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special so watch this space!

Welcome to the Autumn 2019 edition of ‘In the Club’ Mag as we reach 41 issues!

Still on the mag front, as you know I always try to impress on anyone who appears in it, we can’t emphasise enough the importance of getting new subscribers, this is of course a benefit to all in terms of spreading the word about all of these great projects as far and wide as poss, so please do your best to send the links out to your mates too, it really does make a difference! Subscribe, Share and Spread!

In so many ways 2019 has been a weird year. Musically it started on a great footing for the TCs with a return to the 02 Islington Academy in the esteemed company of Department S and Gene Loves Jezebel, the return of The Minx and J-Rod, The TCs first vinyl 7” Let the Kids Run the Country and a memorable support to Dreadzone at Harpenden Halls. But this good stuff has all been interspersed with some pretty scary personal stuff and a country that seems intent on ripping itself apart. As you know I’m not one for a political rant & I’ll leave that to the more adroit out there all I can offer is our aforementioned 7” as an alternative plan that no-ones tried, at least for the most part kids say it like it is!

In this the autumn mag we are delighted to bring you news of not one, not two, but three Tuesday Club gigs to finish the year off in A quick happy Birthday message is in order to RF365 which style, all on a Thursday!? Hence my celebrates 1 year since the final ep of the original release. Just to flirtation with a name change on the posters! Also there is going baffle you further... It’s also reached RF video 39 as they re-issue to be the 4th and final (for now) FREE Sampler… we’d hate you the 365 project on Bandcamp and YouTube in actual day order!... to get complacent ;-) together with the latest Andreas and the If you’re confused, you need to head over to Wolf Radio Show. We also feature Pete Jones great new book for some revision! AND great new album (big thanks to the Ringmaster once more for his excellence in the review arena!). Moving on from all of the weird stuff, we at The But that’s not all, we have some excellent new local content PPCO have been hugely from Denise Parsons including an interview with (S)ex Pistol Glen heartened at the reception Matlock and the newly rebranded North Herts Radio. In the Club in the Club has received is Ben Adlham of Club Pysch-a-Rella. Manilla PR weigh in with a and it appears even at hatrick of juicy interview titbits in the way of Ian Prowse and the Issue 41 we are going Doctor of Madness himself, Richard Strange. There’s also new from strength to strength, Minx diary, new features on Nashville band The Blacklight Velvets not least for the excellent and The Pocket Gods first foray into the world of film. support of our ace new interview guru Andrew PHEW what a lot we’ve got! As I say, it’s been a totally bizarre Trussler who although year, but we’re hoping to go out on a high, more on the TCs taking a rest in this issue, Christmas party in the December issue, but if you don’t want a is promising to be back for rubbish Christmas, seek out the advert in this here mag (on page the Xmas 2019 Finale in 8) click the link and get your tickets NOW! December with something AVBD xx

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The Perfect Pop Co-Op


Balstock 2019 4-5


The Tuesday Club - Back at the Horn



The Andreas and The Wolf Radio Show



She Made Me Do it, Scant Regard & Tuesday Club Xmas Party


THU 31st OCT 2019

The TCs Live in Pictures First time in 4 years!

Chaos mixed with great music!

Details and ticket info

Pete Jones, Book & Debut Solo Album & review! 10-13 Out on 27th September

The Minx Diaries


Reverse Family 365 on video!


Manilla PR - Quickfire Interviews


She’s back and on the rampage!

Now on Youtube AND Bandcamp!

With Richard Strange, Miles Hunt and Ian Prowse

THE HORN, St.Albans


THE TUESDAY CLUB, She Made Me Do It, Scant Regard and Prisoners of Mother England NAMBUCCA, LONDON (XMAS SPECIAL)

THU 19 DEC 2019

Empire Records 32 Click the poster and shop shop shop!

Who’s In the Club - Ben Adlham


Impulsive Compulsions 3 Review


Founder of club Psych-a-rella By Pete Ringmaster

Perfect Pop Co-shop! 38-43 All your current available PPCO releases

Impulsive Compulsions 4 It’s FREE 12 new tracks



Atomcollector Records - Online DIY that works! 47

New bands from around the world under one rockin’ collective!

The Blacklight Velvets 48–49 All the way from Nashville USA!

Keeve Lynch 50–51 New music and a new start

Nub The Movie 52-53 Mark Christopher Lee, takes to the Silver Screen

Eatlife Productions - Homeless in St.Albans 54-55 Wayne Odell explains the horror of it

The Parsons Knows 56-59 Denise’s round up of all things local!

North Herts FM 60

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The Rebrand!

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Thanks to Balstock and Denise Parsons for having us at The Old White Horse on Saturday 14th September, great to see 50ft Woman in action again and Kevee’s band, also great to catch up with a few new and old mates... only bad thing was AVBD being sold a bottle of non alcoholic lager!... luckily he had two bottles at once (one a real one) and managed to dilute the taste in a weird low/full alcohol shandy... and is now ok!

Pics Denise Parsons

Š Brad Wigglesworth




Thursday October 3 2019 The Tuesday Club return to The Horn for the first time since 2015 for a very special headline show!


Perfect Pop Co Op Radio is back:

now hosted by Andreas and the Wolf, just click, follow and enjoy! Lots of exclusives, oldies and rarities and that’s the music not the band!

Andreas and the Wolf have been making radio shows for almost 7 years now, but this year is the first one that they’ve been let loose on unsupervised! Presented in their own inimitable and bungled style,

if you love Indie, indie dance, new wave, post punk, old school punk, vinyl and discovering new music, this has to be the show for you! This is not just an excuse to plunder their own musical heritage though, oh no, this eclectic show comes interspersed with both tracks that have influenced them over the years by established artists and also tracks by fellow ‘DIYers’, underground mavericks and tomorrows indie superstars. You gotta click this link and get yourself subscribed. The show comes out once a month and can be found on the: and Follow us!



She Made Me Do It/The Tuesday Club/ Scant Regard/POME at Nambucca “Stylish and powerfully intense London band She Made Me Do It present their new single ‘Fun and Games’.” A slamming, grooving instant electronic rock classic with heavy pop sensibilities. The sultry vocals of Shaheena Dax (Rachel Stamp) underpin the whole 3 minute rush while Will Crewdson (Rachel Stamp/Adam Ant band) thrashes away on guitar like a man possessed. ‘Fun and Games’ was produced by Will Crewdson and mixed to perfection by the legendary John Fryer (Depeche Mode, This Mortal Coil, Fad Gadget, Love and Rockets).

“Embracing old and new sounds with a unique imagination and their inimitable touch.” The Tuesday Club are an “Infectious & uplifting” 6 piece rock’n’roll band from St.Albans, Herts. Support slots have included Space, Vangoffey, Toyah, B-Movie, Spizz Energy, Scant Regard, Bad Manners and numerous festival appearances. In 2019 they will be supporting Gene Loves Jezebel and Dreadzone The band have released three albums, the latest - Art is Magic was released on May 6th 2018 and was recently described as: “A slab of multi-flavoured rock ‘n’ roll which certainly gets under the skin in no time but an itch which just gets more delicious and addictive by the listen. - The Ringmaster Review

Will Crewdson is Scant Regard. Also known for being the lead guitarist in Adam Ant’s band and The Selecter as well as his own Rachel Stamp and She Made Me Do It, Will really lets his roots show with this unique hybrid of guitar-driven, heavily beat-laden sci-fi mind’s eye soundtrack rage.

“A full on electro-popping, rockabilly dabbling, surfguitar twanging industro-funk explosion in neon hues. ” Scant Regard’s 5th album, Skipping Over Damaged Area has an overall theme of the apocalyptic destruction and devolution of the planet we live on. The demolishing electronic rhythms thread through it’s very core underlined by catchy riffs and almost pop-like choruses in places. Creating a sense of hope for a second only to plummet into the depths of doom the next. It’s an environmentally unsound joyride through the current human psyche. ‘Skipping Over Damaged Area’ is available now. Alternative Rock/Punk Rock band Prisoners Of Mother England formed in 2015 in West Yorkshire by Bedderz, opened for the likes of Toyah, Hands off Gretel, Newtown Neurotics etc. Bedderz relocated to London town late 2015, 6 months later POME were back playing the London circuit. Now after nearly 3 years of playing around London, the band has a settled line up and are picking up interest on the London alternative music scene. Guests have included Steve Dior and mr Will Crewdson himself! This year the band appeared at the Camden Rocks festival & Portobello Live festival, also with a TV appearance under their belt and a couple of ‘homecoming’ northern gigs recently played.

