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The Pepperdine Experience A Place of Faith A Well-Rounded Start Charting Your Course Business Administration Communication Fine Arts Humanities and Teacher Education International Studies and Languages Natural Science Religion and Philosophy Social Science

Picture Yourself Here A place where scholars, believers, artists, athletes, and innovators converge


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Explore Your World Washington, DC Program International Perspectives Blue and Orange Waves Highlights Discover Your Community Be at the Center of It All Student Resources It’s All About Location The Pepperdine Impact Top-Notch Careers Within Your Reach

The Pepperdine Experience Students choose Pepperdine for the possibilities that a Christian university committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values provides. At Pepperdine, you will be strengthened for a life of purpose, service, and leadership.

Seaver College Seaver College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences is the liberal arts undergraduate school of Pepperdine.

Graduate Schools Caruso School of Law Graziadio Business School Graduate School of Education and Psychology School of Public Policy

Campuses California Washington, DC Europe South America

U.S. News & World Report rankings

#55 National Universities #49 Best Value #26 Best Undergraduate Teaching



Find Yourself Here College is a time of personal and spiritual growth, when students seek out and investigate life’s biggest questions on a daily basis.


A Place of Faith Christian values, firmly rooted in a Church of Christ heritage, are at the heart of each academic pursuit and spiritual journey at Pepperdine. Here, we hold the highest academic standards within a framework of Christian faith and values that provides a transformative college experience, respectful of an individual’s pursuit of God’s truth. Members of all faith traditions are welcome to explore their spiritual path at Pepperdine.

Ways to examine, challenge, and grow in your faith An Affiliated Campus Ministry Program Annual Worship Summit Chapel Program Hub for Spiritual Life Mission Trips Prayer and Worship Gatherings Religion Courses Service Projects Spiritual Life Advisors in Residence Halls Student-Led Spiritual Life Programs

Service at Pepperdine Making a positive impact on communities and people in the Greater Los Angeles area, across the United States, and globally

Step Forward Day

is a 30-year annual tradition that connects students, faculty, staff, and alumni around the world to service opportunities within their communities. 3


A Well-Rounded Start As a private Christian liberal arts university, Pepperdine is at the forefront of holistically developing the next generation of leaders through rigorous curricula, faculty mentorship, tailored research opportunities, and timely lectureship series. The liberal arts curriculum at Pepperdine serves as the foundation upon which you can explore, debate, and address life’s deepest questions and the world’s greatest challenges. The outcome is a transformational educational experience that allows you to explore your passions, enrich your life through new academic encounters, and graduate with fundamental knowledge to draw upon throughout your life. Semester-long general education courses sharpen critical thinking, improve information literacy, and build a learning community. First-year students are presented with intellectually engaging seminars and colloquia unique to Pepperdine.

Social Action and Justice Colloquium The Social Action and Justice Colloquium focuses on issues of social justice, including human rights, poverty, the interplay of religion and culture, and the role of media in shaping social movements.

Great Books Colloquium From the ancient Greeks to today's most renowned thinkers, the Great Books Colloquium will enable you to read and discuss some of the most influential, thought-provoking, and enjoyable literary works ever written.


Enrich Yourself Here The curricula at Pepperdine emphasize both the broad discovery of all disciplines and a deep concentration in one area of study.




46 47

Pepperdine’s small student body and low student-to-faculty ratio (13:1) will provide you with unparalleled access to state-of-the-art facilities, resources, and remarkable professors who are committed to mentorship and student learning both in and out of the classroom.



