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Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.

Unknown – by Unknown Artist Inside: Fantastic Flow Tutorial by Lumiere - page 6

artifex.justgoo Informer Harmony Week 2012

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Harmony Week 2012

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Flow Tutorial by Lumiere

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Have a joke or a funny comment you wish to share with everyone? PM Themester with your joke/comic to have the chance of it appearing in next week’s informer and a joke robot badge (shown above)

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Studio Challenge Pop Out Challenge Text from Images Vertical Signatures Shape Colour Unrendered Random! (DA/Sig/SA) Render Only Colours Layer Collage Colour Splash Oh No they didn’t! Creative Writing Challenge Vintage twist Shakespeare Self Portrait (DA/SA) Dress Me Up Studio Challenge St Valentine’s Signature Challenge Valentine’s Day Large Art Challenge Alice Random Signature challenge Villains - The antagonist inside An unanswered Riddle

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Potterise You Part 1 & 2 Cherish Lost in your way in a Story? 10 Little Artists Dear Diary Pride & Prejudice Other side of the rainbow Clynn needs a signature Leprechaun Graffiti

Posts: 12 Join date: 2010-10-01 Age: 21 Location: Sweden

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Smudge Signature Challenge Merge Art Challenge Heritage Poem Challenge Self-Written Folk Stories Environmental Poetry To come: Culture Capture

Welcome to artifex.justgoo's Harmony Week! Throughout this week we will be sharing our history, heritage, cultures and countries in the hopes of bridging the gaps and sharing the much splendour diversity gives us. Members are encouraged to join us for challenges and events aimed on providing a means for members to express themselves culturally. 18th – 24th March 2012

2nd – 8th April 2012 Join us for a week of Bunnies, Chocolates, Eggs, and Easter Stories based challenges, activities and events. More Information to be displayed closer to the week!

This year as we are only just starting to get the ball rolling on theme weeks they are pretty much going poof here we are out of no-where. So in an attempt to not only get your smexy brains creating but ensure we are ready for promoting next year’s harmony week on artifex.justgoo, we would like members to construct Promotional Posters for Harmony Week 2013

Information you need to know:   

Artifex Harmony Week is based off A Taste of Harmony and National Harmony Day in Australia. The week will run from 17th March - 23rd March 2013 This promotional poster will be shrunk down to about 300 x 300 as an ad for next year's harmony week (showing at least a month before the week).

Clynn McIrishpants still on the hunt. It may no longer be Kiss this its Irish week on ye Artifex forum, but even though we have come quite close to our goal of hunting down all de gozzlegobs we have yet to succeed in huntin em all down. I will remain ere until de end of harmony week. So good luck and be lucky. Ends: 24th March 2012

Colour Splash Signature of the Month Competition ends in roughly 2 days’ time! So there is still time to enter those last minute entries and be part of artifex.justgoo’s first SOTM competition!

Our resident Theme Creator Themester is looking for volunteers to assist in the creation and running of future Theme Weeks. Interested members would be involved in the creation of:       

Banners Backgrounds Music Challenges Events Fun Threads And lots more

We need at least 3 members per Theme Week, in the next few months we need members for:  Easter Week  For my Mother Week – May  Artifex.justgoo’s 2nd birthday - July  Clown Week – July/Aug\ + Themes by prince1999, Mathy and Harajuku to come!

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Large Art of the Month, Writing of the Month and Photography of the Month—in the works Revise of Ranking System—Old System is out! New system to be in place shortly! Chat Tutorials Profile Updates

If you are feeling creative and wish to help PM Pharwynd or Lanaee about becoming involved in a project or even applying for Modi.

Positions Vacant! Challenge Creators and Completers Seeking enthusiastic individuals with a passion for creativity and art. Experience not necessary but must have computer access. Visit:

Guest Tutorialists Want to share tips, hints and secrets? Like to chat and meet new people? This is Casual position is perfect for you!

March Babies! 19th - Cuppycake 22nd – Lumiere April Babies! 8th - Harajuku 14th - Snowydew 17th – Luscious Lots more Birthdays these coming months =)

PM Pharwynd for details

Critics and Artwork Presenters Are needed for newly created program designed to teach artists and critics alike. Must be able to give both compliments and critique’s, guts and determination to improve oneself is a must. Visit:

Writers Wanted! Experienced writer? Dabbler? Weekend Poet? Written a short story or two, and want to share it with the world? We are wanting to include a Writers Corner; where any member of Artifex will be most welcome to submit written works to appear within its section. Send all Submissions to Pharwynd via PM on Artifex or AGE

Join Us, Like Us and Find Us on

Backgrounds used, fonts and photography were not created by Artifex and all credit should be given to their creators.

Artifex Informer Harmony Week Edition  

Artifex Informer Harmony Week Edition

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