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Products Enhancing Animal Performance



s like Alterion®. It has an innovative formulation for hoBacillus subtilis probiotic strain providing valuable results wth indicators andAgood gut balance. Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which are Included in Feed to Enhance Animal Performance:

Prebiotics, Probiotics, Organic Acids, Yeast Products, Gut Flora Stabilisers, d industry professionals Happy Inside. Microbial Products, Plant Extracts, Herbs, Oils & Spices Also available on-line at


Together with its partner, Aliphos has developed a technology of micro-

Sustaining Animal

encapsulation. This technique of microencapsulation provides a precise and

Resilience with

slow-release of the active components in the intestinal tract, which leads

Precision Delivery

to a higher effectiveness of the active components. Also, this technique

Coated Butyrate

of microencapsulation prevents degradation of the active components

Butyrate is known for its several beneficial properties in animals and in

in the rumen, which inevitably leads to a higher efficiency of the active

humans. It has been shown to effectively strengthen the barrier function,

components. Products such as Sil Butyr 30C, MicroAcid 455 are produced

preserve gut integrity and decrease mucosal inflammation. Moreover,

according to this technique. Sil Butyr 30C, is a formulation based on butyric

butyrate positively influences the microbiota resulting in pathogen growth

acid micro-encapsulated by means of fatty acids assists in the control of

inhibition. Butyrate is therefore often used as a feed additive for livestock

salmonella. MicroAcid is a formulation based on organic and inorganic acids

as an unprotected or protected salt, or as a chemical derivative.

in order to improve the gut performance of pigs and poultry.

Adimix Precision is one of only a few truly Precision Delivery Coated

Aliphos® CxP P is a mixture of selected whole plant extracts for

Butyrates (PDCB), meaning it can increase butyrate concentration along

the prevention of various intestinal diseases in poultry. The use of

the entire gastro-intestinal tract. As such, PDCB’s can directly trigger the

Aliphos CxP P in young calves and lambs showed a positive effect in

widest range of butyrate-responsive cell types from the digestive system,

the prevention of diarrhoea and improved health.


thereby getting the most out of the potential of butyrate.

Aliphos® Bio-Ox is a biological antioxidant, based on plant extracts,

The implication of this enteric butyrate release profile includes a

which prevents the oxidation of chemical substances in the organism.

maximum effect on performance and animal health, either in normal or

Aliphos® Bio-Ox reduces oxidative stress and enhances the liver

enterically challenged conditions. For example, Malheiros et al. (2010)

detoxifying capacity, resulting in a better productivity.

showed that Adimix® Precision can improve chicken gut morphology already from day 3 onwards. Eshak et al. (2016) demonstrated that

Atox Nature Silver, based on bentonite, is a broad-spectrum toxin binder with a high and proven efficacy.

PDCB significantly improved growth performance, immune response

For cattle and sheep Calcicap is available to control the DACB

and intestinal morphology in experimentally induced necrotic enteritis,

balance and to prevent development of kidney stones. Sodium

increased the expression level of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), and

bicarbonate is also available to correct the acid-base balance in poultry

decreased the DNA fragmentation induced by C. perfringens in chicken

and act as a ruminal buffer.

broilers. In pigs, improvement of Adimix Precision-related performance ®

Our sales and technical support team will be happy to advise you

parameters have been documented in piglets, growers and finisher. In

on the use of our products to find the best solution for you:

both poultry and swine, articles have been published highlighting the

Website: e-mail:

effect on enteric bacteria, such as Salmonella (e.g. Van Immerseel et

Sam Phelps Sales Manager UK & ROI

al., 2005; Walia et al. 2016).

tel: +44 (0) 7761 758284

email: Contact: John Dunne Email:

