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Featuring the Life and Times of The Tuesday Club and friends SUMMER 2022
M probes Kevee Lynch & then... HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY EMPIRE RECORDS


Dear Tuesday Clubbers and Pop Pickers!

So ladies and gents welcome to the summer edition of In the Club Issue 046! Yes, before you ask, It is slightly earlier than usual.

We’ve bought it forward to June from its customary July(ish) slot due to the fact our favourite local music pub, The Farmers Boy (London Road, St Albans) is having issues with one of it’s neighbours, resulting in the pub being landed with a noise abatement notice and the threat of having to stop live music!

While we all seem powerless to stop lying politicians and power crazed dictators in this mad ‘new normal!’, we and all other local music fans feel this would be an absolute tragedy and a travesty and are aiming to help stop this madness!

Thus we wanted to PR the benefit gig (curated by Big M promotions in conjunction with Dougie and Ros the landlords) to the max! The event will take place this Friday (10th June) between 8 and 11pm! Lining up alongside the TCs on the bill are other local Farmers Boy faves Los Chicos Muertos (Read more about them later in this issue).

We’re hoping that everybody who comes on the night will buy loads of raffle tickets to help supplement the crowd funding page that Ros has set up. More details and the link can be found further on inside the mag. Also in this issue we’re featuring Perfect Pop Co’s latest ‘sensations’ Faction Structure and their debut album which was released on the 23rd of April 2022 (Record Store Day).

A Mighty big thanks goes out to Empire Records who just celebrated their ninth birthday, (many happy returns guys!) for putting up our display stand in the shop and in the window and enabling us to sell a few of our precious LPs! Apart from the photos from RSD you can also see the new video from Faction Structure’s forthcoming Anxities Faction Structure single as a bit of an In the Club exclusive!

Also you will see the fab photos from Narcotic Hearts debut gig in MK. The TCs gig at Nambucca, where it was great to have finally played our much postponed second show with Gene Loves

Jezebel! That also sadly turned out to be just tow weeks before the venue closed down :-( A massive thanks goes to the youth club for their awesome whirlwind appearance where they ‘hurricaned’ into the venue, totally took out the dance floor for us and then in a puff of smoke disappeared! A big PPCO thanks to those guys especially Tiggy Pop for organising it all. We’ll hopefully see you all again soon?!

In other news on the TCs front, you can watch us recording a ‘greatest hits bootleg’ at National Sound studios in Milton Keynes and finally in TC news it’s great to announce the rebooking of the Woodentops support at The Horn in September, you may remember our last attempt was thwarted by huge Power Cut throughout Hertfordshire and North London!

In the club this issue is Jim Morris from Balham & the Angel. There’s also a feature on JoJo and the Teeth from Kick Down the Door promotions. Big M is talking to Kevee Lynch about his recent art exhibition in St.Albans and also there is the exciting return to ITC of the fabulous Jola Drums from Adam & The Ants, who I was lucky enough to chat too again at Nambucca.

Andreas and The Wolf’s radio show is of course featured together with a snippet of news about their progress towards a live debut gig! Scant Regard, Pete Jones, Farm Factory Studios & loads more!

Plus as ever, there’s all possible opportunities to purchase merch and other exciting perfect pop related stuff! On that, who fancies a Perfect Pop Co party? If you do, as luck would hjave it, there’s gonna be one in October it’s gonna be a ticket only do and is our way to say thanks to everybody for your support of the radio show, gigs and everything else we do, see how you can get a ticket over the page! WOW I hear you say!

Finally, a lot of people say and think they’ve subscribed to ITC, but they don’t finish the subscription by confirming they want to join the list, so please make sure you check your junk and confirm you wanted to join! You guys are the PPCO life blood and we really appreciate your support. So Please DON’T UNSUBSCRIBE. PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO SUBSCRIBE and help us keep rockin’…

See you at the Farmers!





FRI 10 June 2022



Weds 28 Sept 2022


SAT 15 OCT 2022



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A word from your Promoter Big M!

Greetings ‘In The Club’ Reader and (hopefully) subscriber!

As you may or may not be aware, The Farmers Boy pub on London Road in St Albans is currently only one of two pubs in our City that promote grass roots, original music. All other venues generally feature cover bands.

Therefore, The Farmers Boy is very rare in the sense it allows upcoming bands develop their talents and art. Furthermore, the pub actually pays original bands/artists a fair wage for performing-this is not the norm; for a lot of new bands they are quite often out of pocket after a gig. (Please be assured, I am talking from personal experience here).

The Farmers Boy has been subject to vexatious complaints about the noise produced on a Saturday afternoon from the gigs they put on in their garden from 2pm to 5pm.

If you are from St Albans then you will know that on a Saturday afternoon the London Rd is very busy with traffic which produces a fairly high level of ambient background noise. Furthermore, the music featured on Saturday afternoons is generally acoustic-we ain’t talking about Motörhead performing with stacks of Marshall Amps and a 500,000K PA system!

As a result of these complaints from a neighbour who appears to want the pub to close, The Farmers Boy is now subject to a noise abatement order served by St Albans City & District Council. The pub needs in the region of £2,000 for their legal fees to fight this. Crowdfunding has raised approx £1,300 so far, in an attempt to boost this figure I have arranged a benefit gig at the Farmers Boy on Friday, June 10th-two FANTASTIC local bands, Los Chicos Muertos and The Tuesday Club will be playing/giving their time for free. I have also organised a raffle to raise further funds: I have approached the local business community and asked if they could provide a prize for the raffle: So far, Empire Records have donated a record voucher to the value of £25, St Albans Barbers on Catherine Street have donated a free haircut, The Music Dept opposite the Farmers Boy on London Road have given us an exclusive ‘Cavern Club’ Ukulele, B.C. Cycles have amazingly given £40 worth of vouchers, Clarity Shala Yoga, also on the Hatfield Road have said they will donate a free musical immersion session to a lucky winner and finally Lemonrock, the gig guide website have given us CD’s from St Albans bands as prizes.

