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PUBLISHER: Phoenix Creative Communication for the Val de Vie HOA EDITOR: Jaime-Lee van Sittert ADVERTISING SALES: Jaime-Lee van Sittert (021) 422 4445 / 0721711979 Nokuthula Ngwane ACCOUNTS MANAGER: Louise Martin DESIGN & LAYOUT: Louise Martin Kurt Levendal HOA EDITOR: CarlĂŠ Geldenhuys FRONT COVER: Karen Winter The Grapevine magazine focuses on the Val De Vie Estate. It is mailed on behalf of the homeowners association to residents and landowners. It is published in collaboration with several freelance companies and does not necessarily portray the opinions of these companies. Please send inquiries to 1



Grapevine Communication

Chairman’s Desk From the

Dear Homeowner, We realise we could probably never communicate

a long term, holistic landscaping plan for the river

Planning on these initiatives has progressed

enough, but our communication should be

front and we are glad to see that the farm is being

well and we will communicate the results in due

effective and accurate. Up until now, we have

aesthetically integrated with the rest of the Estate.


such as our website, the quarterly Val de Vie

Both farm owners agreed to a servitude right of

During August we experienced unusual heavy

Magazine, the quarterly Val de Vie Grapevine

way for the homeowners going to and from the

rainfall in a short period of time and according to

Publication, weekly emails to residents, four

pre-school, in between the two farms and down to

the weather bureau, 52mm of rain was recorded

question and answer sessions and formal letters

the river. This provides a third access path to the

in Paarl during a 24 hour period and this created 1

from time to time. To assist us administratively,

river. The HOA has paved this road and it will be

in 20 flood conditions. We experienced moderate

and to communicate in a more customer-

opened for homeowners by the end of September

damage to three points on the electric fence but

friendly manner, we are installing an interactive

to use for walking, jogging, cycling and horse

no damage to the thermal cameras. All thermal

homeowner’s portal, which will contain online


cameras continued to function properly and there

relied on traditional methods of communication,

access to levy and water accounts, interest polls,

was no disruption in our security monitoring. We

the Estate calendar and many other easy friendly

China made their first investment in the South

would not have expected the storm water system


African wine industry when the Developer sold the

to cope with such amounts of water, but we have

Val de Vie wine cellar, historic manor house and

nevertheless identified a few areas where we will

We are extremely proud to announce that Val

25 hectares of vineyards to Perfect Wines of South

enlarge the drainage pipes. This will be done in

de Vie was once again named as the Best

Africa. Read more about this exciting venture in

summer, and will open up the system to handle

Development at the annual International Property

the Wine and Dine section on page 19.

more water.

of Development of Multiple Units and Leisure

The continuous maintenance, expansion and

The incredible extent of building activity on

Development. This is the second consecutive

development of our infrastructure (e.g. roads,

the Estate, positive reports and feedback from

year that Val de Vie received the award for the

water networks, sewerage system and building)

homeowners and potential buyers, promising

Best Development in the category of Multiple Unit

are of utmost importance to ensure that the

new developments and joint ventures, and


immaculate standard and quality of the Estate’s

internationally acclaimed property prizes are only

infrastructure is upheld and expanded.

a few of the reasons that we are so optimistic and

Awards for 2013. This relates to the categories

The increased interest and demand for properties

excited about the future of the Estate.

on the Estate is a positive result of the successful

The infrastructure sub-committee meets monthly

management of Val de Vie as a world class Estate.

and oversees and monitors the work of the

We know that the success of this Estate is

To date, a total number of 229 homes have been

maintenance teams. The committee identified

dependent on the enthusiasm and harmonious

completed and approximately 84 projects are

three strategic goals for the year to come:

co-operation of all homeowners and other

currently under construction on the Estate. A

1. Alternative green energy resources must be

stakeholders. No marketing effort can beat the

number of large 1200m2 homes are planned for

employed on a large scale to reduce electricity

collective voice of positive homeowners. The

the near future. This will increase the property

costs. Research with solar contractors and

trustee and management’s efforts should therefore

negotiations with Drakenstein are in progress.

continuously support higher levels of trust in the

values of all of the homes on the Estate and will contribute to the luxurious feel and superior quality of building works, which the Estate is known for.

2. A comprehensive water management plan will be implemented. This will hopefully result

administration and create a greater joy of living here.

in the Estate saving enough irrigation water to We are pleased to see that the owners of Valentia

re-direct an allocation of our irrigation water to


Farm are developing and landscaping the 25

homeowners for private garden use.

Morne Bosch

hectare land, which remained undeveloped until they bought it in 2012. They are now implementing

3. A fibre optic internet solution for each residential home is planned.


Grapevine Features


Val de Vie

live il

This winter, Val de Vie produced a top quality, extra virgin olive oil from the first harvest of our very own olive trees. The word quickly spread and our delicious olive oil was on everyone’s lips. We even received requests from people outside of the Estate to purchase their own bottle, but we decided it should remain exclusive to Val de Vie. A total of four cultivars from the Estate were used to produce the olive oil, namely: Frantoio, Leccino, Manzanilla and Mission. The olive oil was extracted by House of Olives via the cold extraction method and was bottled and labelled on Val de Vie Estate. After doing some research on the health benefits of olive oil, I was proud to realise Val de Vie ticked all the right boxes when considering the definition of a top quality product. Each bottle contains pure olive oil obtained directly from the olives and therefore has a richer taste. The opaque bottle is also significant, allowing less light and heat to destroy the vitamin E content of the oil. We are extremely excited and optimistic to see what our next harvest will produce!

Interesting Olive facts: 1. The oldest olive trees in the world are between 2000 and 3000 years old. 2. Green and purple olives do not represent different types of olives, all olives start out green and then turn purple as they ripen. 3. One litre of olive oil is produced from pressing 5 - 8 kilograms of olives. 4. Olives are considered fruit so olive oil is therefore technically fruit juice. 5. Olive oil is high in mono-unsaturated fat, which helps lower a person’s cholesterol levels when used in moderation.


Grapevine Features

A ngling C lub Val de Vie

One of the many important resources at Val de Vie are our lakes, which form the main backbone of the irrigation system and offer homeowners the opportunity to fish within the boundaries of the Estate, on a catch and release basis. An angling club has now been established under the auspices of Val de Vie resident Pieter van der Merwe. The main objective of the club is to bring together all residents interested in fishing and, at the same time, establish a support group which will assist in maintaining this asset. The first meeting was held and many enthusiastic residents showed interest. A strategy for implementation has been compiled and the Estate is sure to benefit. The first objective of the angling club will be to establish the present condition of our dams and the corrective actions that need to be taken. We then need to establish the current stock of fish in the dams. It will be interesting to log all catches and thereby achieve an accurate data base. Stock can then be adjusted accordingly. We are currently awaiting the re-stock of Lake Moritz with Grass Carp to control the infestation of unwanted weeds. These are sterile fish introduced under license from Water Affairs and are sure to resolve the problems we have in this particular lake. Please contact Pieter van der Merwe if you have any queries or if you would like to assist in this endeavour.


Grapevine Events and Media

A nemi &ZeÁ n Val de Vie Full Coordination hosted the beautiful Wedding of Anemi and Zeán in March. Attended by 200 guests, it was a wonderful celebration and we are so excited to share some lovely photos of their special day. The ceremony took place in the Franschhoek NG Kerk and afterwards the guests made their way to Val de Vie for pre-dinner drinks and canapés on the terrace overlooking the polo fields. They were entertained by the jazzy tunes of the talented Werner Denner. The reception soon followed in the ballroom, which boasted spectacular décor design. The use of soft flower arrangements in shades of white and green, as well as elegant elements of glass and crystal made for a magical ambience. Celebrations began with starters, speeches and a mouthwatering main course. After the couple opened the dance floor, guests were treated to a scrumptious dessert station and wedding cake made by talented Kanya Hunt. Val de Vie Full Coordination would like to thank each service professional for their part in making the couple’s day so special. What an amazing couple and celebration. We are honoured to have been part of your wedding day!


