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January 2010


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executive/finance Mary LaRocque Chair Marlin Travel Terry Merrill Past-Chair Holiday Inn Peterborough Waterfront Arlynn Dupuis Vice-Chair McGillen Ayotte Dupuis Tony Smith Treasurer Tristone Media Group Stuart Harrison Secretary Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Jef Dueck Director-At-Large 91.9BOBFM/Country 105/Energy 99.7 Betty Johnson Director-At-Large Century 21 United Realty

directors Dick Crawford Crawford Building Consultants Bob Doornenbal The Peterborough Examiner Brad Hilker Peterborough Regional Health Centre Patric Marren Nationwide Barter Drew Merrett Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre Kamran Qayyum Siemens Milltronics Process Instruments Inc.

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Mayor Paul Ayotte City of Peterborough Karl Moher Douro-Dummer Deputy Reeve County of Peterborough Marg Dawson Peterborough County Federation of Agriculture

The Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce 175 George St. N. Peterborough 705.748.9771


Your 2009 Board Chair

Mary LaRocque Mary LaRocque is the 2009 Chair of the Board and the Owner/Operator of Marlin Travel. Mary can be reached at 705-748-6200

Tony Smith

Arlynn Dupuis

Tony Smith is the 2009 Policy Committee Chair and the 2009 Treasurer. Tony is the owner of Tristone Media Group and can be reached at 705-745-3946

Arlynn Dupuis is the 2009 Membership Committee Chair and Attorney & Partner with McGillen, Ayotte, Dupuis. Arlynn can be reached at 705-748-2241

Stuart Harrison Ext. 202 General Manager Cynthia Hamu Ext. 201 Office Manager Shelley Gauthier Ext. 204 Administrative Assistant Anne Arnold, CSP Ext. 200 Membership Services Manager Cathy Martin Ext. 214 Event Coordinator/Marketing Assistant Lindsay Walker Ext. 210 Front Line Coordinator Krista Laidley Ext. 205 Licensing Supervisor Reception Ext. 0

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Jef Dueck Jef Dueck is the 2009 Program Committee Chair and Account Manager for Country 105/ Energy 99.7 FM/91.9 BOB FM. Jef can be reached at 705-742-8844


bymary larocque (Marlin Travel)


Your 2009 Board Chair ell, it’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of 2009. What an incredible year it has been. My time as Chair of the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce has come during a period when the economic landscape of the world has been uncertain at best. Today, businesses continue to face significant challenges as they begin their economic recovery. Our Chamber has also been faced with challenges since the announcement of the Licensing Bureau closing on November 29th, 2010. We know the challenges firsthand that businesses face in today’s marketplace. We are confident as we move forward in our plans for 2010. After a year of uncertainty, it is certainly looking very positive for 2010.

While you might think that the obstacles posed by these circumstances would make my responsibilities as Chair a chore, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I have never been more proud of this organization, never been more optimistic about the future for our Chamber, and never felt more energized and enthusiastic about our collective future. It has been a privilege to serve in this capacity and to do my small part to ensure the Chamber continues to build its tradition, not only as a trusted and reliable professional resource, but also as an organization that is flexible and responsive in its ability to evolve and meet the changing needs of its diverse membership. This year saw your Chamber implement a number of initiatives to help our members through these trying times. Our Think Positive Campaign early in the year was a great success and was widely received and promoted by our local media, and TONABEE we thank them for NIMAL that. As we begin our OSPITAL road to recovery we expand on that theme Mobile and In Hospital Care with continuing Emergency Service Available to: Think Positive. Think Growth. Think Prosperity, Think Excellence. (705) 743-4936







During this exceptional year we saw a record number of our members still attend all the wonderful events that the Chamber hosts, such as the Annual Gala, the Golf Tournament , Prosperity Tradeshow and, of course, the Business Excellence Awards. These events could not happen

I would like to thank everyone for allowing me the opportunity to be your Chairperson this past year without a dedicated group of volunteers and Chamber staff. Our sponsors are very important to the success of these events and I thank them for their contribution.

I truly have enjoyed working and getting to know this year’s Board of Directors. They are a dynamic group of business people who continue to work hard on behalf of our Chamber network. They are a dedicated group who has brought many great ideas to the table over the past year. I am constantly impressed with the ingenuity, dedication and inspired leadership of our staff and General Manager. It was truly incredible to see Stuart named the Executive of the Year for populations under 100,000 at the Canadian Chambers Annual Conference in Victoria. This award is a wonderful reflection of not only Stuart and his achievements, but a true reflection of our Chamber’s success under his leadership over the past 6 years. I would like to thank everyone for allowing me the opportunity to be your Chairperson this past year. I have truly enjoyed my involvement with the Chamber over the past 6 years and look forward to the New Year with many exciting new possibilities ahead. I would encourage everyone to get involved with your Chamber of Commerce. It is filled with great opportunities, both personally and professionally.


bytony smith (Tristone Media Group), 2009 treasurer


Our 2009 Year in Review

e entered 2009 cautiously optimistic with a well thought out budget. But…, without knowledge of how the recession might impact our revenue streams and ultimately impact our bottom line. Throughout the year we consistently watched for any trend lines that might indicate a deterioration of any one of the multitude of revenue streams. Monthly Year End Forecasts, by line item, were produced to monitor year end projected results compared to budget. This discipline helped assure that expenses matched revenues and remained under control throughout the year. It also gave us a mechanism to take any action necessary to assure we met the break even budget bottom line.

