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The Leaders of Tomorrow 2 0 1 1 A n n ua l R e p o rt P h i K a p p a Ta u F o u n d a t i o n


I see the positive difference “our leadership programs are making for today’s Phi Taus. By contributing to the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation I’m assured these unique opportunities will continue. —Warren Mattox, Nebraska Wesleyan ’69

Support the Leaders of Tomorrow True leadership is needed at every level of today’s society, from the Little League baseball field to the halls of Congress. Phi Kappa Tau has a responsibility to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow are prepared with the life skills needed to tackle the challenges of tomorrow—big and small.

ast month I attended Phi Kappa Tau’s second annual national community service event at Flying Horse Farms, just outside of Columbus, Ohio. During my time on site, I had the chance to speak with an alumnus who recently retired from a manufacturing job. He asked me, “What is our product?” The question was a basic and simple one, but I had trouble giving a definite answer. Since that time, I have been thinking about his question, and I believe I have the answer for our brother. In a manufacturing system, the first step is finding your suppliers. Phi Kappa Tau’s suppliers are volunteers, donors and engaged alumni. They supply us with the dollars and human resources to be successful in the first step of this process. And we’re lucky because our suppliers are dedicated supporters of our Fraternity’s mission. Once we input our supplies of dollars and volunteers, the Phi Kappa Tau “machine” gets to work. Leadership Academy, Regional Conferences, Presidents Academy, scholarship programs and many other areas of operations begin to function. All of these programs, scholarships, grants, and initiatives are only possible because of the volunteers who execute them and the donors who fund them. So what is Phi Kappa Tau producing? The leaders of tomorrow. As the chairman of the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation, I am pleased to present to you this year’s annual report: The Leaders of Tomorrow. Throughout this publication you will see lists of our “suppliers,” and you will learn more about the programs, scholarships, grants, and support that Phi Kappa Tau is able to offer because of our dedicated volunteers and donors. During the National Community Service Event, I met the leaders of tomorrow. They came from all parts of the country, wore different types of clothing, and had different personalities and backgrounds. They shoveled dirt, poured concrete and landscaped, but one thing united them … their mark of distinction as members of this great Fraternity and their loyalty to Phi, Kappa, and Tau. On behalf of the Foundation Board of Trustees and Foundation staff, we thank all brothers, parents, and Phriends who continue to support the mission and vision of Phi Kappa Tau. You truly are supporting the leaders of tomorrow! Best fraternal regards, David A. Ruckman, Ohio State ’62 Chairman, Phi Kappa Tau Foundation

A select group of undergraduate men have made their choice to associate with the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. These young brothers made this choice for many of the same reasons you did— friendship, scholarship and leadership. We need leaders that are true men of character, and Phi Kappa Tau is prepared to provide our young brothers with the training and experiences that only the best Fraternity can offer. For this to happen, these young men need you to make another choice for Phi Kappa Tau—to help the Foundation prepare the leaders of tomorrow.


2011 annual report

About the 2011 Annual Report The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is grateful for your generous support and is committed to being good stewards of your gifts. It is our goal to use as much of every dollar contributed as possible to support the growing number of Fraternity Men of Character programs and leadership opportunities. Accordingly, to minimize rising print and mailing costs, we are again publishing this year’s Annual Report in a cost-effective combination of print and electronic media. The printed introduction, sent to Foundation donors, is augmented by this full online report.


Foundation Board of Trustees The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity, was incorporated in 1945. Working with the Foundation staff in Oxford, the 14-member Board of Trustees leads the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation. Chairman David A Ruckman, Ohio State ’62 Retired Stockbroker, Merrill Lynch Securities

trustee Gregory M Heilmeier, Bethany ’86 Owner, Tasty Pure Food Co.

First Vice Chairman Scott G Stewart, Nebraska-Kearney ’69 President, Nebraska Print Center

trustee Joseph J McCann Jr, Spring Hill ’74 Financial Services Provider, MassMutual Financial Group

Second Vice Chairman Will S Fisher Jr, Miami ’80 Partner, Olcott Consulting Group, Inc. Director, ORION Investment Advisors, LLC

trustee Richard F Michael, Michigan Tech ’70 Owner, Richard Michael State Farm Insurance Agency

Secretary James S Hamilton, Ohio State ’63 Retired Senior Vice President, Federated Securities Corporation

trustee Stephan M Nelson, Southern Mississippi ’73 Owner, S.M.N. Properties Inc.

Treasurer Brian T Hardy, Westminster ’93 Partner, Medwig & Co.

trustee Ross E Roeder, Michigan State ’58 Chairman of the Board, Chico’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, FSWM, Inc.

chief executive officer* C Steven Hartman, Muskingum ’89 Chief Executive Officer, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and Foundation

trustee Brent Vickery, Texas-Austin ’81 Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Commercial Insurance Group LLC

trustee Steve Chaddick, Georgia Tech ’70 Managing Partner, Ridgewood Advisors, LLC

*Ex-officio, non-voting

Foundation Staff trustee John M Green, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Retired Executive Director, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and Foundation trustee Reza Hashampour, Georgetown ’82 Chairman and CEO, Polaris Asset Corporation

Chief Executive Officer C Steven Hartman, Muskingum ’89 Coordinator of Development Tyler C Wash, Georgetown ’06 Communication Coordinator Lane K S Baldwin Executive Assistant Cindy Morgan Administrative Assistant Angie Van Winkle

Mission of the Foundation

The mission of the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is to ensure the philanthropic support necessary to sustain high levels of educational programming by fostering lifelong relationships and commitment to the Fraternity’s ideals. WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

phi kappa tau foundation


How Your Donation Meet Josh. He’s a Phi Tau.

See Josh donate to the Phi Kappa Foundation. The amount doesn’t matter. Brotherhood Fund Josh’s gift to the Brotherhood Fund is an opportunity for him to play a lead role in sustaining the future of Phi Kappa Tau. His gift is unrestricted and limitless in its ability to help every member and enhance the Phi Kappa Tau experience.

Josh is a typical Phi Tau alumnus. His chapter may have been top on campus, it may have not. He may be married, he may not. He may have children, he may not. He may be making more than $60,000 a year, he may not.


( Josh’s donations are combined with other gifts.)

Men of Character Program Sponsorship Josh’s gift to a Men of Character Program Sponsorship supports the Fraternity’s premeir, individualized, leadership-development programs. His restricted dollars directly support undergraduate sponsorships.

He is proud to be a Phi Tau! He wants to give back to his Fraternity! He sees the need to support the leaders of tomorrow!


2011 annual report

Chapter Educational Grant Fund Josh’s gift to his chapter’s CEG Fund directly supports his local chapter and is restricted for the use of that local group.


Affects Phi Kappa Tau See how Josh’s donation is used. See who Josh’s donation affects. • The general budget for all Men of Character Programs • The general scholarship fund • Chapter-development programming • The Fraternity website • Alumni programing

Total Asset Comparison

From Au d ited Financial Statements

2009 - $9,140,000


$2,200,000 $3,800,000



$1,250,000 $1,060,000

2010 - $9,520,000


$386,000 $2,530,000

$4,007,000 $1,210,000 $1,250,000

Provides one undergraduate the opportunity to attend: • Presidents Academy • Leadership Academy • Regional Conference • Building Men of Character Retreat

2011 - $10,548,000


$230,000 $2,990,000

$4,580,000 $1,151,000 $1,449,000

Josh’s Chapter

n General Endowment* n Cash and Pledges Receivable n Real Estate—5221 Morning Sun Road n Named Scholarships & CEGs n Boles Trust n Other *Includes Paul A Elfers Scholarship Fund

Phi Kappa Tau Foundation • Chapter academic scholarships • Chapter academic incentives • Chapter grants for Men of Character Programs • Chapter grants for the other educational program • Chapter library’s and study rooms


Statement of Functional Expenses For Years Ending June 30 Grants & Scholarships

Alumni Relations & The Laurel

Management & General

Fundraising & Membership Development


2009 $461,015





2010 $511,462





2011 $388,637





phi kappa tau foundation


Ewing T. Boles Society

“No matter how much I do for Phi Kappa Tau, I can never repay it for all it has done for me.” —Ewing T. Boles, Centre ’14

New Annual Giving Societies The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation now has several giving societies that help the Fraternity and Foundation foster the tradition of philanthropy by honoring our most generous and loyal supporters. Making an annual gift at one of the giving society levels is a great way to support the leaders of tomorrow. Beginning in January 2012, the Foundation Board of Trustees approved the creation of three new societies that would recognize donors who give at the $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000 level annually. Chairman’s Society Membership in the Chairman’s Society is awarded to donors who contribute $10,000 or more annually. Laurel Wreath Society Membership in the Laurel Wreath Society is awarded to donors who contribute $5,000 or more annually. Red Carnation Society Membership in the Red Carnation Society is awarded to donors who contribute $2,500 or more annually. The Boles Society will remain the society that is awarded to donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually.


2011 annual report

Ewing T. Boles, Centre ’14, envisioned Phi Kappa Tau’s future as a strong, vibrant fraternity that offered the very best in leadership opportunities for young men. He established the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation in 1945 and created a vehicle for alumni to make charitable gifts to ensure that support for programming would always be available. In 1983, Boles was named an honorary founding father of the Fraternity, and that same year, he helped pioneer Phi Kappa Tau’s $3-million campaign with his personal donation of $1 million. His gift was the single, largest gift to a fraternity at that time. Because of his generosity, he was awarded the North-American Interfraternity Conference Gold Medal of Distinction. The Phi Kappa Tau Executive Offices Building in Oxford, Ohio, is named in his honor. Membership in the Boles Society is awarded to donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually.

