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Table Content 1. “Earth is in Danger”

by Rohan Gowda

2. “What happened to me?”

by Uyen Trinh


by Ishaan Banga

“Pollution in Earth”

4. “Unhealthy Planet”

by Stephanie Kieft

5. “Help Me!”

by Vitoria Hanna

6. “Letter to wind turbine”

by Jae Yoon Jung

7. “Protect my Cub and Wife” by Nadya Suprobo 8. “Melting Ice”

by Eliza Tu Thi Stelmach

9. “Dear Factories”

by Anton Brondum Reeh

10. “Dirty Ocean”

by Mateo Asturizaga

11. “The Ocean’s Poem”

by Dylan Chin

12. “The garbage ocean”

by Kiridan Munro

13. “Polluted ocean”

by Jin Gyu Choi

14. “Coal’s message”

by Tom Mac

15. “Endangered Pandas”

by Quang Anh Vu

16. “A poem of Boaters”

by Ananya Kapila

17. “Boaters”

by Su Sung Kim

18. “Trees on Earth”

by Jordyn Kindness

19. “Trees”

by Farhah Hisamuddin

20. “Tree’s poem”

by Nhat Linh Trinh

21. “Trees in Crises”

by Jack Langston

22. “Viney Juniors”

by Vincent Wichink-Kruit

Earth is in Danger!!! By: Rohan Gowda Before I use to be the cleanest planet you could see With green grass, clean water, no dust, and blue sea I never had to quiver in pain of dirtiness Cause on my planet there were respectful people.

It was clean, it was good, but then factories came Like gas, oil, diesel, it was lame I don't know who these bad people are But one thing I know is that they are polluting my planet. Oh, my precious polar bears, I'm so sorry that you're losing your habitat The Japanese Rhino’s, are they extinct or are they alive? How cruel are those autocrats They did something bad and they don’t even care! If you look in the fairy world, it will look like everything's good But if you see it the reality way, everything is so good-not So now we have to try and make a different Or else, other innocent things will start to be extinct Oh, how cruel are these big industries Oh, how can these people do such bad activities? They fill the air with smoke and Carbon-dioxide But maybe there is a way to make me a better place! It’s all up to you, my dear good people You are the only hope for my existence So act now, before I die Cause the world is reaching an end, and I am crying.

What Happened to Me? By: Uyen Trinh The sun shined down The wind whistled through leaves Heard movements everywhere I smiled, I’m was happy

Birds chirped in my ears Squirrels squeaked while running up and down Tree frogs jumped and croaked Monkeys swag swiftly from tree to tree

Thousands of trees grew around me Grew green and strong Happy as the happiest song Until chainsaw’s started to roam the forest

One by one, my family and friends get chopped down Carbon dioxide was released in the air Nothing could stop those nasty Lumber Jacks Money, money was all they cared about

I heard them coming Trees were cut down Animals were threatened and disappeared Due to deforestation, caused by Lumber Jacks!

Look at me now, No leaves or branches or animals around Just a plain old stump, nothing else Small and not important anymore

What happened to me? Will help come? A simple, no Lumber Jacks come and go but no, help won’t come

Step up and make a change Every little thing counts Living things depend on us, and you know that! I frown, I’m sad.

Pollution in Earth Dear Earthlings,

Earth’s population is 7 billion. Earth is being polluted because of those machines that are invented or discovered by human. In 1970, I was so neat and clean. Every single drop of water was clean.

In 2040 there would be more pollution. Every day I am being polluted and the water and land is being dirtier. Humans are discovering more and more factories in one day. That makes me feel very bad. I just want my life back like 1960s. That time I was living so peacefully. I was green that time. There was same amount of land and water.

But after 1960 humans started destroying me. I am the one who keep you humans alive. Please save me. One day there would be no humans on the earth if you keep on destroying me. Please save me! Your sincerely, Unique Earth By: Ishaan Banga

Dear Factory Owners,

There are so many reasons today for which I write to you. Did you know that your factories pollute me and cause me harm? I decided that it’s best if I explain these things to you.

There are four main things that your factories do that harm me and make me sick. One thing that harms me is that factories pollute by dumping toxic waste in water which makes my fish die. This also that makes me sick is by releasing CO2 in the atmosphere creating acid rain.

Something else that makes me very unhealthy is by poisoning endangered species which subtracts the amount of sea animals in the world.

Finally, by burning fossil fuels you are slowly making the humans sick by releasing CO2 into the atmosphere which again creates acid rain and pollutes the environment.

