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Mushroom jobs too good to be true “Illegal recruiters and human traffickers will continue to target and exploit Filipino workers who are fleeing the Philippines in search of jobs,” says Diwa Marcelino of Migrante Manitoba, adding that the organization has encountered Filipino workers who have been charged $11,000 for a non-existent job. The comment is just one of the responses to a report aired on a popular Philippine TV news program and posted on the network’s website on April 7, 2018. The news item said that the mushroom industry in Canada is recruiting workers overseas to fill the growing need for “mushroom pickers,” and it featured testimonies from “satisfied and happy” Filipino contract workers allegedly earning up to Ph150,000 (approx. CAD$3,600) monthly for harvesting mushrooms. The story soon went viral on social media. See JOBS p6

Devotees welcome first-class relic of St. Pope John Paul II On Divine Mercy Sunday, April 8, hundreds of Roman Catholic devotees congregated at the St. Andrew Bobola Church, Shrine of the Divine Mercy, to welcome the arrival of St. Pope John Paul II’s first-class relic. The shrine is also a place of pilgrimage with another firstclass relic of St. Faustina, an Apostolate of the Divine Mercy. Together with the leaders of the Archdiocese See POPE p18

Divine Mercy Sunday devotees venerate and honour the first-class relic of St. Pope John Paul II



APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

APRIL 16 - 30, 2018





APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

Restoring Boracay “Cannery Row in Monterey in California is a poem, a stink, a grating noise, a quality of light, a tone, a habit, a nostalgia, a dream.” John Steinbeck might as well have been writing about Boracay instead of Cannery Row. The island is certainly beautiful; it wouldn’t have been attracting millions of tourist if it weren’t. I’ve been to Boracay only once, two years ago, and I remember being amazed at its powdery white sands that really are superior to the ones found in Mindanao (at least those that I have been to). From the beach, the water was also mesmerizingly blue, and it was especially radiant during sunset. But whatever natural beauty Boracay has is spoiled by the utter commercialism that permeates the island. Going out to the beach means wading through all sorts of stores, restaurants, shops, and stalls, all selling something at often outrageous prices. And at night the entire stretch becomes one big party place, with sound systems blaring loud music as partygoers drink and dance. Now I’m sure a lot of people like this, and this may be the main reason they go to Boracay in the first place, but my own idea of going

to the beach means being able to enjoy the natural scenery in peace without having to deal with the trappings of modern living. A beach is a getaway, not a mall or disco. Whether or not you like the commercialism and party vibe of Boracay, the bottom line is that all that activity has made the island, according to President Duterte himself, “a cesspool.” An island can only take so much abuse, and it has been shown that many of the establishments there have taken to disposing of their waste illegally. News organizations actually have footage showing black sludge coming out of a pipe directly onto the beach water. Even some establishment owners have gone on record to say that parts of the island “stink.” This has prompted Duterte to declare the closure of Boracay to tourists for six months in order to give stakeholders time to rehabilitate it. As is normal for anything the President says, this was both welcomed and derided. Those who want to see Boracay return to its pristine condition obviously support the closure, but those who are concerned about the livelihood of the island’s people are now protesting against it.

And then there are the detractors who have been claiming that the closure is nothing but a smokescreen to mask the building of a casino in Boracay. It’s true that the local government had approved the $500 million project, and the claim was that the island’s closure was intended to give the investors free rein on its construction. On April 9, however, Duterte himself ended speculation by saying it was pure conjecture on the part of the media. “Far from it actually,” he said in his departure speech before flying to China on an official trip. “I never said anything about building anything or even a nipa hut there. What I said is that island itself is owned by the government. I have said it before, that is both agricultural and forest.” Duterte was referring to a 2008 Supreme Court decision that classified the island as both forest and agricultural land that belongs to the government, junking ownership claims by several resort owners. The President went as far as to say that there is no “master plan” for Boracay. If at all, the plan is simply to give it to the farmers. “I don’t have a master plan for that. I want to clean it up because it is agricultural. So maybe after that, I’ll give the

farmers. I will place it under land reform, that’s better.” And how about the businesses? “Well, I’m sorry but that is the law,” Duterte said. “The law says it is forest/agricultural. Why would I deviate from that? Do I have a good reason to do the what? What? For casinos? Who owns the casino? Hotels? Big ones. Who owns them? Only the rich and the foreigners. But that is agricultural, so I will give the land to the farmers.” Personally, I would like to see more tourist spots placed under similar action by the government. We have made the economy more important than the environment for far too long; it’s time we fought back against greed. Maybe we can still see the day when Boracay and other natural beauties leave behind the “stink” and the “grating noise” and return to being a poem, a quality of light, a tone, a habit, a nostalgia, a dream. The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the original author, and do not necessarily represent those of the Pilipino Express publishers. Jon Joaquin is the Chief Editor of www.mindanation. com. E-mail Jon at jonjoaquin@

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APRIL 16 - 30, 2018


Sex and menopause Dear Ate Anna: I would like your help. When my husband and I try to be intimate together, I feel a lot of pain inside my body. This is a new problem that started around my 50th birthday. Other than this problem I am a strong and healthy woman. Signed, Mature & Strong Dear Mature & Strong, Thank you for your message! It is always a good idea to see your health care provider if you feel changes in your body, especially ones that cause pain. Your health care provider may be able to help you in a number of ways. It is possible that the pain you are feeling is connected to menopause. Menopause is a process that happens to every female. Menopause usually begins after the age of 45, although some can experience menopause much earlier or later than that. During menopause our body begins to produce less of a hormone called estrogen. When our bodies produce less estrogen, we feel the effects in many ways. Our periods will come less often, or they will stop completely. We may have trouble sleeping or with “hot flashes,” where we suddenly feel very warm for no reason. These changes are normal, though they may feel uncomfortable. Menopause also decreases the amount of blood flow to our vagina when we are sexually aroused. When less blood flows to the vagina, our body

may have a harder time building lubrication during intimate times. Lubrication refers to the slippery substance your body builds in the vagina when we are sexually turned on. Without this lubrication, we may notice that the vagina is drier. Having intimate times when your vagina feels dry may cause sex to be painful. There are a few things you can do to help this problem. First, your health care provider may be able to prescribe medication that decreases menopausal symptoms. If you are experiencing vaginal dryness, you can try using a lubricant. Lubricants are slippery gels that you can buy at any pharmacy. Placing lubricant in and around the vagina, and on the penis also, may provide relief to this problem. It is important to know that some kinds of lubricants should not be used with condoms, as they can make the condom weaker and less effective. We recommend using lubricants that are waterbased, which are safe for condoms – and sex toys also, for those who use them. I hope this information helps, and that you find the relief you need! Ate Anna Ate Anna welcomes your questions and comments. Please write to: Ate Anna, Suite 200226 Osborne St. N., Winnipeg, MB R3C 1V4 or e-mail: info@ Visit us at www.serc. for reliable information and links on the subject of sexuality.




APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

Comparative Rating System still competitive in 2018 The opportunities for skilled worker applicants have improved greatly over the past few years. The MPNP has revamped its processing streams to remain competitive in the market place where Canada contends against other first world countries and individual provinces compete with each other to attract the brightest and best foreign skilled workers. The latest Canadian Immigration News announced the attraction of the federal Express Entry with the note line: “IRCC Express Entry Draw sees 10-point drop in minimum CRS requirement.” The number itself is not that surprising but consistent with selection numbers for the first quarter of 2018. Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited 3,000 candidates from the Express Entry pool with a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of 446 in the draw made on March 28, 2018. The recent CRS number

JOBS... From page 1 The report named a recruiting agency and its lead contact person who was quoted saying, “Applicants for mushroom pickers undergo a three-month seminar and training shouldered by the Canadian government.” The report also stated, “When in Canada, workers are provided with free board and lodging and transportation services, aside from a monthly allowance.” On April 10, Philippine Ambassador to Canada, Petronila P. Garcia, issued an advisory that states in part: “Following news reports that there are job opportunities for Filipinos in Canada as mushroom pickers and that these jobs are a certain way of obtaining permanent residency and eventual Canadian citizenship, the Embassy strongly urges Filipinos to exercise caution in believing reports of ways to work abroad that bypass the Philippine government standard procedures for the deployment of Filipino overseas workers overseas.” (See the ambassador’s full advisory – Alleged Job Opportunities in Canada as “Mushroom Pickers” on this page) The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), prompted by inquiries from interested applicants, posted a similar warning on its Facebook page: Huwag maniwala agad sa

represented a drop of 10 points from the previous draw held on March 13, 2018 when 3,000 candidates were selected with a minimum CRS of 456. The numbers, however, since the beginning of 2018 have not varied drastically: 3,000 were invited on February 21, 2018 with minimum CRS of 442; 3,000 were invited on February 7, 2018 with a CRS minimum of 442; 2,750 were invited on January 24, 2018 with minimum CRS of 444; and 2,750 candidates were invited on January 10, 2018 with a minimum CRS of 446. The total of 17,000 invitations to apply (ITA’s) within the first quarter of the year is impressive. The 2018 CRS numbers continue a trend that we have witnessed through 2017 when CRS scores were for the most part in the 440s: from a low of 412 on May 31, 2017 to a high of 458 on November 8, 2017. The numbers are staggering when you consider the twice monthly draws from the Express Entry pool, which is

magandang pangako. Mag-ingat po sa illegal recruiters! Tungkol sa trabahong Mushroom Pickers sa Canada…” (See photo grab of the POEA’s Facebook post, page 1.) While it is true that there is a need for mushroom pickers in Canada, those who aspire to become mushroom pickers must exercise caution especially due to the abundance of illegal recruiters who prey on the vulnerable citizens of the Philippines Diwa Marcelino said that illegal recruiters are even charging Filipino workers illegal interest rates on their plane tickets as well as for their room and board. Migrante Manitoba continues to receive complaints from Temporary Foreign Workers exploited by recruiters who charge them exorbitant fees – sometimes for non-existent jobs, which draws the worker into paying even more recruiting fees to land a job once they are in Canada. In 2015, Mushrooms Canada, an organization of mushroom growers, asked the federal government to let their migrant mushroom workers apply for Canadian residency. However, the government refused the request. The network’s mushroompickers report has since been updated to include Ambassador Garcia’s advisory and in a related story, the network’s editor apologized for the “confusion” that their original report may have caused.

