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Products Enhancing Animal Performance

Phytate is compromising your feed performance Phytate anti-nutrient effects could be costing you £4 per tonne in lost performance.

Quantum® Blue is the proven solution

Optimised for maximum phytate destruction, Quantum® Blue unlocks more value for your business than any other phytase. A Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which are Included in Feed to Enhance Animal Performance: ® Prebiotics, Probiotics, Organic Acids, YeastaProducts, Gut Flora Stabilisers, Quantum Blue offers revolution in phytase performance Microbial Products, Plant Extracts, Herbs, Oils & Spices • Greater phosphorus release • Unrivalled intrinsic thermostability •3URYHQDGGLWLRQDOIH Also available on-line at or on your mobile device by scanning the QR code above

Find out more: E: T: +44 (0)1672 517664 W: a AB Vista

effects derived from Lipopolysaccharides (LPS).

AB Vista is a global animal nutrition

In high-performing ruminants, depressions of performance as well

technology business offering pioneering

as fertility and health problems caused by low ph – levels and high

products and technology services to

endotoxin load in the rumen are a common problem.

the animal feed industry. The company

Endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides, LPS) are part of the outer

invests heavily in research and

cell membrane of gram - negative bacteria such as Coli bacteria or

development and has a growing portfolio

Salmonella. In healthy cattle, large amounts of endotoxins are produced

of products and services spanning the

in the rumen by normal bacterial activity. Such endotoxins can enter the

poultry, swine, ruminant and aquaculture sectors

bloodstream and will be stored in fat tissue of the animal. If a rapid and extensive mobilization of the fat tissue then occurs at the beginning of the


lactation, large amounts of endotoxins re-enter the blood circulation.

Vistacell is a live yeast product (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that

Endotoxins can also be excreted with the milk - by endotoxin-

improves performance, productivity and efficiency when fed to dairy

containing colostrum, calves can also be adversely affected in their

and beef cattle. It has been developed specifically to maximise rumen


efficiency and boost animal performance while helping to reduce

Diseases, associated with the impact of endotoxins:

problems such as acidosis. Adding Vistacell to the ration helps increase

Rumen dysfunction and damage of the rumen mucosa

the pH of the rumen which in turn reduces the number of microbes that


produce lactic acid and increases the fibre-digesting microbes that use


lactic acid. The overall effect is improved fibre digestion and dry matter

Abomasal displacement

intake, resulting in greater productivity and feed efficiency.

Fertility disorders The multistage effect of agromed® TIME 305 against the negative


impact of endotoxins:

VistaPre T is a liquid pre-treatment that enables farmers to maximise

1. Stabilization of feed intake in the peripartal period (by pH stabilization)

fibre and forage digestion, and as a consequence, increases milk yield

 Improved energy supply and reduced body - fat mobilization

and meat production. As a fermentation extract from Trichoderma,

2. Anti - oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects neutralize the negative

VistaPre-T is one of the first products of its kind to be made available

impact of endotoxins and actively intervene in the inflammatory

to the ruminant market.


Applied directly onto the feed (e.g. Total Mixed Ration) as a liquid, VistaPre-T starts to work immediately to break down the surface of the fibre, enabling pre-digestion of the forage before consumption.

3. Acidosis prophylaxis  reduces the risk of endotoxin release in the rumen at non-physiological low pH values

For more information on our range of products, visit the AB Vista website,

Anpario plc  Anpario plc manufactures and

Agromed Austria GmbH

markets high performance natural

agromed ® TIME 305 - the

feed additives that are designed

innovative regulator of

to protect and support the health

fermentation for a stable rumen

of livestock animals worldwide.

environment – for the prevention

We export to over 70 countries using a combination of distributors, joint

of acidosis and to avoid negative

ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries backed up by a centralised

Page 42 January/February 2017 Feed Compounder

manufacturing and research and development centre in the UK. Anpario’s primary objective is to deliver greater outputs from the limited global resources in an efficient and sustainable way. Our portfolio of innovative products, have been developed to work in harmony with the natural aspects of the animal’s biology to promote healthy growth. The portfolio is divided into four product categories, Eubiotics, Feed Security, Feed Quality and Nutritional. The benefits of our products have not only demonstrated their value to the animals that have consumed them, but also to the progeny that they produce.

