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Committee Members POSITION





Dennis Murphy

6 Mabledon Close, New Romney, Kent TN28 8HT, dennisandmaureen72@gmail.com

01797 363886


Neal Huitson

14 The Meadows, Sedgefield TS21 2DH nealhuitson@hotmail.com

01740 620147

Secretary & Membership Secretary

Liz Ovenden

17 Brooklime Drive, Boughton Vale, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 0SF liz.ovenden@beaufordclub.org.uk



Keith Woolfenden

Oak Tree House, Green Lane, Pamber Green, Hampshire RG26 6AD



Chris Rudge

11 Honeybourne Road, Alveley, Nr. Bridgenorth, Shropshire WV15 6PR



Michael Crozier

63 Laurel Grove, Tunstall, Sunderland SR2 9EE michael@jonhmichaelcrozier.fsnet.co.uk



Bill Buckley

18 Kelsey Lane Balsall Common, Coventry CV7 7GL



Paul Hicks

Rosehill, Kellow, Looe, Cornwall PL13 1LE beauford.editor@btopenworld.com

01503 262069


Tony Ovenden

17 Brooklime Drive, Boughton Vale, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 0SF tony.ovenden@beaufordclub.org.uk


Beauford Cars Ltd.

David Young

07794 452034 young490@btinternet.com

Please Note: The inclusion of material in, or distributed with, this magazine does not imply the endorsement or recommendation of that material. Members are advised to evaluate for themselves the suitability of material for their own purposes. Please mention the Beauford Club Magazine when replying to adverts.



The Chairman’s Page Dennis

I am writing these notes after getting home from the Powderham show near Exeter. We were away for the whole weekend but decided to go to the show on Saturday as the weather forecast said it was going to be the better day. We’d had a very slow journey down through the New Forest and into Devon on Friday afternoon, arriving at our hotel quite late. This led to a slow start on Saturday morning and by the time we got to the show the exhibitors’ gate had been closed and we had to double back and use the tradesman’s entrance. The showground was very busy and, although we were given a site number and pointed in roughly the right direction, the markers weren’t easy to spot. We couldn’t find our pitch, number 26, so we just parked up on an empty patch along with a Saab who was also lost. Later on I found 26, but it would only have been big enough for a couple of cars so we decided to stay put. As ours was the only Beauford it didn’t really matter where we were. Apart from all the cars and vans there were displays or lorries, tractors, fire engines, steam rollers and showman’s engines and a couple of steam lorries as well. Stalls included the usual food, beer, craft and



clothing as well as more motoring related and auto jumble types. In the afternoon we were entertained by a large swing jazz band the Locked Horns. All in all well worth a visit. During the day a lady from the Ford Anglia owners club introduced herself and said she had recognised our car after seeing it at a show in Hastings in May. She and her husband had been to a car show every weekend since then! I enjoy looking at cars as much as anyone but this seemed a bit over the top to me. On Sunday the weather was not quite so good and there was a bit of drizzle early on, so we decided to take the train from Exeter to Teignmouth and back. This is the stretch of line that runs along the coast through Dawlish where the track had to be replaced after the storms of February 2014. It also gave us a good view of the Powderham show. Back home on Monday after about 500 miles with a car in desperate need of a clean. As you may know, we have two sons who live with their families in Melbourne and we try to visit them as much as possible. Last time we were there we went to the Westfield shopping centre in Doncaster, which is one of the largest in Australia. All the big name stores are there along with many designer and boutique shops, cinemas and restaurants. The thing that impressed me was the signage in the multi-storey car park. As you drive in digital displays show either a red cross, meaning the row is full or a number indicating how many spaces are available in that aisle. As well as the boards, there is a light over each space showing either red or green: occupied or vacant. Excellent idea. No more driving round and round hoping to find a space, you can see exactly where they are. Maybe there are some fancy car parks here with a similar system, but I haven’t come across them yet, probably because Screwfix and Euro Car Parts are the sort of places I prefer to go shopping! Best wishes for months of summer motoring.