2011 Boles Society John M Alvenus, St. John’s ’89 Apple Foundation Allan Joseph Aprea, Georgia Tech ’81 Raymond A Bichimer, Ohio State ’53  Joshua J Bleidt, Eastern Kentucky ’96  William G Braund, Westminster ’54  Norman W Brown, Ohio State ’50  Children’s Heart Foundation V F Colon, Nebraska Wesleyan ’56 Brent Cutshall, Nebraska Wesleyan ’91 John H Cuturilo, North Carolina State ’73 Daniel M Dauer, Old Dominion ’67 Christopher Davenport, East Central Oklahoma ’93 C Brent DeVore, Ohio ’61  S Cordell Dombrowski, Ole Miss ’68 James N Donaldson, Westminster ’59 Donald W Dorr, Nebraska Wesleyan ’58 Stephen M Dunn, Colorado ’66 David R Dyke, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Will Stratton Fisher III, Miami ’80  J Thomas Freeman Jr, Florida ’84 Wesley R Fugate, Centre ’99  Michael T Gabhart, Georgetown ’95 Roger W Gilbert, UC Berkeley ’50 John C Gray, Oklahoma State ’04 John M Green, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60  James S Hamilton, Ohio State ’63  Richard K Hansen, Oregon State ’58 C Steven Hartman, Muskingum ’89   Gregory M Heilmeier, Bethany ’86   Jim K Heilmeier, Kent State ’49  Norman J Hietbrink, Nebraska Wesleyan ’59 Thomas A Jeswald, Ohio ’63 Larry E Jones, Nebraska Wesleyan ’70 Rick Anthony Keltner, Sacramento State ’76 Roy O King Jr, New Mexico State ’73 Garry A Klingbergs, Cleveland State ’82 David C F Lapinski, Penn State ’74 J Kenneth Loewen Jr, Colorado ’80  Christopher A Macak, Florida State ’03 William C Macak, Florida State ’73

Douglas E Marsh, Nebraska Wesleyan ’56 Warren K Mattox, Nebraska Wesleyan ’69 Joseph J McCann Jr, Spring Hill ’74  F L (Mac) McKinley, Oklahoma State ’51  Sean J McManus, East Carolina ’97  Richard F Michael, Michigan Tech ’70  Franklin H Mills, Nebraska Wesleyan ’52 Frederick E Mills, Ohio State ’66  Robert B Mintz, Ohio State ’71 Steven F Moore, Rutgers ’99 Todd E Napier, Evansville ’83 William David Newhouse, Georgia Tech ’86 Timothy R O’Neill, Nebraska-Kearney ’75 Matthew Parker, Evansville ’93 Donald James Phillips II, Texas-Austin ’82  Robert Monroe Reese, Kent State ’87 Vonn E Roberts, Nebraska Wesleyan ’71 Ross E Roeder, Michigan State ’58  Gary L Rose, Tennessee ’83 David A Ruckman, Ohio State ’62   John E Sampson, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Stanley L Schell, Oklahoma State ’02 Paul G Scherer, Georgia Tech ’96 William R Schlichtemeier, Nebraska Wesleyan ’67 Edgar E Sego, Florida ’61 Daniel J Simonetti, Kansas State ’87 Gary C Smith, Cornell ’60 Timothy F Smith, Bowling Green ’62  Scott G Stewart, Nebraska-Kearney ’69  Tim A Tesmer, Nebraska Wesleyan ’76 Cliff D Unger, Arizona ’98  Tyler C Wash, Georgetown ’06 Robert M Watts, Auburn ’62 Foundation Trustee  Distinguished Trustee  National Councilor The entire 2011 Honor Roll of Donors is available at


Foundation Scholarships The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation provides 21 scholarships, totaling $29,000 to students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. Scholarship recipients are carefully chosen based upon their academic success, commitment to the ideals of Phi Kappa Tau, and service to their campus, community and Fraternity.

Foundation Scholarship Recipients Paul A. Elfers Omega Scholarships Michael Disotell, Westminster ’08 Matthew Ferns, Cal Poly-Pomona ’09 Anish Manglani, Rutgers ’10 Bryan Medema, Indiana ’08 Evan Wells, Washington ’08 Justin Yearwood, Oklahoma State ’09 Foundation Named Scholarships J. Oliver Amos Bryan Medema, Indiana ’08

Phi Kappa Tau truly defined my college “experience, and receiving scholarships brought that experience full circle. The scholarships helped alleviate some of the financial burden of senior year and allowed me to focus on class, spend time with my brothers and just enjoy my final year as an undergraduate. —Justin Yearwood, Oklahoma State ’09

Jack L. Anson David Torsiello, Muhlenberg ’02

Ernest H. Volwiler Benjamin Russell, Mount Union ’09

$ 25,000

Parents Fund Scholarships Henoc Preciado, Cal State-Fullerton ’10 Justin Yin, Georgia Tech ’09

$ 23,000

$ 24,000


$ 26,000


$ 27,000


Harold H. Short Lucas Commodore, Kansas ’10

$ 28,000


John Franklin S. McMullan Anish Manglani, Rutgers ’10

$ 29,000


Gregory D. Hollen John Guberud, Southern Illinois ’11

Yearly Comparison of Scholarship Dollars


Paul A. Elfers David Ward, Florida State ’08


Thomas C. Cunningham Justin Yearwood, Oklahoma State ’09

Financial assistance is in high demand. The Foundation’s long-term goal is to increase the number of scholarships in order to better serve Phi Kappa Tau members. If you are interested in funding a scholarship, contact Coordinator of Development Tyler Wash, Georgetown ’06, at or (800) PKT-1906 x271.


E. Thomas Boles Jr. Evan Wells, Washington ’08

Fund a Scholarship


Ewing T. Boles Evan Ernst, Florida State ’09


Rea Andrew Axline Matthew Ferns, Cal Poly-Pomona ’09

$ 22,000

Apply for a Foundation Scholarship

For more information about foundation scholarships, visit Scholarship forms and details are available on the website. The annual deadline for submissions is April 1. WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

phi kappa tau foundation


Men of Chara The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation supports the Fraternity’s Men of Character Programs with general and specific gifts that donors allocate for certain programs. These program sponsorships are given by members and phriends who understand the importance of leadership development. A sponsorship to one of Phi Kappa Tau’s Men of Character Programs allows the leaders of tomorrow to attend these programs at minimal cost to themselves or their chapter.

2011 Hole in the Wall Stipend Recipients Phi Kappa Tau brothers travel to Hole in the Wall Camps, now SeriousFun camps, throughout the country and overseas to serve as positive male role models. Hundreds of men volunteer as cabin counselors, activity specialists, unit leaders, and other camp staff during a week or summer as a camp counselor. The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation provides up to $300 in travel stipends to any undergraduate who volunteers at a camp.

I spent an entire summer at the closest place to heaven on earth—Camp Boggy Creek. The opportunity to work at Boggy taught me countless life lessons that have forever changed my life. I will continue to be my brother’s keeper, to live the dream, and to leave everything I have in everything I do because to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift. —Evan Ernst, Florida State ’09

Aaron Baskin, Case Western ’08 Micahel Bottino, College of New Jersey ’08 Zane Buckey, Southern Illinois ’11 Arnas Butkus, Colorado AM Efrem Z Bycer, Cornell ’06 Scott DeMunck, Bradley ’08 Jordan Dulcie, Florida State ’08 Philip Frandina, RIT ’08 Kevin Froling, Rensselaer ’09 Brad J Gergen, Southern Illinois ’11 George S Kontos, Bradley ’08 Jordan M Loeb, Indiana ’08 Andrew A Moss, Cal State-Long Beach ’10 Trent P Myers, Florida State ’08 Adam E Pruim, Southern Illinois ’11 Kevin H Ruby, Southern Illinois ’08 Doug R Shelton, Shepherd ’11 Andrew J Stewart, Bradley ’08 Josef E Tomitsch, College of New Jersey ’10

Association of Hole in the Wall Camps Changes Name The Association of Hole in the Wall Camps announced a name change and new brand at its 2012 gala in New York City. The organization is now SeriousFun Children’s Network. All camps will retain their names and logos (including the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Ashford, Conn.), but they will now be known as part of SeriousFun Children’s Network. “SeriousFun Children’s Network is making a global impact,” the organization said. “The new name—and logo—more broadly represents the network’s reach and the significant growth it has experienced over the past two decades.” The name change will not affect Phi Kappa Tau’s relationship with the organization. We hope that undergraduates and alumni alike will be reinvigorated by the new name and brand and will be inspired to volunteer and work with the camps in a greater capacity than ever before.

To learn more, visit


2011 annual report


cter Programs 2011 Men of Character Programs Sponsors Lisa A Adams LA Kenneth B Amann, Georgia Tech ’64 LA Sean M Anderson, Florida State ’96 LA Kevin J Boatright, Nebraska Wesleyan ’71 LA Children’s Heart Foundation HITW Gardner Davison Burton, Arkansas ’89 LA John R Curran, Southern California ’59 LA John H Cuturilo, North Carolina State’73 LA Daniel M Dauer, Old Dominion ’67 LA George C Davis Jr, Delaware ’47 LA S Cordell Dombrowski, Ole Miss ’68 BMC O’Neil B Feltman, Auburn ’59 LA Wesley R Fugate, Centre ’99 LA GE Foundation LA Roger W Gilbert, UC Berkeley ’50 LA John C Gray, Oklahome State ’04 HITW James S Hamilton, Ohio State ’63 LA Reza Hashampour, Georgetown ’82 LA Gregory M Heilmeier, Bethany ’86 BMC John D Hora, Indiana ’52 LA

To sponsor a Men of Character Program

visit or contact Coordinator of Development Tyler Wash, Georgetown ’06, at or (800) PKT-1906 x271

Eric A Hummell, Kent State ’82 LA Rick A Keltner, Sacramento State ’76 BMC Stephen M Kiene, Kentucky ’04 LA Garry A Klingbergs, Cleveland State ’82 LA, PA Robert Leatherman, Akron ’60 LA, BMC William C Macak, Florida State ’73 PA Richard F Michael, Michigan Tech ’70 HITW Frederick E Mills, Ohio State ’66 BMC Todd E Napier, Evansville ’83 LA Matthew Parker, Evansville ’93 HITW Thomas G Preston, Delaware ’64 HITW Edward M Rauen, Cincinnati ’98 LA Vincente P Sandy, Ohio ’02 LA Edgar E Sego, Florida ’61 BMC Allyn R Shaw, Michigan State ’85 LA Scott G Stewart, Nebraska-Kearney ’69 LA Robert M Watts, Auburn ’62 LA W Byars Wells, Transylvania ’98 LA Richard Wilson, Indiana ’81 LA Nicholas F Zappitelli, Florida State ’03 LA

LA Leadership Academy Sponsorship PA Presidents Academy Sponsorship RC Regional Conferences Sponsorship BMC Building Men of Character Retreat Sponsorship VDI Volunteer Development Institute Sponsorship HITW Hole in the Wall Stipend

Endowed Leadership Academy Fellowships The following endowed fellowships generate income that supports Leadership Academy in perpetuity: John M Green, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Todd E Napier, Evansville ’83

Men of Character Programs Impact Total number of members involved in Foundation-sponsored Men of Character programs since 2001.









461 2006


673 2005


443 2004















phi kappa tau foundation


Men of Character Program



Undergraduates enhance individual leadership and character development while deepening their understanding of Fraternity values.


Newly elected presidents gain tools for success and a structure for setting goals for their term in office.



Resident Council officers develop into chapter leaders while learning the logistics of their position. Board of Governors volunteers and Domain Directors learn how to function effectively in a chapter setting and work efficiently with undergraduates. Resident Council members build brotherhood, strengthen communication and confront barriers to chapter success.

Good to Great RETREATS

Resident Council members learn about specific operational areas. Retreats available are Recruiting Men of Character, Ritual, Executive Council and Response Ability.


Associate members learn about the history and values of the Fraternity in preparation for initiation into Phi Kappa Tau.


Resident Council members learn to maintain a safe chapter environment through the understanding of major risk areas.




Board of Governors volunteers and Domain Directors gain a baseline knowledge of their volunteer position.

