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“The wise musicians are those who play what they can master” Duke Ellington

behind the scene :the shebang punks unite to fight against cancer

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Here we go again, it’s 2018! Once again the year comes to a grinding halt and focus turns to the next twelve months. In the ever changing world around us, one thing you can always be assured of, is another year of excellent gigs, festivals, parties and events.

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This new year edition of Dorset Music takes some time to look both forward and reflect back. We catch up with Black Tree Vultures, an excellent new rock band who are set to shake things up in 2018. We have a chat with Shiv Ferguson, founder of The Shebang, a punk party which has raised over 10,000 pounds for charity. We chat about The Shebang and a spinoff event, planned in January to add to this total.

g behind the scene :the sheban cancer

Local promoters We Broke Free are taking a few Dorset bands on tour across the UK. It’s great to see promoters working closely with local artists to help them gain the exposure they deserve. This tour will feature some of the best indie, psych and rock bands around! mag usic etm / dors mag @ dors etm usic Inside, we fill you in on the acts who will be representing our area This month’s contributors are:- across the country. bournemouth on tour

we broke free take local talent

against across the uk punks unite to fight

are those who play “The wise musicians ” Duke Ellington what they can master

David Chinery Bert Burnell Dan Sullivan

@ D o rs e t M u s i c M a g /dorsetmusicmag

Local music promoters/ DJs/general party people We Broke Free are taking some of Bournemouth’s best new and upcoming bands on tour this month as part of Independent Venue Week 2018. Stopping in at Southampton, Oxford, Brighton and Bristol the tour will culminate in a massive hometown show on February 4th at The Old Firestation, headlined by local lads The Magic Gang.

Running annually since 2013, Independent Venue Week Celebrates “the spirit of independence and culture of live music and venues” up and down the country, uniting venues with artists, tastemakers, promoters and media to celebrate the art of live music. With a massive amount of of emphasis on up and coming bands and grassroots music ventures, as well as national acts, IVW makes it feel truly exciting to be a music fan and helps show off the local scenes of so many towns and cities. Here’s a little taster of the great band package WBF have put together: Leeches - Formed in 2016, these guys bring infectious pop hooks to a fuzzy psyche / altrock sometimes doomy sound to create a truly awesome racket. Having released debut single, ‘Inside Voices’ the band have since finally got themselves together to release their debut EP ‘Strange Bonds’

on cassette via Leisure Records. band of the 90’s to create a unique new wave of Indie San. Marlo - San Marlo are music. Having racked up a four piece Indie/Psychedelic support slots with The Death Of Pop and Dream Wife among project from the south coast consisting of Dorset Music fav others last year Lyra seem set to break out in 2018. Jack Grace, joined by Connor Fox, Aaron Cameron and Matt Edgeley. The band have struck Sad Love - new kids on the a great balance between super block Sad Love debuted late catchy vocals and psyche riffing last year at The Cellar Bar and and have a fair few anthems on have hit the ground running with dates already confirmed their EP ‘un’. in Manchester and London, Lyra - The distressing sound before they bring their unique of distortion and the relaxed brand of ‘sadly uplifting dream riffs blends the two influences pop’ to the We Broke Free tour. of The Cure and a shoegaze

