Annual Report, Oh How We've Grown!

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Oh How We’ve Grown

P.G. Chambers School Annual Report 2016/2017

AUBREY lights up a room, and her laugh is contagious! Her enthusiasm for learning combines with her natural curiosity and makes her a joy to her teachers. Aubrey’s determination and delight are evident each day at PGCS.

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TINAYA’s bubbly personality is infectious! She always lends a helping hand to her friends as well as her teachers. She adores music and loves to dance even more!


A LETTER TO OUR FRIENDS 1 A SEED IS PLANTED At our school, the primary role of a teacher is to capture a child’s curiosity and challenge him or her to grow, question, make choices, and explore her world. 2 ROOTS TAKE HOLD Independence grows gradually by providing a secure base for our students. 3 SEEDLINGS SPROUT & BRANCHES GROW At our school, skill building and independence branch out to our ultimate goal: unshakeable self-confidence. 4 BLOSSOMING PGCS offers a unique assistive technology program, providing students with multiple disabilities greater independence for accessing all available learning opportunities. 5 OUR TREE BEARS FRUIT “What your heart says is different from what your mind says. Speak from your heart and your mind…” – Student, Michael, on planning his future 6 FINANCIAL STATEMENT P.G. Chambers School operates from a secure financial position with a planned annual surplus, minimal debt, and a modest investment portfolio. O U R L O YA L D O N O R S


THOMAS lights up our school with his joy. His enthusiasm to learn is magnetic, as is his smile! He loves to participate in music and is a wonderful role model for his fellow classmates.



the unique potential WITHIN EVERY CHILD

Dear Friend of P. G. Chambers School, We are tremendously proud of the accomplishments achieved during the 2016/2017 school year at P.G. Chambers School (PGCS), by both the children enrolled in our programs and by our dedicated staff and board members. Our organization continued to touch the lives of over 800 children and their families during this time period, from the students enrolled in our school, early intervention, and child care programs, to the hundreds of pupils from local school districts who benefited from our community services program. We hope to inform and inspire you with the P.G. Chambers School annual report for 2016/2017, Oh How We’ve Grown!, offering insights into the growth and change that happens each year. In this annual report, we offer you a glimpse into how our garden grows – how we nurture our students to develop a love of learning, self-confidence, and eventual independence. You will learn how our teachers and therapists use their professional expertise and collaborative approaches to create an innovative learning environment for our students. We know that no two children are the same but that all our students deserve the very best education we can offer. To achieve this, we rely on the support of individual donors, foundations, corporations, and other community partners, allowing us to remain on the cutting edge in the field of special education. We are so fortunate at PGCS to have a strong community that supports our students, including our loyal and generous donors, a passionate and committed board of trustees, the incredible parents and loved ones of our students, and the staff members who celebrate the successes of our students with enthusiasm and genuine joy. We are continually grateful for your support.

Susan Seamans Executive Director

Unjeria C. Jackson, M.D. President, Board of Trustees P.G. CHAMBERS SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017 3




At our school, the primary role of a teacher is to capture a child’s curiosity and challenge him or her to grow, question, make choices, and explore her world.


ike a seed, the mind has an amazing capacity to grow and change. Curiosity, when nurtured and tended, helps a child’s love of learning take root. At P.G. Chambers School we see that the primary role of a teacher is to capture this curiosity and challenge children to grow, question, and make choices. Each day, our teachers encourage their students to ask questions, inciting their natural curiosity, trusting that their questions lead to more questions, and creating opportunities to learn. Teachers ask questions and offer a selection of choices to draw out the students’ answers. Giving children the freedom to make choices begins with the very first experiences that our early intervention and child care programs offer to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and their families. A primary goal is to help young children act on those choices and develop strategies for exploring the world. The child with a physical challenge may get a motorized, remote-operated car – through the InPower Project – where she can then

choose to independently move across the room to play with blocks. Children can also make choices using switches – hit the red button for stop when mom is reading a story, or hit the green button for “keep reading to me”. Providing our students with the tools to make these small but significant choices empowers them and establishes a strong foundation for education. Choice continues through preschool and elementary school, where the curriculum is structured to encourage and necessitate choices through the Plan. Do. Review. strategies of the HighScope curriculum. As our students move into middle school, opportunities for choices become even more motivating. In Laura Jaarsma’s eighth grade class, she has developed an approach for reading the classics, beginning with the class choice of the book. One recent selection, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, was particularly memorable.




ELLA Ella’s spirit and willingness to learn is so strong. Her positivity radiates in the classroom as she loves engaging with staff and fellow students. Ella enjoys trialing different assistive technology devices such as the NOVAchat and Voice Pal. Ella uses phrases such as, “Can I see it?” and “Let’s do more!” when learning something new. Ella’s drive to learn, engage, and interact in the classroom supersedes her challenges and she is continually rewarded by a greater understanding of people and things around her.