via drinking water • Sangrovit® CS – a soluble product to support healthy young calf gut health through the milk • Sangrovit® CS PX – a specific formulation for inclusion in milk replacers or milk supplements • Sangrovit® RS – a modified product for ruminant application; active both in the rumen and post-ruminally Other Phytobiotics products available via Azelis include flavours and sweeteners, chelated trace elements and colostrum powder. Azelis, Alexander House, Crown Gate, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 2UP Tel: 01928 793090 Fax: 01928 716997

B2B Nutrition CLOVEX GARLIC SALT can be used as Anpario’s mission is to add value throughout the lives of animals. We combine knowledge, science and nature to provide products that work in tune with nature’s inherent processes to support production of safe and economic food for a growing global population. ANPARIO PLC Manton Wood Enterprise Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 2RS Tel: +44 (0) 1909 537380 Fax: +44 (0) 1909478919

a direct alternative to other garlic sources in the manufacture of animal feedstuffs and will provide a concentrated level of the properties normally associated by including conventional garlic oils, powders or granules as well as enhancing any finished product’s aroma. CLOVEX GARLIC SALT has been formulated so that its key ingredient activity can be identified by a unique chemical finger print using HPLC analysis. This ensures batch to batch consistency in areas of biological activity and odour and in tests has been proven to exhibit


insecticidal and antibacterial activities as well as anything from x12 to x40

Azelis is the distributor for the

the activity compared to generic garlic products, making it much more

Phytobiotics range of speciality

cost effective. This ingredient is food grade, completely natural and is

feed additives in UK/Ireland,

registered to European Annex 1 standards and has FEMAS certification.

this includes the Sangrovit

The formulation is also protected by international patents.


range of performance enhancing products. Sangrovit products are a natural, plant-derived extract with the ®

CLOVEX GARLIC SALT can be used for including in poured buckets as well as feedstuffs for cattle, sheep and equine. It is available

active ingredients, quaternary benzophenanthridine alkaloids and

in 25kg foiled bags and in 1 tonne batches.

protopine alkaloids. These can be qualitatively and quantitatively

All enquiries should be forwarded to

analysed, ensuring full traceability through the feed manufacturing process. Sangrovit®’s benefits have been proven for pig, poultry,

BASF plc

ruminants and many other species.

BASF Lutrell

A well-established mode of action centres on the ability of

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Sangrovit® to promote a healthy gut, intake and digestive performance.

provides the key to efficient

In particular, positive effects on amino acid balance and protein

energy management for the high

utilisation have been noted, leading to feed conversion, carcase quality

yielding dairy cow precalving

and environmental benefits.

and in early lactation.

Sangrovit® products are safe and easy to handle, presented as

Lutrell contains rumen protected CLA . Feeding Lutrell helps

dust-free microgranular materials stable to manufacturing processes

relieve the cow’s metabolism in the critical NEBAL period immediately

involving pressure, heat and acid. Alongside the well-established

post calving with the result that fertility is improved whilst the milk yield

standard Sangrovit Extra product, a range of variants have been

is increased.

introduced with application in specific situations:-

BASF Organic Acids for Compound Feed acidification

• Sangrovit® Extra – Latest generation enhanced product, with higher

Lupro-Mix (Formic/Propionic)

level of active ingredients, for use mainly in premix applications

Lupro-Cid (Formic/Propionic)

• Sangrovit® WS – a water-soluble variant for tactical product use

Amasil 85 (Formic)

Feed Compounder January/February 2017 Page 43

Acidification of feeds for pigs and poultry provides an effective method

of the efficacy of Biostrong® 510, EFSA concluded that this phytogenic

of enhancing performance, by positively influencing the balance of the

feed additive, containing essential oils, saponins, bitter and pungent

microflora in the intestinal tract.

substances, has the potential to improve performance of chickens for

Acidification of piglet feed with Lupro-Cid or Amasil 85 lowers the pH of the feed and reduces the buffer capacity. This enables the

fattening and chickens reared for laying, without being of any risk for animals, consumers or the environment.

piglet, even with limited gastric acid production, to digest the feed in its

This positive scientific answer is a further milestone in Delacon’s

stomach in an optimal manner and to make full use of all the nutrients.

history: After successfully achieving a zootechnical registration for their

Thanks to the antimicrobial effect of the acid treatment, there is also a

swine product Fresta F, the officially proven efficacy of Biostrong® 510

sustained reduction in pathogenic microbe levels in compound feed,

further strengthens Delacon’s position as the global market leader in

if they are present.

the field of phytogenic feed additives.