Grapevine Events and Media

P ink Polo B lack B erry

Glam up and get ready to look gorgeous in your “Shoes and Shades�; the official dress code of the annual BlackBerry Pink Polo! Val de Vie Estate is hosting the fourth BlackBerry Pink Polo on Saturday the 26th of October 2013. This chic event is held in aid of Reach for Recovery, a programme that offers support to breast cancer patients and their families. Coordinated and owned by Val de Vie Events and Edith Unlimited, BlackBerry Pink Polo has become an increasingly popular event on the South African social calendar. BlackBerry has been the headline sponsor of Pink Polo since the launch of the event, helping to raise awareness about breast cancer. This year Pink Polo is introducing two new ticket offerings, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the beauty of Val de Vie and support a worthy cause.



Val de Vie Estate

Grapevine Events and Media Pink Polo Market - R50 per person Indulge in delectable goods on sale at the Pink Polo Market, accompanied by the exciting polo match and the sounds of some of the best local musicians.

Pink Polo Drive In - R1 500 (one car with 5 guests) Discover the polo tradition of tailgating. Park your car next to the polo field and be pampered by your own personal butler for the day. With unrivalled views of the polo action, you and your guests will be able to bring in your own sumptuous designer picnic or go shopping at the Pink Polo Market. Due to liquor license laws, alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the facilities located on site.

Pink Polo Pavilion - R380 per person This is the ticket we all know and love. Offering general access to the Polo Pavilion, it includes a high tea, an arrival drink, fun activities such as celebrity wooden horse challenges, best dressed competitions, lucky draws, a fashion show, pop-up stores, a gift bag and much more. Homeowners will be receiving a discounted rate at R350 per ticket should they purchase ten or more. Please contact to reserve your tickets or for more information.

Ticket details:


Grapevine Events and Media

NataniËl’s visit to

Val de Vie Estate

We were thrilled to host Nataniël at the Val de Vie Estate this August. As one of South Africa’s favorite entertainers, Nataniël held two unforgettable shows which were packed with laughter, fun and plenty of smiles. The evening show included ample singing and storytelling in true Nataniël fashion. Guests enjoyed a glass of wine and delicious canapés before entering the ballroom, where they relished the experience with Nataniël. The following morning’s show started with bubbly and breakfast for the guests, followed by Nataniël’s Leefstyl Show. He offered a variety of tips, ideas and inspiration about decor, colour and food, as well as insight into the history of dining and etiquette.


Grapevine Events and Media




Grapevine Events and Media

Brandy Fridays We have found a great way to beat the winter

Visitors took advantage of the Polo Club

blues with Brandy Fridays at Val de Vie, a

Restaurant’s fantastic ‘two courses for the price

unique opportunity to enjoy live music and

of one’ special and to top it off, a selection of

exceptional brandy at the Polo Club Restaurant.

delicious, designer cocktails were on offer such

Brandy Fridays were held every Friday from the

as Klipdrift Gold Coffee and Van Ryn’s Decadent

16th of August to the 20th of September. The

Hot Chocolate.

events, coordinated by Val de Vie Events and sponsored by Fine Brandy by Design, boasted

Visit the Val de Vie Estate Facebook page to

a collection of premium brandies, that include

view some recipes for these incredible cocktails

Oude Meester Demant, Van Ryn’s 12 Year Old

and keep an eye on the Val de Vie Calendar to

Distillers Reserve, Klipdrift Gold, Flight of the

avoid missing out on exciting, upcoming events.

Fish Eagle and Collison’s White Gold. The talented Gerald Clark kept guests entertained in August and Jason Reolon dazzled the stage at the beginning of September.


Grapevine Events and Media


Grapevine Wine & Dine

Wine lending B

As you know, Val de Vie Wines offer something

Firstly, we tasted the various cultivars and scored

very few Estates do. We give our homeowners

each of them according to colour, nose and

the unique opportunity to blend their very own

flavour. The highest scoring wine then became

wine from our fantastic cultivars in the cellar. It

the base of the blend, after which we used the

was a great privilege to host Clifford and Myrna

other cultivars as “filler” wines. “Filler” wines

van der Venter, Dr. Ernest Messina and his wife

are used to add another dimension to where the

Sally together with celebrity Chef Reuben Riffel.

other cultivars lack. This is a basic principle of

This interesting event took place in the winery,

blending. The blenders were astounded when

where we tasted the various cultivars, which are

we used the lowest scoring component to lift the

also used in crafting the wonderful Val de Vie

profile of the wine.

wines that you enjoy.

What we discovered from the tasting is that lesser known varieties definitely have a place in South Africa, with the Mourvèdre and the Cinsaut scoring the highest. Chef Reuben Riffel was so impressed by the blending that we are looking into bottling these single varietals, making them more accessible to the general public. I would like to thank Mr and Mrs Van Der Venter for a fantastic, red-stained-mouth Friday morning. Definitely one I will not forget any time soon! Harold Versfeld


Grapevine Wine & Dine



During June 2013, China made their first investment in the South African wine industry, when the Developer sold the Val de Vie wine cellar, historic manor house and 25 hectares of vineyards to Perfect Wines of South Africa. Perfect Wines is a joint venture that was formed in 2011 between prominent Franschhoek wine farm owner, Hein Koegelenberg of Leopard’s Leap and Perfect China in Yangzhou. The L’Huguenot brand was born from this joint venture and has already been responsible for the export of 2.8 million bottles of wine to China in 2011 and 2012; amounting to about 25% of the total annual South African wine exports to China. This will have a positive effect on job creation in the Winelands, effectively positioning Val de Vie as a central role player. This will also bring large contingents of possible property buyers to the Estate. These developments boost the international stature and reach of the Val de Vie brand, and we have already received global exposure on media channels such as CCTV and CNBC, as well as in all major newspapers in South Africa. The joint venture will also expand the maturation cellar and there are plans to build a complete Huguenot Museum at the Old Manor house, reflecting the L’Huguenot brand and the Val de Vie Estate with its French heritage dating back to 1783. Val de Vie Wines will continue to produce its premium Rhône-style wines, which have seen tremendous growth in the past three years and Ryk Neethling shall continue to act as brand ambassador for the Estate wines. The Val de Vie wine tasting room and sales shall continue to operate from the wine bar area in the Polo Club Restaurant and we invite every resident to treat your guests to a wine tasting and lovely meal.





Eldatil Bacon R49 Bread Salad R45 Croutons, Tomato, Cucumber, Feta and Herb Salad Dressing Recommended wine: Polo Club Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Pitted Dates Wrapped in Crispy Bacon with a Creamy Danish Blue Cheese sauce. Recommended wine: Val de Vie Shiraz 2008

Peri-Peri Chicken Livers


Prawn and Avocado CrĂŞpe


Crumbed Peri-Peri Chicken Livers topped with Parmesan Shavings Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC 2008

Spicy Prawn and Avocado CrĂŞpe with a Harrissa Chilli Sauce Recommended wine: Val de Vie Ryk Neethling 2010

Soup if the Day R46

Beetroot Salad R54

Roasted Beetroot, Butternut, Marinated Feta and Red Wine Dressing. Recommended wine: Polo Club Cabernet Franc 2011

Calamari Salad R74

Cajun Deep-Fried Calamari Tubes on a Green Salad Bed, Tossed in Dijon Vinaigrette. Recommended wine: Polo Club Chenin Blanc 2012


Pumpkin Risotto (V) R82

Enquire by your waiter

Pumpkin, Feta, Tomato and Garlic with Rich Creamed Arborio Rice Recommended wine: Polo Club Craftsman 2008

LIGHT MEALS Pork Tortilla Wrap R68

Crispy Pork Belly and Pineapple and Feta Tortilla Wrap served with Chips Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC 2008

