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Date of Birth: 08-12-1936 Date of Death: 28-02-2010 Birthplace: Balčiuose, Raseiniųrajone (Lithuania) Nationality: Lithuanian Job: prose writer, translator

Ana Sofia Silva


Works (some examples): •Flowering bee bread (1963) •Hogs running the horizon (1970) •Body Voice of clothing stories (1991) Prize: National Culture and Art Prize in 2005

Curiosities: All characters of J. Aputis, regardless of their age, background and profession, are being led by mystery of existence, laws of universality of the living completeness and the existential disquiet. Quotes by Aputis: “Every life is like an overloaded ship: even the smallest disturbance will make it overturn.”


Date of birth: 05-06-1898 Date of death: 19-08-1936 Birthplace: Fuente Vaqueros, Andaluzia Nationality: Spanish Job: A Spanish poet, drama playwright and theatre director Works (some examples): Quimera – 1930 (theatre) Ode a Salvador Dalí – 1926 (Poetry) Canciones (Songs), published in 1927 Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding) in 1933, Yerma in 1934 Curiosities: Federico Lorca was an activis tof the Republic and left wing. In 1936 Lorca found himself caught in the middle of the Spanish Civil War. He was shot without trial by supporters of General Francisco Franco on August 19 or 20, 1936, in Granada. Quotes by Lorca: “The dream and hope are two tranquilizers that nature provides to humans.” "I always stand beside those who have nothing".

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FRANZ KAFKA Date of Birth: 03-07-1883 Date of death: 03-06-1924 Birthplace: Prague Nationality: Czech Job: Insurance officer, factory manager, novelist, short story writer Works (some examples): The Trial The Castle The Metamorphosis

Curiosities: He suffered from migraines, insomnia, constipation, boils, and other ailments, all usually brought on by excessive stresses and strains. He attempted to counteract all of this by a regimen of naturopathic treatments, such as a vegetarian diet and the consumption of large quantities of unpasteurized milk. Despite all that, his tuberculosis worsened; he returned to Prague, then went to Dr. Hoffmann sanatorium for treatment, where he died on June 3, 1924 Quotes by Kafka: "There are two cardinal sins from which all others spring: Impatience and Laziness" “Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.�

Prize: Literature Nobel (2006) Curiosity: Nobel prize-winning Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk fulfilled his dream of opening the Museum of Innocence as portrayed in his 2008 novel of the same name in the Çukurcuma neighborhood in Istanbul. The museum displays real and fabricated artifacts from everyday Turkish life between 1950 and 2000, in homage both to the novel and to Pamuk’s beloved native city. Quotes by Pamuk: “I don’t want to be a tree, I want to be its meaning.” “I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.” “Painting taught literature to describe.”

Date of birth: 07-06-1952 Birthplace: Istanbul (Turkey) Nationality: Turkish Job: novelist and screenwriter Works (some examples): The White Castle (1985) The New Life (1995) Snow (2002)


Date of birth: 24-09-1943 Date of death: 25-03-2012 Birthplace: Vecchiano (Italy) Nationality: Italian Job: writer, Language and Literature Portuguese teacher Works (some examples): The dark angel (1991) Night Indian (1984) Porto Pim Wife’s (1983)


Prizes: French Prize “Médicis étranger” Campiello Prize Curiosities: He loved being and living in Portugal very much and used to spend and live six months of the year in Lisbon with his wife. He taught Portuguese Language and Literature at the University of Siena, Italy. He was a great admirer of Fernando Pessoa. Quotes by Tabucchi: “As a writer, I’ve always been interested in others.” “Personally I don’t trust Literature that soothes people’s consciences.” “I have always been drawn by tormented people full of contradictions.”


STANISLAW LEM Date of birth: 12-09-1921 Date of death: 27-03-2006 Birthplace: Krakow (Poland) Nationality: Polish Job: essayist, philosopher, scientific fiction writer Works: Solaris (1961) His Master’s Voice (1968) Fiasco (1987) Prize: Literary Prize (1973)

Curiosity: In his book Solaris he wrote about the futility of the attempts to communicate with E.T. As a science fiction writer he portrays the technological future of humanity in his works. Quotes by Lem: “A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance”. “Faith is, at one and the same time, absolutely necessary and altogether impossible.” “Good books tell the truth, even when they are about things that never have been and never will be. They are truthful in a different way.”

Prize: Literature Nobel (1998)

Date of birth: 16-11-1922. Date of death: 18-06-2010 Birthplace: Azinhaga (Portugal) Nationality: Portuguese Job: novelist, storyteller, playwright, poet Works (some examples): The Gospel according to Jesus Christ (1991) Blindness (1995) Convent Memorial (1982)


Curiosity: His personal opinions about religion caused many controversies. In 1992, the Portuguese Government ordered the removal of his book “The Gospel according to Jesus Christ” from the European Literary Prize’s short list claiming that the content of the book was religiously offensive. Quotes by “Being a writer is a measure to understand the world.” “I think we are all blind. Blind people who can see but do not see.” “Reading is probably another way of being in a place.”

Writers exhibition  
Writers exhibition  

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