2020-2021 Annual Report Summary-P.G. Chambers School

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Annual Report Summary 2020-2021

A salute to our staff and our community! DEAR FRIENDS, While we always will embrace the traditional three Rs of education, we have been living a new version of the three Rs that has guided us successfully through the pandemic. They are Resolve, Resilience, and Resourcefulness! These characteristics have proven invaluable as we safely re-opened in-person programming to more and more children over the course of the year, while continuing to deliver remote services to those remaining at home. Resolve – The year was filled with extraordinary challenges, yet our talented, dedicated staff of educators, therapists, nurses, and paraprofessionals remain determined to fulfill our mission of discovering the unique potential within every child. The pandemic has only strengthened our resolve, our child-centric focus, and our partnership with each family. Resilience – The pandemic has presented a seemingly unending stream of twists and turns, testing the mettle of us all. Individually, we’ve been there to support colleagues whenever someone needed an assist. As a School, we have responded with agility, grace, and grit. Our staff family has banded together beautifully to ensure success. Resourcefulness – Creative problem solving has reached new heights, and new and different resources have been required to succeed in our new world. We developed inventive approaches to education and therapy needed to engage our kids through a computer screen. We’ve partnered with our broad community of generous supporters to ensure our students and staff had a safe environment, the necessary assistive technology and essential professional education. In all, we’ve risen to the challenges and we’ve not only survived, we have thrived. The silver linings of the pandemic have included strengthening our relationships 2

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School

with our families, as you have invited us into your world and you have become more deeply connected with ours. We’ve improved and broadened our technological literacy. We’ve developed new strategies for teaching remotely and delivering therapy via telehealth. We’ve streamlined procedures and found ways to use less paper. We’ve reduced the density in the building to allow for social distancing and open space. We’ve zoomed into the living rooms of friends and donors staying close to home and living across the country, sustaining and reigniting long-time connections. As we reflect, we could not be more grateful to our kids and our families for your trust in us, our staff for your resolve, resilience and resourcefulness, and our friends and donors for your unwavering, generous support of our work. Our kids are moving, communicating, and learning in new ways because of you! Each of you has played a special, irreplaceable role in the successes described in the pages that follow and we can’t thank you enough. In gratitude,

Dr. Jerry DeFrancisco President, Board of Trustees

Patty Sly Executive Director

Powered Mobility Program Made Possible by Philanthropic Support

Children have so much to express, learn, explore! At P.G. Chambers School, our students are no different. We know that children’s learning and quality of life benefit from movement. In recent years, more and more of our students have significant motor challenges that impact independent movement which has led us to expand our program. Thanks to the generosity of our Menus for the Mind 2020 guests and a generous grant from the Dorothy B. Hersh Foundation, we were able to purchase two new powered training wheelchairs, named Sonny and Cher by our staff, to expand the Power Mobility Program. Our children are thriving using the new power wheelchairs.

L-R Henry and Sarah sharing a laugh while practicing their new skills.

The Perfect Match: ADP and P.G. Chambers School What happens when you discover an undeniable mission match between a generous company like ADP and P.G. Chambers School? Magic for our kids! This past year, when we were in search of a collaborator to support the additional staffing and training necessary to expand our Powered Mobility Program, ADP enthusiastically stepped up. ADP’s commitment to unlocking potential – not only in their clients and their businesses, but in their people, their communities, and society as a whole – made this team-up a win-win! Like ADP, we maximize our children’s potential by giving them the tools and support to be more independent and to contribute to the world around them. For students like Eliana and Benji, learning how to master their power chairs gives them greater independence and control. For Matthew, the power chair gives him the freedom to interact with kids in the neighborhood and be a part of his community, and for Emily, who is new to the

Powered Mobility Program, the power chair gives her the opportunity to move for the first time without assistance. Facilitating independence in our children is truly a gift worth celebrating and we want to express our sincere gratitude to ADP for their support in funding this lifechanging program. As Bob Lockett, ADP’s Chief Talent and Diversity Officer shared, “At ADP, we are committed to building a culture that enables our associates, their families and the members of the communities in which we work and live, to achieve their full potential. We are honored to support the P.G. Chambers Powered Mobility Program, removing barriers and giving these amazing children a sense of accomplishment and skills that will help them to thrive, today and in the future. Research shows that people with disabilities are one of the largest untapped talent pools available today. By supporting more of our children to fully engage in our communities, we believe we can help change norms, opening new doors for the future.”

L-R: Benji, Eliana, Matthew, and Emily

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School


Philanthropic Partners Support Programs, Technology, and Facility Improvements P.G. Chambers School is fortunate to have devoted partners who support our important work. The F.M. Kirby Foundation, a partner for over 30 years, embraces the importance of early intervention services for the children we serve in Morris County. Their leadership is truly transformational - changing lives and helping families secure the resources they need to help their children during important developmental years from birth to age three. Their partnership by example inspired other grantors to join them this past year including the MDRT Foundation and the C. Northrop Pond and Alethea Marder Pond Foundation. In a world where technology is critical for the delivery of education and therapy to all of our students, we are deeply grateful to the foundations whose support made it possible to continue our mission without interruption. Thanks to the generosity of the Hyde and Watson Foundation, the Summit Foundation and the Union Foundation, our students received new laptops and iPads for virtual learning and we equipped three additional classrooms with Activ-Panel Promethean Boards to improve student access to classroom lessons. Renovations to our new Resource Room are completed thanks to the generosity of Catholic Human Services Foundation and the Arnold A. Schwartz Foundation. The space now features flexible, tiered soft seating and new options for physical therapy for our youngest students. Thanks to the support of our many community partners, we safely resumed in-person learning for the majority of our students. From creating an isolation room, to enhanced air filtering, our facilities received critical upgrades. Donations of PPE allowed us to protect those most precious to us - our students and staff. Our partners make excellence possible for our children and we are truly grateful for their belief in our mission and support of our students, families, and staff.

