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vip THIS MONTH’S FREE CD yourtrack -bytrackuide to g clap’s soulrther ‘fu tures’ n advemix

SOUL CLAP Alex Gopher, Pillow Talk, Lucky Paul: house and disco names new and old all bubble in the mix on your insanely fine free CD this month. But we’re going to let Soul Clap do the talking. “This mix is the perfect way to get The Clap! It’s our usual recipe: a combination of new and exclusive music from us and our extended Wolf + Lamb family, plus some classic jams we can never get enough of. This one also features a bunch of upcoming new voices turning out some seriously groundbreaking new music for your listening pleasure.”

02 Bob Sinclar Get Into The Music “Helped define the nudisco genre for us way before it even existed” 03 Soul Clap Feat Roldy Cezaire Let It Go “One from our upcoming album. Features a new Boston-based talent” 04 MAM Crushed Ice “Picking up where Trax On Da Rocks left off, MAM is the rebirth of French Touch” 05 Voices Of Black Atom Bomb w/ Lonely C & Baby Prince I Wanna Squeeze You (DS Megamix) “The catchiest yet from the W+L young guns meets

Gadi’s hip hop opus. The sky’s the limit, baby!” 06 Pillow Talk Weekend Girl “One of best r’n’b tracks we’ve heard in a long time” 07Alex Gopher Quiet Storm “No better way to bring it down. No kick-drum needed!” 08 Greg Paulus (of No Regular Play) Light Years “Brooklyn’s unsung hero; the trumpet and voice of No Regular Play” 09 Double Hill & Jerome C This Pain “This is perfect in the mix” 10 Mack Winston & The Reflections One You Want (CCC remix) “Such a great remix” 11 Charli XCX Nuclear Seasons

(Night Plane remix) “Another great remix from the leaders of floaty indie meets house” 12 Lucky Paul Thought We Were Alone (Gadi Mizrahi & Eli Gold’s Money vs Gold remix) “Some of their best work, but totally slept on”

[[1L]] February 2012

hand movements while DJing as if controlling the music with your hands. As seen at Laidback Luke sets. Womble n. A DJ who has carved out a career working in both the underground and overground, ie Goldie Charmageddon n. The ability to win over a huge crowd just by appearing

Virtua Tennis 4 (Vita) VT4 takes full advantage of Sony’s new portable, packing its sizable screen with graphics you’d expect from a regular console. You can play as all the biggest stars in the greatest championships, alongside awesome mini games like serving into giant ten-pins to improve your technique and twoplayer ‘pong’ games on the same machine. There are classic black and white 1920s matches, neo-future courts and a stunning first person match app that uses the Vita’s motion-sensing gyros to not only move your player, but give you a full-range viewpoint inside the player’s head. phil dudman


lunchtime clubbing

Lunch breaks

13 Nick Monaco Set The Table “A young producer from San Francisco. When we played this it was mayhem. Now he’s signed to Dirtybird!” 14 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Garden (Soul Clap’s Like It’s ’97 remix) “Combines our disco-house and garage influences from the late 90s. Word” 15 George Morel Bouncing Sax “Pretty much our dancefloor jam of the year, and it came out 15 years ago!”

dancefloor dictionary Jäger-bong n. a student-baiting smoking/drinking device that has without doubt been created for more than just the fact that it’s a good pun “Who closed your record shop?” Expr. Said to someone looking sad or despondent – to replace “Who died?” Gest-mix-ulate v. To make dramatic

Ridge Racer Unbounded This is a true thrill-fest that speeds the Ridge Racer franchise in a new direction. Flipping the script on conventional arcade racers, it mixes fuel-injected adrenaline with totally destructible environments as you perfect your aggressive racing technique in dozens of souped-up street machines. It features short-cuts galore, and gameplay physics that will have you lurching for cover as your foes literally rip up the road in front of you, plus exceptional graphics which incorporate your score and positional info within the environment itself. pd 

in a DJ booth. “The night was pretty shit ’til Coxy took to the box. That grin of his made everything better. It was real charmageddon” Discombobulate 1. To be confused. 2. To imply (when said slowly) that someone has turned up late at the club. “Disco, bob? You late!”

Sweden’s latest lunchtime party craze is a lesson in guilt-free clubbing. Biscuit, anyone?

iew prev Binary Domain It’s AI gone wrong again with this gripping new release from SEGA. Set in Tokyo 2080, the robot age has begun and it’s up to you and your team to fight for humanity. Picking the right squad and strategic decisionmaking will prove decisive as you drive, slide and blast your way through relentless armies of intelligent machines, epic environments and bosses resembling giant insect-like walking tanks, transforming mega-bots and millions of brilliantly animated, Terminator-style drones who will claw their way towards you even when you’ve blown their legs off. phil dudman

Crush3d A gem of a puzzler, Crush3d brilliantly reworks the original PSP title for the 3DS as you guide an insomniac character called Danny through his friend Doc’s C.R.U.S.H. machine, allowing him to explore his dreams and fears. Yet when the machine traps Danny inside his own subconscious it’s up to you to guide him out of each map by altering the viewing angles and switching from 3D to 2D at the touch of a button, ‘crushing’ the level flat into a 2D platform format and back again to navigate to the exit. Utterly unique and totally mind-boggling. phil dudman


words: gordon stribling photo: johan larsson

01 Aquarius Heaven Keep On “Everyone knows ‘Can’t Buy Love’, but ‘Keep On’ is the sleeper on this dark EP”

console games

n A pioneering promoter has created an alternative lunch break option; one that can satisfy your belly-hunger and love of partying at the same time. It’s called Lunch Beat. “Working and dancing are two of my biggest passions,” says Molly Ränge, the enthusiastic concept developer behind Sweden’s new lunchtime party trend. “But there’s often a conflict between the two activities. The great thing about Lunch Beat is that it enables people to get their party fix without worrying about it affecting their work performance.” Lunch Beat gives Sweden’s workers a 60-minute burst of partying right in the middle of the week. The concept has captured the nation’s imagination, snowballing from a group of 14 friends in a Stockholm garage 18 months ago to gatherings of hundreds of people every month all over Sweden. And it’s developed a following well beyond the usual clubbing crowd. “We attract a mixture of people, from

web consultants and municipality workers to bankers and government administrators,” Molly says. “And there are rumours of people planning events as far away as India and Columbia! “A typical Lunch Beat experience goes something like this,” she explains. “You stand in line for four minutes, drop your coat off, grab a sandwich and head straight for the dancefloor. That gives you around 55 minutes of dancing time.” Unlike flash mobs and other wacky public performances, there’s no room for cooler-than-thou spectators. The Lunch Beat Manifesto clearly states: “If it’s your first, second, third or forth Lunch Beat, you have to dance.” At less than a tenner all in, it would be rude not to oblige. It’s certainly the best excuse to escape from the office we’ve ever heard. Gordon Stribling Inspired? If you want to set up a lunch time club Mixmag wants to hear from you, if for no other reason than so we can come and have a dance!

Games Reviews February 2012  

Console game reviews and previews. One hundred words each, and a little wit where it's needed...

Games Reviews February 2012  

Console game reviews and previews. One hundred words each, and a little wit where it's needed...