Charting Your Course Academic Divisions Business Administration Communication Fine Arts Humanities and Teacher Education International Studies and Languages Natural Science Religion and Philosophy Social Science

Interdisciplinary Major Sustainability

Interdisciplinary Minors African American Studies Digital Humanities Ethnic Studies Great Books Intercultural Studies Sustainability Women’s and Gender Studies

Special Certificates Conflict Management Global Fellows Program

Mentorship In each academic division and major, you have the opportunity to engage in research projects with your professors. From publishing articles in a journal to conducting research and presenting your findings at a national conference, you’re able to add these notable achievements to your resume and graduate school applications. Pepperdine University seeks to integrate and direct these experiences toward your development intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 6

Of the 46 diverse academic disciplines offered at Pepperdine,

the five most popular areas of study are

Business Administration





Integrated Marketing Communication

Sports Medicine

89% of full-time faculty have earned a doctoral or terminal degree

Advance Yourself Here Learning takes place constantly and in every facet of a student’s life.



Business Administration Embedded within a liberal arts college, where a spirit of inquiry precedes concrete evidence and fact seeking, the Business Administration Division emphasizes skills essential to a robust investigation of business and industry. Pepperdine holds in high regard the development of personal judgment and responsibility; an active, questioning mind; and the ability to make sense of facts and their implications. The division will challenge you to consider both ethical and economic implications of corporate decisions, whether kick-starting your entrepreneurial spirit through Venture Initiation coursework, managing an actual portfolio in the hands-on Portfolio Management course, participating in a service learning opportunity to consult distressed businesses, or looking beyond boundaries in the international business major.

Majors Accounting

Hometown Nashville, Tennessee Major Business Administration Minor Marketing Status Junior International Program Florence, Italy

Academic Accolades

Business Administration

Federal Public Defender’s Office Internship



International Business

Minors Accounting Entrepreneurship

Administrative and Marketing Chair, Student Programming Board Outdoor Recreation Trip Leader Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority


Service Projects

Nonprofit Management

Court Appointed Special Advocates

Social Entrepreneurship



Pepperdine equips me with the confidence to effectively balance my professional, social, and spiritual aspirations. The values-based education allows me to develop a strong ethical framework and sense of purpose beyond my professional goals.



Communication The ability to communicate effectively crosses all professions and transcends into the personal realm of relationships, citizenship, and family. In light of the importance that communication plays in the world, the course offerings in the Communication Division are designed to provide the theoretical basis for understanding the processes of communication and the training to prepare for specific careers in mass media, education, government service, business, and industry.

Majors Advertising Communication Studies Integrated Marketing Communication Journalism

MARLEY PENAGOS Hometown Temecula, California Major Journalism Status Senior International Program Buenos Aires, Argentina

Public Relations

Academic Accolades

Screen Arts

Editor in Chief, Currents Magazine

Sport Administration

Presenter at the Associated Collegiate Press Conference

Minors Communication Studies


Intercultural Studies

NewsWaves 32


Pepperdine Graphic Media

Multimedia Design

Currents Magazine

Rhetoric and Leadership

Housing and Residence Life

Special Certificate Conflict Management

Delta Delta Delta Sorority

Service Projects Greek Life Philanthropy for St. Jude Children’s Hospital The Literacy Advocacy Project Greek Life Philanthropies


The relationships I have with my professors have been the highlight of my academic career at Pepperdine. Within the Communication Division there are incredibly talented and accomplished professors who are dedicated to pouring their knowledge into their students, teaching that journalism is a powerful tool to inform, empower, and connect people.



Fine Arts As arts are regarded as essential elements in a liberal arts education, the Fine Arts Division offers courses, performances, and exhibits that provide cultural nourishment and avenues of expression for the entire campus community. As an art, art history, music, or theatre major, you will be provided the very best training available to develop a repertoire of themes, forms, media, or analytical techniques appropriate to your chosen field of interest. Bound to an uncompromising, high level of professionalism, you will gain the skills and techniques necessary for a successful audition, performance, exhibition, or curatorial career.