Smoked Chicken Tramezzini

Smoked Chicken and Avocado Trammezini with Chips or a Salad Recommended wine: Polo Club Chenin Blanc 2012


Snack Platter R79

Chicken Wings, Vegetable Springrolls, Fish Fingers, Crumbed Mushrooms, Chips, Humus and Sweet Chilli Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC 2008

Beef Burger R75

Juicy Beef with Caramelized Onions, Emmanthaler Cheese, Chips and Mustard Mayonnaise Recommended wine: Val de Vie Ryk Neethling 2010

Chicken Wontons R47

Spicy Chicken and Mushroom Wontons served with Soy-Ginger Dipping sauce Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC 2008

Chicken Kiev R122

Chicken Breast Fillet, Stuffed Cabernet Franc with Garlic Butter and Herbs 2010 Served with Parmesan Risotto, Vegetables and Mushroom Sauce Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC 2008

Thai Chicken Curry R110

Creamy Coconut Curry served with Jasmine rice, Chutney and a Poppadum Recommended wine: Polo Club Cabernet Franc 2011

White Wine Linefish R110

Tender Fish Fillet Baked in Foil with Onion, Tomato and Thyme served a baked potato and Vegetables Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC 2008

Lamb Tagine R145

Tender Lamb and Chick peas stewed in a Mild Curry sauce Served with Minted Couscous and Yoghurt Recommended wine: Val de Vie 1783 - 2007

Beef Wellington R150

250g Beef fillet and Mushroom Duxelle Baked in Puff Pastry Served with Braised Carrots, Green Beans and Potato Puree Recommended wine: Val de Vie Shiraz 2008




Shoestring Fries R21 SautĂŠed Seasonal Vegetables R21 Leafy Greek Salad R21

Toasted Cheese and Tomato sandwich


Bambino (Small Margarita)


Deep Fried Chicken Goujons and Fries Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce


PASTA Butternut Pasta R59


Roasted Butternut, Garlic, and Spaghetti Tossed in Olive Oil with Parmesan Shavings Recommended wine: Polo Club Chenin Blanc 2012


Beef Napolitano R74

Belgium Chocolate Springrolls and Vanilla Ice Cream R45

Beef, Penne Pasta, Napolitano with Chili and Peppers Recommended wine: Val de Vie Shiraz 2008

Chicken and Bacon Pasta Chicken, Bacon in a Creamy Blue Cheese sauce Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC 2008

Brandy and Coke Malva Pudding with Vanilla Custard R45 R69

Cake Selection R40 Enquire with Waitron

Restaurant Operating hours. PIZZA

Monday : Closed

Margarita R59 Favorita R92

Tuesday : 10:00 - 16:002 0 1 0

Cabernet Franc

Bacon, Feta and Avocado Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC 2008

Wednesday : 10:00 - 22:00

Chicken, Avocado, Caramelised Onions, Mushrooms Recommended wine: Polo Club Chenin Blanc 2012

Friday : 10:00 - 22:00

Gallino R89

Mexicana R82 Mince, Garlic, Onion, Chillies and Peppers Recommended wine: Val de Vie Chenin Blanc 2012

Four Seasons R82

Olives, Mushrooms, Feta and Peppers Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC 2008

Tutto-Carne R120 Salami, Bacon, Ham and Chicken Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC 2008

Parma R120

Rocket, Avocado, Parma Ham and Balsamic Cream Recommended wine: Polo Club Craftsman 2008

Thursday : 10:00 - 16:00

Saturday : 10:00 - 22:00 Sunday : 10:00 - 16:00 Sunday Buffet R 150p/p The Polo Club restaurant now offers a Sunday Buffet. Menu varies every week but always offers a Meat, Chicken and Fish option. Accompanied with a range of side dishes, salads and soup. A separate kiddies menu is also available.

Grapevine Wine and Dine

CELLAR DOOR PRICE LIST (All wines subject to availability, VAT inclusive)


Become a member of the Val de Vie Wine Club and earn 10% loyalty points with Legacy Lifestyle on all wines and restaurant purchases. Points are redeemable on your next purchase at Val de Vie Wines OR at the Polo Club Restaurant (1 point per R10.00 spent. 1 point equals R1.00) with Exclusive Gold membership to the Legacy Lifestyle programme. Membership also includes free delivery of wine orders to all major centres in South Africa for orders in multiples of 12 bottles and requires no membership or joining fees. Members receive a monthly Val de Vie Wines Newsletter and information about special offers and invitations to exclusive Wine Club evenings and special events. To remain an active wine club member, a minimum of 24 bottles of wine need to be purchased per year. If you would like to register as a member, please ask a waiter for assistance or visit the Wine page on We look forward to welcoming you as a member.



Polo Club Filly Rose 2012 Peaches, Apricots, Strawberries and cream on the nose. Tart fruits and bubblegum on the palate. Soft yet crisp acid, together with an alcohol of only 10.5%, makes this an ideal summer wine.

R 45.00

Polo Club Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Green fig, cut gras and peppers compliment the tropical flavours of gooseberry, melon and passion fruit. Crisp, yet balanced acid carries and finishes this full bodied wine.

R 65.00

Polo Club Chenin Blanc 2012 Ripe sweet melon and guava entices the nose. Crisp acid, minerality and rounded mouthfeel adds another dimension to this well crafted wine.

R 65.00

Polo Club Craftsman 2008 34% Mourvèdre, 25% Shiraz, 15% Grenache Noir, 13% Carignan, 13% Cinsaut A burst of red fruit: red berries, strawberries and cherries with nuances of well integrated oak.

R 70.00

Polo Club Cabernet Franc 2011 Blackcurrants, red currants and spice fill the glass. Delicate flavours of red fruits and fynbos.

R 90.00

VAL DE VIE Val de Vie GVC 2008 50% Grenache Blanc, 30% Viognier, 20% Clairette Blanche Turkish delight, Citrus Zest and Wildflowers fill the glass. Fresh and zippy acidity compliments the oak, not overpowering the subtle fruit flavours. Platter **** star | Silver - IWSC

R 135.00

Val de Vie Ryk Neethling 2010 56% Shiraz, 20% Mourvedre, 13% Carignan, 7% Grenache, 4% Cinsaut Black currant, red fruit and spice fill the glass. Hints of vanilla and oak flavours. Well-rounded mouth feel with subtle wood influence. A medium to full-bodied wine that finishes well on the back palate.

R 135.00

Val de Vie Shiraz 2008 Violet flower, nuances of sweet caramel and white chocolate aromas define the diversity of a truly exceptional cultivar. These are complemented by dark fruit aromas. Platter **** star | Silver (Best in class) - IWSC

R 155.00

Val de Vie 1783 - 2007 50% Mourvèdre, 20% Shiraz, 15% Grenache Noir, 10% Carignan, 5% Cinsaut Wine has a deep and rich colour. On the nose you get dark fruits, perfume and warm spices. Elegance and tannins combine to give a full, yet not overpowering mouth feel, with bursts of ripe fruit and balanced oak. Acidity carries the through the whole pallet, and gives a long and lingering finish Platter **** 1/2 star | Gold - IWSC

R 250.00

Val de Vie 2006 60% Mourvèdre, 20% Shiraz, 7% Carignan, 7% Grenache Noir, 6% Cinsaut Deeply garnet coloured. Fresh, big sweet cassis berry with some floral nuances, and mulberry and plumy fruit flavours, rich and aromatic on new oak. The palate is lush, soft and silky. Platter ****1/2 star

R 495.00

BARISTA Pinotage 2009 A burst of intense rich coffee and chocolate aromas with ripe nuances of mulberry, plum &Maraschino cherries.

address Val De Vie Estate Polo Pavilion R301 Paarl 7620


post PO BOX 6223 Paarl 7646

tel +27 (0) 21 863 6100

fax +27 (0) 21 863 2741

R 60.00


Grapevine Wine and Dine


The Filly’s


... comprise of a group of like-minded women whose main objective is to make a difference in communities that need it the most in our beautiful country.We provide humanitarian services and create awareness in support of our various charities. We are a non-profit association and arrange and manage various annual charity events to raise money to assist with our many community projects.


