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Artist Pablo Picasso surprised a burglar at work in his new chateau. The intruder got away, but Picasso told the police he could do a rough sketch of what he looked like. On the basis of his drawing, the police arrested a mother superior, the minister of finance, a washing machine, and the Eiffel tower.

Studio Pop Out Text from Images Vertical Signatures Shape Colour Unrendered Random! (DA/Sig/SA) Render Only Colours Layer Collage Colour Splash Oh No they Didn’t! Creative Writing Shakespeare Self Portrait (DA/SA) Vintage twist Dress Me Up St Valentine’s Signature Valentine’s Day Large Art Alice Random Signature Posts: 1 Join date: 2010-11-09 Age: 20 Location: NJ USA


Yesterday drew to a close artifex.justgoo’s Book Week celebrations. On behalf of the Modi Council I would like to thank everyone who supported the events and challenges throughout the week. If you were unfortunate to miss this weeks events we are extended challenges and events indefinitely , so attempt and enjoy challenges based on classic and well known books! Challenges 

Villains—The Antagonist inside

Alice Random Signature

An unanswered riddle

Potterise You part 1 & 2

10 Little Artists

Dear Diary


Pride & Prejudice

Lost your way in a Story?

Small Fun 

Harry Potter Goodness

We hope everyone enjoyed book week 2012

We are pleased to announce the Winners of A little Competition January/February 2012 to be: 




Runners up 



prince1999, Harajuku and Mathy are all invited to judge my next challenge on AGE forums, design a look for Artifex (please check the calendar and choose a NON-THEME week, and let me know when you would like to run your look), you will also find the special badge now dis-

Congratulations are also in order to Snowydew and prince1999 who won the Artifex.justgoo February challenge on AGE Shaiya Forums. There pieces were very smexy and would recommend everyone checking them out!

If there was anything that Amaya Kuro hated more than trains in this world she had yet to meet it. They were stuffy, dirty, and noisy and locked you inside them for what could be hours. The butterflies tying knots in her stomach gave her no ease as she stood on the platform facing the old steam engine. She did not want to be here, not at this station, not at Hogwarts, not in London and definitely not in England. A wet miserable place that always smelt of smog, she missed the clear blue sky and the smell of clean fresh rain from her home now so far away. With a look of composure like a character out of a Jane Austin movie, she boarded the old engine and progressed down one of the bustling aisle trying to find an empty spot. The noise of the holiday catch up was deafening, she hastened her steps aiming for the compartment down the end, praying that at least this one would be free. Sighing as she eased her way into the seat closet to the window of the empty compartment. Her back against the wall allowing her gaze to reach the entire compartment, she did not want any surprises. Relaxing her grip on the leather bound book she had in her hand, she opened it to a page, removing the long silver bookmark and moving into her readers slouch. "What beauty do we have here?" slithered a voice, Kuro raised her eyes above the rim of her book revealing a crop of platinum hair upon a cold face. She could not tell how long he had been there, so engaged by what Baggins would do next that she had lost track of time. Disinterested in the blonde youth she returned her gaze again to her book. The youth obviously agitated by the dismissal called out to his larger companions bringing the two lumbering into the room. " My name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, you probably heard of me or at least my family and these two here are Crabbe and Goyle." he proclaimed showing no subtly in his words or even his gaze. After a moment he continued. "Well this is very rude, did you mother ever teach you manners?" Kuro paused for a moment, returned her bookmark to her novel and placed it on the seat beside her before looking directly across the compartment to Malfoy. "Kuro, Amaya Kuro, 12 years old, born in Kent, orphaned at age 1, adopted and raised in Tokyo Japan, and spent last 5 years studying magic at DropBear Academy in Australia. Yes they start young there. Anything else you would like to know Mr Malfoy or may I return to reading my book?" cited Kuro, she hated being abrupt but there was something offputting about him. The youth stood calmly and walked over to Kuro bending down so his face was in line with hers. "No" he said before walking out the door, novel in hand. Crabbe and Goyle held Kuro back as Malfoy made his way down the hall, calling for them to lock the compartment. Kuro screamed, hitting the door and walls with all her might trying to budge the lock but to no avail. Defeated she allowed herself to slide to the floor bringing her knees to her face and cradling them. The Rain outside only mimicking the tears rolling down her face. By Pharwynd for Potterise You part 1 Written Piece of the Week

If you would like to have a piece displayed in Writers Corner PM Pharwynd on Artifex

Our resident Theme Creator Themester is looking for volunteers to assist in the creation and running of future Theme Weeks. Interested members would be involved in the creation of: 






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And lots more

We need at least 3 members per Theme Week, in the next two months we need members for: 

Kiss this its Irish Week (St Patricks Day) - LAST CHANCE!