January 2018 Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon

1 Closed 2 Acoustic Tuesday with Kez Hinton 3 Chaplin’s Open Mic Night 4 An Evening of Country - Soulcreek + Ollins Lande 5 Conspiracy + Novum + Dj Connie 6 Chaplin’s B’day with Miss Ruby’s Roadhouse Band + Dj Razz 7 Jazz on Sunday with Ian Ellis and Friends 8 Solid Air The Sea, The Sea + Jinder + Charlie Hole + Lionel Cutmore Tue 9 Word Makers hosted by Myriam San Marco Wed 10 Open Mic Night Thu 11 Bandstand Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine Fri 12 Cute Roots (Alt/Soul/Funk) + Dj Razzman Sat 13 Stomp lt Out! Macmillan Benefit headlined by The Sporadics with support from Meat Sweats, PXR5, The Intercepteurs, Kicking Bambi, Bitter Self Exploitment, Gutter Rats & Sinful Maggie. Starting at 2pm - MC’d by Ross Ferrone Sun 14 Folk on Sunday with The Fox & The Owl Mon 15 Solid Air with Inferior Complex + Mark from the Dark Side Tue 16 Acoustic Tuesday in Chaplins with Megan Ridgway Wed 17 Open Mic Night Thu 18 Rubber Soul Agatha’s Garden + Phylosaphy + Dj Razzman Fri 19 Thin Wire Fence + The Prosaics + Dj Connie Sat 20 Selby & The Dharma Blitz + Dj Dubwize Sun 21 Jazz on Sunday with Musique à Trois Mon 22 Solid Air with Tim Smart + Horizon Tue 23 Chaplin’s & The Cellar Bar’s Staff Party Wed 24 Open Mic Night Thu 25 Rubber Soul: Yeti Blanco + The Brutal Years + Dj Connie Fri 26 SN Dubstation (Dub/Ska) + Dj Pacho Sat 27 The Rolling Drunks + Dj Miss Summer Sun 28 Jazz on Sunday FB Pocket Orchestra Independent Venue Week - Mon 29 - Sun 4th Mon 29 Forbidden Planet Random Luke Generator + Continental Liaison Tue 30 Acoustic Tuesday with Elijah Wolf (Gravity Drive) Wed 31 Open Mic Extravaganza in the Cellar Bar Thursday 1st February - Holes Bay Independent Venue Week Special Friday 2nd February - Captain Accident & The Disasters (Ska/Reggae) Saturday 3rd February - Country Weekender - Clockwork Carousel Sunday 4 February - Jazz on Sunday with Ian Ellis and Friends follow our Instagram - chaplinscellarbar -- Facebook - chaplins-bar -- twitter@chaplinscellar -- Contact us via our Website: Correct at time of press

Ye Olde Shebang Punk Soirée

The ‘Shebang’ has been bringing punk music to Bournemouth in the name of raising money for Macmillan UK since 2010, spanning multiple venues and showcasing the best of local and national punk bands as well the Dorset alternative scene. We catch up with head lady Shiv Ferguson to find out the inspirations, longevity and future of this awesome event.

The Shebang has been a staple of the Bournemouth punk scene since its inception in 2010, can you tell us a bit about how it came to be? Sadly I lost my husband, Malcolm to cancer in 2008. My friends would not let me stay home and mope and I remember being dragged out to see Andy Nazer’s new project that was and is The C30s. I remember that loud angry music making my heart beat and actually being angry for me. It was such a relief. Shortly after Andy and his group of friends reunited for a gig in Tribute to a friend of theirs called ‘Zombie’ who I did not know. There was so much love in the room. I thought we should do something to get people together. Our friendship group within the Bournemouth Alternative Scene had gotten quite fragmented with the demise of venues like The Gander on The Green and I thought we should have an opportunity to get

together. So with the help of Andy Nazer (Self Abuse/C-30s), Dave Bimble (then GodHead, now Sporadics) and Phil Fuhrey (GodHead) I put on the first one at the Portman. Everyone was doing it for someone they remembered, for Andy and Dave it was Zombie. For me it was Malcolm. So it was dedicated to everyone touched by cancer, whether they have lost someone, or are a survivor. But it is about celebrating what we have. Bournemouth’s Alternative Scene is so friendly and nurturing. We are really lucky to have these roots in this scene which for me go back 35 years since I first followed Self Abuse when I was a teenager. I was such a fangirl I couldn’t speak to Andy until I started booking the band for the Shebang! When you did the first one did you imagine you would be still be running them 7 years later? No it was absolutely supposed to be a one off, but people loved them. It is still the one event where people are shocked to bump into folk they have not seen in over 20 years. People will come even if they left punk behind in the 80s. Macmillan is an amazing charity that has touched so many lives, do you work closely with them on these events or are you more of a lone wolf? I normally run the events myself, with a lot of help from the Alternative Community on the day. But I am supported by

Chrissie Wathen-Neal, from Macmillan Dorset, who has been with me since the beginning. She has helped me to approach venues, sorted out banners and promoted the gigs through their social media and press releases. The Shebang is more than just a punk gig. People genuinely benefit from getting together to remember their loved ones and feel they are doing something to help. Cancer makes people feel powerless and that is what I like about Macmillan as a charity. They support people during this terrible isolating illness.

