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WE ARE LOSING OUR CAR WHICH IS OUR HOME! Dear Gwendolyn: My husband and I were laid off two years ago. We both worked for a large company and had been there for almost 25 years. The company changed management and the new management soon went out of business after purchasing the company. All employees were given only a three months notice. My mother-in-law has told us to come and live with her until our situation gets better. Her husband is deceased and she lives alone. We have three children ages 8, 11, and 13. I don’t like my mother-in-law. However, we cannot live with my mother because she does not like my husband. Years ago they had a disagreement about the co-signing of a car. Gwendolyn, I don’t want to go to a shelter and I don’t want to be living on the street – not with my children. What advice can you give me? I’m in a pickle. Ruby

Dear Ruby: You are in a pickle that is stuck in jelly. Whatever you do, avoid taking your children to the streets. A shelter should be considered before a choice to live on the street. Don’t let pride stand in the way of your future. Shame should not be considered. Children who are forced to experience such a crisis as this usually grow into adulthood and do well. They grow to understand hard times can come to anyone at any time. Let me tell you this: It is not a good decision for husband and wife to work at the same place. To do factory work for 25 years makes you not employable to new age technology. Most companies do not wish to train new workers without computer knowledge as even machinery is now built to be high tech. Have a talk with your mother-in-law and let her know you have your ways and the children have their ways, but whatever she wishes, you and your children will abide. As I said, you are in a pickle stuck in jelly, but think about it. --- jelly can turn to jam.

With the Justice Department objecting to Texas’ voter ID law, Attorney General Eric Holder is following through on his effort to to scrutinize new requirements that critics say disenfranchises minorities. By DAN RIVOLI

The U.S. Department of Justice Monday declined to green light Texas’ new photo ID requirements for voters, saying the law would disproportionately affect Hispanics. In a letter to Texas officials, Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez said the Justice Department had to reject the law under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act -- a key provision of the landmark 1965 law that allows the federal gov-

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March 15-31, 2012

the approval process, Texas sued to have its voter ID law considered by a three-judge panel in Washington, instead of Justice Department officials. “The Justice Department raised the same objections in its rejection that we did in the Senate and the House last year,” said Senator Royce West(D-Dallas). “We argued that poor people and minorities would be made to pay for the right to vote - a de facto poll tax. We argued that there are many places in Texas where it is more difficult to obtain a drivers license or state-issued ID card. And we argued that the Voter ID bill would do more to suppress minority voters than prevent rare proven cases of voter impersonation. Now, unless the court says otherwise, Texas voters will be able to use their voter registration cards as the primary form of identification just as they have for years.” Similar voting rules in other states are aimed at combating fraud at the polls, though the Justice Department said Texas never

offered evidence of in-person voter impersonation that new ID laws are supposed to stop. Attorney General Eric Holder has cracked down on the proliferation of strict ID laws that disenfranchise poor, student and minority voters; South Carolina’s law was recently rejected. After analyzing Texas’ data - a set from September and a set from January -the Justice Department concluded the law’s burden will fall heavily on Hispanics, who make up 21.8 percent of Texas voters. In the September data, Hispanics make up a third of the 4.7 percent of the state’s 603,892 registered voters who lack proper identification. Hispanics are also 46.5 percent more likely to be turned away from the polls. The January data shows Hispanics making up 38 percent of 795,955 registered voters without necessary identification. Hispanics are more than twice as likely -- 120 percent -- to be affected by the law, according to the recent data. Continued Page 9

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ernment to pre-clear any election law changes in areas with a history of racial discrimination. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, signed the law in May, with state officials requesting Justice Department preclearance in July. Based on Texas’ election data, Hispanics would be 46 to 120 percent more likely than non-Hispanics to lack the correct form of photo identification needed to vote. “Even using the data most favorable to the state, Hispanics disproportionately lack either a driver’s license or a personal identification card issued by [the Texas Department of Public Safety], and that disparity is statistically significant,” Perez, the Justice Department’s civil rights chief, wrote. “The state has not met its burden of proving that... the proposed requirement will not have a retrogressive effect.” Texas, meanwhile, had anticipated the Justice Department’s decision, saying in a January lawsuit that there was a “seeming probability of an eventual rejection.” Accusing the agency of slow walking

