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Issue 2. 3. 2014 2013

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hanger 9, Douglas rd, cape town international airport, 7525 (+27) 082 825 3044 |


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PUBLISHER: Phoenix Creative Communication for the Val de Vie HOA EDITOR: Jaime-Lee van Sittert ADVERTISING SALES: Jaime-Lee van Sittert (021) 422 4445 / 072 171 1979 Fairuz Abrahams, Leston Sylvester, Micheal Makhawu ACCOUNTS MANAGER: Louise Martin

DESIGN & LAYOUT: Louise Martin Lutendo Muthala Melikhaya Hempe CONTENT: Mina Vigliotti ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY: Mark Atkinson John Wilkinson

HOA EDITOR: CarlĂŠ Geldenhuys FRONT COVER: John Wilkinson

The Grapevine magazine focuses on the Val De Vie Estate. It is mailed on behalf of the homeowners association to residents and landowners. It is published in collaboration with several freelance companies and does not necessarily portray the opinions of these companies. Please send inquiries to 1


POLO A brand-new BENTLEY Continental GT V8 Convertible will go to a buyer at theVAL DE VIE Polo Village. Register now to buy:

SMS* ‘BUY’ TO 49970




Very soon you will be able to stake your claim to a luxurious ‘Polo Pad’ or Suite…

t +27 (0) 21 863 6101 c +27 (0) 83 775 6350 e

Val de Vie Estate, R301, Jan van Riebeeck Drive, Paarl, 7646 Best Multiple Unit Development in South Africa 2013 Best Single Unit Development in Africa 2014



60 luxury boutique ‘Polo Pads’, Residences and a 24-hour private concierge, as well as fully serviced Office Suites. 68 m2 | 96 m2 | 112 m2

Chairman’s Desk arm greetings to all homeowners


A 400m2 house achieves up to R30 000 per

We recently notified homeowners of changes

from the Homeowners Association

month rental.

to the rules relating to security enrolment

efforts if we can continue to report positively on

Back to some household matters - we again

repeating the details, we want to emphasise

two main issues – that your financial investment


that the sole purpose of Estate rules is to

in the Estate shows positive growth and that

citizenship, and ask that we all remember

families which live here, truly enjoy it. Our daily

to use our internal and approach roads

efforts should support these two objectives.

responsibly and to abide by the speed limits

Our active participation in the Estate forums as

and other traffic laws. The tragic death of

a member of ARC (Association of Residential

Building activity continues at a tremendous

Mariska Brink, one of the employees here in Val

Communities), gives us the opportunity to

pace. In the last five months of this calendar

de Vie, at the junction of the R301 and Kliprug

benchmark ourselves with similar Estates,

year 34 homes were completed and 94 homes

road, was a brutal reminder that life is fragile,

advise others and receive advice on Estate

are currently in progress. In total, 293 families

and that it is important to drive conservatively.


now reside on the Estate.

The enforcement of the speed limit inside the

and debate the validity, usefulness and

Estate, although may be an inconvenience

‘enforceability’ of the rules and changes

The increase in sales prices is clearly evident

for some, has raised the general awareness


and the trend is positively upward, with latest

of road safety and road users increasingly

prices in house sales averaging on R15 500

abiding by the speed limit. Please also refrain

Thank you to all who are using the new visitor

p/m. The rental market is also strong with

from other distracting habits, such as texting,

enrolment system. We have received positive

demand putting constant pressure on supply.

emailing and calling while behind the wheel.

feedback from visitors who thank us for our

offices. We are succesful in our

procedures, to








promote harmonious living.






Grapevine Communication

efficiency. Our office will continue to contact

Our facilities management team has also

During the past month we recieved some

those who are not yet using it.

been busy. The storm water channels have

exciting news about the extensions of Val

either been upgraded or extended to cope

de Vie and new developments, which the

We have also had a very good ‘take-up’ of

with a possibly worse-than-normal winter.

developing company has been working on.

the online community portal. We sporadically

All the damage that the 2013 floods caused

For more information on this, please read

receive suggestions for improvement of

was rectified. The play parks have received

the full press relrease on our website,

the system from homeowners. We take

attention, and our irrigation network is being

careful note of these and will launch several

extended with a R400 000 capital injection. During the past month the area around the

upgrades over the next twelve months. Our aim is to have 100% ‘take-up’ by the

A new borehole is also being brought

pavilion will now see some serious capital

time we have to send out notification of the

into use. This will enable us to utilise our

investment from a hotel group, as well as the

2014 Annual General Meeting. The portal

licensed quota of ground water and lower

development of the polo village, which was

will in future become our sole medium of

our extraction from the Bergriver. A new filter

launched to the homeowners in April. The

communication to our members.

system was installed in the swimming pool

development of the hotel and polo village

and the water is clear and the temperature

will complete the Val de Vie “picture” as

is stable.

depicted in the original site development

Our FTTH (Fibre To The Home) project also

plan which was approved in 2005.

commenced in May. Several kilometres of the fibre back bone has already been installed.

We encourage you to stay in touch by

It will take at least five months for the core

following our Facebook page and website.

We hope to see you in person at the Annual

fibre to be completed, as the installer has to

We upgrade the website regularly and have

General Meeting in August.

carefully trench by hand to avoid damaging

added a useful interactive sales map under

existing services and landscaping.

the property section.


Morne Bosch




Visit our on-site sales office at the Sports and


V al

Leisure Centre. Open seven days a week.


V ie E state

roperty eview


fter the astonishing 120 transfers that were

South Africa. Considering the country’s current

recorded in 2013, the first half of 2014 has

economic climate, it is remarkable to have good

already gone by with 50 property transfers

capital growth and liquidity in the property

recorded up until June. With the combined

market. The Polo Village has received great

value of these transfers standing at R112 m,

interest with over 80 reservations for the 60 units

this year promises to be another record year

available. The sectional title development next

in property sales for Val de Vie Estate. With

to the Pavilion will consist of 62, 87 and 102m2

over 500 of the original 532 plots sold and

luxury apartments designed by renowned

with limited stock available, there has been a

Cape Town architect Stefan Antoni. The

marked increase in the price per square metre

exclusive launch event will be held in the Polo

of the resale and remaining developer plots.

Pavilion on August 9th with one lucky buyer driving away with a Bentley GT Continental.

Prices on residences for sale have also seen a steady increase with some of the Vines units

Some recent property highlights:

selling for up to 30% more than the original purchase price just eight months ago.


Val de Vie’s rental market is also extremely

R16 107/m2 for 745m2

strong and currently has the highest demand on

R15 570/m2 for 289m2

the estate. The trend is that new homeowners rent while they are building their homes or


potential buyers rent while deciding if they should move to the Western Cape. Most of the

R2 700/m2 for 800m2

new buyers or renters are from Gauteng but we

R2 114/m2 for 875m2

have also seen an increase in enquiries from

R2 033/m2 for 1500m2

Durban and Cape Town’s Northern suburbs. There are now 293 completed homes on the estate and 94 homes under construction, making Val de Vie one of the most active estates in


We know Val de Vie best...


D f or R 3.3 m


D fo rR 4.9 5m



D fo rR 2.8 50m

We are on track for yet another record year at Val de Vie Estate with 58 sales in 2014 alone and the rental market still on the rise. S O M E R E C E N T P R O P E RT Y S A L E S H I G H L I G H T S HOMES R 16 107.38 /m2 for 745 m2 R 15 570.93 /m2 for 289 m2 R 14 869.89 /m2 for 269 m2

For any real estate services, valuations or more info please contact Liz Smithers or visit the Sports and Leisure Centre.

PLOTS 875 m2 R 2 114.29 /m2 for R 2 033.33 /m2 for 1 500 m2 R 1 950.00 /m2 for 1 000 m2 O F F I C I A L P R O P E RT Y SA L E S O P E N 7 DAY S A W E E K c 083 775 6350 t 021 863 6101 e

Best Multiple Unit Development in South Africa 2013 Best Single Unit Development in Africa 2014

Grapevine Features

G round B reaking E vent : F V C C ranschhoek




groups and stakeholders met to harness their

Hope Through Action Ambassadors Reuben

support and expertise to shape the centre’s

Riffel and Ryk Neethling lent a helping hand,

design so that it meets the specific needs of the

joined by local children and young learners from

Franschhoek Valley community. Construction on

the Kusasa Project who will all benefit from the

the new Franschhoek Valley Community Sports

centre. Local community leaders, Stefan Howells

Centre began in April 2014 on a site adjacent

from SCORE, our project manager Fred Laker

to the sports fields in Groendal. It is expected

of Lyners Consulting, Graham Power of Power

that the centre will open early 2015 and provide

Construction, and Doug Gurr from the Kusasa

a state-of-the-art multi-purpose indoor pitch,

Project also celebrated the start of construction

training and meeting rooms, a resource centre,

with their first dig.

showers and kitchen facilities. In addition they are constructing a four-classroom school, which will be operated by The Kusasa Project. To celebrate the start of construction of the new Franschhoek Valley Community Sports Centre, over eighty guests witnessed the first ground being dug by Hope Through Action Patron Philip Green and Mayor Conrad Sidego of the


fter the success of the community sports centre built in Mbekweni, Hope Through Action, which is chaired by

Val de Vie Homeowner Philip Green, decided to replicate and improve the model and expand the initiative’s reach. In 2012, HTA identified three other townships in the Western Cape where it is believed that such an investment would make a significant and sustainable difference. Since then they have been actively working in the Franschhoek valley to bring about the first of these centres for the community of Groendal. Working with the local community, issues were identified, as well as the aspirations and programme needs of the young people of Groendal. Together, they drafted a five-year community action plan. The local community


Stellenbosch Municipality.

Crême de la Crême

Exclusive Joint Mandate R13,5m

“we have a nose for fine property”



Resident Agent:

Lesley Wagenaar 082 785 35 66

Peter Wagenaar 082 55 333 96

Dear Val de Vie Resident Let’s turn your home into a haven There is something about winter in Paarl that’s simply magical. While it may bring the rain and the cold, it also brings those magical winter days we all love! With crisp blue skies, perfect temperature and mountains that seem to hug us ever closer. That’s when we again realise we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. But winter is also a time of regeneration, and your own home is the perfect place to start. At Incanda, we have a professional team of decorators and project managers who can help turn your home into a haven. Today I would like to introduce you to three of the very talented ladies on our team, as well as a male member of the Incanda team. Elmari van der Merwe joined Incanda in 2007 and currently leads our Project Team. With a Bachelors degree in Consumer Sciences (Housing) from Stellenbosch University, Elmari has extensive experience in interior design and project management. She truly is a multitalented individual and apart from managing projects all over South Africa, Namibia and Mauritius, she also buys decorating accessories for our Paarl, Durbanville and soon-to-be-opened (1 August) Greenside, Johannesburg stores. And as if that is not enough, she also manages the production side of our handbag factory. Elmari has the amazing ability to simply focus on what needs to be done, and then she gets it done.

Valerea Horn

Helene de Waal joined Incanda in 2010, and holds a higher diploma in Interior Design. She cut her teeth in our re-upholstery division but soon established herself as a master in the area of paint techniques, colours and combinations. Helene has a special preference for neutral and pastel colours, and often I am amazed at how she creates harmony in the most chaotic of homes by systematically implementing a basic palette throughout the whole house. Also meet Valerea Horn, who holds a B. Tech degree in Interior Design (CPUT) and boasts extensive local and international experience in the interior design and architectural fields. She has been trusted with some of the most luxurious homes in South Africa, including the opulent Vergelegen VIP Residence of Cynthia Carol (former CEO of Anglo American). Valerea is famous for adding a touch of bling to her projects; so if you want to stand out from the crowd, she’s your girl! Together these ladies form a formidable team. Their collective expertise has extended the scope of the projects we can now undertake at Incanda, and I am immensely proud of how they have grown as a team. The fourth member of the team may be a little camera-shy, but he is no less incredibly valuable. Ichbert Franszen, our installations specialist, has completed more than 300 kitchen installations during his career, and he sees to it that all the ladies’ plans are executed to perfection. Ichbert currently heads up a 40 unit luxury student accommodation project in Stellenbosch where he is installing solid blackwood finishes on kitchens, cupboards, study desks and vanities. Regards


Helene de Waal

Elmari van der Merwe

Interior Design . Furniture Please feel free to contact,, or for an appointment to assess your needs, and we will gladly assist with further suggestions.


