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Running barefoot on Roxas Boulevard

Liza Soberano


Norman Aceron Garcia raised Ph182,000 pesos (Cdn$4,700) for charity running barefoot See p18

Pacquiao against anti-discrimination bill Boxing champ blames murder victim

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Philippines’ Senator Manny Pacquiao cited the Bible and accused a 2014 murder victim of fraud while arguing against an anti-sexual harassment bill during a senate session on Monday, February 13. Senator Risa Hontiveros was defending Senate Bill No. 1271 or the Anti-Discrimination Act, which seeks to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression (SOGIE), when Pacquiao argued that crossdressing can be used to “commit fraud.” He cited the case of Jennifer Laude, a transgender


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FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

The Riverstone

New Homes - Available for Spring Possession

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1400 or 1494 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 21/2 bath - 2 storey Includes lot, net GST, 12’x22’ garage, pile foundation, concrete driveway, maple cabinetry, open-concept floor plan, and great curb appeal. Two (2) floor plans to choose from, each with features you’re sure to love.

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Castlebury Meadows

Nic Curry MLA for Kildonan t. 204.945.2322 e.

Happy to serve the Families of Kildonan

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“Canada was built by citizen immigrants, people who come here permanently with their families to become Canadians.”

- Hon. John McCallum, MP Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Respond to Canada’s need for immigrants.

Regulated Immigration Consultant Program Online | In-Class Both formats are available for students studying full-time or part-time.

NATIONAL Online (604) 628-5784 / 1(844) 628-5784 BRITISH COLUMBIA Vancouver (604) 283-2028 Abbotsford (604) 625-1150

Ashton College

Select programs are eligible for funding under Federal or Provincial Student Loan plans.




FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

Faith and tragedy I’m writing this piece on Valentine’s Day, exactly one year since a little girl named Zai left this world in a tragic accident. Her father Ruel is a very close friend, one of the people who made it possible for me to move to Davao City. Because of that move we have lived far away from each other for almost three decades, but we have remained in contact over the distance. Ruel married Beth about 14 years ago, but they had to wait 10 years before God blessed them with a daughter, Zai. Soon after, he and Beth were appointed to work as missionaries in Hong Kong to serve the spiritual and other needs of overseas Filipino workers there. Valentine’s Day 2016 fell on a Sunday, and as usual, they gathered with other Filipinos for a worship service at the 16th floor of the Sunbeam Commercial Building, which acted both as an employment office and as a fellowship area. Ruel was there for a while but left for another speaking engagement. Unknown to Beth, little Zai went out of the fellowship hall to look for her dad. She entered the men’s room and searched for him there. She entered a cubicle, climbed up the toilet, opened a small window, and fell to the fourth floor concrete awning. At first no one knew what had happened. When Beth realized Zai was missing she assumed she was lost somewhere. When a friend called Ruel to tell him no one could find Zai, he simply said that she was just there somewhere. But a few minutes later he received a call telling him to return to the Sunbeam building. “I was in denial,” he shared with me the other day (we were both in Manila at the same time).

When he arrived he sensed something terrible had happened but he still did not consider the possibility that Zai could have died. It probably didn’t help that friends and church mates wouldn’t tell him anything, and it was only all the crying that made him conclude that Zai was gone. “So, wala na si Zai,” he told the group. It wasn’t a question; it was an acceptance of what had happened. News of what happened quickly spread. I learned about if from a friend’s Facebook post, and I immediately sent a message to Ruel to ask him what had happened. “She fell,” was his simple reply. Not wanting to burden him any more, I searched for news online and found several newspapers that had reported on it. One line was particularly disconcerting: “Police arrested a 41-yearold mother on suspicion of negligence after her three-yearold daughter plunged to her death from a commercial building in Yau Ma Tei on Sunday.” Beth was immediately released, but over the course of a year she and Ruel would both face the police several times for the investigation. It was only on January 18 this year that the police informed them that the investigation of Zai’s case had been closed. It was a year of difficulty for Ruel and Beth. Ruel said the initial shock had left him numb, but when it wore off he was overcome by grief at the loss of a daughter he and Beth had waiter for so long. These days Ruel is doing better, and he is able to tell the story without crying. Beth is also trying to cope, although admittedly she is the one who is now grieving more — probably because the investigation had



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Ruel, three-year-old Elma, and Beth holding a photo of Zai

The author, Jon Joaquin (right), with the family forced her to be strong, and now, without such pressure, she has the time to be more introspective. In all of this Ruel and Beth believe the Lord has been with them. They acknowledge the reality of what Job said: “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” Ruel actually wrote a song about Zai, and how God has helped them through the tragedy. Here is the first verse:

Ikaw ang tugon sa dalanging kay tagal Buhay mo’y Kanyang katapatan Ika’y pagpapala sa aming lahat Ngiti at tinig mo’y kasiyahan You can hear the track at Jon Joaquin is the Chief Editor of www.mindanation. com. E-mail Jon at jonjoaquin@

Canadian refugee claims and the Trump effect The news round the world for the past 20 days has been the actions and words of U.S. President Donald Trump. His executive orders, without apparently much consultation with expert or cabinet appointees at times, has astonished the entire world. His travel ban on persons from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen created mass confusion around the world, a separation of families, and panic. The shock waves are still reverberating. The ban has been challenged in

the courts and the world awaits the outcome. The travel ban and Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric against Muslims, Mexicans and immigrants in general have ushered in a new time for not only the United States but also neighbouring countries, like Canada. Our country, and particularly our province, has seen record numbers of claimants coming across the border from the United States and submitting refugee claims in the country. We can wonder aloud about the slogan

1045 Erin Street, Winnipeg, MB Canada R3G 2X1 Phone: 204-956-7845 Fax: 204-956-1483 E-mail:

on the Statue of Liberty “give us your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” In Trump’s America it appears that the rule of law and American openness are both under serious challenge. The local headlines have more to do with persons leaving the United States than wanting to stay. Just this past weekend there were reports of more than twenty illegal entries into Canada including families. The Winnipeg Sun reports stories

of families coming across the border. One resident of Emerson reports, “they just walk on thorough or get picked up and brought the border service.” Residents report that most come from Minneapolis and are originally from Somalia. One month earlier local media reported the plight of two men who entered Manitoba on foot in the bitter cold of January with wind chills exceeded 35 below. They became disoriented, lost See REFUGEE p8



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Consent everywhere Dear Ate Anna, A friend told me about allowing her daughter to say “no” when her grandmother asked for a kiss. She said she is teaching her daughter about consent. I don’t understand her thinking. Isn’t she teaching her daughter to be rude to her elders? Can you explain this to me? Michele Dear Michele, There is increasing awareness about the importance of talking and teaching about consent as part of taking action to reduce the incidence of sexual assault in our society. In fact, this year’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Week’s theme is “Consent Everywhere.” Consent is about the belief that each person owns their body and has the right to decide if, when, and who is allowed to touch them. Media stories about sexual assault highlight that parents need to educate their sons and daughters about consent. And, as your friend is doing, this education needs to start when children are young. While it may be difficult to say “no” to a relative who wants to hug or kiss your child, teaching positive consent means helping your child to be brave enough to trust their inner voice

REFUGEE... From page 1 Filipino woman, who was killed in 2014 by U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton. Pacquiao alleged that the court had downgraded the case against Pemberton from murder to homicide because Laude did not tell Pemberton she was physically a male. “Jennifer also was at fault because he did not say he was a man,” Pacquiao said. Hontiveros countered by saying that there were existing laws that can punish fraud, but what they were debating about on the bill was “simple expression of gender identity.” “She [Laude] was just

and speak up – even if that means going against cultural pressure to “respect your elders.” And it is important not to try to convince your child to change their mind. This just teaches them to ignore their inner voice about what does and does not feel comfortable. They can always wave good-bye, blow a kiss, or offer a high-five if that feels more comfortable. It may take courage on your part to stand up for your child when a relative is pressuring you, but it teaches an important message about respecting people’s feelings – their own and others’. You can always explain to your relative at another time what you’re trying to teach and why. Children also need to learn that “yes” can become “no” and we can do this in everyday situations. For example, a child may enjoy being tickled or engaging in play-wrestling. But there often comes a point when they have had enough of it. If the child says “no more,” you (or whoever is involved) need to listen and stop. Even if it is part of the play, you need to stop and check in with them. This can also help your child if a game that starts off as normal childhood curiosity, like

playing doctor or “show me your body and I’ll show you mine,” starts to feel uncomfortable. If a group of children are playing at your house, teach them to pause every so often and check in with each other to see if their play is going OK for everyone. This also teaches them to think about others and how they might be feeling. You can also help create empathy in your child by explaining how something they have done may have hurt someone else. For example, “Your friend looks sad. I know you like that toy, but when you hit them, it hurts.” Also talk to your children about helping others who look like they are in trouble and praise them when they do help a friend or sibling. However, remind them that if an adult needs help with anything, it is the job of another adult to help. Sometimes children develop a dislike for some activity that they have previously enjoyed. It could be anything – gymnastics, swimming, hockey, music lessons, etc. Often parents have their own reasons for wanting the child to stay involved in the activity and may insist that they continue – at least for a period

being true to her person and the one at fault was Pemberton as ruled by the court. He hurt and killed Laude. So let us not resort to victim-blaming,” said Hontiveros. Sen. Leila de Lima later corrected Pacquiao, explaining that the downgraded charge against Pemberton was not due to an element of deceit on Laude’s part, but was due to the absence of aggravating circumstances. Senator Pacquiao also claimed, “Even in the Bible, we read that the woman should wear women’s [clothing]; and the man, for men’s wear. That’s what I believe.” Hontiveros pointed out that the Bible also has many entries on being open to neighbours, which

could be applied in considering the bill. She quoted Galatians 5:14, “Love your neighbour as yourself,” and this should include those neighbours who have different sexual orientation or gender identity. Senator Pacquiao was heavily criticized in early 2016 for saying that homosexuals were “worse than animals.” Although he apologized for the statement, the huge public backlash caused several of his sponsors, such as Nike, to drop him. HBO Sports, which carries Pacquiao’s boxing matches, issued a statement to put distance between the network and Pacquiao’s extreme opinions. Currently Pacquiao is also supporting a bill to execute people for drug crimes.