Where ease of handling is a priority, the buffered versions Lupro-

Cid NA and Amasil NA still have a very low pH (approximately 3), and also offer an effective means of acidifying the feed. If Lupro-Cid or Lupro-Cid NA is used, protection of the mixed feed against mould formation is already included, thanks to the propionic acid component New for 2017 is Lupro-Mix NA which provides a buffered acid mixture ideally suited for use in home mixed diets & wet feed.

DSM Nutritional Products Ltd DSM is a leading feed additives manufacturer; a pioneer from the earliest days of feed additives, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of vitamins, carotenoids, eubiotics and feed enzymes to the global feed industry. ®

CRINA Poultry Plus is a zootechnically approved

The doses for acidification of compound feed are between 3 and

feed additive that acts to promote eubiosis, the optimal

10 kg acid per tonne. Dose is dependent on the choice of product and

balance of microflora, in the gastro-intestinal-tract of

the growth stage of the target species. Further support for customers is offered by BASF field engineers, who can provide installation, calibration & servicing expertise for mill application systems.

poultry. The combination of benzoic acid and botanical components result in growth inhibiting effects on pathogenic bacterial strains allowing birds to grow faster while reducing the use of antibiotics.

BASF plc, PO Box 4, Earl Road, Cheadle Hulme,

VevoVitall® has zootechnical authorisation for use in

Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 6QG

growing pigs and more recently sows and is the active

Tel : 01772 603119

form of sodium benzoate. The powerful antimicrobial

e-mail :

effects of VevoVitall® can help to improve feed quality

web :

leading to improved intakes and superior performance. Lowering the pathogenic bacteria loading in the animal will increase the amount of nutrients available for growth and performance as

Delacon Phytogenic feed additives –

well as reducing the incidence of digestive upsets and the need for medication.

belief is not enough

Cylactin® is one of the most effective and extensively

Phytogenic feed additives

tested probiotics available for use in calf, pig and poultry

are increasingly accepted by the feed industry to improve animal

feeds. This bacterial strain is able to rapidly colonise

performance. However, there is still a lack of knowledge and experience

the animal’s gut and leads to a more stable, healthier gut eco-system

about their modes of action and the optimal way to apply them in

and better animal performance.

commercial feeds, therefore phytogenics might be looked at with a

CRINA® products are species specific blends of botanical

certain skepticism. Due to the increasing number of phytogenic products

components all synthesized or purified to minimum 95%

offered on the market, it is getting more and more difficult to reliably

active. In monogastric animals, CRINA® stimulates

differentiate ‘marketing products’ from effective substances, optimizing

the production of digestive enzymes and positively modulates the gut

livestock production. Longing for an independent verification on the

microflora. In ruminants CRINA® helps optimise rumen fermentation,

efficacy of their products, Delacon decided to apply for a registration

which is essential for performance, health and longevity.

of Biostrong 510 as a zootechnical feed additive and digestibility ®

enhancer for poultry. The European Commission gave a mandate to the European

Performance enhancers are essential to achieve the production potential of your animals. For more information, please contact your DSM representative.

Food Safety Authority, an independent scientific body of the European

DSM Nutritional Products (UK) Ltd

Union, to assess the documents in order to determine whether the

Tel: 01773 536500

additive complies with the requirements of a zootechnical feed additive,


targeting animal performance or welfare. After a fundamental evaluation

Page 44 January/February 2017 Feed Compounder

Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

which supports the development & growth of intestinal tissue, tightening

Ecobiol and Fecinor became

the junctions of the intestinal villi with no hygroscopicity.

part of Evonik’s product portfolio

CLOSTAT®: - A patented active microbial.

last summer when the company

Benefits: Optimal gut integrity which facilitates nutrient absorption,

acquired the probiotics business

improving FCR, uniformity & increases egg numbers & quality, reduces

of the Spanish NOREL company. Ecobiol®, a rapidly growing strain of

stress, is an anti-inflammatory.

the bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940, has been approved

Mode of Action: A live microbial feed supplement which produces a

for broiler chickens and helps minimize undesirable bacteria in the

specific biocide in the gastro-intestinal tract that has inhibitory activity

intestinal tract and maintain a balanced microbial population. Fecinor®

against Clostridium. reducing the incidence of dysbacteriosis, bacterial

is used for piglets to prevent the diarrhea common in the early stage of

enteritis, sub clinical and clinical enteritis and maintenance of a balance

life. By producing large amounts of lactic acid, Enterococcus faecium

GI tract.



CECT 4515 counteracts pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal tract.

FormaXOL™: - Micro-encapsulated synergistic combination of antimicrobial compounds.

Inroads International Ltd

Benefits: A Bacteriostatic, Bactericide and anti-protozoa which


damages the structure of pathogens while supporting beneficial

Micro-Aid is a natural, phytogenic feed technology designed to help reduce the production of ammonia in all animal systems. Micro-Aid is manufactured from natural plant extracts containing

microflora. Zootechnical performances increased. Mode of Action: A unique source of protected formic & citric acid, efficacy of a blend of encapsulated acids and essential oils. Damages the structures of pathogens eg salmonella & E.coli cell membrane and mitochondria which affects its functions and leading to cell death.

Saponins, that have been shown to have a positive effect on gut health

Formyl 2B™: - an acidifier for pathogen control which facilitates protein

and function.


In promoting a healthier gut environment; improved nitrogen

Benefits: 70% active ingredients - the highest concentration of

and nutrient utilization can be achieved, thus reducing waste and the

encapsulated acidifiers available in the market. Targeted release of

production of ammonia.

active ingredients along GIT. Easy to handle, stable, safe for workers,

With Spring just a few months away, the objective of feed

no smell, no lumping. Uniform particle size.

producers is to provide diets high in energy, to help balance the excess

Mode of Action: Active ingredients are Calcium formate, Benzoic & Citric

soluble nitrogen found in spring grass.

acids brought together in the same micro-granules – encapsulated,

By reducing rumen ammonia, Micro Aid has been shown to have

with specific activation triggers that target the release of the active

a positive effect on the reduction of BUN and MUN; helping to improve

ingredients and their specific activity along the gastro-intestinal tract.

the performance and fertility of spring calving cattle.

Added value by reducing ABC – Acid Binding Capacity and not binding

Micro-Aid has been used extensively throughout the feed industry across all livestock species. Pet owners and livestock producers across the globe rely on Micro-Aid to provide consistent, cost-effective results. Distributed and FEMAS assured by: Inroads International Ltd, Unit 4 Wem Engineering Centre, Church Lane, Wem, Shropshire, SY4 5HS United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1939 236 555 Email Web

any endogenous gastric HCl – hydrochloric acid. RepaXOL™: - A blend of essential oils. Benefits: Strong antibacterial actions, which favours sustained release throughout the small intestine, by having a positive effect on the animal’s health & performance. Mode of Action: A Bacteriostatic, Bactericide and anti-protozoa which improve secretion of pancreatic enzymes and improve the intestinal villi and mucous membranes. Ingredients’ Characteristics: Oregano; Thyme; Citrus fruit extract; Cinnamon; Capsicum.

Kemin Kemin’s Healthy Pillar Solutions to maintain & support healthy production. ButiPEARL™: - An encapsulated source of butyric acid.

Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health - GB & Ireland

Benefits: Improves intestinal development & immunity for better

Tudor House, Hampton Road, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 6QD, UK.

nutrients absorption.

Phone: +44(0)1704 537702 Mobile: +44(0)7734 108480

Mode of Action: Energy for epithelial cells. An encapsulated product


(no odour), providing a sustained release throughout the intestinal tract


Feed Compounder January/February 2017 Page 45

Micron Bio-Systems

high levels of medium-chain fatty acids and a mixture of essential

Although a rise in


digestive tract-borne diseases such as swine



Essential oils are aromatic oils obtained from plant material. Besides

dysentery, necrotic

these aromatic components, essential oils also contain terpenes,

enteritis in poultry and E. coli scours in dairy calves is the primary

like sesquiterpenes, which are antiseptic (antibacterial) and anti-

concern where the use of anti-biotic growth promoters (AGPs) has

inflammatory. From literature, it is known that essential oils are diverse

been banned, there’s now a growing case for AGP alternatives that

and have various mechanisms by which they exert their antibacterial

not only target the digestive tract, but also directly stimulate the entire

activity. A review pointed out that certain mixtures of essential oils in

immune system.

poultry diets may help reduce necrotic enteritis (NE) and coccidiosis.

“The approach employed by most of the AGP alternatives – such

Combinations of essential oils or in combination with other antibacterial

as organic acids, feed enzymes and plant extracts, as well as pre- and

components may be more effective than single essential oils. A

probiotics – is to target feed digestion, gut microflora and intestinal

synergistic effect of medium-chain fatty acids and essential oils will

health,” highlights Liz Mee, Technical Manager for Micron Bio-Systems.

occur in Noba Lipo Max and Noba Lipo Ace.

“Since gut microflora can influence the mucosal immune system, there is often a positive effect on immune response, albeit indirectly and only locally within the digestive tract.” Yet the digestive tract is just one of several routes for potential bacterial infection. For example, inhalation of bacteria such as Pasturella spp. and Streptococcus spp. via the respiratory tract are responsible for considerable losses within the livestock industry, whilst skin damage can allow infection by environmental pathogens. “As a result, there’s growing interest in the potential offered by AGP alternatives that directly stimulate the entire immune system,” adds Ms Mee. By increasing the ability to tackle all infections, it’s possible to

ANTI-MICROBIAL EFFECT The medium-chain fatty acids in the Vital products have an anti-microbial effect on both gram-positive (e.g., Clostridia and Streptococcus) and gram-negative (e.g., E. coli and Salmonella) bacteria. We can read in literature that C12 fatty acids have a strong inhibiting effect on gram-positive bacteria while C8 and C10 fatty acids have a strong inhibiting effect on gram-negative bacteria. All Vital products have a high concentration of medium-chain fatty acids. This means that these products are highly anti-microbial. All Vital products also have a high level of free fatty acids (FFA). As such, the Vital products are very easy to digest because they are directly absorbed into the intestinal tract.

have a much broader impact on disease incidence, mortality rates and


costs of treatment. Such an approach would also boost the efficacy

Tests with pigs and poultry have shown that Noba Lipo Max and Lipo

of the many vaccines used within the livestock industry to manage

Ace improve growth and feed conversion (FCR).

viral infections. “One of the most exciting opportunities to emerge in recent years is the use of purified beta-glucans extracted from the cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast,” Ms Mee continues. “These specific beta-glucans react with elements of the immune system, triggering a cascade of activation events that increases overall immune activity. “When beta-glucans are combined with mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) in a supplement such as ImmuGuard, the result is greater resilience to infection – regardless of the source – particularly during early life, when numerous stressors can compromise immune response

BENEFITS  Strongly inhibits gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria  Synergistic effect  Easily digestible  Improves growth and feed conversion  Reduces mortality  Positive effect on smell and taste  Stimulation of saliva and gastric juice secretion  For poultry, pigs and calves

and increase the risk of disease, growth checks and mortality.”

For further information about the products you may contact

For more information on the use of yeast beta-glucans to stimulate

Catharina Nieuwenhuizen

immune response, please contact Micron Bio-Systems on +44 (0)1278

427272 or

Noba Vital Lipids, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Noba Vital Lipids Synergistic effect of medium-chain


fatty acids and

For more than 50 years,

essential oils

multinational feed additives

The Noba Vital range consists of a broad range of liquid products.

producer Nutriad has been

Noba Lipo Max and Noba Lipo Ace are two products that contain

designing and delivering unique solutions for improved animal

Page 46 January/February 2017 Feed Compounder

performance and health around the world. ADIMIX® - butyrate-based gut empowerment The ADIMIX ® product range consists of a variety of butyrate formulations designed to suit different feed applications and animal species. For optimum intestinal support ADIMIX® Precision utilises a unique precision delivery matrix that provides protection from loss in the stomach and subsequent delayed release along the intestinal tract. Target delivery of butyrate to specific areas in the intestine provides support for development and function of the villi and for the control of Salmonella and Campylobacter. SANACORE® - Controlling intestinal bacteria SANACORE®En is designed to exert a broad antibacterial effect and

therapeutic antibiotics and organic acids. Calsporin® promotes and stabilizes an optimal intestinal microflora by shifting the microbial colonization in favor of mainly Lactobacillus, in turn; the proportion of pathogenic bacteria such as Coliforms, Salmonella and Clostridium. will be reduced. With a minimum dose of 30 ppm, Calsporin® has demonstrated the ability to improve layer feed conversion rate (up to 2%) and increases egg size consistently over the laying period. In older birds (> 40 weeks), Calsporin® increases laying rate and maintains egg (shell) quality. The proven efficacy of Calsporin® comes with low input costs and results in economic benefit to the farmer. Engineering feed solutions Find your Orffa specialist at

to strengthen the intestinal barrier function thereby supporting health and the microbiota balance and preventing colonization of pathogenic bacteria.

Pancosma SA XTRACT® Evolution-B, the first 100% botanical zootechnical

APEX®5 – Enhanced botanical booster

additive for broilers in the EU

Designed specifically to improve performance and efficiency, APEX®5

Following authorization

stimulates digestion, has anti-oxidant properties and modulates gut

by the European Food

microbial activity. Its botanical components have been optimized for

Safety Authority (EFSA)

maximum stability and efficacy using a variety of novel in vivo and in

in September 2015,

vitro assays.

Pancosma’s XTRACT®

ULTRACID® - Lowering gastric pH for optimized growth An elevated gastric pH in pigs can result in a reduced digestion of feed and overgrowth of bacterial pathogens in the intestine. The ULTRACID® line offers a range of acid blends that counteract these effects by reducing stomach pH, thereby activating stomach proteases and optimizing digestibility. Interested? Find more information or your local contact at

Orffa Calsporin – probiotic with new registration for laying hens

Evolution-B, has become the first 100% plant extract-based zootechnical additive. EFSA’s approval, concluding a 5 year process of evaluating safety for animals, humans and the environment, as well as efficacy in enhancing performance, and stringent quality requirements, confirms the performance claims for this product in broilers. XTRACT® 6930, now relaunched as XTRACT® Evolution-B, one of Pancosma’s leading products, was introduced in the European Union following the ban of antibiotic growth promoters, and showed highly promising effects. As a result, in 2009 Pancosma & Associates began the evaluation and approval process for XTRACT® Evolution-B to be upgraded from the sensorial to the zootechnical additive category. Studies show that XTRACT® Evolution-B, when fed at a dose of

Orffa develops, customizes, sources

100 gram/ton of broilers feed, increases body weight gain (BWG: +

and offers feed additives and feed

4.5 %), improves feed efficiency (FCR: - 3.9 %), and also increases

additive concepts for the animal nutrition

metabolizable energy (AMe:+ 50 kcal/kg). The product’s 3 active

market. In short: we create, select and

ingredients are contained within an active core consisting of capsicum

deliver. We offer both in-house developed and branded products as

oleoresin, the active ingredient in chili peppers; cinnamaldehyde,

well as distribution products. Orffa’s brands, Elovitals, Excentials

derived from cinnamon; and carvacrol, the active component in

and Top Select, stand for exceptional quality as well as proven and

the oregano, act synergistically to protect the digestive epithelium,

documented efficiency.

increase digestive secretions and to allow better nutrient sparing and

One of the products in the Top Select line is the probiotic

absorption. These effects combine to increase feed digestibility, protect

Calsporin ® (Bacillus subtilis C-3102), for which the European

the gut epithelium, and positively modulate the gut microbiome.

Commission recently approved the use for laying hens and ornamental

Further information from : Jennifer MAURIN – Product Manager,

fish. This new registration complements the existing approval of

Plant Extracts range

Calsporin® for weaned piglets, broilers, turkeys, minor avian species

Pancosma SA, Voie-des-Traz 6, CH 1218 Le Grand-Saconnext,

and other game and ornamental birds. Calsporin ® contains live

Geneva, Switerland

spores of Bacillus subtilis C-3102, is extremely heat-stable and


has proven viability in the presence of all relevant coccidiostats,

Tel: +41 22 929 84 84

Feed Compounder January/February 2017 Page 47

SENS Nutrition Limited

Increased hydration – Provides early hydration and nutrients pigs

SENS Nutrition supplies

need to thrive starting on Day 2

innovative nutritional ingredients

Coping with stress – Supports gut health and aids in feed transitions

allowing the animal to express its

even during times of stress, including scouring

genetic potential by optimising the healthy functioning of the gut and digestive system. We offer three product ranges: FRAmelco glyceride products contain fatty acids (butyrate, propionate, caprylate, caprate or laurate) in a form that releases the acids in the duodenum and are therefore active in the lower gastrointestinal tract. These fatty acids play an important role in the healthy functioning of the digestive system, providing a source of energy for the development of intestinal villi and by helping to ensure a balanced micro-flora. HiZox is a novel form of zinc oxide from Animine. It is a very pure form produced by a wet/ hydrometallurgical process resulting in a much larger active surface area than standard zinc oxide. This means that it

When to use Px Tonisity Px is a powder that mixes easily with water and remains in suspension when used in a creep feeder or a pan. It fits into all types of management systems 1. Suckling: Starting 24 hours after birth until 8 days of age 2. Transition through weaning: Approximately 3 days before weaning until 1-2 days post-weaning 3. Transporting: Weaning pigs on arrival and pigs destined for slaughter 4. Palatability aid: To deliver bitter oral preparations For further information on Tonisity Px please visit or contact us at

has greater antimicrobial activity and better bioavilability. It can be used to replace standard zinc sources and reduce the need for prescription levels of zinc oxide in piglet feeds. SENS Nutrition is also the distributor for Agromed products.


‘Opticell’ is a concentrated fibre, which stimulates gut peristalsis


encouraging feed intake and the consistent transit of digesta along


the GI tract. This results in better overall digestion and a healthier


functioning gut. The fermentable components of Opticell produce

developed integrated holistic

butyrate, which acts as an energy source for the gut mucosa to transport

management programmes

water out of the colon resulting in drier faeces.

which will help pig and poultry

SENS Nutrition Limited,

producers move towards

Unit B2, Risby Business Park

systems with reduced dependence on prophylactic antibiotics, while

Newmarket Road, Risby, Bury St Edmunds IP28 6RD

maintaining similar performance levels.

Steve Ladbrook: 07595 025110 Email:



These programmes are based on three key areas which each impact on reducing the threat and effect of pathogenic microorganisms, allowing the establishment and maintenance of optimal gut health status. They combine best management practices in water, feed and


health management with specific product treatments.

Tonisity Px is the first isotonic

Treatment of water with Selko® pH, a synergistic, partially buffered

protein drink for pigs. With a

blend of can support digestion by lowering the pH of the drinking water

taste profile pigs crave, Px

and consequentially the crop and stomach, while the buffered acids

provides the hydration and

help to improve microbial balance in the intestine.

intestinal support needed throughout various stages of swine production.

Fysal® a sophisticated blend of free and buffered organic acids with specific and targeted antimicrobial effects can target pathogenic bacteria in feedstuffs.

The benefits of Tonisity Px include:

Faced with the enormous challenge of reducing antibiotic usage

Decreased pre-weaning mortality – Improves baby pig health and

on pig and poultry units,our integrated management programmes and

productivity, leading to fewer deaths and removals

proven products offer a cost-effective way to meet the usage targets

Increased weaning weight – Ensures pigs transition faster and easier,

set by Government while demonstrating a willingness to work with

resulting in added weight gain post weaning

consumers. Contact us for more information

Improved return on investment – Enables producers to get more

Tim Carter – Feed Additives Manager

pigs off to a healthy start

01335 341102

Improved gut health – Decreases gut pH and supports proper

metabolic function of intestinal cells

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Products Enhancing Animal Performance  

A Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which are Included in Feed to Enhance Animal Performance: Prebiotics, Probiotics, Organic Aci...

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