Dennis 6


From the Editor Well here we are at last. This is my final edition as the editor of your magazine. It really doesn’t seem like 4 years ago that I took on the challenge of producing the Club periodical each quarter but 4 years it certainly is. As I mentioned to you in the last magazine, Pat and I are now retired and planning to take ‘time out’ to go and visit all those places that we have on our ‘to do’ list. In fact we start in just a few days time (as you read this) with a visit taking in Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands. We then cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean and the southern states of the USA. It will be ‘hell’ I am sure but someone has to do it. I am sure you will appreciate that it isn’t practical for me to commit to publishing future magazines when we are not even sure where we will be. Nonetheless, I will be more than pleased to provide a regular article keeping you up to date with our travels and motoring discoveries. This must inevitably, bring me to the subject of the next Editor. It is now a year since I broached the subject of an assistant editor who could step in during periods of absence and to try their hand at this interesting and challenging past time. It can, of course, be an imposition on a person’s time each quarter so for this reason, I suggest that we have a small editorial team. Two or three members can share the task of producing the magazine, share the workload, share the challenge of getting articles and news for the next edition. The nice thing about a team activity is that you have someone to talk to and bounce ideas off. Not least of all, it means that the responsibility does not rest on the shoulders of a single person. But don’t let me mislead you into thinking that this is just an hour or two every 3 months - it is not. During the quarter, I am always on the lookout for articles to go into the next edition; when we go away for a weekend I am on the lookout for an interesting car, place or event. It gives the editor another outlook on leisure time activities. 7


So come and give it a go! Contact Liz and put your name forward. You don’t have to be a prolific writer or have journalistic ambitions - just an interest in the Club and some time each quarter. You may be interested in the software used to ‘set’ the magazine. I use Apple’s Pages - supplied free with Apple computers. However, the Club does have a licensed copy of Microsoft Publisher if the new Editor would prefer. As you know, we no longer print the magazine ourselves - it is printed for us by simply placing the order online. The finished article is then delivered to Liz who then posts it to our members. I will be leaving all of the magazine files, in Pages format, on a CD with Liz. I will also be available by email to provide technical assistance to the new ‘incumbent’. In fact, I will commit to providing a helping hand in producing the next edition if the new volunteer(s) should require it. But still, enough about being an Editor. As you will have seen from Dennis’ page, the show at Powderham went ahead in July and was, I am told by the organisers, a great success. Dennis and Maureen were there on the Saturday and Colin and Sue together with me, were there on Sunday. The weather on Sunday had been forecast to be awful but as it happened, there was not a drop of rain at the show ground. It was torrential rain on the way up from Cornwall but it stooped about 5 miles from Exeter and the sun appeared. A great day was had by all. One of the highlights was the annual drive pass on the adjacent rail main line of a historic steam express. Traction engines lined up along the edge of the show ground and as the engine passed by, a ‘whistle off’ between these mighty machines was a thing to behold. What may be of interest to our members was that I was approached by one of the organisers who offered the Club a ‘spot’ in the main parade ring next year if we could gather 10 or more cars and provide a commentary. Perhaps you would all like to give it some thought. It could be a wonderful experience showing off our pride and joy in front of thousands. I am sure that we could get 10 cars - perhaps 20 - what a display! Well folks, as I said at the start, Pat and I are now preparing for our travels and packing beckons. So I wish you well and remind you to keep sending in those articles for the new Editor. Please give the new Editor(s) your every support and perhaps even join the team. 8