After the students read a section of the story projected on the SMARTBoard, Laura selected a key word – week one was “painting” and the students used their paintbrushes to whitewash the fence. The long paint strokes got the students up and moving – developing a new understanding of what it means to paint the fence. Each week a new key word was selected – after Tom “snuck out the window” Laura created a window for the students to sneak through – keyword “sneak”. And as they crouched and giggled out the window – they began to understand what it means to sneak! In subsequent weeks the students “dug” for treasure, hid in a “cave”, explored a “scary” house, and faced a “ghost”. Laura truly brought the book to life, and the dramatic change in the students’ understanding was thrilling to watch! The excitement showed in their eyes – while their actions gave meaning to words, improved their comprehension of the story, and built their vocabulary. This is what it means to “teach” and develop a love of learning at P.G. Chambers School. The cycle of curiosity, questioning, and making choices is not limited by disability, but rather equalizes a student’s capacity to develop a love of learning through his PGCS experience.

Xander’s teacher describes him as a “little sponge” as his love of words and letters has exploded. He will ask for his iPad using sign language, and then use the iPad to ask for specific help when cooking for the Middle School Café. By providing a vehicle for Xander to communicate his choices, we are increasing his love of learning as well as his ability to act with the world around him.

EMANUEL Emanuel is so happy to be at P.G. Chambers School. He walks through the school doors each day with a smile on his face as he waves to friends and staff in the hallways. Emanuel is a ball of energy, but when it comes to focusing on the task at hand, he has exceptional concentration, especially in art class. Through art, Emanuel expands his world. In art class, Emanuel flourishes – choosing particular colors for his project and sharing his techniques with classmates – all the while creating his own unique masterpiece!




2 R O O T S TA K E H O L D

Independence grows gradually by providing a secure base for our students.


very parent wants their child to lead a happy life. And when parents entrust their children to us at PGCS, they have the same dreams as any other parent – hope that their child will be part of a community, have friends, and enjoy health and well-being. Fostering independence early in life lays the groundwork for adolescence and adulthood. For this reason, at PGCS we promote lifelong independence for our students. Throughout our programs, students are encouraged to take control of their lives by making simple choices that gradually become more sophisticated

as they develop skills, explore their communities, and identify their goals. With consistent opportunities to practice making choices, students develop life-long skills for self-advocacy and independence.

making choices exploring communities independence ownership


Working closely with her dedicated therapist at PGCS, KATIE is making huge strides. She arrives home each day excited and eager to show her parents all she has achieved.



KATIE Katie’s mother wrote this wonderful letter about Katie’s progress towards independence. “We wanted to inform you that we have been so pleased this year with Katie’s physical therapist, Debra Quevedo. You may remember that Katie used to walk independently. However, two years ago she began to develop some extreme weaknesses and became dependent on her wheelchair. Over this past year, with tremendous encouragement and support from Debra, Katie has continued to grow stronger, and recently when evaluating her condition the scans showed tremendous improvement in her bone density due to her therapy and exercise, walking in the gait trainer, and using the stander. Debra has been working very hard with Katie this past year. Katie regularly comes home eager to show us what she is working on in therapy. Debra has a way of really pushing Katie to her limit, while recognizing when she is fatigued. She is motivating and makes therapy interesting and fun. Debra gives Katie homework and Katie is eager to exercise at home and be more independent in the classroom. She is really helping Katie achieve her maximum potential. On top of all of this, Katie has really connected with Debra.

We share this information with you to highlight Debra’s encouraging attitude and the tremendous work that she is doing at PGCS. Katie has progressed so much and now after two years we are so amazed to see her starting to walk again! Not only is it so beneficial for her health, which is critical, but it is also doing wonders for her independence and her confidence.”




ALLISON Many of our students take cues from others around them and begin to imitate the positive actions of their classmates over time. When Allison first started in Erin Natoli’s class, she would regularly wait for a staff member to help her unpack her bag in the morning. Over the course of the year, Allison began unpacking her own bag and by the end of the year, she was even opening her own containers at lunchtime. Erin credits some of this increase in independence to Allison’s observations of her friends doing the same. Allison continues to demonstrate greater independence related to her personal belongings and greater consistency in following directions with fewer cues from her teacher.



BENJI For kindergarten student Benji, acquiring the skills to identify who enters the classroom and what their purpose is allows him to feel a greater sense of control over his day. His teacher, Joyce Hartnett, encourages him to say “Who?” when someone enters the room so he can identify the person, and whether they are there to work with him or another student. Benji enjoys being social and, while eager to play with his friends in the classroom, he did not initiate play. Recognizing this, Joyce made a game for Benji and another student: his friend stacks up blocks and then Benji knocks them down, leading to laughter from both children. Benji is happy to get a positive reaction from his friend, and Joyce no longer needs to initiate the interaction for him.


a helper and doing classroom jobs. He gets great joy from helping his friends as well. Nicholas is so sweet – concerned when a classmate is absent, pointing to their photo and saying “Ow!”. He is also the first to greet that friend with excitement upon his return to the classroom.

