Casino Life Issue 141 Volume 16

Page 38

Feature: AGA Reed How is the marketplace for new products and games, given the Covid-19 restraints under which casinos are operating? How will clients be able to assess these new offerings absent the G2E show floor?

KC: The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly taken a toll across the entire gaming industry. While operators assess their needs and strategy, gaming suppliers are innovating and creating new products to meet the needs of their customers. For G2E, transitioning to virtual offerings allows us to connect the industry for key business and networking opportunities, even without a traditional expo-hall floor. What is the impact of a canceled G2E going to be on manufacturers and small vendors? What’s their best alternative for reaching potential customers? KC: Generally, exhibitors, manufacturers and the broader G2E community understand and support the decision to cancel an in-person event this year. Exhibiting at G2E is a significant cost for manufacturers every year, but is particularly difficult while navigating the current economic downturn. As we build out virtual components, a top goal is to provide exhibitors with a myriad of opportunities to connect with potential buyers virtually, providing value without the same resources required for a physical show. Is the shift to virtual trade shows inexorable or will Korbi Carrison, G2E Event Director

Korbi Carrison: We made the difficult decision to postpone G2E Asia as continued travel and restrictions present too much uncertainty for holding successful and safe events this year. We are excited to reconvene at the Venetian Macao from May 25-27, 2021. In the case of the G2E Las Vegas, how is the gap until the next show to be bridged? What sort of virtual trade-show events can we expect to see and, when? MP: We are committed to offering virtual G2E events throughout 2020 and into next year that facilitate economic, education, and networking opportunities to support gaming’s recovery and provide value to our G2E community. Announcements on plans for virtual events will be shared in the coming weeks. 38

traditional expos make a comeback? MP: We’re in the hospitality and entertainment industry and know firsthand that people want to meet and engage with others in person. Organizations depend on face-to-face meetings to win new customers, close new deals and develop highperforming talent. The business outcome of a face-to-face meeting far exceeds any other. We look forward to the moment when we can convene together again with our colleagues from across the world and celebrate the resilience that our industry is known for. What is your level of optimism about G2E 2021? MP: We are spending this time reimagining our physical trade show to ensure G2E is reflective of the modern, 21st century it represents and are looking forward to reconvening together in 2021.