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The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is grateful for your generous support and is committed to being good stewards of your gifts. It is our goal to use as much of every dollar contributed as possible to support the growing number of the Fraternity’s Men of Character Programs and leadership opportunities. Accordingly, to minimize rising print and mailing costs, we are again publishing this year’s Annual Report in a cost-effective combination of print and electronic media.




It is an honor to share with you the 2012 Annual Report: The Torch. Last year was full of accomplishments from our undergraduates, alumni, Fraternity and Foundation. This past year the organization launched a new branding initiative, which included a revised torch logo for the Foundation. Throughout the year, the Foundation strategically reviewed all communications and in essence rebranded all Foundation news under the name of The Torch. We encourage you to stay connected with the Foundation through reading The Torch in its many media: the monthly e-newsletter, a subsection of The Laurel and the Annual Report. It is important to stay connected, not simply for the sake of knowledge, but to learn about exciting undergraduate news, alumni successes and new Foundation initiatives. On behalf of the Foundation Board of Trustees and staff, we thank all brothers, parents, companies and phriends who continue to support the mission and vision of Phi Kappa Tau. You are truly passing the torch to the next generation of leaders. Warmest fraternal regards,

David A. Ruckman, Ohio State ’62 Chairman, Phi Kappa Tau Foundation WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG



THE MISSION OF PHI KAPPA TAU IS TO CHAMPION A LIFELONG COMMITMENT TO BROTHERHOOD, LEARNING, ETHICAL LEADERSHIP AND EXEMPLARY CHARACTER. LEADERS OF TOMORROW True leadership is needed at every level of today’s society, from the Little League baseball fields to the halls of Congress. Phi Kappa Tau has a responsibility to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow are prepared with the life skills needed to tackle the challenges of tomorrow—big and small. A select group of undergraduate men have made their choice to associate with the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. These young brothers made this choice for many of the same reasons you did—friendship, scholarship and leadership. We need leaders that are true men of character, and Phi Kappa Tau is prepared to provide our young brothers with the training and experiences that only the best Fraternity can offer. For this to happen, these young men need you to make another choice for Phi Kappa Tau—to help the Foundation prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

PURPOSE OF THE FOUNDATION The purpose of the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is to ensure the philanthropic support necessary to sustain high levels of educational programming by fostering a lifelong relationship and commitment to the Fraternity’s ideals. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization as defined by the IRS; gifts are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.




The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity, was incorporated in 1945. Working with the Foundation staff in Oxford, the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation Board of Trustees is composed of an outstanding team of business executives and community leaders.

CHAIRMAN C David A Ruckman, Ohio State ’62 Retired Stockbroker, Merrill Lynch Securities

FFIRST VICE CHAIRMAN Scott G Stewart, Nebraska-Kearney ’69 President, Nebraska Printing Center

SECOND VICE CHAIRMAN S Will S Fisher Jr, Miami ’80 Partner, Olcott Consulting Group, Inc. and Director, ORION Investment Advisors, LLC

SECRETARY S James S Hamilton, Ohio State ’63 Retired Senior Vice President, Federated Securities Corporation

TTREASURER Brian T Hardy, Westminster ’93 Partner, Medwiq & Co.

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER* C C Steven Hartman, Muskingum ’89 Chief Executive Officer, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and Foundation

TTRUSTEE Steve W Chaddick, Georgia Tech ’70 Managing Partner, Ridgewood Advisors, LLC

TTRUSTEE John M Green, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Retired Executive Director, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and Foundation

TTRUSTEE Reza Hashampour, Georgetown ’82 Chairman and CEO, Polaris Asset Corporation

TTRUSTEE Gregory M Heilmeier, Bethany ’86 Owner, Tasty Pure Food Co. WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

TRUSTEE Thomas A Jeswald, Ohio ’63 Retired Vice President of Human Resources, Planning and Development, PNC Financial Services Group

TRUSTEE Rick A Keltner, Sacramento State ’76 Realtor, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation

TRUSTEE Richard F Michael, Michigan Tech ’70 Owner, Richard Michael State Farm Insurance Agency

TRUSTEE Stephan M Nelson, Southern Mississippi ’73 Owner, S.M.N. Properties Inc.

TRUSTEE Jeffrey L Rivard, Central Michigan ’65 Executive Director, Western Pennsylvania Golf Association

TRUSTEE Ross E Roeder, Michigan State ’58 Chairman of the Board, Chico’s and Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, FSWM, Inc

TRUSTEE Brent W Vickery, Texas-Austin ’81 Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Commercial Insurance Group LLC *Ex-officio, non-voting

FOUNDATION STAFF Chief Executive Officer C Steven Hartman, Muskingum ’89

Administrative Assistant Angie Van Winkle

Director of Development Tyler C Wash, Georgetown ’06

Executive Assistant Cindy Morgan

Development Coordinator Julia McMurray



R E V E N U E - P RO D U C I N G A S S E T S

The BOLES TRUST was established through the estate of Phi Kappa Tau Honorary Founder Ewing T Boles, Centre ’14. Brother Boles set up the original Phi Kappa Tau Educational Foundation in 1945 in Columbus, Ohio, and in 1985 donated the largest gift ever given to a fraternity foundation at that time, a matching gift of $1 million for the Decision for Phi Kappa Tau Campaign. In his estate plan, he left the Foundation another gift of $3 million in a trust. His son, E Thomas Boles, William & Mary ’39, a pediatric surgeon, has also been a loyal donor to the Foundation. The GENERAL ENDOWMENT FUND was established through gifts from donors who prefer to have their donations pooled with others to be used for the long-term health of the organization and its programs. The Foundation Board of Trustees has oversight over these funds and their utilization. RESTRICTED/CHAPTER FUNDS are those gifts that a donor can either designate for the long term RUVKRUWWHUP7KHVHJLIWVDUHGHVLJQDWHGIRUDVSHFLÀF purpose, program, chapter or other educational pursuit that is related to the Fraternity. Examples of these funds are Chapter Educational Grants, Named Scholarships and Leadership Endowments. The ELFERS/OMEGA SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established through a bequest by Paul A Elfers, Wisconsin-Madison ’24. The Elfers Fund has grown to $700,000 and supports six Phi Kappa Tau undergraduate scholarships per year.

Boles Trust


$1.9M Restricted/ Chapter Funds

Elfers/Omega Elf /O O







General Endowment


Proceeds from these funds are applied each year to support VSHFLÀF SURJUDPV 7KH 3KL Kappa Tau Foundation Board of Trustees has established a VSHQGLQJ SROLF\ WKDW DOORZV RQO\  SHUFHQW RI DQ\ HQGRZHG IXQG to be used annually for operations SURJUDPPDWLFVXSSRUW 



$18K Total Assets = $10.1M Total Support = $768K

Operating Income $170K WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

The learning and training programs supported by the Foundation are essential to the continued development of the members. I tell people that someone cared enough about you to donate while you were an undergraduate and now it is your turn to pass that caring onto the next group of Phi Taus. - Michael French, Kent State ’88

Total Asset Comparison


2010 - $9,520,000


$386,000 $2,530,000


The Boles Trust underwrites DVLJQLÀFDQWSRUWLRQRIWKH programming that is provided by the Fraternity to chapters and brothers, including chapter services, Leadership Academy, Presidents Academy, Building Men of Character Retreats, UIFI sponsorships and Regional Conferences. In 2012, the Boles Trust contributed $241,156 to programming.

$1,210,000 $1,250,000

2011 - $10,548,000


$230,000 $2,990,000

$4,580,000 $1,151,000

In 2012, the General Endowment contributed $70,000 to programming and scholarships.


2012 - $10 $10,100,000 100 000


In 2012, Restricted/Chapter Funds generated $291,000 in support back to students, chapters and the SeriousFun Children’s Network.

$230,000 $1,900,000

$4,380,000 $1,100,000 $2,440,000

In 2012, The Elfers/Omega Fund distributed $21,000 in scholarships.

„ „ „ „ „ „

Supports general Phi Kappa Tau administrative and event planning


= Presidents Academy

General Endowment* Cash and Pledges Receivable Real Estate—5221 Morning Sun Road Named Scholarships & CEGs* Boles Trust Other *Paul A Elfers Scholarship Fund moved to Named Scholarship & CEGs in 2012

Phi Kappa Tau Foundation

Statement of Functional Expenses For Years Ending June 30 Grants & Scholarships

Management & General

Fundraising & Membership Development


= Building Men of Character Retreats

Alumni Relations & The Laurel

2010 $511,462





= Regional Conferences

2011 $388,637





2012 $375,211





= Leadership Academy

= Scholarships = Programs


= Housing



At the absolute core of the Foundation is a long tradition of alumni, parents and phriends stepping forward to advance Phi Kappa Tau, ensuring the quality of the experience remains high for members in years to come.

BROTHERHOOD FUND The Brotherhood Fund, formally the Annual Fund, is unrestricted and limitless in its ability to help every member and enhance the Phi Kappa Tau experience. These unrestricted dollars directly support the general budget for all Men of Character Programs, the general scholarship fund, administrative expenses, chapter development programming, the Fraternity website, alumni programming and expansion. It is the Foundation’s top priority to provide direct and immediate support to the programs and chapters most in need.

CHAPTER LEVEL GIVING Chapter Educational Grant Funds are accounts within the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation. They are set up to receive gifts and restrict them for specific chapters’ educational benefit. The money can’t be used for any other chapter or for the Fraternity’s general endowment. The local Board of Governors determines how the funds are utilized on the chapter’s behalf.

GOLD GIVING Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) make up approximately 10 percent of living Phi Kappa Tau alumni. This segment of alumni wish to support the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation but do not yet have the means because they are still in the early stages of their careers and starting a family. To provide recent graduates with avenues to donate, the Foundation seeks to offer GOLD alumni the opportunity to become members of the GOLD level of the Ewing T Boles Society. A GOLD alumnus can be a society member for $100 multiplied by the number of years since graduation. 8



UNDERGRADUATE GIVING The Brothers Trust is a group of Phi Kappa Tau undergraduates who have decided to expand their support of their Fraternity by making a financial contribution to the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation. Through their participation in the Brothers Trust, these undergraduates join their alumni counterparts in supporting Phi Kappa Tau by establishing an early and commendable pattern of giving that will help Phi Kappa Tau today and for generations to come.

BUILDING HISTORY INITIATIVE You can sponsor specific areas within the Ewing T Boles Executive Offices and the Centennial Gardens, sponsor a bronze chapter shield on the Wall of Chapters and/or purchase a personalized brick, which will be placed in the Centennial Gardens.

MEMORIAL AND HONORARY INITIATIVE A memorial gift allows you to pay tribute to a departed member, friend, parent or son, while an honorary gift allows you to commemorate special people by making a gift in their name.

MEN OF CHARACTER PROGRAMS SPONSORSHIPS You can provide a sponsorship for an undergraduate brother to attend Leadership Academy, Presidents Academy or any of Phi Kappa Tau’s Men of Character Programs.

SERIOUSFUN STIPEND INITIATIVE Phi Kappa Tau is proud of its affiliation with SeriousFun Children’s Network, established by the late Paul Newman, Ohio ’43. You can provide an undergraduate brother the opportunity to volunteer at a camp by donating a travel stipend.