Agromed Austria GmbH Back to the roots: Wood boosts animal performance In more than 20


years of experience

Aliphos is the leading

in the processing of

producer of high-quality

wood for solutions

feed phosphates and

in animal nutrition, the Austrian company agromed® gained the expertise

supplier of other feed

to offer a powerful complimentary feed helping animals to fully recruit


their genetic potential: agromed® ROI is a natural lignocellulose product

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containing a high portion of lignan rich bark. In the digestive tract of broilers, and of piglets as well as of growing-finishing pigs, wood lignans act anti-inflammatory and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. In a sophisticated production process Zinc is used as a catalyst for activation of these wood lignans, which enhances their power to reduce or scavenge free radicals, to inhibit lipid peroxidation and to prevent the formation of hydroxyl radicals. A combination of these antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects enables agromed速 ROI to efficiently improve feed conversion in livestock animals due to optimizing their gut functions. Moreover, diminished pathogenic counts in broiler faeces after a dietary supplementation of agromed速 ROI indicate a reduced bacterial competition for nutrients, which in turn contributes to a better


feed conversion. Since this natural product is fully recovered from wood, the lignan-containing agromed速 ROI offers a high potential to be used in a feeding concept as a safe alternative to reduce antibiotic use. Agromed速 Austria GmbH, as the market leader in wood-based lignocellulose feed stuff, additionally provides specialized solutions for optimized livestock feeding by promoting gut functionality and gut health for best performance and consequently for highest rentability. Agromed Austria GmbH

Anpario Oregano essential oil is well known for its broad range of activity, from antimicrobial properties to lowering intestinal parasite loads and improving general well-being and growth performance across all livestock. Orego-Stim is a natural feed additive and flavour enhancer developed by Anpario and is based on a unique strain of oregano plant. Developed for specific oil quality and yield, our oregano plants are grown using organic principles in the hills of Europe and harvested at precisely the right time to ensure consistent carvacrol and thymol yields. Rigorous testing at multiple stages of production and manufacture ensure every batch of Orego-Stim meets our strict quality requirements whilst our unique product packaging provides unrivalled shelf-life. This attention to detail and notable product consistency means that our customers receive the same quality product, each and every time. Provided as both liquid and powder, Orego-Stim offers flexibility in application with no withdrawal period. This means Orego-Stim can be used throughout the production cycle, or targeted at those times when its benefits are required. Orego-Stim is a renowned product and continues to be the natural essential oil product of choice in livestock production. For more information please visit, or to shop online, visit

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has a strong pathogen and mycotoxin binding effect. The MOS

Contact Azelis to discuss the

and B-glucans are active in the small intestine. It has a prebiotic

Phytobiotics range of speciality

effect, improving gut health, binding pathogens and mycotoxins and

feed addtives available in UK

stimulating the immune system. Barentz Animal Nutrition has a complete portfolio with different

and Ireland. This includes the proven Sangrovit


yeast products; brewers’ yeast, molasses yeast, yeast cell walls,


Plexomin® portfolio for ruminant and monogastric diets. Sangrovit is a plant based additive with a plethora of convincing ®

trial data behind it, particularly when it comes to showing positive effects

autolysed yeast, hydrolysed yeast and different combinations of yeast products. Different animal species with different ages require different yeast products. Barentz Animal Nutrition is a global distributor of technical

on production results and profitability. Sangrovit® products are stable, safe and easy to handle. In addition

ingredients and additives for the feed and pet food industry. We have a

to the well-established standard Sangrovit Extra product, a range of

wide product portfolio, including amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates,

variants have been introduced for specific applications:

antioxidants, yeasts, nucleotides, and novel ingredients like seaweed.


Sangrovit Extra – latest generation enhanced product with

It is our strength having commodities and specialty ingredients in our

higher level of active ingredients for use mainly in premix

portfolio, selling those products via trade or distribution. Our product


portfolio brings solutions for feed efficiency, increased output and aligns

Sangrovit Extra Green Line - new organic range

with market trends such as animal health and sustainability.

Sangrovit WS – a water soluble variant for tactical use via

drinking water


® ®

Sangrovit CS – a soluble presentation for Calf Milk Replacer. ®

Sangrovit® CSPX is a more concentrated formulation for inclusion in milk replacers or milk supplements.