THE EXCHANGE ( theexchange)

Members and friends of Phi Tau have Internet access to a wide range of resources to support learning.


Members continue the Fraternity’s commitment to Paul Newman, Ohio ’43, by enriching the lives of terminally and seriously ill children at Newman’s Camps.


Sponsored by the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), Resident Council members focus on leadership and values.

2011 annual report


Programs Target Audience Recent initiates through second-year members especially those aspiring to leadership roles Newly elected chapter and colony presidents Resident Council officers; all Resident Council and associate members are welcome Board of Governors volunteers and Domain Directors Resident Council members; Board of Governors and Housing Corporation volunteers are welcome Resident Council members

“Presidents Academy was a crash course in leadership and organizational development. It was an incredible opportunity to brain storm and problem solve with presidents from more than 50 chapters, as well as members of the national office. This experience provided me with a newly restored enthusiasm for Phi Tau, which enables me to lead my chapter with proper dedication and charisma.” —Adam Monson, Chapman ’09

Associate members Resident Council members

All Board of Governors volunteers and Domain Directors

Phi Kappa Tau Inspires Young Leaders


Through a variety of programs and fraternity experiences, we build upon the enthusiasm of our young leaders to help them grow lifelong skills and friendships.


The Men of Character Programs Phi Kappa Tau provides its members are intended to enrich the college experience of each undergraduate, create strong chapters and build brotherhood across generations.

Resident Council members

If you would like to get involved or learn more about these Men of Character Programs, contact


phi kappa tau foundation


2011 Phi Kappa Tau

Honor Roll of Donors The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is proud to present the 2011 Honor Roll of Donors. This list recognizes everyone who made a gift between Jan. 1, 2011, and Dec. 31, 2011.

Lifetime Giving Levels ∂ Α Β Γ ∆ Ε Ζ √ ♣ ∇ ∝ ♦ ⊕ Φ K T

1906 Society Alpha Circle Beta Circle Gamma Circle Delta Circle Epsilon Circle Zeta Circle Borradaile Circle Shideler Circle Boyd Circle Douglass Circle Phrenocon Circle Old Main Circle Phi Link Kappa Link Tau Link

$1 million+ $750,000+ $500,000+ $250,000+ $175,000+ $125,000+ $100,000+ $75,000+ $50,000+ $30,000+ $20,000+ $15,000+ $10,000+ $7,500+ $5,000+ $2,500+

In Case of Error Every attempt has been made to ensure the Honor Roll is accurate. If you feel the information is incorrect, contact Administrative Assistant Angie Van Winkle at or (800) PKT-1906 x224.


2011 annual report

Members who made a gift in 2011

are listed alphabetically by chapter. Boles Society members (donors who contribute $1,000 or more in 2011) are listed first in bold. Gifts from non-members are included in the Phriends of Phi Tau section. Each donor’s lifetime giving level, starting with the Tau Link at $2,500, is indicated with the symbols listed to the left. • First-Time Donors ∗ Brothers Trust (undergraduates and young alumni who have graduated in the past five years) δ Young Professionals Society (alumni between the ages of 25 and 35 who contributed $500 in 2011) + Donors who have entered Chapter Eternal


Will Stratton Fisher III ’80 Κ Douglas C Adams ’81 Κ J Frank Adams ’55 Κ David A Arnold ’56 David H Ashby ’58 Τ Charles T Ball ’82 Κ Richard L Barnhart ’51 Michael R Bichimer ’81 Theodore R Black Jr ’49 Joseph R Blanchard ’77 Donald E Boyd ’51 Fred G Breitling ’57 Τ Francis H Buhler ’47 Κ Clifford J Callahan ’02 Drew S Callahan ’06 ∗ Robert W Cantoni ’48 Κ Craig S Cobb ’74 Barry T Collins ’76 William G Corkins ’57 William E Cromer ’36 W Jeffrey Day ’76

Thomas DeJonge ’82 Thomas H Dinwiddie ’50 Norman A Dohner ’41 Mitchell T Engel ’71 Κ Mark Tyler Engle ’79 James S Ertel ’71 Kevin Douglas Fiehrer ’78 James H Fouss ’58 Patrick D Galbreath ’99 Charles P Gerstenmaier ’53 Stephen A Hart ’77 Norman G Hoyt ’66 Kenneth W Husband ’57 Edward F Jones ’47 Vincent F Krist ’53 William E Landfair ’55 David W Lawrence ’61 ⊕ Donald E Lease ’50 James C Leopold ’52 Jason C Luring ’96 William L MacDonald ’62 William G Mallory ’54 Robert L Mang ’51 WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

Chapters with the Largest Number of Donors









Alpha Delta




40 30 20 10 0

Robert J Manning ’74 Kevin Michael Martin ’81 James P McClanahan ’71 Trenton Charles Nehls ’89 Todd Allen Nutty ’80 Edwin E Ostermann ’43 James D Overly ’53 James S Parobek Jr ’81 Mark J Pawlak ’76 Kenneth S Peterson ’48 Thomas W Podwell ’58 Mark Potasiewicz ’88 William L Poulton ’57 David S Preuninger ’67 Christopher Mark Reinke ’90 Jonathan C Rucker ’77 Robert E Saltmarsh ’50 Neil M Smalley ’54 David H Stauffer ’61 Carl H Steiss ’62 Lewis T Stephan ’50 Thomas D Swepston ’54 Τ Richard L Titus ’55 Tyler Whitmer ’56 Thomas H Williams ’60


C Brent DeVore ’61 ⊕ Thomas A Jeswald ’63 Φ Richard W Borton ’63 Timothy Jon Bowie ’82 John H Brannen ’69 David G Budd ’56 Gary L Clark ’57 Lawrence W Conrad ’64 John S Doller ’50 WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

Michael P Dull ’63 Charles R Emrick Jr ’48 ∝ Timothy P Etter ’88 Howard Frankenfield ’68 Christopher Garber ’93 Eugene E Haney ’43 Τ Brian T Lawrence ’93 James C McAtee ’65 ∝ Walter R Merschat ’65 Dale E Miller ’80 David A Miller ’57 Randall L Murray ’58 Τ Roger L Porter ’49 Joe T Ruby ’69 Ivar J Samuelson ’51 Vincente P Sandy ’02 David A Stoller ’61 George V Voinovich ’56 Fred W Wagner ’57 Gordon H Young ’47

Gamma— Ohio State

Raymond A Bichimer ’53 ♣ Norman W Brown ’50 ∆ James S Hamilton ’63 √ Frederick E Mills ’66 ⊕ Robert B Mintz ’71 Φ David A Ruckman ’62 √ Robert G Andrews ’54 Τ Peter J Cruser ’ 63 Melvin Dettra ’45 + J A Dexter ’62 Steve Dibert ’82 David M Dreffer ’59 Donald E Fender Jr ’58

Michael S Fox ’04 • Donald Golas ’91 James R Harding ’51 Robert B Hibbard ’49 Κ Dan L Huffer ’57 George L Kentris ’69 • Gerald L Laughlin ’56 Michael J Lennon ’76 Judson J McIntire ’69 Jerry Moore ’83 • Bradley A Myers ’75 George R Nash ’77 • Carl S Okeson ’50 Glenn B Redick ’63 James J Rice ’61 Κ Mark P Rucker ’65 Scot Smith ’61 Jack A Soules ’46 ⊕ Harold L Stelzer Jr ’48 Thomas L Stoll ’65 Robert D Strung ’69 Thomas J Tibbitts ’51 D Rex Tracht ’65 Michael E Turley ’72 John R Workman ’68


Wesley R Fugate ’99 Τ δ Mark W Ball ’04 • Christopher T Bennett ’02 Alexander M Brown ’05 • Kenneth A Daigler ’62 Robert S Fitch ’50 Leslie A Fugate ’99 Charles E Hughes ’66 William N Jones ’02 William D Kirkland ’61 Robert P Murray ’03 • Earle V Stone ’50 J R Thompson ’62

Epsilon— Mount Union Gene S Allison ’50 Winston S Anderson ’57 Ian M Andrews ’01 Robert W Bragdon ’65 George G Cornish ’42 phi kappa tau foundation


Chapters with the Highest Participation Rate Among Living Alumni

Eta—Muhlenburg Jeff T Baird ’01 Τ David B Coover ’51 Brett W Decker ’71 • Richard R Haines ’72 Wesley A Macbeth ’11 ∗ • John J Mampe ’63






Zeta—Illinois Thomas Edward Boldt ’81 Robert W Johns ’62 Craig C Johnson ’54 Robert S Kotlarz ’49 Robert A Nejdl ’51 • Robert J Patterson Jr ’62 Thomas L Stone ’77 Mark H Weston ’70 Τ

Gamma Tau








Zeta Alpha

Andy Dordea ’43 Arthur F Dundon ’39 Roy A Fischer ’57 Alex R Koehler ’07 ∗ Paul R Marhover ’61 • Christopher S Monrad ’72 Clifford D Shields ’41 Τ Dennis C Warstler ’68 Erick J Zimmer ’95


Horace E McCready Jr ’47 Robert E Mentzer ’31 James B Schwartz ’77 Robert A Vincent ’63 James R Wagner ’50 Τ William W Wightman ’61 Christopher L Zatorski ’87 Paul C Zieger ’59 Christopher Zingaro ’89

Theta—Transylvania Tim W Collins ’78 Jack E Dorsey ’53

Donald R Philpot ’57 Τ Clifford A Pike ’65 Charles W Ransler Jr ’41 Fon Rogers II ’71 Φ W Byars Wells ’98 Garey L White ’46

Iota—Coe Michael F Beecher ’70 John F Mankopf ’65 ⊕ John Kevin Roth ’76


The Leadership Academy is a great method for Phi Kappa Tau to develop the leaders of tomorrow – not just chapter leaders, but the leaders of our communities, states, and nation. Through donations to the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation, I am proud to support the Phi Kappa Tau Leadership Academy. —Charles McKee, Oregon State ’74


2011 annual report

John L Anson ’58 Τ Frank E Barnett ’49 Robert W Burke ’69 Martin L Dunning ’07 ∗ Richard S Grossman ’74 Kurt William Hamon ’87 Ernest L Harris Jr ’66 Patrick D Keal ’04 ∗ Stephen M Kiene ’04 ∗ G Thomas Reynolds ’52 Thomas J Scott ’ 59 Michael P Smith ’97 Jeffrey R Steller ’06 ∗ Daniel V Terrell III ’68 Jerry D Westerfield ’60 Oscar F Westerfield ’64 S Joseph Westerfield ’66


Xi—Franklin & Marshall

I am overwhelmed by the many ways the Fraternity has enriched my life. I acknowledge that I owe the Fraternity a debt and obligation that I will likely never fully repay, so I continue to contribute annually to do my best to insure that other young men have the same opportunities that I was afforded. —Tom Freeman, Florida ’84

