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Hatfield Carnival interviews

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Jack Parow


Bending the rules of the road


Southern Gypsey Queen

Football: for love and money


Shadowclub Photos: Brad Donald and Hendro van der Merwe

Stop, drop and rock ‘n’ roll



11 Februarie ‘13


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Congratulations, if you’re reading this you survived RAG weekend. Or what was left of it at least. The year started off with quite a bit of confusion. Especially for seniors who are used to starting the year with UP Beats on Friday and the procession on the Saturday of RAG weekend. This year, however, things were different. For the past two years we’ve run articles about the future of RAG, and time and again we were assured that no sudden changes will take

From the Editor

place and that RAG’s existence is not at stake. This year things seem to have changed. We were warned that UP Beats might be moved to March last year, but when UP told us last week that it is cancelled, and the RAG chairperson insisted that the date was just changed, we started to smell a rat. Facts have been hard to get to, with the RAG chairperson initially telling us that they didn’t want to bombard students with activities in the beginning of the year. Quite the excuse, isn’t it? I stand under correction, but I thought the point of moving RAG to before classes began, which is what happened a few years ago, was so that students could party RAG week away without fear of missing class or tests? And how is having two events bombarding students? My suspicions were that RAG’s money monster had reared its ugly head again, or that there might have been a problem with a liquor licence. Remember 2011? Spring Day was cancelled on account of that. The only in-depth answer we received from RAG was that attendance for the event had decreased the past couple of years and that they hoped that changing the date would allow more students to go to the event. I battle to see the logic behind either of those reasons. Can someone explain it to me please? And RAG should really speak to university management. Even they thought UP Beats was cancelled at a stage. Communication in general is something RAG should try to improve on actually. They are leaving too many people (read: students who support your events) out of the loop when it comes to their decision making. Take the procession for example. I didn’t know about

the new SMS system that was being used this year instead of blikskud until I was watching on Saturday, and if I didn’t know I’m pretty sure there are other students who didn’t know either. This change to RAG was disappointing. It just didn’t feel the same without hordes of first years trying to rip the small change out of my hands. Blikskud is to RAG like Watson is to Sherlock. They need each other, and without the combination of the two Tuks has lost a tradition that has been here for years. The floats also moved a lot quicker than last year, which not only made it difficult to see details on the floats, but caused some of the res students to run after them while they were on South Street. Not to mention how quiet the students were this year. Except for the few diehards, the first years seemed to fall into silence once you took their blikkies away. To read about RAG and the changes to UP Beats go to page 4 and 6 respectively. Controversy of the week aside, Hatfield Carnival was amazeballs, but that is probably because RAG didn’t organise it. Read our interviews with some of the best bands who were there on page 8 and 9. This week’s edition also has sport coverage of the Varsity Cup and an interesting take on lesbianism. Take some time to read this week’s edition. There aren’t any nasty surprises waiting for you here. Until next time. Margeaux PS: Let me know what you thought about RAG this year via email at or tweet me @MargeauxErasmus. @myrestweets SCUBA diving instructor Kobus Du Plooy (PADI instructor no: 313757) on campus! For newcomers as well as already qualified divers who may want to continue diving or advance/refresh their diving skills. Qualifications done over 2 weeks at inland dive sites or at the coast depending on the needs of the group. Please call 0828569434 or e-mail: for more information on courses, dates, costs etc.

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11 Februarie ‘13

RAG: a parade of disappointment

Olienhout and Curlitzia

Sonop and Nerina

TARYN RICHMOND, SILIZIWE MABUYA AND DANIELLE PETTERSON The University of Pretoria hosted its annual RAG Procession on Saturday 9 February. Although the turnout of students and Pretoria residents was up to its usual standard, the event was a slight disappointment for some. With the shorter route and the lack of blikskud (cans for donation collection) jangling past, the procession moved a lot quicker than in previous years with the whole event being over in under two hours. A fourth-year student, Catherine Savage, explained that although she really enjoyed RAG, she was slightly disappointed with the route. “Having shade was a bonus but we really struggled to find a spot to watch the procession from and ended up missing most of it,” she said. However, spirits weren’t dampened until an hour later when police came past announcing that all alcohol had to be removed or would be confiscated. Many students expressed their disappointment as RAG is well known for the drinking that occurs throughout the day. Although the officers expressly said that they weren’t being chased away, the streets cleared out very quickly with students either moving to Hatfield Square or other afterparties. Although there was no blikskud, an account was set up to allow people wanting to donate money to RAG to send in an SMS with the name of their favourite res. R5 would then be donated to the various RAG projects. At the time of going to print, TuksRAG was unavailable for comment on the new system. Savage said that she was disappointed that the first years were not carrying cans in the

procession as in previous years. “RAG was missing one of its key traditions this year,” she said. The overall theme for the floats this year was childhood memories. In first place, Klaradyn and Mopanie’s float sported a man-on-the-moon theme with a space shuttle that started its ascend in time with a countdown. In second place, Kiaat and Zinnia’s theme was childhood myths, with characters such as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny modelled after Rise of the Guardians.

“We had to fight against the incompetence of TuksRAG on a daily basis” Featuring the Rugrats, Katjiepiering and Taaibos came in third. Curlitzia and Olienhout’s float exhibited a giant Ronald McDonald along with a Happy Meal which included a burger, fries and a rotating drink. Sonop and Nerina lead the procession with their float carrying the 2012 RAG Queen, Mudinda Denga. Their theme was things they believed in as kids such as characters from Monsters Inc., gnomes, a dragon and other fairytale characters. Boekenhout and Erika’s float carried a distraught princess waiting for her prince while trapped in a warped Disney world. Inca and Olympus’s float featured a giant

Pikachu and cartoon carnival with characters such as Dexter and SpongeBob, while Magrietjie and Vividus Men’s theme was the Tandmuis, an old Afrikaans tradition where it is believed that a mouse took children’s teeth. Child abuse was the theme for Lilium and Zeus with a display of ominous hands reaching for a teddy bear, while Luminous and Jasmyn’s float featured a dragon and a castle with pictures from Disney movies displayed in its windows. Madelief and Tuks Naledi had a colourful fun fair for kids while Maroela and Vividus Ladies were last in the procession with their SEGA theme displaying Japanese video-game characters such as Super Mario. Asterhof and Kollege had a simple display of tinned food that spelled out the words “We Care” as they tried to keep to the true meaning of RAG, which is charity. All the tinned food will be donated to one of their adopted orphanages. “The float meant nothing to us (everything was donatable), we chose to use our resources to do seven outreaches. We are also donating the money we have left,” said Asterhof RAG Floats and Social HK Meon Uys. A number of the residences described their frustration at how poorly the event was organised. Jasmyn’s RAG HK Robyn van den Heuvel explained that the RAG HKs of the different reses worked really hard to make it a success. She went on to say that although it was a success, “We had to fight against the incompetence of TuksRAG on a daily basis. They were disorganised and inefficient.” She explained that if things don’t change, “RAG will not be able to continue effectively.”