Membership – 33% of Revenues Membership revenues came in at 106% to budget. A very strong result that shows that our members believe they are getting exceptional value from your Chamber, even more so in a down turned economy. Miscellaneous - 22% of Revenues The miscellaneous revenue bucket is a catch all of revenue streams generated by such line items as the membership directory, group insurance, advertising and interest income revenue. Here we took a hit as advertising and interest income on investments fell short of budget. The result was miscellaneous revenues fell short of budget by 15%.

Licensing Bureau - 45% of Revenues Licensing Bureau revenue remained strong albeit below budget at 97% to budget. The severely weakened auto sector and ongoing strike at the Motor Vehicle Driver’s test centers had an impact.

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Special Events The numerous special events run by your Chamber “Prosperity Trade Show, Golf Tournament, Excellence Awards, etc.” are an extremely important contributor to the income stream. Special Events yielded a net profit of $53,000.00. So, keep attending the events, folks.

A major financial shock to the Chamber ocurred this year when Service Ontario announced it was terminating our Motor Vehicle Licensing contract effective November 2010. Although this has no impact on 2009, it will have a financial hit in 2010 and a major impact on our 2011 budget. We have a substantial challenge ahead of us to replace the resultant loss of revenue and income with other defined streams of revenue. Your Chamber is Thinking Positive, that we will have a plan of action in place by the end of the first quarter 2010. The bottom line is your Chamber produced a 2009 “Pre Audit” operating income of $6,000.00 on a budget of $400.00. It is a very good way to retire as Treasurer! It was my privilege to serve your Chamber as Treasurer in both 2008 and 2009. I look forward to passing over the helm to incoming Treasurer, Jef Dueck.




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byarlynn dupuis, (McGillen, Ayotte, Dupuis) 2009 membership committee chair


2009 Year in Review

he Membership Committee was successful in completing a number of projects this year, including creation of our new Ambassador Program, assisting with the intended revamp of our Chamber’s website and completion of a membership survey. The Ambassador Program was an idea of the our Chair, Mary LaRocque, and is basically a program whereby Ambassadors of our Chamber serve as “goodwill representatives” by welcoming new and current members at various Chamber events, member functions, ribbon cuttings and grand openings throughout our community. The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to ensure that all members are comfortable at these events and hopefully this will encourage participation in our various activities. We hope to fully implement the Ambassador Program in 2010.

As many of you are aware, our committee released a membership survey this year and then evaluated the responses received by those members who participated. We were lucky to have the assistance of a Trent University professor, Sheldene Simola, who assisted us in creating the survey and the evaluation process. The survey is a great tool to assist Chamber staff as well as our Board of Directors in better serving the needs of our membership and ensuring the programs and initiatives of the Chamber are relevant. What was particularly important about the survey this year is that we were better able to evaluate responses of our various members based on the types of businesses and/or services they provide throughout our community. For example, the Chamber was able to evaluate how many of our members represent our Retail Sector and how many of those members are participating in our various activities and programs. This information will Sara & Bruce ensure we are meeting the needs of Canadian Distribution Channel all of our members throughout the Peterborough various sectors of business.

Over the last few months, we have been actively reviewing the Chamber’s website with a goal of having a new website in place in the year 2010. Our working committees have had an opportunity to review various chamber websites for the purposes of simplifying our current website and making it much more user friendly. Once the new website is completed, membership will be moving forward to better develop its member-to-member program. The Member-to-Member program is an opportunity for our members to advertise their businesses and to offer exclusive discounts to fellow Chamber members and their employees. The development of this program is on the 2010 agenda for Membership Committee and we look forward to any input members may have in its development. I would like to thank the members of the Membership Committee for all of their input and sound advice. It has been a pleasure serving as Chair of this committee for the last two years.



Competitive rates, flexible terms, start-up information, business planning and business counselling!

2009 Board of Directors “Class of 2009”

Helping your business get to the next level.

Call 705-745-5434 Visit us at 351 Charlotte St. in Ptbo or on the web

w w w. c d c . o n . c a



As this issue takes a look back at our accomplishments over 2009, we thought it only fitting to showcase our 2009 Board of Directors on the cover. These are just a few of the dedicated volunteers who helped make all our accomplishments over this past year possible.


bytony smith (Tristone Media Group), 2009 policy committee chair


2009 Year End Review

his is by far the most rewarding year I have spent serving the Chamber of Commerce as a Director. The Policy Committee is comprised of a wonderful, intelligent and dynamic group of individuals who deeply care about the community we live and play in. People that get involved in this high energy think tank atmosphere do great work in helping Peterborough & the County mature in the best interest of the community at large. My report will comprise of some of the key issues the Policy Committee accomplished in 2009 and the work in progress policy matters that will move forward for completion in 2010. I respectfully submit the below report. Government Affairs Committee The Chamber Policy Committee took upon the challenge to develop a committee comprised of independent business groups and politicians from all levels of government, including the Mayor, Warden, MPP and MP or their representatives. The Committee runs as a non Chamber committee, with your Chamber participating as an active member. Although this Committee is relatively new, it is felt that by holding regular meetings with all levels of government and community business leaders in the same room, it will provide the opportunity for preferred communication to resolve and obtain agreement on key issues and opportunities that are important to our City and County. This Committee is working, developing and growing in importance. Little Lake Master Plan The City of Peterborough is to be congratulated for their leadership in preparing a master plan for the redevelopment of Little Lake and surrounding area. The Chamber, respecting the input from all citizens, has communicated its recommendations to the Consultants and each City Councilor concerning the interests of the business