We are also on Facebook so please “like” our page to receive updated information regarding our charity’s, sponsors and events.

Calling f or next proj shoeboxes for ou r ect Please de . liver to H 2 VdV bef ore 8 No 00 at v ’13.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who attended our Solar Solutions sponsored Madhatters High Tea held on Saturday, 31st August at the Polo Club. Your support was incredible in every respect. The donations of clothes, shoes, books, toys, food parcels and linen will bring hope to so many people in our Valley and the many donations and positive interest in our recently launched “Light of Love Project” was truly overwhelming. Wow! Thank you from all of us at The Filly’s and the people whose lives you have touched by supporting this wonderful event. Our “Light of Love Project” is a 2 month long plan aimed at providing 745 pupils at Amstelhof Primary School in Paarl each with a gift wrapped shoebox containing much needed items. Should you wish to become involved by sponsoring boxes or donating funds towards this project, please refer to our editorial information below on the school, their urgent needs and the project. SAVE THE DATE for the 3rd Annual Vegas Nights Fund Raiser: Friday, the 9th May 2014 Dress the Decade : Sensational Issue 1 Grapevine 45 60’s - Think Modern Monochromania, Glamorous and Sexy to Flirty, Fun and Fiesty.

Grapevine Social & Community

Light ove

L Project



They have one set of clothes for every sports team

shoebox wrapped in gift paper for each child at

which was held in August, was an outstanding

and these are changed from team to team on the

the school. The contents of the box will be similar

success and on behalf of everyone who received

day. They have very old, damaged and broken

to that of other projects that run at this time of

donations of toys, clothing, food parcels, linen,

sports equipment, with a mere 5 rugby balls

the year. We understand that it’s a challenge to

shoes and many other items, a huge thank you for

between them.

source and secure 750 boxes in two months,






but we believe in your support and know that it is

their support and generosity. Over and above the donations, the High Tea was wonderful in every

These children don’t know the stories of Snow


regard and we once again thank Solar Solutions

White or other childhood characters as most of the

for partnering with us and sponsoring the event.

children’s parents are drug addicts or alcoholics.

Should you wish to become involved in this

Many have never had a book read to them outside

project, please email us at:

The High Tea event was held in aid of Amstelhof

of school. Whilst the school has prepared a space

Primary School and we took the opportunity to

for a library, they don’t have books to fill it with.

number of boxes you would like to sponsor

briefly introduce the school to the guests.

This is the first year the Department of Education

and prepare, where-after the specific details

have supplied them with text books, but these

of contents, age and gender for the boxes will

The school has 745 learners from Gr.R – Gr.7

children don’t have bags or cases in which to

be outlined. The cost per box must be limited to

and is surrounded by a squatter camp, where

carry them.

R150.00 please.

65% of the parents are unemployed. For many of

The list of needs is endless, so we have created a

If you would prefer to donate funds for us to

the pupils, the only meal they receive is one from

list of short-term goals to help make an immediate

prepare the boxes on your behalf, please send

Amstelhof School, which is prepared by volunteers

difference to their lives.

an EFT to “The Fillys Club”, Standard Bank, Paarl




the majority of the learners reside. Approximately

Mall, Account # 374 722 870 and send your Proof

from the community. However, the school is in need of funds to pay the weekly wages of the

o Create a proper library with books and DVD’s

of Payment to the above mail address. Thank you

baker, without whom the bakery cannot function.

o Sustain their kitchen and develop skills of the

in advance for your support.


o Supply sporting gear and equipment

volunteers and bakers Claude











o Provide school bags to each learner

provide the children with holistic education and encourages participation in cultural, academic,

Should you have skills and/or the time and are

extramural and sport activities, it is a challenge in

able to assist with any of the needs indicated, or

every aspect. With no schools in the area against

have suggestions or ideas to improve the school,

whom to play competitively, he needs to transport

please contact The Filly’s on:

them to other schools in Paarl and this is where the to become involved.

challenges start – from petrol money and sporting

In addition to this, we launched our very exciting

equipment, to clothes and shoes for the teams.

“Light of Love Project” that aims to provide a


Financed Financed

Solar Solar Solutions Solutions Solutions Warming Warmingup uptotoSavings Savings


Accredited AccreditedbybyESKOM ESKOMononthe theSolar SolarHeating HeatingWater WaterProject Project

theSABS Solar Heating Water Project SABS Approved Approved

Support Support Local Local Suppliers Suppliers

Support Local Suppliers Join Join the the Trend Trend

Join the Trend

Solar Solar Panels Panels

The The hottest hottest thing thing since since the the sun sun

Solar Panels

hottest thing since the sun

Grapevine Social & Community

Going Green ‘Going Green’ – what does it mean? Everybody

care products that use plant-based ingredients,

is talking about it. We thought we would explore

means that you do not absorb harmful

what this term means and how you too can be

petrochemicals and eliminate the occurrence

flaunting the colour Green!

of pesticides being used in the farming and growing process. Making certain products



utilises a lot of energy and by choosing goods

phenomenon describing individuals who use






that are made from green materials, you

their consumer voice to increase sustainability

will help protect our forests and waterways.

and decrease their impact on the environment.’

Clean power, generated through wind and

There are many ways to wear this green badge

solar energy, reduces the demand for energy

of honour. Solar powered lights, solar panels,

polluting sources, such as coal. Choosing to

photovoltaic panels, clocks, chargers and

walk, ride a bicycle or use public transport to

torches are just a few. Then of course you have

get to your destination not only keeps you fit

an entire range of environmentally friendly

but also reduces your carbon footprint. Recycle

building materials, cleaning products, clothes,

everything and help to reduce our landfill sites.

candles, coasters, cell phone accessories,

If we all put more thought into the choices that

folders, handbags, gift boxes, paper, memory

we make every day, we can soon see how one

sticks, mouse pads, paperclips, pencil cases,

person’s actions can truly make a difference.

photo frames…the list goes on and on. There really is no excuse for you not to make small

Financed Solar Solutions’ focus is on solar

changes in your life to affect a massive change

panels used solely for the purpose of heating

in our world.

water. Not only are we giving back to the environment but we are also giving back to

What possible effect would your changes have,

our community. For all clients who mention

you may ask? There are many. By choosing to

the Filly’s Charity Organisation, we will donate

support the local economy, greenhouse gas

R500 to the Filly’s. Let us help you take that

emissions that are required for transport are

next step into the future of free hot water and

significantly reduced. Using green personal

‘warm you up to savings’.


Horse Riding Lessons at Val de Vie Estate

Claudia Carboni is an Internationally Federated Certified horse, adult and child trainer in all areas of competitive dressage, riding and training. Claudia lives at Val de Vie and offers the following lessons: ½ hour riding experience for small children – R130.00

50min Riding Lesson (all levels) – R250.00

50 min Competitive Dressage for intermediate

(mornings only or for appointments)

(own horse – R 200.00)

riders – R 350.00 Starting special: Pay for 9 lessons, receive 10.

Contact Claudia on 076 777 1138 or on


Kinder Ark

Grapevine Social & Community

What an exciting term we have had at the Kinder Ark! We have been blessed with two new princesses! Jessica’s baby Roché arrived first and then the big surprise came with our lovely Tannie Madri having a baby girl! Ameli was born on Friday the 16th of August 2013. Our school is not only an inviting place for all of our children, but also for feathered friends. Eagle Encounters visited us and we met with owls, a hawk and a very large White Cross Eagle. Since then, two Hamerkop birds have moved into the tree outside of our window and

this has been a very interesting and exciting experience. We have been closely watching them build their nest and we really can’t wait to see what they are going to do next. School at Val de Vie is full of positive vibes and unexpected surprises, and we are so excited to write about it! So with our envelope in one hand and a stamp in the other, we all walked down to the Sport and Leisure Centre to post our letters to mom and dad. Apart from all of these activities, we are filled with joy about our upcoming concert and we can’t wait to get dressed up for the big occasion!