DEVAN Devan was completely dependent on her walker to get around her classroom and the school. Over the last year, Devan’s teacher, Erin Natoli, watched in amazement as Devan slowly began to use her walker less, beginning first with short distances in the classroom and building to walking independently in the hallway, always with watchful supervision from the staff. Erin is so proud of how Devan accomplished this goal – in her own way and in her own time.

When Nicholas first came to P.G. Chambers School, he was not walking. Now, Nicholas is running! He loves to show his independence by being


Conf idence



At our school, skill building and independence branch out to our ultimate goal: unshakeable self-confidence.


t P.G. Chambers School, skill building and independence are essential to a child’s growing selfconfidence. The top two benefits of selfconfidence are greater happiness and greater success. While our students face great challenges, we, along with their families, want them to be happy and achieve the things they aspire to in life. When someone visits our school for the first time, the universal comment is “The students are so happy!” We believe that our students are happy because they are developing unshakeable self-confidence in their abilities to learn, to communicate, to navigate their world, and to make a difference. SERENA In 2012, when Serena was eight years old, our Spring Appeal told the story of “Our Little Red Haired Girl”, which highlighted how Serena’s ability to move on her own – whether

she used a walker, a wagon, or her pink wheelchair – was igniting Serena’s learning. With independent movement she became more and more confident and motivated. She was discovering that she no longer needed to wait to get where she wanted to be, she could get there on her own. We described Serena as moving with purpose – to the playground, to the music room, and to the school bus each day. Fast forward to eighth grade. What was emerging when Serena was eight years old has blossomed into a spunky, confident, self-assured young lady, who still finds independent movement, making choices, and going where she wants to go the keys to her happiness and success. Now, when Serena gets to her classroom in the morning, she knows that the first activity



assurance It’s hard to believe “Our Little Red Haired Girl” SERENA is moving on to high school. She’s blossomed throughout her years at PGCS and gained the confidence and skills she will use to conquer another new world.







is morning movement. Serena goes outside the classroom door and gets her walker, excited that her favorite activity is coming – no prompts, no directions – it is time for morning movement and she is ready! Following Serena’s independent movement and this new-found confidence came enormous growth in communication. Her teacher, Erin Natoli, reflects that when Serena came to her class three years ago, communication was challenging. Serena began using an iPad to “talk” and things changed. One day, using the iPad, she said to physical therapist, Julie, “How are you today?” Julie replied, “Great! And how are you?” Without missing a beat, Serena replied, “Good!” This was one of Serena’s first interactive conversations. It was planned, purposeful, and appropriate, and demonstrates true growth and confidence to engage with others. “Most importantly”, Erin tells us, “Serena’s successes have led her to a place where she understands what she wants and is motivated to do things on her own. What makes Serena unique in this is that all the while, Serena was figuring this out for herself.” Given the right environment and opportunities, Serena is ready to move on. Serena’s confidence will take her to the next steps in her life – transitioning to high school, making new friends, and conquering yet another new world.

GRACE In the past year, Grace has grown to become a leader in the classroom. Her once timid personality has blossomed into a strong, confident one. Grace leads the classroom in “morning movement” and helps her fellow classmates during lessons. By encouraging her independence in this activity, her teacher is empowering her and helping her develop greater confidence. Grace begins her morning routine with a smile on her face, knowing exactly what to do.

NATE Nate just “gets it”. When learning in class he excitedly shouts out his answers. In music class he is eager to play piano, especially by himself. While in piano group, he speaks in full sentences to advocate for himself and what he wants. When asked to “solo” Nate will always choose the more challenging scales to play, and his teachers have happily witnessed his increasing confidence in his abilities each time.





PGCS offers a unique assistive technology program, providing students with multiple disabilities greater independence for accessing all available learning opportunities.


or many of our students, technology, and particularly assistive technology (AT), bridges the gap between their motor, cognitive, and communication challenges and their ability to function independently. Whether low tech, e.g., an adaptive seat, or high-tech, e.g., a motorized wheel chair, the right technology makes all the difference in opening up their world. At PGCS, we recognize the critical work that must be done in finding the right technology for each student. The most important factor is that the student is capable of using the technology effectively. The A-TEAM (Assistive Technology: linking Education, Access, and Movement)* approach is a collaborative way of choosing and using the best assistive technology supports for students. The goal is to improve learning outcomes by increasing engagement, motivation, and teachable moments for young students with multiple disabilities. The team of therapists, teachers, families, and all students work together to

analyze the individual student’s challenges and select a combination of equipment and supports that will allow him to efficiently access the learning curriculum, take physical care of himself, move on his own, and communicate effectively. The outcome of this approach is marked improvement in learning for our students seen in the areas of attention, engagement, and motivation. We’ve also witnessed improvement in the confidence and competency of our staff with regard to their assessment skills, instruction for students, and incorporating assistive technology in their classrooms. Through technology, students are experiencing more independence than ever before, and we are learning that with In Spring 2016, functional independence, PGCS was awarded they establish the the Innovations in confidence they need Special Education award to transition to from the New Jersey high school and School Boards adulthood. Association and ASAH.