Lambda—Purdue Michael W Lennox ’79 Φ Edward E Liesse ’55 Brad M Macy ’03 David L Mattingly ’59 Albert O Roberts Jr ’42 Craig F Sears ’68 John F Shirey ’68 John F Volk ’72 William G Wagner ’65 David B Wozniak ’71 Κ

Mu—Lawrenceburg Jan A Aitken ’66 David R Anderson ’55 Robert J Dude ’61 John T Fischer ’62 Wayne W Kronquist ’56 • R J Lawrence ’58 Kenneth W Parent ’65 Κ James R Petrie ’54 R Paul Rosenheimer ’49 William H Swanstrom ’55 Eugene Wilcox ’57 WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

Nu—UC Berkeley

Roger W Gilbert ’50 ♣ Alan J Airoldi ’57 Gregory R Anderson ’76 Κ Reginald E Bayley ’56 Τ John B Dickerson ’59 Fred F Gregory ’61 Τ Hon Dale A Hahn ’62 Rodney S Harl ’90 Richard M Hutchinson ’60 Andrew M Kritscher Sr ’61 Lloyd M Langlie ’52 David H Perkins ’48 Φ Guy D Petzold ’74 William L Portello ’60 Arpad Radisay ’65 James Albert Remick III ’81 Jeff Reuvekamp ’83 Craig S Robbins ’60 Maynard B Rotermund ’49 Ross N Tucker ’50 •

John H Clark ’59 Robert A Elmer ’49 • Charles L Griffiths ’67 J Keiper Groff ’44 Curt H G Heinfelden ’66 George M Napuda ’55 Ernest G Rider ’59 Edwin E Sekowski ’57 Randolph L Smallwood Jr ’53 Joseph D Weiss ’55 Gerald R Young ’65

Omicron—Penn State David C F Lapinski ’74 ⊕ James H Adams ’52 H Michael Boyd ’66 Robert E Byrd ’69 William Collier ’55 Eugene A Gress ’53 G William Heath ’54 Robert G Kaiser II ’74 Τ Frederick Kotalik ’79 William J O’Neill ’74 Donald F Rieco ’54 Edward J Sekula Jr ’60 Mathias B Shaner ’00 • δ Howard F Thompson ’54 G N Van Fleet ’56 • Robert B Watson ’52 William C Westley Jr ’52 John W Yaag ’56

Pi—Southern California Donald R D Andree ’45 Wayne H Crawford Jr ’45 John R Curran ’59 Κ Melvin E Iizuka ’72 Michael W John ’75 William F Penney ’72 Kirk Rogers ’78 C Dean Vausbinder ’48 Rick Webb ’46

phi kappa tau foundation


States with the Largest Number of First-Time Donors 70













40 30 20 10 0

Rho—Rensselaer David Bieri ’42 Cecil L Crews ’54 William D Gutermuth Sr ’41 Jack Hawley ’69 Anthony S Hendrick ’53 • Robert F Kellis Jr ’75 Ralph G Schoeffer ’50 Edward K Scofield ’49 John C Stewart ’63 Robert J Thompson ’69 William R Waltz ’50 Τ Richard W Wilkinson ’48

Sigma—Syracuse David H Kimbrell ’52 Henry J Mack ’42 Peter C Waterman ’49

Tau—Michigan Laurence A Carr ’61 Thomas Perry Christy II ’89 Robert J Currie ’56 Harry N Kotsis ’56 ⊕ William L Powell ’55 Robert C Richter ’56 Τ Joseph J Sullivan ’50 William S Wells ’47 16

2011 annual report

Gordon G Wepfer ’52 George W Williams ’59 Rex J Youse ’54

Upsilon— Nebraska Wesleyan V F Colon ’56 Brent Cutshall ’91 • Donald W Dorr ’58 Τ David R Dyke ’60 John M Green ’60 ♣ Norman J Hietbrink ’59 • Larry E Jones ’70 • Douglas E Marsh ’56 Warren K Mattox ’69 Φ Franklin H Mills ’52 Κ Vonn E Roberts ’71 ∝ John E Sampson ’60 ♣ William R Schlichtemeier ’67 ⊕ Tim A Tesmer ’76 Κ John Melvin Allen ’82 Bill Allen ’53 Eugene C Anderson ’64 Robert F Bartle ’69 Nathan A Benson ’97 • Kevin J Boatright ’71 Φ Glenn R Colson ’60 Nicholas J Drog ’98 δ K Lowell Gaither ’58 • Tedd W Gentry ’77 James L Girardin ’56 • Jeffrey Girardin ’85 David Hennessy ’90 • Joshua P Johnson ’98 •

Robert Alan Laughlin ’76 Robert R McMaster ’58 • Charles C Morrison ’62 J Robert Morton ’61 Jack E Nispel ’54 • Richard V Odgers ’52 Τ Baxter A Papik ’00 • δ Guy Plugge ’79 Jack K Plummer ’58 Τ James W Reitz ’62 Gary Eugene Riggs ’79 Ralph C Schrader ’65 • Edward J Schrock ’62 Nicholas M Southard ’98 • Eugene V Stewart ’56 Ervin H Unvert ’51 Brandon J Urban ’99 • Robert D Vodehnal ’60 Vernon G Ward ’46 Rustin T Wellman ’97 • Trent Wimmer ’93 Michael Kevin Zlomke ’75 •


Gregory M Heilmeier ’86 ∝ Thomas S Abrams ’76 Albert R Buckelew Jr ’78 R William Burr Jr ’88 Matthew J Caradine ’93 • David S Cumming ’05 Samuel L Engel Sr ’46 John David Faber ’74 Jonathan D Gaffney ’98 Raymond H Hart ’74 Donald B Hiscox ’65 Michael C Holzworth ’96 Harry L Mainzer ’76 George B Manahan ’80 James B Mewhirter ’47 Craig A Noble ’85 Τ John H Sayers ’78 Φ Robert D Shaw ’75 • David M Shiffman ’64 Douglas C Sicchitano ’96 • Daniel Van Pelt ’92 • Samuel Vuchenich ’04 Gregory L Waite ’99


F K T D onor S potli g ht Eddie Rauen, Cincinnati ’58

Chi—North Carolina State

John H Cuturilo ’73 ♦ Cecil C Beumer ’57 Jeffrey A Doane ’94 Bobby J Ellis ’55 William G Leadbitter ’95 Jason W Patrick ’95 Τ Michael S Patrick ’70 R Scott Pollock III ’72 Delmer L Roberts ’55 Mark Conrad Rodriguez ’83 Gavin G Saldanha ’03 Harry C Tune Jr ’60 Matthew C Webber ’00


Stephen M Dunn ’66 ∇ J Kenneth Loewen Jr ’80 ⊕ Lloyd R Armstrong ’53 G Paul Bailey ’80 Richard H Brolliar ’55 Robert B Chamberlain ’62 David Dietz ’83 Bryce A Frey ’53 Robert R Jindra ’45 Clifford C Long ’49 • Thomas J McWilliams ’66 Mark Joseph Motta ’83 • Joseph V Pitrofsky Jr ’78 Frank C Prager ’45 • Alvin M Reece ’46 William C Starr Jr ’53 Charles F Steineger III ’66 James B Wines ’47

Omega— WisconsinMadison Louis P Burke ’85

Alpha Alpha— Michigan State Ross E Roeder ’58 ∆ Norman E Anderson ’51 WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

“Phi Kappa Tau has given me more than I could ever repay. We consider it an honor to contribute to an organization that has made such an impact on my life. We hope that our monetary support will provide that opportunity to current and future Phi Taus for years to come.” FKT Involvement: Past Leadership Consultant

Profession: Vice President of Development, National MS Society, Ohio Valley chapter Family: Wife, Jessica, and sons, Trey (2) and Samuel (6 months)

Favorite Sports Team: Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, University of Cincinnati Bearcats Life Philosophy: Carpe diem

Fred C Cotter ’51 Gregory A Danziger ’93 Joseph F Galvin ’61 Harley G Hecksel ’50 Robert L Longyear ’42 George F McGregor ’39 Allyn Radcliffe Shaw ’85 Τ Ernest C Weigele ’58

Alpha Gamma— Delaware James Andrew Bishop ’83 Jeffrey Alan Brittingham ’81 George C Davis Jr ’47 Τ Brian T Gilbert ’72 Paul C Harrison ’70 Edward K Kimmel ’56 Alfred T Lynam Jr ’60 Thomas G Preston ’64 Peter W Reiter ’57 Carl M Sautter ’49

Allen H Streett ’60 Donald S Sumner ’62 Joseph Raymond Whiteoak Jr ’57 Ronald T Wood Jr ’61 Randolph S Young III ’66 Τ

Alpha Delta— Case Western Jon L Bartos ’62 David R Bashaw Jr ’42 Raymond W Bender ’53 Steven E Binzel ’08 ∗ Brian H Browne ’06 ∗ • Larry Enterline ’71 William K Fullerton ’54 Kenneth C Garman ’44 Robert J Gridley ’50 Thomas O Haig ’41 James E Herkner ’72 Ralph R Huston ’45 Τ Daniel N Kosareo ’74 phi kappa tau foundation


Alpha Epsilon— Kansas State Daniel J Simonetti ’87 ⊕ Vance L Carson ’50 Paul D Chaffee ’71 Kevin D Finson ’71 Tom D Huecker ’63 Τ Eric Alan Hummell ’82 Τ

Alpha Zeta— Oregon State

Richard K Hansen ’58 ⊕ Elmo L Bowman ’50 Donald A Corlett Jr ’58 Charles E McKee ’74 Τ Steven J Mulkey ’68 Sante P Valpiani ’68 George B Webb Jr ’50

Alpha Eta—Florida J Thomas Freeman Jr ’84 Φ Edgar E Sego ’61 ∇ Gerorge Q Biegler III ’62 • Maurice C Coleman ’56 Gerald B Curington ’69 Φ Donald C Daniel ’61 Τ William R Goacher ’58 George F Gramling ’50 • Leroy H Gross ’51 Arthur H Hanson ’49 Albert A Hazen ’58 18

2011 annual report

Chapters with the Largest Number of First-Time Donors 30





Alpha Delta

7 Beta Xi


9 Phi





Kermit D Kuhl ’54 James F Lavelle Jr ’61 Stephen A Legge ’67 Justin R Long ’09 ∗ • Philip E Orbanes ’66 Paul E Plank ’69 Dale R Richmond Jr ’67 C Allan Schurr ’41 John W Seferian ’69 Joseph J Sulc ’74 Irland L Tashima ’67 Edward J Tatman ’68 Daniel L Whipple ’62 Colin Williams ’10 ∗ • John M Zamojski ’05 •

15 10 5 0

Jack E Heiss II ’70 Ronald R Lyman Jr ’83 Leonard J Lyons ’ 58 Thomas Don McGurk ’83 Τ David J Pesek ’69 James L Rhoden III ’92 Κ Victor C Smith ’63 Τ Barrett B True ’56

