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Dennis Murphy





Neal Huitson

14 The Meadows, Sedgefield TS21 2DH nealhuitson@hotmail.com

01740 620147

Secretary & Membership Secretary

Liz Ovenden

17 Brooklime Drive, Boughton Vale, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 0SF liz.ovenden@beaufordclub.org.uk



Keith Woolfenden

Oak Tree House, Green Lane, Pamber Green, Hampshire RG26 6AD



Chris Rudge

11 Honeybourne Road, Alveley, Nr. Bridgenorth, Shropshire WV15 6PR



Michael Crozier

63 Laurel Grove, Tunstall, Sunderland SR2 9EE michael@jonhmichaelcrozier.fsnet.co.uk



Bill Buckley

18 Kelsey Lane Balsall Common, Coventry CV7 7GL



Paul Hicks

Rosehill, Kellow, Looe, Cornwall PL13 1LE beauford.editor@btopenworld.com

01503 262069

Tony Ovenden 17 Brooklime Drive, Boughton Vale, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 0SF



Beauford Cars Ltd.

David Young


07794 452034

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The Chairman’s Page Dennis

In the last edition I wrote about our plans to move house which we had originally hoped to do before we went to Australia to spend Christmas and the New Year with our sons and their families. As it turned out our buyers weren’t in a position to move before we went away so we resigned ourselves to moving after we got home. While we were in Australia, just before Christmas, we had a text message from the person whose house we were buying to say that they had lost the one they were going to move to and had decided to stay put for a couple of years! This obviously came as quite a shock, but he did say that the house three doors along in the same street had just gone on the market with the same estate agent. Cue e-mails to the agent saying we will come and look at the house as soon as we return, also to the removal company to put them on hold as well as one to the people I was going to store the Beauford with during the move.

something more upmarket while the photos are taken.

We had a look at the details on the agent’s website and thought that the house would be just as suitable for us and possibly had a better layout. The pictures of the house raised a few eyebrows in Australia though as they had been taken without any tidying up or furniture arranging being done. If you have a look at an Australian agent’s website you will notice that there is never a magazine out of place, nothing on the kitchen worktops and all is clean and tidy. Very often the exterior shots are taken at dusk with the lights of the house shining out. Apparently there are even firms of interior designers that will beautify your house before it goes on the market, and will offer to replace your furniture with

At the moment (mid February) we still haven’t got a completion date, as far as we are concerned we are ready to go but we’re still waiting for our buyers to do their deal.

There wasn’t anything else we could do until we got back home so we just carried on and made the most of our time in Melbourne. This involved a lot of packing and unpacking as we spent time at each of the boys’ houses, a couple of nights in a beach house in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula and three nights in Ballarat. All great fun but quite tiring and we came home ready for a rest. Only there wasn’t any time for that. We landed at Heathrow around lunchtime and were back in Maidstone by the afternoon. Next morning we went to have a look at the new house, made an offer which was accepted and it was taken off the market. Other people had made bookings to view it at the weekend so we were extremely lucky in our timing. Phew! Now we’ve got a chance to get over the jet lag.

None of this is in any way Beauford club related of course, but it goes to explain why I still don’t have an address or phone number on the Committee Members page. I’m not really a vagrant, we just haven’t been able to move anywhere yet! A couple of days after looking at the house, I tried the Beauford and I’m very pleased to say that it started up first time after four weeks in the cold and damp. I had kept it taxed ready for moving and 5


we’ve been out for a couple of local runs since then, hood up of course, just to keep it ticking over. The tax is due again from 1st March and the DVLA have sent me the V11 reminder, which encourages you to renew online. I’ve just noticed that there is a note on the reminder saying ‘This vehicle needs an appropriate MOT certificate.’ I was under the impression from VOSA and the local DVLA office that this did not apply until three years after the car was first registered as a Beauford. For the last two years I’ve been to the office in Maidstone which has issued my tax discs without question, but these offices have all now closed. I rang the DVLA but they still insisted on a MOT

certificate, so I’ve written to Swansea to ask for clarification, but I don’t suppose they’ll admit to any mistakes. It’s only a matter of months before the car will be three years old so it’ll need testing soon anyway, but it will be interesting to hear what they have to say. I’ll let you know next time. In the meantime I send you best wishes for coping with this appalling weather. Surely it can’t last much longer. The river has been up over the tow paths and flooded the subways in the town centre but all’s well where we are. If you have been affected by either the flooding or the storms, I hope you have been able to find somewhere safe and sound for you and your Beaufords. Roll on summer.