Playground Renovation Project Seeded by Generous Donors Our 2021 virtual Menus for the Mind guests stepped up to kick off our fundraising initiative to support the redesign and upgrade of our courtyard playgrounds to better meet the needs of our students. Funds are still needed to support this project. Contact Kathleen DeSantis, Director of Development at 973-829-8484.


Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School

Blooming with Gratitude In the spring, occupational therapists Lisa Brown and Caitlin Rienzi spearheaded the effort to transform our outdoor space into a Gratitude Garden containing beautiful flowers and herbs for all to enjoy. Along with their teachers and therapists, each student had the opportunity to plant and care for the garden. When the time was right, students were able to cut the flowers and herbs and share them with someone special. (Front cover: Efrain spreads soil around his flowers.)

550 Friends invested $839,620 in our children, staff, and families in 2020-2021 2020-2021 GIFTS

YOUR IMPACT Your support helped P.G. Chambers School to serve over 900 children in the 2020-2021 School year. 12.5%

33.2% 3% 44.2%




Restricted Funds:. . . . . . . . . . . . $371,096 Contributions Unrestricted: . . . . $278,931

Community Services: . . . . . . . 643

Special Events:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $189,593

Early Intervention:. . . . . . . . . . 158

Total:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $839,620

School Program:. . . . . . . . . . . 118

2020-2021 EXPENSES

Kids Count Child Care:. . . . . . . 28

>1% 2.1% 3.3% 2.2%


Total:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 947

2020-2021 OPERATING REVENUE 4.8% 6.8%


Salary and Benefits: . . . . . . . $11,540,312 General Administrative and Equipment Expenses. . . . . . $423,038


Professional Fees:. . . . . . . . . . . . $285,620

Fees and Tuition: . . . . . . . . . $10,982,499

Occupancy:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $268,280

Total Contributions: . . . . . . . . . . $839,620

Depreciation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $257,787

Government Contracts: . . . . . . . $597,178

Professional Development. . . . . . $26,209

Total:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12,419,297

Total:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12,801,246


Investing in our Most Precious Resource and Sharing our Expertise with Others Valuing our most precious resource and sharing our expertise with others, the Patti Chambers Professional Development Fund provides financial support to P.G. Chambers School staff members to pursue coursework, certification, and/or other training to enhance their skills. This investment not only empowers our staff to grow professionally, it also enables them to provide our students with the very best education and therapy services based on the latest technology, research, and theory in the field of special education.

Meeting Students’ Needs Where They Are As the pandemic continued into the 2020-2021 school year, our students received services both in-person and virtually. Our school community provided the technology for teachers and the assistive technology for students so they could succeed in both in-person and virtual environments. We immediately took steps to ensure that families had the technology at home to promote their children’s continued growth in learning, speech, and motor development. AT Program Clinics in Equipment, Orthotics, Splinting, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication are a critical service that we provide our students and their families. Even though the pandemic would affect the ways we could serve our students, we were keenly aware that their needs had not changed. Therapists and community partners designed a pandemic model for implementation, and we continued to provide these important services through a blend of virtual and in-person services. Virtual sessions were not easy and therapists developed creative solutions, especially when assisting families with measurements and modifying or fixing broken parts of equipment. Who knew that household objects can be used to measure the length of a leg or that a mom’s index finger is approximately 3” long? The partnership between our parents and therapists became stronger as they worked together to help each child in both in-person and virtual environments. As we embrace what we have learned and reflect on the partnerships that we developed along the way, we are stronger and more resilient than ever before.


Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School

L-R: Kristin and Sarah

Sarah and I are grateful for the opportunity to expand our skills in support of our children and families. We learned so many tips and strategies to help families find success – which was the heart of the training. We were very proud to represent P.G Chambers School at the virtual workshop and network with other Speech Language Pathologists from across the country and Canada! – Kristin Geraghty

This past year, The Patti Chambers Professional Development Fund enabled speech language pathologists, Kristin Geraghty and Sarah Vitale to enroll in the Hanen It Takes Two to Talk ™ course to further their expertise in strategies for helping parents become excellent communication partners for their children, an essential skill for promoting language development. Honoring P.G. Chambers School’s commitment to share our expertise with others, Kristin and Sarah will provide this training for the parents of currently enrolled students to strengthen the collaboration between families and school staff. They also intend to offer the training to parents in the greater community, furthering our mission to become a resource and center of excellence in special education.

Article continued on page 8.

