted plans for the coming years to adapt to a rapidly changing vehicle technology industry, Chris said. “We have a very good list of projects that we’ll be working on in the coming years,” he said. “Right now, we’re just aligning those projects with industry partners, and it’s very exciting.” VTEC have held planning

sessions to identify priorities and trends, and the VTEC team continue to consult closely with industry partners. The team has also expanded in preparation for an ambitious research agenda. As for trends, Chris says the emphasis is shifting toward big data analytics, electrification, and autonomous vehicles. “We’re moving on that trend and industry is pushing us in that direction too. Data is really the future. It’s a big and exciting challenge,” Chris said. “Alternative energy sources will become a major thing in the future, so some of the projects we’ll be dealing with will involve alternative energy sources like hydrogen.” Teamwork putting it all together The backbone of all of this is softer skills like communications, flexibility, and an ability to work with diverse stakeholders. That is the nature of applied research partnerships, and it’s where Chris thrives. “You really need to have a good sense of camaraderie, how to work collaboratively with faculty,

staff, students and industry,” he said. “We all have our own schedules and priorities, yet have to work together because each of us have specific expertise.” Chris said the curriculum will also have to adapt to meet these changing trends, keeping up with input received from industry. “We need to anticipate those kinds of technologies and be ready as a college,” Chris said. “These skill-sets are continually and rapidly evolving, so we need to stay ahead of this in our work and curriculum.”

Christopher Basilio

There’s also the summer to look forward to. Chris enjoys playing badminton, biking, reading sci-fi, and learning about new technologies. “When you watch old scifi films, there’s a lot of future technology there that has become reality. Science-fiction can often project or give inspiration for the future,” he said. For now, the future is electric. Matthew Brett is the Research Communications Coordinator in Research Partnerships & Innovation at Red River College

in Winnipeg. This article is reprinted by permission of: • Jojo Delos Reyes, Research Manager, NSERC/SSHRC RGO & VTEC Program Manager, Research Partnerships & Innovation, Red River College; and • Ray Hoemsen, FEC, P. Eng., Executive Director, Research Partnerships & Innovation, Red River College. The original article can be found on line at http://blogs.

MAY 16 - 31, 2018



Sali Na!

Looking for something new ? We offer relocation, housing and food allowances with good pay and benefits!

If you are looking for career advancement visit our Job Fair – June 8, 2018 from 10 am to 6 pm @ Canad Inns Polo Park 1405 St Matthews Ave. For more information about our opportunities visit •Store Managers • Supervisors • Department Managers • Retail Management Couples


Ewan kung magiging kapanipaniwala ang deklarasyon ni Bea Alonzo na hiwalay na sila ni Gerald Anderson. Bitin kasi ang kaniyang sagot nang may magtanong sa kaniya kung sila pa ba ng aktor. “Hindi sa ngayon,” sabi ni Bea. Walang kahit anong detalye kundi ang nag-uusap pa rin daw naman sila ni Gerald. Sa kasaysayan ng pakikipagrelasyon ni Bea ay ito ang mamarkahan bilang pinakamaigsi. Matagal siyang humawak ng relasyon. Ilang taon ang itinagal ng pakikipagrelasyon niya kay Mico Palanca maging kay Zanjoe Marudo. Maraming nagpapalagay na kaya niya sinabing hindi sa ngayon ay dahil mayroon siyang pelikula, si Derek Ramsay ang kaniyang leading man, pero pagkatapos na maipalabas ang pelikula ay sila na uli ni Gerald. Nagbibigayan lang siguro sila dahil noong ipalabas naman ang proyektong pinagtambalan ng binatang aktor at ni Pia Wurtzbach ay ganyan din ang kanilang deklarasyon. Hiwalay na sila, binura pa


nga ni Bea ang mga retrato nilang magkasama ni Gerald sa kaniyang IG account, pero pagkatapos ay sila na naman uli. *** Panahon ngayon ni Vice Ganda. Anumang pagbatikos ang gawin ng kaniyang mga bashers ay walang kahit sinong makapipigil sa kaniyang popularidad. Kaniyangkaniya ang entablado ngayon dito sa Pilipinas at sa iba-ibang bansa man. Sa Winnipeg na lang, ilang araw pa bago ang kaniyang concert ay sold-out na ang tickets. Marami pang gustong manood pero wala nang makuha, dahil sabik na sabik ang mga kababayan natin sa Winnipeg na mapanood siya nang personal. Ang mga sumunod niyang concert ay ganoon din, talagang sinuportahan siya ng mga kababayan natin, SRO ang kaniyang mga shows. Hindi kasi dinadaya ni Vice Ganda ang kaniyang audience, ginagastusan niya ang kaniyang mga outfit, nagsasama siya ng personal make-up artist at wardrobe consultant niya para See CRISTY p15

MAY 16 - 31, 2018

• Bea Alonzo – Totoo bang tapos na sila ni Gerald? • Vice Ganda – Wala nang makakapigil sa popularidad • Vic Sotto – Hindi tatanggap ng Dolphy Memorial Award • Heart Evangelista – In the family way na! • Nora Aunor – May bagong kontrata sa GMA7 ang Superstar • Korina Sanchez – Ninang ng 2nd baby ni James at Michela • Sarah Geronimo – Sukdulang pagod, pressure at stress • Willie Revillame – Makumbinsi kayang sumabak sa politika? • Arci Munoz – Patol nang patol, ipinaglihi na rin sa patola • Sharon Cuneta – Ayaw nang makatrabaho si Gabby

Gerald Anderson & Bea Alonzo

Michela Cazzola & James Yap

Liza Soberano

Korina Sanchez

Vice Ganda (Photo by Henry Balanial)

Heart Evangelista & Chiz Escudero

My Guitar Princess now on GMA Network Can a girl realize her dreams and find her heart’s true desires through the music she anonymously creates? This month, GMA Network invites viewers to believe in the power of music and love with the musical rom-com series My Guitar Princess top-billed by Asia’s Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose. My Guitar Princess tells

the story of Celina Raymundo (Julie Anne), an 18-year-old girl who loves to sing and to play the guitar but is a little insecure of her talent. Her mother, Adele Raymundo (played by Sheryl Cruz), disapproves and discourages her from singing. Yet the pull towards the inevitable proves to be strong. Celina’s talent will be the driving See PRINCESS p18 Kiko Estrada, Julie Ann San Jose & Gil Cuerva