2014 Events • • • • • • •

May 4th & 5th May 5th cancelled Jul 14th & 15th Jul 26th Sep 13th & 14th Oct 25th & 26th

Stoneleigh AGM Newark Powderham (Exeter) Imperial War Museum Duxford Peterborough Classic & Vintage Malvern Kit Car Show



From the Editor First of all I must apologise for this edition being a little late. Not only was I obliged to go on holiday to hot sunny places (someone has to do it) but when I got back, all hell had been let lose in the West Country and much of my garden was scattered across the neighborhood. Never mind, I had meant to replace the glass in the greenhouse with toughened glass anyway and now I don’t need to paint the garden fences this summer. Always look on the bright side.... Although we live right next to the sea, we are up relatively high and escaped most of the storm damage but I do feel for some of those poor folks who are still under water. As always, many thanks to everyone who supplied articles, pictures and letters. It does make the editors job a real pleasure and so much easier. Reg Brown recently asked if we could recommend any one in the North East who could manufacture a replacement hood for his 4 door Beauford. He finally found a firm in Stockton. Reg writes “I can heartily recommend "Coverall" of Brunswick Street in Stockton. They fitted a new hood in mohair with a pale grey interior for £750, only taking 1 1/2 days to do so. If you need any more info please speak to Dave at Coverall on 01642670202. The picture on the cover of this edition is of Reg’s car with the finished hood. I hope that you agree, the picture conjures up a winter atmosphere. Thanks Reg. As for me. I mentioned last year that I had a bearing failure in Alfonso’s gearbox and had to replace it with a

spare gearbox. Well, I had the original gearbox refurbished and decided to put it back in the car. Why? Because the spare gearbox was what is known as a ‘dog legged’ gearbox. That is, reverse is where 1st is normally and 1st is where second normally is. The box was designed for racing and rally driving because it puts 5th and 4th in line on the right of the box - ideal for fast gear changes. Fantastic you might think. But can you imagine how embarrassing it is, pulling away from traffic lights when you’ve selected reverse instead of first! The box is now changed! Finally ... HELP! I wonder if there is member out there who might like to help me with future editions - an assistant editor. It is always good to have someone to bounce ideas off or to provide a different slant on the content and look of our magazine. So, if you have ever fancied a career in journalism, or failing that, if you can read or write (either will do) and can spend some time each quarter, please give me a call. I really could do with a hand. Please keep those articles coming and keep taking pictures during the spring, ready for the next edition. 7

OVENDEN’S OFFERING Liz Hopefully, you all had a good Christmas and a belated Happy New Year to you all. We spent a very restful two weeks with friends in Cornwall for the Christmas and New Year period but then had to come home to sort out the house, washing etc before I reported to hospital on the 6th for my operation to have my left knee replaced. I am pleased to report that all went well, apart from loosing 1.2L of blood during the operation, but on the bright side my usually high blood pressure dropped. It is now a month since I had it done and although I am still hobbling around on crutches it is improving daily and if my memory serves me right has come on a lot quicker than when I had the right knee done 6 years ago. Tony has been very good in looking after me and has cooked quite a few meals and done the housework and even mastered the washing machine but I suspect it won’t last once I am back on my feet (hopefully not too long now). Tony has just pointed out to me that I spent lots of money (quite a few years ago now) in learning to drive and passing a test, but when I went in for my operation I was told that I would be able to drive

after six weeks, so does this mean that I need not have bothered with the test. The latest project in the Ovenden household is a m o p e d / s c o o t e r. Tony really can’t cope with not having something to do so has bought off ebay an old MBK 50 cc moped come scooter which he has completely stripped down and is in the process of refurbishing/ spraying. Not quite sure what his plans for it afterwards are although he is threatening to use it to go to the local shops etc as it can be driven on a car licence. Currently it is turning out to be slightly cheaper than building a Beauford but at least it is keeping him out of mischief and I can find him in the garage. SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are due on 1ST MARCH and although I am not sure if the magazine will go out by then a renewal form is enclosed. If you have already renewed or are a new member then please ignore the form – it has been sent to everyone. The renewal form can also be downloaded from the web site. Having been housebound for the last month, on the plus side I have got all the new membership cards ready and waiting to go out! 8