“The Tuesday Club are punk pop at its catchiest if you’re thinking about Blondie and Roxy Music you’re on the right track... it’s infectious and uplifting” - Vive Le Rock

Plans are a foot to record a 3 track cd featuring new songs ‘Girl in the ship’ ‘I’m alright’ & ‘Sell destruction’

Rock on Pommies!


l less” l a c e o Pet es aut . “Theye… Joy “A Compelling read, brutally honest & m Jongraphy bio wonderfully self depricating... Plus A brilliant insight into the ‘true glamour’ of being in a BAND In the 21st Century ... OH & LOADS OF GREAT PIL INFO TOO!” Perfect Pop Co-Op

This is the book we’ve all been waiting for. Pete’s autobiography, a life story from birth on a Watford council estate to becoming a rock footnote. A tale full of tears and laughter, life playing for one of the biggest bands on the planet… and other stuff. Paperback format with over 300 pages, pictures too! Pete tells of his time on the road with Public Image Limited, Brian Brain, Cowboys International and Department S. No holds barred!

The book will be signed on request with a personal message and orders come with free sticker and two postcards. Just click the link to buy!

Pete Jones


Ltd Edition Numbered Coloured Vinyl

Petees NEW Review Jono Album Sol

Pete Jones



dition bered ured nyl

RINGMASTER Contrivances R E V I E W for the Soul The unveiling of ‘Contrivances for the Soul’, the new solo album from Pete Jones, brought three distinct reactions. The first was full on pleasure as the album is a collection of songs which mischievously ran with the imagination whilst invading the body. The second was the realisation that Pete had unknowingly been a rich part of our listening pleasure for a rather long time and close behind came intrigue, a wonder as to why he is often called Pete ‘Joyless’ Jones as his music especially in the here and now has brought nothing but joy. Brian Brain Martin Atkins and Pete Jones live in London 1980

Pete’s musical career goes back to the mid-seventies though our introduction came with the first Brian Brain single in 1980, ‘They’ve Got Me In the Bottle’, and all their subsequent releases, ending with the track ‘Funky Zoo’, which are still very

happily nestled in our record collection. Before then Pete had already been part of Cowboys International and from his time with the aforementioned Martin Atkins formed band, Pete has left his mark on the histories of PiL and on their single ‘This is Not a Love Song’, Department S, and many other artists he has played and collaborated with few if any moments more potent than his first solo album. Everything about ‘Contrivances for the Soul’ is Pete Jones, apart from one guest solo; from sounds to label he has orchestrated an encounter which lives up to its title whilst igniting ears, imagination and spirit. Two years in the making, the album shares an eclectic tapestry of sound which though hard to truly pin down arises from a punk and post punk nurtured birth. Straight away as ‘Ocean Blue’ dangled its first melodic lure, ears were on alert, Pete’s guitar a tame yet teasing coaxing. Suddenly as it steps away for a similarly enticing amble from the bass attention only closed further in, all the while beats clipping away with a gentle and infectious swing. His vocals only add to the hold of the pop lined offering, the song providing further bait until its trap closed around the passions with a raucous crescendo of a chorus.

“Across the album there is a kaleidoscope of flavours”

An irresistible start to the release is only accentuated by the irritable rock ‘n’ roll of ‘Liar’. With bedlam in its breath but predominately only flirted with physically, the track is a feral but devilishly skilful cacophony of sound and accusation; every sonic thread, wire and trespass a contagious incitement while its successor, ‘Time After Times’ infested ears and imagination just as unapologetically with a deliciously nagging guitar hook and a just as tasty bass stroll at its core. There is no less a rich persuasion by vocals either, every subsequent addition to these three prime lures simply further enticement. ‘Basket of Hands’ with its dark breath takes the listener to a world of rapacious shadows and dissident textures, the electro post punk exploration providing a dystopia clad climate for thoughts to weave within even before Pete’s effect coated tones share his own caliginous thoughts. Even so, the Side 1 closer only had the body keenly swaying before ’Spanish Snow’ opened up the second side of the album with its Latin tango of melodic suggestion. Across the album there is a kaleidoscope of flavours which hint if not remind of artists from the eighties in some small, and

it is small, way and this track has a certain Monochrome Set croon to it which only ignited our passions further. Truth to say though every song within ‘Contrivances for the Soul’ is an individual and unique to Pete Jones, more proof coming with ‘The Reason Why’, a song rising up from a Visage-esque electronic seducing to virulently part prowl part dance with body and spirit with its own ravenous character. Together both tracks proved our lustily favourite moment within the album and they are quickly joined by the post punk funk of ‘Psycho Drill’, a song featuring the great Leigh Heggarty of Ruts DC and one which gripped the appetite like a Brian Brain meets The Tuesday Club treat. ‘Contrivances for the Soul’ close up with its title track, another song embraced by a tenebrific yet radiantly inviting climate and shaped by electronic and emotional intimation; every element a manipulative and thickly engaging tempting on ears and imagination. It is an absorbing and haunting end to a record which burrowed under the skin and festered into sheer pleasure in swift time and still only manages to spark greater joy by the listen. Pete RingMaster 16/09/2019

‘Contrivances for the Soul’ is released as a limited coloured heavyweight vinyl edition as well as through most digital outlets; available Also check out Pete Jones’ great autobiography:



SOD Brexit & all the dischord & infighting! An anthem to re-unite the land! Available on limited Edition 7” Vinyl!



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THE MINX DIARY pics by Stephen Manuel

The Minx is back in the Club. Minx have missed cowbell too much. Was time to come back in new disguise and spy more on Club of Tuesday. This also involve changing some minions and auditioning new. Minx has now upgraded to select few of best minions. Continue quest for rid world of disgust shoe and have survived summer of much flip-flop.

MONDAY Minion number one have day off. Is new Minx policy to be ‘nice’ plus it give Minx chance to do all girl thing without question from minion. Minions do not understand secret ritual of woman. Is best behind close doors. Make for happy life of Minx and minions. Things like shoe shopping. Minions do not understand shoe shopping. Take life into own hands pointing out practical shoe. Ugh. And woe betide any minion who point out Croc or flip. Immediately banish from Minx Mansion. Must understand needs of Minx, is number one rule. After other number one rule, Minx always right.

TUESDAY Minion point out film on TV. Is called Minions! Is ridiculous cartoon with small yellow creature looking for bad boss. Minx’ minion suggest this similar to real minion life. I retort he inot yellow, have proper eyes, two, and if wear denim dungaree he severely punish. Minx is also not bad villain. He say I am despot. Am not despot. Or teapot. Or any kind of pot. Do not smoke pot. Or cook in pot. Tuesday do not go well for minion. He do not realise he have privilege life with Minx. Other minion live in shed at bottom of garden now. House of multiple occupancy. Minion number one have luxury of Minx’ home. A bed. He lucky. He is also not yellow. A bonus. Minx do not like yellow. Or denim. Or dungaree. Absolutely not on men .. or look like Dexy the Midnight Runner. (Do not know why Dexy running at midnight. Cannot be good for him, as is dark. Maybe he see himself in mirror wall at disco? Run away in horror.)

WEDNESDAY Everyone call Wednesday ‘hump day’. Have never known why. Minx have hump every day! Have to travel on tube with weirdos. Ah maybe it come from Weirdosday and evolve from there. Then non-weird people have hump that they have to lead normal life while weirdos roam free and be weird. Am not sure which is best to be. Man on tube, currently, have tiny folded bike in bag and appear to be doing some sort of meditation, tai chi, chai latte type movement with strange eyeball rolling. He look bit like Jeff Goldblum from Fly. Perfect specimen for Weirdosday. I move down carriage, past many ladies with disgust shoe. At least is September now. Ladies of Flip are now in ‘ballet slippers’. Name in clue, ladies! Slippers! Never to be seen outside house. Even putting out bins! (Ha, bins. What do Minx know of putting out bins? Have minion for that so never make shoes pas!)

