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Vol. 144 No. 1 | Fall 2022
Focusing on Our Future: Making History at the 174th

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Phi Gamma Delta was founded at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, PA, on May 1, 1848. 205,919 men have been initiated into the Fraternity since its founding.


Rob Caudill (Akron 2004)

Director of Communications Erica M. Carlson


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President's Message

Philosopher George Santayana once wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Fraternity life in North America is changing – though some believe not always for the better. In the news, we regularly see colleges and universities suspending individual chapters and, occasionally, entire Greek systems due to incidents involving hazing, racism, sexual assault and misconduct, underage alcohol consumption and other incidents where young people get hurt while simply trying to belong. Fraternities that fail to recognize the unacceptable harms arising from such behaviors and those that are unwilling to avoid such activities are condemned to repeat their mistakes and will continue to push Greek systems on their campuses and elsewhere on a path toward potential extinction.

Given the extraordinary courage of the delegates to the 174th Ekklesia, Phi Gamma Delta is poised to learn from past events and create a brighter future. I was so proud of our undergraduate brothers as they debated and parsed through voluminous changes to our Constitution and Bylaws, coming to the decision that Phi Gamma Delta would eliminate pledging. The acts of the Ekklesia will return Phi Gamma Delta to its historical roots, eliminating the pledge status by 2024 and bringing a return to recruiting men as our Founders did – by determining the value of the individual through personal contact

and interaction before inviting him to become a member.

Pledging did not come about until well after our founding. Our Founders did not require a pledge period to get to know a potential member nor did they require a probationary period to determine if he “deserved” to be a brother. They got to know potential candidates and introduced them to the rest of the membership to get acquainted. Candidates were not required to memorize the Fraternity’s history or recite the Greek alphabet to determine if they would make a good brother. Becoming a member did not hinge solely upon one’s GPA while under provisional status. His commitment to academics, desire to pursue knowledge, and alignment with our values was evaluated before they asked him to join. The Founders believed that getting to know the potential new member and determining his character and moral strength were far and away more critical to being a good brother. This model is even more fitting today than it was in 1848 given the growing diversity on campuses and the wealth of opportunities to recruit men from a multitude of cultural groups and experiences.

Phi Gams have been and continue to be Courageous Leaders. The acts of the 174th Ekklesia are a distinctive and historical change for Phi Gamma Delta and provide exceptional opportunities for our chapters to lead – truly lead – the fight to eliminate

hazing and broaden recruitment efforts.

The Ekklesia's diligent work has now given us the tools to help our chapters to grow and prosper by focusing recruiting efforts on finding men of character and moral quality – attributes of great brothers – rather than recruiting based on a belief for some that pledgeship should be a time to identify and “weed out” those lacking the attributes of a Phi Gam.

In 1952, Norman Vincent Peale (Ohio Wesleyan 1920) wrote, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” The 174th Ekklesia has acted to modernize the way we bring men into our brotherhood and open the Fraternity to new opportunities for years to come. Now is the time for each of us to show courageous leadership, challenge our own thinking, and embrace this important paradigm shift to better Phi Gamma Delta and the fraternity world.

I am very proud to be a Phi Gam.

Fraternally, Bill Hunnicutt (Texas Arlington 1981) Archon President Perge!


Gamma Gram

Headquarters Staff Updates

Logan McLendon (Alabama Birmingham 2020) left staff on May 20 after serving as Director of Chapter Services - East for one year. He first joined staff as a Field Secretary on June 1, 2020, traveling the Southwest Region for one year. Logan moved back to his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama.

Erin Huebner joined the staff as Coordinator of Communications on July 18. In this position, Erin oversees the International Headquarters' social media accounts and digital communications. Prior to joining staff, Erin received her B.A. in strategic

News, Events, Feedback

communications in May 2021 and her M.A. in communication and business leadership in May 2022 from High Point University. She is a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority.

Ben Blacklock (Sam Houston 2015) assumed the role of Director of Chapter Services - East on August 1. In this role, Ben serves chapters and provisional chapters in the East, Midwest and Southeast regions. Before joining the staff, he spent five years as a detention officer with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in Conroe, Texas. Ben graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2015 with a degree in criminal justice.

Introducing Our 2022-23 Field Secretaries


#212 Graham Hess (Akron 2021) - 2nd year

Education: BS in political science; pre-law & American politics minors

Chapter Activities: President; Corresponding Secretary; Formal Chair

Other Activities: IFC President; Student Government Senator; member of the UA's competitive speech team

Great Plains Region

#215 Jeff Stinson (Western Michigan 2020) - 2nd year

Education: BA in advertising

Chapter Activities: New Member Educator; member of the Judicial Board

Other Activities: comedy coordinator on the Campus Activities Board



#216 Collin Clifford (Sam Houston 2021) - 2nd year

Education: BS in animal science; plant & soil sciences minor Chapter Activities: Corresponding Secretary; New Member Educator; Judicial Board member; Greek Week Chairman

Other Activities: SHSU Orange Keys member; Bearkat Camp lead staff member


#217 Craig Osborne (EmbryRiddle 2022) - 1st year

Education: BS in aviation business administration

Chapter Activities: Recording Secretary; Historian; Recruitment Chairman; New Member Educator Other Activities: IFC President; Student Government Senator; new student orientation leader

Southeast Region

#218 Alex Pouttu (Wayne State 2021) - 1st year

Education: BA in finance

Chapter Activities: President; Historian; Recruitment Chairman; Philanthropy Chairman

Other Activities: IFC President; Alpha Kappa Psi Business Professional Society

Southwest Region

#219 West Brownlee (Christopher Newport 2022)1st year

Education: BA in cellular, molecular & physiological biology; leadership studies minor

Chapter Activities: Historian; member of the Judicial Board Other Activities: executive board member of the club soccer team; intramural sports player and referee

Northeast Region

#220 Jordan Archer (Alabama Birmingham 2021) - 1st year

Education: BS in public health, political science minor Chapter Activities: Corresponding Secretary; Recruitment Chairman; Homecoming Chairman

Other Activities: Student Government Senator; Public Health Student Association Senator

West Region

#221 Sean Moskal (Mississippi State 2021) - 1st year

Education: BA in wildlife, fisheries & aquaculture

Chapter Activities: Involvement Chairman Other Activities: Assistant Director of Programming for New Maroon Camp; MSU Ice Dawgs hockey team; Maroon VIP Tour Services t

6 THE PHI GAMMA DELTA|FALL 2022 [Gamma Gram]

Podcast Series 4 Coming January 2023!

Series 4 will feature stories about brothers who exemplify Phi Gamma Delta's value of service. Some of the guests include Tim Kilduff (Kent State 1968), the founder of the 26.2 Foundation, Arizona State brothers, who will discuss their Shave to Save philanthropy, and brothers from the Alberta, Calgary and Western Ontario chapters, who will talk about raising money for Canadian Mental Health Association. Visit to learn more about Series 4 and to watch and listen to Series 1-3 of the podcast.


Summer Events

The Summit 2022

he 2022 Summit was held on July 15-17 at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. This was the first time the event was held in-person since 2019, due to the pandemic.

The Summit is a two-day intensive training for Recruitment Chairmen and New Member Educators which prepares them to welcome new members into their chapters.

The Recruitment Chairman track worked through recruitment practices that align with the Fraternity’s Growth System, which is being implemented with all chapters adopting the Built to Lead experience. The Growth System trains chapter leaders on recruitment strategies that last year-round, especially outside of IFC recruitment. This included:

• Implementing scholarships to attract new men to the chapter

• Utilizing technology to enhance recruitment

• Preparing members to have more meaningful discussions and build stronger relationships with potential new members more quickly

• Working together to intentionally decide the type of men the chapter wants to invite to join

The New Member Education track helped New Member Educators develop skills that will help with facilitating meaningful education sessions and planning a fun and purposeful onboarding experience for the chapter. This included:

• A deep dive into the Built to Lead program

• How to incorporate what the chapter is doing into this Built to Lead model

• How to critically approach Mentor/Mentee

and training
By the Numbers: June 15-17, 2022 28 Undergraduates from 18 Chapters/Provisional Chapters 12 Participated in the New Member Educators Track 16 Participated in the Recruitment Chairmen Track

The Leadership Institute 2022

During summer 2022, two sessions of The Leadership Institute were held at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. The Institute, a five-day leadership development experience, is offered free of charge to undergraduate members of Phi Gamma Delta identified as emerging leaders in their chapter thanks to the generous support of graduate brothers and the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation. During the Institute, participants learn about Courageous Leadership while building relationships with fellow participants and facilitators. After the event, participants are able to articulate their own definition of leadership, relate their membership experience with the Fraternity on an international level, and leave with a concrete plan to address an issue of their choosing within their chapter. Graduates of the Institute often go on to serve in cabinet roles as well as other chapter and community leadership positions.

Participants' Biggest Takeaways Mentioned on the Survey:

• The chapter is only as strong as its shared values.

• Being a leader does not just involve one person. It involves a group of people coming together to build a strong foundation.

• Leadership doesn’t only happen in executive positions or the cabinet. It’s needed at every level of the chapter.

• As a leader you need to be willing to make a change even if it seems like a change you don't want to make.

Thank You to Our Facilitators!

Session 1: Doug Acker (WPI 1983), Ashley Christman, Haley Davis, Kennedi Jarvi, Brad Johnson (Davidson 1994), Darius Jones, Chris Miofsky, Bill Roberts (Arizona State 1975), Mark Trenton (Western Ontario 1986), Houng Truong, Abby McCollom (Lead Facilitator), Dio Protopapadakis (Appalachian State 2017) and Noah Reetz (Lead Facilitator).

Session 2: Mario Adkins (Grand Valley 2015), Wisam Berry (South Florida 2015), Frae Binder, Bryan Cotton, Erin Donkersloot, Mary Flora, Chris Graham, Simonne Horman, Tim Ira (Alberta 2011) (Lead Facilitator), Donnie Otto, Eric Ruelle (DePaul 2012), Matt Weaver (Akron 1993), Daylon Weddle (DePauw 2017) and Dr. Amelious Whyte (Minnesota Faculty) (Lead Facilitator).

By the Numbers:

Session 1: May 25-29

Session 2: June 8-12 114

Undergraduate Attendees from 69 Chapters/ Provisional Chapters 27 Facilitators

As a Result of Attending the Institute:

• 92.5% of attendees recognize how their personal values align with the values of Phi Gamma Delta

• 90% of attendees are able to develop a positive working relationship with others

• 90% of attendees are able to confront issues within their chapter

• 94.9% of attendees understand issues that need to be confronted within their chapter/ community

[Summer Events]
Building Cour ageous Le ader s

On Campus

Please keep in mind that news continually comes in, even when an issue has gone to press. While it may seem dated to include events from the previous semester or school year, the goal is to give credit to all our brothers and chapters/provisional chapters.

ITALICS = Provisional Chapter; Dark Gold = Early Adopter Chapter


| Akron, OH


In September, Alpha Omicron hosted its annual Puppy Party philanthropy. All money raised during the event was donated to One of a Kind Pet Rescue (OOAKPR) and will help the organization purchase a new animal transport vehicle for sick and injured pets. Brothers also volunteered for OOAKPR's annual Chase Your Tail 5K. As one of the Fraternity's Early Adopters, this was the Chapter's first semester without pledging. Thirteen

brothers were initiated, which is the largest fully initiated class of any Greek organization on campus this fall.

Also, on October 1, the Chapter hosted a Parents & Graduates Cookout during Homecoming weekend.

Drew Biegner (2023) and President Jose Carlos Garcia (2024) were cast in the Amazon Prime series The College Tour. In this series, each episode tells the story of 10 students from a single university.

Charlie Stauffer (2025) was elected Greek Liaison

for the Undergraduate Student Government. Jackson Grove (2025) and Jack Boettler (2024) attended the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) at Indiana University this summer.


| Edmonton, AB

Epsilon Alpha made service a priority this summer. In July, brothers volunteered by selling tickets at the Taste of Edmonton, western Canada's largest food festival. This is a part of an

ongoing partnership that has lasted over 20 years.

In August, the Chapter also held its annual Run to Red Deer philanthropy event, where brothers ran 155.5 km, relay-style, from Edmonton to Red Deer to raise money and awareness for the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). Through the event, they raised over $5,000 for CMHA.

Allegheny | Meadville, PA

On September 6, the Pi Chapter co-hosted a blood


drive with the American Red Cross on campus. The Chapter plans to host three more blood drives throughout the school year to help with the national blood shortage.


| Tucson, AZ

Over the past year, Upsilon Alpha raised nearly $35,000 for local organizations, such as Arizona Hope Foundation, through various philanthropy events. Brothers have also made it a priority to raise awareness for mental health issues within the Chapter. Additionally, the Chapter has maintained a top three GPA within the IFC and won the Greek Cup, the fraternity intramural competition.

Pouria Mostafizi (2022) was selected as one of 13

Bobcats, which is the most prestigious senior honorary at the University.

Arizona State | Tempe, AZ

Alpha Sigma was awarded Outstanding Philanthropic Endeavor for their fall philanthropy, Shave to Save, from the University's Fraternity & Sorority Life Office. They also won the Phoenix Award as the chapter with the most improved operations.

6 During the spring 2022 semester, the Chapter raised over $27,000 for Arizona's Aspiring Youth Academy (AYA). AYA helps develop the next generation by delivering entrepreneur and leadership skills to Arizona's school-aged youth through workshops, camps and after-school programs. In

June, four brothers presented the check to the Presidents of AYA. Additionally, the Chapter raised over $97,000 for various philanthropies and completed 746 community service hours during the 2021-22 academic year.

Auburn | Auburn, AL

4 Cars Chandler (2022) was selected as a Student Marshal for the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering (SGCE) during Auburn University's commencement ceremony in May. Each college selects a Student Marshal who has distinguished themselves through service and excellence to the college. To be considered, students must complete a minimum of four semesters with a 3.4+ GPA (graduating

Cum Laude), and they must possess qualities of character, citizenship, leadership and professional promise. SGCE selected Cars as Student Marshal because he excelled in the classroom, earned several scholarships, served as an engineering tutor and was involved on campus.

Boise State | Boise, ID

Beta Psi went on a brotherhood camping trip in

THE PHI GAMMA DELTA 11 [On Campus] 4

Arrowhead Lake, Idaho, on April 2-3. The Chapter plans to make this an annual spring tradition to help brothers relax from the stress of the academic year.

The Chapter also welcomed 34 new members during the fall semester, tying their record for most new members recruited.

Bradley | Peoria, IL

6 On April 2, Beta Pi held their 40th annual Pig Dinner. It was their first in-person Pig Dinner since the pandemic began, and they had a record-breaking turnout with nearly 100 graduate brothers in attendance.

McKeegan Curran (2024), Jerad Grewe (2022) and Matthew La Haye (2023) participated in Bradley University's Big Idea Competition. This annual competition gives students an opportunity to pitch their new inventions and ideas to potential investors. During the year's competition, McKeegan, Jerad and Matthew proposed their idea for a new type of solar-powered vending machine using compressed air to rapidly cool beverages on demand.

British Columbia | Vancouver, BC Michael DeMarco (2024) earned an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award

from the University. His work as a TA started in his first year with introductory functional programming. Since then, he has instructed seven courses with the Department of Computer Science.