of time. However, inviting a conversation about their feelings opens the door to learning more about who the child is becoming. When we focus on understanding the situation, we communicate, “Your opinion matters to me, your feelings matter, I’m here to listen and we can talk about this.” Giving your children the opportunity to say “yes” or “no” in everyday situations also teaches them about decisionmaking and consequences. Let them choose which clothes to wear, what to play, or how to wear their hair. Of course, parents are still responsible for a child’s safety. We can’t let our eight-year-old wear a summer jacket in -20 degree weather! Parents can also teach consent by asking for it. Ask your child’s permission to touch them or come into their personal space. Knock before entering

their bedroom. Ask, “Is it OK if I brush your hair?” Michele, by the time your friend’s daughter is a teenager she will likely have had hundreds of experiences at home where consent was modeled. She is more likely to expect that her body and feelings will be respected – and will do the same for others. Consent is an important issue everywhere and for everyone. Next month Ate Anna will write about having conversations with teens about consent. Take care, Ate Anna Ate Anna welcomes your questions and comments. Please write to: Ate Anna, Suite 200226 Osborne St. N., Winnipeg, MB R3C 1V4 or e-mail: info@ Please visit us at You will find reliable information and links for many resources on the subject of sexuality.



FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

Managing does not equate to bullying In the workplace, there is no doubt employees have conversations about their many interactions with their team leader or manager. Sometimes, some of these interactions may even be viewed as either harassment or bullying. As a matter of fact, discipline may be one of the most common areas where claims of harassments originate. In these instances, employees may feel they are being harassed, while from a manager’s point of view, they feel they are only doing their job. Harassment is a serious claim, however, sometimes these allegations arise simply because employees receive negative feedback from their team leader. Looking back to a few years ago, Amodeo v Craiglee Nursing Home Limited was case of a social worker who alleged that a director harassed her by repeatedly telling her to document conversations with the family members of the nursing home residents. In addition, they raised some concerns about her performance particularly because they had to require her to work more hours

as a result of her inability to keep up with the completion of resident assessments. As a result, she received a written warning from management. The social worker then sent an e-mail to senior management regarding the treatment she received from the director alleging she was being harassed. The social worker’s employment was eventually terminated, which subsequently enabled her decision to file a complaint pursuant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. She alleged that her dismissal was retaliation for the harassment complaint. However, the Ontario Labour Relations Board rejected the complaint stating, “The workplace harassment provisions do not normally apply to the conduct of a manager that falls within his or her normal work function, even if in the course of carrying out that function a worker suffers unpleasant consequences.” The Board found that while some of the comments that the employer made towards

the social worker were direct and unfavourable, they were part of the employer’s role in managing their employees who were unsuccessful in meeting work expectations. The Board’s decision clearly indicates that employers are entitled to manage their workforce. Although some employees tend to feel discouraged by negative reviews from their team leaders, there is no law that dictates employers have to be “nice” and lenient. Managers do the job that they do because they are required to do so. Every manager has a different style of communicating with employees. There are those who are passive and there are those who are very hands-on. There are also managers who use the “non-nonsense” style of management, and this style is not classified as bullying because they simply want to ensure that business goals and needs are met. The Treasury Board Secretariat provides a guideline of what constitutes and what does not constitute harassment. This list includes: “Normal

exercise of management’s right to manage such as the day-to-day management of operations, performance at work or absenteeism, the assignment of tasks, reference checks, and the application of progressive discipline, up to and including termination, constitute the legitimate exercise of management’s authority. However, while these management functions do not constitute harassment, the employer must exercise due diligence to how they exercise such functions as their delivery could potentially give rise to perceptions of harassment.” In light of the above, employers are entitled to manage their workforce. It is their job to supervise, evaluate performance, and discipline employees. There is a significant difference between managing and bullying. Unfortunately, some people may have been given a false impression through various social media postings, media reports or coverage of anti-bullying campaigns that trigger some

of these individuals to portray any negative interactions with their supervisors or managers as bullying. This article is intended for information purposes only and not to be considered as professional advice. Sources doc/2012/2012canlii53919/2012c anlii53919.html healthy-workplace/preventionresolution-harassment/ harassment-tool-employees.html Michele Majul-Ibarra, IPMA-ACP is an Advanced Certified HR Professional through the International Personnel Management Association. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Certificate in Human Resource Management. She also holds the C.I.M. professional designation (Certified in Management). E-mail her at


managing debt have lower paying jobs or lower education. Maybe that’s why we don’t like to talk about debt, but nothing could be further from the truth! It doesn’t matter if you are making minimum wage or over $300,000 a year; nobody is immune from debt. It is far too easy to spend more than we make. The solution to debt is to learn the basics of money, credit and debt management. We spend too much effort on wealth accumulation and not enough on debt management. Without a more equal balance between the two, your wealth will collapse around you. A definite sign that you are having problems is when you start making minimum payments on debt. It is never too soon; it is never too late, to start addressing any debt challenges in your life. The Credit Counselling Society is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping people who are having challenges with their debt. We have certified Credit Counsellors who will help you build a budget and understand all of your options. As a non-profit organization we aren’t here to

sell you anything. We don’t loan money; we help people manage their money problems. One way we can help is with a Debt Management Program (DMP). With a DMP we work directly with your creditors towards reducing the interest rate on your debt to 0 per cent. The Credit Counselling Society works with those from all walks of life; some clients are

on government assistance, some are professionals making over $300,000 a year. Last year over 66,000 Canadians decided to reach out to Credit Counselling Society for assistance with their debt. If you feel stress about your debt, you are definitely not alone. Debt is in all of our lives to one degree or another. Let us help. If you need our help, we are

here for you. All your information is held in strict confidence. Tim St Vincent is a retired CFP and is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance with the Credit Counselling Society (CCS), a Non Profit organization. If you wish to contact the Society for further information or to attend a webinar, please call 1-888-5278999, or

By Tim St. Vincent Debt. Have you ever wondered where it comes from? Have you ever wondered how your money manages to vanish right before your eyes? Do you run out of money before you run out of bills to pay? You aren’t alone; 50 per cent of working Canadians report living from pay to pay – that is half of Canada! This can be especially tough for new arrivals. They may not be familiar with credit and debt, nor realize that they are two very different things. Credit really costs you nothing, debt, if not used properly can cripple the smartest of people. Credit becomes debt the very second it is used. Discussing debt is the last forbidden topic. Almost anything else is acceptable; 50 per cent of parents would rather talk to their children about sex than money. There is an idea out there that people having problems

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FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

Single and searching — feng shui tips to boost your love potential

Whether you’re a bachelor looking for a loving wife and a nice home-cooked meal, or a single woman who would love nothing better than a pair of broad shoulders to lean against at night when you watch TV, feng shui can be employed to help you attract a mate or improve your odds if you’re on a date. And this works just as well for single-sex relationships too. So, no matter who you are or what kind of partnership you’re looking for, you can use feng shui to attract a new love or relationship. Here are some pointers you can use in your home and when you’re on a date to help you attract a new love interest to your life! Banish these symbols in the bedroom Although water is good fortune for wealth in feng shui, in the bedroom it dampens passion. Better to avoid water symbols in the bedroom. Remove images of water and other objects like fish figurines or shells. Instead, make sure the lamps are turned on for both sides of the bed and are kept dim, but lit. The same is true for flowers. Remove all flowers from your bedroom, including silk, real, dried or printed on your bedding or curtains. Flowers add yang energy, and if you’re looking for a male, this competes with his energy. Make your bedroom as gender neutral as possible because plants and flowers deplete your relationship energy. Bachelors need feminine energy in their homes Bachelor homes need feminine energy to attract a mate. If you’re a single man and you’ve been looking for a suitable female marriage partner (not to mention a nice home cooked meal), make sure there is feminine energy in your home to attract a woman to your life.