“The Shebang is more than just a punk gig. People genuinely benefit from getting together to remember the ir loved ones and feel they are doing something to help. ”

7 years has probably seen a lot of bands come and go, who are your personal favourites that you’ve had on the bill? Well I remain a fan of Self Abuse. I don’t think you lose that feeling of the first band you followed and loved. I adored GodHead and Poze who brought back the glory days of the Gander on the Green. But on the whole I dont book bands I don’t like. The Lillettes absolutely rocked it this year for the girls. I think The Gutter Rats get better and better. They were so underrated on the scene, people looked stunned at Boscombe Fair when they saw them and saw how good they are, and how they got the tent jumping. The Sporadics who are headlining the event on the 13th Jan are fabulous. I also love PXR5 who are playing with their Hawkwind Tribute. Getting Nik Turner on stage with them at the BCF was quite a coup. I really respect Sarge from Metal Fatigue for what he and his gorgeous partner Vicci from Dark Side of the Mirror are trying to do for the Local Community. They prove what I have always known, that the Bournemouth Alternative Community will always come together to look after their own.


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What tempted you out of retirement for the Stomp It Out event at Chaplins this month, and is this a one off the beginning of something new? I have not been tempted out of retirement! The guys knew I had to slow down so they stepped up without even asking me! They then asked me to get involved and I was more than happy to do so as they knew I would. However this time most of this is being organised by Conrad Barr and Kim West who are stalwarts of the local community. Ross Ferrone who is a mainstay of the punk scene here and was involved in the Oxjam punk takeover is also involved and MCing. So it is a proper joint effort. Chaplins is a great venue for it too and they fully support the event. I can’t help but help out, but it is nice to have the pressure I feel of a full Shebang lifted from my shoulders. I must admit though the fact that people like The Shebang so much they are doing Shebang inspired events is really lovely and we are able to add it to the total so far raised by the Bournemouth Alternatives for Macmillan which is great. I have always wanted the Community to do their own thing and to support them. I hope that more people get together to do this. I am really tempted to do another Shebang the following year, but who knows with events like this getting all of the community involved, maybe I can slow it down a bit. Let the Community take what they find fun about the events and run with it. The Shebang has always been a community event I would be happy to pass it over to them. For a full Shebang though Andy Nazer should be in at least one band, if not 3! Its an impressive bill of bands, being led by local ska titans The Sporadics. What other bands do we absolutely need to check out and why? Well this one has been created with one thing in mind, no filler acts, they are all great all day. In addition to Shebang favourites, The Sporadics, Kicking Bambi, PXR5 and The Gutter Rats we have some new faces from out of town that I am excited to see. The Intercepteurs bringing tight jumping Ska, Bitter Self Exploitment, are some young punks with bags of attitude from Southampton.

We also have a local high energy punk band Sinful Maggie that I have yet to see but I have been meaning to check out for ages, I want to see how an accordion fits with punk. It is all really exciting. Do you know the total amount you have raised at these events? £10,640 for Macmillan Cancer Support and £288 for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Hopefully we will raise a lot this time. We have a great raffle planned and it is fantastic that the generous folk at Bestival have donated tickets as I know loads of people will be after those. What’s next for the shebang/stomp it out? I have no idea at the moment. It really is in the hands of the community if they want to do another one. Certainly there will be no Shebang this year so I am thrilled this event Stomp It Out on 13th Jan is happening and delighted to be a part of it. I do recognise the importance The Shebang has to our community, helping us to remember our friends and loved ones we have lost and to celebrate and support those fighting and beating this dreadful disease. It is hugely emotional as well as time commitment. In 2018 it is ten years since I lost my husband and I want to spend the year being a little bit selfish. But I have no doubt that The Shebang will be back in some form or other in the not too distant future. I don’t think the Alternative Community of Bournemouth will let me stop.

