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DREAM of the ART SCHOOL It is about light and transparency It is about the nature and the community. It is about the experiences of spaces and

how spaces shape the next generation of creator.

Contour of the site provides the inspiration of spacial circulation for public and private users.




Two Triangle and a Rectangle


Rotational Circulation around the main space

Classroom Open Space


Roof Plan_Figure Ground

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, SANAA

MusĂŠe Louvre-Lens, SANAA

Leaf air sac cross section

Design Inspiration

Shading Option

Distance of Fog / StudioGreenBlue

Architectural Drawings


Gallery Library Administration Cafeteria

Stage Outdoor Space

Ground Floor Plan Gallery Library Cafeteria Outdoor Stage Parking

Basement Gym Locker Room Main HVAC Handling Space

Half Floor

Second Floor

Studios Music Room Conference Room


+1054 +1041


E_W Section ( View to The Drop off space)


+1054 +1051



E_W Section ( View to The Gym space)


+1054 +1051


N_S Section View to the Gallery space

+1062 +1059

+1048.5 +1051

N_S Section View to the Gym

South Elevation

West Elevation

Construction Concepts

Roof slab

Steel frame system

Wall system with bracing transfer load to column below.

Floor slab uphold with concrete elevator core

Gym roof platform

Steel Frame system Structural glass box, supported by glass fins

5 feet deep trusses running E-W direction 10 inches diameter columns stand on 30’ grid.

1 foot columns carry gym load to foundation

Roof Ventilation System


Mechanical room along with bathrooms

Ventilation Mechanical room along with bathrooms


Main HVAC Mechanical locations plumbing along the vertical elevator core

Water Membrane

T.O. Metal cap EL. 44’-6” T.O. Steel Girder EL. 42’-0”

Roof Insulation 2’-6”

Concrete filled metal deck Ventilation Pipe


B.O. Drop ceiling EL. 39’-0”

Drop Ceiling

Sliding Door Panels 12’-0”

Floor Finishing, Polished Concrete Floor Insulation

T.O. Finishing Floor EL. 27’-0”

Concrete Slab with metal deck 3’-0”

B.O. Drop ceiling EL. 24’-0”

Steel Beam Drop Ceiling Glass wall support by glass fins

Steel Column 24’-0”

Paved concrete floor (exterior)

Steel Plate for glass fin T.O. Finishing Floor EL. 0’-0”

Floor finishing Water Membrane Insulation Concrete floor slab Foundation footing Pipe drainage


Phebe H Tam 817 996 7559


Portman Prize Competition 2014


Portman Prize Competition 2014