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Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management Bruker Optics


FT-NIR spectroscopy allows the rapid determination of multiple nutrients of wet and dry forages. The faster procedure of analyzing fresh wet forage gains importance for screening of the increasing number of samples during

• Maximum certainty with full batch check instead of limited average control samples • Simultaneous multi-parameter determination for facilitated segregation • Integration with your existing process control software Extensive process expertise

harvest. The standard sample preparation procedure with drying and

• Accurate measurements at all times thanks to specialized

grinding is precise but labour intensive and time consuming. Moreover

software automatically distinguishing products from interferences

the composition changes due to loss of volatile components and

of mechanical parts

chemical reactions. On the other hand wet forage is inhomogeneous and requires a suitable handling and sample presentation for reliable

• Ultra-fast diode array NIR analysers for e.g. one measurement every 6 mm at a belt speed of 80 m/min • Perfectly adapted to height fluctuating materials on conveyors

NIR results. The Bruker Optics FT-NIR Analyzer MPA II is now available with a new big rotating sample cup with a diameter of 370mm which allows

thanks to measuring distance of up to 400 mm Ease of use

easy analysis with a minimal sample preparation. The measured sample

• Fully automated

area is 100 times the area of a static sample and thus enables the

• Reference sample collection by optional bypass sampler

analysis of such inhomogeneous samples efficiently and with only one

• Report generation and auditing function for instant

filling. Inserts with two diameters are available to minimize the required sample volume. For maize silage e.g. just approx. 500g of sample are

documentation • Calibration function for effortless method optimization

sufficient to fill the sample area around the insert. All kind of wet fresh and ensiled forages, silages and maize as well as dry roughages (hay, straw) can be analyzed. Rudolf-Plank-Str. 27 76275 Ettlingen, Germany 07243/504-2000

BUCHI UK Ltd BUCHI NIR-Online® analysers offer enhanced productivity and higher quality for maximum gross profit margins at all stages of production – from incoming goods through to finished products with typical payback times less than 1 year. Closely monitoring key parameters such as moisture, fat or

BUCHI NIR-Online® offers turn-key solutions for moving materials on various conveyor and elevator systems. The functional interaction of NIR-Online® process analysers and their dedicated software is designed

protein is crucial to correct deviations occurring in any manufacturing

to meet industry demands at all points of production.

process. BUCHI NIR-Online analysers continuously provide accurate

5 Whitegate Business Centre, Jardine Way

measurements within seconds to guarantee maximum production

Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 9QL


Our systems offer Full control


• Real-time measurements of entire incoming / outgoing

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0161 6331000

DM Scientific Ltd DM Scientific Ltd are a family run UKAS accredited contract laboratory. We provide quality nutritional analysis for the Animal Feed Industry. Our dedicated team deliver a competent analytical service testing a variety of feed and raw material samples from all around the UK and Europe. We offer a wide range of analysis: • Proximate

it ideal for installation before / after dryers or in mixing systems. The

• Fibre Fractions

Hydro-Mix XT is recommended for ducting, conveyors and mixers and

• Oils and Fats

has an external seal enabling it to be installed in dusty processes or

• Protein

applications. Hydronix sensors comprise a single unit which contains

• Carbohydrates

all on-board functionality including signal processing, smoothing and

• Energy Calculations

averaging. Combined with world class technical support, Hydronix is

• Minerals

the supplier of choice for many OEM equipment manufacturers, system

• Medicinal Additive testing

integrators and end-users.

• NIR Forage testing using the dry and gring CNCPS system

Contact: Neal Cass

To ensure the quality of our analysis we participate in the

Tel: +44 1483 468900


AAFCO proficiency testing scheme. We are UKAS accredited to ISO 17025:2005 and our most up to date schedule of accreditation is available at: All our customers are important to us big or small, we pride ourselves in offering a service that is tailored to your needs. Main Site, Dalton, Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 3JA Tel: 01845 577757

Pneumac (Hadleigh) Ltd Pneumac is a family owned manufacturing company based in Hadleigh Suffolk established since the 1970’s. We make sampling & testing equipment: Sampling Spears, Grain Splitters & Counters, Germ Tests, Farinators, Temperature Probes,


Sieves, Sample Dividers & Planting Heads are some of our products

Contact: David Macmillan

which can be seen at


Our principal customers are grain & seed merchants, farmers,

Hydronix Ltd Digital Moisture Sensors for Animal Feed and Grain It is increasingly important for animal feed producers to not only know the moisture content in their materials but to have the ability to be able to adjust it during processing. If a producer can make moisture related

port authorities, trading standards & port health officers, for whom we have produced bespoke products as well as our standard range. We also supply customers in the plastic recycling, woodchip and chemical industries who also need to sample a range of products. For many years our Pneumac Core Sampler was standard equipment in Intervention Stores and many of these machines are still in use up to 40 years later by grain merchants proving the quality and longevity of our products.

process decisions in real time they can ensure that their materials are at the correct moisture level for processing or storage. As a result they can directly reduce the expense of spoilt materials as well as lowering their energy costs. Hydronix digital moisture sensors, which use our unique, proven technology, have been designed specifically for use in animal feed and grains. The sensors use the contact measurement method and are easy to install in silos, conveyors, mixers or systems where there is flowing material. For producers that use ducting, Hydronix has developed a ducting system to make it simple to install the sensor in exactly the right position to achieve the most precise moisture measurement results. The Hydro-Mix HT high temperature sensor is recommended for materials that have a process temperature of up to 120°C making

Please see our web site or contact us for further details. Pneumac (Hadleigh) Ltd, Old Black Swan Yard, Benton Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 5AT, England Tel 44 (0)1473 822196 Fax 44 (0)1473 827983 E Mail

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Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management  

Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management in the animal feed industry

Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management  

Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management in the animal feed industry