The Phi Gamma Delta Magazine - Fall 2020

Page 44

Annual Awards Graduate Chapter Awards

Brightman Awards

Fewer Than 75 Members: 1: Utah (Salt Lake City, UT) 2: Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta) 3: Beta (Indianapolis, IN) HM: Columbus Ohio

Community Outreach & Involvement: W: Houston Texas Events & Programming: W: Seattle Washington Recruitment & Outreach: W: Southeast Florida (Miami, FL) Undergraduate Support: W: Seattle Washington

Individual Awards

For the 2019 Calendar Year

Coulter Cup

Crowder Cup

Haynes Award

W: Amelious Whyte (Minnesota Faculty) - Minnesota DS: • Tianna Cervantez Knox • Tony Marable Tennessee Tech • David Ortendahl - WPI

W: Brad Whiting (Washington 1980) DS: • Brent Ellis (Tennessee Tech 1999) • Tim Kilduff (Kent State 1968) • Francis Thompson (Virginia Tech 2000)

Presented to the most outstanding graduate chapters.

More Than 75 Members: 1: Seattle Washington 2: Southeast Florida (Miami, FL) 3: Houston Texas HM: National Capital Fijis (Washington, DC) Ontario Fiji Network (Toronto, ON)

Awarded for service to an undergraduate chapter other than as Purple Legionnaire.

W: Jack McKinnie (Ohio Wesleyan 1954) - Ohio Wesleyan DS: • Chip Chapman (Maine 1982) - Maine • Ron Crockett (Washington 1961) Washington • Dana Hesse (Virginia Tech 1986) - Virginia Tech & Western Kentucky • Mitch Sonnen (Idaho 1986) - Idaho

Durrance Award

Presented to the most outstanding Purple Legionnaire.

W: Chris Hupe (Kansas State 1994) Kansas State DS: • Chris Coupe (Idaho 2012) - Idaho • Mike Davis (Mississippi State 1989) Mississippi State • Pat Scott (Washington 1994) Washington • Thorn Svendsen (Colorado School of Mines 2011) - CSM • Dave Willens (WPI 2009) - WPI

Not For College Days Alone Awards

Presented to the graduate chapters excelling in the following areas:

Presented to the most outstanding faculty advisor.

Presented to the most outstanding Section Chief.

Wilkinson Award

Presented to the most outstanding senior.

W: Lucas Abbott (Minnesota 2020)

DS - Distinguished Service; HM - Honorable Mention; SP - Standout Performance; W - Winner 44