THURSDAY Man with tiny bike obviously inhabit tube carriage permanently. He there at same time every morning. Poor bike man. Minx feel sorry for him and try to give him spare change from minion penny jar. He confuse and get cross when I say it is for tramp wage. I not know, you try to help vagrant and get no thanks! I leave him and tiny bike-in-bag. Most hobo I know of have dog – but I think is more inventive to have bike, so took pity and try to reward innovation. Will now not bother and when feeling generous will give Pedigree Chum to dog tramp instead. They much more grateful (though do swear when I insist they share with dog pet).

FRIDAY No tube today. Relief. Joy at see no toe of women. Toe should be ban at work. Toe only allow clad in tight, stocking, sock or rubber flight sock on special occasions. Allow on holiday, of course, in shower, round pool or on beach. But not allow strip of plastic between toe. NO FLIP. Anyway, should ban plastic on feet. Campaign to stop single use plastic, why not campaign to stop foot plastic? Yes! No Croc, croc style wellington, no flip, no jelly sandal – would be marvellous. Save trees, save feet, save planet. Minx will start campaign. The straw haired scarecrow man who sit on throne of Big Ben will take notice. He will understand. Like the other straw hair man who is America President King. Take campaign global. He also understand. He must only wear non plastic shoe. Probably with gold thread like King Henry of England, he with the 6 wife, like harem. Donald Duck Trump will like Minx. I hear he is very friendly to Russian people – very good friend, the best friend there ever was of Russian.

SATURDAY Minx have gig in place with naughty name. Balstock. Sound like place where men find replacement gentleman parts. Is full of poor people sitting outside on hay. Feel sorry for hilly billies having to sit on straw but is nice to sing for them, so make extra special effort with new cabasa and patented #morecowbell technique. Gig go well, despite appearance of giant woman in support band, who also wear short! People say she look like me. Pah! No one look like The Minx. (One thing will say – giant woman know very nice shoe. Will allow this concession.)

SUNDAY Walk with number one minion in park around lake. Sunny day so make special care to avoid women with toe out. Sit under tree on Scottish blanket. All go well until I ask minion name of tree we sit under and he call me bitch. I only ask name of tree! He try and explain tree called that. Why would English people call tree bitch? Trees are nice, do not need to be insulted. Minx love trees. Big argument in public ensue. But all is forgiven when he provide Minx vodka later.


£10 Each Available At Gigs In Various Sizes

reverse Family ‘A year reversed’ by HArkii Media © 2018 Staring:

Dermot Illogical, The Minx, Rog Dr.. DAVE, Johnny V, Matt Edmond Hug(h)e Davenport Filmed & Produced by Karen Lui on location 2018

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It started on 1st January 2015, caused by tragedy in December 2014 and finally ended with a 'closing party' on October 6th 2018. If this is your introduction to the #rf365 you have a lot of catching up to do! In case you missed it first time round, as of 1st January 2019, The Perfect Pop Co-Op have been re-issuing the collection on Bandcamp for the first time in conjunction with the posting of 'compilation' videos on youtube to accompany each release, for more go to... 1

“It’s outsider pop that’s so far outside you need binoculars to see it.” @thedevilstuna

BITE SIZE SAMPLErS ON NUB RECORDS! 4 track digital SAMPLERS from OCT 2nd 2017 as part of a set of 12 to collect from NUB RECORDS. Big thanks to Mark and Guy from local celebrity label Nub Records for giving us the chance to release these handy ‘bite size’ samplers - produced to tempt you into making the full life commitment that is the #365. Available through all major digital stores.

Music, Event, Live and Sports Media PR since 2005

This month our mates at Manilla PR have got on the interviewing bandwagon with us and fired some quickfire questions to some of their current roster...

Drawing on the knowledge and contacts built up over two decades in the music industry, Manilla Public Relations can offer you the professionalism, work rate and results to meet the demands of all musical styles. Over the years we have handled all manner of campaigns and events from acoustic to punk and we deal with hundreds and hundreds of media contacts from regional radio to flagship national radio and TV shows.

"I was in a lift with Lou Reed a few years back... It was like I was a 12-year-old and the whole of One Direction had got into the lift with me" Susumu Ukei and Richard ‘Kid’ Strange

find out more at...

What would your older self tell your 16 year old self?

"Take risks, dare to fail. It's OK!" Photo by Phil King

of those great educators who is able to identify a curiosity in a young person’s mind and nurture it, nourish it and switch on a light that burns forever in that person. He saw me carrying a Bob Dylan album (The Times They Are A’Changin’) in class one day, and 2) Who was the first musician you paid to see? asked if I’d ever read Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, The Kinks at Streatham Ice Rink. 1964. I was 13! They had just got to Number 1 with You Really Got Me and it William Burroughs, Dylan Thomas. was the most exciting thing I had ever heard in my life. You could say that’s where heavy metal riffing started. I was 14 and said “No”, of course. He started to lend me his own copies, and within a year I was hooked on You could feel the sound moving the air. Thrilling. words, and have been ever since. When I wrote my memoir I credited him for his inspiration. I curated an 3) What have you been reading lately? Rupert Thomson Never Anyone But You…a novel based evening on the South Bank celebrating the work of William Burroughs a couple of years ago, Language Is A around life of the transgressive French artist Claude Virus From Outer Space. Cahun. Haruki Murakami’s Men Without Women…a set of short stories about contemporary isolation and 5) Which song do you wish you had written? loneliness, set in Japan, but universal in its themes, its Visions of Johanna, Bob Dylan wisdom and its poignancy. 1) What are you listening to right now? Band of Holy Joy, Nadra Shah, Sharon Van Etten, Lou Reed

The feminist writer Donna J Harraway’s Staying With The Trouble, a philosophical book looking at how we can cope with the ecological meltdown we find ourselves experiencing, and which looks at the possibilities and potential for human survival. Very provocative and very timely. 4) Who is the most influential person in your life? My English teacher Bev Woodroffe, who was one

6) We’re at the bar. What are you drinking? I’m in Japan, so it’s a highball 7) Who would you dread getting stuck in a lift with? Funnily enough, I was in a lift with Lou Reed a few years back. We were both leaving the same party. It was like I was a 12-year-old and the whole of One Direction had got into the lift with me. Total fan-boy, totally phased by sharing the space with one of my hugest influences. Cont...

But my over-riding thought was “If we plummet to our doom now, how do I explain to St. Peter that I’m NOT with Lou?”! 8) What did you want to be when you grew up? A poet 9) What would your older self tell your 16 year old self? Take risks, dare to fail. It’s OK! 10) When can we see you live? Doing Richard Strange Performs The Songs Of Lou Reed on a UK tour late September with an amazing band including Kevin Armstrong (Bowie, Iggy), Terry Edwards (Nick Cave, PJ Harvey), Dave Imby (Kid Creole), Florence Sabeva (Earl Slick) and Paul Cuddefor (Ian Hunter, Steve Harley). Then, in winter, with Doctors of Madness, touring our first album for 40 years, Dark Times. Damned right it’s political!

How can we find out more about you?

Facebook Richard Strange Instagram Richardstrange Twitter @strangerichard

1) What are you listening to right now? Cork singer John Spillane, The Man Who Came In From The Dark LP. His delivery is mesmerising. 2) Who was the first musician you paid to see? Paul Weller in The Jam. Liverpool Empire, opening night of the All Mod Cons tour. 

9) What would your older self tell your 16 year old self? You have no idea how lucky you are that you came of musical age during the era of The Clash, The Jam, The Stranglers, Elvis Costello, Blondie, Ian Dury The Pretenders, The Police, Squeeze, Talking Heads, Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks & Steel Pulse.