Boekenhout and Erika

Mopanie and Klaradyn

Photos: Melissa Kemp

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11 February ‘13 5 News Oversight Committee for Transformation not welcomed by all

STEPHANIE VAN DER PLANK Last month, Minister for Higher Education and Training in South Africa Dr Blade Nzimande announced the establishment of a new Oversight

Committee for Transformation in public universities. The committee aims to monitor transformation in universities and advise the minister on policies to combat racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination. However, the establishment of this committee was not welcomed by all university members. President of the Temporary Student Committee (TSC) Christopher Pappas expressed doubts regarding the new transformation committee. He told Perdeby that he does not think the committee will speed up transformation and reconciliation at universities. He said that when government fails to find effective solutions to redress the legacy of apartheid, it forces solutions that only create further division. Pappas believes that there is a need to ensure equality in class, race and gender at UP but says having a selection of “handpicked ruling party members sitting on a committee that is aimed at finger pointing and not coming up with viable solutions” will not improve the situation at any university. TSC Deputy President Jordan Griffiths has concerns regarding the composition of the committee and its main members. The chairperson of the committee Prof. Malegapura Makgoba has allegedly experienced some

negative publicity. While at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, he was accused of stifling academic freedom and freedom of speech and as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Wits he was suspended after abusing his position to access 13 academic files. “Transformation at universities is a delicate matter and [members] must be properly qualified and have the knowledge to tackle the issue in the correct manner. I do not see the committee that the minister has elected being able to carry out their mandate properly,” said Griffiths. He told Perdeby that if the minister believes that the new committee will make any substantive change or will be unbiased in their approach, “he’s dreaming”. In response to this announcement, AfriForum Youth National Chairperson Charl Oberholzer wrote an article expressing his views on the committee and issued a public media release. In it, he voices several concerns about the real intentions of the Oversight Committee. He says that it is a shame that the committee will not be dealing with obstacles of finance and underperformance which he believes are the real problems facing students who want to go to university. Oberholzer fears the real aim of the committee

The future of the constitution AYANDA NDLOVU The University of Pretoria will begin the process of rewriting the Constitution for Student Governance this year. The constitution was adopted in 2010 and was in the process of its biennial review when the process was deemed invalid by the university. This was due to low levels of student participation together with the disputed Day House Constituency. However, the university’s council did accept the amendments that were proposed in the review process. The decision to have a complete review of the constitution was contested by AfriForum Youth, who threatened the university with legal action. They stated that elections could be held as the majority of the electoral work had already been completed and that all that was left to be done was to appoint an electoral commission. National Chairperson of AfriForum Youth Charl Oberholzer stated that AfriForum felt the constitution was finalised in September 2012 and that this review is a result of SASCO and the ANCYL using their political connections to force the university to review the constitution. The university refutes this statement and said that they are doing the review due to the fact that student governance has not been stable since the adoption of the new constitution in

2010. SASCO has welcomed the review and has stated previously that the constitution needs to be reviewed to represent the university body as a whole and not just the select few that live in residences and day houses. The university has suggested that the review take place in the first semester of the year with the larger student body getting involved. They

also suggest that elections happen late in the first semester or early in the second semester with the elected body starting their term early. However, this is yet to be discussed with all the bodies involved. Illustration: Simon-Kai Garvie

Tuks RAG Queen competes in World Miss University SILIZIWE MABUYA Tuks 2012 RAG Queen Mudinda Denga competed in the 25th annual World Miss University pageant hosted in South Korea on 11 December 2012. The final-year mining engineering student was crowned Miss Speech 2012 at the event. World Miss University (WMU) is an international contest that has been held annually in celebration of the announcement of International Year by the United Nations in 1986. The pageant is organised by the International Association of University Presidents in order to select a representative of the WMU Peace Corps. After being crowned Miss SA Campus in October last year, Denga was awarded the opportunity to participate in the WMU pageant. Denga’s dream to become a philanthropist was furthered in the two-week judging process of the pageant as the contestants had to participate in various community projects in Seoul, South Korea. The biggest challenges that Denga experienced were the cold weather conditions, as it was snowing throughout her stay, as well as adjusting to the Korean diet of kimchi (fermented cabbage seasoned with chilli). She cheerfully added that

she had to learn how to use chopsticks during the pageant. Denga also told Perdeby that there was a communication barrier as most of the organisers and some of the participants had trouble understanding English and she admits, “I got creative.” Denga was voted to read the UN Peace Declaration at the coronation evening. She was also chosen to be an honorary guest at the lighting ceremony at the pageant. Her speech included her opinions on global peace as well as her community work in South Africa, such as her involvement with various non-profit organisations (NPOs) such as Pledge a Pad, TuksRAG and Doctors Without Borders. Denga explained how honoured and blessed she felt to not only represent the university as a Tukkie but as a South African representative of our vibrant and diverse nation. As the Miss SA Campus winner, Denga has the opportunity of competing in Miss South Africa this year. She has aspirations of establishing businesses and NPOs to fuel her philanthropic work. She adds, “All that I do, whether pageantry, mining or anything else, is [with] a mindset of servanthood.” Photo provided

is to dictate the racial composition of universities by discriminating against minority groups. He says, “[The committee] is a one-sided institution which will lead to racial bias and discrimination.” He also believes that it is a way for government to monitor university admissions. He blames the committee for placing emphasis on “the colour of people” rather than their financial or academic challenges. “Transformation has become a code word within the ANC for obtaining more control in learning institutions,” says Oberholzer. However, SASCO Chairperson Kwara Kekana welcomes the committee but warns that transformation cannot happen overnight and that it requires acts of participatory democracy from students, workers and management alike. He said that SASCO has always maintained that there is serious need for transformation, especially in Afrikaner institutions like UP. “The Oversight Committee is long overdue where the University of Pretoria is concerned,” he said. The University of Pretoria is still awaiting the Government Gazette to determine what the responsibilities and authority of the new committee will be. Photo:

Intervarsity News ZUBENATHI JIZANA Durban University of Technology (DUT) Classes were suspended at DUT as a result of student protests. IOL News reported that on 5 February the police advised the university to close campuses following threats from students. Students were reportedly protesting over a lack of financial aid and a shortage of accommodation. DUT spokesperson Alan Khan told SABC News that there was some intimidation of non-protesting students. According to Khan, the university obtained a court interdict in 2009 (which still stands) against student protests on campus. Khan further told IOL News that the university’s Student Representative Council has tabled a list of demands with the university’s management. DUT has already been provided R234 million by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for students in need of financial assistance. According to Khan, DUT provided accommodation for 4 700 students but there was a shortfall of between 500 and 600 beds. News24 reported that classes resumed on Wednesday 6 February with no reports of disruption. University of Johannesburg (UJ) A gate at UJ will be named after Gloria Sekwena who was killed in a stampede at UJ last year. Sekwena was the mother of a prospective undergraduate student. SAnews reported that Mduduzi Manana, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, said that the university had presented a proposal to the council to name the gate in honour of Sekwena. Manana further reported that the student has since dropped out of UJ even after the university committed to carrying the full cost of his studies. The deputy minister has communicated with the family and plans to visit them in Krugersdorp to find out why the student dropped out. Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Prospective students at TUT were left stranded in the city while awaiting registration. On 10 January, Eyewitness News reported that students who had been accepted to study at TUT mistakenly assumed that accommodation was included. This resulted in about 200 students sleeping outside the main campus in Pretoria West and Soshanguve. One student commented that they had no blankets and that they slept on the floor. The students were under the impression that the university would assist them in finding a place to stay, reported Eyewitness News. The Tshwane Municipality intervened and helped the stranded students by accommodating them in the City Hall.



11 Februarie ‘13

UP Beats Festival now in March DANIELLE PETTERSON

The UP Beats Festival has been moved from February to March this year. “This decision was agreed on [so] as to accommodate all students and not bombard students with all the activities happening within the first few weeks of varsity and all other activities,” said Tuks RAG Chairperson Phatludi Modiba.

The annual UP Beats Festival typically takes place the night before the RAG Procession at the RAG farm to kick off the RAG weekend. It is a music concert featuring local artists, bands and DJs. Last year’s line-up included Fokofpolisiekar, Euphonik, December Streets and Dance, You’re On Fire. According to Modiba, the turnout at the event has decreased substantially over the past few years. Modiba said that the numerous varsity

events and activities taking place at the beginning of the academic year can become a burden to students and take a toll on them financially. “I think students as a whole will be more inclined on the new date,” he said. Last year, UP management considered cancelling UP Beats following a set of workshops aimed at identifying the problems that had been plaguing the RAG committee. The findings of the workshop were that RAG culture

places too much emphasis on partying and not enough on community development initiatives. In recent years there have been many allegations concerning the discontinuation of TuksRes traditions such as Serrie, Ienkmelodienk, RAG and Spring Day. Modiba believes that this will not affect students’ reaction to the change. The preliminary date for the festival is 15 March.