compiled by online EOI profile submissions. The actual numbers of candidates invited to apply from the Express Entry pool were 31,063 in 2015; 33,782 in 2016; 86,023 in 2017 and 17,500 for the first quarter of 2018. There is no question that potential skilled worker immigrants from abroad should consider the federal option, but not everyone qualifies. Express Entry itself continues to be separated in three (3) streams: Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The entry point on all is the online Expression of Interest (EOI) and each of the three application options has individual requirements. The FSWP and CEC only invites applicants with high skill occupations of O, A or B. All streams require proof of English or French language proficiency based on the Canadian Language

Benchmarks (CLB) standards, with CLB 7 for FSWP and CEC and only CLB 4 for FSTP. The submissions should also have an Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) completed with one of the approved foreign credentials assessment agencies. If you want to find out more information about improving your EOI profile and ranking in the Express Entry pool, check (/ express-entry-improving-yourprofile-and-ranking.html). The MPNP continues to be an alternative way of applying. The provincial Skilled Worker Overseas Stream invites submissions under the Human Capital Pathway stream and Manitoba Express Entry Pathway. The latter is open to applicants who have an active Express Entry profile in an occupational area found on the Manitoba InDemand Occupations List. It is possible for potential applicants to switch from the federal to the Manitoba program but not

until they have an active Express Entry profile in place. My word of advice to all potential applicants is to become more aware of your application options because they continue to increase. However, all applicants should be aware of the requirements of each and which one better serves your purpose. The websites for Express Entry and the MPNP are a good place to start your search, and if you need help, there is a wealth of licensed immigration consultants and lawyers to help you make sense of it all. Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Canada Immigration and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd. 204-6911166 or 204-227-0292. E-mail:

APRIL 16 - 30, 2018



Controlling office meltdowns About a month ago, I received a call from an employee. I asked what I could do to assist him and right away I could tell by his tone that he was quite grumpy about something. He was calling regarding a process that he wanted to participate in, however, at the time of his request the information he submitted was incomplete. As a result, he was subsequently provided a second letter by our office requesting clarification of the initial information he submitted. I explained what the letter was for, however, instead of hearing and attempting to understand the requirements of the process, he began to yell over phone saying he was personally being targeted and the letter he received was an attempt to retaliate against him, etc. As he was yelling, I took the opportunity to say simply and sternly, “It appears that now is not a good time to have a conversation, however, I would be very much happy to speak with you at a much more suitable time. Let’s schedule another date to discuss”. He immediately got the hint that I was not going to continue to have a discussion with him speaking in that manner. He eventually calmed down and even thanked me after the call. If you thought “road rage” was an issue, “desk rage” is right up

there. Similar to road rage, desk rage is defined as a meltdown at work resulting in anger outbursts like throwing office supplies or banging on the computer. The director of the British Association of Anger Management and anger therapist, Mike Fisher reports that during his 2014 workshop, women made up 60 percent of the participants, making that year the first year that more women than men sought help for anger. In 2012, research by a health insurance company PruHealth found that nearly half of us admit to losing their cool at colleagues with 28 percent shouting at people at work and one in four admit to slamming down phones, banging their fists on their desk and also throwing things across the floor. In a 2012 study, Anger Therapist Mike Fisher indicated there are three types of desk rage: The Blunderbuss is a type of person who takes it out on inanimate objects such as kicking a photocopier for instance. Although they think they do not have a problem, what they do not realize is how their actions can have a negative impact on others. The Intimidator is a type of person who screams and shouts. Often, these people are in management positions so unfortunately, most of them just

get away with it. By the way, the individual referred to at the beginning of this article was a person of authority and he was held accountable for his behaviour. The Passive-Aggressive is a quiet type who does not scream or kick inanimate objects but instead spend his or her time venting through social media like Twitter or Facebook. They also leave work early and even steal the office stationery. Whatever you call them, desk rage is considered to be a form of psychological violence and depending on the type of behaviour, the consequences may include employment loss. In fact in 2014, a labour arbitration decision from Newfoundland highlighted the importance of avoiding disparaging comments about one’s employer and colleagues openly

on Facebook. The decision arose from Communications, Energy and Paper workers Union of Canada, Local 64 v Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited and it indicated that such postings can be grounds for termination. The arbitrator found that the Facebook posting contained severe threats of physical harm, offensive comments about named individuals and derogatory comments about the employer. As such, the arbitrator ruled that where the comments are sufficiently toxic to the employee and employer relationship, the single act may be considered grounds for dismissal with cause. Sources: https://www.merovitzpotechin. com/blog/2014/06/say-facebookcan-get-fired.shtml http://www.pilipino-express. com/features-sp-1157189368/

career-connexion/1846-keepcalm-and-say-no-to-desk-rage. html what-really-happens-in-angermanagement/ This article is intended for information purposes only and not to be considered as professional advice. Michele Majul-Ibarra, IPMAACP holds an Advanced Certified HR Professional Designation with the International Personnel Management Association. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Certificate in Human Resource Management. She also holds the C.I.M. professional designation (Certified in Management). E-mail her at



The concept of chi is based on the idea that all energy is a combination of both positive and negative energies. But this definition doesn’t mean positive and negative in the sense of good or bad, but rather that it takes a plus and a minus charge on a battery or electric cable to create energy. So it is in the universe. There are two universal energies that are at the foundation of all energy, and feng shui, too. Men are considered to be the positive charge, or energy, in feng shui. Their energy, called yang energy, is described as anything that is bright, hot, moving, loud, hard, fast, and colourful. By contrast, women’s energy in feng shui is called yin, and yin energy relates to the quiet, still, dark, soft and cold. Even though that’s how women’s yin energy is described, it certainly doesn’t mean women are those things! Feng shui for women isn’t much different than feng shui for men, but there are some important distinctions that apply only to women. Health and wealth of beauty In China, there is a whole study of luck as it applies to one’s face. Complexion is first. A woman’s complexion is not only a source of beauty, but it is also considered a source of her wealth. Neglecting one’s looks and appearance doesn’t make a women appear wealthy or attract wealth to her life. However, when a woman projects a fresh, smooth and glowing complexion and appearance whatever her age, she attracts wealth. Oily or dry complexions can sometimes cause a lack of resources. Therefore, maintain your complexion with regular facials and a quality skin care regimen to look your best. Look at yourself and your favourable direction daily In maintaining your looks, make up is always a nice option for making your skin look smoother, your lips fuller or your eyes brighter.

A wonderful way to enhance your looks is to apply makeup or use a makeup mirror in which you face one of your favoured directions. In this way, you look at yourself from a favourable direction as you dress for the day or before going to bed. A lighted makeup mirror is a wonderful feng shui activator for you and your life! The superior sex – which is it? In most instances, the breadwinner, or northwest sector, is always the most favoured position in feng shui. In many households that means the man is favoured because men most often are the breadwinners, but times have changed and that’s not always so. If the woman is the breadwinner, it is the southwest sector that is favoured above the northwest. Make sure the southwest sector is protected and enhanced with plenty of auspicious earth energy and fire energy, such as pretty candles or lighting. Watch for items that can drain a woman’s energy Although women love to receive flowers from admirers, plants are not beneficial for women. It’s critical that there are no oversized trees or plants in the southwest, northeast or centre sectors. Plants destroy earth and can create a tired, frustrated woman or one who has difficulties with her health or relationships. It’s almost a good idea to check for metal objects, too, in the southwest sector as these can drain the earth energy that supports the woman of the house. Whose directions count? Another frequent lament is the question about whose kua directions to favour in the household. Again, whether male or female, the door facing direction and the bedroom location or sleeping direction is favoured based on who earns the most money. When it comes to gender politics, feng shui is decidedly old fashioned in this case and favours whoever brings home the pay check regardless of whether that is a man

Women’s feng shui – Tips to protect the woman of the house or a woman. Matriarch luck is vital Whether a woman is single or married, it is important that matriarchal energy is enhanced. Favouring women’s earth energy does that. Sometimes unmarried women have a stronger male energy by the fact that a bathroom is located in the southwest corner or that they sleep on the wrong side of the bed, taking over the man’s position (left side as you are lying in bed). When this happens, single women can stay single, their relationship suffers, or the man falls out of the leadership role in the family, and at worst, breast cancer or other ailments can occur. Women must ensure that their energy is enhanced in the home by having enough feminine energy. Now, that doesn’t mean that you place doilies and rose-filled chintz everywhere. By contrast, it means that you protect the southwest corner of your home by adding earth or fire energy there. If this is your kitchen, enhance the earth energy in the southwest corner of the living room with crystals or strong lighting. Protect the woman by representing earth elements symbolically Whether it’s a painting of a mountain, a beautiful crystal vase or even a large piece of furniture, it’s critical that your home has solid earth energy to protect and enhance a woman’s energy. A wonderful southwest activator is a set of six crystal balls. Six round smooth crystal balls represent the uniting of heaven (yang) and earth (yin) to create smooth, happy and fulfilling relationships and an auspicious life for a woman. Pictures of large buildings or mountains behind a woman at her desk or in the southwest corner will also ensure that she, who offers so much support to her family and co-workers and

Mississauga Centre nomination race heats up Rosemer Enverga hopeful Filipino-Canadians in the Mississauga Centre riding are anxiously waiting to know who will come out as the winner in the MPP nomination race, which was recently opened by the Ontario PC Party. The nomination race pits Rosemer Enverga against three other candidates: Qadeer Shah, Natalia Kusendova and Tanya Allen. Shah is the Muslim community’s bet, Kusendova has the Polish community following,

and Allen has the Croatian community’s support. Enverga, widow of the late Senator Tobias “Jun” Enverga, holds a business degree and is a long-time Progressive Conservative Party member. She entered the race after two other Filipino-Canadian aspirants; Dr. C. Silva and J.V. Salamena, backed out to make Enverga the “unity candidate” at a community meeting on March 25, 2018. Angely Pacis, a Filipino-

APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

Canadian lawyer who moved from Montreal, with roots in Mississauga, had won the riding nomination previously. In a letter to FilipinoCanadian constituents, Enverga expressed that she was saddened by the recall of Pacis’ candidacy and urged the community not to allow their despair to paralyze them into inaction. “All is not lost. Despite the daunting challenges I face, I am standing in for our community.

friends, is also supported and helped by others. In 2018, this tip is a bonus for women! Nourishing women’s wealth During the current Period of 8, the southwest direction of women is called the indirect spirit. Wherever the indirect spirit falls, this is the best location to add water. Women will rise in financial prominence when water is added to the southwest corner of the home or garden. Fountains, water features such as ponds with waterfalls or swimming pools are great enhancers for the women and will help make them prosperous and rise in prominence. FENG SHUI Q&A Question: My husband is a stay at home dad, but I am the one who makes the money. He wants us to sleep in the direction that favours his feng shui. How do we solve this argument? Answer: An easy way is to always follow form feng shui. That is, make sure that you observe good feng shui rules like having your bed against a solid wall and where you can see the door easily. Rather than try to move your bed to take advantage of one or the other’s best directions, following good feng shui first is the most important followed by sleeping according to your best directions. Once you’ve done that, then if you can tap one of your favourable directions, that’s great no matter Join me and together let’s continue the efforts began by Angely to gain representation for our community,” Enverga urged. There are approximately 350,000 Filipinos who call Ontario their home, but are not represented in provincial parliament. “We must change this anomalous situation,” Enverga stressed. After about a week of meetings with members of the Filipino community, Enverga says she is pleased with the response to her appeal for support. “I am very hopeful that our community will come through again. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. Our community has grown considerably, and it is time we have a voice in Queen’s

who it favours, although your directions as breadwinner would be primary. I’d be more concerned about door direction as the breadwinner, so don’t overlook your front door direction. If it’s not favourable for you, be sure to boost your personal wealth direction (unless it conflicts with the annual energies) and the southwest sector – especially this year because the energies are so favourable for women. Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in authentic Chinese feng shui. She has over 20+ years of feng shui study, practice and professional consultation. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more visit and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!

Rosemer Enverga Park,” she added. The PC Party will nominate a candidate for Mississauga Centre on Saturday, April 21, 2018. The Ontario general election is set for June 7 this year.

APRIL 16 - 30, 2018



Three simple strategies to help you focus and de-stress Do daily distractions leave you feeling unfocused and stressed? Take a breath. Here are three great ways to start taking back control. Does it seem like you can’t complete even the simplest task without being distracted? Texts, emails, social media alerts, noisy colleagues, ringing phones… Friends, you are not alone. Distracted thinking — aka daydreaming or mind wandering — affects everyone. In fact, researchers have found that people think about something other than what they’re actually doing — or supposed to be doing — almost half of the time. Turns out that a wandering, easily distracted mind is actually the default mode for the human brain. Succumbing to distraction over and over, though, can build stress, foster unhappiness and even lead to depression. So if you’re one of the many looking to figure out how to handle distractions and improve your ability to focus, take comfort in the fact that research has shown a way forward. One word: mindfulness Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-tomoment awareness of where

you are and what you’re doing. At work, for instance, it means you’re focused on the project in front of you; walking with a friend, it gives you the ability to really focus on your surroundings and your conversation. Scientists have shown that you can actually train your brain to become more mindful. Like anything else, it just takes practice. Ready to get started? These three practices have all proven useful in building mindfulness. 1. Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) MBSR training has become a recognized way to help people learn to avoid distractions and increase their attention on the task in front of them. It can also help improve memory, motivation and autonomy — all things likely to make you (and your boss) happier. MBSR programs typically include breathing, stretching and awareness exercises. 2. Meditation Meditation aims to increase your awareness of the present moment and help you develop a gentle, accepting attitude toward yourself. Regular meditation practice has been shown to actually alter the brain — in a good way. One study showed that the area of

the brain dedicated to regulating your emotions was significantly larger in meditators. In other words, in a world determined to trip you up with distractions and unpleasant surprises, meditation can help you stay more positive and more focused. 3. Mindful movement The hallmarks of mindful movement, or yoga — structured breathing, controlled movement, mental focus — make it sound like the perfect antidote to stress and distracted thinking, but does science back that up? Yes, over and over again. Many studies have found that, after beginning a yoga program, people feel less stressed, more focused, even more optimistic. In fact, yoga’s been found to be even more beneficial to people who are highly stressed. In today’s so-called attention economy, the world is actually being designed to distract you. Everybody wants your attention, and they want it right now. But you can take back control of your focus, shed that stress, and wake up happier to meet your day. Ready to commit to becoming more mindful? Great, go for it! By Mayo Clinic Staff – Courtesy Mayo Clinic News Network

Meditation can help you stay more positive and more focused. “This is how I start my morning... and this is also how I end my day,” said Winnipegger Sally Nicodemus Bader who meditates everyday



APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

The barriers between us John Chedrick Aguilar was awarded the ANAK Liwayway Scholarship for Leadership Excellence 2017 – Honourable Mention based on his high school GPA, a group interview, and an essay based on oral history interviews he conducted. The following essay was his submission. Adjusting from a world of sunshine and smiles to a world of harsh winters and unfamiliarity was a difficult process for my family. We had mixed emotions moving to Canada. We were happy as we got to start fresh and pursue better opportunities, but we were sad at the same time as we left behind the people and places that are near and dear to our hearts. Hardships and challenges strengthened our family ties as we settled into the country that we love and adore today. My parents formerly lived in California, USA when my brother and I were at our youngest. They flew across the globe with the intention of earning money to send my brother and me to a great school for our learning. When the opportunity to immigrate to Canada arose, my parents grabbed it as quickly as they could, as they wanted to spend their days with my brother and me. They flew back

to the Philippines to immediately begin processing the papers for Canada. The opportunity to go to Canada alone had made our family bond stronger and better. Not only were we supporting each other emotionally through the process of immigrating, but we were physically supporting each other as well. When I asked my mother why she wanted to move to Canada, she said, “I am thinking of the future of my two boys because Canada offers a lot of opportunities for my growing up boys” (Aguilar). Given the background of my parents, adjusting to Canada’s environment was not difficult for them. Although there are some slight differences between Canada and its neighbouring country, “Practicing the English language, kasi ‘yun yong universal language. Pati rin yung sa school, yung ibang pamamaraan ng pagtuturo. The school curriculum is different here. Their teaching is taught in a different manner” (Aguilar). It was difficult for my father to wrap his head around the foreign school system. My brother and I, on the other hand, had a more difficult process in adjusting to the foreign surroundings. I attended school without knowing anyone in my

classes. It took me quite a while to open up from my shell and create new friends. This was also the case for my brother, especially since he started immediately in the middle of high school. Receiving education in a multicultural environment allowed my brother and I to quickly cope with our surroundings and resonate with people of different origins. According to my brother, “Having a multicultural environment at school made me realize that I’m going through a big environment change, but having the presence of your own culture helps you retain a small part of home.” (Aguilar). The hardest of all to cope with is the constant longing for extended family members in the Philippines. My parents, brother, and I all have pieces in us that came from the people we grew up with. Although there are technological advances that allow us to reach our families, it is still hard not being with them physically. There were incidences when we needed to be around them, such as accidents and celebrations, but we remained here due to financial restrictions. We made it work through endless video calls and constant messaging. Immigrating to Canada made my relationship with my family tighter. Growing up with my extended family was spectacular, but having the care and support directly from my parents made Canada a greater country. It pulled

ANAK’s Johsa Manzanilla and J.C. Aguilar at the 2017 Maples Collegiate graduation ceremony my family closer and pushed away all the barriers between us. Sources • Aguilar, Richard, Maria Rosario Aguilar, and John Paul Aguilar. “Adjustment in Canada.” Telephone interview. 16 Apr. 2017. • “Oral History Handbook.” Aksyon Ng Ating Kabataan

(ANAK) Inc. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Apr. 2017. John Chedrick Aguilar is a graduated from Maples Collegiate and entered into his first year of studies at the University of Manitoba. Visit to learn more about 2018 ANAK scholarship program.

GINO International Winnipeg - grand opening

Fr. Gerry Sembrano; Eugene Deocareza, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant; Ted Marcelino, MLA for Tyndall, Eugene Deocareza, Edward Deocareza, Lourdes Edward Deocareza, Gino International Winnipeg Branch Manager; Honorary Consul Miranda, Mary Jean Aromin, Dennis Castañeda and Honorary Consul Ronald Opina Ronald Opina, Jon Reyes, MLA for St. Norbert and Dennis Castañeda at the ribboncutting ceremony to open Gino International’s office in Winnipeg