Also big thanks to Dolly at Farm Factory Studios for providing us with a drum kit for

THE TC’s & The Farmers. A 10 year love affair...

The Tuesday Club’s history at the Farmers Boy began way back in the early part of the last decade. A longtime semi local of our beloved Terry ‘Super’ Cockell, who’d arranged with Dougie and Ros to give us a go. Since then The TCs have also introduced such legends as Scant Regard, The Metatrons & Hubcap Moon to the masses and also played with Pocket Gods and on Friday Los Chicos Meurtos to name a few!

So when BIG M approached us about the Farmers being served with a noise abatement notice, it was a no brainer to leap to the pubs aid. Let’s hope you can all join us on Friday to help raise the necessary funds via the raffle (prizes donated by other local sympathisers including; The Perfect Pop Co-Op)… to help the pub raise the £2000.

Ros has already set up a crowd funding page so if you can’t make the gig, please help by donating here;

the show. Cafe Roma, the best coffee shop in St Albans have made a very generous financial donation and Books on The Hill on Holywell Hill and Out of Emmaus Workshop on St Peters Street have very kindly let us put up posters in their shop windows.

The Farmers Boy relies on the income driven by the live music it puts on. If the abetment order is upheld or enforced there is a significant chance the pub may have to close. I believe that it is absolutely crucial the pub remains open to allow bands/musicians hone their skills and provide entertainment to music lovers from St Albans.

I fully understand ,that times have been very tough to say the least for people the last two years and things continue to be difficult. But I have been very pleasantly surprised how the local community has come together in support of this benefit gig-I would go as far to say it has somewhat restored my faith in human nature.

So PLEASE-if you care, if you love music come along on the night and help make a difference! I know times continue to be tough, but this benefit gig is totally free to get in, but even if you could buy just one raffle ticket it will help and your moral support would be invaluable. Finally, thank you for your time.

Regards, Big M!

Picture from The TCs Farmers Debut back in March 2013... broken table still yet to happen...

Due to the pandemic, we’ve had two Farmers Halloween ‘Specials’ cancelled, this was our last show in 2019!

Hopefully see you at the next one on Friday 28th October this year!

THE TC’s & The Farmers... A 10 year love affair

© Brad Wigglesworth

Mixing up country, blues, folk and chanson with a particular penchant for murder ballads, caustic skiffle and bar room melancholy. Grae J regularly tours on the continent as well as being a stalwart of the UK Acoustica scene (previous band The Young Trash Lovers were the last ever act to perform at the legendary Bunjies Coffee House).

As an eternal troubadour Grae J's songs are also often inspired by his road trips, with narratives set in the motels of Bakersfield, the bar-rooms of Berlin and the backstreets of Paris.

Grae J and Los Chicos Muertos have shared the stage with inspirational characters including TV Smith, Patrik Fitzgerald, John Cooper Clarke and Jowe Head as well as backing Ed Tudorpole a few times on live renditions of Swords of a Thousand Men. Grae has also collaborated (along with the band) on the production of the acclaimed Knoxville Boy album with Knox (The Vibrators) . Along with their regular albums Grae J. has contributed tracks to a number of compilation albums including tributes to Kevin Coyne and a self produced tribute to Nikki Sudden.

“For an album so packed with suicide, death and loss it seems to be almost celebratory, placing a massive grin on the listener’s face. Death loses its power, the Grim Reaper is dragged in, has a glass placed in his hand and is forced to join the party.” – RnR, *****

Club 85 - Anna-Marie
Los Chicos Club 85 - Steve Garry Holdway

“Grae J’s songs are also often inspired by his road trips, with narratives set in the motels of Bakersfield, the bar-rooms of Berlin and the back-streets of Paris.”

Grae J. Wall & Los Chicos Muertos

Anna-Marie Butler



The last stand!

1st May 2022, saw the much postponed Tuesday Club support to Gene Loves Jezebel’s 40th Anniversary tour celebrations.

© Ian ladlow photography

Having twice been billed at the 02 the gig ended up at the sadly (condemned by the current economic climate and COVID - Nambucca) which had just announced it had two weeks to live. The place was rammo with celebrities and there was a lot of emotion riding on the night from a lot of angles. The bill had even changed in the couple of days prior with The TCs now being opening act to The Priscillas who were the main support to GLJ. (A little extra treat had made up for the TCs slippage in the running order as it was rumoured and found to be true that the mighty Jola Drums (yes the ice queen of the Ants) was depping for the excellent and exotic Priscillas). What a gal and lovely to catch up with her prior to the show! So a packed venue (probably the first such for many of the occupants since lockdown) was buzzing with anticipation…

Starting with ‘Kids’ and ending in a metaphoric and actual ‘Boo Hoo’ (AVBD!) The TCs set was in true TCs styleunexpected, chaotic, but ultimately according to everyone who saw it - the height of entertainment as ever! Big thanks to the snappers Ian Ladlow and J Bellas who caught the band in action and are credited (hopefully correctly you guys, apologies if not) among on the next pages, but the biggest thanks goes to Tiggy Pop and her crew who ‘smashed it’ (in the modern vernacular) by storming the dance floor like a smog of famished loacasts, with the sole intention of bop, jump and sing along, before vanishing in the echo of Blair’s last cymbal smash! Legends one and all! So despite the puncture to Dave’s front tyre on the way home it was another highly successful foray for the Tcs into the smoke, albeit for the last time at Nambucca RIP. © @j_bella_s © @j_bella_s

Perfect Pop Co Op Radio is back: hosted by Andreas and the Wolf, just click, follow and enjoy! Lots of exclusives, oldies and rarities and that’s the music not the band!