Majors Art Art History Music (Emphases)

Applied Music (Sequences) Applied Guitar Applied Vocal Performance

Composition Composition for Screen Arts Pre-Teaching Credential

Theatre Arts (Sequences) Acting Directing Musical Theatre Production/Design

Theatre and Screen Arts (Sequences) Acting Directing

Minors Art Art History Composition for Music Majors Multimedia Design Music Composition Music Performance Worship Music for Music Majors 12

SAM BROCK Hometown Longmeadow, Massachusetts Major Theatre Arts, Acting Status Senior International Program Edinburgh, Scotland

Academic Accolades Theatre Scholarship Recipient

Involvement Pepperdine Improv Troupe Pepperdine Pickups Assistant to the Dean of the Fine Arts Division

Service Projects Boys and Girls Club of Malibu

Pepperdine has prepared me to enter the entertainment business in many ways. The training, intimacy of the program, and time on stage allowed me to really fall in love with my craft and realize that acting is something I want to do with my life.



Humanities and Teacher Education The Humanities and Teacher Education Division promotes a holistic education that aims to develop habits of reflection and sound judgment that will strengthen you for a life of thoughtfulness, service, and responsible influence. The division seeks to inspire reverence for language and rigorous exposition, debate, logic, and problem solving and encourage spirited inquiry and disciplined imagination. These programs of study are morally inscribed, mobilizing the virtues that go with academic inquiry and that sustain communities of learning.

Majors Creative Writing (Emphases)

Fiction Writing Poetry Writing Screen and Television Writing

English (Emphases)

Education and Secondary Teaching Credential Literature Writing and Rhetoric

Film (Emphases)

Critical Studies Production Writing for Screen and Television

History (Emphasis) Business

Liberal Studies for Education

Minors Creative Writing English Film History Writing

Special Program Teacher Education Program


NICOLE FASHAW Hometown Los Angeles, California Major English (Literature) Status Sophomore Academic Accolades Small Studio Sessions Podcast Feature Social Action and Justice Colloquium Conflict Management Undergraduate Certificate Program, Caruso School of Law Lead Vocalist in Pepperdine’s Annual Loqui Celebration

Involvement Vice President, Black Student Association Marketing Vice President, Inter-Club Council Student Success Center Tutor Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society Pepperdine Music Production Club

Service Projects LA Mission Days for Girls

As a musical producer, audio engineer, and singer-songwriter, Pepperdine’s Southern California location and access to Los Angeles has allowed me to pursue my passion and purpose through industry networking and collaboration. Through these opportunities I’ve become more comfortable with the uncomfortable and am more equipped to be a better functioning, more well-rounded individual as I continue into my professional career.



International Studies and Languages Pepperdine University recognizes that in an age of increasing globalization, a mutual understanding and appreciation of differing cultural perspectives are crucial. To equip you as a global citizen, the International Studies and Languages Division provides forums to explore pressing international, political, economic, and cultural questions affecting our world today. Through a unique curriculum and study abroad programs, you will have the opportunity to deepen your awareness of the international community, your place in it, and how you might positively impact the world.

Majors French Studies

SAMMIE WUENSCHE Hometown Denton, Texas Majors Hispanic Studies and English Minor Art Status Senior


International Program

Hispanic Studies

Buenos Aires, Argentina

International Studies (Specializations) Global Politics Regional Studies

Italian Studies

Minors Asian Studies French Studies German

Academic Accolades Blanche E. Seaver Scholarship Recipient Featured at the Pacific Sounds Music and Arts Featured at the Seaver College Research and Scholarly Achievement Symposium Presented Poem at the Sigma Tau Delta National Conference

Hispanic Studies


Italian Studies

Spiritual Life Advisor Climbing Club Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society Sigma Delta Pi National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society President, Indigenous Peoples’ Club

Service Projects Step Forward Day


I will never forget hiking in the Patagonia mountains in Argentina. From leaving the hostel at the crack of dawn, to hiking in the snow, to eating sandwiches at the top, it was truly unforgettable. Studying abroad in Argentina not only propelled me to fluency in the Spanish language, but also grew me into an adult ready to face the world.