APRIL 16 - 30, 2018




Hindi na namin kailangan pang magsakripisyo sa traffic para lang mapanood ang pinakahuling pelikulang pinagtambalan nina James Reid at Nadine Lustre. Sa mga kuwento pa lang ng mga kaibigan naming nakapanood sa Never Not Love You ay parang nasaksihan na rin namin ang galing sa pag-arte ng JaDine. Bukod sa magagandang reviews na lumalabas sa mga pahayagan ay nakakakuwentuhan din namin ang maraming nanood ng pelikula. Mismong si Lourd de Veyra, isang magaling na manunulat at musikero, ang nagbigay sa amin ng impormasyon na maganda ang pelikula. “Matapang ang JaDine! Maayos din ang pagkakasulat ni Tonette Jadaone ng script. Hindi pang-insulto sa manonood ang kabuuan ng movie. Malayo ang mararating ng loveteam na ito!” paghanga ni Lourd de Veyra kina James at Nadine. Isang magaling na nobelista rin ang nakausap namin tungkol sa pelikula, ayaw na lang nitong ipabanggit ang kaniyang


pangalan, nakakahiya raw kasi sa mga proyekto ng mga kaibigan nito na hindi nakatanggap ng papuri mula sa kaniya. “Nagulat ako kina James at Nadine. Ang akala ko kasi, e, mga kabataan ito na ang alam lang, e, ang magpa-tweetums, ang magpakilig sa mga fans nila, pero hindi pala. “Puwede na silang isabak sa mga mas seryoso pang roles. Magaling si James, may emotion placement siya, at mas magaling ang babae! Magaling si Nadine, malalim, matapang!” pagbibigaypapuri ng kaibigan naming nobelista. Ano kaya ang masasabi ngayon ng direktorang madaldal na nagtangkang ibagsak ang JaDine? Makahirit pa kaya ito ngayon? *** Sa totoo lang, kapag nababasa namin ang mga pamba-bash kay Nadine Lustre ay mas tumataas ang paghanga namin sa katapangan ng young actress, masyado na kasing personal ang See CRISTY p15

APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

• JaDine – Kahangahanga ang acting sa Never Not Love You • Nadine Lustre – Pakikinabangan ng VIVA kung magsosolo na • Joshua Garcia – Walang dudang malayo ang maaabot ng aktor • Claudine Barretto – Kinakarir ang pagda-diet at gym work-out • Kris Aquino – Nainsulto dahil gustong ligawan ng isang OFW • Maricel Soriano – Babalik na sa TV ang Diamond Star • Marjorie Barretto – Inihantad na ang bunsong anak sa publiko • Vice Ganda – Sikat at mayaman, but it’s lonely at the top • Xian Lim at Kim Chiu – Totoo ba o “joke” lang ba ang relasyon? • Liza Soberano – Binabash na naman dahil nagulat at napa-mura • Aiko Melendez – Mayor na naman ang boyfriend. Pangatlo na!

Nadine Lustre & James Reid

Liza Soberano

Kim Chiu & Xian Lim

Marjorie Barretto & Chuchay

Joshua Garcia

Kris Aquino

Mark Anthony Fernandez & Claudine Barretto

Maricel Soriano

Aiko & her 3rd Mayor boyfriend

Vice Ganda

APRIL 16 - 30, 2018






APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

Feel the love with ABS CBN’s Since I Found You ABS-CBN’s newest primetime series Since I Found You is a love story featuring completely diverse people who are all looking for love. It is top billed by Arci Muñoz, Alessandra de Rossi, JC De Vera, Empoy, and Piolo Pascual. Piolo Pascual marks his return in the TV series department with this show where he portrays the role of Nathan, an accomplished businessman and the boss of the country’s leading construction company. Despite his good looks and charisma, his employees are terrified of his tough facade and leadership style. He then meets Dani (Muñoz), a reliable daughter to her parents, who works as an intern at Nathan’s company. Despite the fact that he

is having a tough time with her job, Ginno (De Vera), Nathan’s career-driven assistant, will guide Dani and make sure she gets her work done Also joining the series is the box office hit of a tandem of Alempoy (coined term for de Rossi and Empoy), fresh from the success of their hit movie Kita Kita. Giving life to the character Janice is de Rossi, the boss’s secretary, who works hard for her family and her son. Empoy, meantime, portrays James; the company driver who always makes sure everybody gets a good laugh with his antics. They all come from different walks of life, but love will intertwine their completely distinct lives. As Dani falls for her boss See ABS CBN p15

L-R: JC de Vera, Arci Muñoz, Piolo Pascual, Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez

GMA Network wins big in New York Festival GMA Network won eight medals and four finalist certificates at the 2018 New York Festivals’ World’s Best TV and Films Competition — including a gold medal for GMA News TV’s Reel Time. The awarding ceremony was held in Las Vegas

last April 10. Documentary program Reel Time won the gold medal in the Health/Medical Information category for its Hawla (The Untold Story of the Village Monster) episode. Hawla featured the story of Nene, a woman kept in a cage

because of her psychological condition. Another Reel Time documentary, also earned the country one of its two silver medals this year. The episode Gutom (Starved) about two-yearold Roel — who, because of extreme malnourishment, could not walk, much less crawl at his age, won in the Human Concerns category. Both winning Reel Time documentaries were executive produced by Mark Anthony Norella. Alaala: A Martial Law Special also won a silver award. The See GMA p15

Alden Richards

GMA winners - 2018 New York Festivals’ World Best TV and Films Competition




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Darin Hoffman

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1006 NAIRN AVENUE • 204-275-5555



APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

ABS CBN... From page 14 Nathan, Ginno will find himself having feelings for the intern. But aside from Dani, Janice is also secretly in love with Nathan, and disregards James’ feelings for her. Also part of Since I Found You are Carmi Martin, John Lapus, Vivoree Esclito, Isabel Oli, Cholo Barretto, and Michael de Mesa. Antoinette Jadaone directs the series. – ABS-CBN NEWS

GMA... From page 14 special, which was recognized in the Docudrama category, featured the journey of Martial Law activist and award-winning screenwriter Bonifacio Ilagan. Aired in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of President Marcos’ declaration of Martial Law, the special was bannered by Kapuso actor Alden Richards who played the role of Boni. Marking another first for the country was GMA News pillar Jessica Soho winning the bronze medal in the Best News Anchor category. Soho was the first and only Filipino broadcast journalist to date, who made it to the list. GMA Public Affairs earned

CRISTY... From page 12 mga ibinabato laban sa kaniya. Nand’yang pagpistahan ang maitim niyang kili-kili, ang kaniyang kuyukot na puwede na raw pagtaniman ng kamote sa kaitiman, grabe! Pero sa kabila ng lahat ay nand’yan pa rin si Nadine, patuloy na ginagawa ang makapagpapasaya sa kaniya, wala siyang pakialam sa mga pumapansin sa kaniyang katawan. Malakas ang loob ni Nadine. Sa isang panahon na nagpapaligsahan sa pagiging mahinhin sina Kathryn Bernardo at Liza Soberano ay nag-iba siya ng linya. Kinunan niya ang kaniyang sarili na naka-two-piece bathing suit na halos kita na ang pisngi ng kaniyang langit, ibang-iba nga naman siya sa kaniyang mga kakontemporaryo. E, nagsalita pa siya ng pagiging liberal sa pakikipaglive-in, samantalang ang mga kasabayan nga niyang youngstars ay ni hindi halos nagpapakita ng mainit na emosyon sa publiko? Pero kung mag-iiba na talaga ng linya si Nadine at iiwanan na niya ang pakikipag-loveteam kay James Reid at sasabak na siya sa pagpapa-sexy sa pelikula ay napakalaki ng magiging pakinabang sa kaniya ng Viva na nag-aalaga sa kaniyang karera. Siguradong susuportahan ng mga kalalakihang manonood ang kaniyang proyekto, pipilahan ang kaniyang pelikula, at minsan pa nating mababasa ang linyang a new sexy siren is born. *** Natuldukan na nitong April 12 ang kuwento ng seryeng The Good Son. Naparusahan na ang


three more bronze medals for the country. Documentary program Front Row won a bronze medal in the Best Public Affairs Program category. Its winning episode Batang Bomba (Bomb Pickers) told the story of Aeta children who pick up detonated bombs to earn money. Meanwhile, investigative program Reporter’s Notebook received a bronze medal in the Community Portraits category for Maki Pulido’s Yapak sa Pusod ng Dagat (Footsteps on the Bed). It featured the story of Filipinos who risk their lives diving into the ocean without proper equipment in the hope of mining gold that they could sell. GMA News TV program Brigada also took home a bronze medal in the Current Affairs category for its report on Combat Camera Team. The episode detailed the operation of Philippine Army’s Scout Ranger Batallion in Marawi City using combat cameras. The Network’s Program Support Department also won a bronze medal for EDSA 31st Anniversary Spot. The said project won in the Graphic Design: Promotion/Open and IDs category. Along with these, GMA Network also took home four finalist certificates. The country’s longest-running documentary program, I-Witness, received two Finalist Certificates: one in the Human Concerns category for Kara David’s Sundalong Aso (Soldiers with Paws) and another in the International Affairs category for Atom Araullo’s Silang Kinalimutan (The Forgotten). GMA News TV’s flagship newscast State of the Nation with Jessica Soho also earned a finalist certificate for Best Newscast through its Marawi Liberation: War is Over coverage. Rounding off the recognitions GMA received this year was its Program Support Department’s Kulayan Natin ang Summer (Colorful Summer), which received a finalist certificate in the Art Direction: Promotion/ Open and IDs category. – GMA News/Photos by Steven Lam pumatay kay Albert Martinez, ang inikutan ng istorya, inabot nang 48 years ang imbestigasyon bago natuklasan kung sino ang salarin. Sayang lang dahil hindi nakasama sa pagtatapos ng palabas sina John Estrada at Mylene Dizon, mahalaga pa naman ang mga papel na kanilang ginagampanan, kinailangan silang “patayin” sa istorya dahil sa kontrobersiyang kinapalooban nila sa mismong set ng serye. Sa kanilang lahat ay lumutang ang galing sa pag-arte ng tatlong personalidad. Natural lang na manguna sa galing umarte si Eula Valdez na kahit anong role ang gampanan ay sulit na sulit ang tinatanggap nitong talent fee. Kapala-palakpak din ang galing ni Nash Aguas, mula noon hanggang ngayon ay hindi binibigo ng binata nang aktor ang manonood, kakambal na ng kaniyang inunan ang husay sa pag-arte. Pero sa kanilang apat na young actors ng serye ay siguradong walang papalag kung sasabihin namin na ang talagang nagbenepisyo sa The Good Son ay ang produkto ng PBB na si Joshua Garcia. Si Joshua at ang kaniyang malalim na hugot sa pag-arte, si Joshua at ang kaniyang natural na pagtatawid ng kuwento, si Joshua at ang napakasimple pero epektibo niyang pagganap. Maraming panahon pang mapakikinabangan ng ABSCBN ang young actor na ito. Nakuha niya ang pulso ng publiko, nakiiyak sa kaniya ang manonood, siya ang pinakakarne ng The Good Son. *** See CRISTY p16




APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

Filipino, not Tagalog, is the national language of the Philippines by Gemma Derpo Dalayoan The Manitoba Association of Filipino Teachers Inc. (MAFTI) launched its Filipino Class for Adults on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at the Technical Vocational High School on Wall St. from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Victoria Cabrera, who is also a Nursery teacher at Tyndall Park School, is the teacher for this class. Present were 17 students with three more registered but missing their first day of class. To lend support to Mrs. Cabrera were Genalyn Aseron Tan, MAFTI President, and Gemma Dalayoan, MAFTI Internal Consultant and Adviser. CBC and its personnel were also present to capture this momentous event. MAFTI thanks Mrs. Leila Aseron Castro for contacting CBC; thus, this program received wide coverage not only in the Filipino community but also throughout Manitoba. MAFTI also gives its appreciation

to the three local newspapers namely: Ang Peryodiko, Filipino Journal, and the Pilipino Express for publishing free ads for the Filipino class. Furthermore, MAFTI also thanks the Winnipeg School Division for granting the permit to use a centrally located school; Tech Voc. The class started at 6:10 p.m. after the registrants paid their tuition fees of $120 to Mrs. Genalyn Tan, for 12 sessions. One important note Mrs. Cabrera told her students was that the national language of the Philippines is not Tagalog but Filipino. Tagalog is only one of several major languages in the Philippines from which many words were taken and embedded in the national language, Filipino. The class ended with a game that gave the chance for students to say some Filipino words they had learned. A culminating activity is being planned a day after the last session which will be on June 26.

CRISTY... From page 15 Kinakarir talaga ni Claudine Barretto ang pagda-diet at matiyagang pagpunta sa gym. Kailangan niyang magpapayat dahil may gagawin silang pelikula ni Mark Anthony Fernandez sa Viva Films. At hindi lang ang aktres ang dapat magbawas ng timbang, binibigyan din nang sapat na panahon ngayon ni Mark Anthony ang pagdyi-gym, kailangang sabay silang pumayat para sa nakaplano nilang gawing pelikula. Sakripisyo para kay Claudine ang pagda-diet, ilang taon na siyang nagtatangkang magpapayat, pero hindi niya maachieve ang pinupuntirya niyang timbang. Palagi siyang bigo. Noong minsang makasabay siya ng aming kaibigan sa isang grocery ay nakita nito kung anuano ang laman ng punumpunong cart ni Claudine. Pero pampataba. Sabi ng aming kausap, “Paano nga siya papayat, e, puro pampataba ang mga binibili

niya? May mga junk foods, mayonnaise, pork and beef, paano siya makapagpapapayat kung ganoon ang mga kinakain niya?” Kaya malaking sakripisyo para kay Claudine ang tinanggap niyang hamon ng Viva, hindi sila makapagsisimulang mag-shooting ni Mark Anthony kung matataba pa sila, kaya kailangang tutukan nila talaga ang pagbabagsak ng timbang. Hindi puwedeng tanggalin kay Claudine ang mundong minahal niya, miss na miss na niya ang pagbabalik sa harap ng mga camera, kaya ang nakikita nating picture niya ngayon na payat na payat na siya ay isang palatandaan na malapit na natin siyang mapanood uli. *** Pinagpipiestahan na naman si Kris Aquino ng kaniyang mga bashers. Tama rin naman ang obserbasyon at opinyon ng marami nating kababayan na sana’y hindi na lang pinatulan ni Kris ang isang kababayan nating OFW (@mandi_monaco) na nagtangkang manligaw sa kaniya.

Sana’y hindi na lang niya binigyan ng panahon ang lalaking nambobola sa kaniya, dinedma na lang sana niya, tutal naman ay madalas niyang sabihin na silence is the best answer to a fool. Pero mukhang nainsulto kasi si Kris, kaya ang naging sagot niya na dahilan ngayon ng pambabash sa kaniya, too smart and too pretty raw siya para patulan ang pambobola ng OFW. Iyon na! Nabuhay uli ang dugo ng kaniyang mga bashers, nasaan daw ang paglalarawan niyang pretty siya, samantalang kapag wala nga siyang make-up ay hindi siya nakikilala? At paano raw masasabi ni Kris na too smart siya para pumatol sa lalaki, samantalang siya mismo ang nagbubuyangyang sa publiko kung paano siya nabola ng mga lalaking nauugnay sa kaniya, nasaan daw ang pagiging too smart doon? Maraming naangasan at nayabangan sa aktres-TV host sa naging sagot niya sa lalaki, lumulutang pa rin daw ang See CRISTY p18

APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

CRISTY... From page 16 panunukat ni Kris sa estado ng kaniyang kapuwa, porke raw ba OFW ang nagtangkang manligaw sa kaniya ay ganoon na ang postura niya? *** Nagkakagulo na ang mga tagahanga ni Maricel Soriano, hindi na sila mapakali, gusto na nilang hilahin ang panahon para mapanood na uli nila ang Diamond Star sa isang serye. Kumpirmadong kasama sa cast ng The General’s Daughter si Maricel, ang seryeng ito ang papalit sa time slot ng matagumpay na Ang Probinsiyano na malapit nang magwakas matitinding personalidad na naman ang bibida sa serye. Panahon na para muling mapanood si Maricel sa isang seryeng gabi-gabing susubaybayan ng ating mga kababayan. Sayang ang kaniyang talento kung basta nakapahinga lang. hindi man kalawangin ang husay niya sa pag-arte ay iba pa rin iyong nand’yan siya at nakikipagsabayan. Sabi ng isang kaibigan namin ay si Maricel Soriano raw ang female version ni John Lloyd Cruz, ang pagkakaiba lang nila ay walang lovelife na tinututukan ngayon ang Diamond Star, pero pareho silang mas gustong magpahinga kesa sa magtrabaho. Pana-panahon lang ‘yan. Namahinga man nang mahabang panahon si Marya ay ito na ang oras na hinahanap na ng kaniyang katawan ang pagtatrabaho. *** Kapuri-puri ang giangawang pagbawi ni Marjorie Barretto sa karapatan ng kaniyang anak na matagal din niyang naipagdamot dahil sa maraming kunsiderasyon. Ang mga nawalang panahon ay sinasamantala niya naman ngayon para mabigyan niya ng kaligayahan ang kaniyang bunsong si Chuchay. Nag-aaral si Chuchay sa isang pribadong paaralang pinapasukan din ng mga anak ng isa naming kaibigan. Noong minsan, sa selebrasyon ng araw ng mga magulang ay dumating ang pulitikong ama ng bata, humabol din sa programa si Marjorie. Text ng aming kaibigan, “So, it’s true. May anak nga pala si Marjorie sa politician. Nandito kasi sila ngayon, center of attraction nga sila. Nice naman, hindi nila pinababayaan ang anak nila.” Sa maraming pagkakataon, kapag magkakasama ang buong pamilya, ay naglalabas ng mga retrato si Marjorie at ang mga anak nila ni Dennis Padilla. Pero walang pangalan ang isang batang


babae na kasama nila. Kung minsan naman ay sadyang iniaalis na lang ang bata sa retrato. Sa inilabas na video ni Marjorie para sa kaarawan ni Chuchay (Erich ang tunay na pangalan ng bata) ay isa kami sa pinakamaligayang ina sa mundo. Gusto naming yakapin si Marjorie Barretto kapag nagkita kami. Yakap ng pasasalamat, yakap ng paghanga, dahil nanindigan siya na ang bawat bata ay regalo ng langit. *** Hindi na bagong kuwento ang pag-atake ng anxiety kay Vice Ganda. Iyong natatakot siyang mapag-isa, iyong may kailangan siyang kasama sa kuwarto lalo na kapag nagigising siya sa madaling-araw, marami kaming

kuwentong alam tungkol sa ganoon. Kapag naabot na ng personalidad ang ituktok ng tatsulok ng popularidad ay ganoon talaga ang nararamdaman niya. May takot na bumubulabog sa kaniyang isip, kaya ang pinakamadaling paraan, kailangang maraming taong nakapaligid sa kaniya. Nasa rurok ng tagumpay ngayon si Vice Ganda. Sikat na sikat siya, mayamangmayaman na, kaya may takot na nararamdaman ang komedyante tungkol sa pagkawala niya sa gitna ng aksiyon. Kasali iyon sa laban, iyon ang presyong kailangan niyang pagbayaran bilang pinakasikat na komedyante-TV host ngayon,

doon na pumapasok ang kasabihang “It’s lonely at the top.” Bakit ba maraming nakapaligid sa isang sikat na personalidad? Bakit ba maraming kaibigang kailangang nagpapatawa sa kaniya? Bakit ba kapag dumadalo sa kahit anong selebrasyon ang isang sikat na artista ay ang damidaming nakapaikot-nakabuntot sa kaniya? Umaandar na kasi ang anxiety attack. Isang uri ng kalungkutan iyon na walang nakakaalam kung saan nagmumula, tanging ang may katawan lang ang nakakaalam, kaya kailangan niyang gamutin. Pero magaling pa ring magdala si Vice. Naihihiwalay niya iyon kapag humaharap na siya sa mga camera. Lagalag pa rin siya, makulit, na parang

PAGE 17 wala siyang pinagdadaanan nang nakaraang gabi. Umaatake lang ang ganoong emosyon kapag nag-iisa na lang siya, kapag patay na ang mga ilaw ng entablado, kapag tunog na lang ng aircon ang kasama niya. Masarap na mahirap maging sikat. Hindi man sinasabi iyon ni Vice Ganda ay iyon ang palaging naglalaro sa kaniyang isip. *** Matagal na panahon muna ang lumipas bago may naniwalang magkarelasyon nga sina Xian Lim at Kim Chiu. Joke lang ang tingin ng mga kababayan natin nang lumutang ang balitang magkarelasyon na sila. Ewan kung bakit ayaw silang paniwalaan. Palaging See CRISTY p20



APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

POPE... From page 1 of St. Boniface led by their main presider Archbishop Albert LeGatt, the faithful celebrated High Mass at 3:30 p.m. A solemn procession with the relics of St. Pope John Paul II was held and devotees delivered the intercessions in several languages: English, Slovak, Italian, Malayalam, Spanish, French, Polish and Cebuano. Archbishop LeGatt delivered the homily while the Sokol Choir led the congregation as they sang the hymns and prayers. Fr. Sebastian Gacki of St. Andrew Bobola Church conveyed the Word. St. Andrew Bobola Church at 541 Marion St. in Winnipeg is the permanent Shrine of the Divine Mercy; it is also the only Shrine in Canada to host the relics of St. Faustina. On April 30, 2000, Pope John Paul II canonized Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska (19051938) in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican. Fr. Sebastian Gacki, pastor of St. Andrew Bobola Church, brought the relics of Saint Faustina to Canada. The dedication of the Shrine of the Divine Mercy took place Mercy Sunday, April 15, 2007 officiated by Rev. Grace Emilius Goulet, Archbishop of SaintBoniface.