Andreas and the Wolf have been making radio shows for 9 years. Their show is ‘presented’ in their own inimitable and bungled style, and if you love Indie, indie dance, new wave,

post punk, old school punk, vinyl and discovering new music, this has to be the show for you! This is not just an excuse to plunder their own musical heritage though, oh no, this eclectic show comes interspersed with tracks that have influenced them over the years by established artists and also tracks by fellow ‘DIYers’, underground mavericks and tomorrows indie superstars. You gotta click this link and get yourself subscribed. The show comes out once a month and can be found on the: and

Follow us!



“An uncomplicated yet richly woven electro pop serenade swift captivation. Guitar & synth embrace their melodic hearts around the inimitable tones of Andreas, sleight but fertile hooks”


Great BIG thanks to the mighty Pete Ringmaster for this our first review of the forthcoming album. We’ve printed it from his website and also here’s a link via his facebook page...


for info email:

Perfect pop co -op erfect Perfectpopop Perfectpopop Perfectpopop Perfect pop co -op Logo, make a rubber stamp so could be any colour... whatever colour ink we can get Badges
“It’s got a retro vibe about it, but not in an old school way... kind of a fucked up retro vibe”


It’s been almost two years since Fountain of Truth hit the shelves, though as with most things ‘pandemic’ it didn’t quite get the proposed birthing that had been intended. Since those dark days and indeed the 5 months when the radio show was off air (having given up trying over zoom). Things have been on the up for Andreas and Mr B Wolf. The 2nd album is well on the way to completion, a new EP is being slated for the summer and most excitingly of all the dynamic duo is preparing itself for live shows. At the moment the aim is for the PPCO 1st annual review party, but don’t be surprised at getting a short notice invite to hastily arranged debut somewhere else before 15th October.

For now we ask you to continue supporting the boys on their monthly show by listening and sharing the radio show and even more importantly subscribing if you can at: perfectpopcoop/

23.04.2022 - Record Store DayEmpire Records St Albans

23rd April finally saw the release of the first (of five) Faction Structure albums on limited edition 50 vinyl LPs. Record Store Day has long been a beacon for Perfect Pop Co releases, with The TC’s See You Next Tuesday being the first, released in 2013, followed by Reverse Family’s - My Songs About Life Mid Crisis being released in 2017 and now thanks to the very good folks at Empire Records who cleared a special area for our Perfect Pop display case, Buy-in’ Into Fantasy.

GAND? Made a rare appearance the day before to deliver said artefact and was snapped by one of the boys (thanks Eddie) before disappearing back into the shadows! (The dark bits out of the sun, rather than Hank Marvin’s band?!)…

The album has received some great feedback and this

fantastic review from the mighty Ringmaster which featured in the last issue (45) of In the Club (Dec 2021).

There are still very limited copies of the vinyl left and they can be purchased here… Although 10 copies are being kept back for exclusive sale at the Perfect Pop Co first Annual review party that is being held in October, so don’t delay they won’t be around for long.

Digital copies can be bought via band camp or all of the usual online stores and can also be streamed on Spotify (but if you do decide to stream rather than buy please note you will need to play the album 1,141.42857 times to generate the same revenue for the band, as they would receive via band camp for a £7.99 purchase! NO BULLSHIT!!!)…

Perfect pop co -op

er Logo, make stamp so colour... whatever colour ink
OUT NOW!!! ORDER THE ALBUM HERE NOW: faction-structure-buyin-into-fantasy



The NEW EP coming soon on Perfect Pop Co-Op, featuring The Beautiful Wolf and Pete Jones Vs Faction Structure Remixes.




Artist Name: Jo-Jo & The Teeth

Single: Don’t Get Too Heavy

Released on: 6th May 2022

Canadian Jo-Jo O’Donoghue the conjurer, the loudest witch In the east & the west, has journeyed from the Rocky Mountains to the Isle of Wight, via Dublin, before settling in London. Collecting her band of merry men along the way. A glamorous art rock mix, a collision, a forging of two Canadians, an Isle of Wight duo, and a Surrey man. This transatlantic marriage à-la Fleetwood Mac, blend and bend inspirations. Citing influences from Queen & Fleetwood Mac, to the Rolling Stones & Aerosmith. New single ‘Don’t get too heavy’ has an upbeat, forward driving sound. Anthemic, uplifting, with sing-along pop hooks and crescendos so thrillingly perfect, Intimately rooted in good old fashioned guitar rock and roll.

Vive Le Rock‘Jo-Jo & The Teeth vocalist Jojo O’Donoghue is a grungy goddess, and the unique alt-rock cadences of this glamorous band is my definition of heavenly’

Jo-Jo & The Teeth conjures an arena sound and spectacle, regulars at the Isle Of Wight Festival, Kashmir Cafe Tent since 2018, last year headlining the Saturday night. Their London debut was opening for Carl Barât (The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things, The Jackals) ‘Don’t get too heavy’ is the lead track from the self produced forthcoming debut album ‘No More Good News’ Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Stafford, house engineer at The Albion Rooms, The Libertines HQ in Margate, Kent.

Get your pearly whites into this! No 'country bumpkins' in sight'Wet Leg aren't the only ones to be making waves from the Isle of Wight..

Video - ‘Don’t get too heavy’

FB @jojoandtheteeth

Twitter @jojoandtheteeth

IG @jojoandtheteeth

Mobile: +44 (0) 7990548490

In the club

For this months ‘In the Club’ we are excited to Welome Balaam and the Angel guitarist Jim Morris of Balaam & The Angel. Hi Jim, thanks for coming down!

1. We’re sitting in the cyber pub doing this interview and it’s our round. What would you like to drink? Classic, basic, straight ahead lager (sorry). Not a fan of ‘craft’ beers or premium drinks. Might be persuaded to have a margarita or tequila slammer though.