California Berkeley | Berkeley, CA 4 Philanthropy Chairman James Bernicke (2024) started a Gift of Life (GoL) Drive at the Chapter. GoL is an organization that matches people in need of bone marrow transplants with potential donors. The drive was such a success in the Chapter that James decided to expand the drive to other Greek organizations on campus. Through this drive, the Chapter swabbed over 500 people who could become potential donors. The Chapter hopes to make the GoL Drive an annual service tradition because of the success.

The Chapter participated in Alpha Phi Sorority's Bowl for Charity philanthropy event, a football competition that supports the Alpha Phi Foundation's

Heart Health. Through the event, brothers raised over $1,500.

On April 3, the Chapter hosted their annual Mom's Day for the first time in two years. Moms traveled from all over the country to participate in the festivities. They met brothers, played cornhole and enjoyed brunch with their sons.

This summer, Conor Zachar (2024), a mechanical engineering major, was a hardware development engineer intern at Lab126, Amazon's consumer electronic device lab. During this internship, he helped design and test sensors to be implemented in products such as Alexa, Echo and Ring.

Adam Simon (2024) and Deven Enos (2024) recently co-founded and launched Duffl at UC Berkeley. Duffl is a grocery delivery service for college students. It is unlike other delivery services because

12 THE PHI GAMMA DELTA|FALL 2022 [On Campus]

it uses electric scooters throughout the delivery process and promises delivery in 10 minutes or less. Additionally, Duffl's entire workforce is made up of UC Berkeley students.

Case Western Reserve

| Cleveland, OH

5 Xi Deuteron welcomed their largest new member class since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Central Florida

| Orlando, FL

This semester Omega Phi has participated in several philanthropies, supporting Make-A-Wish, Prevent Child Abuse America, St. Jude Children’s Research

Hospital, the USO and more. Through these events, and the help of companies like Celsius, the Chapter raised over $15,000.


| Orange, CA

4 In May, Omega Chi hosted the Purple Tie Dinner, supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Throughout the evening, the Chapter raised money through a silent and live auction. The silent auction consisted of gift baskets, gift cards and other entertainment items, and the live auction was hosted by a talented auctioneer. By the end of the night, the Chapter raised over $92,000, enough to grant at

least 12 wishes for children who have critical illnesses.

Payne Schumann (2023) and Scott Cooke (2022) organized the event, which

was attended by brothers, friends and family members.

The Chapter also received three awards from the Order of Omega. The Chapter won Best Fraternity Spirit, for their dedication to brotherhood and friendship, and Campus Wide Involvement, for overall campus involvement and influence on their community. And Jack Berger (2023) was awarded Emerging Fraternity Leader.

Peter Cline (2023) was initiated into Mortar Board, a national honor society that recognizes seniors for achievements in service, leadership and scholarship. Peter is a veteran and the co-founder of Boots

THE PHI GAMMA DELTA 13 [On Campus] 4

to Books, a nonprofit that helps veterans and their families earn education and employment opportunities.

Christopher Newport

| Newport News, VA

Xander Jedlick (2023) served as HR Learning & Development Intern for Canon USA Headquarters during the summer.


| Cincinnati, OH

Chi Omicron is one of the Fraternity's Early Adopter chapters, meaning this was the first semester where new brothers were initiated without the pledging process. Jacob Siepker (DePaul 2022) and Osvaldo Granados (DePaul 2022) attended the initiation ceremony on September 16, continuing a relationship between the Chi Omicron and Lambda Pi chapters.

Clemson | Clemson, SC

In September, Chi Alpha hosted a golf tournament with the Delta Delta Delta Sorority to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The Chapter's team took first place in the tournament, and they raised over $10,000 for St. Jude.

5 The Chapter also partnered with ClemsonLife and the Clemson Police and Fire Department for a recreational kickball game on campus.


| Boulder, CO

4 Beta Kappa recently installed a ramp at their chapter house to create more accessibility and inclusivity for its members. Mark

Rice (1977) (right), who volunteers with Home Builders Foundation (HBF), helped the Chapter apply for HBF's assistance to build the ramp after President Mitchell Crist (2024) contacted graduate brothers for help building a safe, legal ramp. HBF accepted the request, so they donated and built the ramp at the chapter house. Because HBF helped build the ramp, Jake Levin (2025) (left) was able to enter the house for the first time this semester.

The Chapter also raised over $5,000 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation by hosting various philanthropy events throughout the semester.

Paris Dong (2023) competed in a power lifting competition, where he broke one national record and eight Colorado state records. He also won overall best lifter.

Colorado School of Mines

| Golden, CO

Gamma Kappa hosted the Shave to Save philanthropy supporting the St. Baldrick's Foundation for pediatric cancer research. Brothers raised over $13,000 by shaving their heads, making it one of the Chapter's most successful philanthropies in many years.

The Chapter also had a successful first day of fall

14 THE PHI GAMMA DELTA|FALL 2022 [On Campus]

recruitment. Brothers attended Celebration of Mines to promote their recruitment, and they cooked hot dogs, ate s'mores and sang songs at the chapter house with potential new members. Throughout the events, potential new members outnumbered brothers by two to one, making it one of the best recruitment events in over three years.

Colorado State | Fort Collins, CO

During the University's Greek Awards Ceremony, Phi Kappa received two IFC awards. Brandon Pietrs (2022) won the Living the Ritual Award, which recognizes a

member of the Greek community who consistently displays positive values through their daily lives and embodies the best of fraternity/sorority life. Treasurer Matthew Derken (2023) received the Emerging Leader Award, recognizing fraternity and sorority members who show promise and are eager to pursue leadership opportunities in their chapter, council and beyond.

DePaul | Chicago, IL

On April 4-8, Lambda Pi hosted a philanthropy to benefit NoStigmas, a nonprofit working to eliminate the days of silence, solitude and stigma surrounding

mental illness and suicide. The philanthropy was chosen in memory of Collin Duquet (2021), who passed ad astra in August 2021 after a battle with addiction and mental illness. During the week-long event, the Chapter hosted a kickoff event in the student center, a dodgeball tournament and a surfboard painting competition to raise awareness on campus.

By the end of the week, the Chapter raised over $17,700 for NoStigmas, making it the most successful spring philanthropy event in chapter history. The Chapter also hosted their Pig Dinner weekend on June 3-5. Graduate brothers representing 10

chapters attended the event, including the Cincinnati, Bowling Green, California State Long Beach and Western Michigan chapters, to name a few.

Ozzie Granados-Santillan (2023) was awarded the Blue Demon Spirit Award from the Office of Student Involvement. This award is given to one student every year for outstanding leadership in promoting campus spirit, pride and loyalty. Ozzie is now one of the most honored students in the University’s history.


| Greencastle, IN

5 The Lambda Chapter participated in the University's Little 5 Race

THE PHI GAMMA DELTA 15 [On Campus] 4

for a Reason, supporting the United Way of Central Indiana. The Chapter earned top fundraising men's team by raising $2,490. All proceeds will support literacy initiatives in Putnam County, Indiana.

East Carolina | Greenville, NC

Pi Nu hosted their annual Phi Gam Day Jam, held in memory of Bryson Furtado (2022), Thomas Jenkins (2020) and Beau Stanley (2022), who all passed ad astra. Proceeds from the event are directed to a scholarship and a fund for the fallen brothers' families.

The Chapter also co-hosted a car wash philanthropy on campus with the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. Additionally, the Chapter

won the University's intramural football championship this fall.


| Daytona Beach, FL

5 This summer, Jack Frankie (2025) attended a study abroad program in Zambia, Africa, where he taught 4th grade students at the Kafakumba Training Center. When Jack graduates, he hopes to combine his degree in aviation business administration and pilot certification to work as a missionary medical support pilot for medically vulnerable countries like Zambia.

Florida State


Tallahassee, FL

This semester, Phi Sigma hosted a band night event to raise money for the USO.

The Chapter also had a very successful fall recruitment, welcoming 55 new members.

Georgia Tech

| Atlanta, GA

6 This summer, several brothers studied abroad in Europe: Daniyal Barlas (2025), Harrison

Baro (2025), Bryson Bien (2025), Walker Brown (2025), Parker Hallock (2025), Davis Keller (2025), Andrew Mao (2025), Johnny Meshramkar (2024), Aaron Piszczek (2025), Griffin Rahn (2025), Logan Roach (2025), Max Sikora (2024), Will Vaxmonsky (2024), Alex Whitesides (2024) and Elliot Willner (2025)

Pictured (L-R): Davis Keller, Alex Whitesides, Andrew Mao, Will Vaxmonsky and Logan Roach.


| Hanover, IN

During the spring 2022 semester, Alex Christie (2024), shortstop/first baseman, tied Hanover's single-season home run record with 11 homers. Alex also led his team with 44 runs scored, 39 runs batted in and 11 doubles.

16 THE PHI GAMMA DELTA|FALL 2022 [On Campus]


| Moscow, ID

5 Mu Iota is one of the Fraternity's first Early Adopter chapters, eliminating the pledging process this semester. As a result, the Chapter offered 23 bids to prospective members and initiated those brothers two days after classes began. The Chapter was #2 in grades with a 3.34 GPA in spring 2022.

During Pig Dinner, eight brothers received the Chapter's Endowment Scholarship: Riley Panter (2025), Zack McClure (2025), Owen Inman (2025), Cole Bailey (2025), Danny Burgess (2025),

Logan McCallie (2025), Eli Epling (2025) and Jaxon Cherry (2025). Each received $1,000 for earning a 3.25+ GPA during their first semester.

Additionally, Lucien Lee (2024) was awarded a $1,000 scholarship, and Andrew Brown (2023) earned the Michael Southcombe (1957) Scholarship for upholding the Fraternity's values.


| Champaign-Urbana, IL

The spring 2022 semester marked the fourth semester Chi Iota was in the top four in GPA among IFC fraternities. They were also #1 in

grades during the fall 2021 semester.

The Chapter hosted Phi Slamma Delta, a biannual charity volleyball tournament supporting the USO this spring. Through this event, the Chapter raised over $7,500 for the USO.

4 Jacob Huber (2025) was an equipment manager for the University's football team in fall 2021. After practicing with the team during the season, he earned a walk-on opportunity as a quarterback in spring 2022.

Illinois Wesleyan

| Bloomington, IL

During the spring 2022

semester, Alpha Deuteron raised over $500 for the Polar Plunge, benefiting the Special Olympics.

The Chapter also participated in a volleyball philanthropy that raised money for the USO.

In April 2022, Jake Harrison (2024) and his

THE PHI GAMMA DELTA 17 [On Campus] 4

Kettering A | Flint, MI

group members presented research at the NexSTEM Symposium at Heartland Community College.


| Bloomington, IN

annual Frank Norris Pig Dinner. Undergraduates and graduate brothers attended a variety of brotherhood activities over the weekend.


On August 30, over 100 Zeta brothers welcomed Dr. Louis M. Profeta, MD to the chapter house to speak about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Dr. Profeta is an Emergency Physician in a Level 1 Trauma Center and is also an acclaimed author and public speaker. The Chapter is thankful for the message from Dr. Profeta, and brothers feel better equipped to navigate any potential emergency.

Iowa | Iowa City, IA

On April 20-21, Mu Deuteron hosted their

Johns Hopkins


Baltimore, MD

Several Beta Mu brothers went on a brotherhood skydiving trip for the first time ever in September.

Kent State


Kent, OH

Austin Forman (2025), Joey LoCoco (2025) and Justin McPhee (2024) volunteered at a local elderly living home by running the Bingo game.


| Lexington, KY

4 Throughout the fall semester, Upsilon Kappa

has been raising money and collecting food, clothing and supplies for Eastern Kentucky flood disaster relief. The Chapter also volunteered with flood relief in Floyd and Knott counties through the Christian Appalachian Project. They helped by moving debris, shoveling mud out of houses and removing wet drywall.

The Order of Omega named Alpha Gamma - A Section 1st place among fraternities (and 2nd place among fraternities and sororities) for the President's Cup. The President's Cup is awarded to chapters for their academic, athletic, campus involvement and philanthropic efforts. The Chapter also placed in the top 3 in GPA among IFC fraternities with a 3.59 GPA during the spring 2022 term.

The Chapter has also been active in several intramural sports, winning the basketball championship and receiving medals in football, baseball and soccer.

Parker Cirino (2022) was awarded Greek Man of the Year for his campus leadership and involvement. Parker currently

18 THE PHI GAMMA DELTA|FALL 2022 [On Campus]

serves as IFC President and is actively involved with Kettering Student Alumni Council, Kettering Physics Club and New Student Orientation.

Parker Buszka (2024) was elected to serve as Junior Representative on Kettering's Student Government, and Maxwell Battist (2025) was elected IFC Scholarship Chairman.


| Galesburg, IL

Sean Gallery (2025) received the College's Arvid Pierre Zetterberg Jr. Prize for Men. The award is given to a student-athlete participating on a men's team who exemplified the highest quality of character, scholarship and interest in sports during their first year.


| Orono, ME

Michael Mark (2023) was inducted into the Senior Skull Honor Society in April 2022. Michael was selected as an outstanding rising senior who exemplifies friendship, leadership, academics and UM spirit.

Minnesota | Minneapolis, MN

During the summer, Mu Sigma prepped the house for fall recruitment and had several rooms renovated. To help show off the house during recruitment, brothers created a minigolf course in the chapter house, which spanned every level of the house. The event allowed brothers to bond with potential members while showing off the house improvements.

The Chapter also participated in a dodgeball competition against other IFC fraternities to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

Mississippi State | Starkville, MS

Sigma Mu celebrated the start of the fall 2022 semester with their annual brotherhood canoe trip on the Okatoma River.

6 The Chapter also recruited 53 new members this fall, having held the most recruitment events in chapter history.

On September 7, the Chapter and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity hosted the annual Cheese Fries philanthropy event. The chapters sold cheese fries to students and local residents, and the proceeds were donated to the Brickfire Project (BP).

BP is a student-led organization that provides mentorship to underprivileged children in the Starkville, Mississippi community.

North Carolina State

| Raleigh, NC

Nu Sigma recently partnered with the Chi Omega Sorority for their annual Puppy Palooza philanthropy event. The event raised money for Pawfect Match, a local animal shelter.

The Chapter also regularly volunteered for Miracle League of the Triangle throughout the semester. Additionally, the Chapter recently held their Pig Dinner at Vaughn Towers at Carter-Finley Stadium, home of the Wolfpack football team. They had a great graduate brother turnout.


Ohio State

| Columbus, OH

Ben Eisenberg (2023) was one of 10 undergraduate IFC leaders across North America selected to serve on the inaugural IFC Advisory Council of the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC). The Advisory Council will provide increased opportunities for student engagement in NIC initiatives and programming as well as help the NIC gain student feedback on issues affecting the fraternity industry.

Ohio Wesleyan

| Delaware, OH

Several brothers earned internships during the summer. Josh Cabacungan (2024) worked at a lab doing research on gravitropism in plants and at an Ohio health rehabilitation

hospital as a therapy aid. Federico Mata (2023) interned with Chevron by setting up an oil site. And Grant Brooks (2022) interned with the Ohio Department of Taxation. He now works for Apex Tool Group, LLC.

Oklahoma | Norman, OK

On April 30, Nu Omega hosted Phi Gam Slam, a campus-wide basketball tournament to raise money for K9's for Warriors.

Brothers also spent several weekends volunteering for the Oklahoma City branch of Habitat for Humanity, building houses for the local community.

Old Dominion | Norfolk, VA

This semester, Omega Deuteron initiated 34 men, the largest new member

class in chapter history. This makes the Chapter the largest Greek organization on campus.