A great way is to include pictures of flowers that portray feminine beauty such as magnolias, peonies; or family luck like the orchid; or romantic fortune like the lotus flower with a bud. Alternatively, be sure to have a picture of women who look happy and attractive and be sure to employ pairs of objects (two lamps, two vases) to represent pairing energy. Women need bright energy to attract a male Rather than pinks and pale blues in the bedroom or flower motifs, women should aim to add a little vibrant energy. Balance your bedroom colours with just a little red, such as pillow shams. Bright colours are appealing to men and in the bedroom; these will help activate your love chi. When you go out, avoid the LBD (little black dress) and opt for a vibrant red dress or blouse. Just remember the song, Lady in Red. There’s something about a woman in red that attracts a man – and remember, there’s no song about Lady in Black. Single women need male energy to draw a husband If you’re looking for that special man in your life, be sure that your home includes some masculine energy. Look for symbols that speak to masculine chi, such as dragons or horses. Display these in your living room and not in the bedroom. Avoid overly dark colours in the house and play upbeat music to stimulate yang chi in the house. Keep the southwest brightly lit and add a photograph or picture of a man or a couple that you find attractive in this corner. Balance your energies Look around to make sure your energies are balanced, especially if you are looking for a same-sex relationship. If your home is overly dark, that can make too much yin energy, and

make you cut off from romance. Introduce lights, bright colours and vibrancy to your home. If it’s overly white or bright, add in some darker yin colours as too much light, bright colours or a house that is overly white burns out romance energy. Look with “feng shui eyes” at what energy that is too much and what energy is missing in your home. Pair up around the house It’s important that singles’ apartments and homes reflect a pairing energy. A painting of two flowers is an excellent way to enhance your pairing energy. A pair of lamps on either side of the bed also energize the pairing chi. Be careful of photographs and images of single, solo items. One woman had a single image of her dog painted in oil and hung it over her bed. That dog was her only companion, too. Instead, her pet should have hung in the NW corner of the living room to energize this direction,

coincidentally the direction of the man. FENG SHUI Q&A Question: I’m ready for a relationship and I hope you can help me. How can I get someone interested in me? Answer: You have to prepare your home for the new person that you want to attract. Make sure you get plenty of paired energy in your home. Look around. Do you have a lot of single objects, especially pictures, looking lonely and small? Get a bigger image of what you want in your love life! If you have a single nightstand next to your bed, get TWO with two lamps, too! Add two end tables by the sofa, and pairs of decorative objects in your home. If you don’t have a headboard on your bed, add one (especially important for women). Watch having too many plants, too. Whether actual plants or symbolic (prints on

upholstery or curtains) Plants drain romance, so make sure you aren’t overloaded with plants – especially in the centre sector (relationships and health) and the southwest (love, romance). Plants drain your romantic energies, so opt for lights, candles, and earth related objects to give your love life a boost! Don’t forget to circulate. I’m telling all my clients this year to get out and take a class – or better still – give a class if you have an expertise you can share with others! Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in authentic Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more visit www.redlotusletter. com and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!

REFUGEE... From page 4

the plight of refugees. Canada signed the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees in 1951 and the 1967 Protocol. Prime Minister Trudeau delivered on his election promise to bring in over 20,000 Syrian refugees while even President Obama admitted a faction of that total number into the United States. It is important to note that there are two types of claimants: convention refugees and protected persons. In general terms, IRPA section 96 Convention refugees are persons who face “a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion” and are outside their country of nationality, unable to submit a

claim in current or last country of residence” and are “unable or, by reason of that fear, unwilling to return to that country.” A Section 97 protected person is “a person in Canada whose removal to their country or countries of nationality” would “subject them personally (a) to a danger, believed on substantial grounds to exist, of torture …or (b) to a risk to their life or to a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.” There are also differences between claims submitted by persons from Designated Countries of Origin (DCOs) and Designated Foreign Nationals (DFN) and also, as is the specific case of the refugee claimants coming into Manitoba for those fleeing the United States. At this time the Canada-U.S. Safe

Country Agreement is still in effect. It is important to note that the agreement applies to persons who apply at a land based port of entry, but not at an airport or an inland office. The persons streaming into Manitoba and Canada are not coming through any land port of entry but rather circumventing these checkpoints to apply from inside the country. We need to stop and think why persons and families would risk their lives and health to cross into Canada in the midst of one of the coldest winters on record. President Trump has achieved his apparent goal of putting more fear into refugees – refugees who already fear being forced to return to persecution in their home countries by an unwelcoming government and country. Canada is not the

only country responding to the refugee plight in the world. We should pride ourselves as a nation for following the golden rule or second great commandment to “love your neighbour as yourself.” Manitoba Premier Pallister speaks for many when he says, “I would hope that if someone comes to a door and they’re freezing, that they would have that door opened.” Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Canada Immigration and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd. 204-691-1166 or 204-227-0292. E-mail:

their way, lost their gloves and suffered severe frost bite. The men interviewed on television were sorry to have lost their fingers to amputation but were not sorry to leave the unwelcoming United States. A local immigration lawyer reported, “the actions of these people is understandable.” Why Canada, why now? It is important to understand that one objectives of our Canadian Immigration Refugee Protection Act is “about saving lives and offering protection to the displaced and persecuted,” section 3 (2)(a). Canada has a long and distinguished history in responding to world crises and

FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017



In their own words: voices of our youth It’s tempting to speak for our children, especially if there’s a pause in the conversation. This could be when they’re talking to adults, teachers, or anyone that has asked them a question. In education, we call this pause “think time” because it is precisely time: time that people need to respond. On average, I probably wait about two minutes for think time (I have gone longer, depending not the question and of the class). I also get students ready with an answer right away. I tell these students to just give me a thumbs-up when they’re ready to share. When I see that all students have their thumbs up, I ask them to turn and talk to a partner and share their ideas out loud. When you give our youth time to not only come to a full answer, but then also allow them to rehearse saying their ideas out loud, you will have responses that are so much richer in their quality as opposed to expecting an immediate response. I model for my students every day that if I don’t know an answer to something, I communicate that I’d need time to research or think about my response – and that this is ok! By jumping into a conversation on your child’s behalf, you take away think time. You essentially take away an opportunity for them to share their thoughts using their own voices. Having the ability to use your voice confidently is such a key part to personal growth and confidence, and this starts by providing a healthy, safe space for children to communicate.

Listen to their ideas; you’d be surprised at the depth that can be reached if you give them time to find their voice. Parent tip: encourage those voices! Don’t jump in. It’s tempting. Instead, guide the conversation by asking questions. Clarify ideas if you feel your child doesn’t quite understand what is being asked. Better yet, encourage your child to be comfortable asking questions for themselves. Remember to take a deep breath yourself, and to listen to what your child is communicating. Don’t take their voices away! In our public speaking contest, Dalagita, we recently held a private Master Class for the contestants with the Toastmasters organization. We learned everything from vocal warm-ups to breathing techniques and gestures that help us become more animated speakers when using our voices. We ended the day with each of us having to present a one-minute speech about anything we’ve experienced. As a reminder, our Dalagitas are between Grades 10 to 12, and public speaking can be intimidating for anyone, at any age. What may have appeared to most as hesitation or reluctance to share, I saw as think time. They needed that two-minute time to think of their response. Sure enough, they got up one by one and shared. They spoke and used their voices without someone having to coax them into speaking. Dianne shared her experiences mentoring and tutoring younger students. She is petite in her

frame and laughed about how she, herself, was confused as one of the students she was supposed to be helping, due to her height. She was comfortable, she was confident, and you could tell she was having fun telling her personal story. Jelynn spoke about her experiences volunteering with new refugee families and how she learned about the privileges of her own life when a child was so grateful to receive an umbrella after he had had to walk in the rain and storms without one for so long, prior to moving to Canada. You could hear the raw emotions in her voice, and see her eyes light up as she spoke about her passion for helping other people. Mimi shared her experiences dancing, about the metaphors that she learned to help her use proper form. She tugged at an invisible string at the top of her head that elongated her posture. Her descriptive details and gestures had us all feeling that we, too, had that string changing the ways we were sitting in our chairs. Alliah described a classic situation: the first day of high school. She discussed the way she buttoned her blouse all the way to the very top button, and how her skirt was past her knees (she goes to a private school). She described feeling lost in the hallways and the nerves entering her homeroom. She described something that was captivating in the way that we all could share in her experience. If we had not given our Dalagitas adequate think time, they would’ve gone up and rambled about something that

Diane Gutierrez

Jelynn Dela Cruz

Mimi Aiello

Alliah Ramirez

wasn’t as unique or personal to them. They could’ve gone up and spoken about anything, but because of the two minutes dedicated to preparing and thinking, these young girls got up and shared something from the heart. It was thoughtful, descriptive, captivating and brilliant. To learn more about our Dalagitas, our open-to-the-public Master Classes (and panellists), the culminating contest and celebration event, and our

appearances in the community, follow us at DalagitaWinnipeg. You can also e-mail me directly for any questions at Our next Master Class will be at the Mosaic Event Centre, 1006 Nairn Ave. on February 25th, 2016 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. This event is free and is open to all ages, ethnicities and genders. We hope to see you there! Photos by Geraldine Ong Photography & Events

Social media: the new mirror Through this article, I am hopeful that you are reminded of how amazing you truly are and that, in this chaotic world, it is a priority to love yourself. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” For years, the media has portrayed the mirror as one of humans’ worst enemies. By standing in front of a mirror, we place ourselves in a position to critique and judge ourselves based on how we look. Several times, we’ve heard of stories, songs, and watched movies about how this had such negative affects on human psychology, mental health, and overall selfconfidence. However, I do believe

that over the years there has been a lot of great work and effort put towards helping society battle this “fight against the mirror.” Although there is still a lot of work to be done, it is evident that we are making progress in the promotion of self-love. However, while we were persistently fighting in this battle against the mirror, another evil sneaked up on us: social media. Something that our generation has that previous generations did not have is social media. I am an active member of the social media community and I love participating in the interactions online. I enjoy sharing my adventures by posting pictures,

videos, blogs, and many more. In addition, I love seeing what my family and friends are up to and I can actually let them know I liked it by literally clicking a “like button.” Speaking of that like button. Whether we are aware of it or not, social media has a way of playing with our minds to seek validation and acceptance online. It is wiring us to believe that there is so much power that comes with that “like button.” Have you ever posted something online and felt anxious when you “didn’t get enough likes”? I have witnessed people experience anxiety and depression because of this and that led them to believe it is a

reflection of their self worth. This is such a dangerous (and very false) “cause and effect” belief. A friend once shared this quote with me: “A million likes will never be enough if you don’t like yourself.” This is so true! It is so important to detach ourselves from the idea that social media is a source for our self-esteem. Instead, make it a priority to love and take care of yourself. You see, the mirror and social media are not all that different. Both of them have a sneaky way of tricking us to view ourselves through very harsh lenses. We are led to unfairly compare ourselves to others and have us feel relatively superior or inferior to

them when really, we are all just on our own respective journeys in life. The next time you share something on social media, try on the mindset that you are posting for the simple objective of sharing. Finally, before clicking “post,” find comfort in knowing that you are already loved. Yvanne currently studies Independent Performance and Songwriting at Seneca College in Toronto, ON. Yvanne is a big dreamer and is delighted to have the opportunity to share her thoughts and adventures. Search the hashtag #diaryofthedreamer on various social media to follow more of Yvanne’s journey.



FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

My family history Rizaley Patio was awarded the ANAK Liwayway Scholarship for Leadership Excellence last June based on her high school GPA, a group interview, and an essay based on an oral history interview she conducted. The following essay was her submission. If you were given the chance to choose your family, would you pick your own? I would. Despite our imperfections, I take pride on being part of a simple, yet, happy family. I have witnessed how my family has been bonded by the values instilled in my parents’ minds by my grandparents, which has helped us survive our toughest times in the Philippines and most especially here in Canada. From generation to generation, my parents have

passed on a legacy that I believe I ought to keep and preserve. Both my parents belonged to a well-bonded family, undeterred by the challenges that came before them. My father grew up in a simple household where he lived with his extended family. According to him, “in spite of hardships, financial need, and economic problems, my parents gave importance to education, kaya nagpakapagod lola at lola mo sa palengke para lang makapagtapos kami.” (Patio). Meanwhile, health issues in my mother’s family led to financial problems. As a way to lessen their financial need, “[her sister] decided to go abroad,” (Patio) and be away from her family at a young age. When I asked them whether they consider their

families happy and successful, they replied with a big “yes.” Sacrifices have been part of their successful family lives and both my parents were ready to continue that legacy. Even though living in the Philippines was a more comfortable option for them, they decided to go to Canada because they believed that we would have a better future in this country. Our family’s history of immigration to Canada started with my grandmother’s brother who helped my uncle immigrate to Winnipeg. When opportunity came for my uncle to help his siblings, he offered to sponsor us so we could immigrate to Canada as well. Starting a new life in a new country was more difficult for my parents than it was for my brother and me. My father told me, “para kaming bagong kasal.” (Patio). There were times when they thought of going back to the Philippines

because life in Canada was not as easy as they thought it would be. I asked them, “what made you stay?” Without hesitating, they replied, “kayo” (Patio). And that is when I truly realized what my family history means to me. My family history makes me who I am today and who I will be in the future. What have I gained from their stories? Keys – keys to a happy family life, keys to success, and keys to happiness. I have learned from them how doors would not always be opened for me; how keys would not always fit in. My family history makes me stronger and braver to face challenges that may come my way. I want to continue their legacy of love and determination. I may not belong to a perfect, famous, or influential family, but all of my family members’ experiences and sacrifices will forever influence me. I consider my family history

as a treasure passed on to me, and treasures are kept and preserved; not thrown away. It heightens my desire to preserve our Filipino family values despite being surrounded by other cultures. Bilang Pilipino at bilang anak, masasabi kong tunay kong ipinagmamalaki at patuloy na mapagmamalaki ang aking pinagmulan. Sources: • “Oral History Handbook.” Aksyon Ng Ating Kabataan (ANAK) Inc. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Apr. 2016. • Patio, Aris, and Lea Patio. “My Family History.” Personal interview. 20 Apr. 2016. Rizaley Patio is a recent graduate from Sisler High School and currently in her first year of studies at the Red River College. Visit www.anak. ca to learn more about ANAK’s 2017 scholarship program and upcoming opportunities.

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Bulag na lang ang magsasabing hindi maganda si Liza Soberano. Walang alanganin sa mukha ng batang aktres na ito. Parang isa-isang iginuhit ng isang magaling na pintor ang bawat bahagi ng mukha ni Liza at saka pinagsamasama. Walang mali. Swak na swak. Isa sa pinakamagandang mukha sa lokal na aliwan ngayon ang dalaga. At ang paghanga sa kaniyang pisikal na katangian ay mas madadagdagan pa kapag naririnig natin ang kuwento ng kaniyang buhay. Bilang anak ay modelong kabataan si Liza. Hiwalay man ang kaniyang mga magulang ay hindi siya nagkukulang ng pagmamahal sa magkabilang panig, nirerespeto niya ang kaniyang mga magulang, mapagmahal din siyang kapatid. Kahit ang unang manager niya ay ibinibiyayaan pa rin ni Liza Soberano sa abot ng kaniyang makakaya. Hindi siya nakalilimot. Alam niya na ito ang nagbukas ng pintuan ng showbiz para sa kaniya bago sila pinagtagpo ng kaniyang manager ngayon na si Ogie Diaz. Marami na kaming kuwentong naririnig tungkol kay Liza. Hindi namin pinagtatakahan kung bakit siya ang pinipiling idolohin ng mga kabataang lalaki ngayon, una ay ang kaniyang kagandahan ang mapang-imbita, ikalawa ang kabuuan ng kaniyang pagkatao bilang dapat tularang kabataang artista. Tumira man nang matagal sa Amerika si Liza ay kulturang Pinoy pa rin ang kaniyang pinaiiral. Nanatili siyang dalagang Pilipina at mahalaga para sa kaniya ang puri at dangal. Kapag tinititigan namin si Liza sa kaniyang mga panayam at tele-serye ay mayroon kaming naaalala. Isang young actresssinger din noong kaniyang panahon, ang magandang si Lilet Jodloman, dekada otsenta pa iyon. Parehong maganda sina Lilet at Liza, plakado rin ang kanilang pagngiti, naaalala namin ang dating young actress-singer kapag pinagmamasdan namin si Liza Soberano. Nakikita namin si Liza kahit saan. Sa TV, sa mga billboards, kahit sa iba’t ibang sasakyan sa kalye ngayon ay si Liza Soberano

ang aming nakikita. Mabenta siyang endorser ng mga produkto, at bakit naman hindi, walang hindi kagandahang imaheng ikinakambal ngayon sa kaniyang pangalan. *** Ngayon na lang namin natututukan si Julia Barretto. Dalawa sila ni Janine Gutierrez na nagpapaligsahan sa pagandahan. Walang mali sa kanilang hitsura, mahal na mahal sila ng mga camera, magagandang produkto sila ng kumbinasyon ng kanilang mga magulang. Nakaaarte naman pala si Julia Barretto. Hindi naman pala totoong puro ganda lang ang puwedeng ipagmalaki ng young actress. Nagwawarla naman ngayon ang mga tagasuporta ni Nora Aunor dahil sa komento sa social media ng mga tagahanga ni Janine Gutierrez na hindi puwedeng sabihin na nagmana siya sa husay sa pag-arte sa kaniyang lola. Totoo naman ang nagkomento, paano natin sasabihing nagmana si Janine kay Nora, samantalang wala namang ni isang patak na dugo ng koneksiyon ang batang aktres sa Superstar? Ampon ni Nora Aunor ang kaniyang inang si Lotlot de Leon, hindi tunay na dugo, kaya ano ang mag-uugnay kina Nora at Janine? Ang tamang sabihin ay nagmana sa husay sa pag-arte ang batang aktres kay Lotlot, sa kaniyang ina, hindi sa kaniyang lola. Pero sa kabila noon ay malaki ang respeto ni Janine sa kaniyang Lola Guy. Tama lang, dahil kahit walang nag-uugnay sa kaniyang ina at kay Nora ay inalagaan nito at itinuring na sariling anak sina Lotlot, Matet, Kiko at Kenneth. Pero ang argumentong hindi

• • • • • • • • •

Liza Soberano – Maganda na’y mabait at marespeto pa Janine Gutierrez – Huwag sanang ikumpara sa lolang Superstar Butch Bautista – Wala na ang dating miyembro ng Low Waist Gang Kris Aquino – Nakiramay kay Mayor Bistek sa pagpanaw ng ama Diego Loyzaga – Malalim ang mga hinaing sa amang si Cesar Montano Cesar Montano – Tahimik lang sa kabila ng mga hugot ni Diego Erich Gonzales – Isa lang ang sagot, “I’m tired of paying.” Vice Ganda - Nag- move on na mula kay Terrence Romeo Susan Roces - Tumangging makipagkita kay Rosemarie

nagmana si Janine Gutierrez sa kaniyang Lola Guy ay hindi na dapat pang pagtalunan. Totoo iyon, sa ayaw at sa gusto ng mga Noranian, kaya huwag na silang umalma. Nagpapakatotoo lang ang mga tagahanga ni Janine, katotohanan lang ang pinagbabasihan nila, hindi kawalan ng utang na loob ang pagsasabi ng katotohanan. Ang puwedeng sabihing pinagmanahan ni Janine Gutierrez ay ang kaniyang mga magulang na sina Lotlot at Ramon Christopher, puwede ring si Jackie-Lou Blanco, pero hindi si Nora Aunor na hindi niya naman kadugo. *** Isang mula sa pusong pakikidalamhati po ang nais naming iparating sa lahat ng mga iniwan ni Direk Butch Bautista, dating miyembro ng Lo Waist Gang, ang dakilang ama nina Mayor Herbert Bautista, Konsehal Hero at Harlene Bautista. Siya si Daddy Lo nina Athena at Harvey, anak nina Mayor Bistek at Tates Gana, ang aktor-direktor na orihinal na nagpauso ng scarf. Magkasama na sila ngayon ni Mommy Baby sa kabilang buhay, mga magulang ng mga artista na minahal nang sinsero ng showbiz, isang mapayapang paglalakbay kay Direk Butch Bautista. *** Pag gusto ay may paraan pero kapag ayaw ay may dahilan. Iyon ang ibinabato ngayon ng marami kay Kris Aquino dahil sa pagdalaw niya sa unang gabi pa lang ng lamay ni Direk Butch Bautista. Isa sa mga ibinibigay na