Ienkmelodienk and Socials. Jasmyn Primaria Hlamulo Mlangeni describes Sibanyoni as “a helping hand, a friend and most of all, a sister to all those who knew her. With a smile that could illuminate the darkest of rooms, a laughter that echoed hours after she’d left, an irreplaceable soul gone too soon.” She added on behalf of Jasmyn that she would like to extend her gratitude to everyone who has offered support and words of comfort through this time. This incident follows the death of an Inca resident who jumped out of her tenth-floor

window last year just before the December holidays. The university, as previously reported, appeals to all students who are facing emotional difficulties or hardships to make use of the Student Affairs Office. The university urges all students to make use of this free and confidential support service. Students can also contact the 24-hour toll-free crisis number in the case of an emergency on 0800 00 6428.

Second UP residence death On Thursday 31 January, a previous Jasmyn HK and public administration student took her life by hanging herself. According to fellow Jasmyn residents, Simphiwe “Simmy” Sibanyoni embodied everything that House Jasmyn stood for. She was dedicated and involved in all residence activities and her death came as a huge shock to many that knew her. She was part of the House Committee in 2012 and ran the portfolios of Clothing, Secretary,

Security Services receive awards from SAPS

Photo: @simmyThetank (Twitter)

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SILIZIWE MABUYA An award ceremony was held on 31 January at the Brooklyn Police Station to honour members of the Department of Security Services for outstanding community service. Certificates were awarded to the members by Brooklyn Station Commissioner Brigadier Andre Wiese as an appreciation from the South African Police Services (SAPS). Brooklyn SAPS said that the certificates were awarded to members for “all

contributions to improve partnerships between SAPS, Brooklyn and the community [and] for efforts supporting Brooklyn SAPS to improve service delivery as well as the morale of members of the Brooklyn Police Station and also enhancing their ability to fight crime more effectively during 2013.” The staff members that received the certificates of appreciation are: CC Fouche, JCN Boonzaaier, R Watson, M Leoux, CJ Myburgh, LA Meyer and NS Boshielo. Photo: Melissa Kemp

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Application 11 February ‘13




Jack Parow

Jack Parow is a South African legend already. Can you even go to the bottle store without being mobbed? Ja f**k, it’s a bit crazy hey. Luckily, I get boxes of booze delivered to my house so it’s fine [laughs]. No, I’m joking. Ja, I can still go. It’s fun sometimes, even if you’re irritated. It’s like when people come up and ask you for photos it’s a cool f**king vibe because you know people like you, and at least I know people like my music. Now that your braaisous is on the shelves, when can we expect other Jack Parow merchandise like toys and jewellery? Well, the toys and the jewellery, we made all of it, we’ve just got to f**king build it and stuff and get it f**king out in the shop. But it’s there, I’ve just been so f**king busy making music and stuff because obviously, that’s still my number-one thing I focus on. But hopefully this year sometime. Perdeby saw your video with Klipwerf Orkes. Are you a sokkie man? Always. No, I’m joking. F**k bra, that was crazy. I mean that band, Klipwerf Orkes, they are so f**king amazing in what they do. We were supposed to shoot it in three days but we finished in like a day, and they were like “Oh cool, you have to act like you were doing it for another three days” because they are so f**king good. I mean, they have been playing for 40 years, they’ve sold

like a few million albums – they are crazy. Obviously a completely different vibe to mine, but still, I have a lot of respect for what they do and the amazingness of how talented they are, and how professional and good musicians they are. Will we be seeing you at Oppikoppi this year? I was just speaking to Misha [Loots]. I obviously headlined Oppikoppi last year so I can’t do it twice in a row. But I’m launching an acoustic album this year, which is quite crazy. Me and Louwtjie Rothman, my guitarist, and a few other friends like doing some weird acoustic s**t, not a normal acoustic album. We will be doing versions of “Hard Partytjie Hou” and “Dans Dans Dans” and all that s**t, like hard stuff. And then Misha wants us to do the acoustic set at Koppi, so maybe we’ll be there. You’ve collaborated with a wide variety of artists. Do you have any favourites? Obviously, I love working with Francois [Van Coke]. He is an old friend of mine so it’s always fun. I make music with friends mostly, I like it, I like making music with people I dig personally and stuff. I just think it works, the energy is better. But probably my most favourite collaboration I’ve done is with David Kramer. He’s like an old hero of mine: he’s an amazing artist, he’s also done so much for South Africa as a whole, not just for Afrikaans and he really pushes the limits and really puts the focus on people that are kind of ignored. So I must say working with him was really rad, and he’s also an amazing musician.

Hatfield Carnival


The response has been really positive for “Seven45” and your Chandeliers EP. Were you surprised by this at all? Definitely. I know how difficult it is to have a song out there that catches fire and it took a while to get the song playlisted. The softer format of the song gave it a bit of trouble in the beginning because of the format of the joint, but it all turned out in the end. You did a bit of producing for other artists before you started rapping. Which would you say you enjoy more between rapping and producing? I prefer doing it myself. I like to produce my own s**t. It’s just so much better when you’re in control and you get to define the vision. And when you’re a producer you’re working for somebody and you don’t want to work for somebody, you know what I mean? How true to life is the “Seven45” music video? Yo, you know what? I did high school in Spain and there the culture is “do it tomorrow because we’re drinking today”. So, I’ve had my fair share, although I’m trying to get a bit serious with life now. I don’t catch the party as much as I’d like to anymore. You have a very worldly background. Does that lend anything to your music? Good question. I think it 100% leads to my perspective and how I go about my sound because I feel like you learn – writers learn – from anything. For instance, you break up with your girlfriend or whatever it is. So when you travel and you live in another country you learn things. Like in one of my new records I speak about this culture in Spain where they build these big wood things and then on one day of the year they burn them all down. I’m half British, I

lived in England for a while and Africa has a rich culture, so all of those different things have given me an advantage. Any exclusives about collaborations on your upcoming album? Yo, I’ll give you this and this is for you only: there’s a girl from The Voice in England, her name is Becky Hill. I went over there and recorded a song with her, so she’s really the first special collaboration. And then I’ll get ChianoSky on some stuff and then from there we’ll do a few left collabos, not the obvious ones, you know what I’m saying? I’d like to collaborate with some of the old guys like Vusi Mahlasela. I think something of that nature would be hot. What do you have to say to people who say that hip hop is dead or dying? I think you have to look at the times. You have to realise that we’re never going to stay with boom rap. I mean, I love boom rap but I did a song like “Seven45” and I love that too. Hip hop is the world’s now and the world has had an impact on hip hop and that’s why you hear Tinie Tempah, he has his own vibe, Kanye got his own vibe. There’s just so much coming into the culture of hip hop and so much has been taken from it, so I say it’s not gone and the real s**t is still there. Tell your fans something that they probably don’t know about you. The album is gonna be a monster. I think that’s what they don’t know about me – they ain’t ready for it. What can we expect from you this year? You can expect me to be performing everywhere. I’m trying to be everywhere this year.


Southern Gypsey Queen

You guys recently celebrated a decade in the music industry. How do you think you have managed to stay relevant? Gareth: I think we’ve done just what we wanted to do. I think it’s just listening to new stuff and always sticking to our guns. I think we’ve always managed to keep our roots in rock ‘n’ roll but we’ve listened to everything that’s changed so we’ve brought those elements into what we are doing all the time, so we’ve been changing it up. When we last spoke, you guys said you were going to do an EP to celebrate the ten years. Did you decide to scrap that and just release the single instead? Gareth: We worked on a single. We ended up doing a single. We did 150 shows last year so we got to write three songs. We did the other two tonight. We just recorded a collaboration with Albert Frost which goes to radio next month. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done, I promise you. As part of your ten-year celebration, your set at Oppikoppi included an impressive list of collaborations. Was it a lot of work putting together that performance? Gareth: That set, you’d think it would be a lot more work than what it was but our friends were really well rehearsed. We had a lot of guests and they got to the studio so rehearsed that when they came in, we just basically jammed the songs, changed what we wanted to, and it was cool. It was actually so easy to put together. Paul: It took two days to put together and they all got like an hour slot.