There is no need to complete the address section if you are renewing. However, I would appreciate your membership number (this appears not only on your old card but also next to your name on the envelope you receive your magazine in). If you have moved within the last year then please let me have your address. Once again I really do need everyone to put in their email addresses as these do tend to change and if I don’t have the current one then it can become impossible to contact you. I know one or two of you have sold your cars and do not wish to continue with membership, although you do not need to own a car to be a member, so if you wish to continue as a member you are welcome to do so. I know one or two members have told me that they will not be renewing next year, but my memory is not as good as it used to be so if you are not renewing, then I would be very grateful if you would please let me know. Wedding Page listing: Please also remember any member who has a listing on the wedding page will be charged £10 for their inclusion so if you are wishing to continue with this service or would like to be included on it then I require a cheque for £20 (£10 subs plus £10 for the listing) or see below please. Please remember that anyone who does not renew by the end of March risks having their listing removed. If it is easier for anyone who uses internet banking to pay their subscription directly into the Club’s bank account then the club’s bank details are as follows: HSBC Sort Code 40-39-11 Account No. 82095203

If you use this method of payment please ensure that in the payment details you put your name and membership number. This is very important as we do have several sets of members with the same name! If your details, i.e. address etc, have changed then please either send me the form (marked that payment has been made by internet) or email me your new details. For overseas and European members only (as there are charges involved) who have difficulty in sending sterling I would remind you that we do have the internet Paypal facility whereby you can pay your subscriptions. Anyone who wants to do this please send me an email first so that I know to expect them. Payments can be made via Paypal to payments@beaufordclub.org.uk . As usual, I will after a while send out reminder letters (or emails) to those who have not renewed. Last year I found that I had sent out several emails to members who for one reason or another did not receive them, so please ensure that I do have your correct email address and also mark on your computer that emails from the Beauford Club are not junk mail. If for one reason or another you are deciding to let your membership lapse then I would be grateful if you could let me know so I won’t keep pestering you. Remember, you don’t actually have to own a Beauford to be a member of the Club, just be an enthusiast. WEB PAGE I have updated the Diary section of the web page with all the events which I know of for this year, but if there are any others you would like me to put on then please let me know. 9


Don’t forget if you would like a picture of your Beauford on the ribbon scroll at the top of our web site then email us a picture and it will be included BEAUFORD CARS The email address for Beaufords is currently out of action due to it being scammed (as mentioned in the last magazine some of you might have received the email from David saying he was stranded in the Philippines and needed money) but he has a different email address now and this can be found at the front of the magazine. KIT CAR MOTOR SHOW, DETLING Unfortunately this show will not be taking place this year. N AT I O N A L K I T C A R S H O W, STONELEIGH 4th and 5th May (Bank Holiday) As this may be the only kit car show that the club attends this year it would be nice if as many of you as possible were able to attend. I do love to catch up with members and to view the cars and to see all the different build interpretations. This is also the time when you can discuss any problems you may have with your car and hopefully get them sorted. I have booked our usual spot and the club’s full facilities will be available. Following the success of last year’s auto jumble we will be holding this again, so if you have any spares or left over bits please bring them along and hopefully they will prove to be invaluable to someone else.

Tony and I will bring the Club trailer to the showground about 3.00 pm on Saturday 3rd May so if there is anyone who can come and help us set up it would be very much appreciated. One of our usual helpers, Ken Price will be on holiday this year so will not be around to assist. AGM – 3.00 p.m. on Sunday 4th May 2014 Once again I have managed to booked our AGM for 3.00 pm on the Sunday in the usual small downstairs room at the Warwick Suite in Avenue M. If you are attending the show on Sunday then please come to the AGM as we do value your opinions. If there is anything you would like to have discussed at the AGM then please let me know before the meeting. As I am not sure when the edition of the magazine will come out (possibly after Stoneleigh) I am including the AGM in this edition. KIT CAR SHOW NEWARK Kevin and Lesley Musson, aka, Newark Promotions are sad to report that Newark 2013 was the last in a long line of Newark Kit Car Shows. For many reasons and only after long deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that it is no longer possible to sustain the show without unacceptable financial risk. As well as the unfavourable economic climate, in the last six years we have experienced and recorded the wettest, the coldest and the windiest events in all of the 31 years. We have had an unlucky run and there is no doubt that the climate in the UK has changed. This along with other factors has resulted in the decline in attendances. This has also occurred at a 10


time when the costs for putting on such a show have increased dramatically.


The fact that the Newark Showground made the huge error of allocating the wrong weekend for our show in 2014, meaning the event would clash once again with the Le Mans 24hr race, was the final straw.

I am hoping that Tony and I will actually manage to get to this show this year, as due to the heat last year our Beauford did not actually make it. I am told by those who did attend that it was a nice show and had an excellent auto jumble. If anyone wants to attend this year then please let me know and as and when the entrance forms come out then I will add your details.