There are many negatives to having rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere. I think you should make a change by creating greener factories or by using renewable energy sources which are cleaner and better for the environment. It would make me and all my creatures very happy if you could do these things. Sincerely, You’re unhealthy Planet By: Stephanie Kieft

Help Me

When those deadly turning blades create Low air pressure vortexes That burst her frail, fragile lung cortexes

by: Victoria Hanna

So that she couldn’t take a single breath, Which meant death.

I am a mother bat,

The reason that bats and not birds

I’m to share an important request.


I hope that humans listen

Is because low air pressure birds’ lungs

And try to stop the killer

Can sustain.

So I can rest.

If this continues to occur Bats, there will be no more.

Two of my pups went hunting one night,

And if bats no more there will be,

Flying near

Insect pests that we consume for you,

The wind turbine sight.

Will drive you to absolute misery.

George disappeared into the night.

I help you, so why not help me?

Kristie came home, her face all white,

Do something about it and answer

In agonizing pain and in terrible fright.

My plea!

She had quite a light head, Her lungs growing, expanding fast. All I could do was stand there, aghast. She perished from barotrauma,

By Jae Yoon Jung

Letter to Wind Turbine Dear, wind turbines, People think you are great, You can give them clean electricity But you are harmful for me, my family and my species. We can detect and avoid all kinds of structures Scientists have known since 2004 that wind farms killed bats, just as they kill birds, even though we are able to avoid them. But, you are bursting our lungs with your low air pressure, and killing us within an instant. The most killed species of bats are the bats which depend on trees or roots and migrate long distances. And most of my friends are these species. We will be soon extinct if you don’t help us. Please increase the air pressure and help me, my family and my species.

Sincerely Bat

A Polar Bear’s perspective

By: Nadya

Oh how I remember those days of fun, I and my cub was number one. Everything was fine until the Sun, The ice was melting and we started to run. Now that was the start of my dangerous life, I tried to protect my cub and my wife. I am one of the 20,000 Polar bears in the world. Please save me as I twist and curl. I don’t want to end up like my uncle in 2007 There was Rapid Ice melting, please not in 2011 I saved my family, but we were scared to death. I hope we can live, oh just one breath. Years and years past, and the seal’s went to the ocean. I beg for mercy, stop this commotion. I got hungrier and hungrier, oh how I regret what I’ll do.

I ate my cub, while I chewed and chewed. I went to hunt by my self and I saw something funny. As I got closer and closer, no, it’s not a bunny. I roared and roared, are you wondering what I saw? A grizzly bear, Yes the one from the forest, that’s what I saw. There were invading my habitat, I am starting to get mad, I roared until they left, I was so glad. I did some researched and I figured out who is doing this. Carbon Dioxide (CO2), I’m coming to get you. As I cry and cry! Do you realize what you did C02? I ate my own cub, that was frightening. All the seals, my favorite food, roamed free into the ocean. Grizzly bears are starting to invade my habitat. The ice is starting to melt, there will be none of us left. Please stop C02, you are ruining my life. That is why I cannot protect my cub and my wife. C02, Please stop, You are going to kill all of us. I want to live, please stop all of this fuss.

By: Eliza Tu Thi Stelmach

Dear Human’s,

I use to be free, living with my family and hunting peacefully, Stalking prey on stable ice and swimming through the clean Arctic Ocean, But now you came and built factories all over the world, they are releasing carbon dioxide, they are melting our home! Over the past two decades we grew thinner because we can’t sneak on our prey. This carbon dioxide is killing us!

If they keep releasing this carbon dioxide they could eliminate two-thirds of my species. Yes, we have survived warm temperatures and in that amount of time we ate berries and goose eggs, but now we have got use to the cold temperatures and it would be very unlikely for us to survive warm temperatures again. We are sure that you can’t stop global warming because you need factories to keep yourselves alive, but please stop building factories because I think you have enough factories in the world.

Sincerely, Polar

Dear Factories,

I have some disturbing things to share with you, and I wanted you to know. When you burn your fossil fuels CO2 levels rises and that means the temperatures will increase. This causes my homes to melt. Many of my homes have melted already lost many of my friends. There is only one reason this happens and that’s due to climate change.


habitat normal temperature is

around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It used to be even colder than that, but your factories came and now my species die. My species used to not be endangered but now we are the second most endangered animal in the world. There are only 20,000 to 40,000 polar bears spread around the world. I know that your factories have to release CO2 when you burn your fossil fuel and they need to burn fossil fuel, but it would really help if the air temperature wouldn’t rise. I wanted you to know that I want to live in my normal natural way. Sincerely, The dying Bears.

By: Anton


Look at me I’m the filthy sea I used to be calm and peaceful swaying here and there Until the humans came treating me unfair They threw there disgusting junk at me I tried to tell them it’s just plain mean They made some of my animals extinct Ok, I’ll give them a hint Boats with they’re dangerous blades Watch out, my fish, they need first-aid! Those gross plastics and oils All my fish they’re getting boiled Are you going to help me? Or are you going to say ‘’ It’s just the sea.’’