2. What was the last thing you hear or watched that was so good you had to tell someone about it? Kate Tempest at Shepherds Bush Empire. Impossible to understand how she can keep all of those lyrics in her head……. and marry it with some fantastic music and lights.

3. What does Punk Rock mean to you? Punk Rock defines my youth and formative years which was all about questioning what ‘normal’ meant and how to express yourself without boundaries.

4. Who was the first artist you paid to see? First artist I paid to see was Tom Robinson Band and Stiff Little Fingers at Glasgow, although technically my

dad paid for the ticket and taxied me and my brothers to and from the venue (he didn’t go to see the band himself).

5. Who is the most influential person in your life? My partner……simple. Strongest, most independent, intelligent, loyal and creative person I know. Have always wished I could be more like her.

6. Which song do you wish you had written? Hundreds……. but if pushed I would have to say Heroes by David Bowie. I never get tired of hearing this song.

7. What would you older self tell your 16 year old self? Find a way of truly understanding yourself and being as healthy as you can be. No amounts of money or fame can take the place of these two basics of life.

8. Is the internet a help or hindrance to a) new acts. b) established acts? Bloody nuisance for everyone. Takes up so much valuable time that people could be devoting to being truly creative.


Live Shows 2022

29th October - Whitby

Tomorrows Ghosts Festival

9. What four things would you put in a time capsule?

One of my guitars, a picture of my loved ones (family, friends etc), a copy of one of the tunes that I wrote on CD (possibly I’ll Show You Something Special) and my fit bit watch.

10. If you had a time machine and could go back to any year(s) in music, what would it be and why?

70s…….T-Rex, Bowie, Slade, Pistols, Clash, Zeppelin…..why not ?

11. If you could be any character in a film, what film and who would it be?

I would be some kinda sensitive, obscure, foreign subtitled lead character. Those are the kind of films I watch.

12. You are now In The Club, but which club do you actually wish it was?

Dudley JBs…… best ever club/live music venue no contest.

13. Who’d be in your 4 piece fantasy band. Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals? (Although you don’t have to restrict it to a 4 piece, or those instruments)

Not including my two brothers my choices would be: Guitar = Slash, Drums = John Bonham, Bass = Adam Clayton, Vocals = Beth Gibbons

14. What question haven’t we asked you that you wish we had?

The most difficult question ever……

What was it that made you want to be a musician and keeps on driving you on decades later (despite all the disappointments and challenges)?

…which by the way I have no real answer to

Big thanks Jim,your time has been much appreciated by all at the PPCO :-)

Tune into the Scant Regard Show every 4th Friday of the month on Totally Wired Radio from 10pm-midnight

SALE WAS £13.00 NOW £8.00

Signed “vinyl-style” CD in pushingnormal designed sleeve.


Includes a download of Listen to the Brand

1. Blunt Horizon 2. Lunar Orchid 3. Fistbump

4. Listen to the Brand 5. Vampire State Building 6. Original Vigilante 7. Just Can’t Get Enough 8. CrO2 9. Teeth on the Wheel

10. Nobody Talks 11. Stickleback Lies 12. The Lightning Brigade

On 20th of March 2022, The TCs took a little trip up the M1 to Blair’s neck of the woods (Milton Keynes) to check out his mates new recording studio - National Sound. The studio is run by Dan and Paul who Blair’s known since his school days and we were lucky enough to be offered the chance of ‘guinea pigging’ a live sessions at the studio. The guys have been testing all sorts of elements of the studio so we snapped up the chance of recording a live greatest hits ‘bootleg set’.

We had a great day, that finished in true TC style with a fab and long awaited curry! This was somewhere else btw, Paul and Dan do a lovely tea and coffee, but seven Ruby Murray’s was pushing it a bit!

Email: | Phone: 01908 904 101 8c Bassett Court, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes, MK16 0JN, England

National Sound was founded in 2020; its main purpose is to be a pillar of creativity in the community. Located in Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes, National Sound is laying down the foundations to help support music locally by offering a creative space for musicians and alike to write, rehearse and record.

The space in Newport Pagnell will also offer services including tuition and mentoring, all in house by certified professionals. These two services allow National Sound to support creativity and learning in the community, as well as supporting youth.

Formed by four like minded musicians, National Sound has combined experience in live music, recording, performance, mentoring, tutoring and will also be working along side many creative individuals.


FIRST Live show!











Finally!!!! (one of the most used words in this edition of In The Club 2022) Narcotic Hearts a band borne of lockdown played it’s debut gig at the Plough in Milton Keynes on Thursday 2nd June. Not without minor equipment hiccups (broken D string) but despite that it was a very well received opening show. There will be more from this familiar bunch of chaps soon...


Kings and I

This year has cranked up a few gears after being stuck on the hard shoulder for many months! I wrote a lot of songs during the lean period. I wrote some specifically for my old mate Jon Kings. We’ve turned it into a project called Kings and I. Jon was the singer with Midlands band New Killer Shoes who supported Adam on a number of tours a few years back. Jon currently has some solo projects, is putting together a new band as well as being a great producer having worked with some heavy dub, grime acts. Anyway, we recorded one of my songs. I asked Jon to do the vocals as that was what I’d had in mind when I wrote the song. He’s a fabulous singer and has done a great job with the vocal part. The track is finished and Jon’s working on the production. We’re hoping to do a video later this year to put out with the track under the band name Kings and I, and will release more details in due course.

The Priscillas

Earlier in the year, I recorded 4 new songs with The Priscillas. Looking forward to the end result and release. In May, I stepped in for drum duties with The Priscillas firstly at Nambucca (together with The Tuesday Club and Gene Loves Jezebel) for what was, sadly, one of the last live performances there. Nambucca has since closed, following in the footsteps of many other live venues but I am confident that a new scene will rise from the ashes; there are exciting times ahead. A week or so after the Nambucca date, we travelled to Bath for a raucous night at The Bell Inn, followed by a drive to Dorset the next day to take part in the quirky Alice’s Wicked Tea Party Festival. What a hoot!