A Legacy of Philanthropy The Monsen Family Foundation was born out of entrepreneurial success and a compassion for those in need. For 18 years, the Foundation has been a leading sponsor of the P.G. Chambers School Golf Classic. This year, the Foundation made an additional $50,000 gift to acquire or add much-needed space to help the school better serve its students. The gift was made in honor of Eric, a former P.G. Chambers School trustee and ongoing friend of the school. The Foundation’s involvement with the school is woven through their family history. Ingvar Monsen started Monsen Refrigeration Service in 1948. When son, Dick, joined the company, the name was changed to Monsen Engineering Co. and the company continued to grow into an industry leader. Just as Ingvar had passed the reins to Dick over time, Dick’s son, Eric, was being groomed to lead the company when Dick retired. As he readied himself to move from account executive to president, Eric sought a mentor and found an excellent one in Finn Wentworth. Finn encouraged Eric to get involved in the P.G. Chambers School, where Finn served as a trustee.

years of service, Eric has remained a valued advisor. When the pandemic hit, he brought the school a new HVAC cleaning technology, underwritten by the Foundation, to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. Dick recalls Eric’s enthusiasm for the school as he urged his father to visit. “Dad, you have to come see this school. It’s really something incredible.” Dick became a loyal supporter shortly after his tour and he quickly realized it was a perfect fit for their family foundation. They created the foundation in 1999 motivated to share their good fortune with others. Eric’s sister, Kristin, serves as president and Dick serves as treasurer. Over the years, P.G. Chambers School has become one of the family’s two favorite charitable causes.

We are immensely grateful to Eric and the entire Monsen family for their steadfast support and generosity.

Eric remembers touring the school with former Executive Director, Susan Seamans, and attending his first Board meeting. He was in awe of the specialized work being done with each student and was honored to serve with his accomplished, fellow trustees. His appreciation for the families’ daily responsibilities and challenges grew and he drew inspiration from them. “I’ve always said that the more I learned about the families, the more interested and motivated I was to help the school.” Eric found his niche leading the Golf Classic fundraiser and serving on the facilities committee. One of the creators of the golf outing, Eric chaired the event and his parents, Dick and Janet, hosted it at their club in Essex Fells for several years. Now in its 17th year, the Golf Classic has raised more than $1,000,000 since its inception. As a member of the expansion planning team, Eric’s expertise guided us through countless engineering and equipment decisions, saving the school thousands in energy costs each year. Stepping off the Board after 20

Clockwise from top: Kristin, Eric, Dick, and Janet

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School


Investing in our Most Precious Resource and Sharing our Expertise with Others (cont.) With assistance from the Patti Chambers Professional Development Fund, Kitty Angulo, who celebrates her 25th anniversary at P.G. Chambers School this November, received her certification as a Pediatric Certified Specialist in Physical Therapy this past summer. She has worked across all of the school’s programs from Community Services through Early Intervention. Thanks to the support of our generous community, Kitty was able to enroll in multiple online courses in preparation for the exam. Additionally, she attended the American Pediatric Physical Therapy Conference. Kitty is already using her newly acquired knowledge to develop enhanced student treatment plans and is sharing her expertise and new ideas with fellow staff members to help our children thrive.

I am grateful for the gift of education and for the opportunity to pursue my certification. I grew during the process not only by elevating my clinical knowledge (with an emphasis on evidence-based practice), which I share with my colleagues, but also by becoming a better clinician for each of my families. Kitty Angulo

– Kitty Angulo

Together we are changing lives through the ongoing education of and investment in our dedicated staff. To learn more about how you can support the Patti Chambers Professional Development Fund, contact Kathleen DeSantis, Director of Development at 973-829-8484.

We want to hear from you!


Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School

We are so proud of our P.G. Chambers School alumni and we want to celebrate and share alumni accomplishments with our community. Please send your alumni news and updates to Deb Joyal at joyald@chambersschool.org

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!









Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School


Students Express Themselves Through Dance Virtually The Artists in Education (AIE) Residency grant, which began in January 2020 provided a unique opportunity for our students to participate in a dance program with teaching artist Anna Gichan. Barely underway before the pandemic forced our closure, we were determined to keep the program going and were able to resume the program in a virtual format in the 2020-2021 school year. As a professional dancer with a vision to inspire students with disabilities, Anna knew that helping students express their emotions through dance would be particularly beneficial during the pandemic. We are thrilled that Anna will return for the 20212022 school year where she will continue her inspirational work with our students. The Artists in Education (AIE) Residency Grant Program is a cosponsored project of The New Jersey State Council on the Arts and Young Audiences Arts for Learning New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. The program is carried out in partnership with regional partners, including Appel Farm Arts & Music Campus, Count Basie Center for the Arts, and Morris Arts. P.G. Chambers School was one of twelve schools that received a grant in 2019. Teaching Artist Anna Gichan


Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School

In-Person and Virtual Events Bring our Community Together to Support our Children and Families P.G. Chambers School parent, Mark Anderson shares Tyler’s journey with Golf outing guests, reminding all why P.G. Chambers School is such a special place.

On April 22, 2021, P.G. Chambers School held the 26th Annual Menus for the Mind. Once again a virtual event, 150 guests joined from the comfort of their homes to pay tribute to students and celebrate P.G. Chambers School, raising almost $93,000 for our programs.

Ali Stroker graces our virtual stage at the Menus for the Mind event.

Golf Co-Chairs, Bob Rigby and Gabe Sasso celebrating a sold out golf outing.