Let’s turn your home into a haven

. Design . Interior Design tel: +27 (0) 21 863 1965 | web:


Grapevine Events and Media




performs at




fter weeks of anticipation, the reggae

collect a prize for tweeting throughout the day.

Heart 104.9FM’s Drive 326 with Suga, Keri

legends UB40, featuring Ali Campbell,

On meeting the M.C., he took the microphone

and Nick (Cape Town’s biggest afternoon

gave an unforgettable performance at the

and requested his girlfriend to please come to

drive show) brought the action straight to their

Val de Vie Estate. Fans young and old reunited

the stage as he wanted to ask her a question.

listeners with a live broadcast from the venue,

for a once in a lifetime, live performance by the

She arrived on stage, the crowd waiting in

including an interview with the band, Trenton

legendary band, as they sang and danced

anticipation, to be asked, ‘’Will you marry me?’’

and The Free Radicals.

along to their all-time favourite hits.

An unforgettable moment for a newly engaged couple.

The beautiful Val De Vie Estate in Paarl kicked

The DStv Presents UB40 SA Tour ft. Ali Campbell was proudly brought to you by Seed

off with an energetic performance by pop-

After the sun had set, finally the moment arrived

Experiences who, once again, showcased their

reggae act, Trenton and The Free Radicals,

- UB40 featuring Ali Campbell along with fellow

top notch production and world-class events to

followed by a highly entertaining show put on

founding members, Astro and Mickey Virtue,

fans in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

by local favourite, Hot Water.

took to the stage with the crowd in full cheer.

Special guests Mango Groove proved their

The band performed their top songs ensuring

unmatched talent as Claire Johnston performed

fans relived the UB40 tunes they have always

her classic hits while the 6000-strong audience

loved. The mix of a lovely venue, nostalgic

echoed throughout the venue.

music and great vibes ensured the celebrations in Paarl reached a new level as UB40 proved

To the crowd’s surprise a very nervous young

why they remain one of the top music acts in the

man, Jaco Swanepoel, took to the stage to




Grapevine Events and Media

Heinz Winckler at the




Vie Market

al de Vie hosted another successful

Polo Club Collection in collaboration with the

Market on Sunday 13 April. Apart

estate. They are also the official Casablanca

from the tempting stalls, family

Polo agents in South Africa supplying Polo

activities and music by Heinz Winckler, what

equipment to the Polo community. Please

made this market extra special was the

visit their online store at

participants from our Hope Through Action are also so grateful to Kobie Malan

programme who helped out at the event.

from Courier Crew and Shuttle Crew, who provided free transport for the guys. For more

The aim of the initiative to invest in the less

information about their services, call 021 872

fortunate youth of our valley and to share our

8460 or visit their website.

knowledge with them. In doing so, we can help the candidates to access new career

Here are some fun photos of the day.

opportunities and to create renewed hope for


their future. We are so grateful to our sponsors, Poloworld and Courier Crew, for their valuable help. Poloworld designed the exclusive Val de Vie


Grapevine Events and Media


Venues @Valentia, Val

Experience the marriage between tranquility and the vibrant energy of life. A truly magnificent setting amidst a canvas of luscious vineyards and majestic mountains. Flowing into our spectacular showroom venue fit for a crystal white wedding with views that will take your breath away.


Vie Estate

Our Bosveld Boma is nestled between the many dams on the farm, shady willow trees and the sights and sounds of farm life. Relax and enjoy the crackling of the roaring fire with a cosy ambience for an intimate celebration or a good old South African braai. The Riverside Venue is the perfect spot for your children’s fairytale picnic, twilight cocktails or special summer occasions.

The showroom can seat approximatly 140 guests including a dance floor and stage. The Boma is ideal for maxium 50 guests, buffet style. The River holds a capacity of approximatly 200 guests cocktail style. Event theme options are available on request, to include table décor, venue lighting, unique entertainment etc. applicable to your selected theme.

Viognier Cottage, Valentia farm This luxuriously decorated cottage is nestled in the famous PaarlFanschhoek Valley at Valentia Farm within Val de Vie Estate, one of the most spectacular polo-estates in the world. It overlooks several lush paddocks and rests peacefully alongside the farm’s many dams. Viognier, a two bedroomed, two bathroom cottage, is self-catering, air-conditioned and equipped with Satellite TV and Wi-Fi throughout the unit. Winter days are warm and cosy with the unit’s underfloor heating. Venues, Accomodation packages are available and tailored to your occasions at Valentia Farm. For all enquiries, rates and event co-ordination contact Lauren at 073-217-8366 email :

We look forward to creating moments of magic with you.

The Dream Wedding

O &


Marcus Sharrol



he wedding of our dreams took place

saying “I do”, and hearing the words “I do”,

on 23rd November 2013 at Val de

the honour of starting a polo match, elegant

Vie. We couldn’t have chosen a more

pre-dinner drinks and canapés on the terrace,

elegant and spectacular wedding venue

beautiful décor design, inspiring speeches,

and working with Nadia to plan our big day

delicious wines, mouthwatering main courses,

ensured that no detail was overlooked. It also

our first dance, awesome band, fairy tale

meant that we could sit back and relax and

wedding cake & sweetie table, love, laughter,

enjoy every minute of our day knowing that

happiness, forever & always… we will cherish

everything was being taken care of.

the memories of our special celebration.

Family and friends, the string quartet, walking

Thank you

down the aisle, seeing my future husband,

Marcus & Sharrol


Claudia Grove’s Sweet



t was a great pleasure for the Events team to host Val de Vie resident, Claudia’s sweet 16 birthday party at the Val de Vie Polo Club

Restaurant. A pink and turquoise décor scheme set the tone for a beautifully styled event. The guests were greeted on arrival with virgin strawberry daiquiris served in square chutney bottles as a delicious welcoming drink. A luxurious high-tea spread awaited the girls, offering treats such as cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, mini sun-dried tomato and feta tartlets, bacon and cheese quiches, chicken and mushroom pies, mini strawberry cheesecakes in tumblers, mini lemon meringue pies, mini moist carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and soft pink and turquoise macaroons. The bookshelves were transformed into an extravagant candy and cake station, with the theme “sweet sixteen and never missed a treat”. The fun-filled day was a true celebration of Claudia, from the personalised details in the décor to the birthday performers. Val de Vie Events thoroughly enjoyed conceptualising such a special day for such a lovely young lady.









We supply top quality bed and bath linen to the hospitality trade, interior decorators and to discerning individuals across South Africa and the world.



At Linen Drawer we are passionate about the quality and style of every linen product we sell. We offer a comprehensive range of bedding, cotton towelling, duvets, cotton throws, gowns and related products. We also produce a superb range of 100% pure cotton percale bed linen that is so comfortable, you are virtually guaranteed a good night sleep – every night. All of our cotton products have hypoallergenic properties, because nothing but the best is good enough for you and your family. Our online store means you can shop from the comfort of your home…and we will deliver to anywhere in S.A for free. Linen Drawer. The Natural Choice Tel. (021) 8720108 Online store:

tokai: Unit 25, Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Drive, Tokai / (021) 713 0296 century city: The Gatehouse Suite 5, Century Way, Century City / (021) 552 9097 paarl: Shop 7, Frater Square 40A, Main Road, Paarl / (021) 863 4115 email:





Grapevine Wine and Dine V al

V ie E state

welcomes & de

P erfect C hina


P resident FW


K lerk

From left: Mr Hein Koegelenberg and his wife Mrs Hanneli Rupert Koegelenberg, and Mr FW de Klerk and his wife Mrs Elita Georgiades


al de Vie Estate welcomed 250 delegates numerous





their sizable investment is in good hands.

China, former

President FW de Klerk for the opening of the spectacular new L’Huguenot cellar on Val de Vie. The original wine cellar and manor house dating back to 1783 was refurbished and expanded and opened at a formal ceremony on Monday night. Perfect Wines of SA, a partnership

Mr Hein Koegelenberg with Mr FW de Klerk and Mr & Mrs Alan Winde

From left: Mr Hein Koegelenberg, Mr Woo Swee Lian, Andre Dempers, Richards Kennard, Mr Steven Hsu

between Hein Koegelenberg of Leopard’s Leap and La Motte and Perfect China, purchased the wine cellar and 25ha wine farm in a landmark deal in 2013, which will see it become the main focus of the huge wine export market to the far east. In 2013 Perfect China imported more than 3 million bottles of South African wine. Delegates enjoyed traditional South African entertainment, traditional Cape Wineland food and of course wines from the L’Huguenot cellar. Former President De Klerk welcomed the Chinese delegates and listed the achievements of South Africa since democracy. He painted a positive picture about the future of South Africa and assured the directors of Perfect China that From left:Ryk Neethling, Gesie van Deventer & Hein Koegelenberg





2 0 0 7

50% Mourvedre, 20% Shiraz,

15% Grenache Noir, 10% Carignan, 5% Cinsaut “ Ripe fruit, sweet spices of cinnamon and cloves integrated with toasted oak combine to make an elegant and refined wine ”

R 150 per bottle


R 900 per case

O n l y 4 0 C a s e s Av a i l a b l e a t t h e P O L O C LU B R E S TAU RA N T



To Begin… Salad greens, shaved biltong, paw-paw, deep fried gorgonzola, red berry dressing Main course


Sous-vide Salmon, watercress coulis, sweet potato galette, Orange, pink peppercorn and star anise syrup Main course


Tomato Plate – tomato carpaccio, confit tomato and spicy gazpacho, served with bocconcini and herb crostini


Beetroot carpaccio, toasted almonds, Turkish apricots, goat’s cheese dressing



R55 Cabernet Franc


Pan-fried prawns, pea puree, bacon caramel and Parma ham crisps Main course

R75 R130

To Devour… Duck confit, braised fennel tarte-tartin, pumpkin mash, pakchoi and sambucca jus


Wild mushroom risotto, asparagus, truffle oil, aged parmesan


Rump Banting: whole baked tomato, poached egg,


wokked greens

Rump Classic: skinny fries, wokked greens and Bearnaise sauce

Edmore’s Parmesan Chicken, spring onion mash, seasonal vegetables, honey mustard sauce Pork Belly, smoked sweetcorn puree, sweet potato fondant, fine beans and Guinness jus Lime & vanilla butter grilled Linefish, cauliflower puree and wilted pakchoi Gourmet Beef Burger, caramelized onions, ementhaler cheese, crispy bacon, kale pesto Beer battered fish, skinny fries, mushy peas, lemon aioli

R145 R95 R145 R115 R90 R75


Prego – chicken or beef, crispy potato skins, green salad

R70 Chicken R85 Beef

Fresh mussels, beer broth, crispy frites, garlic aioli


The Salad: leaves, olives, artichokes, feta, tomato, sugar snaps

R40 Basic R55 Chicken R70 Duck R70 Beef R85 Salmon

The Pizza: Buffalo mozzarella, rosa tomato, basil Olive, anchovy, capers, artichoke Crispy bacon, wild mushroom

R80 R85 R80

Cabernet Franc


To End…

Coffee & Doughnut:Espresso brulee with cinnamon doughnut


Orange & Almond Torte, star anise caramel, mascarpone crème


Chocolate Fondant with caramel centre, white chocolate ice-cream


Apple & Cinnamon custard Mille-feulle


Passionfruit Meringue cheesecake, passionfruit caviar


Local Artisanal Cheeseboard


Kids… Mac ‘n Cheese with crispy bacon


The Fries: Crispy Chicken & fries Crispy Fish & fries The Pizza

R45 R45 R40

The Burger The Sundae: select 3 toppings:

R50 R35

Vanilla ice-cream Astros Smarties Jellytots Cookie crumble Fudge crumble Peppermint crisp Strawberries Meringue crumble Chocolate sauce

Manufactures of Bespoke Furniture, Curtains and Carpets Full Reupholstery Service We represent all major fabric houses in South Africa Turnkey Projects- We will fill your home with your requirements and just hand you your keys. Stockists of Wallpaper and fitting too!