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Dr. Beverly Mitchell-Brooks (center) stands Legacy Honorees. COURTESY PHOTO

DALLAS - Over 400 people gave standing ovations to

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Willard Stimpson, pharmacist and owner of Cut-Rate

Pharmacy and Donald Stafford, retired executive assis-

tant chief of Dallas Police Department, Legacy Honorees at the 2012 Urban League of Greater Dallas and North Central Texas Annual Meeting Community Report Luncheon. The event was held on Friday, February 24, 2012 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. The honorees were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Dallas Community in the healthcare and civil service professions. They passed their Legacy torch to Robert Mayes, a local pharmacist and Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief Vernon Hale who are the next generation of individuals who have made achievements in their professions

and outstanding contributions to their communities. “Our honorees have a history of accomplishments in their professions which are exemplary,” said Dr. Beverly Mitchell-Brooks, Urban League President and

CEO, “and they continue to set high standards through their volunteerism and community service. Proclamations from U.S. Congresswoman Eddie BerContinued Page 6

Garland Journal News March 15-31, 2012

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For as the body is one, and has many members. And all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: So also is Christ. 1Corin. 12:18

Spiritual Encouragement

y b Ru ANT GR


GOD WANTS YOUR ONLY!!! Genesis 22:2 And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou loves, and get thee into the land of Moriah ; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of. Genesis 22:3-14 Abraham is a prime example of God asking for your only! This is the great trial, the supreme test for any parent. Abraham had faith in Isaac resurrection Hebrew 11:17-19, Abraham faith and works in Action James 2:20-24, Abraham’s faith is a substitute, When Isaac ask where is the lamb, Abraham response was Gen.22:8”My son God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering: so they went both of them together.” Divine Satisfaction: Abraham’s faith rewarded and God sends divine provision. Luke 21:1-4 And He looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury. And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites. And he said, of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all: For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offering of God: but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had. The one that gave her all gave more than others who gave a very small part of their all. Forsake and give all even life, if need be is the requirement of the gospel. Luke 14:33 1Kings 17:12-14 Elijah multiplies meal and oil daily for the Widow of Zarephath in the time of famine. Give God your nothing and He will turn it into something. Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

The Mount Senior Pastor Leonard O. Leach. PHOTO/GJN



A Church With A Vision Isaiah 40:31 - But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on the wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint. (NIV) Pastor C.E. Looney Pastor Andre Looney

March 15-31, 2012

SUNDAY SERVICE 11:00 am & 12 noon TUESDAY............... 7:30 pm SATURDAY PRAYER... 9:00 am CABLE TV...Monday Nites 6:30 pm ch.74 FAMILY & FRIENDS 3rd Sun/Dinner after Service

316 S. Ninth St. Garland, TX 75040 Office: (972) 272-6640

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Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church (THE MOUNT) of Garland will be celebrating 54 years of service to the Garland and surrounding communities on Sun., March 18, 2012 and you are invited! Anniversary Services will be at 7:50a.m. and 11a.m. The church, located at 1233 State Highway 66, in Garland, where the Senior Pastor is Leonard O. Leach. The Mount has served communities in various capacities, through its homeless prevention initiatives, its Daycare and Academy, and

THE MOUNT has planted seeds to assist in establishing churches in the Greater Dallas area, plus abroad in Mexico, Zambia, China, and Haiti. To make a donation or for more information about the church, its ministries, concerts, seminars, and workshops, call 972-276-5218, or go to, LIKE it on Facebook at Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church, follow it on twitter at @Mt_Hebron_MBC, and sign up to be on the mailing list at

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News, local houses of worship For as the body is one, and has many members. And all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: So also is Christ. 1Corin. 12:18


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Sunday Worship 8am & 11 am Sunday School 9:45 am Dr. Tony Mathews, Sr. Pastor


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Greenville Avenue Church of Christ 1013 S. Greenville Ave. — 972-644-2335— Richardson, Texas 75081

Prayer & Praise

Fax 972-644-2335

Wednesday 7:30 p.m.