Ovenden’s Offering by

Liz As usual I am late in writing. I was going to leave it until after the Powderham show but as we cancelled going to it on Friday I thought that instead of wandering around a show today I would type my bit for the magazine. Tony and I came back from a lovely holiday in Cyprus three weeks ago. Two days before we left I started to get a tickly throat and a bit of a cough which I just put down to the air conditioning. However, the cough developed and I was very popular on the flight home as I coughed continuously and did not stop for another week. I woke up on Saturday morning, two weeks ago, and had completely lost my voice and it did not come back for four days. This was a novelty to Tony at the peace and quiet but I think he did start to get a bit worried. Anyway voice did come back and for the next week I sounded like I was on 80 fags a day! Last Friday I finally gave in and went to the docs and have been given antibiotics. Given all this as rain and thunder were forecast for the Exeter (Powderham) area we thought it would not be a good idea to spend the day in a damp field with a chest infection. So their loss is your gain as I am writing this! Our Beauford is pretty good at the moment. We have done a slight modification to the hood. Tony is not one for driving along slowly on motorways and as you probably may or may not know the back windows in the long bodied cars have a habit to coming out at speed. Fortunately, I do have a sewing machine which will cope with sewing through heavy materials so having got hold of some wide Velcro we put two more strips on each window so there is now velcro on all four sides. It’s a bit of a job getting the windows in the right places because it does have a mind of its own and it a three handed job to fit them in the right place, but once they are in they don’t move. The thought occurred to me a few weeks ago that I really ought to join Facebook, so utilising a friend of mine who is on it we set me up on it. Must confess I have not put much about myself on it but I am very interested in hearing what my “friends” are up to. I really don’t understand properly yet how to use Facebook and I know there are various security settings which can be used but that is still beyond me. What I really need is a teenager to show me how it works. I’ve had an Iphone now for about 18 months and still can’t get the hang of everyone on it, but have been known to ask one or two youngsters for help. Anyway, back to Facebook, if any of you fancy being my 9


friend please feel free to invite me. Not sure how many Liz Ovenden’s there are around but I live in Rugby so that helps. SUBSCRIPTIONS Many thanks to everyone who has sent me their subscriptions. However, once again it has been hard work and very time consuming sending out reminders. Each year I say I will only send out one, but each year I end up sending out two or three in an effort to keep the membership numbers up. The first reminder had to go to about 50+ people, the second to about 40 and the third one to about 35. I still have 18 people who I have not heard from. I appreciate that people are very busy they days and their renewal gets put to one side to be done later and for those who do not want to re-join they can get embarrassed about telling me, so I did ask in my first reminder for anyone who did not want to re-join just to email me back with the words NO THANKS. I did get one or two but not as many as I thought. Anyone who has not renewed will not be getting a copy of this magazine but hopefully will realise soon and re-join. Subscriptions are due on the 1st March each year. As you will read in the AGM Minutes the club has run at a loss this year. I personally have not taken a penny out for such items as paper, phone calls etc. I did charge the club for one printer cartridge, but I have used four this year. Anyway, back to the club, as mentioned in the last magazine the subscriptions have been at £10 since the club’s inception back in 1990 and the cost of everything has soared since then. At the AGM we had a long discussion over the cost of the subs and it was finally agreed that the membership fee would increase to £15 with immediate effect. Obviously I could not charge £15 to everyone renewing straight away as the forms and web site had to be changed first. The cost of going on the wedding list would remain at £10 as this fee was used towards to upkeep of the web site and was enough to cover the cost. The thought has just occurred to me that some of you have set up standing orders for your subs so could I ask you please to notify your banks of the change. If you need a form to do this then please let me know and I’ll devise one. EDITOR As mentioned in the last two magazines, Paul, our editor has decided that because he plans to be away a lot over the next year that it will be too much for him to continue as our current editor. Paul has done a wonderful job over the last few years and we have been very lucky since the club first started to have just good editors and there must be someone reading this magazine who would be willing to give it a go. Perhaps the first edition would not be as full as it normally is (I provide a goodly amount of bits and bobs) but even a thin edition would be better than none. The magazine is the life blood of the club and without it we would not have any advertising revenue, there would not be any news as to what is going on. Please, please, if you just have a small thought that you may be able to do one then please get in touch – I (and Paul) will give you as much help as you need, but please do not