Contact: Kevin on 082 532 7484 tel: 021 511 0165 Northgate Estate Ysterplaat

Tablecloth Hiring Ad A5 wide copy.pdf


Open Monday- Friday 9h00- 16h30 Saturday 10h00- 14h00 Sunday by Appointment


12:29 PM

New branch just opened in Stellenbosch

The widest range of quality, bespoke linen and bunting for all events nationwide

Shop 7A, The Woodmill Centre, Vredenburg Rd, Stellenbosch Tel: +27 21 883 8726 Cape Town 33 Section Street, Paarden Eiland Tel: +27 21 510 3000 Johannesburg 14 Commerce Cresent, East Gate, Kramerville Tel: +27 11 262 0048 Natal Midlands Tel: +27 82 651 0831 Port Elizabeth Tel: +27 72 705 3303 Stellenbosch

Save The Date for our Annual Spring Day High Tea Charity Fund Raiser, 6th September 2014 10h00

The Filly’s

...comprise of a group of like-minded women whose main objective is to make a difference in communities that need it the most in our beautiful country. We provide humanitarian service and create awareness in support of our various charities. We are a non-profit association and arrange and manage various annual charity events to raise money to assist with our many community project’s.

It was a night of 60’s fashion and glamour at Val de Vie The Filly’s once again hosted their 3rd Annual Corporate Charity Fund Raiser Event last month in aid of numerous charities and projects within our valley. With startling 60’s themed décor, the ballroom was transformed into a vibrant, bustling casino. Shannon Devy’s solo performance was as stunning as always and Crimson House Blues rocked the house. An eye catching LED show performed by dancers from The Psychedelic Theatre lit up the night and a very special thanks goes to Ray at Dance Domain for providing, very last minute, spectacular 60’s rock and Roll dance numbers between performance sets. An event such as this would never be possible without the kind and generous support from sponsors. So, an enormous thank you to this year’s table sponsors: Thorburn Technical Solutions and Thorburn Security; S&J Logistics, Jooste Marais, The Car Finance Company and Africadabra Events. In addition to these sponsors, we extend our sincere thanks to Thirst Bar Services for their loyal partnership over the years with our events, Mars Chocolates for yet another “chocolate-fest-buffet-feast” and of course to all our other sponsors for give-aways, prizes, food and drinks. Thank you for making a defined difference to the less fortunate. Whilst the attendance at this year’s event was not as great as in previous years, the evening was an enormous success. Thank you to everyone who did join us in support of The Filly’s.

The Little Angels Creché, Franschhoek From planning and council approvals, to security clearances and building hiccups, this project has taken the Filly’s over two years to complete. Together with various fund raising efforts, several kind sponsors and a very generous cash donation from Regent Insurance, it was completed in March ’14.


Amstelhof School

Over the past three years, you’ve helped us to make a difference! Thank You!

•We’ve assisted the HTA (Hope Through Action) foundation by providing funds for qualified sports instructors to train and facilitate local clubs and schools.

•We’ve built a skills development crèche in Franschhoek for 20 children.

•Fed 750 pupils at the Amstelhof Primary School & we provide milk on an ongoing, monthly basis

•We’ve assisted over 300 new moms (most under the age of 19 and many victims of abuse and rape) with care packages and baby support

•Secured 20 computers and teachers and pupil training thereof through the generous sponsorship of EOH to the Amstelhof Primary School.

•Fed hundreds of animals at the SPCA. •Donated boxes of toys, stationery, food, clothing, linen and supplies to numerous schools, crechés, the Drakenstein Hospice shop, The Franschhoek Hospice and the Rock Crises Centre.

•Blessed these same children with gifted Christmas shoeboxes in our LIGHT OF LOVE project. •Assisted with functions for hospitals, clinics and community centres.

Our Light of Love Project FILLIES3

In September of last year, we launched our very exciting “Light of Love Project” that aimed to provide each child at the Amstelhof Primary School with a Christmas shoebox containing similar contents to that of other projects that run in the second half of each year. We received tremendous support from families and companies throughout the Valley and were able to bless 750 children with their own, personalised gift boxes. This year, we are aiming for 1000 boxes to include smaller schools and creche’s in the area and need your support. If you would like to be involved by either sponsoring a box or donating funds to this project, please mail us on lightofloveproject@ and indicate the number of boxes you would like to sponsor or prepare. Specific details pertaining to the contents, age and gender will then be outlined to you on receipt of your mail. Please note that the cost per box must be limited to R 150.00.

Grapevine Social & Community

Kinder Ark M

other ’ s

D ay T reat


o recognise all of our terrific mothers, Kinder Ark hosted a “Bring your Mommy to School” event. On their

arrival, all the moms were welcomed with a hot cup of coffee and pancakes. Thereafter, each little one gave their mom a glass jar containing beads and a clay heart with their thumbprint on it, which they made at school during the theme “My Mommy is Special”.

Using the beads

and heart, moms and their children made a keychain for their Mother’s Day gift.


also received a Mother’s Day card with two handprints. The children decorated one hand with buttons and the card read: “Mom you are the buttons that keep everything together”. Thank you to all the moms who are doing such a wonderful job raising happy, balanced children. It is a tremendous privilege to be a mother, but even more so, to be a child who grows up in a loving, caring, and supportive household. May God bless you, and may every decision you make regarding your children be in His favour. You are awesome mothers!!!


Grapevine Social & Community




the POP IN facebook page and receive 10% off in your birthday week.

40A Main Road, Frater Square, Suider Paarl,021 863 2503 / 082 563 1227


hair styling | manicures | pedicures | waxing | threading | facials 021 876 2487 corner berg and wilhelmina | franschhoek


Grapevine Social & Community

hoto competition

Thank you to all the residents who shared their photos with us. Congratulations to our winner, John Wilkinson, for his stunning picture of Lake Michel . The winner of the photo competition will recieve a bottle of Polo Club Wine. Winners are to collect their wine from the Sport and Leisure Centre. Email your photos and captions to


Resident Review



laudia has had a passion for

leading experts from Hollywood, New

Swimsuit Modelling categories. She

singing from a very young

York and other major cities in the U.S.A.

makes her parents really proud! We

age. Now in her teens, she is

A series of rehearsals will be produced

fully support Claudia in her passion for

pursuing her dream of becoming a world

to prepare and present the best new

singing and to develop all her God-given

famous artist. We are tremendously

talent of today.

talents in the performing arts optimally.

proud of Claudia, our only child, who

We also believe in her big dream and

was recently invited by AMTC (Actors

The assembly will host around 2000

encourage Claudia to follow her heart to

Models Talent for Christ), the most

people from all over the world, including

whatever places it might take her if she

important talent movement in history,

casting directors, recording companies,

was called to go for ‘such a time as this’

which is in its 32nd year in business,

modelling agencies, agents, managers,

(Esther 4:14)!

to represent South Africa in Florida,

talent coaches and scouts as well



as coaches, educators, performers

convention in July with 10 other SA team




and parents. Claudia was selected


to showcase in the Vocals, Acting,

Participants will attend a

number of workshops and seminars by




Petra Grove


Did You Know

1.“Val de Vie” is a French phrase meaning “Valley of Life”.


2.More than 60% of the Estate consists of farmland, green areas, paddocks and polo fields.

3.One of our polo fields is the size of about six rugby fields.


4.The majority of the orginal farm was used as a quarry and more the R350 million was spent to get it ready for development before the first house was built.

esident Review R


ave you spotted one of these in your garden? Cathy Foster sent us this picture

of a miniature frog she found in her roses. According to a professor of The University of Cape Town, this is more than likely a Reed frog (Hyperolius), which mostly lives on vegetation.

S erviceS O ffered


Proudly the Preferred Real Estate Attorneys & Conveyancers


|cell: 079 872 8312| fax: 086 578 4899 | ernst@ | Practice number: 982605 - 0000 |

Van der spuy & Partners Attorneys at Law

Member: Phatshoane Henney Groep of Associated Firms

36 thom street po box 218 paarl • 7620 T: +27 (0) 21 860 1240 F: +27 (0) 21 860 1241


Closed combustion, high effeciency wood burning stoves

Cost effective central heating system - a single water based fireplace heats an entire home

Wholesalers of Radiators, Flues, Heating Installation Components

Stable talk Newsletter


e had a wonderful and

first 60km ride – the equivalent of riding



on horseback from here (Val de Vie)


filled with thrills and spills

all the way to Somerset West! Can you

and some quality high goal tournaments!

imagine sitting in a saddle for five hours?

Polo is now done and dusted and the

Well done Maureen and Thembelani –

ponies are having a well deserved rest.

needless to say that horses and riders had stiff legs (and bums) for days!

Our show jumpers and dressage and endurance riders will be training and competing throughout the winter. The ponies will start their fitness programme during the end of August again for the next season of what should be superb

Have a Blessed Christmas

polo.I am pleased and excited to say that we are busy constructing a worldclass arena, which will allow for training of all disciplines come rain or shine. Our pony riders are currently competing in the SANESA (South African National Equestrian Schools Association) league and we wish them all the best! Our Val de Vie Endurance team is doing very well and has just completed its

Val de Vie Resident Real Estate Specialist

Sophisticated Country Living 39 - 082 449 0900 -

Grapevine Sport & Leisure

The Game of Polo


ou will all have enough time to brush

a whistle when a penalty occurs. Strategic

although the term pony is purely traditional and

up on your polo history, terminology

plays in polo are based on the “line of the ball”-

the mount is actually a full-sized horse. The

and jargon this winter in front of the

an imaginary line created by the ball as it travels

legs of the pony are wrapped with polo wraps

fireplace with the following guidelines and rules

down the field. This line traces the ball’s path

from below the knee to the fetlock to prevent

about polo:

and extends past the ball along that trajectory.


The line of the ball defines rules for players to History:

approach the ball safely. The “line of the ball”

“Stomping the Divots”

The modern game of polo, though formalised

changes each time the ball changes direction.

During half-time of a match, spectators are

and popularised by the British, is derived from

The player that hits the ball generally has the

invited to go onto the field to participate in a

Manipur (now a state in India) where the game

right of way, and other players cannot cross the

polo tradition called “divot stomping”, which

was known as ‘Sagol Kangjei’, ‘Kanjai-bazee’,

line of the ball in front of that player. As players

has developed to not only help replace the

or ‘Pulu’. The first polo club was established

approach the ball, they ride on either side of

mounds of earth (divots) that are torn up by

in the town of Silchar in Assam, India, in 1834.

the line of the ball giving each other access to

the horses’ hooves, but to afford spectators the

the ball. A player can cross the line of the ball

opportunity to walk about and socialise.

British settlers in the Argentine pampas started

when it does not create a dangerous situation.

practicing polo during their free time. Among

Most fouls and penalty shots are related to

We hope to see you all at the polo games in the

them David Shennan, who is credited with

players improperly crossing the line of the ball

next season starting in October!

having organised the first formal polo game

or the right of way. When a player has the line

of the country in 1875, at Estancia El Negrete,

of the ball on his right, he has the right of way.

located in the province of Buenos Aires. “Ride Off” From then on, the game rapidly spread across

In a ride-off, a player rides his pony alongside

the country and Argentina is still credited

an opponent’s mount in order to move an

globally as the mecca of polo, mainly because

opponent away from the ball or to take him

Argentina is notably the country with the largest

out of a play by making shoulder-to-shoulder

ever number of 10 handicap players in the

contact with the other players’ horses.

world. Polo:

“Chukka” A chukka is a 7-minute playing slot. The game

Each team consists of four mounted players,

consists of four to eight 7-minute chukkas,

which can be mixed teams of both men and

between or during which players change

women. The object is to score goals by hitting

mounts. At the end of each 7 minute chukka,

the ball between the goal posts, no matter how

play continues for an additional 30 seconds or

high in the air they are. A game consists of four

until a stoppage in play, whichever comes first.

chukkas and teams swop direction of play after

There is a 4-minute interval between chukkas

every goal is scored.

and a ten minute halftime. Play is continuous and is only stopped for penalties, broken tack

The Rules:

(equipment) or injury to horse or player.

The rules of polo are used to provide safety for both players and horses. The rules are

“Polo Ponies”

enforced in the game by the umpires who blow

The mounts used are called ‘polo ponies’,


Kelly & Team.

Grapevine Sport & Leisure



At the back from left to right: Walter Travers, Andre Van Huysteen, Pierre Pretorious, Emile Lutzeler, Imre Van Huysteen and Tarien Joubert. Front from left to right: Bob Fick, Franco Van Niekerk, Darren Minnies, Alex Van Rooyen, Ivan Van Rooijen and Kobus Koch.

