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Reducing waste and

Azelis has added the Roquette range

increasing agri-foo d

of plant-based protein products to its

sustainability with

Animal Nutrition portfolio.


Highly concentrated and digestible potato,

Ongoing protein supply and pricing pressures coupled with scaling

pea, wheat and corn proteins can be used

environmental demands, makes for a complex situation for all U.K.

as alternatives to or partly replace traditional proteins.

dairy and beef enterprises both now and looking to the future. A vital component in overcoming this challenge, is supplying modern productive ruminants with optimal levels of ammonia for the rumen to function effectively. Excess ammonia leads to excreted nitrogen waste, whilst a deficit impacts fibre digestion. Optigen® provides a slow-release consistent source of nonprotein nitrogen (NPN) to the rumen bacteria over time, leading to an increase in microbial protein, an improvement in fibre digestion and a reduction in nitrogen excretion. A recent meta-analysis on Optigen evaluated the results of 17 dairy studies carried out in 6 countries, and 17 beef studies carried out in 9 countries. The research found Optigen to be a viable substitute or supplementation for plant protein sources in ruminant rations. The proven benefits of Optigen in dairy cows

TUBERMINE® GP potato protein provides protein enrichment and is known for its richness in essential amino acids available in higher amounts than in traditional proteins. The outstanding digestibility is particularly well suited to the young, newly-weaned animal’s high protein requirements and is well recognised as an excellent source of protein for piglet feed. LYSAMINE® GPS concentrated protein extracted from peas, is a valued nutritional ingredient in many applications. Its excellent digestibility along with its naturally low antitrypsin activity makes it a protein of choice in the nutrition of young animals particularly piglets. VITEN® Vital wheat gluten natural protein extracted from wheat, is a water-insoluble complex protein. Recognized especially for its high glutamic acid content, the plantbased protein shows exceptional digestibility and can be used in the formulation of high-performance feeds by limiting the risk of non-digested

• Reduces soybean meal use by 21%

protein in the large intestine. It is a useful alternative protein source

• Improves feed efficiency by 3%

which is appreciated in milk substitutes and piglet feed for its excellent

• Improves nitrogen use efficiency by 4%

digestibility, colour and palatability.

• Increases production profitability of a 1,000-dairy herd by £13,035 • Lowers the carbon footprint of a 1,000-dairy herd by 647 tonnes of CO2e

GLUTALYS® corn gluten meal is a highly digestible protein concentrate rich in sulphur amino acids (methionine cystine). A polyvalent protein source, it offers advantages in formulas for ruminants because of the low natural degradability of the protein fraction in the rumen and its high post ruminal digestibility

The proven benefits of Optigen in beef cows • Improves both feed efficiency and liveweight gain by 8%

E-mail Azelis Animal Nutrition at: or call +44 1928 793090 for further information.

• Reduces time to slaughter by 9 days • Increases production profitability of a 1,000-beef herd by £14,146 • Lowers the carbon footprint of a 1,000-beef herd by 111 tonnes of CO2e

Biochem TechnoYeast® - Kluyveromyces fragilis for function and flavour TechnoYeast® is a hydrolyzed yeast based on

For more information contact:

the strain Kluyveromyces

Fergal Mc Adam, General Manager

fragilis, a specific strain of

Tel: +44 (0) 1780 764512

yeast suitable for feeding


all species. TechnoYeast® is produced by a gentle process in which all


nutrients are released and made more available for high digestibility,

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meeting the needs of young animals. TechnoYeast® contains both

offer a Linseed based blend Linbean (Profat 38%) which is a highly

components of the yeast cell wall – mannan oligosaccharides (MOS)

digestible alternative to Linseed expellers.

and β-glucans – along with the constituents of the yeast extract: highly

The main soya product is conventional ‘Any origin’ Full Fat Soya

digestible proteins, essential and functional amino acids such as the

(CV-Soy A/O). We continue to specialise in the production of NON

umami-tasting glutamic acid, nucleic acids as a source of nucleotides,

GM Full Fat Soya produced from UK grown Soyabeans when available

and minerals. The combination of increased palatability, with the

(CV-Soy Non-GM) or otherwise manufactured from certified Non GM

addition of nucleic acids, gives both improvements in feed intake and

soya beans.