BASF plc BASF Organic Acids for Better

Amino acid

Perfomance Acidification of feeds for


Plexomin® Se 2300 is a selenium yeast containing a high level of

pigs and poultry provides an

organically bound Se. A low molecular weight means the product is

effective method of enhancing

easily absorbed and the granulation also affords a product with very

performance by positively influencing the balance of the microflora in

low dust level.

the intestinal tract. The use of Lupro-Cid or Amasil 85 in piglet feed

Plexomin® Se 2300 is available for organic farming. Other Phytobiotics products available via Azelis include flavours


lowers the pH of the feed and reduces the buffer capacity. This enables Carbohydrat the piglet, even with limited gastric acid production, to digest the feed

its stomach in an optimal manner and to make full use of all the Your ingredients partner. inFrom source to solution.

and sweeteners, chelated trace minerals (Plexomin®) and colostrum powder.

E-mail Azelis Animal Nutrition at: or call +44 1928 793090 for further information.

nutrients. Studies also showed that formic acid significantly improves Lecithins feed conversion in broilers. Thanks to the antimicrobial effect of the acid treatment, there is also a sustained reduction in pathogenic microbe levels in compound feed, if they are present. Where ease of handling is a priority, the

Barentz Animal Nutrition

buffered versions Lupro-Cid NA and Amasil NA still have a very low pH

Autolysed Yeast for

(approximately 3), and also offer an effective means of acidifying the

dairy: higher production

feed. If Lupro-Cid or Lupro-Cid NA is used, protection of the mixed feed

an d contri buti ng t o health status

Barentz Animal Nutrition is a global distributor of techn ingredients and additives for the feed and pet food indu against mould formation is already included. The doses for acidification Check our website for our complete product portfolio. of compound feed are between 3 and 10 kg acid per tonne. Dose is

The autolysed yeast in our portfolio is a complete yeast product for

dependent on the choice of product and the growth stage of the target

ruminants. It contains yeast cultures with high nutritional value, MOS,


B-glucans, minerals and vitamins. This yeast improves the rumen

With Amasil® and Luprosil® from BASF, protecting the quality of your

activity by stimulating the rumen microbes, resulting in better digestion

feed is safe and easy. At the same time, these organic acids promote

of roughage, higher roughage intake and more energy available for

animal performance by ensuring that feed is optimally digested and

milk production. Better digestion results in better function of the

nutrients are fully utilised.

rumen. The yeast supports the growth of bacteria that consume lactic

PO Box 4, Earl Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 6QG

acid, resulting in less lactic acid in the rumen, avoiding a pH drop, and

Tel : 0046 737 191149

finally less acidosis.

e-mail :

This autolysed yeast contains extra-thick cell walls and therefore

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Novelty ingredients

web :


It is an ideal follow on to Cargill’s LiFT feed product that is fed

Biochem is an international

to cows three weeks pre calving to prime the liver for better energy

operating company, based

management and help to reduce ketone production.

in North West Germany and


Turbopro has been shown to provide a return on investment of

specialised in the production and

5:1 based on a milk price of 25ppl, or 6:1 based on a milk price of

distribution of feed supplements OLeaders in piglet starter nutrition with the for all animal ®species. Biochem’s pro- and prebiotic additives are


Neopigg RescueCare neonatal nutrition system ® focused on improving health and increasing nutrient and Neopigg Maxintestinal starter diets. absorption. ®This forms the basis for healthy and productive animals OLivelle complete sow programme focusing on and highly thus thespecified economicpremixes success ofand livestock farming. which concentrates TechnoMos is an extract derived from cell walls of Saccharomyces are aligned ®to optimise sow production and

Josie Hatch Marketing Communications Specialist – UK and Ireland Cargill Premix & Nutrition Tel: +44 (0)1845 576331 Provimi Ltd., Dalton Airfield Industrial Estate, Thirsk,

tailoredprimary to farm-specific circumstances. cerevisiae grown yeast. A high amount of mannan-