Adam Ant

All eyes on Adam Ant and the Antics UK tour! The tour kicked off on the 12th and 13th May with the opening shows in Southend and The Roundhouse, London. Adam got a rousing reception both nights. The audiences were well up for it! Thanks to all who made the effort and bought a ticket after such a barren few years. On 4th June, Adam is headlining at Let’s Rock Wales. Some great bands on during the day; OMD and Marc Almond on my list to watch. There’s a great team behind these Let’s Rock shows. Professionally put together and we are made to feel very welcome. After this weekend, it’s Antics all the way... having completed the London show on May 13th, the tour continues on 15th June in Guildford. Full details can be found on Adam’s website, Instagram and Facebook pages. I don’t want to give too much away but suffice to say, there’s a few surprises that went down a storm in the first two shows. It bodes well for the tour and I think those who decide to come to Adam’s show, are in for a few thrills and spills. I am champing at the bit to get going; this tour is going to be a hell of a ride!

Photo backstage in Southend, May 22, taken by Will Crewdson, @scantregard @jola.drums @adamantofficial Jon Kings Instagram @thejonkings The Priscillas Instagram @priscillasthe
Photo with The Priscillas, May 22, taken by Jenny, @damealabaster
BIG Thanks Jola, Here’s where to find Jola on the web.

Big thanks Jola for these exclusive first glimpses of these great shots from The Ants gig at The Roundhouse

Photos on stage at The Roundhouse, May 22, taken by Michael Sanderson, @monk66


It’s a Saturday afternoon in May, it’s market day as I make my way through the bustling streets to meet Kevee Lynchpublished author, painter and the front Man of the Punk Band ‘Determinated’ and probably the most prolific artist currently on the St Albans scene. We’re having a chat at The Collective Gallery on Holywell Hill, where Kevee is hosting an exhibition of his art (more of that later). He shows me some of his paintings and tells me the stories behind them before we sit down to talk about his work, what influences him and his band Determinated.


coming through, then you had another indie influenced band and then the stuff you’re doing know with Determinated is what I would call ‘Traditional Punk’.

KL: It’s traditional punk, yeah. I’ve always liked bands like Motörhead and things like that, ‘cos we’ve got the double kick drum pedal and Motörhead were essentially a punk band in my mind.

BigM: Well yeah, I’ve had many discussions over the years-‘Punk’ is not necessarily a style of music, it’s an attitude…

KL: It’s an attitude yeah…

BigM: …It’s about getting off your arse and doing it YOUR way

KL: Yeah, exactly, and I think that’s the best way to do it and obviously lyrics are very important to me and I like to be heard. I like people to know what I’m singing about, you know. So yeah. I do tend to explain the songs sometimes and where they come from and that side of it and I think people really listen to you and get it then.

BigM: Yeah, it’s a difficult one to get right, ‘cos I’ve seen bands before where the singer has said “This is a song written by our bass player and it’s called ‘Rainy Daaaaaze’” - and it just sounds really twee and boring. But, if you’ve got an interesting story behind the song then it’s good to hear about the origins of it.

It’s a cold November afternoon when I visit Mac Maclaren’s office, he offers me a well needed cup of tea and he sits down for his late lunch of cheese on toast, we settle down and start to talk…

BigM!: Hello, so we’ll start at the very beginning Kevee, I know you are a Man of many, many talents, but let’s go back to the beginning and what were your very first artistic influences?

Kevee Lynch: That’s really very hard… I don’t know, when I was really young, I was into all sorts of stuff really. You know-even like early Status Quo, you know that rocky vibe and then obviously, I was still young when punk came about, so then when it came about I got into that 2-Tone and Ska… and that’s why I’m quite varied in my thing. I quite like most things, and yeah the fist band I was in was a surf band.

Big M: Yeah, I think that’s what I really like about your stuff-it’s really diverse and your influences shine through. I mean-you’ve been in bands before where, you’ve obviously got that mod influence

KL: Yeah, I think so. I think with Determinated the song ‘Morning’ was just about looking at the world, how our age group hasn’t really done a lot and it’s the youth coming through now, that, you know will hopefully save things.

BigM: Do you think so ? Because back in the 60’s , you had that big movement about trying to make things better for the planet and society and since then I’ve heard Pete Townshend actually apologise for promising to change the world, but in the end doing fuck all. You know what I mean?

KL: Right. Well I think people get settled, you get older-you get settled into life… mortgages and you just end up going along with what’s said and done… you know, we’ve got a big problem at the moment with nationalistic governments around the world in my mind, and I think this fervent nationalism, you got it in Russia, you know-they’re just going in and shooting everyone… you got it in China, with people being put in internment camps… you had Trump winding it up and you got liars like Johnson, who can say whatever he likes and he’s till there.

BigM: Yeah, I know the Johnson thing is particularly unbelievable, he doesn’t even try to cover up his lies does he? It’s so blatant, it’s

so obvious…

KL: Yeah, like it is, you know on that song ‘Blue Affair’, I wrote it in the 80’s about the Tories, but the painting has a clown on the right hand side, and yeah he (Johnson) acts like a clown, but he’s a very clever Man…

BigM: He is yeah… and people seem to fall for his… erm… ‘spell’…

KL: …Yeah!

BigM: What came first by the way ? The music of the painting ? Or is that a ‘chicken and egg’ kinda question?

