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By: Chinh

My Family is a Closet My dad is the two doors opening and closing, letting us in and out, watching what we do My mum is the warm clothes that cover us up, keeping us warm and together while hiding any suffer My brother is the bar that hangs in between us, needing to be watched so it doesn’t fall And I, I am the hangers, I am independent but need my family to keep my use By: Lara

MY FAMILY IS A WOLF PACK My dad is an Alfa, strong, keeps us organized and has complete respect, Mum is the hunter she gets the food and is good company, Naomi is and scout, curies, want to explore and gets a lot of attention, Nadia is the garden, strong, and knows what to do, I ‘m a warrior, I find things and try to fix them, and is nearly always silly. By: Simone

MY FAMILY My family is a warm apple pie My father is the crust that holds us together My mother are the apples that is there when needed My brother is the hole that leaves us but it there My sister is the sauce that follows and is annoying I am the warmness that cheers us up when we are down

Naia Freeman

My Family is a Light bulb always full of life. My father is the glass illumination the light of joy in our family. My mom is the wires keeping the light burning. My sister is the light switch making her own decisions. And I am the light that sparks with new ideas. Minh Quan

Family Metaphor Poems  

Grade 5KW poems