Ryk Neethling Swim School



he Players swim team, which is the

Val de Vie has one of the best facilities in South

competitive group of the Ryk Neethling

Africa with water temperatures always between

Franco Van Niekerk, Andre Van Huysteen and

Swim School ended a very successful

28 and 31 degrees. It is important to stay

Imre Van Huysteen.

season at the Swimming South Africa Level 1,2,3

consistent with your training or when learning to

and Senior National Championships. It was by far

swim. You need to practice diligentely if you want

the best showing at the national championships

to improve. Luckily we have a consistently warm

by the relatively young club, and the rest of the

pool on the Estate so there are no excuses.

country have taken notice of the new force in swimming from the winelands!

Summer never ends at the Ryk Neethling Swimming School‌

Our head coach and swim school manager, PP Roets left in April to pursue farming in


Mpumalanga. Under his guidance the swim

At the back from left to right: Walter Travers,

team improved impressively and we wish him

Andre Van Huysteen, Pierre Pretorious, Emile

well in his new endeavors.

Lutzeler, Imre Van Huysteen and Tarien Joubert. Front from left to right: Bob Fick, Franco Van

Paul and Lynette Emslie have taken over PP’s

Niekerk, Darren Minnies, Alex Van Rooyen, Ivan

responsibilities, with Paul as the new head coach

Van Rooijen and Kobus Koch.Darren Minnies

and Lynette as swim school manager. Please feel

also represented a Junior National Team that

free to contact them if you have any questions.

competed in an invitational gala in Uganda this

They have a wealth of swimming knowledge

April, returning home with a hand full of medals.

having been in the sport for most of their lives.


Franco Van Niekerk, Andre Van Huysteen and Imre Van Huysteen.


For a healthy lifestyle South Africa’s prestigious, national and international award-winning WILLOW CREEK OLIVES AND OLIVE OILS are now available at Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts outlets country wide.


SHOP 6 (PICK N PAY ENTRANCE) TEL: 072 333 6592

Grapevine Sport & Leisure

C ycling


atherine Colyn competed in the Trac Junior National Cycle Tour and finished in 1st place in the Woman’s Overall

Category. The four day stage race was held in Nelspruit. Catherine did exceptionally well and won every stage except for the time trail stage.

My success at the tour wouldn’t have been possible without my sponsors Bestmed Medical Scheme, ASG Sport Solutions, iYo frozen yoghurt, Land Rover Sandton, Universum, Pouyoukas Foods, Pinarello, Rudy Project, Compressport, High5 Nutrition, Ftech and Madibaz Sport. Catherine Colyn

M eet Z ane A rgendien


ane will be supervising the Health Club in the evenings and on the weekends, and will also be

available for personal training. He studied personal training and is very enthusiastic about a healthy body and lifestyle. Feel free to consult him about your specific training needs.


Grapevine Sport & Leisure

W hat is the P ilates R eformer ?


ave you ever heard of Machine

We also add in the use of small mat work

with the use of an unstable carriage in order to

Pilates? No? Most people haven’t and

equipment, plus our great Reformer Jump boards

make your body work harder.

those that have seen it, think it looks

for a cardio workout! Because the Reformer

• It is beneficial for pregnant moms as the variety

like some medieval torture rack! But that can’t be

works by lengthening and strengthening the

of exercise options available are increased by the

further from the truth. The Reformer will ‘reform’

muscles rather than building bulk; it therefore

use of the Reformer and the resistance it provides

your life.

makes for an effective, non-impact stretching and

is extremely valuable. On this topic we would

toning programme that is safe for the joints and

like to feature Marge Davies, age 78, who does

is favoured by physiotherapists and osteopaths.

pilates twice a week and has recently moved to

In basic terms, the Reformer is a machine, similar to a sliding bed attached to springs that provides resistance. This adjustable resistance helps you

reformer pilates. As you can see in the pictures, The Reformer is particularly useful for:

to ‘reform’ muscular imbalances, tone, strengthen

Marge is on top of her game and is an example that pilates is for absolutely everybody.

and lengthen the body without bulking, for a

• Helping those with specific injuries and weak

fantastic all over body workout, while challenging

abs to get a programme started and assisting

your core against an unstable surface and

with pain.

For more information on pilates, fees and times,

increasing tone in the arms and legs.

• For those that like the extra challenge in their

please visit

workout, push your body and see faster results

Marge, you are an inspiration!

Grapevine Sport & Leisure

House 562 Val de Vie Estate

Guardian Project Management, Louw & Louw Architects and Brick Art Construction offered a turnkey service to create Guardian Project Management, Louw & Louw Architects and Brick Art Construction offered a turnkey service to create a project of exceptional design and built quality, completed within the time and budget constraints. a project of exceptional design and built quality, completed within the time and budget constraints. Contact us to assist in creating your dream home. Contact us to assist in creating your dream home.



Louw & Louw Architects is a design orientated architectural and interior studio, offering a distinct personalised and professional service. We believe that investing in good design not only constitutes a sound ďŹ nancial investment, but as importantly a lifestyle investment. We have a unique approach to each project, with special attention to the clients' particular needs and requirements, carefully considering the context of the site and surroundings, the budget and time constraints. Every project is proudly custom designed and documented to detail. M: +27 (0)79 173 9190


Guardian offers complete project management, delivery support and design services aimed at strategically guiding the various phases of the development process.

Our key differentiator lies in our quality workmanship. Our name, Brick Art Construction simply refers to the quality of the work of our artisans and craftsmen.

Guardian's ofďŹ ces are located on-site at Val de Vie Estate and offer clients the ability to engage the planning, design and product selection process without having to travel to numerous showrooms throughout South Africa.

We endeavour to deliver buildings of international standards, structural integrity and spaces where people want to live, work and play.

M: +27 (0)83 641 8887

M: +27 (0)83 726 0591

Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery


Gallery Windows: (NEW)

“4.3.12 All windows shall have as a minimum,

Wrought iron balconies and trelliswork









surround, decorative moulded plaster

extensive use of wrought iron balcony


lintol or a decorative moulded plaster

railings and trelliswork. Owners are allowed

the accepted vertical format, will be

cill on the external face. Such detail is

to substitute any length of trelliswork in

permitted, where screened or recessed

to be shown in sufficient point on any

excess of 6m (garage width), on the street

a minimum of 1500mm behind the

submission. (rule)”

facing façade, for either the shutters or the

outer line of a pergola, veranda or other

pergola requirement. (rule)”

accepted device. (rule)”

just add water



“4.5.3 The guidelines strongly encourage the

ALProd shower doors half page.pdf 1 2012/07/09 02:24:32 PM


“4.3.4 Large

one of the following: Raised plaster





are divided by frames into panels of 900mm




42 2 Wellington Road Durbanville alprod.riaan@gmail / 021 979 5898 / 083 592 7834 / 086 665 6070 .



Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery Cladding “4.2.3 Drypack



Balustrades and Wrought Iron Work


matching that is used in the gatehouse

“4.5.1 All external balustrades are to be of a steel

columns only.) No stonework tiles or cast

type with the elements (except support

concrete cladding will be permitted. (rule)”

posts) having a maximum width of 10mm in any one direction and to be composed of primarily curvilinear elements typical of decorative wrought iron work. All balustrades to be black or a dark grey unless prior approval is obtained from the Home Owners Association for use of an alternate colour. (rule)”


External Lights “4.9.1 All external lights mounted on the street facing elevation or ahead of this line shall be of the carriage type units in the colour



black or dark grey. (rule)”

THE SUN CONTROL SPECIALISTS blinds | shutters | awnings | folding doors | security Tel: 021 853 2384

Colin: 083 254 9936

Shop 4, 2 Gants Plaza Langenegger St, Gants Centre, Strand

drakenstein handyman services provide a one stop handyman service . We are skilled at a wide range of repairs, typically around the home. These tasks include trade skills, repair work, maintenance work, both interior and exterior, and are sometimes described as “odd jobs”, “fix-up tasks”, and include light plumbing jobs such as fixing a leaky toilet or light electric jobs such as changing a light fixture. For a full list of services please visit Please contact us for a free consultation at +27 (72) 648 5876 or |

W W W. d r a n k e n s t e i n h a n d y m a n . c o . z a

ClassiC and timeless interiors Customised vanities and French furniture a Nicolet te Jonas: +27 82 565 4500 Interior Shop: Showroom 26 Bird Street, Stellenbosch

Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery Shutters “4.3.8 Shutters, which are strongly encouraged, must be operational and are preferably side hung. (rule)” “4.3.10 It is mandatory that operational shutters be fitted to all street facing windows on the ground floor. Approved shutters are fully framed with horizontal angled louvre elements, any other type is to be separately submitted for approval. (rule)”

Air-cons and Pool Pumps “5.15 Mechanical equipment and plant such as air-conditioners (and grilles), ducts, pool pumps, etc. must be designed into the buildings and/or adequately


enclosed or screened off from view. (rule)”

Pergolas “4.8.1 A pergola element is mandatory in front of the garage or an equal length of pergola provided elsewhere on the street facing façade. (rule)”



Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery Front Doors


“4.3.5 Front doors, where visible from the








street, shall be solid doors. Glassed

combination of Smartstone (or similar)

entrance doors will be permitted where

concrete cobble (charcoal or grey colour)

a wrought iron screen or gate is fixed

clay brick pavers, or exposed aggregate

or installed between the door and the

concrete surface beds. (colour to be brown)

street. (rule)”


Mouldings “4.7.1 The colour palette and the style of the estate encourage the use of plaster moulding to create relief on the facades. The use of corbelling and banding below eaves and along the line of the window head and cill height is strongly encouraged. Window surrounds will also be permitted. (guideline)”




g n i d l i u B Your r e n t r a P t c e j o Pr


rv We offer the following se Building cost estimations ilding materials Supplier of full range of bu

tance Professional on site assis facture Roof truss design & manu homes Supplier of timber frame On site deliveries Timber cutting & planing Paint tinting facility Board cutting for approved contractors Credit facilities available

builders trade

Great Service Professional Advice BUILDERS TRADE DEPOT PAARL: Driebergenstraat, Dal Josafat, Paarl Tel: (021) 868 3040 Visit us at


OFFICE HOURS: Mon to Fri: 8 am to 5pm

CTM Paarl: Cnr Lady Grey & Textile Street, Paarl

Saturday: 8 am to 4pm

Tel: 021 871 1902/3/4 Fax: 021 871 1907

Web: Email:

Ian Badenhorst: 082 873 7136 • Phone: 021 863 1401

Pre-Owned Stars Paarl. A division of Star Motor Group. Multiple Award Winning Motor Group since 2007. You will be satisfied, because you’re a STAR! ★ Buying ★ Selling ★ Finance ★ Advice

Terms and Conditions apply, as per approval according to the National Credit Act.