Sadly, the industry has now lost one of its flagship shows. All that remains now is for us to thank everyone that has helped along the way. This has to start with Alec and Hilary Trueman, our original partners. Without Alec, we doubt that the show would have ever got off the ground. Also, we must thank Peter Filby, whom we managed to convince that our idea would be a success. We even borrowed the title of his magazine "Alternative Cars" for the original show title. We must thank "the mob", our team of willing volunteers and friends that proudly formed our staff for the weekend and without whom we could not open the gates to the visitors. There are many institutions and past sponsors who deserve thanks, they know who they are. Then there are the exhibitors. We include the manufacturers, trade stands, autojumblers, craftsmen and women, and modellers. Last, but certainly not least, the kit car clubs and their members. Thank you. There are so many great memories and most of all, it was fun. We are pleased to have made many lifelong friends through this venture. Newark Promotions would like to thank all of our customers and partners for their valued support and wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Kevin, Lesley and the rest of the Newark Kit Car Show team

IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, DUXFORD 26TH July 2014 The date for this show is Saturday 26th July not 28th July as shown in the last magazine. As mentioned in the last magazine we have been invited to attend as there is a strong vintage car feel to the day which would suit our cars. Again please let me know if you would like to attend as I believe I will be sent entry forms nearer the time. PERFORMANCE AND KIT CAR SHOW DONINGTON – 30th and 31st August 2014 I will book a spot in the kit car enclosure for us, but at this stage I am not sure if we will be able to attend. PETERBOROUGH CLASSIC AND VINTAGE VEHICLE SHOW 13TH AND 14TH SEPTEMBER As mentioned in the last magazine this is a show which has been organised by one of our members, Paula Thacker MBE, and a former Mayor of Peterborough. She has managed to persuade the Council to put on a show on the Embankment in the City centre. There will be cars, motorcycles, engines, 11


commercials, tractors, horticultural, ex military, vintage caravans, live music, refreshments, funfair, arts and crafts etc and all proceeds will be in aid of pancreatic cancer research and the East Anglian air ambulance. This is the first show and hopefully us Beaufords will be there to support this show and its worthy charities. KIT CAR SHOW Exeter

Grosvenor Exhibitions have decided to cancel the Exeter show and move it instead to Malvern MALVERN KIT CAR SHOW – 25th and 26th October 2014 As mentioned above this is a new show replacing the Exeter one and will take place at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcestershire.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Beauford Club will be held at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday 4th May in the Warwick Hall Conference Centre, NAC Stoneleigh


Minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting to be approved


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Treasurer’s Report


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Editor’s Report


Webmaster’s Report


Election/Resignation of Committee 1.





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Any other business 12


Bob Hill and his new wife Betty were vacationing in Europe.....as it happens, near Transylvania . They were driving in a rental car along a rather deserted highway. It was late and raining very hard. Bob could barely see the road in front of the car. Suddenly, the car skids out of control! Bob attempts to control the car, but to no avail! The car swerves and smashes into a tree. Moments later, Bob shakes his head to clear the fog. Dazed, he looks over at the passenger seat and sees his wife unconscious, with her head bleeding! Despite the rain and unfamiliar countryside, Bob knows he has to get her medical assistance. Bob carefully picks his wife up and begins trudging down the road. After a short while, he sees a light. He heads towards the light, which is coming from a large, old house. He approaches the door and knocks. A minute passes. A small, hunched man opens the door. Bob immediately blurts, "Hello, my name is Bob Hill, and this is my wife Betty. We've been in a terrible accident, and my wife has been seriously hurt. Can I please use your phone?" "I'm sorry," replied the hunchback, "but we don't have a phone. My master is a doctor; come in, and I will get him!" Bob brings his wife in. An older man comes down the stairs.



"I'm afraid my assistant may have misled you. I am not a medical doctor; I am a scientist.. However, it is many miles to the nearest clinic, and I have had a basic medical training. I will see what I can do. Igor, bring them down to the laboratory." With that, Igor picks up Betty and carries her downstairs, with Bob following closely.. Igor places Betty on a table in the lab. Bob collapses from exhaustion and his own injuries, so Igor places Bob on an adjoining table. After a brief examination, Igor's master looks worried. "Things are serious, Igor. Prepare a transfusion." Igor and his master work feverishly, but to no avail. Bob and Betty Hill are no more. The Hills' deaths upset Igor's master greatly. Wearily, he climbs the steps to his conservatory, which houses his grand pipe organ. For it is here that he has always found solace. He begins to play, and a stirring, almost haunting melody fills the house. Meanwhile, Igor is still in the lab tidying up. His eyes catch movement, and he notices the fingers on Betty's hand twitch, keeping time to the haunting organ music. Stunned, he watches as Bob's arm begins to rise, marking the beat! He is further amazed as Betty and Bob both sit up straight! Unable to contain himself, he dashes up the stairs to the conservatory. He bursts in and shouts to his master: "Master, Master!......

