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Sensory Products A Round-up of Sensory Products: Flavours/Palatants/Sweeteners, Colourants/Pigmenters


Orego-Stim is an example of one such solution, comprising of 100%

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natural oregano essential oil (OEO) and offering benefits to all Adisseo offers a broad

livestock species.

portfolio of innovative

A phytogenic and flavour enhancer, Orego-Stim contains 100%

products designed to

natural polyphenols and terpenes; including compounds p-cymene,

ensure palatability,

carvacrol and thymol. These naturally occurring compounds have

acceptance and intake

been extensively researched and demonstrate highly effective

in pig, ruminant, poultry, aqua and equine feed applications. From

antimicrobial properties, as well as being potent antioxidants and

stimulating feed intake at critical periods such as weaning and lactation

exhibiting immunomodulatory effects in the animal. It is the synergistic

to masking or accentuating the taste and aroma of diet ingredients,

effect of the multiple compounds found only within non-synthetically

Adisseo has a solution.

sourced OEO, such as that contained in Orego-Stim, which ensures

DELISTART and OPTISWEET product families provide specific

superior efficacy. The improved flavour and palatability of feed

taste cues to stimulate intake of lamb and calf milk replacers and

supplemented with Orego-Stim can also lead to increased voluntary

starter feeds and are the only products to contain Talin the natural

feed intakes, improved growth and enhanced productivity. These

flavour modifier.

features promote optimum animal health and performance which has




KRAVE AP will stimulate sow appetite and feed intake during ®

lactation that, in trials has led to significant increases in milk production, litter weight gain and uniformity without loss in sow condition.

been demonstrated in independent trials across multiple species. Orego-Stim is based on a unique strain of Oregano which has been grown especially for Anpario. Developed for specific oil

For adult ruminants, the most taste sensitive of livestock, tried and

profile, quality and yield, our oregano plants are grown using organic

tested GUSTI palatants provide greater flexibility in ration formulation

principles in the hills of Europe. Stringent testing at multiple stages

and ensure feeds and supplements are readily consumed, reducing

of production and manufacture ensures every batch of Orego-Stim

sorting and waste.

meets our strict quality requirements, whilst our unique product


A portfolio of BETA NOPS accredited products specifically

packaging provides unrivalled shelf-life. This attention to detail and

for equine feed, supplements and treats is now available including

notable product consistency means that our customers receive the

OPTISWEET® EQUINE to replace lost sweetness in reduced energy

same quality product, each and every time.

low molasses feeds.

For further information on the benefits and application of Orego-

Adisseo palatability solutions comply with the all of the new

Stim and the other technologies in Anpario’s portfolio, please visit

provisions set out in the recently published flavouring additive re- Alternatively, to shop with us directly and order

authorisations and no additional labelling requirements are necessary

online, visit

when using at recommended levels in final feed. For more information or to discuss your specific requirements for a particular species, life-stage or feed type with our technical team please contact Adisseo.


Contact: John Dunne or Sarah Davies Email: /

Anpario Anpario are global leaders

Azelis Animal Nutrition offers an extensive range of feed flavours and

in the production of natural

sweeteners on behalf of our supplier Phytobiotics. The new range of

solutions; our product range

feed flavours under the Miracol brand covers savoury, fruity, milky/

and field support from local

creamy and spicy options developed to optimise both smell and taste

experts, offer producers

of feeds for livestock and pets.

a range of solutions to optimise health and performance of their livestock and their progeny.

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Miracol flavours are available in powder, encapsulated and liquid forms as required. Expert advice is on hand to ensure that selected

flavours are compatible with certain

DSM Nutritional Products Ltd

feed ingredients, such as fishmeal and fats. Use of an incompatible flavour means that the unpleasant taste may not be masked, so it is essential to ensure that the correct flavour for each application is chosen. Azelis also offers three sweeteners: Piggysweet is a uniquely formulated sweetener specifically designed for inclusion in piglet diets up to four months of age. Trials have proven it to outperform a leading sweetener when included in the diets of weaned piglets. Appitello Naturale is an entirely natural sweetener, produced from plant extracts and designed to enhance the palatability of animal feed in situations where saccharin based sweeteners are not permitted. It has a sweetening power approximately 300 times greater than sucrose making it a highly effective natural solution. It is suitable for use in all species and there is no upper dose limit. Phytosweet is a plant-derived appetising additive with a pleasant, hay-like scent. With a sweetening power 40 – 50 times that of sugar, it allows reduced dietary molasses inclusions whilst still boosting feed intake.

