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Issue 4. 3. 2013

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PUBLISHER: Phoenix Creative Communication for the Val de Vie HOA EDITOR: Jaime-Lee van Sittert ADVERTISING SALES: Jaime-Lee van Sittert (021) 422 4445 / 072 171 1979 Lungisa Maseti, Mina Vigliotti ACCOUNTS MANAGER: Louise Martin DESIGN & LAYOUT: Louise Martin Kurt Levendal HOA EDITOR: CarlĂŠ Geldenhuys FRONT COVER: Renier Albertse The Grapevine magazine focuses on the Val De Vie Estate. It is mailed on behalf of the homeowners association to residents and landowners. It is published in collaboration with several freelance companies and does not necessarily portray the opinions of these companies. Please send inquiries to 1



We plan, design and build koi ponds and water features using fully automatic systems for maintenance free waterscapes.

w w w. k o i w a t e r p r o d u c t s . c o . z a i n f o @ ko i w a t e r p r o d u c t s. c o. z a Alma 083 320 7747


Grapevine Communication

Chairman’s Desk W

e are blessed that seasonal changes are

enough groundwork to commence with a phased

Building activities will cease on the 13th of

particularly pronounced in the Boland. We

approach. Parts of the core fibre will be installed in

December 2013 and start again on the 13th of

can indulge in saturated rose flower colours,

November and the first homes will be connected

January 2014. It has been a great calendar year

power-pink sunsets and spicy sweet nectar

in January. If you are interested to know more

for Val de Vie on the property front, with 120+

aromas. Never mind the hay-fever! It’s also lovely

please contact Shirley at the HOA offices for

properties changing hands on Val de Vie and

to see so many families exercising outside at

assistance. We will share more information about

100 homes being completed. The developer

dusk and enjoying the longer days.

this project in separate communication.

also sold an 8500m2 residential erf (consolidated

We carried the good momentum from the Annual

We have launched a new Community portal

General Meeting into August over the past few

to provide the homeowners, residents and

The security on the Estate is still vigilantly

months. This is a quick report on the progress

management with an online platform for internal

monitored. No breaches or incidents occurred

made during this time.

Estate communication and access to the most

during this year. Weekly stress tests are

up-to-date information. The portal can be

conducted during which surprise security

The construction of the road going from the pre-

accessed via your own personalised secure

breaches are attempted. We then ensure that

school in between the two farms down to the

digital key, which will enable access via multiple

the attempted intrusion triggers the thermal

Bergriver has been completed. We promised to

devices including desktop, tablet and mobile.

cameras, and that the ground patrol responds

open the road in September, but the floods in

Whether you’re at home or on the move, you’ll

satisfactorily. We also conduct night time vehicle

August forced us to postpone the official opening

always be in touch with the Val de Vie community.

patrols in the surrounding bushes and roads with

7 ervens), close to the Southern Gate.

until January 2014. Sizable chunks of the road

dogs and mobile thermal cameras to ensure that

along the river were washed away and needed

This tool has all sorts of nifty customer-

the area is “clean”. This patrol’s effectiveness

to be re-constructed. The cost is covered by

friendly functionalities. It will simplify internal

is tested in the amount of suspicious persons

an insurance claim, but the whole process of

communication, store a wealth of Estate property

whom they pursue, arrest or repel.

finalising the insurance and construction tender

and administrative documents, and it will put you

matters was only finalised in October. Remedial

in charge of the information you need.

work can now start and the river road will be completed before Christmas.

A newly improved visitor’s access system have also been installed. This system allows residents

Thank you to all of the residents who are cleaning

to generate entry codes for visitors via sms or

up after their animals and keeping them on a

web application. The visitor will use this code to

The new access road will be available to

leash. We observe how you comply with this

enter at the main gate, as well as the inner lane

residents for walking, jogging, cycling and horse

rule and are grateful. Thank you also to those

boom. “Non-pre-authorised“ visitors who arrive

riding. We will be able to open the perimeter gate

who keep to the Estate speed limit of 40km/h.

without the access code will need to go through

with the same remote control that we use for the

We have seen a general improvement in this

a paperless authorisation process at the gate i.e.

inner lane booms. Please just remember that

regard. We appreciate your compliance and

scanning of drivers licence and car licence disk.

the two farms to the left and right of the paved

attentiveness. You positively contribute towards

Advantages of this system include:

access road are private property and should

achieving the objectives of the Homeowners

• Quicker entry for visitors

not be ventured onto. The uptake on the internet


• No paper slips

fibre solution was slower than expected, but

There are currently 90 active building sites on

• No remotes for visitors

the 40 residents who have signed up will allow

the Estate and we have 247 completed homes.

• Easier monitoring of visitors


Grapevine Communication

Regarding fresh water monitoring, please allow

hours. Simultaneous or consecutive activities like

“Polo House” was awarded the best single unit

us to explain how this process works. We have set

excessive irrigating, filling a pool and washing cars

residential property award for Africa and Arabia.

threshold levels in the radio unit (MIU) attached to

may also trigger this alarm.

It is great to get these international accolades

each meter. This enables the unit to detect certain

and we wish Guardian Project Management well

flow-related events, and to send the information

Note: The levels may be set differently for Estate

as they compete against the best of Europe, Asia

through to the Facilities Manager. When an alarm

buildings. Now with the onset of summer there is

and the America’s at the global event in London in

is triggered, we send a notification to the relevant

the usual increase in alarms, due to increased


homeowner or resident. Please take note that

water consumption at most houses.

these notifications are sent as a courtesy in an

The whole estate benefits from the general

attempt to avoid unnecessary waste of water, and

We have released 45 baby Grass Carps in Lake

publicity around major events. Consultants track

therefore the HOA cannot be held responsible

Moritz to control the infestation of unwanted

and calculate this PR spin-off and reported that

if a homeowner/resident was not informed of

weeds. These are sterile fish introduced under

the Pink Polo and International property awards

an alarm. Furthermore the responsibility to

license from Water Affairs and are sure to resolve

created international exposure worth more than

investigate and repair this remains with the

the problems we have had in this particular lake.

R6m. This is good news for every property owner

homeowner/resident. The metres installed at

in Val de Vie.

the houses on the Estate have a maximum flow-

Val de Vie Estate has been receiving extensive

rate of 2.5 kl per hour – this means if one tap is

media exposure over the past few months in

There will be members of staff available

opened fully, or a number of taps are opened

publications such as The Month, SA Deluxe,

throughout December and January, with the

partially, a total of 2,500 litres of water can be

Legacy, Marie Claire, Business Day, Sporting

exception of the public holidays. Please note that

passed through the meter every hour.

Horse and SAWUBONA SAA Mag and has been

when the Refuse Removal by the Drakenstein

broadcasted on various television shows such as

Municipality falls on a public holiday, they will

Bravo!, Nataniel Tafel and Expresso.

only be collecting the refuse a week later. We

The low-flow LEAK alarm is set to trigger if there is in excess of 0.02 kl (20 litres) flow every hour,

will compile a list of service providers that will

for 24 consecutive hours. The high-flow BURST

The Estate hosted the fourth annual Blackberry

be available on the Val de Vie website if you

alarm will trigger if there is in excess of 2 kl (2,000

Pink Polo, in aid of breast cancer awareness, on

require the services of a handyman, plumber

litres) flow every hour, for four consecutive hours.

Saturday the 26th of October and it was attended

or television/decoder technician. These service

An example of when the LEAK alarm will trigger

by nearly 3000 guests. We were thrilled to see

providers will be available 24 hours a day, seven

is when a garden or house tap is not properly

so many homeowners and residents show their

days a week as well as on public holidays.

closed or has a faulty toilet cistern. Assuming

support for this wonderful cause. Julias Bär, an

that no other water was used at the house, this

international private bank, hosted a polo match

We hope that you will have the chance to rest

would need to remain undetected for 24 hours to

and gala event in the beginning of October with

and reflect positively on 2013. May the failures be

bring up the alarm. This alarm is set to this level

great success. All of the international guests were

turned into learning experiences and the victories

and period to prevent the alarm triggering for

mesmerised by the natural beauty that surrounds

into the foundations for prosperity.

‘normal’ usage at the house during the day. An

us in the Estate and they’ve promised to return.

example of when the BURST alarm will trigger is

At the International Property Awards in Dubai last

for a burst supply pipe after the metre, or a burst

week, Val de Vie was once again recognised in two

irrigation pipe that is undetected for more than four

categories, while Guardian Project Management’s


Morne Bosch

Grapevine Features

C ommunity P ortal V al


V ie E state

Efforts to create a real sense of community within Val de Vie were given an enormous boost when the newly designed online Community Portal went live in November.