Shiv Ferguson Founder, The Sheban g
















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2 0 1 8

FRI 5th

Jon Cotton

SAT 6th

Dance Floor Metropolis

FRI 12th


SAT 13th


FRI 19th


SAT 20th


FRI 26th


SAT 27th

Richie Quain Trio

SUNDAY ROAST served with all the trimmings from 12-4pm with relaxing acoustic guitar music while you dine. Just ÂŁ11.95. Free parking available

For private booth or restaurant bookings call 01202 203050 1812, Exeter Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5AG.

BLACK TREE VULTURES Forming late last year Black Tree Vultures have hit the ground running with a string of gigs up and down the country. Formed by sticksman and Voodoo Vegas alumni Jonno Smyth and Aaron Hammersley, they are set to do big things in 2017 with their debut EP coming out next month. We chat to Jonno to find out what the score is. What was the inspiration for forming the Black Tree Vultures? Well me and Aaron (guitar) jammed way back in 2013 & we really loved the jams we were kicking out and the energy that came along with them, we lost touch a bit over a few years but early 2017 we hooked up again and decided to make a thing of it, hence BTV was formed! Having previously been in local legends Voodoo Vegas for a number of years, a band who have seen and done it all, has it been hard to shift back into a brand new band and start at the bottom again (so to speak)? Yes & no… I didn’t like the lack of gigs and active presence as a band but I loved starting this thing from the scratch being able to choose everything from logos to cover designs. You feel like it’s really a massive part of you and is so enjoyable to see your creative vision come together from the start!

This is a new project, but as mentioned above, you’ve all been around the block a few times. What lessons have you learnt and how are you implementing that knowledge to succeed this time around? We’ve learned a ton about the industry and we are all very conscious of our appearance & interactions with people who take an interest in what we’re doing! You also learn from your mistakes constantly even today we are still learning, I think you can never stop learning how things operate in this business. It’s all about reacting to all feedback in a positive & constructive manner. You recorded you upcoming debut EP at Basement in Wimborne, have you used these guys before and what was the experience like? Basement studios hit the right vibe with us for atmosphere, creativity & space. We all felt very relaxed and creative in the space they have down there, they also worked to our budget without compromise on quality of the product your putting out there! It is both their flexible working ethic & professional attitudes that made it a must for us! We cannot recommend them enough! Tell us about your sponsorship deal with Ahead Drumsticks /Natal Drums, and how this came to be. I have been involved with ahead drumsticks & Natal drums for around about the same length of time give or take a month or so. I hooked up with them back in 2014 when I was part of Voodoo Vegas. Their support & belief in me as

ll you to

an artist has been unreal, they were happy to endorse a project that I was involved with as they really do believe & support their artist roasters!! I’ve used Natal kits and ahead sticks for years previous to my endorsements with them, it’s just down to the high quality products they produce that drew me into them in the first place!

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I noticed you are releasing your EP digitally on a number of media outlets, do you have a favourite you would recommend and do you feel digital releases are more important now than physical media?

ere, n ur

iTunes is a pretty solid platform for us, we all dig that one! I don’t think you can call one release more important than another, I think it comes down to reach & availability which as any modern person will tell you is greater than our physic reach! Digital offers the listener instant access & the internet makes for a fantastic store you can buy almost anything! So it’s kinda like your being stocked in the busiest store in the world!... that’s what we think anyway!




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Since forming in September you have already notched up shows in Oxford, Southampton, Essex and Birmingham. Have you played with anyone out of town that we need to check out, and why? A few stand out guys are bands like Ryder’s Creed, Western Sand, Dead Mans Whiskey & Bigfoot. All due to their performance element when live, all of these guys entertain… guaranteed!

What advice would you have for someone just getting their first band together? Don’t expect the world in a day or a week, put in the legwork and don’t go out unprepared… get your live sound/set down and sort out your image too! Invest in yourself too, things like PR & music videos are important… most importantly…. Enjoy yourself because you are all together on the road so it’s important you stay having a good time, or it can affect your creativity! Whats next for Black Tree Vultures? We are working on new material for a follow up record to our Debut EP. We are also working on getting out there to show the world what we do live, pushing into Europe is pretty strongly on the agenda and crafting our live set to be better & grow with us as a band! We are also shooting a music video due for release early 2018… lips are sealed at the moment though, We hope you will be at a show sometime soon!

