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Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management Datastor Systems Limited

We offer a wide range of analysis: • Proximate • Oils and Fats • Protein

Why Consider Moisture Monitoring? Our Clients reasoning’s • We were surprised how inconsistent our raw materials moisture levels were on delivery. • Ability to reinstate moisture after production losses, per formulation, per line. • To ensure we don’t supply finished product too moist, affecting product quality, customer dissatisfaction, product recalls. • Maximising energy efficient moisture extraction and fully compliant raw material quality when drying. • Concerned with ensuring the declared moisture levels were obtained and accurate. • Having changed raw materials, moisture levels were lower than our traditionally used products. • We thought we knew our moisture levels, incoming raw material and finished product well. Apparently from these trials, capturing

• Energy Calculations • Minerals • Medicinal Additive testing -Monensin, Narasin, Salinomycin, CTC, Flubendazole and Nicarbazin. • NIR Forage testing using the dry and grind CNCPS system To ensure the quality of our analysis we participate in the AAFCO proficiency testing scheme. We are UKAS accredited to ISO 17025:2017 and our most up to date schedule of accreditation is available at: www. ukas.org/testing. All our customers are important to us big or small, we pride ourselves in offering a service that is tailored to your needs. DM Scientific Ltd, Main Site, Dalton, Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 3JA Tel: 01845 577757 Email: dmacmillan@dmscientific.co.uk Contact: David Macmillan Website: www.dmscientific.co.uk

data several times a batch we were somewhat short of the mark. Our company has built a strong reputation for software and hardware innovation, high quality system design and services; this is evidenced with our accreditation to the Quality Management System BS. EN. ISO 9001:2015, held for over 25 years. As testament to our continuing development program we maintain lasting mutually beneficial technical partnerships with an array of manufacturers such as Allen Bradley, Döscher & Döscher etc. Please contact us at sales@datastorsystems.com or Tel +44 (0) 1260 277025 Datastor Systems Limited, Manchester Road, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 2HT

DSL Systems Feed mill Quality Control using AutoPilot4Feed DSL’s AutoPilot4Feed is a control and information system specifically designed for feed mills. The system has comprehensive facilities for capturing, monitoring and analysing QC data. In the event of quality issues, the lot traceability feature allows problem supplies and deliveries to be identified in a few seconds.

DM Scientific Ltd

Raw material quality tests can be configured per material with

DM Scientific Ltd are a

acceptable ranges. Deliveries out of range are automatically rejected

family run UKAS accredited

unless authorised by a high-level user.

contract laboratory. We

Production quality results can be captured automatically through

provide quality nutritional

communication links with TekPro’s Holmen testers, moisture meters

analysis for the Animal Feed Industry. Our dedicated team deliver a

and NIR units. Alternatively, results can be manually entered with the

competent analytical service, testing a variety of feed and raw material

production records. A variety of reports and graphs provide analysis

samples from all around the UK and Europe.

of results which can also be used for process optimisation. DSL’s web

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based OEE4Feed system uses the quality data to display KPIs and

Pneumac (Hadleigh) Ltd

OEE figures. With AutoPilot4Feed’s modern architecture and flexibility, DSL can offer very competitive upgrades from older control systems with minimal disruption. DSL would be pleased to provide a demonstration of AutoPilot4Feed with all its latest innovative facilities.

Pneumac is a manufacturing company working within the grain industry

For further information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact:

based in Hadleigh Suffolk

Matthew Swallow, DSL Systems Ltd, Adbolton Hall, Adbolton Lane,

established since the 1970’s.

West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5AS, England. Tel: + 44 (0)115 981 3700, Email: mail@dsl-systems.com, Web: www.dsl-systems.com

We make sampling & testing equipment: Sampling Spears, Grain Splitters & Counters, Germ Tests, Farinators, Temperature Probes, Sieves & Sample Dividers are some of our products which can be seen

Hydronix Ltd Digital Moisture Sensors for Animal Feed and Grain It is increasingly important for animal feed producers to not only know the moisture content in their materials but to have the ability to be able to adjust it during processing. If a producer can make moisture related process decisions in real time they can ensure that their materials are at the correct moisture level for processing or storage. As a result they can directly reduce the expense of spoilt materials as well as lowering their energy costs.

at www.pneumac.co.uk Our principal customers are grain & seed merchants, farmers, trading standards & port health officers, for whom we have produced bespoke products as well as our standard range. We also supply customers in the plastic recycling, woodchip and chemical industries who also need to sample a range of products. For many years our Pneumac Core Sampler was standard equipment in Intervention Stores and many of these machines are still in use up to 40 years later by grain merchants proving the quality and longevity of our products. Please see our web site or contact us for further details. Old Black Swan Yard, Benton Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 5AT Telephone 44 (0)1473 822196

Fax 44 (0)1473 827983

E Mail sales@pneumac.co.uk

Web: www.pneumac.co.uk

QCL AgriQuant The AgriQuant FT-NIR analyser provides rapid non-destructive analysis of agricultural and related Hydronix digital moisture sensors, which use our unique, proven

materials such as feed and

technology, have been designed specifically for use in animal feed and

forage. Simple to install and easy to use, it delivers reliable and consistent

grains. The sensors use the contact measurement method and are easy

results at a very low cost of ownership.

to install in silos, conveyors, mixers or systems where there is flowing

The AgriQuant features a patented spiral sampler that offers truly

material. For producers that use ducting, Hydronix has developed a

representative scanning and is ideal for analysis of heterogeneous

ducting system to make it simple to install the sensor in exactly the right

products. It can scan 375 cm2 of sample compared to 18 cm2 for traditional

position to achieve the most precise moisture measurement results.

petri dish solutions.

The Hydro-Mix HT high temperature sensor is recommended for

The sample is analysed on the Spiral Sampler in reflection mode

materials that have a process temperature of up to 120°C making it ideal

in AgriTubes. The AgriTubes are easily filled and many AgriTubes can

for installation before / after dryers or in mixing systems. The Hydro-Mix XT

be prepared for later analysis. After analysis the AgriTubes are easily

is recommended for ducting, conveyors and mixers and has an external

cleaned and re-used. A barcode reader can be attached for easy sample

seal enabling it to be installed in dusty processes or applications. Hydronix

handling and identification.

sensors comprise a single unit which contains all on-board functionality

The spiral sampler also offers tumbling mode for which the AgriTube

including signal processing, smoothing and averaging. Combined with

is only half filled, allowing the sample to move so that all parts of the

world class technical support, Hydronix is the supplier of choice for many

sample become part of the spectrum. This constant mixing during analysis

OEM equipment manufacturers, system integrators and end-users.

reduces effects from sample heterogeneity.

Contact: Neal Cass

Based on the ABB Bomem platform featuring unrivalled spectroscopic

Tel: +44 1483 468900

specifications the AgriQuant is the ideal feed analysis solution.

Email: enquiries@hydronix.com

+44 01342 820820

Web: www.hydronix.com

sales@qclscientific.com www.qclscientific.com

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Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management  

Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management in the animal feed industry

Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management  

Quality Control, Sampling & Analysis, Moisture Management in the animal feed industry