10) When can we see you live? 3) What have you been reading lately? All through the Autumn of 2019 Having another read of the wonderful McCarthys Bar by Pete McCarthy How can we find out more about you? Just put my name into Google. 4) Who is the most influential person in your life? Bruce Springsteen. My spirit guide. 5) Which song do you wish you had written? Bridge Over Troubled Waters, I have no idea how Simon got there. 6) We’re at the bar. What are you drinking? Cheap proletarian lager. 7) Who would you dread getting stuck in a lift with? Any Tory MP. The anger would be righteous.  8) What did you want to be when you grew up? A footy player.

Miles Hunt 1) What are you listening to right now? Snarky Puppy’s ‘We Like It Here’. Jazz has been around me all my life, my Dad was a jazz drummer in his younger days and my parents house has always been full of jazz music, it still is. I keep my ear out for new jazz for him, as well as my own pleasure. I tend to lean toward instrumental music for listening pleasure these days. I’m always analising the lyrics of other people when listening to contemporary music and find myself constantly disappointed with what I hear. 2) Who was the first musician you paid to see?  My first gig was Slade, Dad paid for the tickets though. I’m gonna guess at The Jam being the first gig I paid with my own money to see. I wasn’t disappointed.   3) What have you been reading lately?  John Niven’s ‘Kill ‘em All’, the follow up to his ‘Kill Your Friends’ book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. An amusing yarn full of bile and vitriol for the music industry.   4) Who is the most influential person in your life? My Dad. He put me on the path to music and is instrumental in my political views too. Both my brother and I hold him in the highest esteem.   5) Which song do you wish you had written?  None. I’m quite happy with my own efforts.  

How can we find out more about you? Oh that’s easy;

6) We’re at the bar. What are you drinking? ‘Butty Bach’, an ale by the Wye Valley Brewery. I’ve been an ale man since I moved to Shropshire twenty-four years ago. I also enjoy the occasional bourbon. 7) Who would you dread getting stuck in a lift with? The list is too long to nail it down to one individual. Needless to say it would feature a whole bunch of contemporary musicians.   8) What did you want to be when you grew up?  Exactly who I am now. It worked out pretty good for me.   9) What would your older self tell your 16 year old self?  You were right.   10) When can we see you live? I have three acoustic shows in early October; London, Bristol and Rugby. Then The Wonder Stuff tour the UK starting at the tale end of November and throughout December.

. . . n o o s g n i m o C



. .. ! d r a e h e b & Be seen

In the club

Ben Adlam Psych-ARella Club

We’re sitting with Ben Adlam, co-founder of Psych-A-Rella Club. Along with his partner Sarina, they run Psych-A-Rella Records and Psych-A-Rella Live. He also writes for Shindig! Magazine, edits their website, provides content for their social media and co-promotes the Shindig! Revue live gigs - visit for more details. but He likes to DJ Northern Soul and “mod” records likes doesn’t get asked to do that much these days so his In h. psyc to mix it up by playing out some modern spare time, he makes blinds! Hey Ben welcome to ‘The Club’ OK firstly, we are sitting in the cyber pub doing this drink? interview, and it’s our round. What do you want to

Depends what day it is, midweek? I’ll have a beer, Saturday night get me a White Russian and if it’s Sunday I’ll have the greatest Bloody Mary on the planet at Helgi’s in Hackney. so What was the last thing you heard/watched that was good you had to tell someone about it?

I think the last thing I was completely blown away (excuse the pun) by was HBO’s Chernobyl. I remember the fear at the time thinking that we were all going to be irradiated and the series showed how close we were to a global disaster. er Music wise, that’s completely impossible as my partn to Sarina and I are constantly sending each other stuff listen to.

The last one was an LA band called Pacific Range who I like a lot (I’m a bit obsessed with the LA Psych scene at the moment; Triptides, Mystic Braves, Levitation Room, Frankie & The Witch Fingers, LA Witch, Death Valley Girls, Gospelbeach and Dream Phases are current favourites) What four items would you put in a time capsule?

A flyer for our first Psych-A-Rella Club, a copy of Creamer & Wesley’s Geoffrey Porter single, a picture of Jurgen Klopp and my iPhone (although I spend 90% of my time on email or social media on the phone I secretly wish I could just bin it) What does Punk mean to you?

DIY. Belief in achieving anything. Oh and Mohair jumpers, safety pins and special brew. ;) If there had only ever been one, which and why. The Clash or The Sex Pistols?

Tough question. I got into The Sex Pistols before The Clash but now would listen to The Clash more....but saying that we could keep The Sex Pistols and see where The 101ers end up, at least we’d still have Strummer. If football is the current ‘rock &’roll (in terms of Superstar status), what do you think could or should be the next big thing?

Some vacuous YouTube bloggers famous for nothing but a selfperpetuating cycle of becoming more famous by being famous for Continued...

nothing other than being famous. It’s like a dystopian reality of Orwell’s 1984 but we are our own Big Brother. Warhol got it wrong too, in the future everybody will want to be invisible for 15 minutes. If you could be any character in a film, what film and who would it be?

Joey Knish from Rounders. Solid dependable taking calculated risks, not flashy but gets done what needs doing. You are now In The Club, but what club do you actually wish it was?

happened when I heard Hendrix!) Bass - Entwistle Vocals - Marriott If you had a time machine and could go back to any year in music, what would it be and why?

1969, any date before December 6th. The zenith of the 60’s. The height of Psychedelia. Great Soul music was still being made. Woodstock. The first Isle Of White Festival. It was the peak of the hippy trip, the future filled with Peace & Love. “It’s 1969 okay”. What question haven’t we asked you that you wish we had?

Any club and I’m gonna party like it’s What’s your favourite band t-shirt that my birthday..... you own? (there are 2, The Almighty from Who’d be in your four-piece fantasy band? Donnington ‘92 and Little Barrie “Ray Drums - Bonham Gun”) Guitar - Slash (although at the age of Where’s the best place to find you on the internet? 11 I believed Mark Knopfler to be the All the socials and greatest guitarist ever, imagine what

We all have certain things we look forward to whether on a daily, weekly, monthly or whatever time scale basis and for us one is definitely the latest issue of the In the Club Magazine from The Perfect Pop Co-op, the inimitable UK label from St Albans. Recent copies of the online treat have only escalated the pleasure of reading about the label’s creative family and releases by giving away a free MP3 sampler of their sounds; the latest issue, No. 40 to be precise, providing the third of those delicious musical side dishes. It is another

eclectic mix of sounds and imagination within The Perfect Pop Co-op embrace and another encounter which just sparks a wish indeed need to explore deeper. Devious in its intent, the latest Impulsive Compulsions Sampler simply teases attention throughout as epitomised by the Middle Eastern flavoured lures opening up another slice of their electronic rock fuelled enterprise from the ever fascinating Dislocated Flowers going by the name of Saladin. The band has been a regular feature of the samplers so far and again it had the imagination alive with its instrumental’s

cosmopolitan intimation just as Scant Regard similarly had it and ears equally involved in its DEFCON 1 invasion of the Edwin Starr classic, War. With samples escalating the instinctive drama of the track, it engulfs the senses with a withering and compelling insurgency, the solo project of Will Crewdson (Rachel Stamp, Adam Ant, Flesh for Lulu, Bow Wow Wow, She Made Me Do It) as striking as ever.

Reverse Family is another stepping up to spark eager attention, the solo project of Dermot Illogical teasing and arousing with Make The Most Of Your Headache. Even with its gentle rise there is an organic swing which truly comes to life as its punk/post punk antics collude with Dermot’s inimitable words and tones. There is a great Swell Maps-esque whiff to the song’s potent shuffle and enticement, bait matched in strength by that offered by its creator’s other guise/day job within The Tuesday Club. Their contribution is Wow Jazz, a devilish jazz funk clad proposition cast with the band’s unique swing and contagiousness which had the body bouncing as high as an organic appetite for their sound was lusty.