Ross Jack Gareth: And that wasn’t due to us, it was due to them knowing the tracks before they came in. That was the best show of my life. Tammy: They were carefully handpicked. Have you guys started working on the new album? Gareth: We’ve got a song called “Maria” which we really want to record and just release. I don’t think we’re going to do an album with that one. And then the Albert Frost collaboration thing. We’re hoping to do an album or at least an EP out of that by midway through the year, hopefully. Will producer Theo Crous be involved on the new album? Gareth: Not this time. I think we’re going to be working with Tim Rankin from Bed on Bricks. I think that for the sound this one’s going for, he really gets it. It’s a lot more bluesy and grittier than the last one. You guys toured extensively last year. Do you plan on doing the same in 2013? Gareth: No. This year we want to spend a lot more time writing. Last year we just never got to write and the reason we stay relevant is because we change the show up and I think if we do another 150 shows with the same songs ... so maybe this will be the year where we take it a bit slower. And Paul’s doing a solo album, Tammy just started working on a solo thing. Paul: We’ll be playing every month – we’re not going to kill it. Gareth: We’ll be a bit more fuss this time. Is there any band in particular that you are looking forward to seeing tonight? Gareth: Shadowclub, always. They never let me down. And Tammy loves Toya. Toya is Tammy’s favourite.



Mi Casa

The story goes that you guys met while almost improvising a song on stage. Is this free-flowing style still a big part of your sound? Yes, definitely, man. It’s one thing listening to the CD and then it’s another thing watching us perform and I think that’s where the whole free-styling performance aspect comes in. We could play the songs that are on the CD but if we didn’t add stuff it would still be like listening to the CD. You’ve achieved so much so quickly, like performing at American President Barack Obama’s inauguration in January. How was that? That was crazy, man. I still can’t believe it. I mean, when they told us we’re going over we actually said “Nah, it’s not true man.” So we went our own way until we got confirmation and then it was like, okay, shots, this is real. So when we got there, you know what, we were so nervous, but it just went down so well. There has been talk about a new album release between June and August. Any exclusives about the exact release date or album title? [Laughs] Nah, we haven’t worked on either. I mean, we’re still in the beginning phases of getting it to studio. Let’s see what happens. August I think is the target date. Specific dates, I’m not sure. With such strong musical backgrounds, could you imagine doing anything else?

No I can’t, man. It’s so hard when you’re so deep into something, to try and think anywhere else, you know, it’s very difficult. You were very well received in Kenya last week. Does the energy of the crowd have a big effect on your performance? Majority of the time, yes. You know, you always try to feed off what people are feeling. But we’ve had some shows where people are a bit reluctant and you still go out and you make them try and dance. So, 80% [of the time] the crowd affects us. Which South African artist would you most want to collaborate with? South African artists? There’s a group at the moment called The Soil, an a capella group. They’re really cool. HHP, you know, Black Coffee, would be cool. What advice do you have for young artists looking to break into the music scene? I don’t think it’s advice for young artists. I think it’s advice for individuals as a whole, you know, from the youth to artists, to whatever you want to do in life is just self-belief, you know what I mean? After a gig like tonight, what is normally on the cards? Do you guys stay for a couple of drinks and mingle? [Laughs] Well it depends how busy we are, like after this I have to rush off to another show. And we’ve just done a show before this as well, so it’s one of those days. But sometimes, yeah, we chill, we hang around, we take some photos.

l interviews 2013 MELINA MELETAKOS

Your new album has been germinating for a while. Are fans going to be surprised by the sound? Isaac: Well, I think it’s kind of half and half. There’s tons of the old style as well but there has been a slight maturing of the sound. It’s gotten a bit more grungy in parts, so I think fans will like that as well. It’s not too far removed from rock ‘n’ roll. Louis: We’ve written about 30 songs, so it’s about how we decide to put it together, how to record and how it translates with the fans. Do you have a release date for the album? Issac: We have a recording date. We’re starting on the 25 March, so probably June/July. Now that you have a SAMA to your name, do you guys feel any pressure to make your follow-up album just as successful? Isaac: Not really. Louis: Now we’re going for the Grammy [laughs]. Isaac: I think we felt the pressure when we began working on the new songs. I think we felt pressure as to whether anything would come out, but it came quite happily. The creativity started happening, so that was cool. From there it’s been stress-free. Louis: When we went into writing, all of our influences growing up channelled through us, so that’s where the grunge comes from, the Nirvana, the Pearl Jam, The Pixies. Let’s talk lyrical themes on the second album. Are there any? Isaac: We haven’t actually done any lyrics yet. The lyrics aren’t finalised. At this point they’re just ideas and tunes, and the melodies change. That’s usually what happens. A week or two before we actually get into studio, Jacques will usually sit down and write them down. Up until now, they change every show, every practice. Louis: We play the new stuff live to test it out, so sometimes it

goes well and other times it doesn’t go to well, but ja, it’s like an improv session. Are you going to be working with producer Matthew Fink again on the album? Isaac: Ja. Louis: He creates the right space for us. Isaac: He’s very open to letting musicians do what they feel and seeing if it works. Obviously it has to work. He’s not going to let us go off on some crazy tangent but if it works, it works and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Louis: Isaac’s going to record the album with an electric drum kit [laughs]. Isaac: We get on very well with him and he gets the style of our songs. You guys did a live recording of the first album which gave it that authentic, old-school feel. Have you approached your second album in the same way? Isaac: I think we’ll do it again. The reason we did it is because we feel the most comfortable doing that. It wasn’t because we were trying to be something. It was just how we record best, so we’ll definitely do it like that again. Shadowclub is known for its raw, tight, energetic live performances. What do you think goes into creating an electrifying performance? Louis: Healthy living. Do you live that healthily? Louis: Sometimes [laughs]. Isaac: I think just a lot of practice and it’s also not something that we try to do again. It’s how it came out because that is what the music does. Do you guys have any music videos in the pipeline? Louis: Not at the moment but I think that with the release of the second album there will be. Isaac: We may release, like, little YouTube rehearsal clips. Louis: Ja, we want to document the process.


Die Heuwels Fantasties

Alles Wat Mal Is is yet another massive hit. Does all the success feel surreal sometimes? Ja, look, this band was supposed to be a side project hey, and was never supposed to be like a full-time touring band. We were lucky enough that the first album did well enough and went gold. It’s really cool, and the second album, and the new one, Alles Wat Mal Is, is almost gold in two months, sold 19 000 units. So ja, it is a bit crazy. Heuwels seems to do many student-orientated events/gigs. Does student culture have a major influence on your music? Pierre: Look, all of us were in varsity. I’m a bit older now, I’m 29, but I mean, I don’t know, student culture, what? Partying, drinking? Ja sure. There seems to be much talk on Twitter about golf. Are you guys keen golfers? Pierre: I am, and I run the Twitter account. Of the artists you encounter on tour or at gigs, who parties the hardest? Jack Parow. The video “Rofstoeigree” was recently filmed in Langebaan. Sun, sea, boats and girls. Seems like you guys have fun

Shadowclub expressing your music visually? Ja, look, we’ve always wanted to do something in Langebaan because it’s such a beautiful lagoon, kind of an unkept secret. And then we got a good idea to do kind of a parody on the old Tropical Heat, uh, TV show, the intro sequence, and it seemed like the right place to do it, and uh, season 3 of Tropical Heat was actually shot in South Africa, so it’s a bit of an homage. You guys are kind of MK Award favourites. Do you still get surprised when you get nominated? Ja, definitely man, especially most of the shows are voted by the fans, and you know, and if you win one of those it’s kind of like your fans saying “Hey man, shot for the music.” That remains one of the only real accolades out there. The ones that other people, like f**king the panel decides, or whatever, that’s subjective, that’s something else. Do you guys have any favourite artists performing tonight? Who’s playing? Mi Casa, Jack Parow, Southern Gypsey Queen and more. Pierre: I like Jack Parow, he’s cool. We’ve done a couple of songs together. A final word of advice for the first years? Study, but not too hard. But study.

