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Brunch Edition 30%

Try serving an eggs Benedict, Scandinavian style - with avocado and poached salmon.

of Americans eat brunch at least once each week. 529793 529794

1/10 lb 1/10 lb

popular brunch times

Individual Salmon Portion 6 oz B/S Individual Salmon Portion 8 oz B/S

About Bay Winds All-Natural Farm-Raised Faroe Island Salmon: - Fed non GMO and antibiotic-free fish food. - Fully traceable. - Sustainable product. - Industry committed to responsible aquaculture. - Highest marine protein content in the industry.

Before 10 am - 9% 11 am - 25% 12 pm - 22 % 1 pm - 18%

brunch is usually a planned event, with

35% of customers booking it a day in advance


of customers booking it a week in advance

Omelet Center 6 OMELET IDEAS THE NECESSITIES 439667 158822 158820 329036 337679 417574 417565

15/2 lb 6/1.5 lb 6/1.5 lb 6/1.5 lb 4/5 lb 12/1 pt Eastern 1/25 lb Eastern

Scramble Egg Mix in Carton Swiss Sliced Cheese Mild Cheddar Sliced Cheese Provolone Sliced Cheese Grade A Sour Cream Red Baby Grape Tomatoes Roma Italian Tomatoes

1. Smoked Salmon 2. Bacon, Swiss Cheese and Tomatoes 3. Goat Cheese, Spinach and Tomatoes 4. Fresh Basil 5. Leftover Pizza Toppings 6. Avocado

BRUNCH TIP For your omelets, crepes and brunch sandwiches, try using cuts from a full ham or turkey instead of pre-sliced for a rustic, homemade look and taste. 281759 29464 343663 535990

2/13-18 lb 2/14-16 lb 2/9 lb 2/16

296666 891756 891749

2/10 lb avg 2/10 lb avg 2/9 lb avg

DON’T FORGET THE LAMB 333492 8/5 lb Catelli Bros Australian Lamb Leg Chunk and Shank Removed Add some fresh veggies to your roasted lamb leg for a beautiful, mid-morning presentation.

Smithfield Farmland Farmland Hillshire

Authentic Silver Oak Pit Ham Smoked Boneless Pit Ham Natural Carving Ham Boneless Boneless Black Oak Pit Ham

Turkey Breast Skin On Foil RTC Turkey Breast Skin On Foil Roast Turkey Breast Natural RTC CIB

Start your day with a salad THE NECESSITIES

880507 6/2 lb Chopped Romaine Lettuce 421038 4/5 lb Mixed Lettuce Mix with Color 235305 4/5 lb Romaine Mix 80/20 314438 2/3 lb Arcadian Harvest Lettuce Blend 880539 2/5 lb Shredded Carrots 1/8 Match Stick


Grilled Wedge Salad with a Fried Egg & Cranberry Feta

Blueberry Breakfast Salad with Oranges and Crunch Granola

Sweet Potato Breakfast Salad with Almond Butter Protein Dressing

HOMEMADE GRANOLA Homemade granola for that yogurt parfait or a side dish can be a perfect way to add a unique flair to your brunch menu. Add our West Creek honey or molasses to sweeten the deal!

273152 266346 266347

1/5 lb 6/5 lb 12/12 oz

Clover Honey Jug Clover Honey Jug Clover Honey Bear

551464 565443

4/1 gal 1/1 gal

Golden Molasses Golden Molasses

BRUNCH COMPETITION IS FIERCE With competition so fierce these days, and razor thin margins, a good brunch service can more than make up for a middling Tuesday or Wednesday night. Sure, your price points might not be as high, but eggs and waffles have low food costs and customers quaffing a few craft cocktails on a day where you might get two or three quick turns on your dining room could send you into the black for the week. Even if your turnover isn’t quite that high, brunch can be good advertising to build your dinner business. As a matter of fact, your dinner menu could be your source for inspiration. That popular duck confit on your dinner menu? Fry up some potatoes, peppers and onions and top with a perfectly poached egg and you’ve got an amazing duck confit hash. Maybe your raw bar is rolling in some amazing oysters. Try deep frying a few of those mollusks and ratchet up your hollandaise with a little Sriracha for an unforgettable spicy oyster benedict.

Breakfast Smoothies Like it or not, brunch is a hot trend that shows no sign of letting up, but sometimes your customers are looking for a brunch experience without all of the added calories from a mid-morning meal. Smoothies are your answer! Use our IQF West Creek frozen fruit to whip up some great recipes to serve your customers looking for a little less.

468275 468276 499967 475346 499934

2/5 lb 1/30 lb 2/5 lb 1/30 lb 2/5 lb

Whole Wild Blueberries IQF Whole Wild Blueberries IQF Whole Cultivated Blueberries IQF Whole Cultivated Blueberries IQF Dark Sweet Cherries IQF


211447 532529 532602 532671 532673 211450 532610 532690 304731

1/12 lb 96/2 oz 128/1.5 oz 64/3 oz 96/2 oz 1/12 lb 240/8 oz 192/1 oz 6/2 lb

Sausage Patty 1.45 oz Sausage Patty 3.75” FC Trim Sausage Patty 3.5” FC Trim Sausage Patty Country 4” Sausage Pork Patty Country 3.5” Sausage Link 1 oz Sausage Link Trim FC Sausage Link Country Sausage Gravy Conc Bag

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Mint Leaves





Mint Leaves Raspberries Grapes

Mint Leaves




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Food for thought april  
Food for thought april