The Ocean’s Poem By: Dylan O’ humans can’t you see? You are hurting the inside of me Now I cannot breathe, Can’t you just let me live peacefully I have a plastic island inside of me You will keep on Dumping oil in me Now because of you, Some of My friends will soon be extinct,  If you want animals to live with you happily, Use your instincts and, Don’t pollute!

The Garbage Ocean By: Kiridan


the salt water ocean used to be

Filled with millions of marine animals That crawled over my simmering sand And had children swim and surf on me Those were the good ol days

But now There are factories, boats And people think I am their garbage can The greedy factory owners dump their trash in me Making me sick Fishing boats are capturing all my creatures And they are spilling their poisonous oil in me

Stop it! Stop it now! Can’t you see that you’re killing me? Or this will be my end And I’m sure now I will no longer be the salt water ocean I’ll be reduced to just a pile of filthy trash

By: Jin Gyu

Ocean is polluted Ocean has garbage Ocean has Plastic Island And fish and plants is keep dying Human is hurting ocean But human will never stop So Plastic Island will get bigger and bigger And it will pollute the entire of the ocean Garbage will pollute more and more and more

by: Tom Mac Dear factories,


am a Coal. I was having an awesome life for 650,000,000 until I heard one

of my friends disappeared. I thought that he was lost his way until another of friend of mine was disappeared, too. My fossil friends were disappearing every day. Most my friends disappeared in the USA. Then while I was talking with my grandpa, I saw a machine and people with masks. They were about to grab me until my grandpa jumped and sacrificed for me. I was terribly sad. When I looked up I saw sunlight. But I also saw smoke. I knew then my friends were taken to factories to get burned.


ou humans are mean and really selfish because you only care about yourself

and don’t realize your killing my friends. If you are a human and you are reading this please stop taking my friends and polluting the environment. Stop soon or there will be consequences with your planet. Your precious animals will die because their habitats are being destroyed! Co2 will continue to be released into the atmosphere, providing acid rain and, I and others will run out in 118 years because we are not a renewable source! Most of my friends got evaporated from your terrible factories. If you switch to a renewable clean souce like the windmills, solar panels and hydro power turbines, you will have a better future for your family as well as my ancestors.


o please here my plee and change the factories to renewable factories for a

better future. From a tiny coal.

Endangered Pandas By: Quang Anh Vu Dear Humans of Earth,

Before, there were so many of our species, but because of the problem that has been happening, my family, and friends are now all gone. The reason I’m writing to you today is because you humans are causing all the problems. It might just tell you the problems you are causing that make extinction of us pandas.

Us pandas are going to be extended very soon if we run out of food, because we only eat 1 kind of food, and that is bamboos. We only eat a certain kinds of bamboo so eventually those kinds of bamboos will run out. In 1 day we pandas spend 14 hours if our time eating and so that means we eat a lot of bamboos so the bamboos will run out and we won’t have anything to eat because it’s the only food we eat. Even if we’re going to be extended, you humans should still stop polluting because it’s bad for the environment and polluting makes global warming, and global warming makes climate change and our food will be no more. One country can’t stop global warming; it will take the whole world to do it.

I know the world won’t end, but I’m just saying this to make the world a better place. Sincerely, Your endangered Pandas

A Poem of Boaters By: Ananya

Man then tried to use energy of the air By using a cloth to trap air in the mast He spent less of his energy,

As a boater, when the big ships at sea I see, I wonder What may have been their journey? Standing on the river side My eyes proved to be my guide. The ships today are made of metals, Can you imagine they were first made of

which was fair, With wind energy he could move fast. The problem, The mast was ripped by wind and torn In another hundred years Steam energy was born. Man used water, fire and coal Because to move long distances quickly Was his goal. Soon man found oil

Wood and petals.

whose energy saved him much toil.

The boats which now travel around the world,

The oil one day will exhaust Pollution that it causes is vast

Could not even travel within a city, They were pushed or pulled by man,

Only permanent energy source is the sun

The modern ones work on electricity.

It is harmless

The boats long ago were very weak

Oh boaters !!!

The boats now are powerful and sleek.

Let us harvest it and have fun!!

The boats long ago floated with the river They had no energy They used the energy of flow of water. Man tried to use a stick or a pole But found that he had little control.