expect me to take on the magazine as well, as I really do not think I should be running so many aspects of the club. SOMETHING FOR THE BEAUFORD PARTNERS I have just decided that as we are a family orientated club then perhaps we ought to have something in the magazine about what your partners/wives/significant other halfs do to while away the hours when their other partnrs are under the bonnet. I am sure that there must be some good hobbies and interests going on in Beauford households around the country so how about some of you letting us know about them. To start things off, I could say a few words about what I get up to. I spend a lot of my time running a car club, but prior to that, when Tony built his first kit car, a Spartan, and back in the 80s, he first bought me a knitting machine. I whiled away many an hour turning out jumpers and socks (don’t think he every wore the socks) but it kept me happy. Nowadays, I spend a lot of my time doing miniatures (dolls houses and the like). I belong to a local club and we meet two evenings a month and one morning a month followed by lunch at the local pub. I currently have six one-twelfth scale dolls houses, ranging from a mansion house, a pub, a shop, a building incorporating café, dentist and solicitors, and two Tudor houses. Running out of room I have downsized to one:forty-eighth scale and even one:one hundred and forty-four scale, but at least these smaller ones can be placed on window sills. Apart from all the dolls houses I have also made market carts (mine sells materials etc), gazebos, garden sheds plus many individual items. If anyone is interested if you go to www.rugbyminiaturists.co.uk and then to the show pages you will see some of my items. Our club exhibits at Miniatura at the NEC most Autumns and we are currently working on our next project, which I am sworn to secrecy about but it does involve elves. Apart from the above I also make cards, do a lot of sewing, embroidery (house is full of my embroidered pictures), so I always have plenty to do. Well that’s me, so how about some of you putting some words in writing about your hobbies – I would be very interested to learn if anyone else has the miniaturist bug HOODS Whilst at Stoneleigh this year I was given the name of someone who can make hoods for all Beaufords, as long as the hood frames have not been modified. I am told that he has the patterns and that he can make them without needing to see the car and will operate a delivery service if needed. If anyone is interested then please let me know. FUEL TANKS Last magazine I asked if anyone knew where new petrol tanks could be obtained and I have since received two very helpful pieces of information. 11


Firstly Harry Constable has told me that the fuel tank off an LDV (convoy type) (side mounted) lorry if turned round will fit perfectly on a Beauford. Harry has not told me whether this is the small or large tank, but on reflection if it came off a lorry then I guess it’s the large one. Terry Vickers has also told me about a friend of his who has a small engineering company in Stoke on Trent trading as Ramrod Engineering. The owner, Gary Hargreaves has fabricated for Terry one of the large tanks, not in two pieces as per the original Beauford tanks but in one. It has angle iron sections welded along both of the long sides to allow it to be bolted direct to the chassis instead of using the long bolts and spacers as per the original unit. It is fitted with the filter tube connection and the flow/return pipe connections, and a hole is drilled to accept the fuel sender unit. Furthermore it is powder coated to save the hassle of painting it. Gary Hargreaves has told Terry that if anyone needs a tank he would be happy to speak to them about it. He can be contacted on 07719 434660 or emailed on gary@ramrod-manufacturing.com FLYING LADIES I have today spoken to John who is trying to organise the manufacture of our flying ladies. He seems to be getting nowhere with the people who cast the moulds and so he has agreed to try and get his mould back from them and let me borrow it as I think there may be a company in the Midlands, whom we have used before, who will give us a price for casting them. REGALIA PRICESHere is a list of our current regalia, together with the prices charged to members: All prices will have postage on them “Beauford” scroll - £20 Headlamp rims - £20 Chrome BC badge - £20 Blue and chrome Beauford Club badge - £16 Embroidered stick/sew on Beauford Club badge - £1.50 Lapel badge - £2.50 Old style key ring - £2.50 New Beauford Club key ring - £4.50 Stainless steel Bumper end tube - £4.50 Bumper end tube caps - £9.50* Running board strip end caps – 0.75p** * I suspect that next time I go to buy these the price will have gone up due to the Duchess of Cambridge having a pram with them on the wheels!