Sarah Geronimo

Sharon Cuneta

Nora Aunor

MAY 16 - 31, 2018






MAY 16 - 31, 2018

New beginnings

Denisse Samaniego performs in stories of displacement & resettlement Sarasvàti Productions will premiere their latest community collaboration called New Beginnings this month at the University of Winnipeg’s Asper Centre for Theatre and Film. The production brings together a diverse range of artists, community members, recent newcomers and established immigrants to explore the themes of displacement and resettlement through the use of dance, music, visual art and storytelling. The stories featured in New Beginnings were collected through a series of interviews conducted by Artistic Director Hope McIntyre and Associate Producer Lindsay Johnson over the course of about two years. Stories range from the experiences of refugees from Syria and Sudan, to immigrants from the African diaspora who came for a more secure future for their children. The show also includes an ensemble of eight performers, seven dancers, drummers and dozens of community members sharing their traditions – many of whom were artists in their home country. Denisse Samaniego, a third year Theatre and Education student at University of Winnipeg, plays the role of Hazel

Denisse Samaniego and Savannah Boyko

Reena Jolly and Olatunbosun Amao – acting, dancing and singing in her professional stage debut. She emigrated from the Philippines to Winnipeg with her parents when

Denisse Samaniego




Owner Darin Hoffman & Spouse Zeny Regalado


Proudly Serving Winnipeg


1839 Inkster Blvd. 1006 Nairn Ave.

she was only three years old and found parallels with her character on stage. “I’m proud of my culture and my Philippine upbringing,” says Samaniego who has been performing since she learned to talk. “I’m an immigrant and like the character I play, my parents started with very little but worked hard to build a firm foundation for me and my little sister. It’s a privilege to work with an organization like Sarasvàti to share humble immigrant beginnings that have helped shape our society today.” Samaniego was crowned Miss Teenage Manitoba in 2016 where she advocated in support of mental health, women’s empowerment, and equal access to education. She was an ambassador for positive self-esteem and inspiring individuality among the thousands of youth at the many events where she spoke. Cherissa Richards, who recently appeared in Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s A Christmas Carol, will direct the production. It is being created with the contribution of renowned musician Gerry Atwell as See DENISSE p15



Darin Hoffman

Owner/General Manager

Zeny Regalado

Community Representative/ Preneed Consultant


& Area Since




1006 NAIRN AVENUE • 204-275-5555



MAY 16 - 31, 2018

CRISTY... From page 12 maging maayos ang kaniyang itsura sa pagharap sa publiko. Sabi ng aming source, “Hindi lang milronaryo si Vice, bilyonaryo na siya! Sa laki ng talent fee niya sa mga shows abroad, panalung-panalo na siya! Malaki, pero kumikita naman ang mga producers, kaya siya ang kinukuha. “Malaki rin ang talent fee niya sa It’s Showtime, siya naman kasi ang talagang inaabangan ng mga televiewers, hindi masarap panoorin ang noontime show kapag wala siya,” kuwento ng aming kausap. Pero marunong humawak ng pananalapi ang sikat na aktor-TV host, mayroon lang siyang halagang inilalaan para sa kaniyang mga granatsa at pang-PR sa mga nagugustuhan niyang boys. Matalino sa paghawak ng pera ang bakla! *** Samantala, naging ugat ng pagtatalo at pagpapalitan ng mga salita nina Vice Ganda at kasamang Gorgy Rula ang espesyal na parangal na ihahandog ng FAMAS para sa komedyante. Hindi lang naman ang kolumnista ang nagtatanong, marami pang iba, kung bakit si Vice Ganda ang tatanggap ng Dolphy Memorial Award at hindi si Bossing Vic Sotto. Sino raw ba ang pumili ng paghahandugan ng award? Ang pamunuan ba ng FAMAS o ang mga anak ng namayapang Hari Ng Komedya? Sa pamamagitan ng manager ni Direk Eric Quizon na si Tita Dolor Guevarra ay nakuha namin ang mga detalye ng proseso kung paano at bakit si Vice Ganda ang napiling pagbigyan ng Dolphy Memorial Award. Nakipag-usap pala ang pangulo ng FAMAS kay Direk Eric Quizon para magpaalam tungkol sa espesyal na parangal. Walang problema, sabi naman ng aktordirektor, sinu-sino raw ba ang mga personalidad na pamimilian?


Nang isa-isa nang banggitin ng pangulo ng institusyon nang FAMAS ang mga pangalan sa listahan ay wala ang pangalan ni Bossing Vic Sotto. Muling tanong ni Direk Eric, sino ba ang palagay ng FAMAS ang tatanggap ng award, ang sagot naman ng pangulo ng award-giving body, sa survey daw ng ginawa ng grupo ay si Vice Ganda ang nanguna, kaya sa komedyante-TV host nila ihahandog ang Dolphy Memorial Award. Malinaw ang kuwento. Wala ang pangalan ni Bossing Vic Sotto sa listahan. Si Vice Ganda ang nanguna sa kanilang survey. Hindi ang mga anak ng Comedy King ang pumili ng paghahandugan ng award. *** Wala nang mahihiling pa ngayon si Heart Evangelista. Magkakaprodukto na sila ni Senador Chiz Escudero. Iyon ang kukumpleto sa kaniyang buhay may-asawa. Nagbibiruan nga kaming magkakaibigan, baka raw ang napaglilihian ni Heart ay ang masasarap nilang putahe sa Barrio Fiesta, lalo na ang ipinagmamalaki nilang kare-kare. Pero mali kami. Puro pagkaing puti ang hinahanap ni Heart sa kaniyang paglilihi. Basta puti ay aprubado sa kaniya. Ayaw rin niyang nakakaamoy ng iginigisang pagkain. Palaging ganoon ang mga nagdadalantao, iwas na iwas sila sa amoy ng bawang at sibuyas, mabaho para sa kanila ang paggigisa. Pero hindi pa man lumalaki ang sanggol sa sinapupunan ni Heart ay mayroon nang mga taong walang magawa na inaatake ang bata at ang magiging itsura nito. Ewan kung saan nanggagaling ang hugot ng mga taong iyon, pati ba naman ang binhi na walang kamalay-malay ay idinadamay na ng mga ito sa kalokohan, may kunsensiya pa ba ang mga taong ganoon? Ang bawat bata ay isang See CRISTY p17


DENISSE... From page 14 Music Director, Brenda Gorlick as dance consultant, Snow Angel Films and contemporary Indigenous dancer Emily Solstice. New Beginnings runs from May 22 to 27 at the University of Winnipeg’s Asper Centre for Theatre and Film, 400 Colony Street. Select performances will offer translation, post-show conversation circles and feasts to promote inter-cultural dialogue. Tickets are $15 at or call 204-586-2236. Sources: Sarasvàti Productions, Eman Agpalza