North Yorkshire, YO7 3HE

oligosaccharides (MOS) in TechnoMos combined with an optimised OBespoke premixes for all pork® production stages. | | @ProvimiRuminant

surface area allows a superior pathogen-binding efficiency. This has been stated in numerous studies, especially against E. Coli, but also other gram-negative bacteria. Further mechanisms of action include the stimulation of the unspecific immune system, which is particularly attributable to the ß-(1.3)-(1.6)-glucans inside TechnoMos®. Maintaining


the highest quality control standards ensure an optimal and repeatable OPrecision feeding solutions for broilers, breeders efficacy of the product.

and layers, as well as turkey, game birds, duck, Triple P® is a synbiotic product, based on a prebiotic and two and other poultry sub-species.

probiotics, which are unique in quality and efficiency. The product OBest-in-class feed additives to further enhance combines several well-proven mechanisms that help to stabilise the gut

bird feed performance and your profitability to microbiota, disorders and layhealth, the foundation providecounteract targetedintestinal supporthealth to improve animal for aenhance healthy and efficient lifetime performance. performance, reduce production losses and support recovery from illness. This includes the SolviTec® and and Promote® ranges.

Denis Brinicombe Group – B2B Nutrition CLOVEX GARLIC SALT ® is an ingredient that should be used in feed manufacturing processes when garlic is a formulation requirement. Containing the Alliclove Nutricine it will ensure the finished feedstuff delivers more consistent and stronger garlic benefits than traditional sources widely used in the manufacture of animal feedstuffs. Alliclove is manufactured using a patented production technology known as PST22®. This unique process captures, stabilises and unifies powerful polysulphides that are found in garlic which help support

CARGILL UK ® Turbopro is a new feed product Cargill PLC, Dalton Airfield Industrial Estate, Thirsk, North YO7 3HE an energy from Yorkshire, Cargill that gives

T (01845) 578125 boost for high yielders and improves E feed efficiency.

It is a blend of rumen protected B-vitamins and palatability enhancers and it is added to minerals or in feed and recommended for cows producing more than 29 litres of milk daily in early or mid lactation, but it can be included in rations of all lactating cows. Its main function is to support glucose production in the liver from the rumen-produced fatty acid propionate. Around 85% of gluconeogenesis occurs in the liver, and glucose is the main energy source used in milk production. Improving the efficiency of this process makes more energy available for milk production. Cargill trials on more than 1,000 dairy cows have shown improvements in milk production of 1.8kg per day in early lactation and by 1.2kg per day in mid lactation where Turbopro has been added

animal performance. Each batch is analysed using HPLC which then determines the further treatment pathway, leading to an eventual match against the required polysulphide blueprint. This safeguards consistency and stabilises the naturally volatile compounds that drive garlic activity. Fresh garlic is inherently variable in terms of its polysulphide profile and coupled with standard processing methods and storage means that the key volatiles are often not present or not in high enough quantities to influence animal health. Compared to standard garlic sources the Alliclove blueprint incorporates normally fragile polysulphides that have higher activity. Due to their volatility these are rarely present after the generic processing of traditional sources, making Clovex Garlic Salt® a more complete and efficacious ingredient. Alliclove is food grade, completely natural and is registered to European Annex 1 standards and has FEMAS certification. It provides x12 to x40 the activity compared to that of some other sources. Clovex Garlic Salt® utilises this technology to offer total garlic

to diets of milking cows from early lactation, with no significant effect

chemistry that is consistent, powerful and stable. CLOVEX GARLIC

on fat or protein production.

SALT® can be used for including in poured buckets as well as feedstuffs

Turbopro includes rumen-protected B-vitamins. This additional

for cattle, sheep and equine. It is available in 25kg foiled bags and in

supply of B-vitamins is available for absorption from the intestine of

1 tonne batches.

the cow for key functions such as milk production, health, fertility –

and maintenance.