Photos: Brad Donald and Hendro van der Merwe


11 Februarie ‘13




#Ienkmelodienk2013: scream and shout and let it all out MARGEAUX ERASMUS New year, new resolutions, new first years. Tuks’s annual Ienkmelodienk was held last week Monday and everyone had their own resolutions to meet with a new group of first years. This year’s event saw a few interesting twists and changes among the usual singing, dancing and (for some) acrobatics. Maritze Lubbe, chairperson of Stuku, told Perdeby at the beginning of the event that this year’s Ienkmelodienk was very challenging. Not only did everything happen very quickly, but Stuku also took on a whole other venue. Lubbe said that the high demand for tickets led to Stuku using the Aula as a second venue for Ienkmelodienk which allowed an extra 1 005 tickets to be sold. And tickets still sold out. Olienhout’s State President Tebatso Rampedi said that the extra venue was a good addition to the event. “The first performance really helped with shaking the nerves from the first years and it gave them a better understanding of what was expected of them before they could be judged.”

Other changes to Ienkmelodienk included the incorporation of a video category which allowed residences to introduce themselves and their theme, and an official hashtag for everyone to comment on the night’s performances on Twitter. Near the end of the evening #Ienkmelodienk2013 was trending in South Africa. Way to go, Tuks. Warren le Grange, a judge at the event and the creative director at performing arts company 13th Floor, told Perdeby that he was looking for performances with tight formations, energy and for those residences who could entertain the crowd. Mudinda Denga, Tuks’s RAG Queen of 2012 who was also a judge on the evening, said that she was looking for “joy in the faces of the participants”. “I’ve been in that place where you feel like you’re forced to have fun, so when it [seemed] authentic, then I gave them a higher score,” she said. At the end of the evening Curlitzia and Olienhout were announced Ienk winners with Olienhout named the overall winner. Jacqueline Webb, Curlitzia’s Primaria, told Perdeby that everyone in her residence was



Perdeby Ienk Awards In honour of Ienkmelodienk this year Perdeby has decided to give out some awards for the first years’ performances. Award for the most awkward performance: Luminous Luminous and their GA (Geeks Anonymous) was by far one of the strangest things anyone at Perdeby has ever seen. If that was your intention, then mission accomplished. Award for best flash of the evening: Katjiepiering Although the lift that produced the best flash of the evening was very impressive, Perdeby still thinks hot pants should be a necessity for these girls and their short skirts.

First years have been thrown across the stage, drilled to late hours in the night to point their hands just so and have “Oppa Gangnam” styled their way through Ienkmelodienk 2013. For those of you who weren’t there, here is an inside scoop of the event. The two venues allowed for two very different atmospheres. In the Aula, where most of the parents and staff were seated, the atmosphere was more formal with the advantage of better sound and videos. The Amphitheatre, on the other hand, was plagued with poor sound quality and the videos were not successful here as there was no screen for them to be projected on. However, the atmosphere made up for the lack of Award for best acrobatic moves: Vividus Men and Mopanie When it came down to deciding who had the best acrobatics of the night, Vividus Men and Mopanie came out equal. Vividus Men impressed the crowd as they threw members across the stage and Mopanie’s stunts and acrobatics were right up there (so to speak). The “We Were Really Surprised” award: Kiaat Their band was good, their moves were good and their theme, Rasta swag, was surprising. Perdeby particularly liked their incorporation of the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song. Award for the theme that was pretty awesome: Maroela The men of Maroela inspired laughs from the audience with their Dragon Ball Z theme. Who

extremely proud when they were announced winners of the evening. “A lot of hard work was put in and it paid off,” she said. “We would like to congratulate all the residences on their performance this year, and a special congratulations goes to our RAG partners Olienhout on their win.” Rampedi said that he was very proud of his first years and his Ambassador of External Culture Jean-Marc Kruger. “I know for a fact that he put in a lot of effort and work into the Ienkmelodienk and it was pleasing to see his hard work acknowledged and rewarded,” he said. “I think it [Ienkmelodienk] was very good. There’s a couple of male performances that I was disappointed in, but the girls really showed up this year, which is amazing,” Le Grange said at the end of the evening. Rampedi said that he wanted to thank Stuku for organising a great event and stated that next year will be better. He added, “Now that Ienkmelodienk is done it’s time for the seniors to come and play ... Serrie time.” Klaradyn

technical quality as performances felt more alive with an active audience. Curlitzia and Olienhout were the female and male residence winners of the evening, with Olienhout named the overall winner of Ienkmelodienk. The RAG partners who dressed up as tennis players and “school boy jackasses” respectively were crowd favourites. The Kloekies song list integrated well with their theme and their synchronised movements and formations put them above the rest. Their short skit of tennis players Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, along with their rendition of “Gangnam Style”, were some stand-out moments. Houte, who had one of the most memorable themes of the night, impressed with their band, costumes and humour. When several of the

first years received wedgies from their peers to reveal huge white underwear that spelled out “Curlitzia”, they ensured a spot in the minds of the audience and the judges. Other stand-out performances were the Madelief “milkmaids in love” who dominated the female residences at that point in the competition with their smart song choices and synchronised choreography. A better-rehearsedthan-usual Kollege held up their reputation with their controversial and comical performance done in (no surprise) their signature togas. And the residence that was cheated at Ienkmelodienk has to be Mopanie. Their mining theme not only allowed them to deliver a stunning performance with good choreography, acrobatics and the use of drums, but also provided social commentary on a current affairs event in South Africa.

doesn’t remember Goku and his signature powerup moves? Thanks for the nostalgia, guys. Most energetic performer: That blonde guy in the front row from Jakarandia. Perdeby doesn’t know who you are, but we thought about your enthusiasm and exaggerated dance moves all night. Best integration of songs and theme: Nerina The Nerina taxi drivers had the best matching theme and song list. Perdeby especially liked their use of “Taxis were meant to fly”. Nicki, take note. For a list of the official Ienkmelodienk 2013 winners go to Photos: Eleanor Harding and Lourens Smit




11 February ‘13

The double L word explored BERND FISCHER

“Oh, I thought lesbians like you only existed on television,” is the kind of reaction and male chauvinism towards “lipstick lesbians” that has women such as Jincey Lumpkin, a writer for the Gay Voices blog on, infuriated. Her response to these men: “I’m a lesbian, I’m married and I deserve respect. Period.” “Lipstick lesbians” is a slang term used to describe lesbian women who do not display stereotypically lesbian characteristics – simply put, it’s difficult for people to determine their sexual orientation because of their “straightacting” behaviour and appearance. What further distinguishes lipstick lesbians from other lesbians is that they are almost exclusively attracted to feminine lesbians. Megan Evans, another blogger for Gay Voices, describes a phenomenon closely linked to lipstick lesbians known as “femme invisibility”: “Some lesbians can be spotted right away, and there are those who are a mix between masculine and feminine and are slightly easier to spot. But what about femmes?” she asks. According to Evans, femme invisibility is causing feminine lesbians (“femmes”) to be overlooked by people of all sexual orientations. “People look for the telltale signs to figure out whether a woman is a lesbian or not: short hair, no make-up, wearing baggy jeans and a T-shirt.” Because of their assumed heterosexual orientation, that is, because they don’t fit the stereotype, these women have difficulty meeting potential partners when going out to clubs or other social events. As a result, lipstick lesbians often attract the wrong kind of attention. “When men are making sexual advances or flirting with me, telling them that I am a lesbian doesn’t seem to deter them,” says Lumpkin. “Divulging that fact often leads to a series of much more intimate and, frankly, inappropriate questions.” So, this begs the question on everyone’s mind: why are men so interested in lesbians? maintains that there is a psychological explanation behind this fascination with lesbians. “As much as two women can pleasure each other, it never feels the same as having a penis. Men understand that, which is why they believe that two women who just had sex with each other are usually not completely satisfied.” It is this belief men have that women can only be entirely satisfied through heterosexual penetration that spurs on the attraction. believes that this lesbian attraction can be attributed to the fact that, of the two sexes, men are the “visual” sex. “If a woman’s form is what turns men on, the sight of a pair of women will naturally provide double the stimulation for such visually sensitive beings,” says the site. However, also maintains that some men prefer pornographic movies with lesbians which include at least one man, as this helps them picture themselves in the sex act. For this reason, it cannot be assumed that all men are turned on purely by the sight of lesbians.

