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2018 Council Accomplishments

2019 Priorities Public Safety Committee

Chair: Jim McCune, District 3 Legislative Staff: Jeff Cox, Senior Legal Analyst Clerk: Kate Kennedy, Senior Committee Clerk • • • • • •

Public Safety Awareness Campaign: Firearms safety/ education, human trafficking. Specialty Courts: Review effectiveness of programs. Quality of Life Crimes: Property crimes, nuisances, trespass agreements, homeless encampment issues. Southsound 911 & Combined Communications Network: Single County Wide Communication System (SCWCS) Networks and systems. Drug Policy: Enforcement, Treatment, funding, court ordered residential recovery facilities. Efficient systems within public safety and justice departments.

Committee Responsibilities

The Public Safety Committee shall consider and make recommendations on matters including, but not limited to: • • • • • • • • •

Animals Assigned Counsel Budget, Supplemental Budgets, Budget Goals and Proviso Compliance Combined Communications Network (CCN) Corrections Courts Criminal Justice; Emergency Preparedness Firearms Safety Standards

• • • • • • • • • • •

Health Juvenile Justice Juvenile Services Medical Examiner Nuisance Probation Prosecuting Attorney Public Safety Sheriff South Sound 911 Watercraft

Opioid Epidemic, joint summit with Tacoma, joining 150 leaders to address issue; resulting in task force implementation plan with three domains of I) prevention/ education, 2) access to treatment, and 3) ensuring “right service at right time”.


Task Force created to proactively prepare for Governor’s plan to close Western State Hospital, civil committed beds.


Human Services moved from Select to Standing Committee status. Family Wage Job Credit established, to attract and/ or expand companies with skilled/educated, high wage Jobs. Advancement of key infrastructure and transportation initiatives. Chronic nuisance furthered from task force recommendation implementation, to improve responsiveness through: staffing, regulatory authority & procedures, and targeted nuisance enforcement. Permit streamlining with changes to zoning, sign, and subdivision codes; and other regulations and design standards. Streamlined process for county engineer to update roadway speeds throughout the county, including school speed zones.

Facilities & Infrastructure

Economic Development

Behavioral Health & Homelessness

Public Safety

Abatement & Public Nuisance

Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicle routes designed, a first for the County which provides for recreational tourism and sets forth to be part of a larger system. Established urban growth and land capacity bank procedures by amending key countywide planning policies and requirements providing sanitary sewer service within urban growth areas. Substantive changes in 40 years to Shoreline Master Plan Program, setting forth development policies and regulations. Protected 22,392 acres of prime farm land by amending Agricultural Resource Lands Designation. Agricultural Advisory Committee actively addressing the continued viability of farming and agriculture resources. Public safety funding for five additional deputies and a prosecutor to handle abatement cases.

Mission Statement

The Pierce County Council represents and serves the citizens of Pierce County, working to ensure that Pierce County is an exceptional place for families individuals, and business to grow and be successful. The Council acts in the best interest of its citizens by establishing policies that guide County government, allocating resources to implement policies and monitoring implementation. The Council is transparent in their actions to remain accountable to our citizens.

Funding establishment of Veterans Court. Funding establishment of co­responder program.


Council establishes and operates utilizing a standing committee structure. County Council priorities in 2019 were developed at retreats of the standing committees and then presented to the Council for 2019.

Core Values Service

• Respect

• Effective

• Proactive

• Majority Rule

Human Services Committee

Chair: Connie Ladenburg, District 4 Legislative Staff: Jason Escareno, Senior Legislative Analyst Clerk: Kate Kennedy, Senior Committee Clerk

2019 Priorities

• •

Community Development Committee

Chair: Derek Young, District 7 Legislative Staff: Mike Kruger, Senior Legislative Analyst Clerk: Jenifer Schultz, Committee Clerk •

• •

Housing: Affordable housing developments, Accessory dwelling units (ADUs), Homeless encampment proximity to residential, Housing development incentives, Review Pierce County Housing Code. Land Use Process (Administrative): Role and duties of Land Use Advisory Commission, Development of appropriate notification requirements. Land Use: Evaluate Urban Growth Areas. Parks: Evaluate outsourcing recreational programming, assess methods to increase active programming.

Committee Responsibilities

The Community Development Committee shall consider and make recommendations on matters including, but not limited to: • • • • • • •

Budget, Budget Goals and Proviso Compliance Building, Construction and Fire Codes Capital Facilities Current Use Assessment Development Regulations Environmental Issues Growth Management

2019 Priorities

• • • • • •

Land Division Policies and Regulations Natural Resource Lands and Forest Practices Park and School Impact Fees Parks Planning Shorelines

• •

2019 Priorities Economic Development and Infrastructure Chair: Doug Richardson, District 6 Legislative Staff: Hugh Taylor, Senior Legislative Analyst Clerk: Jenifer Schultz, Committee Clerk • • • • • • • •

Review state highway routes and improvement plans. Support expansion of transit services. Review water management utility. Review and assess capital facility plans. Address status and future of airports. Monitor transportation funding planning and implementation. Monitor updated unified sewer plan and relevant policy development. Review Broadband Connectivity & Access Evaluation by Performance Audit and recommend policy.

Committee Responsibilities

The Economic and Infrastructure Development Committee shall consider and make recommendations on matters including, but not limited to: • • • • • • • •

Budget, Budget Goals and Proviso Compliance Economic Development; Franchises Public Utilities Public Works Road Improvement Districts Roads Sewers

• • • • • • • •

Solid Waste Surface Water Telecommunications Traffic Impact Fees Transportation Improvement Plan Utility Local Improvement Districts Water Districts Other Water Issues

Opioid Crisis Response: Narcan education with Sheriff’s Department (budget/policy/training). Youth & Young Adults: Birth to 25 Council, Help Me Grow Initiative. Inventory human service programs, initiatives and partners. Behavioral Health: Implement HSRI Behavioral Health System Study recommendations, understand post-crisis diversion housing stabilization needs, establish fair-share policy involuntary commitment releases from Western State Hospital Task Force, policy development for civilly committed patient in community-based facilities. Affordable (accessible) Housing: Support legislation for State housing fund bill, review and propose affordable housing options from Performance Audit, identify options to incentivize affordable housing development in Pierce County.

Committee Responsibilities

The Human Services Committee shall consider and make recommendations on matters including, but not limited to: Behavioral Health; • • •

Budget, Budget Goals and Proviso Compliance Children, Youth, and Their Families Community Services

• • • •

Homelessness Human Services Prevention Services Senior Services

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Pierce County Council 2019 Strategic Priorities  

Pierce County Council 2019 Strategic Priorities  

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