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The Beauford Club

‘Summer’ 2014 Issue 98 1


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Committee Members POSITION





Dennis Murphy

6 Mabledon Close, New Romney, Kent TN28 8HT, dennisandmaureen72@gmail.com

01797 363886


Neal Huitson

14 The Meadows, Sedgefield TS21 2DH nealhuitson@hotmail.com

01740 620147

Secretary & Membership Secretary

Liz Ovenden

17 Brooklime Drive, Boughton Vale, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 0SF liz.ovenden@beaufordclub.org.uk



Keith Woolfenden

Oak Tree House, Green Lane, Pamber Green, Hampshire RG26 6AD



Chris Rudge

11 Honeybourne Road, Alveley, Nr. Bridgenorth, Shropshire WV15 6PR



Michael Crozier

63 Laurel Grove, Tunstall, Sunderland SR2 9EE michael@jonhmichaelcrozier.fsnet.co.uk



Bill Buckley

18 Kelsey Lane Balsall Common, Coventry CV7 7GL



Paul Hicks

Rosehill, Kellow, Looe, Cornwall PL13 1LE beauford.editor@btopenworld.com

01503 262069


Tony Ovenden

17 Brooklime Drive, Boughton Vale, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 0SF


Beauford Cars Ltd.

David Young


07794 452034

Please Note: The inclusion of material in, or distributed with, this magazine does not imply the endorsement or recommendation of that material. Members are advised to evaluate for themselves the suitability of material for their own purposes. Please mention the Beauford Club Magazine when replying to adverts.



The Chairman’s Page Dennis

In the last magazine I was telling you about the trouble I was having in trying to get the Beauford taxed without an MOT certificate although it had been on the road for less than three years, and that I’d written to Swansea to ask for clarification about when an MOT test is due. I had been told by both the VOSA examiner and the local DVLA office that it wouldn’t need testing again for three years and until last year I used my local DVLA office in Maidstone to re-tax or SORN the vehicle; they had never asked for an MOT certificate. It needed taxing from the 1st March, so I had to get it MOT’d before the end of February (I’m pleased to say it passed without any problem) and carried on with my discussions with Swansea in the meantime. On the 3rd March I had a phone call from a lady called Catherine who had read the letter and agreed that the date of first registration should be the same as the date of the IVA. She said the V5 was incorrect and I would be sent a new one. Twice towards the end of the conversation she asked me if I was ‘happy for her to close the complaint?’ I said I was. What I forgot to ask her was how she had my phone number! Big brother, I suppose. Anyway, ten days later I got a new V5 through the post, but it had exactly the same dates as before… This time I decided to try e-mailing them. I attached the previous letter which explained my situation, said I’d had a response by phone and had been told that the V5 was incorrect and that the date of first registration should be 15th June 2011. Unfortunately, all that had changed were the document reference numbers and the bar code! Could they please have another look at this because it is important to other kit car builders as well as to me? Well, on the 18th March I had another phone call from my friend Catherine. She couldn’t understand why I had sent the e-mail because her screen showed ‘Date of manufacture’ as 2011. I’m not sure what she meant by this, as it doesn’t appear on the V5C under that heading, only the dates of registration are shown. I had the impression that she couldn’t believe that her system and my piece of paper showed different things. However I scanned this latest version as requested and e-mailed a copy back to her. Finally a ‘correct’ version of the V5C arrived in early April. I suppose the message to take from this tale is for any new builders to double check the registration document sent after IVA.


The other long running saga that has come to an end is our move to New Romney, which happened at the end of March. I didn’t want to risk giving the DVLA our new address until I’d sorted out the Beauford paperwork, but I sent the latest version back to be amended and all is now finally up to date. I want to ask you for any thoughts you might have regarding the club’s attendance at Stoneleigh. As usual we had about a dozen cars there on the Sunday for the AGM and everyone seemed to enjoy the catering and hospitality. On the Monday there were only three cars, the weather was not so good and we decided to take down the gazebos and pack up after an early lunch. The question is: do we want to continue to offer hospitality on both days when the vast majority of members only come on the Sunday for the AGM? We are an ageing group and the task of taking down, packing away and loading the trailer isn’t getting any easier or lighter. In fact without help from members’ families we would have been really struggling this year. It seems to me that if we could get the tents, tables and kitchen equipment packed away after tea on the Sunday when there are plenty of people around to help, it would make life a lot easier. The trailer would still be on site on the Monday, so chairs would be available. You would just need to bring your own food and drink if you want to, or use the showground facilities. Can I ask you to please send any ideas you might have to me, Liz or Paul and we’ll put them in the next magazine for discussion. Finally, I’d just like to tell you that on our way home from Stoneleigh we passed the 10,000 miles mark in the Beauford. What’s your average annual mileage? 6