The Venus Overload is just as lively as they bound in with Flying Face, its tenacious garage rock stomp a wild come feral antagonist body and spirit had no protection from, each leaping with nostrils flared into its manipulative fire. This is a band we only wish would return from well let’s call it a hiatus, songs like this thick reason and this particular one a definite favourite among this fresh batch of nothing less than treats. As earlier suggested, it is fair to say that all tracks within the sampler left an instinct to explore their creators further, the pair of Creature Of Desire and Time To Say (80’s electro mix) from Andreas and The Wolf and The Scratch respectively no different; the first providing company for an shadow loaded urban electro saunter, danger soaked seduction lurking at every rhythmic and electronic turn while the second dangles indie pop bait within its DIY rock ‘n’ roll adventure with just a tinge of Fad Gadget to its electro shadowing.

Jordan Thomas steps up with We’re Here, the song casting an indie pop jangle over ears soaked in post punk dissonance to easily captivate while 50ft Woman swings in and sets out another inescapable claim on favourite album moment with Strictly Only

We all have certain things we look forward to whether on a daily, weekly, monthly or whatever time scale basis and for us one is definitely the latest issue of the In the Club Magazine from The Perfect Pop Co-op, the inimitable UK label from St Albans. " Swinging. With attitude fuelling every note and syllable, the track is a thrilling slab of virulent punk rock with echoes of a tempting mix of early Blondie and the Mo-dettes as The Raincoats add their delinquent pennyworth but as unique as you could imagine or desire. The album line-up is completed by Hello Dearies, a newcomer to these ears but sure to be regulars if Song For Disillusioned Man is anything to be persuaded by. Springing from collaboration between Nashville hailing musician Dominic De Lugosi and songwriter Mandy McNeill, the track is a haunting psych rock seduction, a siren of a song drawing the imagination upon its mystical coated rocks. It is an increasingly enthralling addition to another collection of artists and tracks which deserve the deepest of attention; explorations we can assure you only providing the richest rewards as you simultaneously immerse in another great issue of the In the Club Magazine available now.


The Perfect Pop Co Op Sampler – Impulsive Compulsions 04 is out Tuesday September 24th free with the new issue of the Perfect Pop Co Op magazine.

"Wow Jazz, a devilish jazz funk clad proposition cast with the band's unique swing and contagiousness which had the body bouncing as high as an organic appetite for their sound was lusty." WOW Jazz, The Tuesday Club

Perfect...POP UP SHOP!

Age of Control (Remix) - Rogue Sector AudioBiological - Dislocated Flowers Dead Marchers - Bleeding Soul Angels Dream boy doin’ well - The Bleeed Destroy (We’re Here to) - Scant Regard Impulsive compulsions - Pony Virus Way it goes - Reverse Family Sometimes When I Dream - Southdown Laundry Club Too pure to Live - The Tuesday Club WFTW(TCD) - The Dodo Without Doubt - The Venus Overload Limited AMbition - Andreas And The Wolf Teen Idol - The Scratch impulsive-compulsions-perfect-pop-sampler-01



Interesting Times - Dislocated Flowers Valerie Leon, Queen of Neon - The Bleeed Broken Morning - She Made Me Do It Fiction - Reverse Family Beat Oven Extended Mix - The Tuesday Club Just A Game - The Dodo Superslider - The Venus Overload Public Domain - Andreas And The Wolf Logical Mind Pv Remix - The Scratch I’ve had Enough - TAGAS In the evening - Jordan Thomas

War - Scant Regard Your headache - Reverse Family Wow Jazz - The Tuesday Club Flying Face - The Venus Overload Creature of Desire - Andreas And The Wolf Time to say (80’s electro mix) - The Scratch We’re Here - Jordan Thomas Stictly only Swinging - 50ft Woman Song for Disillusioned Man - Hello Dearies Saladin - Dislocated Flowers





See You Next Tuesday The Complete Sessions


7 years in, album 3 - Art is Magic. Art Is Magic Always Taking Things Too Far Soulless City Syndrome Fruit Salad Girl Drowning My Sorrows

In 2013 as a bristling 8 piece - 2 bass, keys, drums, 3 guitars, 2 vocals and a Minx!... The Tuesday Club released ‘See you next Tuesday’ on an unsuspecting world... “Roxy Music played by The Rocky Horror Show”... here for the first time you can grab for your collection - The Complete sessions... featuring the lost tracks and unreleased material... 5 of which have been released on varying eps and singles, 3 of which have never been released... and now due to loss of the original masters - 1 of which was never and will never be finished! Released on Ltd edition of only 50 cds and a digital download. You’d be a definite SYNT not to want this?! CD1: Original Album:

Dolly Dynamite Ain’t Got No Class Money Means Nothing Nanananana She Splayed My Teeth New Regime (Slow Swing) Replication and Montage All You Do Is Wow New Glamour Wish My Slate Was Cleaner Vinyl As a Manifesto Oh Daddy Please Little Miss Attitude Human inhuman being

Put Your Faith (In What You Can Control) We Are The Team Let The Kids Run The Country Rock’n’Roll’s Not A Science Who And Youz Army album/art-is-magic


CD 2:

Previously released Material True Sex Appeal (Free Xmas single) These Dogs Bite (B-Side Dolly Dynamite EP) Old Before Your Time (Original mix) One Idea and a Lonely Voice  (From Forbidden Kiss EP) New Regime (Punkd) (B-Side Ain’t got no Class) Previously Unreleased Material Erotism And Machinery It Ain’t Changed Me Gordon Curfew (unfinished Mix)

SOD Brexit! An anthem to re-unite the land! Available on limited Edition 7” Vinyl! album/let-the-kids-run-the-country

Other releases currently available from The Tuesday Club

My Consciousness EP My Consciousness, Harsh tales of ancient news and Something Major. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP001

Lady Gargar EP Lady Gargar, Scars are Superstars and Resistance makes your heart groan fonder. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP003

Forbidden Kiss EP Forbidden Kiss, Cities Alive and One Idea and a lonely voice. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP002

Boo Hoo EP Boo Hoo, Beat Oven, Greyer Shades Of Grey Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP004



This track is based on a cassette demo from the B-Wolf from the mid 1980s with new lyrics added by Andy. Back in 1984 Wargames, the postpunk/new wave band B-Wolf was in, called it a day. But The Wolf carried on writing material for a new album for when he found a new band. He had a portastudio, a couple of guitars, a Casio CZ101 keyboard and a drum machine. As he can’t sing he ended up with a lot of instrumental demos. Fast forward 30 years and when clearing the attic he came across a box full of old cassettes and fancied giving them a listen… He thought it would be an interesting project to revisit these tracks written by his twenty year old self. In some cases he had the original 4 tracks so he used these and added to them and in other cases where he only had a mixed down track he rerecorded everything. At the time he was influenced by the likes of Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, The Banshees/Cure offshoot, The Glove, and Magazine.


The Dodo - The Album. Finally released in it’s full digital tragedy... Taking 3 weeks of evenings to produce in the autumn of the late late noughties... unplanned and adrenalised. It sounds more like a the soundtrack to Saint-Saens carnival of the animals transported to a lost autumn somewhere in a darker, richer, swinging 60’s... the 1860’s that is. Harpsichord, strings, bells, and tormented otherwordly backing vocals provide the backdrop to this feast of psychedelic melancholia laid bare to inspire and unhinge in equal measure. From the soaring yet forbidding, puritanical bleak, wailing, death mask procession of ‘Into the Black’, to the 60’s apple blossom infused cold war time bomb - ‘Waiting for the walls to come down. The DIY or DIE Organisation sound like a ghostly ice-cream van stalking the neighbourhoods of the as yet unwritten Tim Burton animation… ‘Gothic Pop Victoriana’. The DODO was born, it grew and ultimately demised, leaving this as it’s epitaph... Into the mists of time and tragedy it fades... the last Thylacine resplendent in a Tin Foil Crown. album/the-diy-or-die-organisation

With the debut album tabled for release in 2018it looks to be an exciting year for the duo.

All I want is you album/all-i-want-is-you

Waiting for the walls to come down/ Into the black waiting-for-the-walls-to-come-down

The Purest/My little Eye album/the-purest


Imagine Scrooge hadn’t had his dream and he’d carried on blissfully and corporatly crushing the spirit of his loyal workforce, this is Bob Cratchits revenge. Despite all the hardship Bob’s soul elevated his family to higher consciousness where they dispensed with traditon and used the foil for something alltogether more glam than a turkeys marathon runners blanket. Melancholic yet up lifting Tin Foil Crown is an anthem of Hope and fortitude against the odds!