Natural Science The Natural Science Division programs and faculty strive to create educational experiences that develop your intellect while simultaneously nurturing your heart, advancing your character, and growing your faith. Although education occurs in the classroom, it also occurs in laboratories, field sites, conference presentations, internships, and numerous other locations. Whether listening to a lecture, conducting a laboratory experiment, performing research mentored by a faculty scholar, or shadowing a physician in their office, you will be strengthened for life after graduation.

Majors Biology Chemistry Computer Science/Mathematics Computer Science/Philosophy Mathematics Mathematics Education Natural Science Nutritional Science Physics Sports Medicine

Minors Applied Mathematics Chemistry Computer Science Data Science Mathematics Physics Sports Medicine

Special Programs Engineering 3/2 program tracks in conjunction with partner institutions: Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering Pre-professional health curricula offered to students seeking admission to professional programs in medical fields 18

NOlAN GENTILE Hometown Westlake Village, California Major Biology Status Senior Academic Accolades Presented on the American Dipper at Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research United States Geological Survey Internship Collaborated with the National Parks Service and Fish and Wildlife Field Research Experiences and Coauthoring a Year-Long Stream Biodiversity and Geomorphology Project

Involvement Climbing Club Behavioral Ecology Lab

Service Projects Malibu Beach Cleanups Waves of Flags

I am a leader of the Behavioral Ecology Lab this year and led the United States Geological Survey this past summer, adding my mark to a 30-year-long database studying the California newt—one of the most toxic animals on the planet! Pepperdine’s well-rounded curriculum has equipped me with the tools needed to thrive in a field that I love, preparing me to work with parks and rec, fish and wildlife, or other sustainable future outlets.



Religion and Philosophy With an emphasis on academic rigor and a spirit of genuine inquiry, the Religion and Philosophy Division’s mission is to lead you into a deeper understanding of religion, specifically Christianity, by fully integrating the life of the mind with the life of the spirit. On the one hand, the division focuses on biblical studies, Christian history, and systematic theology; and on the other hand, it explores matters of human knowledge and experience, morality and ethics, and reasoning. To those ends, the division offers courses that will introduce you to the study of religion and philosophy within a variety of cultures, both ancient and modern. In addition to general education courses designed to familiarize you with the Old and New Testaments and the dynamics of Christianity’s interaction with contemporary culture, you can also pursue major or minor degrees in the Religion and Philosophy Division to prepare for ministry or graduate study.

Majors Computer Science/Philosophy Philosophy (Emphasis) Business


Minors Faith and Vocation Philosophy Religion


BOBBY MAGALLAN Hometown Santa Ana, California Major Religion Minor Sociology Status Senior Academic Accolades Research Assistant

Involvement Youth Pastor at Hilltop Church of Christ Latino Student Alliance

Pepperdine’s commitment to integrating faith into every aspect of education has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of my purpose and how it aligns with God’s plan for me. Through chapel services, spiritual retreats, and engaging conversations with professors and peers, I have gained a broader perspective on the world and my role in it. These experiences have challenged me to think critically, to seek wisdom, and to live a life of purpose and service.



Social Science As a student in the Social Science Division, you will have the opportunity to integrate the theoretical work of the classroom with practical experience in the field, improve your written expression, and sharpen your analytical skills. By uniting theory and research from these respective disciplines, a more comprehensive, complex, integrated, and consequently helpful view of humanity is possible. In addition to providing a foundation for service in social science careers, the Social Science Division will prepare you for and provide you with access to internships with mental health agencies, correctional agencies, nonprofit organizations, political groups, and domestic and international business and research institutions. This exposure will help you develop a trained eye and mind and provide you with tools to analyze social life with a degree of precision.