To learn more visit:




The Phi Kappa Tau Men of Character Programs, such as Leadership Academy, Presidents Academy, Regional Conferences, Building Men of Character Retreats and Volunteer Development Institute, form a greater and deeper understanding of Phi Kappa Tau values in order to build and sustain outstanding chapters to help individual brothers grow as leaders. These programs are intended to enrich all members’ collegiate experience, and create strong bonds of brotherhood within chapters and across generations and geographies.


Total number of members involved in Foundation-sponsored Men of Character Programs since 2001.


1264 2012

478 2008


667 2007


461 2006


673 2005


443 2004


466 2003


165 2002


The following endowed fellowships generate income that supports Leadership Academy in perpetuity:






400 300

John M Green, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Todd E Napier, Evansville ’83

200 100 0


Presidents Academy graduates


Regional Conferences participants

I had a great experience at Presidents Academy. Tampa, Fla., was gorgeous and a perfect place to host a program. It was truly an honor to be surrounded by the other young leaders of our Fraternity. I picked up so many innovative ideas to motivate my men and make my colony better. - Brendon Vickery, Texas-Austin ’12 10



Leadership Academy graduates


Total number of undergraduates attending a Men of Character Program



Th Ph The Phi K Kappa Tau F Foundation d supports the h F Fraternity’s Men of Character Programs with general and specific gifts that donors allocate for certain programs. These program sponsorships are given by members and phriends who understand the importance of leadership development. A sponsorship to a Men of Character Program allows the young brothers to attend these programs at minimal cost to themselves or their chapter.

Through a variety of programs and fraternity experiences, we build upon our young leaders’ enthusiasm to help them grow lifelong skills and friendships. The Men of Character Programs Phi Kappa Tau provides its members are intended to enrich each undergraduate’s college experience, create strong chapters and build brotherhood across generations. If you would like to get involved or learn more about these Men of Character Programs, contact

2012 2 012 MEN MEN OF OF CHARACTER CHARACTER PROGRAMS SPONSORS Lisa A Adams LA Kenneth B Amann, Georgia Tech ’64 LA Sean M Anderson, Florida State ’96 LA Kevin J Boatright, Nebraska Wesleyan ’71 LA Gardner Davison Burton, Arkansas ’89 LA Children’s Heart Foundation SF John R Curran, Southern California ’59 LA John H Cuturilo, North Carolina State’73 LA Daniel M Dauer, Old Dominion ’67 LA George C Davis Jr, Delaware ’47 LA S Cordell Dombrowski, Ole Miss ’68 BMC O’Neil B Feltman, Auburn ’59 LA Wesley R Fugate, Centre ’99 LA GE Foundation LA Roger W Gilbert, UC Berkeley ’50 LA John C Gray, Oklahoma State ’04 SF James S Hamilton, Ohio State ’63 LA Reza Hashampour, Georgetown ’82 LA Gregory M Heilmeier, Bethany ’86 BMC John D Hora, Indiana ’52 LA LA PA RC BMC VDI SF


Eric A Hummell, Kent State ’82 LA Rick A Keltner, Sacramento State ’76 BMC Stephen M Kiene, Kentucky ’04 LA Garry A Klingbergs, Cleveland State ’82 LA, PA Robert Leatherman, Akron ’60 LA, BMC William C Macak, Florida State ’73 PA Richard F Michael, Michigan Tech ’70 SF Frederick E Mills, Ohio State ’66 BMC Todd E Napier, Evansville ’83 LA Matthew Parker, Evansville ’93 SF Thomas G Preston, Delaware ’64 SF Edward M Rauen, Cincinnati ’98 LA Vincente P Sandy, Ohio ’02 LA Edgar E Sego, Florida ’61 BMC Allyn R Shaw, Michigan State ’85 LA Scott G Stewart, Nebraska-Kearney ’69 LA Robert M Watts, Auburn ’62 LA W Byars Wells, Transylvania ’98 LA Richard Wilson, Indiana ’81 LA Nicholas F Zappitelli, Florida State ’03 LA

Leadership Academy Sponsorship Presidents Academy Sponsorship Regional Conferences Sponsorship Building Men of Character Retreat Sponsorship Volunteer Development Institute Sponsorship SeriousFun Stipend



The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation provides 19 scholarships, totaling $30,000 to students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. Scholarship recipients are carefully chosen based upon their academic success, commitment to Phi Kappa Tau’s ideals, and service to their campus, community and Fraternity. APPLY FOR A FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP For more information about Foundation scholarships, visit Scholarship forms and details are available on the website. The yearly deadline for submission is April 1.

FUND A SCHOLARSHIP Financial assistance is in high demand. The Foundation’s long-term goal is to increase the number of scholarships in order to better serve Phi Kappa Tau members. If you are interested in funding a scholarship, contact Director of Development Tyler Wash, Georgetown ’06, at or (800) PKT-1906 x271.

It really is an impressive group across the board in terms of excellence. They are excelling in the classroom, excelling outside the classroom, participating in a myriad of community service initiatives and providing leadership to their chapters and colonies.

- Rick Harrison, Ohio ’79 Scholarship Selection Committee Chairman 12


PAUL A ELFERS OMEGA SCHOLARSHIPS Steven Anderson, Nebraska Wesleyan’12 Phil Frandina, RIT ’08 Ravi Mehta, Georgia ’11 Evan Ernst, Florida State ’09 Ryan Stover, Baldwin Wallace ’10 John Ryniawec, Westminster ’10

FOUNDATION NAMED SCHOLARSHIPS J OLIVER AMOS Scott Layden, Indiana U of Pennsylvania ’98 JACK L ANSON Fredilito Tugas, Old Dominion ’11 REA A AND LELA AXLINE Kevin McNicholas, Rutgers ’12 EWING T BOLES Stephen Riddle, Louisville ’10 E THOMAS BOLES JR, M.D. Luke Nantz, Case Western ’09 THOMAS C CUNNINGHAM* Ray Sophie, Southern Illinois ’08 PAUL A ELFERS Eric Lindberg, Georgia ’11 GREGORY D HOLLEN* Matthew Figliotti, RIT ’10 J FRANKLIN S MCMULLAN Daniel Eisenberg, West Virginia Tech ’11 HAROLD H SHORT Joseph Menousek, Nebraska ’12 ERNEST H VOLWILER Jack Ly, Southern Mississippi ’10 PARENTS FUND SCHOLARSHIPS Jeff Steller, Kentucky ’06 Jonathan Moberly, Indiana ’09 *Endowed WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

Phi Kappa Tau is proud of its affiliation with SeriousFun Children’s Network, established by the late Paul Newman, Ohio ’43. Camps across the country and around the world are special places designed to provide a healthy dose of laughter and enjoyment for children with serious illnesses. Phi Kappa Tau brothers travel to SeriousFun camps throughout the country and overseas to serve as positive male role models. Hundreds of men volunteer as cabin counselors, activity specialists, unit leaders, and other camp staff during a week or summer. The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation provides up to $300 in travel stipends to any undergraduate who volunteers at a camp.

SERIOUSFUN STIPEND RECIPIENTS Thomas P Baxley, RIT ’10 Eric A Bellin, Cornell ’11 Zane Buckey, Southern Illinois ’11 Austin T Christie, Louisville ’12 Manuel A Davila-Molina, Cornell ’09 Scott DeMunck, Bradley ’08 Eric Duckworth, Southern Mississippi ’10 Karl Duesterhaus, Truman State ’09 Evan Ernst, Florida State ’09 Zack W Ernst, Florida State ’11 Guillermo J Flores, Southern Illinois ’08 Alec M Gialamas, Bradley ’09 Gordon Glover, Old Dominion ’10 Alexander Halverson, Florida State ’11 Doug Handscombe, Florida State ’11 Grant Harmon, Bradley ’09 Ken Johnson, Georgia ’11 Alex P Kapustka, Bradley ’10 Clayton M Keiser, Murray State ’10 Christopher M Keith, Evansville ’11 William Knight, Florida State ’11 Nicholas Krol, Bradley ’11 Daniel Londono, Cornell ’10 Theodore M Loveland, Bradley ’10 Jack T Ly, Southern Mississippi ’10 Kyle B Maccracken, Bradley ’09 Benjamin M Majkszak, Cornell ’12 Collin M McKenzie, Louisville ’10 Grant W McKenzie, Louisville ’12 Trent P Myers, Florida State ’08 Daniel Nissan, College of New Jersey ’12 Michael L Owens, Ohio ’11 Derek E Paxson, Cornell ’11 JJoshua Perkey, y Southern Illinois ’11 y,

Giuseppe Perricone, Southern Illinois ’10 Stephen C Riddle, Louisville ’10 Brian H Robb, Case Western ’10 Mark Rubelowsky, Southern Mississippi ’11 Michael A Sanborn, Virginia Tech ’11 Samuel H Schnog, Cornell ’10 Zane Schultz, Florida State ’10 Charles F Schwartz, Cornell ’11 Sam Smith, Bradley ’09 Zachary E Sobeck, Florida State ’11 Jason J Stafflinger, Old Dominion ’08 Christopher B Thomas, Southern Illinois ’11 Jake Thoren, Bradley ’11 Fredelito Yvan M Tugas, Old Dominion ’11 Tyler E Wardle, Central Michigan ’11 Stephen D Williams, College of New Jersey ’12 Michael J Zeniecki, Bradley ’09

In supporting our brothers with stipends over the last 10 years, it was my hope that it would enable more brothers to spend a summer or week at a SeriousFun camp. I donated to the SeriousFun Stipend Fund before I volunteered at camp and I stepped up my giving when I got involved with Flying Horse Farms and Double H Ranch. - Dick Michael, Michigan Tech ‘70 WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG




w $ % * ' ( = — h ’ v i † ) . 7

1906 Society Alpha Circle Beta Circle Gamma Circle Delta Circle Epsilon Circle Zeta Circle Borradaile Circle Shideler Circle Boyd Circle Douglass Circle Phrenocon Circle Old Main Circle Phi Link Kappa Link Tau Link

$1 million+ $750,000+ $500,000+ $250,000+ $175,000+ $125,000+ $100,000+ $75,000+ $50,000+ $30,000+ $20,000+ $15,000+ $10,000+ $7,500+ $5,000+ $2,500+

The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is proud to present the 2012 Honor Roll of Donors. This list recognizes everyone who made a gift between Jan. 1, 2012 and Dec. 31, 2012. Each donor’s lifetime giving level, starting with the Tau Link at $2,500, is indicated with the symbols listed to the left. Members who made a gift in 2012 are listed alphabetically by chapter. Ewing T Boles Society members (donors who contribute $1,000 or more in 2012) are listed first in bold. Gifts from non-members are included in the Phriends of Phi Tau and parents sections. x First-Time Donors Brothers Trust (undergraduates and young alumni who have graduated in the past five years) + Donors who have entered Chapter Eternal


Alpha-Miami IN CASE OF ERROR Every attempt has been made to ensure the Honor Roll is accurate. If you feel the information is inaccurate, contact Administrative Assistant Angie Van Winkle at or (800) PKT-1906 x224



