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Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management Actemium

Bruker Optics

Quality control and sanitation

FT-NIR spectroscopy allows

Actemium provides solutions for the animal feed industry where

the rapid determination of

quality control, formulation, purchase and production are completely

multiple nutrients of wet and dry


forages. The faster procedure of

The Libra QC application may be integrated into the MES layer. A

analyzing fresh wet forage gains

central sampling agenda

importance for screening of the increasing number of samples during

is administered for all the

harvest. The standard sample preparation procedure with drying and

transactions over different

grinding is precise but labor intensive and time consuming. Moreover

production locations. This can be based on frequencies, on tonnages,

the composition changes due to loss of volatile components and

on number of intakes, number of days or on a combination of these

chemical reactions. On the other hand wet forage is inhomogeneous

factors. More than one sampling agenda may be active for the same

and requires a suitable handling and sample presentation for reliable

product (e.g. one specifically for samples taken at the presses in a

NIR results.

certain plant and another one that is valid over multiple production locations, for less frequent analyses). If a set threshold has been reached, a sample will be created automatically by the central LIMS and communicated to the MES. A sticker with bar code is printed to stick on the sample. This is the sign for the operator that a sample must be taken. Analysis requests for external labs are also generated automatically if necessary. This may be on paper or electronically. Thanks to the close integration between our purchase and QC solutions, sample results for raw materials that were already analysed in an external laboratory before they arrived at your plant, will automatically be linked to your purchase order. All necessary data are immediately available in the LIMS module of Libra QC which can be used to further manage the analyses in your internal lab. Results coming from external labs may be integrated electronically in a fully automated way. All the critical points are strictly monitored and sampled. Sample results are completely integrated with OEE and Tracking and Tracing data. Sample reports may be sent automatically to all internal and external stakeholders in function of conformity, plant, species, customer etc. Actemium has a solution with ‘traffic light’ evaluation of suppliers. From green, this can be switched over orange (alarm) to red (refusal). A central management allows a quick and adequate supplier management. The impact is direct and strict: putting a supplier on red results in the refusal of every entry on all production sites as well as in the refusal to make new contracts or agreements. ACTEMIUM - Radar Automation LĂŠon Bekaertlaan 24, B-9880 Aalter

Tel +32 9 280.83.83

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The Bruker Optics FT-NIR Analyzer MPA is now available with a new big rotating sample cup with a diameter of 370mm which allows easy analysis with a minimal sample preparation. The measured sample area is 100 times the area of a static sample and thus enables the analysis of such inhomogeneous samples efficiently and with only one filling. inserts with two diameters are available to minimize the required sample volume. For maize silage e.g. just approx. 500g of sample are sufficient to fill the sample area around the insert. All kind of wet fresh and ensiled forages, silages and maize as well as dry roughages (hay, straw) can be analyzed. Ready-to-use INGOT calibration packages are offered by

Bruker in cooperation with the company Aunir. Alternatively methods can be developed by customers on their own. A comprehensive list of parameters that can by analyzed: Dry matter, organic matter digestibility, Protein, Sugar, Ash, NDF, ADF, Oil, pH, Lactic acid, Volatile fatty acids, Ammonia and Starch. Bruker Optics Rudolf-Plank-Str. 27 76275 Ettlingen, Germany 07243/504-2000

BUCHI UK Ltd. NIRSolutionsTM Complete “Instant” NIR for feed industry professionals You understand the advantages of NIR: rapid analysis, low dayto-day running costs and precise multi-parameter measurement, but you are put off by the challenge of the initial set-up? Now you can enjoy the benefits of NIR, without the hassle. BUCHI NIRSolutionsTM Complete contains all you need to get going in the fastest possible time. Hardware, software, pre-calibrations and relevant accessories all in a single custom designed package, enabling the very shortest time-to-routine NIR, whilst you remain secure in the knowledge, that you are backed by a team of experts who are completely familiar with your needs. Complete equipment packages, designed specifically for the animal feed industry, are based on BUCHI’s proven NIRFlex N-500 and NIRMaster FT-NIR spectrometer designs. The NIRFlex N-500 offers high levels of flexibility, with a choice of sample presentation

