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Pinoy Pop Star Grand Finals

Erich Gonzales

Friday, December 9, 2016, Jubilee Place Concert Hall

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Pallister government adds new fee to MPNP Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister announced on November 25 changes to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) that include a new fee of up to $500 for skilled immigrants who are accepted into the program. Speaking in Brandon, the premier explained that the changes would improve processing times and fast-track nominations to provide job-ready, skilled workers for the province’s economy. He said there is a backlog in the MPNP


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that the changes will eliminate by April 2017. “What we’re trying to do is establish better pathways to success for people when they come in on the program so that they’re lined up with a job when they come,” said Pallister. Interim NDP Leader Flor Marcelino said imposing a new fee on immigrants will serve as “a disincentive” to applicants and won’t add a single newcomer to See MPNP p6


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Includes lot, net GST, 24’ x 23’ garage, pile foundation, concrete driveway, 9’ main floor ceilings, soaker tub, main floor study, maple cabinetry, 7’ island, painted ceilings.

Includes lot, net GST, 20’x22’ garage, pile foundation, concrete driveway, 9’ main floor ceilings, maple cabinetry, main floor laundry, study, painted ceilings, island.

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DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

Edjop’s son:

Is it possible for victims of the Marcos dictatorship to reconcile with the family of the man who had caused them so much pain? If I were a victim or were related to one, I would probably have a hard time doing that. How does one make peace with Imelda, Imee, Bongbong, and Irene knowing that their patriarch had directly caused the death, torture, or disappearance of a loved one? But the son of Edgar Jopson — the activist who was killed by Marcos’ soldiers on September 19, 1982 in Davao City — is actually willing to reconcile with the Marcoses — on one condition. Noy Jopson, now a triathlete and who has a family of his own, wrote this on his Facebook account on November 18, the day the Marcos family surreptitiously buried the late President at the Libingan ng mga Bayani: “Personally, I’m very open to reconciliation and I don’t hold any grudges against the Marcoses. I even pray that all the money they got from the people will someday be put to good use. That was the fight of our parents, a fight they paid for with their very lives.” Noy, however, says he cannot accept the fact that the Marcos family is trying to rewrite history and erase the abuses Marcos had committed. “But they insist on revising our history, and that I cannot accept. The real heroes are turning in their nameless graves.” For those of you who do

not know him, Edjop was the “grocer’s son” who met with thenPresident Ferdinand Marcos in Malacañang in 1970 — at the age of 21! — and demanded that the dictator sign a document pledging not to run for a third term (at the time Philippine presidents served for four years and could run for re-election only once). Macoy’s response was typical of the despot he was: “Who are you to tell me what to do! You’re only a son of a grocer!” Edjop joined the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) after martial law was declared in September 1972 and went underground soon after. He was arrested in 1979, managed to escape, and again went underground. Soldiers in Davao City killed him on September 19, 1982. The burial of Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani opened up a lot of wounds, including that of the Jopson family’s. Edjop’s sister Doty, who is a good friend from my college days in UP Diliman, wrote this on her Facebook account also on November 18: “I feel ill with what’s happening in the Philippines right now. It’s so wrong. Edgar Jopson is my brother. He and thousands others are the real heroes.” If you want to know what sacrifice is about, there is an audiotape on Youtube of Edjop and his wife Joy talking to their young

No grudge vs. Marcoses, but don’t revise history

loved one, Christmas is a time of the year that can be difficult. Memories of past holiday seasons come back and we miss their presence. We miss their laughs, their hugs, the food they used to cook, and the advice that they used to give. We even miss how they used to annoy us or say the wrong things or the messes that they would make. People who are going to have their first Christmas without their loved one this year are preparing for the emotional struggle. Some thoughts they might have are, “How am I going to get through the holidays?” “I don’t want to have fun” or “I can’t do this without them.” Maybe they are worried about not having the energy, bursting into tears in front of people, or that having a good time would be disrespectful. As we approach the holiday season, it might be helpful to think about:

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son, whom they had to leave in order to fight the dictatorship. You can’t listen to it without shedding a tear, or without your anger being reawakened at how the Marcos dictatorship not only destroyed the country but also tore families apart. (You can listen to it here: “The audio in the tape,” Doty says, “is a very sweet message to his young son, telling stories and singing to him in an attempt to stay connected to his son, somehow, who he had to give up

being with in his fight against the injustices of the dictatorship.” May we never live to see the Marcoses return to power. #NeverAgain #MarcosNotAHero The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the original author, and do not necessarily represent those of the Pilipino Express publishers. Jon Joaquin is the Chief Editor of www.mindanation. com. E-mail Jon at jonjoaquin@

The holiday season: a time of mixed emotions The snow has finally arrived! For Winnipeg, the year 2016 set a record as being the latest measurable snowfall on record. On November 22nd, the city woke up to its first blanket of snow on the ground. Throughout that day, one of the most common remarks that I heard was, “Well it finally feels like the holidays!” But what does it really mean to have that special Christmas “feeling?” For some, it is a happy and restful time to get together with family and friends and have a feast, give presents, and take some time off from work. Some people enjoy the busyness of planning get-togethers, meals and shopping. Others look forward to attending religious events and teaching their children what this time of year is really about. But what some of us don’t realize is that it can also mean a sad, frustrating and painful time. For those that have lost a

1045 Erin Street Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3G 2X1 Ph.: 204-956-7845 Fax: 204-956-1483

1. Honouring your loved one in a new way For example, you could buy a new ornament to hang on the tree, put up a new photograph, read a meaningful poem, book or bible passage, or play a special song. Some people find that posting a picture and message on social media helps. Address your loss, then leave it and move forward with whichever events you want to participate in. 2. Ask for help If you must be part of the holiday planning, it is perfectly fine to delegate tasks. Events can be divided up into categories (e.g. invitations, securing the location, appetizers, main dishes, desserts, beverages, utensils/ napkins/cups, entertainment) and different people can be in charge of different things. You can also ask a family member to take care of your gift shopping or wrapping the presents. 3. Think about changing

tradition Now is an opportunity to change family tradition if it feels right. Maybe there was a part of the holiday celebrations that you did not enjoy, for example, waking up at 5:00 a.m. to have a special breakfast on the table, or attending midnight church celebrations. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to change things. For instance, go out for brunch or attend church at a different time this year. 4. Be selective. Pick some of your favourite things to do and let the rest go Make a list of all the things that you have to do. Rank them from the most to the least meaningful for you. Make a goal to get the top three done. If you don’t get to the rest of the list, give yourself permission to leave them undone. After all, the season will continue and can still feel special, even if you do not See CHERYL p5



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DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

CHERYL... From page 4 put up your Christmas tree or do any baking. 5. Build in recovery time Trust that your body will tell you when you’ve had enough. Know ahead of time that you might be the first guest to leave and that it’s okay. Make sure you have quiet time before the event, and that the day following will probably be more of the same. Finally, keep in mind that Christmas is not about going to big parties, eating good food, and giving and receiving presents. It is a time of reflection and consideration of what is most important in life. Honouring your loved one and being kind to yourself certainly fits into that spirit of thinking. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! Cheryl Dizon-Reynante is a licensed therapist with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.





DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

PC government’s MPNP application fee The Progressive Conservative government has announced its intention to impose an application fee for its popular Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Yes, there is going to be a significant charge for applying to immigrate to Manitoba and the reaction to the proposal has been swift and dramatic. First, it is important to note that the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business or MPNP-B has had an application fee for some time. Business applicants must pay $2,500 when they submit an application and post a performance bond of $100,000. This fee and the accompanying bond are not unique to business programs across the country – but what about the proposed change in charging an application fee for skilled worker applicants? On the one hand we have Premier Brian Pallister presenting the case for his government. He said that skilled worker applicants, who are invited to apply (“Invitation to

Apply”), would have to pay $500 in the New Year. His comments in support of the imposition of a fee are that 64 per cent of immigrants arriving in Manitoba arrive without a guaranteed job and that he is looking for ways to eliminate backlogs of applications. He spoke in broad terms about “innovative partnerships with industry and post-secondary institutions” to better match newcomers with in-demand jobs. His proposed strategy will focus on selecting workers “with high potential for early and strong attachment to the labour market” and also those who meet education, training and language requirements. All governments, at the provincial and federal level, use this kind of rhetoric. They all promote economic growth, prosperity and the speed of processing, as in the case of Express Entry. But how does charging a fee of $500 accomplish these ends? The opposition was quick to criticize the move. Opposition Leader Flor Marcelino said that the imposition of a user fee

would become a “disincentive” to applicants and not add a single newcomer to the province. Newly elected Liberal MLA Cindy Lamoureux added her voice to the opposition to a user fee and wondered why the PCs were “taking advantage of new immigrants…by taking money out of their pockets.” The PC Minister of education and training, Ian Wishart, said that his government was concerned about the qualifications of many newcomers who arrived without a job lined up and insisted that the revenue generated by the fee would be “reinvested in helping other immigrants and refugees here in Manitoba.” There is so much to absorb and so little time to do so. It would appear from the absence of concrete information, or a white paper on the fees, that the PCs are narrowly focused on finding ways to generate new income. They have not provided any explanation for why a fee would first reduce backlogs or change the qualifications of those who arrive. They have provided nothing to justify vilifying newcomers who arrive without

job offers. How has this impacted on the Manitoba economy and the economic reality that it needs immigration to fuel its growth? The province needs immigration. It remains a “have not” province and out migration is a major challenge. We must be careful not to push potential immigrant applicants away. Other provinces, presumably, are faced with similar challenges but have responded differently. A rich province like Ontario, which not only remains a choice destination but it also does not have the same demographic issues, charges an application fee of $1,500 for their skilled workers. A quick survey of other provinces shows that the BC nominee program charges $550 for skilled worker applications while New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador charge $250. However, Nova Scotia, Alberta and Saskatchewan have zero charge. The application fee is not standard across the provinces nor even required by many. So once again we should ask the government of Manitoba, “Why now and for what

Vickar Automotive Group donates MPNP... From page 1 $16,100 to Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

October was Canadian Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Vickar Automotive Group is very proud to have partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to raise money and awareness. Mr. Larry Vickar presented a cheque in the amount of $16,100, raised during the month of October. L-r: Sam Vickar, Stephen Vickar, Teresa Rydberg and Larry Vickar