* This project has been supported in part by the Margaret and Peter Chang Foundation. P.G. CHAMBERS SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017 19

With communication, all things are possible! ELIANA uses her switches, eye gaze, the SMARTboard, or an iPad to communicate – then the world opens up and she is able to achieve anything. To quote one of her favorite songs, “Don’t believe me, just watch!”



the a- team approach GOAL: To improve learning outcomes by increasing engagement, motivation, and teachable moments for young students with multiple disabilities.

movement and learning

assistive technology baseline data cortical visual impairment interventions

compass assessment

high scope optimal


positions for learning





“What your heart says is different from what your mind says. Speak from your heart and your mind…” – Student, Michael, on planning his future


ne only needs to consider our students’ PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) experiences to believe that they are prepared for leaving PGCS and beginning a new period of growth in their lives. Using this person-centered planning tool, the students work with a team of people whom they have selected to help in the planning. They see these family members, friends, teachers, therapists, and others as essential for fulfilling their future dreams. Using large sheets of paper taped to the walls, the team literally draws a path of words and actions to guide the student towards his or her goals. In the following stories, the students are transitioning to high school and identifying their dreams and how they will achieve them.

MICHAEL Michael dreams of living in Hollywood and learning to sing in Spanish. He was able to recognize that the first step in achieving his dream is finishing high school. During his PATH meeting, Michael expressed worry about using the “evac-chair” that he saw on his high school visit. Michael felt confident enough in this meeting to share his concerns, and as a result, a plan for practice using the evacchair was put in place, thereby easing Michael’s apprehension. When asked how he felt about choosing goals for his PATH decisions, Michael said that [it was important that] “I thought of my dreams myself” and that the PATH would help him “keep everything in order”. Most telling was Michael’s direct response to the question, “How prepared do you feel for leaving P.G. Chambers School?” “My gut says very prepared but my heart says not very prepared…” was Michael’s response. His advice for



potential MICHAEL has big dreams! Although the thought of moving on from PGCS makes him wistful, he knows in his heart that this is next logical step to make his dreams come true.



other students? “What your heart says is different from what your mind says. Speak from your heart and your mind. I thought about my dream before the meeting. It helped me express myself by imagining what I wanted to be and thinking of what I needed to say when I was listening to the conversations at the meeting.”

MELISSA Melissa wants to get her ears pierced, wear make-up (what 14-year-old girl doesn’t?), and get a dog. Like most young ladies her age, Melissa desires grown up things. She also has a habit of biting her nails – a habit she needed to conquer before she could do these grown up things. The PATH team helped Melissa see that the nail biting was keeping her from the things she wanted. Melissa, with her team, carefully identified what had to happen before getting a dog – “being responsible, paying attention, and learning to train the dog”. In the PATH discussions, she and her team identified that the nail biting was a strong factor in not paying attention and the first decision was to work on this. The team helped Melissa see that she could replace the nail biting by using other more age-appropriate items to occupy her hands. “These will help me to not bite my nails and to pay attention,” she stated. Melissa was taking responsibility for changing her habit!

From this decision, Melissa was ready to tackle getting a dog. What’s involved in having a dog? What does it mean to take care of a dog? Walking the dog and feeding the dog, as well as playing with the dog will be important. Melissa’s strategies for caring for the dog included, “Mom and dad will help me!”, identifying her most reliable resources. Melissa’s practical response to “How can we make this [the PATH] better?” was her advising the facilitators to draw in colors and use shapes and signs in addition to words on her PATH document. She also said, noting that there were several people at the meeting, “We need a bigger room!” and in answer to “What did your learn about yourself during your PATH?” she replied, “I learned that I love my dad.” Each student has their particular strengths, their own dreams, and will follow a unique course to achieve their goals. At PGCS it is our responsibility to help each student discover those strengths, identify their dream, and understand what it will take to get there.



child care

KIDS COUNT In addition to our school program, P.G. Chambers School operates a child care program, serving 45 children, six weeks to five years of age. Kids Count Child Care is a high quality, inclusive program that provides learning, social, and creative experiences for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. It is a unique educational setting for both children with typical development and children with disabilities and developmental delays. Kids Count has a carefully planned curriculum, focusing on experiential, hands-on learning and skill building, providing activities that help each child reach his or her appropriate developmental milestones. The child-centered, teacherguided program provides an environment where children are able to develop their creativity, imagination, and self-worth, and become independent, selfconfident individuals.


