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Rainbow Edition 2012 Looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals interested in web design, event organisation and having fun to assist the forum Modi by joining their "Book Week Theme" Group. This Group will be led by a chosen Modi during the fortnight leading up to Book Week working on Banners, Backgrounds, Signatures, Challenges, mini events and games and lots more!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day on February 14th 2012, artifex.justgoo will be running a weeklong event! Starting from the 12th of February 2012 until the 18th of February 2012, expect to see themed:      

Due date for the completed theme will be the 25th of February 2012. All those interested please either post here or PM Pharwynd via at Artifex or at AGE (profile name is Pharwynd) or if you have any other means of contacting me u may do that too =).

Banners Backgrounds Signatures Challenges mini events and games and lots more!

This week will be organised by your faithful forum Modi, with future weeks hopefully to be conducted by interested members =)


So join us during this special week for fun, activities

and more =) 

Gooey Music Box


Remember if you want your music played on the home page go to Chat to a Mod > Forum Portal Music

Nyan, Nyan! Love your Forum Modi Council

With fierce determination Rainbow re-entered the polls this last week for a win 4 Rainbow vs. 3 Lemon. Congrats to all the Rainbow supports who held true. There is no colour poll for this coming week, 12th of February marks our 1st Theme Week. We update Post/Challenge Tallies and Badges every Saturday (see About Us> Ranking System for). If you believe you have earned something not mentioned in the document or on your profile please contact Pharwynd A Reminder that “A Little Competition” has been extended until 29th of February; all you need to do to win awesome prizes is increase your post count by 20!

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Pop Out Signatures Challenge by Mikey

            

Studio Challenge Pop Out Challenge Text from Images Vertical Signatures Shape Colour Unrendered Random! (DA/Sig/SA) Render Only Colours Layer Collage Colour Splash Oh No they Didn’t!

      

Shakespeare Self Portrait (DA/SA) Dress Me Up Site Banner Personalised Logo Forum Background Studio Challenge

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it uses up a thousand times the memory.

Pop Out Image Tutorial by Lanaee

Upcoming Forum Projects! SOTM / LAOTM – Just around the corner -Thank you to ArchAngel and Spirit Revise of Ranking System (to work alongside of Badge) – still in thinking Chat Tutorials Theme Weeks – Closer than you think Profile Updates If you are feeling creative and wish to help PM Pharwynd or Lanaee about becoming involved in a project or even applying for Modi.

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A New Informer, New Look and New activities welcomed Artifex.justgoo into the New Year, but we are missing everyone! Tis cold and lonely here at the moment, which is why we are offering forum prizes to anyone who by the 31st of January Can increase their post count (without spamming) by 20+

     

I couldn’t post because…… _____ was there when…… Ask that Questions!! A Song just for you… Art Alphabet Game Altered Art Game

Prizes: - A special badge only for those who achieve this goal - Judging March's AGE Challenge (1st 3 to make it to 20+) - Design a “Look” for Artifex which will be run for a week.

Looksee at badge!

All of these games can be found in The Lounge Section of Artifex forums just look for the couch.

We are collecting everyone’s amazing knowledge of the Signature/Art World, and now once a day one Truth will be posted up on Artifex’s daughter twitter page: Signature Art Truths (@ArtTruths). If you have a Truth you wish to share then post it in The Lounge > Truths of the Signature/Art World, and help us spread the knowledge ^_^

Positions Vacant! Challenge Creators and Completers Seeking enthusiastic individuals with a passion for creativity and art. Experience not necessary but must have computer access. Visit:

Guest Tutorialists Want to share tips, hints and secrets? Like to chat and meet new people? This is Casual position is perfect for you! PM Pharwynd for details

Critics and Artwork Presenters Are needed for newly created program designed to teach artists and critics alike. Must be able to give both compliments and critique’s, guts and determination to improve oneself is a must.

February Babies! 10th-

March Babies! 12th - Spirit 22nd - Lumiere Lots more Birthdays these coming months =)

Future Theme Weeks looking for volunteers.    

4th March: Women’s Week (International Women’s Day) 11th March: Kiss this it’s Irish! (St Patrick’s Day) 26th March: Fools of us All (April Fool’s Day) 2nd April: Bunny This! (Easter)

Anyone wishing to assist in any of these upcoming Theme Weeks please PM Pharwynd via Artifex or AGE Profile (Pharwynd) Thank you ^_^


Writers Wanted! Experienced writer? Dabbler? Weekend Poet? Written a short story or two, and want to share it with the world? Starting from the next Informer we will be including a Writers Corner; where any member of Artifex will be most welcome to submit written works to appear within its section. Send all Submissions to Pharwynd via PM on Artifex or AGE

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Backgrounds used, fonts and photography were not created by Artifex and all credit should be given to their creators.

Artifex Informer Rainbow Edition  

Artifex Informer Rainbow Edition