Manitoba. She also countered the Premier’s statement that 64 per cent of immigrants are arriving in Manitoba without a guaranteed job, saying, “…in fact, 94 to 98 per cent of PNP nominees declare employment earnings within one year of arriving in Manitoba. Liberal MLA Cindy Lamoureux said in the legislature, “Why is the government taking advantage of new immigrants who may already have a significant debt by taking more money out of their pockets?” While the premier said that revenue from the new fee will go toward language training resources and assistance for refugees, his announcement emphasized, “Manitoba is once again open for business, offering a diverse economic base with areas of undiscovered potential ready for the expansion of existing businesses, development of

reason?” Is it only a way to add to general revenue and fulfil election promises? Is it a way to charge those who are the most vulnerable and less likely to complain? Readers are voters and community members and should take note of the efforts to impose the $500 fee and pay more attention to the efforts of MLA Flor Marcelino who held a meeting at Broadway Disciples United Church this week to bring more public awareness to the issue. Elections have consequences and new governments should be given a chance to fulfil their promises, but they still have a responsibility to explain themselves and not just issues platitudes about growth and backlog reduction without any real explanation or justification. Michael Scott BA (Hon), MA, is a 30-year veteran of Canada Immigration and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program who works as an immigration associate with R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd. (204) 7837326 or (204) 227-0292. E-mail:

our entrepreneurial talent, and attraction of new investment and the opportunities it will bring.” Interim NDP Leader Flor Marcelino noted that the PC government is “shifting the focus from selecting nominees with family and community connections in Manitoba to those with jobs already established in our province.” She said that the MPNP currently has a retention rate of 86 per cent, due in large part because of its focus on family and community connections. “Without it,” says Marcelino, “newcomers will have no connection to our province and will move on to Toronto and Vancouver for larger job markets.” Premier Pallister said in his announcement that immigrants will likely fill at least 25 per cent of the projected 177,800 job openings in the province between now and 2021. For more details on this story, read Michael Scott’s article on this page.

DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016



José Rizal and education for the youth of the Philippines My friend and comrade Levy Abad asked me to give a brief reflection on a poem of José Rizal for a recent event of the Knights of Rizal. The event, called A Night of Poems, Songs and Essays Celebrating “Rizal the Artist,” was held the evening of November 19, 2016, at the Filipino Senior’s Centre in Winnipeg. It was a great evening of ideas and arts in honour of Rizal, one of the most famed heroes of the Philippines. As a historical figure, Rizal presents a number of contradictions. As Renato Constantino pointed out in his essay Veneration without Understanding, “In our case our national hero was not the leader of our Revolution.” Indeed, he openly condemned it. Regardless of these contradictions, though, José Rizal holds a commanding position in the Filipino mind. Regardless of his politics and brand of revolutionary spirit, Rizal has bequeathed a wealth of writing from which his kababayan can learn. For this event, I decided to reflect upon Rizal’s poem, Education Gives Lustre to Motherland, which he wrote in 1876 as a youth. The poem, which can be read online at http://www., is an eloquent extolment of the value of education to Philippine youth. I chose this poem because, in my lectures at the University of Manitoba, I had been thinking a lot about the role of education in the era of imperial Asia. Throughout history, the fight for access to education has often been tied to anti-colonial movements. Denying access to education to a colonized people was a tool that colonists used to suppress and maintain control. Even when education was permitted, it was often limited and certainly not of the quality that could be had in Europe or North America. For this reason, many Asian revolutionary intellectuals – such as José Rizal or Sun Yat-Sen in China – did their schooling abroad. For many of these revolutionaries, education was key to self-determination. For Rizal, education was the means to freedom. Important to Rizal, as expressed in Education Give Lustre to Motherland, education was not just about the classroom; it was more holistic, and

importantly, it included having an artistic mind. In his poem, Rizal writes that from the lips of education the waters crystalline Gush forth without end, of divine virtue, And prudent doctrines of her faith The forces weak of evil subdue, That break apart like the whitish waves That lash upon the motionless shoreline: And to climb the heavenly ways the people Do learn with her noble example. In the wretched human beings’ breast The living flame of good she lights The hands of criminal fierce she ties, And fill the faithful hearts with delights, Which seeks her secrets beneficent And in the love for the good her breast she incites, And it’s th’ education noble and pure Of human life the balsam sure. Rizal saw education not just as learning facts or practical skills, but also as an enlightenment of human strength and spirit, a realization of our potential: And like a rock that rises with pride In the middle of the turbulent waves When hurricane and fierce Notus roar She disregards their fury and raves, That weary of the horror great So frightened calmly off they stave; Such is one by wise education steered He holds the Country’s reins unconquered. It merits emphasis that Rizal had a special place in his heart for the Philippine youth. Indeed, when he wrote Education Gives Luster to Motherland, Rizal was 15. But what education was he talking about? Certainly, Rizal spoke of education in terms of the sciences and arts; but education was not just a matter of becoming “smart” or of gaining a livelihood. Even at a young age, as a youth himself, Rizal saw that an education was key to creating a class of Filipinos that could lead the country to freedom and self-determination.

Education was thus key to knowing oneself. Shakespeare’s famous adage from Hamlet, “To thyself be true,” rings true. Rizal was part of a larger anti-colonial movement that was beginning to sweep across Asia at the turn of the 20th century as colonized peoples discovered their own selves and histories from the ashes and sediment of imperialism. This was not a re-discovery of a preHispanic past. Rizal felt that there was much that could be learned from the Spanish, and Western education more generally, but also that it must be adopted and adapted by Filipinos. Around the same time, Chinese and Japanese intellectuals were coining phrases such as borrowing “Western tricks to save China from the Westerners,” reflecting the idea of taking Western learning and applying it to Asian struggles. Rizal was part of such a reinterpretation that was occurring in the Philippines about what it meant to be Filipino in the modern world. This movement is not one that has ended, either. In my research, I have seen the Winnipeg Filipino community work to renegotiate their identity. In newspapers from the 1970s and 1980s, one can see how a Filipino heritage within Canadian society created tensions and negotiations. Were the two at odds? By no means, just as a Filipino identity was not incompatible with a “modern” education, so long as a Filipino foundation was maintained. What I think is the lesson of Rizal to Filipino youth today, especially migrant youth, is that this education must be holistic: it must go beyond teaching math, science, social sciences, or the arts. What we all – and migrant

youth especially – need to be taught is not just facts, but how to be questioning beings. L. S. Stavrianos has argued that every new generation will ask new questions of itself and society, not because the old answers were wrong, but because the new generation has new questions. So what happens when we fail to train a group of youth to ask their own questions? Worse, what happens when we mis-educate the youth? What happens when our school and university curriculums give little space to explore the historic diversity of Canada? What happens when Filipino youth are not taught that Filipinos have been in Canada since before the 20th century, that they have integrated and contributed exceptionally to broader Canadian society? What happens when attempts to narrate a national history extols the great actions of white settlers, but neglect the other stories? It can be no surprise that youth from such groups might then be disaffected. And I think that Winnipeg’s Filipino youth group, ANAK, understands this. When the Manila to Manitoba museum exhibit was unveiled in 2009, they asked this same question. Their answer: “You ask questions.” If we – and I mean “we” collectively – fail to engrain the value of critical inquiry upon youth, then larger failings in society will go unchecked. Elders may teach and guide from experience, but the best teachers are those who teach others to question, teach one how to ask questions that are critical and relevant. And, moreover, education must mean not simply arriving at an answer: but to go further and understand why the answer is important. Applying Rizal’s writings on

education in a modern context in which migration is a reality for many, education should include a continued and intensified preservation of heritage through an emphasis on education and openness to critical enquiry. Not only will our youth then be aware of their cultural identity, which is important in fitting into larger Canadian society, but they will also be raised as global citizens capable of critical though. Furthermore, beyond knowledge of one’s heritage, this education should include the means to produce and practice one’s heritage. I think this was one of Rizal’s major projects in his writing, to emphasize that education and self-awareness was key to the Philippines’ future selfdetermination and freedom. And this is what it means to live in a multicultural society like Canada: not just to be encouraged with empty words, but aided in this process of heritage preservation – in this case through meaningful education. I’d like to end with an excerpt from Rizal’s Hymn to Labour, in a section devoted to the youth of the Philippines: Teach, us ye the laborious work To pursue your footsteps we wish, For tomorrow when country calls us We may be able your task to finish. And on seeing us the elders will say: “Look, they’re worthy of their sires of yore!” Incense does not honour the dead As does a son with glory and valour. Jon Malek is a PhD candidate in History at Western University, and is a member of the Migration and Ethnic Relations program.



DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

I miss the snow Being a born and bred Winnipegger, those are four words I thought I would never say in one sentence. But here I am, living in the middle of Vancouver Island, finding myself missing the glow of freshly fallen snow. As a kid (and sometimes as an adult), I loved jumping off snow banks and making forts out of the giant ice blocks left after the graders clean up the streets. And who can deny building a snowman isn’t the best feeling ever! Actually, knocking snowmen over was the best feeling ever, especially when it’s your brother’s. On the flipside, I won’t miss the extreme cold. That I can do without. I also

won’t miss the days and days of shovelling the driveway. My back will never be the same. Winter also brings shorter daylight hours. I’ve never realized how the snow keeps it relatively bright at night. On the island, when it’s night time, it’s dark! Sure we have street lamps, but it doesn’t seem to help, as we don’t have snow to reflect the moonlight. When I first moved to BC, I scoffed at people going for evening strolls wearing safety reflective vests. Boy did they look silly! It didn’t take me long to realize that wearing all black while taking the dogs for a walk was not a good idea; I may as well have been the

invisible man. I’ve now invested in a bright orange jacket AND a safety vest. Now I look silly. But I’d rather live, so I’m good. If ever I feel the need get my snow fix, I can easily hike up Mount Benson, or take a short drive to Mount Washington – that’s where you’ll find some of the best skiing in BC. Can’t wait to strap some skis on. Let’s see if I remember how to do it. I sure hope my old back can handle it. Since I’m on the topic of age, I really feel my life in stuck in fast-forward. In my little brain, it seems like just last week I was wrapping presents for Xmas 2015. Now with 2016 festivities just around the corner, I’m starting to feel the pressure of finding the right gifts for the family. It doesn’t help that most of us say, “I don’t need anything.” But you all know

that really means: “I don’t need anything mediocre, but rather find me the perfect present or else you’re the worst dad/husband ever.” For my wife, I can just buy her another Xmas tree; we already have seven of them, with no signs of letting up. What is the preferred gift this year? A cellphone. What 10-year-old needs their own cell phone? Who do you have to call at all hours of the day? It sure isn’t mom and dad to let them know how much you love them. But again, I think that’s the old way of thinking. Plus, you can make calls over Wi-Fi these days, so maybe the kidlings are on to something here. For me, I’d still really like a motorcycle or my little convertible. Will that ever happen? Who knows?