LOW PAYMENT PLAN 2012 NISSAN MICRA 1.2 VISIA 5-DOOR Recommended Retail price: R105 000 • Deposit: R30 000 • RV: R30 150 • Months: 72 • Interest rate: 10.0%


Cornerstone Building & Prope Grapevine Building Cycle

B uilding


Process Building Plan  Approval  Process HOA Submission Submission uilding BDrakenstein

uilding Plan  Approval  Plan rocess


Clerk hands plans and account Building Plan  PA pproval   rocess Building   lan  APpproval   Ptorocess Building   lan   APpproval   Process applicant for payment Building  Plan  Approval  Process

Applicant hands in plans

Plan Process

Building Plan  Approval  Process

Clock Starts

START START   START   tart Building   Plan  Approval  Process Clerk hands Clerk handss START   Illegal Building Work Clock Starts Clerk hands plans and account plans and plans Building 1. to Planning START   Plan  PA pproval   Ppproval   rocess Building   PClock lan  Starts AStarts rocess Applicant hands in plans Building   Building   lan   AClock pproval   Process ClockP Starts to applicantis for drawn payment thereto Building   Clerk hands plans to Building Attention that no P bui la account to Plan Examiner for Clerk hands Clerk hands Clerk Applicant   hhands ands  in  plans   Clerk hands • Choose any registered architect of your Clerk hands Clerk hands Plan Examiner for Scrutiny Fees plans and s   Clerk hands plans to Building Clerk hands applicant for Applicant   h ands   i n   p lans   Scrutiny Fees Clerk han Clock Starts Applicant   h ands   i n   p lans   Clerk hands START   plans and plans to Building plans andto plansApplicant   hands  in  plans   work may commence prior to the app account plans Plan to Building Examiner and plans for to Building START   choice plans an payment plans to Building START   Scrutiny START   tart applicanttofor account to account to handssPlan account Fees Plan Examiner for Examiner for Plan Examiner for Clerk hands Clerk START  Plan Examiner of relevant building bui for plans. Should Clerk creates record in Applicant  hands  in  plans   Illegalaccount Buildi payment applicant for applicant Building   P lan   A pproval   P rocess Scrutiny FeesScrutiny Clock Starts • Scrutiny Download the aesthetic Building   guidelines and Clock Starts applicant for for Fees Fees plans and plans to Building applicant Scrutiny Fees Plan  Approval   Process Clock Starts Clock Starts Collaborator and Scan plans START   START   payment work have commenced prior to bui payment Clerk hands plans to Building Attention is account to payment Plan Examiner for paymen Clerk hands Clerk hands Building   Plan   Pplans rocess Building   Plan  Approval  Proce Clerk Applicant   hhands ands  A in  ppproval   lans   Clerk hands checklists Applicant   from hands Clerk hands Plan Examiner forBuilding Scrutiny Fees Clerk plans and Clerk hands hands  in  plans   to applicant Applicant   hands   in  for plans   Scrutiny Fees Applicant   hands  in  plans  plans to BuildingClerk hands Cle work may c plans and plans to Building plan approval, an additional building plans andto plansApplicant   hands  in  plans   account Plan Examiner and plans for to Building DECISION   DECISION   Yes  Examiner payment plans hoa/hoa-documentation.html Clock Starts Cloc START   applicanttofor account to account to account Scrutiny Fees Plan for Plan Examiner for Plan Examiner for START   START   of relevant Plan OR   Clerk creates record in scrutiny fee will be applicable. RelevantE Building   PPlan   A pproval   Process payment for applicant Building   Plan   Scrutiny FeesScrutiny applicant for Approval  ProcessScru Fees Scrutiny Clerk  creates   DECISION   Yes   DECISION   • Download Building Rules & START   Regulations DECISION   Yes   applicant lan  for Approval   Process Yes  FeesClerk   Collaborator and Scan plans creates  Building   Clerk hands Clerk hands Clerk hands No   Clerk hands START   payment work have payment record   i n   payment Building   C ontrol     Applicant   h ands   i n   p lans   Applicant  hands    oifficial   n  plans   Clock Starts OR   OR   proceedings will be instituted where bui um, DECISION   Hoofstraat 405, Paarl circulates   lans  to  all   OR   Clock pStarts record  in   plansClerk   and plans and Collaborator   and   Clerk  creates   plans toClerk   Building Officer   rcecommends   Clerk official plans circulates plans and fees from Clock Starts creates   Clerk    official   irculates   pNo   lans  toto  Building all   to all departments  (Land  Survey,   Land   STARTS CLOCK plan approv No   Clerk hands DECISION   Scan   plans  in   Clerk hands Collaborator   a nd   Plan   for   approval   or   Yes   DECISION   No   account to Yes   Plan Examiner for account to work has commenced without prior app record   Plan Examiner for departments (Land Survey, Land Clerk hands Clerk hands Building   C ontrol     Use,   H eritage,   E ngineers,   F ire,   Clock Starts Building   C ontrol     record   i n   Applicant   h ands   i n   p lans   START   Building   Control     START   Clerk  creates   (Land   Survey,   Land   Clerk    official  circulates  p Applicant   hdepartments   ands   in  plans   608 • Faks: 021 872 3772 Clerk  hands  official  circulates   plans  circulates   to   all   plans START   Clerk   fficial   plans   tBuilding o  all   hoa/hoa-documentation.html plans and OR    o toCollaborator   amendments   Clerk Clerk OR   scrutiny fee plans and Electric   plans tohands Building Officer   recommends   Use, Heritage, Engineers, Fire, lan  Examiner)   Scan  precord   lans   Officer   rpecommends   applicant for&  B(uilding   Collaborator  and   applicant Scrutiny for Scrutiny Fees and   Officer   recommends   departments   (Land  Surv Clerk  creates   Applicant  hands   in  Use,   lans   DECISION   Land   SPurvey,   LClerk   Yes   in  departments   DECISION   Heritage,   Engineers,   FExaminer ire,   Feesfor DECISION   Yes   Yes   departments   (and   Land   urvey,   Land   of the building plan. account Clerk to cSreates   Plan Examiner for Clerk hands Clerkfor   hands No   hands c omments   account to Plan   f or   a pproval   o r   Plan plans and Clerk     o fficial   c irculates   p lans   t o   a ll   plans to Building Scan   p lans   Electric & Building Plan Examiner) record   i n  OR   Plan   f or   a pproval   o r   Scan   p lans   Building   C ontrol     Applicant   h ands   i n   p lans   Use,  Heritage,   Enginee payment Plan   for  approval  DECISION   or   Applicant   hClerk   ands    oifficial   n  plans   payment Yes   OR   proceedings No   Use,   H eritage,   E ngineers,   F ire,   c irculates   p lans   t o   a ll   Clerk prepare OR Clock Starts Use,   H eritage,   E ngineers,   F ire,   Collaborator   a nd   applicant for record   i n   Electric   &   B uilding   P lan   E xaminer)   Feesand plans toto  Building Collaborator   and   Clerk  creates   Building  Control     plans toClerk   Building applicant for plans Scrutiny Officer   rcecommends   Clerk official circulates plans to allamendments  Scrutiny Clock Starts creates   for comments Clock  Fees SLtops   account departments   (Land   SExaminer urvey,   and  for amendments   Plan Clerk    official   irculates   pNo   lans   all   Plan   Electric   &  Building  Plan  E departments  (Land  Survey,   Land   STARTS amendments   CLOCK Electric   &to  Examiner Building   amendments letter No   Electric   &E  xaminer)   Building   Plan  EClerk xaminer)   Clerk Scan   plans   payment Clerk hands Collaborator   and   Plan   for   approval   or   No   account toHeritage,   Scan   for payment for  HOR   ceritage,   omments   coh record   in   Officer   Plan for work departments (Land Land hands Use,   hands 2.recommends   HOA Aesthetics Committee   Examiner Engineers,   Building   ontrol    plans   record   ihas n   Applicant   ands   plans   for  comments   Building   Control     Clerk Clerk  creates   (Land   SPlan urvey,   LSurvey, and   Use,   Engineers,   ire,   Applicant   hdepartments   ands  Cin   plans   Clerk  hands  ohfficial   cin   irculates   pBuilding   lans  cFirculates   tire,   o  Caontrol   ll   plans applicant for Scrutiny FFees for   c omments   Clerk     o fficial   p lans   t o   a ll   plans to Building amendments   for   c omments   Clerk Clerk hands plans and Collaborator   a nd   plans to Building recommends   Use, recommends   Heritage,Scrutiny Engineers, Fire, Electric   POfficer   lan  Examiner)   Scan  precord   lans   applicant No   Officer   rpecommends   for&  B(uilding   Plan  for  approval  or   Collaborator  and   Fees Heritage Scrutiny Fees Officer   Applicant   h ands   i n   lans   departments   Land   S urvey,   L and   i n   Use,   H eritage,   E ngineers,   F ire,   Survey,   Land   of the buildin Stops   accou Plan payment Electric   &  Building   Plan   Examiner)   for  departments   comments   account toClock   • Building   SubmitControl   the   building and landscaping Plan  for  (aLand   pproval   or  Examiner Plan Examiner plans and Clerk    oor  fficial   cBuilding irculates   plans   to  for all   plans to Building Scan  for plans   Electric Examiner) YES Stops   Plan  for  approval   Clock   Stops   Scan  plans   payment for  a& pproval   r   Plan Clock   amendments   Use,   ngineers,   Fire,   Clerk prepare Heritage,   Engineers,   Fire,  Fees Collaborator   afor nd   Heritage,  EUse,   Electric   &Plan    Building   Pfor Eoxaminer)   Scrutiny Officer  recommends   amendments   Scrutiny No person my alter or demolish anyapplica stru for  comments   comments Clock  Fees SLtops   account to departments   (lan   Land   SExaminer urvey,   and  for DECISION   applicant amendments   Plan or amendments   DECISION   Yes   Electric   &   B uilding   P lan   E xaminer)   amendments letter Yes   Electric   &   B uilding   P lan   E xaminer)   paym plans, hard copy and PDF’s as required to Scan   p lans   noIfies  applicant   for  H  ceritage,   omments   Applicant   collects  plan   Plan  for  approval  or   DECISION   payment DECISION   Yes   Use,   Engineers,   FFees ire,   Yes  Clerk    prepare   applicant for No Clerk   Scrutiny for  comments   for  comments     OR   for   c ollecIon   o f   OR   s   for   a mendments   or part of a structure which is older tha Heritage amendments   OR   OR   Clock   S tops   Clock   S tops   amendments   l eHer   payment Electric   &   B uilding   P lan   E xaminer)   the Controlling Architects office YES Stops   Clerk  creates   amendments  via  phone   Clock  Stops   Clock   Clerk   creates  Cl Clerk  creates   No person m No   for   c omments   No   years without a permit issued by the rele Clerk  noIfies   applicant     or   e-­‐mail   Officer Applicant   collects   DECISION   DECISION   No  feesDECISION   No  ll  or record   Yes   record   in   Building Control recommends Yes   Building  Control     Control   ipn  repare   Building   C  oontrol   record   in   p Clerk   applicant   Applicant   plan   Building   Control     lans    Applicant   • Pay the  plan Yes   scrutiny directly to theBuilding     plan     Clerk  noIfies   aClerk   pplicant   pClerk   lan  n  oIfies   DECISION   Clerk   c   airculates   pP lans   to  caollects   DECISION   Clerk   circulates   Yes   nfficial   oIfies   Clerk    lan   oBuilding   fficial   c  irculates   p all  rocess Yes   collects   NoApplicant   Clerk    coollects   fficial   cfficial   irculates   for    o collecIon   of  plans  to  apll  lans  to  all  for  amendments Clerk    pplicant   prepare     to   P A pproval   lerk   n oIfies   a pplicant     Applicant   c ollects   p lan   OR   Plan for approval or amendments for   c ollecIon   o f   OR   Clock   S tops   for   a mendments   or part of a Clerk     p repare     Collaborator   a nd   Collaborator   a nd   OR   Coll Collaborator   a nd Clerk    prepare     Officer  recommends   Officer  recommends   leHer   Officer   Officer   recommends   Provincial Heritage Resources for   collecIon   ofor   f   rcecommends   for  aLmendments   OR   OR   amendments   departments   (Land   Survey,   Land   ollecIon   of  leHer   amendments   via   hone   for   amendments   (Land   Spurvey,   LSand   departments   (Land   Survey,   and   amendments   departments   (Land   urvey,   Land   Authority. Clerk   