Will W ill Stratton Fisher III ’80 ) Douglas C Adams ’81 . J Frank Adams Jr ’55 . David A Arnold ’56 David H Ashby ’58 7 Charles T Ball ’82. Richard L Barnhart ’51 Joseph R Blanchard ’77 Fred G Breitling ’57 7 Francis H Buhler ’47. Clifford J Callahan ’02 Drew S Callahan ’06 William G Corkins ’57 Trevor M Cost ’00 x William E Cromer ’36 John C Dan ’74 W Jeffrey Day ’76 Thomas DeJonge ’82 Thomas H Dinwiddie ’50 Norman A Dohner ’41 Curtis R Dunseath ’85 x Mitchell T Engel ’71) James S Ertel ’71

Charles P Gerstenmaier ’53 Joe B Glass Jr ’547 Sam H Halter ’58 Stephen A Hart ’77 Curtiss L Isler ’64 Daniel J Johnson ’74 Edward F Jones ’47 Kevin Kollmeier ’12 x  Vincent F Krist ’53 Donald E Lease ’50 James C Leopold ’52 Jason C Luring ’96 William L MacDonald ’62 William G Mallory ’54 Robert L Mang ’51 Robert J Manning ’74 Kevin Michael Martin ’81 James P McClanahan ’71 David J Morganti ’00 Charles Mueller ’65 David L Mueller ’69 Paul W Muenzer ’51 Bruce D Munn ’58 Trenton Charles Nehls ’89 Edwin E Ostermann ’43 Mark J Pawlak ’76


Thomas W Podwell ’58 David S Preuninger ’67 Robert E Saltmarsh ’50 Charles J Schmermund ’48 Neil M Smalley ’54 Jon R Spahr ’58 David H Stauffer ’61 Carl H Steiss ’62 Thomas D Swepston ’54 7 David C Tickel ’58 Thomas H Williams ’60

NUMBER OF DONORS 200 180 160 140 120 100












60 40 20 0


C Brent DeVore ’61† John E Donaldson ’49. Thomas A Jeswald ’63† Richard W Borton ’63 Robert J Borton ’58 Timothy Jon Bowie ’82 7 John H Brannen ’69 David G Budd ’56 Gary L Clark ’57 Lawrence W Conrad ’64 George S Drop ’57 Michael P Dull ’63 Charles R Emrick Jr ’48 v Timothy P Etter ’88 Christopher Garber ’93 Eugene E Haney ’43 7 Scott Krueckeberg ’93 x Brian T Lawrence ’93 Guy A Link ’62 Bruce H Long ’43 James C McAtee ’65 v David A Miller ’57 Randall L Murray ’58 7 Roger L Porter ’49 Joe T Ruby ’69 Vincente P Sandy ’02 Joshua M Smith ’07 Donald Michael Stansberry ’87 George V Voinovich ’56 Fred W Wagner ’57 Justin P Zabor ’98




GammaOhio State

Raymond A Bichimer ’53h Norman W Brown ’50 ' James S Hamilton ’63 — David A Ruckman ’62 — Robert G Andrews ’54 7 William R Clevenger ’46 Otis L Crawford ’52 David M Dreffer ’59 Donald E Fender Jr ’58 James R Harding ’51 Robert B Hibbard ’49. Philip D Jaeger Jr ’58 William F Lawyer ’63 Judson J McIntire ’69 Bradley A Myers ’75 Charles A Nau ’43 Carl S Okeson ’50 Glenn B Redick ’63 Floyd J Singer ’56 Thomas L Stoll ’65 Robert D Strung ’69 Thomas J Tibbitts ’51 D Rex Tracht ’65 John R Workman ’68 Theodore J Zaller ’96



Wesley W esley R Fugate ’997 Stanton F Bahr ’49 7 Ezekial S Edwards ’10 x Leslie A Fugate ’99 Charles E Hughes ’66 Jason D Neiser ’96 Geoffrey E Pfeiffer ’69 Earle V Stone ’50 Zachary M Upton ’08 x John E Webb ’48 Robert E Wheeler ’537 ’53


EpsilonMount Union John S Bracken ’60  Gene S Allison ’50 Wayne R Amos ’53 Ian M Andrews ’01 Robert W Bragdon ’65 Roy Clunk ’75 George G Cornish ’42 Andy Dordea ’43 Arthur F Dundon ’39x ’39 Roy A Fischer ’57 Jason Gudalis ’10 Robert B Hibbard ’78 Richard C Hobe ’64 Alex R Koehler ’07 Roger S Luca ’75



Christopher S Monrad ’72 Burnel Pinkerton ’49 Clifford D Shields ’41 Dennis C Warstler ’68 Erick J Zimmer ’95



50 40



Eta-Muhlenburg SStephen tephen P Crane ’74 Jim H Alderfer ’63 . Jeff T Baird ’01 7 Karl S Bourdeau ’72 Edward M Davis Jr ’57 Richard R Gutekunst ’47 Brad A Haubrich ’01 x Thomas M Hennessy ’67 Thomas M Lukasiewicz ’84 John J Mampe ’63 Warner C Pyne III ’78 Bruce W Reitz Jr ’67 Daniel J Rigotti ’01 x Forrest A Schucker ’62 James B Schwartz ’ 77 Robert A Vincent ’63 James RWagner ’507 ’50 William W Wightman ’61 Rolf B Wolfrom ’72 Paul C Zieger ’59 Christopher Zingaro ’89


Theta-Transylvania JJack ack E Dorsey ’53 Charles E Newquist ’72 Donald R Philpot ’577 ’57 Fon Rogers II ’71 ) W Byars Wells ’98 Garey L White ’46










Michael Cadell ’90 Michael Earl J Hodges ’62 Robert W Johns ’62 Clarence E Klaus Jr ’57 Robert S Kotlarz ’49 Robert J Patterson Jr ’62 Michael John Petit ’78 x Thomas L Stone ’77








Michael F Beecher ’70 Thomas A Granquist ’58 John F Mankopf ’65† ’65 Michael R Noonan ’84


Kappa-Kentucky John L Anson ’587 Frank E Barnett ’49 Charles J Cosenza ’50 Michael William Crews ’84 Martin L Dunning ’07 Richard S Grossman ’74 Kurt William Hamon ’87 Michael Robert Huffman ’89 Stephen M Kiene ’04 Marion D Miniard ’56 x Stanley M Saunier Jr. ’46 Thomas J Scott ’59 Michael P Smith ’97 Jeffrey R Steller ’06 Kevin Gene Vaughn ’78 Jerry D Westerfield ’60 Oscar F Westerfield ’64 7 S Joseph Westerfield ’66



Matthew Stephen Hancher ’89 x William E Hemphill ’57 x Kent Healy Jackson ’78 Paul D Kelly ’48 Jerrald W Kuenn ’60 Michael W Lennox ’79) John H Lienesch ’62 Edward E Liesse ’55 David J Lindert ’62 Albert O Roberts Jr ’42 Craig F Sears ’68 Timothy A Shaw ’83 John F Shirey ’68 William G Wagner ’65 Frank G Westerman ’527 John M Wilcox ’72 x David B Wozniak ’71. R Daniel Zieg ’71


Mu-Lawrenceburg David R Anderson ’55 David I Booth ’07 x Frederic C Brechler ’54 Robert J Dude ’61 John T Fischer ’62 William O Hochkammer Jr ’64 Wayne W Kronquist ’56 Kenneth W Parent ’65. Overton B Parrish ’52 7 James R Petrie ’54 R Paul Rosenheimer ’49 Eugene Wilcox ’57

George M Bender ’47 x Richard K Bowers ’49 Timothy M Burkhart ’95 Gordon J Graham ’43





Nu-UC Berkeley Roger W Gilbert ’50h Alan J Airoldi ’57 Gregory R Anderson ’76. Reginald E Bayley ’567 Louis M Cosso ’62 x Robert H Duey ’58 Fred F Gregory ’617 Rodney S Harl ’90 Lloyd M Langlie ’52 David H Perkins ’48) Guy D Petzold ’74 Arpad Radisay ’65 James Albert Remick III ’81 Austin B Reuter x Craig S Robbins ’60 Maynard B Rotermund ’49 Richard L Shurtz ’56 Raymond L Shurtz ’55 John S Trouton ’63 Ross N Tucker ’50


Xi-Franklin & Marshall

Randolph L Smallwood Jr ’53. David Michael Costa ’85 Rocco A Dimeo ’49 x J Keiper Groff ’44 Curt H G Heinfelden ’66 Michael Hirak ’42 Alvin R Kneedler ’62 George M Napuda ’55 x Edwin E Sekowski ’57 Gerald R Young ’65


Omicron-Penn State David C F Lapinski ’74 † G N Van Fleet ’56 H Michael Boyd ’66 Andrew F Cecere ’99x William Collier ’55 Eugene A Gress ’53 G William Heath ’54 Robert G Kaiser II ’747 Emanuel V Orfanon ’587 Bruce V Pettersen ’67 Donald F Rieco ’54 Edward J Sekula Jr ’60 Howard F Thompson ’54 William C Westley Jr ’52 John W Yaag ’56



Pi-Southern California

Robert E Plumleigh ’47’ Donald R D Andree ’45 Wayne H Crawford, Jr ’45 John R Curran ’59 . Mark J Fronke CPA ’77 Page E Golsan III ’56 Michael L Gray ’65 x Melvin E Iizuka ’72 Dale W Ma ’69 Brice T Martin ’49 Duane G Merrill ’70 7 William F Penney ’72 Dudley G Raynor ’59 Kirk Rogers ’78 Jay E Smith ’70 C Dean Vausbinder ’48 Rick Webb ’46



Donald C Appelby ’39 John H Cunningham Jr ’55 I James Elmore ’46 William D Gutermuth Sr ’41 Anthony S Hendrick ’53 John W Kubovic ’57 Steven L Palmer ’00 x Dennis A Ross ’71 Ralph G Schoeffer ’50 Edward K Scofield ’49 John C Stewart ’63 Robert J Thompson Jr ’69 William R Waltz ’507 Richard W Wilkinson ’48 Fredrick H Zimmerli ’42

( 7

Sigma-Syracuse Robert R obert J King ’40 x John J Otis ’42


Laurence A Carr ’61 Thomas Perry Christy II ’89 Robert J Currie ’56 Harry N Kotsis ’56† William L Powell ’55 Robert C Richter ’56 7 Joseph J Sullivan ’50 Robert Tau ’87 x