Grapevine Social & Community


Grapevine Social & Community

L i B ella

P hotography

Lisa Bouwer 072 825 8791

Thank you Lisa for providing us with great kid’s images in issue 2 and 3.




D N 31

Grapevine Social & Community

Photo Competition

A big thank you to all of the residents who shared their photos with us. Congratulations to Sue Botha for her picture that was taken during the school holidays. This picture perfectly portrays the beauty and serenity of our incredible Estate. The winner of the photo competition will receive a bottle of Polo Club Wine. Winners are to collect their wine from the Sports and Leisure Centre. Mail your photos and captions to:









Tell: 021 880 2335 • Fax: 021 876 2072 • email: • web:


Union Jack Flag

Mori Bokhara

Persian Qashqai


HP-Persian.indd 1


Stellenbosch Square, Shop 5, R44 Stellenbosch, 7900 • 6 The Village Centre, Huguenot Street, Franschoek, 7690



2013/09/16 2:27 PM



Grapevine Social & Community

Grapevine Sport & Leisure


teach your

child to swim

THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES: Best friends Cameron van der Burgh and Giulio Zorzi of South Africa celebrate after the 50m breaststroke final of

the World Swimming Championships at the Sant Jordi arena in Barcelona, Spain.

THE TIME  OF  THEIR  LIVES:  Best  friends  Cameron  van  der  Burgh  and  Giulio  Zorzi  of  S outh  Africa  celebrate  after   the  50m  breaststroke  final  of  the  World  Swimming  Championships  at  the  Sant  Jordi  arena  in  Barcelona,  Spain.

Why teach  your  child  to  swim.    


Safety.    An  unfortunate  statistic  shows  that  drowning  is  the  second  highest  cause  of  death  

An unfortunate statistic shows that drowning is the second highest cause

unintentional in  children  from  the   age  of  one  to  fourteen.   For  your   child's  safety   how involving   to swim, in injuries   a controlled environment with professionals, who

of death involving unintentional injuries in children from the age of one to

guarantee the child educated the best apossible attends swimming   classes  is at  abeing  young  age   and  learns  the  bin asics   of  surviving    fall  into  a  pool.  method.  

and to  alleviate  the  possibility  of  a  water  related  injury,  one  should  make  sure  that  their  child  

fourteen. For your child’s safety and to alleviate the possibility of a water related injury, one should make sure that your child attends swimming

Physical Development.  Swimming  is  a  great  activity  that  aids  in  improving  the  motor  skills   of  children.  Coordination  of  arms  and  legs  that  is  required  when  swimming,  is  the  perfect  way  to  

Personally. help a  child  develop  their  awareness  of  movement.  An  active  child,  who  participates  in  physical  

from dancing  to  football,  will  be  more  coordinated  than  a  child  with  limited  physical   inactivities,   all, I believe that teaching your child how to swim is a life exercise.    

classes at a young age and learns the basics of surviving a fall into a



experience that they will always remember. The first time they swim will be


Fitness.  Teaching  children  about  the  importance  of  fitness  early  in  life  is  incredibly  important.  In  

a time   when  many  and children   in  the  should western  world   are  overweight   due  to   less  physical   activity,  it  is   a fond memory you want to share that wonderful experience essential  to  educate  them  that  keeping  fit  is  a  vital  part  of  a  healthy  lifestyle.  Swimming  is  the  

Physical Development.

with perfect them. I of  myself never the family friend who form   exercise  to  ihave ncrease  fitness   levels,  forgotten as  it  is  one  of  the   best  cclose ardio  vascular   exercises  

Swimming is a great activity that aids in improving the motor skills of

taught me the wonders of swimming!

children. Coordination of arms and legs that is required when swimming, is the perfect way to help a child develop their awareness of movement. An active child, who participates in physical activities, from dancing

one can  do.    

Social Opportunities.  Enrolling  your  child  in  swimming  lessons  is  a  great  way  to  teach  them  

how to  interact  in  a  social  environment.  Most  swimming  classes  are  taught  in  groups,  so  this   provides  an  opportunity  for  children  to  interact  with  each  other  and  participate  in  organised  group   source: activities,  which  will  require  them  to  function  as  a  team.  In  addition  it  provides  opportunities  to   make  new  friends.  

to football, will be more coordinated than a child with limited physical

Confidence.  One  method  that  helps  children  improve  their  confidence  is  allowing  them  the   opportunity  to  learn  and  develop  new  skills.  Swimming  is  one  of  these  skills  that  can  help  instill  a   sense  of  confidence.  Once  a  child  starts  to  see  improvements  in  their  swimming  abilities,  they  will   begin  to  feel  positive  about  their  accomplishments  and  will  gain  even  more  confidence.    


Age. There  are  a  variety  of  different  swimming  programs  available  for  parents  and  children,  which  


cater for  infants  as  young  as  six  months  old,  to  toddlers  and  older  children.  Children  are  never  too   young     to  be  taught  how  to  swim,  in  a  controlled  environment  with  professionals,  who  guarantee  the   child  is  being  educated  in  the  best  possible  method.    

Teaching children about the importance of fitness early in life is incredibly important. In a time when many children in the western world

Personally. All  in  all,  I  believe  that  teaching  your  child  how  to  swim  is  a  life  changing  experience   that  they  will  always  remember.  The  first  time  they  swim  will  be  a  fond  memory  and  you  should   want  to  share  that  wonderful  experience  with  them.  I  myself  have  never  forgotten  the  close  family   friend  who  taught  me  the  wonders  of  swimming!                                              source:                                        

are overweight due to less physical activity, it is essential to educate them that keeping fit is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Swimming is the perfect form of exercise to increase fitness levels, as it is one of the best cardio vascular exercises one can do.

Social Opportunities. Enrolling your child in swimming lessons is a great way to teach them how to interact in a social environment. Most swimming classes are taught in groups, so this provides an opportunity for children to interact with each other and participate in organised group activities, which will require them to function as a team. In addition it provides opportunities to make new friends. Confidence. One method that helps children improve their confidence is allowing them the opportunity to learn and develop new skills. Swimming is one of these skills that can help instill a sense of confidence. Once a child starts to see improvements in their swimming abilities, they will begin to feel positive about their accomplishments and will gain even more confidence. Age. There are a variety of different swimming programs available for parents and children, which cater for infants as young as six months old, to toddlers and older children. Children are never too young to be taught



Grapevine Sport & Leisure

G ym Vitality We are happy to announce that the gym will have the Discovery Vitality system available in October. This will provide the advantageous opportunity for Discovery Vitality members to log gym sessions in order to earn points and get discounts on Discovery medical aid. Happy training!


Grapevine Sport & Leisure



Well done to Chrisjan Coetzee who competed in the 2013 junior and under 23 Canoe /Kayak Sprint World Championships in Welland, Ontario, Canada. He came in 5th place in the Under 23 K1 200m B-Final and achieved an overall 14th place in the competition.


Grapevine Sport & Leisure

CyclingNews Moolman Welgemoed is clearly using his bike

Moolman’s wife Elmare is also a keen cyclist,

and passion to the best of his abilities! His

below is an image of the couple on a tandem

forte is road cycling but he has managed to

bike at the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay cycling tour.

get a few MTB titles under his belt, including the famous Die Burger MTB race in 2010.

Well done Moolman, we are very proud of you!

His results for the last cycling season are as

Be sure to see Moolman in action at the Val de


Vie Cycling Race which will take place on the 24th of November 2013.