“New Beginnings” ensemble

Gertrude Hambira and Mpho Mambira

Photos by Samantha Rae Photography



MAY 16 - 31, 2018

INC’s Worldwide Walk breaks records An estimated 1.5 million Filipinos around the globe marched together in the second Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty, a charitable walk hosted by the international religious organization Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ) on May 6. The event started at 6:00 a.m., Manila time, on Sunday, and happened simultaneously at hundreds of other sites around the world. According to an INC report, participants at 358 sites around the globe in 44 countries, 33 territories and across 18 time zones simultaneously hiked in this year’s Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty. “A huge number of people joined the Worldwide Walk that was held in Manila… the event garnered three new Guinness World Records that were immediately awarded on the same day… for the Largest Charity walk for a single venue, Largest Picture Mosaic, and Largest Human Sentence forming the sentence: “Proud to be a member of Iglesia ni Cristo,” said Jimi Cruz, one of the organizers of the Worldwide Walk in Winnipeg. According to Guinness Book of World Records adjudicator Paulina Sapinska, INC now holds the new world record for “largest human sentence” with a total of 23,235 INC members who participated in forming the sentence. The previous record-holder was the Rotary International District 3000, Rotary Club of Perambalur (India) and Roever Group of Educational Institutions, which had 16,550 participants. Another new world record was also given to INC for the “largest picture mosaic” with 9,000 INC members that formed the Church’s green, white and red flag with the biblical golden menorah in the middle. This superseded previous record-holder Abeer Medical Group (Saudi Arabia), in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Last November 2017, the said organization made their human picture mosaic with 4,500 participants as part of their celebration for the world diabetes day. In Winnipeg, the Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty started at 5:00 p.m. A total of 1,500 joined the charity walk along the Legislative grounds. “The Guinness Book of world records required nonINC members to be witnesses and timekeepers to avoid bias in reporting. We had to submit names with corresponding photos of our nominees to Guinness for their approval… they, then, contacted our nominees to confirm and verify their identities,” added Cruz.

The independent witnesses were MLA for Burrows Cindy Lamoureux and Donna Arenas of CKJS Radio Winnipeg. The Independent timekeepers were MP for Winnipeg North Kevin Lamoureux, MLA for Tyndall Park Ted Marcelino and Lito Taruc of CKJS radio Winnipeg. “We thank all of our brethren and our highly distinguished guests for uniting in this Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty. Through our unity with our Church Administration and in accordance to the teachings we uphold from the Holy Scriptures, we were able to show our love and help for our fellowmen. We humbly return all the glory to our Lord God for His continued guidance and blessings to the entire Church all throughout the world,” said Sidney Santos, Iglesia ni Cristo Central Canada District Minister Proceeds of the Second Worldwide Walk will be used to continue providing food and medical assistance for those in immediate need in impoverished communities. The previous 2014 charity walk benefitted victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda, known as Haiyan, the strongest tropical storm recorded in history. The global walk also helped finance the INC’s first resettlement and eco-farming community in Leyte, Philippines. The INC also continues to support five self-sustaining resettlement communities in the Philippines along with 17 eco-farming sites, like the one recently established in Ladybrand, South Africa.

L-R: Ramil Macaspac II, Isidro Diña, Sidney Santos, MLA for Burrows Cindy Lamoureux (one of the Independent witnesses for Guinness World Records for the event), Alvin Pamandanan, and Jimi Cruz

MLA Ted Marcelino -Timekeeper

L-R: INC’s Ramil Macaspac II; Timekeepers MP for Winnipeg North Kevin Lamoureux & Lito Taruc of CKJS; Witnesses MLA Cindy Lamoureux & Donna Arenas of CKJS; and INC’s Jimi Cruz

Guinness World Record for Largest Charity Walk for single venue with 1.5 million Filipinos along Roxas Boulevard, morning May 6. Below: At the same time, 1500 at the MB Legislature, May 5, 5pm

MAY 16 - 31, 2018



BIBAK Association of MB 24th Anniversary - Cañao 2018, May 12

CRISTY... From page 15 nakapalaking biyaya. Napakatagal na hinintay ni Heart ang pagkakataong ito para makumpleto na ang kanilang pagpapamilya ng senador, pero hindi pa man ay pinupuntirya na ng mga walang magawa, sana’y hindi na lang pansinin ng aktres ang mga ganitong kalokohan para hindi siya ma-stress. *** Pumirma na ng kontrata sa GMA-7 si Nora Aunor. Maaasahan nang bibigyan ng magagandang oportunidad ng Kapuso network ang Superstar. Sana’y maging maganda ang takbo ng career ng singer-actress sa Siyete, kailangang samantalahin na niya ang pagkakataon, dahil hindi na siya bumabata. Matagal ding nagserbisyo sa TV5 ang Superstar nang bumalik siya sa bansa mula sa ilang taong pamamalagi sa Amerika. Lahat ng

magagandang proyekto ay ibinigay sa kaniya ng pamunuan ng TV5. Sabi ng aming kausap, milyunmilyon ang tinanggap niyang talent fee noon sa TV5, nakailang taon din siya doon, pero ang ipinagtataka ng mga katrabaho niya, e, bakit hindi man lang siya nakapagpundar ng bahay at sasakyan? “Wala siyang sariling car, hatid-sundo lang siya kapag may taping siya, kahit limang sasakyang mamahalin, e, kayang-kaya niyang ipundar noon! “Hanggang ngayon, e, nangungupahan pa rin siya, hindi man lang niya naisipang bumili ng bahay noong kalakasan ng kinikita niya. Nakakapanghinayang lang,” kuwento ng aming kausap. Nagbabago ang panahon, kung paanong nagbabago rin ang tao, kaya hindi pa naman huli para maisipan ni Nora Aunor na bigyan ng prayoridad ang kaniyang mga pangunahing pangangailangan. Malay naman natin, baka talagang mas gusto niyang

nangungupahan na lang para wala siyang problema kapag may nasisira, baka ayaw rin niyang bumili ng sasakyan para walang siyang iniintinding driver? Kani-kaniyang prayoridad lang naman ‘yan, pero bilang isang personalidad na tinitingala pa rin hanggang ngayon ay mas maganda kung uunahin muna ni Ate Guy ang kaniyang mga kailangan, kesa sa kung anu-anong bagay. *** Nagpakamanghuhula ang mga kababayan natin sa lumabas na kuwentong tinanggap na ni Korina Sanchez ang pagnininang sa ikalawang anak nina James Yap at Michela Cazzola. Hula ng mga netizens ay bubula na naman ang bibig ni Kris Aquino kapag naganap iyon, siguradong parang dragon na namang magbubuga ng apoy ang aktres-TV host, dahil parang kinakalaban na talaga siya ng misis ni Mar Roxas. Iyon ang usap-usapan ngayon,