As can be expected, this has been met with criticism from the lesbian community. In her article titled “What straight men don’t understand about lesbians”, Julie Bindel of The Guardian says that she has noticed how men are “genuinely shocked that women can have fun together when [women], as one [man] said to [her], ‘have no genitals’”. The media often reinforces these stereotypes associated with lipstick lesbians. The “lesbian kiss episode” has become a popular sub-genre of lesbian portrayal in television. This popular culture trend includes at least one episode in a television series in which a recurring female character on the show, who is believed to be heterosexual, kisses a non-recurring female character who is perhaps lesbian or bisexual. There is, however, no hope for a romantic relationship between the two characters and the lesbian disappears from the storyline. The New York Times revealed that this subgenre in television is merely used to increase viewership ratings. Popular television shows such as Sex and the City, Friends, Gossip Girl

and Desperate Housewives have all embraced the lesbian kiss episode as a television phenomenon. Evans argues that the discrimination against lesbians extends even further. Television shows regularly keep gay male characters for longer, while lesbians are hardly ever permanent characters. She also argues that gay male characters are never “turned” straight, whereas lesbians are often “shown returning to a male either for sex or to form a relationship”. Evans further expands on her argument: “It perpetuates the idea that lesbians can be ‘turned’ while gay men cannot,” which creates the sense that because of their femme nature, the possibility for men to conquer lesbians is open. Melissa Fabello, a blogger for AdiosBarbie. com, is also upset about the representation of femme lesbians. On her blog, she mentions that an article by described a fashion trend as “lesbian chic”. “This editorial faux pas just proves the point that if you don’t fit the stereotype, then you might as well be straight,” says Fabello. Despite this, girls who kiss girls have actually been praised for their antics. Especially if both of them are straight. Last year October, reported that a lesbian kiss was used in an attempt to detract attention away from an anti-gay parenting protest in Marseille, France. The kiss was photographed by an Agence France-Press photographer and after being posted online, it went viral on Twitter. According to the two girls, the kiss was done as “a gesture of solidarity, pure and simple” as a way to show their support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. One might question whether the media further encourages this stereotype or whether gender roles imposed upon us are to blame for the misrepresentation of lesbians. Only one thing is certain: everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Ignorance about issues such as these only worsens the problem and denies individuals their right to be accepted as equals. Photo: Hendro van der Merwe

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11 Februarie ‘13


An ode to coffee, with a glass of wine MARGEAUX ERASMUS

Coffee could be considered a staple food of the typical student’s diet. It gets us to those pesky 07:30 classes and it might even be the only way we make it through wrist-slitting lectures. Coffee also spurs us on all night when we have to finish assignments that count almost half of our semester mark and it comforts us as we study for exams or tests. Here at Perdeby, the words “Can I get you some coffee?” surpass banal phrases of love and admiration. A student’s week, however, would not be complete without some form of alcohol to help them unwind on Thursday nights. This is the time when coffee taps alcohol into the ring to get the party started. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of reasons to fuel your coffee and wine addiction. Happier is he who drinks coffee This January, Fiona Macrae wrote in IOL Lifestyle that coffee may keep depression at bay. A ten-year-long US study confirms the recent findings that “those who had four cups of coffee a day were ten per cent less likely to become depressed than non-coffee drinkers.” Dr Honglei Chen, a researcher in the same study, attributed this to the caffeine in coffee which stimulates the brain. So if you’re feeling blue, have some coffee. It may just make your day. Cower away cancer, I have coffee According to Michael Downey’s article in Life Extension Magazine published last year, early studies that looked into health benefits of coffee have found a correlation between high coffee consumption and a reduced risk of various cancers. Coffee has been proven to prevent prostate, breast and liver cancer. Coffee’s cancer-fighting superpowers don’t end there though – just last year, IOL Lifestyle reported that researchers at the University of Milan found that coffee can also reduce the risk of mouth and throat cancer. This is due to more than 1 000 chemicals and anti-oxidants found in coffee that contain anti-cancer properties. So

now we ask: would you like some coffee? Yes, please. Live long and prosper with coffee Neal Freedman from the National Institute of Health and the Association of American Retired Persons (AARP) found that people who drink three or more cups of coffee a day have a ten per cent chance of living longer than those people who were not frequent coffee drinkers. This is because coffee helps prevent various diseases such as heart and respiratory diseases, diabetes and infections. It turns out that there is no need for an elixir. A cuppa joe everyday should suffice. The ultimate Valentine’s gift

Last year, Makini Brice wrote in the Medical Daily that adults who drink three cups of coffee daily have a lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The University of South Florida’s Chuanhai Cao and colleagues found in a four-year study that participants who drink coffee did not develop Alzheimer’s disease. “For those studied who did develop dementia, their blood caffeine levels were 51 per cent lower than those whose cognitive impairment remained level,” Brice said. Forget about chocolate hearts and roses this Valentine’s Day. Get your significant other a bouquet of forget-me-nots with a jar of coffee. It may prevent your life from becoming a sequel

to The Notebook. Test coming up. I’ll have some wine with that please Most of us are acquainted with the fuzzy feeling that encompasses your brain as you drink. However, Aleisha Fetters writes on that a little alcohol can actually prevent cognitive decline. “Researchers hypothesise that since moderate drinking raises good cholesterol, it can improve blood flow to the brain. Alcohol could also ‘toughen’ brain cells by stressing them a little, preparing them to cope with major stresses later in life that could cause dementia,” says Fetters. Unfortunately, not all alcohol have shown similar results. Researchers suggest that you stick to wine for this one. Red wine makes the heart grow stronger According to Anna Hodgekiss from the Daily Mail, red wine contains a natural substance called resveratrol which has been found to lower the risk of heart disease. Resveratrol could also increase life expectancy (step aside, Fountain of Youth). Hodgekiss writes that “resveratrol is found in the skins of red grapes and a glass of red wine a day has been put forward as the reason for the longevity of the French, despite a fat-rich diet.” Red wine, however, might not be the only option when it comes to matters of the heart. According to Fetters, a review done by the Harvard School of Public Health found that “a moderate intake of any boozy beverages can cut your risk of heart disease by up to 40 per cent.” The benefits of drinking alcohol and coffee have been named, but one word was unanimous with all of Perdeby’s research: moderation. Alcohol might have elixir qualities and coffee might help to prevent cancer, but drinking too much of it could be detrimental to your health. It’s during tricky situations like these that it helps to remember that even too much sleep is not good for you. Figures, right?

Illustration: Simon-Kai Garvie

Is bending the rules of the road worth the risk?

DEON BOTHA It’s 18:00 on a Thursday and you find yourself heading home after a long day on campus. As you walk past Oom Gert’s you run into a friend. One thing leads to another and four hours later you are drinking tequila in Aandklas. Suddenly the tables become a dance floor and you firmly believe that your rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” would make Freddie Mercury jealous. With renewed ambition, you decide to embark on the epic drive homeward (after stopping at some red-labelled fast food joint first, of course). As you turn into Jan Shoba Street, a steaming chicken drumstick in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, blue lights flicker in your rear-view mirror. It doesn’t take an advocate to deduce that there is no (legal) way out of this situation. Even for

a sharp-witted student with the will to have a flawless criminal record and an extreme fear of what goes on in South African prisons and holding cells, there is no choice but to cooperate and eventually be prosecuted. There are, however, cases where people involved in similar situations believe they were wronged by the police and that their constitutional rights were violated. Lenny Stark* and two of his friends were pulled over by the police at around 20:00 early last year while on their way to a live music show. They were pulled over after trying to overtake a police vehicle which, they allege, was driving very slowly. “It was in South Street, near [UP Sport campus]. There was something going on at the residences. You could hear the music in the background. Just when we passed them, those authoritarian blue lights went off.” According to Stark, a policeman stood a few