Catch Black Tree Vultures LIVE FEB 17 The Brook, Southampton EP LAUCH / MAR 17 The Wheatsheaf Oxford JUN 8 Crumlin, South Wales And more TBC keep an eye on their official Facebook page

PREVIEWS Me, Myself and I


As part of one of the most iconic and influential hip-hops of all time, Canvas welcome DJ Maseo, part of the heavyweight trio De La Soul Vincent Lamont Mason Jr. is a rapper, producer, DJ, and behind some of the biggest Hip-Hop tracks of all time. Mason is also known as Maseo, P.A. Pasemaster Mase and Plug Three.

5TH JAN | CANVAS, BOURNEMOUTH The only band given Lemmy’s endorsement

‘Ace of Spades’ are the original, the best and the only band to be given Lemmy’s personal endorsement and blessings to play his songs back in 1999. Alan ‘Boomer’ Davey is the only bassist Lemmy ever credited as a fellow ‘Bass Assassin’ on Motorhead’s Orgasmatron album. Alan Davey ex Hawkwind bassist for 20 years and a close friend of Lemmy who took Alan under his wing in the 80’s and taught him his style and sound secrets. He is immigrating to California in Feb 2018 so this is a farewell tour for Ace of Spades band after hundreds of requests to do so .



12TH JAN | MR KYPS An exploration in sound

Formed in December 2012, these Weymouth metallers feature members who have played in different groups previously covering genres such as Psychedelic Rock, Stoner/Sludge and Death Metal. Fissure Of Riddles proudly combines all of these, utilizing an eerie wall of noise effect with sufficiently heavy riffs pounding their way through underneath.

20TH JAN | FINNS WEYMOUTH One of the hottest and most popular artists of the 80s

Frontman of teenpop sensations Haircut 100, Nick went on to amass more hit singles as a solo artist in his own right when Haircut split up. In 1985, Nick told Smash Hits that “I want to make the kind of LP you can wrap up and give to someone as a present. No duff tracks at all, just 12 shining wonderful singles, I suppose.” In 2017, with Woodland Echoes, he has achieved his goal.


22ND JAN | THE EXCHANGE, STURMINSTER NEWTON CAPTAIN ACCIDENT fantastic combination of Dub, Reggae, Ska & Soul “It’s safe to say that if sweet soulful reggae, with a blend of rocksteady and ska is your chosen poison then Captain Accident will be providing succour through the summer months and beyond.” Phil Newell - Louder Than war




1 Jan 2018 Lord Nelson, Poole : Vintage Dogs 2 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Kez Hinton 4 Jan 2018 - Langton Matravers Village Hall, Swanage : Purbeck Folk Club:Featuring: Rick Foot + Support 4 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : An Evening Of Country Music; Hosted by Ben Rose 4 Jan 2018- The Duke Of Cornwall, Weymouth : John De Barra 5 Jan 2018 - The Exchange, Sturminster Newton : The Bowie Experience (David Bowie Tribute) 5 Jan 2018 - Sound Circus, : Proper Roach (Papa Roach Tribute) 5 Jan 2018-Lord Nelson, Poole : The Seventynine 5 Jan 2018- Smuggler’s Run, Parkstone, Poole : Freestyle day’s: Featuring: Jawbone + Galaxy Thief + One Word 6 Jan 2018 - Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : The Upbeat Beatles 6 Jan 2018 - Anvil, Bournemouth : Junior+ All Ears Avow 6 Jan 2018 - Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth : Totally Tina 6 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Miss Ruby’s Roadhouse Blues Band 7 Jan 2018 - Lord Nelson, Poole : Ogri & The Cafe Racers 7 Jan 2018 - Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Ian Ellis and ends 10 Jan 2018-Lord Nelson, Poole : Tim Somerfield(Afro Ninja) 11 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar : Dan O’Farrell 12 Jan 2018 - Sound Circus, Bournemouth : Inferior Complex+ Three Fingers + Le Snags + Skaema + Stocks n Skins 12 Jan 2018 - Mr Kyps, Poole : Ace of Spades (Motorhead Tribute) 12 Jan 2018-Lord Nelson, Poole : Loose Connections 12 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Cute Roots 13 Jan 2018 - Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : The Sporadics + Meat Sweats + C30’s + The Intercepteurs + Kicking Bambi + Bitter Self Exploitment + Gutter Rats + Sinful Maggie 13 Jan 2018-Lord Nelson, Poole : Beyond Redemption 14 Jan 2018 - Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : The Fox & The Owl 14 Jan 2018 - Lord Nelson, Poole : Jools Blues Allstars 14 Jan 2018-Lord Nelson, Poole : Angus Simpson