The Chapter also held a Not for College Days Alone Dinner at a local restaurant on September 10. There were 55 undergraduates and 15 graduate brothers in attendance.

Oregon State

| Corvallis, OR

5 On May 21, Kappa Omicron celebrated their 100th anniversary with

their first Pig Dinner since 2019. The Chapter was originally chartered on December 30, 1921.

Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA

In spring 2022, Pi Sigma hosted their Pig Dinner at the Duquesne Club. Over 125 brothers attended the event.

Purdue | West Lafayette, IN

6 Lambda Iota brothers had dinner with Mitch

[On Campus]

Daniels (Graduate Initiate) (pictured front row, left of center), Purdue University President and former Governor of Indiana.

The Chapter also partnered with the women of Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity for their Casa Carnival philanthropy, which benefits the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) program. Together they raised $3,650 for CASA.

Rhode Island

| South Kingstown, RI

During the fall semester, Kappa Rho continued their commitment to make their campus a better place through their Breast Cancer Awareness and Sexual Assault Awareness philanthropy events. As a part of these efforts, the Chapter hosted Pie a Fiji, raising

over $250 for Day One RI (DORI). DORI is a local nonprofit helping Rhode Island communities prevent sexual assault and violence.

Five brothers were elected to the IFC. Jonathan Davila (2023) is Vice President of Finance, Connor Barton (2024) is Vice President of Communications, Sebastian Malek (2023) is Director of Safety & Risk Management, Jamie Wagar (2024) is Director of Academic Affairs & New Member Development, and Sean Fitzgerald (2023) is Director of Public Relations.


| Austin, TX

In April, during Pig Dinner, brothers celebrated Jake Ehlinger's (2023)

life and legacy by awarding the first Jake Ehlinger Memorial Scholarship. Jake passed ad astra on May 6, 2021, and his loss was a significant challenge for the Chapter. The Chapter's graduate brothers are partnering with the undergraduates to host a fundraiser to raise more money for the scholarship to ensure that it will be awarded annually.

Texas A&M

Corpus Christi

| Corpus Christi, TX

5 In September, the Provisional Chapter participated in several educational programs. Brothers attended the Counseling & Health Center's "Peace, Love & Consent" workshop (pictured), about alcohol use and sexual assault, and

an anti-hazing workshop, a lecture series about the terrible experiences of hazing and why hazing needs to end.

Several brothers volunteered at the USS Lexington Museum by helping with maintenance, organizing the ship and moving heavy equipment. Additionally, the Provisional Chapter hosted a fundraiser for Donate Life America from September 16-30.

Recording Secretary Erick Alfaro was selected as a finalist for the Lone Star UAS Mechanical Engineer Internship. He was the first brother to receive an internship at the school.

Kirk George attended a two-day political training seminar at The Youth Leadership School, known as the boot camp of politics. The seminar included training on a variety of political topics, crisis response exercises, how to table on campus and more.

Texas Christian | Fort Worth, TX

Tau Chi partnered with Arise Africa through the Donor Match Campaign, where top donors matched what the Chapter raised between September 15-18. Arise Africa is a local organization that supports children in Zambia.


Texas State | San Marcos, TX

5 The Sigma Upsilon Chapter and Gamma Phi Beta Sorority volunteered throughout the San Marcos community by helping those in need.

Toledo | Toledo, OH

In June, Upsilon Tau hosted its 5th annual Austin Kromer Memorial Golf Scramble, benefiting the Epilepsy Foundation of Ohio. The scramble was named in memory of Austin Kromer (2012), who passed ad astra in January 2018 due to complications caused by epileptic seizures.

Toronto | Toronto, ON

During the 2021-22 academic year, Tau Kappa

brothers regularly volunteered around Toronto with Yonge Street Mission by cooking and serving food to the less fortunate. The Chapter also donated, cleaned and sorted clothing for those in need.

Also, during the last two semesters, the Chapter has more than doubled in size.


| New Orleans, LA

Several brothers landed prestigious internships and jobs over the summer. Josh McCoy (2023) interned for a private equity firm. Briley AboudHall (2024) interned for Northwestern Mutual in Louisville, Kentucky, and is studying abroad in Spain this semester. Vageli Liokis (2025) worked for the Tchefuncta Country Club in Mandeville, Louisiana. Jake Marzullo

(2025) interned with Prime Capital Investment Advisors. Austin Zhou (2024) interned with Verizon's finance leadership development program. Ryan Howard (2025) worked for a childhood summer camp in Maine. And Labomi Osikoya (2024), Max Frisch (2024) and Brandon Hurt (2024) held internships in New York City.


| Crawfordsville, IN

The Psi Chapter was #1 in GPA for the 2021-22 academic year, their 15th consecutive year with the highest GPA.

The Chapter was also the 2022 Homecoming champion.

Austin Hughes (2023), Alexander Koers (2023), Brett Driscoll (2024),

Thomas Joven (2024) and Jonathan Silva-Melendez (2024) were inducted into Wabash's Sphinx Club. Club members are selected in their junior or senior years for their dedication to fostering unity and spirit throughout the campus community.


| Seattle, WA

During the 2021-22 academic year, Sigma Tau raised over $50,000 for Habitat for Humanity (HfH) in the Seattle area with the help of over 360 friends, family and graduate brothers. HfH focuses on lowering the cost of living in Seattle as the housing crisis continues to worsen in the area. Brothers also became more connected with HfH by volunteering at multiple house building projects.

22 THE PHI GAMMA DELTA|FALL 2022 [On Campus]

Wayne State


Detroit, MI

4 In September, Delta Mu held several brotherhood events to recruit new members. This included paintball, axe throwing and volunteering at the Belle Isle Beach to pick up trash (pictured).

Western Kentucky

| Bowling Green, KY

Chi Eta received several chapter and individual awards at WKU's Greek community annual awards. The Chapter received the M. Reed Morgan Award for Fraternal Excellence, the Scott Taylor Chapter Achievement Award, and Chapter Achievement Awards for the following categories: alumni development, campus involvement & leadership, chapter development, Greek involvement, intramurals, new member programming, philanthropic service, and scholastic achievement.

John Downing (2022) and Miles Newton (2022) were named Randall H. Capps Greek Men of the Year, and Matthew Wininger (2022) received the Charley Pride Spirit Award.

The Chapter held their 10th Bike4Alz philanthropy this summer. Bike4Alz is a cross-country bike ride raising money and awareness for Alzheimer's

research. This year, 13 bothers participated in the bike ride from San Francisco, California, to Virginia Beach, Virginia, with the goal to raise $150,000.

Riley Crawford (2022), John Downing (2022), Miles Newton (2022), J.T. Stoll (2023), and Matthew Wininger were inducted into the Greek Hall of Fame on April 24.



| Worcester, MA

| Liberty, MO

4 During the fall, Zeta Phi hosted a concert on campus to raise money for Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA). Several brothers who are musicians formed a band and prepared nine cover songs to perform at the concert. Additionally, another fraternity's band performed as the opening act. The event had a large turnout and raised over $500 for BACA.

Pi Iota finished the 202122 academic year strong with the highest GPA among fraternities and a significant increase in philanthropic efforts and extra-curricular activity. The Chapter held their annual summer reunion on July 15. Over 80 brothers from the classes of 19722025 attended. During the day, brothers were able to tour the new chapter house construction site.

John Puksta (2023) was named WPI's Fraternity Man of the Year. He also received the Dr. Leland Atwood Award for the highest GPA and the Ray Cherenzia Unsung Hero Award for his performance on the men's swimming & diving team. The award is presented in memory of Pi Iota Brother Ray Cherenzia (1973) to one member of every varsity athletic team who works hard, puts their team first and is vital to their team's success. t



Fall 2022 Establishment Results

During fall 2022, the Fraternity completed re-establishment projects at Cornell University, the University of Vermont and the University of Wyoming.


| Ithaca, NY

Timeline: August 2022 - May 2023

Staff: Field Secretary Graham Hess GPA: 3.88

Fun Facts:

• The Founding Fathers are involved in several campus organizations including the Real Estate Club, Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity, Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society, to name a few.

• Several brothers hold prestigious internships at companies like Tesla, KKR and Columbia Express.



Burlington, VT

Timeline: August 22 - November 18, 2022

Staff: Field Secretary Craig Osborne GPA: 3.2

Fun Facts:

• Members are involved in club sports, Engineering Without Borders, American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, University of Vermont Chabad, and more.

• Majors include mechanical engineering, physics, history, forestry, agroecology & landscape design, and entrepreneurship.


| Laramie, WY

Timeline: August 19 - November 18, 2022

Staff: Field Secretary Collin Clifford GPA: 3.9

Fun Facts:

• Each brother is involved in at least one other campus organization.

• Majors include agribusiness, accounting and petroleum engineering.

Spring 2023 Expansion Plans

At press time, Phi Gamma Delta has received an invitation to re-establish our Xi Chapter at Gettysburg College, and the Archons approved it for expansion during spring 2023.

Plans are always subject to change, and additions to our expansion schedule will be posted on If you know men at Gettysburg, please recommend them to us at ReferAFriend. t

Gettysburg | Gettysburg, PA


Founded: 1832 Enrollment: 2,451

IFC Fraternities: 8

24 THE PHI GAMMA DELTA|FALL 2022 [On Campus]

Annual Awards

For the 2021 Calendar Year

Graduate Chapter Awards

Brightman Awards

Over 75 Members:

Presented to the most outstanding graduate chapters with over 75 members.

1: Seattle Washington Graduate Chapter (Seattle, WA)

2: Houston Texas Graduate Chapter (Houston, TX)

3: National Capital Fijis Graduate Chapter (Washington, DC); Ontario Fiji Network Graduate Chapter (Toronto, ON)

Under 75 Members: Presented to the most outstanding graduate chapters with under 75 members.

1: Southwest Florida Graduate Chapter (Naples, FL)

2: Utah Graduate Chapter (Salt Lake City, UT)

3: Omicron Graduate Chapter (Pittsburgh, PA)

Not for College Days Alone Awards

Community Outreach & Involvement: Recognizes the graduate chapter which best demonstrates community service and involvement through its members and activities.

W: Houston Texas Graduate Chapter

Events & Programming: Recognizes the graduate chapter which excels in communicating and engaging with local graduates.

W: Seattle Washington Graduate Chapter

Recruitment & Outreach: Recognizes the graduate chapter with the most active and diverse calendar of events, engaging a wide variety of graduates with different interests.

W: National Capital Fijis Graduate Chapter

Undergraduate Support:

Recognizes the graduate chapter which best assists area undergraduates, strengthening their Phi Gam experience.

W: Seattle Washington Graduate Chapter

DS: Distinguished Service; SP: Standout Performance; W: Winner

[Annual Awards]

Individual Awards

Coulter Cup

Awarded for service to an undergraduate chapter other than as Purple Legionnaire.

W: Jeff Mau (Iowa 1978) - Iowa

DS: Daniel Organek (Johns Hopkins 1994) - Johns Hopkins

Crowder Cup

Presented to the most outstanding faculty advisor.

W: Tianna Cervantez - Knox

Undergraduate Chapter Awards

Cheney Cup

Awarded for the greatest allaround efficiency in scholarship, relationships and collegiate activities.

1: Sigma Tau at Washington

2: Chi Eta at Western Kentucky

3: Alpha Omicron at Akron


• Kappa Deuteron at Georgia

• Mu Iota at Idaho

Baker Cup

Awarded for religious, ethical and social service activities.

1: Sigma Tau at Washington

2: Chi Eta at Western Kentucky

3: Zeta at Indiana


• Alpha Omicron at Akron

• Pi Gamma at British Columbia

Brightman Trophy

Awarded for the best demonstration of "Not for College Days Alone."

1: Mu Iota at Idaho

2: Kappa Deuteron at Georgia

3: Alpha Omicron at Akron

Durrance Award

Presented to the most outstanding Purple Legionnaire.

W: Ed Robinson (Bucknell 1986) - Bucknell

DS: Pat Scott (Washington 1994) - Washington

Haynes Award

Presented to the most outstanding Section Leader.

W: Brad Whiting (Washington 1980)

DS: Dave Schreck (Kansas State 1969)


• Upsilon Alpha at Arizona

• Lambda Pi at DePaul

• Kappa Deuteron at Georgia

• Chi Eta at Western Kentucky

Condon Cup

Awarded for the greatest overall improvement.

1: Alpha Sigma at Arizona State

2: Beta Kappa at Colorado

3: Upsilon Alpha at Arizona

Coon Plaque

Awarded for the best chapter publications.

1: Mu Iota at Idaho

2: Lambda Pi at DePaul

3: Upsilon Alpha at Arizona


• Pi Deuteron at Kansas

• Kappa Omicron at Oregon State

Jordan Bowl

Awarded to the chapters with the highest scholarship.

1: Psi at Wabash

2: Chi Eta at Western Kentucky

DS: Distinguished Service; SP: Standout Performance; W: Winner

Wilkinson Award

Presented to the most outstanding senior.

W: Adam Berg (Wabash 2022)

3: Alpha Omicron at Akron


• Upsilon Alpha at Arizona

• Zeta at Indiana

Owen Cup

Awarded for the greatest improvement in scholarship.

1: Kappa Upsilon at Kent State

2: Beta Kappa at Colorado

3: Mu Upsilon at Miami


• Epsilon Lambda at Michigan State

• Nu Beta at Rutgers

• Tau Chi at Texas Christian

Zerman Trophy

Awarded for involvement in student government, campus newspaper and extracurricular activities.

1: Kappa Deuteron at Georgia

2: Zeta at Indiana

3: Mu Iota at Idaho


• Alpha Omicron at Akron

• Upsilon Alpha at Arizona


Undergraduate Chapter Awards

Certificate of Academic Achievement

Awarded for exceeding the allmen's average of its fostering institution.

• Upsilon Alpha at Arizona

• Alpha Psi at Austin Peay

• Chi Lambda at California San Diego

• Mu Beta at Coastal Carolina

• Phi Kappa at Colorado State

• Phi Sigma at Florida State

• Mu Chi at James Madison

• Chi Deuteron at Kansas State

• Kappa Upsilon at Kent State

• Upsilon Kappa at Kentucky

• Omega Mu at Maine

• Mu Upsilon at Miami

• Epsilon Lambda at Michigan State

• Mu Sigma at Minnesota

• Nu Sigma at North Carolina State

• Nu Alpha at Northern Arizona

• Omega Deuteron at Old Dominion

• Epsilon Omicron at Oregon

• Gamma Phi at Penn State

• Chi Rho at Penn West

• Pi Sigma at Pittsburgh

• Kappa Rho at Rhode Island

• Rho Chi at Richmond

• Nu Beta at Rutgers

• Provisional Chapter at Seton Hall

• Tau Beta at Tampa

• Tau Delta at Texas Dallas

Certificate of Superior Academic Achievement

Awarded for exceeding the allmen's average of its fostering institution for 5+ consecutive years.

