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The “Green-Lab” Project Bridgeport’s International Academy, Green Rooftop Eco-Education Lab

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Proposed BIA Green Lab

Bridgeport International Academy Committed to academic excellence, moral development, global citizenship 285 Lafayette Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604 Phone (203) 334-3434

BIA, Green Rooftop& Eco-Education Lab Dear BIA current and future stakeholders, As you may or may not know, Bridgeport International Academy is a private, college preparatory high school committed to academic excellence, moral development, cultural diversity and global citizenship in the heart of Bridgeport’s transforming inner city.  In our efforts to build international, intercultural, and inter-religious awareness and understanding, we believe one of the strongest catalysts of our tenets is a greater awareness of our Planet Earth and the common bonds we all share as we coexist as one global family. We have seen the future and the future is green. Nora Spurgin, Principal Dr. Hugh D. Spurgin, President

Peter van Geldern, Fine Arts & Architecture, Sustainability Director, BIA

The BIA Green LAB Project is a seminal initiative designed to build a new and shared model for environmental learning for K-12 students. Our proposed indoor/outdoor Rooftop Green Lab and Mobile Green Lab will be immersive, tactile and engaging in its nature, while in nature. These dynamic settings will be coupled with a rigorous educational standard that will prepare our students for their upcoming roles they will play in the emerging global green economy. The BIA Green LAB leverages a vast local and international network of green professionals, educators and pioneering practices that will manifest in our educational program. Partners, like the Cloud Institute, that already provide a vast and growing curriculum which we will quickly integrate into our program. This single partner is just one example of our unique learning network model that will exponentially increase the student opportunity to learn and effectively touch the lives of countless youth here and abroad, preparing them to be "market ready" right out of high school. As a school of local, national and international students and educators, we are honored and excited to be pioneering both a visionary high school model and this seminal environmental program under the same roof, a green roof. Please review our following Grant request to better understand how our vision, network model and academic expertise are what makes us the most appropriate and uniquely eligible for grant funding for the execution of the upcoming and ongoing BIA Green LAB Project.



Nora & Hugh Spurgin.

Peter van Geldern.

Principle and President, BIA

Director of Sustainability, BIA 285 Lafayette Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604 Phone (203) 334-3434

BIA, Green Rooftop& Eco-Education Lab Project written scope Building Upgrades The BIA facility has a long history of teaching and outreach dating back to the 1880’s. To accomplish our goal of a green roof lab several fundamental upgrades will be required. As Students will occupy the new green roof and rooftop classroom a new roof membrane will be needed to repair the current inadequate and faulty roof. Structural improvements will be required for the proposed roof occupancy and activity. The elevators will need to be upgraded to a modern Green standard to accommodate increased traffic. 9’ Railings will be required throughout for code and safety issues. This list includes general repairs like brick pointing, safety and code requirements, and general beautification.

Energy Efficiency Systems & Alternative Energy Generation HVAC upgrades will be required in order to accommodate the new BIA Green LAB Facilities. The Lab will be partially powered by alternate energy solutions such as wind, PV or H2O Solar, bio mass energy production, etc.

Rooftop Classrooms Students will require a indoor lab setting for there studies and appropriate Lab activity. Lab tables, sinks, proper electric lighting/daylighting, ventilation, bathrooms, safety equipment and new media/computers facilities.

Mobile Green Lab The BIA Mobile Green LAB will take students sustainability education programs into the environment that they are learning to save.

Curriculum, Staff & Training National and international sustainability curriculum will be integrated into the BIA Green Lab in conjunction with the additional staff and training required for the success of the project.

Professional Services, Oversite and Management To accomplish a safe and professional project, professional services will be required such as Master planning, fundraising, architectural & engineering, fire safety, P&Z services. Professional oversight, documentation and project management will define the flow and execution of this project to it’s completion.

Maintenance & Continued Leadership 285 Lafayette Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604 Phone (203) 334-3434

BIA, Green Rooftop& Eco-Education Lab Line Item Scope BUILDING Condensing Boilers Weatherization Brick Pointing Elevator Upgrade/Replace GREEN ROOF Demo old roofing Roof Repair/ structure upgrade Ecodrain area Green Roof Grass area Gravel area Roof Curb Lower roof 6' Rail Upper roof 6' Rail Relocate roof drains GREEN LAB Photo Voltaic area Wind generator Net Metering system Deck Class/Bthrooms Upper Garden roof New Stairs Planters Work Stations/Grow Tables Outdoor furnishing Indoor furnishing Utility sink Hose Bibs Green House Mobile lab (bus with lab facilities) Hydroponics installation Green Curriculm Staff & training


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OVERHEAD Professional Services Permits and Construction Docs Oversee and Management Maintenance and Leadership 285 Lafayette Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604 Phone (203) 334-3434

About BIA Bridgeport International Academy (BIA) recognizes academic excellence and the mastery of technical abilities as essential aspects of each individual's education. Equally important is the development of character and the embodiment of integrity and personal ethics. A fully educated person must develop the ability to use knowledge and skills for the benefit of others.

Our Mission Bridgeport International Academy is a private, college preparatory high school committed to academic excellence, moral development, global citizenship, cultural diversity, and the advancement of international, intercultural, and inter-religious awareness and understanding. The Academy seeks to achieve these goals by offering a knowledgeable and culturally diverse faculty and staff and a holistic, educational experience, which emphasizes the study of core subjects, oral and written communication, technological skills, character education, community service, physical education, the arts, and extracurricular activities.

Our Educational Philosophy Bridgeport International Academy fosters a social, spiritual milieu in which students make a commitment to adhere to a sexually abstinent, substance-free lifestyle. The Academy provides a positive learning environment which seeks to instill in each student a reverence for God, respect for others, responsibility for the environment, and a sense of participating in a global community. 285 Lafayette Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604 Phone (203) 334-3434

Project Leadership

  Nora Spurgin, Principle, BIA

  Dr.Hugh D. Spurgin, President, BIA

  Peter van Geldern, Fine Arts and Architecture, Sustainability Director, BIA

Mr. van Geldern has over 30 years in the field of, Architecture and innovation. In the last decade, Peter has been pioneering an emerging fields of sustainable design, grassroots entrepreneurism, and the development of new network models for community building and education. Peter is a serial entrepreneur, green visionary and thought leader in America’s growing green movement, leading the charge in transitioning our post consumer society towards a more just and sustainable one. 285 Lafayette Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604 Phone (203) 334-3434

BIA Green Lab Proposal