Genesis of Praise Children’s Worship ~ ages 4-11 10:00 a.m.



True Praise Youth Worship ~ Grades 6-12 10:00 a.m.


SAVE 50%-80% EVERYTIME YOU USE IT! NO EXPIRATION! Sr. Pastor Leonard O. Leach

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March 15-31, 2012

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nice Johnson and State Representative Yvonne Davis were also presented to the honorees. The theme, “I Am Urban League”, was highlighted at the Luncheon when testimonies were given by participants from five Urban League Departments. Donald Foreman representing our Veterans Pro-

gram told of being on drugs and homeless after serving his country in the United States Air Force. He was referred to the League’s Efficiency Apartment Supportive Housing Veterans Program by the Veterans Administration. He has been drug free for six years and is a supervisor in charge of clinical staff members and responsible for the rehabilitation of 50 clients at

the Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center. Glendel Johnson, representing the Housing Department, was at the brink of foreclosure when he came to the Urban League for help. His Housing Counselor was able to negotiate a much smaller mortgage payment with his lender. He can Photo (Next Page) Story- Continued Page 12

Attending luncheon were: (l-r) Garland city staffers FHS office's Deborah Garza, director of human resources Pricilla Wilson, FHS office's Pamela Harris and FHS director Jose Alvarado. PHOTO/GJN

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March 15-31, 2012

Garland Journal News



Attending luncheon were: (l-r) area ViewPoint Bank officials along with ViewPoint Bank CRA development officer Cindy Maxwell-Bathea and Wylie, Texas ViewPoint Bank president Demond P. Dawkins. PHOTO/GJN


John Sharp, chancellor of The Texas A&M University System.

COMMERCE-John Sharp, chancellor of The Texas A&M University System, held a public forum last month at Texas A&M University-Commerce to discuss issues impacting higher education, and the

collaborative efforts between the A&M System and A&M-Commerce. The event was open to the community, and served as a time for the public to ask questions, and learn more about Sharp’s vision for A&M-Commerce. “A&M-Commerce is a rising star within the A&M System, and is experiencing tremendous growth thanks to the leadership and vision of people like President Dan Jones,” Sharp said. “Going forward, I see it as the A&M System’s responsibility to help facilitate additional growth by making sure A&M-Commerce has the ability to provide students with the best facilities and

faculty possible.” The public forum capped off a day filled with campus tours, meetings with university administrators and a student leader forum that allowed Sharp to discuss issues directly impacting the lives of students. Sharp has served as chancellor of the A&M System since September 2011. As chancellor, Sharp leads the 19-member system, which has an annual budget of $3.3 billion. Enrollment at the A&M System’s 11 universities and health science center has grown to more than 120,000, and externally funded research expenditures are in excess of $780 million.

Garland Journal News

March 15-31, 2012

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The Garland ISD, joined by school districts from Mesquite, Dallas, Richardson and the City of Garland, Garland Chamber of Commerce and the North Texas Tollway Authority will host a vendor mixer on Wednesday, March 21 at the Curtis Culwell Center. The Center is located at 4999 Naaman Forest Blvd. in Garland. The event, designed so that attendees can a come-

and-go between the hours of 1pm and 4pm will provide suppliers and potential suppliers information regarding Garland ISD purchasing policies and procedures. In addition to Garland ISD, suppliers will have an opportunity to meet purchasing personnel from the City of Garland and several surrounding school districts according to Garland ISD purchasing director Mark Booker. Garland ISD spent