Majors Economics Political Science Psychology Sociology

Minors Economics Industrial/Organizational Psychology Social Work Sociology Survey Research

Special Programs Pre-Law Emphasis


WILLIAM HIBBARD Hometown Tiburon, California Majors Political Science and Economics Status Sophomore International Program Barcelona, Spain

Involvement Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity Climbing Club

Service Projects Harvest of Hope Many Mansions St. Aiden’s Episcopal Church

My favorite campus traditions are Waves Weekend and Blue and Orange Madness, which kick off the school year and the basketball season. The weekend is packed with fun carnival rides, games, movies, and free food! I especially enjoy being able to share that time at my new home with my family.



Explore Your World Embrace your sense of adventure and emerge as a global citizen with new cultural perspectives and diverse relationships. Whether in the heart of London or in historic Heidelberg, you will never feel too far from home. You will be living and studying in Pepperdine-owned facilities and be taught and mentored by faculty from the Malibu campus. Visit the Duomo in central Florence to learn about the achievement it represents or broaden your understanding of cross-cultural communication and economic development through projects in villages across East Africa as part of Pepperdine’s summer faculty-led programs. Perhaps you will conduct tests on native plant life in the rainforest of Costa Rica. Wherever your thirst for dynamic experiences takes you, real-life learning will occur.

6 International Program Locations BUENOS AIRES, Argentina CHÂTEAU D’HAUTEVILLE, Switzerland FLORENCE, Italy HEIDELBERG, Germany LONDON, United Kingdom WASHINGTON, DC

U.S. News & World Report ranking

#12 Study Abroad Programs 24

Approximately 80% of students participate in one of Pepperdine’s highly regarded international programs and cite it as one of the highlights of their time at Pepperdine University.






Participate in a variety of semester, academic year, winter, summer, internship, and special interest international programs.

Washington, DC Program At the forefront of global symposia, diplomacy, trade, and cultural exchange, the Washington, DC Program offers students real-world experience with the issues, ideas, and people shaping the future; making it the starting point of many highly coveted careers in the US and around the world. This internship-based program offers you the opportunity to explore your professional goals and prepare for your career with a global mindset. As DC is host to more than 175 foreign embassies, as well as the headquarters of many international institutions, media firms, and nonprofit organizations, students of the Washington, DC Program have interned at the World Bank, the White House, the Department of State, MSNBC, the United Way, the Smithsonian, the UN, and more.

Real-World Global Engagement As part of the DC program, you will also have the incomparable opportunity to experience a seven- to ten-day international study tour that allows you to engage with other students and professionals on issues shaping our future, from international trade to diplomacy and human rights. Past tours have traveled to Cuba, Dubai, Morocco, Peru, and Spain.



International Perspectives Pepperdine is a place that values cultural diversity and global perspectives. Different viewpoints foster deep analytical thinking and compassion for others, both in and out of the classroom. We are proud to have a robust international student population with more than 70 different countries represented on campus. The Office of International Student Services is committed to serving and supporting international students and families during the admission process, their time as students, and beyond graduation.

International Student Clubs and Organizations Armenian Student Association Blue and Orange Indonesia Society Chinese Students and Scholars Association Indian Student Association International Student Ambassador Program Japanese Student Union Korean Student Association Latinx Student Alliance Pepperdinos Juntos Pilipino American Student Association Rotaract International

International students make up

9% of the undergraduate population. 28



17 Division I athletic teams demand victory and compete with purpose.


Blue and Orange It’s impossible to walk around the Pepperdine campus without running into athletes bedecked in blue and orange. And their spirit? It resonates in all they do. Just look at the number of student-athletes and coaches who have rushed the court after winning national championships, been inducted into halls of fame, and medaled at the Olympics. It’s not just those on the court that bleed blue and orange. Painted bodies chanting “AYO Waves!” at the top of their lungs and students spreading school spirit get the crowd going. No sport—not Pepperdine’s men’s basketball, women’s golf, or even beach volleyball—is safe from the raucous and most fervent of supporters, the Riptide Rally Crew, who are ready to welcome each new class into this rich and historic tradition. Try as you may, you will never beat Pepperdine mascot Willie the Wave in a game of school spirit!