But in all seriousness, I’m just very glad to be able to spend time with family, especially at this time of the year. It’s difficult to be thousands of kilometers from my mom, but I’m happy to report that she’ll be flying out in the New Year to spend some time with us. Other than having her close by and going for our mother-son hikes, selfishly, I look forward to her sinigang and lumpia. I hope that you too have a fabulous holiday season, enjoy the festivities, eat in abundance and, make New Year’s resolutions you don’t intend to keep. In the end, it’s all good. Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year! Dale is the director of communications for a school district in BC and continues to write from afar.

On Rizal, the artist On November 19, 2016, the Knights of Rizal (Winnipeg Chapter) hosted an event “Celebrating Rizal the Artist.” ANAK’s Director Johsa Manzanilla was invited to provide the reflection. The following are her remarks. To begin, it is a privilege and an honour to be invited today by the Knights of Rizal to reflect and expound on such a topic as “Rizal the Artist.” As Levy [Abad] said, I am a musician, actor and performance artist. I sing, play a number of instruments, write my own songs, and perform on stage and in some film. As a young Filipina, I have found it a challenge to balance following my artistic passions and pursuits with making meaningful, tangible contributions to society. I want to add to real world change that has a measureable, positive impact. Moreover, I am aware that a career in the arts does not necessarily provide lucrative financial compensation. Jose Rizal didn’t start out wanting to make change, wanting to make a difference in the world. He didn’t wake up one morning deciding that he would make the impact that he eventually did. What Rizal did do was live and follow his passions and interests. Let’s look at what Rizal is

known for. We know him as an expert across a number of different subject areas, ranging from science to art. He is considered an intellectual. One might refer to him as a “Renaissance man” – from the period of the Renaissance, when there was a human awakening or enlightenment, a new appreciation for knowing and being able to do all things. He knew 22 languages. He was a Filipino nationalist; and though he was a member of the political reform movement for the Philippine “colony” while under Spain, his writings inspired both peaceful reformists and armed revolutionaries alike to form the anti-colonial revolution. It was a fight for freedom – freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, post-colonial liberation, and equal rights. We also know him for the fact that he was executed by the Spanish for the crime of rebellion. Rizal was an opthamologist, educator, historian, journalist, farmer and horticulturalist – and a sculptor, painter, novelist, and playwright. Rizal was an artist. In analyzing Rizal’s collection of produced works, he is also “Renaissance,” so to speak, in that he exceled across a number of different categories of art. He was a poet, an expert in the art of words – such as in his poem to the Philippine youth,

A la Juventud Filipina, and in his final poem, written the night before his execution, Mi Ultimo Adios. He was a writer, journaling and creating dramas and plays – including his two novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. He was a fine artist, painting, sketching, drawing, sculpting and woodcarving, using different media; oil, watercolours, crayon, and on paper, porcelain or shells. One teacher remembers him ingeniously melting the fruits from a particular tree in the Philippines and using the melted wax-like substance to sculpt with. He was also a songwriter, having written pieces such as his Himno a Talisay, about the areas surrounding Dapitan, childhood happiness, and the importance of education. For this piece he collaborated with the children at the school he helped build in Dapitan, Zamboanga. The definition of “art” according to the Oxford Dictionary is “the expression and application of human creative skill and imagination into works that are appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.” Human creative skill, or any human skill for that matter, can be developed. Imagination, however, is only fed by inspiration. Inspiration only comes when there is a basis of knowledge, something that allows us to understand the context or to express ourselves. Education can provide inspiration. Has anyone heard of the story of the moth? – particularly, Rizal’s reflection on the story of the moth, as he watched two moths flying in the light of a coconut-oil-lit lamp. Rizal at the time was a young boy and had been attempting to read out loud a story to his mother from a book that was in Spanish, and was clearly becoming quite disinterested in it. So, his mother decided to read him another story from the book, translating it into Tagalog. It about the importance for moths to not get too close to the flame in case they be burned. With his mother’s warning

voice in the background, Rizal reflects that, “it is a curious thing that the light seemed to me each time more beautiful, the flame more attractive … [The moths] frolicked so joyously in its enchanting splendour that the ones which had fallen and been drowned in the oil did not cause me any dread.” When one of the two insects’ wings get burned by the flame, and it falls into the coconut oil, “fluttering for a time,” then drowning, Rizal recalls how, “A curious change came over me which I have always noticed in myself… [The moth] had died a martyr to its illusions … I knew why the moths circled the flame.” Rizal left the Philippines after one of his final years of medical school and completed his education halfway around the world. Although he had started out at Ateneo in law school, when his mother’s eyesight started failing, he decided to attend med school at the University of Santo Tomas and then subsequently he went to Spain, without his parents’ knowledge or consent, ultimately receiving further specialization there, as well as in Paris, France and Heidelberg, Germany. He returned to the Philippines to treat his mother, and, despite the imminent dangers, to also participate in the Philippine Revolution. He believed in the freedom of the Philippine people; he remembered why the moths circled the flame. My message to you is that you don’t have to be an “artist” to do what Rizal did. You don’t have to be an artist to embody those values and those ideals. The search for truth, a fearless search that is most important because with enlightenment, you won’t be kept in the dark. Immerse, explore your roots, and be unafraid. Art is having the courage and bravery to put a light on things hidden. I’d like to conclude with a quote by a young Filipina woman who herself was anti-colonial. I am choosing to end with a quote by a

young woman as opposed to Rizal because I want to highlight that Rizal inspired both men and women alike to love their country so fiercely. In the late 1800s, 20 young Filipina women rallied and campaigned the local Spanish authorities and clergy to be able to attend night school. They were successful, even so far as to demand that they have a Filipina female teacher instead of a Spanish male clergyman. Rizal wrote a congratulatory letter, Sa Mga Kababaihang Taga Malolos: “Now that you’ve responded to our first appeal in the interest of the welfare of the people… you have set an example to those who… long to have their eyes opened and be delivered from servitude… because we have you for our allies and are confident of victory.” Rizal would have been a supporter of the feminist movement. The young Filipina woman who I will quote founded the Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kalabaihan (or MAKIBAKA), which is the precursor organization of the GABRIELA Women’s Party. Her name is Lorena Barros. “The new Filipina is one who can stay whole days and nights with striking workers, learning from them the social realities which her bourgeois education has kept from her. She is a woman who has discovered the exalting realm of responsibility, a woman fully engaged in the making of history.” To both the young and old, men and women in this room, I encourage you to be fully engaged in fearlessly immersing, asking questions, discovering – and to understand and accept the exalting realm of responsibility in our love for the motherland – the art of enlightenment, justice and truth. Johsa Manzanilla is a singer-songwriter, human rights organizer, and the current Director of ANAK. For more information about ANAK’s initiatives, resources and programs, visit

DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016



The feng shui wealth vase Creating wealth energy and prosperity is one of the principal reasons to use feng shui. There are numerous ways to improve your income and creating more opportunities to make money through promotion, job advancement, and business opportunities. One of the favoured feng shui additions is adding a fountain or aquarium. These feng shui elements are considered to be some of the quickest methods for stimulating income and asset accumulation. Although there are many ways to stimulate income, an even better use of feng shui is to use it to help build your bank accounts. The concept of the wealth vase is that it contains symbols of wealth, from actual money, to symbols of wealth and ease, such as clear round crystal balls, and items that represent wealth, like seeds that symbolize the prosperity of having plenty to eat. These vases are often given as gifts to temples and handed down from one generation to the next. Wealth vases are symbols of enduring wealth versus merely having more money. Having money in the bank is always the best way to build security for yourself and your family, so look for ways to add to your savings accounts versus simply adding to your spending accounts.

There is much symbolism associated with vases – from the “ping” sound they make (which means “peace” in Chinese) – to the feng shui belief that vases capture and store auspicious and beneficial energy. Buddhism has eight precious objects, and one of them is the vase. The vase can be found in the footprints of Buddha, making them reverently and highly regarded. What goes into a wealth vase and how they are prepared is quite special and an important ritual. There is no exact science to a creating your wealth vase, but they should have some basic elements, like money, crystals, gold, or symbols of gold, such as gold bars or ingots. It’s also important that they are selected and stored properly. These are the rules regarding wealth vases: 1. Store them out of sight in a cabinet in the bedroom, office, or living room. 2. Choose vases that are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. 3. Select a vase that is especially beautiful to you. 4. Vases can be porcelain, crystal, metal, or earthenware. 5. The vase must be filled completely full and sealed with a fitted top. Suggested ingredients to put in your wealth vase:

• Seven kinds of semi-precious or precious stones, e.g. lapis, amethyst, topaz, citrine, pearl, coral, crystal, diamond, etc. • A red envelope with three Chinese coins tied with red ribbon signifying wealth magnified ten times; • A small laughing Buddha or any Chinese or Tibetan god of wealth; • Small round crystal balls to signify a smooth life and lack of obstacles; • Five kinds of seeds or grains, e.g. rice, beans, dates, wheat, barley, lentils, etc. in plastic bags; • Pictures of wealthy people whom you admire; these can be from magazines; • Money from nine different countries; place this in red envelopes; • Gold ingots or bars – faux gold objects are fine, but real gold is especially beneficial; • A secret ingredient: a very small globe to represent money coming from all over the world. Place this in the envelope with the money from different countries; • Your wish – what is your desire? A yacht? A building? Do benevolent works? Include a picture of your heart’s dearest wish. Once the vase is full, cover it with five squares of fabric. The fabric should be white, yellow, red, green and blue. White should be on top. Take cording in the same colours and braid it. Next tie the squares of fabric around the top to seal it shut. Your vase is now complete.

FENG SHUI Q&A QUESTION: What can I do if I suspect my spouse is unhappy with our relationship? ANSWER: You need to bolster your relationship any way you can. Here are some thoughts: • Add a vase to make relationships happier. Place a jar or vase in the bedroom. It should be ceramic and beautiful to you. Vases can help smooth relationships by collecting good energy. • Display the double happiness sign. This sign can be purchased at Chinese or import stores as a wall hanging or as a frame. If it’s not possible to find a double happiness symbol, find some items that are red and gold and put those in your bedroom. • Hang a crystal in a window. Rainbows of light cast by the sun hitting a crystal can cleanse a room of negative energy. These are nice

to have in rooms throughout the house. To see the beautiful colours dancing on the wall is to infuse the house with positive energy. Hang a pink crystal from a red string or ribbon. • Use crystal power under the bed; place a smooth, round crystal ball at the foot of the bed to make relationships smoother. You can place one of these under the foot of every bed in the house to make all the relationships happier. Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in authentic Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more visit www. and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!



DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

“IronDOT” Let’s meet Ferdinand Del Rosario, a.k.a. “Dot,” who recently earned the title Ironman by finishing Ironman Arizona – a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and, 26.2 mile run – held on November 20, 2016. How did you get into triathlon? My good friend who got me into long-distance running a couple of years earlier, Kevin Kowalchuk, was considering taking up triathlon, but I initially dismissed the idea since I’m not a good swimmer and I knew how expensive the sport can get. In December 2014, my mom passed away and it reminded me of how short and precious life is and that we should live it to the full. A couple of months later, I joined a Running Room clinic and met Sherry Penner, the first triathlete and Ironman I’ve ever known. With Kevin and Sherry’s encouragement, I decided to buy a bike and learn how to swim in May 2015. By June, I participated in my first triathlon at Birds Hill Park. What made you decide to take on Ironman Arizona? I was devastated when my first attempt at an Ironman in Whistler, BC last July was unsuccessful. I wanted to finish the year on a good note, but I recognized that I needed more time to train before I do another event. I chose to register for Ironman Arizona because it’s a relatively flat course, which is what I’m used to. It’s also the last North American race for the year, which gave me four months to train. What were your specific preparations for the race? Determined not to fail again, I trained harder than ever for Ironman Arizona. My training averaged 18 to 20 hours per week, which included swimming 5,800 metres, riding 290 km,

running 60 km, and some strength training. I did more research on optimal fluid and nutrition intake for Ironman distance races and adjusted accordingly. I also paid more attention to the effort I exert, especially during steep climbs or strong headwinds, to ensure I don’t overwork my legs and minimize muscle fatigue and cramping. How was your performance overall in Ironman Arizona? Going into the race, my primary objective was just to finish so I could replace the bad memories from Ironman Whistler with happy ones and become an Ironman! Having that expectation helped relieve some pressure versus trying to achieve a specific finish time. I was anxious on the swim, as usual, since I’m not used to getting hit by arms and legs from all directions. Once out of the water, I heaved a sigh of relief, gave thanks for not drowning, and went onto my favourite part, the bike! The flat course and good weather made the bike leg both enjoyable and fast, which helped me to run a decent marathon too. Overall, I was just really thankful and happy for finishing Ironman Arizona and becoming an Ironman! What I didn’t realize was that I’d be able to finish in under 13 hours! It was definitely one of the happiest experiences I’ve ever had. How do you manage your time between working and training for the Ironman Arizona? Ironman training is extremely time consuming, especially with my job, which involves business travel and extended work hours. I don’t think I could have done it without a loving and supportive wife who takes care of the kids and the house when I’m working or training. I’m so grateful to Eve for supporting me and for being

so understanding as I trained for most of the weekday evenings and almost all day on weekends. What’s your most indispensable gear? My triathlon bike is my most indispensable gear. The bike leg accounts for half of the entire race duration so having a reliable, comfortable, aerodynamic, and light bike is critical to success in triathlon. What’s your favourite workout? Although I had been running for a couple of years before I even bought a tri-bike, cycling outdoors in good weather, by far, is my favourite workout. I love the speed, the feeling of the wind in my face, and being able to appreciate the natural wonders around me. It’s my peaceful place where I find momentary refuge from the stress and negative energies from work and bad things happening locally and around the world. Norman is a member of Sulong Triathlon Group. For more information, please visit our website at www. and like us on Facebook at Sulong Triathlon Group.

DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016






Kamakailan lamang, isang araw ng Linggo, tinawagan kami ng Pambansang Kamao. Wala lang, nagkuwentuhannagkumustahan lang kami, gusto lang daw niyang magpasalamat sa lahat ng suportang ibinibigay namin sa kaniyang pamilya. Sabi nami’y nakakagulat na ang nakikita naming pagbibigay niya ng opinyon sa maraming makabuluhang paksa tungkol sa ating bayan; marami rin siyang kakampi sa mga desisyong ginagawa niya, hindi na basta nakakulong lang sa lona ang talento ni Senador Manny Pacquiao. “Mahirap ang sitwasyon ko ngayon. Kailangan kong patunayan sa mga kababayan natin na hindi sila nagkamali ng pagtitiwala sa akin bilang senador,” kuwento ng Pambansang Kamao. Totoong-totoo na noong nagte-training siya ay isinasabay niya ang pagrepaso sa mga batas na gusto niyang maamyendahan

para sa kapakanan ng ating mga kababayan. Kahit noong ituloy niya ang pag-eensayo sa Wild Card Gym sa Los Angeles, California ay bitbit niya pa rin ang mga dokumento na binabasa niya pagkatapos ng kaniyang training. “Bagitong senador lang ako, marami pa akong dapat matutuhan. Willing naman akong mag-aral, alam ko namang kulang pa ako sa knowledge. Ang mahalaga, tinututukan ko ang trabaho ko. “Iyon ang pangako ko sa ating mga kababayan, maging busy man ako sa boxing, hindi ko pababayaan ang posisyong ipinagkatiwala nila sa akin,” madiing sabi ng Pacman ng ating bayan. Sa mga panahong ito ay masusi niyang pinag-aaralan ang mga detalye ng kasong kinasasangkutan ni Kerwin Espinosa na nakatakda noong gisahin sa Senado. See CRISTY p15

DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

• Sen. Manny Pacquiao – Ibang-iba na. Mulat na sa mundo ng pulitika • Nora Aunor – Pinaninindigan ang pagiging “La Traidora” • Kris Aquino – Bumili na ng sariling columbarium, ready na! • Liza Diño – Karampatang parusa sa kabastusan ni Baron • Albert Martinez – Nasa US dahil sa kasal ni Alyanna • BB Gandanghari – Inilibing na si “Rustom Padilla” • Alden Richards – Mayroong kolehiyalang non-showbiz girlfriend • Claudine Barretto – Maghahalo na naman ang balat sa tinalupan!

Nora Aunor

Kris Aquino

Liza Diño

Manny Pacquiao

Albert Martinez

Claudine Barretto

Alden Richards

BB Gandanghari

For many years, we have been serving the Filipino community with

Dedication, Commitment, Friendship & Trust

We have worked hard at this by providing a dedicated and hard working group of professional men and women offering: • full disclosure of pricing • ensuring our Lamay are professional with great service • offering two well-positioned facilities • providing the best product lines.. and the list goes on! We are not a nameless, faceless entity in Toronto or Houston. We live here, work here and play here. Winnipeg is our home, and we demonstrate this daily to the families we serve.

24/7 Compassion & Accessibility Phone: 204-275-5555

Two City Locations 1839 Inkster Blvd. (corner of Inkster Blvd. & Keewatin St.) 1006 Nairn Ave. (corner of Keenleyside St. & Nairn Ave.)

We are your Kababayan in the business! Feel free to call owners Darin Hoffman (Zeny Regalado), Shawn Arnason or our community representative Nap Ebora for a uniquely Filipino prerspective on prearrangements.

Phone: 204-275-5555

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DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

CRISTY... From page 12 “Malawak ang sakop nito. Kailangang maging maingat ako. Ayoko kasing mangdamay ng mga taong wala namang kinalaman talaga sa bentahan ng droga. “Walang kampihan sa imbestigasyon, palaging sa totoo lang talaga tayo,” may paninindigan niyang sabi. Parang kailan lang iyon na kapag magkasama kami ng Pambansang Kamao ay marami kaming napag-uusapan pero walang kinalaman iyon sa mga isyu tungkol sa ating bayan. Ngayon ay ibang-iba na siyang magsalita, mulat na mulat na siya sa mundo ng pulitika, lalo na sa mga isyung kapakipakinabang sa mayorya nating kababayan. Kapag gusto ay may paraan pero kapag ayaw ay maraming dahilan. *** SI Nora Aunor naman ang pinakakain ng ampalaya at apdo ngayon sa social media. Ang dahilan—ang pagdalaw ng Superstar sa puntod ng dating Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos sa Libingan Ng Mga Bayani. Ang bira sa aktres, napakabilis daw namang magpalit ng kulay ni Nora Aunor; tandang-tanda pa ng mga kababayan natin ang matindi niyang pagkontra noon sa pamilya. Ano raw ang nakain ng Superstar at bigla siyang dumalaw sa puntod ng kinalaban niyang pulitiko noon? Kailangang-kailangan daw ba kasi ng publisidad ng aktres para sa pumasok niyang pelikula sa MMFF? Sa paglipas nang mahabang panahon, siguro’y tapos na para kay Nora Aunor ang lahat, nakalimutan na siguro niya ang paglaban noon sa diktaturyang Marcos. Noong kasagsagan ng pagpapatalsik kay dating Pangulong Joseph Estrada


ay umakyat din sa entablado si Nora Aunor, kung anu-ano ring akusasyon ang ibinato niya laban kay Pangulong Erap, may mas matindi pa ba kesa doon? Bukas na aklat naman ang kanilang ugnayan ng aktorpulitiko, pero nasikmura pa rin niyang makihalo sa mga nagpapababa sa posisyon kay Pangulong Erap; doon nga siya kinambalan ng pagiging La Traidora ng ating mga kababayan. Siya ang pinakahuling personalidad na inaasahan ng mas nakararami na hindi makikiisa sa pagbabagsak kay Pangulong Erap, pero pumagitna siya sa entablado, kaya bago pa ba naman ang kuwento ng pagdalaw niya sa puntod ni dating Pangulong Macoy? Holy cow! *** Tama ang sinabi ng kaibigan naming propesor, sa gitna ng kontrobersiya tungkol sa lihim na paglilibing kay dating Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos sa Libingan Ng Mga Bayani ay hindi puwedeng basta manahimik lang si Kris Aquino, hindi niya makakayang panindigan ang kaniyang post sa social media na ang nakabibinging ingay ay katahimikan. Nangyari nga iyon nang maglabas ng video blog si Kris na tumatalakay sa gusto niyang mangyari kapag siya’y namatay. Ayaw na raw niyang abalahin pa ang kaniyang mga anak, kaya kumuha siya ng columbarium na paglalagakan ng kaniyang abo, kesa sa intindihin pa nina Josh at Bimby ang pag-aalaga sa kaniyang puntod. Ayon pa kay Kris ay hindi na mahalaga kung saan siya ililibing; simpleng ritwal lang ang kaniyang kailangan, dahil ang pinakamahalaga para sa kaniya ay ang kagustuhan niyang mapunta sa langit. Natural, binulabog na naman ni Kris ang kamalayan ng ating mga kababayan. Isang matinding senyal iyon na anumang sabihin at