William S Wells ’47 Gordon G Wepfer ’52 Rex J Youse ’64


Upsilon-Nebraska Wesleyan Richard L Bohy ’58 Charles G Erickson ’56 x David W Gentry ’79 x John M Green ’60 h Norman J Hietbrink ’59 7 Robert J Hilkemann ’667 ’66 Ronald C Jensen ’ 71x 71 Larry E Jones ’70 Richard F Jussel ’59 7 Richard A Mark ’72 x. Warren K Mattox ’69 ) William W Mickle II ’71 † Vonn E Roberts ’71 v John E Sampson ’60 h Bryan Myron Schneider ’88 Tim A Tesmer ’76) ’76 James A Walker ’67 Fred L Aden ’59 John Melvin Allen ’82 Hollis W Anderson ’66 x Lynn R Anspaugh ’56 x Bruce S Barnes ’61 x Robert F Bartle ’69 Milton C Bemis ’70 x Kevin Francis Benesch ’75 x Troy D Bergt ’02x ’02 Kevin J Boatright ’71 ) Michael W Cameron ’93 Bradley W Clark ’66 Robert D Clary ’58 x Fernando F Colon ’58 x Brian J Delaney ’02 x Donald W Dorr ’58 7 Ronald W Dritlein ’64 x Rick L Ediger ’71 Nathan B Fagot ’02 x K Lowell Gaither ’58 Tedd W Gentry ’77 Robert F Hamilton ’57 James M Horrocks ’70 James Hughes ’47 Thomas A Jackman ’82 Steven K Joekel ’72 x Joshua A Kegley ’99 x Alan E Kuzma ’70 x Robert S Lachance ’77 x Russell Lang ’53 Robert Alan Laughlin ’76 Ryan J Lawson ’04 x Donald McClure ’63



David E McClure ’66 x Franklin H Mills ’52 . J Robert Morton ’61 Richard V Odgers ’527 ’52 H Damon Osborne ’85 x Brandon I Peterson ’12 x Matthias C Posvar ’02 x Jasa T Rhone ’02 x Gary Eugene Riggs ’79 Terry E Sapp ’58 x James P Schlichtemier ’51 x G Tom Surber ’65 x Ronold R Tesch ’59 Erik R Thomas ’02 x Robert D Vodehnal ’60 Daniel L Walrath ’72 . Trent Wimmer ’93



Gregory M Heilmeier ’86v Thomas S Abrams ’76 Albert R Buckelew Jr ’78 David S Cumming ’05 Alan N Duvall ’63 Samuel L Engel Sr ’46 John David Faber ’74 Raymond H Hart ’74 Donald B Hiscox ’65 7 Roland B Kamerer ’47 Jon B Lindeman ’59 Harry L Mainzer ’76 James B Mewhirter ’47 Craig A Noble ’857 ’85 Neil Rabinowitz ’64 x John H Sayers ’78 ) David M Shiffman ’64 Gregory L Waite ’99


Chi-North Carolina State John H Cuturilo ’73i H Paul Barringer ’59 Cecil C Beumer ’57 John Q Davis ’71 x Bobby J Ellis ’55 Brian Thompson Ezzelle ’87 David W Moushey ’87 Edward R Needham ’49 Edmund J Piaski Jr ’64 Delmer L Roberts ’55 Gavin G Saldanha ’03 Steve Warren Smith ’77 Harry C Tune Jr ’60 Matthew C Webber ’00 Stanley G Whorley ’62 x George G Williams ’57 7


Psi ColonyColorado

Stephen M Dunn ’66 ’ J Kenneth Loewen Jr ’80i ’80 James C Berger ’53 Richard H Brolliar ’55 Thomas D Cronin Jr ’55 Bryce A Frey ’53 Stuart C Jordan ’45 Michael D McClelland ’60 7 Thomas J McWilliams ’66 Roger C Netzer ’85 x Alvin M Reece ’46 Jeffrey J Ross ’84 William C Starr Jr ’53

Adding our shield to the Centennial Gardens was a tangible way to show our support for all that the Foundation does for our undergraduate members.

– Cliff Unger, Arizona ’98



2 $$ OmegaWisconsinMadison

David C McCormick ’84

Alpha AlphaMichigan State Ross E Roeder ’58 ' Norman E Anderson ’51 Norman L Bondy ’61 Gerald M Breen ’53 Fred C Cotter ’51 Harley G Hecksel ’50 John P Katosh ’67 Allyn Radcliffe Shaw ’587 ’58 Ernest C Weigele ’58


Alpha GammaDelaware

Jeffrey Alan Brittingham ’81 George C Davis Jr ’47 7 Paul C Harrison ’70 Ross M Lanius Jr ’55 Alfred T Lynam Jr ’60 Bruce R Malcolmson ’61 Charles W Patterson ’54 Thomas G Preston ’64 Peter W Reiter ’57 Carl M Sautter ’49 Allen H Streett ’60 Donald S Sumner ’62 William S Webb ’47 Joseph Raymond Whiteoak Jr ’57 Ronald T Wood Jr ’61 Randolph S Young III ’66 7


Alpha DeltaCase Western Jon L Bartos ’62 Steven E Binzel ’08 Brian H Browne ’06 Robert W Cubbison ’50 7 Albert C Drechsler ’38 Philip A Dunker ’04 William K Fullerton ’54 Robert J Gridley ’50 Thomas O Haig ’41 James E Herkner ’72 Ralph R Huston ’45 7 Jerry L Kisner ’62


Joseph H Grimes ’59 v Daniel J Simonetti ’87 † Vance L Carson ’50 Paul D Chaffee ’71 Kevin D Finson ’71 Ralph N Germann ’50 Tom D Huecker ’63 7 Eric Alan Hummell ’827 Dale W Reed ’66

9 8 7 6

2 1 0









Alpha EpsilonKansas State


South Dakota

Kermit D Kuhl ’54 James F Lavelle Jr ’61 Philip E Orbanes ’66 Paul E Plank ’69 C Allan Schurr ’41 John W Seferian ’69 Davorin K. Skender ’00 Joseph J Sulc ’74 Irland L Tashima ’67 Edward J Tatman ’68 Russell J Warren ’57 Daniel L Whipple ’62 Clifton W Woltz ’41 John M Zamojski ’05

7 69 7.69

64 6.4

45 4.5

33.92 92

3.65 3.65 65

Thomas Don McGurk ’837 Solon F O’Neal Jr ’50 7 James L Rhoden III ’92 . C R Rollins ’497 Victor C Smith ’63 7 Barrett B True ’56 Todd Allen York ’88



Alpha ThetaWilliam & Mary


Alpha KappaWashington State

Alpha ZetaOregon State

Elmo L Bowman ’50 Donald A Corlett Jr ’58 Wilber E Dehne ’39 Clarence Lynn Fairbrother ’62 Paul E Jarvis ’60 David L Koehler ’62 Charles E McKee ’74 7 Steven J Mulkey ’68 Sante P Valpiani ’68 George B Webb Jr ’50

Alpha Eta-Florida J Thomas Freeman Jr ’84) Gerorge Q Biegler III ’62 Donald C Daniel ’61 7 Daniel Di Loreto ’64 Brian C Dowling ’94 x Gordon W Dykes ’47 William R Goacher ’58 Leroy H Gross ’51 Jack E Heiss II ’70 Leonard J Lyons ’58


Cary Anderson ’56 Andrew E Cremedas ’60 Joseph W Lawler ’56 Roy D Lorenz ’48 Edward M Morgan ’69 George L Nance Jr ’66 Thomas C Palmer, Jr ’60 Christopher B Rupp ’62 David Joseph Ryan ’88 Michael Francis Sola ’88


Michael E Archer ’537 Harold L Brandt ’41 x John S Buckingham ’43 Gerald I Eyrich ’49 Thomas W Hodgson ’48 William E Krebs ’59 James L McCaughan ’53 Robert K McMillan ’687 Laurence D Morse ’40 Gottlieb E Ribary ’53 Virgil E Whiteley ’47 x


Alpha LambdaAuburn Rhett D Bentley ’74 v Robert M Watts ’62) James M Blow ’47 x Paul H Burkholder Jr ’62 x Boyce W Cook ’577 John T Drew ’01 O’Neil B Feltman ’59 ) Walter W Griffin ’44 . Preston L Hassler Jr ’567 Michael S Henry ’88 Jeremy W Jester ’96 Matthew Morrison ’917 Robert J Pirkle Jr ’60 . F Lyndon Ramey Jr ’68 Kyle Scholl ’10 x  Joshua W Thompson ’00 x Donald P Toole ’60 G J Wood ’71

$0 $1

Alpha MuOhio Wesleyan Wayne H Buxton ’56 Joseph C Shipman Jr ’53

Alpha NuIowa State

James D Alexander Jr ’55 Lewis W Allen ’67 7



60 50

Allan Joseph Aprea ’81 † Steve W Chaddick ’70 — Barton Allison ’68 Kenneth B Amann ’64 William Aprea ’91 Robert L Bartholomew ’63 Jeffrey S Berlin ’96 William D Drinkard ’67 ) Robert S Duggan Jr ’49 Richard W Galphin Jr ’48 7 Douglas O Maddox ’69 James D McConnell ’55 John F McMillen ’53 Daniel A Metzler ’69 h Donald A Nordal ’52 William H Pressly Jr ’49 Richard E Rabe ’53 Cleveland S Randolph ’63 Richard S Wang ’95) Luther V Weathers ’58 Wendell M Williams Jr ’51

67 67





30 20 10 0

$5 $7

Alpha RhoGeorgia Tech

Alpha Delta



Robert R Brown ’63 Michael J Lukins ’08 x Dallas T Maag ’06 x



$3 Alpha PiWashington



Robert L Blackwell ’48 Earl S Cunerd ’61 C William Keck ’59 Donald E White ’59




Alpha OmicronLafayette

Alpha Tau-Cornell Gary C Smith ’60 † William L Barney ’61 Scott Conroe ’01 Jacques G Forest ’62 David M Gatti ’51 Edward D Griffith Jr ’59 Auvo I Kemppinen ’51 Jacob F LeClair ’01 Thomas H McNamee ’66 Glenn A Peterson ’72 Daniel F Seidel ’55 x Edgar J Stevenson ’67 Lawrence R Wetzel ’60 Jack H Zinn ’86 )

Ray C Kelly ’69 7 Nicholas J Krolikowski ’06 Robert Leatherman ’60 v Bernard J Lemmon Jr ’55 7 Michael T Masters ’63 x Richard Ocepek ’63 Paul A Preiksa ’60 Spanky A Raymond ’94 x Terry J Renninger ’617 John W Roe ’64 Francis B Ross II ’74 Mark T Russell ’12 x Blin B Scatterday ’48 Charles E Schultz ’71 7 Forrest J Westfall Jr ’71

$& $8 $6 $3 $2 Alpha SigmaColorado State Wilder D Bancroft II ’62 Bradley Allan Blockhus ’88 John F Gaarde ’63 David James Hickey ’89 Robert W Johnson ’65 Larry C Jones ’637 Michael Steven Lind ’79 Edwin M Rosser ’61 David L Stout ’67 J Gary Wagner ’617 Ramon J Weiss ’55 20


Alpha UpsilonColgate Robert A Boyd ’507 Gregory L Thornton ’65

Alpha Phi-Akron Charles E Becker ’62 David W Cabell ’63 Jerrold K Callen ’66 John Ciarlariello ’93 x Elton A Coleman ’45 Robert L Croye ’54 Richard L Francis ’67 David A Fretz ’57 Gerald J Glinsek ’59 7 Eric W Gorham ’02 John A Haas ’65 Larry F Hennis ’62 x

Alpha ChiMississippi State John A Johnson ’647 Billy F Anderson ’53 Joseph V Dawsey III ’69 Mack A Hataway ’61 William A Horne ’57 Joseph J Schneider Jr ’64 James F Williamson Jr ’67 William D Calderhead ’41 Larry W Langberg ’63 Karl A Mielke Jr ’54 x

