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Ensure Good Health Of Your Pet With Vetmedin Pets are the part and parcel of a family and no pet lover can decline this fact. And like all other family members, they too have anger, emotions, joy, sorrow, and even health issues. Dogs too undergo serious health issues, and seeing the importance of pets to the owners and the society, many types of research and studies have taken place to invent new medicines to treat various diseases in the animals.

The Heart is the vital part of every living being and if it can be taken good care of anyone can enjoy the life to the fullest. And to ensure the all round safety of your pet you too must take care of their heart. There are two ways by which you can monitor the heart condition of your dog:  A Regular check-up with your vet can help you to know the present condition of your dog’s heart. A vet with the help of their expertise can find out how their activity level and attitude is at home.  Other than that, you can also keep an account of the breathing rate and the day to day activities of your dog so that you can track any changes which in turn will help to indicate if their condition is stable or worsening. If you see any change in your dog’s regular activities then you must consult your vet as soon as possible and work as per their instruction. And the ideal medicine that can assist you in securing your dog’s heart is Vetmedin for dogs. Vetmedin is a medication that is used to increase the blood pumping capacity of a dog’s heart. It is used in dogs which are above six months, or older for treating heart failure due to dilated cardiomyopathy or atrioventricular valvular insufficiency. It is usually prescribed by the vets to treat the heart condition of dogs. Vetmedin can relief the symptoms of heart failure and help your pet to lead a healthier and longer life. A very recent global trail also proved Vetmedin as a helpful drug to prolong the life of

those dogs who are suffering from heart failure arising due to underlying mitral valve disease. Vetmedin also comes with some added benefits like:  Helps to treat all kinds of congestive heart disease.  It has also been noticed that Vetmedin increase the quality as well as the life span in pets.  It also increases the ability of your dog’s heart to pump more blood. It works very effectively by opening up the blood vessels that carries blood away from the heart, thus reducing the work of the heart to pump blood. At the same time, Vetmedin opens up the blood vessels returning to the heart, reducing the pressure on the heart.

Vetmedin for dogs is easily available in the market as chewable tablet or capsule. One can select the form suited for their pet. It should be given to dog orally two times a day, approximately one hour before food, ideally in the morning or evening, keeping a minimum gap of at least two hours between the doses. For more accurate dosing you can also split the medicine into two halves. The foremost part of Vetmedin that makes it ideal for treating dogs is that it has no side effects. Dogs can tolerate Vetmedin very well. There are no such adverse effects reported in dogs on the intake of this medicine, but some dogs may experience vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, reduced appetite, or a slight increase in the heart rate, which are minor things not to worry about. For more information visit us at

Ensure Good Health Of Your Pet With Vetmedin  

Dogs are the most faithful friend of the human being and like any other friend; dogs too expect nothing but love and compassion from their h...