WAITING IS OVER. TANGO. ANALYSIS TO GO. Instant Results with FT-NIR Spectroscopy Faster, simpler, more secure - with TANGO your NIR analysis speeds up. TANGO has exactly what users require of an FT-NIR spectrometer suitable for a feed analysis lab: robustness, high precision and straightforward operator guidance. An intuitive user interface with touch screen operation makes the analysis of feed ingredients and finished feed available to everybody.

options via a range of measurement cells. The NIRMaster is designed as a standalone touchscreen operated spectrometer for operation in physically demanding environments and can be supplied in either dustproof (IP54) or waterproof and dustproof (IP65) enclosures ensuring 100% reliability. Find out about our bespoke, cost effective NIR packages which are designed to directly meet the needs of the feed milling industry at our dedicated microsite Alternatively learn how NIR can be applied directly to the feed production line for real time continuous measurement with BUCHI NIROnline, to help you make instant production decisions and enjoy a rapid return on investment. BUCHI UK Ltd. 5 Whitegate Business Centre Jardine Way Chadderton Oldham, OL9 9QL

Contact us for more details: Innovation with Integrity


0161 6331000

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Datastor Systems

ISO 17025:2005 and our most up to date schedule of accreditation is available at: All our customers are important to us big or small, we pride ourselves in offering a service that is tailored to your needs. DM Scientific Ltd, Main Site, Dalton,

Why Consider Moisture Monitoring?

Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 3JA

Our Clients’ reasoning

Tel: 01845 577757

• We were surprised how inconsistent our raw materials moisture


levels were on delivery. • Ability to reinstate moisture after production losses, per formulation,

Contact: David Macmillan Website:

per line. • To ensure we don’t supply finished product too moist, affecting product quality, customer dissatisfaction, product recalls. • Maximising energy efficient moisture extraction and fully compliant raw material quality when drying. • Concerned with ensuring the declared moisture levels were obtained and accurate. • Having changed raw materials, moisture levels were lower than our traditionally used products. • We thought we knew our moisture levels, incoming raw material and finished product well. Apparently from these trials, capturing data several times a batch we were somewhat short of the mark. Our company has built a strong reputation for software and hardware innovation, high quality system design and services; this is evidenced with our accreditation to the Quality Management System BS. EN. ISO 9001:2008, held for over 25 years. As testament to our continuing development program we maintain lasting mutually beneficial technical partnerships with an array of manufacturers such as Allen Bradley, Döscher & Döscher etc. Please contact us at or

Hydronix Moisture Management Technology by Hydronix The benefits of accurate moisture management are now widely accepted to clearly outweigh the investment for producers of animal feed. Monitoring moisture in raw materials, controlling water addition during mixing, drying and pelletizing processes and finally checking moisture of the finished product brings substantial benefits. Yields may be maximised, ingredients efficiently utilised, energy consumption reduced and a quality finished product ensured. This year, Hydronix is delighted to add 2 new moisture sensors, designed specifically for the animal and pet food market, to their existing range. Using our unique and proven digital measuring technique, the Hydro-Mix HT is a high temperature sensor that will measure moisture in materials that have a process temperature of up to 120°C. This makes it ideal for installation before or after dryers or in mixing systems.

Tel +44 (0) 1260 277025 Datastor Systems Limited, Manchester Road, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 2HT

DM Scientific Ltd DM Scientific Ltd are a family run UKAS accredited contract laboratory. We

The Hydro-Mix XT is a digital moisture sensor designed to fit flush

provide quality nutritional

with the internal surface of ducting. Installation is made simple with the

analysis for the Animal Feed

use of our own ducting system which slots into existing ducting and

Industry. Our dedicated team deliver a competent analytical service

positions the sensor in exactly the right position to achieve the best

testing a variety of feed and raw material samples from all around the

possible results.