The portal is a community hub and a source

Residents will be able to scan and save

of information for all residents and tenants, to

their own household specific documents into

involve everyone in the Estate’s operations

the portal and that guarantees for electrical

by conveying news and serving as a notice

appliances or other relevant paperwork to

board for events and activities.

be stored safely in one place. The portal also features news services including an electronic

The portal was developed by REDi, a firm

copy of the Val de Vie Magazine, Grapevine

that focuses specifically on the design and

and Cornerstone Magazine, as well as weekly

development of online systems and solutions

newsletters. The Estate events calendar will keep

for large mixed-use property development

everyone up to date with what’s happening in the

projects and Estate communities. REDi has


recently implemented SiMS, the Sales Information Management System used to administer all of the

All internal Estate communications will happen

property sales and transactions at Val de Vie.

via the Community Portal in the form of notifications and messages and residents will

The Portal will be a huge benefit for the residents

have the choice of how they would like to be

– it has been built to foster a sense of community,

notified. The Portal also contains private group

simplify internal and external communication, store

forums as well as public community forums to

a wealth of Estate, property and administrative

encourage constructive communication and

documents, and make Estate amenities so much

conversations on issues pertinent to the Estate.

more accessible. The portal will be the starting point for contacting New and existing residents will be given

anyone, including the Estate’s management

access rights to the Portal via a ‘digital key’

team. The system includes a directory of

and will be able to log in using any web-

contacts that can be messaged directly via

enabled devices such as their mobile phone,

the portal. In the future there will be a list of

tablet, PC or Mac. Each house will have a

accredited Estate service providers too, such

private area in the portal, and residents will

as plumbers, electricians and painters.

1. Update and submit your profile

be asked to populate this section with details of their family members and any domestic

People are often resistant to new technology,

staff who need access to the premises. This

hence the Portal has been designed and

information will be available to the Estate

developed in a way that young and old are

security, so that at all times the security

already familiar with it.

2. Configure your notification preferences

staff will know who has the right to enter the grounds and who does not.

“Our key goal was to make the interface exceptionally user-friendly and useful. We

The system has a Facebook style ‘property

want users to have a really great experience

timeline’ to record the history of your property/

and for the community portal to become part of

house, including when you bought it, and any

their everyday lives within the Estate.” - Red-i

other important milestones you would like to

3. Communicate with your community

note. This will create a unique service history record for your property.


Grapevine Features


V al


V ie E state

the international

P roperty A wards

The Polo House recieved the award for Best

The building of the Polo House was a

return the grand structure of the Polo House

Single Unit Residential Development in Africa

project that would position itself as an iconic

increased the market value of the properties

on October 24th in Dubai

masterpiece and jewel in the crown of the

and building activity in that vicinity of the

Estate together with the Polo Pavilion and



uardian Project Management recently

the Val de Vie Stables. Val de Vie Estate,

attended the esteemed International

the chosen location of the Polo House, won

Guardian offers complete project management,

Property Awards where the company project,

the award for Best Multiple Unit and Mixed

delivery support and design services aimed

famously known as The Polo House, received

Use Development in 2012 and 2013 and

at strategically guiding the various phases of

the Best Single Unit Residential Development

was also nominated at this year’s event. The

the development process. The turnkey project

Award. The Polo House competed against a

Estate, which has grown tremendously in the

management and procurement processes are

number of residential property developments

last years with over a 130 property sales, is

supported by innovative, hands-on delivery

in the African and Arabian regions and

regarded as an international polo destination

procedures and strategic supply agreements

received this recognition. Successful entrants

and hosts prestigious international and high

with industry giants.

were invited to attend a high-profile gala

society events on an annual basis.

dinner and awards ceremony at the One &

Stuart Shield, president of the International

Only Royal Mirage in Dubai on the 24th of

Unique in its design and location, the Polo

Property Awards, said, “The winning companies

October, where the winning companies learnt

House towers before the vast green of the top

of the African Property Awards are enhancing

which honours they had secured.

class polo fields completed to Hurlingham

the landscape of their countries with beautiful,

standards. The house fetched a record

modern and innovative properties, which will

The Polo House was also chosen as a top-

price of R22 500 per m2 a year ago and

further contribute to the growth and economic

scoring regional winner in its category to

will now be sporting its new award winner’s

development of the continent. Our winning

go on to compete in London at the global

logo, recognised as a symbol of excellence

real estate agencies and property consultants

competition against the best of Europe, the

throughout the global industry. As a prime

are aiding African residents in successfully

UK, the Americas and Asia to find the ultimate

location on the Estate with its spectacular

purchasing homes and climbing the property

World’s Best in each category.

views, it adds to the value of the home and in



Courtyard House Erf 338, Val de Vie Estate

Guardian Project Management, Louw & Louw Architects and Brick Art Construction offered a turnkey service to create a project of exceptional design and built quality, completed within the time and budget constraints. Contact us to assist in creating your dream home.





Louw & Louw Architects is a design orientated architectural and interior studio, offering a distinct personalised and professional service. We believe that investing in good design not only constitutes a sound ďŹ nancial investment, but as importantly a lifestyle investment. We have a unique approach to each project, with special attention to the clients' particular needs and requirements, carefully considering the context of the site and surroundings, the budget and time constraints. Every project is proudly custom designed and documented to detail. M: +27 (0)79 173 9190

Guardian offers complete project management, delivery support and design services aimed at strategically guiding the various phases of the development process.

Our key differentiator lies in our quality workmanship. Our name, Brick Art Construction simply refers to the quality of the work of our artisans and craftsmen.

Guardian's ofďŹ ces are located on-site at Val de Vie Estate and offer clients the ability to engage the planning, design and product selection process without having to travel to numerous showrooms throughout South Africa.

We endeavour to deliver buildings of international standards, structural integrity and spaces where people want to live, work and play.

M: +27 (0)83 641 8887

M: +27 (0)83 726 0591


Since 2011 Incanda has diversified extensively, and we now offer home-owners a complete range of products and services. Besides our leather furniture and unique blackwood furniture, we also offer kitchen installations, counters, built-in cupboards, as well as all other types of decor (curtains, blinds, etc.). Our decor, design and project team assists clients in designing and fitting out their dream houses at an affordable price.We are very proud that no other shop can match our capacity to handle both the conceptualisation and production of a particular interior project. Incanda therefore truly provides a one-stop solution and invites all Val de Vie home-owners to visit our showroom in Main Street, Paarl. We also wish to thank all existing clients from Val de Vie for their loyal support during the year. May you have a blessed Christmas season with your loved ones; we are looking forward to seeing you again in 2014! Regards

Interior Design . Building R mas holidays are here! . The Christmas holidays are here! . 8



holidays are here! After





households and businesses had to make ends meet in challenging economic circuimstances, I honestly believe we all deserve a proper break!

tel: +27 (0) 21 863 1965 web:

Renovations & Alterations The Christmas holidays are here! . The Christmas holidays a 9

Grapevine Events and Media


Duonay &L i a n a n the 1st of April we were blessed to have the wedding of our dreams at Val de Vie.

There are not enough words to describe how perfect and amazing this day was. Wedding coordinator Simone and her team gave us such a beautiful and elegant wedding. Having our family and friends there to share in our day made everything extra special. Some of our wedding plans had to change the morning of the wedding due to the weather, but we didn’t even have to stress about a thing. Everything turned out even more stunning than we could have ever imagined. We would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this the most memorable day of our lives. You can’t get a more spectacular wedding venue than Val de Vie! THANK YOU! Duonay & Liana Bannink


Grapevine Events and Media


Grapevine Events and Media


Grapevine Events and Media

T h e B l a c k b e r ry

Pink Polo in

A id


B reast C ancer


al de Vie Estate hosted the fourth BlackBerry Pink Polo on Saturday the 26th of October 2013. This annual event has grown from 300 guests in 2010 to close

to 3000 with the popular Market filling the grass banks around the 5-hectare polo field. BlackBerry has been the headline sponsor since the inception of Pink Polo in South Africa and expressed its commitment to Reach for Recovery and Val de Vie Estate polo.


Grapevine Events and Media

Pink Polo is in aid of Reach for Recovery

The Polo Pavilion was transformed into a

Clive Peddle from the South African Polo

which is part of the Cancer Association of

gallery of entertainment, where guests were

Association (SAPA) opened the polo match

South Africa and is aimed at creating as much

treated to a beautifully set high tea, arrival

together with Alexandra Zugary, MD of

exposure and awareness about the growing

drinks from Grey Goose and Pongracz, fun

BlackBerry Africa and Murray Carter of

disease and to raise funds to support the fight

activations and pop-up stores, while elegant


against breast cancer. Twenty brave women

models paraded the stunning gowns of

BlackBerry take on sub-sponsor Gaggenau,

who have survived their battle with breast

Kobus Dippenaar’s new summer range.

evidently two very competitive sides, with a

cancer showed their gratitude for the support

The beautiful Ayanda Tini and Leigh Anne

mix of young energy and veteran experience.

by welcoming guests to the event.

Williams from Expresso and GoodHope FM

During the break, the breast cancer survivors

guided spectators through the program of

released 200 pink balloons on the polo field,

The event serves as a kick-off to the polo

the day while our favourite Good Hope FM

and hundreds of guests descended from the

season in the Western Cape and has become

Dj’s set the tone with top hits and summer

pavilion to “stomp the divots” and enjoy the

the most popular polo event on the Estate.


Audi Car Show.