First-class relic of St. Faustina, Apostle of Divine Mercy

First-class relic of St. Pope John Paul II

Fr. Sebastian Gacki, Pastor St. Andrew Bobola Church

Fr. Gacki receives flowers from parishioner

Archbishop Albert LeGatt, main presider, Divine Mercy Sunday

APRIL 16 - 30, 2018



Mapako kaya ang mga pangako ni Mang Brian at ng tropang asul? Noong May 1, 2016 ay isinulat ko ang anim na mga pangako ni Mang Brian Pallister bago siya umupo bilang 22nd Premier ng Manitoba. Halos dalawang taon na ang nakalilipas simula ng pinalitan ang gobyerno ng Manitoba mula sa panunungkulan ni Greg Selinger sa ilalim ng partidong NDP. Kamakailan lamang ay nagpaalam na sa politika si Mang Greg dahil sa iskandalong kinasangkutan ni Stan Struthers, dating finance minister noong panahon ng NDP sa pamumuno niya. Isa marahil sa maraming dahilan na ikinatalo ng NDP noong nakaraang provincial election ay ang pagtaas ng PST mula 7 per cent to 8 per cent. Bukod dito ay nalubog sa pagkakautang ang probinsya dahil diumano sa mga gastusin sa malawakang pagbaha na nakaapekto sa maraming lugar sa Manitoba. Isa sa mga istratehiya ng NDP upang makabawi sa deficit ay ang pagbebenta sa isang ahensya ng gobyerno sa pribadong kumpanya. Noong 2014 ay ibinenta ng Province of Manitoba sa ilalim ng pamumuno ng NDP ang Property Registry Office sa pribadong kumpanya to the tune of 75 million dollars. Hindi ko alam kung saan direktang napunta ang pinagbentahan ng ahensiyang ito. Ito marahil ang naging mga dahilan kung bakit nag-desisyon ang mga Manitobans na palitan na ang pamumuno ng NDP. Kaya’t nanalo ang mga asul – ang Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba sa pamumuno ni Mang Brian. Balikan natin ang mga pangako ni Mang Brian: 1. Lower sales tax On the first day of the election campaign on March 16, Pallister promised to cut back the provincial sales tax from eight per cent to seven per cent by 2020. The one per cent of the PST is equivalent to about $300 million in annual revenue, which Pallister said he will recoup through savings and cuts. Maliwanag pa sa kapeng malabnaw na sinabi ni Mang Brian na ang PST ay ibabalik niya sa seven per cent mula sa eight per cent. Ibig sabihin, kung ikaw ay bibili ng isang produkto na ang halaga ay $1,000 ang babayaran mo after PST at GST ay $1,120 imbis na $1,130. 2. Cut ambulance fees in half Pallister vowed to cut ambulance fees in half within his first term in office, saying it would cost about $2.8 million a year. The Tories also said they will create a task force to help shorten wait times for service in hospital emergency rooms. Babawasan daw ang ambulance fee at magbubuo sila ng task force para maging mas maikli ang waiting times sa

hospital emergency rooms. Ano kaya ang magiging pangalan ng task force, Brian Sinclair Task Force? Sumalangit nawa. 3. Restore the right to vote on tax increases The party promised not to increase major taxes such as income, business or retail without getting Manitobans to vote on proposed hikes. If the pledge is broken, Pallister said cabinet ministers will have 20 per cent cut from their salaries. He said he would impose this within the first legislative session. Uy, syempre medyo siniko si Mang Greg sa pangakong ito dahil hindi pinadaan ng NDP government ang PST hike sa plebisito kaya pangako ni Mang Brian na hindi raw magtataas ng buwis nang walang botohan. At eto pa, kapag binali daw nila ang pangakong ito ay babawasan ng 20 per cent ang sahod ng kaniyang mga gabinete. Wow! Sige nga. 4. Cut income taxes Pallister said his party will increase income tax brackets by the rate of inflation within their first full budget year. He also promised to raise the basic personal exemption toward the national average within his first term. Hindi ako sigurado kung ano ang personal na impact nito sa ating pamilya. Kailangan natin dito ang masusing understanding ng taxation. Kailangan ay given ang figures bago natin masabi na favourable ito sa Manitobans. Ito ay isang ka-abang-abang na discussion at computation. Let us see kung sino ang mas magaling sa fiscal management at taxation. 5. Reduce deficit The Tories said they will reduce the deficit by an estimated $21.9 million in the first year in office. The premier admitted it would only make a small dent in the $774 million provincial deficit. The platform projected $50 million a year in savings through a review of government programs. Another $35 million a year will be saved through what Pallister calls “smart shopping” for goods and services by putting more contracts up for open bidding. Isa pang wow na pangako ito. Kung mababawasan nga nila ang deficit ng province ay malaking tulong ito sa ating ekonomiya. Pero ano ang mga strategies nilang gagawin? Ano ang magiging compromises kapag sinabi nilang review of government programs? Ano ang magiging impact ng kanilang review sa mga basic government services? Ano ang mangyayari sa mga empleyado ng probinsya? Abangan. 6. Boost funds for homebased daycare The Tories promised to boost funding for home-based daycares in order to shorten wait lists

for child care spots. The party said this would create 550 home daycare spots in 2016. Kapag maraming home day care spots ay mas may oportunidad ang mga magulang na mag-trabaho nang mahabang oras. Ito ang isa sa mga idolohiya ng Conservatives – ang kumayod para sa pamilya at para sa bayan. I don’t disagree, pero dapat din ay balansehin ng bawat pamilya ang trabaho at oras para sa pagtutok sa mga anak. Hindi ako big fan ng day cares, kaya nga ang aking asawa ay full time homemaker. Iba pa rin kasi ang alaga ng Nanay. Pero sa mga believers ng day cares, ito ay para sa inyo. Ito ang anim na pangako ni Mang Brian. Mga pangakong binalangkas para sa ikaayos ng

ating lipunan. Sana ay maging matagumpay ang liderato ni Mang Brian. Sana ay huwag siyang makakalimot na ang mamamayan ang nagluklok sa kaniya sa puwesto kaya’t malaki ang expectations ng mga Manitobans para sa mas maayos na pagbabago. Bilang Manitobans, hindi natatapos ang ating responsabilidad nang matapos na rin ang halalan. Patuloy tayong magmasid at kung may oras ay maglahad ng ating saloobin para sa lalong ika-uunlad ng ating pamayanan at ng ating pamilya. Is it too early to review Mr. Pallister’s promises to Manitobans? Muli nating babalikan ang artikulong ito bago matapos ang kaniyang panunugkulan nang sa gayon ay

mayroon tayong basehan kung dapat ba nating ibotong muli ang partidong ito o kailangan na ring palitan. Noel Lapuz ay dating OFW sa Middle East (Dubai at Qatar). Nagtrabaho nang sampung taon sa City Hall ng Taguig bilang Human Resource Management Officer. Naging bahagi ng BataBatuta Productions bilang manunulat, entertainment host at stage actor. Nagtatag ng Kulturang Alyansa ng Taguig. Kasapi ng Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace (EMJP). Paunawa: Ang mga paksa at salitang nakasaad sa Batang North End ay sariling opinion ng may-akda at maaaring hindi opinion ng mga taga-lathala ng Pilipino Express.