UK and Europe. We offer a wide range of analysis: Proximate; Fibre Fractions; Oils

Both of our new sensors are unlike other systems available in the market and comprise a single unit that contains all on-board functionality

and Fats; Protein; Carbohydrates; Energy Calculations; Minerals; and

such as signal processing, smoothing and averaging.

Medicinal Additive testing

If you would like to know more about measuring moisture please contact

To ensure the quality of our analysis we participate in the AAFCO proficiency testing scheme. We are UKAS accredited to

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Hydronix on 01483 468900, visit our website: or email us:

Pneumac (Hadleigh) Ltd Pneumac is a family owned manufacturing company based in Hadleigh Suffolk established since the 1970’s. We make sampling & testing equipment: Sampling Spears, Grain Splitters & Counters, Germ Tests, Farinators, Temperature Probes, Sieves, Sample Dividers & Planting Heads are some of our products which can be seen at Our principal customers are grain & seed merchants, farmers,

easy sample handling and identification. The spiral sampler also offers tumbling mode for which the AgriTube is only half filled, allowing the sample to move so that all parts of the sample become part of the spectrum. This constant mixing during analysis reduces effects from sample heterogeneity. Based on the ABB Bomem platform featuring unrivalled spectroscopic specifications the AgriQuant is the ideal feed analysis solution.

port authorities, trading standards & port health officers, for whom we

+44 01342 820820

have produced bespoke products as well as our standard range. We

also supply customers in the plastic recycling, woodchip and chemical

industries who also need to sample a range of products. For many years our Pneumac Core Sampler was standard equipment in Intervention Stores and many of these machines are still in use up to 40 years later by grain merchants proving the quality and longevity of our products.

TekPro Ltd Accurate Sampling Solutions, Distributed Worldwide. TekPro Ltd design and manufacture the Samplex range of Bulk Samplers, Holmen Pellet Durability Testers and the Insectomat for insect detection.

Please see our web site or contact us for further details.

Samplex products have led the way in representative sampling for

Pneumac (Hadleigh) Ltd, Old Black Swan Yard,

over 25 years, focusing on the importance of traceability and reducing

Benton Street,

associated health and safety issues whilst exceeding the standards


set out in ISO 24333:2009(E).

Suffolk, IP7 5AT,

Accurate and reliable testing can only be achieved by first taking


an accurate and representative sample, and the Samplex CS range

Tel 44 (0)1473 822196

of samplers are designed for this purpose.

Fax 44 (0)1473 827983 E Mail

Features include: • Patented spear that ensures a representative sample, without vacuum effect • Bottom of load detection to sample the entire depth of a load • Long lasting - constructed from durable materials • E l e c t r o - m e c h a n i c a l d e s i g n e n s u r e s n o r i s k o f l o a d




• Designed for reliability with minimal maintenance

The AgriQuant FT-NIR

• Survives 99% of vehicle drive-offs

analyser provides rapid

• Samples a range of products from free-flowing powders to

non-destructive analysis


of agricultural and related

A range of models and accessories are available to suit different

materials such as feed and

requirements. The CS6000 range of track-mounted samplers provide

forage. Simple to install and

the ability to sample all accessible areas of a vehicle including, tractor

easy to use, it delivers reliable and consistent results at a very low

trailers, lorries and road trains.

cost of ownership.

The new CS-touch system for the CS90 makes sampling easier

The AgriQuant features a patented spiral sampler that offers truly

by simply touching a computer screen to set sample points on a live

representative scanning and is ideal for analysis of heterogeneous

aerial video stream of a load. The system then takes the samples from

products. It can scan 375 cm2 of sample compared to 18 cm2 for

the selected areas, providing the operator extra time to complete other

traditional petri dish solutions.

tasks – an innovative option that is not currently offered anywhere else

The sample is analysed on the Spiral Sampler in reflection mode

on the market.

in AgriTubes. The AgriTubes are easily filled and many AgriTubes

Tekpro Ltd, Norfolk, UK

can be prepared for later analysis. After analysis the AgriTubes are


easily cleaned and re-used. A barcode reader can be attached for


Tel: +44 (0) 1692 403403,

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Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management  

Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management in the animal feed industry

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