Tel: 01363 775115

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DSM Nutritional Products Ltd

potential of your animals. For more information, please contact your

DSM is a leading feed

DSM representative.

additives manufacturer; a

DSM Nutritional Products (UK) Ltd

pioneer from the earliest days

Tel: 01773 536500

of feed additives, we are one


of the world’s leading suppliers of vitamins, carotenoids, eubiotics and feed enzymes to the global feed industry. Balancius™ is a breakthrough technology which hydrolyzes peptidoglycans from bacterial

Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

cell debris in the intestinal tract, thereby improving nutrient digestibility

Ecobiol® is a gut flora

and absorption. Balancius™ is the first and only microbial muramidase

stabiliser containing Bacillus

that works in the intestine to help keep the balance between nutrition,

amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940,

microbiota and host well-being and the only feed ingredient on the

which helps optimise and regulate the intestinal microbiota and prevent

market that targets bacterial cell debris.

stress, resulting in an improved feed efficiency and reduced mortality.


Cylactin is one of the most effective and

It is approved in the EU for use in chickens for fattening. Ecobiol® is a

extensively tested probiotics available for use in

naturally occurring, non GMO, spore-forming, heat-resistant strain of

calf, pig and poultry feeds. This bacterial strain is

bacteria that produces abundant lactic acid and has the potential to

able to rapidly colonise the animal’s gut and leads to a more stable,

produce secondary metabolites, such as macrolactins, which inhibit

healthier gut eco-system and better animal performance. It has now

the growth of pathogenic bacteria, as well as modulating the immune

been developed for increased stability.

response in the gut.


CRINA products are species specific blends

Fecinor® is a gut flora stabiliser containing Enteroccocus faecium CECT

of botanical components all synthesized or purified

4515, a naturally occurring, non GMO strain of bacteria that doubles in

to minimum 95% active. In monogastric animals,

CFU every 19 minutes to out-compete E. Coli strains and form a biological

CRINA stimulates the production of digestive enzymes and positively

barrier by adhering to the intestinal mucosa to protect against pathogenic



modulates the gut microflora. In ruminants, CRINA helps optimise

colonisation and translocation to the circulatory system and other organs.

rumen fermentation, which is essential for performance, health and

This helps to optimise and regulate the intestinal microbiota, prevent


stress and therefore improve feed efficiency and is approved in the EU ®

CRINA Poultry Plus is a zootechnically

to be used in weaned piglets up to 35kg live weight.

approved feed additive that acts to promote

Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

eubiosis, the optimal balance of microflora, in the

+441926 679560

gastro-intestinal-tract of poultry. The combination of benzoic acid and

botanical components result in growth inhibiting effects on pathogenic

bacterial strains allowing birds to grow faster while reducing the use of antibiotics. ®


CRINA Digest is the latest addition to the CRINA range and ®


can be used in all poultry species, complementing CRINA Poultry

Huvepharma Expands Probiotics Portfolio

Plus. It is a unique and cost-effective combination of three essential

Huvepharma® has further reinforced its expertise as monogastric gut

oil compounds using microencapsulation technology that ensures

health experts with the addition of B-Act® and Miya Gold® probiotics

a controlled release of bioactives along the gastrointestinal tract to enhance poultry digestion by balancing the intestinal microbiota and stimulating the bird enzymatic activity. ®

VevoVitall has zootechnical authorisation for use in growing pigs and sows and is the active form of sodium benzoate. The powerful antimicrobial ®

effects of VevoVitall can help to improve feed quality leading to improved intakes and superior performance.

to its portfolio. B-Act® is a poultry probiotic feed additive consisting of spores of a unique Bacillus licheniformis strain. Bacillus licheniformis is a Gram-positive, facultative anaerobic, spore-forming bacterium. B-Act® establishes and maintains a beneficial microbial population in the gut which supports poultry at times of stress, environmental change and