26 August 2012: UCI Masters World Champs Pietermaritzburg (13th place) (Austria 2010 – 5th) 21-23 September 2012: MTB -Dr Evil Mountain Bike 3 day stage race Knysna (1st place) January – May 2013: Sub-vets League (2nd place) 24 March 2013: W.P. Road Champs Vets (1st place) 19 April 2013: S.A. Road Champs Vets (2nd place)


Grapevine Sport & Leisure

Africon Rooftiles cc Tel: 021 845 7476 | Email:

Africon Rooftiles cc is your one stop roofing solution. Roof Trusses | Roof Tiles Roof Sheeting | Fibre Cement Products.

We specialise in exposed roof trusses.


Stable Talk

And they’re off! As we swim into the next few months, we will be needing water wings for the polo ponies and players! It has been a very wet and muddy winter and the weather has definitely provided its challenges, but we bought all of Kaap Agri’s gumboots and survived! We have handled more than enough smelly and wet horse blankets to write home about, but hey, we love it, and it’s much better than hubby’s wet socks! I am pleased to announce that our ponies are marching away and we are all starting to get fit again for what promises to be a very exciting season ahead! As we ease into September and hope for some decent sunshine, we have only a few weeks left before we kick off the 2014 polo season! Val de Vie’s Polo Club will open the season with our first set of club chukkas on the 5th of October, the first Saturday of the month. We open up our season of tournaments with the very prestigious Blackberry Pink Polo Tournament, which will be held on the 26th of October, so ladies get your legs tanned, your dresses out and get ready for some fun in the sun! Whilst you were all paddling away here, I was up in Kimberley competing with two of my mares in the annual Kimberley Diamond Showjumping Event. After a very long and tiring 14 hour journey, we arrived safely in the freezing and dusty town. It was a super 3 day show and my girls were fantastic, each bringing home their well deserved rosettes! We would like to welcome the Cleary, Ebbersten, Lewis and MacPhail families joining us with their horses next month, we are so happy to have them and their steeds join our yard. I would like to introduce Janna Strehlau who has joined our Equestrian Team here at Val de Vie and George and I look forward to all working together. Janna is experienced in many equestrian fields including dressage, jumping, eventing, nutrition, saddle fitting and natural horsemanship. We have a full club of polo members and this is bound to be a season of good fun and games! Here’s to the ponies, cheers cheers cheers!!! Kelly and the Team.


Grapevine Stable Talk




We are the new member of our team Peter Rademeyer. Peter comes with over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, as well as Honesty, Integrity and Passion!

HOW CAN WE HE BE OF SERVICE TO YOU? Peter Rademeyer cell: 083 447 1223 email: Sports & Leisure Centre, Val de Vie Estate T: 021 863 6101 42


Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery


Gallery Windows: (NEW)

“4.3.12 All windows shall have as a minimum, one of the following: Raised plaster surround, decorative moulded plaster lintol or a decorative moulded plaster cill on the external face. Such detail is to be shown in sufficient point on any submission. (rule)”

Doors: “4.3.4 Large doors and windows, which are divided by frames into panels of approximately 900mm in width, in the accepted vertical format, will be permitted, where screened or recessed a minimum of 1500mm behind the outer line of a pergola, veranda or other accepted device. (rule)”

Wrought iron balconies and trelliswork “4.5.3 The guidelines strongly encourage the extensive use of wrought iron balcony railings and trelliswork. Owners are allowed to substitute any length of trelliswork in excess of 6m (garage width), on the street facing façade, for either the shutters or the pergola requirement. (rule)”







Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery

Cladding “4.2.3 Drypack stonework (natural stone matching that is used in the gatehouse columns only.) No stonework tiles or cast concrete cladding will be permitted. (rule)”

External Lights “4.9.1 All external lights mounted on the street facing elevation or ahead of this line shall be of the carriage type units in the colour black or dark grey. (rule)”

Balustrades and Wrought Iron Work “4.5.1 All external balustrades are to be of a steel type with the elements (except support posts) having a maximum width of 10mm in any one direction and to be composed of primarily curvilinear elements typical of decorative wrought iron work. All balustrades to be black or a dark grey unless prior approval is obtained from the Home Owners Association for use of an alternate colour. (rule)”



4.5.1 4.3.4


Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery Shutters “4.3.8 Shutters, which are strongly encouraged, must be operational and are preferably side hung. (rule)” “4.3.10 It is mandatory that operational shutters be fitted to all street facing windows on the ground floor. Approved shutters are fully framed with horizontal angled louvre elements, any other type is to be separately submitted for approval. (rule)”

Air-cons and Pool Pumps “5.15 Mechanical equipment and plant such as air-conditioners (and grilles), ducts, pool pumps, etc. must be designed into the buildings and/or adequately enclosed or screened off from view. (rule)”



C&H Airconditioning Install - Service - Repair of Aircons


GET 1 SERVICEFREE FOR EVERY 5 AIRCONS’ SERVICES BOOKED COLD & HOT AIRCONDITIONING Install - Service - Repair of Aircons C&H TEL: 021 872 0621 / FAX: 021 872 1878 Airconditioning



Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery Pergolas “4.8.1 A pergola element is mandatory in front of the garage or an equal length of pergola provided elsewhere on the street facing façade. (rule)”

Front Doors “4.3.5 Front doors, where visible from the street, shall be solid doors. Glassed entrance doors will be permitted where a wrought iron screen or gate is fixed or installed between the door and the street. (rule)”











just add water

ALProd shower doors half page.pdf 1 2012/07/09 02:24:32 PM

42 2 Wellington Road Durbanville alprod.riaan@gmail / 021 979 5898 / 083 592 7834 / 086 665 6070 .


Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery Mouldings “4.7.1 The colour palette and the style of the estate encourage the use of plaster moulding to create relief on the facades. The use of corbelling and banding below eaves and along the line of the window head and cill height is strongly encouraged. Window surrounds will also be permitted. (guideline)”

Driveways “3.3.2 Driveway materials are to be a combination of Smartstone (or similar) concrete cobble (charcoal or grey colour) clay brick pavers, or exposed aggregate concrete surface beds (colour to be brown.)”



Stone Wash Y2-D2-2

Ivory Ridge Y3-D2-2


Ivory Parchment




Arniston White


240 - 1

Evasive White

Arniston White


25% UT 230 - 1








3 50



Villages represented by numerals 1 - 12 statistics: 11 September 2013 SHOC’s: 84 OCCUPATIONS: 229

5 6 4


Grapevine Landscaping & Nature

some of  the  seeds  that  were  not  destroyed  in  the  rottin green,  but  is  also  saving  money.     small  amount  of  soil  gets  mixed  into  the  compost  and  t Composting  on  Val  de  Vie     compost  can  be  termed  weed  free.               The  stables  generate  roughly  6  cubic  meters  of  stable  waist  on  a  daily  basis,  consisting  of  the  wo Val  de  Vie  recognises  the  importance  of  keeping  it  green  and  has  requested  Servest  to  convert  all  stable   with  some   hgorse   manure   and  urine.   is  mainly  wdork   ry  mit  aterial   and   will   therefore   be  combined   material   from   ardens   into  compost   and  Tshis   ubsequently   back  into   that   area.   As  a  result,   the  HOA  isw with   t he   r otting   p rocess.     D uring   t he   s ummer,   w e   p ut   s prinklers   o n   i n   o rder   t o   k eep   t he   compos green,  but  is  also  saving  money.     process   o f   d ecomposition.   A   d igger   l oader   i s   u sed   f rom   t ime   t o   t ime   t o   t urn   t he   h eaps   o ver.  This   the   t op   a nd   g ets   t he   f resher   m aterial   t o   t he   b ottom   w here   t he   h eat   b uild-­‐up   i s   m ore   i ntense,   wh The  stables  generate  roughly  6  cubic  meters  of  stable  waist  on  a  daily  basis,  consisting  of  the  wood  shavi some   of  thhe   seeds   that  aw ere   not  Tdhis   estroyed   in  dtry   he  mraterial   otting  apnd   rocess   o  germinate.  In   the  pwrocess   o with   some   orse   manure   nd   urine.   is  mainly   will  ttherefore   be  combined   ith  gree with   the   rotting  porocess.    During   the  into   summer,   we  put  sprinklers   on  in  oarder   to  ikn   eep   the  compost   heaps   small   amount   f  soil  gets   mixed   the  compost   and  therefore   ssists   making   it  suitable   for  m process   of  dcecomposition.   igger   loader   compost   an  be  termed  Aw  deed   free.           is  used  from  time  to  time  to  turn  the  heaps  over.  This  moves  t the  top  and  gets  the  fresher  material  to  the  bottom  where  the  heat  build-­‐up  is  more  intense,  while  at  the some  of  the  seeds  that  were  not  destroyed  in  the  rotting  process  to  germinate.  In  the  process  of  turning     small  amount  of  soil  gets  mixed  into  the  compost  and  therefore  assists  in  making  it  suitable  for  top  dress These  pictures  give  some  indication  of  the  change compost  can  be  termed  weed  free.               bottom where the heat build-up is more intense, These  pictures  give  some  indication  of  the  change  in  th while at the same time allowing some of the  