• Alpha Omicron at Akron 6

• Alpha Upsilon at Auburn 61

• Beta Sigma at Ball State 19

• Chi Alpha at Clemson 6

• Delta Kappa at Davidson 10

• Epsilon Rho at Embry-Riddle 10

• Gamma Tau at Georgia Tech 39

• Tau at Hanover 6

• Zeta at Indiana 63

• Sigma Mu at Mississippi State 8

• Psi Mu at Missouri State 7

• Sigma Omicron at Oklahoma State 33

• Lambda Iota at Purdue 22

• Rho Alpha at Virginia Tech 11

• Psi at Wabash 59

• Sigma Tau at Washington 63

• Chi Eta at Western Kentucky 13

• Rho Tau at William & Mary 5

John Templeton

• Zeta at Indiana 5

• Mu Deuteron at Iowa 2

• Iota Pi at IUPUI 1

• Gamma Deuteron at Knox 1

• Epsilon Lambda at Michigan State 2

• Mu Sigma at Minnesota 3

• Sigma Mu at Mississippi State 6

• Psi Mu at Missouri State 15

• Epsilon at North Carolina 5

• Nu Eta at Northeastern 1

• Nu Alpha at Northern Arizona 1

• Omega Nu at Ohio Northern 1

• Omicron Deuteron at Ohio State 8

• Theta Deuteron at Ohio Wesleyan 4


Chapter Proficiency Award

Awarded to the chapters that demonstrate efficiency in operations, adhere to Fraternity Laws and promote Phi Gamma Delta's high standards.

• Alpha Omicron at Akron 5

• Theta at Alabama 1

• Epsilon Alpha at Alberta 1

• Upsilon Alpha at Arizona 1

• Alpha Sigma at Arizona State 1

• Beta Sigma at Ball State 21

• Beta Psi at Boise State 1

• Pi Gamma at British Columbia 1

• Iota Chi at California Irvine 1

• Lambda Beta at California State Long Beach 1

• Omega Chi at Chapman 1

• Chi Upsilon at Chicago 1

• Mu Beta at Coastal Carolina 2

• Beta Kappa at Colorado 1

• Gamma Kappa at Colorado School of Mines 1

• Phi Kappa at Colorado State 1

• Delta Kappa at Davidson 6

• Epsilon Rho at Embry-Riddle 2

• Epsilon Iota at Evansville 6

• Phi Sigma at Florida State 2

• Kappa Deuteron at Georgia 29

• Gamma Tau at Georgia Tech 35

• Tau at Hanover 2

• Mu Iota at Idaho 4

• Chi Iota at Illinois 4

• Sigma Omicron at Oklahoma State 19

• Epsilon Omicron at Oregon 2

• Kappa Omicron at Oregon State 1

• Rho Phi at Rose-Hulman 1

• Rho Alpha at Virginia Tech 2

• Psi at Wabash 1

• Sigma Tau at Washington 38

• Chi Eta at Western Kentucky 6

• Kappa Mu at Western Michigan 2

• Mu at Wisconsin 9

[Annual Awards]

174th Ekklesia

Washington, DC - August

Phi Gamma Delta’s 174th Ekklesia, held at the Renaissance Washington DC Downtown, on August 11-14, 2022, will forever be regarded as one of the most monumental in our history. In addition to the significant business this Ekklesia considered, it was the first hosted in the Washington, DC metropolitan area since 1992 (Arlington, Virginia) and within the District since 1960.

This was also the first in-person Ekklesia since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brothers were excited to gather in-person to conduct important fraternity business, celebrate accomplishments and, for many, reconnect for the first time since 2018. The host committee did a spectacular job ensuring brothers and guests were well-acquainted with all the opportunities in the United States capital.

For those who were not able to attend, here are some important events that occurred at the 174th Ekklesia in Washington, DC.

1. By the Numbers

There were 578 brothers and guests in attendance. This included 344 undergraduates (representing 133 chapters and provisional chapters), 198 graduates


and 36 guests. Attendance was a little smaller at this Ekklesia due to the ongoing pandemic.

2. Graduate Leadership Forum

The Ekklesia began with the graduate volunteers participating in the Graduate Leadership Forum, on Thursday, August 11. More than 100 graduate volunteers spent their day learning about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, housing, proposed amendments, Ritual education and volunteer advisor accountability.

3. Opening Banquet

At the Opening Banquet, Archon Councilor Jack Foley (Pittsburgh 2022) opened Ekklesia festivities, and host committee members Josh Holly (Tennessee 1997), Tim Nank (Columbia 1993) and James Miervaldis (Johns Hopkins 2006) welcomed our brothers to Washington. The evening featured the presentation of our undergraduate chapter awards recognizing our chapters’ accomplishments throughout 2021.

The Opening Banquet also gave the Fraternity an opportunity to recognize a milestone for a special graduate brother. Educational Foundation

Executive Archon Councilor Jack Foley (Pittsburgh 2022), Opening Banquet L-R: Archon President Nic Loiacono (Illinois 1974), Rob Caudill, Executive Director Emeritus Bill Martin (Mississippi State 1975) & Gary Wilkinson, Opening Banquet
2 3 3
L-R: Ed Robinson (Bucknell 1986) & Former Archon President Brian Douglas (Tennessee Tech 1998), Graduate Leadership Forum

Director Ben Robinson (Hampden-Sydney 1986) presented Gary Wilkinson (Ohio Wesleyan 1951) his Diamond Owl, which celebrates 75 years of membership in the Fraternity. Gary is the son of Cecil J. “Scoop” Wilkinson (Ohio Wesleyan 1917). The last Ekklesia held in Washington was in honor of Scoop after his retirement as the Fraternity’s Executive Secretary & Editor in 1960.

4. Project Phi Gam

On Friday afternoon, August 12, the Fraternity continued its tradition of giving back to our host city through Project Phi Gam. Brothers provided handson support to local charities House of Ruth, Martha’s Table and N Street Village.

5. Washington Nationals Game

A highlight of the event was having over 500 brothers and guests attend the Washington Nationals game at Nationals Park. While the Nationals did not win, attendees enjoyed lower-level tickets in the corner of right field and the first base line and beautiful weather.

6. Ekklesia Business

Our brothers completed a substantial business agenda in Washington! The 174th Ekklesia passed the Fraternity’s biennial budget and elected a new Archonate. Most significantly, the Ekklesia considered

and debated many amendments to our Constitution and Bylaws, including proposals to simplify the process for chapters to discipline members, modernization of the Fraternity’s governance structure and elimination of pledging by July 1, 2024 (learn more on page 30)

7. Closing Banquet

The Closing Banquet was guided by emcee and host committee member Josh Holly and included recognition of the Fraternity’s 2021 graduate chapter and individual award winners. This included remarks from Wilkinson Award winner Adam Berg (Wabash 2022)

The Archons surprised two deserving brothers by presenting them with the William A. Martin III Distinguished Fiji Award during the Closing Banquet. Ron Sages (Ohio 1973) served as the Fraternity’s Director of Housing from 2014-18 and Archon Treasurer from 2006-10. Mike Lucas (Bradley 1983) also served the Fraternity in a wide variety of roles, most notably on the Archonate from 2010-14 and as Archon President from 2014-16.

The Fraternity looks forward to brothers participating in the 176th Ekklesia, on August 8-11, 2024, in Chicago, Illinois. t

[174th Ekklesia] THE PHI GAMMA DELTA 29
Brothers participating in Project Phi Gam Head table, Closing Banquet New Archon President Bill Hunnicutt (Texas Arlington 1981), Closing Banquet
4 7 7 7
L-R: Nic Loiacono, Wilkinson Award winner Adam Berg & Rob Caudill

Focusing on Our Future A New Model to Build Courageous Leaders

The delegates to the 174th Ekklesia in Washington, DC, faced a weighty legislative agenda in the form of proposed amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. At the top of everyone’s mind was the proposal from the Archons to eliminate pledging. Another group of amendments would simplify the process for chapters to discipline members, including, most significantly, giving chapters and their officers the authority to suspend and expel members, authority previously reserved to the Archons and Ekklesia. Beyond these two momentous proposals, there were numerous amendments on fraternity governance and other matters not directly impacting undergraduate chapters. Working through this agenda would require focus and stamina.

While the Ekklesia is an opportunity to celebrate Phi Gamma Delta’s history and traditions, it is, more importantly, a time for undergraduate and graduate leaders to look to the future. In his State of the Fraternity address at the opening business session on Friday, August 12, retiring Archon President Nic Loiacono put the challenge this way: “Successful organizations embrace change as a means of ensuring their sustainability.”

It has been said that the future is built on a knowledge of the past and an honest assessment of the present. In the latter regard, three data points – one internal, the other two environmental – stood out:

• During the previous four years, the Fraternity had disciplined 38 chapters for hazing, closing 16. Efforts to eliminate hazing

– focused on education and accountability and stretching back over 60 years – had not been effective enough to attain our goal.

• Male college enrollment had been in decline for a decade, with no expectation that this trend would reverse soon.

• Research had found that 35% of men who consider fraternity membership do not join because of their perception of the typical fraternity experience, led by concerns over hazing.

Schooled in the language of courageous leadership, the delegates recognized that Phi Gamma Delta faced a testing point. They understood the need for a different approach to bring in new members, one which puts a greater emphasis on quality recruitment and reduces

Congratulations to Alpha Omicron at Akron for being one of the first 32 Early Adopter chapters!

the power dynamic inherent in pledging and at the heart of fraternity hazing. As a result, delegates to the 174th Ekklesia - 96% of whom represented undergraduate chapters - voted to eliminate pledging effective July 1, 2024, and to immediately allow chapters to initiate new members without the probationary period known as pledging. By fall 2024, all undergraduate chapters will be required to initiate new members within four days of acceptance of an invitation to join. In the meantime, chapters continuing to use the pledging model must limit their new member education period to four weeks.

Phi Gamma Delta becomes the seventh fraternity to eliminate the pledge status and process. Other fraternities are considering similar action or have reduced the period from pledging to initiation significantly in recent years, as have a number of host institutions.

A New Model

In moving away from the pledging model, the Fraternity is not leaving a void. The framework supporting this transition has been in development for almost three years. In early 2020, the Archons adopted a strategic initiative to “find, pilot and deploy innovative ways to become a Phi Gam.” This prompted an evaluation of the methods then used to recruit, assimilate and develop members and consideration of ways to improve those methods. The project included learning from other fraternities that had seen improvements in recruiting, retention and member experiences as a result of changes in recruitment and membership programs.

From this analysis three compelling lessons emerged:

• Although we often talked about “valuesbased” recruiting, existing resources did not adequately prepare chapters to evaluate potential members against the Fraternity’s values. Further, the “rushed” format of recruitment still prevalent on many campuses did not provide the time or setting to get to know a prospect before inviting him to join.

• The pledging, or probationary, model for bringing in members sets up a power dynamic between brothers and pledges that hinders the development of friendships and makes it more difficult to prevent hazing.

Membership Related Amendments to Fraternity Laws

• Pledging will be eliminated at all chapters by July 1, 2024.

• Chapters may choose to initiate without pledging starting in fall 2022.

• Chapters continuing to use the pledging model must limit new member education to four weeks.

• When joining without first pledging, new members will be initiated within four days of accepting an invitation to join, or if acceptance occurs prior to an academic term, then within four days after the beginning of the next academic term.

• The process for discipline of members is simplified and made less cumbersome.

• Chapters and chapter officers now have the authority to suspend or expel members.

• The pledging model, with initiation as the goal and something to be earned through learning facts and checking off a list of tasks, encourages an attitude that the responsibilities of a pledge are greater than those of an initiated member and that member education ends with initiation.

Thoughtful consideration of these lessons drove the development of two new programs:

• The Growth System: A continuous, values-based recruitment system that allows a chapter to make a full and honest evaluation of a prospect before extending an invitation to join. Continuous means that recruitment happens year-round and is not limited to the formal recruitment setting typically organized by an IFC.

• Built to Lead: A multi-year member development framework


The Fraternity overhauls its governance with the Ekklesia model, a representative body in which the undergraduates are the majority.


As the U.S. enters WWI and college enrollment plummets, Archon President Orion Cheney calls upon the “Purple Legion” of graduate brothers to sustain the Fraternity.

[Focusing on Our Future]

[Focusing on Our Future]


The Ekklesia amends the Constitution to remove membership restrictions on race, creed and color.


The Archons adopt the Risk Management Policy, prioritizing the health and safety of members and guests.

that begins on day one of affiliation and extends learning about the Fraternity beyond the first six to eight weeks, engaging brothers throughout their undergraduate experience and giving them an edge in career and in life. These two programs together form a new model for the Fraternity’s work in Building Courageous Leaders and support our transition to a better experience for all our brothers. They complement each other in a holistic approach. Using the Growth System, chapters will recruit men who embrace the values of Phi Gamma Delta and aspire to be courageous leaders who will defend those values at the testing point. Through Built to Lead, we will give brothers the tools for courageous leadership, provide a more fulfilling undergraduate experience, and prepare them for future success.

Smoothing the Path

• Develop a customized implementation plan

• Collaborate with campus partners and the IFC to navigate campus policies/procedures

• Provide support in execution

• Give and receive feedback to improve

• Familiarize and prepare chapter advisors

Other benefits and resources include scholarship funds to attract and recruit quality men, grants to assist in implementation, travel costs to attend the Fraternity’s recruitment and leadership training and discounts on their insurance assessment.

Perhaps most significant, the Early Adopter option means that chapters do not have to implement this model overnight but can plan their own transitions.


The Ekklesia adopts alcohol-free housing – affirming our commitment to safety in our chapters and houses and prioritizing values over alcohol.

Recognizing that a change in such longstanding practices can be difficult, the Fraternity and Educational Foundation have committed considerable resources to help chapters successfully implement the new model. This fall, 32 chapters –called Early Adopters – have begun implementation of the Growth System and Built to Lead before the required date and will smooth the path for others to follow. Additional Early Adopters will be added each term through spring 2024, with a goal for at least two-thirds of chapters to be well-positioned for success by July 1, 2024.

Ensuring Sustainability


The Ekklesia amends Fraternity Laws to eliminate pledging by July 1, 2024.

Among the resources supporting the Early Adopters will be coaches –staff members or other trained partners – who will work with them to:

With the decline of male college enrollment and a significant portion of college men holding a negative perception of fraternities, Phi Gamma Delta’s future success hinges on providing a hazing-free joining experience and retaining members with meaningful development throughout their college years. To be clear, elimination of pledging is not a silver bullet. However, combined with continuing efforts in education and accountability, it is a significant step to prevent hazing by changing the power dynamic inherent in the pledging/probationary model.

Through the Growth System and Built to Lead, chapters will present a clear alternative to the stereotypes


and have honest conversations with potential members about what to expect. David Grady (Mississippi State 1982), a former Archon with over 30 years of experience in higher education, observes, “Overall, this change in how chapters on-board and develop members will contribute to healthier and stronger Phi Gam chapters and provide them a competitive advantage on their campuses.”

As a student affairs administrator, David sees a particular benefit in retention of older members. “Too often, chapters lose upperclass members who no longer see the value in membership, become apathetic and disengage from the chapter,” he says. “Built to Lead will keep members engaged throughout their undergraduate days and enhance their development as courageous leaders.”

The delegates to the 174th Ekklesia completed their weighty legislative

agenda, fulfilling their duties with respectful debate, thoughtful consideration and persistence. The gavel drop adjourning the final business session on Saturday afternoon, August 13, was the culmination of months of work by the fraternity staff and volunteer officers drafting complex legislation and educating brothers on the proposals to be considered.

Executive Director Rob Caudill was both gratified and eager to implement the momentous decisions of this Ekklesia. “The amendments approved by this Ekklesia represent a needed adaptation that recognizes the changing world around us,” he said. “They will make Phi Gamma Delta stronger, better aligned with our founding values and better equipped for the future.”

To learn more visit www.phigam. org/StrategicPriorities.

The Growth System

Modernizing recruitment to attract and select quality men using a continuous, values-based philosophy.