From l to r: Community friends from GAF - Cory, Alan, Ryan and Phil - join us on the links for a beautiful day at Roxiticus Golf Club.

Words can’t express how wonderful it was to be together again in-person again at the Annual Golf Classic. On May 24, 2021, 112 golfers enjoyed a fun-filled day at Roxiticus Golf Club in Mendham. The day raised over $97,000 for our children. We are grateful for the many volunteers, sponsors, and participants that make these important fund raising events successful year after year.

Students pay tribute to Ali Stroker with special rendition of the Rainbow Connection by the Muppets.

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School


Empowering Endless Possibilities Students, like Eliana, have the same hopes and dreams as every child. Help our students continue to soar by making your gift today. www.chambersschool.org/donate/


Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School

Cumulative Donors The P.G. Chambers School community came together in the 2020 - 2021 year to donate $839,620 to support the important work we do for students with multiple disabilities and their families. Whether you joined us at one of our signature events or gave generously to our Annual Campaign program or donated towards a specific project, your gifts truly made an impact on every student and for that we are extremely grateful. Gifts below reflect donations made between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. DREAM MAKER Patti and Ray Chambers F. M. Kirby Foundation Hartington Trust The Dorothy B. Hersh Foundation The Monsen Family Foundation, Inc. VISIONARY Mrs. Patricia Aboia ADP Foundation C. Northrop Pond and Alethea Marder Pond Foundation Lesley A. Draper and Robert Stollar Ms. Carolyn J. Ferolito Ilene and Bruce Jacobs Daniel and Addie Kanter Ms. Melissa A. Lovell Mr. Eric Monsen Mr. Richard Monsen Mr. Arthur Ryan Lori and Jerry Solomon The Charles F. & Ruth J. Knippenberg Foundation The MCJ Amelior Foundation The Summit Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Scott Vall Karen and Ted Walsh INNOVATOR Dr. Pamela Andersen and Mr. Eric Andersen Ms. Rose C. Cali Dancker Dr. Gerald DeFrancisco and Regina DeFrancisco Anonymous Hyde and Watson Foundation Jerry Rose Floral & Event Design Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Longo Million Dollar Round Table Foundation

Bernadette and John R. Mulhearn New York Life Foundation Peter and Judy O’Hagan P.G. Chambers School Auxiliary Park Avenue Foundation Pooja and Hashmath Rahman Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Ms. Helen Schuyler Mr. Brian Tarpey The Tarpey Group, LLC Thermal Service of N.J. Inc. Union Foundation Verizon Steven and Laurie Vittorio Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walton Mr. Robert Walton and Ms. Christine Pfisterer Whittendale Escavating Corporation Wicklow & Laurano Landscape & Excavating Contractors Audrey and Zygmunt Wilf LEADER Anonymous Mr. Adam Bedell Michele and Anthony Bonanno Shirley Castillo Rosenbaum and Andrew Rosenbaum Catholic Human Services Foundation East Hanover Elks Lodge 815 BPO Encon Noel and Edward Foley GAF Christine and Michael Gilfillan GTL Construction Harrison Hamnett Consulting William and Amy Haskel Patrick and Valerie Horan Mr. and Mrs. C. Jeffrey Knittel Elizabeth L. and Paige B.* L’Hommedieu

Susan and Matthew Lodge Carol and James D. Longley Longo Electrical-Mechanical, Inc. Sharmin and Aftab Malik Ronita and Nelson Mathias Louise and John McGlinchey Daniel and Jaime McKeever Kathleen and Gary Michael MP Plumbing, Inc. Mutual of America Financial Group Rose and David Nakamura Mrs. Gwen Packard Eid and Mr. Elias Eid Lynne and Jeffrey Pagano Ms. Robin Petty Prestige Construction Services, LLC The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation The Prudential Foundation Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Sanitary Construction Company Inc. Gabriel and Carolynn Sasso Seventy Four Construction, LLC Skolnick Legal Group Patricia L. Sly and Robert M. Chernow The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A. The Haverford Trust Company Cathy and Jeffrey Walsh Lori and John Westerhold Ms. Frances Wholey

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School


Cumulative Donors BENEFACTOR Joan and Frank Adubato Andersen Interior Contracting, Inc. Anderson & Company PC Arnold A. Schwartz Foundation Ms. Suzanne Aschoff Avison Young Joanne and Loren Balady Christopher and Cathy Cirrotti Ms. Elizabeth A. Clarke Marsha and John Conover Mr. John Deegan Kathleen and Richard DeSantis Gloria and William Dodd Stephanie and Christopher Donato Mr. Gerard Donnelly Exxon Mobil Foundation Matching Gift Programs Mrs. Jill Farris Dennis and Diane Fashano Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fuller Ms. Heather Gilliland and Mr. James A. Luongo Gladstone Coverage Group LLC Howard and Alane Gruber Ms. Linda Guiglielmo Mr. Eric Helenek Kimberly and Daniel R. Honeker Abbey and Ken Horwitz Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hughes Imprint Marketing Concepts, Inc. Unjeria Jackson, M.D. and Larry Thompson Ms. Jeanne Jaeckle Joseph A. Natoli Construction Corp. Lori and Richard Kariss Linda and David Kaugher KF Mechanical, LLC Adrienne and S. Dillard Kirby Ms. Susan C. Kloss Walter and Deborah Kneis Knights of Columbus – Elizabeth Ann Seton Council #6904 Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates Consulting Engineers Logiq Supply Mr. Ralph Loveys, Jr. Suzanne and Michael Maguire John and Amy McHugh 14