“The Hills are alive with the sound of music!�



Once again Santa travelled in style We owe a special thank you to Pete Horsfield for providing his fabulous car. Our popular street collections by Santa and his snowmen helpers took place on the 16th, 17th and 19th December 2013. Thanks to the generosity of the residents of the areas we toured we collected approximately ÂŁ1,400 for the club's charitable fund.



Our Beauford does Strictly! by

Les Hill Arnage Executive Hire, Watford Wedding Cars, Beauford Weddings I thought that our readers might be interested in our ‘booking with a difference’.

I now have 5 Beaufords and am gradually replacing the Bentleys with Beaufords. Beaufords don’t depreciate like Bentleys, rarely break down and if

To set the scene, I began wedding cars about 9 years ago with a Bentley Arnage, hence the business name. I gradually increased the fleet to 5 Bentleys .

they do, cost a few pounds to put right unlike a Bentley that cost in excess of £500 for an indicator arm or £8000 for a gearbox.

Around 5 years ago I tried something different and bought the blue Beauford you see with Brucie. It soon became clear that Beaufords were more popular and people coming to view a Bentley often asked "whats that over there" pointing at the Beauford.

We do quite a bit of film work and our cars are often seen in TV shows. This particular booking was made by MGM cars, a company that sources cars for various BBC shows. They wanted something unusual but not in white as that would look too much like a wedding car. 16


I sent various pictures by E Mail and they

chosen. The booking took a whole day to

chose "Sharon " our two tone Beauford. We gave it a "super valet" and I sent my best driver Wayne. Brucie was a joy to work with and like most TV shows the shots were done many times and the best

complete and they chose the best of the shots to use in the TV program. The car is actually registered as E7 WED but for originality I found the old number shown in the show. 17


The Saga Continues - The IVA Test Terry Vickers

Having completed the built of my first Beauford by early 2012, and managing to carry out my first wedding booking by the skin of my teeth following the IVA test and subsequent inspection by the DVLA, I decided to build another one later the same year. By chance, I managed to get hold of a kit from David of Beauford Cars very quickly as he had already started work on a kit for

another customer who had cancelled his order. I intended to build this second car as an addition to my wedding car business, maintaining the same colour scheme as

the original Beauford so as to form a matching pair of ebony and ivory cars which would be used exclusively for weddings. At the outset though, I decided that there would be a few differences between the two cars in order to give potential brides a choice of car for their big day, so it was fortunate that the kit available incorporated a single windscreen instead of the split

screen of my first car. The other main differences between the two cars are that the new car would not be fitted with the dummy engine side pipes,



and a solid rear roof section would be fitted instead of it being a full convertible. This second car was built with more confidence than my first one now that I knew a bit more about what I was doing, although again, David was very helpful when I encountered a few minor problems along the way. I was fortunate in getting my first car through the IVA test at the first attempt and so this set the goal for me to reach with the new car, but unfortunately this was not to be. A test date of January 21st 2014 was allotted so I made sure that the car was prepared in exactly the same way as the earlier one, using the IVA “kit” that David kindly loaned me. A friend of mine drove the car to the test station at Chadderton, Manchester using his trade plates, with me following behind in my car, this being the procedure we adopted the last time. As this was the first time that the car had actually been driven on the road “in anger” [apart from a dash of a few hundred yards down the road a couple of days earlier to fill up with petrol], we set of with a fair bit of trepidation.

After travelling a couple of miles or so along the M6, I noticed [actually you couldn’t miss it], loads of black smoke billowing out from the exhaust, which looked quite terminal. My friend driving the car was blissfully unaware however as it was only 6.30 am and very dark and a bit foggy, but we plodded on and gradually the smoke lessened….I found out later that somehow I had way overfilled the engine with oil, and this was the only cause of the problem thank heavens! Upon arriving at the test station a few minutes late due to the large volume of t r a ff i c a n d p o o r driving conditions, I was hoping to be assigned the same VOSA tester that had tested my previous car, however he had already started a retest of another vehicle so I was given a new “face” to satisfy!This IVA tester was a lot more “picky” than the chap who passed my first car and despite the fact that I`d done nothing different in building the car than I did with my first one, I ended up with a failure certificate…..definitely not a good result! The paperwork listing the failure points did look daunting, however in reality there was only one item to which I can put my



hands up and accept that the car warranted a failure, ie the brakes.

cap was not rounded to 2.5mm radius, hence a failure point.