Guiding Philosophy: Recruitment will be used yearround to make a full and honest evaluation of potential members against fraternity values. Efforts are not limited to the formal recruitment setting typically organized by an IFC. Extending an invitation to join is a declaration of confidence to initiate into the brotherhood.

Recruitment Workshops for


• Social Excellence: Developing the soft skills needed to build relationships

• Dynamic Recruitment: Developing a plan that includes best practices in education and use of technology

• WeValU: Using the Fraternity’s values to evaluate potential members

One Chapter's Early Adopter Experience

Mitch Sonnen (Idaho 1986) first learned of the proposal to eliminate pledging in Phi Gamma Delta from the International Headquarters in midMay. As President of the Board of Chapter Advisors for his Mu Iota Chapter, he quickly gathered the BCA for a virtual meeting to discuss how to proceed and involve the undergraduates, who would need to agree to and implement the changes. Fortunately, graduate and undergraduate leaders had a head start. They already had been discussing shortening the pledge period to a few weeks.

As chapter leaders and advisors discussed how to approach what one BCA member called “a huge fundamental change,” undergraduate resistance slowly gave way to acceptance. Chapter leaders realized the advantage of jumping on board as an early adopter, shaping the program to fit their chapter. Andrew Brown (2023) describes the attitude: “We wanted to be able to make our own process, within the International Fraternity’s rules and guidelines. We’re Mu Iota Fijis. There’s always something we can do differently and better.”

ChapterBuilder: A customer relations management (CRM) tool designed for fraternity recruitment that helps chapters organize and manage their relationships with prospects, including evaluating and sharing comments among brothers.

Advisor Support: The BCA Recruitment Advisor will support a chapter in its day-to-day recruitment work, including:

• Mentoring and advising the Recruitment Chairman and his committee

• Participating in or leading recruitment workshops

• Coaching on ChapterBuilder use

• Guiding the chapter on using membership selection criteria

Our Future] 4

Undergraduates and graduates quickly designed a model that worked for them. Later, when the Chapter offered bids to Idaho freshmen, there was an important caveat – this was a bid to become a member, not a pledge. Mu Iota was the first Early Adopter to initiate men using the Phi Gamma Delta Way. The result was a stellar class of 23 ready to contribute immediately. Those freshmen already are serving on chapter committees, including one on Scholarship who does grade checks on his class and two more on Recruitment, as Mu Iota moves to a year-round recruiting model that already is showing results.

“It’s super important that the new brothers are contributing immediately,” Sonnen says. “Before, freshmen didn’t contribute much for a full year. Now they attend meetings, join committees and are full members. That’s a huge win.”

The early assimilation of new members has had another positive effect: the Chapter is a closer unit with fewer class distinctions and cliques.

There have been two other benefits not directly related to the membership process. Mu Iota’s leaders have learned real-life lessons in change management, and undergraduates and graduates have forged a close bond, with a new appreciation for

each other after designing a new membership model in a matter of weeks.

What is the critical factor in this story of early success? Opinions may differ, but this observation from Mitch Sonnen makes a case for attitude, “It was impressive to see the thought leadership from the undergrads and their willingness to change.”

Built to Lead

A multi-level development experience for all brothers that begins on day one of affiliation and extends throughout the undergraduate experience, focused on building and strengthening skills necessary for Courageous Leadership and giving brothers an edge in career and life.

Level 1: Foundation of Courage

• Discovering the power of brotherhood in Phi Gamma Delta

• Forging bonds with brothers through shared experiences

• Acclimating to fraternal life and its responsibilities

framework in everyday decision-making

• Engaging in deeper learning around the Fraternity’s values, ritual and curriculum

Level 3: Looking Ahead

management, public speaking and developing mature adult relationships

• Learning about the benefits of graduate membership


2: Putting Courageous Leadership into Practice


• Where the brother spends most of his undergraduate experience

• Assuming leadership roles inside and outside the chapter

• Using the Courageous Leaders

• As they look to graduation, brothers reflect and pass on the knowledge gained during their undergraduate experience and prepare for the next step in their journey

• Applying the Courageous Leaders framework to contexts outside the collegiate experience

• Sharpening their skills in project

4: Not for College Days Alone

• Brothers learn to appreciate the lifelong aspect of membership and the opportunities to engage with Phi Gamma Delta in new ways – attending Pig Dinner, participating in a graduate chapter, advising an undergraduate chapter, and much more

34 THE PHI GAMMA DELTA|FALL 2022 [Focusing
on Our Future]
Mu Iota's first 23 brothers who were initiated without pledging

2023 Housing Conference

The Fraternity is hosting its 2023 Housing Conference virtually on February 4, 2023. The Conference is open to all current and prospective house corporation members, other interested graduate volunteers, undergraduate officers and other brothers interested in supporting Phi Gamma Delta housing. This conference includes scheduled speakers, programming and topic specific sessions facilitated by content area experts.

For more information about the conference, visit:



For the 2022-24

Archon President Bill Hunnicutt (Texas Arlington 1981)


Bill was elected Archon President by the 174th Ekklesia in August 2022, after being elected Archon Vice President by the 172nd Ekklesia in August 2020. He was first elected to the Archonate as Archon Councilor at the 170th Ekklesia in 2018. Bill served the Fraternity as a Section Leader for eight years. In 2015, he received the Haynes Award as the Fraternity’s most outstanding Section Leader. He was appointed to the Section Leader Executive Committee (SLEC) in 2014 and was chairman of the SLEC from 2016-18. Bill now works in corporate logistics, having worked in sales and marketing within the polymers/ plastic industry for more than 30 years. He has also been involved as a Scouting volunteer for over 20 years.

Archon Vice President Tim Kilduff (Kent State 1968)

Tim was elected Archon Vice President by the 174th Ekklesia in August 2022, after being elected Archon Councilor by the 172nd Ekklesia in 2020. Prior to his election, Tim served the Fraternity as a Section Leader for 10 years, also serving on the Section Leader Executive Committee. He was also a key member of the 2016 Boston Ekklesia Host Committee. Following graduation from Kent State, Tim worked as the Fraternity’s Assistant Executive Secretary under Bill Zerman (Michigan 1949). Tim has 40+ years of experience in corporate affairs, organization management and internal/ external communications with focuses on crisis communications, media and marketing. Tim is the founder of the 26.2 Foundation, which supports marathoning.

Archon Treasurer Don Herman (Calgary 1984)

Don was elected Archon Treasurer by the 172nd Ekklesia in 2020 and continues in that role for the current biennium. Prior to his election to the board, Don had served on the Phi Gamma Delta Foundation of Canada Board of Directors since 2009 and as President from 2016-18. He also served on the U.S. Educational Foundation Board from 2012-20 and as a member of its Investment Committee. Professionally, Don is a portfolio manager at a leading investment firm. He is involved in the Calgary community as a board member for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Society and with the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise at the University of Alberta.

Archon Secretary Matthew Amend (Iowa 1987)

Matt was elected Archon Secretary by the 174th Ekklesia in August 2022. Previously, he served eight years on the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation Board of Directors, most recently as Chairman. Matt has also served the Fraternity in a variety of other roles, including Field Secretary, Director of Redevelopment and Section Leader. He has a Bachelor’s degree in business from Iowa and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Professionally, Matt has had a distinguished career in the oil and gas industry, having worked for BP Oil for 25 years, where he served in roles including Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Corporate Planning. He is currently Director of Strategic Transaction and Transformation for Lyondell-Bassell Chemical, another Fortune Global 500 company. Matt is the fifth member of his family initiated


by the Iowa Chapter, following his father Ralph (1952), uncle Richard (1955), and brothers Steve (1977) and David (1981)

Archon Councilor James Neilson (Akron 1991)

James was elected Archon Councilor by the 174th Ekklesia in August 2022, having first been appointed Archon Councilor in July 2021. He has served Phi Gamma Delta as a Section Leader, member of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee and Field Secretary. Professionally, James has more than 28 years of experience in human capital in a variety of industries. Today he serves as the leader of Human Resources for CivicEye and is the Managing Partner, Owner and Founder of Driving People Operations (DPO), a boutique business coaching and human capital management (HCM) consulting firm. He is also passionate about serving his community as a board member of The Plus Collective, a giving program and foundation that awards grants to organizations supporting the LGBTQ+ community in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Archon Councilor Robert Siedell (Mississippi State 1974)

Robert was elected Archon Councilor by the 174th Ekklesia in August 2022. He has served the Fraternity as a Section Leader, House Corporation President and Co-Chair for his chapter’s house capital campaign. He has three degrees, including an MBA from Harvard University. Professionally, Robert had a long and successful career with American Express International, serving as President of Japan and head of the Japan, Australia and New Zealand region before retirement. Outside of his career, he served in several board positions, including Charleston (S.C.) Symphony board member and president and Temple University, Japan board member. He also has three Phi Gam brothers, Lee (Louisiana State 1977), Ken (Southern Methodist 1981) and Tod (Mississippi State 1983).

Archon Councilor Jon Yates (Texas A&M 1991)

Jon was elected Archon Councilor by the 174th Ekklesia in August 2022. He has served the Alpha Mu Chapter at Texas A&M as House Corporation President for 20 years and in several roles on the Chapter’s BCA. Most recently, he served the Fraternity on the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee. Professionally, Jon has had a long career with the Boy Scouts of America, serving as the CEO of the Capitol Area Council of the Boy Scouts in Austin, Texas, for the past 11 years. He is also heavily involved with the Rotary Club of Austin in addition to his church.

Archon Councilor

J.T. Stoll (Western Kentucky 2023)

J.T. was appointed Archon Councilor by the Archons in August 2021. He currently serves the Chi Eta Chapter as President, having previously served as Historian, Cups & Awards Chairman and Recruitment Chairman. He attended the 172nd Ekklesia in 2020, and he is a member of the Order of Omega honor society. J.T. is pursuing a degree in accounting and sociology with a minor in criminology.

Archon Councilor Zach Berard (Kansas State 2024)

Zach was elected Archon Councilor by the 174th Ekklesia in August 2022. Currently he is the President of the Chi Deuteron Chapter at Kansas State, where he studies computer science. He has also served his chapter as Scholarship Chairman and has attended two Academies. Outside of his chapter, Zach is a member of the rugby team, Dean’s List, the University Honors Program and the Computer Science Scholars Program. He also serves as vice president of the chess club and KSU motorsports team programming chairman. t


Graduate Almanac


| Tuscaloosa, AL

On June 11, Jim Andrews' (1981) daughter, Mary Seldon Andrews, married Neill Luther (2019). Neill is the son of Phi Gam sire Gripp Luther (1990)

Baylor | Waco, TX

A leading finance publication has named Jeffery D. Price (1992) as one of the 250 advisors on the Forbes "America’s Top Wealth Advisors" list for 2022. This is the third consecutive year Jeffery has been named to the Forbes list.



Lewisburg, PA

Richard Freed (1950) received his Diamond Owl certificate, celebrating 75 years as a Phi Gam.

California Los Angeles

| Los Angeles, CA

Emmett Loverde (1989) recently wrote and directed "The Maginot Line," which completed filming in early June. The film was edited throughout the summer and will be released soon. Learn more about the film at http://



Chicago, IL

3 In September, Jim Vice (1954), Don Heinrich (1974) and Mike Dotsey (1974) visited the grave of Founder Naaman Fletcher in Wabash, Indiana.



Cincinnati, OH

5 On August 2, several Chi Omicron Founding Fathers conducted a surprise visit with Phil Steiger (1972) at a hospital in Miamisburg, Ohio. They presented Phil with his Golden Owl certificate, celebrating 50 years of membership.

Pictured (L-R): Larry Sprague (1971), Bruce Ziegler (1971), Bill Dowdney (1973), Former Educational Foundation Chairman Kevin J. Hopper (1973), Steve Crowe (1972) and Ed Daniel (1971) surrounding Phil Steiger.



| Greencastle, IN

5 In June, several Lambda brothers from the classes of 1970-72 gathered at the recently renovated chapter house for their 50th reunion.

Pictured (L-R): Larry Downs (1970), Jeff Lane (1971), Joe Vosicky (1971),

Bob Shaykin (1971), Mike Allee (1971), Jim Yoder (1970), Randy Isham (1970), Doug Mitchell (1970) and John Doan (1971). Not pictured: Harry Cangany (1972), Chris DeGraw (1972), Steve Jacobs (1971), Wade Nichols (1972) and Jim Sanford (1971).


| Daytona Beach, FL

Joe Dickinson (2023), Cooper Schoen (2025) and Kyle Garcia (2021) traveled to London, England, to visit Spencer Helsing (2021), who is attending Kings College London to get his Master's degree.

Georgia Tech

| Atlanta, GA

3 Denny Pryor (1951) was touched when he received his Diamond Owl certificate, recognizing 75 years of membership. Additionally, Dale Brandt (1963) sent a congratulatory note to Denny after seeing this story on the Fraternity's social media. Denny and his family were very moved.


| Hanover, IN

Eric Ballenger (1981), Rick Kenter (1981), Kevin Keefe

(1982) and Larry Cox, a member of Sigma Chi, traveled to the southwest coast of Ireland to play at Waterville Golf Links.

On March 16-20, several graduate brothers gathered for skiing and brotherhood in McCall, Idaho, where Wes Keller (1995) lives. Brothers in attendance were Paul Clark (1995), Bill Zorn (1995), Rob Ruzicka (1996), Kevin DeFosset (1995), Justin Powers (1994), Robert "Aba" Orr (1994), General Counsel Jim Boyers (1994), Brendan Bergin (1996) and Tony Wibbeler (1996).



Moscow, ID

Mu Iota's Scholarship Endowment has reached half of their Phase 1 goal of $1 million raised. As of the Chapter's 102nd Norris Pig Dinner, the endowment generated $20,000 in scholarships. Among the recipients were eight brothers who were each awarded a $1,000 scholarship for earning a GPA of 3.25 or higher during their first semester.

Illinois Wesleyan

| Bloomington, IL

Richard Dehm (1950) was awarded his Diamond Owl certificate for 75 years of membership.

[Graduate Almanac] 4

Iowa | Iowa City, IA

On April 20-21, Mu Deuteron hosted their annual Frank Norris Pig Dinner. Brothers from classes spanning over 50 years shared their brotherhood experiences and enjoyed each other's company during the weekendlong event.

Kansas State

| Manhattan, KS

This summer, Tom Hubbard (1984) was a crew member on "Team Seattle" for the Clipper Round the World Race. He raced almost 14,000 miles from Seattle to London and helped raise $10,000 for UNICEF.


| Orono ME

6 Former Archon President Eugene D.

"Buddy" Cote (1981) (center) received Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity's Dud Daniel Award for Interfraternal Excellence. This award is presented every two years during Phi Kappa Psi's convention and honors the memory of Ralph D. "Dud" Daniel, longtime Executive Director of Phi Kappa Psi and a great friend of Phi Gamma Delta.


| Minneapolis, MN

In August, Mu Sigma held their annual golf outing in Hayward, Wisconsin. The brothers in attendance were Adrian Bankowski (1973), Tom Bienemann (1971), Brian Gensmer (1972), Dave Moser (1972) and Creighten Murphy (1972)


| Norman, OK

Lee Allan Smith (1951) received his Diamond Owl

certificate, celebrating 75 years as a brother. Many Nu Omega brothers gathered for a reception to present Lee Allan with his certificate: John Bozalis (1961), Ken Carson (1981), Carl Gibson (1981), Don

Haskins (1957), Rick Knapp, Mark McPhail (1989), Guy Patton (2008), Bill Paul (1952) and Bill Rodgers (1959)

In fall 2021, Bill Rodgers was presented with the William A. Martin Distinguished Fiji Award at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club. Many of his chapter brothers attended the event to honor Bill.