NO. 298

ABRIL 16 – 30, 2018

Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 1. Interes 8. Kaibigan ni Mama 11. Alok 14. Babayaran 16. Sakit sa balat 17. Labag 18. Panghalip 19. Taba ng alimango 20. Simbolo ng arsenic 21. Hidwa 23. Sahod 25. Pagpapalitin 28. Uri ng kahoy 29. Ibigay sa iba 30. Kakampihan PABABA 2. Banoy 3. Dampa 4. Kagyat 5. Karayom 6. Paligsahan 7. Pinalalakas

9. Sinama 10. Isang pagkain 12. Pitis 13. Uri 15. Ikopya 22. Tapusin 24. Ilagis 26. Pulilan 27. Balkonahe


APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Nagkaproblema ka ba sa pag-ibig nitong nakaraang linggo? Huwag mabahala, may solusyon na! Magiging kulay rosas muli ang inyong pagmamahalan. Masaya ang Abril para sa iyo – nakangiti ang magandang kapalaran sa trabaho at romansa. Ngingiti ka na. OK ang ika-17, 18, 25, 26 at 27. Alalay ka sa ika-23 at 24.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Wala kang dapat ikatakot. Palagay na ang iyong kalooban sa anumang nangyayari sa iyong kapaligiran. May self-confidence ka at dahil diyan, hindi mo dapat ikatakot ang desisyong gagawin mo. Kaya mo nang panagutan ang sarili mo. Makakalipad ka nang mag-isa. OK ka sa ika-25, 26 at 27. Ingat sa ika-19 at 20.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Sa tagal ng pagsasama, nalalaman mo kung sino ang maaasahan sa iyong mga kaibigan. OK lang kung makikita mo ang tunay na pagkatao ng iba, huwag kang manghinayang. Ang mga iyon ang magdadala sa iyo ng malas. Iwasan mo sila. OK ang ika-17, 18, 25, 26 at 27. May tension sa ika-16, 21, 22, 28 at 29.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Kailangan mong magpahinga. Sobra na ang tension sa buhay mo at pati na kalusugan mo ay apektado. Magpamasahe ka. Magbakasyon ka nang ilang araw para naman ang kalooban at katawan mo ay makalayo sa mga stress. Oras na upang ikaw ay mag-enjoy. OK ang ika-19, 20, 28 at 29. Ingat sa ika-25, 26 at 27.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Salapi ang puno’t dulo ng away ninyo ng iyong kaibigan o iyong partner. Tapatin mo siya. Kung sino ang gipit, unawain ninyo ang isa’t isa. Pera lang iyan, madaling kitain. Mas mahirap mawalan ng kaibigan o ng partner na kasundo mo. Kung ayaw mo na, bitiw na. OK ang ika-19, 20, 28 at 29. Ingat sa ika-16, 21 at 22.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Ingatan mo ang iyong mga buto at kasu-kasuan. Baka mapilayan ka kaya bantayan mo ang iyong paglakad o pagtakbo. Alagaan mo ang iyong kalusugan. May mali sa iyong diet kaya sumasakit palagi ang iyong ulo at batok. Huwag puro hanap-buhay. Good days ang ika19, 20, 28 at 29. May tensyon sa ika-17, 18, 23 at 24.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Makulay ang panaginip – bakit naman hindi, pangarap lang naman, di gandahan mo na? Ang maganda, ang mga panaginip mo ay maaaring matupad dahil buwenas ka sa anumang gagawin mo. Kung sa kutob mo ay tama, malamang ay tama nga iyon para sa iyo. Buwenas ka. OK ang ika21 at 22. Ingat sa ika-16, 28 at 29.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Importante ang pagbabayad ng tax. Mas malaking abala kung pababayaan mo ito ngayon. Makipagusap ka na sa isang professional. Huwag kang makikinig sa mga nagmi-miron na kunwari ay may alam. Buhay mo ito. Ikaw ang mananagot kung may makikitang mali. OK ang ika-21 at 22. Ingat sa ika-17, 18, 23 at 24.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Dahan-dahan ka sa paghusga lalo na sa mga tao na totoong nagmamalasakit sa iyo. Pigilin mo ang sarili at iwasan mo ang magsalita nang makakasakit sa damdamin nila. Mahirap kung matatanim sa isip nila ang mga sasabihin mo. Mahirap nang bawiin iyon. OK sa ika-21 at 22. Ingat sa ika-19, 20, 25, 26 at 27.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Bakit ka mahihiyang aminin na successful ka? Kung kailangan, ibandera mo sa kanila na kaya mong mag-damit at magkaroon ng mga mamahalin at magagandang gamit. Malaki na ang iyong ipinag-iba sa nakilala nilang ikaw noong araw. Kung kaya mo, aba, gawin mo! OK sa ika-16, 23 at 24. Ingat sa ika-17 at 18.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Pakawalan mo na. Huwag mong pasanin at dalhin sa kasalukuyan ang mapait na nakaraan. Iba ka na ngayon. Tanungin mo ang sarili mo kung nais mo pang bumalik sa buhay mo ang tao na nagpaluha sa iyo. May mga bago ka nang kaibigan, tama na. OK mo ang ika-16, 23 at 24. Ingat sa ika-19, 20, 25, 26 at 27.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Magkakaroon ng malaking problema ang pamunuan ninyo kung miyembro ka sa organisasyon o simbahan ninyo. Hihingi sila sa iyo ng tulong. Kung gusto mong maging tahimik ang buhay mo, huwag kang papayag na isali ka nila sa gulo. Manahimik ka. OK ang ika-16, 23 at 24. Ingat sa ika21, 22, 28 at 29.

itinatago na lang, para sa personal na kolekyison na lang nila ni Kim dapat ang ganoon, para hindi siya naba-bash. Para iwas na siya sa intriga. Pero isinapubliko pa niya ang video na habang sigaw-tili ang kaniyang ginagawa ay prentengprente naman si Kim, walang kanerbiyus-nerbiyos, kabaligtaran ng aktor na parang hindi na makahinga sa sobrang takot. Kung minsan ay ang personalidad na rin kasi ang nagpapasimuno kung bakit siya tinutuligsa ng mga netizens. Siya mismo ang nagsusubo ng dahilan para siya buskahin. Kung hindi niya inilabas ang video na tili siya nang tili, di wala sanang dahilan para siya buwisitin ng mga taong naghihintay lang ng pagkakataon, di sana’y tahimik ang kaniyang buhay ngayon.

Pero si Xian Lim ang naglabas ng video, wala nang ligtas sa social media ngayon, kumaliwa at kumanan ang artista ay siguradong pupunahin pa rin siya. Anong napala ngayon ni Xian Lim sa paglalabas niya ng video na pinaghirapan niyang buuin pero parang bala naman palang ipampapatay sa kaniya? *** Sinamantala ng ibang grupo ang pagkagulat-pagmumura ni Liza Soberano para pakainin siya ng ampalaya. Panay-panay ang pamba-bash sa magandang young actress dahil sa isang litanyang hindi niya naman ipinupukol kahit kanino. May nanggulat kay Liza mula sa likuran, napapitlag siya, nakapagsalita ng mahina lang namang “Put—na!” E, See CRISTY p22

CRISTY... From page 17

kinukuwestiyon ang estado ni Xian, hindi raw totoo ang kuwento, promo lang daw iyon para sa kanilang tambalan. Hanggang sa palagi na nga silang magkasamang nagbabakasyon sa iba-ibang bansa. May mga naniniwala na sa relasyon nila, hindi nga naman magiging masaya ang dalaga sa bakasyon nila ni Xian kundi sila nagmamahalan, pero sa pinakahuli nilang bakasyon ay bina-bash si Xian. Kung bakit naman kasi inilabas pa ng aktor ang video nila ni Kim habang nakasakay sa isang parang ferris wheel na mas malakas pa ang mga tili ni Xian kesa sa young actress. Ang mga ganoong video ay


APRIL 16 - 30, 2018


Nabalitang maraming Canadians ang nabigla sa balitang ang legalization of canabis (marijuana) ay pinaiiral na ng Ottawa. Sana magkaroon ng continuous public consultations at deliberations. Bagaman may mga patakarang dapat masunod para sa kalusugan, marahil kailangan din ang tungkol sa positive and negative effect ng canabis sa buhay ng taumbayan. Taxpayers money na naman ang nakataya sa gastusin for the implementation of the law. Kailangan din ang karagdagang upang hindi maabuso ang wastong gamit ng canabis. Depende ‘yon sa supply and demand for medical and/or services. Higit sa lahat, ang mga magulang ng mga anak na naging biktima ng canabis ang tiyak na magpapasan ng mabigat na problemang dulot sa kanikanilang pamilya. Nangyari na ‘yon sa US, malabong maiiwasan dito ang dulot na negative effect ng marijuana. *** Ang mga nagnanais na maglakbay ngayon sa US ay may karagdagang hinihingi for visa application. Bukod sa iba pa, hinihingan sila ngayon ng Social Media ID tulad ng kanilang e-mail. Maybe for security. Pilipinas Nakatakdang simulan sa darating na June or July ang highway na magdudugtong sa NLEX-SLEX na inaakalang makakabawas sa pagsisikip ng trapiko. Gayon din sa mga oras sa paglalakbay. Walang iniwan ‘yon sa Perimeter Highway sa Winnipeg. *** Ang panukalang batas tungkol sa Philippine Identification System (PIS) ay napagtibay na sa senado, 17-2 vote. Noong September 2017, ang PIS ay nakapasa na rin sa kapulungan ng mga kongresista,

142-7 votes. Ano kaya ang palagay ngayon ng taumbayan, maganda ba para sa kanila? *** Minungkahi ni Senador Victor Joseph Ejercito sa administrasyong Duterte na pag-aralan at mabigyan ng konsiderasyon ang pagbuhay sa Bataan Nuclear Power Plant of the Philippines. Sinabing isang sulusyon sa problemang mataas na presyo ng koryente na nagpapahirap sa mga mamamayan. Ang mungkahi ni Senador Ejercito ay batay daw sa sinabi ng mga opisyal ng Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology na kasama niyang nagbisita sa lugar ng lupang kinatatayuan ng BNPPP. Ligtas daw sa lindol. Binanggit din na ang ekonomiya raw ng China ay umunlad dahil marami silang nuclear energy plants Naalala ko tuloy, ang nangyari noong 1986. Ang nabanggit na planta, malapit sa sityo Camaya, Pilar, Bataan ay napabilang sa geothermal projects na tinigil ang operasyon. Ang ipinalit na panggagalingan ng koryente ay mga makina. Hindi nagtagal, halos lahat ay nasira. Halos arawaraw, maraming lugar ng bansa ang nakaranas ng malimit na brownout. *** Ang malaking problema ng gobyernong Duterte tungkol sa peace and order ay hindi lang sanhi ng terrorists movement at patuloy na anti-illegal drug campaign. Lalong mabigat ang kinakaharap na problema sa pagkain ng mga mamamayan. Hindi na maaaring mapagtakpan ang kakulangan sa bigas na pangunahing pagkain ng mga Filipino. Mismong sa mga traditional places na pinag-aanihan ng palay, tulad sa Isabela, Nueva Ecija sa Luzon, Iloilo sa Visayas at Tacurong, Cotobato, ay hindi makasapat sa