improved gut functionality, resulting in animals which consume more and can make better use of nutrients. TechnoYeast has applications ®

We can also supply raw whole soyabeans in bulk bags or bulk. Centrally located in Oxfordshire and with our own transport

for all animal species where increased feed intake is beneficial.

operation, Cherwell Valley Silos are ideally situated to satisfy all

For more information visit:

customers nationwide. All products are available in bags and bulk ex stock and all full fat soyas are available in high quality pellet form for improved handling and storage characteristics.


Valley Trading our grain trading operation is now managed by

Borregaard is a leader

a new member of staff – Russell Lake - and continues to specialise in

in bypass protein

local grain, rapeseed and pulses for both consumption in house and

technology, supplying

third party trades and offers a high quality local independent service to

markets worldwide for

the arable farming community and feed compounding industry.

more than 30 years. Our products SoyPass, RaPass and Amipro

Simon Robbins, Sales Manager,

feature high levels of undegradable, yet highly digestible protein that

Cherwell Valley Silos,Twyford, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 3AA

are perfect for today’s ration balancing programs.

Tel: 01295 816201, Fax: 01295 812531

Soybean meal and rapeseed meal are known to be high value protein sources for animal feeds. During digestion, however, some of

Email: Website:

the vegetable protein is broken down in the rumen of the cow, far too early in the digestive system for the high yielding cow to fully use it. Bypass products overcome this problem by protecting the protein

Gemcom Ltd

while in the rumen, but allowing it to be fully digested within the small

Gemcom Ltd is an

intestine. Consequently, better utilization of the essential amino acids

established independent

occurs resulting in improved milk production.

trading company with

SoyPass, RaPass and Amipro are manufactured and sold by our

specialist expertise in the importation, sale, and distribution of feed

approved licensees. All of our bypass proteins are produced according

ingredients for the animal feed, pet food and aquaculture industries.

to our strict quality requirements, and are among the most consistent

They handle a wide range of ingredients sourced worldwide from a vast

bypass proteins on the market.

network of reputable, reliable, and proven suppliers.

Borregaard UK Ltd, Clayton Road, Warrington

At the heart of Gemcom’s operation are documented quality

Cheshire, WA3 6QQ, United Kingdom.

procedures that cover all their trading activities. They hold stocks in

Tel: +44 (0)1925 285400

various strategic locations throughout the UK, in both bulk material


and bags.


They’d like to hear from buyers looking to source the following: • Organic Proteins, Pulses, Grains, Concentrates, Carbohydrates and Oils

Cherwell Valley Silos Limited Cherwell Valley Silos Ltd have a long, well established reputation for providing specialised cooked protein and oilseed products to the animal feed industry. Products available are CV-Soy - full fat soya (Profat typically 54%), and PURA LM (Profat 42%) - a mixture of domestic pulses and whole

• Conventional Protein Concentrates – Corn Gluten Meal, Vital Wheat Gluten, Potato Protein, Insect Meal • Amino acids – Lysine, Threonine, Methionine • Oils and Fats • Fishmeal – various • Conventional Carbohydrates – e.g. Broken rice, • Sugars – e.g. Glucose • Organic Oilseeds – e.g. Rapeseed, Sunflower and Soybean The company holds accreditation with:

rapeseed recently upgraded with a lower moisture content for better


handling characteristics and improved nutrient density. In addition we

• UFAS Merchants Scheme

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For further information, Futures and Market Analysis go to

• Organic Farmers and Growers

• Gafta Sustainability

For competitive pricing, spot or forward contracts, please contact

Gemcom Limited 66-68 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SR Tel : +44 (0) 20 7580 8004 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7580 8002

Stuart Pender +44(0)1765 689518

MMF a Division of I’Anson Bros Ltd. Suppliers to the trade of High Quality Micronized Flaked Cereals, Pulses and oilseeds. UFAS and NOPs accredited.