gawin niya ngayon ay kinakagat pa rin ng publiko, lalo na ng kaniyang mga bashers. Si prop ang unang tumawag sa amin kahapon nang umaga, ang sabi nito, “I told you! Hindi siya puwedeng basta manahimik lang sa gitna ng mga kontrobesiyang ito tungkol sa paglilibing kay FM! “Siya mismo ang nagsabi na sa December pa niya dapat ilalabas ang post niya, pero ginawa na niya ngayon, dahil very timley. Siya na! Si Kris na talaga! What a way to get involved!” sabi ni prop. Nagkumahog naman ang mga kontrang-Kris sa pangiinsulto sa kaniya, langit daw ba ang gusto niyang puntahan, pero wala namang nagsabing sa impiyerno o sa purgatoryo ang tiyak niyang destinasyon dahil sobrang kawalan na ng budhi ang paghusgang ganoon. Kinuwestiyon ng marami ang pinili niyang tiyempo ng paglalabas ng kaniyang video blog, inagahan niya raw iyon ng sadya para patagilid siyang makisawsaw sa isyu ng paglilibing sa dating pangulong kalaban ng kanilang pamilya, iyon daw ang kaisa-isang dahilan noon at wala nang iba pa. Witty naman talaga si Kris Aquino. Alam niya kung kailan at saan siya papasok at lalabas. Pasensiya na lang kung ipinanganak na ganoon si Kris at kinapos ang iba. Kris Aquino is Kris Aquino. Tuldok.

*** Napapanahon ang pag-ayuda ni Liza Diño, tagapamuno ng Film Development Council, sa pinakahuling sultada ng pang-iihi ni Baron Geisler. Wala na talagang pagbabago ang ugali ni Baron. Si Ping Medina naman ang biniktima niya ngayon, sa isang eksena nilang pinagsamahan sa isang pelikula ay lantaran niyang inihian ang kapwa niya aktor, ano na nga ba ang nangyayari sa buhay ng magaling pa namang umarteng lalaking ito? Sinasang-ayunan ng buong bayan ang pahayag ni Liza na kailangang lapatan ng solusyon ang pagmamalabis, ang kawalan ng respeto sa kapwa, tulad ng ginagawa ni Baron. Hindi lang naman kasi ngayon nangyari ang senaryo ng pang-iihi ni Baron. Pinainom niya ng ihi si Kiko Matos, inihian niya ang drive-thru ng isang sikat na food chain, pang-ilan na ba si Ping Medina sa mga harap-harapang binaboy ng aktor? Idadaan ni Liza Diño sa wastong proseso ang lahat. Maaaring isang araw kapag pinagtibay na ang pagbibigay ng leksiyon kay Baron ay hindi na muna natin siya mapapanood sa pelikula at telebisyon. Kailangan nang may gawing hakbang ang industriya bago pa ihian ni Baron ang lahat ng mga kasamahan niyang personalidad. Kung nagawa niyang lusutan ang mga nakaraang kalokohang pinalutang niya, sa pagkakataong

PAGE 15 ito ay wala nang pupuntahan si Baron. Kailangan na niyang tanggapin na sa lipunang ito ay karakter ang pinakamahalaga at hindi ang talentong bitbit ng artista. Hindi na maayos ang takbo ng utak ng taong ganoon, wala na sa tamang linya ang kuwerdas ng kaniyang pag-iisip, isang matinding gamutan na ang kailangan ni Baron Geisler. *** Sinusulat namin ang kolum na ito ay nakatakda nang lumipad papuntang Amerika si Albert Martinez at ang kaniyang mga anak. Ikakasal na ang kaniyang panganay na si Alyanna at isang napakagandang pagkakataon na rin ito para sa bonding nilang mag-aama. May kakambal na lungkot lang ang kanilang pagsasamasama dahil wala na si Liezl, hindi na nahintay ng aktres ang pagbubuo ng sariling mundo ni Alyanna, pinupunuan na lang ni Albert ang mga kulang kahit pa alam niyang hindi iyon sapat para makumpleto ang kanilang pamilya. Nag-last taping day na si Albert para sa Ang Probinsiyano; siguradong mami-miss ng manonood ang labanan nila ni Coco Martin, isang patunay na kailanman ay hindi nagwawagi ang kasamaan. Palaging makapigil-hininga ang mga eksena nila sa piitan ni Coco, dagdagan pa iyon ng nakaiinis at epektibong pagganap See CRISTY p19




DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

Little Big Shots By Lucille Nolasco Talented child performers took centre stage for the Manitoba’s Little Big Shots talent competition held on November 20th in Winnipeg at The Metropolitan Entertainment Centre (The MET). The talent show featured kids ranging in ages from 3 to 14 who competed in singing, dancing, juggling and cultural performances. Participants submitted video auditions of their performances, which were uploaded to YouTube and Facebook. Friends and family were encouraged to share online. “We hit a record 100,000 views to the Manitoba’s Little Big Shots Facebook page in one week!” Tina Lussier, Turning Leaf’s Director of Communications said. “Almost every post shared on Facebook tagged the Turning Leaf Facebook page and this resulted in an increased number of views and likes on our page as well.” A total of 29 gifted children performed at the 1st Annual Manitoba’s Little Big Shots. Big winners in each age category were: Age 3 - 6: Apphia Limosinero, age 5, who performed Give

Thanks by Dave Moen Age 7 -10: Sheryl Lynn Padua Policarpio, Age 8, she performed Listen by Beyonce. 11-14: Lee Angela Igne, Age 14, demonstrated Sikiran Arnis Martial Arts The People’s Choice Award went to Ben Chapman & Angelina Werestiuk-Kucinic, ages 12 yrs & 10 yrs. They performed the Kozachok Duet Ukrainian Dance All proceeds raised from the event go to Turning Leaf Community Support Services. Turning Leaf is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing crisis and treatment programs for people living with intellectual challenges and mental illness. Lussier said the final tally isn’t in yet, but she estimates that the event was able to raise approximately $20,000 for the organization. “We are so pleased with the turnout that we are in the process of planning the 2nd Annual Manitoba’s Little Big Shots for June 2017! “ For more information about the Manitoba Little Big Shots and Turning Leaf Services, visit: or on Facebook MBLittleBigShots.

Turning Leaf representative w/ Apphia Limosinero, Lee Angela Igne and Sheryl Lynn Padua Policarpio

Manitoba’s Little Big Shots winners. L-r: Lee Angela Igne, Sheryl Lynn Padua Policarpio, Ben Chapman, Angelina Werestiuk-Kucinic and Apphia Limosinero

Melanie Faye Aco’s 18th birthday, Clarion Hotel, Nov. 25

The lovely debutante, Melanie Faye Aco and her family.

Photos by Nelson Nonie Manalili


DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016



Be My Lady – top-rated series comes to an end The top-rating and social media-trending ABS-CBN series Be My Lady – that also introduced the viral Tatlong Bibe song craze – is about to end its run as one of the most successful television series of 2016. Since January, BMLovers have tuned in to the love story of Phil (Daniel Matsunaga) and Pinang (Erich Gonzales) and followed their journey to forever. As the Be My Lady story comes to its final stretch, tune in as Phil and Pinang start their journey as husband and wife. “I am really grateful and blessed to be part of this wonderful show. We’ve received feedback about how Be My Lady brings families together and that inspires us to do better. We feel that having been on-air for this long is not just a measure of success but also a tremendous honour and blessing,”

said Erich. “We really want you to have a show that is very positive, full of good values, God-centred and family-oriented. We are very happy that we were able to inspire people,” added Daniel.

Despite being pitted against various rival shows, Be My Lady has remained the daytime program of choice by most Filipinos in the Philippines and overseas. Because of its positive influence on its audience, the

The cast of Be My Lady

series has earned recognition from the Catholic Mass Media Awards as this year’s Best Drama Series

for its efforts to promote good values and quality entertainment to viewers.

Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga

Enchong Dee launches EDM – his 10th anniversary album After launching his musical career with a platinum-selling self-titled debut album, Enchong Dee is back with his most personal project to date via his second album EDM (Enchong Dee Moves) released by Star Music. EDM, which Enchong says is his gift to his fans for his 10th anniversary in showbiz, also marks Enchong’s foray into electronic dance music. “I want to give out a part of me to my audience that they can take home or drive around with. It’s also a gift for the continuous support my fans gave me for the past decade. This album is really personal, more than any of my projects,” said Enchong. The album contains ten tracks, including carrier singles Telenobela and ‘Di Ko Alam, as well as Hopia, Enchong’s

personal composition. Hopia was inspired by a friend while we were driving, and I finished writing it in 30 minutes. There are so many love hopefuls, and this is for them – a tribute to people who constantly wish for a trusting, caring, and loving relationship with someone they like. So I wrote it for them,” he explained. The album is mainly composed of love songs, such as the fun-laced Oo Gusto Kita, Crush, Sa Huli, as well as the tender and pleading Hanggang Dito Na Lang. However, Enchong also encourages listeners to get up and dance with the song Tara Pagpawisan. Completing the track list are Crush (Theo Remix), which features a rap part by Hashtags member and “PBB 737” Teen

Big Winner Jimboy Martin, and Hopia (Theo Remix featuring Bebe Riz BFe Wbh. EMD (Enchong Dee Moves),

produced by Rox Santos, can now be streamed on Spotify. Digital tracks can also be downloaded via online music

stores such as ABS-CBN Store, iTunes,,,, and

Bubble Gang pays tribute to Philippine comedy icons Philippine TV’s longest-running comedy show, Bubble Gang, celebrates its 21st anniversary this year. The show remains to be a favourite among viewers for its unique, amusing and extraordinary parodies, sketches and gags. Bubble Gang’s Creative Director Michael V. considers the audience as their motivation and inspiration. “Palagi kong sinasabi sa mga kasamahan ko dito na binabalik ko lang yung success ng show—yung glory and staying power namin— sa mga manunuod. Kasi for me, maganda yung relationship ng Bubble Gang sa audience. We get inspiration from them. Kumbaga kung wala yung society, hindi kami makakagawa ng parody, sketches, and jokes na about sa society. And we’re glad na-a-appreciate naman ng mga nakakapanood yun,” [I always tell my colleagues that I am just giving back the show’s success – the glory and staying power – to our viewers. For me, Bubble Gang really has a great

relationship with its audience. We get inspiration from them. Without the society, we will not be able to create parodies, sketches, and jokes about the people. And we’re just that they appreciate the work that we do] he said. In line with their anniversary celebration, the Kapuso show pays tribute to 21 comedic gems of Philippine cinema and television by performing some of their famous sketches and scenes dubbed as 21 GANG Salute on December 2. Catch Bubble Gang’s Michael V., together with Andrea Torres, Antonio Aquitania, Arra San Agustin, Arny Ross, Betong Sumaya, Boy 2 Quizon, Chariz Solomon, Denise Barbacena, Diego Llorico, Jackie Rice, Jak Roberto, James Macasero, Jan Manual, Juancho Trivino, Kim Domingo, Mikael Daez, Myka Flores, Paolo Contis, RJ Padilla, Rodfil Obeso, Sef Cadayona and Valeen Montenegro.