THE BLEEED Life is for winners and only winners... 'Dream boy doing well' is about dead winners, dead from life... dead ending... dead bored... dead frustrated... imagine... Johnny the horrifying man from Repetition by David Bowie in a scene from a 1970's Hammer Horror Film... infused with the dark hopeless sarcasm of the queen in snow white... that's what the Bleeed are serving up for you this time dear friends, go on take a bite!

The Silent Scream Valerie Leon (Queen of Neon) Super Juice album/dreamboy-doing-well album/the-silent-scream-ep Plus released to commemorate 40 years since the Ramones debut LP. There’s a FREE download of our version of their classic track Commando commando



MY SONGS ABOUT LIFE MID CRISIS Ever had that dream where an insect invades the ear and sets up home to mercilessly tease and torment thereon in? If so, a form of similar reality is about to be unleashed as the Reverse Family step forward to announce themselves with a sound which trespasses and festers in the psyche. The difference is that this is set to be the most welcome invasion of ears as it crawls with relish into the imagination. Reverse Family is the solo project of Dermot Illogical, aided by a fluid band of collaborators from time to time, this debut offering is a lo-fi exploration into an experimental DIY web of sounds and flavours which is hard to pin down but certainly embraces everything from post punk and noise pop to indie and old school punk. There are so many highlights offered by the Reverse Family songs; each track connecting with an ever eager hunger for punk fuelled, post punk spiced imagination. Plastic Punks epitomises this perfectly, its Fire Engines toned melodic jangle and Spizzenergi devilry sheer temptation again emerging as something specific to Reverse Family. With a tongue in cheek lining to the lyrical reflection shaping songs which spreads into the music itself, Reverse Family is a beguiling adventure with a nod to the past and a grip on an imagination as fresh as it is, well quite simply a touch loco. Ringmaster Review

"This loose and snazzy slinky strut has been leaked as a mooching club floor teaser as to whats to come. Time tunnelling its way from a new wave age to present day, this glam funked schizoid crooner is possessed of the kind of wayward outsider pop dialect that imagines odd popper Gary Wilson doing Adam Ant homages whilst shimmying up to a class of 1980 gathering of Jona Lewie and Robin Scott moonlighting as M types." album/way-it-goes

Legend of Pierre is the follow up single to ‘Way it Goes’ from the bands new vinyl only LP My Songs about life Mid Crisis.

"A haunting keys wrapped sultry croon"

Ringmaster Review album/legend-of-pierre

Orange Roses & Yellow Tulips - Dislocated Flowers All I Want Is You - Andreas & The Wolf Fun and Games - She Made Me Do It Inadequcy (day 197) - Reverse Family Lady Gargar ‘Live at Trestle 2014’ - The Tuesday Club Afghanistan Bananastand - The Venus Overload Glue - The Dodo No two castles are the same - The Scratch Psychic Hygiene - 50ft Woman All The Pretty Boys and Girls - Hello Dearies Night of the Wild Mind - Suicide Tapes Nine Day Decline - Decisons (John Ashton Mix)




To Celebreate Now Over 50 issues of the Perfect Pop Co-Op Magazinbe in it’s 2 guises from ‘Sound of the Suburbs’ to ‘In The Club’ but also The 2nd year of Andreas & The Wolf Radio Shows... We’ve put togehter A 4th free sampler of 7 of our favourite acts played over the last years shows & 5 PPCO projects Old and New! Dislocated Flowers Songwriter, musician, producer and obsessive - mostly about the importance of music and the good it can do as well as the pleasure it can bring. Dislocated/Soundcloud

The Venus Overload Sometimes only a sledgehammer will do to make people listen. Unless of course a person wants to be part of the problem and not the solution. Gawd Bless Yer MC5. 50ft Woman

50ft Woman; a cabaret rockpoppunk band, described as quintessentially English, and yet a cross between AC/DC, The New York Dolls, Blondie and The Bangles. Fronted by 6ft Minki, they’re a blockbuster comic book movie of a band: energetic and eclectic, singing songs about goldfish and cats to swinging and Soho. They set out to create a big sound with an even bigger presence.

Reverse Family

Made ‘famous’ by 2017/18’s 365 project (incase you missed it!) 365 songs released over 365 days, Inadequacy was released on day 197 of the project.

The Scratch -

Played XFM & BBC introducing sessions, around 200 gigs, played Versus cancer 07 at the M.E.N. Manchester, released 4 albums and numerous singles and then went on hiatus in 2012... GirlsWorld

The Tuesday Club - Formed as a break from the ‘day job’ in 2011 by 8 members of different local bands including The Scratch, We are White Worm, The Daves and 50ft Woman. The Tuesday Club started rehearsing on a Tuesday with tracks deemed ‘back burner’ material and from there grew into something unique. Today 8 years on and despite tragedy and the shedding and regrouping of some of the original members, the band is now back to a 6 piece. The TC’s have metamorphosised into a three album institution.

Hello Dearies

Hello Dearies is a mystic rock living room collaboration between Nashville based musician Dominic de Lugosi (Dragon Park Kids, Lovercraft, Blacklight Velvets) and then Nashville based songwriter Mandy McNeil (Cunning Vixen).

Andreas & The Wolf Before the Radio show there was the TCs now there’s a psycho pop duo. The basic concept came from the Bwolf reimagining his twenty year old self & trying to keep true to his original bedroom DIY cassette culture ideals - throw an Andreas into the mix and see what mutates... influenced by early 80s electronica, dub and wonkiness. The debut album is due out in 2019. @andreasandtwolf

The Dodo

Only lived for a matter of weeks back in 2010. Taking 3 weeks of evenings to produce an album of late late noughties... unplanned and adrenalised tracks. One ‘gig’ in a kitchen at a party and it was over.

She Made Me Do It

The sultry vocals of Shaheena Dax (Rachel Stamp) underpin the whole 3 minute rush while Will Crewdson (Rachel Stamp/Adam Ant band) thrashes away on guitar like a man possessed. ‘Fun and Games’ was produced by Will Crewdson and mixed to perfection by the legendary John Fryer (Depeche Mode, This Mortal Coil, Fad Gadget, Love and Rockets).

The Suicide Tapes are Steve Scales-Vocals, Bri Perryman-Guitar,Paul Hills-Bass,Rik Double-Drums. A four piece Hertfordshire based band originally formed in the 80’s, reformed in 2015 now playing the UK circuit to an audience of both our original fan base with the addition of a new student following. Nine Day Decline

Nine Day Decline play smashed up, dark, emotional, post-punk gothness. This particular track was mixed by John Ashton, a founder member of The Psychedelic Furs. “We are incredibly honoured and overwhelmed to have John Ashton as a friend and a fan, nevermind for him to touch our music. “

Big thanks to all for their great creative contributions. As with all we do, our aim is to spread the word of great underground DIY exponents and with all your help to ultimately bring PERFECT POP back to the Saccarin Sodden Masses collective consciousness...or at the very least create for ourselves an alternate world where PERFECT POP is the weird/ obscure/creative/diy cult/ that can exist and get the airing it deserves!!!


What is ? At its core it is a FREE site where you listen to music and earn credits which you use to get your own music heard. But it is A WHOLE LOT MORE than that - read on! You can add up to 50 SoundCloud, Spotify, BandCamp, YouTube, ReverbNation & FanBurst tracks. You listen to other musician’s tracks and earn a credit every time you listen for at least 60 seconds. You can vote for your favourite tracks, leave comments and follow their social media accounts. There’s a chat room which is always friendly and a good laugh. We really do have a fantastic community already and it is growing fast! There are message boards to find collaborators, post upcoming gigs, discuss music promotion, find Spotify playlists, etc. Tracks that are in play also get added to playlists on various platforms and there is even a weekly radio show featuring selected tracks that is aired on Radio Beacon. We also make frequent use of Twitter to spread the music so make sure you set up all your social media accounts so you can get tagged and people can follow you. Go to and sign up.