Grapevine Events and Media

The impressive team play from Blackberry

by Martin Hartman and ridden by Charl du

Westhuizen, Jen Su, Natalie Becker, Kia

contended with the confident attacks from

Plessis. The Best Dressed Lady, Best Dressed

Johnson, Mrs SA Chane de Kock and of

Team Gaggenau who also had on their

Gent and Pink Fashion Forward Awards were

course Marketing Director of Val de Vie

side the only female player of the day, Julia

anxiously awaited as the MC’s took the stage

Estate, Ryk Neethling. Tanya van Graan also

Pilbeam. The thundering hooves paced

to hand out prizes that included gifts from

hosted her pre-wedding party at Pink Polo

across the field with the voice of commentator

GHD, Stellenbosch Hair Academy, Nikon,

for her very exclusive and private wedding

James Hayward excitedly exclaiming the

Grey Goose, Gaggenau and Pongracz.

the following Monday. Val de Vie Events

winning team Gaggenau, which claimed victory with the final score of 9 – 4.

and Edith Unlimited coordinated all of the Bravo! filmed the glamorous day and it

elements of the day.

was featured on KykNet on the 31st of Kevin Rixon was named as the Most Valued

October 2013. Some of South Africa’s most

Polo Player, while the Best Playing Polo

celebrated who attended the event included

Pony prize went to Tobasco, who is owned

Trevor Noah, Michael Moll, Liezel van der


Grapevine Events and Media


u n set r idays

The Polo Club Restaurant and Absolut Vodka

live performances by talented local artists such

hosted a series of Sunset Fridays during October

as Bottomless Coffee. To top it off, each guest

and November.

enjoyed a complimentary Absolut cocktail with their main course.

These relaxed evening events offered the perfect way to end the week, complete with delectable

Be sure to visit the events calendar on Val de

food, delicious drinks and toe-tapping music.

Vie’s website for more upcoming events. We

With magnificent views of the polo fields,

will see you at The Polo Club Restaurant on

guests were treated to a gourmet menu and

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings.




EEVVEENNTTSS CCAALLEENNDDAARR 021 021 863863 6100 6100| || |



Travel keeps you young. It does this by simply putting you in situations that make you feel like a child again.

Magically lost in a moment of discovery.

Everything’s new again. You’re sipping jet-streams.

tokai: Unit 25, Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Drive, Tokai / (021) 713 0296 century city: The Gatehouse Suite 5, Century Way, Century City / (021) 552 9097 paarl: Shop 7, Frater Square 40A, Main Road, Paarl / (021) 863 4115 email:



2013/08/22 9:52 AM

We’re passionate about property.

R3.5 million VAL DE VIE

R6.75 million PEARL VALLEY

R4.95 million

Let us take the stress out of selling your home. Resident sales agents: Ronel Pienaar 082 556 2433 Jordan Greenhalgh 083 298 1481

*listing prices quoted




Beef Carpaccio R70 Grilled Chicken Waldorf Salad


Smoked Salmon Salad


Five Spice Duck Salad


Grilled Chicken, Walnut, Apple and Celery topped with Parmesan Shavings and a Gooseberry Dressing Recommended wine: Polo Club Sauvignon Blanc

Served with Spicy Harissa Paste, Rocket, Parmesan Shavings and Prawn Tempura Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC

Oven Baked Portobello Mushrooms (V)


Goats Cheese Tart (V)


Stuffed with Garlic and Ricotta Cheese on a bed of Provencal sauce Recommended wine: Polo Club Chenin Blanc

Baked with Cherry Tomato, Basil Pesto and Onion Marmalade served with Rocket tossed in Blueberry Glaze Dressing Recommended wine: Polo Club Sauvignon Blanc

Sliced Duck Breast and Crispy Bacon Bits with Roasted Beetroot, Naartjie Segments Green Leaves and Chilli-Coriander Dressing Recommended wine: Polo Club Chenin Blanc 2012



Glazed Rib Ciabatta


Smoked Turkey and Avocado Tramazzini


Deboned BBQ Ginger and Cola Glazed Pork Ribs, Cos Lettuce, Grilled Pineapple and Cucumber served with Chips or Salad Recommended wine: Val de Vie Ryk Neethling

Slices of Tender Turkey Breast , Avocado, Peppers, Gherkins, Feta and a Light Mayo Spread served with Chips or Salad Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC

Gourmet Beef Burger R88

Homemade 180g Ground Beef Pattie with Guacamole, Cheese and Biltong Shavings Served with Chips or Salad Recommended wine: Val de Vie Shiraz

Snack Platter R72

Prawn and Vegetable Tempura, Crumbed Chicken Livers, Marinated Feta and Olives, Crudités, Cajun Calamari and Chips Recommended wine: Polo Club Cabernet Franc

Cheese Platter R150/R78

Chef’s Selection of Local Cheeses, Fresh Fruit, Freshly Baked Bread, Cold Meat and Preserves

Franschhoek Smoked Salmon Trout with Confit Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Capers Mixed Greens and a Cream Herb Dressing Recommended wine: Polo Club Sauvignon Blanc

Jack Daniels Glazed Tiger Prawns

Cabernet Sautéed Garlic Prawns,Franc Flambéed in Jack Daniels 2010 and served with Steamed Rice And Seasonal Vegetables Recommended wine: Polo Club Craftsman


Linefish au Gratin R134

Parmesan Crusted Baked Fish Fillet, Served with Lime Risotto, Sautéed Vegetables and Chive Lemon Caper Sauce topped with Crispy Parma Ham Garnish Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC

Herb Crusted Beef Fillet


Danish Feta Chicken Breast


Grilled Beef Fillet served with Crème Fraiche Baked Potato and Seasonal Vegetables Recommended wine: Val de Vie 1783

Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast, Topped with Marinated peppers, Basil Pesto on a Grilled Butternut Boat with Honey Mustard Sauce Recommended wine: Val de Vie Ryk Neethling

Melanzane Lamb Bake R93

Baked Aubergine Wheel Filled with Baharat Lamb Mince served with Steamed Broccoli Recommended wine: Val de Vie Shiraz

Vegetable Lasagna R64

Layers of Rich Tomato Sauce, Lentils and Pasta served with a Refreshing Beetroot Salad Recommended wine: Polo Club Sauvignon Blanc




Shoestring Fries R21 Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables R21 Leafy Greek Salad R21 Port-Blue Cheese Sauce R21 Bacon-Mushroom Sauce R21 Green Peppercorn Sauce R21

Kiddies Beef Burger and Chips


Bambino (Small Margarita)


Deep Fried Chicken Goujons and Fries Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce

R35 R20

PASTA Primavera Pasta R45

Rich Homemade Tomato with Olives, Garlic, Spinach and Ricotta Recommended wine: Polo Club Sauvignon Blanc

Pancetta Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

Creamy White Wine and Garlic Sauce with Crispy Bacon and Sautéed Mushroom Recommended wine: Val de Vie GVC


PIZZA Margarita R59 Vigliacco R102

Bacon, Fig Preserve, Blue Cheese and Rocket Recommended wine: Val de Vie Shiraz

God Father R105

DESSERTS Iced Hazelnut Nougat on Shortbread and Peach-Berry Compote R34 Rooibos Pecan Nut Pie with Chocolate Ice Cream and Fig Salsa


Fresh Fruit and White Chocolate Mousse Tartlet


Cabernet Franc

Cake Selection R40 2010 Enquire with Waitron Restaurant Operating hours. Monday : Closed

Beef Mince, Ham, Chorizo and Pepperdews Recommended wine: Val de Vie Ryk Neethling

Tuesday : 10:00 - 16:00

Spinacci Pesto Rosso R79

Wednesday : 10:00 - 22:00

Ricotta Cheese, Olives, Spinach, Cherry Tomato, and Sundried Tomato Pesto Recommended wine: Polo Club Chenin Blanc

Papa Joe R92

Thursday : 10:00 - 16:00 Friday : 10:00 - 22:00

Feta, Bacon, Caramelized Onion and Avocado Recommended wine: Val de Vie 1783

Saturday : 10:00 - 22:00

Anana R88

Sunday : 10:00 - 16:00

Banana, Pineapple and Ham Recommended wine: Polo Club Sauvignon Blanc

Pollo Concarne R88

Chicken, Mushroom, Peppers, Feta Recommended wine: Polo Club Chenin Blanc

Sunday Buffet R 150p/p The Polo Club restaurant now offers a Sunday Buffet. Menu varies every week but always offers a Meat, Chicken and Fish option. Accompanied with a range of side dishes, salads and soup.

CELLAR DOOR PRICE LIST (All wines subject to availability, VAT inclusive)


Become a member of the Val de Vie Wine Club and earn 10% loyalty points with Legacy Lifestyle on all wines and restaurant purchases. Points are redeemable on your next purchase at Val de Vie Wines OR at the Polo Club Restaurant (1 point per R10.00 spent. 1 point equals R1.00) with Exclusive Gold membership to the Legacy Lifestyle programme. Membership also includes free delivery of wine orders to all major centres in South Africa for orders in multiples of 12 bottles and requires no membership or joining fees. Members receive a monthly Val de Vie Wines Newsletter and information about special offers and invitations to exclusive Wine Club evenings and special events. To remain an active wine club member, a minimum of 24 bottles of wine need to be purchased per year. If you would like to register as a member, please ask a waiter for assistance or visit the Wine page on We look forward to welcoming you as a member.