Liza Soberano

Janine Gutierrez




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dahilan ay ang pagpanaw ng ina ni AiAi delas Alas na hindi man lang sinilip ni Kris samantalang mag-BFF sila. Doon nagtampo ang Comedy Concert Queen sa aktres-TV host. Ikalawa ay ang kapapanaw pa lang na si Tita Donna Villa, sa mga pelikulang massacre ng Golden Lions unang tumunog ang pangalan ni Kris pero hindi man lang siya nagbigay-pugay sa pinakahuling pagkakataon sa bangkay ng prodyuser, pero dahil ama ni Mayor Herbert Bautista ang pumanaw ay agad-agad na siyang nakarating sa burol. Doon nabubutasan si Kris. Very selective ang kaniyang memory. Pag gusto niya ay walang makapipigil sa kaniya pero kapag ayaw niya ay walang makapipilit sa kaniya. At may lumulutang pang balita ngayon na siya ang minamanok ni Mayor Herbert para tumakbong mayor ng Kyusi sa susunod na halalan. Totoo naman kayang kay Mayor Bistek galing ang ideya o press release lang iyon ng kampo ni Kris? Para kasing hindi maganda sa panlasang tanggapin na si Mayor Herbert mismo ang nagtutulak kay Kris na kumandidatong mayor ng Quezon City sa 2019. Napakalaki ng dapat tanawing utang na loob ng aktor-pulitiko sa pamilya Belmonte na gumabay sa kaniyang karerang pampulitika. At sige nga, matalino at sikat nga si Kris Aquino at

Julia Barretto

See CRISTY p15

Erich Gonzales




FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017


CRISTY... From page 13 isinasama-sama siya ng kaniyang kapatid na dating pangulo sa mga pagseserbisyo nito sa ating mga kababayan, sapat na bang barometro iyon para kalabanin niya ang matagal nang nagseserbisyo sa lunsod na si Vice-Mayor Joy Belmonte? Milya-milya ang layo nila pagdating sa public service. Mula sa pamilya ng mga pulitiko si Kris pero hindi siya kinakitaan ng sinserong pagseserbisyo, masakit mang aminin ay parang pakitangtao lang naman ang kaniyang mga ginagawa, dahil palaging may nakasunod na camera at photographer ang kaniyang mga galaw. Porke ba pinagdadamutan na si Kris Aquino ng mundo ng showbiz ay papasok na lang siya sa pulitika? Pangalawang choice? Panghalili sa kapalarang nagtampo sa kaniya? Teka lang muna… *** Ginagawang pulutan ngayon sa social media si Diego Loyzaga. Kapansin-pansin ang paulit-ulit na pagpapaalala sa kaniya ng mga netizens sa 10 Commandments. “Honour thy father and thy mother.” Tinawag kasing ipokrito, plastic at duwag ng young actor ang kaniyang amang si Cesar Montano. Malalim ang mga hinaing ni Diego, para siyang bulkang sumabog pagkatapos nang maraming taon, nawindang ang buong bayan sa kaniyang mga bira sa action star. Sa ngayon ay wala pang pinagbibigyan ng interbyu si Teresa Loyzaga. Nagmamasidnakikiramdam lang siya ngayon tungkol sa isyung kinapapalooban ng kaniyang anak na si Diego at sa ama nitong si Cesar. Gusto niyang maging maayos ang sitwasyon nang wala siyang partisipasyon, kailangang sina Cesar at Diego mismo ang umayos sa kanilang problema, masaya na siya sa ganoon. Hawak ni Teresa ang kaniyang emosyon. Malaki ang tiwala niya kay Diego. Kakayanin nitong tapusin ang problema nang hindi siya umeeksena. *** Pinag-usapan sa isang malaking umpukan ng mga tagashowbiz sina Cesar Montano at Robin Padilla. Pareho silang sikat na action star pero sa magkakaumpukan ay may napakalaki silang kaibahan. Walang idinedenay na anak si Robin Padilla, lahat ay pinaninindigan niya, at hindi lang basta tinatanggap kundi sinusuportahan pa nga. Ang hinanakit ni Diego ay itinanggi itong anak ni Cesar, hindi sinuportahan noong bata pa ito, kaya si Teresa Loyzaga lang ang mag-isang nagpalakinagtaguyod sa kaniya. Sabi ng isang kaibigan naming direktor: “Ngayon ko naiisip si Tito Dolphy. Si Willie Revillame. Si Robin Padilla. Ang mga Eigenmann and lastly, ang mga Estrada. Ang dami-damidami-dami nila, pero walang ganitong issue.

Diego Loyzaga and his dad, Cesar Montano “Isa lang ang tinutukoy ko. Kundi kayang mag-anak sa iba-ibang babae, if you’re not responsible enough to handle the situation, huwag kang gagawa ng isang bagay na hindi mo kayang tayuan. “Being irresponsible is one thing, but to deny your child, that’s everything. Napakasakit noon para sa bata. Dala-dala niya iyon hanggang sa kaniyang paglaki…,” makahulugang opinyon ng kaibigan naming direktor. Sabi ng aming source, “Pinagdudahan ni Cesar si Diego, may relasyon daw sila ni Sunshine. Galit na galit sina Sunshine at Teresa noon!” Nabuo ang relasyon nina Cesar at Teresa habang ginagawa nila ang Four Da Boys, si Willie Revillame ang prodyuser ng sitcom na kabilang din sina Aga Muhlach, Randy Santiago, Benedict Aquino, ang namayapang si Tito Babalu, Sunshine Cruz, Tirso Cruz III at marami pang iba, pati ang inyong kolumnista. May isang anak si Teresa, si Sephie, nakatira sila noon sa Golden Hills, Antipolo. May anak din si Cesar, si Angela at ang nagpakamatay na si Angelo, kumplikado ang kanilang relasyon. Alam na alam ni Cesar kung gaano katapang si Teresa, hindi lang siya kontrabida sa pelikula at telebisyon, kahit sa tunay na buhay ay palaban ang aktres. Siguradong naaalala pa ni Cesar na noong minsan silang mag-away ni Teresa ay ihinulog ito sa hagdan ng singer-actress, kinabog ang kaniyang pagkaaction star, pamilya ng mga sikat na basketball players ang kinabibilangan ni Teresa. Huwag bubulabugin ni Cesar Montano ang pananahimik ni Teresa dahil siguradong makikita ng aktor ang mga ayaw nitong makita. Kapag nagsimula nang maglitanya si Teresa ay wala nang makapipigil pa sa kaniya. Iyon siguro ang dahilan kung bakit tikom ang bibig ngayon ni Cesar Montano. Sa isang sasabihin nito ay milya-milya ang magiging balik sa kaniya. Nakasalang pa naman ang mga kasong isinampa ni Sunshine Cruz laban sa kaniya, kapag nagsalita na si Teresa ay siguradong makaaapekto iyon sa

mga asuntong dinedepensahan ng aktor, umaasa na lang siguro si Cesar Montano na isang araw ay lilipas din ang kontrobersiyang ito sa pagitan nila ni Diego. *** Kung nanahimik lang ang pamilya ni Daniel Matsunaga sa hiwalayan nila ni Heart Evangelista ay nabaligtad ang sitwasyon nang mag-break sila ni Erich Gonzales. Hindi kasi kagandahan ang sinasabing naging ugat ng kanilang hiwalayan, pera, na napakahalay tingnan at pakinggan. E, nanahimik pa si Erich, kaya ayun, hindi na nakapagpigil ang kapatid ni Daniel na si Vanessa. Marespeto ang paliwanag See CRISTY p16

Teresa Loyzaga and her son, Diego Loyzaga





Vice Ganda

CRISTY... From page 15 nito, pero ang bawat salita ay kumakagat, siguradong sinakmal noon si Erich. Parang lumalabas na wala naman silang makukuha kay Erich dahil maayos ang kanilang pamumuhay. Gustong linawin ni Vanessa na hindi user ang kaniyang kapatid pati ang kanilang pamilya na tulad ng lumulutang na kuwento ngayon sa hiwalayan ng dalawa. Hindi raw nila kailangang manggamit ng kahit sino para lang sila mabuhay, sabi pa ni Vanessa, na sinagot naman ni Erich na hindi naman mayaman lang ang pinagsasamantalahan kundi mas maraming mahihirap pa nga ang nabibiktima ng ganoon. Mayaman daw kasi ang napangasawa ni Vanessa, sabi ni