metres from Stark’s car and yelled at them to exit the vehicle, while holding on to his firearm. Another policewoman also approached them, holstering an automatic rifle. When one of Stark’s friends tried to take photos of the police with his cell phone for evidence, they yelled at him that he’s not allowed to take photos without their permission and that he has to delete the photos and show them that everything was wiped. The police then proceeded to search Stark, his friends and the vehicle. They claimed to be searching for weapons and only after an unsuccessful attempt at finding any, did they ask Stark for his driver’s licence. According to Transparency International, South Africa has a Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of 42. To clarify, a CPI of 100 is as pure as the Virgin Mary and a CPI of 0 is as notorious as a Somali pirate (incidentally, Somalia is ranked as the most corrupt country in the world with a CPI of 8). In a country with a CPI of 42, it might be a good idea to know your constitutional rights. In a blog written by Prof. Pierre de Vos, Claude Leon Foundation Chair in Constitutional Governance (who also teaches constitutional law at the University of Cape Town), he states that the Police Act 68 of 1995 allows any police member to search any vehicle or person at a roadblock. The police may also pull over anyone at places other than roadblocks, but in such an instance they may only search a car or person if they have reason to believe that the person is involved in a crime. Since the police had only pulled Stark and his friends over while on patrol, and considering the fact that neither Stark nor his friends acted suspiciously, the police did not have the right to search him, his friends or his vehicle. Furthermore, “If one is stopped at a roadblock, one has a right to be shown a copy of the written authorisation given by the National or Provincial Police Commissioner for the

setting up of the roadblock,” De Vos adds. This is fair enough, but is it a good idea to challenge the police on their own territory? “I don’t think so,” says Stark. “If you get a chance (to ask for their authorisation), they’ll probably shout at you to stop resisting arrest and you’ll probably end up spending the night in jail.” As a last piece of advice, Stark adds that, “If you see a police vehicle driving slowly in a residential area, don’t overtake them, no matter how slowly they’re driving.” In recent reports, the police have made major busts at roadblocks thanks to the rights provided to them by the Police Act. News24 reports that three men were arrested by the police at a roadblock on the N1 highway outside Beaufort West for having 140 kilograms of marijuana in their possession on 9 January. The vehicle was pulled over because it had no number plates, which, according to the abovementioned Police Act, is a valid reason for stopping a vehicle. In cases like these, it’s easy to understand why the police have the rights that they do, but there are constitutional human rights issues involved which also need to be considered. Maybe you’re the type of student who returns home at midnight after a long day of studying in the library. Driving home alone at night is without a doubt something that can instil fear in you. However, one night, despite it being illegal, you decide to skip a red robot after ensuring that it doesn’t pose a risk to yourself or other drivers. But, as you turn into Jan Shoba, you might just see those dreaded blue lights. What happens to you then? Remember that bribery and extortion is illegal and should be reported to the police as soon as possible. *Name has been changed. Illustration: Simon-Kai Garvie

Fun and Games

MAXINE TWADDLE Love is in the air. Get out the gas masks. Seriously, Perdeby loves flowers and chocolates and presents but we also love a touch of class. The rule is: if you’re going to do a soppy and romantic Valentine’s Day, do it properly. Here is Perdeby’s top ten of what not to do for Valentine’s Day. 1. Don’t propose on Valentine’s Day. That’s tacky and stupid and any sane person would say no. 2. Don’t get married on Valentine’s Day. That’s tackier and more stupid. 3. Don’t buy candy G-strings. Those are yummy sweets, so please don’t pervert them. 4. Don’t tell everyone you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day “because it’s too commercial” but then prance around with five dozen red roses. We see you.

11 February ‘13



5. Don’t celebrate by yourself with a bottle of vodka. That can only end in embarrassing drunk dialling. 6. Don’t give anyone a puppy or a kitten as a present. It’s quite creepy. 7. Don’t break up with anyone. Only really heartless people would do that. 8. Don’t wear ugly underwear. You never know. 9. Don’t be one of those annoying people who publish declarations of undying love on Facebook. It’s called a diary. 10. Don’t hate on Valentine’s Day just because you’re single. You’ve already survived more than a month of this year without being in love. You’ll be fine.

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11 Februarie ‘13

Football: for love or money? MAXINE TWADDLE

Football has long been lauded as the beautiful game. All too often though, beauty leads to temptation and footballers are lured out of their contracts by offers of more money, flashier stadia and bigger clubs. Arguably, the biggest casualty of disloyalty is British football. In the most recent transfer period, which ran from 1 January to 31 January, £135 266 000 was spent on transfers by English clubs. In total there were 312 deals: 118 of these involved an English Premier League (EPL) team, compared to 72 involving a team in Spain’s La Liga, 73 in Germany’s Bundesliga and 32 in Italy’s Serie A. The biggest transfer involving an English club was that of Mario Balotelli, who joined AC Milan from Manchester City. The transfer fee was £19 million. This is little compared to the biggest transfer from the previous transfer period, which ran during the European summer. At £30 million, Luka Modric’s transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid was the most expensive of this window. Robin van Persie’s move to Manchester United from Arsenal was the most expensive deal within the EPL and cost £24 million. Over the past decade, modern football has come under heavy criticism for focusing on money instead of the game. It has become common for wealthy businessmen to invest lavishly in football clubs but then expect it to be run more like a business than a team. This is best illustrated in the contrasting fortunes of Manchester City and Liverpool. Success in the EPL has come to depend largely on how much money the club’s owner is willing to spend. When the Abu Dhabi United Group, owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, bought Manchester City in September 2008, the

Mario Balotelli

club had not won a Premier League trophy in 40 years. The Sheikh’s money was enough to see the club undergo a drastic transformation, as it became one of the wealthiest football clubs in the world. The club’s new owner spent millions of pounds buying the best players for his squad, including David Silva, Sergio Aguero, Vincent Kompany, Yaya and Kolo Touré and Carlos Tevez (who caused controversy by moving from

city rivals Manchester United). In the summer transfer league of 2009 Manchester City spent more money than any other EPL club. The influx of superstar players led to the club being accused by many football pundits of trying to find shortcuts to success. However, their first major piece of silverware only came when City won the FA Cup in 2011. One of the most successful English teams in history, Liverpool, have suffered from a few

years of poor form. A trophy draught that began in 2006 only ended when the Reds won last year’s League Cup. Fans battled to comprehend the team’s lack of ability to perform. Many began to blame owners George Gillet and Tom Hicks, who bought Liverpool from David Moores (whose family had owned the club for more than 50 years) in 2007. When Gillet and Hicks bought the club, it had an amassed debt of nearly £220 million. The pair found themselves unable to run the club and put it up for sale in 2010, and Liverpool was sold to Fenway Sports Group for £300 million. Not many players remained loyal to the club which, by its own standards, was struggling. Among the most noticeable players who left in the period between 2005 to 2012 are Milan Baros, John Arne Riise, Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres. All of these players represented Liverpool for more than four years. Riise was at the club for seven years. Despite the seemingly greedy atmosphere in football, there are players who have demonstrated steadfast loyalty to their clubs. When he learned that his Chelsea contract would not be renewed at the end of the season, Frank Lampard reportedly offered to play for half his current salary in an attempt to change the club’s mind. Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher has not played for any other club and has made over 700 appearances for the team. Only representing Manchester United at a senior level, Ryan Giggs is another one-club player. Aged 39, Giggs has been playing at Old Trafford for more than 20 years. In 2010, Manchester United’s official magazine and website conducted a poll to name the club’s greatest ever player and Giggs, fittingly, was chosen as the club’s best footballer, beating legends like George Best and Eric Cantona.


