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Protein Products Alltech

inclusion of additional homegrown forages, which are often less costly

Optigen® is Alltech’s non-

and more rumen-friendly.

protein nitrogen (NPN)

European Bioscience Centre,

source to replace traditional

Sarney, Summerhill Road,

vegetable protein sources

Dunboyne, Co. Meath,

for ruminants. It concentrates the nitrogen fraction of the diet, creating


dry matter space for more fibre and energy. Optigen is a technology

Tel: +353 (0)1 8252244

that enables feed formulation of rumen-friendly diets to meet the needs of the rumen microbial population more effectively, resulting


in increased microbial protein, fibre digestion and efficiency of rumen

TechnoYeast® - a multifunctional protein source to give young

nitrogen capture. This technology helps to stabilise rumen ammonia

animals a head start

levels, ensuring that rumen bacteria have continued access to this

For many animals, early life

essential food source

is the most difficult phase.

Rumen-friendly diets are the goal for all feed formulators. Diets

The immune system and

designed to promote rumen efficiency ensure the greatest profit without

intestinal physiology are not

compromising cow health.

yet fully developed and changes in feed are a burden that often leads Optigen displays a

to less feed intake. All this increases the susceptibility to diseases,

sustained ammonia release

reductions in growth and intestinal development. To survive these

in the rumen over time in

stressful phases and prevent disease, young animals need highly-

contrast to other sources, such as straight feed urea, that often

available sources of protein along with functional feed components for

represent an inadequate, wasteful and potentially risky nitrogen source.

a healthy intestinal microbiota.

The concentrated nature of Optigen’s nitrogen source allows for the

For more than 30 years, the German company Biochem has

replacement of bulky vegetable protein, thereby creating space for the

provided solutions for efficient animal nutrition. During the last 3 years, Biochem intensively investigated the application of a functional protein source, named TechnoYeast®. It is a hydrolyzed yeast based on the strain Kluyveromyces fragilis. TechnoYeast® is produced by a gentle process in which all nutrients are released and made more available for high digestibility. TechnoYeast® contains both components of the yeast cell wall – mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) and β-glucans – along with the constituents of the yeast extract: highly digestible proteins, essential and functional amino acids such as the umami-tasting glutamic acid, nucleic acids as a source of nucleotides, and minerals. The digestibility of hydrolyzed yeast is comparable to animal protein sources. Derived from the functional amino acids and certain components of the nucleic acid, the umami taste improves the palatability of the feed and improves feed intake. The highly-digestible proteins and nucleic acids support healthy growth. Recent research studies with TechnoYeast® fed to piglets showed a significant increase in average daily feed intake and weight gain, comparable or even better effects than when compared with blood plasma-fed piglets. Moreover, the MOS inside TechnoYeast® contributes to the suppression of pathogens, such as E. coli and salmonella, significantly reducing the potential risk of disease in young animals.

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Borregaard LignoTech Borregaard LignoTech is a leader in bypass protein technology, supplying markets worldwide for more

With you all the way!

than 30 years. Our products SoyPass, RaPass and Amipro feature high levels of undegradable, yet highly digestible protein that are perfect for today’s ration balancing programs. Soybean meal and rapeseed meal are known to be high value protein sources for animal feeds. During digestion, however, some of the vegetable protein is broken down in the rumen of the cow, far too early in the digestive system for the high yielding cow to fully use it. Bypass products overcome this problem by protecting the protein while in the rumen, but allowing it to be fully digested within the small intestine. Consequently, better utilization of the essential amino acids



occurs resulting in improved milk production. SoyPass, RaPass and Amipro are manufactured and sold by our approved licensees. All of our bypass proteins are produced according


to our strict quality requirements, and are among the most consistent


bypass proteins on the market. Borregaard UK Ltd



Clayton Road, Warrington Cheshire, WA3 6QQ, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)1925 285400 Email:

Cherwell Silos Limited


Cherwell Valley Silos Ltd have a long, well established reputation for


providing specialised cooked protein and oilseed products to the animal feed industry. Products available are CV-Soy - full fat soya (Profat typically 54%), and PURA LM (Profat 42%) - a mixture of domestic pulses and whole rapeseed, recently upgraded with a lower moisture content for better handling characteristics and improved nutrient density. In addition we offer a UK Linseed based blend Linbean (Profat 38%) which is a highly digestible alternative to Linseed expellers. The main soya product is now conventional ‘Any origin’ (CV-Soy