Erich, pero hindi iyon garantiya na hindi mapagsasamantalahan ang isang mahirap lang. Hindi matanggap ng pamilya ni Daniel na isipin ng publiko na pinerahan lang ng aktor si Erich. Iyon ang gustong paliwanag ng pamilya ng aktor, ang ituwid ni Erich ang mga haka-haka, dahil masyado nang napapasama ang imahe ng kanilang pamilya. Isang hamon iyon na tinanggap naman ni Erich, kailangan na niyang magsalita, dapat na niyang sabihin ang totoong dahilan kung bakit siya nagdesisyong makipaghiwalay na kay Daniel. Sasabihin na raw niya ang totoo, lahat-lahat daw ay lilinawin na ng dalaga, para matapos na ang lahat ng problema sa kanilang paghihiwalay ng Brapanese actor. Hindi lang sinabi ni Vanessa, pero kung lalaliman natin ang pag-iisip ay parang gustong

FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

Terrence Romeo sabihin ng kapatid ni Daniel Matsunaga na ano naman ang mahihita nila kay Erich Gonzales, mayroon ba? Heto na. Napakaigsi lang ng kuwentong ito pero punumpuno ng kahulugan. Isang malapit kay Erich Gonzales ang nagtanong sa dalaga kung ano ba talaga ang dahilan at nakipaghiwalay na siya kay Daniel Matsunaga. Bumuntong-hininga si Erich, ang kaniyang sagot, “I’m tired of paying.” Iyon lang po. Itinuturing na heartthrob ng mundo ng basketball si Terrence Romeo, pambatong player noon ng FEU Tamaraws at ng Globalport ngayon sa PBA, minsang naugnay ang pangalan kay Vice Ganda. Hindi lang kasi basta guwapo ang basketbolista, napakagaling din niyang maglaro, minamanimani lang niya ang mga three See CRISTY p17

Daniel Matsunaga


​In Winnipeg, the 101st annual Winnipeg Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA) Tournament kicked off Sunday, Jan. 22 at the Chateau Bowling Lanes. According to WTBA Executive Director Ron Molinski, who was very thankful for B’nai Brith’s participation, at least 200 e​ ntrants /​ bowlers participated, including members of the ​ Team Canada (Official Canadian Olympic Women’s Team​)​ – ​women’s in​ Bowling. The tournament continued Leovie Guevarra, May Villarba, Analin LeBlanc and Loreto Lazaro over the next two Sundays and ended on February 5​ , 2017.​ Bowling has long been one of the signature pastimes of B’nai Brith Canada members and volunteers. Over the past few weekends, this trend was on full display in the cities of Montreal and Winnipeg. B’nai Brith is truly grateful to all the participants who brought a lot of food donations that will be donated to the most vulnerable in Manitoba. – Adriana Glikman, Program Coordinator, B’nai Brith Canada Rachel Magdaluyo, Cynthia Kasprick, Marion Marko & Terri Dueck

Gil Lavoie, Tim Francisco, Alvin Magdaluyo and Armand Garcia

Team Canada: Marissa Naylor, Sharon Tataryn, Susan Grande & Lynne Gauthier

FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017



CRISTY... From page 16 points d’yan. Kinikilig ang mga basketball fans kay Terrence dahil bibihira nga naman ang kumbinasyon ng kaguwapuhan at pagiging magaling na basketball player. Kailan lang ay nag-post si Terrence ng retrato ng isang singsing. Ang kaniyang sabi, sa wakas daw ay nakita na niya ang taong nagpapaligaya sa kaniya, hindi na raw siya available sa market ngayon. Kung bakit naman noong nakaraang matagumpay na Valentine show ni Vice Ganda sa Araneta Coliseum ay nakasama sa mga litanya ng komedyante ang isang biro na nahulaan siyempre ng manonood na patungkol kay Terrence Romeo. Litanya ‘yun tungkol sa pagmu-move-on, parang tula ng magaling na komedyanteTV host tungkol sa nangyari sa kaniyang puso. Nagtiliannaghalakhakan ang mga nandoon dahil ang pinakahuling linya ni Vice, “Salamat na lang, dahil bago tayo naghiwalay, tinawag mo akong Juliet.” Romeo and Juliet, swak na swak para sa kanila ng magaling na basketball player, ikinaaliw ‘yun ng punumpunong Big Dome. Ang mga basketball players ay para ring mga artista, selosa ang kanilang mga fans, hanggang maaari ay ayaw nilang magkaroon ng girlfriend ang

Susan Roces iniidolo nilang dribolero. Mula pa noong panahon ni Senator Robert Jaworski, ang The Living Legend, ay hindi kami nagpapalit ng kulay. Anuman ang mangyari, magkampeon man sila o matalo, ay miyembro kami ng pinakasikat na barangay sa buong bayan. Never say die! *** Ewan kung nakabalik na uli sa Amerika ang dating aktres na si Rosemarie Sonora. Matagaltagal ding nagbakasyon dito ang ina ni Sheryl Cruz.

Isang taong malapit sa kanila ni Ms. Susan Roces ang nagparating ng impormasyon kay Manang Inday na gusto raw dumalaw ni Rosemarie sa kaniyang ate. Puwede raw ba? Iyon ang tanong ng emisaryo kay Manang Inday. Ang mahinahong sagot ni Manang Inday ay huwag na, gamitin na lang ni Rosemarie ang mahalagang panahon para sa kaniyang mga anak at apo, para makabawi ito sa mga panahong hindi sila nagkasama-sama. Wala nang iba pang sinabi

Sheryl Cruz si Manang Inday. Ganoon lang ang kaniyang posisyon. Kesa sa magkita silang magkapatid ay mas magandang ilaan na lang nito ang kaniyang panahon kina Wowie at Sheryl at sa kaniyang mga apo. Naisip siguro ni Manang Inday, bakit ngayon lang nagkaisip si Rosemarie na makipagkita sa kaniya nang personal, bakit hindi pa noon? Nakailang balik na ba dito si Rosemarie na ni hindi man lang nagpaparamdam kay Manang Inday? Nalalaman na lang niya

na nakaalis na pala ang kaniyang kapatid? Ang eleksiyon ay isang maghapon lang. Pero ang dugo, anuman ang maganap, ay dugo pa rin. Nakakalungkot lang kasi na may mga taong hindi nagpapahalaga sa napakaimportanteng relasyon. Hindi pa naman sila nagsasaulian ng kandila, pero sabi nga, ang pagmamahalan ay parang pinggan na kapag nalamatan na ay hindi na uli maibabalik ang dating hugis at porma. CSF



FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

Running barefoot on Roxas Boulevard Pilipino Express columnist Norman Aceron Garcia ran 16 kilometres barefoot along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City on February 5. It was his participation in the Run and Raise 2017 charity event. With the slogan, “I run barefoot so they don’t have to,” Norman raised P182,000 ($4,700 CAD) from 134 donors for his chosen charity, World Vision Philippines. He placed 21st in overall ranking after his 90-minute run and he did while carrying sampaguita flowers, bags of chicharon snacks, and a basket of balut eggs – to represent children engaged in child labour. “Although I ran barefoot alone, I certainly didn’t race alone. Behind the scenes, the majority of the preparations were done by Jun Godornes, Jan Therese Queyquep, and the rest of World Vision Team that I met that morning. I actually did the simplest thing; I put one barefoot forward, and repeated. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in them!” said Norman.

Manitobans celebrate Louis Riel Day Feb. 20, 2017

Louis Riel Day is an annual general holiday in Manitoba celebrated on the third Monday of February. It commemorates the life of Louis Riel, a politician who represented the Métis people’s interests. Louis Riel Day gives people in Manitoba the chance to enjoy some time with their families, to take a short winter break or to take part in outdoor sports events. It is also an opportunity to learn about the Métis people’s culture, language, heritage and ancestral

homeland. In 1885, during his trial in Regina, Louis Riel stated: “I know that through the grace of God I am the founder of Manitoba.” Louis Riel was the driving force behind Manitoba becoming Canada’s fifth province. His dream of a province that embraces all cultures is still shared by Manitobans today. As the Métis leader of the Red River Resistance of 1869-70, he was instrumental in drafting the

List of Rights that formed the basis of the Manitoba Act, passed by the Parliament of Canada in the spring of 1870, which brought the new province of Manitoba into Confederation. Make plans to celebrate Manitoba’s Louis Riel Day. Get out and join other Manitobans from all across our great province to celebrate Louis Riel’s vision. (Source: Government of Manitoba and http://louisrielday. com)

FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017




Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program Manitoba has the most successful provincial nomination program in Canada. Now Premier Pallister has announced major changes to the program with far-reaching negative impacts without prior consultation with affected immigrant communities. Premier Pallister has used disparaging language that suggested nominees have come “from desperate circumstance” and are “put on welfare.” The Premier also portrayed them as having difficulty finding jobs as “64 per cent of them arrived last year without guaranteed employment … as a consequence, the five-year average is higher for unemployment for these folks … higher than the average for the rest of the province.” The Premier is wrong. There are no statistics that nominee-immigrants have been ending up on welfare. As many as 98 per cent have reported employment income within one year of arrival, thus, immediately boosting Manitoba’s economy. The additional $500 non-refundable fee along with the added requirement of obtaining a valid job offer will potentially reduce the number of applicants to the program. The 5.8 per cent population growth of Manitoba since 2011 – a key part of our record population and economic growth – is attributable to immigration. This growth could be halted by the changes to the MPNP. If the program is not broken, why fix it? The job-ready skills, education and settlement funds that provincial nominees bring to Manitoba are significant economic and social contributions that the Premier cannot ignore. We demand Premier Pallister maintain the family and community connection of the MPNP, drop the $500 fee and work with immigrant communities to make our immigration system even better. Join us in our upcoming events: Vigil and march: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. We will assemble at Broadway United Church (396 Broadway) then march to the Legislative Building for a 30-minute program, and then head back to the church for a night of solidarity with food and music! Rally: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 12:30 p.m. We will assemble outside the Legislative Building for a 30-minute rally.