From the Editor Welcome to the ‘Summer’ Edition of our Club magazine. As you may have noticed, the summer edition is actually published at the onset of summer. It always seemed a little strange that we published our magazine at the end of the season rather than the beginning. So we have skipped the edition entitled ‘Spring’ but the version number is 98 which keeps our numbering consecutive. Here in Cornwall, summer has really arrived. The weather is glorious, the sea has warmed up a bit and the smell of barbecues is everywhere - including at the Hicks garden. On the Beauford front, both of my cars were due their MOT in May. Bad planning on my part to have them both together I guess. Although it does get the deed over and done with in one go. The cars passed the test but the tester did observe that the rubber insert on the rear shock absorber was being pushed out of the lower mounts. This was happening on both cars and was a little alarming really. On inspecting the mounts a little closer, it became obvious that the angle of the top mounts were not the same as the angle of the bottom mounts. As the shock absorbers were compressed, it caused a side pressure which had caused the insert to ‘press’ out from the shock absorber - on both cars. The remedy was to elongate (vertically) the mount holes which allowed the shocks to return towards an upright position and the mounts to stay in place. All is now satisfactory and the ride has actually improved. It might be worth checking yours just in case. We are now looking forward to the ‘Historic Vehicle Gathering’ at Powderham Castle on the 12th and 13th July. I will be there on the Sunday and I look forward to seeing others who would like to attend. It really is a great day out for the whole family. When you read the minutes of the AGM, you may notice that I have asked for a volunteer to help me with editing the magazine. Pat and I spend much of the Autumn/ Winter months away and time to devote to the magazine becomes short. I was hoping that an assistant editor could help by reviewing stories, chasing articles and even posting the magazine when we are away. So if you fancy having a go, why not give me a call and we can talk through the job. In the mean time, please keep your pictures and articles coming in. Tell us all about your great day out with the Beauford. 7


How wonderful it has been to be able to take our Beauford out again as its been nearly a year since we last used it, mostly due to the fact that up until now I have not been able to bend my knee and get into the car. However, I am now pleased to say that I am now making a very good recovery and can now bend it enough to get in the car. Very many thanks to all the members who have sent me notes wishing me well and especially to those who sent me the wonderful flowers, which I really appreciated and despite the fact that they came via post/ courier, actually lasted a good three to four weeks. Just by way of a change we were organised this year, having got the Beauford out of winter storage, cleaned and surprisingly enough she started without any problems. This time of year we always take the car down to our local mechanic and get him to give it a quick once over to make sure it is ok. He reported back to us that one of the driveshaft gaiters was split, so he ordered some more and replaced both of them. Tony did think it funny that they had split as he had bought new ones when he built the car and we have not done that much mileage. However, it turns out that we had originally been sold the wrong ones, having asked for XR3i gaiters what we got were not the right ones – just goes to show!

conceivable gap where it might be getting in, but Houdini, as we now refer to the cat as, has beaten us at every move. Houdini is a long haired gingery tabby cat, a pretty looking thing, but does tend to moult a lot, mostly on our roof. The only way we can remove the cat hair is by using generous amounts of parcel tape and in the past as soon as we have cleaned it off, back it comes again. However, that is now a thing of the past. We have invested in an ultrasound cat scarer, which runs off a couple of batteries. Apparently it is triggered by motion at which point it lets off a noise which although we are unable to hear it, cats do not like, and it frightens them off without actually harming them. It seemed to be working very well until Houdini suddenly started appearing again, but it turned out that someone had forgotten to turn the scarer back on after taking the car out for the day!

Yo u m a y r e m e m b e r t h a t I h a v e mentioned in the past about the cat who has a penchant for sleeping in the garage on top of the Beauford hood. It has become a mission on our part to try and keep him (or her) out, and to this effect we have tried to block up every

Thought I would just share with you the following. I am having a clear out and revamp of our third bedroom which I use as a craft room. Today British Heart Foundation came and collected a futon which I had in there as it is now surplus to requirements. Underneath it I found:



a man’s head, a chimney pot, a marble and a Malteser!

Trailer – Part 1 What fun we have had with the trailer. A couple of days before Stoneleigh Tony and I went over to collect the trailer from its storage container. Got it out of the trailer, went to hook it up to the car only to discover that we had left the keys to the tow bar lock at home. Rather than put the trailer back into the container (not an easy job, but helped by the use of a ratchet pulley) I said I would wait by the trailer for Tony to go home and come back with the keys which would probably take about half an hour. Whilst he was gone I thought I would have a quick look in the back of the trailer, and the first thing I noticed was a dead mouse/rat (not sure which but it was either a large mouse or a small rat), which was lying on top of the spare wheel. It had obviously been there a while as it was totally dehydrated and had no fur and was pink – just like a sugar mouse. Luckily there was a pair of rubber gloves so I removed the body and chucked it down by the container. (Did notice that when we went back it had gone so I suspect that one of the security dogs who patrol at night probably had a midnight feast, nice). My main concern was that mice do not come in singles, but usually in pairs or families, but did not feel inclined to investigate then. On the Saturday, before the Stoneleigh show Tony and I, Dennis and Maureen took the trailer over to Stoneleigh and on arrival were told by the people next to us that the trailer was making an awful noise. Trying not to think about this as we had to put the gazebos up, we started to unpack the trailer only to find

that the one mouse/rat had had a wonderful time in there. It had done its ablutions all over the place, had had several goes at nest building and had chewed its way through three tea clothes, a pile of polystyrene plates and three club umbrellas. Maureen and I had to empty out the trailer and take home anything which we might need for food use so that it could be decontaminated. We did also decide to chuck away some of the rubbish which had accumulated in the trailer and no longer needed, which at least has given us a bit more room.