KL: I think ‘cos I stopped playing for 20 years you know, I had children and I was coaching football, coaching kid’s rugby-I was on a different tangent, but as my kids got older and about 6 years ago, my Father passed away and I just picked up the guitar and the next day I wrote him a song, and that really was the catalyst for what happened next, because everyone said, you know I played it to a few people and put in on Facebook, you know that will remind me every year, that’ll come round now and just remind me of how I was feeling that day, and everybody said “why don’t you get a band back together?” So that was the birth of Sko-Mads really.

BigM: You & I obviously know each other and we’ve spoken before, and I get the impression you were very close to your Dad…

KL: … Yeah, yeah… close family…

Big M: … Was he a big influence ?

KL: Yeah, he was quite a private Man, very very different, but you’re Dad’s your Dad right ? But yeah, when your chips are down, when your younger and stuff, he always stood by me. We were miles apart on many things, you know what I mean? Music and politics and everything, but it’s your Dad isn’t it? And, I think that struck a chord, and that sketch on the wall came from that-I drew a very basic sketch, which Rob from the Sko-Mads graphically changed the colours and that was the cover for a single. So that’s probably the art side coming in then.

BigM: Do you find like I do… I mean I wright and record music at home, I find that writing music, even stuff that I never record or release, I find the whole process very cathartic, I find it helps me deal with emotion…

KL: …Yeah, well look at the art work round here, somebody said to me, somebody I’ve known for years and he said to me “You know what Kevee, your quite an angry Man” (laughs)and I said “Well I’m not ‘angry’ I think I care”.

Although there is a couple of things I’ve written like ‘Burn’ that are, you know I wrote at a very down time, about people, (not naming people) but specific people, and it’s funny because from that we’ve done it bands all the way through 30 years.

BigM: I think there IS a lot-you touched on it earlier when you mentioned nationalistic Governments-but there is a lot, in the world right now to be angry about AND frustrated about, and I guess it’s better to have an outlet for that anger and frustration as opposed to bottling it all up.

KL: Yeah, I don’t know… I’m not very argumentative, if people upset me I tend not to argue I tend to go quiet, I’m terrible and not being able to get over things you know? I know it’s a fault I’ve got and I do struggle with that. So to get it out on paper and then move on, they don’t have to and people don’t have to know it’s about them or whatever. I talk to people still that I might have written songs about, it’s just in that moment isn’t it? You need to.. a better way to get your emotions out. You know I find it…

BigM: You know I’ve written songs that I’ve not really done anything with about, you know, a really toxic relationship that I went through, but I found, it looks weird now when I look back at it ‘cos it was a long time ago, but it was very helpful at the time to get it our and just process it through me system you know?

KL: Yeah, get it out… I think they encourage you to talk about things don’t they? I tend… I kinda talk to myself (laughs)…

BigM: (laughing) Yeah! Sometimes I talk to myself too! Sometimes it’s the only way to get any decent conversation isn’t it? I’m the

Big M and Kevee

only person who ever listens to me!

KL: Yeah, sometimes, I mean I’m in a very happy place at the moment…

Big M: Good.

KL: … with everything we’re doing, you know I’m so busy at work, I work with my family business and the band you know, there are 3 of us in the band Determinate and we all get on, you know, famously, we’re all on the same level, so it’s all you know… and now the art.. is quite therapeutic as well you know? Just to sit down and… you know I’m not very good at sitting still for very long you know? So, everything I do is quite… I don’t labour over things like songwriting-I do it quickly, I do tend to write something and not wanna change it, you know?

BigM: I think that’s the secret and your stuff always sounds freshyou know what I mean? I think sometimes you can tell with songs that, when you listen to them, they’ve been ‘overworked’ for want of a better expression, and they lost a bit of their vibe and message.

KL: Yeah,I think so. But, I mean I appreciate a lot of people, I’ve been in bands where they wanna do that and work on the song and do it, and I’m not… “There’s the song, do we like it or not”? I’m not very good at changing… if I’ve written something… it’s like with the painting, if I’ve painted something, you know a lot of people go back and repaint and, you know I’ll finish it in half a day or whatever and that’s it done! And then I just move onto the next thing rather than trying to sort something out, you know?

BigM: So, let’s talk about the exhibitionhow’s it going first of all?

KL: Well you were here at the opening last night !

BigM: I was! And I thought it was a really impressive turn out. I was really happy for ya!

KL: I was quite humbled by, you know, the turnout and the reception yeah. It was more than I had imagined and if I’d been selling it there would have been only half of it left on the wall! (Laughs). It was that good wasn’t it? I’m trying to keep it together for the moment, I do have things to sell, but the actual 22 items in the exhibition, I wanna keep and hopefully… I’d love to do it like a band and take it on the road, you know what I mean?

BigM: Yeah!

KL: It’s just how I’d support that, that’s the thing.

BigM: I know you are very much your own Man, but I’m glad you mentioned it, ‘cos I felt, you know, what would be good, if logistically it was possible, take it out on the road and make it interactive. So, your actually doing an interpretation of the paintings as songs on the evening.

KL: Yeah, I think I’d love to do that and I’m toying with the idea of, when this is coming towards the end next week, getting a few mates in and jamming out a few bits of the songs and that. You know what I mean? Get a few people in and finish it off.

BigM: Well let us know. We’ll be onboard for that.

KL: Yeah, I just think it would be nice. I’m very lucky that St Albans… I’ve lived here most of my life, people have been very good to me you know? Very good to me.

BigM: Glad to hear it. With your art and your writing, obviously you’ve got ‘Determinated’ on the go, what’s the future for the band? How are things going with the band?

KL: I think the first album we done, was really like, I done it and got the blokes in to play it in the studio. We weren’t really a band at the time. So, now we’ve developed… with Jools and Frisco… and we’ve been in the studio and laid down some tracks and I think the results from Paul Tippler (Squeeze, Stereolabs and Placebos, amongst other’s, producer) were excellent. He’s a top producer. He wanted to work with us which was… you know, and he did capture me well I thought. In the studio, 26 takes on the drums, he was like “keep going” and he made us play along 26 times as well rather than just use our guide, but by the time we got to record them, it made me sound a better guitarist than I actually am!

