Inspiration Runs Wild

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We are Newhall Creative Collective. This book celebrates the end of a year-long arts project. Every Wednesday we come together, drink tea, eat cake, laugh, chat and create art. Together we have made a place to be creative and let our imagination flow. Where having a go is what counts, and trying new ways of being creative encouraged. Our group is designed for people that don’t feel that confident to take part in the arts, as we have all felt that way! It is a place where people can learn new skills and make work they never thought they would be able to. Enjoy looking at our artworks in this book- we suggest it’s best enjoyed with your feet up and a cup of tea! We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we have enjoyed creating them.





Newhall Creative Collective are... Jay





Sally Isa Aaron Chelsea Robin Russ

Jayde with willow woven heart

Felt making workshop

ith Ian screenprinting w artist Duncan Pass

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Robin taking part in a screenprinting works ho


Ian using the printing press during a Collograph print workshop.

‘The Lonely Boat’. Screen and collograph print.

‘God is Good’. Screenprint.

‘It was all fields before. There were a row of cottages opposite the pig farm. In between the cottages was a wash house, where all the hot water came from’.

‘The peace and beauty of Newhall fields. The natural beautiful colours of nature, unspolied. Let us protect our amazing countryside for others to enjoy.’

‘Further across the other side...where we went coal picking. There was a stream running along the path they called the Ochre Brook because it was a yellow colour. They are developing more houses there now’.

‘Quiet Lanes...’ Photograph.

‘...and Sunny Days’. Photograph.

‘Imagination runs wild’. Screen and collograph prints.

‘Colours of Nature’. Photograph.

‘Survival of Water’. Photograph.

‘Allotment’. Photograph.

‘Portrait in the plot’. Photograph. ‘Newhall Urban Gardeners’. Grafitti.

“We have worked really hard to get it looking like it does today. We are always looking for more people to join the gardening group”.

‘Marley the House Rabbit’, and other Grafitti images.

‘Eve the House Cat’, ‘Love’, ‘UFO over Chrysanthemum Court’ and ‘Cake. All Grafitti.

‘Crow’. Styrofoam tile print.

‘Elephant’. Styrofoam tile print.

‘In loving memory’. Silk Painting.

‘Bird of many colours’. Silk Painting.

‘Transformed’. Silk Painting.

‘Orchard Surprise’. Felt landscape.

Felt making workshop with artist Anne Alldread.

‘Running Hares’. Felt.

‘Sunset in Paradise’. Felt landscape. Felt bowls.

‘Sky high’. Felt bowl.

‘Tom’, ‘Dick’, and ‘Harry’. Screenprints.

‘Fred the Frog’. Screenprint.

‘Sunflowers’. Screenprint.

‘Ballerinas’. Collograph prints.

‘70’s Nostalgia’. Screenprint.

‘Happy Days’. Screenprint.

‘What Can You See? Turn it around’. Screenprint.

The making of ‘Larry the Llama’.

‘Larry the Llama’. Screen and collograph print.

‘St John’s Church’. Photograph.

‘In St John’s graveyard there was an old hand pump that we used to get water for the flowers, just by the big tree on the hill. The church was built in the 1830’s from Bretby brick’.

‘The Local Vicar’. Photograph.

“The local vicar helps to run the group and loves to get messy!”

‘The Corner of my House’. Photograph.

‘Millie’. Photograph.

‘Red brick and stripes’. Photograph.