Trailer – Part 2 Going back to the noisy trailer, on Sunday morning of the show after a general discussion on the noise it was decided to remove one of the wheels to try and see what the problem was. It turned out that the brake backplate assembly had sheared off and sliced the end off the brake cable in doing so. This meant that until it was fixed we had to tow the trailer without any brakes (good job the car ones are ok). After getting the trailer home and with further inspection we discovered that the other side was not looking too good either. We managed to find a trailer place (good old internet) who sent us two new backplate assemblies and a brake cable, and having emptied the contents of the trailer into our garage (I really don’t know how it all went in) we took the trailer down to our local mechanic (who does well out of us) and he replaced the brake assemblies. Apparently, he said he only had to tap the “unbroken” one with a hammer and it dropped off, as it had the bare minimum of a spot weld on it holding it on. As we originally bought the trailer in 2008 it’s amazing that it has



lasted so long. On return to us the trailer was packed up and taken back to its trailer until its next outing.

Renewals Many thanks those of you who have sent your renewals in, which I really appreciate. After Stoneleigh I spent a lot of time sending out email reminders to all who had not renewed, about 90 in all. Since then I have sent out further reminders to those who have listings on the wedding page, and despite promises of payment, am still waiting for quite a few still to come in. I am afraid that as renewals are due on the 1st March and are now over three months late those who have now renewed will have their listings removed until payment is received. I will be sending out further reminders to “ordinaryâ€? members shortly, but it is very time consuming and I need to take a good day out of my schedule to do this, so please, please, do send in your renewals. If not received this will be the last magazine you receive. At only ÂŁ10 a year, which has not changed since the Club was founded in the 1980s it is not a lot to pay for four magazines a year, a discount on insurance as a club member (and please note that you may be asked for your membership card at any time), advice on where to get spares, free valuations for insurance purposes plus much more.

Stoneleigh For some unknown reason we had

lovely weather for the Stoneleigh weekend and even managed to catch a bit of sun on Sunday.

About a week before the show I was informed by the organisers that they had had to change our usual plot as they had just found out that an office block had been built on it (how dare they, we have had that spot for years). We were told that our new plot was two blocks to the side of our original one, which was not very explicit, but on arrival at the showground we eventually managed to find it. On the plus side we were far enough away from the Westfields not to have to listen to them all over the weekend but on the minus side we were a bit of a trek away from the main halls plus our plot was not really big enough for all the cars on Sunday as we had to park two deep and anyone at the back who wanted to move had to get someone in front of them to move first. I will definitely ensure that we have a bigger space next year, especially as some of the areas around us were virtually empty. My apologies to the members who arrived at the show and could not find us, but we did spot a couple of cars driving round looking for us and managed to direct them to the right place. In future, it may help that if you cannot spot the flags, look for the double gazebo with the blue and white top, On Sunday we had 11 or 12 cars present but on Monday there was a very poor turnout with only Tony and I, Dennis and Maureen and Bill and Debbie there. As no one else turned up we decided after lunch to pack up and come home. Due to lack of people on site it was not an easy job to pack everything up, as I was still walking with a crutch and Maureen has a bad back and is waiting for treatment. This meant



that there was really not enough people to pack up. Every year I buy enough food to cater for two days and every year when we pack up I am offering stuff to members to take home as we have not had enough people on the Monday (I live in hope). I have decided that in future I will buy plenty of food for the Sunday lunch and that anything left over can be eaten on Monday, but that for Monday we will just provide hot drinks and snacks, e.g. biscuits and cakes. However, by popular demand, I am hoping that next year we will reintroduce cooked bacon and sausage sandwiches for Sunday and Monday. However, please do not turn up at 11.00 expecting this as our chef, Ken, does not want to spend all morning cooking.

Regalia/Spares Following the decision made at the AGM there will be a general price for non members, with subscription paying members having a discount. This will apply to all regalia. Non members will also be asked to pay for postage, which is currently free.

Headlamp rims I am now in the process of having some more headlamp rims made and these should be available within a week or so. I currently do not know what the cost of them will be, but I should know this shortly.

Flying Ladies I have been asked by a member whether the club has any “flying ladies” for sale. Currently we don’t have them but I could get some made but not on a one-off basis. I think I would need to

place an order for 5 or 6 so if you require one please let me know and if there are enough I will get some made.

Letter “B” I have also been asked about the letter “B” which goes on the front of the radiator. Having looked into this I could get some made but have discovered that there are several companies on line who sell chrome door furniture including the letter “B” which is about 2” high and even has the buttons on the back. I could order some but after me paying postage and then having to charge you postage to forward them on it may be easier for you to order them direct. Try www.doorfurnituredirect.co.uk at £4.48 including VAT.

Forthcoming Events Historic Vehicle Gathering, Powderham Castle, Kenton, Nr Exeter – 12th and 13th July Veteran, Vintage and Classic cars, motorcycles, classic commercials, full size and miniature steam engines, class car club stands (including Beaufords) trade and autojumble, and craft stalls, children’s entertainment, refreshments and delicious food outlets. Something for everyone. I currently have four cars attending this show but unfortunately Dennis and Maureen have had to drop out so I will have a spare ticket which is for a car and passengers. If you would like to attend I will give this to the first member who contacts me, but anyone else is more than welcome to attend. Tony and I will bring a small gazebo with us, to keep sun/rain off and a couple of chairs, so if everyone attending could bring chairs with them plus, a flask of hot water and mugs, we will supply tea/



