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THE PARISH NEWS (Sparkford, Weston Bampfylde and Little Weston) (with Sutton Montis)

May 1986

Vo1.1, No.12 Editor:

Mark Berry, Bridge Cottage, Sparkford, North



I read somewhere recently that if January 1st falls on a Wednesday, as it did this year, it foretold a hard winter, a wet spring, and a fine summer. We had the hard winter, we're having the wet spring - so here's hoping! CHURCHWARDENS SPARKFORD: WESTON



Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr

F. Warren, 61 Church Road, Sparkford. North Cadbury 40578. G. Chappell, The Windles, Twines Close, Sparkford. North Cadbury 40522. A. Hoskins, Springfields, Weston Bampfylde. North Cadbury 40026. H. Bishop, Middle Farm, Weston Bampfylde. North Cadbury 40246. B. Rainey, Sutton Farm, Sutton Montis. Corton Denham 246. M. Biggs, Washing Pool Cottage, Sutton Montis. North Cadbury 40339.

Items for the next issue by May 18th, please.



At the April meeting of the Parish Council the Chairman, Mr. Cluett. reported that work on the new playing field is going ahead but more volunteers. to assist with fencing etc., would be most welcome. Work on repairing the bridge at Weston Bampfylde is progressing but it is expected that the road will be closed for a little while yet. A letter from British Telecom, in response to our complaint about the telephone box at Sparkford, states in effect that the box does not earn its keep and, therefore, does not warrant an individual cleaning programme. However, the Cleaning Supervisor has agreed that it should receive some special attention in view of our complaint. A suggestion by British Telecom that we should arrange to 'rush out and pick up the bits' just before the Judges arrive for the judging of the next 'Best Kept Village' competition (summer 1987) was dismissed as ridiculous. It was agreed to keep the matter under review. Sparkford is to be included in a quarterly scavenge in the cleansing service provided by the South Somerset District Council. Scavenge to concentrate on the following areas:1) Church Road from the A303 to Twines Close. 2) A303: The Avenue from the eastern end of the lay-by over the rail bridge to High Street to western end of Harwarden Terrace. 3) 50 metres along A359 towards Castle Cary from the A303. 4) Bus Shelter. The Clerk is to ask that the whole of Church Road be included in this concentration. The S.C.C. is responsible for highway maintenance which should include road channel sweeping and gully emptying. The situation will be kept under review. It was learned that the tree in the cricket field was felled without permission due to a misunderstanding. It was agreed that the arborist from South Somerset District Council should be asked to inspect all the trees in the cricket field and meanwhile, two lime trees have been ordered to fill the gap left. The Parish Council agreed to support Option A which, in effect, means no boundary changes to this Ward. Mrs. Cottier reported that compulsory purchase orders had been issued and work on the proposed A303 bypass could begin in about 18 months. Mrs. Cottier also brought to the notice of the meeting a dangerous branch hanging from a chestnut tree in the Glebe field. Mr. Hoskins, who rents this field from the Church Commisioners agreed to inspect the tree and, if necessary, the advice of a tree surgeon would be requested. A damaged stone wall on the bend beyond Sparkford Church is to be inspected and repaired as necessary. NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, 6th. May, 7.30 p.m.



A warm thank you from Mr. Cluett to all who attended the ANNUAL PARISH MEETING. A full report to follow later. Avril Ward Clerk to the Council

CHURCH 4th. May - Easter 5. Rogation Sunday. 8.00 a.m. Holy Communion 10.00 a.m. Holy Communion (joint) 8th. May - Ascension Day. 7.30 p.m. Deanery Service 11th. May - Sunday after Ascension. 9.30 a.m. Holy Communion 11.15 a.m. Morning Prayer 6.30 p.m. Evening Prayer 18th. May - Whitsunday. 9.30 a.m. Morning Prayer 11.15 a.m. Holy Communion 6.30 p.m. Evening Prayer 25th. May - Trinity Sunday. 9.30 a.m. Holy Communion 11.15 a.m. Holy Communion 6.30 p.m. Evening Prayer 1st. June - Trinity 1. 8.00 a.m. Holy Communion 10.00 a.m. Holy Communion (joint)

Sutton Montis Sparkford

Sparkford Sutton Montis Weston Bampfylde

Archdeacon of Wells. Archdeacon of Wells. Rev. C. Edmundson.

Sparkford Weston Bampfylde Sutton Montis

Mr. R. Dick. Preb. J. Swingler. Rev. C. Edmundson.

Sparkford Sutton Montis Weston Bampfylde

Rev. R. Snowsell. Rev. R. Snowsell. Mrs. R. Hoskins.

Sutton Montis Weston Bampfylde

Preb. J. Swingler. Archdeacon of Wells.


11th 6.30 p.m. 18th 3.00 p.m. 25th 3.00 p.m.