BigM: I could do with a bit of that magic!

KL: I know I’m the weak point band! But it kinda works ‘cos Jools is so talented and Frisco. So as a 3 piece…

BigM: That’s a really good rhythm section!

KL: Yeah, they are a rhythm section but they both… Jools can lead a bit and I can just play the chords and try and sing.

BigM: I really don’t like the term ‘Power Trio’- I think it’s become a bit cliched, but if you are gonna be a trio, you’ve gotta have that great bassist and drummer haven’t you? It doesn’t work otherwise.

KL: Yeah, Rickenbacker Bass, double kick drum pedal, I’m mean your laughing aren’t you? It’s like…we’re like Motörhead but without a decent guitarist! (Laughs).

BigM: Well even Motörhead had two guitarists for a while!

KL: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but the classic line up, you know? Yeah, I don’t know, I just… I’m really enjoying it-we get on stage, you know we cock it up and forget, but everyone just loves it…

BigM: I’ve said this many time over the years, but a ‘perfect’ performance can be very boring and dull. But, when you’ve got a performance that isn’t perfect, it’s interesting, it keeps the band on their toes and it gives the audience a sense of they don’t quite know what’s gonna happen next-it’s really exciting and that’s what Rock ’n’ Roll is about-it’s that excitement I think and provoking a reaction from people.

KL: Yeah, definitely and I think we would be better in some respects with a second guitarist ‘cos they can play the lead, ‘cos I don’t really like playing lead, so I tend to not do it. I don’t know, but yeah everybody says “the three of you get on-it’s good” and it’s easy. The more people you have the more time you can’t do gigs… you can’t do this… we’ve all got things to do.

BigM: I suppose the thing as well is you’ve got that chemistry in the band as a 3 piece, why risk that chemistry by bringing in a fourth person?

KL: Yeah…I think so… yeah…

BigM: I think you, well not you personally, but bands in general need to be careful when considering that sorta thing.

KL: Yeah, ‘cos Jools and Frisco are great ‘cos I like to write and I’ll come along and say it’s looks great, and we’ll try it but if it doesn’t work we’ll just drop it and get something else, but yeah, they let me have a bit of a free reign and it’s quite good.

Big M: Where did you record the album? Was it Farm Factory?

KL: Yeah, Farm Factory. Well, we done the album at Farm Factory and we done the two singles at Unit 13 in South London with Paul Tippler.

BigM: So, what about Covid Kevee?

How did that effect your output? Did it like inspire you to write a lot?

KL: Yeah, I think it was… well we had to have like… I’ve got me own company, but we had to shut down for 4 weeks ‘cos all the builders merchants shut down overnight, so then me Mother & Father-InLaw were buying a house and it fell through, so we said they could come and live with us for a couple of weeks, which turned into 19 weeks at the start of Lockdown. I don’t know if that encouraged me to go into the bedroom and write a load of songs, but that is where ‘Determinated’ started. I did write 4 songs for the album in a day…

BigM: Wow!

KL: …I was in there and it just all sorta clicked. So yeah, you know what I’m like… our sets can be very different, I’ve been in many different styles… so I tried to keep it punk, keep my head down… although we do play ‘Burn’ now in the set…

BigM: The latest single, ‘She’s Having A Nervous Breakdown’, which I know came out yesterday. I was very busy yesterday unfortunately, so I didn’t have a chance to listen properly, but to me it had more of an Indie-ish tinge ?

KL: It’s gotta bit of a swing to it ennit? Frisco sorta put a swing drum to it and it has kinda… slowed it down a bit, and I think yeah, the vocal really comes out well, ‘cos you know me - I don’t sing in any other accent other than my own and I think it’s really come out on that. It’s just for a lot of Women I know, they just seem to do everything, they cook and they’re cleaning, there Mothers… there daughters and there wives, lovers… and I just think, you look at them and sometimes they are on the edge hence ‘She’s Having A Nervous Breakdown’. But really it’s just a ‘well done to you’ for Women, ‘cos in general Men are not so good at Multi-Tasking!

BigM: Well you’ve got a song there that will be hopefully popular with at least 50% of the nation!

KL: I think a lot of Blokes out there, know they get away with murder.

We just need to keep any eye on everyone, you know?

BigM: Yeah, I think so and it’s a slight aside and we’re covering it elsewhere in The Mag, you know I’m organising a benefit gig for The Farmers Boy and one of the things that’s really really… it’s moved me actually Kevee, is I’ve approached loads of independent businesses in St Albans and asked them to contribute prizes for a raffle on the night of the gig and all of them just couldn’t do enough you know? It’s been tough for everyone the last couple of years, but people seem to wanna come together and help. If there is any positive to come out of Covid-it has made decent people wanna look out for each other.

KL: Yeah, and I think The Farmers Boy, I’ve never actually played there, and we would have played for you…

BigM: I was gutted you couldn’t make it… KL: But they’ve always been so good… and they’ve always paid bands, they are a real sort of community pub and it’s basically one person moaning and that’s it.

Big M: You know, there is only the Farmers Boy and The Horn left in St Albans that actually promote local original music and it’s crucial The Farmers Boy continue, so that the younger bands coming through have a platform to perform…

KL: … Yeah and have a chance…

BigM: And the other thing about The Farmers Boy, and I’ve never played their either, but they actually pay their bands a fair wage.

KL: Yeah, you can’t knock it can you? Nobody wants to see it go.

Big M: That leads me onto, what do you see, and there is no right or wrong answer here, but what do you see as the future for local original music?