approximately $97,029,307 in School Year 2011 in contracting. The contract spend represents approximately 17% of the total budget. While many opportunities for local small business exist, companies involved in construction and renovations, instructional material and software, technology equipment and services, maintenance of building and vehicles and frozen and dry food are among the top five

in demand according to Booker. Meeting face-to-face with purchasing agents offers vendors an excellent opportunity to get firsthand information. Local companies involved in instructional material and software have a unique opportunity because instructional material and software is probably the major area in which significant dollars leave the DFW area.







272 0935

OPEN Tue. & Wed. 7:45 - 5:15 Thur. & Fri. 7:45 - 6:15 Sat. 5:00 - 3:30



1560 S. First Street & Southwood Garland, TX 75040

Disco HAIR DESIGN Serving the community since 1979

Goldie Locke Scholarship Fund C/o NAACP Garland Branch #6256 Synergy Bank Downtown Center 603 W. Main Street - Suite 101 Garland, Texas 75040 OR Synergy Bank South Garland Center 987 Centerville Road Garland, Texas 75040

Please make checks payable to: NAACP Garland Branch #6256 with note “Goldie Locke Scholarship Fund”.

GARLAND BRANCH - P. O. BOX 460944 Garland, Texas 75046 972-381-5044/FAX 972-733-7637 website: email:

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March 15-31, 2012

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The state never provided information about whether the law disproportionately impacts black and Asian voters, the Justice Department said. Texas has touted the law’s provisions that ensure any eligible voter can receive the necessary identification, but the Justice Department suggested these safeguards fall short of that goal.

To get a free election identification certificate, first-time applicants must have “various supplemental documents and undergo an application process that includes fingerprinting and traveling to a driver’s license office,” a long distance in some counties. Without extra documentation, a voter would have to spend $22 to get a copy of their birth certificate, according to the letter.


Attention all residents who have had foreclosures between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010 – you may be eligible for an independent foreclosure review. The Urban League of Greater Dallas is taking calls NOW for any eligible homeowner

or previous homeowner who may have had any of the following: · Your property was sold due to a foreclosure · Your mortgage loan referred into foreclosure process but removed when payments were brought up to date or borrower entered a payment plan or modification program

“The state has failed to propose, much less adopt, any program for individuals who have to travel a significant distance to a DPS office, who have limited access to transportation, or who are unable to get to a DPS office during their hours of operation,” Perez wrote. “This failure is particularly noteworthy given Texas’ geography and demographics, which arguably make the necessity for mitigating measurers greater than in other states.”

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· Mortgage loan referred into the foreclosure process, but home sold or borrower participated in short sale or chose deed in lieu of foreclosure · Mortgage loan referred into foreclosure process and remains delinquent but foreclosure sale has not yet taken place Call the Urban League of Greater Dallas Headquarters at (214) 915-4638 or (214) 915-4639.

Garland Journal News

March 15-31, 2012

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Men were on the roof . Tools in hand, these men were putting the finishing touches on the Balch Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center. Walking into one of the rooms, a visitor may notice the comfy environment resembles an upscale apartment rather than a nursing home. A different look was being given to a facility that has different staff as former Admissions Coordinator Chelsea Jordan pointed out. “We have new faces so with the new faces, a new face for the building,” Jordan said. New administrator, Jacinda Meadors, was wideeyed with glee at the arrival of many important guests. These guests included current Balch Springs Mayor Carrie Gordon, Derek Lewis pastor of Love and Grace Community Church and former Balch Springs Mayor Cedric Davis. “We really just want to get the commu-