coffee, milk, etc plus a few cakes and biscuits. The only thing is I am not sure if we will be able to make it on the Saturday as currently we have another commitment for that day, but will be there on Sunday. Spitfires, Merlins and Motors, Day Imperial War Museum Saturday 26th July I have booked the Beauford Club in for this event, described as a day of legendary aircraft, wartime nostalgia and magnificent motors. Spitfires will be on the ground as well as flying. The usual entrance fee is ÂŁ18.50 each but as we are attending as a club event the fee is reduced to ÂŁ10 per person which gives access to the museum. You need to be there by 11.00 and the show will finish about 5.00 ish. I should also mention that no dogs are allowed on the site as this is a Civil Aviation Authority safety precaution for all live airfields. Currently I have eight Beaufords attending but the more the merrier. If you would like to attend this show then please let me know as soon as possible so that I can notify the IWM of the increase in numbers. I believe that entrance for club members will be via a special gate, but I will receive details of this nearer the time. Again, Tony and I will bring a small gazebo with us, to keep sun/rain off, the club banner and a couple of chairs, so if everyone attending could bring chairs with them plus, a flask of hot water and mugs, we will supply tea/coffee, milk, etc plus a few cakes and biscuits. Peterborough Classic and Vintage Vehicle Show

13th and 14th September I have registered the Beauford Club at this show which is held at The Embankment, Bishops Road, Peterborough PE1 5BW. Entrance is free and is in aid of two very good charities, Pancreatic Cancer Research and the East Anglian Air Ambulance. This show has live music, refreshments, funfair, arts and crafts as well as cars, motorcycles, engines, commercial, tractors, horticultural, exmilitary and vintage caravans. The show is also within a few minutes walking distance of the town centre (or so I am told). So far I only have two cars going but if you would like to attend then please let me know as it will be a good day(s) out. Again, Tony and I will bring a small gazebo with us, to keep sun/rain off and a couple of chairs, so if everyone attending could bring chairs with them plus, a flask of hot water and mugs, we will supply tea/ coffee, milk, etc plus a few cakes and biscuits. THE NATIONAL CLASSIC CAR & BIKE DAY & SHOW 2014 27th and 28th September I have received the following in an email from Showcase Events about a show they will be holding in aid of Children in Need: We are pleased to bring you The National Classic Car & Bike Day & Show 2014 at Uttoxeter Racecourse Staffordshire on the 27 th & 28 th September 2014 for BBC CHILDREN IN NEED Bring the family down to Uttoxeter Racecourse for The National Classic Car & Bike Day/Show 2014 for BBC CHILDREN IN NEED we hope you will 12


come along and join us and bring your Classic Vintage, American Cars and Motorcycles and help us raised funds for this charity so come along and join in. Please note that we are keen to have a good showing at The National Classic Car & Bike Day & Show. The National Classic Car & Bike Day/ Show is open to Classic vintage from the 1930's through to the classic sports cars of the 70's and 80's

www.doningtonkitcarshow.co.uk I thought this show was on the bank holiday week-end, but its actually the week-end after. If you are thinking of attending and taking children then check the child’s entrance fees first, as unlike Stoneleigh where children under 16 are free, I believe here that any child over 5 is charged. Malvern Kit Car Show 25th and 26th October 2014

The weekend is also open all American Cars & Motorcycles (Harleys Goldwing’s etc.)

I don’t know much about this show at the moment but it’s still a long way off so should know more nearer the time

Admission with Classic Cars, American Cars & Motorcycles Cost £10.00

Almost Forgot

We are equally happy for groups as well as individual entrants. At each show we will provide water and an area for camping. Weekend Camping is available for all (Motorhomes Caravans & Tents) Cost £ 20.00 All proceed from this event will be going to BBC CHILDREN IN NEED Cars will be able to arrive the day before the show and may stay until the day after. Due to Health & Safety we insist that cars stay for the whole day – we cannot have people driving through the public. If you are interested in attending this show then please contact me (Liz) for a booking form. National Kit and Performance Car Show, Donington

Whilst I was sorting out the first wave of renewals, I opened up the envelopes and a piece of paper fell out of one of them. I really am not sure who sent it to me but many thanks as it gave me a good laugh, and I am sure I am meant to forward it on to you all: We had a power outage at my house this morning and my PC, laptop, DVD, iPad, ham radio and my new surround sound music system were all shut down. Then I discovered that my iPhone battery was flat and to top it off it was raining outside so I couldn’t play golf. I went into the kitchen to make coffee and then I remembered that this also needs power, so I sat and talked with my wife for a few hours. She seems like a nice person. And on the reverse of this piece of paper was: I phoned the incontinence help line. They asked me to hold.

Saturday and Sunday 30th and 31st August



Beauford Club 2014 AGM The 2014 Annual General Meeting was held at the Warwick Rooms, NAC Stoneleigh on Sunday 4th May 2014 at 3.00 pm PRESENT Dennis Murphy - Chairman Liz Ovenden – Secretary Tony Ovenden – Web Master Bill Buckley Keith Woolfenden Debbie Buckley Pete and Maureen Horsfield Ted and Chris Byron Brian Simmonds Colin and Sue Ingley John Forbes Peter Bacon Kevin Jones John Stirk Terry Vickers Apologies

Neal Huitson, Treasurer Paul Hicks, Editor Maureen Murphy Ray Dobbs and Paula Thacker Ken and Carol Price Derek Bracegirdle

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the 24th AGM and was pleased to see that there were one or two new faces at the meeting.

Quorum As there were 14 members present there was a quorum for the meeting.

Minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting It was agreed that any matters arising from the 2013 Annual General Meeting would be dealt with under the appropriate section of this meeting. Otherwise the Minutes were agreed.