Crina® Protect- a novel way to achieve improved feed efficiency Crina® Protect is a new innovative form of Crina® for Ruminants which is manufactured using spray- chilled formulation technology. This technique ensures a consistent supply of botanical components for improved rumen efficiency, with additional benefits including reduced odour during handling. Manipulating the rumen environment to improve the efficiency of energy and protein utilisation has long been at the forefront of ruminant nutrition research. In a recent trial, Crina® Protect was evaluated at the University of Nottingham Dairy Research Unit. Cows were fed a diet containing grass, maize and wholecrop silage, together with rapeseed, soya and a high energy dairy compound. Milk production of cows supplemented with Crina® Protect from calving

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to 60 DIM was 41.9 kg/d 4% ECM compared with 38.6 kg/d for

or call +44 1928 793090 for further information.

unsupplemented controls. Feed intake was the same for both groups. Cows supplemented with Crina® Protect cows gained weight during the study and feed efficiency was improved by 7%. An additional benefit


was that supplemented cows had reduced enteric methane which was TechnoYeast


- the

umami flavor enhancer

10% lower when measured as grams of methane per kg ECM. Crina® Protect is a novel truly innovative, easy and safe to handle

TechnoYeast® is a

mixture of botanical components. As well as increasing milk yield and

hydrolyzed yeast based on

feed efficiency it also contributes to improving the profitability and

the strain Kluyveromyces

sustainability of milk production.

fragilis. TechnoYeast® can be used as a flavor enhancer as it has a specific umami taste. TechnoYeast is produced by a gentle process ®

If you have any questions or further information, please contact

in which all nutrients are released and made more available for high digestibility. TechnoYeast® contains both components of the yeast cell wall – mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) and β-glucans – along

Inroads International Ltd

with the constituents of the yeast extract: highly digestible proteins, essential and functional amino acids such as the umami-tasting glutamic acid, nucleic acids as a source of nucleotides, and minerals. The combination of umami taste, which improves palatability, with the addition of functional components such as yeast cell wall and

Molplus is a unique range of flavour products aromatically based on the

nucleic acids, gives both improvements in feed intake and improved

same sensory profile as molasses but without the energy value, offering

gut functionality. Recent research studies with TechnoYeast® fed to

ultimate flexibility for feed formulations across all species.

piglets showed a significant increase in average daily feed intake

The rich aroma of our Molplus products has been used to improve

and weight gain, comparable or even better effects compared with

feed consistency and give high intakes and enhanced appetite response

blood plasma-fed piglets. Moreover, the MOS inside TechnoYeast®

on farm. Molplus can be used in finished feeds, mineral buckets and

contributes to the suppression of pathogens, such as E. coli and

blocks and has seen success as an ingredient in young animal link

salmonella, significantly reducing the potential risk of disease in


young animals.

Using our expertise, we can also offer mixed flavour concepts across the Molplus range, offering a platform to bring new top notes

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such as vanilla, cherry, citrus or banana to formulations. Using this


added technology, we apply the deep caramel flavour as a base and

Pancosma has a rich

help you to build a formulation depending on what your customers


require and animal preferences.

development of sweetener

What does this mean for feed manufacturing?

formulas thanks to the

• Formulation flexibility and feed consistency – the option to vary molasses content and reduce energy values but retain feed profile • Enhance feed appeal, particularly important in maintaining intakes when switching from young rations to follow-on feeds • Options to mask unpalatable ingredients but maintain high intakes by using mixed flavours



expertise of the in-house flavorists, experts panelists and research focused. These patented and well-balanced formulas combining sweeteners, potentiators and enhancers are branded under the SUCRAM® brand. This combination ensures optimal performance beyond traditional sweeteners. As this type of additive is usually incorporated at low doses, it

Inroads International is proud to be a British manufacturer of

is essential that its quality and technology ensure a good mixability

flavours, aromas and sweeteners. We support UK and global feed

and even dispersion in feed. Technical constraints are therefore

manufacturers to accurately and efficiently incorporate the science of

crucial for an optimum effect: homogeneity, flowability, particle size

taste to influence palatability and intake stimulation.

distribution. This is the reason why all SUCRAM® formulas are

Inroads International Ltd,

produced to have excellent physical properties: 100% soluble, free-

Unit 4 Wem Engineering Centre,

flowing, homogeneous, dust-free, non-caking and extremely stable.

Church Lane, Wem,

SUCRAM® is used to improve taste, mask bitterness and stimulate

Shropshire, SY4 5HS

animals’ appetite.

United Kingdom

Mathilde Ramillien

Tel: +44 (0) 1939 236 555

Business Development Manager for Palatants


Mob + 41 79 174 19 39


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