Alpha OmegaBaldwin Wallace Michael D Dovilla ’94. Warren G Barr ’64 Stephen H Burrall Jr ’63 x James S Connell ’76 Ryan R Cross ’95


Paul C Dau ’63 Philip M Duncan II ’64 Richard L Fletcher ’67 Phillip S Jerauld ’65 Thomas H Konkoly ’65 Gordon B Minnis ’55 Richard G Neptune ’69 Allan P Reinhardt ’48 Craig F Stout ’74 x Norman E Temple ’43 Andy M Troha ’10 x  Stanley Wolczyk ’46


Beta AlphaTexas-Austin

Donald James Phillips II ’82 h John W Anderson ’51 Joseph T Dabney III ’68 Richard W Foote ’59 F Allen Johnson ’56 x Ray Martin Jr ’65 Paul Wayne Midkiff ’807 C Howard Pieper ’48 William Brett Rees ’84 Hugh D Ruthven Jr ’55 x Brendon P Vickery x  Eric James Weig ’83 Donald W Winspear ’80 7


Beta Beta-Louisville Jack R Norris ’65 † Joseph A Amon ’68 Rudy C Beavin ’57 Thomas J Berkey ’58 William F Brasch ’67 David E Bybee ’65

William Gary Caufield ’50 Robert L Chiles ’79 John M Davis ’60 R John Ellis Jr ’70 Christopher Charles Hass ’91 John B Huber ’55 Christopher L Krieg ’94 Forrest S Kuhn Jr ’65 7 John L Martin ’57 Anthony E Martin ’75 Glenn E Martin Jr ’73 Donald McIntosh ’78 Theodore L Merhoff ’57 John O Muenz-Winkler ’06 x Gary W Murphy ’65 William H Phelan ’50 x Michael David Power ’90 James P Reed ’53 James F Rice ’56 David W Robinson ’52 Donald B Romans ’50 Hon Edwin A Schroering Jr ’48 Jeffrey C Sellins ’64 Robert Ray Tate ’86 Joseph M Thomas ’69 Robert P Thompson ’50 Brian S Triplett ’79


Beta Gamma Colony-Idaho James F Phalin ’80 7 Robert N Acock ’48 Scott Donald Collaer ’78 Luke A Dupin ’01 x Nicholas R Ginter ’01 x Austin S Heady ’93 x Andrew D Herrmann ’96 Bijan A A Houle ’02

I had a life changing experience as an undergrad thanks to Phi Kappa Tau, and I want to help ensure that future generations of Phi Taus have the same kinds of opportunities that I did. - Brian Browne, Case Western ’06


Alan Larsen ’93 x Jon S Nilsson ’84 x Jason L Oman ’01 Jeffrey L Otto ’02 Michael Rohde ’92 x Jack Starr ’60

%' %(

Beta DeltaU of Miami Robert J Novak ’48

Beta EpsilonSouthern Mississippi

H L Barber ’52 Milburne C Cassady Jr ’65 Ronald R Day ’69 . Richard A Johnson ’79 John H Leavitt Jr ’81 Stephan M Nelson ’73 x Larry Payne ’66 James Ohara Poss ’80 Owen D Rawls ’59 Jesse Albert Stephens ’81 Elliott Voivedich ’85


Beta Zeta-New Mexico State Roy O King Jr ’737 ’73 Norman L Marley ’54 Raymond Lee Reid ’83 John E Scruggs ’60 Robert W Tobey Jr ’71 7 Paul Tolbert Jr ’60 David K White ’00


Beta Theta-Kansas Robert J Cooper ’55 William D Martin ’57 David R Myers ’68 Austin R Pickering ’48 Robert L Rudrauff ’48 7 Robert L Speer ’62 x Edwin A Stene ’54




Beta IotaFlorida State

Christopher A Macak ’03† William C Macak ’73† Chad A Corbitt ’06 x Robert V Ford ’57 Les S Kushner ’76 Jonathon C Macak ’07 Michael A Macak ’72 Hoyt B Massey ’50 Harry A Mullikin Jr ’49 7 Henry W Persons ’64 Jerome M Sporich III ’69 Nicholas F Zappitelli ’03


Beta KappaOklahoma State John C Gray ’04) Stanley L Schell ’02 . David F Fulton ’67. Timothy E Harper ’81 Allen D Jones ’77 F L McKinley ’51v Kenneth M McKinnis ’56 Clyde D Nevins ’52 Virgil Richard ’577 Randall G Schuermann ’67 George A Seamands ’51 Ray E Smith Jr ’707 Matt C Wampler ’11 Justin C Yearwood ’09 x



Beta LambdaIndiana

James R Carter ’56 Rafe H Cloe ’54 Robert C Coddington ’50 7 Jon T Gardner ’507 John D Hora ’52. Jack H Jones ’51 William H Lewis ’49 . Paul L Moeller ’05 Denis J Stillman ’80 Richard Wilson ’81.


Beta Mu-Kent State Jim K Heilmeier ’49 ’ David Britt ’87 7 Charles E Dougherty ’56 Michael L French ’88 Evon W Friend ’87 John Thomas Grim ’88 Terry H Hilson ’60 William R Loeb ’507 ’50 Timothy Brian Mills ’90 Jason James Reckard ’87 Rob Reese ’87) David R Renninger ’61


Beta Xi-Georgia Bill Crane ’80 i Robert O Derrick ’67 Patrick F Fitzgibbons Jr ’50

Being able to support the Foundation Ă€QDQFLDOO\LVERWKDKXPEOHSULYLOHJH\HW at the same time, I feel an appropriate sense of responsibility to “return the favorâ€? to the many who came before me that helped make my Phi Tau experience so special.


– Gary Rose, Tennessee ’83



Victor U Grose Jr ’68 Frank Hartley ’97 Steve H Huppert ’66 Ken Johnson ’11 x Robert MacInnes ’647 Markus J McNally ’11 x  Stephen C Rogers ’68 7 W Bryan Shipman Jr ’64 Robert I Thompson Jr ’53 T Paul Vivian ’69


Beta OmicronMaryland Gregory D Hollen ’75h Charles J Andres ’77 Charles A Belanger ’69 Gerald N Bloom ’55 Steve Brannan ’79 7 Allan D Etridge ’64 Richard Paul Fischer ’81 Rodney E Frederick ’62 Nicholas A Keck ’567 Charles W Larkin Jr ’69 Matthew Maschler ’91 i Richard L Mullikin ’75 Edward W Nyack ’00 x Timothy O Simon ’76 .

%5 %7

Beta Rho-UCLA

Raymond S Bernardo ’567 Joseph V Errico ’50 George Ohanian ’49

Beta TauBowling Green Timothy F Smith ’62v William J Ault ’80 David N Dzuranin ’82 Thomas L Gerken ’56 Richard M Henningsen ’55 William D Jenkins ’57 † Steven Jones ’91 7 L Edward Kime ’51 Charles F Kurfess ’50 Robert B Maule ’51 7 Bernard C Meyers ’52 7 Thomas D Minarcin ’56 Jonathan R Nicholson ’637 Tom Pemberton ’57 x Brian W Phillips ’63 Richard H Ritchie ’587 Donald G Ross ’59 7


William G Braund ’54( Brian T Hardy ’937 James N Donaldson ’59 7 Raymond Dunham ’62 Douglas W Henderson ’60 Chester E James II ’79 John S Klein ’81 Brian R Kocian ’00 Kevin Robert Powers ’83 Ralph D Scott ’53 Donald A Scott ’56 John H Stoyle ’55 Mark D Swank ’74 .


Beta ChiSouthern Illinois P Bradley Baird ’68 7 Donald Ballestro ’73 Anthony D Butkus ’68 William W Combs ’62 x Oliver H Dorn ’64 Andrew R Fruth ’08 Paul M Sawtell ’71 Daniel F Serritella ’64 Raymond R Sophie ’08 Christopher B Thomas ’11 x


Beta Psi-Cal StateLong Beach Eugene J Borgna ’58 Dhar E Carman ’617 Randy Messenger ’77 Daniel G Miller ’64 Ronald P Milligan ’59 James A Reed ’63 Ernest A Villa ’65 John M Yeargin ’61 )





Alpha Delta



Beta PhiWestminster


Beta Xi

Kenneth A Kreinheder ’58 John J Reinheimer ’56



%8 %3 Beta UpsilonHobart



Warren W Ruggles ’57 H Jay Salvage ’69 Steven D Springer ’94 Eric L Stumm ’84 x Russell J Suchy ’62








10 5 0


Beta OmegaCal State-Chico Donald L Carper ’64 Tec E Childers ’84 Ronald M Fear ’58 Douglas C Hall ’64 Robert D Kittredge ’66 7 Ralph L Ladig ’68 Bruce G Pentland ’67 Walter H Thorpe ’58 x Kirt Steven Vitt ’87


Gamma AlphaMichigan State Steve Bailo ’79 Richard F Michael ’70 i Joel Vincent Scott ’797 ’79 Harry M Askin Jr ’60 Robert A Bunce III ’62 Harry J Glidden Jr ’63 Ernest R Griff ’58 John R Keagle ’607 ’60 Eric H Kent ’63 Scott R La Beau ’76 Jack A Labo ’60 Thomas J Morrison ’63 Jerome J Myers ’64 Matthew O Otte ’94 x James C Simmons ’63 Alan Jon Sipinen ’79


Gamma BetaCincinnati

Joshua M O’Brien ’97. Harry W Archer ’64 Tom Carmazzi ’75 Steve Fitzer ’70 . Aaron M Glass ’03 x James L Higgins ’64 William H Hinton ’62 Travis L Hoefler ’10 x  Joseph A Huseman ’69 Raymond B Loase ’61 Chris Majestic ’93 Michael E Plett ’62 7 Nicholas R A Rachford ’64 ) Edward M Rauen ’98 . James L Rudd ’63


Gamma GammaSt. John’s John M Alvenus ’89 v Nickolas Davatzes ’60 7 Peter A Berkel ’62 Robert J Dangio ’62 Glenn R Gray ’67 Dewayn C Marzagalli ’61 Thomas G O’Brien ’61 Lawrence H Pettit ’62 James J Romano ’62 x Thomas P Ryan ’60




Douglas G Barry ’70 William S Hansen ’62 x James H Madaus ’62 Douglas C Sprung ’62 x Gerhardt J Winkel Jr ’63

10 8


Zeta Beta

Alpha Zeta


Gamma Tau


Epsilon Tau

6 4

12.71 12 2 71

12.55 12





*= *(

Gamma DeltaGamma ZetaNorthern Michigan Connecticut Michael Ray Bartleman ’897 ’89 Michael S Fried ’67 John A Hale ’69 7 Steven James Koch ’87


Gamma Epsilon8RIWKH3DFLÀF Christopher M Bates ’74 John T Smith ’74

Phi Kappa Tau isn’t about the four undergraduate years, it’s a lifetime commitment. As a Brothers Trust member I have the opportunity to support Phi Kappa Tau’s future. Brothers Trust is just the beginning of our lifetime commitment to this brotherhood.