community. The specific recommendations that came out of the Sub Committee study as chaired by John Wood are as follows: That the City of Peterborough, as part of the Little Lake Master Plan: 1. Balance development of Little Lake Shoreline – incorporating green space and tourist/ residents attractions. 2. Ensure any developments/ change include economic opportunities for the area of Little Lake and the Community as a whole. 3. That the area currently represented within the Little Lake Master Plan be widened to include the area from Charlotte along Aylmer Street to Lansdowne Street rather than Charlotte along George to Lansdowne Street. The Chamber will continue to advocate these recommendations on our members’ behalf. Student Retention Task Force A task force comprised of a cross section of community stake holders was formed in order to develop a long term strategy on how our community can best retain and attract students. Your Chamber feels this is strategically important to the future of Peterborough

and the County business community. The intent is to develop a Web Portal to provide Students with a One Stop Web Shop to access information on job opportunities, business acquisition opportunities and help in creating a new business, including business planning and financing. Although a strong business case was developed for the Web Portal, it did not receive the necessary funding that was applied for in 2009. An action plan to take this initiative forward “and get it funded” will be developed in the New Year. Policy Web Page, Sub Committee Under the leadership of Dick Crawford, the Chamber’s Advocacy Website content was developed. This “up & running” web page addition enables Chamber members to easily communicate their concerns and opinions on important business and community matters that they wish the Chamber to advocate on their behalf. We encourage you to use this web tool to voice your opinion. continuted on page 16




byjef dueck (Country 105/Energy 99.7 FM/91.9 BOB FM), 2009 program committee chair


2009 Year in Review

he role of the Program Committee is to promote a positive image of the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce through community involvement and special events. Our Committees and sub-committees involve many member volunteers who donate their time to assist with all these events, from networking and professional development, to trade shows and awards ceremonies! As the new Chair of Volunteer Management, Sharon Legon leads a committee focused on recognizing these many volunteers. We will once again take a moment to recognize and show our appreciation to our volunteers at our Business After Hours on January 5th at Jake’s Neighbourhood Grill on Lansdowne Street. We urge you all to attend and thank them personally for all their hard work.


Saturday February 20, 2010 at 8PM A Showplace Presents Performance

Jackson Delta

Rick Fines

Blues Guitar player RICK FINES returns to our stage along with his award-winning trio JACKSON DELTA - Rick Fines, Al Black & Gary Peeples - together again! Tickets: $25 Adult, $18 Student, $5 eyeGO





Simply Call the Box Office and Identify yourself as a Chamber Member for the Special Rate.




The Chamber Annual Gala Dinner and Dance was held on Valentines Day, Saturday, February 14th. The theme was “Caribbean Romance” and one lucky winner walked away with a free cruise vacation! Committee Chair Sharon Legon spearheaded the plans for our grand ball to honour our incoming Chair, Mary LaRocque. The attendees enjoyed a fabulous meal, great company, and then danced the night away to wonderful live entertainment. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at the Peterborough Curling Club in March and once again contained a forum of local politicians with Municipal, Provincial and Federal representatives on hand. Each gave a quick presentation on key issues of focus for the year past and ahead, and then we opened the floor for questions. Much discussion revolved around economic growth and development opportunities for Peterborough and the surrounding area. The Annual Golf Tournament at the Kawartha Golf & Country Club in June was once again sold out! Committee Chair, Morgan Smith and a large host of volunteers enjoyed a beautiful sunny day and everyone had a lot of fun, ate some great food and of course, played some golf! Thanks to all sponsors for making the event a success, and to all our additional prize donors. Book your spot early in 2010 and you too can

enjoy all the good company and networking. The Annual Prosperity Trade Show took place on Wednesday, September 16th at the Morrow Building. Chair Pat Marren and crew were pleased to present a packed venue as booths and tables at the show were once again sold out well in advance. Traffic was busy all day and attendees enjoyed some eye opening information as they discovered the vast amount of professional products and services all being offered by Peterborough and area businesses. In 2010, don’t wait - book your spot early! The Business Excellence Awards on October 21st at the Trentwinds was once again a reason to celebrate the many examples of success and achievement in business throughout our community. Changes in categories and the simplification of the nomination process meant judges received a record number of entries, so choosing the finalists and winners in each category must have proved a daunting task for the anonymous judges. Cochaired by Betty Johnson and Kim Holmes, the event was hosted by Theresa Kaszuba of CHEX TV and Bob Doornenbal of the Peterborough Examiner. David Wills of D.M. Wills and Associates was awarded Business Citizen of the Year. Congratulations to all the nominees, finalists and winners and thanks once again to all the

volunteers who made this event such a success! The Breakfast Club introduced a new Co-Chair, Bob Tyne. This monthly event is held at the Carousel Restaurant on the 2nd Tuesday of each month and offers the opportunity to network and enjoy a variety of speakers. This is a great way to meet a number of other people with various businesses in the community and introduce yourself and your business and services. As the Chair of the Business After Hours Committee, Bob Behan has the task of working out our host locations – and events are now booked up to a year in advance. Bob and the Chamber staff visit each of the locations to ensure we will have enough room, as this event has an average attendance of over 100 guests each month! Businesses enjoy the opportunity to showcase their products and services from their own