Lowering the pathogenic bacteria loading in the animal will increase

when therapeutics have been overused, as well as protecting growing

the amount of nutrients available for growth and performance as

birds from colonization by pathogens including clostridiaceae.

well as reducing the incidence of digestive upsets and the need for medication. Performance enhancers are essential to achieve the production

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Miya-Gold ® is a probiotic feed additive consisting of a unique genus of bacteria: Clostridium butyricum MIYAIRI 588. Clostridium butyricum

is a gram positive, strict anaerobic, spore-forming bacterium. Miya-


Gold® prevents colonization of pathogens through adhesion to the

CLOSTAT®: Focusing on

gut epithelium and by reducing the oxygen tension on the epithelial

intestinal health without

cells; lowering the opportunity for facultative anaerobic bacteria like


Salmonella to proliferate. Miya Gold results in the production of

Using alternatives to antibiotics

butyric acid which reduces pathogens, is the major energy source

will help improve the prevalence of antibiotic resistance and by

for colonocyts, improves gut morphology and results in less energy

focusing on intestinal health, performance can be improved. An


loss through inflammation. Miya-Gold® also demonstrates a direct antagonistic effect against several intestinal pathogens. Miya Gold® and B-Act® support the animal at times of stress and environmental change. In addition Miya-Gold® and B-Act® protect growing animals from colonization by pathogens. Both products are stable in feed.

active microbial is a live organism which, when administered in adequate amounts, confers a health benefit to the host. CLOSTAT® is an active microbial selected from a unique strain of Bacillus subtilis PB6. This active microbial was isolated from the intestinal tract of healthy chickens surviving a necrotic enteritis outbreak. CLOSTAT® is directed against Clostridium perfringens in clinical or subclinical form present in the animal. CLOSTAT® produces a specific biocide in the

For further information, contact

gastro-intestinal tract that has inhibitory activity against Clostridium

Lydia Harrison on

perfringens. By suppressing Clostridial proliferation, CLOSTAT®

07825 599986 or

maintains a healthy and balanced intestinal microflora ensuring

intestinal health of the animal. CLOSTAT® spores are resistant to the normal pelleting process, either high temperature or low pH. CLOSTAT® should be fed to

Inroads International Ltd Micro-Aid Micro-Aid

animals from day of hatch or birth and throughout the whole grow-out period. CLOSTAT® works preventively and should this be given in the started feed as it needs to help in the colonization of good bacteria



to modulate the gut flora in the young animal.

natural, phytogenic,

For application guideline please email Jody Shaw at Kemin UK.

environmentally-safe feed

technology suitable for pigs, ruminants, broilers, turkeys, horses and pets. Recent university and commercial trial results demonstrate that feeds containing Micro-Aid offer performance and health benefits including improved weight gain, feed efficiency, milk production, egg production and reproductive performance. How does Micro-Aid work? Through its 50-year history, Micro-

Micron Bio-Systems Building Inner Strength for Improved Performance

Aid has been developed to promote a healthier gastrointestinal tract through enhancement of the microbial ecosystem. By optimising the balance between indigenous gastrointestinal bacteria and maintenance of the homeostatic population, the animal benefits from maximum nutrient utilisation, gut health and animal performance. For ruminants, Micro-Aid has also been shown to have a positive effect on the reduction of BUN and MUN; helping to improve the performance and fertility of spring calving cattle. With spring just a few months away, let us demonstrate how Micro-Aid can help you to provide high energy diets that balance the excess soluble nitrogen found in spring grass, whilst reducing waste and the production of