Minutes of the 2014 AGM Chairman’s Report Dennis thanked all those members who had come to the Show and were attending the meeting. The Club stand was in a different part of the showground to that of previous years because of building works. Had the usual amount of cars been present it would have been difficult to park them all. Dennis mentioned that three shows had been cancelled this year – Detling, Newark and Exeter but that a new show, to replace the one in Exeter was being held at The Three Counties Showground in Malvern. He also mentioned that the insurance companies who had previously been declining to insure cars which were “owner built” had now decided that this was not feasible and this policy had now been disregarded.

Treasurer’s Report Dennis read out the accounts prepared by Neal Huitson our Treasurer, basic details of which are: 2013/14
















Opening balances



Add surplus for year









Surplus for year

Closing balances

It was noted that the Club’s finances were still very healthy with a slight increase on last year. Neal was thanked for his excellent accounts.

Secretary/Membership Secretary’s Report The membership has slightly increased and at the end of February had 214 members. Unfortunately, due to holidays and as the membership forms were slightly late in being sent out only about half of the members have currently renewed. However, I do intend to send out email reminders within the next week or so.



The question was asked if the address labels on the magazines containing renewal forms could also have the words “subscriptions now due” on them. The wedding page is still proving popular with a slight increase to 84 members last year having a listing on it, all of which goes towards the upkeep of the web site. Beauford Cars – unfortunately I have no information regarding how they are progressing other than that they do not seem to keep any spare parts.

Editor’s Report As Paul was unable to attend the meeting he had sent his apologies and his Editor’s report was read out: I hope that our members have enjoyed our magazine during the last year. I have enjoyed producing it for you and I am more than happy to continue doing so for the next year. I would like to thank all of our members who have sent me some really great articles which I am sure our readers have enjoyed as much as I have. Also, the pictures have been really great. However, I now need help. Since our retirement, Pat and I spend an increasing amount of time away and often out of the country. I would very much appreciate a volunteer to be an Assistant Editor. The Assistant Editor would help me to obtain content for the magazine, be copied on emails to the Editor and share a first read of text/articles. I will be more than happy to continue to manage the layout unless the assistant is keen to do so. So, is there anyone out there who would like to rise to the challenge? Some readers have noticed that our magazines actually seem to be out of step with the seasons of the year. Therefore, I propose to correct this with the next and subsequent issues. I will ensure that the issue precedes the season like so: March

Spring edition

(currently Winter)


Summer edition

(currently Spring)

September Autumn edition

(currently Summer)

December Winter/Christmas edition (currently Autumn) Our next edition will be the Summer Edition in June and that way we will maintain the 4 magazines a year. So onwards and upwards – keep sending the articles and pictures!

Webmaster’s Report The web site is still self-supporting and ticking along nicely as apart from the income from the wedding page listings the adverts page also has an income from non Club members. However, the number of adverts on the web site was down to 27 and only two of these were paid adverts. The thought amongst the meeting was that because Beauford Cars were not currently selling many cars then the knock on effect of this



was that owners were tending to hold on to their cars rather than update them. Most of the cars for sale on the site were where wedding car owners were retiring and selling their businesses. Again, it was mentioned that if anyone would like to have a photo of their car on the “ribbon” at the top of the web pages then please email them to Tony and they can be inserted.

Election of the Committee As there were no Committee resignations this year and no members who wished to become Committee members, it was agreed on a show of hands that the Committee should stay as it was.

Club Activities Liz stated that she currently had details of three shows where members had shown an interest in attending. These were a) Crash Box and Classic Car Club Show at Powderham, near Exeter on the 13th

and 14th July. Some members had attended this last year and said it was a good show with an excellent autojumble. b) The Spitfires, Merlins and Motors Day at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford,

near Cambridge on Saturday 26th July. access to everything at the IWM.

Entrance to this show gave you full

c) Classic and Vintage Vehicle Show at The Embankment, Bishops Road,

Peterborough on Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th September. Entry is free with pre-registration and all proceeds will go to Pancreatic Cancer Research and East Anglian Air Ambulance. This show has been organized by one of our members, Paula Thacker MBE and it would be nice if members of the club could support her. If anyone is interested in attending any of the above shows then they should contact Liz. Keith Woolfenden also mentioned that there was a Kit Fest at Castle Combe on the 19th July. Details of this can be found on their web site by googling Kit Fest Castle Combe.

Club Facilities A new “kitchen stand” had been purchased to replace the old metal one. It was also decided to purchase a new table of the metal fold down type as the work tops on the current ones were becoming shabby and unhygienic. The subject of the generator once again came up and Tony having investigated prices of a 2 kw one was on a show on hands requested to go ahead and purchase one. It was also mentioned that a problem had developed with the trailer on the way to the showground and that its brakes had failed – this would mean that some of the club’s funds would be required to get it repaired. (Since the meeting we can confirm that a generator has been purchased).



It had also been mentioned about the cost of food on the showground – over £6 for a bacon butty and a cup of tea. As we had not done our usual fried breakfasts this year a request was made to reinstate them next year.