Gamma ThetaWestern Michigan


– Tyler Vienot, Saginaw Valley State ’09

Kenneth J Vonasek ’67

Gamma EtaEast Carolina Sean J McManus ’97 ) Timothy B Kesler ’67 Robert Reid Rucks ’82 Samuel D Vaughan III ’76 David B Wright ’75


Gamma Iota ColonySacramento State Rick Anthony Keltner ’79 ) John R Ousley Jr ’79 Jim L Parker ’65 x Paul J Sax ’63 Steven L Schutte ’63 John E Thompson Jr ’68


Gamma KappaCW Post Lawrence F Digiovanna ’70x Alexander B Moar ’64 Nat J Tartamella ’64


Gamma LambdaCentral Michigan James J Lewis ’04 7 Jeffrey L Rivard ’65 † John L Kaczynski ’04 Thomas Lowe ’68 John R Sabol ’94 Kurt A Schulze ’70 Robert Smith ’87 x

*0 Gamma MuBradley

Bruce C Hoag ’657 James L Davis ’69 Anthony T De Persia ’67 Scott E Nass ’93 Russell T Wayne ’71


Gamma Nu-RIT Patrick J Best ’04 Walker Curtis ’92 Thomas S Davis ’67




Peter G Drexel ’68 Philip Frandina ’08 Peter S Gabrail ’83 x Timothy John Moonan ’82 Joseph J Murphy ’66 Gary Proud ’66 Thomas R Steele ’70 Robert A Uzenoff ’69 Jerry R York ’70


Gamma Xi-East Central Oklahoma Christopher Davenport ’93. Curtis R Pinnick ’85 Alan D Ross ’71


Gamma OmicronCal State-Fullerton Eric Bayani ’88 Raymond A Carlos ’01 Cory N Carvajal ’05 x William L Christensen ’68 x Devin A DiRocco ’11x  Jarrett A Edlund Hamud ’11 x Tristan L Hilpert ’03 William J McNelis ’67 Tommie K Tinker Jr ’97

*3 *5

Gamma PiYoungstown Andrew J Arendas Jr ’67

Gamma RhoNebraskaKearney

Timothy R O’Neill ’75 7 Scott G Stewart ’69 ( Steven L Fisher ’67 Lloyd L Lipska ’66


Gamma TauOld Dominion Daniel M Dauer ’67 . Thomas S Burrell ’71 Andrew M Cartwright ’07 x Brian A Fazzino ’11 x  William R Haney ’67 x Jon F Hays ’07 . WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

Michael D Holderman ’67 x William B Miller ’69 Andrew R Miller ’07 x Robert B Nixon ’07 x Adam J Samson ’07 x William L Venuti ’68 x Emil L Woiblett Jr ’67 x


Gamma UpsilonSpring Hill Joseph J McCann Jr ’74’ ’74 Vincent P Arata ’82x ’82 Merlin G Castille ’75 J A Neuenschwander ’67 George M Simmerman Jr ’78 David D Zinn ’677 ’67

*& *3 '% Gamma ChiDelta State Tom Barron ’68

Gamma Psi ColonyTexas State Ricky M Rios ’77 7

Delta BetaEvansville

Robert C Fornges ’68 Steve McPhail ’93 Matthew Parker ’93 † Richard A Russell ’72 Martin D Ulrich ’71


Delta GammaOle Miss

S Cordell Dombrowski ’68i ’68 Wiley N Boland Jr ’70 Nathaniel M Dudney ’04 x G Randall Jones Jr ’70 Andrew W Moak ’09 x  John F Taylor Jr ’83 Juan J Trippe ’88 Charles J Woodall ’79. ’79

'' '= '( '7

Delta Delta-Bryant Thomas J Butler ’10 x Ramon D Ohara ’69 x

Delta ZetaEmporia State Dennis W Donahoo ’71

Delta Eta-Marshall James D Kegley ’70

Delta ThetaGeorgetown

Michael T Gabhart ’957 Tyler C Wash ’06 David Bodine ’80 Jared Dustin Brown ’05 David C Huffman ’76† Gregory L Ledington ’77 x Joseph R Raymond Jr ’98 7 Keith B Thomson ’98


Delta KappaTennessee

Gary L Rose ’83 . Scott Brown ’88 Greg S Cooper ’85 x Wilburn T Grant III ’00 Richard L Hodgdon ’75 Jordan R Marshall ’01 W Brandon Woodson ’93 x


I support the Foundation because I want to maximize the Phi Tau Fraternity experience for the next generation. - Jack Norris, Louisville ’65






Delta LambdaMuskingum

Delta RhoEastern Kentucky

C Steven Hartman ’89 † David Cepek ’91 Philip R Cook III ’73 Timothy Scott Coss ’84 David P Gepford ’74 Charles W Johnson ’71 Michael S Thomin ’71

Joshua J Bleidt ’967 Michael D Brown ’04 Vinson Pack ’91 x John Dorland Rowlett ’81 Gabriel H Uebel ’95

($ (%

Epsilon AlphaTexas A&M Mark Gregory Artlip ’88 John Raymond Dyke ’86 x

'6 '0 (* '7 '1 '3 (' '; '3 (= '2 '2 (( Delta Mu-Santa Fe

Epsilon BetaWest Virginia Tech

Delta SigmaWebber

David L Martin ’97 ‡ Arron K Reed ’97 Joshua R Wagner ’01

Delta TauCal Poly-Pomona

Epsilon GammaCollege of New Jersey

S Philip Ford ’81 .

Jeffrey Thomas Snyder ’79

Delta NuWright State

Corey L Wilson ’827

Rob Fecke ’94 Rodney J Guthrie ’89 † Christopher G Hoff ’94 William Howard ’91 x Kenneth Jordan ’74† Todd A Lucas ’94 Rick Ned Scarff ’76

Christopher J DuMont ’89 Jeffrey D Lewis ’97 7 Dennis Morgan ’917

Delta Phi-Arkansas Gardner Davison Burton ’89 G Todd Pharr ’84

Epsilon DeltaVirginia Wesleyan Peter Kosta ’91

Delta XiCleveland State Garry A Klingbergs ’82.

Delta OmicronPan American Manuel H Gonzalez ’84

Delta Psi-Rider Michael J Cerulo ’04 Tony Leazzo ’90 Patrick C Nelligan ’02 x Mark A Scher ’85

Epsilon ZetaColony Buffalo

Delta OmegaTruman State

Epsilon EtaOswego State

Anthony Leckey ’88

W Tim Hudson ’97 7 Travis L Miles ’96 x Stephen C Williams ’98

Russell S Byer ’90 7 David A Monk II ’897 Stephen Rupprecht ’91 )




# Donors

























# New Donors Average Gift Total










(0 (1 (2 (6

Epsilon MuUNC-Pembroke Nathan G Yount ’06

Epsilon NuClemson Craig D DeLucia ’95 Adam D Goetz ’95

Epsilon OmicronFrostburg State






Steven F Moore ’99 † Evan J Lerer ’98 .

Christopher D Dalton ’94 Robert Harrell ’94 Scott Knaggs ’96



Epsilon KappaRutgers

Epsilon LambdaLongwood


(. (/



Peter Aughney ’90 Walter R Chao ’93





Epsilon ThetaSan Francisco State




Epsilon TauArizona

Cliff D Unger ’98 † Kenneth R Bonebreak ’98 x Steven F Carrillo ’02 x Adam S Eklund ’01 Jason W Geitzenauer ’98 x Douglas S Harrington ’03 x Bryan J Mathews ’02 x Lee A Miller ’01 x Bryan E Milward ’07 x Lee S Monson ’98 Dean W Nourse III ’98 x Andrew M Osbrink ’00 Noah D Stromer ’98 Randy M Thomas ’98x ’98 Bruce P Wilton ’98

=$ =% Zeta AlphaBelmont

Michael D Lummus ’06 William A Shipp III ’07

Zeta Beta-Saginaw Valley State Mitchell L Holdwick ’11 x  Jason A Sweet ’09 Tyler T Vienot ’09 x 

Gregory G Hughes ’96

Epsilon SigmaChapman Nicholas M DiMasi ’01 David M Goedhart ’05 x John O Resurreccion ’02 Bryan P Wage ’03


,SURYLGHÀQDQFLDOVXSSRUWWRWKH)RXQGDWLRQIRU continuation of the leadership programs and the values of Phi Kappa Tau that are important in developing men who are independent and of good character. –James Donaldson, Westminster ’59



Having a son in Phi Tau means being thankful for all the people he has met, thankful for the leadership opportunities he has experienced.

–Sharon Koehler (Mother of Alex Koehler, Mount Union ’07)


Each year Phi Kappa Tau parents not only support their son’s chapters at the local level, but they also support their son’s development through generous gifts to the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation. The Parents Society is an opportunity for our members’ parents to play a lead role in sustaining the future of their son’s Fraternity. It is at the absolute core of the Fraternity to engage the parents of our members and encourage dialogue regarding the Fraternity.


The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is honored by the outstanding generosity of our member’s parents. During 2012, 38 parents made gifts to the Foundation totaling $2,667. Thomas Adamson Robert Bastian x Michael Bernardoni x David M Callahan William Carroll x Michael & Heidi Connelly x Michele Bardinal Dauphin Walter Douglas Kim Fazzino x Thomas Flanagan Alan Fryar x John N Hammond David Hess x Wayne & Dwanett Jarrells x Dean Keal Robert Keller x Martha Kemp



Edward & Laura Knoblauch x Richard Kocian Frederick P Krueger Marsha J Martin x Jeff & Debbie McNaul Kevin Meredith x Ralph Noback x Paul O’Toole x Outi Papamarcos Michael Paris Debra Rauh x Mary Jane Rice Cheryl S Ruse Marie Sar x Eric Stoley x Jacquelyn L Stuart Stephen Swan Edward Tacason John Tartaglia Leonard D Whatley Lawrence & Maria Zamojski WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

Phriends of Phi Tau are any non-member supporters of Phi Kappa Tau. This group includes greek life professionals, wives, university staff/faculty, university administrators, Fraternity/Sorority staff members and community members. It is encouraging that many believe you don’t need to be a Phi Kappa Tau member to believe in and support the mission of Phi Kappa Tau.