6 F I N A N C I A L S TAT E M E N T P.G. Chambers School operates from a secure financial position with a planned annual surplus, minimal debt, and a modest investment portfolio.


he successful operation of P.G. Chambers School depends on both our organization’s impact on the lives of children with disabilities and their families, as well as our ability to sustain the school’s financial health over time. This dual bottom line remains front and center in all our strategic decisions. The board of trustees and executive director apply key business principles, ensuring the school has sufficient working capital to adequately meet present needs without compromising the future. The school’s strategic plan, developed by board, staff, and families, provides the roadmap for the development of important program initiatives and strategies for raising the necessary funds to execute the plan. This year, we built our plan around these tenants – Healthy, Safe, Engaged, Challenged, Supported, and Sustainable. Our goals included creating a healthy school environment that maximized student learning as well as the capacity of our staff. Finalizing plans for several

long-awaited facility renovations ensured not only the safety of our students and staff, but also supported the development of model programs and the engagement of parents and family members. Expansion and refinement of our existing programs, including Early Intervention, Kids Count Child Care, Community Services, Assistive Technology and, of course, the School Program, challenged us all to develop our leadership and professional skills. In addition, enhancements to our infrastructure supported our need to remain current with information technology. And finally, with the help of our generous supporters, we achieved our annual fund development goal. In so doing, we supported our core programs and filled the gap between earned income and the actual cost of services, sustaining P.G. Chambers School for years to come.


PUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUE Fees and Tuitions .......................................................81% Contributions................................................................. 4% Government Contracts .............................................. 5% pecial Event Revenues, less S cost of direct benefits to donors .......................... 3% Investments..................................................................... 7% Total Public Support and Revenue.........$13,856,922 In-Kind..........................................................................$110,210

EXPENSES Program Services ..................................................... 96% Management and Fundraising ................................ 4% Total Expenses........................................... $12,743,823


Statement of Financial Position June 30, 2017 and 2016


Assets Cash and cash equivalents Accounts receivable, net Prepaid expenses Investments, at fair value Other assets Contribution receivable – long-term Property available for sale Cash restricted for property and equipment acquisition Property and equipment, net


$1,739,976 1,149,097 48,033 12,631,710 11,233 258,000 0 371,515 4,535,869

$1,884,145 942,177 61,971 11,037,977 15,921 254,000 431,971 298,181 4,825,140



67,890 726,809 16,865 292,449

95,009 670,602 30,126 427,425

Total Liabilities



Commitments and Contingencies Net Assets Unrestricted; designated by Board for investment Unrestricted; designated by Board for equipment Unrestricted

7,569,511 384,903 8,589,248

6,977,611 0 8,795,723











Total Assets Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Accrued compensation Capital lease payable Mortgage payable

Total Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

Statement of Activities Year Ended June 30, 2017 Public Support and Revenue Fees and tuition Contributions Government contracts Special events revenues Less: costs of direct benefits to donors


Permanently Restricted

Temporarily Restricted


$0 0 0 0 0

$11,239,725 281,619 729,913 582,344 (164,678)

$0 208,290 0 0 0



Total Public Support and Revenue

765,604 79,624

214,105 (79,624)





Expenses Program services Management and general Fundraising

12,183,269 68,798 491,756

0 0 0

0 0 0

12,183,269 68,798 491,756









Net revenues from special events Investment income, net of investment fees Net assets released from restrictions

Total Expenses Change in Net Assets Net Assets at Beginning of Year Net Assets at End of Year

0 0 0

0 0 1,889,176 $1,889,176

$11,239,725 489,909 729,913 582,344 (164,678) 417,666 979,709 0

12,743,823 1,113,099 18,528,321 $19,641,420




innovator On behalf of P.G. Chambers School Board of Trustees, staff, students, and families, we’d like to thank those friends who made unrestricted and restricted gifts to the general fund and to the endowment fund between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. If you made a gift after June 30, 2017, your gift will appear in our 2017/2018 Annual Report.

dream maker Bayview Foundation Patti and Ray Chambers Dearhaven Fund Unjeria C. Jackson, M.D. and Larry Thompson Ruth Kalish* F. M. Kirby Family Foundation The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation Walmart Foundation Mimi and Frank Walsh

visionary Atlantic Health Avison Young The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation D&B Lesley Draper E. J. Grassman Trust Joanna and Michael Hanrahan Healthcor Foundation Trust Hyde and Watson Foundation Daniel and Addie Kanter Charles F. & Ruth J. Knippenberg Foundation Inc. The MCJ Amelior Foundation The Monsen Family Foundation, Inc. Normandy Real Estate Partners Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Janet and J. Peter Simon Lori and Jerry Solomon Tiffany and Pavel Srnensky Summit Area Public Foundation