Harmony Week ( Harmony Week/Day)

Fools of us All Week (April Fools Day)

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Large Art of the Month, Writing of the Month and Photography of the Month—in the works

Revise of Ranking System—Soon to begin

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If you are feeling creative and wish to help PM Pharwynd or about becoming involved in a project or even applying for Modi.


Step 2: Fill the transparent layer with any color you want. (I choose black.)

Step 3: Use the rectangle select tool and position it where you want. Depending on how thick you want the size of the border to be.

Step 4: Erase everything into the rectangle. It should be something like this.

Step 5: You can erase some of the black parts. If you did everything right it should turn out like this. Also you can add in anything else you want.

By Harajuku Tutorial of the week

A whole month has gone by since we started tweeting the Truth about the signature world! From 3rd of Feb– 4th of Mar tweets are all here for you to enjoy!

3rd Feb: Signatures are often 10% Technique, 10 % Creativity and 80% a really lucky mistake 4th Feb: Take Criticism into your thinking but never your heart it does not have a place there. 5th Feb: Often your best work ... you forgot to save the editing file (psp, xcf etc) 6th Feb: Just cause one person didn’t like it does not mean your signature was bad 7th Feb: The Simplest Signature can be better then a complex one 8th Feb: Most artists dislike their own work 9th Feb: Smudging and brushes are not always a good thing 10th Feb: Programs do not immediately make the quality of the signature, the Artists ability to use that program does. 11th Feb: Save, Save and Saving your work can save headaches 12th Feb: People who are picky can usually make one themselves 13th Feb: Artists never stop learning 14th Feb: Different is good, they will remember your piece better that way 15th Feb: If you always copy other peoples work, then you work will always be a copy 16th Feb: When there is nothing left to learn, the world will become a lot duller. 17th Feb: Art is a meld of the mind, body & soul. Ur mind remembers how 2 do, Ur body knows how 2 do & your soul creates from the 2. 18th Feb: Sometimes the messier something is to work with the more fun you have. 19th Feb: Just because you cannot explain how it is art does not make it any less someone else's art 20th Feb: "Inspiration can come from anywhere, my glue stick was once an inspiration" - Artifex artist 21st Feb: You will always be amazed when one of your most basic fonts (not downloaded) is not found on someone else's computer.

Continued…. 22nd Feb: A piece of art can be one very happy mistake 23rd Feb: "I work with 2 screens I will always b amazed @ how different 1 image can look btwn 1 screen & the next." - artifex.justgoo artist 24th Feb: As in everything there will be those who have after thoughts... Oh that's really cool but didn't I tell you I don't like cats? 25th Feb: Your best ideas come when there is no paper or computer around (but its amazing how handy napkins are) 26th Feb: Old habits are hard to break but not unbreakable 27th Feb: "I never liked it when some1 says "Why is my work not like theirs?" Why should their work be like someone else's & not there own? 28th Feb: "After drawing a tutorial i look back & forth from my art 2 their finished 1 & go where on earth did i go wrong?" - artifex artist 29th Feb: The last day of the month lets you think back and acknowledge all you have done, and realise how much you have yet to do. 1st Mar: Art is from the Heart 2nd Mar: Signatures use a design process like any Graphic, we use a brief, research content, test ideas, & then present 4 critique until they like it 3rd Mar: You know you spend too much time online when someone asks you to take a picture and you ask ingame or real life?

TRUTHS OF THE SIGNATURE/ART WORLD! We are collecting everyone’s amazing knowledge of the Signature/Art World, and now once a day one Truth will be posted up on Artifex’s daughter twitter page: Signature Art Truths (@ArtTruths). If you have a Truth you wish to share then post it in The Lounge > Truths of the Signature/Art World, and help us spread the knowledge ^_^

Positions Vacant! Challenge Creators and Completers Seeking enthusiastic individuals with a passion for creativity and art. Experience not necessary but must have computer access. Visit: -the-artifex-challenge-s

BIRTHDAY BOX! March Babies! 12th - Spirit 22nd - Lumiere April Babies! 8th - Harajuku 14th - Snowydew

Guest Tutorialists Want to share tips, hints and secrets? Like to chat and meet new people? This is Casual position is perfect for you! PM Pharwynd for details

Critics and Art Presenters Are needed for newly created program designed to teach artists and critics alike. Must be able to give both compliments and critique’s, guts and determination to improve oneself is a must.

Writers Wanted! Experienced writer? Dabbler? Weekend Poet? Written a short story or two, and want to share it with the world? We are wanting to include a Writers Corner; where any member of Artifex will be most welcome to submit written works to appear within its section. Send all Submissions to Pharwynd via PM on Artifex or AGE

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Backgrounds used, fonts and photography were not created by Artifex and all credit should be given to their creators.

Artifex Informer Rose Edition  

Artifex Informer Rose Edition

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