E-mail: Facebook Page: Save MPNP Facebook Group: Save MPNP Coalition TWITTER: @savempnp





NO. 270

Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 1. Pakete 5. Uod 9. ______ lang ang tumatanda 11. Ihampas 13. Tiyuhin 15. Layo 16. Taguri sa banal 17. Baha 19. Galit pag inulit 20. Partido ni Joma 21. Muli 24. Nangingitlog 27. Tatag 29. Iaral 30. Sugod 31. Bigla 32. Isang sisidlan 33. Pandikit 34. Sawi PABABA 2. Asa 3. Hango 4. Alo 5. Suot 6. Karne 7. Pagitan

8. Bulati 10. Gawa ng bagong gising 12. Hahalili 14. Ilalaan 18. Renta 21. Soya 22. Ihagis 23. Sukat 24. Itiklop 25. Tuliro 26. Takda 28. Pula ng itlog 29. Salok


FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

HOROSCOPE PEBRERO 16 – 28, 2017 Aries (March 21 – April 19) Ngayon ay buwan ng mga puso. Alagaan mo ang iyong puso – hindi lang sa pamamagitan ng tamang pagkain at pahinga, kundi pati na rin sa pag-iwas sa stress. Hindi ka na bumabata at habang pinapayagan mo na manatili ang kunsumisyon, apektado ang puso mo. OK ang ika-19, 20 at 28. Ingat sa ika-21 at 22.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) W a l a n g mawawala kung ipagpapatuloy mo ang plano mo. Huwag kang magalala kung may mauunahan ka, ganyan talaga ang negosyo. Mas mabuti ang maagap kaysa naman mawala ang oportunidad. Ihanda mo lang ang sarili mo sa isang komprontasyon. OK ang ika-19, 20 at 28. Ingat sa ika-16, 17, 18, 24 at 25.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Nabigo ka. Wala kang natanggap mula sa kaniya nitong nakaraang araw ng mga puso. May dahilan. Alamin mo habang maaga pa. Baka kailangan mo nang tanggapin ang katotohanan na ang malayuang pagmamahalan ay hindi puwede sa inyong dalawa. OK ang ika-19, 20 at 28. Ingat sa ika-26 at 27.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Bawasan mo ang iyong social media exposure. Kailangan ay may natitirang pribado tungkol sa buhay mo. May panganib na matunton ka ng mga ayaw mo nang makita. Madali na ngayong hanapin ang sinuman. Kung OK lang sa iyo, balewalain mo ang babalang ito. OK sa ika-21 at 22. Ingat sa ika16, 17, 18, 24 at 25.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Mas hindi ka nakikita, mas malayo ka sa gulo at sa tsismis. Mas marami ang iyong nakakakuwentuhan, mas marami ang magiging satsat tungkol sa iyo. Iwasan mo ang pakikipagusap ng tungkol sa iyong buhay sa mga hindi mo pa totoong kilala. Mag-ingat ka. OK ang ika-21 at 22. Ingat sa ika-19, 20, 26 at 27.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Huwag kang makisawsaw sa away kung hindi ka naman kasali. Sa iyo mabubunton ang sisi at ikaw pa ang mapapasama. Tandaan mong mas matimbang ang dugo sa tubig. Mag-away man ang magkamag-anak, magkakabati rin sila. Kung hindi ka kadugo, ikaw ang mapapasama. OK ang ika-21 at 22. Ingat sa ika-28.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Nauubos ang pasensya mo sa mga tao na nagtatanong sa iyo o humihingi ng payo mo. Kung gayon, ikaw na ang umiwas sa pakikisalamuha sa kanila. Palagi ka kasing may opinion kaya akala nila ay madali kang lapitan at tanungin. Akala nila ay hindi ka napapagod. OK ang ika-24 at 25. Ingat sa ika-19, 20, 26 at 27.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Gusto mo ay isang tahimik na buhay. Ayaw mo ng gulo kaya naman akala ng iba ay OK lang sa iyo kahit akala nila’y naiisahan ka na nila. Puwes, magbilang ka ng mga pabor na ibinibigay mo, kapag sobra na, burahin mo na ang taong iyon sa listahan ng mga kaibigan. OK ang ika-24 at 25. Ingat sa ika-21, 22 at 28.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Umaasa ka pa rin na mahal ka niya. Wala namang masama dahil tapat ka at hindi nagmaliw ang iyong pag-ibig kahit marami nang taon ang nagdaan. Mahal ka niya kaya lang dapat mo yatang alagaan ang sarili mo. Tumingin ka sa salamin. Ano ang nakikita mo ngayon? OK ang ika-24 at 25. Ingat sa ika-16, 17 at 18.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Isang tao sa pamilya o malalapit na kaibigan ang sasama ang loob sa iyo. Maaring dahil may nasabi kang hindi sinasadya na nasaktan siya. Hayaan mo lang. Makikita niyang wala siyang basehan sa nararamdaman niya. Tapat ka at marunong kang makisama. OK ang ika-16, 17, 18, 26 at 27. Ingat sa ika-21, 22 at 28.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Iba ka ring magmahal. Palagi mo na lang iniisip ang kaginhawahan ng mga mahal mo sa buhay. Teka… may nag-aalala ba naman sa iyo? Kapag malungkot ka ba’y may gumagawa ng paraan para paligayahin ka? Oras na para magising ka. Mahalin mo muna “ikaw.” OK ang ika-16, 17, 18, 26 at 27. Ingat sa ika-24 at 25.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Pera, alahas, kayamanan… pero ang gusto mo ay makita mong mahal ka pa rin niya. Oo nga’t walang tigil ang buwenas sa buhay ninyo pero parang mas malayo kayo sa isa’t isa ngayon. Bigyan ninyo ng oras “kayong dalawa.” Buhayin ninyo ang pagibig. OK ang ika-16, 17, 18, 26 at 27. Ingat sa ika-19 at 20.


FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

Ang kasalukuyan ay buwan ng puso – may tibok man o wala, ito ang batayan ng buhay. May kani-kaniyang hanap na kaligayahan ang mga tao na nasa iba’t ibang sektor ng lipunan. *** Muling binuksan ang Family Class sponsorship dito sa Canada. Opo, pero kailangang may sapat kang pera. Sa halip na magaan, mabigat ang financial requirements. Applications – only on line. *** Dulot ng bagong patakaran sa immigration ng Trump administration, may mga Filipino sa US na nais dito sa Canada manirahan at maghanapbuhay. Malaki ang pag-asa noong mga may alam na trabaho na kailangan ng Canada. *** Ang planong devaluation ng US dollar ni US President Trump ay tiyak na magkakaroon ng epekto sa international money market. Maaaring pabor o hindi sa mga bansang ang kanilang pera ay nakatali sa US currency. Pilipinas Sanhi ng nangyaring lindol sa Surigao, maraming naninirahan sa dakong silangan ng Luzon ang labis na nangangamba. Ang nabanggit na lugar umano ay kasama sa ring of fire. Ang gobyerno ay naglaan ng two billion pesos na pantulong sa mga nasalanta ng lindol sa Surigao. Under the state of calamity ngayon ang nabanggit na lugar ng Mindanao. *** Nakatutok pa rin ang gobyernong DU30 sa katuparan ng pinangakong pagbabago sa pamamahala noong 2016 elections. Ang mga maganda at pangit na senaryo ang nakakapigil ngayon. Grabe ang kalagayan sa katahimikan at kaayusan


ng bansa. Ang mayayaman ang lalong pinayaman. Ang mga nasa middle class at dati nang hikahos sa kabuhayan ay lalong nabaon sa kahirapan. May mga kagawad ng PNP na dapat mangalaga sa kayusan ng bayan subalit mismong sila ang naging problema ng gobyerno. Halimbawa ay ang tungkol sa illegal drug na sila rin ang agent and protectors ng mga nasa negosyo ng bawal na gamot. *** Ang independent foreign policy ng bansa na pinatutupad ni President DU30, bagaman nasa 1987 Konstitusyon na malaong nakagapos sa interest ng mga namumuno sa Estados Unidos ng Amerika ay sinisikap na maharang. Hinahanapan ng butas ng kaniyang mga kalaban sa politika ang kampanyang pagbabago sa pamamahala ng Presidente. Pinakamalapit na motibo ay mapatalsik ang pangulo sa hawak na kapangyarihan. *** Sana hindi na patulan ng mga mamamayan ang word-war sa pagitan ng gobyerno at mga alagad ng Simbahang Katolika. Marami din namang Pari at Obispo ang walang kibo, sapagkat alam nilang ang lahat naman ng tao ay may iwing kasalanan. Sabi nga ni Cardinal Ricardo Vidal, siya ay naniniwalang si president DU30 ay good person na kailangang ipagdasal kahit we like him or not. Opo naman. Walang taong perpekto. *** Ang super majority sa kapulungan ng mga kongresista at senador ay mahinang political foundation ng gobyernong DU30. Walang iniwan ‘yon sa bahaybahayan ng mga bata. Pagkatapos ng laro, basta iiwanan na lang. *** Sa patakarang panlabas