Michael V

Valeen Montenegro

Sef Cadayona

Kim Domingo

Jak Roberto

Paolo Contis




DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

The 12:21 Band Album launch, November 12, 2016

The 12/21, Roman Muñoz Maceda; Rico Muñoz Maceda; Roque Muñoz Maceda. Filipino Seniors Group Hall, November 12, 2016. Photos by: Alex Canlapan | Lente

Knights of Rizal, Winnipeg Chapter

Gem Anis

A Night of Poems, Songs and Essays, Celebrating: Rizal the Artist, Knights of Rizal Winnipeg Chapter. November 19, 2016; Filipino Senior Centre. Photos by: Alex Canlapan | Lente and Jun Isla Jon Gerrard

Jon Malek

Johsa Manzanilla

Levy Abad

Mohamed Alli

DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016



We can live without walls Ang ingay ng downtown. Ma-traffic, ang daming tao sa mall. Na miss ko bigla ang “ok” na buhay sa Winnipeg sa aspekto ng pagiging “chill” lang kung ikukumpara sa mabilis na buhay sa Toronto. Maaga akong gumising para takbuhin ang kahabaan ng Queens Way sa tabi ng lake at sa kabilang bahagi ay moderno, vibrant at busy downtown. Habang nasa level ako ng “runners high” ay naisip ko ang kagandahan at kadakilaan ng diversity sa Canada. Sa dagsa ng taong naglalakad sa downtown ay makikita mo ang mukha ng mundo. Magkakaibang hugis ng mukha, ng kulay, ng amoy, ng taas, ng suot at ng marami pang ibang pagkakaiba, pero lahat sila’y nasa loob ng isang bansang rumerespeto sa pagkakaiba ng tao; isang bansang yumayakap sa multi-culturalism; isang bansang malaya tayong maging kung ano tayo. Sa bandang hapon ay

CRISTY... From page 17 nina Tito Eddie Garcia at Arjo Atayde, hahanapin ng manonood ng serye si Papa Tom. Pansamantala ay gugugulin ni Little (palayaw ng magaling na aktor) ang panahon sa pakikipagbonding sa mga anak nila ni Liezl. Siya mismo ang nagsabi na para lang silang magkakaibigan, sa kaniyang pagbabalik ay isang bagong proyekto na naman ang kaniyang gagawin sa matagumpay na produksiyon ni Deo Endrinal. Sabi ng kaniyang manager na si Shirley Kwan, “Bittersweet ang pagsasama-sama nila dahil wala na nga si Liezl. At least, nandoon naman si Lolo Bobby (Romeo Vasquez) para makasama nila. Ito na rin ang panahon para madalaw ni Albert at ng kaniyang mga anak ang mga kaibigan nila sa Amerika, matagal silang nanirahan doon, pati ang kaniyang kapatid na si William. *** Tuluyan nang inilibing ni BB Gandanghari si Rustom Padilla. Namaalam na siya sa kaniyang dating pagkatao, alaala na lang ngayon ang dating asawa ni Carmina Villaroel; babaengbabae na siya at pati ang kaniyang kasarian ay nakadokumento na ngayon sa Amerika. Mayroon siyang karelasyon, maligaya siya ngayon. Ayon kay BB Gandanghari ay kumpleto na ang kaniyang buhay dahil ibinigay na ng Amerika ang matagal na niyang hiling. Wala nang magagawa ang kaniyang pamilya sa pinili niyang buhay, kung saan siya maligaya

binaybay ko ang ins and outs ng downtown. Moderno na may halong kasaysayan at heritage at mayroon ding ilang homeless sa mga kalye. Nangati pa lalo ang aking mga paa at dinala ako ng aking mga yapak sa subway train papuntang Scarborough. Sa loob ng train ay kapansin-pansin ang payak na itsura ng mga pasahero. Mayroon ding mga nanghihingi ng limos. Iba’t ibang characters at very interesting na mga tao. Nakaka-amaze. Ang napagtanungan ko tungkol sa route ng train ay isang Iranian. May balbas, matipuno at may mabigat na accent katulad ko. Nagkuwentuhan kami habang nasa train at tulad nating lahat, nabanggit niya sa akin ang kaniyang hard work para sa pamilya. Bukas ang bansa para sa mga taong tulad natin na nagsusumikap at wala itong puwang para sa mga BS Istambay graduates and practitioners. After more than 10 years ay nagkita kaming ulit ng aking

office mate sa Qatar. Si Kannan ay isang Sri Lankan. Para akong nasa bahay ng isang hospitable na pamilyang Pilipino nang i-welcome ako sa tahanan ni Kannan. Isang patunay ito na ang kabutihan at kagandahan ng kultura ng bawat lahi ay common sa pagiging human beings nating lahat. Kuwentuhang umaatikabo at halos walang hanggan kasabay ang masarap na mutton biryani at ilan pang spicy Sri Lankan food. Ang Iranian kong kasakay at kakuwentuhan sa subway train ay isang Muslim. Ang aking kaibigang si Kannan ay isang Hindu, ang kaniyang ama ay isang leader ng Communist group sa Sri Lanka. Ang nag-serve sa amin sa restaurant noong Friday night ay Italian. Ang binilhan ko ng mga souvenir items ay Intsik. Ang driver ng rapid transit ay mukhang East Indian. Nasa Canada ba ako? Ang sagot ay: “Oo,” dahil ito ang itsura ng divesity at ang diversity ay ang Canada at ang Canada ay ikaw at ako na bumubuo nito. Mayroong kasabihan ang mga Tamil na nagsasabing ang mundo raw ay bukas para sa lahat. Walang dapat umangkin kung kanino ang sa iyo at kanino ang sa kaniya.

Ang dahilan ng pag-aaway ng mga tao ay ang panlalamang at pag-angkin sa mundo. “Yaadum Oore, Yaavarum Kelir.” Ang economic protectionism, na isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit marahil nanalo si Trump, “to make America great again,” ay salungat sa malayang industrial trade or free trade. Matagal na panahon nang binuksan ng mundo ang gates of development dahil sa paniniwalang kailangan ang interdependence ng mga bansa. Kung ita-translate natin ang protectionism ay nalalapit ito sa pagiging makasarili ng bansa na may pina-priority na proteksyunan. Sa madaling salita, nalalapit ito sa salitang racist. Lahat tayo ay human beings. Natututo tayo dahil sa ating pagkakaiba. Hindi balakid ang kulay, salita, kultura, gender at marami pang iba para sa kaganapan ng isang universal world. We can live without walls to make this world keep its greatness. We are already great human beings and we don’t need to be great again! Mapalad tayong mga nasa Canada dahil patuloy ang ating pagyakap sa diversity. Sana, ay

huwag sana sa atin magsimula ang pagiging mapanghusga at mapag-discriminate sa ating kapuwa. Sana, tulad ng marami, ay igalang natin ang paniniwala ng bawat isa. Uuwi na ako sa Winnipeg habang sinusulat ko ito sa tambayan ng mga pasahero sa Pearson Airport at hindi ko maitatanggi na mas gusto ko ang Winnipeg kaysa sa Toronto sa aspeto ng ingay at traffic. Pero saludo ako sa diversity ng siyudad na ito, sa kaniyang pagiging moderno, sa pagiging vibrant, sa pagiging tower of multiculturalism in Canada. Babalikan ko si Mang Toronto at papasalubungan ko ulit siya ng Manitoba friendliness.

ay iyon na rin ang posisyon ng kaniyang ina at mga kapatid, pero hanggang doon na lang iyon. Kahit si Robin Padilla na tutol na tutol noon sa kaniyang rebelasyon ay napapabuntonghininga na lang. Tanggap na nito ang pangyayari pero huwag na lang daw sanang ipakilala pa sa kaniya ang lalaking pinanggagalingan ng inspirasyon ngayon ng kaniyang kapatid,

sapat na ang pang-unawang ibinibigay sa kaniya ng action star. Mula sa isang bruskong aktor ng mga pelikulang ginawa nila ni Robin ay heto na ngayon si Rustom Padilla, babaeng-babae na, wala na halos ang anino ng pagiging Rustom niya. Nasilip pa namin ang pelikulang Mistah noong minsan, hanggang ngayo’y hindi kami makapaniwala na

babae pala ang puso ng aktor na nakikipagbakbakan at barilan sa pelikula, ang buhay nga naman. Kung saan tayo maligaya ay doon tayo. Kung ano ang kukumpleto sa ating buhay ay tatalikuran natin ang nakaraan. Halos sabay pala ang paglilibing kina Rustom Padilla at dating Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos. ***

Kung totoo ang impormasyong natanggap namin tungkol kay Alden Richards ay masaya kami para sa aktor. Kuwento nito ay may isang non-showbiz girl na palaging dinadalaw ngayon ang Pambansang Bae. Sino nga kaya ang mahiwagang dalaga na madalas dalawin ngayon ni Alden Richards? Maganda, matalino at See CRISTY p20

Si Noel Lapuz ay dating OFW sa Middle East (Dubai at Qatar). Nagtrabaho nang sampung taon sa City Hall ng Taguig bilang Human Resource Management Officer. Naging bahagi ng Bata-Batuta Productions bilang manunulat, entertainment host at stage actor. Nagtatag ng Kulturang Alyansa ng Taguig. Kasapi ng Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace (EMJP).