kinuha nang ninang nina James at Michela ang palabang news anchor para sa ikalawa nilang anak. At pumayag naman si Ate Koring. Walang mali, sakali ngang totoo ang balita, may karapatan sina James at Michela na kuning ninang ng kanilang anak ang kahit sino. Sila ang mga magulang ng bata, sila lang ang may karapatang mamili kung sino ang gusto nilang maging pangalawang magulang ng kanilang supling, walang maaaring manghimasok sa kanilang gusto. Walang karapatang magalit si Kris kung tanggapin man ni Korina ang pagnininang, naniniwala rin si Korina sa kasabihan na malas ang pagtanggi sa pagnininang sa munting anghel, kahit pa ang simpleng panayam lang nito sa magkarelasyon ay ikinagalit na ni Kris sa kaniya. Puwedeng isipin ni Kris na talagang tinitirya siya ni Korina, na talagang inaasar at iniinis siya, pero ano naman ang krimen kung magninang nga si Ate Koring sa

binyag ng bata? E, di mag-anak na lang uli siya, kunin din niyang ninang si Korina, para it’s a tie na ang laban, di ba naman? *** Kung maraming nakikisimpatya sa buhay na mayroon si Sarah Geronimo ngayon na nasa kaniya na ang lahat pero pakiramdam ng singer-actress ay hungkag pa rin ang kaniyang puso ay mayroon ding mga kababayan natin na nagbibigay ng kakaibang interpretasyon. Sa nangyari sa kaniyang concert salas Vegas na bumigay ang singer-actress dahil sa mga bitbit niyang emosyon ay nakuha ni Sarah ang pakikisimpatya ng ating mga kababayan. Ang nalagay tuloy sa alanganin ay ang kaniyang mga magulang, lalo na si Mommy Divine, na kilalang-kilala sa pagiging mahigpit kay Sarah sa lahat ng aspeto ng kaniyang buhay. See CRISTY p18


CRISTY... From page 17

Sukdulan ang umatake kay Sarah Geronimo. Sukdulang pagod. Sukdulang pressure. Sukdulang stress. Natural lang na nagaganap ang ganoong pagkaburyong kapag puro trabaho ang mula umaga hanggang gabing ginagawa ng kahit sino. Kahit sinong personalidad ay nakakaramdam ng ganoon. Mahal nila ang kanilang propesyon pero para na silang makinang kayod na lang nang kayod sa araw-araw na nagiging mekanikal at rutina na para sa kanila. Pero kakaiba ang pananaw ni SOS, ang kaibigan naming silent critic ng mga personalidad, ganito ang kaniyang komento sa ipinakitang emosyon ni Sarah. “Sobrang disappointed po kami kay Sarah. All along, akala namin, e, strong woman siya. Totoo po na maraming sikat at mayaman na hindi masaya, pero nasa right attitude pa rin po iyon. “Dapat po, e, hindi siya nagdu-dwell sa negative. Count her blessings na lang sana at gawin niyang motivation ang napakaraming taong napapasaya niya. In the first place po, e, bilang entertainer ang trabaho niya.


“Paano po kung bawiin sa kaniya ng Diyos ang lahat ng blessings niya, tutal naman pala, e, hindi siya masaya sa fame and fortune na mayroon siya? Feeling empty pa rin pala siya despite everything? “Kahit po malaking factor kung bakit hindi siya masaya, e, dahil sa paghihigpit ng mga magulang niya, still, life is what we make it. Siya pa rin ang magde-decide kung saan siya magiging masaya. “Kung hindi pala siya masaya sa buhay niya ngayon, e, di magquit na lang siya sa showbiz, hindi po kasi maganda para sa amin ang message na ipinararating niya sa publiko. “Dapat, e, thankful, grateful at contented tayo sa mga blessings na tinatanggap natin,” mahabang pagaanalisa ni SOS tungkol kay Sarah Geronimo. Maraming salamat. *** Ilang pulitiko na mula as Quezon City ang hali-haliling nakikipag-meeting kay Willie Revillame. Matindi ang kanilang imbitasyon para kumandidatong mayor ng lunsod ang sikat na aktor-TV host. Pinakikiharapan naman sila nang maayos ni Willie, nakikibalita siya sa mga nagaganap sa mundo ng pulitika ng siyudad na

matagal niya nang tinitirhan, pero nagdadalawang-isip siya kung pagbibigyan ang imbitasyong tumakbo ng mga nagpupuntahan sa kaniya. Sa susunod na taon pa ang eleksiyon, may mahabang panahon pa para siya makapag-isip, kailangan niya munang humingi ng payo sa kaniyang mga kaibigang pulitiko na malapit sa kaniya. Sa pagtulong sa mga kapuspalad nating kababayan ay wala nang kuwestiyon, marami nang buhay na binago ni Willie, hindi biro ang isang milyon, bahay at lupa at sasakyang ipinamimigay niya sa masusuwerteng kalahok sa kaniyang programa. Doon pa lang ay maligaya na si Willie, kuwento niya, “Kapag umuuuwi ako after ng taping, ang saya-saya ko, lalo na kapag may nakakakuha ng jackpot. Iyon ang pinakamasayang point ng buhay ko as a host. “Iyong may nananalo, iyong may nakapag-uuwi ng house and lot, sasakyan at one million pesos. Sobra ang saya ko kapag may mga natutulungan ako, dala-dala ko iyon hanggang sa matutulog na ako,” sabi ng aktor-TV host. May kinausap siyang pulitiko na hindi maaaring magsinungaling See CRISTY p20

MAY 16 - 31, 2018

Gabby Concepcion

Bossing Vic Sotto

Willie Revillame

Arci Muñoz - “before and after”

PRINCESS... From page 12 force for her to share her craft with other people. Will this strengthen the bond she has with her mother or will it tear them apart? Celina will also find herself caught between two guys who will fall in love with her—Elton Smith and Justin Garcia. Kind, smart, and talented, Elton is a 20-year-old singer based abroad who is more known to his fans as the Prince Charming of Pop. Giving life to Elton’s character is Kapuso heartthrob Gil Cuerva, who returns to the small screen after his successful debut TV series My Love from the Star. Justin, on the other hand, will be Celina’s confidante who will eventually fall in love with her. Taking the role of Justin is Kapuso heartthrob Kiko Estrada who previously starred in the primetime series Mulawin vs

Ravena. Increasing the tempo of the story are some of today’s hottest stars including Isabelle de Leon and Jazz Ocampo who play Taylor and Katy Garcia, respectively, Justin’s sisters who are set to make life difficult for Celina. Helping Celina is her ever-supportive friend Britney portrayed by Marika Sasaki. Meanwhile, playing Elton’s manager is Marc Abaya. One Up’s Ralf King is Adam, Justin’s closest pal. Playing important roles as well are Kier Legaspi as Elvis Soriano, Frank Garcia as George Garcia, Maey Bautista as Yaya Dolly, Rob Sy as Michael, and veteran actress Lui Manansala as Manang Barbra. My Guitar Princess is the first-ever TV series in the Kapuso Network by director Nick Olanka, who directed the indie films Ronda and Ang Huling Araw ng Linggo. – GMA Network