Polo Club Filly Rose 2012 Peaches, Apricots, Strawberries and cream on the nose. Tart fruits and bubblegum on the palate. Soft yet crisp acid, together with an alcohol of only 10.5%, makes this an ideal summer wine.

R 45.00

Polo Club Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Green fig, cut gras and peppers compliment the tropical flavours of gooseberry, melon and passion fruit. Crisp, yet balanced acid carries and finishes this full bodied wine.

R 65.00

Polo Club Chenin Blanc 2012 Ripe sweet melon and guava entices the nose. Crisp acid, minerality and rounded mouthfeel adds another dimension to this well crafted wine.

R 65.00

Polo Club Cabernet Franc 2011 Blackcurrants, red currants and spice fill the glass. Delicate flavours of red fruits and fynbos.

R 90.00

VAL DE VIE RANGE Val de Vie GVC 2008 50% Grenache Blanc, 30% Viognier, 20% Clairette Blanche Turkish delight, Citrus Zest and Wildflowers fill the glass. Fresh and zippy acidity compliments the oak, not overpowering the subtle fruit flavours. Platter **** star | Silver - IWSC

R 135.00

Val de Vie Ryk Neethling 2010 56% Shiraz, 20% Mourvedre, 13% Carignan, 7% Grenache, 4% Cinsaut Black currant, red fruit and spice fill the glass. Hints of vanilla and oak flavours. Well-rounded mouth feel with subtle wood influence. A medium to full-bodied wine that finishes well on the back palate.

R 135.00

Val de Vie Shiraz 2008 Violet flower, nuances of sweet caramel and white chocolate aromas define the diversity of a truly exceptional cultivar. These are complemented by dark fruit aromas. Platter **** star | Silver (Best in class) - IWSC

R 155.00

Val de Vie 1783 - 2007 50% Mourvèdre, 20% Shiraz, 15% Grenache Noir, 10% Carignan, 5% Cinsaut Wine has a deep and rich colour. On the nose you get dark fruits, perfume and warm spices. Elegance and tannins combine to give a full, yet not overpowering mouth feel, with bursts of ripe fruit and balanced oak. Acidity carries the through the whole pallet, and gives a long and lingering finish Platter **** 1/2 star | Gold - IWSC

R 250.00

Val de Vie 2006 60% Mourvèdre, 20% Shiraz, 7% Carignan, 7% Grenache Noir, 6% Cinsaut Deeply garnet coloured. Fresh, big sweet cassis berry with some floral nuances, and mulberry and plumy fruit flavours, rich and aromatic on new oak. The palate is lush, soft and silky. Platter ****1/2 star

R 495.00

FRIENDS OF VAL DE VIE BARISTA Pinotage 2009 A burst of intense rich coffee and chocolate aromas with ripe nuances of mulberry, plum & Maraschino cherries.

R 60.00

KAPTEIN Red Blend 34% Mourvèdre, 25% Shiraz, 15% Grenache Noir, 13% Carignan, 13% Cinsaut A burst of red fruit: red berries, strawberries and cherries with nuances of well integrated oak.

R 65.00

Polo Club range available directly from the Estate • Val de Vie range available through Vinimark Tel: 021 8547260


address Val De Vie Estate Polo Pavilion R301 Paarl 7620

post PO BOX 6223 Paarl 7646

tel +27 (0) 21 863 6100

fax +27 (0) 21 863 2741






Shop 60, Paarl Mall

Shop 60, Paarl Mall Tel: 021 863 3154 Tel: 021 871 1470


The Filly’s v



... comprise of a group of like-minded women whose main objective is to make a difference in communities that need it the most in our beautiful country.We provide humanitarian services and create awareness in support of our various charities.



We are a non-profit association and arrange and manage various annual charity events to raise money to assist with our many community projects.


ll y


We are also on Facebook so please “like” our page to receive updated information regarding our charity’s, sponsors and events.

Save The Date for our 3rd Annual C asino Ni ghts Corporat e Charity Fund Raiser, 9 th May 2 014

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you 750 times for generously supporting us in our quest to provide 750 children at the Amstelhof Primary School with Christmas shoe boxes in our Light of Love Project. Many of these children have never received a gift let alone new supply’s for school and family treats. Together we once again made a difference and brought light and love to others. Thank you. Should you wish to continue your support with any of our projects & charity foundations, you can make a donation to: The Filly’s Club; Society Scheme, (Savings); Standard Bank – Paarl Mall; Account # : 374 722 870. Please email your payment and your donation information to with your name or selected charity as a reference. We wish you all a safe, happy, peaceful and blessed Festive Season and a prosperous, healthy and fun.

Issue 1 Grapevine2545

Grapevine Social & Community


that the greater Paarl area had one of the highest per capita abortion rates in the world! There was

Fundraising 2013 We’re sure we aren’t the only ones sighing in

camp, where the majority of the learners

disbelief at the speed with which this year has

reside. Approximately 65% of the parents are

flown by, yet for most us the “silly season” couldn’t

unemployed. For many of the pupils, the only meal

get here soon enough.

they receive is one from Amstelhof School, which is prepared by volunteers from the community

The Filly’s have enjoyed a jam-packed year

however, the school is in need of funds to pay

of fund raising events, from our incredibly

the weekly wages of the baker, without whom

successful 1920’s Harlem Nights Casino Evening

the bakery cannot function. The list of needs is

to our Spring Day High Tea held in September.

endless for the school, so we have created a list

In addition we took on the enormous task of

of short-term goals to help make an immediate

providing 750 primary school children with a

difference to their lives, as follows:

Christmas Box filled with toiletry and educational

o Create a proper library with books and DVD’s

supply’s, a toy and a few treats for the children and their families to enjoy. Without your continued support, both financial and personal help, we

(do you perhaps have books to donate?) o Sustain their kitchen and develop skills of the volunteers and bakers (can you help?)

would not have been able to bring the love and

o Supply sporting gear and equipment

light and smiles to our charity foundations and

o Provide school bags to each learner

these little children, and for that, we can’t thank

Should you have skills and/or the time and are

you all enough.

able to assist with any of the needs indicated, or have suggestions or ideas to improve the school,

Our charity foundations for 2014 are as follows:

please contact The Filly’s at

Franschoek Hospice, a non-profit organisation, to become involved.

they receive no Government funding, relying solely on our local community for donations, their

SPCA in Paarl & Wellington is in desperate

fund raising events and their charity shop to

need of food, cleaning supplies, blankets and

help with the running costs of their organisation

volunteers to assist with the centre’s. These

in maintaining their high standards of service

dedicated and passionate people care for the

regardless of their patients’ financial situation.

welfare of all animals and get involved where there are domestic, farm, working, traction animals,

All donations, however small, are always gladly

animals reared for food, entertainment, exhibition

received. Your valued donation can be made to

or sport, wild animals or animals placed in danger.

The Filly’s (using FH as your reference) or directly

The SPCA faces horrific situations on a daily

into their bank account:

bases and are in need of funds to assist with their

Standard Bank Franschhoek

endeavours to prevent cruelty to animals by way

Acc No.: 280081499

of education, law-enforcement and pro-active,

Acc Name: Franschhoek Hospice

reactive activities.

Branch Code: 050510 The Rock Crises Centre and various disadvantaged Amselhof Primary School has 745 learners from

Creché’s in our valley. The Pregnancy Crisis Centre

Gr.R – Gr.7 and is surrounded by a squatter

was established in 2001 when it became evident


a definite need to provide a safe and confidential environment for young girls, where they could get information on various options available to them and then make informed decisions for their lives. The Centre offers free counselling and pregnancy tests as well as on-going support for the baby for the first two years should the mum decide to keep her child. Advice for, and organizing of adoption, post abortion counselling and ante-natal classes are also offered. In addition, The Filly support several creché’s throughout the year with various basic needs. Should you wish to continue your support with any of our projects & charity foundations as above, you can make a donation to: The Filly’s Club; Society Scheme, Standard Bank – Paarl Mall; Account # : 374 722 870. Please email your payment and your donation information to with your name or selected charity as a reference. We wish you a blessed and peaceful Festive Season and may 2014 be filled with love and happiness.


Grapevine Social & Community

as the most spectacular and exciting classes because of the speed and strength exhibited by these well trained horses. Five Gaited Horses have long flowing manes and tails and show both ways of the show ring at walk, trot, canter, slow gait and the rack. The slow gait and rack are lateral four-beat gaits inherited by the Saddlebred from their ancient English ancestors and are comfortable to ride. Mieke le Roux and Lindsay Owen have

have prompt comfortable gaits that give the

Protective boots are worn on the front feet to

participated in various Saddlehorse shows

impression of being agreeable to ride. Easy

prevent possible injury from the hind feet when

over the past couple of months. Both showed

ground covering action is desired and special

the horse is travelling at a high speed. The trot

in various divisions namely Three gaited, Five

emphasis is placed on a true flat foot walk.

is a square, bold, two-beat gait performed with

gaited, Single Harness and Pleasure Horse.