Although the brakes actually passed the test, the examiner noticed that when he held his foot on the brake pedal there was a tendency for it to creep down to the floor indicating a suspect seal on the master cylinder that I re-used from the donor Ford Sierra.

I must admit that the third item was my fault.

The other failure items that really annoyed me were as follows :~ “ No locking devices on floor bolts” “ Petrol cap” “No locking devices on seat bolts” The first item was crazy. I had bedded the wooden floor boards onto the car`s framework using mastic but I also fitted 6mm bolts and washers at approx 150mm centres to secure the boards and squeeze out the excess mastic. This examiner [unlike the examiner that I had with my first car], insisted that these bolts required either spring washers or nylock nuts He then mentioned that if I had simply left the boards bedded onto the mastic with no bolts at all, then there would not have been a problem!!!! The petrol cap supplied by Beauford was not an issue with my earlier test, however this guy pointed out that the edge of the

I had taken the car to my upholsterer in Bradford and only fitted ordinary nuts onto the seat bolts to allow him to remove the seats easily. I had made a mental note to fit nylock nuts after I had the car back, but somehow [blame it on old age!] I forgot. After returning back home somewhat dejected, I immediately set to work rectifying the issues raised. All of the floor board retaining bolts were fitted with n y l o c k nuts….all 36 of them! Rather than grinding the petrol cap to provide a radiused edge I secured a band of “u” section rubber around the cap which ended up rather neat, if I say so myself! Nylock nuts were fitted to the seat belt bolts, and a new brake master cylinder solved the brake defect. The car was driven back to the test centre the following week as I was able to secure a quick re-test date from VOSA. This time the inspector carrying out the retest told me that he was fairly new to the job and so the re-test consisted of my pointing out to him the works that I had carried out, and him ticking off the 20


appropriate items on his copy of the test failure paperwork. I then left him to carry out the brake test while I had a coffee in the waiting room nervously awaiting the result. After what seemed an age, the inspector came to me with a pass certificate‌.phew! All in all, I still maintain my belief that the VOSA test is not as daunting as folks make out [if I can get a Beauford through it at the first attempt as I did the last time, then anyone can], however I do think that m o r e consistency in the examiners approach would definitely be a good thing! I assumed that h a v i n g obtained an I VA pass certificate, then all of my troubles were behind me‌.how wrong can you be? Upon receiving the forms from the DVLA in order to get the registration process started, I set about filling out the forms when I noticed that the VOSA examiner had written the wrong engine number on the pass certificate!!!!

This resulted in yet another trip to the testing station at Chadderton in order to obtain a replacement certificate with the correct numbers inserted. The examiner showed me the photostat copy of my IVA application form that VOSA had reduced in size before sending it to Chadderton and although I had typed in all of the details on the forms, the numbers were a tad illegible due to the poor quality of the photostat. Nevertheless one would have thought that as I had taken the V5 document with me for the test, then if there was any uncertainty concerning the engine number, surely the tester should have checked. Anyhow I now have a shiny new V5 d o c u m e n t stating that the car is a Beauford [phew!], together with an age r e l a t e d registration number. At least I won`t have to take this vehicle for another examination by the DVLA as happened with my first Beauford , but I am informed that I must still wait a further 14 days before my tax disc gets processed and sent to me!!!! Don`t the wheels of bureaucracy spin fast‌.NOT !!



Colin’s Beauford Project I had started by dismantling the donor car and assembling the kit on the drive, close to the footpath. It was funny, but people walked past all the time, looking, but carrying on by. Then I fitted the radiator! It made the kit look more like a car, somehow it has made a difference. Everyone seems to say 'hello' and stop for a chat. I'm even meeting some of my neighbors for the first time. I’ve turned the radiator on its side and mounted it in front of the cross piece, effectively inside the Beauford nose. I’ve cut off the original mounting brackets and fabricated some more. I've cut the original fan cowling in half and I'll see how it runs with only one fan.

I’ve now assembled the front & rear axles and the engine and it’s made some space in the garage. So after a couple of days tidying up and rearranging I have managed to get the Beauford inside. It's a close thing though, it's a big car! The four door, long bodied version is 15' 7", while my garage is 15' 10" so it doesn't leave a lot of room spare. At the moment it doesn't have the wings or the bumpers on so it gives a little space to work and move around. I haven't ordered the luggage rack - I'll see how much room is left when I've finished! The gearstick is a challenge. Being an automatic I thought it might be easier, but as usual I am mistaken. I measured where it needed to be and I’ve cut out a hole in the transmission tunnel. 22


A normal gearstick/box would be fine, but the automatic has a lever which connects to the selector rod along the outside of the gearbox. The lever is too high and fouls the tunnel side.