Gregory and Sandra Niccolai NK Architects Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Nortillo Dr. and Mrs. Roger E. Nortillo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pawelczyk Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Peter and Michelle Porraro Mr. Jeff Rawding Robert and Leslie Rigby Anthony and Laura Romano Charles and Caren Rubin Susan and Swift Seamans Gregory and Susan Sherowski Michael and Dara Sipper Mr. and Mrs. David Steinmetz The Linda Sue Pfarrer Nortillo Charitable Foundation The Rock Brook Consulting Group Universal Tools & Manufacturing Co. Thomas J. and Virginia Walsh Kim and Finn Wentworth SUPPORTER Ms. Elaine Balady Jeffrey and Melissa Bartoli Best Way Electric Co., Inc. Bowman Consulting Group Brett T. Bailey Foundation Patricia and Anthony Calandra Ms. Patricia Capawana Mr. Blaine Chambers Ms. Jennifer Chambers

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Harold Colton Max Kathleen and James Cowan Crisp Insurance Advisors, LLC Ms. Lenore Dankulich Smith Ms. Annette L. Fasciano April Fey The Honorable and Mrs. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen Raquel Fruchter and William Buhse John and Siobhan Gilfillan Global Liquidity Partners LLC Ms. Jennifer Haskel Mr. and Mrs. Mark Horan Mr. Richard Hufnagle Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Iamiceli Susan and Angelo Intile Barbara and James Liati Michele and Daniel Logan Dr. Mark and Virginia McBride Ms. Elizabeth F. McKenna Mr. Brian McMahon Janet and Richard Michalowski Daniel and Kristin Mon Jennifer and Frederick Moss Michael and Nancy Neary Network Digital Office Systems Network for Good Notre Dame of Mount Carmel Church Mr. Soham Patel Gregory and Cory Pine Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Ranft Virginia and Michael Ranger Donald and Merryl Richards Kevin and Holly Ricklefs Andrew and Maria Sapol Sawyer Lyons Buick GMC Seton Hall University Health and Medical Sciences Patti and Dan Stenzel Stephen and Stephanie Trapp Triangle Plumbing Co. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Tullo Whitestone Associates, Inc. X Pay, LLC YourCause, LLC Trustee for New York Life

PARTNER Able Rolling Steel Door Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Angulo Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bagley Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Ms. Kathleen Beck Joseph and Deborah Belfatto Stephen and Cynthia Byrd Mrs. Elizabeth Carroll Mr. Samuel Champi Katherine and John Ciliberti Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cloutier Ms. Cathy Coloff Mr. Samuel and Geraldine Dalfonzo Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Nasine Dam Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fruchter Mr. John Galat John and Terri Gallagher Mrs. Bonnie Gardner Mr. Emil Geering Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gray Ms. Elizabeth Newman and Mr. Jeremy Gruber Mark and Alison Hicinbothem IT Radix, LLC Deb and David Joyal Ms. Diane Judge * Ms. Angela Klein John and Carolyn Kowalik Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Leshin Brad and Jennifer Melvin Francis and Gail Mertz Michael Gruber DMD, PA Millenium Fire Protection, LLC Mr. James Morris Mr. and Mrs. Jared Rabinowitz Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Ricklefs Dr. Mark and Bette Rieger Mrs. Andrea Ross William and Maria Scavone Nancy and Nelson Schaenen, Jr. Ms. Carol Sly and Mr. Stephen Marshall Ms. Marisa Spagnoletti Ms. Theresa Stasny and Mr. John Motts Ms. Elizabeth M. Tarantino THA Consulting, Inc.

The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Tiefenbacher Joseph and Marybeth Walsh Mr. Marc F. Wipperman YourCause Corporate Giving Program ADVOCATE Michael and Annie Acken Mr. Dean S. Allen Nancy and Neil Altshuler Amazon Smile Mr. Manuel A. Azcarate Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign Cricket Barkhorn Dennis and Cynthia Barrett Mrs. Barbara Bell Coleman and Mr. Claude Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bergen Ernest and Janet Biondolillo Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Blount Mrs. Hope Blumenfeld Bohler Engineering Jerry and Michele Bruno Mrs. Kathleen K. Buerger Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Burns Ms. Carla Candelmo Ms. Mary Capaci Ms. Amanda Carter Ms. Virginia Cepeda Ms. Sheree Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Cooney Mr. John Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dalton Mr. Christopher DeBruyn Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Delle Donne Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. DeLuca Ms. Charlotte DiCarlo Mr. Robert DiCarlo Ms. Nikole Duch Mr. and Mrs. Tim Dukin Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Egan Mr. Sebastian Eid ELX Technologies Mr. and Mrs. William C. Emmitt Jr. Mr. Semih C. Ersolmaz Kenneth and Jeanmarie Falco