location. This past year has again been a fun and exciting one with all our great hosts – and thanks to our BAH sponsor, OLG Slots at Kawartha Downs, attendance is always free…all you need to do is register with the Chamber office! Club Laurus, our under-40 networking group, also saw some changes for 2009. Under the leadership of a new Chair, Jason Chessar, Club Laurus also gained a sponsor - which allowed us to waive the admission fee! Our new sponsor is also our host locations – The 2nd Floor Lounge and The Historic Red Dog. Attendance has been great and you’re always guaranteed to see new faces each month as well as enjoy some fabulous speakers!

are so important for local businesses, our community, and our Chamber. Many thanks to the Chamber Staff your endless hours assisting the various Chairs and volunteers help ensure that all the events of our Program Committee remain a success, year after year! And finally, welcome to Pat Marren, your Program Committee Chair for 2010. Also a special thanks to Pat of Nationwide Barter for sponsoring the Club Laurus events previously to The 2nd Floor Lounge and The Historic Red Dog. I hope to see you all at one of these fabulous Chamber events soon!

It has been a pleasure to work with so many fantastic volunteers and business people who dedicate their time to support these Chamber events, which



January Upcoming Events... businessafterhours &

2nd annual chamber volunteer appreciation event tuesday, january 5th, 2010 Ring in the New Year by joining us at Jake’s Neighbourhood Grill for our combined Business After Hours and 2nd Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event. Be sure not to miss this unique event where you can tour Jake’s and sample delicious items from their menu, as well as share in the celebration of the accomplishments of all of our wonderful 2009 Chamber volunteers! location: Jake’s Neighbourhood Grill, 901 Lansdowne Street West time: 4:00 - 6:00 pm cost: Free, compliments of OLG Slots at Kawartha Downs please note: Pre-registration is required for this event.

breakfastclub tuesday, january 12 , 2010 th

Proud of Our Past, Positive About Our Future

Peterborough Omemee • Bobcaygeon

(705) 742-4245 • 1-800-387-1627

location: Carousel Restaurant, 116 Lansdowne Street East guest speaker: Sharla Trudell, GoSmallBiz time: 7:30 am cost: Pay for your breakfast please note: You do not need to register for this event.

clublaurus thursday, january 28 , 2010 th

location: The Historic Red Dog, 189 Hunter Street West event: ‘Club Laurus New Year Social’ (Stay tuned for more details…!) time: 5:00 - 7:00 pm cost: Free, compliments of The 2nd Floor Lounge & the Historic Red Dog please note: Pre-registration is required for this event.

Looking Ahead: businessafterhours tuesday, february 2

, 2010


Join us at the Canadian Canoe Museum for this month’s Business After Hours. location: Canadian Canoe Museum, 910 Monaghan Road, Peterborough time: 4:00 - 6:00 pm cost: Free, compliments of OLG Slots at Kawartha Downs please note: Pre-registration is required for this event.



Looking Ahead:

Growing your business ...t o ge t h e r !

121st annualchambergala saturday, february 6 , 2010 th

Please join us as we honour incoming 2010 Board Chair, Arlynn Dupuis. This year for our grand prize trip for two, sponsored by TV COGECO, the winner will have a choice of one of two options:

• Competitive rates on commercial loans and mortgages • Flexible payment options • Local credit approvals

Option 1: The Rockies, Edmonton and The Badlands, 7 days/6 nights – self-drive (car rental included) or Option 2: Ultimate West Coast Explorer (Vancouver & Victoria), 7 days/6 nights – Independent Package

Both trips include return airfare, hotel accommodation and, compliments of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, an array of complimentary vouchers to enjoy many of the local sights. For more about the grand prize trip details, please check out our website at For those members who have paid for their tickets by Friday, January 22nd, their name will be entered into the Early Bird Draw, to win Limousine Service for the evening, compliments of Ambassador Limousine. Tickets can be ordered by email at or by calling 748-9771 x0. location: Peterborough Golf & Country Club theme: “Rocky Mountain Romance!” cost: $100 + GST

Trip Sponsor:

Band Sponsored by:

Connect With Us!

breakfastclub tuesday, february 9 , 2010 th

location: Carousel Restaurant, 116 Lansdowne Street East guest speaker: TBA time: 7:30 am cost: Pay for your breakfast please note: You do not need to register for this event.

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clublaurus thursday, february 25 , 2010 th

location: The Historic Red Dog, 189 Hunter Street West guest speaker: Bruce Fitzpatrick, `The History of Downtown Peterborough” time: 5:00 - 7:00 pm cost: Free, compliments of The 2nd Floor Lounge & the Historic Red Dog please note: Pre-registration is required for this event.