MAY 16 - 31, 2018



Robot invasion Pawala na nang pawala ang human interactions. Kahit saan tayo magpunta ay puro na lang automated ang lahat. Wala na halos nagpupunta ng banko. Online banking na ang lahat. Mga ilang pindot lang ay tapos ang transaction. Pati enrollment sa mga paaralan ay online na rin. Wala nang pila sa registrar’s office, wala nang siksiksan sa pagpili ng class schedules. Online shopping na ang karamihan. Click lang nang click, ilagay sa virtual cart, bayaran at piliin ang option kung pick up o delivery, tapos ang shopping. Kapag nagutom, online na din halos lahat ng restaurants. Waiting na lang sa delivery para punan ang gutom. Kapag nalungkot, mag-online at makipag-usap nang live sa mga mahal sa buhay. Wala nang padalahan ng sulat; mag-aantay na lang kung online ang isa’t isa para mag-usap at magkumustahan. Pati paghanap ng makakasama sa buhay ay online na rin. Kabi-kabila ang dating sites kung saan ima-match ka depende sa hanap mo. Wala na yatang hindi online ngayon. Nakakalunod. Nakakatakot. Nakakalungkot dahil ang elemento ng pakikipagkapuwa sa pamamagitan ng physical na interaksyon ay halos wala na. Noong isang linggo sa annual conference ng Google ay itinampok nila ang Google Assistant na boses tao. Hindi mo mawawaring robot ang kausap mo dahil gayang-gaya niya ang boses ng tao. Sa demo na kanilang ipinakita ay nakapag-book ng appointment sa salon ang tao sa pamamagitan ng robot. Hindi hinding mo masasabing robot ang boses ng booking agent. Maraming pumuna sa development na ito. Tinawag itong creepy. Marami din ang na-impress, marami din ang nainis, marami ang nabagabag dahil parang may robot invasion na sa mundo. Ano na nga ba future ng human beings? Papalitan na ba tayong lahat ng mga robot? Wala na bang trabahong matitira sa mga tao? Bibili na lamang ba ang mga tao ng kani-kanilang mga robot assistant para makasama sa buhay at sa bahay? Hindi na kaya mag-aasawa ang mga tao dahil pati pagtatalik ay ibibigay na rin ng mga robot? Wala na ring moralidad dahil mawawala na ang standards ng mga tao dahil ang pagiging tao ay magiging extinct na. Magsasanib na kaya ang tao at robot? Ano ang susunod na henerasyon? Robot na tao, taong robot? Sa kabila ng mga mabilis na development na ito sa technology ay naiisip ko pa rin na siguro ay iikot lang mga pangyayari. Kapag naabot na ang rurok ng teknolohiya at wala nang maisip ang mga tao ay babalik siguro tayo sa dati. Naniniwala pa rin ako na may hangganan ang lahat. Mapupuno din ang kalawakan ng virtual world at universe. Mawawasak ang mga lahat ng mga ipinundar ng tao at babalik tayong lahat sa kawalan. Noong unang panahon ay nagpapagkamalan ang mga imbentor at mga scientists na mga sira-ulo dahil sa ka-imposiblehan ng kanilang mga naiisip. Out of this world silang magisip. Dumating ang panahon na ang mga luko-lukong ito ay tama pala. Wala nang imposible sa panahong ito. Babaliktarin ko ang pag-iisip at siguro ay sasabihin ninyong nasisira na yata ang ulo ko. Kapag umapaw na ang virtual world, kapag wala nang paraan para makadiskubre ng bago

ay titigil ang lahat ng sistema. Nakikita ko ang universal system failure which no one can ever fix. Para itong cancer na walang lunas. Therefore, the only way to survive is to go back to where we started. Masyado nang matraffic ang kalawakan ng information technology. Dahil dito ay natural nitong lilinisin ang sarili o self-cleansing para maging kapakipakinabang muli. At sa pagdating ng panahong ito,

babalik muli ang simpleng pamumuhay na may mayamang kalikasan at may buhay ang tao at sila’y nagpapakatao. Magwawakas ang robot invasion at maghaharing muli ang mga tao. Ang sumulat ng artikulong ito ay tao. Noel Lapuz ay dating OFW sa Middle East (Dubai at Qatar). Nagtrabaho nang sampung taon sa City Hall ng Taguig bilang Human Resource Management Officer. Naging bahagi ng

Bata-Batuta Productions bilang manunulat, entertainment host at stage actor. Nagtatag ng Kulturang Alyansa ng Taguig. Kasapi ng Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace (EMJP). Paunawa: Ang mga paksa at salitang nakasaad sa Batang North End ay sariling opinion ng may-akda at maaaring hindi opinion ng mga taga-lathala ng Pilipino Express.





NO. 300

Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 1. Matakot 8. Bintang 11. Taba ng alimango 14. Hihimukin 16. Hamog 17. Kambas 18. Notang musikal 19. Simula ng araw 20. Tipo ng dugo 21. Pabayaan 23. Uri ng laro 25. Tataningan 28. Ano ang ginawa 29. Palusutin 30. Paalisin

7. Inuunat 9. Uri ng pulutan 10. Uhugin 12. Dadanas 13. Inani 15. Lumang video game 22. Ampon 24. Ilala 26. Uso 27. Bulati


PABABA 2. Tibagin 3. Nakakabarik 4. Yantok 5. Diyos-diyosan 6. Katumbas

CRISTY... From page 18

sa kaniya. Humingi siya ng payo kung kailangan pa ba niyang pumasok sa pulitika o sapat na ang pagtulong na ginagawa niya sa Wowowin. Simple lang ang tugon ng kaibigan at pinaniniwalaan niyang politician, “Ayaw mo sa ngayon, pero kung ‘yan talaga ang destiny mo, wala ka nang magagawa. Ayaw mo man, siguradong doon din ang bagsak mo.” Isang kaibigan niya naman ang nagkomento na dahil sa lawak ng naaabot ng pagtulong niya sa mga kababayan nating kapuspalad ay mas magiging paborable kung tatakbo siyang senador. Sa pinakahuling survey sa mga barangay sa Quezon City ay siya ang tinatawag na strong number 2, magkadikit sila sa survey ni Vice-Mayor Joy Belmonte, lumabas ang resulta sa isang panahon na hindi pa lumalantad at nagdedeklara si Willie Revillame na tatakbo siyang mayor ng lunsod.