Joseph and Kelly Falcone Ms. Judith Fallon Ms. Lauren Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Finger Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Finucane Mr. Andrew D. Flint Ms. Jane A. Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Robert Galorenzo Garment Center Congregation Ms. Heather Garris Christopher and Corey Gentry Thomas and Mary Lee Giblin Mrs. Elizabeth Gilfillan Mr. Paul Gillard Mr. Brian Godau Mr. John Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Grau Mr. Julio Gude Ms. Julie D. Haggerty Mr. and Mrs. Paul Haley Craig and Trish Hall Harry and Denise Hamill Ms. Jennifer Hannan Mr. Forrest Harrison, P.E. Ms. Cheryl Hart Ms. Dawn S. Hearne Mr. Robert Heath Mrs. Victoria Heskett Mr. and Mrs. Michael Holland Ms. Lisa Horwitz Kelli and Charles P. Hutchinson Ms. Alyse Iachio Ms. Lisa Iamiceli and

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School


Cumulative Donors Mr. Timothy Horeczko IBM Corporation Ms. Lauren Jacobs Lazer and Mr. Adam Lazer Noele and Charles Jencarelli Keyboard Consultants Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kiernan Jeff and Elit Kirschenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Anastasios G. Konidaris Ms. Ellen Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Roland Kuczynski Joyce and Steven Kwasney Ms. Heather E. Simpson and Mr. Danny Lallis Laundry Land LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lazer Mr. Craig M. Levine Ms. Nancy Levine Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Lewis Rabbi Norman Listokin Mr. and Mrs. Cary Lloyd Ms. Debora A. Luttinger Dean and Sarah Lyzak Mr. and Mrs. John T. Magnier Mr. Ryan Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo D. Manalo Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Martin Ms. Tatiana Martinez and Mr. Herman S. Garcia Castillo Mr. and Mrs. Alan Matarese Mr. Colin McKieran Marylyn and Thomas McLaughlin Mr. Roderick D. McNeill Ms. Maryann Miller Mr. Alan J. Mohfanz Mr. and Mrs. James P. Mongey Mossman - LaPierre Family Fund Mr. Dominique Mossmann and Ms. Alicia LaPierre Mr. Gregory J. Mulhearn Mr. Matthew Murello Ms. Adrienne Myeroff Ms. Marie T. Nardiello Mr. George S. Niccolai Mr. and Mrs. John O’Neill Mr. Richard Orbach Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Otterman Ms. Madeline C. Parlato 16

Phyllis and Daniel Patyk Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Pederson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Philbrick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Picarelli Mindy and Michael Porcelan Ms. Cynthia Praeg Ms. Jenny Puzia Mr. Steven Renaud Dawn and Keith Richardson Ms. Kim A. Roberts Ms. Marisa Roitman Ms. Suzanne Rood Mr. and Mrs. David Rose Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rubenstein Mr. and Mrs. Simon Rule

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saccaro Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sagnella Mr. and Mrs. Alan Schall Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Schillings Francine and Michael Schwartz Alfredo and Rosemarie Sciacca Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Serino Drs. Lynn and Donald Siebert Ms. Lauren Thelander and Mr. David Simons Martin and Beth Skolnick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Slivinski Ms. Karin Smith Ms. Nancy Sniffen Ms. Jamie Snyder Suzanne and Stephen Spero Mr. Robert F. Stiles

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School

Mr. Michael Stoyko Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Strazza Mr. Walter Strohmaier Mr. and Mrs. Justin N. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tenewitz Mr. Joseph Troiano Ms. Joany Guzman and Mr. Diego Valladolid Jonathan and Mary Van Cleef Harry and Dorothy Van Natta Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vincent Mr. and Mrs. Paraskevas Vrouvas Mr. Nicholas Vrouvas Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wagner Ms. Julia A. Walborn Ms. Therese Weiss Mrs. Suzanne Willian Ms. Carolyn Young Betsy and Mark Zindel FRIEND Ms. Rikki N. Abrahams Mrs. Ligia Arias and Mr. Diego A. Alcazar AT&T Corporate Employee Giving Programs Mr. J. R. Bailey Mr. Anthony Barbieri Ms. Lucy R. Barrieres Mrs. Carol Barron Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Belth Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bertram Robert and Susan Bethea Ms. Valerie Bialous Ms. Susanna Black Ms. Claudia Bonfante Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bono Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Brennan Ms. Mary E. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano Casillo Mr. and Ms. Myron Cayero Ms. Noreen Chua Kosak and Mr. Lance Kosak Mr. Robert Claiborne Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Colucci Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D’Avirro Ms. Amanda Dvorak Ms. Margaret Dwyre Daily and Mr. John Daily

ECS Group Mrs. Ann Fawcett Mr. and Mrs. Greg Fritts Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gannon Ms. Kristin Gazi General Mills Box Tops For Education Mr. and Mrs. David Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Dan Haskell Ms. Margaret A. Hinchcliffe Ms. Vanessa Hoercher Amber and Gregory Hummer K. W. and Diane Janne Dr. Joseph M. Juliano, D.C. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kargauer Ms. Silvia Koeller Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Kroll Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lanza Mr. and Mrs. Marc Lashley Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Scott McBride Mr. Jesse McGinnis Ms. Joan M. McKenna Ms. Joan H. Melville Ms. Barbara Mikytuck Ms. Jennifer Morris Mr. Josue Munoz Mr. William Murray Mrs. Mary Nelligan Ms. Mary H. Osterman Ms. Jean Picarelli Ms. Weng Pineda Ms. Nicole Pitts Ms. Kimberly Poulo Edmund an Joan Pugh Ms. Evangelina Ramos Ms. Claudia Denyse Rawding Mr. Eric Redden Mrs. Susan Rehnquist Ms. Joan Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Russell Ms. Emily Sahuto Ms. Marcie Schembre Mrs. Deenie Schlosser Ms. Holli Schult Ms. Rosemary Serno Ms. Sujaya Sharma Mr. William Siebert