Cleaning. Mrs. Baker & Mrs. North Mrs. Singer & Mrs. Norris Mrs. Deacon & Mrs. Ridout Mrs. Spencer & Mrs. Hoddinot Mrs. Chappell & Mrs. Warren

Flowers. Flower Guild Mrs. Baker Mrs. Warren Mrs. Ryall Flower Guild

SOUTH BARROW METHODIST Preachers appointed 4th 6.30 p.m. 8th 7.30 p.m.

Rev. R. Snowsell. Rev. R. Snowsell.

Castle Cary Church.

SPARKFORD 4th. May 11 tho May 18th. May 25th. May 1st. June


Sidesmen. Mr. N. Toop. Mr. N. Yeates. Mr. G. Chappell. Mr. F. Warren. Weston Bampfylde.


May 1986 Mr. A. Lukehurst Church Anniversary. Chairman: Mr. F. Beamond, Speaker: Rev. C. Bacon, Soloist: Pamela Coppard. Refreshments will be served after the service. Mr. M. Buckland Rev. R. Sargent Family Service

WESTON BAMPFYLDE At the Annual Church Meeting at Weston Treasurer and Secretary were re-elected.



the same Churchwardens

were appointed,

and the

Churchwardens: Mr. A. Hoskins and Mr. H. Bishop Treasurer: Mr. H. Bishop Secretary: Mr. F. Hoskins The Sidesmen and Church Council were also re-elected. It was decided to go ahead with the outside painting of the Church and with necessary small repairs. Consideration is also being given to treating and staining the wooden ceiling of the Church. The chestnut tree has been braced with steel wires and pruned.

The Easter service at Weston Bampfylde Church was well attended and a very joyful occasion. The collection of ÂŁ53 has been donated to the Deanery Fund for Ordinands in Training. Our sincere thanks to Prebendary Jack Swingler for taking the service.



The Annual Parochial Church Meeting of Sutton Montis took place on Monday, 7th April. It was regretted that Mrs. Roffey felt she must leave the PCC, but it was agreed that Mr. and Mrs. E. Davis should

be invited to join, and that Mr. Davis should be asked to be a sidesman. The Hon. Treasurer produced the accounts and said how important it was that fund-raising efforts should be continued. The satisfactory state of church funds was due in great measure to the generous donations given by Mrs. W. Davis and Mrs. H. Tabor after the funerals of Mr. Davis and Mr. Tabor. They had both been life-long supporters of the church and the parish had good reason to be grateful to them both and to have regarded them with respect and affection. Mr. Rainey expressed his thanks to all concerned in the work of the parish, and the meeting felt also that thanks should be given to the churchwardens and to Mr. Alan Hoskins for running affairs so efficiently in the absence of a rector. One important point raised was the Diocesan rule of no plastic flowers in the churchyard. It was voted unanimously that this ruling must be upheld.

SUTTON £10 winners: Future event:


100 CLUB

March: No. 91 Mrs. J.B. Lea April: No. 54 Mrs. G. Brooks Friday, 16th May, 7.30 p.m. Spring party and £50 draw.




Luckily, the afternoon of Saturday, April 5th., was fine, at least long enough for the competitors in the pram race to complete the gruelling three laps of the course. Many and varied were the vehicles entered (some of which, unfortunately, needed attention in the pits) and also the costumes of the pushers and pushed. The Winners of the race were: in the senior section, Louise Ball and Tammy Roylance, and in the junior section, Darren Lawrence and Nicola Wall. The total sum raised from sponsorship and from the activities in the Parish Hall, is not yet accurately available, but will probably be in the region of £200. Congratulations to all who helped to organise the event, especially Mrs. Rosalind White, and to all who entered the race itself. as well as those who came along to support it. The following letter has been received from Queen Camel School:Dear Mr. & Mrs. White, Thank you and all your friends for Saturday'S sponsored pram race and bring and buy sale. It was most encouraging to see the effort you are all making on behalf of our swimming pool appeal. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by us all. Staff and Children of Queen Camel School.

DAY OUT? Southern National are again running their monthly coach to Salisbury, on the first Tuesday in each month up to and including December. The coach picks up at Sparkford Bus Shelter (opposite Church Road) at 9.40 a.m. arriving in Salisbury at 10.55 a.m., and leaves Salisbury for the return journey at 3.30 p.m. arriving in Sparkford at 4.35 p.m. No need to book in advance, pay on the coach. Leaflets with full details are available from the Post Office.




There is still a great deal of work to be done in the playing field area - fencing to be completed, ground levelling and preparing, etc. - before any suitable play equipment can be installed. The Association would be grateful if those who volunteered to help, and anyone else who has some free time and would like to assist, will contact Alison Roylance, Joss Cottage, Church Road (North Cadbury 40577).