Check out the video above and the FAQ for more information. Maybe see you in the chat room! JUXTA JOHN

Here’s our latest PPCO guide to our new & fave ‘LIKED’ artists on ACR


Dislocated Flowers


The Turtle Project


The Mental Straights

The Audible Collective Last ‘Ravage’ Opinion

Hailing from all directions of the Nashville local music scene, The Blacklight Velvets blend a saturation of sound from heavy riffage of guitars to psychedelic dreamy tone that soothes the ear and melts together in vibration with vintage phasers and fuzz pedals that shined brightest in the era of indie 90s alternative as well as 70s raw psych rock. Standing in unity they have a “born local uniqueness” within growing up in the underground rock culture of Nashville, saturating them in an influence of who they are. A cultured band in Nashville’s seemed once lost but now found underground scene. The writing aesthetic is aimed towards pulling the heart-strings of emotion to a place in sound and altered states, capturing the purity and power of novelty that is heavy rock compiled with psych riffs, spiraling

Standing in unity they have a "born local uniqueness" solos, dynamic drum rhythms, completely wrapped in a blanket of fuzz. The lyrics written by Dominic Baker are true confessions vocalized from the gut of life’s great journeys from it’s greatest loves to a tragedy’s end, and also reflecting all the key spectrums to a delicate soft loving whisper, to quickly bursting into a banshee scream of angst and passion that grasps the audience’s unexpected attention, pulling the listener into a whirlwind of powerful multitude of feelings that may resurrect buried teenage angst. The body of music, levitates, pounds, and captures a singularity of music that crosses all boundaries and genres, but yet stays within its own realm painted by Dominic Baker, Matt Bach, Tom George, and Andy Zimmerman, who are The Blacklight Velvets. For more, check these links...

The bands local venue is in danger of closure... like so many in the UK

The Blacklight Velvets

h c y n L Kevee Kevee Lynch Better Than The Rest/ Burn Nub Music

Kevee Lynch was the singer and creative driving force behind SKA Band Sko-Mads who formed back in 2016. The second solo release from Kevee captures a raw New Wave energy and vocal performance which when matched with a strong and thoughtful lyrical message undoubtably leaves the listener pumped up and ready to change the world! Kevee explains the meaning behind the two tracks below: Better Than the Rest: Depression kills people. I wrote this song after a bad start to the year when two of my friends were really up against it. One tried to take his own life and was rescued by a police

helicopter the other just let it all out in a phone call. We have no idea what people are going through, both happily married with young families and good jobs. Depression takes no prisoners and can strike anyone. I suddenly realised many friends were up against it looking at social media, just cryptic cries for help. I’m always a good listener but do I tell people I really care? I tried to do it in this song, let’s look out for each other. Burn: This is a complete flip on Better Than Rest. I wrote this years ago when I was having a bad time, feeling let down by friends. You sometimes think the worlds against you not realising others are probably fighting their own battles and it’s not personal. The lyrics are harsh but the main message to me has always been I’ll come back for my family and strive to do better. Maybe I’m not as strong as I like to think I am, maybe every time I feel let down this song gets me through. I just hope I can strike a chord with someone. People do care! His father passed away and the next day he wrote the song Dad. After posting the tribute on Facebook and getting thousands of views and encouragement from friends he decided to form a Ska enthused band. Rob the drummer having played with Kevee back in the 80’s in various Garage and surf bands decided he needed to get back into a band and signed up.

“We got a great reception at Balstock on Denise Parsons stage. So solo? Probably not now, back in the studio soon and more gigs to come!”

He writes songs about Poverty, Facebook Stalkers and Tell-A-Lie A-Vision and soon had the audience connecting at gigs. The crowd favorite always being, Born To Fuck Up (well who isn’t?). Having retired the Sko-Mads Kevee is still singing about real issues harking back to the Punk/ New Wave/2 Tone era but with a renewed energy sometimes lacking in today’s bland music culture. “Sko-Mads had a good year, appearances at Skamouth festival, Ampthill and Positive Images Festival in Coventry. The album release had helped with getting gigs. Terminal Twist an indie band I play drums in recorded some new tracks, soon to be released via Nub and was gigging Wake Up With Kevee on Radio Verulam was gathering momemtum. I was recording some solo stuff, flat out at work building and landscaping. Then I don’t know over doing it, a tad stressed trying to keep up with myself. Bit of a health wobble but false alarm after numerous tests, just knackered really. Sko-mads was hard to let go, I started the band when I wrote Dad after my father passed away. 3 years down the line and we were moving in slightly different directions, wanting to do different gigs. It was a good time to think, yea we done the album had a laugh lets leave it at that. Terminal Twist were like no way are you leaving take time out as long as needed, so I did but now were back! I loved the radio show and it was a wrench to leave, but nearly 4 years of getting up 5.30am Saturdays! I miss it though.

Pic Denise Parsons So the single has gone down well, released via Nub, I was going to do some acoustic shows and thought no it’s not really me. My mate Rob LE Plar a guitarist songwriter from Terminal Twist and Kodiene and House of Five jumped in, hes a great guitatist, plays with the strings upside down. Andy Mariner a good friend and a super solid bass player was like yea I’m in. Then Jeri Frisco popped up, boy can he play the drums. Bit of a metel drummer so a lot of kick going on. Kevee Lynch and The Bastard Sons Of What’s Her Name? Had arrived.

Better than the Rest and Burn is out now, Distribution is by The Orchard for more info check out Keeve’s Facebook Page

Pic Steve Powell

“The Greatest Story Never Told About The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard Of!”

Director Biography - Mark Christopher Lee I’m a first time film maker more known for being frontman of cult indie band The Pocket Gods whose claim to fame are our protest albums of 30 second songs highlighting lack of royalties for artists from streaming. I also hold the Guinness World Record for most tracks on an album and have been described by BBC 6’s Tom Robinson as a willful maverick.

Film about UK indie band The Pocket Gods. Charting their 20 years of failing to make it to the big time despite high profile champions, and World Records. It also explores frontman Mark Lee’s struggles with depression and recent suicide attempt.

Director Statement I started making this film all on my own with no budget limited technology but a mad head full of ideas. I wanted to tell the story of my cult band of our 20 years of non existence and the ups and downs of playing in that band. I also wanted to tell my own personal story about my abusive childhood and the impact that my mental health has had on my life and recent suicide attempt. I’m trying to raise awareness to help other men especially to talk and seek help. But I also wanted to make an indie Spinal Tap.

Amazon UK link: Follow Weird:

Eat Life Productions is a collective of specialists in branding, media and promotions. "We work for small independent businesses, not for profits and community groups, who want a branding and social media campaign that is definitely not 'corporate' but reflects who they are and what they are about." We are about showcasing the people, their story & their heart; sparking the connection. We are about #communityovercompetition "Grass Roots, Old Skool Super Cool, Affordable, Visual Appeal, Indie" “We are also Independent producers of radio, podcasts and video content for various social and media channels, including Eat Life TV and Eat Life Radio”... This Issue we The Homeless... Introducing Wayne Odell, from St.Albans

BEING HOMELESS AND TAKING HEROIN IN ST ALBANS From my experiences of being homeless & dependant on drugs & alcohol, I found it to be stressful, fearful & challenging most days out there on the streets. Every 24hours that passed felt like a huge struggle & battle with depression & destruction.

