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B - Design Brief

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B – Design by Petros Vasiadis

Introduction Motion is everything, in every living form! Motion is life! Causing feelings, movements, perspective and it’s all about freedom! Free to live is about understanding the value of being. The wonder it’s given to us being observers of the world, trying to express and bring into life our exclusive point of our nature, be healthful and enjoy every moment. To capture the motion and define it we have to respect every form and accept it in order to communicate and step beyond. To be free, to be human, to be alive, to be your super self, to be useful, to be amazed and keep up! That’s B - Design for Lexus Awards 2012!

Main Character and Personality of B - Design B – Design reflects the personality of understanding and communication. Always forward to accept the future movements of it’s owner. It ‘talks’ the language of the friend you never had and also offers the perspective of freshness. It’s been designed for leaders who are solving problems with all the knowledge on few words. B – Design shares the hope by asking “Let’s see what we can do now” and that gives a nice feeling.

B – Design Shape It is not only the future that gives opportunities and progress. There are values back at the hu-

man history in societies which were made the difference lighting every soul and mind globally. Human is shaped on curves. Those curves from the roof top until the ending at the back side

covering the tires reflect friendly. The higher level of the back which going lower to the front on a deep down showing bow gives a dynamic sharp face sharing the future with angles who

are leading the rest back sided curves. The whole shape is long. From the windows going lower the base is enlarging. It has the shape you always seem to see usually in modern classic

design. That’s the back place which makes the bend in front like it wants to go on. The windscreen is large and curved leaning to the back on top showing a futuristic air flowing attractive

face. From the top ending of the windscreen begins the roof bending backwards ending with a curve at the boot.

Interior Freedom of seeing. Freedom of ‘Motion’ and a step beyond out of the reguralirities and ordinary design of cars interiors. A precious invoronment friendly material that can make you feel the warmth of the space by color and simplicity of being into a B - Design can offer unforgetable moments by letting communication on both inner and external worlds. B - Design adds a sport modern shape on the seats that the front passengers could possibly float by sitting comfortably and relaxed half laying. Open spaces everywhere. Reality needs evolutionary minds to collect information and B - Design’s crue can be now open to their next story reflection that drives on.

The curves are the theme that sharing huggs and cleans the mind. The thin bright colored lines that makes the form visible are constructing the intelligence. Taylored to make feel adventurous, in real life, now!




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Details Some things need to get clear in order to understand better the perfection of the work that makes the difference and step into progress that looks forward from this mix of intelligent design. B - Design is all about understanding the value of being. Being a friend and create something that leads the eyes to make decisions and get on with a smile on the face is a good point of view.




There is a large windscreen bending from the top roof down to the low touch on the center of the front that offers a dreamful wide open view that makes every driving ride a cinematic vihicle. Going in front we meet the engine boot which is starting from a sharp angle with the holes of the headlights. Those have a depth. The engine taking place also in the cabine under the windscreen.



To humanize more the design is added a leaning backwards wide curve. That offers plenty space inside and a more friendly look way back on both sides, from the front doors and the two next ones to the side wings covering up the back tires. The side windows are designed in the way the top bow shapes an open curved angle pointing the front wheels covering the roof backwards with a light bent the whole passenger’s cabine.


At the front there is a “smile� bow shaped from a spectacular combination of sharp cuttings on a main curve extruding the engine cap that tickles the future.



At the back of B - Design the boot has a large cap well designed with the continuing curves from the wings up on the back wheels keeping the finesse. At the center down on closing there is an arrow showing up that is hugging the evaporation deep down in the center under the boot.



Having a look once again at the front is the adjustment of every bent, cutting angle and curved form on a horizontal thin sharp ending line that brings the long distance future so close to B - Design perspectives. That is a new open dimension waiting to be driven.

High Quality Navigation

User Friendly Attributions Invironment & B - Design

An intelligent design uses wonders of hi-technology systems with programs of interaction solving matters or problems in hard use, fun, auto piloting, driving experience simulator and goes on. All that with the computers, the sensors, the internet or communication with satellites and light flexable screens can bring you in front of the experience of B - Design.

> Wide open windscreen > Dynamic shape > Premium & luxury finesse with sport touch > Modern classic & future style > Plenty interior spaces > Relaxing and comfortable > Smart front face (with a smile on) > Original

B - Design is an exchange of respecting and accepting who the owner is. When a driver or just a passenger salutes and take a drive there are opportunities of creating and admiring every motion by this experience. B - Design saves personalities from ordinary. After all it gets the behavior from the friendly front bow and that is enough to teach good manners.

B - Design


A brochure-presentation about Lexus Design Awards of my B-Design

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