** please note that these are not the same as those originally supplied by Beaufords so not very good for mixing and matching.. BEAUFORD CARS Following the various queries from members regarding David at Beauford Cars I have now heard from him and also from Terry Vickers who lives fairly near his workshop. From the email which David has sent me he sounds a bit fed up with the bad press he has been receiving lately some from members and some from competitors. He says that when he goes on holiday his answerphone is always on and sometimes when people ring him they do not let the phone ring long enough for him to down tools and get to it. Like most of us he works during the week and really does not want people ringing him on Sundays and late evenings, so if you need to contact him please try and do so in working hours. David also tells me that the company has never been for sale, that he still owns all the moulds which are used on a regular basis and if anyone wants any body parts then he can get them Terry Vickers has just completed building his third Beauford and says he has seen David quite a lot and thinks that because the company has scaled down a lot due to the demand for the cars decreasing that the impression is given that Beaufords have ceased trading – this is not the case. However, he says that David will still supply kits and any specialist parts whenever the need arises. I think that some amateur builders feel that they cannot cope with IVA which puts them off, although Terry and other builders have managed to get their cars through the IVA without any bother. I also think that as there are now various kits coming out which are designed to re-body donor vehicles and do not require the IVA, this is more attractive to would be builders. Beaufords are still very sought after cars, both for the private and wedding scenes and this is proven by the quick turnover in second hand/pre-loved vehicles. Tony and I would like, within the next few weeks, to pop us and see David and have a general chat and then perhaps we can report back and cancel out some of the negative feedback. POWDERHAM This show took place on the 11th and 12th July and Tony and I had planned to attend. However, the weather forecast was not too good, with rain and even thunder and lightning forecast for Sunday. On the Friday beforehand we decided to cancel because I had and am still suffering from a chest infection and did not think it was probably a good idea to spend the day sitting in a damp field! However, I have heard from Dennis and Maureen who went on the Saturday that it was again a good show and that they enjoyed themselves. I am hoping that someone else who went will do a bit of a write upl



DUXFORD We are set to attend this show on the 2nd August. I have just received an email from the organisers, and for those who intend coming and are not on email here are a few instructions for the day: Just to give you some information for the day, gates will open at 9.30am, and will remain open for entry until 2pm. To try and reduce queuing on the A505 and to hopefully get everyone in quicker we have introduced a new queuing system, so please be aware it will not be the same as in previous years (though it is the same as at the Spring Car Show this year). Entry will be through Gate 1, which will be signposted from both directions. Please also note that due to the closure of the American Air Museum this year some pitches will not be in the same place as in previous years, as usual your members will be shown to their pitches on the day by our marshals Entry costs will be £10.00 per adult and £5.00 per child (between the ages of 5 15). Please also note that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVS)/ Drones will not be allowed on site and anyone using one will be asked to leave We look forward to seeing you all on the 2nd August PETERBOROUGH I am looking forward to the second year of this show. As mentioned in the last magazine entrance is free but you need to register your car and this can be done at http://svy.mk/1FXCCXo . Please don’t do what I did and type this into google or your search engine as it won’t work. You need to type it in the top of the page where it shows your current web location. However, for anyone who has notified me that they are coming to the show then I have already registered you.

COMMISERATIONS It is with much sadness that I have to inform you that since the last edition I have been informed of the passing of two people I had a phone call from the wife of Jim Farrell in Glasgow to let me know that her husband Jim had passed away. Jim had been a member since 1995. Secondly, Bob Claxton contacted me to tell me of the sad passing of his wife Helen. Bob and Helen had also been members for some years (1993). On behalf of the Club I would like to send our commiserations to their loved ones and families.



BUYING A SECOND-HAND BEAUFORD by Tony Ovenden In the past, several articles have been written about the problems associated with incorrectly registered Beaufords. It is important to check the registration documents (V5) to ensure that they state that the make is Beauford not Ford Cortina or Ford Sierra before considering whether to buy a used Beauford. Since the 1990s the rules for registering an owner-built vehicle have changed dramatically. Before 1998 all that was required was a chassis number, a list of donor parts, and a MOT certificate. If sufficient critical parts (engine, transmission, suspension) were used and taken from the donor vehicle, the donor car registration was retained and transferred to the new vehicle, failing that a “Q” plate would be given. A “Q” plate identified the car as a vehicle built from parts and could not be changed for a personalised number. In each case a new V5 document was issued showing details of the Beauford. From 1998 the law was changed to make all vehicles comply to a set of build quality standards laid down by VOSA. Mass produced vehicles had to comply with type-approved rules, and kit cars or heavily modified vehicles had to pass a Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) test conducted at a VOSA test station. The VOSA test centre issued a certificate of approval which had to be presented to the DLVA with the registration application. A much stricter test was introduced From April 2009 when the SVA was replaced by the IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) test. It is no longer possible for the donor vehicle’s registration number to be used, so you will be given an Age-related Registration instead. It is important that all these rules have been followed when the Beauford was first registered as non-compliance could cause problems. The DVLA is now completely computerised, meaning that Police, Insurance companies etc. are able to look up a registration number and immediately see a vehicle’s details. You can imagine what will happen if the Police for example want to check a Beauford car for current insurance find that they are looking at the details of a Cortina or Sierra which the Beauford is obviously not! We can also imagine the reaction to an insurance claim on a car that is incorrectly registered. At the Club we are often asked to advise people who have bought cars for which the V5 logbook has incorrect information. It is not always easy to find answers to these problems. The final advise is BUYER BEWARE and you could save yourself a whole lot of trouble and possible expense. If you see a car you really want to buy then ask the seller to get the car correctly registered first. 15







Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting held at the Warwick Rooms, NAC Stoneleigh on Sunday 3rd May 2015 at 3.00 pm Present Dennis Murphy - Chairman Liz Ovenden – Secretary Tony Ovenden – Web Master Bill Buckley Keith Woolfenden Ken Price Pete and Maureen Horsfield Colin and Sue Ingley Maureen Murphy John Forbes Peter Bacon Apologies

Neal Huitson, Treasurer Paul Hicks, Editor Ted and Chris Byron Brian Simmonds Kevin Jones Carol Price Derek Bracegirdle

Dennis opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the 25th AGM. Quorum As Liz held proxies from three members this meant that there was a quorum for the meeting. Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting It was agreed that there were not any matters arising from the 2014 Annual General Meeting and the Minutes were agreed. Chairman’s Report Dennis thanked all those members who had come to the Show and were attending the 25th AGM of the Club. The Club stand was again in a different



part of the showground but was in a very good position right opposite the cattle sheds (now renamed Hall 3!) Dennis mentioned that whilst he was on holiday in Australia recently he had received three messages from members who had been trying to contact David Young. Although David had a mobile phone for people to ring there was no message service on it and quite often the phone was not answered and you were not able to leave messages. The Club was also being asked a lot of questions about whether David and Beauford Cars were still in existence. Some Committee members were receiving phone calls which really should have been dealt with by David. Liz was asked to contact David Young and request that he put an answer service on his phone or provide some form of communication whereby members could make contact. He very rarely replied to emails and there was a lack of confidence amongst members concerning him. Treasurer’s Report The accounts prepared by Neal Huitson our Treasurer were read out to the meeting, basic details of which are: 2014/15












Surplus/Deficit for year -1488




Opening balances



Surplus/Deficit for year









Closing balances

The question was asked as to whether or not we should have a balance sheet showing club assets as well as an income and expenditure sheet. Having taken advice after the meeting the club should have a list of debtors and creditors, e.g. members who have paid in advance and invoices not yet paid. See note at the end of the Minutes Secretary/Membership Secretary’s Report The membership currently stands at about 200 members but there are currently about 70 who have not yet paid up for this year. Last year there were 12 members who did not rejoin despite numerous emails and phone calls. If a 19


member does not want to rejoin, for whatever reason, I would appreciate it if they were honest with me and said that they were not going to rejoin as this would save me a lot of time sending out emails, making phone calls, etc. Reminders were sent out with the last magazine, but are still slow in coming in. The wedding page is still proving popular and seems to average about 80 members having a listing on it, all of which goes towards the upkeep of the web site. Editor’s Report The Editor’s Report was read out to the meeting: Please accept my apologies for absence at this AGM but with weddings on Saturday and Monday it does make travelling to Stoneleigh on Sunday quite impossible. I must thank all those members who have supported our magazine and me, as editor, by sending all sorts of interesting articles. I am sure that our readers have enjoyed reading them as much as I have. As always, I must encourage this continued support and ask you to carry on in the same way over the coming year. More words and even more pictures please. I do hope that you have all enjoyed reading the magazine over the last year. I must however, mention the cost of producing the magazine that has risen significantly. I have proposed via the secretary that we increase our membership subscriptions to £15 to cover the rise. It may come as a surprise to many of you but since the original membership fee was set, postage cost has increased by 500% for instance. The production and postage cost of the magazine is now currently £2.60 per copy. This means that the 4 issues a year cost a total £10.40 which exceeds the £10 membership fee for the magazine alone. We are therefore, running at a loss if we exclude the advertising revenue. And now a plea for help; I have now retired and Pat and I are planning some extended holidays and world travel in the coming year. This means that I will not be able to continue editing our magazine after the next edition (Summer 2015). Therefore, we are asking for one or more volunteers to step forward and ‘pick up the reigns’. I suggest that we compile and edit the next magazine together and then it would be ‘your baby’ for the Autumn edition – I will be available to advise if needed. Firstly, I don’t plan to sell you this job as an easy afternoon each month – it is not. It takes time, perseverance and a lot of cajoling members for content. Incidentally, I will be pleased to commit to writing articles as usual and, if the editor likes them, he/she may even print them.