So I’ve cut of the tunnel. In effect, I have rebated the shift mechanism by about an inch.

Next, the top bonnet panels, it has all gone relatively smoothly. The only hitch is the drill bit has broken and the drill has landing on my thumb. Fortunately, the bit broke cleanly, flush with the chuck, so hasn’t drilled a hole in my thumb. It just gave me a throbbing blood blister. I'll remember to keep it clear next time but I know that's what I thought last time. I must get the other panels and shocks from Beauford.

The next thing is the front fibre glass floor-well. I need to cut out space for the steering column and trim it to fit.

The manual tells you mount the bracket across a particular chassis member. Mine does not line up so I can’t fix it.

After giving it some thought, I have decided to lower it down so it clears the sides and the box.

2 hours later after of trialling, marking and cutting, marking and cutting, marking and cutting it almost fits. Some more is needed, but I am fed up and I'm inclined to get impatient and cut too much so I have stopped (for now). I temporarily fitted the dash to see how much room there is behind with the heater and wipers. I am determined not to get filthy today, so I am fitting the mesh to the radiator shell, and continue with the shell itself.

I contact Beauford, Dave says there was so much variation in the models he isn't surprised. He gives me a piece of angle iron to move the mounting point back along the chassis. Job done! I've been working on the power steering. Where to mount the reservoir and make the connections etc. On the Sierra the power steering is mounted on the front beam, along with the engine, axles etc. However, on the Beauford the beam is set further forward than the engine by 23


about 18" so the pipes need to be redirected. I’ve turned the high pressure feed from the pump through 90 degrees and connected the pump to power steering. I mount the reservoir on the chassis rail just behind the radiator mid-way between the pump and rack. I extend the low pressure feed to the pump and return pipe from the rack (fortunately I had a Landrover Discovery power steering pipe which I am using). Next, I'm fitting the rear seat belt posts, it is fairly straight forward. They look ugly but I suppose they're functional. The same with the front posts, I need to think about how to cover them and make them acceptable for IVA. I made up the brake pipes a while ago and put them in place. I am finally securing them to the chassis. The chassis is 3mm gauge box section and sometimes drilling at an angle it takes its toll. It has taken three drill bits so far. I was holding the pipe out of the way

with my knee as I didn't want to catch it with the chuck. Next thing, the bit broke and, you've guessed it, went into the pipe. Fortunately I'd left some slack in the pipe. I was going to have to shorten it anyway. So I’ve cut out the damaged bit, flared male and female unions on to the ends and joined it up. The rest of the clips have gone on without too much trouble. I'm pop riveting them because don't intend change them and I couldn't get a `self tapping screw in anyway. The seats have been on my mind for some time. The sierra drivers seat is worn through, dirty and generally tired out, but it is v e r y comfortable. I considered having them recovered in leather, but the cost put it out of reach, so I’ve been searching bfor an alternative. My wife has got a Ka and the back seat would fit in the Beauford with no problems at all. The front seat is slightly



narrower than the sierra's so it seems like a good solution.

The leather seats are relatively local so I will collect them.

I trawl through ebay and it shows quite a few possibilities with leather seats going for under £150. I have set my self a`limit of £100 and just I’ve just missed one set of seats because the signal dropped out on my phone with 15 seconds to go, they went for £98.

I’ve got the seats. They need a good clean and the drivers seat needs a bit of nourishing but they look superb. I've just got to store them until I'm ready to fit them.

I nearly threw my phone across the restaurant! I was resigning myself to having to make do with standard cloth seats and put a 0.99p opening bid in for a set when a set of cream leather Ka seats comes up! The auctions are both ending within 25 minutes of each other! There isn’t much interest in either set, which is good news for me. I have won both! 0.99p for the cloth and £70 for the leather. I pay for the cloth set and told the seller to put them up for auction again because I won't be collecting them.

I’ve fitted the front wings temporarily and I can still get it in the garage! Its starting to take shape. I’m painting the front bumper brackets with silver Hammerite and fitting them. I’ve fitted the front bumper and cut the front panel to fit.

I fitted the rear wings h temporarily (they've got to come for painting and to fit the wing piping) along with the r u n n i n g boards.