Wendy and James Aresty Bayer HealthCare DTCC Giving Program Eric and Sarah Elbell Tony Esposito Jr. Foundation Jill and David Farris Carolyn Ferolito Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A. Megan and John Hagerty Abbey and Ken Horwitz Kennedys CMK Adrienne and S. Dillard Kirby Sheila Labrecque Susan and Matthew Lodge Michele Logan Carol and James Longley Matthijssen, Inc. Bernadette and John R. Mulhearn Mutual of America Rose and David Nakamura Thelma and Edward Negley Newton-Metallo LLC P.G. Chambers School Auxiliary Prestige Construction Services, LLC Lynn and Steven Robbins The Ryan Family Foundation Lori and Jerry Solomon Maurice J. Spagnoletti Foundation Sweetwater Construction Corp. Michele and Mark Tedesco Thermal Service of N.J. Inc. The Overleigh Foundation Inc. Cathy and Jeff Walsh Lisa and David Welsh The Wilf Family Foundation

leader Carolyn and James Badenhausen Balady Promotions, Inc. Benevity Community Impact Fund Billie McKenna’s Foundation Inc. Ryan Bruen C+F Consulting Engineering, PC Patricia and Anthony Calandra Lucy Chen, M.D. and Calvin Shen, M.D. Scott DeCarolis Regina and Gerald DeFrancisco The Dwyer Family Foundation, Inc. ExxonMobil Foundation Matching Gift Programs Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Patricia and Michael Gargiulo

Gilmore Electric Inc. Alane and Howard Gruber William and Amy Haskel The Haverford Trust Company Jerry Rose Floral + Event Design Lori and Richard Kariss Linda and David Kaugher Deborah and Walter Kneis Level 3 Communications Sharmin and Aftab Malik Louise and John McGlinchey Alison and J. Murray Nadaskay Kopelson Architects Robin Petty Pfizer Inc. Protecs Susan and Gregory Sherowski Anita Spivey-Dent and Dean Dent, M.D. Mary Kay and John Strangfeld The Tarpey Group, LLC Melissa Tasse T-Mobile USA Tore Electric Cathy and Ronald Treveloni Turner Construction Co.

benefactor Amptek Electrical Contractors LLC Patricia and Gregory Anagnostis Pamela and Eric Andersen Anonymous Eileen and Benjamin Appelbaum Debra Balady Joseph and Melanie Bancheri Judy Banks, M.D. Michele and Anthony Bonanno Budwick-Bonavita Foundation John and Rose Cali Elizabeth Clarke County Glass and Metal Fabricators and Installers Kathleen and James Cowan Kevin Curry Amara and Michael D’Aquanni Roth D’Aquanni, LLC Baldo and Elena Dattolo Davino Family Foundation, Inc. Ralph Dawson and Leslie Demus Albert DelBosco Stephanie and Chris Donato Encon Mechanical Annette Fasciano Frenkel & Company Shelly and Paul Haley Anthony Haskel Kimberly and Daniel Honeker

* deceased P.G. CHAMBERS SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017 31

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Pat and George Murphy-Fyfe Olivia Nabhan Maryhelen and Lawrence Nardolillo Georgeann Natale Erin Natoli and Pawel Bielecki Elanor and Stanley Nice Melissa Noriega North Jersey Pro Rehabilitation Jennifer and Richard Oetting Maureen and Robert Ogden Donna Olear Dina and Fabio Oliveira-Alves Lindsay and Andrew Orak Mary Lou and Elwin Orr Mary Osterman L. and L. Paladino Amanda Paravati Meera and Rakhi Parikh Sapna and Nehal Parikh Katherine and Russell Parsell Naya Pearlman Maura and Nick Penna Christine and James Petrat Janice Philips Eileen and Gary Phoebus Abby and Michael Phon Marni Phon Renee and Tom Phon Brittany Pino Brittany Pitts Gary Pitts Nicole Pitts Richard Pitts Alexa Pizzuta Frances and Richard Pogorzelski Eryn Porcelli Donna Porta Tara and Sean Powers Michelle Primavera Joan and Edmund Pugh Theresa Pustelniak Michelle Qually Debra Quevedo Dolores Quinn Maria and Luis Quinones Ann and Anthony Raffaele Erin Randolph Marie Rasmusson Denyse Rawding Aimee and Kevin Readie Susan Rehnquist Irene Reichert Michael Reilly Millie Rennick Jennifer Richardson Stephanie Roberts Jennifer Rocco Jessica Rockwood Lucas Rockwood Paul Rockwood