As for the editing tools, I will help if needed and the Club will provide the software package. The Club may even be able to assist with hardware if needed. So come on folks, step up, form a queue and volunteer – your Club needs you. Best regards from sunny Cornwall and have a great weekend at Stoneleigh. Webmaster’s Report We have had a few problems on occasions in getting into the web site, which has meant that adverts and up to date information has not been put on straight away but hopefully this has now been resolved.

The web site is still self supporting, as apart from the income from the wedding page listings, worth £700+, the adverts page also has an income from non Club members. Last year there were 27 adverts put on the site but of these 22 were members selling Beaufords who did not have to pay and 5 were paying adverts either by non members or for non Beaufords. Because of the comments made last year about the magazines going on the web site straight away, they are now being made available on the site one edition in arrears. Thus any non members looking on the site cannot see the current edition. Election of Committee All Committee members, apart from the Editor, had agreed to stay on for another year and on a show on hands this was agreed. Regarding the Editor, so far no one had come forward, even to help on a one off basis so it was agreed that if no editor had been found by the Autumn edition then perhaps the sending out of a virtually blank magazine might jolt someone into offering to help. In the meantime, thought should be given to pay someone to editor the magazine, but half the problem with being the editor is getting the information to put in the magazine. Members should be urged to put pen to paper and write things to go in the magazine, even if short – after all someone must have some news. Club Activities Last year the club attended here, Powderham Crash Box, near Exeter, the Spitfires, Merlins and Motors Day* at Duxford in July and the Classic and Vintage show in Peterborough in September. We are hoping to attend these three shows again, but please let me know if you would like to go. Dates for this year are in the magazine and on the web site. * this year this show will just be an open day with no flights 21


Club Facilities Following the complaint last year about the cost of food on the showground, Ken Price had cooked sausage and bacon sandwiches for breakfast this Sunday morning which were very much appreciated and Ken was thanked for his cooking. Any Other Business Subscription Charges: The club has for the first time ever, run at a loss this year. When the club was first formed twenty five years ago the annual subscription was £10.00 According to a price calculator on the internet that £10 is now worth £21.72. Also a second class stamp in 1990 was 17p whereas it has just gone up to 54p (500%) and yet the subscription is still £10.00. Liz had done some research into what other clubs are charging and was amazed to find that there is not (whom she could find) a club who charges the same as us, definitely not less and indeed every one of them charges more, some as much as £40 for a family membership. One suggestion made was perhaps that we cut down the magazine to three a year, but from the feedback received lately with renewals, there are so many members, not all of whom now own Beaufords, who look forward to their quarterly magazine coming through the post. The other drawback on cutting down to three a year is that advertising revenue would drop and therefore we would probably be no better off. There was a general discussion on this and it was definitely felt that the magazines should stay at four a year as this was the lifeblood of the club and it was unanimously agreed that the subscription should be increased to £15 for existing members from 1st March next year and for new members from 1st June this year. The £10 wedding listing should stay the same as this was paying for itself. Liz was thanked for her help over the year and for providing lunch. The meeting closed at 4.00 pm Notes on the Accounts: Assets as at 28th February 2015: Value of Regalia in hand