Old Dominion

| Norfolk, VA

5 For Pete Ostrom's (1991) 15th wedding anniversary, his wife commissioned their favorite local artist, Lynn Martin, to create a snowy white owl painting, titled "The

[Graduate Almanac]

Penn State | State College, PA

3 Since retirement, Donal C. Porteous, Jr. (1963) has spent the better part of the last 20 years researching and writing a 451-page book titled Spiritual Reality and the Afterlife: Materialism meets Immortality. The book is about "spiritual survival" and is available at Amazon.

Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA


wife knew he had been searching for the perfect snowy white owl painting or picture for years to honor the Fraternity's mascot, Gamma.


| Eugene, OR

5 Jeffrey Gill (1981), Jeff Conway (1982) and David Thoma (1982) were inseparable in college. While they tried to stay in touch post-graduation,

life happened. They moved across the country and started careers and families. In 2016, David and Jeffrey learned Jeff had been diagnosed with a form of Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS) and was slowly losing his ability to enjoy life.

In spring 2017, the three met in Portland, and it was like no time had passed since their undergraduate years. The brothers vowed to get together every year,

which they have done (excluding 2020). In 2019, Jeff asked Jeffrey and David to join him on the final trek of the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain through the organization I'll Push You. They set up a GoFundMe and raised money to purchase Jeff an 'off road' wheelchair, which he will donate to the Philadelphia PLS Foundation. The trek was originally planned for 2020, then 2021, and it was finally rescheduled for June 11-19, 2022.

Pictured (L-R): Jeffrey Gill, Jeff Conway and David Thoma outside the chapter house in 2017 (top) and at the chapter house in the 1980s (bottom).

6 Pi Sigma held their Pig Dinner on April 9 at the historic Duquesne Club. Due to the pandemic, this was the first Pig Dinner since the Chapter re-chartered in 2019. There were 134 graduates and undergraduates in attendance, and Ed Graf (1960) was the keynote speaker and club host.

On July 30, the Chapter held their annual FIJI Open golf event, a decades-long tradition. Nine undergraduates and 30 graduate

[Graduate Almanac] 4

brothers attended the event, and Paul Leslie (1976), the original event coordinator in the late 1970s, was this year’s champion.

Rhode Island

| South Kingstown, RI

Kappa Rho brothers from the classes of 1970-80 gathered for their annual

reunion in Coventry, Rhode Island, on August 27. There were 30 brothers and 15 guests in attendance.


| New Brunswick, NJ

3 Robert Stewart (1971) recently published No Greater Duty, a military suspense novel. He dedicated it to Col. Vincent R. Kramer, USMC (1941), who also served as the Chapter's Purple Legionnaire for over two decades. Col. Kramer's distinguished military career included service in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. A guerrilla warfare expert who led operations behind enemy lines in North Korea and China, he received The Navy Cross, the U.S. military's second highest

decoration for valor, and eight battle stars. Vincent dedicated his life to serving Phi Gamma Delta, the Marine Corps and Rutgers University. When undergraduate brothers questioned America’s involvement in Vietnam, Col. Kramer remained committed to the service members fighting overseas, yet he always respected the brothers' right to express their beliefs.

Southeast Florida Graduate Chapter


Miami, FL

6 The Southeast Florida Graduate Chapter recently hosted a happy hour at Beat Culture Brewery in Miami and a beginning of semester barbecue

at Florida International University (pictured). Several brothers from the Graduate Chapter attended David Maya's (Florida International 2016) wedding.

Southern California

| Los Angeles, CA

Tom Hall (1982) moved to Mexico several years ago to pursue a dream that has roots in his undergraduate years. He founded an agave spirits company, Tomas Artesanal, and he has three Phi Gam brothers serving on his board of directors. In honor of the positive influence Phi Gamma Delta has had on Tom's life, he hid a Phi Gam reference on the label: P! - the recognized abbreviation for Perge!

[Graduate Almanac]

Southern Methodist | Dallas, TX

In late July, Travis Hemphill (2007), Matt Barron (2007), Jeremy Maurer (2007), Chris Burton (2008), Jamie Stoehr (2007), Dan Faulks (2007), and their nine sons gathered at Cedar Creek Lake, southeast of Dallas, for their second annual Fijis and Sons event.

Tennessee | Knoxville, TN

In December 2021, graduate brothers from the Kappa Tau Chapter and Knoxville area gathered for the annual Kappa Tau Christmas Brunch at the Cherokee Country Club. This event is the longest running holiday gathering of any group of graduates.

Texas Arlington | Arlington, TX

On September 24, Rick

Hewitt (2001) and Ryan Kimball (2001) attended a university-wide Greek gettogether at J. Gilligan's Bar & Grill in Arlington. The other guests in attendance represented the Delta Delta Delta Women's Fraternity, Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Delta Zeta Sorority, Kappa Alpha Order, Sigma Chi Fraternity and Zeta Tau Alpha Women's Fraternity.


| Crawfordsville, IN

John Emery (1951) received his Diamond Owl certificate, celebrating 75 years as a Phi Gam.

William Jewell | Liberty, MO

3 Glenn Petty (1951), who recently turned 93, received his Diamond Owl certificate celebrating the

75th anniversary of his initiation into Phi Gamma Delta.

WPI | Worcester, MA

On July 16, Pi Iota held their annual summer reunion at House Corporation President Henry Fitzgerald's (1975) home in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Over 80 brothers, from the classes of 1972-2025, and guests were in attendance. One of the highlights was a tour of the construction site for a new chapter house.

Dave Willens (2009) and Dave Ortendahl (Faculty Initiate) were both named to Worcester Business Journal's 40 Under 40 List.

5 In 2021, Zach Hartzell (2015), Tanner Landis (2015) and Kyle Foley

(2016), all avid outdoorsmen who served in the military, founded OWL Overland Outfitters, LLC (OOO). OOO designs, manufactures and sells truck bed kitchens, storage solutions and other outdoor accessories for overland vehicles. Recently, these brothers committed to donate 5% of OOO's profits annually to improve availability of mental health treatment for veterans through the Veterans Outdoor Advocacy Group (VOAG) and Military Mobility Organization (MMO). Additionally, they organized a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise money and awareness for VOAG and MMO. t

[Graduate Almanac]

Spotlight on Graduate Brothers

Peter A. Johnson (Case Western Reserve (1994)

Alexandre R. Imbot (Pennsylvania 2020) & Eli Moraru (Pennsylvania 2021)

Penn brothers Eli Moraru (2021) and Alex Imbot (2020) recently started The Community Grocer (TCG), a Philadelphia-based nonprofit re-imagining nutritional assistance to fight food insecurity and promote health equity. Eli and Alex founded TCG after researching the relationship people on food stamps have with healthy foods. They found that 90% of people in their area wanted healthier food options, but there were too many obstacles (living in a "food dessert," not enough time to cook, no access to a working kitchen, etc.). Their conclusion was many people on food stamps need their healthy foods ready to go. Eli and Alex made it their mission to provide hot, healthy and accessible meals to those in need. Their solution was TCG, a store that sells meal kits in the front and provides a community kitchen to cook said meal kits in the back of the store. Additionally, Eli was one of five Penn seniors and graduates to receive the 2022 President's Sustainability Prize for TCG.

3 Peter Johnson (Case Western Reserve 1994) volunteered in Oświęcim, Poland, with One Humanity Institute (OHI) from March 23 - May 3, plus a few weeks before and after assisting from the U.S. OHI is a U.S. and Poland-based charitable organization initially launched to support the Auschwitz Museum in Oświęcim, but the refugee crisis forced a pivot within the organization. During his time in Poland, Peter helped repair and furnish two 100+ year-old buildings that were donated to OHI into apartments and shared community spaces for Ukrainian refugees. Peter was also one of many volunteers who helped OHI hand out thousands of Teddy bears to refugee children. Professionally, Peter is a growth and scalability specialist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who coaches founders and startups through the early stages of their business development. To learn more about OHI, visit

Stephen W. Ray (Oklahoma 1979)

Steve Ray (Oklahoma 1979) was named President and Managing Partner of Hall Estill (HE), Oklahoma's leading law firm, in June. Steve has worked for HE since 1992, serving in a variety of leadership roles. As president and managing partner, Steve will manage the day-to-day operations of HE, a full-service law firm with over 150 lawyers and other professionals, and he will continue to serve clients in the business and tax sectors. Throughout his career, Steve has received many awards and accolades. He has been listed in Best Lawyers in America for corporate governance, corporate compliance law and more; he was named Best Lawyers Corporate Governance Law - Tulsa in


2023, 2021 and 2018, and Chambers USA honored him with a ranking in corporate/commercial law in 2017. Outside of his career, Steve has been active with the Boy Scouts of America, having received the 2019 Silver Beaver Award, the highest award given to a volunteer Scouter. Steve earned his bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Oklahoma (OU) in 1979 and his law degree from the OU College of Law in 1982.

John J. Ruby (Northwestern 2000)

John Ruby (Northwestern 2000) is a TV and film actor, acting teacher and, most recently, podcaster. In November 2021, John launched The Moving Spotlight Podcast with partner and co-host Corbin Coyle. The podcast helps actors, artists and creators take control of their creative careers, and episodes are released weekly. Over his career, John has worked on TV shows such as CSI, Justified, For All Mankind, 2 Broke Girls, SWAT and Castle, and he has acted in movies and commercials. He spent over 10 years in casting, working on both TV shows and commercials. John left casting in 2017 to join The Storytellers Conservatory acting school, where he is an acting teacher and co-owner. To learn more about his podcast, visit

James L. Tuman (Michigan State 1964)

4 Jim Tuman (Michigan State 1964) and Jimmy's Kids received the Congressional Award (pictured) for their work on behalf of families in Metro

Detroit, Michigan. A youth advocate and motivational speaker, Jim founded Jimmy's Kids in 1988. Jimmy's Kids serves thousands of children across the metropolitan Detroit area by partnering with local organizations and people of all faiths to set up gift-giving holiday parties. Jim and Jimmy's Kids were nominated for the award by Rashida Tlaib, U.S. Representative for Michigan's 13th district. t

Ruby Ray Imbot & Moraru Johnson Tuman

Foundation Focus

Foundation Board Updates

Glenn D. Moor (Texas Tech 1984) was selected as Chairman of the Foundation and will serve until August 2024. He has previously served the Foundation as Vice Chairman and Treasurer, and he has previously served the Fraternity as Archon Treasurer. Glenn’s background is in insurance and real estate. Ronald C. Nelson (Richmond 1977) joined the Foundation Board in July. As an undergraduate, Ron served his chapter as President and Treasurer. He received his Bachelor of Science in business administration with a finance major from the University of Richmond and his

End of Year Gifts

Give Appreciated Stock, Avoid Capital Gains

Master’s from Wesleyan University. As a graduate brother, he served the Fraternity as Purple Legionnaire of the Rho Chi Chapter from 197879 and as Director of Programs for the International Headquarters from 1979-83. Currently, Ron is the COO of Essex Financial Services in Connecticut.

Additionally, Matthew M. Amend (Iowa 1987), G. Carl Gibson (Oklahoma 1981) and Michael Stewart (Penn State 1974) retired from the Foundation Board in 2022. These brothers served faithfully and generously for eight years for the Foundation.

Giving Is Easy

Giving appreciated stock to the Foundation may be more beneficial than giving cash. You can avoid paying capital gains by gifting stock to the Foundation and receiving a tax deduction for the stock's market value on the day you gift it. Transferring the stock to the Foundation can be as easy as notifying your broker. For more information, contact Ben Robinson at

Have a Charitable Gift Fund?

The Foundation can receive gifts from CGFs. You will need our EIN# 52-6036185.

Make a Gift Directly from Your IRA

If you are 70 ½ years or older, you can gift up to $100,000 directly to the Foundation from your IRA. You still pay no taxes on the distribution, and it qualifies toward your required minimum distribution (RMD). The Foundation must receive the donation by December 31 for the amount to be applied to that year’s tax return. For more information, contact your IRA administrator or the Foundation: or 859-255-1848 x 133.

Want to support the Fraternity’s academic endeavors and alcohol education, leadership, and mental health programs?

Online: Give securely online at www.phigam. org/Donate

Mail: Send a check made payable to Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation using the enclosed envelope.

Canada: Visit to give to the Phi Gamma Delta Foundation of Canada.

Gifts to the Educational Foundation are tax-deductible in the United States.


Two New Scholarships Created

Persistence Scholarship

The Persistence Scholarship is a new scholarship awarded by the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation. It recognizes the importance we have placed on a determination to “press on,” to accomplish important goals while overcoming obstacles. The Persistence Scholarship provides financial assistance to brothers who strive for excellence in academics, fraternity and campus leadership, and service to the chapter and the

community while dealing with the financial challenges of attending college. We believe these brothers are powerful catalysts for creating and sustaining successful chapters. In the inaugural year of the scholarship, the Foundation awarded 70 scholarships at $1,500 each. The average GPA of all the winners is 3.57. This year, the scholarship awards were increased to $2,500 each.

I am grateful to my chapter brothers who encouraged me to apply for this scholarship. Without the constant love and support from those I call family, I would not be able to achieve my full potential as a student leader. Being a brother of Phi Gamma Delta is truly a life-changing experience. It has allowed me to grow as a person, student, community member and as a brother. I would like to thank all the generous graduate brothers who helped support this opportunity.

Senior Director of Graduate Engagement Dio Protopapadakis (Appalachian State 2017)

Courageous Leader Scholarship

How does Phi Gamma Delta introduce its values to a campus at large?

The Courageous Leader Scholarship (CLS) seeks highcaliber students while giving back to our campus's community to help fund a collegian’s tuition. This scholarship, based on the values of Phi Gamma Delta, will open the doors to new friendships with individuals who recognize the importance of courageous leaders and who live out the mission and vision of the Fraternity.

The CLS process will create a positive perception of Phi

Gamma Delta for scholarship applicants, their parents, faculty, administrators and the campus community. And it will help fulfill the mission of our university hosts. The CLS is designed to reward values-based college men who want to succeed as scholars and leaders.

The scholarship is available to chapters that adopt the Fraternity’s Built to Lead member development program and commit to its stated goals. Scholarship awards are $1,000, and a chapter may request five per academic year. The scholarship will run for approximately two years.

Persistence Scholarship recipients were recognized at the 174th Ekklesia's Donor/Scholar Luncheon (L-R): Dario Banuelos (Wabash 2023), Luke Dietrich (Christopher Newport 2024), Brett Driscoll (Wabash 2024), Riley Dixon (North Carolina State 2024), Ryan Taneja (Central Arkansas 2024) and Richard Pan (Wabash 2024), with presenter, - Luke Dietrich (Christopher Newport 2024)

White Star Legacy Society

Leave a TaxDeductible Gift to the Foundation

To leave a tax-deductible gift to the Educational Foundation, consider the following:

“I leave and bequeath unto the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation, Inc. the sum of $___, or ___% of estate (or specific securities or other property). Said Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation (Federal ID # 52-6036185), organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, with administrative offices at 1201 Red Mile Rd, P.O. Box 4599, Lexington, KY 40544-4599. This gift is unrestricted for general Foundation purposes.”