NOW AVAILABLE January – June, 2010 Single Membership - $250.00 Corporate Membership - $350.00

You can register by visiting our WBN website at Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

registrationinformation Unless otherwise specified, registration is required for all Chamber events. To register, please call 748-9771 Ext. 0 or email


Promoting and supporting women in business through personal and professional growth opportunities.

to check for availablity and secure your spot contact: Anne Arnold 705.748.9771 x200



MEMBERmatters headlines New Name and Location for Kawartha Auto Cleaning

Kawartha Mobile Cleaning is now Kawartha Auto Cleaning. Owners Fiona and Barry Whitney were located at the back of the Saturn dealership for the last 9 years, but they’ve now expanded and opened a new shop at 910 High Street, Unit 9, behind Ricarts and The Office Connection. Open Monday to Saturday they offer full service interior and exterior auto detailing including wax, polish, dusting, vacuuming, tires and rims, door jams, the works! They’ll pick you up and they also have a shuttle service to Lansdowne Place. Call 705740-CARS (2277) or visit online at www.

Congratulations to Robert Winslow of 4th Line Theatre

4th Line Theatre’s Founding Artistic Director Robert Winslow has been awarded a prestigious Chalmers Arts Fellowship by the Ontario Arts Council. This award will support a six month artistic leave for Winslow during the fall of 2010 and winter of 2011. It will include an artistic residency at Farnham Malting, a multi-disciplinary creative arts centre in Surrey, England and in London, Winslow will investigate site specific theatres and conduct research for a new production. Winslow was one of only 21 recipients out of 192 applicants for this year’s Fellowship. The Chalmers Fellowship recognizes Winslow’s body of artistic achievements and clearly shows the respect which his peers have for him and his work. For more information on 4th Line Theatre, please visit their website

Clear View Organizing, for all Your Organizing Needs

New Location Open for Paget Denture Clinic

Discovery Dream Homes Awarded Manufacturer of the Year

Kathy Windrem of BDO Dunwoody LLP Elected as a Policy Board Member

Clear View Organizing is a full-service professional organizing company. Owner Andrea Brown offers home and office organization, time management, event planning, downsizing, seniors’ services, paperwork control, home staging, relocation/moving services, and bereavement services. Get organized by calling Andrea at 705-874-0519, or online at

Congratulations to Discovery Dream Homes, who at the recent Kawartha Award of Distinction Gala was awarded the Prestigious Award of Manufacturer of the Year. The award evaluates a manufacturer by: product quality, price, reliability, integrity, continuous improvement and overall customer relations. Discovery Dream Homes is a family operated business designing and manufacturing custom log and timber frame homes. For more information, please call 705-295-5647 or visit them online at

Congratulations to Anne Marshall of Elmhirst’s Resort

Anne Marshall of Elmhirst’s Resort was recently awarded a lifetime achievement award at the Ontario Tourism Awards in Windsor. For more information on Elmhirst’s Resort, please call 705-295-4591, or visit them online at

Einstein Aquatics Offers Aquarium Service and Custom Installation Sean Cormican has over 18 years of experience in the aquarium industry specializing in saltwater fish, sharks, stingrays and reef ecosystems. His new company is called Einstein Aquatics and offers aquarium service and custom installation, educational seminars, consulting, food and other supplies for all aquariums. Sean has done consulting for zoos and public aquariums. Call 705-7496215 for more information.

Congratulations to Paget Denture Clinic on the opening of their Apsley office. Partner Katherine Whitely will provide dental hygiene at the Apsley Health centre, 183 Burleigh Street in Apsley four days a week. Call 705-656-2273 to make an appointment. It’s the third location for Paget, with locations in the Village Dental Centre in Lakefield and Rubidge Street in Peterborough.

Congratulations to Kathy Windrem, Managing Partner with BDO Dunwoody in Peterborough, who was recently elected to serve as a Policy Board Member for the 95 BDO Dunwoody offices in Canada. For more information on BDO Dunwoody LLP, please call 705-742-4271 or visit them online at

New Initiatives Offered by Imperial Coffee & Services Inc.

Imperial Coffee & Services Inc. is a leader in their industry by minimizing the environmental impact of the goods and services they provide. They are now offering new, aggressive and expanded options such as biodegradable packaging, Waste-To-Energy program, fair trade coffee, coffee shippers, compostable cups and single-serve pod systems. For more information on Imperial’s new initiatives, please call 705-328-1717 or visit them online at

Does your business have some new and exciting news to share? If so, please submit your information (approximately 75 words) to by the 1st of the preceeding month for inclusion in the next month’s issue (i.e. February’s newsletter, January 1st deadline). Please note that information will be printed at the General Manager’s discretion.




welcome to our new members who joined the Chamber from Nov. 11, 2009 - Dec. 7, 2009

Atria Networks LP

M & M Recycling & Disposal

Peterborough Business Network

Telecommunications Denis Goulet (888) 623-0623

Waste & Recycling Removal David Walsh (705) 652-3505

Marketing Consultants Karri Hull (705) 656-2469

Clear View Organizing Professional Organizing Andrea Brown (705) 874-0519

Architects 271 Brock Street Peterborough, Ontario Louise MacKenzie (705) 876-8724

Universal Painting

Dr. Joanna M. Hamilton Psychology Prof. Corp.

Onsite Rescue Inc.

Funeral Services Dan Woods (705)-743-2755

MacKenzie Design Inc.

Painting & Decorating Andy Cliff (705) 876-0116

The Urn Gallery

Health Care Practitioners Joanna Hamilton (705) 741-2980

Consultants - Health & Safety Craig Blewett (705) 872-1977

Kawartha Guard Service

Pet Valu Brookdale Pet Supplies Craig Andrew & Sandy Andrew (705)-743-7277

 please utilize their services whenever possible 


savings program

Security Services David Lavallee (705) 743-0007

Check out the downloadable flyer on the Chamber website at for a complete listing of all the great savings you and your employees can enjoy by simply being a member of the Chamber.