Micron Bio-Systems is dedicated to developing product-based species-specific programs designed to improve animal health and performance. Offering a range of nutraceutical products that are proven in their ability to support gut health and immunity: ULTRACELL is a unique and elite strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (NCYC R404) rigorously selected to support and maintain optimal rumen function, improve and stabilise gut flora, and animal performance. Unlike most yeasts available, UltraCell has been


shown to increase milk yields on average by 2.77 litres/head/

Distributed and FEMAS assured by:

day and increase feed intake on average by 0.63 kg/head/day (3

Inroads International Ltd,

independent trials). UltraCell holds an EU registration for gut flora

Unit 4 Wem Engineering Centre, Church Lane, Wem,

stabiliser 4b1871 for dairy cows. The European Food Safety Authority

Shropshire, SY4 5HS United Kingdom

concluded (Sept 2014) that, under the proposed conditions of use,

Tel: +44 (0) 1939 236 555

the preparation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (NCYC R404) does

Email Web

not have an adverse effect on animal health, human health or the

Feed Compounder January/February 2020 Page 43

environment, concluding that the additive has the potential to improve

with caecal and crop recovery of STM that was lowered by over a

milk production of dairy cows.

log, compared to the control. Results were similar for birds receiving

IMMUGUARD combines purified β glucan, a stimulator of the

the diet supplemented with AP. Besides effects on STM, also a

immune system, with bioactive ingredients derived from yeast that

drop in E. coli was found. These preliminary results presented at 3rd

produce positive effects on the growth of probiotic bacteria. The

International Symposium on Alternatives To Antibiotics (Thailand,

inclusion of mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) helps to further reduce

2019) suggest that garlic and cinnamaldehyde may reduce the

the risk of disease by binding potentially pathogenic bacteria and

prevalence of environmental and caecal colonized Salmonella prior

preventing their colonisation of the intestinal wall. Positive effects

to processing. These promising results further encourage to test

of feeding ImmuGuard have been found in poultry, pigs and young

the effects of Alliin Plus against horizontal transfer of Salmonella to

ruminants – particularly during the immunity gap. In a recent UK

table eggs. Next to Salmonella and E. coli, MIC values and earlier

trial calves fed ImmuGuard received 55% less medication for

trials confirm that Alliin Plus could be considered in solutions against

respiratory disease than the control group and showed improved

bacterial and parasitic pathogens including Clostridium perfringens,

growth rates.

Campylobacter, Actinobacillus, Eimeria and Cryptosporidium.

Micron Bio-Systems + 44 (0)1278 427272


Pancosma When performance comes naturally!



Garlic and cinnamon based natural

digestibility, affecting

solution to reduce contamination and

gut microbiota or

promote food safety

promoting gut intestinal

ORFFA brought together the


integrity, are efficient

well-studied phytogenic properties of

ways to improve animal performance. For over 20 years, Pancosma

garlic and cinnamon using a unique

has proven its efficacy and consistency by adding a standardised

preservation technology to create

blend of natural and plant-derived compounds to its product line.

Excential Alliin Plus. The natural properties are well stabilized in Alliin

Pancosma, the international feed additive company based in

Plus allowing its use for several applications among all species. The

Switzerland, well known for its high quality products and its good

benefits attributed to garlic with the powerful essential oil of cinnamon

understanding of the real mode of action of bioactives supported by

bark, Excential Alliin Plus’ active ingredients are anti-pathogenic,

research and science, offers a wide range of solutions to enhance

anti-inflammatory and pro-gut flora.

animal performance while respecting their mode of operation.

Effects of Alliin Plus (AP) were recently tested on reducing the

Ranging from products granted zootechnical additive status

prevalence of Salmonella at end of growout. The final days prior to

for broiler performance by the European commission, to solutions

transport is critical to reduce/eliminate foodborne pathogenic bacteria.

more adapted to ruminant nutrition, the bioactives products portfolio

Although all litter was Salmonella-positive, AP in drinking water had

provides market safe strategies to support animal efficiency.