20 Jan 2018 - Tivoli Theatre, : Lee Memphis King (Elvis Tribute) 20 Jan 2018 - Finns (Weymouth), : Fissure of Riddles+ Embodiment + Terran Spacers + We Come From Ashes 20 Jan 2018 - Weymouth Pavillion, : A Beautiful Noise 20 Jan 2018 - Octagon Theatre, Yeovil : Elkie Brooks 20 Jan 2018 - Mr Kyps, Poole : The Volatile Agents 20 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, : Selby and the Dharma Blitz 20 Jan 2018- The Belvedere Inn, Weymouth : Andy Twyman 21 Jan 2018 - Lord Nelson, Poole : Mojo 21 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Musique a Trois 22 Jan 2018 - Exchange, Sturminster Newton : Nick Heyward 22 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, : Conrad Bar’s Solid Air 24 Jan 2018-Lord Nelson, Poole : Darren Hodson 25 Jan 2018 - Bridport Arts Centre : Christine Tobin Pelt 26 Jan 2018 - Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth : Abba Forever 26 Jan 2018 - Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth : Musique a Trois 26 Jan 2018 - Mr Kyps, Poole : Beatles with Wings (Featuring Howie Casey) 26 Jan 2018 - Drovers Inn, Wimborne : Live Music Showcase: Hosted by Dave Griffiths 26 Jan 2018 - Sound Circus, Bournemouth : Altered Bridge (Alter Bridge Tribute)+ Regional One + Krooked Nation 26 Jan 2018-Lord Nelson, Poole : Phoenix 27 Jan 2018 - Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Showaddywaddy 27 Jan 2018 - Mr Kyps, Poole : Bon Giovi + Saints of Sin 27 Jan 2018-Canford Heath Community Centre, Poole : Slippery When Wet 27 Jan 2018-Lord Nelson, Poole : PV Permanent Vacation 27 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, : The Rolling Drunks 27 Jan 2018- Kinson Conservative Club, : The Defectors 28 Jan 2018-Lord Nelson, Poole : Icarus 28 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : The FB Pocket Orchestra 30 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Elijah Wolf

17 Jan 2018-Lord Nelson, Poole : Stan’s Blues Jam 19 Jan 2018 - The Exchange, Sturminster Newton : The Searchers 19 Jan 2018 - Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Whitney Houston Tribute 19 Jan 2018 - Dorchester Corn Exchange, Dorchester : The Surfin’ Birds+ The Hawkmen + Amy Brown 19 Jan 2018 - Mr Kyps, Poole : Oasiss UK (Oasis Tribute) 19 Jan 2018 - Sound Circus, Bournemouth : Plastic Jeezus+ Ayriss 19 Jan 2018-Lord Nelson, Poole : Rat Salad- Black Sabbath Tribute 19 Jan 2018- Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, : Thin Wire Fence+ The Prosaics 20 Jan 2018 - Smuggler’s Run, Parkstone, Poole : The Jimmy Hillbillies + The Darwins + Sufin’ Dave+ Mark Carter + Mark from the Dark Side