NEW this month:  The Canadian Customs House Ltd.

Offering a 10% discount off their regular brokerage

fees schedule for import and export activities. Will also waive account set up maintenance charges, Value ($75.00). Peter Collard 705 652-0144 ext 21



Chamberevents clublaurus

sponsored by:

November  2nd Floor Lounge  by Cathy Martin, Events Coordinator/Marketing Assistant On November 26th, Club Laurus hosted our second guest speaker, in our two part series on online social marketing. Tim Macdonnell, owner of Elite Sports Tours Inc., joined us to discuss Web 2.0 and the success he has had with online social marketing in the growth of his business. Tim’s knowledge of web based marketing, along with his own tips and pointers were insightful and appreciated by all who attended. To check out the exciting sports tours & event tickets that Elite has to offer, please visit

November’s event also introduced our new Club Laurus Sponsor, The 2nd Floor Lounge & The Historic Red Dog! We would like to thank Mike Skinner for supporting your Chamber and making Club Laurus a no cost event for all who attend! Please note that future monthly Club Laurus events will be held between the 2 sponsor venues. Make sure you don’t miss out on the January Club Laurus New Year Social and Interactive Gaming Tournament! See you in the New Year.


Club Laurus Profile Winner Congratulations to Michael Konopaski of Trent University The Trent University Business Administration Program is piloting a field-based learning component to its program. If your firm is interested in offering a work placement (i.e. work for credit) opportunity for a Trent Business student (approximately 100 hours) please contact Michael Konopaski at for more details.

November  by Betty Johnson (Century 21 United Realty), Breakfast Club Committee Co-chair The speaker for our November Breakfast Club was Anita Record, Unit Manager, Canadian Cancer Society, Peterborough & District Unit. Anita talked to us about the similarities and differences between a Not-For-Profit organization and a For-Profit Business. The Canadian Cancer Society provides all programs and services at no cost to the client, a vast difference in comparison with commerce and industry. The mission of the Canadian Cancer Society is what drives their volunteers and staff and interestingly enough, they are working to put themselves out of a job and out of business – another integral difference between them and commerce and industry!

The local unit of the Canadian Cancer Society serves 300,000 people in four counties: Peterborough, City of Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton and most of Northumberland, through 1,500 volunteers, 7 full-time and 2 part-time staff. Decisions are made by the volunteers and staff, with staff providing support and resources. Thanks to Anita Record for a very informative talk. Don’t miss our January Breakfast Club, on Tuesday, January 12th, with guest speaker Sharla Trudell, of GoSmallBiz.

Breakfast Club Winner Profile Congratulations to Stacy Talsma of Deck Transport Deck Transport is celebrating 60 years in business and would like to thank all of their customers for their support and continual dedication. They provide local cartage, full truck load and less than truck load services across Canada and the Continental United States. For more information, contact 705-745-7250 or


November 19  by Lindsay Walker, Front Line Coordinator On November 19th the Chamber opened its doors to welcome new members who had joined since mid-April. The bi-annual New Member Reception is a combination meetand-greet and mini-tradeshow, where new members can network with each other, meet Chamber staff and volunteers, and showcase their products and services. 2009 Vice-Chair and incoming 2010 Board Chair, Arlynn Dupuis, of McGillen, Ayotte, Dupuis spoke about the many benefits



of Chamber membership, including the important contacts that can be made that can help you in your business life and beyond. The evening provided a wonderful opportunity to make such contacts, with businesses covering a broad range of products and services represented. These included pet supplies, health and wellness products and services, organizing, home staging, real estate, accounting & financial services, roofing, business networking, gift baskets,

interior & architectural design, hearing aids, cremation urns, gardening, coaching & training, legal services, pizza, property maintenance, auto cleaning, and graphic design. Thank you to Bo Pizza and Burnham Mansion for providing delectable samples of their dishes. And thank you to all of our new members for coming out and showing us what you have to offer. We look forward to seeing you again at future Chamber events!

sponsored by:


December  by Bob Behan (The Protectors Group), BAH Committee Chair Market Hall BAH The Market Hall Performing Arts Centre is located under the four faced clock tower that serves as a magnificent focal point of beautiful downtown Peterborough. The building opened in 1890 as an indoor market on the second floor and retail space on the ground level. A million dollar capital project in 1984 converted the building into a performing arts centre which it functions as to this day. The Centre compliments the attractions of other entertainment venues in the core to position downtown Peterborough as an exciting and vibrant entertainment district. It has developed an amazing reputation for a cultural centre and can accommodate gatherings from 50 to 350 comfortably. A $9.7 million dollar project to rehabilitate

the exterior and upgrade the theatre will begin in February 2010. Fundraising efforts have started to support this initiative and any support is welcome. Generous food contributions by Chamber member businesses were “the icing on the cake” to make this networking function a festive and most enjoyable occasion. Thank you for the tour of truly one of the most historic and interesting buildings of our community and for your hospitality. We are anxiously looking forward to seeing the “new and improved” Market Hall Performing Arts Centre in February 2011.