*** Nakakaloka si Arci Munoz, ipinaglihi na rin sa patola. “Pak you all!” naman ang kaniyang ganti sa mga nagkokomentong nagpapa-cute siya sa seryeng pinagtatambalan nila ni Piolo Pascual. Sabi pa ni Arci ay inggit na inggit lang daw ang mga pumapansin sa acting niya dahil wala silang Piolo Pascual na kapartner. Ganoon ang arya ni Arci. Kung nananahimik noon si Arci sa mga pumupuna sa kaniyang itsura na ibang-iba na dahil sa hilig niyang magparetoke ng mukha ay hindi niya napigilan ang pakikialam ngayon ng kaniyang mga bashers sa role niya sa serye. Iyon daw kasi ang kanaturalan ng role na ipinagkatiwala sa kaniya, alangan naman daw na kontrahin niya ang script, samantalang artista lang naman siya sa palabas at hindi niya kontrolado ang daloy ng kuwento. Dahil sa komento niyang “Pak you all!” ay umani ng mga pagpuna at upak ang dalaga, bastos

MAY 16 - 31, 2018

HOROSCOPE MAYO 16 – 31, 2018 Aries (March 21 – April 19) Patuloy ang magandang kapalaran para sa iyo. Magaan ang dating ng pera, maayos ang iyong relasyon sa pamilya at maging sa romansa. Ngayon mo simulan ang mga plano mong hindi mo naasikaso nitong nakaraang taon. Malinaw na ang direksyon. OK ang ika-20, 21, 29 at 30. Ingat sa ika-18, 19, 24, 25 at 31.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Hindi mo makakamit ang gusto mo kung hindi mo tatanggapin na kailangan mong magbago. May humaharang sa magandang kapalaran mo dahil nandiyan pa ang mabigat na bagahe sa iyong puso. Kung tapos na, kalimutan mo na. Sige, itapon mo na. OK ka sa ika-20, 21, 29 at 30. Ingat sa ika-26, 27 at 28.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Matagal ka na rin namang nagtitiis sa sitwasyon mo sa trabaho. Baka panahon na para magisip kang maghanap na ng ibang hanapbuhay? Huwag kang matakot dahil maganda naman ang iyong record at mailalaban mo ito sa iba. Oras na para magbago. OK ang ika-20, 21, 29 at 30. Ingat sa ika-16, 17, 22 at 23.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) M a r a m i n g oportunidad na darating. Dapat piliin kung alin ang uunahin mo. Huwag mong yapusin nang sabay-sabay dahil hindi mo kakayanin, baka pumalpak. Unahin mo ang alam mo na kung paano mo gagawin. Huwag mong sayangin ang oras mo. OK ang ika-22, 23 at 31. Ingat sa ika-20, 21, 26, 27 at 28.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Marami kang ginagawa na gusto mong tapusin agad. Huwag! Hindi kakayanin ng katawan mo ang pagpapahirap na gagawin mo. Isusubo mo ang kalusugan mo sa panganib dahil wala kang pahinga, kulang ka sa tulog at hindi mo nababantayan ang pagkain. OK ang ika-22, 23 at 31. Ingat sa ika-16, 17, 29 at 30.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Ipagpatuloy mo ang nasimulan mong pag-aayos ng iyong buhay. Kung nagwo-work out ka, mabuti iyan dahil mas lalakas ang iyong katawan. Walang mangyayari kung lagi ka lang nakaupo sa harap ng computer o TV. Ingat din sa pagkain. Good days ang ika-22, 23 at 31. May tensyon sa ika-18, 19, 24 at 25.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Walang dapat makialam sa iyo ngayon. Kung may duda ka, pakinggan mo ang kutob mo dahil malamang ay tama ka. Kung may mag-aalok ng negosyo, at tila walang magandang dating para sa iyo, humindi ka. Ikaw ang dapat masunod dahil buhay mo ito. OK ang ika-16, 17, 24 at 25. Ingat sa ika-22, 23, 29 at 30.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Nakaraan na ang mga unang buwan ng 2018 at eto, nakatayo ka pa. Walang nawalang pera, walang sakit ng katawan, walang naging kaaway. Alam mong tama ang ginagawa mo. Ipagpatuloy mo kung ano man ang nasimulan mo at patuloy ang biyaya sa iyo. OK ang ika-16, 17, 24 at 25. Kuwidaw sa ika-18, 19 at 31.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Piliin mo ang mga tao na pagtitiwalaan mo. Hindi lahat ng pumupuri sa iyo ay nagsasabi ng totoo. May mga nagseselos at may mga nangingisda ng puwede nilang ipanira sa iyo. Kailangang bantayan pa rin ang iyong kalusugan. Iwasan mo ang mastress. OK sa ika-16, 17, 24 at 25. Ingat sa ika-30, 21, 26, 27 at 28.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Katulong mo ang mahal mo sa buhay sa lahat ng ginagawa mo. Kung hindi man siya kasama sa proyekto, malakas ang tiwala at suporta niya sa iyo. Ipaalam mo sa kaniya na alam mo ang kabutihang ginagawa niya para sa iyo. Mas titibay ang inyong relasyon. OK sa ika-18, 19, 26, 27 at 28. Stressful ang ika-24, 25 at 31.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Pag-ibig mo sa iyong partner ang magiging laman ng iyong isipan sa mga darating na araw. Nagkakaroon kayo ng pagkakaiba ng paniniwala. Ang gusto mo ay ayaw niya at gayon ka rin sa kaniya. Mag-usap kayo kung gusto ninyong sagipin ang relasyon. OK mo ang ika-18, 19, 26, 27 at 28. Ingat sa ika-20 at 21.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) K u n g nakakaramdam ka ng panghihina ng katawan, pag-aralan mo kung ano ang pinagkakaabalahan mo sa arawaraw. May mga gabi ba na madaling araw na ay gising ka pa? Ano ang nakakabagabag sa iyo? Kulang sa tulog kaya mahina ka. OK ang ika-18, 19, 26, 27 at 28. Ingat sa ika-16, 17, 22, 23, 29 at 30.

daw siya, walang breeding, kaya kung makapagkomento siya ay ganoon na lang, pabastos din. Paminsan-minsan ay nasisilip namin ang seryeng pinagtatambalan nila ni Piolo, okey naman ang dating ni Arci, alam mong ganoon ang pagkakapakete sa papel na ginagampanan niya. Parang tactless na parang nagpapa-cute kay Piolo, nagiinarte siguro ang dating noon para sa iba, pero kung iyon ang kaniyang packaging ay hindi niya puwedeng baguhin ang kaniyang acting. *** Nagsalita na nang tapos si Sharon Cuneta na hinding-hindi na niya gagawin ang pelikulang pagtatambalan dapat nila ng kaniyang dating karelasyong si Gabby Concepcion.

Hindi ngayon, dahil sa mga susunod na linggo at buwan, bahala na si Batman! Napuno na siguro ang Megastar dahil sa dami ng mga rekotitos na hinihingi ni Gabby. Pumayag na nga naman siyang mas malaki ang talent fee ng aktor, pumayag na rin siyang mas mauna ang pangalan nito sa billing, pero kung anu-anong kaartehan pa rin ang pinalulutang ni Gabby. Sana’y ang kanilang mga tagasuporta na lang ang iniisip ni Gabby, huwag na ang kung anuanong interes, bilang pagbabalik ng pasasalamat sa kanilang mga fans ay nakipagkita na lang sana si Gabby sa gitna. Sabi ng aming source, “Mayroon pa ngang agency na kumukuha sana sa kanila ni Gabby para mag-endorse ng isang product,

pero hindi natuloy, si Gabby rin ang naging problema. Okey na si Sharon, napakadali niyang kausap. “Kung ano ang decision niya, ‘yun na rin ang dapat maging decision ng manager niya, walang kaproble-problema! Pero si Gabby na naman ang naging dahilan, kung anu-ano ang hinihingi niya, kaya ayun, shelved ang TVC sana nila,” pahayag ng impormante. Kaya huwag nang umasa ang kanilang mga diehard followers na magkakaroon pa ng posibilidad ang muling pagsasama sa pelikula ng kanilang mga idolo. Nagsalita na si Sharon, at kaya niyang panindigan ang kaniyang sinabi, hindi ngayon at sa mga susunod na linggo at buwan. Hinding-hindi. Ayaw na niyang makatrabaho ang ama ng kaniyang panganay. – CSF


MAY 16 - 31, 2018


Dinagdagan ng Ottawa ang Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program applications for skilled workers at ng mga mamumuhunan sa negosyo na mula noong 1998 ay 5,000 lang. Gayunman, ngayong nadagdagan at nasa 5,700 na, sana naman ay hindi na palabunutan. *** Sinimulan na noong nakaraang ika-4 ng Mayo ang registration for Winnipeg’s candidates for mayor and councillors for the up-coming October 24 municipal elections. Nang sandaling hinahanda ko ang pitak na ito, tatlo na ang waring nakakatiyak na kandidato. Incumbent Mayor Brian Bowman, business consultant Jenny Motkaluk, former Morden mayor Doug Wilson at Winnipeg Police officer Tim Diack na nagsabing nais din niyang maging Winnipeg mayor. *** Samantala, ang gobyernong Tory ni Premier Brian Pallister ay naghahanap umano ng mga maaaring maibentang provincial assets. Ang nabalitang puntirya ngayon ay Pinelands Forest Nursery na hindi na raw kailangang pagkagastahan pa ng taxpayers’ money. Ang Manitoba ay halatang kinakapos sa budget. Pilipinas Patuloy ang nagbabagang balita tungkol sa pagkakapatalsik kay Maria Lourdes Sereno as CJ ng Supreme Court. Sa positive 8 vote vs 6 negative, malabo nang maipadala sa senado ang pinagtibay na impeachment case sa kapulungan ng mga kongresista. Ang Korte Suprema ay isang independent commission na may karapatang disiplinahin ang sinumang kagawad nito na nakakasira sa kanilang institution. Kahit na may magharap ng

motion for reconsideration, sa mga associate justices na humatol din ang bagsak. Malabo na ‘yon. *** Binigyan ng pansamantalang kalagayan ni Pangulong Duterte ang worker’s contractualization sa mga pribadong ahensiya batay sa Presidential Decree No.442 otherwise known as Labor Code of the Philippines noong 1974. Nakatulog ang mga sumunod na gobyerno. Hanggang ngayon, no enabling law from congress. The Executive Order No. 555 na utos ng pangulo noong unang araw ng Mayo sa ika-116th Labor Day ng Pilipinas, sabi ng pangulo ay dapat magpatibay ng batas ang kongreso tungkol sa contractualization. Kailangang detalyado ang mga paglabag at pananagutan kapuwa ng mga namumuhunan at manggagawa. *** Ang planong pagpapagawa ng International Airport ng San Miguel Corporation sa Bulakan, Bulacan ay pinagtibay ng National Economic and Development Authority na pinamunuan ng pangulong Duterte. Pinaglaanan ng 735.6 billion pesos na gastusin sa 2,500 na ektaryang lupa ng airport mula sa baybayin lampas ng Obando, sa Northwestern part of Bulakan na about 35 kilometers ang layo sa Metro Manila. Minamadali ng PAL ang Bulacan mega-airport. Kailangang matapos na raw sa 2023. Malaking tulong ang magagawa nito para maiwasan ang pagsisikip ng serbisyo sa NAIA. Sinabing ang mga gastusin daw ay magmumula sa mapagbebetahan ng about 650 square kilometres na lupa ng San Miguel Corporation na pinamumunuan ni Mr. Ramon S. Ang. Nagkakahalaga daw ngayon ng 300,000 pesos per square meter ang lupa ng PAL sa NAIA na ang


Ang Ilaw ng Tahanan Handog sa lahat ng Ina Sa Anak ng Diyos, siya ang nagsilang, Tanglaw ng pag-asa sa dilim ng buhay; Anak na pinalo, sa Ina naglatay, Ulirang nilikha, ilaw ng tahanan! *** Sadyang mahabagin… kahit paalila, Sa pamilya’y taos ang iwing kalinga; Pag-ibig sa anak mulang pagkabata, Hindi kumukupas hanggang mamayapa! *** Ang lahat ng tao, matanda at paslit, Kung hindi sa Ina ay walang daigdig; Alaalang taglay mahirap iwaglit, Nais mang mawala laging nagbabalik! *** Mapalad ang mga may Inang karamay, Sa ligaya’t dusa na landas ng buhay! Paquito Rey Pacheco