Waves Highlights Men’s

Baseball Basketball Cross Country Golf Indoor Volleyball Tennis Track Water Polo


Beach Volleyball Esports Men’s Rugby Surfing Tennis Women’s Lacrosse



Basketball Beach Volleyball Cross Country Golf Indoor Volleyball Soccer Swimming and Diving Tennis Track

Intramural Sports Basketball Flag Football Soccer Volleyball


All-American men and women


student-athletes and alumni have either competed in or coached at the Summer Olympics since 1956


team national championships


individual national championships



Discover Your Community Ask any student at any school and they will agree that much of the college experience takes place outside the classroom. At Pepperdine, the student experience is realized by remarkable people with an abundance of zeal for the robust traditions and opportunities unique to the University. With more than 110 student clubs and organizations, an active student government, Greek life, a strong athletic tradition, more than 1,000 on-campus events each year, intramural and club sports, student-led spiritual life activities every day of the week, and theatre and dance productions, activities to join and opportunities for you to build lasting friendships abound.

Activities and Traditions Blue and Orange Madness Coffeehouse Gatherings Culture Festival and Club Fair Global Learning Week Dance in Flight Pepperdine Improv Troupe President's Reception Reel Stories Film Festival Residence Hall House Cup Competition Spring Concert Step Forward Day Waves Weekend Winter Wonderland


Top 5 home states of US resident students CA










42% Men 58% Women




Be at the Center of It All Live on one of the most beautiful college campuses in the nation. Princeton Review has ranked Pepperdine residence halls at the top of its prestigious national list. Pepperdine’s residential campus is home to approximately 3,500 undergraduate students from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, religious, ethnic, geographic, and rigorous academic backgrounds. Each student’s personal experiences, passions, and accomplishments contribute to the culture on campus. With more than 60 percent of students living on campus, Housing and Residence Life offers a close-knit and safe community that will expose and enlighten you to diverse ideas, passions, and interests in an environment that will become your home away from home. Our students live in 25 residential complexes that are fully furnished residence halls or apartments located on the Malibu campus. In our first-year, single-gender residence halls, students' exciting transition to college will be guided by the leadership and support of two student resident advisors and a spiritual life advisor who develop relationships with students as they learn about themselves, their relationship with Christ, and the Pepperdine community.

More than 60%

of students live on campus



Student Resources Career Center Counseling Center Health Center Housing and Residence Life Hub for Spiritual Life Intercultural Affairs Office of Financial Assistance Office of International Student Services Office of Student Accessibility Public Safety Student Activities Student Employment Student Success Center Student Veteran Affairs

Dining There are 11 different dining options on campus ranging from the Waves Cafe, affectionately dubbed “the Caf” by students, to the Starbucks in Payson Library. The dining facilities are committed to using locally sourced produce and supporting specific dietary needs by providing students with organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan meal options.

Deer Spotting Don’t be alarmed if you cross paths with a furry, four-legged creature on your way to class. One of the surprising—and spectacular—features of Pepperdine’s pastoral campus is the friendly population of mule deer that roam the hills.




It’s All About Location Picture yourself living and studying in the relaxed coastal community of Malibu, California, just 30 miles away from the myriad of professional and cultural opportunities that exist within the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles.

Malibu Affectionately nicknamed “the ’Bu” by locals, Malibu is a beachside community that attracts surfers, students, and Hollywood celebrities alike. Take the famous Pacific Coast Highway up the coastline and explore the 21 miles of scenic beauty that are lined with dining destinations, contemporary shopping centers, and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. From picturesque Zuma Beach to the rolling hills of Malibu Canyon, the beauty of Malibu is often described as breathtaking.