creates   amendments   via  phone   CLOCK STOPS departments   Controlling Architect Controlling for   collecIon   oo f  ar  pproval  or  amendments   cpreates   leHer   for   aand mendments   Scan   plans  Clerk   Clerk  creates   Scan  pwithou lans  appS Plan  for   amendments   leHer   Plan   for  approval   r   Fire,   Scan   lans   amendments   vUse,   ia   hone   lan   for   approval   Plan  fUse,   or   apHpproval   r   No   eritage,   Eongineers,   No   amendments   vDECISION   ia  E pongineers,   hone   or   eeritage,   -­‐mail   Use,   H eritage,   Engineers,   Fn  ire,   Clerk  noIfies   or  e-­‐mail   No   No   H eritage,   F ire,   record   i Building Control Officer recommends Yes   No   Use,   H E ngineers,   F ire,   years Building   C ontrol     record   i n   person(s) found to be directly or indir Building   C ontrol     Building   C ontrol     Building   C ontrol     Clerk     p repare     mendments   v ia   p hone   record   i n   Clerk   n oIfies   a pplicant     amendments   lan   collects   Clerk    onfficial   circulates   pP lans   to  caollects   ll   Applicant   amendments   c Building   ontrol   Clerk   oIfies   pplicant   Clerk    lan   official   circulates   plans    Applicant   to   all  rocess Applicant re-submits lan   Clerk  Clerk    official   cfficial   irculate eamendments   -­‐mail   for    o collecIon   Electric   & BApplicant   uilding   lan   Examiner)   or    Beuilding   -­‐mail   A pproval   Electric   &amendments    Bpuilding   Plan   Epxaminer)   Clerk   oIfies   appplicant     or   amendments   Clerk  nCoIfies   a   pplicant     Architect before Landscape plans are c  pbuilding ollects   pEplan   Clerk   fficial   cPirculates   lans  tBuilding   o  all  for  Officer   Plan forP approval oraamendments Applicant   cnollects   lan   Clerk  OR    p    o repare    Clerk   Collaborator   a nd   Collaborator   auilding   nd   repare     Officer   r ecommends   Officer   r ecommends   l eHer   Electric   & P lan   xaminer)   Officer   r ecommends   r ecommends   Provincial HSp Electric   &   B P lan   E xaminer)   c ollecIon   o f   for   a mendments   departments   (Land   Survey,   Land   Land   for  collecIon   amendments   via   for  acmendments   departments   (Land   departments   (Land   Survey,   Collaborator   aof  nd   Clerk    prepare     departments   e -­‐mail   plans for re-circulation for   c omments   Officer  or   recommends   for   omments   CLOCK STOPS for   c ollecIon   o f   Clerk   c reates   involved in this illegal activity may be amendments   l eHer   for   a mendments   Scan  plans   Scan  plans   for  collecIon  of   Plan  for  oar  pproval  or   departments   amendments   lSeHer   ( Land   urvey,   L and   for   a mendments   Plan   for  approval   ohone   r   Fire,   amendments   v ia   p hone   Plan   f or   a pproval   Plan   f or   a pproval   o r   Use,   H eritage,   E ngineers,   amendments   v ia   p or   e -­‐mail   for   c omments   Use,   H eritage,   E ngin for   c omments   Use,  Scan   Heritage,   Engineers,  Fire,   tabled amendments   leHer   No   Use,  Heritag person(s) fo plans   Plan  amendments   for  approval   ovr   amendments   via   phone   record  in   amendments   Clock  Stops   Building   ontrol   Applicant building eamendments   -­‐mail   Clock   Stops   or   ia  phone   Electric   &  re-submits  oBfficial   uilding   lan   Examiner)   Engineers,   Fpire,   or    Beuilding   -­‐mail   Electric  &  Band uilding  wi Pla amendments   Clerk  nCoIfies   a   pplicant     Use,  Heritage,   Clerk  amendments   cPirculates   lans  to  aas ll   an accessory to a crime Applicant   collects   lan   Electric   & Plan  Epxaminer)   Electric   &  Build Collaborator  and   Stops   or   e-­‐mail   Stops   plans for Clerk    prepare     for  re-circulation comments   amendments   Officer   recommends   for  commen Plans areClock   tabled at the HOA Aesthetics involved in for   collecIon  of   or  e• -­‐mail   departments   ( Land   S urvey,   L and   for  amendments   Electric  &  Building   Plan  Clock   Examiner)   for  comments   amendments  leHer   Plan  amendments   for  approval  ovr   prosecutedScan   to plans   the full extend of for   thec Clock  Stops   Clock   Stops   ia  phone   Use,  Heritage,  Engineers,   Fire,   for  comments   as an acce committee every second Thursday Clock  Stops   Stops   amendments   or  eStarts -­‐mail   Applicant  re-­‐ Clock Electric  &  Building  Plan  Clock   Examiner)   Any project of whatever nature affe Clerk  official  re-­‐ Building  Control   Stops   prosecuted • CommitteeClock   comments are to be for  comments   submits   building   Clerk   nsent oIfies  back applicant     Applicant  collects  plan   CLOCK STARTS Clerk  applicant noIfies   applicant     Applicant  collects  plan   Clerk notifies for collection circulate   b uilding   Officer   Clerk    prepare     Applicant   r e-­‐ Clock Starts the preservation of structures older tha plans  for  re-­‐ for  collecIon  of   Clerk   repare     a  p mendments   Any project oolan   fficial   re-­‐ Building  Control   for   cpproval   ollecIon   f   P Clock   Sfor   tops   for  amendments   Building   Plan   APApplicant   Building   PBuilding   lan   pproval   PA rocess ofpproval   amendments viaClerk   phone orrocess e-mail via Controlling ArchitectClerk   plan    to   rA recommends   p amendments   leHer   submits   building   Clerk   noIfies   applicant     plan   Pplan   rocess CLOCK STARTS via  phone   amendments   leHer   noIfies   applicant     Clerk   noIfies   acollects   pplicant     Applicant   celevant   ollects   lan   Clerk   noIfies   applicant     plan   Clerk amendments   official re-circulate Applicant   c ollects   circulaIon   Applicant  collect Clerk notifies applicant for collection circulate   b uilding   Officer   amendments   v ia   p hone   Clerk    building prepare     years must comply with the National Her thefor  preserva plans   for  r  e-­‐ for   collecIon  of   repare     for  a  p mendments   departments   for   for   acClerk   pproval   oo  n   Clerk    prepare   for   ollecIon   olan   f   P or  e-­‐mail   amendme Building   Plan   APcpproval   Building   PBuilding   lan   Process planfrom to relevant departments forClerk    prepare   for   collecIon   of   of amendments via phone orrocess e-mail plan    tprepare rA for   ollecIon   ocelevant   f  pproval   amendments   recommends   •   Collect stamped plans Controlling amendments   leHer   for   amendments   or   e-­‐mail   Pplan   rocess via  pP hone   Clerk officials amendments   leHer   Clerk   nff  oIfies   applicant     Clerk   noIfies   appplicant   Applicant   ollects   lan   Approval   Clerk official building Applican circulaIon   Building   Plfor   lan   Aamendments   rocess signing   opproval   of   re-circulate collaborator   amendments   via   phone     mendments  leHer   amendments   eHer   years must ct signingClerk   off of  vpia   amendments Resource Act no. 25 of 1999. Failure departments   f or   for   a pproval   o n   repare     Building   amendments   phone   Clerk     p repare     P lan   A pproval   P rocess amendments   v ia   p hone   or   e -­‐mail   approval letter and stamps on plan for   to relevant departments for collecIon   of   for  or   collecIon   of   for  amendments   for  am e-­‐mail   prepare Architect’s office after approved Clerk officials amendments   collaborator   Clerk  amendments   nor   oIfies   applicant   leHer     Applicant   collects   lan   lsigning   eHer   signing off ofvpia   amendments e-­‐mail   Resource building planoff  of   or  e-­‐mail   amendments   phone   amendments   amendments   via  stamps phone   letter and on soapproval could cause the transgressor to beAc Clerk    prepare     amendments   collecIon  ois f   for  Clerk   amendments   nor   oIfies   a pplicant     Applicant   c ollects   p lan   • POS (public open space) for   landscaping e-­‐mail   building plan or  e-­‐mail   so could ca Clerk    vpia   repare     amendments  leHer   for  collecIon  of   amendments   phone   for  amendments   and/or be issued with a Compulsory R amendments   leHer  Clock Starts referred to the Landscaping Applicant   committee for amendments   v ia   p hone   and/or be is Applicant   r e-­‐ r e-­‐ Clock Starts or  e-­‐mail   Clerk   official   re-­‐ Clerk   official  rre-­‐e-­‐ Building  Control   Building   Applicant   rC e-­‐ontrol   Applicant   Clock Starts Order at his/her own cost in accordance Clock Starts submits   building   building   or  beuilding   -­‐mail   Applicant  re-­‐ Clock Starts comments and approval submits   Clerk   o fficial   r e-­‐ Clerk   o fficial   r e-­‐ Building   Building   C ontrol   circulate   circulate   b uilding   Officer   Officer   OrderControl   at his/ building   submits  building   plans  for  re-­‐ plans  for  re-­‐ Clerk  roe-­‐fficial  rsubmits   e-­‐ Clock Applicant   Starts circulate  Building   building   Control   building   Officer   submits  building   plan  plans    to  relevant   the said recommends   plan   plan    ftor   o  rre-­‐ elevant   recommends   pAct. lan   for  re-­‐ circulate  building   plans   Clerk   official   re-­‐circulate   Building  Control  Officer   circulaIon   re-­‐ circulaIon   Clock Starts Building Control Officer recommends Officer   submits   b uilding   plan     t o   r elevant   the said recommends   p lan   plan     t o   r elevant   recommends   pAct. lan   for  re-­‐ Starts departments   for   for  approval   n   recommendscirculate   departments   foor   for  abpproval   circulaIon   Applicant   circulaIon   Clock Starts Clock uilding   on   Officer Officer   Clerk   ore-­‐ fficial  rplans   e-­‐ Clock Building  on Control   plans  for  re-­‐Building Control departments   for   for  approval  foor   n   departments   for  approval  on   recommends   plan   plan forBuilding   approval collaborator Applicant   e-­‐ Starts ding   Clerk   official   Building   Clerk  boruilding   fficial  re-­‐ circulaIon   CClerk   ontrol   signing   orff  e-­‐orf  e-­‐ plan    to  relevant   collaborator   signing   off   oon f  Control   plan    tcollaborator   o  relevant  signing   recommends  pcollaborator   lan   plan forBuilding   approval collaborator submits   o fficial   C ontrol   ng   circulate   b uilding   Officer   signing   o ff   o f   collaborator   o ff   o f   Clerk   o fficials   circulaIon   Clock Stops submits   building   departments  for  amendments   for  approval   on   circulate   building   Officer   Clerk  officials   e-­‐ amendments   circulate   Officer   Clock amendments   Stops departments   for  amendments   for  approval  on   plans   for    trbo   e-­‐uilding   circulate   building   Officer   Applicant  collects   Clerk  prepares   plan   relevant    approval   p  tlan   off  of  prepare   plans   for   Applicant   crecommends   ollects   Clerk  signing   prepares   o  relevant   recommends   plan   collaborator   signing  off  of  prepare    approval   collaborator   n   plan    tro  e-­‐relevant   recommends   lan   Head   oplan   f  pD epartment   circulaIon   Clerk prepares approved plan for collection plan     t o   r elevant   recommends   p lan   Head   o f   D epartment   Clerk prepares approved plan for collection approved  building  circulaIon   approved   p lan   f or   and   stamps  on   approved  building   plan  for   leHer   departments  for   for  approval   on   approved   amendments   departments   f or   for   a pproval   amendments  leHer  and  stamps   for   notifiesfor   applicant or e-mail aleHer   pproval   n  phonepfor   departments   notifies applicant or e-mail for   approval   n  phoneplan    sign   of  via bouilding   lan    sign  opf  via bouilding   plan/Approval  leHer  departments   and  and noIfies   plan/Approval   and  and noIfies   on   building   lan   on  building  plan   signing  ocollecIon   ff  of   collaborator   signing  ocollecIon   ff  of   collaborator   off  applicant   of   collaborator   off  applicant   of   collaborator   &  InspecIons   slips   signing   via  phone  or   &  InspecIons  slips   signing   via  phone   or   amendments   amendments   amendments   e-­‐mail   amendments   e-­‐mail  