HINAGAP Pebrero Ang tanging panahon ng pagmamahalan, Na iwi ng pusong makapangyarihan; Taglay ng damadami’t malayang isipan, Pag-ibig sa Diyos, sarili at bayan! *** Malayang bumukal sa puso at diwa, Kung hindi matatag malamang mahina; Bagaman marupok subalit dakila, Kung kaya ang buhay ay pinagpapala! *** Tungkol sa pagsintang tapat ang layunin, Kung hindi matanggap sana’y unawain; Ang ano mang bagay kapag pipilitin, Malamang ang sukli’y sugat sa damdamin! *** Maraming larawang taglay ang panahon, Magkaibang lagi ang kahapo’t ngayon! Paquito Rey Pacheco

naman ng DU30 administration, may mga tao na hindi iyon binibigyan ng halaga. Masama bang magkaroon ng mga kaibigang bansa na makakatulong sa katatagang pangkabuhayan ng mga Filipino? *** Makabayan si Digong. Nationalist. Kasi naman, ang karaniwang palagay ng mga nasa Washington sa nasyonalista at komunista ay pareho. Ang pangulo ay hindi kaparis ng dalawang tao na nasa The Hague, Netherland na may pansariling adyenda. Sina Luis Jalandoni at Jose Maria Sison na kinikilanag nagtatag ng NDF ay waring nahihirapan nang mamuhay sa ibayong dagat. Marahil isang dahilan kaya muling nakikiusap kay President Duterte na ipagpatuloy ang nabasag na peace talk. Ang problema nila ngayon ay tila wala nang tiwala sa kanila ang mga pinuno ng CPP-NPA. Inaani na nila ngayon ang bunga ng doktrinang kanilang tinanim sa damdamin at utak ng Chinese Maoist na mga Filipino. *** Hinangad ni Pangulong Duterte na magkaroon ng pagkakaisa at maiwasan ang patayan, subalit ang panahon ng tigil-putukan ay hindi ginalang ng CPP-NPA. May naririnig na ba kayong kondenasyon mula sa mga lider ng Simbahang Kristiyano tungkol sa ginawi ng mga rebelde? Waring hindi sila interesado sa isyu ng nagpapatayang mga kapuwa Filipino. Ang mga nananahimik na mamamayan na napapagitna sa labanan ay nagsisilikas mula doon sa magulong lugar ng Mindanao. Malabo nang mangyari ang pangarap ng Maoist movement na sila ay makapagtatag ng Communist State sa Pilipinas. Maliwanag na ‘yon sa kabila ng nagiging katulong pa nila ang mga nasa kontra partido ni DU30. *** Ngayon ay unti-unti nang nagkakaroon ng resulta ang ginawang pakikipagkaibigan ni President Duterte sa ibang bansa, tulad ng China, Japan at EU. Ang Vice Foreign Minister ng China, Liu Zhenmin ay nangako ng additional $24 billion for regional

security and increased economic partnership para sa Pilipinas. Ang Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe naman ay nangako din ng $ 8.6 billion investment sa loob ng limang taon para sa modernization of the Philippine military, infrastructure and other projects. Hindi lang para sa Mindanao kundi sa iba pang lugar ng bansa. *** Nagbabala si President DU30 sa American military forces na huwag maglagak ng kanilang armas sa Pilipinas sa gitna ng sitwasyon tungkol sa South China sea territorial dispute. Ang US ay may limang Philippine Military bases na pinagagamit sa US Military Forces. Sinabi ni President Duterte na may kasunduan na sila ni Chinese President XI Jingping tungkol sa West Philippine Sea, regarding the Hague case na pabor sa Pilipinas. *** Isang test case sa kapulungan ng mga kongresista ang nakaumang na impeachment complaint vs Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales for negligence of public trust. At least, one-third vote ng mga kongresista ang kailangan bago maisampa sa Senado ang kaso for judgement. Gayun din ang panukalang pagbabalik ng parusang kamatayan na nakaumang sa kapulungan ng mga kongresista. Ang panukala ay mahigpit na tinututulan hindi lang ng Church leaders kundi ng mayoryang bilang ng mga mamamayan. *** Malalaman na rin kung gaano katatag ang super majority sa dalawang kapulungan ng kongreso. Nakatakda sa 2019 ang mid-term elections. Tiyak na magkakaroon ng political realignment sa pagitan ng mayorya at minoryang partido. *** Binalita ni VP Leni Robredo na titular head ng LP, na may dalawang meetings nang dinaos ang kanilang partido. Naghahanda na para muling makabalik sa kapangyarihan ang partidong kung baga sa tao ay nagkaroon ng stage four cancer noong 2016

PAGE 21 elections. Ang political status ngayon ni senator Leila de Lima ng LP ay waring nasa end of the road na. *** Ang infrastructure projects ng China, Japan, Russia at iba pang foreign investments sa Gitnang Silangan, kabilang ang Pilipinas kung matutuloy ay hindi matatawaran. Malaki ang pagasang magdudulot ng maraming trabaho para sa mga Filipino. Hindi lamang trabaho na dulot ng infrastructure project ang nasa plano ni President DU30. Ang pangkabuhayan ng mga nasa rural areas ng bansa ang tututukan. Nabalitang may plano si President DU30 na tularan, ipagpatuloy ang ginawa noong Marcos era. Halimbawa ang Masagana 99 for farmers at Biyayang Dagat programs para sa mga mangingisda. Katas Ang ugat ng problemang dulot ng illegal drug campaign ng DU30 administration ang nakababahala sa mga lider ng Simbahan. Opo, subalit lahat ng gulo na nangyayari sa balat na lupa ay kagagawan ng tao. • Hindi po ba ang kahirapan, corruption, walang mapasukang trabaho at mga tiwaling asal ng mga naglilingkuran sa gobyerno ang ugat ng problema? • Kapit sa patalim ang mga hikahos sa kabuhayan. Pagsasamantala naman ng mga may katungkulan sa pamahalaan. • Lahat ng tao ay makasalanan. Sa mga alagad ng Simbahan wala bang korap? Ang Santo Papa ang mismong nanawagan at humingi ng paumanhin sa pagiging hypocrite ng mga pari at obispo. • Lahat ng gulo na nangyayari sa lupa ay kagagawan ng tao. May mga naniniwalang ang kasalanan ay nawawala sa pamamagitan ng kumpisal sa pari. Marahil nga, basta huwag lang uulitin? Sinusunod ba? Kasabihan Madaling mangarap at mangako, ang katuparan ay malabo. Paunawa: Ang mga paksa at salitang nakasaad sa Pilantik ay sariling opinion ng may-akda at maaaring hindi opinion ng mga taga-lathala ng Pilipino Express.



FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

Cancer forum at the PCCM – January 21, 2017

Members of Pinays MB Inc. and Friends of Filipino Immigrants of Manitoba with CancerCare MB representatives with guests during the Cancer forum at the PCCM Photos by Alex Canlapan by Elizabeth Huynh & Sue Kapilik On Saturday, January 21, CancerCare Manitoba teamed up with the Friends of Filipino Immigrants in Manitoba and Pinays MB Inc. to host a Cancer forum at the Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba. The goal was to hear from community members about their cancer experiences and talk about some of the people and programs at CancerCare Manitoba who can help provide information and support. Many of us have been affected by cancer, whether personally or through a family member or friend. Macky Bordeos, a travel nurse at McCare Global Healthcare Services Inc., shared his story about cancer’s impact on his family, and how those experiences changed the way he provides care to his patients. Cheryl Dizon-Reynante, a counselor with CancerCare Manitoba Patient & Family Support Services shared at the event, “We want people to know that cancer impacts the whole person, not just their body. It can be helpful for people with cancer and their family members to talk things through with someone from our department.” Cheryl also talked about the wide variety of free programing that is available to people with cancer, from support groups to activity groups. If you or your family would like to learn more about emotional support on the cancer journey, call 204788-2109 for Patient & Family

Milagros (Maya) Duque, nurse navigator with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Support Services Milagros (Maya) Duque, a nurse navigator with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority works with people so they receive timely and appropriate access to quality care and improved coordination of this care. Maya said, “We guide and support cancer patients and their families through the entire cancer journey. The Navigation Team works closely with the entire health care team to coordinate care and help patients’ access referrals, resources, and other helpful supports.” If you or a loved one has been told that you might have cancer, call 1-855-837-5400 to talk to the Navigation Team. After lunch, participants took part in group discussions where they shared how cancer has affected them and what kind of information they would like brought to the next community

L-R: Sue Kapilik, Cheryl Dizon-Reynante, Crystal French (Community Engagement Liaison Lead, UPP, CCMB) and Liz Huynh (Projects & Evaluator Coordinator, UPP, CCMB)

Macky Bordeos, a travel nurse at McCare Global Healthcare Services Inc.

Cheryl Dizon-Reynante, Counsellor with CancerCare Manitoba Patient & Family Support Services and Pilipino Express columnist

Sue Kapilik, Volunteer & Community Support Coordinator with the Underserved Populations Program (UPP) at CancerCare Manitoba

event. The day concluded with the awarding of many door prizes; including FitBits, a crock pot, and a magic bullet to name

a few. The team at CancerCare Manitoba looks forward to continuing to work with the

Filipino community to bring you more events on cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and support.

FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017



MYMP - The Electrified Love Tour - February 12

Photos by PPW members: Alex Canlapan, Henry Balanial, John Lopez and Mark Godilano

Your backstage pass on people, events and places.

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FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2017

Pilipino Express • Feb 16, 2017  

Running Barefoot on Roxas Boulevard • Pacquiao Against Anti-discrfimination Bill

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