Alpha Theta— William & Mary

Brandon Bleakley ’09 ∗ • David E Heenan ’64 Michael P Hennessy ’76 Erik C Jones ’05 • Jeffrey P King ’73 Roy D Lorenz ’48 George L Nance Jr ’66 David Joseph Ryan ’88 Herman A Schmidt Jr ’58 Michael Francis Sola ’88

Alpha Kappa— Washington State Michael E Archer ’53 Τ Rocky Armfield ’68 Thomas W Hodgson ’48 Robert D Kannberg ’62 • William E Krebs ’59 James L McCaughan ’53 • Robert K McMillan ’68 Τ Gottlieb E Ribary ’53

Alpha Lambda— Auburn

Robert M Watts ’62 Φ Boyce W Cook ’57 Τ John T Drew ’01 O’Neil B Feltman ’59 Κ Preston L Hassler Jr ’56 Τ Michael S Henry ’88 Russell A Kelly ’ 76 W Mark Leslie ’80 Jonathan M Loden ’96 Matthew Morrison ’91 Robert J Pirkle Jr ’60 Κ Sigmund M Redelsheimer ’48 Donald P Toole ’60 G J Wood ’71

Alpha Mu— Ohio Wesleyan Wayne H Buxton ’56 •

Alpha Nu— Iowa State James D Alexander Jr ’55 Lewis W Allen ’67 George J Knox ’60 Τ Galen R Zumbach ’73


Alpha Omicron— Lafayette Robert L Blackwell ’48 Robert H Gottheiner ’59 Donald E White ’59

Alpha Pi— Washington Stanley J Dorst ’49 Tyler Kamstra ’08 ∗ • John L Warren ’62

AlphaRho— Georgia Tech

Allan Joseph Aprea ’81 Φ William David Newhouse ’86 Κ Paul G Scherer ’96 Κ δ Barton Allison ’68 Kenneth B Amann ’64 William Aprea ’91 Robert L Bartholomew ’63 Jeffrey S Berlin ’96 William R Cook ’71 Benjamin Tilford Coomes ’89 Thomas W Donaldson ’51 William D Drinkard ’67 Φ Robert S Duggan Jr ’49 Richard W Galphin Jr ’48 Τ Christopher D Heffernan ’94 Howard T Kaplan ’96 δ John Anthony Karafanda ’88 Don D King ’47 Douglas O Maddox ’69 John F McMillen ’53 Jacob C Neal ’97 δ Donald A Nordal ’52 William H Pressly Jr ’49 Richard E Rabe ’53 Luther V Weathers ’58 Daniel K Weir ’78 Wendell M Williams Jr ’51


Alpha Sigma— Colorado State

Wilder D Bancroft II ’62 • John F Gaarde ’63 Stewart V Golden ’59 • Allan J Howard ’66 Robert W Johnson ’65 Larry C Jones ’63 Τ Michael Steven Lind ’79 Edwin M Rosser ’61 David L Stout ’67 J Gary Wagner ’61 Τ

Alpha Tau— Cornell

Gary C Smith ’60 ⊕ Mark O Bara ’62 Scott Conroe ’01 David M Gatti ’51 Edward D Griffith Jr ’59 Auvo I Kemppinen ’51 Edward W Killam ’68 Thomas H McNamee ’66 John E Owens ’48 Glenn A Peterson ’72 John M Scarangello ’69 Glenn Leonard Smith ’81 Donald E Snyder Sr ’49 ∇ Edgar J Stevenson ’67 Adam S Tope ’01 Jack H Zinn ’86 Φ

Alpha Upsilon— Colgate Robert A Boyd ’50 Τ Otis P Hutchins ’51 • Gregory L Thronton ’65

Alpha Phi—Akron Elton A Coleman ’45 Donald E Cort ’46 Donald J Coughlin ’61 Robert L Croye ’54 Gerald J Glinsek ’59 Τ John A Haas ’65 Ray C Kelly ’69 Τ Nicholas J Krolikowski ’06 ∗ Robert Leatherman ’60 ♦ Bernard J Lemmon Jr ’55 Τ Patrick J McArdle ’64 Tim Norman ’76 Terry J Renninger ’61 Τ Charles E Schultz ’71 Τ Robert B Scott ’48 Forrest J Westfall Jr ’71 Robert L Wiseman ’71 John C Wyler ’61

Alpha Chi— Mississippi State Billy F Anderson ’53 Joseph D Bristow ’49 Joseph V Dawsey III ’69 William A Horne ’57 Malcolm N Outlaw III ’67 Joseph J Schneider Jr ’64

Brothers Trust Brothers Trust is a group of Phi Kappa Tau leaders, undergraduates and recent graduates, who have decided to expand their support of their Fraternity by making a financial contribution to the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation. Through their participation in Brothers Trust, these undergraduates and recent graduates join other Phi Taus in supporting the Fraternity in establishing an early and commendable pattern of giving that will help the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity today and for generations to come. phi kappa tau foundation


Young Professionals Society Alpha Psi— Texas-El Paso William D Calderhead ’41 Larry W Langberg ’63

Alpha Omega— Baldwin-Wallace Daniel Arutt ’58 Warren G Barr ’64 Robert B Buchanan ’47 • James S Connell ’76 Michael D Dovilla ’94 Τ δ James Fuller ’89 Kenneth B Hicks ’48 Jeffrey D Keller ’99 • Gordon B Minnis ’55 Richard G Neptune ’69 Norman E Temple ’43 •

The Young Professionals Fund is an opportunity for our young alumni to begin a discipline of giving and play a lead role in sustaining the future of Phi Kappa Tau. It is at the absolute core of a long tradition of our alumni stepping forward to advance the Fraternity, ensuring that the quality of the experience remains high for members in years to come.

Beta Alpha— Texas-Austin

Donald James Phillips II ’82 ♣ John W Anderson ’51 Paul A Clinkscales ’54 Joseph C Goulden Jr ’53 • David T Griffin ’66 Τ Joel B McCarty Jr ’56 Τ Paul Wayne Midkiff ’80 Τ John R Sims ’66 Eric James Weig ’83

Beta Beta— Louisville

“I continue to support the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity because of the example set for me by my fraternity brothers who guided me and helped me grow those many years ago. I honor our enduring friendship and those memories by helping other young men.” —Vonn Roberts, Nebraska Wesleyan ’71


2011 annual annual report report 2011

Thomas J Berkey ’58 Robert L Boegershausen ’47 Robert Keith Bowman ’76 • David E Bybee ’65 William Gary Caufield ’50 John M Davis ’60 S David Hickerson ’68 Charles E Horrell Jr ’70 • John B Huber ’55 Christopher L Krieg ’94 Forrest S Kuhn Jr ’65 Τ Anthony E Martin ’75 Glenn E Martin Jr ’73 John L Martin ’57 Peter Enrique Matallana ’77 Theodore L Merhoff ’57 Gary W Murphy ’65 Trey Pippin ’09 ∗ • James P Reed ’53 David W Robinson ’52

William J Roby Jr ’91 Edwin A Schroering Jr ’48 Jeffrey C Sellins ’64 Robert Ray Tate ’86 Joseph M Thomas ’69 Robert P Thompson ’50 Brian S Triplett ’79

Beta Gamma— Idaho Robert N Acock ’48 Delbert D McNealy ’49 Keven Paul Prather ’81 •

Beta Delta— U of Miami Robert J Novak ’48

Beta Epsilon— Southern Mississippi H L Barber ’52 Milburne C Cassady Jr ’65 Ronald R Day ’69 Κ John H Leavitt Jr ’81 Larry Payne ’66 Owen D Rawls ’59 David Eugene Reiter II ’80 Jesse Albert Stephens ’81 Elliott Voivedich ’85


Beta Zeta— New Mexico State Roy O King Jr ’73 John E Fountain ’71 Norman L Marley ’54 John E Scruggs ’60 Robert W Tobey Jr ’71 Τ Paul Tolbert Jr ’60 David K White ’00

Beta Eta— New Mexico William A Alfano ’49

Beta Theta— Kansas Robert J Cooper ’55 Robert Green ’87 • William D Martin ’57 David R Myers ’68 Andrew F G Paterson ’85 Austin R Pickering ’48 Robert L Rudrauff ’48 Edwin A Stene ’54

Beta Iota— Florida State

Christopher A Macak ’03 Φ δ William C Macak ’73 ⊕ Sean M Anderson ’96 Robert V Ford ’57 Walter M Garrard II ’68 George C Goller ’64 Jonathon C Macak ’07 ∗ Michael A Macak ’72 Matthew Marone ’08 ∗ • Harry A Mullikin Jr ’49 Τ Henry W Persons Jr ’64 Nicholas F Zappitelli ’03


Beta Kappa— Oklahoma State

John C Gray ’ 04 Κ F L (Mac) McKinley ’51 ∝ Stanley L Schell ’02 Τ δ William K Emerson ’61 David F Fulton ’67 Κ Timothy E Harper ’81 Heath Hignight ’91 • Allen D Jones ’77 William J Mildfelt ’60 • Clyde D Nevins ’52 Lee C Raney ’49 Virgil Richard ’57 Τ Randall G Schuermann ’67 George A Seamands ’51 Matt C Wampler ’11 ∗ •

Beta Lambda— Indiana James R Carter ’56 Rafe H Cloe ’54 Jon T Gardner ’50 Τ John D Hora ’52 Κ Garlan W Howard ’51 William H Lewis ’49 Κ Paul A Linder ’56 Jordan M Loeb ’06 ∗ William A Moorman ’84 Denis J Stillman ’80 Richard Wilson ’81 Κ

Beta Mu—Kent State Jim K Heilmeier ’49 ∇ Robert Monroe Reese ’87 Φ Peter P Bosomworth ’50 David Britt ’87 Charles E Dougherty ’56 Michael L French ’88 John Thomas Grim ’88 Charles S Harrison ’56 Terry H Hilson ’60 William R Loeb ’50 Τ David L Prior ’58 Jason James Reckard ’87 David R Renninger ’61

Beta Nu— San Diego State

Wallace T Featheringill ’50 •

Beta Xi—Georgia Bill Crane ’80 ♦ John B Dodson ’97 Patrick F Fitzgibbons Jr ’50 Victor U Grose Jr ’68 • Frank Hartley ’97 • Steve H Huppert ’66 Robert MacInnes ’64 Τ Francis G Moscardelli ’62 Carroll D Padgett Jr ’67

Building History The Building History Initiative offers you the chance to individually sponsor any of the items listed below.

