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Discovery Process of Piramida Lalakon, Soreang, Bandung, West Java Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

The suspicion about the existing Pyramid started from early on when Turangga Seta mapped during expedition to Penataran Temple the reliefs (Blitar East Java, in 2007 to 2009. At the panel relief on Penataran Temple it was obvious that there were many foreign figures whom came to Nuswantara in ancient era. It showed a description of how the foreign figures were worship/obedience to our Ancestors. At one of the panels clearly picturing the existence of Egyptian.

See the comparation, at the left side is Egyptian figure on Penataran Temple relief, while on the right side is Egypt artifact

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Another suspicion is the symbolism that there is Hasta Brata at the Palace today, namely: Banyak, Dalang, Galing, Hardawalika, Kacu Mas, Kandil, Kutuk and Sawung. Those symbolic objects was usually on display near the Throne of King. One of the symbol Hasta Brata was Kacu Mas, Pyramid shaped.

Kacu Mas

Follow suspicion are after Turangga Seta studied at Prambanan Temple Inscriptions, there was a mention of the name of Magadha. Then Turangga Seta team looking for stories about the Magadha Kingdom from serat Pedalangan/puppetry was led by The Supreme King Watu Gunung.

Narrated said that The Supreme King Watu Gunung had has invaded Heaven, managed to win and replace Sang Hyang Guru as the King of the Tri Loka Buwana and reigned Jong Giri Saloka heaven. After occupying the throne Jong Giri Saloka heaven, then, The Supreme King Watugunung have another title as The Master Hyang (Sang Guru Hyang) known known by Pasundan as Sangkuriang.

The Supreme King Watu Gunung

Actually before that, the Emperor Nuswantara led by The Supreme King Watu Gunung named Kingdom Gilingwesi, because of an event of a decision made by Sang Hyang Guru that was have any benefit or even detrimental to all residents Arcapada (earth), then as a form of protest because not being heard, The Supreme King Watu Gunung and his sons, the warlords and the palace courtiers Tumenggung raided to Jong Giri Saloka heaven.

Having successfully invaded the throne and hold Jong Giri Saloka heaven, and replace Sang Hyang Batara Guru, then The Supreme King Watu Gunung carry heirloom Cis Jaludara - mace shaped and took down to Arcapada, then the kingdom name of Gilingwesi was replace into the kingdom of Magadha, Ma from Sanskrit means a place, Magadha = gadha place (gadha is local name from cudgel). The courtiers were returned to the palace, and because came to Arcapada down from heaven, it was similar as manifestation of God or Hyang, then the entire region with the name of the earth then known as Parahyangan. After studying the story of The Supreme King Watu Gunung with Sangkuriang, then the Turangga Seta team found similar story. In the myth mentioned that He had kick off the ship upside down and is now known by the general public as Mount Tangkuban Perahu, uniquely in the Bandung area also have name of the Gunung Batu , which, if the rules in sanskrit MD (Explaining-Explained) then it is synonymous with Batu the same meaning with Watu, and or Gunung Batu = Watu Gunung. After ensuring the existence of ancient kingdom of Magadha which was located in Bandung, then started collect some supporting data. From some of the stories found clues that the "Community Pasundan by the ancestors taught to watch Kabuyutan ', even more interesting was that, it meant Kabuyutan is Mount (Gunung). Come from these findings Turangga Seta team immediately suspect there are fraudulent mountains or mountain that hides the actual building.

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Words on Serat Sabda Tama a great works of poet Raden Ngabehi Ranggawarsita (1802-1873) in Canto three lines to the 12 written : “ Ndungkari gunung-gunung, Kang geneng-geneng pada jinugrug, Parandene tan ana kang nanggulangi ................................ ” means : "Opening up the mountains, the big opening, and no one can cope" ................................ ” In Tama Word fibers is clearly seen that there implied that Raden Ngabehi Ranggawarsita stated that there will be a new era that began with opening of wealth that is stored within the big mountains. Following the instructions contained in the Serat Uga Wangsit Siliwangi one of paragraphs stated : “ Engké bakal réa nu kapanggih, sabagian-sabagian. Sabab kaburu dilarang ku nu disebut Raja Panyelang! Aya nu wani ngoréhan terus terus, teu ngahiding ka panglarang; ngoréhan bari ngalawan, ngalawan sabari seuri. Nyaéta budak angon; imahna di birit leuwi, pantona batu satangtungeun, kahieuman ku handeuleum, karimbunan ku hanjuang. Ari ngangonna? Lain kebo lain embé, lain méong lain banténg, tapi kalakay jeung tutunggul. Inyana jongjon ngorehan, ngumpulkeun anu kapanggih. Sabagian disumputkeun, sabab acan wayah ngalalakonkeun. Engke mun geus wayah jeung mangsana, baris loba nu kabuka jeung raréang ménta dilalakonkeun. Tapi, mudu ngalaman loba lalakon, anggeus nyorang: undur jaman datang jaman, saban jaman mawa lalakon. Lilana saban jaman, sarua jeung waktuna nyukma, ngusumah jeung nitis, laju nitis dipinda sukma. ” Free translation : " Some day there will be many things were finding, in parts. For alreday prohibited by the Substitute Leader. There is a bold to continue tracing, not oblige the ban, search while resist, resist laughing. He is the Shepherd Boy. His house at the back of the river, its tall stone door, covered with trees of handeulem and Hanjuang. What he shepherded? Nor buffalo neither sheep, nor the tiger neither a bull. But the dry leaves and twigs of trees that cut waste. He continues to search for, collected all of which he found, but encountered a lot of history /events,the end of and comes another era one who became history/new events, each time making history. Each time it is and it will be repeated again.”