For estate gift questions and restrictions, please contact Executive Director Ben Robinson, at brobinson@ or 859-255-1848 ext. 133.

The White Star Legacy Society recognizes those brothers and families who have chosen to leave a legacy and help shape the future of Phi Gamma Delta through their will or estate plans.

Top Three Ways to Join the White Star Legacy Society:

#1 Give a charitable bequest (a percentage or dollar amount) in your will or living trust to the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation.

#2 Name Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation as a beneficiary of your assets such as your 401K or other retirement plans upon your passing.

#3 Open a life insurance policy with the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation as the policy owner and cover annual premiums with gifts to the Annual Fund.

Gary Wilkinson (Ohio Wesleyan 1951) and his wife, Dolores, have included the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation in their estate plans. Gary’s father, Cecil J. “Scoop” Wilkinson (Ohio Wesleyan 1917), served as the Editor of The Phi Gamma Delta and as Executive Secretary of the Fraternity from 1920-1959. Gary and Dolores joined the 174th Ekklesia for the Opening Banquet, where Gary accepted his Diamond Owl certificate, celebrating 75 years of membership.

“Phi Gamma Delta has had an outsized influence in my life. With my father’s role as executive secretary while growing up, I met so many graduates from many different chapters. What a wonderful experience meeting those brothers. To know that the Fraternity carries on and can adapt to meet the needs of young men in college today would make my father proud, and it makes me proud. I am a member of the White Star Legacy Society.”

^ (L-R): Dolores and Gary Wilkinson

The Fraternity and Educational Foundation are partnering to host our 2023 Giving Day during the first week of May. As we celebrate our 175th anniversary, we invite you to participate and celebrate with us by giving to the Fraternity and/or the Educational Foundation during our annual day of giving. This day presents an opportunity to further showcase that “Friendship is the Sweetest Influence.” Prizes will be awarded for chapters who finish in the top five for number of donors or for monetary contributions.

Are you interested in helping your chapter reach the top of the leader boards? If so, please consider becoming an ambassador for your chapter. If you are interested, contact Senior Director of Graduate Engagement Dionysis Protopapadakis at Further information regarding the 2023 Giving Day will be shared in the coming months.

Help Celebrate Our 175th Anniversary Chicago Brothers Pay Their Respects

James W. Vice, Jr. (1954), Donald M. Heinrich (1974) and Michael Dotsey, PhD (1974) visit Founder Naaman Fletcher’s grave site in Wabash, Indiana. The three enjoyed a day of travel and memories.

For more information on the Founders visit the Archives of Phi Gamma Delta's website:

“Coming at the best time possible, once again, was the support of my brothers and Fraternity. There are no words to describe my gratitude. I appreciate everything that Phi Gamma Delta has given me and will continue to give me. My path is being paved with great support. I will continue to live with a great fire in my heart for the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

Forever, Press on!" - Tobi Faltynski (Embry-Riddle 2024)

A Persistence Scholarship Recipient Educational Foundation Board of Directors

Chairman: Glenn D. Moor (Texas Tech 1984)

Vice Chairman: Michael A. Lucas (Bradley 1983)

Finance Committee Chairman: Kevin W. Haga (Jacksonville 1992)

Secretary: William R. "Bill" Brand (RPI 1987)

Directors: D. Michael Ainsworth (British Columbia 1987), Donald M. Heinrich (Chicago 1974), Mitchell I. Henn (Case Western 1972), Scott R. Mowrer (Washington 1971), John P. O’Neill (Akron 1987), Ronald C. Nelson (Richmond 1977) & Robert A. Wunderlich, Jr. (DePauw 1988) t


2022 William A. Martin III Distinguished Fiji Award

The Archons established the Distinguished Fiji Award in 1964. It is presented annually to no more than six graduate brothers who shall be deserving of recognition for their faithful and unselfish service to Phi Gamma Delta or their special contribution to mankind and society at large. The award was renamed the William A. Martin III Distinguished Fiji Award in 2019, upon Bill's retirement as Executive Director. To date, 473 Phi Gams have been honored with the Distinguished Fiji Award.


Cui (Alberta 1994)

Brother Cui is the President & CEO of the Edmonton Elks Football Club, a 14-time Grey Cup champion in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Previously, he was the CEO of ONE Elite Agency at ONE Championship, a mixed martial arts organization regarded as the largest sports media property in Asia. Prior to that, Victor worked as a senior executive for ESPN Star Sports and PGA Tour-Golf Canada, and he served as Managing Editor for one of Canada's largest golf publications. Victor has also played a key role in other sports events, such as the Olympics, X Games Asia and the World Series of Pool. Victor continues to play a strong mentorship role with his chapter's undergraduate brothers, and he was featured in the Fraternity's spring 2022 magazine and On the Banks podcast. You can watch or listen to Victor's episode at OnTheBanks.

Theodore F. "Trey" Holland III, MD (Wabash 1971)

Brother Holland is a urologist with Urology of Indiana and has been practicing for 34 years. Trey is a member of the Indianapolis Medical Society, American Urological Association and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is also affiliated

with seven hospitals in the Crawfordsville, Indiana, area. Outside of his medical career, Trey serves as a member of the Wabash College Board of Trustees. He also served as a member of the Executive Committee of the United States Golf Association (USGA) from 1991-2002 and as President of the organization from 2000-02. He remains actively involved with several USGA committees, and he is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Alliance for Accessible Golf, an organization that promotes golf as a tool for rehabilitating people with disabilities. Trey is also a former house corporation member for the Psi Chapter at Wabash.

Michael A. "Mike" Lucas (Bradley 1983)

Brother Lucas has been actively involved with the Fraternity since his undergraduate days, having served as a Field Secretary, Section Leader, Archon Councilor, Archon Vice President, Archon President and BCA Chairman for his Beta Pi Chapter. He currently serves on the Educational Foundation Board of Directors as Vice Chairman. Professionally, Mike is President & CEO of RegO Products, the premier manufacturer of gas control products to the industrial gas and liquefied cryogenic liquids industry worldwide. Previously, he served as President of Emerson Industrial Automation, President of Emerson Network Power, and President and CEO of Powell Industries. Mike also serves on the Board of


Directors for the Compressed Gas Association and Team Industrial Services.

Malcolm W. McDonald (Yale 1958)

Brother McDonald had a successful career at First National Bank in St. Paul, Minnesota, from 1960 to 1977, and at the Space Center, Inc., from 1997 until his retirement in 2004. Since retirement, Malcolm has been active in many civic endeavors and is currently involved with Sherbrooke Capital and Project Success. He previously served as a member of the advisory board for Firstar Bank of Minnesota and the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, trustee and Vice President of Grotto Foundation, and a trustee of Way to Grow, and he was a founding member and trustee emeritus of the Minnesota State Fair Foundation. Among his accolades are five separate listings in Marquis Who's Who, including Excellence in Real Estate.

John P. "Jack" Neafsey (Cornell 1961)

Brother Neafsey is an active businessman and philanthropist who has been President of JN Associates, an investment consulting firm, since 1993. He previously served as President and CEO of Greenwich Capital Markets from 1990-93 and from 1967-90 held various positions at Sun Coal Company, including Executive Vice President. Jack currently serves on the boards for several organizations. He is the Chairman of the Board of Alliance Coal Company, a member of the Board of Directors at Stepping Stones

Museum for Children, and Chairman of the Board of National Equipment Services Company, to name a few. Previously, Jack served as Managing General Partner of Alliance Resource Partners LP from 1996-2019 and as a Director of West Pharmaceutical Services Inc. from 1987-2011. He currently serves as a Trustee of Cornell University and is an active donor to the Cornell Chapter's housing renovation.

Ronald A. "Ron" Sages (Ohio 1973)

Brother Sages has over 45 years of experience in the finance industry, currently serving as a Portfolio Manager & Director of Financial Planning at Eagle Ridge Investment Management, LLC. Previously, Ron spent 25 years as the owner and co-founder of Chapin Asset Management, an entrepreneurial boutique asset and wealth management firm, and 20 years in the corporate world in super regional and money center banking. He is an adjunct professor in financial planning at the University of Georgia and a lecturer in Columbia University's Master's in Wealth Management program. Outside of his career, Ron has been an active volunteer with the Fraternity, serving as a member of the Financial Advisory Board from 2002-06, Archon Treasurer from 2006-10, Director of Housing from 2014-18, a member of 1848 Properties, Inc. from 2017-18, and as a longtime member of the Ohio Chapter's House Corporation. t

[Distinguished Fijis]
Lucas Neafsey Sages McDonald Holland

Ad Astra

Paul A. Coker, Jr. (Kansas 1951) passed ad astra on July 23, 2022. He was an accomplished illustrator and cartoonist best known for his work for Mad magazine and on animated children’s specials for television. After graduating from Kansas, where he studied painting and drawing, and serving in the U.S. Navy, he went to work for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1961 he moved to New York City and began working for Mad magazine, staying for over 50 years and illustrating over 375 articles. Perhaps his most recognizable work for Mad was the feature “Horrifying Clichés,” which mocked overused phrases by illustrating them with monsters and other creatures. He also was a production designer on more than a dozen animated children’s specials and shorts, including Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town. In 2015, he received the Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Cartoonists Society.

James J. Howard III (Pittsburgh 1957) passed ad astra on October 5, 2022. Jim spent his early career in the telephone industry, starting at Bell of Pennsylvania and eventually rising to President and CEO of Ameritech, the Chicago-based holding company that owned five Bell Telephone companies in the Midwest. In 1987 he became Chairman and CEO of Northern States Power Company, an S&P 500 electric and natural gas holding company based in Minneapolis. He retired from NSP in 2000. Jim served as chairman of organizations such as the Federal

Fratres Qui Fuerunt Sed Nunc Ad Astra


M. Whitman Beasley, Jr. (1972), 5/31/2022

Eugene A. Moore Jr. (1959), 4/23/2022


James B. Knapp (1954), 5/23/2022

James T. Linaberger (1959), 6/13/2022


John M. Bower (1983), 9/7/2022

John G. Giumarra III (1990), 8/22/2022

William A. McEowen (1961), 6/4/2022

William G. Milam (1960), 3/15/2022

Cecil C. Morrison (1951), 9/17/2021

Douglas S. Stanley (1963), 6/4/2022

Arizona State

John C. Grimes, Jr. (1984), 4/25/2022

Brendan N. McGovern (1999), 6/21/2022


Sylvester D. Matteson III (1979), 9/5/2022


Walter T. Ausfeld, Jr. (1980), 7/26/2022

Clifford M. Butler (1967), 6/12/2022

Roy H. Norris III (1966), 5/9/2022

British Columbia

Philip R. DeLaGiroday (1952), 3/26/2022

Donald McKay (1948), 6/17/2022

Robert M. Wadsworth (1952), 10/10/2022


Joseph A. Diblin (1940), 1/7/2021

James L. Heinrich (1953), 10/21/2022

John F. Hess (1951), 6/26/2022

Duncan S. Polson (1958), 3/15/2021

Jerry L. Rothenberger (1965), 8/21/2022

Charles A. Weidenfeller, Jr. (1964), 5/1/2022

California Berkeley

Richard D. Brooding (1949), 6/15/2022

Lester L. Stoakes (1948), 7/1/2022

California Los Angeles

Alfred L. Woodill (1946), 8/16/2021

Case Western Reserve

Steven J. Frantz (1983), 4/11/2022


Thomas W. Frank (1950), 1/1/2021

Colorado College

Miguel Mendez (2019), 7/16/2022


Richard T. Houghton, Jr. (1951), 3/5/2022


Peter C. Bomberger (1961), 9/1/2021

Philip F. Flemion, PhD (1957), 1/22/2022

Richard H. Tatlow IV (1961), 10/12/2022


Richard L. Boyer (1965), 1/19/2021

Chris Cornell (1977), 3/7/2021

David B. McConnell, MD (1962), 4/7/2022

Richard I. Roberts (1950), 2/13/2022

Edward B. Weston II (1952), 5/15/2021


Gary C. Martin (1988), 8/12/2022

Richard C. Murphy (1959), 7/29/2022

Bruce W. Parker (1956), 6/1/2022

Joseph T. Peterka (1983), 9/27/2021


Joe Anziano (1961), 6/15/2022

Thomas W. Kirchner (1959), 5/25/2022

Ryan M. McDaniel (2019), 5/25/2022


Lawrence B. Smith (1970), 5/21/2022

Georgia Tech

Ben F. Robinson, Jr. (1967), 6/24/2022


John D. Bream (1957), 2/23/2022

Douglas R. Underkoffler (1960), 10/7/2022


James T. Adams (1974), 5/2/2022

George Hill, Jr. (1955), 5/1/2022


Ralph L. Holden (1950), 8/1/2022

D. Sherman Kime (1962), 5/6/2022

David B. Lincoln (1968), 8/27/2022


Robert M. Cook (1965), 5/6/2022

Robert D. Jenkins, MD (1956), 6/11/2022

Illinois Wesleyan

Thomas E. Brokaw (1970), 8/10/2022

Dr. James L. Cook (1964), 12/4/2021 John Naylor (1962), 3/31/2022

[Ad Astra]


James E. Dice (1959), 4/9/2022

Thomas A. Hoadley (1951), 1/31/2022

John T. Hurley (1990), 10/17/2022

Phillip S. Ricke, MD (1970), 10/1/2022


Richard F. Amend (1955), 4/18/2022

Charles J. Connell (1949), 10/9/2021

Donald P. Coulter (1961), 4/16/2022

Iowa State

Stephen L. Baker (1960), 8/6/2022

Johns Hopkins

R. Samuel Jett, Jr. (1959), 12/12/2021


Jerry E. Beck (1962), 6/1/2022

James R. Boyd (1942), 8/8/2022

C. Joe Casson (1985), 3/27/2022

John G. Hondros (1966), 5/28/2022

Glenn E. Moser (1960), 10/5/2022

Robert K. Murray (1960), 5/24/2022

Kansas State

R. Michael Robson (1977), 6/2/2022

Juan C. Sexton (1972), 10/22/2021

Kent State

Gerald A. Figurski (1966), 4/2/2022


George W. Mills (1962), 9/28/2022

Kettering A

Gary Kusumi (1969), 4/11/2022


Ronald E. Dudas (1959), 4/29/2022

Gerald S. Isaacson (1950), 7/20/2022

Donald F. Pickard (1957), 5/2/2022

Louisiana State

Rodney D. Hendrick (1960), 8/27/2022


Chuck Barrett (1956), 4/4/2021

R. J. Lewy (1967), 8/11/2022

Raymond W. O’Keefe (1969), 5/8/2022

Richard M. Paganucci (1971), 9/10/2022


Nelson S. Mitchell (1955), 9/11/2022


Chet L. Andrews (1975), 9/12/2022

William B. Bone (1972), 9/12/2022

Mark S. Hoxie (1976), 9/12/2022

Gary C. Koch (1964), 5/22/2022

Joseph V. Swales (1976), 5/1/2022

Jeffrey L. Tasse (1978), 10/9/2022


Gary J. Arnold (1971), 9/26/2022

Ronald B. Clarke (1956), 5/31/2022

Milan J. Demeter (1967), 1/22/2021

John J. McFatridge (1958), 9/12/2022

William H. Moeller Jr. (1958), 3/17/2022


William P. Jenkins (1947), 6/1/2022


Dennis J. Blatchford (1972), 9/26/2022

Kevin L. Underwood (1982), 7/30/2022

Jeffrey S. Welsh (1982), 4/23/2022

New Mexico

John R. Lopez (1999), 6/25/2022

New York

Frank E. Vogel III (1965), 10/29/2021

North Alabama

Michael K. McCarley (1984), 7/10/2022

North Carolina

E. Lewis Bryan (1953), 8/8/2022

Charles W. Higgins Jr. (1954), 4/15/2022

James B. Neese (1971), 8/11/2022


Charles D. Peelle (1970), 6/20/2022


Stuart C. Black (1951), 2/21/2022


Thomas D. Lammers (1974), 9/3/2022

John A. Murphy (1967), 10/10/2022

Clark R. Robenstine (1971), 4/11/2021

Ohio State

Richard R. Fowler Jr. (1952), 8/13/2022

Thomas R. Frye (1951), 5/8/2022

Jack McCarthy (1951), 9/12/2022

Paul W. Rupp (1951), 8/26/2022

Ohio Wesleyan

John H. Fisher (1958), 9/25/2022

Fred L. McKinley (1956), 7/7/2022


Frank L. Kerstetter, Jr. (1950), 10/15/2021

Richard R. Lindsly (1956), 5/9/2022

Oklahoma State

J. Herschel Beard (1972), 6/18/2022

Larry L. Warren (1972), 4/10/2022

Old Dominion

Scott L. Hertzog (1985), 8/22/2021

David A. Wilson (1990), 8/29/2022


Daniel E. Lees (1958), 10/10/2022

Oregon State

William D. Brandt (1969), 5/2/2022

Gregory H. Mullen (1967), 8/16/2022

Gilbert C. Schmidt (1964), 6/11/2022


Michael A. Manko MD (1953), 6/16/2022

Frank McCarthy, Jr. (1958), 5/13/2022

R. Dana Sullivan (1955), 1/21/2021

Pennsylvania State

Earle H. Henderson Jr. (1959), 6/19/2022

Robert E. Quigley (1973), 4/29/2022

George S. Wills II (1958), 10/12/2022

Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, United Negro College Fund, United Way of Minneapolis Area, the Conference Board, the Nuclear Energy Institute and Xcel Energy. He was a trustee of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, and served on the Board of Visitors for the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Business.