The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is honored by the outstanding generosity of Phriends of Phi Tau, (individuals and companies). During 2012, 191 Phriends of Phi Tau made gifts to the Foundation totaling $21,655. Apple Foundation ’ Children’s Heart Foundation ( Alba B Greeleyi Lisa A Adams Magbic Aleman Russo C Anastasio x Jenny Anastasiox Jean Anderson x Eileen Anderson x General Anonymous James Badar x Drury Bagwell Lane K S Baldwin Gerri Barnes x Martin Barsotti x Joanne Belsterling x Suzanne Belsterling x Maureen Beto x Brian Bocchicchio x Michael A Book x David & Karen Branding Diane Bridge x Nancy Buchanan x Mary Jo Campbell x TriState Capital Bank x Capital Conference Alan Casey x Tessa Casey x Mary A Celio x Barbara Cinpinski x Betty W Clarkson Hughes Coleman x Frat Collection x Jane A Cromptonx Crompton Martha Daniel x Lisa M Daniel Philip Davidson x Bethany A Deines Judson Devlin x Marilyn Dunn x Jamye Duren x Dustin Duvall x Melissa Easley Mary Edelen x Karen Edgecombe x Jane Evans Annette Ewing x David Ewing x Anne Marie Falk x WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

Nina Fanning x Mary Fautz x Shelley Fiore x Jennifer Fitch x John Fitch Alva Fleming x Randa Fleming x Betty Fleming x William Fryar x Robin Gaddis x The Generosity Trust Janice Goodman Nancy Gordon x Mary Ann Grechen x Gary Grysiak x Sidney Guller Sandra Hachmeister x Amy Hage x Melaine Haksell x Kurt Hassell Eric Hassell Martha Hassell Joseph Havlik x Billie Haws x Treloar & Heisel, Inc x Ron Helman Jon A Henderson x Susan & Jerry Hoglund Kim Homra x Margaret Horne x Janet Howard x Kentucky Insurance Agency x Brian R James x Carol M Jennings x Frank Joanou x Kathryn Johnson x Diane L Johnson x Sybil Johnson Mary Judson Kerry Kelleyx Kelley Michael Kelley x Janis Kelley x Michelle Kelley x Roger Kemper x Lisa Kemper x Michael Kemper x Suzanne Kiel x Edward Kirklin Margaret Kirsch

Karen Klein x James Kunce x Betty L Lamb x Steve Larkin x Polly Lawson x Floyd Leary Lisa A Leary Clinton Leonard eonard x Robert Lindsey x Bacque Family, LLC x June Lyne x Dorothy Magill x Mary Magner x Philip Majeski x Maureen Mangan x Delane Martin x Kim Masoner x Mary Mazzoni x Garry McCann x Michael McCann x Kathelene McCarty Smith x Owen McElliogtt x Vincent McKusick x A McKusick x Nancy McKusick x Barbara McKusick Liscord x Rose Marie McShane x Karen Meadows Gary Metcalf Jeffrey Michaels Nancy Miller x Fred D Miller x James & Marianne Mocogni Norma B Mocogni Cynthia L Morgan Christy Moseley x Marinell Nagel x Douglas & Kelly Nossokoff Rosalie Padilla x Joan Z Parker Five Points Partnership x Jeanne Patterson x Christine Penterson x Sue Perkins x Linda L Perschall x Cynthia Petrilli x Ground Floor Promotions, Inc x Katherine Ralston x

Susan Reynolds x Clare Rodgers x Kathleen M Rogers x Mary Ann Rooney x Lynn Sanders x Kathleen Sandoe x Julia Sarver Tamra Sarver x John Schmitt x Valeta Schneider x Allen Schoener x Carolynne Scholtman‡ Scholtman Ann Serafini x Lisa Shelton x Barbara Sinai x Timothy R Sinks x Regina Smith x Catherine Sohor Charlotte Staiger x James M Starks x Chris Surfield x Debbie Taylor x Bobbie Taylor x Mary Jane Turner x Angie Van Winklex Winkle Karen S Vargo x Polly Vente Tina Waggoner x Deborah Wagner x Paul Wajda x Patricia Walker x Mary A Walker Rowan x Donald Wardx Susan Ward x Dean Warren x Lucy Wheeler x Stuart & Karen Wheeler Hazel Whitakerx Whitaker Howard Williams Timothy Williamson x Veronica Wiseman x Alan F Woolslare x Roy Wyatt x Michael Zachek x James Zeller x



The Heritage Society was established to honor and recognize the Fraternity’s alumni and phriends who have made provisions for future generations of students through will bequests, life insurance, trusts and other planned gifts. The plus sign (+) represents those Phi Kappa Tau brothers who have entered Chapter Eternal. Their legacy continues to live on through their gift to the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation. ALPHA-MIAMI Charles T Ball ’82 BETA-OHIO John D Good ’47 Roger D Humphrey ’34 + James C McAtee ’65 GAMMA-OHIO STATE Norman W Brown ’50 Melvin Dettra ’45 + Lawrence L Fisher ’60 James S Hamilton ’63 Dan L Huffer ’57 DELTA-CENTRE Ewing T Boles ’14 + EPSILON-MOUNT UNION Thomas W Young ’34 + ZETA-ILLINOIS William S Budd ’31 + Donald A Henry Jr ’35 + THETA-TRANSYLVANIA C M Britt ’35 + Benjamin F Nelson ’78 IOTA-COE Thomas F Hazelton ’75 John F Mankopf ’65 Paul E Raymond ’23 + KAPPA-KENTUCKY William O Boles ’49 John T Muncey ’37 + NU-UC BERKELEY Stephen Brothers ’66 XI-FRANKLIN & MARSHALL Randolph L Smallwood Jr ’53 + OMICRON-PENN STATE Roscoe E Blyler ’41 + Robert G Kaiser II ’74 David C F Lapinski ’74



PI-SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Robert E Kennedy ’47 Roland Maxwell ’22 + UPSILON-NEBRASKA WESLEYAN Thomas C Cunningham ’60 + John M Green ’60 CHI-NORTH CAROLINA STATE Daniel J Houck Jr ’97 PSI-COLORADO William W Bateman ’70 + Lewis M Culver ’24 + J Kenneth Loewen Jr ’80 Lewis A Waddington ’36 + OMEGA-WISCONSINMADISON Paul A Elfers ’24 + ALPHA ALPHAMICHIGAN STATE Ross E Roeder ’58 ALPHA GAMMADELAWARE David C Cathcart ’24 + ALPHA ETA-FLORIDA John F Cosgrove ’68 + William R Goacher ’58 Jeffrey C Karpiak ’69 Thomas L Tatham ’31 + George H Wenzel Jr ’40 + ALPHA LAMBDA-AUBURN Rhett D Bentley ’74 ALPHA NU-IOWA STATE Robert G Bartheld ’49 ALPHA SIGMACOLORADO STATE Elmer C Hunter ’40

ALPHA TAU-CORNELL Donald E Snyder Sr ’46 ALPHA PHI-AKRON Robert Leatherman ’60 G Gary Nixon ’61 ALPHA CHIMISSISSIPPI STATE Anthony C Marucci Jr ’89 ALPHA OMEGABALDWIN WALLACE Michael D Dovilla ’94 BETA ALPHATEXAS-AUSTIN C Howard Pieper ’48 Victor R Williams ’51 + BETA BETA-LOUISVILLE Lee H Turk ’66 BETA IOTA-FLORIDA STATE Robert P Cook ’81 BETA LAMBDA-INDIANA Richard Wilson ’81 BETA MU-KENT STATE Gerald E Feezel ’49 Jason James Reckard ’87

BETA PSI-CAL STATELONG BEACH Eldon C Baber ’79 Kees P Woudenberg ’01 GAMMA ALPHAMICHIGAN TECH Victor F Hudy ’84 GAMMA GAMMAST. JOHN’S John M Alvenus ’89 GAMMA ETAEAST CAROLINA David Ozag ’05 + GAMMA IOTASACRAMENTO STATE Rick Anthony Keltner ’76 David M Paganucci ’69 GAMMA LAMBDACENTRAL MICHIGAN James J Lewis ’04 Jeffrey L Rivard ’65 GAMMA THETA-WESTERN MICHIGAN John R Sabol ’94 GAMMA MU-BRADLEY Christopher W Hornbrook ’80 +

BETA OMICRONMARYLAND Gregory D Hollen ’75 Timothy O Simon ’76

GAMMA NU-RIT Gary Proud ’66

BETA TAU-BOWLING GREEN Ray Clarke ’51 Gary H Fernwood ’52 F Fredrick Fether ’51 William D Jenkins ’57 Tom M McCleave ’50 Paul G Mook ’50 +






DELTA BETA-EVANSVILLE K Steve Lilly ’80 Todd E Napier ’83 Matthew Parker ’93 Kent Parr ’76 DELTA GAMMA-OLE MISS F Harrison Green ’66 Randy R Nichols ’72 DELTA THETA-GEORGETOWN Michael R Ecton ’00 Joseph R Raymond Jr ’98 DELTA KAPPA-TENNESSEE Brent R Seelmeyer ’94 DELTA LAMBDA-MUSKINGUM C Steven Hartman ’89 DELTA NU-WRIGHT STATE Kenneth Jordan ’74 DELTA RHO-EASTERN KENTUCKY Joshua J Bleidt ’96

HOW TO INCLUDE PHI KAPPA TAU IN YOUR ESTATE PLANS Phi Tau brothers from all walks of life, with estates ranging from modest to complex, have shared a common bond through the years: their abiding interest in assuring their Fraternity’s lasting fiscal strength. Through their determination to act on that interest, they establish a legacy of support, most commonly by including a charitable bequest in their will or other estate planning document. A bequest to Phi Kappa Tau may be made through a will or living trust in the form of cash, securities, real estate or other property. You should specify that the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is to receive a certain amount or percentage of your estate or particular assets, or the remainder of your estate after providing for heirs. Please contact us if we can assist you and your attorney or financial advisor in establishing a bequest for the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation. To learn more, visit:

DELTA SIGMA-WEBBER Jay B Davis ’82 S Philip Ford ’81 DELTA TAU-CAL POLY-POMONA Daniel R Garcia ’97

DELTA PHI-ARKANSAS Kent Robert Bailey ’89

My decision to include the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation in my estate planning by making a bequest in my will, much like my decision to make contributions while I’m still alive, comes from an on-going decision to support


organizations I’m passionate about with my time, talent, and treasure. I encourage all of my brothers o think of this as part of their estate planning. When you get to the point that you’ve got to give somebody instructions about what is or has been important to you, consider the opportunity to contribute to building that bridge for the young men following in your footsteps. - Ken Loewen, Colorado ’80

ZETA ALPHA-BELMONT Michael D Lummus ’06




The following donors made gifts to the Foundation throughout 2012 to recognize a member or Phriend of Phi Tau who has touched their lives. Gifts in honor or in memory of a brother or phriend of the Fraternity are special tributes to the bond of brotherhood. Drury Bagwell IN HONOR OF Gregory D Hollen, Maryland ’75 Paul Wayne Midkiff, Texas-Austin ’80 Stephen P Crane, Muhlenberg ’74 IN HONOR OF Mitchell G Possinger, Muhlenberg ’74 S Philip Ford, Webber ’81 IN HONOR OF John M Green, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Dr Lowell K Gaither, Nebraska Wesleyan ’58 IN HONOR OF Dr Jeffrey S Abrams, Rensselaer ’73 William C Macak, Florida State ’73 IN HONOR OF C Steven Hartman, Muskingum ’89 Rick Anthony Keltner, Sacramento State ’76 William H Phelan, Louisville ’50 IN HONOR OF Benjamin R Donlon, Louisville ’09 Raymond R Sophie, Southern Illinois ’08 IN HONOR OF C Steven Hartman, Muskingum ’89 Tyler C Wash, Georgetown ’06 Joseph M Thomas, Louisville ’69 IN HONOR OF Benjamin R Donlon, Louisville ’09 Tyler C Wash, Georgetown ’06 IN HONOR OF Michael T Gabhart, Georgetown ’95 John M Green, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Gregory D Hollen, Maryland ’75 William D Jenkins, Bowling Green ’57 Gregory S Stratton, Georgetown ’80