Composting on Val de Vie Val de Vie recognises the importance of keeping it green and has requested Servest to convert all stable waste and green material from gardens

seeds that were not destroyed in the rotting

into compost and subsequently work it back into

process to germinate. In the process of turning

the Estate gardens. As a result, the HOA is not

the material over, a small amount of soil gets

only keeping it green, but is also saving money.

mixed into the compost and therefore assists in


making it suitable for top dressing, although our

compost can be termed weed free.

The stables generate roughly 6 cubic meters

These pictures  give  some  indication  of  the  change  in  the  material  as  it  transforms  into  compost.      

of stable waste on a daily basis, consisting of the wood shavings horses sleep on, with some

These pictures give some indication of the change

horse manure and urine. This is mainly dry

pictures some  indication   of  the  change  in  the  material  as  it  transforms  into  compost.   inThese   the material asgitive   transforms into compost.  

material and will therefore be combined with


green material to help with the rotting process. During the summer, we put sprinklers on in


order to keep the compost heaps moist and to help the process of decomposition. A digger loader is used from time to time to turn the heaps over. This moves the rotten material to the top and gets the fresher material to the






Please make sure your Smartstone is Smartstone. Smartstone supplied all the paving at the estate during the development phase. If the developers believed in Smartstone’s quality then it should be still your first choice for paving.


Tell: 021 873 5482


Grapevine Landscaping & Nature

Food Garden Top 10 tips to start a food garden

The best time to start a food garden is when you are ready to do it. That

kraal manure, bonemeal and 2:3:2 into the soil to a depth of 30cm. Other

could be now, which is ideal because it is the start of the growing season.

soil preparation methods include the no-till method, trenching and building

But, because food gardening is a year-round occupation you can start at any

raised beds.

time. There’s even work to be done in winter, like planning for spring. 1. Know why Jot down why you want to grow vegetables and discuss it with your family. Knowing what you want helps with future planning for instance, do you want to go organic? 2. Start small That’s the advice from all seasoned food gardeners. Rather grow into your garden. As your confidence and ability increases you can tackle more crops, expand the space and aim for sustainability. 3. Find the right space Veggies and herbs like at least six hours of sun. In order of preference, a north-facing space is best, followed by west- and then east-facing. Southfacing is the least ideal. But even if the available space is not ideal, look for creative ways to make it work. 4. Keep it simple The layout of the beds should be designed for ease of working. Whatever the shape of your beds, they should be accessible from all sides and ideally they should be 1m wide or less. An east-west configuration allows for the best sun exposure on all of the beds. Pathways should be 30cm wide, otherwise space is wasted. 5. Build up the soil Vegetables like fertile, well-drained soil. The more effort you put into the preparation, the more success you will have. Dig compost, well-rotted


Grapevine Landscaping & Nature 6. Start with easy, seasonal vegetables Choose vegetables the family likes to eat. Start with 3-5 easy-to-grow vegetables according to the season and climate of your area. Easy summer crops are beans, beetroot, Swiss chard, sweet corn, herbs, sweet peppers, summer squash and tomatoes. 7. Follow seed packet instructions Before sowing, read the instructions on the seed packet. It is your best guide for sowing depth and spacing, when to transplant and basic care. 8. Spread the harvest Plant a few seeds of each variety every 2-4 weeks to ensure an on-going harvest throughout the season. Sow leafy vegetables at two-weekly intervals, legumes about three weeks apart, root vegetables about four weeks apart and fruiting vegetables 6-12 weeks apart. 9. Water and feed regularly Water your vegetables more frequently in hot, dry weather. Fertilise vegetables according to variety. Root and bulb vegetables need phosphates (2:3:2 or Vita Grow), leafy vegetables need nitrogen and potassium (6:3:4 or Vita Veg), and fruiting vegetables need nitrogen (2:3:2 or Vita Grow) when planting and potassium (3:1:5 or Vita Fruit and Flower) before flowering. 10. Keep a record Record as much as possible especially the lessons learnt. This makes next year’s planning easier and prevents you from making the same mistakes. Source:



“Outgrowing the rest!”

Garden Landscaping, Maintenance, Design and Installation of Irrigation Complete gardens from R60,000. T&C’s apply

Attie van der Merwe

Cell: 072 438 0306 e-mail: Preferred landscaper for: Markar Construction | Build A Way Constuction, C3 Manhatten & SW Construction

VIP Gardens was established in 1998. We aim to deliver only the best standard in workmanship while believing that excellent communication with the client at all times, is the key to successful completion of any garden project and contract. We are one of a few SALI accredited landscapers on Val de Vie Polo Estate and install landscapes to a high standard and code of ethics. We have our own retail and wholesale nursery that has an estimate of 200 different plant species and a variety of rustic metal garden décor.

HP-VIPGardens.indd 1

2013/09/20 3:51 PM

Grapevine Landscaping & Nature

Bird Feature


It’s finally spring! In the next few weeks the sun

Even on a bad hair day the Malachite still looks

will be shining and the joy of being outdoors and

beautiful. Malachite birds are quiet Kingfishers

birding will surely return. In this issue we’re taking

who sit on tree stumps along the banks of a river.

a look at the MALACHITE KINGFISHER and the

They have regular, favoured perches where they


sit patiently before swooping down swiftly to catch their food. They eat tadpoles, insects, frogs


Let’s start with the brilliant, bright metallic,

and fish. In the Cape, between 3 and 6 eggs are

coloured MALACHITE KINGFISHER. This is a

laid between August and February. The nest, if

small Kingfisher species of only about 13cm

previously used, is littered with fish scales and

in length. A very endearing feature is the crest

bones. The incubation period is 14 to 16 days.

on its black and blue feathers, which has the

It is no wonder that this beautiful Kingfisher is

most spectacular and amazing look when wet.

known as the Jewel of the African waters.

Grapevine Landscaping & Nature

When we think of Kingfishers that hover, we picture the very distinct black and white PIED KINGFISHER. They hover far more than any of the other Kingfisher species and are extremely agile in the air. Their ability to hover means they don’t always need any trees or a particular habitat when fishing. Their diet consists of fish, insects, frogs, tadpoles and molluscs. The PIED KINGFISHER, is substantially bigger than the Malachite and is a stout bodied short legged bird, with a formidable black bill. The male PIED KINGFISHER has two full breast bands, whilst the female has only one. There is a little crest of feathers on its head, which it raises when it is perched. These PIED KINGFISHERS are quite vocal and frequently call, both in flight and when they are perched in a tree. These Kingfishers nest in sandbanks where they excavate a tunnel. This is around 1.2 metres in length and leads to a 20 to 30cm chamber, where the nest is made. This tunnel takes around 26 days to excavate and this is done by kicking the sand out with the feet and working the area with its beak. 4 to 5 eggs are laid and take about 18 days to incubate. PIED KINGFISHERs are cooperative breeders which means that the breeding pair will have outside assistance in caring for the young. Chicks stay in the nest for 24 to 29 days, learning to hunt by day 38 to 43. They are only fully independent between 1 to 2 months. Happy birding and being outdoors and don’t forget the sunscreen.