Clerk prepares   approved  plan  for   collecIon  and  noIfies   applicant  via  phone  or   e-­‐mail  

Applicant collects   e-­‐mail   approved  building   plan/Approval  leHer   &  InspecIons  slips  

Building Plan  Approval  Process

Building Plan  Approval  Process

Head of  Departm  sign  of  building  pl

Building Plan  Approval  Process

Clerk prepares   approved  plan  for   collecIon  and  noIfies   applicant  via  phone  or  

Applicant re-­‐ submits  building   plans  for  re-­‐ circulaIon  

Clock Stops

recommends lan   re-­‐ Clerk  opfficial   for  acirculate   pproval  on   building   collaborator   plan    to  relevant   departments  for   signing  off  of   amendments  

uilding Starts Applicant  re-­‐ circulate  bClock plan    to  relevant   submits  building   departments  for   plans  for  re-­‐ signing  off  of   circulaIon   amendments  

Clock Starts

Clock Stops

Clerk officials   prepare    approval   leHer  and  stamps   on  building  plan  

Head of  Department    sign  of  building  plan  

Building Control   Officer  

Clerk official  re-­‐

nemendheid Excellence

Applicant collects   approved  building   plan/Approval  leHer   &  InspecIons  slips  

roubaarheid uthenticity

Building Plan   Approval   Process Building   Plan   Approval   Process

Building Plan  Approval

twoordelikheid countability

Building Plan  Approval  Process

gverdigheid ghteousness

Clerk officials  

Clock Stops

Sedert Since 1948

Clerk officials  

Clock Stops Clerk oStops fficials   Clock Clerk  officials   CLOCK STOPS Clock Applicant   cApplicant ollects  Stopscollects approved Clerk  prepares   prepare    approval   Applicant   collects   Clerk  prepares   prepare    approval   CLOCK STOPS collects approved Applicant  cApplicant ollects   Clerk  prepares   Head  of  Department   prepare    approval   prepare   Applicant   collects   Clerk  plan/Approval prepares   approved   Head   of   Department   Head Department approved   bbuilding uilding   approved   lan   for    approval   letter leHer   aof nd   stamps   bpuilding   approved  plan  for   leHer  and  stamps   Head   of  Department   Head   of   Department   Head of Department approved  bbuilding uilding   plan/Approval approved   lan  for   plan/Approval   letter leHer   a nd   s tamps     s ign   o f   b uilding   p lan   approved   bpuilding   approved   p lan   f or   leHer   and  s  stamps   leHer   collecIon   and  nleHer   oIfies   ign   ouilding   f  of building   plan  planClerk  officials   sign building on  b plan   plan/Approval   collecIon  and  nClock oIfies   & Inspections slips Stops on  building  plan    sign   of   building   plan   plan/Approval  leHer   oIfies   &  InspecIons     s ign   o f   b uilding   p lan   Clerk   o fficials   sign of building plan on   b uilding   p lan   plan/Approval   collecIon   and   nClock oIfies   & InspectionscollecIon   slips and  nleHer   slips   applicant   v ia   p hone   o r   Stops Applicant   collects   Clerk   p repares   on   b uilding   p lan   prepare    approval   &  InspecIons  slips   applicant  via  phone  or   of  Department   &  InspecIons   slips   collects   applicant   via  phone   or   prepares   Applicant   Clerk    approval   &  InspecIons   slips   applicant  bvuilding   ia  phone  or   e-­‐mail   approved  plan  for   prepare   approved   e-­‐mail  Head   leHer   a nd   s tamps   Cook (Building Control Officer): Egbert Husselman (Building Inspector): Marietjie Viss Head   of  Department   e-­‐mail  Dianne  sign   of  building  plan   approved  building   approved  plan   for   Husselman plan/Approval   leHer   e-­‐mail   collecIon   and  noIfies  leHer  and   stamps   Dianne Cook (Building Control Officer): Egbert (Building Inspector): Marietjie Visser (Clerk) on  building  plan   Clerk   officials   Clock Stopss  lips   sign  of  building  applicant   plan   &  InspecIons   plan/Approval  leHer   Clerk   fficials   021 807 6444 4816 021 807 6331 voia   p021 807 hone  or   on   collecIon   a nd   n oIfies   b uilding   p lan   Clock Stops Applicant  collects   Clerk  prepares   Clerk  officials   prepare    approval   Clock Stops Clerk   e-­‐mail   Applicant   collects   prepares   applicant   prepare    approval   &  InspecIons   Clerk  voia   fficials   021 807 6444 021 807 4816 021 807 6331 pHead   hone  oof  r  Department   Clock Stops slips  

Contact Information approved building   approved  plan  for   prepare   leHer  and  stamps   Clerk  prepares   Head   of  Department    approval   building   approved  plan  for   prepare   leHer  and  stamps   e-­‐mail   Clerk  prepares  approved    approval    sign  of  building  plan   lHead   eHer   of  Department   collecIon  and  noIfies  leHer   on  building   plan   Bosch (Building Inspector): approved  plan   fplan/Approval   or   nd   sotamps    asign   f  building   lan   Head   James September (ChiefpBuilding Inspector): Alida Huisies leHer   of  Department   collecIon  and  noIfies   on   building  Malcolm plan   approved  plan  fplan/Approval   or   &  InspecIons   leHer   a nd   s tamps   s  slips   phone  or  on  building  plan   ign  of  building   papplicant   lan   via  vpia   collecIon  and  n&   oIfies   I nspecIons   s lips   applicant   hone   o r     s ign   o f   b uilding   p lan   James September (Chief Building Inspector): Malcolm Bosch (Building Inspector): collecIon   and  noIfies   021 807 4809plan   021 807 Control 4807 Alida Huisies (Senior Clerk) 021 807 4823 on  bBuilding uilding   Controlling Architect (Boogertman & Partners) Drakenstein Inspector HOA Building e-­‐mail   applicant  via  phone  or   e-­‐mail   applicant  via  phone  o021 807 r   4809 021 807 4823 e-­‐mail   Janine Cronje Malcolm Bosch 021 807 4807 Kobus Rossouw e-­‐mail   Kriel (Senior Building Inspector): Geraldine Fortuin (Building Inspector): Brendon Gab 021 930 9210 082 411Piet 1930 021 863 6127 021 807 6329 021 807 4697 807 4678 Piet Kriel (Senior Building Inspector): Geraldine Fortuin (Building Inspector): Brendon Gabriels (Building Plan021 Examiner)

021 807 6329

021 807 4697

Alberta Rohrbach (Senior Building Inspector):

021 807 4678

Geraldine Lewis (Clerk)

Controlling Landscaping Architect Drakenstein Plan Submissions 021 807 6317 Geraldine Lewis (Clerk) Kobus MeiringAlberta Rohrbach (Senior Building Inspector): Wilfred Vyfer

HOA General 021 807 4525

082 453 3654 021 807 6317

021 807 4812 021 863 6103Ferris (Senior Felecia Clerk) Mario Roelf (Building Inspector): 021 807 6332

021 807Inspector): 4525 021 807Mario 6331Roelf (Building 021 807 6332

Carle Geldenhuys

Leon Wehr (B

021 807 4812

Leon Wehr (Building Plan Examiner)

021 807 4820

Felecia Ferris (Senior Clerk) 021 807 4820

Cornerstone_Issue5_NEW.indd 13




Grapevine Safety & Security



al De Vie Estate has remained on

by reducing the amount of paper which was

to come up to the Main Entrance to receive but

the forefront of investigating and

previously generated and wasted. It further

also to open the inner lane boom for their visitor

implementing the newest security

assisted us in reducing the costs of issuing

/ guest.We urge all our homeowners to please

practices and use of security technology to

guests / visitors with remotes for the inner

register and make use of the PT Guest system.

ensure our environment remains safe and

lane booms, which were evidently either lost,

As long as a homeowner is registered on the

secure for all on the Estate. The recent upgrade

damaged or not returned by the guest.

PT Guest system we can ‘link’ them to their

and implementation of one such service to our

visitor / guest.

homeowners has been the PT Guest system.

Unfortunately, some of our homeowners and

However, the true value of the security systems

residents have not registered themselves on

The technology we implement and utilise not

we put in place will only be experienced when

the PT Guest system or do not use the system

only assists us financially in reducing costs

the system is maintained, managed and utilised

at all. This, in retrospect, has created longer

for the Estate, but ensures we maintain and

to their capacity.

delays for their guests / visitors at the main

manage our secure and safe environment.

entrance and has sadly left some guests /

We would like for our homeowners’ guests /

Many of our homeowners and departments

visitors with an ‘unpleasant experience’ trying

visitors to have a memorable experience when

have indicated how satisfied they are with the

to enter the Estate.

they visit our Estate. If there are any queries

PT Guest system and how it alleviates delays

with regards to the PT Guest system or should

for their guests / visitors at the main entrance.

By not being registered on the PT Guest

you experience any problems, please do

The system was implemented to assist in

system or updating and activating their

not hesitate to contact the HOA office at the



personal information, homeowners’ visitors /

Lifestyle Centre.

processes of confirmation, thus welcoming

guests cannot be issued with an access PIN

our guests / visitors to our Estate with minimal

code to enter the Main Entrance or to enter

interruption. PT Guest also helped us reduce

the respective inner lane boom(s). This could

our ecological foot print on the environment

evidently lead to homeowners not only having




Brett Ashington


Servest L & andscaping

N ature

Platanus (London Plane)


e have 13 main species of trees on

be the Platanus acerifolia. We find them in the

from 2 to 4cm in diameter. The male flowers are

the estate that form the verge themes

main axle and along Polo way. Their leaves are

greenish-yellow while the females have a reddish-

of the various villages.

broad and indented with pointed teeth and grow

brown colour. Similar to the flowers, the Plane

to a mature size of between 20 and 30 metres.

tree’s fruit resemble small pompoms covered with

They are Platanus (London Plane), Ekebergia

Their best habitat is moist soil with partial to full

tiny hairs. In the spring, the fruits break up and

(Cape Ash), Olea (Olives), Quercus (Oak trees),

sun. They prefer moderate temperatures. They

are carried away in the wind. The most common

Podocarpus (Yellowwoods), Sysygium (Waterberry),

are commercially used for wood and medicine.

Plane trees are the London Plane, The American

Nuxia (Forest Elder), Liquidamber (Sweetgum),

Because of their ability to handle pollution they

Plane and the Oriental Plane. According to Willem

Combretum (Forest Bushwillow), Trichillia (Natal

are often used in city areas and with their big

Avenant these trees are prone to Anthracnose in

Mahogony), Ficus (Wild Fig) and that Ilex (Holly).

structure they soon add character to any suburb.

the Western Cape. They become more immune

I would like to discuss some interesting facts

The flowers of the trees, form in mesh covered

the bigger they become.

about a few of these trees with some pictures

balls that contain seeds. The fuzzy ball-like seeds

taken of the specimens on site. The first would

hang from the tree branches and vary in size

Nuxia (Forest Elder)

The Mature Tree Expert

LANDSCAPE √√√ Design finished garden IRRIGATION √√√ Design to finished system MAINTENANCE √√√ Corporate, domestic, special gardens



Contact us : 0768948108 TIAAN

: 0716741891

SUSAN : 0762864440


Follow us at :

(Design to finished garden)

IRRIGATION (Design to finished garden)

Wholesale nurseries specialising in the production of large, container-grown indigenous and exotic trees ranging from 2.5-15m in height. Professional relocation, rescue and storage of large and mature trees. Expert advice and professional service. Arboriculture consulting

MAINTANANCE (Corporate, domestic, special gardens)


Contact us:

Susan 071 674 1891 Tiaan 076 894 8108 Coenie 076 286 4440

Boshoff Visser Paarl, Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors, serves small and medium sized enterprises in various sectors in the Western Cape.



Grapevine Landscaping & Nature

Liquidamber (Sweetgum)

Liquidamber (Sweetgum)

Liquidamber (Sweetgum)

The earliest known recording of the Liquidamber

Liquidambar styraciflua is a popular ornamental

on younger stems, but peeling off flakes on the

steracifluawas is found in the works of Spanish

tree, cultivated for its distinctive foliage and

older trees. The leaves are arranged spirally

naturalist, Francisco Hernandes in 1651, when he

intense autumn colours. The species grows best

with parallel veins and smooth margins. The

described it as a large tree producing a fragrant

in moist, acidic Loam or clay soil, and can tolerate

leave tips are sharply pointed. The male and

gum resembling liquid amber.

poor drainage. Its salt tolerance is moderate.

female cones occur on differennt trees. The

Chlorosis can develop in alkaline soil, especially

large yellow fleshy fruits take a year to ripen and

where organic matter is low.

hang from the branches in clusters. The fruits

They were brought to Europe and were planted in

are eaten by various birds and bats. The trees

the palace gardens at Fulham in London England by John Banister. Liquidamber is a medium to

Podocarpus Falcatus with the common name

also provide good nesting for some birds in their

large sized tree growing anything between 33 –

of Outeniqua Yellowwood is a fast growing

dence canopy. These trees can be found from

50 feet’ in cultivation and up to 150 feet in the wild.

majestic tree. With its elegant shape it is certainly

the Southern Cape northwards to Limpopo and

They can live up to 400 years and reach stem

a tree for all seasons and gardens. It makes an

eastward to Mozambique.

diameter of 2m in perfect conditions. The leaves

excellent container plant and can be decorated

usually have five sharply pointed palmate lobes.

as a Christmas tree.