Thank you to our food contributors: 38 Degrees Best Western Otonabee Inn Bo Pizza Boston Pizza Peterborough North Boston Pizza Peterborough South Burnham Mansion Restaurant Captain George’s Fish & Family Restaurant Chemong Lodge Steak & Seafood Jeff Purvey Limited Jim’s Pizzeria & Spaghetti House Phoenix Alternative Learning Centre Ricky’s All Day Grill Shish-Kabob Hut Stickling’s Bakery & Bistro The Magic Rolling Pin The Pizza Factory The Planet Bakery Cafe



YOURchamber by shelley gauthier, administrative assistant

Ontario Chamber of Commerce Tax Reform Essential for Job Creation and Economic Recovery Ontario’s plan to reform and update the sales tax system by harmonizing with the GST is an essential step toward helping the province emerge from the current recession better able to compete in world markets, according to a non-partisan coalition of business leaders. The group, called the Smart Taxation Alliance, made its comments as the Legislature began public hearings into the government’s HST legislation recently. The Alliance argued strongly that now is the right time to move forward with tax reform because, as the world comes out of recession, companies will be looking

Policy Matters

Continued from page 6 Fairness in City Property Tax The Policy Committee successfully advocated to City Council to adjust the current tax policies, resulting in a controlled reduction of tax ratios for industrial, commercial and multiresidential properties over the next eight year period with more of the tax burden being fairly shifted to the residential home owner segment. City Council approved the plan in its December meeting. We thank the Mayor and City Council for getting this tax initiative approved in the 2010 City budget. It sends a clear



to make new investments; without such reform, Ontario will be a less appealing jurisdiction for business investment.

Budget Bill Welcome Change to Ontario Tax Regime: Smart Taxation Alliance The Smart Taxation Alliance, a nonpartisan coalition of business leaders and organizations, is pleased to see legislation recently introduced in the provincial legislature to put into place the tax reform measures announced in the 2009 Ontario budget.

and a sales tax rebate for the most vulnerable in society. A recent study by Jack Mintz of the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, calculates the impact of the tax reform package as 47 billion dollars in investment and almost 600,000 jobs – this largely as a result of reducing the marginal effective tax rate (METR) on new investment by half. For additional information on Ontario Chamber of Commerce activities, please refer to their website at

The tax reform package includes personal, small business and corporate income tax rate reductions, sales tax harmonization, signal to the business community that council will do everything it can do to maintain and attract businesses to the city. We thank Tim Barrie, Tom Sayer, Dan Stanford and Stuart Harrison for their tireless efforts in preparing and presenting the business case. Rail Link to Peterborough In November, The Board of Directors gave Policy Committee the approval and responsibility to advocate on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce concerning the importance of the Rail Link to Peterborough. The Policy Committee has developed and communicated a very strong and valid position statement on the importance of the Rail Link to Peterborough.

In closing, I would like to thank the dedicated committee members for their tireless efforts and their abundant wisdom in solving key issues of importance to our community. And, a very special thank you to Shelley Gauthier for her ability to listen to endless hours of discussion and debate and then concisely perform the task of condensing the matter into understandable minutes! It is indeed my honor to announce, the 2010 Chairperson is Kamran Qayyum, who served as an excellent Vice Chair in 2009. Best wishes to you Kamran and the 2010 Policy Committee.

YOURchamber by shelley gauthier, administrative assistant

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Approved Destination Status with China Prime Minister Stephen Harper, on his first official visit to China, stated that Canada has been granted Approved Destination Status (ADS) by China. The Canadian Chamber has been instrumental in advocating that the federal government negotiate to achieve this status. The CCC has called on the Government to work to enhance our economic relations with China. In 2007, they recommended that the Government move quickly to achieve Approved Destination Status with China, a status already granted to more than 134 countries, including the US, EU and Australia.

Business and Government Must Act with a Sense of Clear Purpose to Improve Canada’s Competitiveness As Canada emerges from the downturn, businesses must adopt new approaches to succeed in the ever-changing global landscape, concludes the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in a report: The Economic Edge: It’s Canada vs The World. “The global marketplace is changing at a breathtaking pace, and it’s the businesses with ambitious and outward-looking strategies that will succeed,” says Canadian Chamber President and CEO Perrin Beatty.

This will allow Canada to maintain its competitive edge in attracting the rapidly growing number of Chinese overseas tourists. Approved Destination Status will make it easier for Chinese tourists to visit Canada. It will also allow the Canadian tourism industry to actively market Canadian travel opportunities in China and will permit Chinese travel agents to advertise and promote leisure travel packages to Canada.

Among its list of recommendations, the Canadian Chamber calls on Canada’s businesses to do more to find and employ new breakthrough technologies, build internationally recognizable brands, capitalize on new market opportunities in other regions of the world, upgrade the skills of their workforces, develop valueadded products and services, relentlessly focus on improving operational efficiency, and build strong management capabilities aimed at achieving global leadership.

China is quickly becoming a giant source of tourists, with over 100 million Chinese citizens expected to travel abroad as tourists by 2020, according to the World Tourism Organization. In 2008, some 160 thousand Chinese travellers came to Canada. While growing, Approved Destination Status will allow for these figures to increase considerably. It will also allow our tourism industry, most of which is made up of small- and medium-sized enterprises, to capture growing Chinese interest in travel to North America.