KL: I think a lot of people knock the councils and all that, but we’ve got a great arts team in St Albans: They are so top notchI’m compare for the big Jubilee thing and they always put a young band on and they always try… but for actual bands it can be very difficult. I mean you’ve got The Horn haven’t you? With their ‘Battle of the Bands’ every year, which just gives people a chance to play. I can understand The Horn now put covers bands on a Friday but that brings in money and brings in people and people like familiarity. I’m not against covers bands, but people always say to me. “Oh why don’t you cover this? Or why don’t you cover that?”, but I wanna do my own stuff, it’s like me painting… I wanna do it my way-you get people say “Can’t you do it like a Pollock?” And I’m like “He’s already done it!’ I just wanna be me! I don’t wanna be anybody else.

BigM: Well, I think you’ve certainly achieved that! And on that note, I think that’s the perfect place to finish, so thanks for your time Kevee, it’s been an honour and a privilege and good luck with the exhibition and ‘Deterinmated’.

KL: Cheers mate! Thanks a lot.

To find out more about Kevee and his work visit and

Like with Empire Records but for even longer, the PPCO and it’s artists have a strong bond with Welwyn Garden City’s Farm Factory Studios. The connection began way back in 1993 when the studios were based in London Colney and Justin Smiley recorded their first eps, closely followed by Mamajamas, then The Scratch, then the Tuesday Club, Reverse Family and now Andreas & The Wolf/Faction Structure and Narcotic Hearts!

The studios and staff come highly recommended by us at the PPCO, here’s some more info from their website...

Established in 1991 Farm Factory is Hertfordshire’s leading rehearsal and recording facility. A fully equipped complex with the best sounds, acoustics and sound proofing around, Farm Factory has been the “go to” destination for musicians of all levels for almost three decades.

Under new ownership (since April 2015) we are dedicated to maintaining our industry-standard facilities and great customer service.

We have seven rehearsal studios. All rooms are fully fitted with professional sound proofing to give you the best sounds and acoustics possible. All our Rehearsal Studios are equipped with a P.A. system and Vocal Microphones.

Drum kits, Guitar Combos, Heads and Cabs, Bass amps and Cabs, Guitars & Bass Guitars are available to hire.

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As of August 2021, we took over operations for GuitarStrings&Things - an online musical accessory business. Therefore, we keep in stock, a large range of guitar and bass strings, electric, acoustic, twelve string and singles. Also we stock Pro-Mark drum sticks, spare Remo snare heads, plectrums, ear plugs etc.


We have a wide range of refrigerated drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate bars and crisps available.

Click for more info about recording at Farm Factory

BIG thanks to ‘Dolly’ and Troy for their near constant plays of our PPCO acts on their great weekly show!



See You Next Tuesday The Complete Sessions


In 2013 as a bristling 8 piece - 2 bass, keys, drums, 3 guitars, 2 vocals and a Minx!... The Tuesday Club released ‘See you next Tuesday’ on an unsuspecting world... “Roxy Music played by The Rocky Horror Show”... here for the first time you can grab for your collection - The Complete sessions... featuring the lost tracks and unreleased material... 5 of which have been released on varying eps and singles, 3 of which have never been released... and now due to loss of the original masters - 1 of which was never and will never be finished! Released on Ltd edition of only 50 cds and a digital download. You’d be a definite SYNT not to want this?!

CD1: Original Album:

Dolly Dynamite

Ain’t Got No Class

Money Means Nothing


She Splayed My Teeth

New Regime (Slow Swing)

Replication and Montage

All You Do Is Wow

New Glamour

Wish My Slate Was Cleaner

Vinyl As a Manifesto

Oh Daddy Please

Little Miss Attitude

Human inhuman being

CD 2:

Previously released Material

True Sex Appeal (Free Xmas single)

These Dogs Bite (B-Side Dolly Dynamite EP)

Old Before Your Time (Original mix)

One Idea and a Lonely Voice

(From Forbidden Kiss EP)

New Regime (Punkd) (B-Side

Ain’t got no Class)

Previously Unreleased Material

Erotism And Machinery

It Ain’t Changed Me Gordon

Curfew (unfinished Mix)

7 years in, album 3 - Art is Magic.
Too Far
Art Is Magic Always Taking Things
Soulless City Syndrome Fruit
Your Faith (In What You Can Control)
Are The Team Let The Kids Run The Country Rock’n’Roll’s Not A Science Who And Youz Army ART IS MAGIC LET THE KIDS RUN THE COUNTRY album/let-the-kids-run-the-country SOD Brexit! An anthem to re-unite the land! Available on limited Edition 7” Vinyl! album/art-is-magic
My Sorrows Put

Redemption Song/Hand of God

“The song is superb, an inhibitions freeing incitement which had the body bouncing, voice hollering and the voice of the Tuesday Club devil on the shoulder guiding subsequent antics and as a whole the Redemption Song single is a glorious return of The Tuesday Club and our lustful appetite for their kind of shenanigans. In a time when real fun has been in scarce supply, the minstrels of rascality are back to reset the balance.”

Perfect pop co -op erf Logo, make stamp so could colour... whatever colour ink we OUT NOW! Pre-order Redemption Song here... The Ringmaster’s Review: ringmasterreviewintroduces/thetuesday-club-redemption-song

It started on 1st January 2015, caused by tragedy in December 2014 and finally ended with a 'closing party' on October 6th 2018. If this is your introduction to the #rf365 you have a lot of catching up to do! The Perfect Pop Co-Op reissued the collection on Bandcamp for the first time in 2019 in conjunction with the posting of 'compilation' videos on youtube. In 2019 Reverse Family were added to the British Libraries' Sound Archive in recognition of the project.
reverse Family ‘A year reversed’ by HArkii Media © 2018 Staring: Dermot Illogical, The Minx, Rog Dr.. DAVE, Johnny V, Matt Edmond Hug(h)e Davenport Filmed & Produced by Karen Lui on location 2018 Follow us: