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Products Enhancing Animal Performance Adisseo

food chain with wood-based feed additives as a major contribution to

Support throughout the

a sustainable livestock industry. Apart from their flag-ship products of


lignocellulose feed stuffs, agromed shifted its research focus towards

The intestinal integrity

the mode of action of wood-derived molecules within the last few years.

of poultry is constantly

Thus, the agile company successfully developed further innovative

challenged by the environment, diet, and pathogens. The development

feed supplements for animal nutrition based on wood-derived bio-

and maintenance of a robust gut function depends on the composition

active molecules: agromed®ROI is a complementary feed containing

of the gut microbiota. If the gut and the microbiota is supported, so is

highly active wood phytonutrients derived from the bark of specific tree

the health of the bird.

species. Those active ingredients are wood lignans, known to have anti-

Probiotics are used to create a healthy and resilient microbiota. Alterion (Bacillus subtilis DSM 29784), is a consistent and reliable

inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative properties that support the animal to optimize its performance.

probiotic that has been shown to be effective in protecting animals

The aim of supplementing agromed®ROI to feed for poultry and

by acting on three connected lines of defence: ensuring a resilient

pigs is to reduce the energy demand for immune responses and thus to

microbiome, strengthening the gut barrier function, and preserving gut

channel more nutrients into optimal metabolic performance. The selected

integrity – as well as maintaining a reactive immune system. Butyrate is

wood-lignans in agromed®ROI support the animal against the negative

a central signalling molecule, which has a direct effect on the microbiota,

effects of intestinal stress and thus promotes growth, as the maximum

which benefits intestinal integrity. Adimix Precision is a superior butyrate

amount of energy and nutrients will be available – visible in improved

formulation that protects the product and controls release as required.

performance and feed conversion ratio.

The immature gut of the young bird takes a while to be able to

In addition to agromed®ROI agromed Austria GmbH as the expert of

effectively combat challenges. Alterion helps the bird develop a beneficial

wood-based feed ingredients provides specialized solutions for optimized

microbiota faster and the best way to get to an optimal level of butyrate is

livestock feeding by promoting gut functionality for best performance.

to also feed Adimix Precision. Butyrate is anti-inflammatory and reduces

Agromed Austria GmbH

the translocation of pathogens, whilst Alterion has a unique profile of

metabolites that increase its activity.

Angela Riemensperger PhD 0043 7583 5105-0

Working together on complementary beneficial pathways, probiotics and butyrate support gut health, poultry health and profitable production. This strategy also helps producers control pathogens like Salmonella


and Campylobacter and Clostridium perfringens - as well as reducing

Reducing therapeutic antibiotic

reliance on antibiotics

use in the fight against

AMR is a key priority for the

Contact: Sarah Davies or John Dunne

livestock sector. Anpario are


committed to offering producers sustainable, natural solutions which support livestock health

Agromed Austria GmbH

and performance whilst helping producers to safeguard future efficacy

agromed®ROI – Phytonutrients promote growth and profitability

of antibiotics and support achievement of net zero emission targets.

Agromed Austria GmbH is a successful manufacturer and distribution

Anpario’s broad product portfolio helps to implement the 4 R’s approach to antibiotic usage; Review, Reduce and Replace antibiotics Responsibly. One such tool in supporting livestock performance in the absence of antibiotics is Orego-Stim. Providing a source of 100% natural

partner for high quality feed additives. According to the core competence

oregano essential oil (OEO), Orego-Stim is designed for use across

of this innovative company, which is the processing and preparation of

all livestock species. The beneficial properties of natural OEO are a

wood, their vision throughout the last 2 decades has been to supply the

well-established and include anti-bacterial and antioxidant functions

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and anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. As a natural

Reduces impact of heat stress.

flavouring compound, OEO also helps to increase voluntary feed intakes

Calves - Excellent results in milk replacer and starter diets

to support performance.

Contact our specialists at Azelis Animal Nutrition for further information

Trials conducted across a multitude of livestock species have

as follows:

demonstrated an improvement in gut health and animal performance.

Monogastric +44 (0)7796 170272

In addition, the taste and smell of Orego-Stim helps to support and

Ruminant +44 (0)7817 640864

maintain animal feed intakes, which is of particular importance during periods of stress. Orego-Stim offers a sustainable solution to support producers in meeting both AMR and net zero targets whilst supporting optimal livestock lifetime performance. Available as a liquid and powder for flexibility in application, Orego-

Barentz Animal Nutrition FRESH


Stim is produced in Anpario’s FEMAS approved manufacturing facility,


ensuring the highest standards and full traceability through each step

How do you improve the feed

of the production process.

intake for piglets and optimize

For more information please visit, or to shop online,

the growth of the animals?


NUQO® YUMMY will help you by achieving the best results in this area. This new product is called a bioactive feed intake enhancer. NUQO®

Azelis Animal Nutrition Animal performance is intrinsically linked to gut health. Azelis offers a range of innovative and scientifically proven products which have a positive impact on gut health, supporting higher levels of performance.

YUMMY relies on a unique synergistic concept to trigger a unique sensory perception with 3 main impacts; a fresh and invigorating effect, a sweet & smooth sensation and a final effect on wellness. This will end up in: •

improving the taste of feed

securing the feed intake of animals at critical stages

optimizing and homogenizing the growth of the animals. NUQO® YUMMY indirectly improves gut health. A higher feed


intake results in better gut maturation and development and an

Sangrovit® is a plant extract with a unique influence on gut health and has

improvement of gut integrity. NUQO® YUMMY is based on a specific

a substantial amount of trial data behind it documenting the benefits.

manufacturing process which enables all the separate active ingredients

Its active ingredients have been shown to reduce inflammation

within a formulation to be combined in micro-sized particles.

in the gut. This inflammation can be exceptionally costly in terms of

Thanks to a specific development, two versions exist so NUQO®

performance, animal health and life time resilience.

YUMMY can be used in piglets and in sows. Other products in the

Sangrovit® range includes:

NUQO® range are;

• Sangrovit Feed – Standard product for inclusion in feed/premix ®

• Sangrovit® Feed Greenline – For Organic production

(metabolites of plants and seaweeds) for improving performance

• Sangrovit® WS – Water Soluble for inclusion in drinking water • Sangrovit® CSPX – Calf Specific version for inclusion in Milk replacer ProPhorce™ SR130 ProPhorce™ SR130 is an esterified butyric acid. Butyric acid is an essential nutrient and has been well researched and proven to have a positive impact on gut health.

NUQO® NEX; encapsulated phytogenics and phycogenics of poultry,

NUQO® SENSE; range of flavors that will increase attractiveness and improve palatability,

NUQO® PRO; protected ingredients that support milk production of dairy cows. Barentz is the distributor for NUQO ® products. NUQO® has

extensive knowledge of technologies to produce the most suitable

What makes ProPhorce™ SR130 different is its esterified

solutions for all animal species, based upon natural ingredients

technology which protects the butyric acid without coating, ensuring it

including phytogenics and phycogenics. Barentz Animal Nutrition is a

reaches the small intestine:

global distributor of technical ingredients and additives for the feed and

• Targeted, highly efficient delivery of butyric acid

pet food industry. We have a wide product portfolio, including amino

• Enhanced cost effectiveness

acids, proteins, carbohydrates, antioxidants, yeasts, nucleotides, and

• Easy handling and no smell

novel ingredients like seaweed. Our product portfolio brings solutions

• Available as powder or liquid

for feed efficiency and improving performance and aligns with market

The results:

trends such as animal health and sustainability.

Pigs - Improved FCR, ADG in all life stages and higher weaning weight

Check for our complete product

in piglets

portfolio or send your questions to:

Poultry Layer/Breeder - Healthier birds with improved production.

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digestion enhancer and NuStart® gut health package.

Complete young animal nutrition range including

the ProviMilk® range of calf milk replacers and ® BASF plc the Shepherdess range of lamb colostrum, milk BASF Organic for Better replacer and the lambAcids feeder.

different modes of action; the lactic acid production lowers the pH in the

Poultry gut and suppresses pH-sensitive pathogens such as Salmonella spp. and E. coli. At the samesolutions time, other health-supportive gut bacteria such O Precision feeding for broilers, breeders


maferm is a trademark A c i d i f iof c aBioZyme t i o n oIncorporated. f feeds for hepherdess® is a trademark of R&S Harding

pigs and poultry provides an

as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria profit from the duck, probiotic activities. and layers, as well as turkey, game birds, and other poultry sub-species. Furthermore, B. coagulans controls the negative effects of pathogens

effective method of enhancing

such as Clostridium necrotic enteritis. O Best-in-class feedperfringens additivesand to associated further enhance


performance by positively influencing the balance of the microflora in the intestinal tract. The use of Lupro-Cid or Amasil 85 in piglet feed lowers the pH of the feed and reduces the buffer capacity. This enables the piglet, even with limited gastric acid production, to digest the feed

TechnoSpore also improvesand feed digestibility and performance, including bird feed performance your profitability to provide targeted to Immunological improve animal health, weight gain and feedsupport conversion. studies demonstrated enhance performance, reduce production losses that B. coagulans administration strengthens the immune defense. and support recovery from illness. This includes the SolviTec® and and Promote® ranges.

in its stomach in an optimal manner and to make full use of all the nutrients. Studies also showed that formic acid significantly improves


feed conversion in broilers. Thanks to the antimicrobial effect of the acid treatment, there is

Diamond V® feed products are

All products are manufactured to the highest Cargill PLC, Dalton Airfield Industrial Estate, also a sustained in pathogenic microbe levels in compound standards. UFASreduction and GMP accredited. Thirsk, North distributed Yorkshire, exclusively YO7 3HE by Cargill

in the UK and Ireland. These feed, if they are present. Where ease of handling is a priority, the 578125 T (01845) E @ProvimiRuminant products are formed from a buffered versions Lupro-Cid NA and Amasil NA still have a very low pH (approximately 3), and also offer an effective means of acidifying

proprietary fermentation process

the feed. If Lupro-Cid or Lupro-Cid NA is used, protection of the

and produce important bioactive and metabolite compounds that work

mixed feed against mould formation is already included. The doses

synergistically in animal diets. They support immunity, health and

for acidification of compound feed are between 3 and 10 kg acid per

performance in all animal species.

tonne. Dose is dependent on the choice of product and the growth

pH and the activity of beneficial rumen micro-organisms. It promotes

stage of the target species. With Amasil and Luprosil from BASF, protecting the quality ®

In dairy and beef diets, Diamond V Original XP™ improves rumen


of your feed is safe and easy. At the same time, these organic acids promote animal performance by ensuring that feed is optimally digested and nutrients are fully utilised. PO Box 4, Earl Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 6QG Tel : 0046 737 191149 E-mail : Web :

feed digestibility in the rumen and the small intestine via the fermentation products and bio-active compounds. Consistent improvements in milk yield, milk quality, weaning weight and daily weight gains have been seen in trials on dairy and beef units. Diamond V XP Ultra is now included in some of Cargill’s specialist, topic-focussed rumen buffers such as Equaliser® Fibre+, Equaliser® Cream and Equaliser® Starch+. It acts in synergy with other carefully selected ingredients in each of these specialised rumen buffers to improve specific aspects of rumen metabolism. The Diamond V product NutriTek® is the most advanced nutritional

Biochem TechnoSpore ® is a novel

health product for cows. It supports rumen health and reduces the risk of glucose being diverted into supporting the immune system, leaving more available for milk production.

probiotic feed additive for

Diamond V Original XPC™ is used in poultry diets to promote food

monogastric animals, based on

safety, antibiotic resistance and performance in layers, broiler flocks,

the strain Bacillus coagulans.

pullets and turkey units. This fermentation product, with numerous

This bacterium is the first of its

bioactive metabolite compounds, helps to optimise immune function and

kind approved by the EU as a probiotic feed additive for animal nutrition.

promotes a healthy microbial balance. These benefits promote efficiency

It smartly combines the benefits of pelleting stability and lactic acid

and health and support antibiotic stewardship and food safety.

production. B. coagulans reliably supports intestinal health by using

Cargill’s equine and pet products TruEquine and TruPet also contain Diamond V additives to enhance performance. Josie Hatch Marketing Communications Specialist – UK and Ireland Cargill Animal Nutrition Tel: +44 (0)1845 578125 Provimi Ltd., Dalton Airfield Industrial Estate, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 3HE | | @CargillAnimalUK

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Denis Brinicombe Group– B2B Nutrition

CRINA® stimulates the production of digestive enzymes and positively

New to the market using

modulates the gut microflora. In ruminants, CRINA® helps optimise


rumen fermentation, which is essential for performance, health and



EndoQuell is a feed ingredient ®

CRINA® Poultry Plus is a zootechnically approved feed additive

solution to help support piglets

that acts to promote eubiosis, the optimal balance of microflora, in the

over the post-weaning period. Available in either a liquid or powder form, EndoQuell can be easily

gastro-intestinal-tract of poultry. The combination of benzoic acid and

fed through the drinking water or used as a dry premix to be added

botanical components result in growth inhibiting effects on pathogenic

to feed. It is formulated to encourage optimal gut health and support

bacterial strains allowing birds to grow faster while reducing the use

a healthy immune system in weaned piglets through an all-natural

of antibiotics.


feed technology giving piglets the opportunity to stride their production potential, supporting a lifetime of performance.

CRINA® Digest is the latest addition to the CRINA® range and can be used in all poultry species, complementing CRINA® Poultry

Trial results have shown increased average weight improvements

Plus. It is a unique and cost-effective combination of three essential

of +27.8% through FCE improvements and a reduced mean deviation

oil compounds using microencapsulation technology that ensures

in finished weights, meaning more even batches. In addition, antibiotic

a controlled release of bioactives along the gastrointestinal tract to

use was significantly reduced. The results found supported the

enhance poultry digestion by balancing the intestinal microbiota and

hypothesis that If gut health is optimised in the post-weaning period

stimulating the bird enzymatic activity.

through the use of EndoQuell®, it can be a valuable management tool

VevoVitall® has zootechnical authorisation for use in growing

to support farmers in a period when historic go-to solutions are no

pigs and sows and is the active form of sodium benzoate. The powerful

longer available to them.

antimicrobial effects of VevoVitall® can help to improve feed quality

For further information on EndoQuell®, please contact David today

leading to improved intakes and superior performance. Lowering the


pathogenic bacteria loading in the animal will increase the amount of

Contact Name: David Mills

nutrients available for growth and performance as well as reducing

Contact Number: 01363 775115

the incidence of digestive upsets and the need for medication. The Mycofix® portfolio of feed additives represents the most


state-of-the-art solution for protecting animal health by deactivating mycotoxins that contaminate farm animal feed. Its safety and efficacy

DSM Nutritional Products Ltd DSM is a leading feed additives manufacturer; a pioneer from the earliest days of feed additives, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of vitamins, carotenoids, eubiotics, feed enzymes and not least mycotoxin risk management to the global feed industry. Balancius® is a breakthrough technology which hydrolyzes peptidoglycans from bacterial cell debris in the intestinal tract, thereby improving nutrient digestibility and absorption. Balancius® is the first and only microbial muramidase that works in the intestine to help keep the balance between nutrition, microbiota and host well-being and the only feed ingredient on the market that targets bacterial cell debris. Cylactin® is one of the most effective and extensively tested probiotics available for use in calf, pig and poultry feeds. This bacterial strain is able to rapidly colonise the animal’s gut and leads to a more stable, healthier gut eco-system and better animal performance. It has now been

are proven by 7 EU authorizations for substances that deactivate mycotoxins. Proven benefits of Mycofix® include enzymatic biotransformation of various mycotoxins, the highest aflatoxin adsorption (99%), enhanced bioprotection and unique endotoxin protection PoultryStar® is a well-defined, poultry-specific, multi-species synbiotic product that promotes a beneficial gut microbiota through the combined action of carefully selected probiotic microorganisms and prebiotic fructooligosaccharides. Feed, water and gel applications of the PoultryStar® line ensure that birds of all ages and production systems can receive the symbiotic and benefit from improved gut health. Performance enhancers are essential to achieve the production potential of your animals. For more information, please contact your DSM representative. Tel: 01773 536539 E-mail: Web:

developed for increased stability. CRINA ® products are species specific blends of botanical components all synthesized or purified to minimum 95% activity. In monogastric animals,

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Danisco Animal Nutrition (IFF)

chickens reared for laying. Ecobiol® is a naturally occurring, non-GMO, spore-forming, heat-resistant strain of bacteria that produces abundant lactic acid and has the potential to produce secondary metabolites, such as macrolactins, which inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, as well as modulating the immune response in the gut. Available for feed application and in our latest form, Ecobiol Fizz®, an effervescing tablet for precise, flexible application in water. Fecinor® is a gut flora stabilizer containing Enteroccocus faecium CECT 4515, a naturally occurring, non-GMO strain of bacteria that

Enviva® PRO • Superior gut balance: Establishes a positive microbiota

doubles in CFU every 19 minutes to out-compete E. Coli strains and form

quickly and offers extended coverage for today’s evolving

a biological barrier by adhering to the intestinal mucosa to protect against

production environments - leading to powerful results in

pathogenic colonization and translocation to the circulatory system and


other organs. This helps to optimize and regulate the intestinal microbiota,

• Contributes to Nutribiosis: Establishing a balanced microflora helps the birds live up to their genetic potential. • Proven results: Consistently delivers a positive microbiota

prevent stress, and therefore improve feed efficiency and is approved in the EU to be used in weaned piglets up to 35kg live weight. Available for both feed and drinking-water application. Evonik Operations GmbH

and healthy gut balance The three strains of Bacillus in Enviva® PRO are spore formers, which means that they can survive extreme heat, pH and starvation conditions. Together, they work to improve gut health in six key structural and microbiological areas. The three strains in Enviva® PRO

Web: Tel: +447814620199 E-Mail:

have been shown to promote immune development, reduce the risk of inflammation during periods of change and strengthen the gut structure. In addition, they support the development of a positive microbiota while inhibiting the colonization of non-beneficial microbes and producing antimicrobial compounds. Specifically, Enviva PRO has even been ®

shown to increase beneficial bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, while decreasing non-beneficial bacteria, such as Campylobacter. It has also been shown to be effective at inhibiting Clostridium growth. In vitro, all three Bacillus strains in Enviva® PRO were shown to inhibit the growth of multiple Brachyspira pilosicoli with performance superior to other Bacillus strains. Mobile: +44 7810 487 755 Web:

Huvepharma Miya-Gold



(Huvepharma ) is ®

a zootechnical feed additive based on spores of Clostridium butyricum. These spores are stable against heat treatment, pelleting, gastric acid, bile and enzymatic degradation. Vegetative bacteria in the ileum and colon of the pig, produce butyric and acetic acid thus stabilise the microflora of the pig. As a result of the consistent stabilizing effect of Miya-Gold® on gut health, a less favourable environment for pathogenic E. coli and Salmonella spp. is created, resulting in improved post-weaning parameters. Probiotics are characterised by being able to modify the bacterial composition of the intestines.


The probiotic, Miya Gold, promotes the formation of butyric acid,

GuanAMINO is a powdered ®

which regulates the intestinal bacterial composition.

form of guanidinoacetic acid;

In addition to acting as an easily convertible energy substrate

an amino acid derivative and

for the intestinal wall cells, butyric acid appears to have a regulatory

natural precursor of creatine. Supplemental guanidinoacetic acid

effect on the intestinal bacterial composition. This is done through a

has been shown to significantly improve body weight gain and feed

change towards a more oxygen-deficient environment, which inhibits

conversion in chickens, piglets and pigs for fattening, as well as breast

the growth of salmonella. In this way, it seems that Miya Gold prevents

meat yield in fattening poultry and lean meat content in growing/finishing

salmonella bacteria from establishing, and thus may reduce the risk of

pigs. In the EU, GuanAMINO® is approved for use in chickens, piglets

the pigs developing diarrhoea.

and pigs for fattening.

References and peer-reviewed abstracts are available upon request.

Ecobiol is a gut flora stabilizer containing Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

For further information, contact Claudia Broadhead, Enzymes Manager

CECT 5940, which helps optimize and regulate the intestinal microbiota

for Huvepharma at or on

and prevent stress, resulting in an improved feed efficiency and reduced

Tel: +44 7413 294945.

mortality. It is approved in the EU for use in chickens for fattening and



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Inroads International Ltd

Encapsulation allows free flowing and is resistant to physical damage

Stimulating performance with flavour & aroma

CholiPEARL with Micropearls® process helps boost the productivity of cows by improving the functioning of the liver. An improvement in Using flavours helps to improve animal performance. Accurate and consistent feed intake is essential to maintain optimum nutrition. Technical additives designed to improve performance are very often unpalatable so their addition can have a

dairy cow health directly increases nutrient use efficiency. A total of 5 feeding trials (Ardalan et al., 2010, Banadaky et al., 2007, ST-12-00002, EU Feeding Trial 1 & 2) on CholiPEARL supplementation resulted in an average of 8.5% improvement in milk production.

negative impact on feed acceptance and performance. To maximise nutritional effectiveness, consideration should be given to the effect these additives will have on feed palatability. Using a simple flavour can help to offset these challenges. Our extensive portfolio of flavours has been developed over thirty years, specifically to create smell and taste consistency in feed. This consistency gives formulators the flexibility to utilise the latest nutritional technologies and optimise animal performance.

CholiPEARL improves milk production

For our guidance and recommendations on essential flavours and what they can offer to your products, contact us today. We are proud to be the UK flavour manufacturer supporting British

For further insights please contact Robert Hamilton via mobile 07538 461541 or email­­­

and Irish agriculture for more than 30 years. Inroads International Ltd, Unit 4 Wem Engineering Centre, Church Lane, Wem,


Shropshire, SY4 5HS United Kingdom

Calsporin®, a probiotic with a broad

Tel: +44 (0) 1939 236 555

range of applications


Calsporin® is a cost attractive probiotic to


improve feed utilisation and secure animal health. The probiotic consists of viable spores of Bacillus subtilis C-3102 (DSM


15544) and has been proven to beneficially


process for

affect the gut microbiota at a very low inclusion level. The probiotic

Maximum Bioavailable

supports the development of beneficial gut bacteria and can suppress


(opportunistic) pathogens like E.coli, Salmonella, Brachyspira and

In terms of health solutions, Choline nutrition has received the highest

Clostridium. Shaping the intestine with a normal and stable microbiota,

focus due to its role in better liver function during transition phase

positively influences digestion and absorption of the feed.


management and early lactation. Arshad, (2020) performed a

From a sustainable point of view, Calsporin® fits in several concepts.

meta-analysis on supplementing rumen protected choline during the

The probiotic is able to increase feed efficiency and animal performances.

transition/early lactation period on performance and health of parous

However, other sustainable aspects can also be considered, thinking about

dairy cows. In this meta-analysis, twenty-one experiments from 1984 to

antibiotic reduction, improving animal health and welfare, and stimulation

2018 were included. Improvement of 200g dry matter intake prepartum

of organic farming, where Calsporin® is also allowed to be used.

and 500g postpartum resulted into an increased 1.7kg/day of energy

The probiotic Calsporin® can successfully be used in different types

corrected milk yield (P=0.001), improved milk fat and protein yield

of feed. The spores of Bacillus subtilis C-3102 (DSM 15544) are robust

(P<0.001) and better feed efficiency (P=0.001) in dairy cows.

and enable high stability independent of the feed production process,

Kemin’s CholiPEARL™ comes with Micropearls® a process which is unique due to its highest focus on process control, resulting in the

resulting in an excellent viability in heat treated feed, including pelletized and expanded feed.

best suited encapsulation to achieve maximum rumen bypass and

The unique property of Calsporin® is its broad range of European

intestinally available source of Choline. The key advantages of the

authorisations for the application in feed for different animal species.

Micropearls process are as follows:

The probiotic is approved in feed for the complete porcine production

• •

Low temperatures help in protection and the release of

chain (sows, suckling and weaned piglets, pigs for fattening), all avian

choline through the fat matrix

species (e.g. broilers and laying hens), dogs and other ornamental

Nitrogen brings protection against undesired oxidation before

animal species (e.g. fish).

CholiPEARL solidification

For more information, visit our website

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Optimizing animal performance, minimizing environmental

ProPhorce™ SR: 10 years


of driving gut health and

Improving feed digestibility, affecting gut microbiota or supporting gut intestinal integrity, are efficient ways

performance ProPhorce™ SR has offered unrivaled butyric acid power for a decade and is still going strong. It consists of butyrins - glycerol esters of butyric acid, which are not coated, but in ester form. You get the same well documented effects as with coated butyric acid products but with

to potentially improve animal performance. For over 20 years,

more “horse power” thanks to the esterifying technology. That means a

Pancosma has constantly developed new products and recently

lower dosage for the same results.

extended its wide portfolio with pichia yeast, Daaline and Gut agility

The key ingredient for optimal digestion

activator ranges.

The benefits of butyric acid are well known and include:

Pancosma, the international feed additive company based in Switzerland, well known for its high quality products and its good understanding of the real mode of action of its products supported by research and science, offers a wide range of solutions to enhance animal performance while respecting their mode of operation. Ranging from products granted zootechnical additives status

• improved digestibility of nutrients • enhanced animal performance • optimization of intestinal microbiota • improvement of the epithelial integrity and defense systems Delivering extra power ProPhorce™ SR is the latest generation of butyric acid products. The innovative ester technology protects butyric acid without coating. When

for broiler development by the European commission, to solutions

digested, these butyrins are hydrolyzed after the stomach in the small

more adapted to ruminant nutrition, the phytogenic bioactives

intestine. Butyric acid is thus released and delivered where it is most

products portfolio includes market safe strategies to support animal

effective. This unique formulation ensures:


• targeted delivery of the acid throughout the digestive tract

Registered in more than 35 counties worldwide, XTRACT 6930

• superior results compared to other formulations of butyric acid,

is the flagship product of Pancosma. Not only used for broilers, this

the percentage of butyrates is up to three times higher compared

feed additive consisting in a standardised and guaranteed composition is also encountering clear success within the swine industry. It is a complete feed additve premixture with a polyvalent and defined mode of action. The combination of XTRACT 6930 and XTRACT Nature

to coated products • cost effectiveness • superior handling Want to know more? Visit

may be beneficial for better growth and development. On the ruminant side, the product compositions aim to target

SENS Nutrition Limited

ruminal actions as well as feeding behavior modification and post-

A healthy functioning digestive

ruminal applications. XTRACT ruminant is successful in both dairy

system and a balanced gut flora

and beef, stabilising rumen conditions and improving feed intake and

are essential elements to help

as a consequence development. This additive premixture benefits from a matrix value, offering its users an attractive way to reduce their formulation costs. Pancosma, Swiss company headquartered in Rolle, Switzerland, is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing a

prevent enteric diseases and allow the animal to perform to its genetic potential. SENS Nutrition works with innovative suppliers specialised in the production of dietary fibres, prebiotics, fatty acid monoglycerides, natural extracts and potentiated minerals.

wide range of innovative feed additives and their premixtures. The

Dietary fibre is essential for the gut to function efficiently and

company is present in more than 75 countries. Its portfolio consists of

provides an energy source for a healthy balanced microbial flora.

phytonutrient-based technologies, organic trace minerals, palatants,

Agromed’s OptiCell is a concentrated lignocellulose and is a safe and

yeast and organic acids. Pancosma continually strives to deliver

simple way of adding insoluble fibre to a formulation.

innovative solutions for animal nutrition through its commitment to research, development and sustainability. Pancosma is a brand of ADM, a global leader in human and animal nutrition and the world’s premier agricultural origination and

Amaferm (Aspergillus oryzae) is a prebiotic that stimulates the growth and activity of the fungal populations increasing the rate of degradation of fibre fermentation in the rumen. FRAmelco short and medium-chain fatty acids (butyrate, propionate, caprylate, caprate or laurate) can help to reduce the pressure from ingested

processing company.

pathogens whilst also contributing to the development and integrity of

For more information, visit:

the intestinal and immune systems. In the form of monoglycerides, these or

fatty acids are more stable and more effective in the gut.

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Oilis is a combination of natural extracts with anti-microbial and antiinflammatory properties. Oilis is effective in poultry and young ruminants

Selko pH®

Promoting a healthy microbial balance in the proximal small intestine optimising feed

challenged by Eimeria spp., it promotes the secretion of mucin to help

utilisation and animal performance through the

prevent damage to the gut mucosa and supports the healthy functioning of the GI tract.

control of gram-negative bacteria. Selacid

A synergistic blend of free and buffered


HiZox, CoRouge and ManGrin are novel forms of zinc, copper and

organic acids added to finished feed providing

manganese oxide. They are all highly concentrated and stable sources of

a positive effect of animals gut health and performance.

the mineral with unique properties that reduce the interactions with other feed components and improve the bioavailability in the animal.


Stabilises microbiota and may increase


villi length. This integrated approach is a

For more information on these and our range of products contact

powerful formula designed to improve animal

Steve Ladbrook. Unit B2, Risby Business Park, Risby, Bury St Edmunds IP28 6RD Tel: 07595 025110, or Email:

performance Fysal®

Effectively reduces enterobacteriaceae like Salmonella sp. in both raw materials and

Trouw Nutrition Trouw Nutrition is committed to enabling

compound feeds with a long-lasting effect. Analytical services

formulation. Optimin SeY


antibiotics by improving microbial control, ensuring optimum

A high quality selenium enriched yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisae).

animal producers to reduce the need for

Analysis of feed materials to ensure accurate


Highly Bioavailable Hydroxy Trace Minerals – Copper, Zinc and Manganese.

production efficiency. By using a feed – farm – health approach,

Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company, is a global leader in

scanning the entire system, we can use our in-house laboratories to

innovative feed specialties, premixes, feed additives and nutritional

identify key areas for improvement, developing a bespoke product

services for the animal nutrition industry supporting animal productivity

offering. Our dedicated feed additives engineer can offer advice and

and health. Trouw Nutrition has been meeting the needs of farmers

installation of customer specific dosing systems.

and home-mixers, feed producers, integrators and distributors

Gut Health

since 1931. Headquartered in the Netherlands, with locations in 28

Feed Safety

countries, employing approximately 8,000 people.

Precision Nutrition

Brinicombe Commits to Bolus Market with Rumbol Acquisition Animal health and nutrition manufacturing group, Brinicombe, has

“Nothing will change at a commercial level, meaning our customers

acquired the original slow-release trace element bolus manufacturer,

will continue to receive the same top quality products, service and

Rumbol Products Ltd, further cementing the business’ position in the

support. And we’re pleased that while Dr Ritchie has stepped away

bolus marketplace. Keith Greig, managing director of Brinicombe and

from directorship, he will still be involved in the business, in a part-time,

now also Rumbol; explains the two companies first set up a joint venture

consultancy capacity,” he says.

to manufacture and distribute EnduraBol cattle boluses in 2020.

Like all the company’s staff, Rumbol’s general manager, Glen

“From the start it was clear that Rumbol was the best bolus

Dove, will remain in position and lead the day-to-day running of

manufacturer in the business, with its director, Dr Stuart Ritchie

the operation, with the strategic support of Mr Greig as joint MD of

continuing the legacy of his father Norman Ritchie, in advocating

Brinicombe and Rumbol.

the firm’s strong values of quality and innovation – which resonate

“Having worked with the Brinicombe team for over 18 months,

with our own,” he says. “To ensure a consistent service, supply and

we’re delighted that a successful business that shares our values and

quality of our products, we aim for ‘ownership’, where at all possible,

culture will be taking ownership of Rumbol, offering both financial and

of our supply chains, so it made sense to acquire Rumbol when the

marketplace stability,” says Mr Dove.

opportunity arose.”

He confirms that production will continue at Rumbol’s current

Mr Greig explains that while Brinicombe is now the parent

Clydebank factory, which holds Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

company, Rumbol will operate as a standalone subsidiary to the group,

certification. “This allows us to manufacture licenced products to

with Brinicombe remaining a customer of the company.

complement the existing FAMI-QS quality certification,” he adds.

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