Any Other Business Last year it was mentioned about the cost of postage of magazines to overseas members. As the majority of them were honorary members and did not pay subscriptions they had been asked to look at the magazine on line via the web site. There was only one subscription paying member and it was agreed that he should continue to receive his magazine by post. Liz was asked to contact the organisers regarding the club pitch we had been given. There had been 11 cars coming and going throughout the day and it became obvious that the pitch we had been given was not big enough as it was completely full. A discussion then followed about the cost of regalia, spare parts etc. and whether non-members should be allowed to buy at the same cost as members. The suggestion was either that regalia, spares etc. be limited only to members or that a percentage mark-up be put on the cost of everything with members getting a discount. There was a unanimous vote in favour of subscription paying members having a discount over the prices charged to non-subscription paying or nonmembers. Liz was thanked for her help over the year and for providing lunch. The meeting closed at 4.00 pm

Beauford for Sale Clifford Leask

£22,950 01405 741660 2 door model with a Nissan 280ZX fuel injected engine and 5 speed manual gearbox Built to a very high standard and only 2000 miles from new 2 tone blue with leather trim - Cover Craft cover LED lighting throughout - Cruise control Tow bar with 13 pin electrics Specialist stainless steel hood mechanism made by AG Tillet Uprated brakes with EBC Greenstuff disk pads. Many spares included Featured in issue 94 of the Club Magazine 18


Colin’s Beauford Project The Electrics I have to think about the electrics. I was concerned because the donor car had an engine management processor, an ABS processor, a unit to identify failed bulbs, another which I can't remember its use and a mass of wires which alone weigh over 14kg. I discussed it with Paul from Beauford who recommended

management system with petrol injection! I suppose I could convert the engine to a standard carb set up, it would be a lot simpler, but more expense, I'll see how it goes. I can't get hold of anyone from Premier Wiring, they're re-locating to Spain. So I've decided to extract that part of the wiring from the Sierra loom, luckily I

that I ditch it and buy a simple loom that they use. So I've ordered the loom from premierwiring.co.uk, he makes them to order so it will be with me by the end of August.

haven't got rid of it yet. It appears to be a straight forward process with all the engine connections on the one section loom. I'll just have to work out how to link it in with the PWS loom!

The wiring loom has arrived and I'm trying to work out what goes where. It appears the loom is for a car with a carburettor, not for the EEC iv engine

I've put the engine management part of the loom in, basically the engine loom. Just need to work out how connect it to the main loom! Every day I work on the 19


car, I spend about 30 minutes looking at the loom trying to work out how to tackle it. Should I attempt to use the Sierra loom and heavily adapt it or use the PWS loom? After 30 minutes I come to the s a m e conclusion, I'll get on w i t h something else it doesn't have to be done yet! The trouble is it's g e t t i n g nearer to decision time. I spent all day with the PWS loom on the dining table and labelled all the

connections, so now I know where they should go. The only thing I can't work out yet is how to connect it to the

ECU! It should be simple, take the wire that comes from the ignition and connect it to the engine management relay (both of them?) But, the wiring diagram does not show anything as obvious as that. It starts as one colour at the ignition changes into s e v e r a l d i ff e r e n t colours and goes to several different points one of which is the immobiliser (which I had no intention of fitting). I have no idea whether the connections are +ve or -ve that come from it and the same with the ECU. If I connect it the wrong way round I could blow the ECU which would be expensive! S p e n t several days analysing and taking the Si e rra l o o m apart, I've finally isolated what I need to run the engine. At least I think I've isolated it, time will tell. When I looked at the section of loom from the 20


automatic gearbox I found the wires were all perished, the insulation was cracked and flaking off, so I needed to replace it. I rang my local Ford dealers, to get a new section. They could tell me the part number and the engineer code, but it was also not possible to get it. I did a search on the web but the only hit I got for the part number was a picture in a parts manual. I couldn't get the section of

ECU, it also gives me access to the the fuses and relays. I connected the battery up with a 15amp fuse in the negative cable so any shorts would not burn the loom out. So it's connected but only with twisted wires and insulation tape. After connecting the fuel filler I needed to add some petrol and get the car started. But, before I could put any fuel in I had to take the filler pipe of again to take the

loom so I had to make one up to replace it.

rag out I had put in to stop any bits going into the tank. I must try and remember when I have done something sensible!

I put it in the car, connected all up and got the engine to turn over. At least I know the ignition is connected to the starter. I now need to marry the PWS loom to the Sierra loom. Spent several days putting the wiring in temporarily. I've made a hinged shelf under the passenger side dash and fitted the

Once I had succeeded in putting the fuel in I tried to start the car. It wouldn't turn over, I was surprised because it had worked before. I checked the circuit out and found a connection I had disconnected to prevent me 21


turning the starter accidentally (something to do with age again!!). Once connected it turned over but wouldn't start. I had forgotten to connect the fuel pump. Once connected it started first time, runs fine until I drop it in gear, when it cuts out. I must have a problem with the automatic transmission isolator or low transmission fluid. No, it's not low transmission fluid, I've put 3ltrs in and its made no difference. I guess I'm going to have to spend some time tracing the circuits back and find out if there's a short or break anywhere! I stripped the section of loom that went to the automatic gearbox and made sure the connections were all intact and put it back together again. Still no difference. There was a spare connection not linked to anything, I suspected it was the reversing light, so I plugged it in. It worked! So I disconnected it and tried it again, it still worked. I'm working on the assumption it was just coincidence and the topping it up with transmission fluid was the real problem. It wasn't the reversing light or at least its not working but at least I can drive it in and out of the garage. I've been having electrical problems, it's a voyage of discovery, every day it's different. One day it starts and works as it should, the next it will start in gear (its an automatic it shouldn't). The next when I put it into gear the engine dies. Another day putting it into gear doesn't affect it, but when I switch on the lights it kills the engine. I fitted another earth lead from the battery to the chassis, that

