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Mathematica 7.0.1 for Student Use

General Overview Yale has a University wide licensing arrangement for Mathematica software from Wolfram Research, Inc. Yale University has agreed to certain restrictions in its license agreement for Mathematica. The most important summarized points are:

Any access by individuals who are not affiliated with Yale is prohibited. Installation is limited to computers primarily used for teaching/education. Any use for profit is prohibited.

Hardware And Operating System Recommendations OS X See below for license key required at installation.

Additional Information Registration: Students may register their own copy of Mathematica7 and request the license/password. Please go to the Wolfram site ( to register.

The license number: L3277-6957 Select the option that you wish to register a product and generate a password. Select the product you would like to register. (Mathematica7 for Students: Linux, Windows or Mac Enter your Mathid Enter your User Information Please use your Yale email address to request this password. Wolfram will send your new password via email within the hour. The current Mathematica version is 7.0.1. Users will be eligible for updates as they become available. Mathematica versions prior to 6.0.2 are discontinued and no longer supported. Technical Help Consultants and online documentation are available within Social Science Research Services (SSRS) at the Social Science Statistical Laboratory (StatLab). If you want technical help using Mathematica, consult one or more of the following:

MathSource ( is a Wolfram service that offers help on many topics. sci.math.symbolic news group. Mathematica Documentation

Many books about Mathematica are available at better bookstores everywhere. (Try the Yale Bookstore). Consult Wolfram"s library of information about Mathematica (

Manufacturer's Website Wolfram

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