“No one in their right mind would want to live a life as a homeless drug addict, but then I wasn’t in my own mind.” I felt powerless, like I had no other choice, heroin simply had to come first & the fear of possibly going without this drug I so desperately needed physically, mentally & emotionally. My first waking thought was heroin & my need for it was stronger than any of my other basic needs, without this drug I would suffer from withdrawals, feel so sick & completely exhausted. I was neglecting myself & my health, I wasn’t eating much & within a short space of time I was losing everything & everyone around me. In order to raise the much needed money to fund & feed my habit within the first 4-6months I turned to shoplifting which consequently resulted in 2 court appearances, I was edging closer to a return to prison after having not reoffended for the previous 5years. I would see other homeless people sitting down begging for money I presumed then was towards drugs & or alcohol maybe. I was part of the homeless community in Luton & after hearing how much money could be made from begging, I simply needed the money for my own addiction so I began sitting & begging myself. I would spend up to 16hours begging each day to get the

money I needed. When I look back, reminding myself of that vicious cycle I was stuck in for 3years of my life it seemed as if it was a job 2 me back then. I continued to self-medicate with heroin as it was what I needed & was my everyday routine, it was simply all I had known, I was living everyday like a hustle & struggle. I would use heroin to drown out & numb all the intense & all consuming thoughts, feelings & fears I had kept hidden inside for so long. In reality I was traumatised & would seek solace in using this powerful & damaging drug! After nearly 2years of being homeless, I felt I had to get away & go somewhere else. I left Luton for St Albans City in search of more money I could make from the generous St Albans community. I would chat with many people & the first thing I would say to them is that i wasn’t a drug user, although I was well aware of the problems I had, I guess i was still in denial with myself. Through begging I would make up to £100-£150 a day, which contributed hugely towards my heroin addiction. I was using & spending more money on heroin as my habit was gradually getting a lot worse & becoming more problematic, my life was totally unmanageable. I had no self-respect for myself at all & some of the looks I would get from members of the public were beginning to hit me more & more as time went by. This would really hurt me as what right did anyone have to feel the need to judge me when they didn’t know anything about me or my life. Nobody knew the struggles & problems I had to face & endure from the past & present on a day to day basis. Everyday I would be approached by local outreach workers who would ask me why I was still choosing to live rough & I would tell them it was best I stayed out on the streets as I didn’t really have much choice, my habit was too strong. As time went by, I was more aware of my addiction & had gained more acceptance around it. I was completely broken & felt now was the time something had to happen, I needed to implement changes in my life. I was approached by a local lady in St Albans City whilst I was sitting begging for money, we spoke about my situation & how I could begin treatment for my addiction by going on a methadone script. This kind lady wanted to help me, I felt I could trust her & she invited me into her home as I began attending appointments at a local drug/alcohol support centre & at this point I was waiting for a phone call to move into a nightshelter. I felt a strong connection with this lady & now I think of her like a mum. I am now almost 1year into my sobriety & I’m looking forward to starting college in September. I am now actively involved in a fantastic group ST ALBANS ACTION FOR HOMELESS. Wayne Odell

“In order to raise the much needed money to fund & feed my habit within the first 4-6months I turned to shoplifting which consequently resulted in 2 court appearances, I was edging closer to a return to prison after having not reoffended for the previous 5years.” PK Promotions

Parsons Knows championing local music Denise Parsons – Music Promoter – St.Albans and Radio Verulam DJ



Bollocks – it’s The Sex Pistols’ (an album that I had to ask my Mum permission to buy as it had a swear word on the cover), that one day in much later life I would So, where was I on the hottest day of the get to meet & interview a sex pistol or two. I cannot year – yep in a pub garden putting on a gig understate the impact this band had on my life and the in a sweltering 35-degree heatwave. The PA whole punk explosion. It was like an awakening – not just nearly melted! My idea of hell as I am by no the music & the clothes but the politics and the sense of revolution and it has never left me. I’m not religious means a fan of the hot weather, luckily the but I have from time to time on forms when asked this music was great! question written ‘punk’ and it’s not far from the truth. I am getting old and nostalgic, but my inner punk is alive This summer has just been jam packed with gigs galore and well. Anyway, a couple of years ago I got to meet for The Parsons Knows crew from pub gardens to big and chat to Paul Cook as he was in a band signed festivals, car parks & road closures. Original music is to 3Ms music & more recently I got to interview Glen alive and well in sunny St Albans & Baldock. Matlock who is credited with writing 10 of the 12 songs Balstock festival has got to be one of my favourite gigs of on Pistols album. the year. This year I was given a new pub, The Old White “I don’t normally get nervous but boy, Horse and a car park. The weather was kind and the was I nervous. My hand was shaking bands were excellent. Adam & the staff were fab hosts. A huge success all round – who knows we may do 2 as I tried 3 times to dial his number!” days next year as obviously 10 hours of live music and At the time of writing this I am due to meet him tomorrow 13 bands just wasn’t enough! at a gig in St Albans. Glen has fond memories of St Albans as it was one of the places in 1976 The Sex Now for something I am very proud of – my 14 year old Pistols first gigged at our very own Town Hall, I was 13 self would never have dreamed as I sat in my bedroom and couldn’t go but what a difference a year can make clutching my prized possession – ‘Never Mind The

The Summer of Love!

as by aged 14 I was off seeing all the punk bands I could & sorry Mum, bunking off school to get to The Marquee Club in Wardour Street. To listen to the interview, click here –

https://www.radioverulam. com/audio-clip/glenmatlock-loves-st-albans/

In other news, I am delighted to announce that I am now Chairman of The Board (que some soul music) at North Herts Radio and can’t wait to help them on their journey. Becky Phillips has done an amazing job launching the station 18 months ago & it’s growing fast so we now look to the future with a new board to steer the station and ensure a long and happy life for community radio in North Herts. Moving on, as a massive Dr Who fan I am looking forward to a very special show at St Albans Cathedral on 31/10/19 – an interactive journey through time and space & they’re gonna have Daleks!! Wahoo – so excited!

https://www. doctor-who-a-voyage-inspace-and-time

! ! ! t u o s t h g i N NEW

Having decided to get out of St Albans more this year, I have tickets booked for Hootie & The Blowfish, Adam & The Ants, Dita Von Teese & The Blockheads. 2019 is shaping up very nicely having also seen ABC, The B52’s & KD Lang earlier this year. (very nearly blagged our way into an interview with KD!) & I also have my first modelling job coming up for vintage fashion show in Newbury. Never too old as they say!

I will get back to the local music round up next time folks. Thank you & goodnight.



When we founded North Herts Radio, it was an experimental hobby. We didn’t think to much about the name only that there seemed to be a gap for truly community based Radio in the North Herts area in which the founder, Bee Phillips lived. So the station was casually named “North Herts FM”. The thought that there was a gap for community radio has been borne out by the success of the station. In only 18 months, we have advertisers and sponsors who trust in our ability to reach people. We have a wealth of mixed genre shows. Presenters from every part of our community. But the initial name was a problem. We don’t currently broadcast on FM but we were constantly being asked “What frequency are you on”. Also we felt it didn’t reflect the variety of ways the community could listen. So recently we rebranded to “North Herts Radio” which is a far more inclusive name. Andy from 8ECreative created us a new set of logos which we are VERY proud of. Since rebranding, we have found a massive increase in our listenership and increase in companies interested in advertising with us and sponsoring shows. One of the things we felt really important is to meet our audience. A lot of Community stations seem to be very studio based but we decided to develop an outside broadcast studio from the outset. We achieved this and have had a great summer visiting some of the biggest festivals in the area as well as lots of community events. These include Wilkestock, Henlow family tribute festival, Chilfest, Barkway Market and Woolmer Green Village Day to name just a few. We’ve got ourselves a reputation for


providing a professional and technically sound Outside Broadcast. IN addition we provided professional live commentary for Hitchin Town FC and actually one a Hertfordshire FA grassroots award for it! We’ve continued to support local charities such as Garden House Hospice and East & North Herts Hospitals Charities and will continue to expand that in the future. Our outreach to schools has been amazingly popular. We had 57 responses to take our Outside Broadcast Studio to schools to show them how we make programmes at North Herts Radio and to get them to produce one for broadcast. This involves both classroom work and taking the studio to the school to record in a professional studio. We are looking forward to rolling this project over the winter/spring.

And finally – We have created a brand new Board of Directors to set the future strategic direction for North Herts Radio and make it a stable Radio Station for the community and for the future. We were thrilled that Denise Parsons accepted our nomination to chair the board and set a bright future for North Herts Radio.



10.00am – 4.00pm


1000s of records, CD’s E Memorabilia, Rarities & Bargains For more information or to book Refreshments all day a table please call 01582 762880 BOOK ONLINE HARPENDEN PUBLIC HALLS


01582 767525

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