Unibio MMF

Uniprotein® – the future of sustainable protein

Micronized Full Fat Soya

Unibio is a leading sustainable

meal or flakes

protein company, headquartered in Denmark. It uses microbial

Manufactured from only

fermentation to convert any natural gas or methane, including bio-gas, into

the best grade cleaned

high quality and sustainable protein for fish and animal feed. Uniprotein®

soybeans. Microniz a ti o n

is the end product derived from Unibio’s unique U-Loop® fermentation

optimises protein solubility,

process – a continuous-flow fermentation process allowing for a high

oil availability and reduction

conversion rate and economical production. The produced protein is then

of anti-nutritional factors.

treated and purified to a nutritious, high-quality feed grade.

Utilising our two stage patented cooking process, provides high quality rumen- bypass protein and high oil, whilst maintaining ileal digestibility levels; with good amino acid profile and high in EFA. Reduced levels of TIA and urease activity ensuring optimum nutrient uptake.

With the global population forecast to exceed 10 billion by 2050, the demand for protein is increasing in line with population growth and the emergence of a large middle class with strong purchasing power. The challenge is rooted in a combination of constrained available farm land and the need to feed the increasing populations in a sustainable manner. The clearance of rainforests to produce soy or the uncontrolled extraction of wild fish for the production of fishmeal is putting unsustainable pressure on vital ecosystems. By contrast, Unibio’s technology is highly resource efficient in respect of land and water usage. Uniprotein® is grown by anaerobic fermentation using four different microbes. The biomass is heat-treated for a short period of time to sterilise the product and then spray-dried to a powder or pellet product with an approximately 70% crude protein content, 9% crude fat, 8% ash and 8% nitrogen-free extracts with a dry matter content of 94%. As a protein ingredient for animal or fish feed, Uniprotein® is very comparable to the composition of premium fishmeal with a similar amino acid profile in the essential amino acids. This past year has been highly successful with Unibio having signed a strategic partnership agreement with long term partner, Stafilies, to grow commercial production of Uniprotein® at its full industrial scale

Improves production performance across species. Higher levels of polyunsaturates in milk, increased live weight gain, and increased nutrient density in poultry layers and broiler diets, used extensively in Piglet Creep Feeds and Fish Feeds. Suitable for inclusion in a wide range of animal feed diets. It

plant at Protelux in Ivangorod, Western Russia. Unibio also entered into a strategic partnership in Qatar, signing a licensing agreement for a new production facility with Doha-based industrial biotech investor, Gulf Biotech. In May, Unibio appointed a new CEO to help accelerate the Company’s commercial roll-out. Unibio’s ambition is to become the world’s market leading

is of particular use in younger animal diets without the associated

sustainable protein producer.

problems of high levels of fat.

For more information about Uniprotein®, please contact

Micronized full fat soya meal has improved flowing characteristics


with the result of less bridging in bins. Available in meal of flake form,


Bulk, IBC’s, 25kg’s Ex works or Delivered.

Contact name: Trine Leth, Head of Communications, Unibio

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in feed trigger an immune response that negatively impacts bird health and performance by wasting up to 3% of calorific energy per broiler.1

For every one million broilers, could be costing you the equivalent of £10,737 in unnecessary feed costs.2 1. Daskiran, M., Teeter, R., Fodge, D. and Hsiao, H. 2004. “An Evaluation of Endo-ꞵ-D-mannanase (Hemicell™) Effects on Broiler Performance and Energy Use in Diets Varying in ꞵ-mannan Content.” Poultry Sci. 83: 662-668. 2. Elanco Study Hemicell HT Cost saving calculator 2021. Elanco UK AH Limited, First Floor, Form 2, Bartley Way, Bartley Wood Business Park, Hook RG27 9XA. Telephone: 01256 353131 Email: Hemicell, Elanco and the diagonal bar logo are trademarks of Elanco or its affiliates. © 2021 Elanco or its affiliates. Date of preparation: 06/2021 PM-UK-21-0563