Grapevine Safety & Security

Criminal Background Checks

Sadly, we live in a society where criminals prey

for sure whether a person will have the motive

upon our sense of humanity and trust, which

or opportunity to commit a crime in the future, a

we sometimes give out too freely or take for

person’s past behaviour is often a reliable risk



Due to the above and considering the possible

Background checks are often requested by

risks involved to residents, staff and the Estate,

employers on job candidates for employment

Val De Vie has purchased software that is able

screening, especially on candidates seeking

to conduct criminal background checks. This

a position that requires security or a position of

service will be implemented and will start if all

trust, such as in a school, hospital, as a caregiver,

goes according to plan from November this

financial institution, government and secure

year. All contractors who apply for and are

residential Estates. These checks are used by

enrolled on the security access system will also

employers as a means of objectively evaluating a

undergo a criminal background check. Access

candidate’s qualifications, character and fitness,

to the Estate will only be approved once a

as well as to identify potential hiring risks for

clear criminal background check is received or

safety and security reasons.

given. There is a nominal fee to conduct the criminal But why have criminal background checks

background check. If there are any queries or

done? The reason for a criminal background

requirements regarding these services, please

check is inevitably to answer one question: Will

contact the security manager.

this candidate be a safety/security risk to my organisation, family etc? While no one can tell




Grapevine Estate Rules

R ules Highlighted Rule 10:

Rule 15:

All residential domestics, butlers, gardeners,

Dogs are not allowed on the Equestrian

live-in labourers and nannies need to be

Facilities under any circumstances. No golf

enrolled on the security database and are

or any other sport may be practised on the

required to wear a Val de Vie identification

Equestrian Facilities and no person apart from

card at all times whilst on the Estate. If an

authorised staff or horse owners may enter

individual is unable to present their Val de Vie


identification card at any time, a penalty of R100.00 will be imposed.


FOR BOOKINGS +27 (0) 21 876 3012





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Grapevine Frequently Asked Questions


What are the HOA office hours and where are

remote. Remotes can be ordered and paid for

What types of fish have been established in

they situated?

at the HOA reception.

the dams and is fishing allowed?

Val de Vie Sport and Leisure Centre

Grass Carp, Kurper and Bass have been

Office Hours:

How and when do I obtain my post box key?

stocked in our dams and fishing is only allowed

Monday to Thursday 07H30 – 16H30

The post box key can only be obtained after

on a catch-and-release base. Please respect

Fridays 07H30 – 16H00

the deed of transfer, during office hours at the

these resources.

Closed on weekends and public holidays.

HOA reception.

When are levy payments due and how does the

What is my Val de Vie postal address?

The HOA Picnic area is located on the banks

extra levy affect me?

Name and Surname…(your SG number) Val de

of the Berg River on the Northern side of the

1st of the month in advance. When you buy a

Vie Estate, Paarl, Kliprug Minor Road, 7646


phase you have a four month grace period

How often is postage sorted?

Access to the River Frontage and Picnic Area

from date of transfer to do your planning

Postage is retrieved from town and sorted

is controlled and only possible to residents

and to start building before the extra levy is

daily. You will receive a notification slip in your

via pre-programmed remote controls (same

applicable. When building starts you then have

box for parcels that are too big for the box.

remote as for inner lane booms). Access is

an additional 11 month period to complete the

These letters/parcels need to be signed for

only possible via 3 gates - Southern Gate, Gate

project in which the extra levy will again not be

and collected during office hours at the HOA

at Picnic Area and Northern Gate. Access is



limited to non-motorised transport during day-

How do I update my personal information with

How do I apply for a dustbin?

the HOA?

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to apply

Who can I contact for electrical or plumbing

Please send an email to

for a dustbin once Drakenstein occupation


Picnic Area and access to River Frontage

plot from 1 September 2012 in the extra levy

light hours only.

is issued, use SG number as reference and

Plumber: MD Loodgieters,

How and when can I do my security gate

phone Drakenstein Municipality at

021 8724617 / 082 453 8867


021 807 4715.

Electrician: Steven Jones,

New HOA Members:

021 872 8711/082 802 7219

Gate enrolment can only be done after the

When is refuse removal?

Drains: The Drain Surgeon,

deed of transfer, in office hours and at the HOA

Our refuse removal is done weekly by

021 855 3035/073 228 4278

reception, proof of identification is required.

Drakenstein Municipality. We form part of their

New Tenants:

‘purple zone’. For collection days, please refer

Enrolment can only be done on completion

to their schedule at

of a tenant enrolment form, available at HOA reception. Copies of identification documents

Does Val de Vie have a recycling unit?


homeowners can make use of the paper and





completed forms.

glass banks at the Maintenance Centre. There


is a free municipal door-to-door recycling

All domestics, gardeners, au pairs, butlers,

service on the Estate. Each week on the same

etc. need to be enrolled with necessary

day as your refuse removal, your recyclable

identification documents. Valid work permits

material will be collected. All you need to do

are mandatory for foreign workers.

is get your ‘dry’ recyclable waste into the free

Taxi services

clear bag you are provided with. Then place it

Contact Mr Driver on 078 927 9674 for taxi

next to or on top of your refuse bin ready for

services between Paarl and Val de Vie for your


domestic workers. How many pets are allowed? How and when can I obtain a remote for the

Each unit is limited to two

inner lane booms/river frontage gates?

domestic animals posing no danger, noise or

Remotes are only available to residents at

odours may be kept. All domestic animals shall

R110 per remote. Land owners that are in

at all times bear a tag which shall reflect the

the planning phase may request the building

name, telephone number and SG number of

control office to motivate an application for a

their homeowner.




Certifi Insta ed Gas LP Ga llations & s Sup plies


Tel: 021 868 3977 Cell: 082 323 2410

Gas Cages

Single Gas Cages


Double Gas Cages

48 kg

19 kg

48 kg

19 kg

Wood Boxes

We con duct se r vices applian on all g ces an as d certifi for insu cations rance p urpose s.

Grapevine Telephone Directory

Val De Vie

Telephone Directory

HOA ENQUIRIES 021 863 6128


POLO 021 863 6169

PAARL HOSPITAL 021 860 2500

SALES OFFICE 021 863 6101

MEDI CLINIC PAARL 021 807 8000

WINES 021 863 6100








SECURITY 021 863 6110 072 900 3954

PAARL LIBRARY 021 807 4871 / 4742

HEALTHCLUB 021 863 6136 EVENTS & MARKETING 021 863 6191 OTHER SAPS – PAARL 021 807 4000

PAARL TOURISM 021 872 4842 FRANSCHOEK TOURISM 021 876 3603 POISON/ SNAKE BITE INFORMATION 021 689 5227 021 931 6129 POST OFFICE 57 LADY GREY STR PAARL 021 872 5337

SAP FLYING SQUAD 10111 FIRE BRIGADE 021 872 2323 FLYING SQUAD 10111 AMBULANCE PAARL 10177 021 872 1970


RUDOLPH RABIE Unit 2, La Rue Des Roses No. 2 Main Road PO Box 485 Franschhoek, 7690

Tel: +27 21 876 2920 Fax: +27 21 876 4317 Mobile: 082 797 8701 Email:


Grapevine Issue 3  

The Grapevine magazine focuses on the Val De Vie Estate. It is mailed on behalf of the homeowners association to residents and landowners.

Grapevine Issue 3  

The Grapevine magazine focuses on the Val De Vie Estate. It is mailed on behalf of the homeowners association to residents and landowners.