Gigs of the Month 5th Jan: Lord Nelson, Poole: The Seventynine ROCK REGENERATION TURNS 8 YEARS OLD The Rock Regeneration website started back in 2010 and was started by myself and my best buddy Jon Musselwhite. It was not really planned as at the time I was writing for Dorset Rock Online with Dan Renton who decided to call it a day after starting a family. It was suggested that I take over and Jon as a computer geek said he could make it all possible. The plan was to support local music and help Bands/Artists get exposure through reviews and putting on gigs.

promoters and bands/artists, on behalf of all of us I would like to thank you all for your amazing support. We have some great loyal people behind the website Ross Ferrone, Dan O’Gara, George Fullerton, John Cherry and Vikki Richmond. They all put in huge amounts of efforts to bring you regular local coverage. We are always on the lookout for new reviewers, all we ask is that you are passionate about the local music scene. In 2018 we aim to continue to provide one of the largest gig guide in the area, a massive list of local festivals covering three counties, music venue listings, music shops/services section as well as live gig and music reviews.

The website is self-funded and has no income with all the adverts appearing on the website If you would like to join us for free. At the time I could not or be included in any of our imagine that it would be still listings please e-mail me here: running in 2018. chinners@rock-regeneration. We have had massive Have a look at support our site here: from all www.rockthe local regeneration. venues,

The Rock Regeneratio n Team

Chinners recommends

Terran Spacers- Glitch in Reality EP Saints of Sin- Welcome To the Circus


5th Jan: Smuggler’s Run, Parkstone, Poole: Freestyle Friday’s: Featuring: Jawbone + Galaxy Thief + One Word 6th Jan: Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe: Miss Ruby’s Roadhouse Blues Band 10th Jan: Lord Nelson, Poole: Tim Somerfield(Afro Ninja) 11th Jan: Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe: Dan O’Farrell & the Difference Engine 12th Jan: Sound Circus, Bournemouth: Inferior Complex+ Three Fingers + Le Snags + Skaema + Stocks n Skins 19th Jan: Dorchester Corn Exchange, Dorchester: The Surfin’ Birds + The Hawkmen + Amy Brown 19th Jan: Sound Circus, Bournemouth: Plastic Jeezus + Ayriss 22nd Jan: The Exchange, Sturminster Newton: Nick Heyward + Support 26th Jan: Mr Kyps, Poole: Beatles with Wings (Featuring Howie Casey) 27th Jan: Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe: The Rolling Drunks 27th Jan: Mr Kyps, Poole: Bon Giovi (Bon Jovi Tribute) + Saints of Sin

Editors Note In the last 13 years working in the local music scene, i’ve not come across a more dedicated individual nor champion for local artists than Chinners. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him and the RR team for their ongoing support of the local music scene and also their excellent monthly contributions to Dorset Music - Bert Burnell

If you would like to find out more about the gigs and artists mentioned in my blog please go to If you would like your band or gig featured here or on the Rock Regeneration website contact me: Each Wednesday listen to local music show “Livewire Live” between 7-9pm on 90.1 Hope FM or listen online via the TuneIn app


Rock Regeneration


River Studios – the largest professional recording studio south of London.

• Experienced, friendly producers and engineers. • Perfect for recording vocals over tracks or developing original songs. • Help with songwriting available from experienced songwriters. • The South’s top vocal coaches on site. • Large, air conditioned control room and dedicated vocal booths and live rooms. • Extensive high end equipment and software to rival London Studios. • Clients include Birdy, Artful and Charley Macaulay.

Check out for audio and more... Give us a call or email for prices and booking:

02380 658373 32 Winsor Road, Totton, Southampton SO40 9HQ

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14/08/2013 8:15 pm

Jan Gigs 18 copy.pdf






5 Friday January ‘18 th

















W I T H S U P P O RT F R O M B O U R N E M O U T H ’ S B A A FA N A £ 8 E A R LY B I R D S & M E M B E R S . £ 1 0 S TA N D A R D

F R I D A Y 2 ND F E B R U A R Y

F R I D A Y 2 3 RD F E B R U A R Y

Tickets are available now from 45 Poole Hill, Bournemouth, BH2 5PW


Dorset Music mag jan 2018  
Dorset Music mag jan 2018  

Once again the year comes to a grinding halt and focus turns to the next twelve months. In the ever changing world around us, one thing you...