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Free translation of Serat Uga Wangsit Siliwangi mentions several times the name Lalakon of which means history or events, but in the process of mapping a careful, Turangga Seta team found there is a large hill or Gunung named Lalakon located in the area of Soreang, Bandung regency at West Java. And then Turangga Seta team began looking for any information regarding the presence of Mount Lalakon . In some surrounding community narrative, a story famous Mount Lalakon that stated there was haunted and formerly contained a palace, but the palace was 'lost' and it is believed that the people of the region around Mount Lalakon assigned to guard Mount Lalakon hereditary.

Mount Lalakon, location in Soreang District of Bandung, West Java

Armed with all the results of the initial mapping research then, and Turangga Seta team by Wednesday Legi date December 29, 2010 began what it would called a series of expeditions to uncover what is the mystery behind this Lalakon Mountain. First Expedition to Mount Lalakon already uploaded in Youtube on December 31, 2010 see link : or in Turangga Seta official websitei on Documentation

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Mount Lalakon the position shows the anomalies, with indication : -

Mount Lalakon Position is separate from the group of mountains or hills around it so it should be assumed that Mount Lalakon is evidence of man-made. Rice fields are fertile around Mount Lalakon, shows that the theory that the mountain/hill made out of the intrusion is anomaly.

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Ayu Reditya, Danny Subrata and Maya Suara from the Turangga Seta with Mount Lalakon in the background during our first expedition on Dec, 29, 2010. The picture was taken at 12.06 pm local time







Mount Lalakon is situated 986 meters above the sea level. coordinate : 6°57'29.39"S, 107°31'12.37"E

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Having made several expeditions to Mount Lalakon series, the Turangga Seta team found some very suspicious characteristics, among others: 1. On the slopes of Mount Lalakon there are layered stones with a size of 2 meters horizontally and vertically 2 meters. 2. The mountain is arid but never landslide. 3. Soil layer consists of tuffs, breccias are contain from hard andesite, soft andesite and brittle andesite. 4. Reports from residents about the land in residential areas at the foot of the mountain they cannot be made well because it is always hit hard rocks that exist below it, and we look like at rock formation, we measured it was horizontally from the existing residential population at the foot of the mountain. 5. Mountain is able to interfere the GPS so it can change the orientation of the GPS compass and its location can be seen on moving if we are getting closer to the location. Starting from the mapping directly in the field, then Turangga Seta team from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bogor powered with a letter of permission from the village chief, RW, and RT assisted by local people team diggers and supported the team as well as Primetime Jakarta and OAI (Organisasi Advokat Indonesia) held a trial of stripping the hill which conducted for 3 days (Monday to Wednesday 14 to 16 March 2011). And the results are : Excavation in progress at the top of Lalakon

March 14, 2011 | 15:17 | angle to view : Northwest - Southeastward

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Started the existing of boulder stones are continuous showing and form an angle of 30 º from the horizontal line