Balch Springs Nursing Home Employee Shannon Booth- Balch Springs Mayor Carrie Gordon-Balch Springs Nursing Home Employee Chelse. PHOTO/PHALCONSTAR


nity coming inside the facility to see what we have going on,” Meadors said. The community came out in droves of smiling faces, many impressed by the revisions to the building. “We’ve had windows being replaced, we have a new roof and we’ve had some bathrooms being redone,” Meadors said. In each of the patient rooms, the artwork and fur-

niture was stylized to better give the feel of a truly vibrant living environment. The words “LOVE” and “HOPE” could be seen scrawled artistically in framed pictures above desks and beds to remind patients that their nursing home was not a normal place, but a home away from home. Though Balch Springs Health and Rehab loves to nurture its patients, it

also likes to help them become new again to possibly care for themselves again as occupational therapist Tricia Velasquez pointed out. “We focus on self-care, dressing, grooming, bathing, feeding, trying to get you as independent as possible,” Velasquez said. Using new equipment and some of the latest medical technologies in modern science, the occupational therapists of Balch Springs relieve pain and immobility that often delays or even prevents the success of treatment in patients. The experience at Balch Springs Health and Rehab seems to suggest a family of doctors, nurses and therapists along with other staff who are more than willing to help their patients not only live comfortably, but get well enough to live even better. Place Your National Classified Ad Only $729 11 Million Households 140+ Publications Call (972)926-8503


Hours: Tue-Fri 9am-6:30pm

Sat 8am-5pm

Lancaster Mayor Marcus Knight.

Bishop Julian Lewis, Jr. Administrator.

Staff Reports

In honor of the National Day of Prayer, Lancaster based World Harvest Ministries is hosting at Mayor Prayer Breakfast on May 5, 2012 at 8am at the Lancaster Recreation Center located at 1700 Veterans Memorial Parkway, in Lancaster. This year’s theme is “Inspiring a Community Through Encouragement and Fellowship.” Table Sponsorship are available at $100 and individual tickets can be purchased for $25. Reservations should be made by April 16. To reserve your table or

Keynote Speaker Mr. Walter Diggles.

ticket contact Pastor Jacqueline Brown at 936-222-4390 or Bishop Julian Lewis at 972-639-4797. You may also email

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Audrey Jackson - Stylist Chris Wafer - Master Barber Corey Thompson - Barber/Stylist Ronnie Smith - Stylist Damon Batiste - Master Barber

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March 15-31, 2012

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NAACP RESPONDS TO DOJ'S OBJECTION CADNET CLASSIFIEDS TO THE TEXAS VOTER ID LAW WASHINGTON, DC – The NAACP has released the following statement from NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous in the wake of this week's U.S. Department of Justice’s rejection of Texas’s voter ID law under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act: “Just as it did in South Carolina, a thorough investigation by the Department of Justice has concluded that voter ID laws disproportionately suppress the rights of minority voters,” stated NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous. “The right to cast an unfettered ballot is fundamental to the success of our democracy. Texas’s ID law would have blocked hundreds of thousands of Hispanic voters from the polls just because they lack a state-issued photo ID. The Department of Justice’s decision to reject Texas’s voter photo ID law ensures that all eligible Texans will have access to the ballot box in 2012 and that the integrity of our election process remains intact.” An NAACP delegation is in Geneva, Switzerland this week at the United Nations Human Rights Council to

bring attention to the attacks on voting rights in the United States. In addition to NAACP President Jealous and NAACP Chairman Roslyn M. Brock, the delegation includes Texas college student Austin Alex

who is an eligible voter that used his student ID in the past, but would not have been able to vote under Texas’s photo ID law because he lacked a Texas driver’s license.


Lubbock Educator Mrs. Lena Mae Sheffield.

LUBBOCK- Funeral services for Lena Mae Sheffield, 91, of Lubbock was held Saturday, February 25, 2012 at New Hope Baptist Church in Lubbock with Rev. B. R. Moton, pastor, officiating. Burial followed at Resthaven Cemetery.