Ms. Jessica Simao Ms. Arlene Sklow Ms. Carol Solomine Mr. Jeffrey S. Strickland Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Swanson Ms. Louise Syperda Mrs. Mitzi M. Szerlip Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. James F. Topor Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Torrey Mr. Aaron Udler

Lisa and Kenneth Vanderhoof Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Vetri Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wolfson Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Wright *Deceased

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School


Long-time Donors P.G. Chambers School is honored to recognize the donors listed below who have distinguished themselves as longstanding supporters of the organization and children we serve. This group has made a point of contributing every year for the past 25+, 20+, 15+, and 10+ years. We are grateful for your unwavering commitment and for encouraging others to follow your example. P.G. Chambers School employees who have reached these milestones are in italics. Special thanks to our committed P.G. Chambers School friends who have reached the 25+ year milestone! 25 + YEARS Ms. Lucy R. Barrieres Patti and Ray Chambers Gloria and William Dodd Mrs. Jill Farris F.M. Kirby Foundation William and Amy Haskel Linda and David Kaugher Adrienne and S. Dillard Kirby Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program P.G. Chambers School Auxiliary Ms. Claudia Denyse Rawding Susan and Swift Seamans Lori and Jerry Solomon The MCJ Amelior Foundation Cathy and Jeffrey Walsh Kim and Finn Wentworth Carolyn Young 20 + YEARS Christine and Michael Gilfillan Diane Judge * Elizabeth L. and Paige B.* L’Hommedieu Jennifer and Frederick Moss Rose and David Nakamura Phyllis and Daniel Patyk Virginia and Michael Ranger Mrs. Susan Rehnquist Nancy and Nelson Schaenen, Jr. Lisa and Kenneth Vanderhoof Steven and Laurie Vittorio 15 + YEARS Joan and Frank Adubato Cricket and Bruce Barkhorn Michele and Anthony Bonanno Mrs. Kathleen Buerger Patricia and Anthony Calandra Community Foundation of New Jersey Kathleen and James Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Delle Donne April Fey Ms. Jane A. Flynn Siobhan and John Gilfillan Kelli and Charles P. Hutchinson Susan and Angelo Intile Unjeria C. Jackson, M.D. and Larry Thompson 18

Ms. Jeanne Jaeckle K.W. and Diane Janne Noele and Charles Jencarelli Dr. Joseph M. Juliano, D.C. KF Mechanical, LLC Ms. Susan C. Kloss Joyce Kwasney Barbara and James Liati Suzanne and Michael Maguire Marilyn and Thomas McLaughlin Mutual of America Financial Group Lynne and Jeffrey Pagano Mindy and Michael Porcelan Charles and Caren Rubin Drs. Lynn and Donald Siebert Suzanne and Stephen Spero Mr. Michael Stoyko Mrs. Mitzi M. Szerlip Thermal Service of NJ, Inc. The Hyde and Watson Foundation The Monsen Family Foundation, Inc. The Tarpey Group, LLC Harry and Dorothy Van Natta Karen and Ted Walsh Thomas J. and Virginia Walsh Betsy and Mark Zindel 10 + YEARS Anderson Interior Contracting, Inc. AT & T Corporate Employee Giving Program Avison Young J. Roger Bailey Dennis and Cynthia Barrett Robert and Susan Bethea Ernest and Janet Biondolillo Jerry and Michele Bruno Katherine and John Ciliberti Stephanie and Christopher Donato Ms. Margaret Dwyre-Daly and Mr. John Daly ExxonMobil Foundation Matching Gift Program Kenneth and Jeanmarie Falco Joseph and Kelly Falcone The Honorable and Mrs. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen Thomas and Mary Lee Giblin Mrs. Elizabeth Gilfillan Heather Gilliland and James Luongo

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School

The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A. Harry and Denise Hamill Dawn S. Hearne Mark and Alison Hicinbothem Kimberly and Daniel R. Honeker Mr. Richard Hufnagle Amber and Gregory Hummer Lori and Richard Kariss The Charles F. and Ruth J. Knippenberg Foundation John and Carolyn Kowalik Susan and Matthew Lodge Carol and James D. Longley Sharmin and Aftab Malik Janet and Richard Michalowski Louise and John McGlinchey Bernadette and John R. Mulhearn Ms. Marie T. Nardiello Michael and Nancy Neary NK Architects Edmund and Joan Pugh Bette and Mark Rieger, MD Andrew and Maria Sapol Gabriel and Carolynn Sasso Ms. Helen Schuyler Alfredo and Rosemarie Sciacca Gregory and Susan Sherowski Ms. Nancy Sniffen Patti and Dan Stenzel Stephen and Stephanie Trapp Mrs. Therese Weiss *Deceased

