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Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency Sales Training E-study Guide

FrigiTek tCube ColdStik Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency Recommended Applications: Anywhere walk-in freezers and commercial refrigeration equipment is used. Best for use in school cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, breweries, and restaurants.

Simplicity can save so much.

Simple products can greatly increase energy efficiency in your refrigeration systems. brings a family of energy saving solutions to the food and beverage industries that have been proven to reduce energy consumption. Individually, these products offer great energy and cost savings for your commercial refrigeration needs. Combined, these technologies work synergistically to dramatically reduce your consumption of energy and to offer measurable cost savings. Contact our product leaders or the person who introduced you to today to find

Dave Peters and John DiNenna National Product Leaders of TCube, ColdStik, and Frigitek Please contact us to find out how our products help your refrigeration system reduce its load and save you money.

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tCube TCube

is a simple device that fits over the thermostat probe on a refrigerator or freezer. Inside TCube is a material that has been proven by the NSF to mimic the thermal properties of food and beverages. Now, rather than responding to rapidly fluctuating air temperature, TCube allows the unit to respond to food temperature instead. The more accurate and stable temperature provided by TCube causes the compressor to have fewer, but much longer cycles. These longer cycles create "thermal inertia" as food cools for longer periods of time (at a more accurate temperature), thereby increasing the efficiency of the unit.

So how does TCube save you money? Because the compressor is cycling less often (up to 80% less), the life of the compressor is extended. Since it is also operating more efficiently, less energy is used. Multiple case studies have demonstrated that refrigeration units use between 10% to 30% less energy with TCube, while maintaining the desired temperature in the unit to ensure food safety.

Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency •

Test results from a walk-in at a Chick-fil-A Restaurant without TCube

41 cycles in 12 hrs.

with TCube

14 cycles in 12 hrs.

66% reduction in compressor cycles with TCube with a 20% reduction in energy use.

Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency •

ColdStik ...the perfect complement to the


* measures food temperature, NOT air temperature! * optimize the TCube through accurate set point adjustment

Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency Benefits of ColdStik R efrigerator

thermometers only read the air temperature of the inside of the refrigerator. But the new ColdStik has a thermometer encapsulated in a silicone gel that mimics the properties of food. Now you can monitor the exact temperature of the food, thus eliminating waste while maximizing the benefit of TCube. Less food waste lowers the cost of food; lower cost brings in more customers. Supermarkets, convenient stores and restaurants that keep their prices down by reducing waste have a tremendous advantage over those that don't. Using the ColdStik is the simplest and most effective way to create that advantage.

ColdStik: • Saves time, money, food and energy. • Does not need to be assembled or installed. • Gives you accurate food temperature • Is inexpensive; begins saving money immediately. • Decreases company "shrinkage" • Keeps consumer costs down.


2005 America's supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants were forced to throw away 27 million tons of useable food. Most of this waste is due to improper refrigeration, which can be fairly easily resolved. Undercooling—and more commonly, overcooling— causes food, particularly produce, to expire up to several days prematurely. The ColdStik requires no assembly or installation of any kind. By simply placing it in the cooler, it reads the temperature of the items inside, enabling the operator to adjust the power accordingly.


= $

ColdStik is designed to

ensure that the cooler's temperature is appropriately set. Doing so maximizes the life of the food, while minimizing waste.

FrigiTek Evaporator Fan Motor Efficiency The Frigitek controller works in conjunction with 2 speed EC (electronically commutated) motors to maximize their efficiency and nearly double the energy savings provided by EC motors alone. The Frigitek ECMotor Controller functions by sensing the operational status of the cooling system, and controls the speed of the EC evaporator fans. When the thermostat is satisfied and the compressor cycles off, the Frigitek controller will sense the compressor off cycle and will switch the motors to the slower speed. It does not require a refrigeration specialist for installation. Frigitek controllers are available for single-phase refrigerators and freezers, such as those used in convenience stores and restaurants, and for three-phase industrial-size refrigerators and freezers. Typical return on investment for a Frigitek system, including cost of installation, is typically under 20 months. In areas where energy costs are high, it can be closer to 12 months.

New 2 speed EC motors

How FrigiTek Saves Energy Below is an example of the type of savings when comparing a 3-fan motor evaporator unit with standard shaded pole motors to a walk-in unit fitted with 3 2-speed EC motors and a Frigitek controller.

Fan Motor Energy Use

Before Frigitek

4,370. KWH/yr

After Frigitek

649. KWH/yr

Total Savings

3,711. KWH/yr

An 84.9% reduction in energy use

These savings figures were calculated from the Safety Analysis Program created by Energy Control Equipment. This spreadsheet, created by Energy Control Equipment, has been approved and locked by KEMA, an international company assisting most power utilities in the US with their rebate programs. Several power utilities are currently issuing rebates using this calculator.

WhatFrigiTek How FrigiTekSaves SavesEnergy Money Consider this: The cost of electricity to operate an evaporator coil with 3 conventional fan motors is:

$655.62 per year

(Based on $.15 per KWH)

By just installing EC motors (Electrically Commutated), the cost to operate the fans is:

$283.82 per year This is a reduction of 56.7%.

However, by installing two-speed EC Motors with a Frigitek速 ECMotor Controller, the cost to operate the fan motors is reduced to:

$98.94 per year A reduction of 84.9%.

FrigiTek Simply Put

Older shaded pole motors

There is also a dramatic reduction of heat created in the box with the introduction of the cooler running 2-speed EC motors and the Frigitek controller.

New EC 2 speed motors


= 390,000 BTU’s per month

An 80% reduction in heat created in the box

= 80,000 BTU’s per month

Less heat produced in the box lowers compressor run time - saving energy. Laboratory test results show this reduced heat to lower compressor run times

as much as 25%.

FrigiTek Customer Testimonials “In terms of the Frigitek, an average overall electrical costs savings of 29% has been realized after Frigitek was installed on our coils. The breakdown is as follows:” Before - November 2008 - $ 2,368.57 - 32640 KWH Used After - November 2009 - $ 1,971.67 – 23232 KWH Used

Avg Daily Usage 960 Avg Daily Usage 704

Joseph N. Mangione - Vice President - Crescent Beer Distributor, Inc. “The combination of the ECM motors and controllers will produce annual savings of more than 40,000 kWh and 4.5 kW of demand. At today’s energy prices, this equates to more than $9,000 in annual electricity bill savings. The difference between the pre- and post-installation energy needed to run the evaporator fans is clearly seen.” Watanabe Floral Inc. pre-Frigitek w/o EC motors

post-Frigitek with EC motors

“The 38.7% reduction in electric usage in our large food cooler was even greater than expected. With 2 coolers and a freezer all over 5,000 cubic feet, we are naturally excited about this level of cost savings on utilities. And of course, it is important to note that we did not experience any problems with our equipment after installation of the fan controllers.” Fay Bolick - Second Harvest Food Bank

“On behalf of the Couch Distributing Company, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with the outstanding results following the installation of Energy Control Equipment's Frigitek. In just two months, we’ve doubled the energy savings that was projected. That savings equates to a 25% decrease in our utility bill. Now that’s talking. I was also impressed with how easy our electrician found the installation process. I really expected there would be complications and I was somewhat concerned about installation costs, when all was said and done. I was pleasantly surprised on both points.” Marty Corley - Facilities Manager, Couch Distributing Company


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