Podocarpus (Yellowwoods)

They are 3-5 inches wide and have three distinct bundle scars. The rich dark green, smooth, shiny

The new flush of Bluish-grey leaves in spring

star shaped leaves genarally turn to brilliant

contrasts well against the older darker green

orange, red and purple colours in Autumn. The

mature leaves. Podocarpaceae is one of only

male and female inflorescences are separate on

seven Gymnosperm families in South Africa

the same tree.

and is protected. The tree can reach up to 45m in the wild but never in garden cultivation. It has an interesting bark being smooth and ridged

Source: Tree report of Willem Avenant

FreeEelectricityEfreeEfromEtheEsun9 ECustomEdesignEPhotovoltaicEXsolarEenergy5EsystemsE andEexperiencedEtechnicalEinstallationEteam9 BatteryEbackupEisEaEgreatEoptionEforEnowEorElater9 ExpertEadviceEyouEcanEtrust9

These Nuxia (Forest Elders) are doing well on site.


AndeonELouwEEEEz84E47zE4444 XavierELouwEEEEEEz84E516E6222

OfficeEtel:Ez21E828E297z info@greensun9co9za





Proudly the Preferred Real Estate Attorneys & Conveyancers


EstateLiving_Issue5.indd 1

Van der spuy & Partners



Attorneys at Law

Member: Phatshoane Henney Groep of Associated Firms


36 thom street po box 218 paarl • 7620 T: +27 (0) 21 860 1240 F: +27 (0) 21 860 1241

Where Community meets Lifestyle.

For the complete Estate experience, to download our publication and to list your company as a service provider visit:

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& Maintaining

G arden



early 50% of the water used by an

A small cost saving during installation can result




in premature failures and big reparation costs

filtration, minimize overspray and evaporation

landscape irrigation. When taking

later. The main component of any system is the

and have an easily adjustable flow rate.

this into account, it is obvious that any error in

pipe work. Due to the high water pressure at Val

the design or incorrect water application can

de Vie, the system must be protected by a PRV

Stream rotor pop-ups - Stream rotors replace

result in an exponential increase in water usage.

(Pressure Regulating Valve). We recommend that

traditional pop-up spray heads. Compared

It must also be remembered that a great deal of

any piping that is constantly pressurised must not

to traditional spray heads, stream rotors are

the water applied is lost due to run-off (wrong

be less than a Class 6 pipe. All piping should be

fairly water conserving and only release about

type of applicators or too long cycles), water

installed at a depth allowing gardening to take

25 percent of the water per minute, reducing

reaching hard surfaces for instance paving and

place without possible damage to any piping.

evaporation and reducing runoff. Stream rotors



evaporation (watering at the wrong time of day).





work well where you need to water a lot of plants Some of the water applicators presently available:

that have fairly shallow root systems, like many

One way of preventing a water demanding

Drip irrigation - Drip irrigation is a precise, slow,

groundcovers and grasses.

garden, is to firstly get the initial irrigation design

direct system of applying water to the soil, which

irrigation system is to run an extensive drip

right, and to choose the most drought-tolerant

makes 100% of the water available to the plant.


plants, needing minimum water. These two

Drip irrigation is often preferred where you have

aspects go hand-in-hand.As the plant selection is

relatively few plants spread over a large area (for

When choosing other hardware such as valves,

owner dependant, the biggest other input factor

example, a few large bushes with a lot of open

controllers and water applicators, the owner must

would be to have the irrigation system designed

space between them) or where you have hard-to-

ensure that the make is of a well-known brand,

by a reputable company, ensuring that the water

water areas such as narrow planters. Benefits of

giving an acceptable guarantee and is able to

usage is adequate and economical.

drip include decreased run-off, evaporation and

apply water reliably.

overspray. It is important that the owner is aware of the basic items listed below:

Bubblers - Bubblers are a form of precise watering that delivers water deep into the soil,

Hardware used.

hence, it is especially useful around plants that

It must be ensured that the maximum lifespan is

have deep roots such as trees. Bubblers are also

acquired from an installed system, as any repairs/

useful in certain planter boxes where traditional

replacements can disrupt an established garden.

sprinklers will not work. Bubblers are durable,


Happy gardening.

The alternative


PASTORIELAAN Abré Marais Prof ArchitectNo.6 MI Arch PASTORIE AVENUE Architects, Project Managers and Principal Agent PAARL POSBUS 7158 7646 Tel: 021 872 4536 / 082 771 5902 t: 021 872 4536 Email:


f: 021 872 4100 c: 082 771 5902 e:

proudtotobe bearchitecturally architecturally associated Vie, having done more 40 newhomes homes over WeWe areare proud associatedwith withVal ValDeDe Vie, having done 18than beautiful overthe thelast last3.5 14years” months.



Our dedicated small animal vet is available for your dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and small mammals.

Our shop will deliver dog & cat food to your doorstep! Small Animal consulting Times: (by appointment) Mon-Fri: 08h00 – 11h00 and 14h00 – 18h00 Sat: 09h00 – 12h00

Sun / Public Holidays: Emergencies Only


R301 Jan Van Riebeeck Drive/ Wemmershoek Road Phone: (021) 867 0700 Email:

Grapevine HOA Pages

FAQs What are the HOA

How and when can I obtain a remote for the

How many pets are allowed?

inner lane booms/river frontage gates?

Each unit is limited to two animals. Only domestic

Remotes are only available to residents at R110

animals posing no danger, noise or odours may

per remote. Land owners that are in the planning

be kept. All domestic animals shall at all times

office hours and where are they situated?

phase may request the building control office to

bear a tag which shall reflect the name, telephone

Val de Vie Sport and Leisure Centre

motivate an application for a remote. Remotes can

number and SG number of their homeowner.

Office Hours:

be ordered and paid for at the HOA reception.

Monday to Thursday 07.30 – 16.30

What fish have been established in the dams

Fridays 07.30 – 16.00

How and when do I obtain my Post Box Key?

and is fishing allowed?

Closed on weekends and public holidays.

The post box key can only be obtained after

Grass Carp, Kurper and Bass have been stocked

the deed of transfer, during office hours at the

in our dams and fishing is only allowed on a

HOA reception.

catch-and-release basis. Please respect these

When are Levy payments due and how does the extra levy affect me?


1st of the month in advance. When you buy a

What is my Val de Vie postal address?

plot from 1 September 2012 in the extra levy

Name and Surname... (your SG number) Val de

Picnic Area and access to River Frontage

phase you have a 4 month grace period from

Vie Estate, Paarl, Kliprug Minor Road, 7646

The HOA Picnic area is located on the banks of

date of transfer to do your planning and to start

the Berg River on the Northern side of the Estate.

building before the extra levy is applicable.

How often is postage sorted?

Access to the River Frontage and Picnic Area is

When building starts you then have an additional

Postage is retrieved from town and sorted daily.

controlled and only possible to residents via pre-

11 month period to complete the project in which

You will receive a notification slip in your box for

programmed remote controls (same remote as

the extra levy will again not be applicable.

parcels that are too big for the box. These letters/

for inner lane booms). Access is only possible

parcels need to be signed for and collected

via three gates - Southern Gate, Gate at Picnic

during office hours at the HOA reception.

Area and Northern Gate. Access is limited to non-

How do I update my personal information with the HOA? Please send an email to

motorised transport during day-light hours only How do I apply for a dustbin? It is the homeowner’s responsibility to apply

Who can I contact for electrical or plumbing

How and when can I do my security gate enrolment?

for a dustbin once Drakenstein occupation is


New HOA Members:

issued, use SG number as reference and phone


Gate enrolment can only be done after the

Drakenstein Municipality at 021 807 4715.

MD Loodgieters, 021 872 4617 / 082 453 8867

deed of transfer, in office hours and at the HOA reception, proof of identification is required.

Electrician: When is refuse removal?

Steven Jones, 021 872 8711 / 082 802 7219

Our refuse removal is done weekly by


New Tenants:

Drakenstein Municipality. We form part of their

The Drain Surgeon,

Enrolment can only be done on completion of a

‘purple zone’. For collection days, please refer

021 855 3035 / 073 228 4278

tenant enrolment form, available at HOA reception.

to their schedule at

Val de Vie Homeowners’ Association does

Copies of identification documents and rental agreements must accompany completed forms.

not guarantee or take any responsibility for Does Val de Vie provide for recycling?

the quality of services, products provided or

The Estate is part of the municipal door-to-door

the conduct of any of the service providers


recycling service. Each week on the same day

mentioned in this publication.

All domestics, gardeners, au pairs, butlers, etc.

as your refuse removal, your recyclable material

need to be enrolled, with necessary identification

will be collected. All you need to do is get your

How does the PT Guest System work?

documents. Valid work permits are mandatory

‘dry’ recyclable waste into the free clear bag

Please visit the Val de Vie Website – HOA

for foreign workers.

you are provided with. Then place it next to or

– Internal Communication, for step by step

on top of your refuse bin ready for collection.

instructions on how this paperless visitor

Taxi services

Homeowners can also make use of the paper

enrolment system works.

Mr Driver on 078 927 9674 for taxi services

and glass banks at the Maintenance Centre.

between Paarl and Val de Vie for your domestic workers.

Rules Highlighted Rule 8: Animals

Rule 8 was amended to increase the amount of animals allowed per unit from a maximum of 2 per household to a maximum of 3 domestic animals per household, limited to two of a kind. Residents will now be allowed to keep two dogs and one cat for example, but will not be allowed to keep 3 dogs or 3 cats.


Val De Vie

Telephone Directory

HOA ENQUIRIES 021 863 6128

OTHER SAPS – PAARL 021 807 4000


POLO 021 863 6169


PAARL LIBRARY 021 807 4871 / 4742

FIRE BRIGADE 021 872 2323

PAARL TOURISM 021 872 4842



AMBULANCE PAARL 10177 021 872 1970

POISON/ SNAKE BITE INFORMATION 021 689 5227 021 931 6129





SALES OFFICE 021 863 6101 WINES 021 863 6100 POLO CLUB RESTAURANT 021 863 6174 BUILDING DEPARTMENT 021 863 6127 RYK NEETHLING SWIM SCHOOL 082 747 8277 SECURITY 021 863 6110 072 900 3954 HEALTHCLUB 021 863 6136 EVENTS & MARKETING 021 863 6191


PAARL HOSPITAL 021 860 2500 MEDI CLINIC PAARL 021 807 8000 WATER / ELECTRICITY 021 807 2557 DRAKENSTEIN MUNICIPALITY / GENERAL 021 807 4500 TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT 021 872 4755 ANIMAL HOSPITAL WELLINGTON 021 873 1196 Tel: 021 868 3977 Cell: 082 323 2410 Fax to mail : 086 868 3977

Gas Cages Single Gas Cages

Certifi Insta ed Gas LP Ga llations & s Sup plies

Double Gas Cages

48 kg

48 kg

19 kg

19 kg

• We sell assorted regulators, copper tubing and fittings for installations.

• Fitment of GAS Stoves and Hobs. • Fitment of GAS Geysers (Water Heaters).

Wood Boxes We condu ct service s on all g appliance as s and cer ti fi c a ti o ns for insura nce purpo ses.



40 HoMeS

completed on Val de Vie


Featured in SA Homeowner Ju ne 2010 edit

e, helpi ng shap e

the Val d eV

ie skyline

on une eowner J Featured in SA Hom

dit 2012 e

from architectural design to completed build...

Bergstreme Construction

Bergstreme Developments & Architectural Designs have over 16 years building experience on some of the most prestigious estates in the Western Cape.

...with a focus on building and designing energy-efficient homes Bergstreme Developments offer a full service solution to clients, from architectural design (including 3D rendering) to completed build, including a full showroom in Paarl for clients to choose their own finishes. They are a member of the Green Building Council and also work with EcoDesigner software, so their attention is also on building for the future. This dedicated and flexible team’s approach remains on quality and detail.

Featured in SA Homeowner August 2012 editon 021 872 6360 / 082 787 0775


Val de Vie Grapevine issue6 on line  
Val de Vie Grapevine issue6 on line  

A community publication showcasing the lifestyle of the Val de Vie Estate.