The Canadian Chamber calls on the federal government to work with provincial and territorial governments to eliminate internal barriers to trade and mobility,

create new market opportunities for Canadian companies, build a Canadian brand, champion a strong intellectual property rights regime, continue to invest in post-secondary education, align Canada’s immigration policies with the needs of the labour market, streamline the regulatory approval process, and ensure an internationally competitive tax system. “Time is short and complacency is the enemy. Throughout the recession, our competitors have been becoming more efficient and more focused on what it takes to succeed in the global marketplace. The wellbeing of every Canadian family depends on our acting urgently to ensure that we can compete and win,” says Mr. Beatty. For additional information on Canadian Chamber of Commerce activities, please refer to their website at

The Canadian Chamber believes governments must also do their parts. “While governments have made significant progress in stabilizing the world economy, risks abound and growth is likely to be tepid. Governments need to be more strategic and act now to lay the foundations for future economic growth and competitiveness” says Mr. Beatty.



ecoflyer The

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121st Annual Chamber Gala

y ock R Mountain nce Roma

Saturday, February 6th, 2010 at the Peterborough Golf & Countr y Club’s Brand New Banquet Facility This year for our grand prize trip for two, the winner will have a choice of one of two options: Option 1: The Rockies, Edmonton and The Badlands, 7 days/6 nights – self-drive (car rental included) OR Option 2: Ultimate West Coast Explorer (Vancouver & Victoria), 7 days/6 nights – Independent Package

Tickets $100 each


You no longer have to print a flyer! 6/19/09

2:52 PM

Plus GST

Cocktails at 6:00 pm Cocktail Music by McGillen Ayotte Dupuis Dinner at 7:30 pm Dancing to follow with music by The Historic Red Dog Grand Prize Sponsor




Page 1

Always there...Always informed

w w w. p e t e r b o r o u g h e x a m i n e r. c o m 18



benefacts by Brian Bulger

Critical Illness Insurance - Financial Protection to Help You Recover A critical illness can strike at any time, and it can happen to anyone, regardless of age or gender. Although the incidence of cancer, heart disease and stroke are rising in Canada, the odds of surviving a critical illness are better than ever thanks to medical advances. Surviving a health crisis can often involve a number of financial challenges that most people are unprepared for. Long Term Disability payments can help replace lost wages, but not the additional costs associated with surviving a critical illness. Expenses incurred for time off work, transportation to and from treatment centres, home modifications and assistance at home are now added on top of normal living expenses. That’s the gap where Critical Illness (CI) coverage can help. CI insurance is designed to ease the financial pressures associated with a life-threatening illness by paying a tax-free lump sum if and when a person becomes seriously ill. As

a result, 100% of our time and energy can be devoted to recovery rather than worrying about how the illness has affected us financially. CI insurance can be acquired on an individual basis or within a group benefit plan. The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan offers a CI benefit that pays a lump sum of $30,000 to employees facing an initial diagnoses of one of the following thirteen serious conditions: cancer, heart attack, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Scleroses, major burns, coma, speech loss, coronary bypass, stroke, kidney failure, paralysis, blindness and deafness. The coverage is guaranteed therefore no medical underwriting is required. There are no restrictions on how the money is to be spent so it can be used however the insured wishes. It can be used to allow a person to acquire the medical attention they need immediately at the facility they wish to go to or to be able to recover with family at a favourite vacation spot.

Please note: the Licensing Office will be closed on the following dates: n Thursdsay, December 24th, 2009 – Christmas Eve (Close at 2pm) n Friday, December 25th, 2009 – Christmas Day n Monday, December 28th, 2009 – Boxing Day n Thursday, December 31st, 2009 – New Year’s Eve (Close at 3pm) n Friday, January 1st, 2010 – New Year’s Day

As you can imagine, living with a critical illness would be physically, emotionally and financially draining. With CI insurance in place the financial burden would no longer be a concern. This article has been brought to you exclusively by your Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan Agent/Broker, Brian Bulger. For more information, Brian can be reached at 741-1400.

If the tooth fairy won’t pay your dental bills,



Please note: the Chamber Office will be closed on the following dates: From Thursday, December 24th, 2009 – Christmas Eve, close at 2pm until Friday, January 1st, 2010 – New Year’s Day Re-opening on Monday, January 4th, 2010 at 8:30am

Brian Bulger




p. 705.741.1400 f. 705.741.1225 e. w.



HEATHER HARVEY Certified General Accountant

Providing small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs with accounting and financial management services. 469 Water Street Peterborough, ON K9H 3M2

Bus: (705) 743-8200 Fax: (705) 748-0225 Email:

Hearing Tests Hearing Aids Repairs Latest Technology

Sharon Canzi,, B.C., B.C., H.I.S. H.I.S. 267 Charlotte St., Peterborough • 150 Strickland St., #4, Lakefield •

Here’s myCard

705-742-6134 705-652-0089



RENT SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD. Burglar Alarms - Fire Alarms - Closed Circuit TV Fire Extinguisher, Distress Alarms ULC Alarm Monitoring P.O. Box 2481, 480 The Parkway Peterborough, ON K9J 7Y8 Tel: 748-2001 Fax: 748-2041 Email: Website:

Martin Boruta President

1434 Chemong Road, Unit 1 & 2 P.O. Box 2379 Peterborough ON K9J 7Y8 Telephone: (705) 742-2204 Fax: (705) 742-8312

January 2010  

The January Issue of the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, Voice of Business.

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