appears to have resolved some of the issues, but the engine will still turn over in gear even though it doesn't start. The loom wires are now where I want them so I've wrapped them in insulating tape, it's a lot tidier now. The dashboard and the centre console are now fitted . It looks like a proper car now! To keep the cost down I'm using the Sierra speakers, they may be old, but top quality speakers would be lost on an open top tourer and they're good enough for me. The front speakers I'm putting in the front footwell and the rear speakers are going to go in a panel beneath the rear seat Finishing Touches I've been working on the dashboard and centre console. I've had to cut vents for the screen demister and ducts to get the air from the heater to them. I've used plastic waste pipe and fitted it in the dash assembly that Beauford supply. The Sierra vents tidy it up and help direct the air. I had to consider what to cover it in. I considered using cream vinyl to match the cream leather seats, but I thought I would get reflected glare on the windscreen. My wife, always the arbitter on taste and decency, suggested using some blue I had and follow the theme through with blue carpet. After covering the dash in 1/2inch foam I used the blue vinyl. I carefully cut out the holes for the switches, rheostats, radio and cigar lighter. Then assembled the centre console I had planned and covered it in foam and vinyl. I fitted the switches and radio etc. and fitted it into the car then connected them up.



I've still got to seal the centre pieces in place and put the beading around the rubber (got to find it first, I put it away safely!). I rang Dave at Beauford, he's going to send the headlight surrounds and door locks. Once they're fitted I'll book the IVA and hope I get the trim finished in time.

Hood and rear door glass fitted Fitted hood and glass in rear doors. Very nerve racking because it is toughen glass and you rivet it to two stainless steel pegs with two rivets for each peg, so that's four chances per window to shatter! But managed to successfully rivet them in place.

I had to re-do the dashboard under trays. Once I had covered them they wouldn't fit properly, so I had to peel the vinyl off, trim the tray and recover. Working on the interior trim. I've adapted the Ka doorcards I got with the seats, to fit in the back, they make a nice leather armrest each side. I've made plywood caps for top and I have stained them mahogony to match the dash. Still some work to be done there. I was disappointed with the seat belts, I was hoping to use the Sierra belts, but they're not long enough in the rear with the Ka seat fitted, and won't fit in the front! So I've had to buy new.

Split windscreen fitted (and demister vents) Next step was to fit the windscreen. I'd decided on a split screen and it was surprisingly easy to fit. The hardest part was trying to keep the rubber in place until it was all on the car. I used a sponge soaked in washing up liquid to run around the rubber then just slid the screens in from the centre. I was expecting a fight, but no problem.

Engine bay with washer bottle Bought an interior mirror and washer bottle from SVC and spent the day fitting them. It should have been



simple, but then I should have done it before fitting the dash board!

bolts. I've also given them a coat of paint.

New seat belts have arrived, so fitted them in the rear. Had to virtually dismantle the back of the car to do it. Rear seats out, rear valance and luggage rack removed to get at the nuts. I spent a day and a screwdriver through two fingers getting the rubber beading in around the windscreen. I slipped and protecting the windscreen cost me a hole in my finger, still persevered and did exactly the same again through another finger. On the bright side I didn't crack the windscreen and eventually my fingers should heal. There is probably a very simple tool to open the rubber and feed the beading in but I made do with washing up liquid and a screwdriver, hopefully I won't be doing it again in a hurry.

Re-worked back end I've reworked the luggage rack, rear bumpers and number plate now, as I've had to dismantle it. I bought aluminium angle which I cut and shaped as escutcheon plates to go where the luggage rack come through the valance and pop riveted it in place. I've used decking spindles to bridge the two spars and secured them with self tapping

I've reworked the badge bar at the front by putting two bracing bars on it. I hoping it will stiffen the headlights which tend to shake a little when the engine is running, it does. It also looks a little more stylish, at least I think so! Just need some badges now.

I temporarily fitted the door locks and handles then the striker pins. It all worked perfectly until I made one lock permanent, then nothing quite married up! I had spent one day on the first fit, another on adjusting them and another securing them. With the locks in place I covered the door cards with cream leatherette and installed them. It's looking more like a car! I got a bargain on Ebay, a set of vintage interior handles, for ÂŁ6.50 plus postage. After I'd cut the 24


spindles to size and drilled retaining holes I fitted them. I cut the leatherette to size and sewed it together so I could fit it over the seat belt post like a glove. Once I had lined it with foam I fitted it in the car. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWIGGY! Its been a year since the kit was delivered and I had been hoping to have it on the road by now, getting near but not quite. The rear speakers could've been fitted on the back shelf, but using the Sierra speakers (to save money) I decided to fit them in a panel below the rear seat. The panel also supports the rear seat, I just need to decide what to cover it in leatherette or carpet. I tidied up under the bonnet, clipping back the cables etc. and secured the final bolts in place along the wings and running boards. Then again I had to decide what to do about bonnet catches, go for vintage style or save quite a bit of money and go for dzus fasteners and also be less risky with the IVA. I am concerned about the headlight surrounds, I've not had them from Beauford yet. Every time I've been in touch they have told me that their original supplier can't do them anymore and so far the replacements quality has not been good enough. It has been a year since the kit was delivered so they should have sorted it by now. I am going to apply for IVA, so they have got another month. I was just checking everything out prior to posting the completed IVA application and the wipers had stopped working. I cleaned the