Bronze Chapter ShieldS Personalized BrickS Naming Opportunities Sponsorships can also be shared among multiple people or items can be names on behalf of a chapter. This is an exciting chance to be a central figure in Phi Tau history.

phi kappa kappa tau tau foundation foundation phi


Stephen C Rogers ’68 W Bryan Shipman Jr ’64 Kirk Kelly Smith Jr ’80 Charles K Thackston ’75 Robert I Thompson Jr ’53 T Paul Vivian ’69

Beta Omicron— Maryland Gerald N Bloom ’55 Steve Brannan ’79 Τ Lee Clark ’91 • Benton D Cook ’66 Allan D Etridge ’64 Richard Paul Fischer ’81 Ralph P Hamilton ’58 Gregory D Hollen ’75 ♣ Paul Kitsoulis ’10 ∗ • Matthew Maschler ’91 ♦ Richard L Mullikin ’75 Nicholas C Nicholas ’49 Timothy O Simon ’76 Κ Mark P Staver ’75

Beta Rho—UCLA Raymond S Bernardo ’56 Joseph V Errico ’50 George Ohanian ’49 • Ronald F Ulrich ’56 Vincent H Zimmerer ’48

Beta Sigma— Idaho State

James J Christensen ’51 •

Beta Tau— Bowling Green

Timothy F Smith ’62 ∝ William J Ault ’80 Mark D Barnhill ’52 Ernest K Bouyack ’59 Gary H Fernwood ’52 F Fredrick Fether ’51 ∝ Thomas L Gerken ’56 Richard M Henningsen ’55 Michael S Hirsch ’70 William D Jenkins ’57 ⊕ L Edward Kime ’51 Ronald P Konkle ’51 Charles F Kurfess ’50 Robert B Maule ’51 Τ Harold J McGrady ’51 Bernard C Meyers ’52 Τ Thomas D Minarcin Sr ’56 Jonathan R Nicholson ’63 Τ Matthew Michael Palmer ’90 Brian W Phillips ’63 Richard H Ritchie ’58 Τ Donald G Ross ’59 Τ Warren W Ruggles ’57

Brotherhood Fund Contributions in 2011 National Council/ Board of Trustees/Staff $29,282

Phriends of Phi Tau $7,958

Steven D Springer ’94 Russell J Suchy ’62 Eric W Tom ’71

Beta Upsilon— Hobart Kenneth A Kreinheder ’58 John J Reinheimer ’ 56

Beta Phi— Westminster

William G Braund ’54 Ζ James N Donaldson ’59 Τ Robert W Buehner Jr ’72 Raymond Dunham ’62 Douglas W Henderson ’60 Brian R Kocian ’00 Will Maurer II ’50 Κ Ralph D Scott ’53 John H Stoyle ’55 Mark D Swank ’74 Κ

Beta Chi— Southern Illinois P Bradley Baird ’68 Τ Donald Ballestro ’73 Anthony D Butkus ’68 Robbie Falkenrath ’08 ∗ • Andrew R Fruth ’08 ∗ Daniel F Serritella ’64 Raymond R Sophie ’08 ∗ • Robert Taflinger ’53 Thomas E Wehrle ’53 Τ James C Zakos ’68

Beta Psi— Cal State-Long Beach Alumni $108,142

Undergraduates $604


2011 annual report

Dhar E Carman ’61 Τ Randy Messenger ’77 Daniel G Miller ’64 Ronald P Milligan ’59 James A Reed ’63 Jerry W Ross ’68 Laurence E Simpson ’69


Gamma Alpha— Michigan Tech Richard F Michael ’70 ⊕ Harry M Askin Jr ’ 60 Michael J Audit ’69 Robert A Bunce III ’62 James W Doman ’67 Ernest R Griff ’58 John R Keagle ’60 Eric H Kent ’63 Terry Kinzel ’68 Scott R La Beau ’76 Jack A Labo ’60 Alex Lukasik ’74 Thomas J Morrison ’63 Jerome J Myers ’64 Larry P Sabourin ’60 Carl W Sherman ’61 Τ Alan Jon Sipinen ’79

Gamma Beta— Cincinnati Harry W Archer ’64 Lewis A Assaley ’67 Arthur Belknap ’90 Larry O Cazavan ’64 Steve Fitzer ’70 Κ James L Higgins ’64 Joseph A Huseman ’69 Brent E Kassner ’01 • Robert E Kassner ’09 Raymond B Loase ’61 Chris Majestic ’93 WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

Gamma Delta— Northern Michigan Jeffrey J Duberville ’86 James R French ’62 John A Hale ’69 Steven James Koch ’87

Gamma Epsilon— U of the Pacific Christopher M Bates ’74 Lamont D Boyd ’70 •

Gamma Zeta— Connecticut

Vincent A Ciarpella ’62 • Howard F Crossman Jr ’63 Frank J Maresca ’62 John Paganoni ’61 Kenneth J Vonasek ’67

Gamma Eta— East Carolina

Sean J McManus ’97 Φ δ Matthew T Benton ’03 • Samuel D Vaughan III ’76




West Virginia



John M Alvenus ’89 ♦ Thomas G O’Brien ’61 Lawrence H Pettit ’62 Thomas P Ryan ’60 John N Shioris ’60



Gamma Gamma— St. John’s






Rowland Denney ’58 • Ronald M Fear ’58 Douglas C Hall ’64 William Keever ’66 Τ Robert D Kittredge ’66 Τ Bruce G Pentland ’67 Eugene F Rockeman ’58 Russell I Tanaka ’ 63 Kirt Steven Vitt ’87


South Carolina

Beta Omega— Cal State-Chico

Joshua M O’Brien ’97 Τ δ Michael E Plett ’62 Τ Nicholas R A Rachford ’64 Κ Edward M Rauen ’98 Τ δ James L Rudd ’63

States with the Highest Participation Rate Among Living Alumni


Gamma Iota— Sacramento State Rick Anthony Keltner ’76 Φ James A Halderman ’63 John R Ousley Jr ’76 Steven L Schutte ’63 • Daniel M Turner ’66

Gamma Kappa— CW Post Alexander B Moar ’64

Gamma Lambda— Central Michigan John L Kaczynski ’04 Graydon L Nouis ’03 • Jeffrey L Rivard ’65 Φ John R Sabol ’94

Gamma Mu— Bradley John F Bacilek ’70 William H Blum ’68 James L Davis ’69 Anthony T De Persia ’67 Brian P Dunne ’77 Robert C McLaren ’65 Scott E Nass ’93 Russell T Wayne ’71 Gary L Wright ’62 phi kappa tau foundation


States with the Largest Number of Donors








Tom Barron ’68 Ronald Joseph Ola ’77




Gamma Chi— Delta State





Gamma Psi— Texas StateSan Marcos Robert Gorsuch ’83 •


Delta Beta— Evansville Gamma Nu—RIT Patrick J Best ’04 Thomas S Davis ’67 Peter G Drexel ’68 Philip Frandina ’08 ∗ • John Linehan ’89 • Timothy John Moonan ’82 Joseph J Murphy ’66 Gary Proud ’66 Robert A Uzenoff ’69

Gamma Xi— East Central Oklahoma

Christopher Davenport ’93 Τ Alan D Ross ’71

Gamma Omicron— Cal State-Fullerton Donald C Alger ’66 Eric Bayani ’88 • Raymond A Carlos ’01 Oren C Crothers ’66 • Robert A Wohlers ’67

Gamma Pi— Youngstown Grey A Glover ’68 John A Scoff Jr ’67 •

Gamma Rho— Nebraska-Kearney Timothy R O’Neill ’75 Τ Scott G Stewart ’69 Ζ Steven L Fisher ’67 Lloyd L Lipska ’66 Steve Tomlinson ’93 Kenneth M Ushio ’69

Gamma Tau— Old Dominion Daniel M Dauer ’67 Τ Thomas S Burrell ’71 Jon F Hays ’07 Τ ∗ Earl J Powell ’10 ∗ • Noah E Scully ’08 ∗ •

Gamma Upsilon— Spring Hill Joseph J McCann Jr ’74 ∇ Peter J Foote ’79 George M Simmerman Jr ’78 David D Zinn ’67 Τ


2011 annual report

Todd E Napier ’83 ∇ Matthew Parker ’93 ⊕ Joel C Everett ’98 Robert C Fornges ’68 Τ Robert E Mackey ’75 Martin D Ulrich ’71

Delta Gamma— Ole Miss

S Cordell Dombrowski ’68 ⊕ Wiley N Boland Jr ’70 G Randall Jones Jr ’70 Charles L Leemon III ’69 ∝ Michael R Smith ’70 Charles J Woodall ’79 Κ

Delta Epsilon— St. Cloud Gary P Baumann ’69 David A Evensen ’96 Justin C Wampach ’94

Delta Zeta— Emporia State Dennis W Donahoo ’71 Mark R Shaw ’70


F K T D onor S potli g ht Jeff Steller, Kentucky ’06

Delta Eta—Marshall James D Kegley ’70

Delta Theta— Georgetown

Michael T Gabhart ’95 Τ δ Tyler C Wash ’06 ∗ Jared Dustin Brown ’05 ∗ Dennis R Chaney ’82 Richard J Feindel ’70 Reza Hashampour ’82 Τ David C Huffman ’76 ⊕ Larry L Mayne ’70 Joseph R Raymond Jr ’98 Τ Scott Edward Robertson ’90 Keith B Thomson ’98

Delta Kappa— Tennessee

Gary L Rose ’83 Κ Scott Brown ’88 Michael J CasaSanta ’03 Richard L Hodgdon ’75 Jordan R Marshall ’01

“I think the best way to pay back all of the Foundation donations and volunteers hours that made my undergraduate experience possible is to continue doing the very same for the next generation.” FKT Involvement: Ohio Valley Domain Director Profession: Post-bacc student at Northern Kentucky University, pursuing medical school pre-reqs

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox

Favorite Hobby: Other than Phi Tau ... antiquing

Life Philosophy: Every one of your actions has a domino effect. Act positively and you’ll change the world.