Lauren Rokoszak Gerarda Rollin Beth and Thomas Romanelli Ron Ronick Kayla Rosario Robert and Arline Rosener Kathy Rossi Sally Rossi Rita Russomano Christopher Ruzik Ronald Ryer Susan Saltstein Carol M. Samples Margaret Sanfilippo E and H Sanicola Barbara Sarfaty Dave Sargent Leigh Schaedel Deenie and Sidney Schlosser Stacey and William Schlosser Aron and Schwartz Kelly and Gary Schweighardt Sheri and John Scozzaro Lina and Carmelo Sereno Shalom Club Erin Sharp-Newton Lynn and Donald Siebert William Siebert Kristin Simonini Christine and William Slattery Kathleen Smith Matthew Smith Nancy Sniffen Patricia Snouffer Jamie Snyder Carol and Salvatore Solomine Burt Solomon Mary Speer Ryan Stabley Helene Stanton Jill Steisi Phyllis Stevens Doris Stober Barbara Stoll Michael Stoyko Rita Stringer Dinna Strocchia Kristina and Philip Sturno Suguna Subramanian and Madhanbabu Shanmuga Sundaram Lisa and Ronald Swanson Dawn and James Switlyk Laura Taddeo Linda and Victor Talamini Mark Tamke Brian Taylor Maureen and William Terhune Karen Thayyar The Merk Foundation C/O Cybergrants, Inc. Kathleen Thompson Sue Thorpe

giving levels Dream Maker $25,000+ Visionary $10,000-$24,999 Innovator $5,000-$9,999 Leader $2,500-$4,999 Benefactor $1,000-$2,499 Supporter $500-$999 Partner $250-$499 Advocate $100-$249 Friend up to $99 Daniel Tittamin Bobbi Tomalo Beth Townsend Denise Trabachino Maureen and Stephen Tunnell Alessandra and Demis Turano Jenna Turiano Maria Urso USA Track & Field Erika Uzzolino Laura Valerio Martha and Gary Vesper Karen and Michael Vetri Sarah and Joseph Vitale Toni Voltolina Marie and Norman Volz Erica Von Borstel Virginia and Christopher Vukas Lauren B. Warner Mark Washburne Jennifer and Timothy Waters Kelly Waters Jerry Webb Jennifer Webster Therese and Leigh Weiss Patricia White Joanne Wikle Mary and Mark Wodell Debra Woodruff Holli Wright Mary and Reginald Wright Michael Wronski Laura Wurzer Kristin and Jared Young Lisa Yuppa Lear Zaborowski Heidi and Ken Zaentz Grethe Zarnit Matthew Ziegler Julia Zipp Karen and Christopher Zipp Cathleen Zupan


gif ts in- kind 23 South Boutique ABC Television Group American Girl Anchor Golf Center Balady Promotions, Inc. Pat Bell Lisa Berkower Caren Betley Bloomingdale’s Anthony Bonanno Pat and Donald Budis Pat Calandra Darlene and Tom Canete Patti and Ray Chambers Charlottes Web Katherine Ciliberti Allison Conrad Michelle and Brian Cox Peter Crimi Sharon Cutler Amara D’Aquanni Gwen Packard Elite Island Resports End of Elm Equine Tranquility Wellness Center Equinox Ninetta Esposito Lisa Evans ExxonMobil Foundation Matching Gift Programs F. Gerald New, Inc. Annette Fasciano Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club Fitness Together of Basking Ridge Flaghouse Inc. Four Seasons Hotel New York Midtown Lorie Furth Dawn Gaita Laura Gallagher Christine and Michael Gilfillan Michele Gounaud Michele and Donroy Gounaud The Goodyear Family Greater Morristown YMCA H2Ocean Restaurant Harvest Resturant Group Hero’s Journey Holiday Express Hudson Bay Company Christa Iamiceli and Mark Anderson Unjeria C. Jackson, M.D. and Larry Thompson Jerry Rose Floral and Event Design Jim Rose Jewelry Jose Eber Salon Diane Judge Jon Kammer 38 OH HOW WE’VE GROWN

Kate Spade New York, The Mall at Short Hills JoEllen Kelly Photography Marie-Eve Koziol Karen and Richard Kuran Wendy Lam Learning Express Carrie and Scott Leshin Alice and Cary Lloyd Gerald Lodge Susan and Matthew Lodge Lucy’s Gift Maureen Lynch Sharmin and Aftab Malik Erin Martin Susan Massengill MAYO Performing Arts Center McGuggan, LLC Moonshine Supper Club Morris County School of Glass Mount Freedom Printing Myofascial Center of New Jersey Myofascial Freedom Mysupersfoods Company NBC Universal - Late Night with Seth Meyers Neiman Marcus New Jersey Devils New York Giants New York Jets Janice and Anthony Nigro Nola Rose Jewelry Paper Mill Playhouse Park Avenue Club Pat and Arnold Plonski Paul Miller Maura and Nick Penna The Prudential Center Andrea Quigley Maria Petti-Weber Pole Position Raceway Indoor Karting Rails Steakhouse Carmen Ramirez Salon Botanique Maria Scavone Susan and Greg Sherowski Shoprite of Chester Shoprite of Greater Morristown Brittany Simms John Simoudis Navjot Singh Amy Snouffer Sony Pictures Television South Street Dance School of Performing Arts Tiffany and Pavel Srnensky Patti Stenzel Stephen Taylor, Portrait Artist Stop & Shop Wendy Tait