Gifts In-Kind Thank you to those of you who supported P.G. Chambers School through generous in-kind contributions. In-kind gifts help create successful special events, provide equipment for our students, and help improve our facilities. Giselle Acevedo and Sergio Rua Nancy and Neil Altshuler Christa Iamiceli Anderson and Mark Anderson Kitty and Arthur Angulo Atlantic Health System Joanne and Loren Balady Melissa and Jeffrey Bartoli Patricia and Anthony Calandra Patti and Ray Chambers Dancker Dr. Gerald and Regina DeFrancisco Kathleen and Richard DeSantis Dolores Dilanno Christine and Michael Gilfillan Jeri and Jack Goldschlack Stacey and Dan Goldschlack JoAnn Gregoli Hall’s Garden Center Hanover Township PBA NO 128 Amanda and Sean Harget Herman J. Wiemer Vineyard Lisa Horwitz Allison Hufnagle

Corrine Hufnagle and Bob Glory Richard Hufnagle IT Radix, LLC Jerry Rose Floral & Event Design Jim Rose Jewelry June’s Moon Lori and Richard Kariss Lindsay and Chris Klose Susan Kloss Deborah and Walter Kneis Knights of Columbus – George Washington Council Susan and Matthew Lodge Anna and Leszek Lojek Suzanne and Michael Maguire Tricia McGrath Fran and Neil McMahon Danielle and Chris Merzatta Kathleen and Gary Michael Morris Animal Inn MP Plumbing, Inc. Mutual of America Financial Group Adrienne Myeroff Judy and Peter O’Hagan

PCA Skin Care Prada Progressive Gardens Quality Landscape Services Merryl and Donald Richards Robert Rigby Gabe Sasso Maria and William Scavone Schroth’s Gold & Silversmiths Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care Madeline and Jeffrey Simon Patricia Sly Stacey and Timothy Smollen Suzanne and Stephen Spero Patti Stenzel Andrea and Dave Szott Maria and Octavio Tapia The Chambers Center for Well Being The Rock Brook Consulting Group Beth and Ron VanNess Mimi and Frank Walsh Eusebia Zayas and Jesus Avila

Forever Forward “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but the “SEED” you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

We want to express our appreciation for your planned gift to P.G. Chambers School. But we may not know about it. Please let us know if you have included the school in your will or trust, or as a beneficiary of your IRA, retirement account, bank account, or insurance policy. Your gift helps make endless possibilities for our children and their families today and tomorrow. We would like to recognize you for your thoughtfulness, and in so doing, inspire others to join you. To schedule a confidential conversation or to learn more, contact Kathleen DeSantis, Director of Development at desantisk@chambersschool.org or by calling 973-829-8484.

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School


Matching Gifts Matching gifts are incredible opportunities for you to double, or in some cases, even triple the impact of your gift! We are so appreciative to the following corporations and foundations that honor the interests of their employees by matching gifts. ADP AT&T Corporate Employee Giving Programs Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bank of America Employee Giving Program ExxonMobil Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Greater Horizons Network for Good New York Life Foundation Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Regeneron Pharmaceuticals The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation The MCJ Amelior Foundation

The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Verizon William Blair YourCause, LLC Trustee for New York Life YourCause Corporate Giving Program

Volunteers It Takes A Village…it is our privilege to thank the volunteers below who give of their time to help us fulfill our mission. Whether your serve on the Board, a Committee, volunteer at one of our signature events, or help in some other capacity, your contributions have made an impact. Thank you! Christa Iamiceli-Anderson and Mark Anderson Erika Aronson Joanne Balady Melissa Bartoli Anthony Bonanno Patricia Chambers Christopher Cirrotti Margaret Darmiento Dr. Gerald DeFrancisco and Regina DeFancisco Lesley A. Draper Margaret Dwyre-Daily Eric Elbell Raquel Fruchter Christine Gilfillan Siobhan Gilfillan Lauren Goldman Kimberly Honeker Abbey Horwitz Richard Hufnagle Deb Hughes Lori Kariss


Ms. Susan C. Kloss Walter Kneis Susan Lodge Mr. Joseph Longo Ms. Melissa Lovell Suzanne Maguire Aftab and Sharmin Malik Tatiana Martinez-Hernandez Ronita Mathias Tricia McGrath Daniel McKeever Joan McKenna Kathleen Michael Judy and Peter O’Hagan Gwen Packard-Eid Ms. Kimberly Poulo Ms. Jenny Puzia Robert Rigby Jerry Rose Gabriel Sasso Maria Scovone Katie Sherman

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School

Beth and Martin Skolnick Lori Solomon Suzanne Spero Lisa Vanderhoof Steven Vittorio Nicholas Vrouvas Thomas Walsh Therese Weiss


Officers: Dr. Jerry DeFrancisco, President Susan Lodge, Vice-President Anthony Bonanno, Vice-President and Treasurer Patricia Sly, Secretary

Patricia Chambers Chris Cirrotti Lesley Draper Abbey Horwitz Deb Hughes

Trustees: Walter Kneis Joseph Longo Aftab Malik Ronita Mathias Daniel McKeever

Kathleen Michael Judy O’Hagan Robert Rigby Gabriel Sasso Lori Solomon

Trustee Emeritus: Unjeria C. Jackson, M.D. *as of June 30, 2021

Annual Report 2020-2021 | P.G. Chambers School



The mission of P.G. Chambers School is to be a leader in the education and development of children with disabilities increasing the children’s confidence in their individual abilities, preparing them to engage in the community, and expanding their capacity to lead full, productive lives.

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