March, 15, 2011 | 06.45 | angle to view : West - Eastward

The beginning of the forms and patterns stone boulder clearly visible

March,15, 2011 | 07:59 | angle to view : East - Westward

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

From the evidences on the field we conclude that the volcanic Mount Lalakon not formed naturally, there are pyramids or buildings deliberately covered up by Nuswantara ancestors in ancient times. The pattern of closure is the accumulation of which was covered with a layer of natural material from top to bottom with an unnatural arrangement, the step-order (from top to bottom) are as follows : - Below the surface layer (top soil) was found rocks of andesite boulder depth of 1 to 1.6 m. - After that a layer of rock (andesite software) as deep as 20 cm. - Then the soil and its clay-20 cm deep. - Then the rock (andesite soft) again. - Until finally rediscovered abtuan andesite boulder at a depth of 3.5 meters. Rock boulder found as stone possibly positioned to covered pyramid building. These stones have roughly the same size, between 1-2 meters long, with width and thickness of 30-50 cm. The stone boulder size was greater when digging deeper, it is our interpretation of the structure in Mount Lalakon is as follows :

Pyramid closure pattern that is in the Mount Lalakon side seen

Pyramid thrown into Mount Lalakon


: Bronjongan Boulder

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Pattern Boulders Mount Lalakon top view

Visual Estimation of Lalakon Pyramid and the floor around the Pyramid which is estimated from the testimony of the population now hit a hard object when making wells

Mount Lalakon

local villagers well floor


Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Bronjongan boulder or stone pattern to cover the pyramids so that the building resembles the shape of a large hill or mountain is also similar to what happened in Bosnia Pyramid. At first there was no associated Promised are willing to support the mapping pattern Pyramids in Bosnia. But now the Pyramid of Bosnia has revealed his form and proved that the mountain was originally thought that there was a natural mountain building pyramids is amazing Bosnian Pyramid With the Red and White flag in the last day of the summit of Mount Excavations Lalakon.

Bosnia Pyramid

Bronjongan boulders at Bosnia Pyramid

Bronjongan boulder at Lalakon Pyramid

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Raising the national flag on the final day of the excavation

urangga Seta team members with the local authorities and residents who helped with the excavation March, 16, 2011

Turangga Seta team : Agung Bimo Sutejo, Timmy Hartadi, Jimmy Pardede, Umi Lasmina, Maya Suara, Sugiarto Hadiwinoto, Diah Laksmi, Jay Sadara, Wahyu Santoso Hidayat, Ayu Reditya, Daniel Silaen, Danny Subrata, Reyhan Benatar Algadri and Cahyo Pinarak Supporting teams : Nita Triyana and Jaffi with Primetime’s team from Jakarta; Virza Roy Hizzal and friends from Indonesia Advocate Organization

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

In mid-September 2011, re TS team from Jakarta, Bandung and Bogor conduct geological tests at Mount Lalakon, the group is led by R. Aga Wirasembada, Emir Algadri, Danny Subrata and Agung Bimo Sutejo; supported by Maya Suara, Icax Detroys, Irwandi, Daniel Silaen, Jimmy Pardede, etc.

from Left to Right : Agung Bimo Sutejo, Icax Detroys, Maya Suara, R. Aga Wirasembada September, 18, 2011

Danny Subrata, Emier Algadri, Agung Bimo Sutejo, Irwandi dand residents after completion of test geoelectrici September, 18, 2011

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Topographic mapping has been conducted on Saturday, September 17, 2011, which followed the next day, Sunday, September 18 with a series of tests using equipment geoelectric Super Sting R8, the results are as follows :

Schlumberger Configuration with Forward Modeling (1:0.4)

Schlumberger-Wenner Configuration with Forward Modeling (1:0.4)

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon

Results of tests on Mount Lalakon geoelectric subsequently been interpreted by Prof. Dr. Sayogi, Geothermal experts from PT Giri Indah. “ ... Breccia rocks can only be lifted upward by vulcanic activity, but certainly an irregular structure and is not likely to produce layers systematically as the test results of this geoelectric.” Mount Lalakon not the mountains that formed naturally, there are the Pyramids and the building is a relic Ancestors Nuswantara, Ancestors of our own nation.

Suradira Jayaningrat Swuh Kabrasta den Pangastuti Jaya-Jaya Wijayanti Wijaya Nuswantara !

Compiled by :

Danny Subrata

R. Aga Wirasembada

RM. Boogie G. Manggala

Sugiarto Hadiwinoto

Agung Bimo Sutejo

Timmy Hartadi

August, 12, 2011 edited : September, 30, 2011 translated by : Umi Lasmina

TURANGGA SETA Jl. Ampera Raya No.2

Cilandak Timur, Jakarta Selatan Indonesia 12560 e:

Indonesian version, see : by title Proses Penemuan Piramida Lalakon

Nuswantara’s Pyramid : Mount Lalakon | Turangga Seta |

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Discovery Process of Piramida Lalakon,  
Discovery Process of Piramida Lalakon,  

Discovery Process of Piramida Lalakon, Soreang, Bandung, West Java