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Physical presence costs: Having a physical presence in the market comes at a cost. Veterinarians, unlike online pharmacies may not have the available space to store medicines. Hiring a space to stock medicines costs. What’s more, the cost of expired medicines is also borne by the veterinarian. All these overhead costs add up to the cost of the medicines, which is then passed on to the customers. Limited distribution: Veterinarians often pay a premium price for stocking a particular medicine exclusively. This adds to their overall costs, which adds to the price of the medicines. Yes, online pharmacies also bear some additional costs towards the attainment of certifications like the VetVVIP and others. However, they still turn out cheaper than the veterinarian’s store.

So, pet meds are cheaper online and also provide the additional comfort of ordering medicines from home and receiving them at your doorstep. So, order your pet meds online. However, to make savings on pet meds online, follow the below mentioned tips.   

Ensure that the online pharmacy offers free delivery or delivery at a nominal price. Additional delivery costs may eat into the discounts. Some pharmacies offer online prescriptions and couple both the consultation costs and medicine cost in one. Some pharmaceutical companies also offer pet meds at wholesale prices. Look for them to save your bucks.

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Here are the reasons why pet meds are cheaper at online pharmacies than the vet’s store.