I was concerned about getting it in the garage with the front bumper and rear wings but I can still get it in - just! Mind you, I don't think I'll be able to fit a luggage rack and trunk. There's only a couple more inches I can get by moving the garage around - short of knocking it through to the kitchen! The rear bumpers fit to the luggage rack though but I feel the petrol tank is a little vulnerable so I'll have to think about it I've been working on the rear seats making a bracket to enable me to fold them down utilising the limited space behind them. I’ve adapted and fitted the front seat belt brackets from the Ka. I’ve fabricated the brackets to secure the seats. I’ve made a spreader plate of 8mm steel plate to secure them to the chassis.

garage to work on it someone stops to have a look and ask what it is. The kids going to the local primary school are the best, they don't lower their voices and I get plenty of "Wows!", they're convinced it's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I'm sure they think I'm Caractacus Potts, I don't doubt I'm a bit potty. Anyway, back to progress. I've fitted the plywood floor, it was straight forward. The fibre glass front floor well is a challenge though. I’ve already trimmed it months ago but it needs a final fit for both width and to secure to the transmission tunnel. I drill a hole for one of the rivets (using smaller than the final one needed) and put a small rivet in place. Having got it so it isn’t going to move about. I drill the rest of the holes the correct size. Finally, I drill out the first rivet to size. I put mastic all around and rivet the floor well in place.

Next, I am filling the windscreen pillars with U-Pol. I smooth it down and fill the dashboard gaps filled either side.

I drill and put the final bolts through the plywood and chassis, it's in and not coming out again!

I have just fitted the headlight shells and the rear lights - it's starting to look like a real car now.

I have just collected the windscreens, bonnet side panels, fuel sender unit and front shocks form Beauford. It's always a pleasure to go to the factory and chat to the guys there and look at the cars. It

It is quite interesting meeting new people. Every-time I get the car out of the



sorts a few build issues out in my mind - I now know how to fit the fibre glass door pillars!

wearing a little thin after the fourth person has stopped to have a look and a chat. I'm an anti-social pig what can I say!

I’m fitting the fuel sender unit I have to first file the aperture a couple of mil' wider, mark and drill the tank for the self tapping bolts to secure it.

When I went to the factory I asked about the door pillars, because I couldn't work out how to fit them. I was trying to fit them on the inside to cover the steel work, when you find out they're meant to go on the o u t s i d e , between the d o o r s , covering the hinges it all makes sense. So I spend two days working on them and cutting the edge of the doors to fit.

I have adjusted the float arm length on the fuel sender as per directions. I vacuum the swarf and dust out of the tank, then fitted the sender unit. I can now fit the rear floor panel, another day! Next I fit the front shocks. It's nice to see the car without the pieces of wood jammed in the space. It sits slightly higher now, the only trouble is, it accentuates the fact that the wheels are slightly out of proportion on the car. They could do with being at least 20”, but that's not a realistic proposition, without changing the diff etc. It's nice that people are fascinated by the car, but there are times when I feel like putting a sign up saying "It's a kit car called Beauford. Yes, I know it looks authentic. Yes, I hope it will look great when it's finished too and please leave me alone to get on with it”. The novelty is

I fabricate a badge bar out of c h r o m e d 22mm copper tubing and fit it between the headlights. It braces the headlights and also looks good, even though I say so myself. The bodywork at first glance looks good, but when I look closer there are an awful lot of blemishes and moulding burrs. I've got a lot of preparation to do, sanding and filling and sanding etc. I've also got to decide what colour to paint it and what paint to use. I'll probably hand paint it because the garage is too small to work with the door closed. But that is for another day.



A Selection of our Current Regalia Liz

All prices include postage and packing however, there is a £1 surcharge on the chrome/brass car badge because of the weight Top row: Our new club version of the Beauford scroll which is in polished stainless steel which makes it more durable. Price £20 Middle row (left to right): Chrome on brass car badge often used where the bars between the headlamps join Price £20 + £1 postage (total £21) Chrome and blue car badge (suitable for badge bar) Price £16 Sew/iron on fabric badge for jackets/sweaters/T-shirts etc Price £1.50 Bottom row (left to right): Old style key ring Price £2.50 Key ring new type Price £4.50 28


And Finally

A story from the Yorkshire Evening Post A policeman was rushed to the hospital with an inflamed appendix. The doctors operated and advised him that all was well; however, the policeman kept feeling something pulling at his pubic hairs . Worried that it might be a second surgery and the doctors hadn't told him about it, he finally got enough energy to pull his hospital gown up enough so he could look at what was making him so uncomfortable. Taped firmly across his pubic hair and private parts were three wide strips of adhesive tape, the kind that doesn't come off easily --- if at all. Written on the tape in large black letters was the sentence, "Get well soon, from the nurse in the Landrover you booked for speeding last week." Kind of brings tears to your eyes doesn't it?



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