connector up (something the Beauford build manual advises to prevent wiper failure!) and got them working. Then the car wouldn't start! I decided to take the dashboard out again to have a proper look. I found I had pulled a lead out of the relay while I had been fiddling around the wiper motor. All connected I put the dashboard back in, it had taken two days, but hopefully I shouldn't have any more problems. So I posted the IVA application form. I've been in touch with the Beauford Club, apparently one of the members has a relative who is making headlamp surrounds. Liz the club secretary is going to put me down for a pair, just hope they come in time for the IVA! The last few days I have spent sorting out the seals on the doors trying to make it weatherproof with the soft top. I've bought some carpet tiles because they're rubber backed and fitted them. I figured they're ideal to cope with any rain with the car open to the elements. Need to get some more! I also put cap nuts on all the exposed bolts. While I've been working on the car, the paint has got chipped where the various tools have fallen off the bonnet or where I have caught bits or a spanner slipped etc. So I've spent the morning touching them up. I'll need to sand them down flush. IVA test has come through for 20th September! I was not happy with the new seatbelts, I had fitted in the rear, they would not retract all the way and kept sticking when pulling them out. So I



decided to refit the old belts from the Sierra. I had to take the rear seat out to do it. I had taken them out in the first place because they weren't quite long enough, but the new ones had come with extension brackets so I used them with the old ones.

Fitted valances to wings I decided to put valances on the wings to close the wheels in. I drew a template on an old laminate flooring board then cut it out and trimmed to fit. When I was happy with it I cut out two from some marine ply I had in the garage. I fitted them to the wings with coach bolts and made a bracing bar with some steel tubing. Then I removed them, sanded, painted and refitted them.

Liz, the Beauford Owners Club secretary contacted me to say the

headlamp rims had arrived, phew! I arranged to collect them and fitted them to Twiggy, they look superb. I also fixed the Beauford 'B' badge, on the nose. it will have to come off when I finally sort the paint out, but what the hell.

I also made some door stays with webbing covered by cream leatherette. I made the bracket out of the Sierra seat subframe to hold the one end the other I used a press stud, so if I need to open the door all the way I can.

The next thing I started on was the trunk. It needed to fit on the luggage rack, which was shorter than the standard Beauford (to fit in the garage), so buying the Beauford trunk was out of the question, I needed to make it. After taking the 26


measurements I realised the opening

decided I wouldn't be able to get it to look professional enough, so have just gone for the paint for now, I may change my mind later. I made the trunk with an opening top and two fold down flaps at the back. The fitted the first with wire stays so that it becomes a picnic table when opened, the second gives better access to the trunk. The trunk is slightly narrower, its easy to put things into it from the top, but having the opening side also makes it easier to get things out. Watch this space for my final activities in the next magazine.

for the trunk was going to be narrow and not very practical, so I decided to have two openings, the lid and the back side (similar to a London taxi). The back would not be strong enough to use for luggage as in the taxi but if it opened out flat I could use it as a picnic table. Having decided on the design I went to B & Q with my measurements and they cut a sheet of external plywood to size. I had intended to cover it in black leather look vinyl but If you've ever worked for a boss who reacts before getting the facts and thinking things through, you will love this! Arcelor-Mittal Steel, feeling it was time for a shakeup, hired a new CEO. The new boss was determined to rid the company of all slackers. On a tour of the facilities, the CEO noticed a guy leaning against a wall. The room was full of workers and he wanted to let them know that he meant business. He asked the guy, "How much money do you make a week?" A little surprised, the young man looked at him and said, "I make $400 a week. Why?" The CEO said, "Wait right here.." He walked back to his office, came back in two minutes, and handed him $1,600 in cash and said, "Here's four weeks' pay. Now GET OUT and don't come back." Feeling pretty good about himself the CEO looked around the room and asked, "Does anyone want to tell me what that goof-ball did here?" From across the room a voice said, "Pizza delivery guy from Dominos" 27


And Finally

Aplomb? His Lordship was in the study at Downton Abbey when Carson the butler approached and coughed discreetly. "May I ask you a question, My Lord?" "Go ahead, Carson," said His Lordship. "I am doing the crossword in The Times and I have found a word I am not too clear on." "What word is that?" asked His Lordship. "Aplomb," My Lord. "Now that's a difficult one to explain. I would say it is self-assurance or complete composure." "Thank you, My Lord, but I'm still a little confused." "Let me give you an example to make it clearer. Do you remember a few months ago when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived to spend a weekend with us?" "I remember the occasion very well, My Lord. It gave the staff and myself much pleasure to look after them." "Also," continued the Earl of Grantham, "do you remember when Wills plucked a rose for Kate in the rose garden?" "I was present on that occasion, My Lord, ministering to their needs. "While plucking the rose, a thorn embedded itself in his thumb very deeply." "I witnessed the incident, My Lord, and saw the Duchess herself remove the thorn and bandage his thumb with her own dainty handkerchief." "That evening the prick on his thumb was so sore. Kate had to cut up his venison from our own estate, even though it was extremely tender." "Yes, My Lord, I did see everything that transpired that evening.." "The next morning while you were pouring coffee for Her Ladyship, Kate inquired of Wills with a loud voice, 'Darling, does your prick still throb?' And you, Carson, did not spill one drop of coffee!

THAT is aplomb." 28

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