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11 February ‘13

Meyer exclusive interview Pink for a purpose

DAN LOMBARD Heyneke Meyer, former University of Pretoria student and Mopanie resident, has been the head coach of the South African national rugby team for over a year. He was previously head coach of the Blue Bulls and an advisor to the 2011 Tuks Varsity Cup team. Meyer sat down with Perdeby for a rare exclusive interview to speak about what it’s like to be honoured with the highest position available to rugby coaches. Can you describe your first year as coach of the Springboks? Representing South Africa as the Springbok coach is such an honour. However, I have a huge responsibility to the nation as the hopes and dreams of the country rest on my shoulders. What makes my job so enjoyable is seeing the smiles on the people’s faces when the Springboks do well. My first year as a national coach was difficult as I only had one week to prepare for their England Incoming Tour and all my assistants were busy with their respective Super Rugby unions for a large part of my preparations. What I’ve found encouraging is that the Springboks started the 2012 season as the fourth-best country in the world and ended as the second best. However, we need to close

the gap between South Africa and New Zealand. What was your highlight of the 2012 Springbok season? The end-of-year tour was definitely my highlight of 2012. The players dug deep to perform as it was the end of another gruelling year of rugby. The Springboks did well to end the tour unbeaten. Being the national coach comes with a lot of pressure. How do you deal with the pressure and could the techniques you use be used successfully by university students? I have always said that I do not know what the secret to success is but I do know what the secret to failure is, and [that] is trying to make everyone happy. I think it is important, especially for students, to be true to themselves and to do things for the right reasons, for the love of it. Students need to have a vision and not compromise on that vision. While I was a student at the University of Pretoria, I already had a dream of being a prominent rugby coach and through hard work and sacrifice, I have achieved that. Will you still be assisting TuksRugby now that you are the national coach? As the national coach, I have to maintain an air of neutrality. My assistant coaches and I have been travelling around South Africa helping where we can. Obviously, I will always have a soft spot for Tuks but I am no longer assisting TuksRugby. What is your prediction for Tuks in this year’s Varsity Cup? Tuks has the right facilities, structures and mindset to defend their title. As losing becomes a habit, so does winning. Nollis has achieved so much as a coach and there are an established group of senior players and exciting youngsters. There is no reason why the University of Pretoria cannot win the 2013 Varsity Cup.

residences will participate in the competition. The residence competition will run until 25 The Varsity Cup Pink Campaign started February when FNB UP-Tuks play FNB Maties last Monday. The campaign comprises of a at Tuks Rugby Stadium. Each residence is competition between the different universities given the opportunity to raise money for Mercy in the Varsity Cup to raise money against House and the residence who raises the most women abuse. It has been running for three money will hand over a cheque containing the years with the slogan “Keep the Agro on the full amount of money raised by the university Field”. to the Varsity Cup. This will be televised during Each year, the Varsity Cup donates R25 Tuks’s match against FNB Maties. 000 to homes for abused The Pink Campaign will women and R100 000 to run for all nine weeks of the “TuksRugby’s goal the campaign in general. A Varsity Cup. A pink ball will specific home is allocated to be used in the last 20 minutes is to raise and hand each university and, through each half of Varsity Cup over R150 000 against of the Pink Campaign, the matches. This is called the women abuse” university has to generate “rugby that rocks time”. If money for this home. the home team scores a try Tuks is currently the during this period, Varsity Cup sponsor of the Mercy House. and campaign sponsors FNB, This is a transitional shelter for women in Steinhoff, Carling Black Label, Cell C and Spur distress and has an extended house especially will donate R2 000 each towards the team’s for babies and children. Neels Grobler, home. In addition to this, pink balls that have TuksRugby manager, told Perdeby, “You won’t been signed by Varsity Cup players who have believe how many ladies are abused. There is become Springboks and one ball signed by all really a great need for these people.” the Varsity Cup captains will be auctioned to According to Grobler, the money raised is not raise money. just used to buy products for the home. It pays During all the Varsity Cup matches at the for activities for the women to participate in. Tuks sport grounds, prizes like iPads, cell The campaign aims to create awareness. phones and airtime will also be given to fans. “There are a lot of houses in Pretoria with A special “Tukkie song” especially written for people in the same circumstances as these TuksRugby and sung by a mystery celebrity women, but people don’t know about them,” will be revealed at the match on 25 February. said Grobler. He continued that TuksRugby TuksRugby’s goal is to raise and hand over wants to get more students and community R150 000 against women abuse, Grobler said. members involved in the campaign. “We really For the last two days, Tuks has handed in want to create a pink awareness. The smallest the most money for their house, winning the contribution can have the biggest impact.” campaign competition. In the hope that the university will raise as much money as possible for the campaign, Tuks ZENNA MULLER


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Tuks lose opening game

DAN LOMBARD AND MAXINE TWADDLE FNB UP-Tuks lost to FNB NWU-Pukke 26-24 in their opening Varsity Cup match at the Fanie du Toit Rugby Field in Potchefstroom last Monday.

Although both sides started off well, Pukke went on to dominate the first 40 minutes of the match. Tuks lost their momentum and their defence began to look weak early in the match, enabling Pukke to cross the try line on three occasions with tries from Robey Labuschagne, Ernie Strydom and Martin

Dreyer. Gerhard Nortier was on target with all three conversions for Pukke. Although Tuks reacted strongly to the first try scored against them, they were unable to keep pressure on the home side and Pukke went into the break with a 24-0 lead. Tuks’s poor first-half performance was worsened by a shoulder injury to captain Jono Ross. Ross left the field after five minutes of play. Tuks emerged from the tunnel a different team in the second half, outscoring their opponents 23-2 in the last 40 minutes. Tuks applied a more solid game plan and seemed to be finding the form which won them the tournament last year. Constant pressure from the visitors allowed them to score four tries in 20 minutes, restricting the home side’s scoring opportunities to a single penalty conversion. Vainon Willis, Riaan Britz, Sidney Tobias and Courtnall Skosan all scored tries for Tuks. Tuks went into the last five minutes of the game trailing by only three points. The defending champions failed to deal with the pressure of playing in front of a hostile crowd. Pukke, who enjoyed overwhelming support, coped well in the tense final minutes of the game to prevent Tuks from scoring. Missed conversions cost Tuks heavily. Flyhalf Willie du Plessis missed both of his conversions and his replacement Tian Schoeman converted only one of his two attempts. “Pukke are an incredibly difficult team to play against at home and they clearly showed up for this match. We were under pressure with the loss of Jono early in the first half but we will definitely bounce back from this loss,” Tuks head coach Nollis Marais said. Marais was confident that his team was able to take positives from the match, saying that “what is important for the team is that we have now lost the ‘team to beat’ tag, which allows the players to focus solely on the game.” Tuks will play FNB UCT in their first home game on Monday at 17:00. Tuks will be looking to bounce back from their loss in Potchefstroom while UCT travel to Pretoria after a disappointing draw against NMMU. Wian Liebenberg will take over the captaincy from the injured Ross and will have his hands full as he leads an inexperienced team against UCT. “UCT is traditionally a strong rugby university and we are not underestimating them for a moment. The team has had a lot of setbacks with both Jono Ross and Sydney Tobias injured during the Pukke game. Wian has Varsity Cup experience and we are confident that he will lead the team from the front,” Marais told Perdeby. Photo: Brad Donald

AmaTuks ready for rest of PSL

MAXINE TWADDLE AmaTuks will be looking to keep their place in the top half of the Premier Soccer League (PSL) log when they take on Golden

Arrows at home on Wednesday. No PSL matches have been played since December to accommodate the 2013 African Cup of Nations. AmaTuks drew their last game of 2012 2-2 against Maritzburg United. Currently, AmaTuks are sixth on the PSL table after 16 matches with 23 points. Only two points separate AmaTuks from fourth-placed Free State Stars, who have 25 points. AmaTuks won five games during the first half of the side’s first PSL season. They drew eight games and lost three. AmaTuks will need to gain momentum going into the second half of the PSL campaign if they wish to finish in the top half of the table. The team will be hoping to be boosted by home-ground advantage in Wednesday’s match against Golden Arrows. Arrows are placed 13th on the log with 16 points from the same number of matches. They have won four games, drawn four and lost eight. AmaTuks won the corresponding fixture 0-1 in August with Mpho Maruping scoring the only goal of the match. AmaTuks strengthened their squad during the January transfer window. The team signed Petrus Shitembi from Namibian side Rundu Chiefs and secured Siyabonga Ngubane on loan from Mamelodi Sundowns. Free agent Oluwafemi Ayo (who has previously played for AmaTuks) also signed a contract with the Pretoria team. AmaTuks did not sell any players during the window. Diyo Sibisi is on loan to Mpumalanga Black Aces and Ramahlwe Mphahlele returned to Mamelodi Sundowns after a loan spell at the University of Pretoria.

Photo: Tebogo Moyai

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11 February 2013 Issue 2 Year 75  

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