Gulong ng Buhay Larawang gunita na pabalik-balik, Taglay ang aninong ayaw manahimik; Kusang bumubukal sa batis na isip, Ang gulong ng buhay na ligaya’t hapis! *** Tagumpay na bunga ng dakilang layon, Ang maliligayang araw ng kahapon; Sugat sa gunita kusa mang naghilom, Ngunit may pamanang pilat nang lumaon! *** Pintig ng kahapong may bahid na lumbay, Nalibing sa puntod ng kapabayaan; Mabigat na sunong naman ng katawan, Ang mga gunita na kusang nagdaan! *** Ang gulong ng buhay, hirap at ginhawa, Palaging katulad ng gabi’t umaga! Paquito Rey Pacheco


Paquito Rey Pacheco receives citation from government officials for his work with the Rural Broadcasters of the Philippines and the Rice & Corn Authority, August 8, 1968

taunang pangangailangan ng mga mamamayan. May apat na sub-agencies ng government under the Department of Agriculture: National Food Authority, National Irrigation Administration, Philippine Coconut Authority and Fertilizer/ Pesticide Authority. Mula noong May 1914 kinuha na ng Malacañang ang direct supervision sa NFA at nagtatag ng NFA Council. Ang pamimili ng palay ay pinaubaya sa private sector at binigyan pa ng karapatan for rice importation. Coordination na lang ang naging papel ng DA. Ang pondo nito for NFA ay kasama. Nanatili sa DA ang NIA, PCA and F/PA. Ngayon, nais ng pangulong Duterte na buwagin ang NFA Council at ibalik ang NFA sa DA na ang importation ng bigas ay through government to government negotiations at gawing prioridad ang palay production and procurement mula sa mga magsasaka sa panahon ng anihan. Sinabi ni Senador Francis Pangilinan na kailangang mapawalang bisa muna ang batas. Sana, niliwanag muna kung may batas ngang napagtibay kaya nagkaroon ng NFA Council. Kung wala, ngunit may Executive Order, may karapatan din si President Duterte na buwagin ang NFA Council. *** Alam ko po, kung bakit nagkaroon ng NFA. Natatag ‘yon sa pamamagitan ng Executive Order na sulat-kamay mismo ng pangulong Marcos. Si Jess Tanchangco ang itinalagang NFA Administrator. Pinag-isa ang Rice and Corn Authority (RCA) at Rice and Corn Board (RICOB), na kung saan ako po ay doon namamasukan noon. Ang Rural Broadcasters of the Philippines na 10 taon kong pinamuuan noon ay nakatulong din po sa Masagana Rice and Corn production program ng Marcos–Lopez administration noon. Nasa kasaysayan na ang Pilipinas ay noon lamang nakapagexport ng bigas. Ang Indonesia ang particular na tumanggap. *** Pinaghahandaan na ang 2019 mid-term national and local

elections. Malamang masapawan nito ang mga nilatag na priority project ng gobyerno. May problema kapuwa ang majority at minority parties sa pagpili ng kanilang 12 candidates for senators. Gitgitan na ngayon sa PDP-Laban na majority party ang mga may planong tumakbong senador. Sa minority party na LP naman ay paano sila makakabuo ng 12 senatorial candidates. Kahit ang re-lectionists ay waring walang katiyakang mananalo due to negative perceptions against the former Aquino government. *** Nangyayari na ang pangako ni President Duterte na “after the Holly Week, marami pang matatanggal na opisyal ng gobyerno na matatanggal sa kanilang hawak na katungkulan. Gayunman, karamihan daw ay from the Executive Department. Natural na dapat mapalitan ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno na ang kanilang serbisyo ay hindi makalampas sa pamantayan ng pangulo. Gayunman, kung minsan ay nangyayari ang kasabihang “pili ng pili, bungi ang napili.” *** Ang hirit ng may 61 congressmen na buhayin ang peace talk sa pagitan ng CPP-NPA at ng Duterte administration ay waring malabo nang mangyari. May mga hinihinging maaaring hindi matanggap ng gobyerno. Nabalitang marami na raw sumukong NPA. Ang mga estudyante naman ngayon ang hinihikayat na sumama sa kanila. Natural lang ‘yon. Nasa magulang na ng mga estudyante ang responsabilidad para maiwasang ang kanilang mga anak ay maging rebelde. Masisira ang formal education ng mga ito. *** Sa kalagayan ngayon ni Senador Leila De Lima, karapatan niya na hikayatin ang international community na magpatuloy magsalita laban sa anti-drug campaign ng Duterte administration. Ang pinadalang message ng senadora tungkol sa EJK ay binasa para sa kaniya sa ika-61session of the United Nations Commission on Narcotics na ginanap sa Vienna noong nakaraang ika-12 hanggang ika-16

ng Marso.

*** Nakisawsaw na raw si president Duterte sa kasong mapatalsik sa puwesto si CJ Sereno. Sinabing inaakusahan din lang siya ni Sereno, hiniling niya sa kapulungan ng mga kongresista na madaliin ang pagdinig sa kaso nito. Ipaubaya na lang sa senado na magiging impeachment court ang humatol sa kaso ni Sereno. Sinabi ng isa sa mga abogado ni Sereno, Carlo Cruz, na hindi raw ang CJ ang nagpagalit sa pangulo. Nasabi lang daw na patunayan ni President DU30 na wala siyang kinalaman sa pagpapatalsik kay Sereno sa Korte Suprema. Ang humiling sa Korte Suprema na magkaroon ng oral argument ang petisyon ni Solicitor General, Jose Calida, ay mismong si Sereno na on leave CJ. Natapos na ang pagdinig na ginanap sa Baguio noong ika-10 ng Abril. Inatasan ng Acting CJ Antonio Carpio na mahain ng written argument ang makabilang panig. Mabibigat ang mga ebidensiyang sunong at binabalikat ni CJ Sereno. Waring mahihirapan na siyang makakilos. Resignation na lang ang medyo marangal na option na magagawa ni Sereno. Katas Pagkain ang pinakamahalang kailangan ng taumbayan para mabuhay. The National Food Authority as the leading government department ang maaaring solution to the problem. • Sana ituloy ng NFA-Council ang dalawang pangunahing katungkulan at pananagutan nito para magkaroon ng murang bigas ang gobyerno: (a) mamili ng aning palay at mais mula sa mga magsasaka sa panahon ng anihan at ipagbili sa publiko at subsidized prize; (b) mag-imbak ng panlaang panustos na bigas at mais na kailangan ng taumbayan sa panahon ng kagipitan. • Ngayon, nabalitang walang mabiling murang bigas ang mga tao sapagkat ang mga bodega ng NFA ay halos walang laman. Paunawa: Ang mga paksa at salitang nakasaad sa Pilantik ay sariling opinion ng may-akda at maaaring hindi opinion ng mga taga-lathala ng Pilipino Express.




APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

Wow! Yeng Constantino #DreamOn – April 8

CRISTY... From page 20 ang ganda-ganda nga naman ng dalaga, mahinhin pa, kaya para sa mga namba-bash ay hindi katanggap-tanggap ang nagawang pagmumura ni Liza. Lahat naman ng tao ay nakapagmumura, sadya man o dahil lang sa pagkabigla, pero ang munting linyang iyon ay parang isang napakalaking krimen nang kailangang pagdusahan ng napakagandang young actress. Hindi naman nagpapanggap na perpekto si Liza, tao lang siyang nagkakamali, gugustuhin

ba naman niyang ihain ang kaniyang katawan sa lungga ng mga buwitreng naghihintay lang ng isang false move para upakupakan siya? Hindi magandang ehemplo, totoo iyon, pero maaari lang gamitin ang ganoong argumento kung palaging nagmumura ang dalaga. Kung sana’y bulaklak na ng kaniyang dila ang pagmumura. Kung sana’y hinahaluwan niya ng pagmumura ang bawat pangungusap na sinasabi niya. Pero hindi naman. Nagkataon lang na nagulat siya, napamura siya, nasaan naman ang krimen doon?

Bawat tao’y nakalilimot at nakagagawa ng hindi maganda, pero hindi naman nangangahulugang kailangan na niyang pagbayaran iyon nang habambuhay, pukpukin ba ng maso ang aspile? *** Mayor na naman ang karelasyon ni Aiko Melendez. Mula sa dalawang mayor na nakarelasyon niya (Mayor Herbert Bautista at Mayor Patrick Meneses) ay si Mayor Jay Khonghun ng Subic ang boyfriend ngayon ng aktres. Ayon kay Aiko ay matagal na raw hiwalay ang pulitiko sa

kaniyang misis, isang kuwentong ikinagugulat ng mga empleyado ng isang kilalang parlor, dahil kliyente nila ang misis ni mayor. Kung ang mga ito ang paniniwalaan ay hindi pa hiwalay si Mayor Khonghun at ang misis nito, magkasama pa rin sila, pero alam ng misis na si Aiko Melendez ang third wheel sa kanilang relasyon ni mayor. Gusto pa nga raw makipagusap ng misis ni mayor sa mga reporters, kung ano ang kaniyang mga ipagtatapat ay hindi namin alam, pero malinaw ang kuwento ng mga taga-parlor na hindi pa hiwalay si Mayor Jay at ang misis

nito. Hindi namin alam kung sinabi ni mayor na hiwalay na sila ng kaniyang misis, na pinaniwalaan naman ni Aiko, kaya pumasok siya sa ganyang relasyon. Sabi ng aming kausap, “Hindi pa sila hiwalay. Nagulat nga iyong wife ni mayor sa lumabas na balita sa tabloid na hiwalay na raw sila. Kaya nga gusto niyang may makausap na reporters.” May anak-anakan kaming pinsan ng boyfriend ni Aiko, si Kristoffer Khonghun, matanong nga ang aming anak-anakan kung ano ang katotohanan sa kuwentong ito. – CSF

APRIL 16 - 30, 2018





APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

Pilipino Express • Apr 16 2018  

Mushroom Jobs Too Good to be True

Pilipino Express • Apr 16 2018  

Mushroom Jobs Too Good to be True