A/O). We continue to specialise in the production of Identity Preserved, NON GM (CV-Soy HARD IP Non-GM ) and Organically produced

Contact: KůŝǀĞƌĂŝŕĞƌͲ^ŵŝƚŚ dĞĐŚŶŝĐĂů^ĂůĞƐDĂŶĂŕĞƌ ĂŝŕĞƌͲ^ŵŝƚŚΛďŝŽĐŚĞŵ͘ŶĞƚ DŽďŝůĞ͗нϰϰϳϳϮϮϬϭϵϳϮϳ

(CV-Soy Organic) Full Fat soya, manufactured from Identity Preserved (HARD IP) Non GM soya beans or fully certified organically grown soyabeans. From Harvest 2018 we will be offering a CV-SOY full fat soya product derived from UK NON GM Soyabeans for selected niche markets.

Feed Safety for Food Safety®

We can also supply raw whole NON GM or Organic soyabeans. Centrally located in Oxfordshire and with our own transport

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operation, Cherwell Valley Silos are ideally situated to satisfy all

is of particular use in younger animal diets without the associated

customers nationwide. All products are available in bags and bulk ex

problems of high levels of fat.

stock and all full fat soyas are available in high quality pellet form for improved handling and storage characteristics. Valley Trading, our grain trading operation, is now managed by

Micronized full fat soya meal has improved flowing characteristics with the result of less bridging in bins. Available in meal of flake form, Bulk, IBC’s, 25kg’s Ex works or Delivered.

a new member of staff – Russell Lake - and continues to specialise in

For further information, Futures and Market Analysis go to

local grain, rapeseed and pulses for both consumption in house and

third party trades and offers a high quality local independent service to the arable farming community and feed compounding industry. Simon Robbins, Sales Manager, Cherwell Valley Silos,Twyford, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 3AA

For competitive pricing, spot or forward contracts, please contact Stuart Pender +44(0)1765 689518

Tel: 01295 816201,

MMF a Division of I’Anson Bros Ltd.

Fax: 01295 812531

Suppliers to the trade of High Quality

Email: Simon.Robbins@

Micronized Flaked Cereals, Pulses


and oilseeds. UFAS and NOPs

Russell Lake – Valley Trading.


01295 816221

MMF Micronized Full Fat Soya meal or flakes Manufactured from only the best grade cleaned soybeans. Micronization optimises protein solubility, oil availability and reduction of anti-nutritional factors.

Unibio Uniprotein ® – the future in animal feed Unibio is a Danish biotechnology company with a core focus on fermentation technologies, allowing a highly scalable production of bacterial protein meal. Uniprotein®, the end-product resulting from Unibio’s U-Loop® technology is a protein-rich biomass that addresses the world’s growing need for animal protein, which will continue to increase in line with population growth and the emergence of a large middle class with strong purchasing power. The product is the result of a natural process industrialized by Unibio and is not genetically modified. Uniprotein® is non-polluting as it is produced by a microbial culture with methane as the sole carbon and energy source. Uniprotein® is a close substitute to high-quality fishmeal (LT Fishmeal), but it can also substitute soybean meal, both being two increasingly scarce resources. This novel protein source disrupts the traditional food value chain while mitigating the traditional challenges by decoupling protein production from the fluctuating agriculture and stressed fishing industries. Crop and land can thus be used to produce food for humans

Utilising our two stage patented cooking process, provides high

instead of feed for animals.

quality rumen- bypass protein and high oil, whilst maintaining ileal

The ambition of Unibio is to become the world market leader

digestibility levels; with good amino acid profile and high in EFA.

within protein production based on methanotrophic bacteria, partly

Reduced levels of TIA and urease activity ensuring optimum nutrient

by own production and partly by licensing the production technology


to international investors wishing to establish large-scale production

Improves production performance across species. Higher levels

plants of Uniprotein® using the surplus gas from oil production.

of polyunsaturates in milk, increased live weight gain, and increased

For more information about Uniprotein®, please visit our website.

nutrient density in poultry layers and broiler diets, used extensively


in Piglet Creep Feeds and Fish Feeds.


Suitable for inclusion in a wide range of animal feed diets. It

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Contact name: Gitte Joo Madsen (

Protein Products  

Protein products in animal feed

Protein Products  

Protein products in animal feed