NO. 265

DISYEMBRE 1 - 15, 2016

Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 1. Humihingi ng aguinaldo 8. Istorbo 11. Wari. 14. Hinaharap 16. Supling 17. Hapag 18. Unlapi 19. Banoy 20. Saka 21. Mali 23. Habi 25. Dati nang ginagawa 28. Awit papuri 29. Uri ng kahoy 30. Kabansa PABABA 2. Tulad ng 29 pahalang 3. Init 4. Nakakabarik 5. Uri 6. Nakatipid 7. Kinikilala

9. Inalala 10. Pasiglahin 12. Nasaksihan 13. Pag-iisang dibdib 15. Walang magulang 22. Ihanda 24. Kalye sa Makati 26. Uri ng saging 27. Sana


DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Huwag mong pigilin ang masidhi mong pagnanais na makapagbakasyon sa ibang lugar. Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa? Habang buo pa ang pamilya o habang malakas ka pa at kaya pang mapagod nang hindi magkakaproblema ang kalusugan. Larga na! Best days mo ang ika-8 at 9. Alalay ka sa ika-1, 2, 3, 14 at 15.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Eto na ang Pasko at Bagong Taon! Oras na para magparty! Bigyan mo ng kalayaan ang sarili na magsaya. Kalimutan mo muna ang mga maliliit na bagay na nagiging dahilan upang mag-worry ka. Turuan mo ang sarili na maging maligaya, walang masama doon. Mapalad ka sa ika-8 at 9. Bantay ka sa ika-4, 5, 10 at 11.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Ang tungkol sa pera o mana ay kailangan ninyong ayusin agad. Hindi ito malulutas kung walang mag-aasikaso. Huwag mong solohin. Kapag pinatagal mo ito, malamang na hindi kayo magkakaunawaan sa pamilya. Walang mangyayari kung mahihiya ka sa kanila. OK ang ika-1, 2, 3, 10 at 11. Ingat sa ika4 at 5.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Mag-focus ka sa pamilya mo. Huwag kang magpapadala sa pressure lalo na doon sa mga nag-aaya sa iyong sumama sa kanilang mga lakad. Kung saan ka mas magiging masaya, doon ka. Sa ngayon, masaya ka kung kasama ang pamilya, kaya sa kanila ka. Suwerte ang ika-1, 2, 3, 10 at 11. Alalay ka sa ika-6, 7, 12 at 13.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Isang paalaala, kailangan mong magpahinga. Masyado mong pinapagod ang utak, ang katawan, at ang puso mo. May mga bagay na kailangan mong pabayaan na lang dahil wala kang magagawa para baguhin ang mga iyon. Magrelax ka dahil ubos na ang lakas mo. OK ang ika-4, 5, 12 at 13. Kuwidaw ka sa ika-6 at 7.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Busy ka. Marami kang dapat tapusin at ang mga iyon ay obligasyon at responsibilidad mo. May maaapektuhan kung hindi mo gagawing mabuti kaya tanggihan mo ang mga nanunukso sa iyo na talikuran mo muna ang mga gawain. Panagutan mo. OK ang ika-4, 5, 12 at 13. Ingat ka sa ika1, 2, 3, 8, 9 at 14.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Sa ayaw mo man o hindi, madadala ka ng agos. Huwag mong tanggihan o labanan lalo na kung sa kutob mo ay para sa ikabubuti ng buhay mo sa darating na taon. Ang pinakamagandang ganti sa mga nanglamang sa iyo ay ang makita nilang masaya at nagtatagumpay ka. OK sa ika-4, 5, 12 at 13. Ingat ka sa ika-10 at 11.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Gusto mo ay maayos ang lahat. Hindi mo kayang tanggapin kung may nangyayaring hindi sunod sa gusto mo sa iyong buhay. Walang masama sa gayon kaya lang ikaw ang naglalagay ng stress sa buhay mo. Hindi ka puwedeng magreklamo, nasa sa iyo na iyon. OK sa ika-6, 7, 14 at 15. Stressful ka sa ika-1, 2, 3, 8 at 9.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Pera, kabuhayan, negosyo. Ang mga ito ang dapat nasa isip mo ngayon. Buwenas ang Disyembre kaya’t samantalahin mo ang dating ng magandang kapalaran. Babagal ang daloy ng oportunidad pagpasok ng Enero kaya humataw ka ngayon. Lucky days mo ang ika-6, 7, 14 at 15. Bantay ka sa ika-4, 5, 10 at 11.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Kung balak mong humingi ng bonus o promotion sa trabaho, ngayon na ang panahon. Makikita mong pabor sa iyo ang kapalaran dahil maayos ang buhay mo at gayon din ang mga mahal mo. Ngayon ka humiling at matutupad iyon. Buwenas ang Disyembre mo. OK ang ika-6, 7, 14 at 15. Ingat sa ika-12 at 13.

Pero kung lalaliman lang ng mga taong iyon ang pagbabalanse sa sitwasyon ay maiintindihan nila na July pa noong nakaraang taon nagsimula ang loveteam nina Alden at Maine. Araw-araw silang magkasama sa kalyeserye, pero bakit hanggang ngayo’y wala pa rin namang namumuong espesyal na pagtitinginan sa pagitan nila? Mayroon ngang magkakaloveteam na ilang buwan pa lang na nagkakasama palagi ay nauuwi na sa totoohanan ang emosyon para sa isa’t isa? Pero bakit ang AlDub, hanggang ngayo’y pangharap lang ng mga camera ang paglalambingan nila, hindi totoo sa tunay na buhay? Dapat kayang sumuko na sila? *** Kahit naman sinong magulang

ay siguradong aalsa kapag sinaktan ang kaniyang anak. Lalo na kung walang kalaban-laban ang bata, sinong ina ang basta mananahimik na lang, giyera mundial ang kalalabasan noon. Sampung taon lang si Santino, anak nina Raymart Santiago at Claudine Barretto, sariwa pa at wala pang kalabanlaban ang mga buto ng bagets lalo na kung ang mananakit sa kaniya ay may matitigas nang buto. Iyon ang ikinagagalit ngayon ni Claudine. Sinaktan si Santino ng isang taong dapat ay hindi pumapatol sa bata, sa tema ng pagsasalita ng aktres ay kamaganak ni Raymart ang nanakit sa kanilang anak. Si Claudine ay parang kapanganganak na tigre pagdating See CRISTY p21

CRISTY... From page 19 mula raw sa buena familia ang babae, pero walang anumang kuneksiyon sa showbiz. Ayon sa aming source ay palaging masaya at inspirado ngayon ang sikat na aktor. Inaasahan na ng mas nakararami ang gagawing pagupak kay Alden Richards ng kung sinu-sino d’yan sa paglabas ng kuwentong may isang espesyal na kolehiyalang nagpapasaya sa kaniya ngayon. Natural, aalsahan iyon ng mga umaasang sila pa rin ni Maine Mendoza ang magkakatuluyan. Para sa mga taong iyon ay sila lang ni Menggay ang nababagay para sa isa’t isa, wala nang iba pa o kahit sino.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Masaya ka dahil lahat ng nangyayari ay ayon sa iyong plano. Magpapatuloy ang kaligayahan sa buong buwan na ito. Wala ring problema sa kalusugan mo. Ang nararamdaman mong karamdaman ay pansamantala lamang, magpahinga ka lang. Masaya ang ika-8 at 9. Kuwidaw ka sa ika-6, 7, 12 at 13. Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Kumuha ka ng papel at lapis. Maupo ka. Isulat mo ang mga gusto mong gawin sa Bagong Taon na darating. May mga pagkakamali ka nitong 2016 na ayaw mo nang maulit. Hindi pa huli ang lahat. Magpatawad ka at humingi ka rin ng tawad. OK ang ika-1, 2, 3, 10 at 11. Stressful ka sa ika-8, 9, 14 at 15.


DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

Ang gobyernong Trudeau ay nagbalita ng bagong patakaran sa mga nais maging Canadian immigrants. Partikular na pabor sa mga kabataan na may mataas na pinag-aralan. Pangunahing layunin ay mapatatag ang kabuhayan ng bansa Kailangang matugunan ang pangangailangan ng labour market. Kabilang din sa bagong patakaran ang Family Class sponsorships for spouse/partner, mga anak, magulang, lolo at lola. May taglay na negative effect din naman ang bagong patakaran ng Canada sa pandarayuhan. The exodus of brain drain, hindi lang sa Pilipinas kundi sa iba pang mga bansa. *** Ang tinaguriang simbanggabi sa Pilipinas ay ang misa sa madaling araw. Dito sa Winnipeg, bukod sa iba pang parokya, nabalitang sisimulan ngayon sa St. Anthony de Padua, 252 Burrin Ave. ang dawn masses tuwing ika-6 ng umaga mula sa ika-16 hanggang ika-24 ng Disyembre. *** Ang mga nandayuhang TNT sa US ay maaari ngang pauuwiin sa kani-kanilang mga bansa. Ang illegal ay illegal subalit pinahintulutan ng mga may negosyo sa Amerika ang sistema. Malubhang negative economic effect naman ang maidudulot sa US kung ang milyon-milyong illegal workers ay mapapaalis sa bansa. Producers sila at consumers of goods and services. Marahil, ang kinatatakutang sitwasyon ng mga TNT ay hindi kaagad-agad mangyayari. Pilipinas Ang drug money boom sa panahon ng Aquino Administration ay waring nag-boomerang. Si former DOJ secretary na ngayon ay senador ang unang tinamaan.