the lowest prevalence and no recovery of Salmonella with direct

Registered in more than 35 counties worldwide, XTRACT® 6930

plating (detection >102 cells/mL, p<0.05). This was also observed

is the flagship product of Pancosma. Not only used for broilers, this


High bio-available hydroxy trace minerals for optimal health and performance

Engineering your feed solutions

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• No in intera -feed ctions • Safe for ru me micro biota n

feed additive consisting in a standardised and guaranteed composition

these minerals are available with higher efficacy meaning the benefits

is also encountering clear success within the swine industry. It is a

can be obtained with lower inclusion levels. For more information on

very complete nutritional tool with a polyvalent and defined mode of

these and our range of products contact Steve Ladbrook.

action (playing on digestive secretions, as an antioxidant protector and

Unit B2, Risby Business Park

gut epithelium minder). XTRACT 6930 inclusion can be completed

Risby, Bury St Edmunds IP28 6RD

most of the time by the inclusion of XTRACT ® Nature, a potent

Steve Ladbrook: 07595 025110

immune modulator.



On the ruminant side, the product compositions aim to target ruminal actions as well as feeding behavior modification and postruminal applications. XTRACT® ruminant is successful in both dairy and beef, stabilising rumen conditions and improving energy extraction for the diet. This additive benefits from a matrix value, offering its users an attractive way to reduce their formulation costs. In 2018, Pancosma launched its latest innovation XTRACT® SHIELD, focusing on the control of necrotic enteritis in poultry. Want to learn more about our products? Bioactives Business Development Manager

Trouw Nutrition Trouw



committed to enabling animal producers to reduce the need for antibiotics by improving microbial control, ensuring optimum production efficiency. By using a feed – farm – health approach, scanning the entire system, we can use our in-house laboratories to identify key areas for improvement, developing a bespoke product offering. Our dedicated feed additives engineer can offer advice and installation of customer specific dosing systems.

SENS Nutrition Limited A healthy functioning digestive system and a balanced gut flora

Gut Health

Feed Safety

Precision Nutrition

Selko pH®

Promoting a healthy microbial balance in the proximal small intestine optimising feed utilisation and animal performance through the control of gram-negative bacteria.


A synergistic blend of free and buffered organic acids added to finished feed providing a positive effect of animals gut health and performance.


Stabilises microbiota and may increase villi length. This integrated approach is a powerful formula designed to improve animal performance


Effectively reduces enterobacteriaceae like Salmonella sp. in both raw materials and compound feeds with a long-lasting effect.

Analytical services

Analysis of feed materials to ensure accurate formulation.

Optimin SeY®

A high quality selenium enriched yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisae).


Highly Bioavailable Hydroxy Trace Minerals – Copper, Zinc and Manganese.

are essential elements to help prevent enteric diseases and allow the animal to perform to its genetic potential. SENS Nutrition works with innovative suppliers specialised in the production of dietary fibres, fatty acid monoglycerides, natural extracts and potentiated minerals to provide Smart Efficient Nutritional Solutions to address the challenges of modern livestock production. Dietary fibre is essential for the gut to function efficiently and provides an energy source for a healthy balanced microbial flora. However, the physiological and environmental challenges of livestock production can upset this equilibrium leading to loss of performance and disease. Short and medium chain fatty acids (butyrate, propionate, caprylate, caprate or laurate) can help to reduce the pressure from ingested pathogens whilst also contributing to the development and integrity of the intestinal and immune systems. In the form of

Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company, is a global leader in

monoglycerides these fatty acids are more stable and more effective

innovative feed specialties, premixes, feed additives and nutritional

in the gut.

services for the animal nutrition industry supporting animal productivity

Natural extracts work as antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and

and health. Trouw Nutrition has been meeting the needs of farmers

promote the secretion of mucin to help prevent damage to the gut

and home-mixers, feed producers, integrators and distributors since

mucosa and support the health functioning of the GI tract.

1931. Headquartered in the Netherlands, with locations in 28 countries,

The benefits of zinc and copper in maintaining a healthy gut flora are well known. New legislation will limit their use, but novel forms of

employing approximately 8,000 people.

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Products Enhancing Animal Performance  

A Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which are Included in Feed to Enhance Animal Performance: Prebiotics, Probiotics, Organic Aci...