Dear Boaters, I am the ocean that is polluted. Did you know that the boat engine pollutes me? You are making me sick. I was clean but you boaters polluted me so I am dirty. Mostly the fish died because of the boaters. The boaters throw their rubbish into the ocean and the acid rain pollutes the ocean. There also is a Garbage Island in the ocean. You boaters drop poisonous rubbish into the ocean. The marine animals die because of the poisonous rubbish. Humans make more cars in the factories. The car releases carbon dioxide. These cars pour oil into the ocean and it is hard to clean the ocean again. You humans like to travel with your boats and these engines pollute the ocean while it is running. If you use too many boats the ocean is going to be even more polluted. Sincerely, Polluted ocean

By: Su Sung

Dear Humans,

By Jordyn Kindness I was there when the skies were blue, the clouds were white and all animals existed. The world was beautiful and peaceful .But in 1872, the clouds where angry because they were filled with your poisonous coal smoke, causing them to cry out in pain. Their tear drops were filled with acid and that made acid rain causing pollution. Animals like the Chinese river dolphin and Woolly mammoths became extinct because of you and your factories. It kept getting worse. Coal factories like the Peabody Energy Company caused more Co2 to enter the atmosphere. It created so much smoke that I could barely breathe. I can only take in so much CO2, you see. It becomes harder and harder for us trees to survive. I thought it would get better eventually but, suddenly noises became louder. This was not normal. And before I knew it a blade went straight through me. It was very sharp and oh so painful. What remains of me is only a small little stump. I am no longer treated with respect. STOP it! Stop it now! I am mad and if you wish to find me, I’m in the filthy rubbish bin. I was made into paper. Than every little piece of paper was wasted by the greedy humans that rarely recycle me. Oh please stop this, I’m tired and upset. Leave us in peace please. We can’t give oxygen when we are slaughtered down. Help us and we will help you. I’m not as bright and big as I was before; for I am small as a clip board and as light as a feather. I have been reduced to just a small piece of paper. Sincerely, What’s left of me.

Trees By: Farhah Dear Lumber Jacks,


have something to tell you. I need to tell

you about the factories in the woods. Sometime when you cut trees down you don’t make things right. If you able to cut trees, I don’t mind, it’s just that when you cut all trees or only one, we don’t have oxygen and the trees give people oxygen. If you cut all the trees, it might be worse.


f you cut it down, you can plant another

one, you can make oxygen for all the humans and they can be alive. You will make people alive and make them feel happy. As you can see, you know what you’re doing to the trees. If


umber Jacks, if you cut some trees, I

know you make houses, paper, timber, bridges, accessories, music instrument, gates, bamboo, chairs and furniture’s, But when you do a right thing you can make people happy.


I turned around, my family was chopped.

By: Nhat Linh

I didn’t know what to do.

When I was a little tree

Just standing there like a statue.

And I was the only one left,

Everything I saw was so beautiful. Animals and children’s came to me,

I can take up a ton of carbon dioxide

Swinging, jumping, and playing around.

Then releasing the oxygen for people to breathe.

I am always friendly to everyone who I’ve met or see

And without out me, no one can breathe. No one can make a shelter for their homes anymore

I and my family helped so many people and creatures,

The earth will be nothing without me.

Small or big we could still help.

For I am one of the 20,000 species of trees in the world.

Helping them with making shelters for them to live, We help everyone to breathe.

Stop killing me and my family,

I was always proud of myself for being a tree

And also all the other trees on the earth We’ve lived here for so many years There are going to be less and less of us,

As I grew and grew, everything had changed.

If you keep on killing us.

A stranger came to the forest. My family yelled and screamed Then suddenly I heard the sound of the “brumm”

Children’s, adults anyone help me Recycle, re-use, and reduce us. Plant more of us instead of killing us.

Trees in Crises By: Jack Langston

Dear Lumber Jacks,

Hi, I’m Branchy and very sad because you keep on cutting my friends and I down.

We give you oxygen for you to breathe. If you must cut us down remember to plant more of us when you tear us down. If you chop us down and don’t replant us we will be completely destroyed.

So you can help save us ultimately stop deforestation. When you log us down you have to replant us so we can grow again. Sincerely, Branchy

Trees By: Vincent

Dear Lumberjacks, Hi my name is Viney Junior. I’m not happy that you have to log us down. We give you oxygen. You could log us down but you have to plant trees afterwards. Some of you just care about wood not the environment. If you keep logging down wood we will have no oxygen to breath. We know you need wood but still prevent deforestation. Lumberjacks (like you) cut us down for the fun of it. Logging, logging and logging is all they do. They don’t plant new one so there will be no more trees. If there are no more trees then there is no more oxygen for us. We can’t stop the lumberjacks. If we do then more lumberjacks start to log down more trees and will be distributed to other countries. Money and money is what they do it for. Nothing can stop the nasty lumberjacks. Here we are, all alone in the forest. I hope you can make a difference.

Sincerely, Viney Junior

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