Barry E Anderson, Florida ’56 Eileen Anderson Jack L Anson, Colgate ’47 Sindey Guller Gregory D Hollen, Maryland ’75 Anthony L Corlew, Tennessee ’97 Jordan R Marshall, Tennessee ’01 Thomas C Cunningham, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Gregory D Hollen, Maryland ’75 Melvin Dettra, Ohio State ’45 Gregory D Hollen, Maryland ’75 James V Greely, Florida ’55 Alba B Greeley Robert D Jennings, Michigan State ’46 Carol M Jennings Joseph J McCann, Jr, Spring Hill ’74 Bacque Family, LLC Gerri & Fred Barnes Joanne & Ralph Belsterling Suzanne Belsterling Joshua J Bleidt, Eastern Kentucky ’96 Brian Bocchicchio Michael A Book William F Brasch, Louisville ’67 William G Braund, Westminster ’54 Diane & John Bridge Scott Brown, Tennessee ’88 Mary Jo Campbell Dr Merlin G Castille, Spring Hill ’75 Mary A Celio Barbara Cinpinski


Jane A Crompton Philip Davidson Bethany A Denes Marilyn Dunn EPECO Foundation Shelly & Dennis Fiore Alva Fleming S Philip Ford, Webber ’81 Fraternity & Soroity PAC Adam D Goetz, Clemson ’95 Mary Ann Grechen Gary Grysiak Sandra & Hugh Hachmeister Brian T Hardy, Har Westminster ’93 C Steven Hartman, Muskingum ’89 Gregory M Heilmeier, Bethany ’86 Jon A Henderson Frank Joanou Diane L Johnson Betty L Lamb Robert & Connie Lindsey Todd A Lucas, Wright State ’94 Philip Majeski Maureen Mangan Mass Mutual Financial Group Garry McCann Michael & Helen McCann Rose Marie McShane Fred D Miller David J Morganti, Miami ’00 Cynthia L Morgan Marinell Nagel Kevin Robert Powers, Westminster ’83 Kathleen M Rogers Kathleen Sandoe Valeta Schneider Allen Schoener Timothy R Sinks Charlotte Staiger Treloar & Heisel, Inc TriState Capital Bank Angie Van Winkle Karen S Vargo Paul Wajda Tyler C Wash, Georgetown ’06 Alan F Woolslare

Joel B McCarty, Texas-Austin ’56 Kathelene McCarty Smith Dick Meess, Behatny ’48 Samuel L Engle, Bethany ’46 Philip L Parker, Muhlenberg ’66 Joan Z Parker Clement F Perschall, Georgia Tech ’65 Linda L Perschall Carol Staples Samuel L Engle, Bethany ’46 Dean Stewart, Nebraska Wesleyan ’59 Donald W Dorr, Nebraska Wesleyan ’58 John M Green, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Walter G Strange, Jr, Auburn ’70 Gregory D Hollen, Maryland ’75 Richard Vomacka, Middlebury ’65 Joshua J Bleidt, Eastern Kentucky ’96 Dr Rodney E Wilmoth, Nebraska Wesleyan ’57 John M Alvenus, St John’s ’89



Ewing T Boles, Centre ’14, envisioned Phi Kappa Tau’s future as a strong, vibrant fraternity that offered the very best in leadership opportunities for young men. He established the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation in 1945 and created a vehicle for alumni to make charitable gifts to ensure programming support would always be available. In 1983, Boles was named an honorary founding father of the Fraternity and helped pioneer Phi Kappa Tau’s $3 million campaign with his personal $1 million donation. His gift was the single largest gift to a fraternity at that time. Because of his generosity, he was awarded the North-American Interfraternity Conference Gold Medal of Distinction and the Phi Kappa Tau Executive Offices Building in Oxford, Ohio is named in his honor. Membership in the Ewing T Boles Society is awarded to donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually.

2012 BOLES SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP John M Alvenus, St John’s ’89 Apple Foundation Allan Joseph Aprea, Georgia Tech ’81 Steve Bailo, Michigan Tech ’79 Rhett D Bentley, Auburn ’74 Raymond S Bernardo, UCLA ’56 Raymond A Bichimer, Ohio State ’53 z Joshua J Bleidt, Eastern Kentucky ’96 „ John S Bracken, Mount Union ’60+ William G Braund, Westminster ’54 z Norman W Brown, Ohio State ’50 z Richard L Bohy, Nebraska Wesleyan ’58 Steve W Chaddick, Georgia Tech ’70 ‹ Children’s Heart Foundation Stephen P Crane, Muhlenberg ’74 John H Cuturilo, North Carolina State ’73 Daniel M Dauer, Old Dominion ’67 Nickolas Davatzes, St John’s ’60 Christopher Davenport, East Central Oklahoma ’93 C Brent DeVore, Ohio ’61 Michael D Dovilla, Baldwin Wallace ’94 „ S Cordell Dombrowski, Ole Miss ’68 John E Donaldson, Ohio’49 Stephen M Dunn, Colorado ’66 Charles G Erickson, Nebraska Wesleyan ’56 Will Stratton Fisher III, Miami ’80 ‹ J Thomas Freeman Jr, Florida ’84 S Philip Ford, Webber ’81 Wesley R Fugate, Centre ’99 Michael T Gabhart, Georgetown ’95 David W Gentry, Nebraska Wesleyan ’79 Roger W Gilbert, UC Berkeley ’50 + JJohn C Gray, Oklahoma State ’04 Alba B Greeley JJohn M Green, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 ‹ JJoseph H Grimes, Kansas State ’59 JJames S Hamilton, Ohio State ’63 ‹ Brian T Hardy, Westminster ’93 ‹




C Steven Hartman, Muskingum ’89 ‹„ Gregory M Heilmeier, Bethany ’86 ‹ Jim K Heilmeier, Kent State ’49 z Norman J Hietbrink, Nebraska Wesleyan ’59 Robert J Hilkemann, Nebraska Wesleyan ’66 Gregory D Hollen, Maryland ’75 z W Tim Hudson, Truman State ’97 Ronald C Jensen, Nebraska Wesleyan ’71 Thomas A Jeswald, Ohio ’63 ‹ John A Johnson, Mississippi State ’64 Larry E Jones, Nebraska Wesleyan ’70 Dr. Richard F Jussel, Nebraska Wesleyan ’59 Garry A Klingbergs, Cleveland State ’82 J Kenneth Loewen Jr, Colorado ’80 Roy O King Jr, New Mexico State ’73 David C F Lapinski, Penn State ’74 James J Lewis, Central Michigan ’04 Christopher A Macak, Florida State ’03 William C Macak, Florida State ’73 Richard A Mark, Nebraska Wesleyan ’72 Warren K Mattox, Nebraska Wesleyan ’69 Sean J McManus, East Carolina ’97 „ Joseph J McCann, Spring Hill ’74 + Richard F Michael, Michigan Tech ’70 ‹ William W Mickle II, Nebraska Wesleyan ’71 Steven F Moore, Rutgers ’99 Jack R Norris, Louisville ’65 Joshua M O’Brien, Cincinnati ’97 Timothy R O’Neill, Nebraska-Kearney ’75 James F Phalin, Idaho ’80 Donald James Phillips II, Texas-Austin ’82 z Robert E Plumleigh, Southern California ’47 Jeffrey L Rivard, Central Michigan ’65 ‹ Vonn E Roberts, Nebraska Wesleyan ’71 Ross E Roeder, Michigan State ’58 ‹ Gary L Rose, Tennessee ’83 David A Ruckman, Ohio State ’62‹„ John E Sampson, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Stanley L Schell, Oklahoma State ’02 Bryan Myron Schneider, Nebraska Wesleyan ’88 Joel Vincent Scott, Michigan Tech ’79 Daniel J Simonetti, Kansas State ’87 Randolph L Smallwood, Franklin & Marshall ’53 + Gary C Smith, Cornell ’60 Timothy F Smith, Bowling Green ’62 z Scott G Stewart, Nebraska-Kearney ’69 ‹„ Tim A Tesmer, Nebraska Wesleyan ’76 Cliff D Unger, Arizona ’98 „ G N Van Fleet, Penn State ’56 James A Walker, Nebraska Wesleyan ’67 Tyler C Wash, Georgetown ’06 Robert M Watts, Auburn ’62 +

Chapter Eternal ‹ Foundation Trustee z Distinguished Trustee „ National Councilor


When I was a student, my Phi Tau Fraternity experience and brothers were instrumental in helping mold me into the person I am today. It seems only reasonable, therefore, that now I should give back to the Fraternity that made such a difference at a critical time in my life, enhancing its capability to help other brothers blossom LQWRWKHLUIXOOSRWHQWLDO0RVWRIXVKDYHEHQHÀWHGIURP those that went before us, so why shouldn’t we reach out to help those who follow us? If we don’t give back to our Fraternity—helping current students like others helped us—who will? - John Sampson, Nebraska Wesleyan ‘60



WAYS TO GIVE BACK TO PHI KAPPA TAU ONLINE Giving online at is the quickest way to make a contribution to the Foundation. With online giving, you can make a one-time gift or establish a recurring gift in monthly, quarterly or yearly installments. CASH OR CHECK Cash or check remain the most popular methods for making donations to the Foundation. Send all correspondence to: Phi Kappa Tau Foundation Ewing T Boles Executive Offices 5221 Morning Sun Road Oxford, Ohio 45056 CREDIT CARD The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA. This method can be used for a one-time gift or establish a recurring gift in monthly, quarterly or yearly installments. To make a credit card gift, contact Administrative Assistant Angie Van Winkle at or (800) PKT-1906 x224. APPRECIATED STOCK/SECURITIES Multiple benefits are realized when using appreciated stock/ securities as a means for making a gift to the Foundation. To explore the options for appreciated stock/securities, contact Director of Development Tyler C Wash, Georgetown ’06, at or (800) PKT-1906 x271.

AUTOMATIC FUND TRANSFERS Regular monthly bank drafts make giving to the Foundation more convenient and might allow you to increase your philanthropic goals. To set up an automatic fund transfer, contact Administrative Assistant Angie Van Winkle at or (800) PKT-1906 x224. CORPORATE MATCHING GIFTS Many companies match their employee’s personal charitable contributions. Ask your employer if your company participates in a matching gift program and make the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation your nonprofit of choice. For more information on corporate matching gifts, contact Administrative Assistant Angie Van Winkle at or (800) PKT-1906 x224. PLANNED GIFTS Consider a gift of personal assets through your living will or bequest. The Foundation will work with you and your estate planner in designing a planned gift that meets your short- and long-term financial goals. Planned gifts include, but are not limited to cash, bonds, stock, securities, personal property, retirement plan assets and insurance policies. To learn more about how to give a planned gift, contact Director of Development Tyler C Wash, Georgetown ’06, at or (800) PKT-1906 x271.


Phi Kappa Tau 2012 Annual Report  

Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity's 2012 donor list, education programs and volunteers.

Phi Kappa Tau 2012 Annual Report  

Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity's 2012 donor list, education programs and volunteers.