Transitions from one gait to the next, should be

speed. Form and conformation with a natural

smooth and effortless. The Pleasure Horse must

high action. The canter is slow rhythms, and

The Single Harness Horse

be shown with full mane and natural tail. Adults

must be executed on the correct lead (left

This is a division unique to South Africa. The

and children (amateurs) show the Pleasure

forefoot leading in a clockwise direction). The

Single Harness Horse is shown in a Four-


slow gait is a high action gait performed very

wheeled cart with full mane and tail. The Single

slowly, while the rack is fast showing action

Harness Horse is shown both ways of the show

The Three Gaited horse

with energy and power. The walk is springy and

ring at a walk, trot and extended trot with the

The Three Gaited horse performs three gaits

athletic. Good form and well balanced speed is

accent on speed however keeping conformation

both ways of the ring - walk, trot and collected


at all times. Boots are worn on the front feet for



brilliance, elegance, refinement, expression

Lindsay showing for Tokkas van Heerden of the






and high action. Gaits are collected with energy

Vic Wes Saddlehorse Stud. Mieke showing for

The Pleasure Horse

direction towards animation and precision. The

Viljoen Hugo of Wilgevlei Saddlehorse Stud.

The Pleasure Horse is shown in five divisions

Three Gaited horse is shown with a clipped

entailing Three Gaited, Five Gaited, Fine

mane and tail to accentuate its quality and

Good luck with upcoming events and the SA

Harness, Western Pleasure and Natural Mane


Nationals in Bloemfontein April 2014.

and Tail. The Pleasure Horse should be a typical Saddlebred with quality style, presence

The Five Gaited horse

and suitable conformation and should also

Five Gaited classes are considered by many


Grapevine Social & Community

Go with the flow.

For your nearest ON TAP store visit or go have some fun on our facebook page.


Custom-designed Home Theatre, Multi-room Audio & Video Distribution, Intergrated Air Conditioning Systems and Car Sound & Security


a : 546 Main Street Paarl t : +27 (0) 21 872 9556 f : +27 (0) 21 872 8481 e : / WWW.PAARLAVC.CO.ZA

Grapevine Social & Community

Kinder Ark


e are extremely proud of our school

And then the time arrived. We were all

here at Val de Vie! The beautiful

dressed up and dazzled with costumes and

big trees that greet us every day are heart-

make-up and the ballroom at the Pavilion was

warming. Amongst them there are all sorts of

filled to the brim. Excitement was in the air.

life including squirrels, birds and interesting

Kinder Ark was ready to take parents on a

insects that make us aware of how fortunate

journey around the world. Parents were there

we are to play, learn and grow here together

with cameras, iPads and video equipment.

every day.

We felt so special, like real stars!

The past few weeks have been especially

Our concert was a blast. It was beautiful, full

interesting at school. Under the shade of the

of colour and was filled with so much talent.

great trees we joined hands and rehearsed

We were very proud of ourselves.

for our big yearly concert. Everyday we practised with lots of excitement and joy,

After all of our hard work to make this a

giving it our best! We sang and danced our

wonderful evening for moms and dads, we

hearts out and everybody worked together on

can enjoy the calmness and beauty of the big

the big surprise.

trees again. This is where we love to be, bare foot outside, playing in the sand and water,

For the dress rehearsal we invited all of our

under the big blue sky.

grandparents. They were a lovely audience


which smiled and sang our praises. They

Thank you so much to Val de Vie for their

made us feel relaxed and gave us that extra

friendly staff and supportive parents who

boost of confidence we needed for our big

together with loving teachers made this


wonderful event possible.

Grapevine Social & Community


Grapevine Social & Community

Photo Competition T

hank you to all of the residents who shared their photographs with us.

Congratulations to our winner Renier Albertse for his incredibly beautiful picture of the paddocks. The winners of the photo competition will receive a bottle of Polo Club Wine. All winners are to collect their wine from the Sport and Leisure Centre. Mail your photographs and captions to: carle.

Ian Badenhorst: 082 873 7136 • Phone: 021 863 1401

Pre-Owned Stars Paarl. A division of Star Motor Group. Multiple Award Winning Motor Group since 2007. You will be satisfied, because you’re a STAR! ★ Buying ★ Selling ★ Finance 32 ★ Advice

Terms and Conditions apply, as per approval according to the National Credit Act.



LOW PAYMENT PLAN 2012 NISSAN MICRA 1.2 VISIA 5-DOOR Recommended Retail price: R105 000 • Deposit: R30 000 • RV: R30 150 • Months: 72 • Interest rate: 10.0%


Grapevine Social & Community


Grapevine Sport & Leisure

10 R easons W hy I’ m T hankful for S wimming 1. You can’t fake it.

minutes, sometimes for two hours. In this over-

There are no flukes when you win a 400 meter

shared, over-analysed world of connectivity;

race. In swimming, you have to earn it.

swimming is one of the only activities where I can escape, ignore the working world, and just

2. The scoreboard doesn’t lie.

listen to the calm of my heart beat.

The cruelty of the truth is if you are a fast or slow swimmer, you’ll know; there’s no ambiguity

8. It’s multi-generational.

or second-guessing. “Rather than love, than

Two things I’ve been able to do with my

money, than faith, than fame, than fairness…

grandparents; play cards, and swim. Because

give me truth.”

of its non-impact properties, I can swim laps next to 80-year-olds. There’s something communal I

3. Swimming = therapy.

appreciate about that. I go to a basketball court

The weightless, floating feeling of swimming is

and it’s 20 or 30-year-olds. I go to the pool, and

like therapy and it’s cheaper than a therapist.

I’ll meet World War II vets.

4. It’s exercise-and-a-shower in one!

9. It’s like coming home.

Swimmers are secretly like cats; we hate baths

Back to that ‘75% of our bodies is water’ statistic:

and we hate showering. It’s ineffective. Why

over time that percentage drops. By adulthood, it’s

would you swim laps, shower, dry off, change,

more like 60% and conversely, I enjoy swimming

and then, later, shower again? Swim practice:

the older I get. Maybe because it’s like returning

the 2-in-1 sport.

to that body-water ratio, maybe because it makes me feel rejuvenated and young again, and maybe

5. Water is universal.

because it’s a place I can return to that feels

I’ve heard that maths is the universal language.

familiar each and every time I dive in.

Well, swimming may be the universal sport. Anywhere in the globe, from Bangkok to

Swimming is all my own. Every experience is

Boston, water is water, and a lane is a lane.

entirely mine. The way I move, how fast (or slow)

Dive in and swim.

I go. I can flip or stop. I can kick or pull. I can sink to the bottom, or close my eyes, push off

6. Your teammates become your best friends.

the wall, and fly…

When you join a swim team, you join a family. Every pool, to me, feels like home. 7. Escape. When I’m stressed, mad, anxious, depressed,

10. The way I feel afterwards.

or feeling a little nuts, I swim. Sometimes for 20

I think I enjoy swimming the most because of


the way I feel afterwards. Some things in life feel good while you are doing them, but make you feel terrible afterwards; like deep dish pizza. I always feel more alive in those post-practice minutes; like I’ve accomplished something. Maybe that “something” isn’t as complex as the best time or stroke improvement. Maybe it’s just as simple as feeling alive, tired, refreshed, like I have just returned from soaring in the weightless, blue sky… Thank you swimming, for being my therapist, my escape cave, my battlefield, my sky, my diving well of dreams, my refuge, my shower, and consistently the same, no matter where I go, how old I am, what mood I’m in, or what’s happening in my life. But mostly, thank you for allowing me to soar, dive, swoop, sink, float, and, sometimes, to close my eyes and fly. Source:

Grapevine Sport & Leisure



Bridge House Mile

he second Bridge House Mile Open

was the WWF Swim for Nature Category. WWF

Andre van Huyssteen, Pierre Pretorius and

Water Swim, presented by Glacier and

Swim ambassador, Amy Kleinhans, explains

Walter Travers all came first in their respective

Sanlam, took place on the 2nd of November

that nature-loving swimmers can help raise

events, and we congratulate them on these

2013, at the magnificent Berg River Dam in

much-needed funds for water conservation.

achievements, as well to all of the Players


swimmers that participated and finished their Players Western Cape Swimming Club had a

This open water swim event reflects the health

few swimmers that competed at the event and

and vitality in all of the community members of

we are proud to announce that they kept the

this beautiful valley. New to this year’s event

Players name high.



Grapevine Sport & Leisure Tel: 021 868 3977 Cell: 082 323 2410 Fax to mail : 086 868 3977

Gas Cages Single Gas Cages

Certifi Insta ed Gas LP Ga llations & s Sup plies

Double Gas Cages

48 kg

48 kg

19 kg

19 kg

• We sell assorted regulators, copper tubing and fittings for installations.

• Fitment of GAS Stoves and Hobs. • Fitment of GAS Geysers (Water Heaters).

Wood Boxes We condu ct service s on all g appliance as s and cer tification for insura s nce purpo ses.