Los Angeles Los Angeles is more than just the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” It is a diverse cultural hub and global leader in business, technology, and trade. Within minutes, students have unparalleled access to industry, entertainment, fashion, art, sports, recreation, and more. You can spend the morning on the beach, visit one of the world-renowned art museums during the day, and end the evening at a concert.

Seconds from the surf and an hour from the snow, Pepperdine’s idyllic location allows you to take advantage of Southern California’s mild climate year-round. 40

Disneyland 56 miles Getty Villa 10 miles Griffith Observatory 37 miles L.A. Live 28 miles Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) 23 miles Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) 25 miles Santa Monica Pier 13 miles Venice Beach 15 miles



The Pepperdine Impact Professional and leadership preparation rooted in ethical decision-making, critical thinking, real-world application, and global perspective is one of the greatest benefits of earning your degree at Pepperdine.

Internships In addition to the career-building internships at leading companies in the Los Angeles area, students have the opportunity to gain work experience worldwide through internship programs in Washington, DC; Château d’Hauteville, Switzerland; and London, United Kingdom.

Graduate Fellowships Nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships provide unique opportunities for postbaccalaureate study and research domestically and abroad. Every year, a committee of faculty advisors and a team of administrative staff assist undergraduate students who are pursuing these highly selective, prestigious awards.

Scholars 77 Fulbright Scholarships 17 Gilman International 12 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships 9 Rotary Scholarships 7 Rhodes Finalists 58 Other


82% of Pepperdine students participate in

internships, student teaching, on- or off-campus employment, or undergraduate research.



Pepperdine Alumni Network

More than 25 organized groups and chapters are located all over the US and around the world.

140,000+ Alumni Strong 44

Top-Notch Careers Recent Pepperdine grads have gone on to work for companies including: The Academy of Country Music

Hughes Research Lab


International Justice Mission




Kaiser Permanente



Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Live Nation



Capital One Creative Artists Agency

Mattel Morgan Stanley


National Institutes of Health


NBC Universal

DreamWorks Animation


Ernst & Young

Oprah Winfrey Network

ESPN Fidelity Investments Four Seasons

Oracle Peace Corps



The Gary Sinise Foundation

Target Teach for America

Goldman Sachs

Wells Fargo



and many more...

86% of graduates have recognized professional outcomes within six months of graduating

(either employed, volunteering full time, serving in the military, or have been accepted to graduate school to further their education)



Within Your Reach The Office of Financial Assistance makes it possible for students and families to access the transformative educational experience that Pepperdine offers. The priority deadlines for financial assistance are November 1 for Early Action admission and February 15 for Regular Decision admission. Pepperdine contributed approximately $106 million in University-funded grants and scholarships for undergraduate students during the 2022–2023 academic year. The average annual grant and scholarship package for the incoming Class of 2022 was $33,287, although financial assistance varied based on student need and merit.

Apply Online

Application Statistics Number of Applications 13,516 Enrolled 925 (Based on fall 2023)

Admit Averages Mid-50% First-Year GPA 3.68-3.89 Transfer GPA 3.6-3.86 SAT Total 1350–1440 ACT Composite 30–33 TOEFL IBT 104–108 (Based on fall 2023)

Tuition and Fees Tuition (12–18 units) $65,990 Housing and Food $23,270 Campus Life Fee $252 Wellness Fee $500 Total Direct Cost $90,012 (Based on the 2023–2024 academic year)


91% of undergraduate students received some form of financial assistance during the 2022–2023 academic year.



Early Action Deadline NOVEMBER 1 Regular Decision Deadline JANUARY 15 Transfer Student Deadline JANUARY 15 Apply Online

Office of Admission Seaver College, Pepperdine University 24255 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90263 310.506.4392 | +1 310.506.4246 (International)



All academic, enrollment, and financial statistics contained in this publication are based upon figures or official estimates available as of July 1, 2023, and some may be subject to change. Sources available upon request.


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