Jay B. Hunt (Indiana 1962) passed ad astra on August 17, 2022. He was a member of the board of the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation from 1994-2002, serving as President from 1998-2000.

Jay B. was a co-founder of The Development Group, a San Francisco based consulting and financial advisory firm that worked with family and closely held businesses to create value. His prior management experience included Vice President of the Bank of California, with marketing and sales responsibility for five operating units; a joint venture with First Nationwide Bank that provided asset management and administrative services to developers and financial institutions, and Executive Vice President of FM Productions, a company providing technical theatrical services to major studios, musical entertainers, auto companies and technology firms. He served on the boards of Electronic Medical Management Inc., Joie De Vivre Hospitality, San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, and the American Resort Development Association. Jay B. earned a JD degree from the University of Michigan Law School and was a member of the Connecticut and American Bar Associations.

Charles R. Lee (Cornell 1961) passed ad astra on May 13, 2022. After earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA from Harvard, Chuck began his career in Pittsburgh working in finance for U.S. Steel, followed by a senior financial position with the Penn

[Ad Astra]

Central Company, involved in managing the company’s non-railroad assets, and then Chief Financial Officer of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Joining GTE Corp. in 1983 as Senior Vice President of Finance, he progressed to become President in 1988 and Chairman and CEO in 1992. When GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications in 2000, he became Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, serving until March 2003. He served on the boards of directors for DirecTV, Marathon Oil, Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp., Procter & Gamble, the Travelers Cos., United Technologies, and U.S. Steel. He was a member of the Business Roundtable, the Business Council, and the Financial Executives Institute. A trustee emeritus of Cornell University, he also served on the Board of Fellows of the Weill Cornell Medical College. He was named a Distinguished Fiji in 1992.

Curtis W. Mewbourne (Oklahoma 1957) passed ad astra on June 23, 2022. After graduation from OU with a degree in petroleum engineering, Curtis served as an officer in the U.S. Army and then worked as a petroleum engineer before founding Mewbourne Oil Company in 1965. He built the company, headquartered in Tyler, Texas, into one of the largest privately owned oil and gas companies in North America. A generous donor to his alma mater, he was honored by OU in May 2000 with the naming of the Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering. In 2007, after the School became part of a new College of Earth and Energy, the College was named in his honor. In 2002 OU granted him its highest honor, the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. Brother Mewbourne’s generosity extended to his Nu Omega Chapter. Since 2013 the scholarship fund he established for the Chapter has generated over $636,000 in awards to OU brothers. Curtis was named a Distinguished Fiji in 2017. t


John C. Baldus (1954), 8/15/2022


James R. McCaffery (1951), 8/22/2022

Robert H. Miller (1946), 10/22/2022

Robert C. Stephens (1964), 7/26/2022

Richard C. Talbot (1955), 5/25/2022


Frank B. Bobbitt III (1970), 8/5/2022

Bradley W. Wilson (1973), 12/25/2021


Richard H. Flicker (1948), 7/25/2022

Southern California

Edward G. Healy (1967), 8/13/2022

Southern Methodist

Donald C. Bollard III (1966), 4/29/2022

Thomas F. Eckert (1966), 9/10/2022

James R. Saunders (1958), 8/8/2022 E. Tabor Scott, Jr. (1955), 5/30/2022


Stewart Weitzman (1957), 12/29/2021

Peter M. Williams (1966), 5/10/2022


John S. Lustig (1979), 7/9/2022


James E. Bilbrey (1965), 8/8/2022

J. Henry Jones IV (1998), 4/12/2022

James C. Smith (1957), 9/12/2022


Walter S. Fortney III (1961), 9/26/2022

Warren C. Hemphill (1955), 9/1/2022

William E. Neild (1959), 8/24/2022

David P. Smith (1966), 9/29/2022

Patrick H. Swearingen, Jr. (1950), 6/14/2021

Texas Arlington

Thomas G. Willhoite (1969), 6/21/2022

Texas State

Jimmy D. Salling (1992), 8/15/2022

Texas Tech

Dr. Arthur L. Baer, Jr. DDS (1960), 4/28/2022

Jerry K. Bratcher (1957), 4/18/2022

Charles E. Dyson (1960), 6/12/2022

D. Matt Freeman (1997), 4/25/2022

Thomas R. Norman (1976), 8/17/2022


Paul C. Hartleib (1965), 4/20/2022

George O. Hayman (1953), 6/10/2022

John R. Stewart (1959), 8/18/2022


David A. Harrison IV (1967), 4/13/2022

Philip G. Yates (1962), 4/15/2022


Lloyd N. Stoner (1959), 10/27/2021


Paul A. Capeloto (1979), 5/18/2022

Richard D. Gourley (1960), 10/26/2022

William J. Higgins (1947), 8/19/2022

Edward J. Lajala (1957), 8/11/2022

Eric A. Rauch (2017), 8/20/2022

Jerry B. Thornton, Sr. (1955), 8/6/2022

John R. Tomlinson (1953), 3/22/2021

Washington & Jefferson

H. King Hartman, MD (1959), 6/21/2022

John F. Munnell (1952), 4/18/2022

Washington & Lee

Stephen P. Fluharty (1973), 8/11/2022

Scott G. McLam (1980), 6/13/2022

Washington State

Richard K. Clarke, Jr. (1956), 4/24/2022

Western Kentucky

Alexander L. Fahnders (2013), 4/19/2022

Westminster Daniel U. Johnston (1956), 6/24/2022

Randall Schmitt (1970), 5/19/2022

William Jewell

W. Alfred Diman (1961), 10/22/2022

Thomas R. Jones (1962), 9/9/2022

Williams Daniel H. Case (1946), 6/28/2022


Stephen A. Carlton (1962), 7/15/2022

Kenneth W. Miller (1963), 9/19/2022

Loren D. Mortenson (1964), 9/12/2022 William G. Wierdsma (1954), 8/18/2022


C. Donald Carlson (1974), 12/21/2021

Bertrand A. Trompeter (1950), 5/14/2022


Paul N. Kokulis (1945), 8/16/2022

Stillman Mackay (1951), 7/28/2022

Morgan M. Whitney, Jr. (1959), 5/16/2022

Obituary Notifications

[Ad Astra]
Submit obituary notifications online at www.phigam. org/AdAstra or email to

Fraternally Speaking

Some describe life as a series of moments, including many that define and shape who we are. Those defining moments are true for both individuals and organizations. For Phi Gams, who seek to Build (and be) Courageous Leaders, we call those defining moments testing points.

Being a courageous leader doesn’t mean that you have every answer, or that you are perfect. It means that you consciously make decisions that reflect who you are and strive to be – staying true to your values – particularly at the testing point. It is not about making snap judgments (though sometimes quick decisions are necessary). It is about being informed, understanding who you are and who you want to be.

As has been widely broadcast in the media, Phi Gamma Delta has faced several testing points in recent history. The most notable and public of those involved instances of poor decision-making, disregard for our laws and values, and the myth that hazing creates better brothers. Many proud graduate brothers have let us know how upset they are at the way coverage of these incidents have portrayed their fraternity.

The focus of this edition of The Phi Gamma Delta is on the important, monumental decisions made by the 174th Ekklesia to look to our future and amend our laws to implement a new model for building courageous leaders.

This model is a catalyst to a better way to recruit and develop our members. It sheds the notion that the men we really want and need will come to us in rush and forces us to embrace true valuesbased recruitment. It does not let us weed men out later, but instead makes us better understand who a man is and

The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta 1201 Red Mile Rd, Lexington, KY 40504 | 859-255-1848



• President: Bill Hunnicutt (Texas Arlington 1981)

• VP: Tim Kilduff (Kent State 1968)

• Treasurer: Don Herman (Calgary 1984)

• Secretary: Matt Amend (Iowa 1987)

• Councilors: James Neilson (Akron 1991), Robert Siedell (Mississippi State 1974), Jon Yates (Texas A&M 1991), J.T. Stoll (Western Kentucky 2023) & Zach Berard (Kansas State 2024)

Headquarters Staff

• Executive Director: Rob Caudill (Akron 2004)

why he wants to join before we invite him to be one of us. It takes the pressure off those first several weeks of affiliation and purposely focuses on the continuous education, development, and engagement of our members.

Many brothers reading this edition, seeing these changes for the first time, may be taken aback. I get it. The pledge status was adopted nearly a century ago and is the joining model our brothers are most familiar with. As you contemplate what the new model means for Phi Gamma Delta, consider the many more doors it opens than closes. Ask what it changes, and what it does not.

This new model was not conceived overnight or embraced as a knee-jerk reaction. I give tremendous credit to the recent and current Archons, staff, and graduate brothers who have in given years of serious study and insight to the programs and approaches used for the first time by our Early Adopter chapters this fall.

I also need to be transparent. We don’t have all the answers, and we are far from perfect. Eliminating pledging is not a panacea for hazing; we will remain diligent in our educational and accountability efforts. The Growth System does not guarantee that every chapter will only recruit the best and brightest or eliminate bad behavior, but it shapes the path towards those better opportunities. Implementation may be bumpy; innovation brings with it peaks and valleys.

Every challenge is not solved, and we are sure to face testing points in the future. But, as Phi Gamma Delta has done for nearly 175 years, we will continue to adapt and confront even our most difficult moments with conviction and courage.t

• Assistant Executive Director: Todd Rotgers (Minnesota 2011)

• CFO: Will Shier (DePauw 1988)

• Senior Dir of Chapter Services: Noah Reetz

• Senior Dir of Education: Lauren Tanner-Leif

• Senior Dir of Graduate Engagement: Dionysis Protopapadakis (Appalachian State 2017)

• Dir of Chapter Services - E: Ben Blacklock (Sam Houston 2015)

• Dir of Chapter Services - W: Emily Sledd

• Dir of Communications: Erica Carlson

• Dir of Fraternity Growth: Tyler Fisk (Wayne State 2020)

• Dir of Membership & Operations: Amy Watson

• Dir of Undergraduate Member Experience: Abby McCollom

• Assistant Dir of Education: Andrew Depew (Kentucky 2010)

• Coordinator of Communications: Erin Huebner

• Senior Executive Assistant: Taren Robin

• Administrative Assistant: Mahogany Dobbins

• Receptionist: Tina Ritchie

• Field Secretaries: Graham Hess (Akron 2021), Jeff Stinson (Western Michigan 2020), Collin Clifford (Sam Houston 2021), Craig Osborne (Embry-Riddle 2022), Alex Pouttu (Wayne State 2021), West Brownlee (Christopher Newport 2022), Jordan Archer (Alabama Birmingham 2021) & Sean Moskal (Mississippi State 2021)

Appointed General Officers

• Curator of Archives: Joe Weist (Rose-Hulman 1987)

• Dir of DEIB: DeVere Kutscher (Davidson 1997)

• Educational Director: Amelious Whyte (Minnesota Faculty)

• General Counsel: Jim Boyers (Hanover 1994)

• Historian: Towner Blackstock (Davidson 1994)

• PR Director: Mike Sacks (James Madison 2004)

• Ritualist: Justin Burns (Ohio State 2007)

Educational Foundations

Educational Foundation


PO Box 4599, Lexington, KY 40544-4599

• Chairman: Glenn Moor (Texas Tech 1984)

• Vice Chairman: Mike Lucas (Bradley 1983)

• Finance Committee Chairman: Kevin Haga (Jacksonville 1992)

• Board Secretary: Bill Brand (RPI 1987)

• Directors: Michael Ainsworth (UBC 1987), Don Heinrich (Chicago 1974), Mitch Henn (Case Western 1972), Scott Mowrer (Washington 1971), John O'Neill (Akron 1987), Ron Nelson (Richmond 1977) & Rob Wunderlich (DePauw 1988)

Foundation of Canada Board

20 Raintree Path, Etobicoke, ON M9C 5A9, Canada

• President: Tristan Patterson (Alberta 2010)

• VP: Michael Ainsworth (UBC 1987)

• Treasurer: Stephen Firth (Western ON 1973)

• Secretary: Murray Coulter (Western ON 1972)

• Directors: Erez Bahar (UBC 2001), John Carswell (Alberta 1976), Norm Dundas (McGill 1963), Don Herman (Calgary 1985), Ashley O’Kurley (Alberta 1994), John Starzynski (Western ON 1974) & Rob Witchel (Toronto 1987)

• Trustee Emeritus: Cameron Murray (Alberta 1972)

US & Canadian Foundations Staff

• Executive Director: Ben Robinson (HampdenSydney 1986)

• COO/CFO: Will Shier (DePauw 1988)

• Senior Dir of Graduate Engagement: Dionysis Protopapadakis (Appalachian State 2017)


The Fraternity of PHI GAMMA DELTA

1201 Red Mile Road Lexington, KY 40504

This voluntary program supports the Fraternity and funds programs that cannot, and should not, be funded by undergraduate chapters and provisional chapters, including:

• The Phi Gamma Delta magazine

• Graduate chapter support

• Expansion to new campuses

• House corporation resources

• Academy leadership training

• Graduate brother database

Non-Profit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Bolingbrook, IL Permit No. 1908
Support the effort to Build Courageous Leaders by participating in the Graduate Dues program.
org/GradDues to pay your $25 dues online.
Visit www.phigam.
Several brothers from the Southeast Florida (Miami) Graduate Chapter attended David Maya's (Florida International 2016) (pictured fourth from left) wedding.
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