Delta Lambda— Muskingum C Steven Hartman ’89 Φ Philip R Cook III ’73 Timothy Scott Coss ’84 James R Gray ’ 71 Charles W Johnson ’71 • Shawn J Smith ’84 Michael S Thomin ’71

Delta Mu—Santa Fe Gregory T Davis ’71 Michael G Sena ’71

Delta Nu— Wright State Chad A Clark ’02 Rob Fecke ’94 Christopher G Hoff ’94 Kenneth Jordan ’74 ⊕ Rick Ned Scarff ’76

Delta Xi— Cleveland State

Delta Rho— Eastern Kentucky Joshua J Bleidt ’96 Τ δ

Delta Sigma— Webber

S Philip Ford ’81 Κ John Joseph Logsdon ’88

Garry A Klingbergs ’82 Κ Glen A Oches ’74 WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

phi kappa tau foundation


Delta Tau— Cal Poly-Pomona

Epsilon Alpha— Texas A&M

Justin Rezvani ’09 ∗ Corey L Wilson ’82 Τ

Peter Aughney ’90 • Walter R Chao ’93 Michael K Reed ’90

Mark Gregory Artlip ’88 Dennis Lee Mollgaard Jr ’86

Delta Phi— Arkansas

Epsilon Beta— West Virginia Tech Anthony S Spadaro ’11 ∗ •

Gardner Davison Burton ’89 G Todd Pharr ’84

Michael S Morgioni ’84

Epsilon Lambda— Longwood

Christopher J DuMont ’89 Jeffrey D Lewis ’97 Τ Dennis Morgan ’91 Τ Scott R Petrie ’95

Delta Psi—Rider Michael J Cerulo ’04 Mark A Scher ’85 Shaun Stalker ’90 Τ

Christopher D Dalton ’94 Robert Harrell ’94

Epsilon Mu— UNC-Pembroke

Epsilon Eta— Oswego State

Sean Bagwell ’93

Russell S Byer ’90 David A Monk II ’89 Τ Stephen Rupprecht ’91 Φ Ciro Vitiello ’91

Delta Omega— Truman State W Tim Hudson ’97 δ Scott W Symank ’97 Stephen C Williams ’98

Epsilon Kappa Rutgers

Steven F Moore ’99 Φ δ George M Lambrinos ’01

Epsilon Gamma— College of New Jersey

Delta Chi— Rochester

Epsilon Theta— San Francisco State

Epsilon Nu— Clemson

Christopher S Braciszewski ’00 • Craig D DeLucia ’95 Adam D Goetz ’95

Yearly Giving comparisons







# Donors






# New Donors






Average Gift













2011 annual report


F K T D onor S potli g ht Allyn Shaw, Michigan State ’85

Epsilon Xi—Pace Marciano Filippone ’98

Epsilon Pi— Northern Kentucky James M Clark ’04

Epsilon Sigma— Chapman

“Phi Kappa Tau has been such a strong influence on

John O Resurreccion ’02 Trevor T Sullivan ’09 ∗ •

who I am today. The Ritual has helped center me and be the guide for improvement. The friendships and mentors have been many which have helped

Epsilon Tau— Arizona

me find my path through life. I want others to be able to experience what I have been given over

Cliff D Unger ’98 Φ δ Craig R Haubrich ’00 •

the years through the great men who have come before me.”

Epsilon Phi— Indiana State

FKT Involvement: Building Men of Character Retreats Dean Profession: Associate Director of Faculty and Organizational Development and Director of Leadership Development Programs, Office of the Provost, Michigan State University

Brandon C Holloway ’99 •

Epsilon Chi— Virginia Tech

Ryan J Oberleitner ’09 ∗ •

Favorite Sports Team: Michigan State, Pittsburgh Steelers Favorite Hobby: Traveling

Life Philosophy: “You can never stick your foot in the same river twice.” —Euphratian Pharaoh

Zeta Alpha— Belmont

James J Lenning ’09 ∗ • Michael D Lummus ’06 ∗ E Evan Moore ’10 ∗ • Jeffrey H Rupright ’06 William A Shipp III ’07 ∗

Zeta Beta— Saginaw Valley State Jason A Sweet ’09 ∗ •

North Texas Colony Stuart Presley ∗ • Tawfiq M Shah ∗ •


phi kappa tau foundation


Phriends of Phi Kappa Tau Apple Foundation ∝ Children’s Heart Foundation Ζ Epsilon chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta • Lisa A Adams Thomas & Ellen Adamson Bridgett Akalovsky • Magbic Aleman •

Victor Allums • Doris Alsip • Brice & Cynthia Anderson James B Anderson Mary J Annos • Myra Bemis Mary Ellen Betz James & Stacey Brennan Barbra Brummett • Brenda Buchwald • Katherine J Bufano Margaret L Burner Michael Burns • Billy Byrd • David Callahan Patricia Campo • Thomas M Carmazzi •

Cat Sohor: 2012 Phriends of Phi Tau Chairwoman Cat Sohor, Theta Phi Alpha, currently lives in Boston, Mass., where she works for Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is the assistant director of fraternities, sororities and independent living groups and is also responsible for the advisement of the 25 member organizations of the IFC. Sohor’s volunteerism with Phi Kappa Tau began in 2009 when she served as a character coach at Leadership Academy. She has since been a leadership coach at Leadership Academy 2011 and smallgroup facilitator at the 2010 Presidents Academy, and she is currently a Regional Conference curriculum team member.


2011 annual report

Leslie Carpenter • Jerry & Barbara Caudle • Robert & Lynn Claycomb • Kenny Cleaner • Susan Coldiron • Sharon Collard • Donald & Bonnie Cook • Elaine Coonley William A Dacko Lisa M Daniel • Michele B Dauphin Ngia Do • Paula Do • Gary C Duncan • William Dunn • Melissa Easley • Mary & Michael Egan • Barbara L Ehrlich • Mary Elmlinger • Jane Evans • Betty Farris • Lisa Film • Larry & Lanna Fineman • Thomas & Gail Flanagan Clyde Fogle • Carol Ford • John Ford • Kimbal Ford • Daniel Frantz • Erin Gabbert • Debbie Gaddis • Barbara A Gahafer • The Generosity Trust • David & Ranea Gibson • Wilma Gibson •


Phriends of Phi Tau The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is honored by the outstanding generosity of parents, corporations and phriends. During 2011, 183 Phriends of Phi Tau made gifts to the Foundation totaling $7,958.06.

Betty Gliklich • Dale Gliklich • Richard Gliklich • Henry & Gloria Goldberg • Janice Goodman • Sidney Guller Jennifer I Hadon • Roger & Martha Hahus • Tammi Hahus • John N Hammond George Hanrahan Jr • Jacqueline A Hartlage • Eric Hassell • Kurt Hassell • Martha Hassell • Ricardo Henandez • Sean Hunt • Elizabeth Imel Adams • Michelle Imel Adams • Roseann Jackson • Lynda Jenkins • Gregory & Susan Johnson • Sybil Johnson • Metty Joseph • Asha Joyce • Mary Judson • Jim & Barbara Kapfhammer Martha L Kemp William Killoran • Deanne King • Margaret Kirsch • Richard Kocian James Lagana • Kenneth A Lear • Floyd Leary • Lisa A Leary • Legacy Financial Group • Bessie & Thomas Linvill Elizabeth Linville • Donna Long •


Carol Lyon Karol Mangione • Anthony J Marano Larry Marshall • Karen McCombs • Blair McDow • Earl McFadden • Jeff & Debbie McNaul Karen Meadows Lori Melton • Skip Merritt • Arthur & Rebecca Metcalf • Gary Metcalf • Marilyn Metcalf • Jeffrey Michaels Deborah Miller • The Minneapolis Foundation • Norma B Mocogni Nancy Moes • Cynthia L Morgan Clifton & Anna Morris • Antoinette C Murphy • Christine Olson • Thomas & Loretta Olson • Don Orr • Virginia M Ozag • Christopher Piacentini • Mary Ann Pieper • Iris Porush • Carol Prady • Hilma Prather • Ted & Stasia Puzio Bruce & Kimberly Pyles • Richard & Eleanor Racek • Emmett & Michelle Raitt Mary Jane Rice Kathleen & Richard Rodney • Cheryl S Ruse Michele Rush • Dennis Sander •

Joan F Santos • Michael Santos • Thomas Santos • Deborah A Sarver • Julia Sarver • Patricia Satos • Robin Savio • Dwight Sears • Elizabeth Simons • Christian H Smith • Catherine Sohor Elizabeth J Spiker • Vera Stewart • Stephen & Julia Swan John Tartaglia Ashbrooke Tennis Team • George Thomas • Joseph & Carrie Thompson • Melanie Tinsley • Connie Tritt • McConnell Family Trust • Community Trust Bank Gayle Waddell • Linda Weiss • Leonard D Whatley Margaret White • Howard Williams • Wes Winchell • Sandra J Witt • Ferlin Wright • Terry Yeatts • Lawrence & Maria Zamojski James Zeller Beginning in 2012, Phi Kappa Tau’s Phriends of Phi Tau program is changing. In the past, all parents, corporations and non-member supporters of the Foundation were listed as Phriends of Phi Tau. Under the leadership of Chairwoman Sohor, the Fraternity and Foundation is realigning the mission of the program. Moving forward, the distinction of a Phriend of Phi Tau will be granted to all non-members that support the Foundation through a donation and volunteers who give of their time.

phi kappa tau foundation


Heritage Society The Heritage Society was established to honor and recognize alumni and friends of the Fraternity who have made provisions for future generations of students through will bequests, life insurance, trusts, and other planned gifts. The plus sign (+) represents those Phi Kappa Tau brothers who have entered Chapter Eternal. Their legacy continues to live on through their gift to the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation.

Alpha—Miami Charles T Ball ’82 Beta—Ohio John D Good ’47 Roger D Humphrey ’34 + James C McAtee ’65 Gamma—Ohio State Norman W Brown ’50 Melvin Dettra ’45 + Lawrence L Fisher ’60 James S Hamilton ’63 Dan L Huffer ’57 Delta—Centre Ewing T Boles ’14 + Epsilon—Mount Union Thomas W Young ’34 Zeta—Illinois William S Budd ’31 + Donald A Henry ’35 +

“I believe in what Phi Kappa Tau is doing to help nurture youth into outstanding young men. The opportunities that have been afforded to me because of Phi Tau and the relationships I have formed are things that I could never fully pay back. Supporting the Heritage Society is my way of saying thank you for all the Fraternity has done for me.” —Joey Raymond, Georgetown ’98

Theta—Transylvania C M Britt ’35 + Benjamin F Nelson ’78 Iota—Coe Thomas F Hazelton ’75 John F Mankopf ’65 Paul Raymond ’23 + Kappa—Kentucky William O Boles ’49 John T Muncey ’37 +

Psi—Colorado William W Bateman ’70 + Lewis M Culver ’24 + J Kenneth Loewen Jr ’80 Lewis A Waddington ’36 + Omega—Wisconsin-Madison Paul A Elfers ’24 + Alpha Alpha—Michigan State Ross E Roeder ’58 Alpha Gamma—Delaware David C Cathcart ’24 + Alpha Eta—Florida John F Cosgrove ’68 + William R Goacher ’58 Jeffrey C Karpiak ’69 Thomas L Tatham ’31 + George H Wenzel Jr ’40 + Alpha Lambda—Auburn Rhett D Bentley ’74 Alpha Nu—Iowa State Robert G Bartheld ’49 Alpha Sigma—Colorado State Elmer C Hunter ’40 Alpha Tau—Cornell Donald E Snyder Sr ’49

Xi—Franklin & Marshall Randolph L Smallwood Jr ’53

Alpha Phi—Akron Robert Leatherman ’60 G Gary Nixon ’61

Pi—Southern California Robert E Kennedy ’47 Roland Maxwell ’22 +

2011 annual report

Chi—North Carolina State Daniel J Houck Jr ’97

Nu—UC Berkeley Stephen Brothers ’66

Omicron—Penn State Roscoe E Blyler ’41 + Robert G Kaiser II ’74 David C F Lapinski ’74