Waring siya ngayon ay lulutanglutang sa malalim at maalong dagat ng “dilema.” *** Malabo pa rin ang tungkol sa positive effect ng pag-uusap nina President Duterte at Russian President Valdimir Putin. Ang maliwanag ay tungkol sa balitang inanyayahan si Pres. Digong na magbisita sa Russia. *** Hindi na raw mangyayari ang nabalitang pag-uusig ng CCI kay president Duterte. Marahil produkto ‘yon ng banta ni pangulong Digong na makiisa sa China at Russia ang Pilipinas sakaling magtatatag sila ng ibang pandaigdig na organisasyon. Ang US daw ay hindi ICC member, sabi ni President Digong. Kung totoo ‘yon, ang Pilipinas nga ay maaaring kumalas sa nabanggit na samahan kung siya’y gigipitin. *** Pagkatapos na sabihin ni Pres. Duterte na wala siyang hinanakit kay former president PNoy, hindi naman napigilan na sisihin. Malubhang problema ang iniwan ni Noynoy sa bansa. Pangunahin ang tungkol sa lawlessness at illegal drug trade. *** Tama ang mungkahi ni Sen. Ralph Recto na ang Calamity Fund ng gobyerno ay dapat na magamit din sa mga nasunugan. Sinabing ang mga nasalanta ng bagyo ay may natitirang ari-arian tulad ng bahay. Ubos lahat ang nilamon ng apoy. *** Nalibing na ang labi ng former president Marcos, Sr. Nangyari sanhi sa pahintulot ng mayoryang kagawad ng Korte Suprema. Wala raw legal na basehan para ang paglilibing sa LNMB ng labi ni Marcos, Sr. ay mapigilan. Sinabi ni Pres. DUterte na ang


Disyembre Malamig na simoy ng hanging malaya, Ramdam ng katawang nagmula sa lupa; Sabik na hinintay ng matanda’t bata, Bagaman darating din naman na kusa! *** Bago makatakas ang lumang panahon, Ang sigla ng Pasko tampok muna ngayon; Batid na ang araw kaparis din noon, Laging dumarating minsan bawat taon! *** Disyembre ay iba, tunay na makulay, Pintig ng panahon ay kaligayahan; Tulad ng pagsuyong hindi maiwasan, Likas palibhasa ang makapangyarihan! *** Ang lumang panahon na takdang magbihis, Di mapipigilan tulad ng pag-ibig! Paquito Rey Pacheco

mga tumututol sa Marcos burial ay wala nang halaga sa kaniya. May 12 taon daw na may pagkakataon ang mag-inang Cory at Noynoy Aquino na maamyendahan ang batas, hindi nila sinikap. Naglunsad ng demonstrasyon sa Luneta noong ika-25 ng Nobyermbre ang mga against Marcos burial sa LNMB. Mahigit 10 libo raw ang nabalitang nakiisa. Karamihan ay mga estudyante sa mga kolehiyo at unibersidad. May 200 na mga kabataan naman na Duterte supporters na pabor sa ginawang tahimik na paglilibing. Kasama sila ng mga Marcos loyalists na binukod ng mga pulis ang lugar para maiwasan ang gulo. *** Si Senador Kiko Pangilinan ay nangakong gagawa sila ng mga paraan para mahukay sa LNMB ang bangkay ng Marcos, Sr. Sabi ng

mga kritiko, waring fully charged ang baterya ng ngayo’y president ng Liberal Party. *** May mga official family members ng DU30 administration na tutol daw sa mga palakad ng president. Kung gayon, ang pangulo pala ay sleeping with many enemies. Kung salungat sila sa mga palakad ni PDU30 at may delicadeza, dapat resign na. Halimbawa raw ang pagtutol ni VP Leni Robredo sa Marcos burial issue. Pinatamaan pa ang pangulo. Hindi raw kailangan ngayon ang diktadorya, maling hustisya at walang galang sa mga kababaihan. *** Kung hindi naman mangyari sa taong ito, dalawang mahistrado ng korte suprema ang obligadong magretiro. Sina Jose Perez sa December 14 at Arturo Brion sa December 29th. Sa 2017, dalawa

PAGE 21 rin. Bienvenido L. Reyes, July 6 at Jose Mendoza August 13. Ang magtatalaga ng kapalit nila ay si PDU30. *** Ang mga testimonya nina Ronnie Dayan at Erwin Espinosa ang nagsisilibing 20 talampakang pader ang taas na aakyatin at magpadausdos sa kabila, para ang usaping nakahain vs senadora Leila de Lima ay kaniyang matakasan. Ang senaryo ay walang iniwan sa karaniwang telenovela. Susundan ng taumbayan at magiging entablado sa grandstanding ng mga kongresista at senador. Kasabihan Kung ano ang tinanim, aanihin ay gayon din. Paunawa: Ang mga paksa at salitang nakasaad sa Pilantik ay sariling opinion ng may-akda at maaaring hindi opinion ng mga taga-lathala ng Pilipino Express.

Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba (PCCM) Annual General Meeting

4:00 p.m. Sunday, December 18, 2016 737 Keewatin St. Current PCCM members can renew their membership in-person at the PCCM office on or before December 11, 2016, Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday form 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Those who are interested to become PCCM members can also apply for membership during the aforementioned days and time. Annual membership fee is $12.00. Please call Mrs. May Deculing at 204-962-2562 for more information. Nomination for the members of the PCCM board of directors is also being accepted. The deadline for nomination is on Dec. 11. Application forms for nomination can also be picked up on or before Dec. 11 at the PCCM office. Selection criteria: • Must be a PCCM member in good standing as of December 11, 2016; • Must have permanent residency in Manitoba for at least one year; • Must demonstrate a commitment to serve and uphold the objectives of the corporation; • Must provide passport-size photograph and a detailed resumé, as prescribed by the nomination and election committee; • Must be able to provide criminal record check from the Winnipeg police service; and • Must be willing to abide by the guiding principles of the selection process. For more information, contact the PCCM, 204-775-4928

CRISTY... From page 20 kina Sabina at Santino. Huwag na huwag mong sasaktan-pipintasan ang kaniyang mga anak dahil siguradong makikita mo ang ayaw mong makita sa tanang buhay mo. Katwiran ni Claudine ay sino pa ba ang magtatanggol sa kaniyang mga anak, siya lang ang mag-isang kasama ng magkapatid, paminsan-minsan lang naman nilang nakikitanakakasama si Raymart. Isinasama ni Claudine sina Sabina at Santino kahit saan siya magpunta, ramdam ng mga nakakakita sa mag-iina ang ibinibigay na proteksiyon ng aktres sa magkapatid, kaya hindi na nakabibigla ang mga sinasabi niya ngayong nasaktan ang kaniyang anak.

Hinahamon ngayon ni Claudine si Raymart para umaksiyon, sana raw naman ay kumilos ang aktor bilang depensa sa nasaktan nilang anak, paminsan-minsan man lang daw sana ay manindigan naman ang aktor para sa kapakanan ng kanilang supling. Nagpupuyos sa galit

ngayon si Claudine at mukhang makararating sa korte ang kaganapang ito. Si Claudine Barretto pa naman, saktan mo na siya at makakaya pa niyang palampasin iyon, pero huwag na huwag mong kakantiin sina Sabina at Santino dahil siguradong maghahalo ang balat sa tinalupan. – CSF



DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

Join The Movement! Be The Change! By: Anne Caprice Claros “You can’t buy a ticket to We Day, you earn it: One Global Service + One Local Service” I was always told, “The youth is the key to change.” I questioned it more often than I believed it. How are we supposed to change the world? How can I change the world? The idea of making a difference was daunting. It seemed impossible. I never thought a single person, let alone someone as young as I was, had what was necessary to truly make a difference. So I kept to myself, believing the world was not mine to change. Then, I was invited to We Day and realized I was wrong. Five years ago, I stood at the forefront of change with over 15,000 students at the MTS Centre. It was then I realized, truly making an impact starts with every small thing I do. The same small thing multiplied by the thousands of students who shared my passion can deliver clean water to communities who are not fortunate enough to have access to it, can provide nutritional food, can send children to school and can help build homes. Knowing that what I do at school and in my local community can make a difference even miles away inspired me to get further involved. I went home resonating with pride and hope because I knew this was the beginning of my journey—a journey to ensure that the world we live in is a just one. My throat no longer imprisoned my voice and my mind no longer anchored my inquiries. We Day gave me the confidence to question why things are the way they are, to look at the injustices in our local community and say, “We can change that.” Soon enough, I was talking to fellow students not only about mental health issues and homelessness here in Winnipeg; I was educating them on the unequal access to education worldwide and drawing their attention to women’s rights. It was my duty to inspire others now, the way I was inspired many years ago. My voice was louder because I knew there were thousands of youth in the city who believed in the same things I did, I was no longer speaking for solely myself — I was a medium for all the unheard voices. We Day has been an annual event for myself since then, and on Friday, November 18, I went home beaming with hope just as I had the first time. We Day Manitoba 2016 took place at the MTS Centre. Jully

Black, Chloe Wilde, Tyrone Edwards and Tyler Shaw hosted the all-day event. The day was divided into four segments: information on the WE Movement (previously Free The Children), how to make a difference at school and at home, how to make a difference on a national level, and lastly, how to make a difference globally. It was a day of filled with fun and learning. We Day has always been geared towards redefining what is possible—expanded upon by yearly We Day speaker Spencer West, whom has accomplished the impossible himself. Throughout the day they had speakers who shared their experiences and proved that anyone can make a difference in this world. This year, the event focused more on how much girls can impact the world and how disabilities should never hinder your dreams. Margaret Trudeau spoke of her battle with bi-polar disorder. She encouraged the youth to always ask for help when needed, to take good care of our bodies and to remember that with a healthy body and mind anything is possible. Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister told us of his humble beginnings and emphasized the importance of education. Chris Hadfield, the very first Canadian astronaut to walk in space, reminded us that no dream is too big to achieve. Rick Hansen, a Canadian paralympian and activist, shared his story and proved to us that having a disability is not about what you cannot do but what you can do. Other speakers included: Mike Downie, Kyle Nobess, Hani Al Moulia, and Capri Everit. Craig and Marc Kielburger, the two brothers who started it all, once again relayed how this movement first began. It is fascinating how a drive for change that began with 12 students has grown into a massive and undeniably life changing global movement. Their passion for change has inspired millions and has touched the lives of many for the better. WE Movement’s momentum will keep growing. This is only the beginning. Be part of the movement that will change the world we live in. Be part of the movement that will create a world where no one goes to bed hungry, where every child goes to school, where clean water runs from every tap and everyone has a place to call home. Be The Change! For more information visit:

Jully Black - Award winning singer-songwriter, speaker, SheRO & SheEO!

WE Day Manitoba co-hosts, Jully Black, Chloe Wilde, Tyrone Edwards and Tyler Shaw

Tyler Shaw - Platinum selling and JUNO Award-nominated singer/songwriter

Chris Hadfield - Astronaut, author, professor, musician, first Canadian to walk in space/command a spaceship

International activists and co-founders of WE, Craig and Marc Kielburger

Photographer, teacher and actor, Hani AI Moulia, inspires 16,000 students and educators

Musical duo, Nico Sereba and Vinz Dery, Nico & Vinz

16,000 students and educators fill the MTS Centre for WE Day Manitoba on November 18, 2016. Photos by Colby Spence for WE Day

DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016





DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2016

Pilipino Express • Dec 1 2016  
Pilipino Express • Dec 1 2016  

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