Annual Parish Meeting, 2nd April 1986, at South Cadbury. Mr. Cluett and Mrs. Cottier kindly attended and gave accounts of District and County Council business affecting the Parish. Chairman's Report: Major Weber gave a summary of the main business of the Parish Council during the year, viz:Old Peoples' Housing: The District Council is continuing negotiations for the purchase of sites for two dwellings in the projected development next to the Red Lion in S. Cadbury. Sparkford Bypass/Chapel Cross: The present planning intentions appear to satisfy the representations of North & South Cadbury Parish Councils, providing at Chapel Cross junctions to East and Westbound carriageways and a bridge to take the N. Cadbury/S. Cadbury road over the carriageway.

S. Cadbury Sewers: The scheme has been included in the District Council's 5-year programme, work to begin in 1991/92. Financial: Grants of £25 each have been made to both village halls and to both PCCs for churchyard maintenance. It is intended to increase the Parish Precept application from £100 to £200 per annum. Accounts: A summary of the Parish Council Accounts for 1985/86 is:Nearest £ Brought Forward Income:

RECEIPTS Precept Deposit A/c Interest

262 100


EXPENDITURE Grants Administrative Expenses Clerk's Expenses Balance to 1986/87


100 16 11 240 £367

General discussions followed, electors taking part. It was resolved to put on record the Parish's appreciation of the District Council Staffs assistance to victims during the Christmas flood emergency in 1985. There was general agreement to the increased Precept. Brodie Lea Parish Clerk

IN BRIEF The coffee morning at Mrs. Fox's on April 9th, raised £32 for Evergreen funds. The coffee evening at Bridge Cottage on April 11 th, realised £43 for Parish Hall Funds. Sparkford Parish Hall bingo on April 12th, resulted in a profit of £53. The Skittles evening on the 17th April at the Sparkford Inn raised the sum of £53 for Sparkford Church. Grateful thanks are extended to all the organisers of the above events, and to all who took part and helped to make them so successful. Maria Ham, of Church Road, collected £23.73 in the recent collection for the Blind. Well done Maria! Weather permitting! the mowers and strimmers will be in action in Sparkford churchyard on Thursday evenings. Volunteers to help will be welcomed. We regret to report the recent death of Mrs. B. Burgess, of Sparkford. We extend our deepest sympathy to all her family and friends.


8th. 8th. 10th. 16th. 17th. 17th. 19th. 24th.

Sutton Montis Church Coffee morning, at Washing Pool Cottage, Sutton Montis, by kind invitation of Mr. & Mrs. Biggs, 10.30 a.m. Sparktord Parish Hall Annual General Meeting in the Parish Hall, 7.30 p.m. The Parish Hall needs your support, so please make the effort to come, with your ideas and suggestions. Ascension Day. Deanery Service at Castle Cary Church, 7.30 p.m. South Barrow Methodist Church Anniversary Service, 7.30 p.m. Sparkford Parish Hall Bingo, 7.30 p.m. Sutton Montis Village Hall Spring Party, including 100 Club £50 draw, 7.30 p.m. Sparkford Church Flower Guild Coffee morning, Grey Gables, Church Road (Mr. & Mrs. N. Yeates) 10.30 a.m. - 12 noon. Bring and buy stall. Raffle. South Barrow Playing Field Bingo, Sparkford Parish Hall, 7.30 p.m. Weston Bampfylde Parochial Church Council meeting, Weston Bampfylde Hall, 7.30 p.m. w.1. jumble sale, The Pavilion, South Cadbury, 2.30 p.m. Cake and produce stall, Refreshments. Admission free. Articles may be left at the Pavilion on Friday, 23rd May, 6.30 p.m. - 8.00 p.m., or contact Mrs. Hauser on Corton Denham 475

JUNE 7th. 7th. 14th.

jumble sale in aid of Sparkford Church, Sparkford Parish Hall, 2.30 p.m. Bingo in aid of Queen Camel Day Care Centre, Sparkford Parish Hall, 7.30 p.m. Sparkford Parish Hall Bingo, 7.30 p.m.



Rachel's Salon: On April 29th and from that date onwards, Rachel's Salon will be closed on Tuesday afternoons from 1.00 p.m. Paddock House Gardens, Sutton Montis: Rhubarb will be available in 10lb boxes from May onwards, and Raspberries in 11b punnets from june. Please note in your diaries that dessert apples will be available in the second half of August and Cox's from mid-September.

AFTERTHOUGHT We were watching 'The Dukes of Hazzard' on television a couple of weeks ago, and one remark of Uncle jesse's stuck in our minds: "A stranger's just a friend we've never met". Think about it.

The Parish News Vol.1 No.12 May 1986  

THE PARISH NEWS Vol.1 No.12 May 1986 Editor: Mark Berry Welcome to our 12th Edition Happy reading.