Grapevine Sport & Leisure






Here are a few shots from the Val de Vie

Vie Mountain Bike Challenge was back and

that this year would be better, and it was. We

MTB Challenge, which was held at the Estate

this time it was bigger. This year the popular

had cyclists from all over the country; those

this past weekend. The event was a great

event boasted various route improvements

that took part last year and new cyclists. Not

success and offered participants a beautiful

and interesting added features including a

only did the venue contribute to the event’s

and thrilling race in the countryside.

trip past the house where Nelson Mandela

success but also to the improvements of the

was held captive in the Drakenstein prison.

routes. The highlight of the route was where

Conrad Stoltz, 4x World Champion Triathlete

Presented by Bestmed, the event took place

cyclists rode through the Drakenstein prison

won the 60km race and pro rider Hanco

on Sunday the 24th of November 2013 at Val

to the Mandela Statue, where a photographer

Kachelhoffer from Gauteng came second. A

de Vie, Cape Town.

was on hand to capture the special moment.”

highlight on the mountain-bike calendar After

says Wynand de Villiers, the event organiser.

a successful inaugural year in 2012, which

“The Val de Vie MTB Challenge was a great

attracted almost 1000 riders, the EAI Val de

success last year and we wanted to make sure

“The EAI Val De Vie MTB Challenge became a highlight on the mountain-bike calendar immediately after the inaugural event last year and we are very proud to be associated with this event. Through this event we want to show how committed we are to our pillars of wellness – Be Active, Be Safe, Be Nutri-Wise and Be Happy. Our pillars encourage people to live a healthy life. Mountain Biking is fun and keeps your body fit and healthy. It is a fun sport the whole family can take part in,” says Sasja la Grange, Bestmed’s Corporate Communications Manager The Route Val de Vie, situated between Paarl and Franschhoek in the picturesque Boland Winelands, caters for the entire family and allows cyclists to experience the Paarl wine valley in all of its glory. With a route that is second to none and with the best water


Grapevine Sport & Leisure points you’ll find anywhere in the sport, it’s

Among others who enjoyed the event, Ryk

little wonder that the EAI Val de Vie Mountain

Neethling, SA’s Olympic gold medallist swimmer,

Bike Challenge also attracted almost 1000

who attended the event as part of Val De Vie,

riders this year. The riders followed a route

comments, “Val De Vie is a very beautiful venue

over 21 wine farms and estates and had

for an event like this. The routes, with breath

access to properties that they won’t be able

taking views incorporated history and beauty into

to see at other times of year. The race routes

the experience. I am proud of the race and look

comprised of a 5km kiddies race, 30km route

forward to see it grow year on year.”

and 60km route. Healthy lifestyle According to de Villiers, the 30km route

Bestmed believes that through taking part

was an exciting event that incorporated

in such sports, individuals can keep fit and

some of the best trails the area has to offer.

remain healthy in order to prevent sickness.

Special features and water points brought

“We encourage people to continuously take

out tons of fun. Cycling through vineyards,

preventative healthcare measures and taking

the riders experienced breath-taking views

part in sport is one of those measures. We have

and negotiated features that add to a sense

a country with beautiful landscapes which

of accomplishment and fun. “The 60km was

accommodate these events and everyone

more challenging but it was worth every drop

should be able to take part,” concludes la

of the sweat. We ensured that, besides the


challenge, there were amazing views, fun at the water points and special features like wine

Simply Unforgettable

tasting, grape stomping and cycling past

The race was aimed at providing fun and an

the famous polo stables at Val De Vie, along

exciting tour of the area. Every aspect was

the banks of the main field and restaurant

planned to add up to a social, fun-filled day:

among other things. The little ones took their

the routes, water points, and entertainment.

bikes on a fun-filled adventure ride within the

Riders also had a chance to get their bikes

secure Val De Vie Estate. They rode through

washed at the Bike Wash Facility and all of

vineyards and past stables; gladiator castles,

the proceeds from this exercise were donated

clowns, vibey water points with cartoon

to the Cancer Association of South Africa,

characters cheering them on. At the end of

along with R10 from every entry.

the race they received a finisher’s medal,” adds de Villers.


Grapevine Sport & Leisure

096_MDF_A5_Grapevine.indd 1

2013/11/11 9:20 AM




40 A MAIN STREET, PAARL for bookings contact Janine: Cell - 083 308 5332

Grapevine Sport & Leisure

utdoor O Challenge Val



Photographs by, Chris Hitchcock

Val de Vie was proud to host our first Outdoor Challenge with RAW Events and sponsor Landrover N1 City. The day offered a Family fun run, a Cross Country run and an Open water Swim in lake Clement. Well done to all our participants who conquered the cold water and muddy terrain.


Grapevine Sport & Leisure


Untitled-1 1

2013/12/02 2:54 PM

hair styling | manicures | pedicures | waxing | threading | facials 021 876 2487 corner berg and wilhelmina | franschhoek

Grapevine Sport & Leisure


Renier Albertse

Stable Talk

ace up...PLAY! It has just been polo, polo

Cup Final held in Cape Town, both of which

and more polo in the last few weeks and we

will be in November. Maureen De Waal will be

have more polo to come in the next few weeks!

competing in an ‘invitation only’ endurance event in January on her new and very handsome El

Our ponies are looking fit, fat and happy as they

Sahra Cruiser – we wish you all the best!

gallop around the luscious green fields carrying their players who are all eager to score goals.

With only days until Christmas, shops and malls

We recently hosted a very elite event ‘Julius

are almost looking as festive as some of our

Bär’ which was strictly by invitation only and

stables, which have been decorated by our

made for some very exciting polo as we had

youngsters who have made their pony’s stables

one or two national players and a few other high

look brighter than most Christmas trees. If you

goal players participating. The last weekend

need any help decorating your homes I am sure

in October was of course the very exciting

they will be more then happy to help!

Blackberry Pink Polo event, which saw over 1000 spectators dressed to impress in all sorts

On closing, we would like to extend our

of numbers cheering on our players. The ‘man

condolences to Mr. David Benest and Mr. Liam

of the match’ went to our very own Kevin Rixon

Paterson on the loss of their very special horse

who set up some pearly shots for the other team

11th Hour.

members to shoot straight through the goal posts!

Big thanks to George and Janna for always being available at every player and owner’s need

Our playing fields are in tip top condition and

– you are both awesome!

looking fantastic thanks to VIP Gardens who have been working around the clock to make

May you all have a very peaceful and blessed

this happen. Summer is slowly, but thankfully,

festive season.

creeping in and it is wonderful to have some sunny days. Our very beautiful Val de Vie

Kelly & The Team

sunsets are starting to present themselves and we all know how spectacular these are – may they be plentiful!

owner to our stables, Emma Fourie and her pony

Have a Blessed Christmas

Black Jack, I am sure they will love their new

Thank You to all our valued Clients

We would like to introduce another new livery

home. On the showjumping front, our young riders are all getting themselves and their ponies fit and ready for the summer season of jumping and we wish Erin Pape on her pony Leo, Courtney Roux on her pony Boomerang, Lara MacPhail on her pony Angus and Emma Fourie on her pony Black Jack all the best. I will be competing






Resident Property Consultant Maureen de Waal

on both of my mares at the PE World Cup Qualifier held in Port Elizabeth and the World 082 449 0900


Happy Holidays!

Thanks to your valued support this has truly been a bumper year for our Property Sales! Here’s wishing you a Blessed Festive Season! L SERV A N O S R E ,P ICE SALES, RENTALS

Sports 44 & Leisure Centre, Val de Vie Estate T: 021 863 6101

Our key differentiator lies in our quality workmanship.

Our key differentiator lies in our quality workmanship. Our name, Brick Art Construction simply refers to the quality of the work of our artisans and craftsmen. We endeavour to deliver buildings of international standards, structural integrity and spaces where people want to live, work and play.

M: +27 (0)83 726 0591

338 Thoroughbred Street, Val de Vie Estate, Paarl, 7646 45

Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery




Visit Boland Build It, Corner Lady Gray & Van Riebeeck Drive, Paarl or call (021) 872 0881 fax (021) 872 0885 / /

Grapevine Building & Property


Gallery Windows: (NEW)

“4.3.12 All windows shall have as a minimum, one of the following: Raised plaster

Wrought iron balconies and trelliswork

“4.5.3 The guidelines strongly encourage the


“4.3.4 Large





are divided by frames into panels of

surround, decorative moulded plaster

extensive use of wrought iron balcony


lintol or a decorative moulded plaster

railings and trelliswork. Owners are allowed

the accepted vertical format, will be

cill on the external face. Such detail is

to substitute any length of trelliswork in

permitted, where screened or recessed

to be shown in sufficient point on any

excess of 6m (garage width), on the street

a minimum of 1500mm behind the

submission. (rule)”

facing façade, for either the shutters or the

outer line of a pergola, veranda or other

pergola requirement. (rule)”

accepted device. (rule)”














just add water

ALProd shower doors half page.pdf 1 2012/07/09 02:24:32 PM



42 Wellington Road Durbanville alprod.riaan@gmail / 021 979 5898 / 083 592 7834 / 086 665 6070 47

Grapevine Building & Property Cladding

“4.2.3 Drypack



External Lights

unless prior approval is obtained from the


“4.9.1 All external lights mounted on the street

matching that is used in the gatehouse

facing elevation or ahead of this line shall

columns only.) No stonework tiles or cast

be of the carriage type units in the colour

concrete cladding will be permitted. (rule)”

black or dark grey. (rule)”