Generator less depreciation of 25%


Postage stamps carried over from 2014/15


There were no outstanding invoices at the end of the year. 22


Beauford two door kit Unstarted kit Chassis, Full body, Hard top, Soft top Frame. Soft top Cover in poor condition. V5 for donor a Cortina on SORN (parts only) Nissan Laurel - complete car also SORN All necessary Cortina Parts available:Including suspension, steering etc. Jaguar XJ6 front and rear seats, Instruments, Walnut interior trim. Mini rear seats, Mini doors – suitable for reskinning Beauford Tread Plates. Steering wheel. Flying Lady Bonnet mascot. Lots of odd bits. 6 x 15" Mangles chrome wheels with wire baskets and unused white wall tyres With much regret, old age has forced abandonment of project

£4000 or make us an offer Garry Thomas 0208 868 5377 or 07764 899 244 (Pinner, Mddx) email: alliedlifts@aol.com

2-Door Beauford Vehicle engine & running gear from Sierra 2.0 gls Engine fully reconditioned & only done 248 miles since it was registered in July 2009 when it went through its sva test at Chadderton. Front suspension fully adjustable. All new brakes. I have loads of invoices for purchases of new parts - too many to list.

Offers in the region of £14000.00 phone 07790 515803 SteveG@clemo.co.uk 23


NATIONAL KIT CAR SHOW STONELEIGH As usual the weather in the week coming up to the show was pretty grim with rain and clouds and it rained on the Friday so we were expecting the show ground

to be a bit soggy underfoot. However, on arrival on Saturday, following a dry night it was not too bad and it just remained for us to find the right pitch for the Club. Our new spot was on the smaller of the two show arenas and turned out to be in a really good area on the corner of the main Avenue M and the road which 24


runs down in front of the cattle sheds (now renamed Exhibition hall 3). On entering the arena it became clear that there had recently been previous occupants there – probably sheep, as the centre of the arena was covered in

sheep poo which was a little smelly if nothing else. However, our spot, over in the corner was fine and provided you entered the arena from our side was ok.With the help of Dennis and Maureen and Bill Buckley we set the two gazebos up and put all the equipment inside ready for the show the following day. Unfortunately, overnight it decided to rain again and the roof of the 25


gazebos do tend to collect water which is very difficult to remove without flooding the inside and one or two things got a bit wet. However, the weather

was nice and it soon dried out, especially when Ken started cooking the breakfasts. Everyone then enjoyed a sandwich or two of either bacon or sausage (or both) with option tomatoes washed down with tea and coffee. Ken does do a mean fry up and our thanks go to him for keeping everyone well fed. 26


As usual there was plenty to see and buy for everyone, from car parts for the men to a craft tent for the ladies plus the usual array of bits and bobs which you really cannot do without. Despite the weather looking a bit overcast (it did not rain) we had a fairly good turnout of cars, some of the usual faces and some new ones and even on the Monday when the turnout is not always so good there were four or five cars. The AGM had a good turnout of members and my thanks to all those who

managed to make it there. Having previously mentioned that in the past I have catered for two days, that this year I was going to just cater for the Sunday and anything left could be eaten on the Monday it turned out that I seemed to have got it just right as everyone had their fill of food on Sunday and there was more than enough left for Monday and I did not have much to take home, apart from a loaf of bread or two, which got converted into a bread pudding! Once, again, many thanks to those who helped us pack up on Monday – possibly in record time, as we were able to leave as the show closed. 27


And Finally Hell of a Day There I was sitting at the bar staring at my drink when a large, trouble-making biker steps up next to me, grabs my drink and gulps it down in one swig. "Well, whatcha' gonna do about it?" he says, menacingly, as I burst into tears. "Come on, man," the biker says, "I didn't think you'd cry. I can't stand to see a man crying." "This is the worst day of my life," I say. "I'm a complete failure. I was late to a meeting and my boss fired me.” “When I went to the car park, I found my Beauford had been stolen and I don't have any insurance.” “ I left my wallet in the taxi I took home. I found my wife with another man... And then my dog bit me." "So I came to this bar to work up the courage to put an end to it all, I buy a drink, I drop a capsule in and sit here watching the poison dissolve; and then you show up and drink the whole damn thing!” “ But, hell, enough about me, how are you doing?"