Upsilon—Nebraska Wesleyan Thomas C Cunningham ’31 + John M Green ’60

Alpha Chi—Mississippi State Anthony C Marucci Jr ’89 Alpha Omega—Baldwin-Wallace Michael D Dovilla ’94 Beta Alpha—Texas-Austin C Howard Pieper ’48 Victor R Williams ’51 WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

Beta Beta—Louisville Lee H Turk ’66

Gamma Nu—RIT Gary Proud ’66

Beta Iota—Florida State Robert P Cook ’81

Gamma Omicron— Cal State-Fullerton Alfred V Fong ’67

Beta Lambda—Indiana Richard Wilson ’81 Beta Mu—Kent State Gerald E Feezel ’49 Jason James Reckard ’87 Beta Omicron—Maryland Gregory D Hollen ’75 Timothy O Simon ’76 Beta Tau—Bowling Green Ray Clarke ’51 Gary H Fernwood ’52 F Fredrick Fether ’51 William D Jenkins ’57 Tom M McCleave ’50 Paul G Mook ’50 + Beta Upsilon—Hobart Alan W Dunn ’78 + Beta Psi—Cal State-Long Beach Eldon C Baber ’79 Kees P Woudenberg ’01 Gamma Alpha—Michigan Tech Victor F Hudy ’84 Gamma Gamma—St. John’s John M Alvenus ’89 Gamma Eta—East Carolina David Ozag ’05 + Gamma Iota—Sacramento State Rick Anthony Keltner ’76 David M Paganucci ’69 Gamma Lambda— Central Michigan James J Lewis ’04 Jeffrey L Rivard ’65 Gamma Theta— Western Michigan John R Sabol ’94 Gamma Mu—Bradley Christopher W Hornbrook ’80 +


Epsilon Lambda—Longwood Darrell A Wells ’94 Arthur Wilson IV ’94 Epsilon Nu—Clemson Adam D Goetz ’95

Gamma Upsilon—Spring Hill Joseph J McCann Jr ’74 Delta Beta—Evansville K S Lilly ’80 Todd E Napier ’83 Matthew Parker ’93 Kent Parr ’76 Delta Gamma—Ole Miss F Harrison Green ’66 Randy R Nichols ’72 Delta Theta—Georgetown Michael R Ecton ’00 Joseph R Raymond Jr ’98 Delta Kappa—Tennessee Brent R Seelmeyer ’94 Delta Lambda—Muskingum C Steven Hartman ’89 Delta Nu—Wright State Kenneth Jordan ’74 Delta Rho—Eastern Kentucky Joshua J Bleidt ’96 Delta Sigma—Webber Jay B Davis ’82 S Philip Ford ’81 Delta Tau—Cal Poly-Pomona Daniel R Garcia ’97 Delta Phi—Arkansas Kent Robert Bailey ’89 Epsilon Beta—West Virginia Tech Derick Meadows ’90 Epsilon Gamma— College of New Jersey Jeffrey D Lewis ’97

How to Include Phi Kappa Tau in Your Estate Plans Phi Tau brothers from all walks of life, with estates ranging from modest to complex, have shared a common bond through the years: their abiding interest in assuring the lasting fiscal strength of their Fraternity. Through their determination to act on that interest, they establish a legacy of support, most commonly by including a charitable bequest in their will or other estate planning document. A bequest to Phi Kappa Tau may be made through a will or living trust in the form of cash, securities, real estate, or other property. You should specify that the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is to receive a certain amount or percentage of your estate or particular assets, or the remainder of your estate after providing for heirs. Please contact us if we can assist you and your attorney or financial advisor in establishing a bequest for the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation. To learn more, visit

Epsilon Eta—Oswego State Jeffrey Glen Lawton ’90 + Epsilon Kappa—Rutgers Steven I Lerer ’02

phi kappa tau foundation


Honor & Memorial In Memory of

(Gifts are listed in alphabetical order based on celebrated member) John C Agathon, Cornell ’47 Carol Lyon James Annos, Bowling Green ’51 Mary J Annos Albert K Barth, Bethany ’47 Roberta Barth Wayne Betz, Cincinnati ’66 Mary Ellen Betz Ewing T Boles, Centre ’14 Robert B Mintz, Ohio State ’71

The following donors made gifts to the Foundation throughout 2011 to recognize a member or friend of Phi Tau who has touched their lives. Gifts in honor or in memory of a brother or friend of the Fraternity are a special tribute to the bond of brotherhood.

Paul Cashell, Bowling Green ’51 F Fredrick Fether, Bowling Green ’51 L Edward Kime, Bowling Green ’51 Harold J McGrady, Bowling Green ’51 Anthony Corlew, Tennessee ’97 Jordan R Marshall, Tennessee ’01 Melvin Dettra, Ohio State ’45 John M Green, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 William Ehrlich, Ohio ’47 Barbara L Ehrlich Robert Fisher, Miami ’81 Will Stratton Fisher III, Miami ’80 C Ricardo Hamilton, Maryland ’61 Michael D Dovilla, Baldwin-Wallace ’94 Andrew Kirsch, Idaho ’50 Margaret Kirsch John C Linville, Michigan ’48 Elizabeth Linville Joseph J McCann, Spring Hill ’02 Joseph J McCann Jr, Spring Hill ’74


2011 annual report

Dick Meess, Bethany ’48 R William Burr, Bethany ’88 Matthew J Caradine, Bethany ’93 John David Faber, Bethany ’74 Fannie Mae Serve Matching Gift Donations Gregory M Heilmeier, Bethany ’86 Daniel Van Pelt, Bethany ’92 Robert D Shaw, Bethany ’75 Douglas C Sicchitano, Bethany ’96 Ed Murphy, Bethany ’49 Antoinette C Murphy David Ozag, East Carolina ’05 Patrick J Best, RIT ’04 Michael T Gabhart, Georgetown ’95 John M Green, Nebraska Wesleyan ’60 Jon F Hays, Old Dominion ’07 Gregory M Heilmeier, Bethany ’86 W Tim Hudson, Truman State ’97 Cynthia L Morgan Tyler C Wash, Georgetown ’06 George Spiker, Mount Union ’61 Elizabeth J Spiker Andy Sunderland, Oklahoma State ’92 Heath Hignight, Oklahoma State ’91 Douglas Todd, Purdue ’70 John F Volk, Purdue ’72 Richard Vomacka, Middlebury ’65 Joshua J Bleidt, Eastern Kentucky ’96 Rodney E Wilmoth, Nebraska Wesleyan ’57 John M Alvenus, St. John’s ’89 Skip Witt, Illinois ’62 Sandra J Witt


Gifts In Honor of James and Stacey Brennan In honor of William J Brennan, North Carolina State ’99 Michael D Dovilla, Baldwin-Wallace ’94 In honor of Gregory M Heilmeier, Bethany ’86 David A Ruckman, Ohio State ’42 Roy Seitz, Baldwin-Wallace ’42 Dominic A Shillace, Baldwin-Wallace ’08 George V Voinovich, Ohio ’56

Christopher Piacentini In honor of James Anderson Mark Lilly Frank C Prager, Colorado ’45 In honor of John Prager, Colorado AM

Michael T Gabhart, Georgetown ’95 In honor of Donald J Byars, Georgetown ’70 Gregory S Stratton, Georgetown ’70

Sarah Rochford In honor of Raymond A Carlos, Cal State-Fullerton ’01 Wesley R Fugate, Centre ’99 Thomas A Jeswald, Ohio ’63 Allyn R Shaw, Michigan State ’85 Donald M Stansberry, Ohio ’87

Sidney Guller In honor of William D Jenkins, Bowling Green ’57

Tyler C Wash, Georgetown ’06 In honor of Nathan and Lane Baldwin

Rick A Keltner, Sacramento State ’76 In honor of Jerry Chase, Sacramento State ’65 Thomas L Dille, Sacramento State ’68 Mark T Dyba, Sacramento State ’63 Nicholas Hagopian, Sacramento State ’08 Mark Kowalewski, Sacramento State ’82 Phil Moncrief, Sacramento State ’64 John R Ousley Jr, Sacramento State ’76 Gerald E Singer, Sacramento State ’63 Michael M Stafford, Sacramento State ’64 John Linehan, RIT ’85 In honor of Philip Frandina, RIT ’08 William C Macak, Florida State ’73 In honor of Robert L Akers, Florida State ’73 Gregory D Hollen, Maryland ’75 Carl E Mundy Jr, Auburn ’55 Timothy John Moonan, RIT ’82 In honor of Philip Frandina, RIT ’08 Todd E Napier, Evansville ’83 In honor of Martin L Dunning, Kentucky ’07 Wesley R Fugate, Centre ’99 Michael G Lerdahl, St. Cloud ’08 Cynthia L Morgan WWW.PHIKAPPATAU.ORG

“As temporary stewards of this great Fraternity, we have an obligation to leave a Phi Kappa Tau even stronger and better than the one we inherited. Each gift in honor or memory of a brother who mentored me—men like John Green or the late Rick Hamilton—is a humbling reminder of all they did to enrich my life. While I can never repay that debt, I hope my own contributions might have a similarly impactful result on current and future brothers.” —Michael Dovilla, Baldwin-Wallace ’94

phi kappa tau foundation


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn “more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ” —John Quincy Adams

W a y s t o G iv e bac k t o P hi Kappa T a u Cash or Check Send all correspondence to: Phi Kappa Tau Foundation Ewing T. Boles Executive Offices 5221 Morning Sun Road Oxford, Ohio 45056 Online Donate securely, efficiently and completely through the Foundation’s online giving feature at Credit Card Phi Kappa Tau accepts VISA, American Express and MasterCard. Contact Administrative Assistant Angie Van Winkle at or (800) PKT-1906 x224.

Automatic Funds Transfer Regular monthly bank drafts make giving more convenient and might allow you to increase your philanthropic goal. Contact Administrative Assistant Angie Van Winkle at or (800) PKT-1906 x224. Planned Gifts/Bequest Through your will, trust or other estate plan, your charitable gift establishes a lasting legacy and provides for future generations of Phi Tau undergraduates. Contact Coordinator of Development Tyler Wash at or (800) PKT-1906 x271. Corporate Matching Gifts Many companies match their employee’s personal charitable contributions. Ask your employer if your company participates in a matching gift program and make the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation your non-profit of choice. Contact Administrative Assistant Angie Van Winkle at or (800) PKT-1906 x224

Volunteer To ensure that Phi Kappa Tau continues to grow and prosper, the Foundation and Fraternity must continue to expand its volunteer corp. Phi Kappa Tau offers several volunteer opportunities for its members and non-members to get engaged with the Fraternity and Foundation and live out the mission of Phi Kappa Tau. Contact Coordinator of Development Tyler Wash at or (800) PKT-1906 x271.

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Phi Kappa Tau 2011 Annual Report  

Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity's 2011 donor list, education programs and volunteers.

Phi Kappa Tau 2011 Annual Report  

Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity's 2011 donor list, education programs and volunteers.