The Cheesecake Factory The Wendy Williams Show The Yoga Way Jill and Dirk Vandersterre Wendy Williams Show Willow Street Boutique Wyndham Hamilton Park and Conference Center Judy Zinnato

volunteers Mark Anderson Stacy Aymil Joanne Balady Anne Berry Doug Berry Anthony Bonanno John Bowman James Brazel Terri Brennan Maya Buono Paul Buono Darlene Canete Antoinette Cardone Mary Carroll Patti Chambers Ashley Chardoussin Nanette Chardoussin Annie Clayton Orla Crimi Peter Crimi Amara D’Aquanni Mike D’Aquanni Jerry DeFrancisco Jerry DeMarmels Vanessa DeMarmels Lesley Draper John Dwyer Margey Dwyer Eric Elbell Harold Evans Kelly Faber Myerson Fran Frigerio Kristen Geraghty Siobhan Gilfillan Heather Gililland Abbie Greenberg Joyce Hartnett Kellie Hayes Dawn Hearne Judy Hooper Abbey Horwitz Janet Hughes Christa Iamiceli Unjeria C. Jackson, M.D. Jennifer Jacobs Diane Judge Noriko Kariya Walter Kneis

Michael Lewis Susan Lodge Olympia Luciani Aftab Malik Sharmin Malik Erin Martin Melissa Martin Pavan Mehta Rachel Miller Eric Monsen Sandra Morero John Mulhearn Pat Murphy-Fyfe Darlene Olsen Gwen Packard Sapna Parikh Brittany Pino Nicole Pitts Eryn Porcelli Ashley Puttaswamy Jenny Puzia Andrea C. Quigley Stephanie Racaza Vincenzo Renda Caitlin Rienzi Michael Rienzi Jerry Rose Linda Russell Chris Ryan Keith Savel Susan Seamans Greg Sherowski Susan Sherowski Jessica Simao Emily Smith Maria Smith Steve Smith Nancy Sniffen Lori Solomon Tiffany Srnensky Miriam Stepnowski Allison Stewart Wendy Tait Becky Tate Michael Thunell Renee Thunell Andrea Tobon Rafael Tobon Sharodka Tofte Anna Torrens Laura Valerio Lisa Vanderhoof Sarah Vitale Steve Vittorio Erica Von Borstel Thomas Walsh Frank Weigand Therese Weiss Carolyn Young

board of trustees 2016-2017 Unjeria C. Jackson, M.D. President Thomas J. Walsh Vice President

Lori Solomon Vice President and Treasurer Susan Seamans Secretary

Joanne Balady Anthony Bonanno James J. Brazel Patricia Chambers Jerry DeFrancisco Eric C. Elbell Walter Kneis, AIA Aftab Malik Pavan Mehta John Mulhearn Gwen Packard Keith Savel Wendy Tait Steve Vittorio


planned giving Please consider remembering P.G. Chambers School in your will. For more information, contact Andrea C. Quigley, Director of Development, at 973.829.8484 or

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PGCS strives for accuracy in recognizing donors. If your name was omitted or listed in error, please accept our apologies and contact Andrea C. Quigley at 973.829.8484 or quigleya@ so that the error may be corrected. On request, PGCS Form 990, and related information is available for public inspection at PGCS in Cedar Knolls, NJ. Copies of this information will be provided at cost within five days of the request by calling 973.829.8484.

P.G. Chambers School is a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. Tax Id# 22-1551480. Information concerning charitable solicitations may be obtained from the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey by calling 609.292.4925. Registration with the Attorney General does not imply endorsement.


JAYDEN (l) and EMANUEL(r) are always telling jokes and making others smile, so naturally they became inseparable. Their helpful and caring attitude brings positivity and light into Class 8.


Our vision At P.G. Chambers School, we believe in our mission with a passion beyond all others; we see limitless possibilities for the children and families we serve, for ourselves, and for our organization; and we promise to keep the needs of the children and their families foremost, as we help them achieve all that is important to them.

Our mission The P.G. Chambers School mission is to help children lead full, productive lives; develop confidence in their own abilities; and engage fully and frequently in the community.

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