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Arrangements were under the care of Ossie Curry FuneralHome and Chapel. Mrs. Lena Mae Sheffield taught school for 45 years at Dunbar and Estacado High Schools where she taught all sections of government, history and driver's education. She was born to the late Willie and Ricey Crompton. She was reared in Abilene, Texas and received her formal education there. She went on to further her education at Texas Southern University in Houston, the Universtiy of California, the University of Atlanta Georgia and Prairie View A&M. She was preceded in death by her father, mother, husband, a brother and a sister.

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Stop Renting. Lease option buy. Rent to own. No money down. No credit check. 1-877-395-0321 Available Now!!! 2-4 Bedroom homes Take Over Payments No Money Down/No Credit Check Call 1-888-269-9192

Calendar Of Upcoming Events

WANTED TO BUY YEARBOOKS “Up to $15 paid for high school yearbooks1900-1988. or 972-768-1338.”

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GEORGIA LAND Beautiful 1acre-20acres. Amazing weather, Augusta Area. Financing w/Low down, from $149/month. Owner 706-364-4200

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Garland Journal News March 15-31, 2012

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300 N. Fifth Street, Garland Rental 972-205-2780 Box Office 972-205-2790

March 30 & 31 Joseph Hall 7:00 pm Plaza Theatre Joseph Hall will be performing two shows at the Plaza Theatre. This is a can’t miss opportunity to see this America’s Got Talent finalist recognized by Elvis Presley Enterprises as one of the top tribute artists in the world. Joseph Hall is the 2010 Branson Entertainer of the Year as well as the 2012 Grand Champion of the Tribute to the King Contest. Both shows on Friday and Saturday will begin at 7pm with doors opening at 6pm. Tickets for the shows are $20 and all seats are reserved. Tickets can be purchased with a credit card by calling 402-617-4477 or with a check mailed to Joseph Hall, PO Box 7090, Branson, Mo. 65615. For more information


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Urban League Board of Trustees & CSBG Managing Board Officers including Gwen Daniels of Garland, (3rd from right). COURTESY PHOTO From Page 6

now enjoy his retirement and work only part time as a warehouse manager. It was not long ago

that Darrell Brown was serving time in prison for selling drugs. After completing the Urban League’s Project 4 Victory Re-entry Program he is

now employed as a Sales Consultant for a local car dealer. Jaycielle Jones had worked on her previous job for over 22 years when she was laid

Page 12

off. After working with the Urban League Employment Department she is thrilled with her new career and enjoys her professional work

March 15-31, 2012

environment. Nakia Douglas, Principal of the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy, participated in the League’s 100 Fellows Program when he was a senior in high school. He says the program equipped him for college through the motivational speakers, college visits and workshops. He now offers the young men at his Academy exposure to an advanced college prep curriculum. In the League’s Annual Report to the Community, Dr. Mitchell-Brooks detailed the outcomes and impact of the investments of League supporters who contribute their time and funding. “Weaving the threads of each individual’s life makes us all a better community, thus a better city,” said Dr. MitchellBrooks New Officers of the Board of Trustees were also

Garland Journal News

sworn in and include Chairman, Jesse Crawford, Verizon Services Operations; 2nd Vice Chair, Habib Pourfakhrai, UPS; 3rd Vice Chair, Dr. Wright L. Lassiter, Jr., Dallas County Community College District; Treasurer, Nancy Latner, Millennium Innovations; Secretary, Stephanie Couser, Wells Fargo; Facilities chair, Glen Anderson, Turner Construction; Development Chair, H. Ron White, White & Wiggins; Church Relations, Ezra Penermon, Texas Instruments; Corporate Relations Chair, Willis Johnson, Wai-Wize.. The mission of the Urban League of Greater Dallas and North Central Texas (ULGD) is to provide the critical skills and resources necessary to enable all citizens to secure economic self- reliance.

Garland Journal News March 15, 2012 Edition  

Programs, Services Highlighted at Urban League Luncheon

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