Home Owners Association for use of an alternate colour. (rule)”


“4.3.8 Shutters, which are strongly encouraged,

Balustrades and Wrought Iron Work

must be operational and are preferably side hung. (rule)”

“4.5.1 All external balustrades are to be of a steel type with the elements (except support

“4.3.10 It is mandatory that operational shutters

posts) having a maximum width of 10mm in any one direction and to be composed of primarily curvilinear elements typical of decorative wrought iron work. All



balustrades to be black or a dark grey

be fitted to all street facing windows on the ground floor. Approved shutters are fully framed with horizontal angled louvre elements, any other type is to be separately submitted for approval. (rule)”



Modern Contempory, Dark Wood Grain, Melamine and grey hi-gloss SHOWROOM Table View 201A Blaauwberg Rd. Tel: 021 556 4138

Cape Town CBD 13 Buitengracht St. Tel: 021 418 3790

2014 Kitchen Trends. Colour : White will continue to be popular, choice shifting between satin and high gloss finishes. Dual tones in contrasting charcoals and grey allow a flexible neutral pallet to be easily transformed using accents in decor and accessories. Pastal creams, greens and blues also still work well with Contemporary and classic designs. English Manor Classic Antique Kitchen


Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery

g n i d l i u B Your r e n t r a P t c e j o Pr


rv We offer the following se Building cost estimations ilding materials Supplier of full range of bu

tance Professional on site assis facture Roof truss design & manu homes Supplier of timber frame On site deliveries Timber cutting & planing Paint tinting facility Board cutting for approved contractors Credit facilities available

Great Service Professional Advice BUILDERS TRADE DEPOT PAARL: Driebergenstraat, Dal Josafat, Paarl Tel: (021) 868 3040 Visit us at



Grapevine Building & Property Air-cons and Pool Pumps

“5.15 Mechanical equipment and plant such









as air-conditioners (and grilles), ducts,

combination of Smartstone (or similar)

pool pumps, etc. must be designed

concrete cobble (charcoal or grey

into the buildings and/or adequately

colour) clay brick pavers, or exposed

enclosed or screened off from view.



(colour to be brown.)”






“4.8.1 A pergola element is mandatory in front of the garage or an equal length of pergola provided elsewhere on the street facing façade. (rule)”

Front Doors

“4.3.5 Front doors, where visible from the street, shall be solid doors. Glassed entrance doors will be permitted where a wrought iron screen or gate is fixed or installed between the door and the street. (rule)”






“4.7.1 The colour palette and the style of the estate encourage the use of plaster moulding to create relief on the facades. The use of corbelling and banding below eaves and along the line of the window head and cill height is strongly encouraged. Window surrounds will also be permitted. (guideline)”


Grapevine Aesthetics Gallery


Grapevine Building & Property



B uilding by

Plan Cycle

1. Planning

Documents needed with submission:

• Choose any registered architect of your choice • Download the aesthetic guidelines and checklists from hoa-documentation.html

» Building plan application forms as required by Drakenstein

» Architectural

compliance certificate SANS


• Download Building Rules & Regulations and fees from

» Engineers appointment » Power of attorney document needed when architect submits plans on behalf of the client

» Proof of ownership, e.g. title deed

2. HOA Aesthetics Committee

Contact Information Controlling Architect (Boogertman & Partners) Janine Cronje 021 930 9210 Controlling Landscaping Architect Kobus Meiring 082 453 3654

• Submit the building and landscaping plans, hard copy and PDF’s as required to the

4. Drakenstein Plan Circulation

Drakenstein Building Inspector

Controlling Architects office

• Plans are entered into the database once all

Piet Kriel

• Pay the plan scrutiny fees directly to the Controlling




documents as required are submitted and the

082 415 9346

invoice is paid

Landscape Architect before plans are tabled • Plans are tabled at the HOA Aesthetics committee every second Thursday • Committee comments are to be sent back via Controlling Architect • Collect stamped plans from Controlling Architect’s office after approved • POS (public open space) landscaping is referred to the Landscaping committee for comments and approval

Circulation is as follows:

» Health department Wellington » Building inspector Wellington » Town planning Paarl » Engineer department Paarl » Fire department Paarl » Building Control Paarl

Drakenstein Plan Submissions Marietjie Visser 021 807 6331 HOA Building Control Kobus Rossouw 021 863 6127

After the plans have circulated to all departments, comments will be sent to the architect and after

HOA General

3. Drakenstein Submission

all the amendments are received, the plans will

Carle Geldenhuys

• Plans submitted to Drakenstein Wellington

only be circulated back to the departments that

021 863 6103

requested the amendments.

branch where fees are calculated and the invoice prepared • Three sets of plans with Controlling Architect Val de Vie stamp on and client signature


Gemstone Construction is an owner run, Paarl based construction company. We, as a team, have a very specific common goal which is quality construction. Having built functional wine cellars, beautiful function venues and dream homes, clearly demonstrates the diversity of our expertise. Gemstone Construction was awarded the certificate for Outstanding Occupational Health and Safety by the MBA as we pride ourselves in our understanding and knowledge of construction site health and safety, thus advancing efficiency by creating a healthy environment.

Mobile John: 082 875 8303 Mobile Michael: 084 591 9308 Fax: 021 863 0540




Grapevine Landscaping & Nature



Lawn Maintenance Guide

to water deeply once a week than to water

prone to insect and fungal attacks. A healthy

In order to establish a beautiful lawn, we need

lightly every day. A healthy lawn needs about

grass cover also helps to keep the moisture

to work according to an annual program. This

30mm of water per week in summer. With our

locked in the soil. The applied water must



heat and the type of plots at Val de Vie, soil

preferably penetrate the soil at 100-150mm to

fertiliser application, top dressing, irrigation



type adjustments might be necessary. Healthy

encourage deep root growth.

and weed control.

grass plants require healthy, extensive and deep root systems. Ensuring correct watering

Scarification: This process removes the “mat� of

Irrigation: Water is essential in maintaining a

is essential with over watering being even more

grass to expose soil and stimulate new vigorous

healthy lawn and the amount is determined

harmful than under watering. Waterlogged soil

growth. A thick layer of thatch prevents water,

by the season of the year, soil type, local

compacts easier and the roots are denied

air and fertiliser penetration to the root zone.

climate and personal observation. It is better

oxygen, leading to weak plants which are more


Grapevine Landscaping & Nature

De-compaction: Compaction refers to a dense

to remember that four light applications are

sandy soil with 10 to 20% fine compost mixed to

soil condition resulting in limited spaces for air

better than one large dose per annum. The plant

prevent layering.

and water between soil particles. Causes for soil

needs food throughout the year.

compaction are growing with high clay content,

requirement for grass is 80 grams per square

Weed Control: The success of effective weed

poor drainage and high traffic. Compacted soil

meter per annum. It is important that the fertiliser

control is determined by correct identification

becomes saturated with carbon dioxide that

is dissolved and washed into the soil to prevent

of the weed and using the right chemical and

eventually becomes toxic to the root system. De-

chemical burn to the grass plant. The daily rate

application rate to prevent damage to the grass,

compaction is achieved by either hollow tining

of irrigation is also important because when we

but that sorts out the weeds.

and/or aerovation. In small house lawns this can

overwater, we wash away the fertiliser that was

be achieved with a normal garden fork.

put down at a big expense. You therefore need

Remember, a neat lawn needs regular mowing

to put down only the necessary amount of water,

with sharp blades, as grass that is over grown

especially when municipal rates are considered.

will be left with white marks when mowed.

this we are able to apply the fertiliser that the

Top dressing: Top dressing is used to level out

Happy Gardening.

plant needs and not throw away money on the

a lawn to attain aesthetically pleasing grass that

ground that the plant cannot use. It is important

compliments the property. It is important to use

Fertilising: Fertiliser can be expensive, which is

The basic

why an annual soil analysis is essential. By doing



Our dedicated small animal vet is now available for your dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and small mammals. Small Animal Consulting Times: (by appointment) Mon - Fri: 08H00 - 11H00 Sat: 09H00 - 12H00 14H00 - 18H00 Sun/Public Holidays: Emergencies Only R301 Jan Van Riebeeck Drive Phone: (021) 867 0700 Email:











doorboys ad



11:11 AM

” uy B u yo dents e i r efo e Res b i Try de V “ l a er o Va f f t o We ption o

Grapevine Landscaping & Nature

The Bird that Cries Hawk. Down by the lower dams on Valentia,

These birds build nests during the summer

I spotted a bird that although was not

months. Their nests are in the shape of

as colourful as others to look at, had an

a shallow hammock and slung out in a

interesting anecdote about it. The Fork-

horizontal fork that is set far from the main

Tailed Drongos (known in Afrikaans as the

trunk of a tree. The female lays three spotted

Mikstertbyvangers) are notorious for being

or plain eggs, whitish to pink in colour and

thieves and mimics. There is evidence that

the incubation period is about 17 days. The

the Fork-Tailed Drongo will sometimes mimic

chicks take another 18 days before they

the predator alarm calls of meerkats while

reach flying age. They grow to a length

they forage and then swoop down to steal

of about 24cm and weigh up to 51 grams.

their food. It has been noted that they can

Their plumage is entirely black and the outer

accurately imitate the calls of other species

feathers of their deeply forked tail are curved

as well.

outwards. The Drongos have red eyes and their wings are slightly translucent in flight.