kabuuan ay mga dalawang trillion pesos. Ang lalawigan ng Bulacan was declared industrial area more or less 8 years ago. Dahil sa planong mega-airport, ang buong lalawigan, hanggang sa karatig na southern part of Pampanga ay malamang na kusang maging industrial area. *** Naalala ko tuloy ang kasaysayan nang ang Pilipinas ay magkaroon ng first international airport sa Metro Manila noong 1954. Jack Panis Construction Co. ang contractor na kung saan ako noon ay namamasukan as bookkeeper at naging cashier. Ang main office ay sa Madrigal Building Escolta, Maynila. Manila International Airport (MIA) ang unang pangalan. Doon sa tarmac ng airport nangyari ang pagkapaslang kay former senator Benigno Aquino. Ipinangalan sa former senator, kaya naging Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Si former senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad ang nagharap ng panukalang batas sa senado noon during the Corazon Aquino administration. *** Sa ginanap na pakikipanayam, kailan lang sa Cebu City ni President Duterte sa mga security personnel, binanggit na ang Chinese President Xi Jinping ay nangako daw sa kaniya na ang Beijing ay hindi na magtatatag ng man-made islands sa Scarborough Shoal na bahagi ng South China Sea/West Philippine Sea. Aba, tatlo na raw, hindi na sana madagdagan. Ang pangako ng Chinese president, ayon sa pangulo ay nangyari ay nangyari daw sa Hainan, China during the Boao Asia forum sa Beijing. Napag-usapan din nila ang joint exploration investment project na 60-40 ang isa sa laman ng kasunduan. Ang Chinese manmade island ay nasa Panganiban Reef, about 232 kilometers ang layo mula sa Palawan. *** Sa kaugnay na balita, nabanggit din ng pangulo na siya ay nangako sa Prime Minister ng Vietnam, Nguyen Xuan Phuc na hindi niya iiwan ang tribunal ruling in favour of the Philippine protest vs China. Ang pangako ni DU30 ay nangyari during the recent ASEAN summit sa Singapore noong nakaraang ika28-29 ng Abril. *** Ang Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, sa kaniyang opening address ay nagbabala. Nanganganib daw ang South Asian countries dahil sa banta ng Islamic State group matapos na sila ay mabigo sa Gitnang Silangan. Kailangang hindi nga naman maulit ang nangyari sa Marawi City. Isang problema pa nga rin ‘yon kung hindi mababantayan ang mga sensitibong lugar sa Mindanao. *** Samantala, ang suspendidong foreign relations sa pagitan ng Kuwait at Pilipinas ay nabalitang naayos na. Napirmahan na raw ang MoA ng mga autoridad ng dalawang bansa na nagkakaloob ng proteksiyon sa mga OFWs na

nasa Gulf State. About 260,000 umano ang mga Filipinong nasa Kuwait na 65 perent ay DH. Sinabi ni Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano na maraming bilang ng OFWs sa Kuwait ang hindi naman apektado ng gulong nangyayari doon. Ayaw na raw nilang umuwi na muna sa Pilipinas. *** Samantala, ang kalagayan ng mga OFWs sa Dhahran, Saudi Arabia ay may mga problema din tungkol sa kanilang pamamasukan doon. Maraming nagiging biktima ng rape at iba pang hindi makataong pagtrato sa mga Filipino workers. Kailangang piliin na lang ng mga nais magtawid dagat ang mga lugar na dapat nilang pupuntahan na kung saan sila ay magkakaroon ng mga maayos na pakikitungo, sabi ng pangulo. *** Hindi na maiiwasan ang kinakaharap na malubhang political party fever na sinimulan sa Barangay at Sangguniang Kabataan elections. Hindi nasunod ang panawagan ng gobyernong Duterte na sana ay maging tahimik. Kasalukuyang pinaghahandaan na rin ang 2019 local and national mid-term elections. Karaniwang magulo ang local kumpara sa national *** Dahil sa nakatakdang midterm election, possible na ang pinipilit na Federalist form of government ng Duterte administration ay pansamantalang mawala sa scenario. Sa totoo lang, ngayon ay hindi pa alam ng mayoryang bilang ng mga mamamayan kung anong kabutihan ang maipagkakaloob ng sistemang pederalismo sa kanilang kabuhayan. Halimbawa,

PAGE 21 ang political and economic dynasty ay mawawala na ba? Ang mga maunlad na lungsod ay kaagad-agad bang mapapantayan ng mga bagong itatatag na siyudad? Wala rin namang katiyakan na magiging matatag at hindi makakasira sa kasalukuyan nilang kalagayan sa lipunan. Ang mga positibong palagay ay masasapawan ng mga negatibong alalahanin sapagkat hindi pa lubos naipapaliwanag ang tungkol sa uri ng pederalismo. Kaparis ba ng sa US na presidential parliamentary government? Kaiba ng pinaiiral sa Canada. Kung kaparis ng sa US, ang pagpili ng magiging leader ay sa pamamagitan ng two dominant political party system. Gayon din ang mungkahi ng pamunuan ng Con-Com na ngayon ay gumawa ng pag-aaral sa planong pagbabago sa sistema ng gobyerno. Katas • Sana nga, ang relasyon ng Pilipinas at Kuwait sa kaso ng mga Filipino workers sa nabanggit na Persian Gulf country ay hindi na magkaroon ng problema. • Ngayong nagsimula na ang democratic election fever sa Pilipinas, hindi malayong masapawan nito ang mga pangkabuhayang plano ng kasalukuyang gobyerno. • Dulot ng maruming politika, walang katiyakang makamit ngayon ng mga mamamayan ang hinahangad nilang magandang pagbabago. Kasabihan Ano mang bagay na pinilit, ang karaniwang nangyayari ay pangit. Paunawa: Ang mga paksa at salitang nakasaad sa Pilantik ay sariling opinion ng may-akda at maaaring hindi opinion ng mga taga-lathala ng Pilipino Express.




MAY 16 - 31, 2018

The Giant Baby, Boobsie Wonderland in Winnipeg, May 5

Boobsie with Mary Jean Aromin and Dennis Castañeda

Photos by Noel Jacinto

Boobsie Wonderland. Photos by Lente (Nijrik Amaraco)

L-r: Minerva Bernardo, Boobsie, Nathalie Fajardo, Pearla Mendoza, The Marquez Brothers and Neil Amante

Photos by Henry Balanial

Photos by Henry Balanial

Photos by Henry Balanial

Photos by Henry Balanial

Photos by Henry Balanial

Pusuan Mo Si Vice Ganda Sa Canada, May 8

Photos by Henry Balanial

Photos by Josel Catindoy

MAY 16 - 31, 2018





GMS Immigrants & Visitors to Canada Insurance

Visitors to Canada Insurance

Health care shouldn’t be a financial burden. Canada is a country built on affordable, quality health care, and we want to extend that vision to you. Whether visiting family, applying for a Super Visa or immigrating to Canada permanently, let GMS cover the cost of emergency treatment and care. We’ll take care of your emergency medical needs — you enjoy all that Canada has to offer! GMS IMMIGR ANTS & VISITORS TO CANADA INSUR ANCE IS AVAIL ABLE FROM YOUR AUTHORIZED GMS INSUR ANCE BROKER. GROUP MEDICAL SERVICES Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. Group Medical Services is the operating name for GMS Insurance Inc. in provinces outside of Saskatchewan. Products not offered in Quebec and New Brunswick. Underwritten by Group Medical Services.

MAY 16 - 31, 2018

Emmie Joaquin Bus 204.697.8366 Cell 204.999.5159 1045 Erin Street Winnipeg, MB R3G 2X1

Pilipino Express • May 16 2018  

Worldwide Walk Breaks Records

Pilipino Express • May 16 2018  

Worldwide Walk Breaks Records