The young Drongos pick up this skill by observing adults. Juveniles follow adults

The Fork-Tailed Drongo feeds on insects -

on their robbery missions and they create

both flying and crawling – including spiders,

false alarms for themselves after they see

scorpions and other crawling animals, as

their mentors doing the same. One would

well as small birds. They also dive into

expect the mimicry to eventually wear thin

water for fish. Listen out for their creaking,

by making too many false alarms, but they

twanging call that is a familiar sound in areas

are versatile enough to switch calls if one

where they are abundant.

becomes ineffective.


Grapevine Landscaping & Nature



o i s
















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SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION Relevant and engaging Estate information on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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Contact us now to get involved: 021 422 4445 / 072 171 1979,


Renier Albertse

Grapevine Safety & Security

Festive Season

On the security front, with our Estate expanding

to thank all of our homeowners and residents

number of someone who can be contacted in

and developing, it has placed a huge strain on

for their patience and understanding during the

the event of an emergency.

the capacity of the receivers initially installed,

course of these changes.

and as a result Val De Vie recently upgraded

• Do not leave notes on the door, underneath the carpet or in the post box to indicate that

all of the Inner Lane Boom receivers. This

Once again the festive season is upon us

meant we also had to upgrade and replace

and I am sure some of our homeowners will

• Do not leave hidden keys.

the current residential remotes. With the new

be taking a well-deserved break after what

• Leave your house key with a trusted ‘neighbor/

receivers and remotes in place we will be well

seemed, to some, to have been a long and

family member’ or the key holder so that

equipped to handle all of our new homeowners

arduous year.

to Val de Vie. For those who are taking a break elsewhere, please travel safely, we wish all of our

implementing the PT Guest System and

homeowners well over the festive season and

we are pleased to say that this has made it

a prosperous new year for 2014.

easier for our homeowners to receive guests

With all of the changes we have made, it has

access can be gained in an emergency. • Do not leave the outside lights on as this is

We also went through the process of

without huge delays.

you are away.

usually an indication that the house is not occupied. • Leave a couple of lights on and perhaps the radio playing as this gives the impression that the house is occupied. This can also

When away from home:

be coupled/connected to a time delay

• Inform the Estate security office/manager that


you will be away.

unfortunately also brought ‘teething problems’

• If there is a change in your contact details

Brett Ashington

from time to time, which have caused disruption

please inform the relevant people accordingly,

Head of Security - Thornburn

on occasion. I would like to take this opportunity

if you will not be contactable leave a name and


Other products available: Lighting • Cupboards • Bathrooms Appliances • Doors & Windows • Flooring • Architectural Mouldings




PRETORIA 431 Rupert Street, Brooklyn, 0181

012 346 3322

JOHANNESBURG 44c Old KilCullen Road, Bryanston, Sandton.

CAPE TOWN 4 Beachwood Industrial Centre, Beachwood Road, Woodstock

• 011 887 7010 • 021 448 6303 • Email: •


Grapevine HOA Pages

Rules Highlighted Rule 6: Disturbances Any conduct, except for normal agricultural,

permitted. Excessive and unnecessary noise

discretion from time to time, as well as other

wine making, hospitality and polo activities,

by vehicles, appliances, tools, pets and/or

sources attributable to a resident constitutes

which disturbs or tends to disturb the peace

excessive noise by individuals, as determined

a disturbance of the peace in terms of these

and tranquillity of the Estate and residents is not

by the manager in his sole and unfettered

Estate Rules.

What are the HOA office hours and where are they

between Paarl and Val de Vie for your domestic

will be collected. All you need to do is place your



‘dry’ recyclable waste into the free clear bag you

FAQs Val de Vie Sport and Leisure Centre

are provided with. Then place it next to or on top

Office Hours:

How and when can I obtain a remote for the inner

of your refuse bin ready for collection. Homeowners

Monday to Thursday 07.30 – 16.30

lane booms/river frontage gates?

can also make use of the paper and glass banks at

Fridays 07.30 – 16.00

Remotes are only available to residents at R110.00

the Maintenance Centre.

Closed on weekends and public holidays.

per remote. Landowners that are in the planning phase may request the building control office to

How many pets are allowed?

When are Levy payments due and how does the

motivate an application for a remote. Remotes can

Each unit is limited to two animals. Only domestic

extra levy affect me?

be ordered and paid for at the HOA reception.

animals posing no danger, noise or odours may be

1st of the month in advance. When you buy a plot

kept. All domestic animals shall at all times bear a

from the 1st of September 2013 in the extra levy

How and when do I obtain my Post Box Key?

tag which shall reflect the name, telephone number

phase, you have a 4 month grace period from the

The post box key can only be obtained after the

and SG number of their homeowner.

date of the transfer to do your planning and to start

deed of transfer, during office hours at the HOA

building before the extra levy is applicable. When


building starts, you then have an additional 11

What fish have been established in the dams and is fishing allowed?

month period to complete the project in which the

What is my Val de Vie postal address?

Grass Carp, Kurper and Bass have been stocked

extra levy will again not be applicable.

Name and Surname…….. (your SG number) Val

in our dams and fishing is only allowed on a catch-

de Vie Estate, Paarl, Kliprug Minor Road, 7646

and-release basis. Please respect these resources.

Please send an email to

How often is postage sorted?

Picnic Area and access to River Frontage

Update your profile on the community portal.

Postage is retrieved from town and is sorted daily.

The HOA picnic area is located on the banks of

How do I update my personal information?

You will receive a notification slip in your box for

the Berg River on the Northern side of the Estate.

How and when can I do my security gate

parcels that are too big for the box. These letters/

Access to the River Frontage and picnic area is


parcels need to be signed for and collected during

controlled and only possible to residents via pre-

New HOA Members:

office hours at the HOA reception.

programmed remote controls (same remote as

Gate enrolment can only be done after the deed of

for inner lane booms). Access is only possible

transfer, in office hours and at the HOA reception;

How do I apply for a dustbin?

via three gates - Southern Gate, Gate at picnic

proof of identification is required.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to apply

area and Northern Gate. Access is limited to non-

New Tenants:

for a dustbin once Drakenstein occupation is

motorised transport during day-light hours only.

Enrolment can only be done on the completion

issued, use SG number as reference and phone

of the tenant enrolment form, available at HOA

Drakenstein Municipality at 021 807 4715.

reception. Copies of identification documents and

Who can I contact for electrical or plumbing assistance?

rental agreements must accompany completed

When is refuse removal?



Our refuse removal is done weekly by Drakenstein

MD Loodgieters,


Municipality. We form part of their ‘purple zone’. For

021 872 4617 / 082 453 8867

All domestics, gardeners, au pairs, butlers, etc.

collection days, please refer to their schedule at


need to be enrolled with necessary identification

Steven Jones,

documents. Valid work permits are mandatory for foreign workers.

021 872 8711 / 082 802 7219 Does Val de Vie provide for recycling?


The Estate is part of the municipal door-to-door

The Drain Surgeon,

Taxi services

recycling service. Each week on the same day

021 855 3035 / 073 228 4278

Contact Mr Driver on 078 927 9674 for taxi services

as your refuse removal, your recyclable material




contractors decor







visit us at

Grapevine HOA Pages

Val De Vie

Telephone Directory

HOA ENQUIRIES 021 863 6128


POLO 021 863 6169

MEDI CLINIC PAARL 021 807 8000

SALES OFFICE 021 863 6101

WATER / ELECTRICITY 021 807 2557

WINES 021 863 6100







PAARL LIBRARY 021 807 4871 / 4742

SECURITY 021 863 6110 072 900 3954

PAARL TOURISM 021 872 4842 FRANSCHhOEK TOURISM 021 876 3603

HEALTHCLUB 021 863 6136

POISON/ SNAKE BITE INFORMATION 021 689 5227 021 931 6129

EVENTS & MARKETING 021 863 6191


OTHER SAPS – PAARL 021 807 4000



Renier Albertse




For all your Pool Repair and Maintenance Requirements • Monthly and Weekly Maintenance • Sand changes, water repair and

• We only install up to 4x2m splash pools

cleaning or dirty pools. • Repairs to: Pumps - Filters - Chlorinators - Heat Pumps • We also install solar heating • Repair to fibre glass pools

Contact Louis Nel 076 272 5447




Thaba Park, Hoogelegen Road Durbanville 7550 Tel: 021 975 6541

“ We specialize in design, manufacturing and installation of aluminium windows, sliding doors, folding doors and shopfronts, custom made to your specifications.




Grapevine Issue 4  

The Grapevine magazine focuses on the Val De Vie Estate. It is mailed on behalf of the homeowners association to residents and landowners.

Grapevine Issue 4  

The Grapevine magazine focuses on the Val De Vie Estate. It is mailed on behalf of the homeowners association to residents and landowners.